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Under The Moonlight

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You looked outside the window of the train as it drove you to Seoul.


You went there for studies, of course you mastered the language before going. You also made a Korean Canadian friend, named Jacob, to exercise your learning level. He helped you a lot learning & also offered to help you a lot if you needed anything when you arrive.


You got off the train, your eyes wandering around until you spotted him. He was waving at you with a bright smile "Y/N! Here!" you couldn't contain your smile, almost running to him.


You hugged him "Hello Jacob!" you broke the hug "You're even more handsome from close" you giggled. The other chuckled shyly "Thanks, you too" you both giggled "Come on, let's go" with that he drove you to your apartment.


The owner of the apartment waited you outside your door "Hello! I'm Choi Chanhee. My father is the owner of the apartment" you & Jacob both accepted his handshake. He handed you the key "You have my father's number, call him if you need anything. And...if he doesn't answer, you can call me" he shyly smirked, handing you his number. You took it "Thank you, Chanhee" after your response he walked away.


You were exhausted & the male understood that "You can rest & call me when you want, you have my number" with that he patted your shoulder. You smiled "Thanks. I'll call you soon" you had no intentions of staying in, as it was still early.


You got inside seeing the comfortable & well tidied apartment. You smiled widely 'At last freedom' you thought. You had a small victory party on your own before heading to the shower. Thankfully you had eaten in the train, so you checked the washed bed sheets before falling asleep.


You woke up in the middle of the day, preparing yourself before calling your only friend 'Hey Jacob! You wanna hang out?'. Of course you got a positive answer, ensuring you that he's heading to you. You did your hair & chose a great outfit, wearing your brand new perfume.


Soon, you heard a knock on your door. You opened seeing your friend with a wide smile "Where you want to go?", you playfully frowned your face "I'm really hungry. Let's eat something first" the other laughed, as you headed in his car.


You were checking the city from his window "You like Seoul?" he asked, you turned to him "Yes, I want to discover it more. It's really interesting". The other nodded with a smirk "Thank you" you both chuckled.

You decided to ask "Where are we eating?", he glanced at you for a quick second "At The Stealer's". You gave him a confused look, making him laugh "My friends, Haknyeon & Hyunjae, work there. Besides that, the food is amazing".


It was a modern restaurant, filled with people your age. As you sat a waiter with a bright smile approached you "Jacob!" they bumped fists "Hello lady. What would you like to eat?". Jacob smiled at him "Hi Haknyeon. Bring us the usual" you gave him a confused look "You're gonna love it" your friend ensured you. Haknyeon smiled at you "Immediately" with that he left.


You started chatting, before someone interrupted you "Jacob!" two guys came to your table. Jacob greeted them, they also greeted you "Hello, I'm Eric" you smirked, the other also introduced himself "I'm Kevin". You bowed your head for a second "I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you".


They gave Jacob a look, making their older explain "She came here for studies. We met on the internet & now I'm gonna show her around". The other two nodded "Oh alright" said the youngest, Kevin spoke "Alright, if you need anything we're gonna sit here too" with that they walked away.


You nodded "Wow, you're popular", the other shook his head "Nah, I just have some great friends". Another handsome waiter arrived "Here's your food. Hi Jacob!", your friend smirked "Hi Hyunjae". The waiter carefully placed the delicious food in front of you "Is she your girlfriend?", Jacob shook his head "My friend. She's new to Korea". Hyunjae gave you a friendly smile "Welcome to Korea", you shyly smiled "Thank you". He bowed to both of you "Bon appétit" with that he left.


You gave him a look "You're definitely popular" Jacob shook his head with a smile.


The food was so delicious you didn't realize you spaced out. "How's the food?" asked Jacob, you raised your head "It's super delicious" you cleaned your mouth with the napkin. He smiled in satisfaction.


After the food, he took you to your university explaining things about it. You were so excited about it, that you counted the few remaining days. He later took you to amazing place you could never imagine that existed.


Time passed "I'll take you home" he offered, you whined "No, it's so fun". Jacob laughed "We can continue tomorrow", you cheered "Yey" you gave him a hug.


He drove you home "Did you like our walk?", you nodded "It was amazing!". The other smiled "Good night, Y/N", you hugged him warmly "Good night to you too, Jacob. Thank you for today". He smiled at you "Anytime" with that you waved at him, before going upstairs.


You walked towards your apartment with a smile. That moment a neighbor came out of his door.


You were starstrucked. He had beautiful big eyes, his lips red & thick. You didn't realize you were staring, until he chuckled keeping the smirk. You gulped looking down "Hello" you said quietly. He didn't greet you back, he only passed you by. His aura was strong & dark, something about him felt so captivating yet dangerous. You shook your head, realizing that you were overthinking.


You soon fell in your bed with a smile. Today was such a great day.


The following days you hung out with Jacob, quickly getting to know his friends well too as the lessons started.


After an exhausting day, you arrived at your apartment. You let the supermarket bag on the floor, proceeding to take out your keys. Out of curiosity you looked at the side that you had seen your handsome neighbor. You shook your head knowing that you're acting up, quickly getting inside.


Younghoon was looking outside the window "We got a new neighbor" he blankly said. Juyeon & Sangyeon looked at him, before Sunwoo spoke "It's a girl" Younghoon turned to look at him.


Juyeon let the glass aside "Is she hot?" the two chuckled, before the youngest let out a sound of annoyance. Sangyeon smirked "You're crushing on the neighbor, Sunwoo?", the male stood up "I'm hungry. See you later" with that he left.


The lessons were so hard, pressuring & stressing you a lot. You had made a new friend, Changmin, sharing your worries about the lessons that he of course offered to help if you needed anything.


You were soon in the near bar with Jacob, drinking & complaining. He tried to calm you down, while you tried to listen to him not realizing that you drank more glasses than you should.


"Y/N, stop drinking that much. You'll get drunk" Jacob was concerned, you nodded already tipsy "You're right. Let's go" with that he paid, driving you home.


He parked in front of your house "You want me to take you upstairs?", you shook your head "No, it's alright. I'll be fine. Sorry and see you". The other nodded "No problem, Y/N. Take care" with that you got out.


You walked towards the elevator, hearing footsteps from behind. You glanced & saw that handsome neighbor, you wanted to greet him but the elevator doors opened catching your attention. You turned to him again, but nobody was there. You shook your head, probably the drink was taking over you.


You arrived outside your door, the light of the hallway only lighting your side. Suddenly, the second light lit up, revealing Sunwoo staring at you. Only his left eye was on the light & his body posture seemed as he was ready to harm you. You jumped on spot, quickly getting inside your apartment.


Your back was glued on the door, breathing heavily. You hesitantly looked from the peeping hole, thankfully nobody was there. You shook your head 'Stay away from him' you thought to yourself.


The next day you told Jacob what happened, he looked worried "Take care, Y/N. There are many crazy people here". You nodded "I'll try my best. We're neighbors after all". He offered "I think there is an apartment near me that the owner left", you shook your head "I won't disturb my peace for a pretty boy" you mocked.


At last, it was Friday knowing that you could relax a bit. You ate, as you surfed on the internet. You sent something funny to Jacob, but before you saw his reply the bell interrupted you. You frowned your eyebrows, checking. It was Chanhee, making you smile before opening.


"Hello Y/N" he smiled, you greeted back "Hello Chanhee" you tilted your head with a wide smile "What brings you here?". He discreetly fixed his hair "Every 8 months we all have a small party, talking or complaining about everything that happens in the building. Would you like to come?".


You knew probably all old people would be there & it would obviously be super boring. Chanhee read your displeased expression "Don't worry, I'll be there too" he gave you a beautiful smile. You couldn't hold your smirk back "How can I refuse?! Ok, I'll be there". Chanhee clapped few times "Thank you! It's on Sunday at 20:00, on the ground floor on the left. See you there, Y/N" with that he walked away. You smiled, thinking about Chanhee, he was a really handsome & nice guy.


Sunday came, you finished your project for the lessons, as you dressed as nice as you could. Almost nobody was your age, feeling really awkward.


Your eyes landed on Chanhee, who quickly approached you "Y/N! You came?!", you smirked "I couldn't miss" you joked, making him laugh. You sat with him, but soon he had to listen to some old people complains leaving you alone.


That moment, Sunwoo walked in the party catching your attention. You tried to ignore him, but you could feel his intense eyes on you. The music soon change to a romantic one.


He stood close to you, catching your attention. He slightly reached his hand out to you "Shall we dance?" you were caught off guard. He gently took your hand, leading you to the dance floor.


He held your hand in his hand, while his other rested on your waist. You softly placed your right hand on his shoulder, following his lead. You didn't dare to look at him, it was your first time dancing with a man too.


He spoke in a low voice "What's your name?", you looked at him "I'm Y/N, y-you?" you unintentionally stuttered. He smirked "Sunwoo" he poured out almost melodically.


You couldn't stop looking at his face, you felt like you were under his spell. He was so beautiful, yet mysterious. His eyes expressed danger, hunger & confidence. You felt like you were dancing with the devil.


You noticed how his hand remained cold, though it was warm in here & you were holding him too. Before having time to say anything, he spun you around in a dance move making you sit back where you were.


You were dazzled as he gave you a look, before walking out of the party. 'What just happened?' you thought to yourself.


Chanhee approached you again "Is everything alright, Y/N?", you looked at him faking a small smirk "Yes, of course" you checked the time "I should get going now, got lesson tomorrow" with that you left.


You showered getting ready for tomorrow. You couldn't stop thinking about Sunwoo & everything that happened today. This guy both creeped you out & intrigued you.


That night you had an intense dream. You were in your room, Sunwoo was standing in front of you. He slowly unbuttoned your shirt buttons, as he kissed your neck. You didn't move, it was like you couldn't control your own body. His breath on your neck, his hands on you. Everything felt so real, but you just couldn't wake up or move.


Meanwhile, Sunwoo was looking at you sleeping. He was standing too close to you, admiring your beauty.


You abruptly woke up, turning off your alarm. You shook your head "I'm such a pervert. I need a boyfriend" you chuckled, before getting ready to leave.


You concentrated to your studies, knowing that you had to score good so you can graduate. Thankfully, after all your hard work you got a pleasing score. It was middle towards high, making you celebrate.


You talked to Changmin, who got a middle score , both congratulating each other.You run to Jacob's arms "Yeah! My score was great!", your friend smiled at you "Really?! Mine was fine too". You high-fived each other "Let's celebrate. My treat" you said. Jacob laughed "Alright! Shall I bring the guys too?!", you nodded "Of course!".


You arranged go to a bar you really enjoyed the music & place.


You showered, putting on THE BOYZ "Scar" as you were getting ready. You decided to wear a shirt, slowly closing the buttons as you danced. You stopped halfway feeling stared at. You weren't near the window, yet you narrowed your eyes to see if a neighbor was spying on you. You shook your head, turning your back to the window as you buttoned up.


Sunwoo was in the dark, spying on you from the rooftop. He bit his lower lip "I'm gonna make you mine" he said to himself.


You had so much fun all of you together, you clicked so well with all of them.

A random guy started flirting with you, but for some reason Sunwoo came in your mind. That guy wasn't as handsome or interesting as Sunwoo, so how could you like him.


'Wait? Why am I thinking of him?' you thought to yourself.


As the guy left, Hyunjae softly elbowed you "Why did you reject him? He was handsome". You shook your head "He's not my type" you said as you turned to your drink. Haknyeon spoke "He wasn't the one guy she's waiting for" you gave him a look, seeing his bright yet teasing smile.


All the squad looked at you, waiting for your answer "No, I'm not...", Eric interrupted you "Don't worry, Y/N, we won't tease you". You looked away "I don't have a crush" you mumbled.


Kevin shrugged "Probably Jacob knows" they all turned to the oldest, who's eyes widened "I don't know, really!". You raised your voice "Can we talk for something else?! You're making me uncomfortable", they all apologized quickly changing the subject.


What was wrong with you?


The weekend passed quickly, as you had much fun with your friends. You decided to go to the cinema with Changmin on Sunday, watching 'Reveal'. You both enjoyed it, texting each other as you were walking home.


When you arrived, Sunwoo got in the hall after you. You pressed on the elevator button, patiently waiting. You turned to Sunwoo "Hello! Will you take the elevator?" you were awkward. The other slightly raised an eyebrow "I'll take the stairs".


His eye changed color for quick moment making you hold your breath.


You quickly got in the elevator, counting every second, impatient to get in your apartment & not meet him in the hallway. You almost run inside, looking from the peephole to see him pass by.


His footsteps got louder, he passed in front of your door turning to look at you as he passed 2 fingers on your door.


When he left you could breath properly. 'What does he want from me?' you thought, now almost sure that he wasn't human.


You wanted to tell Jacob, but you were sure he wouldn't believe you. How could he anyway?


The following days you couldn't concentrate, too absorbed to the situation with Sunwoo. Jacob noticed, continuously trying to be sure if you're alright, which you always ensured him.


It was a Saturday morning, you decided to do some food shopping before you hang out with your friends. You almost arrived when you saw Sunwoo, he was wearing a jacket with his hoodie on. His head was bowed to the ground, he only lifted it to make eye contact with you.


You noticed how he took his hand out of the jacket pocket, the sun burning his skin, quickly putting it back hiding it again from the sun.


You felt your heart dropping in your stomach. What did you just witness was not humanish. Actually nothing about Sunwoo was humanish.


You run up in your apartment, almost throwing the bag on your table. You dialed Jacob's number with shaky hands 'Hello?' he sounded calm. You gulped 'Jacob, can I stay to you for some days?', the other sounded upset 'What happened, Y/N?'. You let out a shaky breath 'Can I?', Jacob didn't think of it more 'Yes, of course'. You packed some of your things before almost running to your friend's house.


Jacob seemed upset "How you feeling?" he anticipated for your answer, you shrugged "Better?" you weren't sure. Kevin came out of the room "Hi. I'll go to Eric as long as you stay, so you won't be uncomfortable", you gave him a puppy look "No, don't worry. Don't get uncomfortable because of me". Kevin & Jacob made eye contact, the oldest shrugged.


Kevin looked at you "You sure?" you nodded, the other exhaled heavily "Thank goodness, Eric is really messy. I won't disturb" he said as he got in his room.


You sat on the couch with your best friend, he tenderly caressed your back "Do you want to tell me what happened?". You looked at him for a quick second, opening & closing your mouth without words coming out. He softly rubbed your hair "It's alright. Take your time".


Sunwoo drunk some fresh blood, Sangyeon angrily spoke "What do you think you're doing?!". Juyeon just got out of the coffin "What happened?", Younghoon spoke "He revealed his true identity".


Juyeon felt betrayed "To who? Why Sunwoo?!" he seemed to lose his patience. Sunwoo finished drinking, remaining calm. Younghoon smirked "To the new pretty neighbor", Sangyeon continued "Now, we'll have to kill her".


Sunwoo slammed his glass on the table "I'll claim her, damnit! Can you all shut the hell up?! She's mine" with that he left.


You stayed some days at your friend, you forgot your books so you just missed some lessons. Soon, you decided to go home "I'll leave. Don't want to disturb more", Kevin spoke "You don't disturb, but if you want to go then it's your choice". Jacob placed his hand on your shoulder "You can stay longer if you want", you nodded "It's getting dark. I'll go. Thank you" with that you hugged both.

You couldn't run forever.


You arrived home turning on the light, but it didn't light up. You approached to see the light bulb missing, you freaked out realizing someone broke in.


Your eyes fell on a dark silhouette close to you. You let out a yelp, tripping on the messy carpet. You backed up against the wall, as a red circle rolled to you.


You lifted it, looking through it as the intruder revealed himself. It was Sunwoo, smoothly taking it from you. He put it in his mouth, swallowing it, dragging some of it across his lip showing you it was blood.


You were ready to pass out, making him smirk & walk out of your apartment. Now, you were sure he is a vampire.


Why you? Why doesn't he kill you already? You stood up, forcing your trembling to stop. You were more of fed up than scared anymore.


Days passed & you hadn't seen him. You were impatient, you needed to know. This time you would gather your courage to fight back.


You had just finished showering drying your hair, as you were still wearing your robe. You let out a yelp, as you saw Sunwoo standing on your window, easily getting inside as it was already open.


You gulped "What do you want from me?" your voice shaky. He raised his head "Your blood all over me", you felt your stomach twitch "Why me?". He chuckled "Don't worry, baby, I'm just messing with you" he winked, angering you "Then, what the hell you want from me?!".


His eyes darkened "I want you mine for eternity. I wanna claim you & I'm gonna claim you". You knitted your eyebrows upwards "Just let me fight", in the speed of the light he was already too close to you grabbing your forearm "You can't fight me. It's a losing game, my princess".


You turned around wanting to grab anything to protect yourself, but with a quick move he held both of your wrists. He gripped on them, while his other hand was resting on your hips & your back was against his chest.


"I said don't fight. You can't overpower me. Accept your fate". He let your wrists free, you felt so helpless, knowing you couldn't escape from him.


He breathed out on your neck, as his left hand went downwards on your body while his right hand passed between your breasts. "I'll do it painlessly, my princess" with that he dug his teeth deep in your neck. It was a sting pain & slowly your head fell back on his shoulder.


Everything turned black.


Suddenly, your eyes opened, you felt different. Stronger, angrier & thirsty.


Sunwoo was standing against the wall, coming forward as he noticed you woke up. You got up from the coffin your body was resting, immediately punching him on the face.


He turned to look at you after the punch, trying not to be mad "Aren't you thirsty?". You gulped "Yes!" you almost growled it.


He handed you pack of blood, but as you went to grab it he took it back "I didn't take care of you 3 days & give you food to get punched" he raised an eyebrow. You said between your teeth "I didn't ask you to bite me" with that you took the pack.


He smirked standing behind you "But you never asked me to stop" with that he took your hair back, seeing the scar of his teeth on your neck. You finished it, taking another pack.

Soon, your thirst was over, breathing heavily making eye contact with him. "Are you sad? You wanna be a human again?" he looked deeply in your eyes. You thought of it, you were confused but absolutely not sad.

He smirked "As I thought, my princess" he licked some blood of your lower lip before inserting his tongue in your mouth for a make out, which you accepted.


You knew many things would change forever, but you felt like you could overcome anything with Sunwoo on your side. He completed you & you completed him. You wisely accepted the fate of eternity he decided to give you.