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I love you when you catch me unexpected

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She's teasing him during this night.

It would be nothing different from usual.

Over the years they'd attended galas, firm's or client's events and auctions, Donna had always teased him. Unconsciously or not, whether by dresses with generous necklines - sometimes more than those models she wore at the office - slits or even with the types and colors of fabric. She is hot and is not afraid to hide her body.

Obviously, Harvey knew that Donna was the kind of woman who dressed for herself and she wasn't wrong about that, but deep down he knew that she sometimes dressed for him. A way for her to show him, daily, what he was missing by being an idiot who denied his feelings.

But now, he could do so much more than blatantly stare at her body. He can touch her whenever he wants, he can tease and taste her. He can have Donna in his bed, in his arms, beside him. She was his and he was hers, finally.

It had only been two weeks since he gave three decisive knocks on her door and since she led him towards her room.

Two weeks since everything changed.

Today was the first time since they were together that Donna hasn't dressed up at his condo. And when he asked her why, she simply answered " Because it will ruin the surprise that I'm preparing for you".

Harvey almost chokes on scotch when he sees her walk into the hall that night. If the surprise was the dress, Donna did a great job: the long black model had a medium cleavage showing the sign she had on her right breast and it was glued on, perfectly marking her perfect body.

He loves it when Donna wears black, loves how the color contrasts with her pale skin and how makes her red hair even more vivid.

He felt his dick twitch against his pants and made a supernatural control to not get up from his spot and take Donna to the nearest closed space. They still hadn't told anyone they were together, which resulted in them sitting at different tables in this auction and barely having time to talk as a friend of Donna's found her and made her sit at a table opposite Harvey's was.

That fact made Harvey control himself not to stare at her all the time, not to get up and push Donna against any wall every time she got up, and controlling himself even more when he saw a man trying to approach her with ulterior motives.

Time had passed and the auction was halfway through, Harvey was minimally interested and willing to bid, when he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pants pocket.

There were two messages from Donna.

"Elevator corridor. I think it's time for you to see your little surprise ;)"


Harvey looks around and realizes she wasn't there anymore. He wonders how he didn't notice her leaving, but he's not surprised because Donna is always one step ahead of everyone else.

He quickly gets up from his chair, apologizes to those present by saying he has an emergency, and walks away as fast as he can.

Harvey always booked a room when events took place in a hotel, after all, he always ended the night in the company of a woman who would soon forget her name. But today would be different because he and Donna are together.

She's different because she's the love of his life.

They're lucky enough to find the elevator empty, and as soon as the doors close, Donna's mouth quickly seeks out Harvey's and they begin a hot battle over dominance. They break apart to breathe and to tend to each other's ears and necks, but another hard kiss ensues and this time they only part when the elevator announces that they've arrived at the penthouse.

Donna loses her shoes and bag as soon as she enters the hotel room. Harvey's bow tie, suit jacket, shoes, and socks are on the floor with the redhead's stuff. But, before Harvey has a chance to undress her, Donna steps away from him and takes three steps back, just like she did the night their bodies joined after more than a decade and, slowly, unzips her own dress.

The fabric slides down at her body until her feet, revealing to Harvey the surprise she said she had prepared for him.

She gives him a lecherous smile when she sees him clench his jaw, bite his lower lip and how his member has become more hard against his pants.


Donna was wearing a black garter belt with matching lace lingerie.

She was like the personification of a sex goddess and a shiver covered Harvey's body, because that woman has him all in the palm of her hand.

He looks at her with dark, hungry eyes: the messy red hair, the slightly smudged burgundy lipstick, and the black lace lingerie alone made her hot, but the goddamn black garter belt only made her even more so fucking sexy.

She knew one of his fantasies was seeing her wearing garter belts, he had confessed to her when he saw her walk in red lingerie during their third night together at his apartment.

Harvey just didn't expect her making his wish come true tonight.

"Fucking hell, Donna". He exhales.

"Do you like what you see?". She asks with a fake innocent tone while slowly turning around to let him contemplate her body.

He moans staring her ass.

When she looks back at him, he walks in her direction.

" I'll show you how much I like it". He murmurs with a husky voice and hears Donna letting out a low gasp.

They kiss intensely as they walk, until Harvey feels Donna's legs slam against the bed. He puts her onto the mattress and places his body above hers, both of them moaning at the needy contact.

Still kissing her with the open mouth, Harvey runs a hand down Donna's left leg and hitches it on his hip and grinds his erection toward of her center, which is now covered in lace wet with desire.

They quickly become a mess of hands and touches.

Harvey's shirt is torn by an anxious Donna and her black bra is lost somewhere in the room. As his mouth takes care of Donna's soft breasts and two of his fingers are pounding hard inside her pussy, the redhead's hands deftly unbuckle his belt and push down his pants and white boxers. Her delicate hands spread the pre-cum that leaks from his tip and gives him precise strokes on his hard cock.

They both moan with the sensations.

They look at each other and talk with their eyes, agreeing that there is no time for foreplay, both are on limit and just want to get lost in each other's bodies.

The next thing they know is that in the next moment, Harvey pushes Donna’s black panties to the side, crosses her legs around his hips and, with one hard thrust, he burrows into her hot, tight, wet core. One of his hands plays with her clit, the other pinches one of her pink nipples between his fingers, while his mouth teases where her shoulder and neck meet each other.

Donna is sensitive there and he knows how much she loves it when he takes care of that particular spot. In response, she scratches at Harvey's back, moans and sighs in his ear. She orders deeper and faster and he obeys her.

They don't last long due to the fast, hard pace and they come together at the height of pleasure with Donna's inner walls contracting tightly and Harvey spilling his liquid into her. Both moaning each other's names before kissing lazily.

Time passes through minutes. Harvey's body is still above her, but he is careful not to smash her. His nose is breathing her sweet scent directly into the curve of her freckled neck and a few strands of red hair, when he hears:

"I guess you really liked the surprise, didn't you?" Donna asks with a smug smirk.

He lifts his head, kisses her slowly and at the same time he reverses positions, leaving Donna on top of his body.

"Definitely. I love you when you catch me unexpected". He says as he runs one hand over her legs pulling and loosening the garter's straps, while the other kneads one of her butt cheeks, making Donna rub herself against his stomach.

They stare at each other with eyes even darker than usual and smirks. Harvey pulls her until Donna's knees are level with his head and quickly undid her panties with one tug and she doesn't care. They knew the next round would start in a matter of seconds.

After all, this was just the beginning of a long night.