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Better To Lie

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Early in the morning, Leslie was vacuuming underneath the couch and based on the amount of crumbs, lost hairties and empty bottles filtering the space where the couch once sat nobody in their apartment had ever gone to the effort of vacuuming under the couch. Kelly emerges from his room dressed in pyjamas with dishevelled hair, he rubbed his eyes tiredly before disconnecting the vacuum cleaner from the extension cord.

“Did I wake you?”

“Yeah.” Kelly scoffs

“Sorry! I just wanna get the place clean.”

“Look, my dad's only coming for a few days. He won't care about the carpet.”

“Is that this week?” Leslie groans, Kelly’s eyes meet garbage bags filled with unwanted items of Leslie’s as Kelly turns back to his friend. “Oh, the bags. I just, I... everywhere I look, I see Clarice, and I just want to get it out so I can move on or whatever.”

“All right, listen, I'll get it down to the dumpster when I get back up, okay? And I'll get that to Goodwill.” He says pointing to the cot he had built only weeks prior

“No, no, no, that stays.” Leslie insists

“Why?” Kelly asks

“I... I want to have a baby.” Leslie’s words were met with an uncertain look from Kelly “Look, Clarice ripping my heart out for a second time was, you know... devastating, but when I held Wesley in my arms for the first time, I never felt so much purpose or so connected to anyone ever... and it's really expensive, but I'll figure it out. I'll work extra shifts, or, you know, whatever.”

“Shay, you don't need to be making any decisions right now.”

“I've made the decision. I'm gonna have a baby.” Leslie was crying at this point and Kelly wasn’t sure if it was if he had done something wrong, she was just over tired or she was finally dealing with the loss of Clarice. Kelly tried to go back to sleep and he laid in bed for a few hours but it wasn’t helping so instead he had chosen to get out of bed and head to the firehouse early and lucky for him he did as when he arrived Benny Severide was already at the firehouse waiting for him.

“Hey, dad.”

“Hey, Kelly. Oh. Seeing you here is... I don't know. I'm humbled, and... very proud.” After this everyone began to slowly filter through the doors of the firehouse ready for a new shift.


Herrmann, Gabby and Otis sat in the common room staring at the box from the safe.

“I'm cursed.” Herrmann shakes his head

“Herrmann, this contract, if you wanna call it that, is ancient.” Otis says

“Doesn't matter. It states right there that Stephanides and whoever the hell that this Clifford Baylor is held a 50-50 stake in our bar.” Herrmann explains

“It's handwritten. It might've been just a rough draft that wasn't probably executed. It's not even dated.” Gabby says, from the distance Mouch decides to pipe up and put his two cents in

“Should've never opened the safe.”

“Shut it, Mouch.” Herrmann bites back, there was no use saying I told you so now.

“Oh, my God.” Gabby mumbles earning Herrmann’s attention, she laughs as she picks up a smaller box hidden underneath the contract “Wow. You think it's okay to open it?” Gabby asks

“Think we're down the road on this one.” Otis nods

“Dawson, please, don't. It is a gateway to hell, I'm telling you. Besides, it's not even rightfully ours.”

“Possession is 9/10ths of the law.” Mouch nods

“Shut it, Mouch.”

“I'm opening it.” Gabby reaches for a bobby pin in her hair when the alarm rings telling them they have a guest. They all get up and head outside to meet Benny as Gabby grabs his bags for him.

“Thank you sweetheart” Benny smiles sleazily

“Dad” Kelly warned when Boden emerged from his office.

“Wallace. It's good seeing you.”

“Here for the Academy dinner, I take it?”

“Yeah, among other things. You going?”

“Giving the opening speech.”

“Ah. Well, you always were good at telling stories.”

“Ha. How long you in town for, Benny?”

“A week or so. Hmm. Hope it's not an inconvenience my hanging out here.”

“Not at all.” Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Multiple injuries.



“What happened?” Matt asked when they arrived at the scene

“Dude flipped out on the DJ and threw these smoking cans. People are trapped in there!’

‘Battalion 25, give me an EMS plan one and a level one Hazmat.” Boden says into his radio. “Mask up. It's game time.”

They try to get people out the front door but everyone is packed in too tight, Kelly suggests they go around the back way and as they walk they hear a woman screaming for help from the top floor of the warehouse

“don't move! We're coming to get you!” Kelly calls up to the woman who was halfway out of the window.

“Cruz, Dawson, assist Severide! Everyone else with me.” Matt calls as he continues walking around to the back of the building as the rest of his team follow him.

“Dawson, get me a 35-foot ladder.” Kelly calls. When the members of truck 81 finally get into the building Matt orders to them

“Get everyone in the room evacuated through the back. We'll handle the entrance All right, let's pull people from the top and get them out the back. Let's go.”

On the outside of the building the woman was struggling to cling onto the building.

“Oh, I'm gonna fall!” she cries fearfully

“Ladder's almost here. Just hang on.” Kelly reassures her. “Try and get a good hold on that windowsill.” Kelly says as he began to climb up to her “Hang on, hang on. I got you.” He says as he takes the woman in his arms, the woman doesn’t quite make it onto the ladder and Kelly is holding her by her arm as she dangled off the side of the building, Joe and Gabby lower a second ladder to the wall of the building next to them and Kelly helps the woman onto it.

Inside the building, Matt is helping rush everyone out the building when Herrmann notices a can of pepper spray on the floor. He holds it out to Matt sighing as Matt begins to send a message through on his radio.

“This is Casey. Cancel the Hazmat. It's pepper spray.”


After the call, Kelly realised that his father had been awfully quiet

“What's going on with you?”

“Yeah, sorry. It's just... seeing everybody hustling into a building, not knowing what to expect, that rush, and, then, remembering all the guys that never came out. I don't know. For some reason, it just got me thinking about all the brothers I lost on the job.”

“Well, you got a key to the place. Why don't you hang out there until I finish the shift?”

“No, no, no, I'm good, I'm good.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I'm good, thanks.”

Casey, you got a visitor up front. Matt makes his way outside to see Heather Darden standing outside

“Heather. Hi. I didn't know you'd be coming by.” They hug for a moment “everything okay?”


“The kids?”

“They're doing good. We're starting to find our rhythm again.”

“Good. You look great.”

“Thank you.”

“Why don't you come in and grab a cup of coffee, say hi to everybody?”

“I actually just wanted to... Here. I got this invitation to the Academy dinner.”

“Best party all year.”

“Everyone would love to see you.”

“Okay. This is gonna sound really insensitive, but I'm over being the grieving widow. I wanna put it behind me, but every time I walk into a room alone, I'm swarmed with condolences, which doesn't exactly help. Would it be a big imposition if I just tagged along with you and Hallie?”

“Oh, I thought you knew. Me and Hallie broke it off a couple months ago.”

“Oh, God. Matt, I'm sorry.”

“No, it's fine. Come anyway. A bunch of us are going. We'll hang out. It'll be fun.”


Leslie and Sylvie sat in the ambulance, Leslie was staring at her iPad explaining the sperm donor website to Sylvie

“Okay. The sperm donors with college degrees I organized under this yellow tab right here. If their majors were lame, I put them under the blue one, and there's a lot. I just need your input here. Check it out.” She hands Sylvie the device

“Okay, yeah, yeah, sure. I'm still just digesting all the news.” Sylvie nods

“Well, you look like you're gonna hork it back up.”

“I’m happy for you, I’m glad you know exactly what you want and I like seeing you go after it, it’s just… are you sure it’s not just a little soon, you know after Clarice and everything?”

“Brett, I'm asking for your opinion on sperm donors, not your permission to reproduce, or whether or not you think it’s the right time. 'cause it's happening"

"I'll be your sperm donor" Hadley calls from the squad table, Sylvie stands up and makes her way over to the back of the ambulance slamming the doors shut with both of them inside

"Sorry about him" Sylvie says

"Why are you apologising? He's the one that's a jerk"

"Yeah but I turned him down for a date last shift and now he's been bothering me nonstop on and off shift"

"You should report him or something"

"Yeah, it's not worth it. He's harmless"

"I'm pretty sure every woman said that before something bad happened to her"

"I'll just keep him at arms length"

"Whatever you say"


In the common room Gabby sat with Herrmann and Otis over the box as they finally pried it open, Joe and Matt were standing behind the three of them watching over their shoulders to see what the box held. Otis held up an old war medal

“A war medal?” Joe asks stepping closer to them. Mouch still sat in the same spot not too far away from them pretending to be uninterested in the safe’s contents.

“Silver Star. Third-highest military decoration for valour” he says as Matt took the medal out of Otis’ hands

"For gallantry in action, Clifford Baylor." Matt read

“We gotta find this Clifford Baylor, Herrmann, get this back to him.” Gabby folded up the piece of paper and took the medal back from Matt putting it safely back in its box. Getting bored with the antics of the new bar owners Matt stood up in search of anyone else to talk to he heads outside and stops when he sees Sylvie and Leslie walking back inside

“Hey, Brett can I talk to you for a moment?” Leslie instantly understanding heads inside in search of anything else to keep her occupied

“Sure what’s up?” she asks

“Uh, you don’t know her but this lady, Heather Darden stopped by, I was friends with her husband, he passed away in a fire just before you started”

“Yeah the name sounds familiar” Sylvie nods

“Well anyway, she wanted to come to this academy dinner with Hallie and I”


“Anyway, she’s gonna come but her and I still don’t have plus ones and the whole thing is paid for already so I was wondering if you wanted to come, you can bring someone if you want or don’t that’s cool too”

“That’s a really nice offer Casey, thank you”

“Yeah of course” Matt nods, he heads inside to see that dinner was ready and he caught up with Kelly as they began plating food.

“Did Heather come by?” Kelly asks

“Yeah, she, uh... this whole Academy dinner thing, she wanted to tag along with me and Hallie.”

“You're back with Hallie?”

“No, no, no. I uh, actually asked Brett to come”

“Oh” Kelly was taken aback for a moment

“You sound surprised”

“I am, I mean I knew you guys had that weekly dinner thing going on but I didn’t think it was that serious”

“We do not have weekly dinners”

“You’ve had dinner together for the past three weeks”

“Yeah but its not… it’s not like that. Listen, after Andy, I know Heather took her frustration out on you. That wasn't right.” he said, his words were genuine but part of it was also to steer the conversation away from his friendship with Sylvie.

“Well... she needed time. We all did.” Kelly nods “It'll be really good to see her.” Kelly said picking up his plate of food and turning away to head back to the squad table “Oh and Casey, it’s like that” Gabby had noticed that Leslie hadn’t even come up to the kitchen bench to see what was cooking so she decided to ask

“Hey, Shay, you eatin'?” she asks

“No. No thanks. I'm not gonna eat that stuff anymore.”

“You on a diet? 'Cause that... That's intervention time, honey.” Herrmann sighs

“Okay, okay, fine.” Leslie says standing up and clearing her throat “I have an announcement to make, "A", because I'm completely proud of this decision, and "B" to avoid everybody here from acting like a bunch of gossipy bitches behind my back. Uh, I'm gonna be artificially inseminated and hopefully have a baby. So I need to eat healthily, and, yes, I'm going to be eating mostly fruits and vegetables and organic lean meats, and avoiding such things like the sausage turbo cheddar scramble and the like. And now I'm going to browse through potential sperm donors, which was something I was hiding... I don't feel the need to anymore... and continue to look for the perfect applicant.” Leslie announces before sitting back down, Herrmann begins to talk to everyone at his table about potential names for the bar when Matt stands up and makes his way over to Leslie.

“I think that's great.” He says leaning against the table holding his empty coffee cup in his hand

“Thanks, Casey.” Leslie nods as he stands up and begins to refill his coffee. Gabby nods to Kelly nonverbally telling him to meet her in the hallway as they both stand up.

“All right, this baby thing, she's just overreacting, right?” Gabby asks

“You remember when Clarice first dumped her? The dragon tattoo thing? We watched for an hour while the guy traced that pattern all down her side before she backed out.” Kelly explains

“Yeah, but this seems different. She seems, like... serious.”

“So she has a kid. So what?” Kelly shrugs before walking back into the common room to finish his dinner.

Otis walks into the bathroom peeping underneath the stalls in search of Herrmann


“Are you kidding me? Right now?”

“So Stephanides called back, right? Turns out he and Cliff did, in fact, go into business together. However, the two of them had a nasty falling out.”

“That's it?”

“Well, here's the kicker. Stephanides said he hasn't seen or heard from the guy in over 40 years, so chances are he's not interested, or, you know, dead.”

“That's good enough for me, pal! All right, let's find Cliff or his family, let's mail that metal out, and let's open up our bar!”

Ambulance 61, person in distress.

The two blondes hiked the stairs into an apartment where a man was sitting

“Ahh. It was like a sudden flash of pain in my head. Next thing I know, I'm blind. It took me five tries to dial 911.”

“Yeah, you probably just took a good bump to the head. Concussions can cause temporary blindness.” Leslie explains as Sylvie checks him out

“But how did I get a concussion? I was... I was just sitting here.” Sylvie’s demeanour changes when she notices something

“Wait a second Hold still. The bleeding's not coming from the bump. That's a bullet.”

 “All right, Dave, do you have any firearms around here that we need to know about?” Leslie asks

“No, I don't have any guns.”

“Dave, did you try to harm yourself?” Sylvie asks resting her arm on Dave’s shoulder.

“What? No!”

“You've just been shot in the head, all right?” Sylvie explains as Leslie gets ready to move Dave

“All right, sweetie, let's get you up.” As they begin to move gunshots begin to fire and the two paramedics’ duck. The gunshots pause for a moment allowing enough time for them to quickly rush out of the apartment. Leslie makes a call for police attendance, as they begin getting Dave ready for transport the police arrive and are inspecting the house, they arrest a woman and continue to look around the apartment that is now a crime scene

“Need a medic. I got another gunshot wound.” The police officer calls out, Sylvie looks at Leslie who was fastening the seatbelts on the hospital bed

“Go. I'll call go for another ambulance.” Leslie says as Sylvie grabs a jump bag and heads inside.

“We're out here every couple weeks on domestic calls. It's only a matter of time.” The police officer explains as Sylvie bends down over the man who had been shot in the stomach.

“Here, put these on.” Sylvie hands him a packet of disposable gloves as the victim coughs weakly “His thoracic cavity is taking in air. Here, take this. Put it over the hole. We need to keep air from getting into his chest.” She hands him a small sheet of plastic  “Okay. Okay, good. We have a seal.” She checks his heartbeat and Sylvie sighs “Damn it, he's got a pneumothorax. It means his lung's collapsing. Move back. There might be spray.” Sylvie decompresses the lungs as the second ambulance crew arrives, she hears a baby crying in another room and heads upstairs in search of it. She finds him in the cupboard and picks him up cradling him closely when Leslie makes her way up the stairs

“Hey, if you're all done here, we gotta... aw” she comes over to the baby and gently caresses his forehead as Sylvie smiles to her partner. Sylvie hands the baby to a DCP officer when she arrives and in the distance the mother is screaming and crying saying that it was her baby and they couldn’t take him.


When they arrived back at the firehouse, Sylvie knocks on the door of Matt’s office

“Hey” Sylvie smiles as Matt opens the door

“Hey, everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything's fine, it's just I wanted to talk to you about something”

“Anything, sit"  he ushers to his bed and Sylvie closes the door and nervously takes a seat and Matt's head began to spin wondering what she could possibly want to talk to him about that would have her so nervous

“Well I want to preface this by saying, just because I'm coming to you doesn't mean I want to make a big deal out of it and Shay already knows but I'd prefer it if nobody else found out, especially Boden“

“Go on”

“So ever since I started at 51, Hadley has been making romantic and sexual advances toward me, it started off as just harmless flirting or him asking me out as a joke but I never thought anything of it. But last shift he asked me on a date seriously, and I uh turned him down the same way I always had but something, and after shift he started with all these text messages saying that he would 'get me' and that I would regret this here I'll just show you” she takes out her phone and hands it to Matt who scrolls through all of the grey text bubbles none of which had recieved a reply do you prefer to spit or swallow and lets bang were just a few of the vulgar disgusting text messages left for Sylvie. Matt felt his grip around the phone tighten as he became disgusted by the words on the screen

“Sylvie... I... I don't even know what to say I'm so sorry you have to deal with this”

“It's fine”

“I can get Severide to say something to him?” he asks she shrugs in response

“No no it's fine don't worry about it, I don't want to make a big deal out of it”

“Sylvie you don't owe that guy anything” 

“I know” she insists "Can I just stay here for a while... I just feel like he's everywhere"

"Of course" Matt nods as he hands Sylvie's phone back to her, she puts it in her pocket and then leans her head on Matt's shoulders



Benny, Leslie and Kelly were standing around the kitchen in the apartment

“So... lesbian, huh?” Benny says through the silence

“Pop, what the hell?” Kelly says mortified but Leslie just laughs

“Yes, sir, I am.”

“You guys have come a long way, what, with marriage rights and the like.”

“Mm-hmm, we sure have.”

“Tough growing up?”

“Um, no. I mean, two big obstacles growing up gay are confusion and lack of acceptance, and I was lucky I didn't suffer in either department.”


“Um, yeah. Divorced, but both on board, really cool.”

“Well, that's great.”

“You good? I mean, you got everything you need?” Kelly asks on edge he throws the loaf of bread onto the bench more harshly than he intended

“When are you gonna get Kelly a good woman?”

“Can I just make a sandwich here?”

“Hey, my buddy at Station 48, he's gonna be at the Academy dinner, and he's got a daughter your age... very, very sweet gal. I'll introduce you.”

“Oh, nice.” Leslie smiles

“You're coming as my date.” Kelly says to Leslie

“What? No.”

“You're coming. Yes. 'Cause I'm not dealing with this.”

“Dude, I'll be a boring date. I'm not drinking until... “

“Great, that's even better. You can drive home. Perfect.”

“Oh, whatever.” Leslie stands up to go and wash her plate

“Hey, I'm glad you're here.” Kelly says to his father

“Well, I'm glad to be here. And, like I said, I'm gonna make more of an effort to come down and spend time with you.”

“Yeah, sounds good.”



“Looks like our driver took off.” Matt says as they approached a scene, a silver car had ploughed itself into a streetlight and a man was still inside.

“My legs are stuck. I can't get out.” The man says

“Capp, Hadley, get the spreaders.” Kelly orders as Matt bends down to talk to the man inside the silver car

“The driver, did you see which way he went?”

“Well, he tried to avoid that bike.”

“What, a motorcycle?”

“No, a... a bike messenger. He came out of nowhere. We swerved, but... Hey, is he okay?”

“Yeah, I think you missed him. Listen, just hang tight while we try to get you out of there, okay, buddy?” Leslie reassures as the paramedics begin to treat the man from inside the car. Joe walks around to the front of the car when he sees a finger sticking out from the front grate, he bends down peering under the car where the cyclists body lay still

“I found the biker!” Joe calls as he reaches under the car to check his pulse but the man was already gone.

“Okay, Cruz, Mouch, let's get cribbing set up on the driver's side. Herrmann, air bags.” Matt orders

“Dawson! Grab a jump bag. Track down the driver. Okay. This much blood, he's gotta be close.” Boden says, Gabby runs up to a bridge where she sees a man standing on the edge. She stops running for a second and takes a deep breath

“Hey, hey, please, don't jump.”

“Leave me alone.” He mumbles

“You're losing a lot of blood, okay? I can help. Wait, wait, okay. What's the problem? What's going on, man?”

“You know why.”

“I don't. Seriously, tell me.”

“I killed that guy back there.”

“No, he's alert and stable, movement through his extremities.”

“He was crushed. I called out to him.”

“He was unconscious, and then, he went into shock. Okay, a couple weeks ago, we pulled a kid out of the lake basically frozen solid, all right? We brought him back to life ten minutes later. Sometimes, the body, it shuts down and it needs to re-boot.”

“You'll say anything to get me off of here.”

“I'm not a crisis negotiator. I'm a paramedic. I came here to check on your arm and help out. If you're thinking of killing yourself because you think you killed somebody, I'm sorry, you're working off bad intel. Hey, Lieutenant. Bike messenger guy, can you give him an update? He won't believe me.”

“Broken right femur, a couple broken ribs. Apart from that, he's gonna be fine.” Matt says

“What did I tell you?” Gabby smiles

“Promise me you're not lying.”

“I promise.” Gabby reaches out to him and the firefighters spring into action pulling him back over the railing. Gabby hands him off to the paramedics and stands in front of Matt and Boden “I figured it was better to lie to him and get him down, and he could get over it later.”

“You figured right.”



“We found Clifford Baylor's address. He's in a retirement home in Elgin, so we figured we'd drop the medal in the mail, and... done with it.” Otis says as he, Herrmann and Gabby sat in the briefing room

“Drop the what in the what? No.” Gabby shakes her head

“What do you mean "no"?” Herrmann asks

“I mean, we're gonna make the one-hour drive to Elgin, we're gonna hand Baylor his war medal in person, like he deserves, and then, we'll make sure that he wasn't screwed by Stephanides on the bar deal.”

“Stephanides is sure...” Otis starts

“Stephanides was paying hush money to that building inspector. Remember? So I think we can all agree that Stephanides is a little... slippery.” Gabby leans back in her chair

“Okay, look, new deal. We go to the old folks' home after shift, and if Baylor is still alive and coherent, we give him the medal. Then we bring up the legally unrecognized document that we found, and if he makes no claims and everything is hunky-dory, then, kuh-ping, we're out of there like ricochet rabbit, got it?” Herrmann says

“Got it.” Gabby smiles.


After their shift had finished Sylvie ran to catch up with Matt who was exiting the firehouse on his way to his car

“Hey, Lieutenant. I realised I never actually told you that I’d love to go to the academy dinner with you” she beamed

“That’s great” he smiles “Uh, you bringing anyone?” he asked

“No, don’t have anyone to invite, if you didn’t notice at the Christmas party, Shay’s usually my tag along for dates like that and from what I heard Severide’s already roped her into going so… just me. That’s okay right? I’m sure I can totally rustle up a first date with someone if its not I just thought I don’t wanna bring a total stranger to a work function”

“Yeah no of course that’s great no, don’t bring anyone” he said nervously

“Okay” she nods before skipping away


The bar owners walked through the hallway of the nursing home in search of a nurses station or anything that could possibly point them in the direction of one Mr Baylor.

“These places give me the creeps.” Herrmann mumbles

“No, this one ain't so bad.” Otis says

“What? No way, man. When my time comes, I'm going eskimo-style. Put me on an iceberg, give it a shove, and bon voyage.”

They walk up to a man seated in an armchair while a documentary played on TV. The three firefighters sat in chairs surrounding Mr Baylor’s armchair as Gabby begins to speak

“Mr. Baylor. My name is Gabriela Dawson. This is Christopher Herrmann and Brian Zvonecek. We recently purchased a bar from Spiro Stephanides.”

“Okay, sure. Spiro.” Mr Baylor nods

“In the bar were some personal affects.” Gabby hands him the box causing him to be taken aback for a moment

“Oh, my goodness.”

“Korean war, sir?” Herrmann asks

“I lost a lot of friends there. Thank you. Thank you for bringing this to me.”

“Sir, there was also a note along with the personal affects regarding an ownership stake in the bar. We didn't know if this had been resolved or not, but we're honorable people, and if you feel that you've been cheated or anything, we'll be happy to work something out.” Gabby says

 “No. Spiro got the bar. I got the girl. We were married 40 years. Spiro didn't think we'd last a day. Oh, the bar is yours. Have a drink on me.” He laughs

“That's... that's very kind of you, sir. Thank you.” Gabby smiles

“Thank you so much, sir.” Herrmann says as the three of them stand to leave Herrmann whispers to Otis “Clear conscience. Done deal. Kuh-ping! We're outta here!” but Gabby turns around to go back to Mr Bayor “Dawson, don't. Come on. Whatever it is, we're walking down the hallway and out the door.” Herrmann says but Gabby didn’t listen, she walks back and sits back down in the chair across from him

“What was your wife's name?” Gabby asks

The following week they brought Mr Baylor on a daytrip out of the nursing home to come and see the bar. Herrmann runs off and pulls a string dangling from the top of the bar causing a banner to fall down revealing the new name of the bar

“You... you're really gonna call it "Molly's"?” he asks

“If that's okay with you.” Gabby says as the man bursts into tears.


At the  Academy dinner, a bartender poured Kelly a drink as he and Leslie walked hand in hand

“Come on, just one sip.” Leslie pleads

“Hey! Whoa! Oh,” Kelly cries pulling the glass away from his date

“You suck.” She mumbles

“Really? Gotta get your oven ready for that bun, baby.”

“Hey, listen, thanks for backing me up. I mean it.”

“Come on. You're my girl. You know that.” Kelly assures her as they run into Matt, Heather and Sylvie. Leslie hugs both the girls, when Heather steps back she makes eye contact with Kelly.

“Hey, Heather.”

“Hey, Kelly. It's good to see you.”

“I'm really glad you could come.”

“Yeah, me too. Even if it means crashing a few dates” she says looking between Sylvie and Matt. Matt offers to get his two women a drink, Heather agrees but Sylvie declines and stays with Kelly and Leslie for a moment making small talk about life at the firehouse when the three of them spot Gabby laughing with Peter Mills and who they can only assume is his mother at table 12

“It seems we are always running into Gabby at these things” Leslie says

“What’s she doing here? You can’t tell me the principal of the fire academy is her cousin too?” Sylvie says in a hushed whisper to Leslie

“She and Mills used to hook up when Kelly was on sick leave but I always thought it was just a thing of convenience” Leslie explains, after a moment Peter Mills makes his way over to them

“Good to see you again lieutenant” he says to Kelly shaking his hand

“Yeah you too” Kelly smiles

“I shouldn’t have to tell you this but treat my friend right” Sylvie nods to Peter as they hug quickly, the two of them had formed quite a friendship during his brief time spent at 51

“You’re right you don’t have to tell me” he nods as Matt and Heather make their way back over to the group. The group part from Peter Mills as they take a seat at their table as Boden gets ready to make his speech.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight to support the Academy's scholarship fund. When I look around this room, I think of the importance that this institution has had on each and every firefighter here. The discipline, the tradition, it's what ties us all together, the young and the well-seasoned alike, and I'm very well-seasoned, so…” Boden continued to talk as Kelly's phone begins to vibrate, he stands up and goes outside to take the call and Matt stands up to follow him out. Matt lets Kelly finish his phone call in private before approaching him

"Important call?"

"Just the electricity company" Kelly nods which is when Matt realised he wasn't in the mood for small talk

"Kelly you need to talk to Hadley"

"Yeah I know. Shay told me about it before we left, I'm sorry Brett's going through that but I really don't know if I can do much to stop it"

"You're his boss Severide. You gotta do something, that guys a creep in all senses of the word"

"Okay. I will. Next shift. I promise"