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Friend from the wild side

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“Sit still, I’m almost finished.” Lisa frowned, kicking Ae in his side as he fidgeted. She sat on the sofa with her brother on the floor infront of her, his bloodstained shirt bundled up on the floor beside him as she continued working on his wound. “You should go to ER, they’d make it so much neater.” Lisa sighed as she stuck the needle into the skin again for another stitch. Ae hissed but shook his head. “Nah, you do a good job. Shit, can’t believe that jerk face had the audacity to take a knife on me. Asshole.” “Like you always fight fair and square. This is on you, dumbass. Instead of picking fights, you should do something productive, like apologise to Pete.” “Who? Ow!” Ae groaned when Lisa painfully twisted his ear. “Should I stitch up your mouth too so you can’t spout bullshit like that ever again?” “I got nothing to apologise for!” Ae slapped her hand away. He huffed, eyes fixated on his own bruised hands. “I don’t need his pity, I can take care of you myself!” He grumbled, earning himself another smack. “Like hell you can. Ae listen to me. Pete didn’t pity you, I did. I just couldn’t watch you waste away like that. One of those illegal fights would end up with you dead with how stupidly sleep deprived you were, and I’m not having this baby without you as an uncle. I know you could make the money, I really do, I just wish you just…”


Lisa sighed. She finished the last stitch and wiped the wound with alcohol one more time before slapping some adhesive bandage over it and handing Ae one of his t-shirts. As he put it on and packed up the suture kit, Lisa took his hand and lead him onto the sofa beside her. “Ae, I asked Pete for the money. He didn’t offer it as a charity case, I asked him for it. Because of that boy I was able to pay my medical bills, buy a stroller and other baby stuff, and get a freezer full of groceries. With your money it would take a while to afford, and no, I don’t want your money. Please, understand me brother.” Lisa sighed. “You’ve already done so much for me, my whole life you’ve taken care of me. Pete did what you did to him before. He helped out a friend in tough situation. You have to apologise to him, you gave him bruises, dumbass.” Ae’s eyes widened. “How do you know that?” “Because he called me crying. Said that you probably hate him now. So you better knock down your stupid pride a notch and beg for his forgiveness. He really likes you, you know? I can’t imagine why though.” “Oi!”





Just by that one word, Pete could tell who’s voice that was. He hasn’t heard it in over a week, yet it was burned into his brain so well he recognised it immediately. Even in his drowsy state he just knew it was Ae. Why was he calling at 2am, Pete had no idea. Pete tried to clear his throat, he didn’t want Ae to know the phone call woke him up. “Ae?”


“Can I see you?”


“Uhm, tomor-“


“I mean right now. I’m in your garden; which window is yours?”


“Ha? Wha-?”


“Just tell me, quickly.”


Pete sighed. He switched on the lamp and walked towards his window, doubtful that Ae was actually here. Then he saw it; the man was leaning against a tree, phone to his ear. There was no way he could climb the wall or jump to the second story window, and Pete hesitated. Even though his parent’s room was in a different wing of the house, he was scared the maids wouldn’t sniff Ae out; literally. “Stay there, I’m coming down.” Pete whispered before hanging up. He tiptoed down the stairs and into the garden where he grabbed Ae’s arm and rushed him back into his room, locking the door behind them. 


“What are you doing here? How did you get past the security system? If anyone saw you…” Pete murmured. Ae pulled a folded paper out of his jean jacket and handed it to Pete who had to squint really hard at the picture. “Is that…?” “Lisa’s ultrasound. She’s having a girl. The doctor’s messed up the dates earlier, she’s actually over five months now. I thought you’d like to see it.” Ae shrugged. The young man looked around Pete’s dimly lit room with envy. It was massive, bigger than his entire apartment, and there were at least two doors that most likely lead to bathroom or a closet. His bed was huge, the carpet was thick and fluffy, and everything looked insanely expensive. His anger made him wanna piss on the floor and walls. “Alright, I’m gonna go now so- oi, hey, why are you crying?” Ae whispered when Pete sobbed quietly, clutching the picture.


“I’m fine, I’m just happy for her, you know?” He said as the tears poured out of his eyes. Ae reached out to wipe them, but when Pete flinched and pulled away, he let his hands fall down. “I’m not going to hurt you. I…shit.” Ae scratched his nape. “Look, I’m sorry how I yelled at you, and…attacked you. I didn’t mean to flip out like that. You were right, I was too prideful. My whole life I took care of Lisa, and it was irritating seeing some kid to step up and show me up. I was kidding myself when I thought I could handle this on my own. Your money really helped her, I’m very…grateful.” Pete quickly wiped his eyes with his pyjama sleeve and set the ultrasound on his nightside table, his eyes measuring Ae with suspicion. “You really scared me back there, you know?” Pete whispered as he took two confident steps forward and touched Ae’s hand. Same hand that left his wrists bruised for days. “I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you?”


Pete glanced towards the locked door, then pointed at the other one, painted baby blue. “There’s a bathroom with a shower. Stay the night and…let’s talk.” He urged him before pushing on Ae’s back and shoving him in the bathroom. Those minutes Pete spent waiting in the bed seemed like eternity, but when Ae finally returned, Pete suddenly wished he had stayed in the closed bathroom longer. He felt nervous when Ae approached the bed wearing his shorts and laid on the bed too. He washed his entire body but his hair was dry and Pete could still smell the faint scent of smoke and Ae’s shampoo. He missed it. “Are you shy? You weren’t shy when you snuggled me for two days straight.” Ae teased Pete who’s face was now flushed. “Yeah, because you weren’t nearly naked at that time. And now you’re just all…abs and biceps. And you’re wearing my shorts. It’s hard not to look.” Pete admitted before switching the lamp off and burrowing himself under the duvet. Ae smirked. He took Pete’s hand and guided it to his chest, almost sadistically enjoying how bashful the boy became and how his hand trembled as it traced the defined musculature of Ae’s chest and abdomen. 


“You have an amazing body…” Pete whispered when his hand stopped at Ae’s lower abdomen and he just felt the fabric of his shorts. “Pete…can I touch you too?” Ae asked respectfully. His hand hovered over Pete’s chest, and when the boy nodded, he proceeded to unbutton his pyjama shirt, exposing his flat chest. It was quite cute how quickly Pete reacted to his touch when it only took a couple of second before he tightly squeezed his legs together in a futile attempt to hide his erection. But Ae knew, he noticed, and he slowly moved his hand under Pete’s pyjama pants, stroking him. Pete let out a quiet moan as he hid his face in Ae’s neck, coming way too quickly than he would liked. A switch has been flipped in the older guy and Ae mercilessly attacked Pete’s lips with a deep kiss, pushing Pete between the pillows. He knew better now to not grab his wrists, but he still straddled his thighs and hungrily kissed Pete’s lips, jaw, neck, chest.


“Ae…w-wait…mmh…I…ah!” His incoherent words seemed to make no effect at Ae who continued mapping his body with passionate kisses and inhaling his sweet scent. “Ae, wait…please…” Pete gasped when two hands tugged at the string of his pyjama pants. “What’s wrong?” Ae stopped, relaxing his hands on Pete’s hips. The boy quickly sat up and touched his shoulders, hesitant at first. “I don’t think I want it like this. I’m not ready when you’re being too…fast.” Pete mumbled bashfully. His underwear was sticky from the hand job and he was already starting to feel aroused again, but Ae was touching him too wildly, and he found himself silently freaking out. To his surprise, Ae smiled and gently kissed his lips, his hands moving to Pete’s cheeks. “It’s okay, sorry for going too fast. Let’s leave this for when you’re ready-“ “No.” Pete shook his head. “I want this, just…go slow? Please?” “Are you sure?” Ae asked. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything.”


Pete averted his eyes. “Actually…I’ve been thinking about since the day I met you.” He admitted bashfully. Pete covered himself with the duvet before wiggling himself completely out of his pyjamas and boxers underneath it, and tossing the clothes off the bed. When Ae did the same and moved closer to him, Pete cuddled closer to him, his hands hesitantly touching the young man’s chest. Ae kissed his cheek. “Have you ever been with anyone before?” He asked, pretty sure of the answer already. When Pete shook his head, Ae knew he had to take it slow. He didn’t want to make the boy cry, and so half a bottle of body lotion later, he knew he was well prepared. Pete’s fingers dug into his back and the boy trembled, but his expression wasn’t painful at all. “Shhh, you’re too loud…” Ae chuckled before shushing Pete with his lips and catching his moans from escaping and getting them into trouble. Ae really didn’t mean to work him so hard, but when Pete pushed against his chest with a whimpering ‘enough’, he finally pulled out and jerked himself off onto the boy’s stomach.


Pete rolled over onto his stomach, the cum sticking to the sheets but he couldn’t care less, he felt very overwhelmed and sensitive. When Ae finally laid back beside him and put his muscular arm around his back, Pete whined quietly. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” Ae asked worriedly. Pete shook his head. “No…this is the most awesome moment in the past 17 years.” He whispered before taking a peek at Ae and quickly hiding his face again. “Are you still shy?” “Of course!” “Haha. You should sleep now…” Ae said as he wrapped his arms around Pete and kissed his cheek. Pete, who was now facing away from Ae, hugged the man’s arm and sighed. “Okay, but you have to hold me like this all night.” Pete demanded, and Ae couldn’t help but think how cute the boy was. He himself wasn’t a huge ‘cuddle after sex’ guy, but this time he was unable to let go. Pete’s body fit into his arms perfectly, and he smelled so good, there was no way he would let go. “Even if you told me not to, I still wouldn’t let you go.”



“Stop smiling like that, it’s creepy as hell.” Tin grumbled as he poked Pete’s cheek with his pencil. He noticed how dazed his friend seemed to be ever since they arrived at university, but no amount of poking and teasing would fade away that cheesy smile and glazed over eyes Pete was sporting. “Hmm? Aw shut up.” Pete giggled quietly. He was floating on cloud nine even with the slight soreness in his lower half accompanying him for the entire day, because nothing could take away the memory of last night. He managed to sneak Ae out as he woke up for university, and the two shared a several way too passionate kisses in the car that resulted in Pete having a hickey under his collar. Tin cringed. “Oh god, what did he do to you this time? Don’t tell me he popped your cherry?” “Shush!” Pete finally snapped out of his daydream and slapped his friend’s arm, blushing profusely.


“Wait, seriously?” Tin hissed. He quickly looked around, just to make sure no one in class was paying attention to their conversation, before ducking his head lower to hide behind their classmate infront of him. It wouldn’t be too wise getting caught by the professor, especially when they talk about this kind of stuff. Pete nodded. “He came over last night and we…you know. And then he left in the morning.” “So he came over just to have sex with you?” Tin frowned. “How wonderful.” “No!” Pete shook his head. “He came to apologise for last time. The sex was just…the mood was there, you know?” Tin scoffed. “Apologise? You mean for those bruises and stuff? What a dick…” “I told you, it wasn’t like that. We’re good now.” Pete grumbled, regretting even saying anything in the first place when he knew how protective Tin could get. When Tin leaned closer, Pete expected another jab with the pencil, but nothing happened, except Tin now had a very curious expression. “So how was it anyway?”



“Tin!” “I told you about my first time, you owe me!” “I didn’t ask you, you just bragged!” “So it was bad, huh?” Tin teased, which made Pete poke his leg with a pen. “No it wasn’t. It was just a little…chaotic. That’s all.” Pete grumbled. His cheery mood was now ruined, and he was so embarrassed he wanted to disappear, but the lecture was still another twenty minutes and had to endure his friend’s remarks. “It was painful?” “Not really. All I’m saying is, it wasn’t the way I imagined it, you know?” Pete admitted after a while. “It was still pretty good though.” “Cool. I’m glad you and your criminal boyfriend are all lovey dovey now.” Tin muttered bitterly, but as much as Pete wanted to tease him for being jealous, he couldn’t bring himself up to tell Tin he and Ae were not boyfriends. He himself didn’t know what exactly they were. Is this what dating is? Meeting someone on random occasion, sometimes kissing, one time sex, not even setting up their next meeting? A lightbulb went off in his mind and Pete quickly pulled out his phone. Of course, Ae called him last night. He finally had his number! With a big grin, Pete typed a message, but nearly immediately deflated as he read the response.



Pete 13:22

Ae, it’s Pete, can I come see you tonight?<3


Ae 13:23

You’re not interesting anymore, stop bothering me.