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Supernatural Taisen

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The 20th Century was a time of terror and monstrosities. During the Second World War, several major powers desperately raced for advantages over their enemies. They created superhuman warriors, exploring every fringe science, hired costumed vigilantes as mercenaries, crossed dimensions in search of aid, tried to resurrect ancient civilizations or made pacts with demonic beings in an effort to win. As the century progressed, the fruits of their labor bore rotten fruit as Atomic Power created horrific, monstrous mutations that threatened the world.

The 1950s and 1960s were punctuated with their attacks, as well as aggressive alien refugees seeking to subjugate earth and the first inklings of a dimension previously unknown even to the most ardent occult scholars: the Wired, a place where electronic information lived and breathed.

Because of its history, Japan became a prime target for many of these horrors, forcing the Japanese Self Defense Force to explore strange options for dealing with the attacks. In 1963 the JSDF requisitioned an advanced submarine, the Gotengo, to combat a threat from remnants of a people calling themselves the Mu. This weapon caused an uproar amongst some military men in the United States as it verged close to violating the treaty they signed after World War II. 1965 saw the heavy use of it as several monsters appeared across the South Pacific that called for the burrowing/flying submarine's use. These incidents provided an excuse for the re-militarization of Japan, but the US began to think of counters, commissioning a competing submarine subbed Seaview built as a check against it.

The 1970s saw a resurgence in the power of magic for the first time since the end of the Occult Wars in 1958 when Adolf Hitler died. Across the world: detectives; reporters; and even the odd costumed vigilante turned to the occult for aid or for combating the forces of evil. This trend started small but soon ballooned into phenomena that gained scientific attention in the 1980s.

The 1970s also saw the Japanese Military develop a new power source which proved difficult to produce, but absolutely vital for their national defense: the Nekketsu Engine. It ran on a new form of energy, dubbed Getter Rays. However, they seemed to be tied to the willpower of the pilot, hence the name. This engine, combined with specifically built combat frames made from a rare mineral they dubbed Sakuradite (which the outside world called Vibranium) was constructed just in time to combat the world’s first full supernatural war against a race of reptilian humanoids who once inhabited the earth. These Serpent Men launched a series of terrorist attacks against Japan and Southern Asia.

Russian High Command remained skeptical of the entire incident and thought it was the Americans and Japanese testing them. The soldiers they sent to “test” the American and Japanese forces, however, discovered the true horrors involved, and often aiding all of humanity against the mutual threat. These incidents were never reported to the high command, as the first few to do so found themselves removed from duty.

The Silurians were defeated thanks in part due to the combined efforts of UNIT and the sacrifice of pilot Musashi Benki, who detonated the Nekketsu Engine of his jet, leveling the Silurian’s home base. Peace, however, did not follow, as demonic hordes who claimed only to serve a being their language called “The Great Enemy” began to appear. Also at this time, the most sought-after lost relic from the so-called ancient empires arose to fight them, as well as other independent agents. This war ended in 1976 when the ancient technology disappeared along with the demons. The end of this war saw the near total abandonment of Sakuradite Armor Frames, and the Nekketsu Engines were mothballed as their repercussions began to manifest themselves, and the destructive power of a detonated Nekketsu Engine was revealed to conservative military personnel in the United States government who called these detonating engines a violation of the peace treaty. Thus, the engines were dismantled. Japan fell into an economic depression (as well as one of national morale) for a period afterward.

When the armors were silenced, the monstrous wars ended; with many military personnel believing the Nekketsu Engines were responsible for the uprisings. In fact, they were unrelated. Their true effect was later documented in 1989 by Dr. Egon Spengler, after an encounter a natural outbreak of the same occurrence. Nekketsu Engines, it turned out, leaked a psycho-reactive substance that later caused the manifestation of uncontrollable entities frequently called Ghosts or Demons by those who do not know better. Dr. Spengler, as well as his colleagues Dr. Peter Venkman and Dr. Ray Stanz, managed to find and correlate data on the substance they called Ectoplasm, but since their findings were so tied to the Nekketsu Engine incident, much of their findings were discredited or outright blocked. They took to a private sector use of their findings, and had great success in New York, but were not taken seriously elsewhere.

For a time, the planet enjoyed relative peace on the surface, whilst in the underworld, monsters began to gather again and costumed vigilantes began to crack under the various pressures they exposed themselves too. It seemed to begin when the Ghostbusters formed, and a mysterious woman gathered a small group of preternatural allies to defend herself against her Father at the start of the 1980s. Even the great Cthulhu stirred in this time, and a being claiming to be the “primary” Dracula was thought slain by the decade’s end. By 1991, the Federal Bureau of Investigations set up a small unit to investigate overt Paranormal Activity that UNIT did not claim jurisdiction over. The incidents became greater and greater, with the discovery of new and dangerous species such as Graboids and Gargoyles, as well as a covert war for control of the mythic Wired. These incidents, however, went largely unnoticed by the public at large due not just to the intervention of the US Government and the actions of some occult organizations with an interest in keeping humanity in the dark, but as well as humanity’s own capacity for self-deception and general stupidity. So great was this combination, that few people outside of the directly affected areas even know about the beings involved, and even then, there are some who still do not believe.

Until 1998, when the King of Monsters returned, as it seemed to herald a new Age of Monsters across the world. Several major cities were damaged in the course of several years, with almost every continent seeing a monster or two. New York City had sections of it rendered a “No Man’s Land” for over a year due to the appearance of a monstrosity called King Ghidorah. These events seemed to climax when the monster was trapped under Antarctica in 2002 whilst embattled with the abominations created by a teenage girl corrupted and guided by lost technology. Combined with a severe attack by Data Life Forms following the worldwide communications blackout that came to be called “The Babel Event” it all but seemed to be the End of the World. But with Godzilla trapped under the earth’s crust and a full year without the appearance of a single giant monster on a major city, the world breathed a sigh of relief. Newly elected President of the United States, David Xanatos, looked forward to a bright future for his country and his family.

And he saw storm-laden clouds.