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Bites of Life

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Bighit Entertainment. The gloomy white building towered over Jimin as he stood in front of it. It gave Jimin chills that ran throughout his whole body. His nerves probably did not help the situation either. The blue group of windows reflected sunlight. The sun wasn’t particularly bright that day, which he was thankful for because he bet it would’ve burnt his eyes off.

He had to get his mind back to what he was there for. That day would change his whole future, life, and worth. It was his tryout day to become a BigHit trainee, then he would be able to become a kpop idol. The thing is, Bighit Entertainment was not very well known. That didn’t ease Jimin’s mind but maybe he would go big with a small company. They’d be the biggest focus of the company so that’d have to benefit him somehow.

Jimin had been standing in front of the Bighit Entertainment building for a while. He had to go in sometime. He came a few minutes early to help ease his mind. Who knows how long it would’ve taken him to get here. Luckily, there wasn’t any traffic problems and he came with time. He’d also planned he would wait a while before going in, which he was correct about.

Jimin glanced behind him, people walked on the street behind him. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for them. They weren’t nervous like him. His palms were as sweaty as a pig and his throat was tight, it felt like he was suffocating. He probably couldn’t even have drank water at that moment.

He could just go back home and forget all of this. Tomorrow, he could walk into school like normal, like nothing happened, and he wouldn’t have to worry over anything. It was not what he wanted though. He’d been dancing and singing for what seemed like his whole life.

Jimin sighed, his mind was really getting to him. He looked ahead of himself again. He moved his right foot forward, then his left, then his right again, and slowly he walked into Bighit Entertainment. The whole time, he had kept his eyes on his moving black tennis shoes. He could do this. Jimin had been waiting for this moment his whole life. He wouldn’t let his 16-year-old brain chicken himself out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jimin managed to check into the audition. He waited in the lounge; he sat down on a basic white party chair. There were various people with all types of talents. Some were warming up their voice, body, or just getting their nerves out of their head. He would have to be at the same level or better to become a trainee. It would be a challenge.


And that was how Park Jimin got into Bighit Entertainment. He trained rigorously for 3 years with new friends that were also BigHit trainees. Kim Taehyung was his age but only a few months younger. Kim Namjoon was 1 year older than him. Lastly, Jung Hoseok was only 2 years older than him. Of course, he met more people but those were the most relevant to his upcoming life.

One day in February 2013, all of them got called into their boss’s room, Bang Si-Hyuk’s room. They sat at the chairs that were prepared for them. The small tan cubicle room gave Jimin the chills because it belonged to the person who decides his career.

His whole life could’ve ended at that whole moment. Everything he worked for could’ve disappeared in a blink of an eye. Not only his though, but his friends also could’ve too. He hoped for all their sakes that it would not.

Jimin glanced quickly around the room, to see if anything changed from when he last came there. The same dark wood desk. The same chairs. The same bean bag chairs at the two corners of the room that are the closest to the foggy-looking glass door. He sighed with relief that for some reason came from the comfort of a familiarly organized room.

“So, there’s a reason why I got you all gathered here,” Bang Si-Hyuk said. Jimin quickly nodded his head, Jimin didn’t even spare a glance at his friends. He couldn’t think of his friends at the moment, he needed to gather everything from this meeting. Jimin was even more nervous than when you go to the dentist. Eyes focused on the most important person in the room at the moment.

Bang Si-Hyuk gave a dramatic pause. The room was filled with a silence that seemed to stretch on forever. No clock ticking, no talking, no daily life, and it was nerve-wracking.

Then he started to speak again, “You will all be going to debut in June this year.”

Jimin couldn’t process it for a few moments, they’re finally going to debut? THEY’RE FINALLY GOING TO DEBUT!!! Heat flooded his cheeks. He was at peak excitement. He could also feel his heartbeat quicken.

Jimin looked hurriedly at his friends, they had bright smiles on and their eyes shined with life. Cheeks painted with blush. Taehyung kept fidgeting in his seat from all the excitement. It made Jimin so happy seeing Taehyung like that. They all deserved to debut. This was the pinnacle of Jimin’s life, this was it, this was the moment to show the world that he’s special. Everything he’s dreamed of will come true, he’ll be the star he truly is.

“We have also decided that you guys will be in a human and vampire mixed group. This will show that humans and vampires can get along and will rekindle our relationship with them,” said Bang Si-Hyuk bluntly.

They all went still.


Creatures that live off of blood, mainly human blood. The same creatures have caused a lot of human deaths throughout history. Vampires were going to be in their group. Jimin felt his heart pump even faster than before. He didn’t think it could go faster but it turned out he was wrong. Vampires drink human blood. Him, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Namjoon were all human. Jimin’s body filled with fear.

They were all screwed.

The room went silent once again. Time seemed like it was still, no movement, hardly any breathing except from Bang Si-Hyuk. When they had thought of debuting, it was with a fully human group. There would be no danger with a fully human group, no impending threat of death every single moment of their career.

To Jimin’s left, someone cleared their throat, it was Namjoon. “Although this is not what we expected, we are still grateful for the chance to be able to debut. We promise you that we won’t disappoint you.” Namjoon said. Of course, he did, he was the first one to join Bighit out of the 4 of them. He was also planned to have debuted with many previous groups but none of them worked out. Jimin was glad he could debut with someone like that.

“Yes, of course, we won’t let you down.” Hoseok quickly added. He most likely said that to lessen the doubt placed on them. Hoseok was mature whenever he needed to be since he was the oldest.

Jimin peered to his right and looked at Taehyung. Taehyung was biting his bottom lip but didn’t look mad, sad, or even scared. He looked nervous? That was a bit weird because Jimin mostly felt fear. Taehyung always had a strong character so he was presumably handling this better.

For the third time, silence ensued. This time it didn’t last long. Jimin thanked the gods for that.

“You may go now, that is all for today.”

Jimin did not have to be told twice. He looked around at his friends and it seemed like they didn’t need to be told either. Namjoon was the first one to stand up. The rest followed him. When they all got to the door, they bowed and thanked their boss for his kindness.

They all walked back to their shared dorm. Not a word was shared. They couldn’t talk about the matter until they were secure in their dorm. Nobody else even knew they were going to debut. They all gave each other glances when they walked to their dorm though. Jimin could feel an undertone of buzzing in his skin. Was it from them debuting? Or was it from learning they’ll have vampire groupmates? Possibly both.

All of them quickly went into their dorm that only the four of them shared. The door was shut hastily by Taehyung, the last one to enter the dorm. Glances were thrown by all of them to each other.

“So… how are we going to deal with this?” Taehyung said courageously. Taehyung always spoke his mind. Sometimes environmental clues didn’t reach him. It was great in circumstances where Taehyung said what they were all thinking, although it could be a curse sometimes.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean, how are we going to deal with it?” Namjoon said, confused. It’s like the thought of our new debut group didn’t bother him at all. It didn’t seem to phase him except the excitement of debuting this year. Namjoon was good at looking at situations positively and was the leader of their small friend group.

“You know, with having vampires in our group…?” Taehyung said confused. “I kind of don’t want to be sucked dry by our members.” He had said bluntly. Jimin wanted to elbow him to tell him to dial down but it was too late.

“I knew you guys were bothered by that.” Namjoon sighed. “It’ll be fine, we will stick together. Also, not all vampires are bad. Have you guys even talked to a vampire?” Namjoon said with an encouraging smile.

None of them have ever met a vampire in their secluded birthplace. It seemed to lessen their fears but it didn’t fully convince them. Namjoon could judge character well. Namjoon had protected them so many times, there was no way he’d put them into danger.

It still worried Jimin, he didn’t want his blood sucked. But maybe Namjoon was right? They used to be humans. Maybe they’ll become friends?

Also, putting a whole group of people together was not the right thing to do. Stereotypes make groups seem different than what they are. Humans stereotype every group in existence, it was inevitable to not be stereotyped. Maybe the stereotype of vampires is wrong?

They were wrong, vampires are definitely not like humans, at all.