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The Depth of My Love for You

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As much as he would hate to admit it this wasn't the first time Langa's dreamed about having sex with one of his friends. It wasn't even the first time he dreamed of having sex with Adam. After their first race Langa couldn't escape the feeling of Adam pressing against him, how he took control of his body and moved him however he pleased. In his dream Adam pressed inside of him right there, speeding down the track on their boards fucking him with everyone watching. Langa hoped he'd worked Adam out of his system after that, the last thing he needed was to think of Adam fucking him during their next beef.

And he hadn't.

He had raced against Adam and won.

But now the tournament was over and Adam was free to drift into his dreams again. It started the same way as the first, Adam in his bright red matador clothes, pressing their bodies together as they skated downhill. Moving him however he pleased, grinding their hips together.

Then someone came up next to them. The dark black and blue suit blended in with the night, while the stark white bone of the mask was undeniable. This too was Adam. So different from the first time they raced- from the Adam already holding him. But Adam just the same.

This new Adam stared at them from beneath his mask, watching their dance before kicking his board up, jumping in the air and landing with his stance reversed. His body was now facing Langa's as he smoothly slid up next to them, taking Langa's hands from the other Adam easily. Langa was left pressed between the two of them, their boards picking up speed as the spaces between them disappeared.

"Adam..." Langa's voice was soft and breathless, he wasn't even sure which Adam he was talking to. They were moving so fast now, weaving around corners without a second thought. Pressed between them Langa didn't even need to steer his board, they had complete control over his movements, over his body.

"I apologize baby, it must be so confusing for you." Adam's voice broke through the rush of wind- the matador, his body pressed flush against Langa's back, voice whispered directly into his ear.

The other Adam just stared at them for a moment beneath the bone mask, flashes of deep crimson showing between the slats. "Lucifer." The biblical devil- a fallen angel. Langa's heart raced as they continued to rush downhill, his body held flush between the two Adams- between Adam and Lucifer.

They were flying down the track, the world a blur around them, and then they weren't. It was as simple as that. They were skating and now they were standing in a clearing, tall trees blocking out the world around them. Even with their boards gone he was still pressed between both hard bodies. Adam's hands wandered as Lucifer brought Langa’s hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to his palm as Adam slid into his jeans.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" Lucifer's voice was rough, softer than his counterpart- a slight edge of hurt. "To be loved?"

"Yes." Langa gasped out as Adam bit into his neck, his hand wrapping around Langa's dick. Lucifer leaned forward, locking their lips together in a kiss, releasing Langa’s hands and moving to unbutton his shirt while Adam began pushing his pants down. Together they made quick work of his clothes, stripping away his shirt, and pants, leaving him in only his black undershirt, pushed up over his chest.

Lucifer leaned forward, pulling one of Langa's nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking the sensitive nub until it hardened to a stiff point before switching to the other. Langa gasped as he felt Adam's hard cock grind against his bare ass, shifting so his breath hot in Langa's ear Adam licked along the shell, whispering his intentions. "Eve, it's been so long since we were together, my love." Adam's grip was like iron on his hips, keeping Langa in place as he rutted against him. "I can't wait any longer." And with a single thrust the head of Adam's cock pressed inside of his soft hole, reaching out to stabilize himself Langa grabbed onto Lucifer’s biceps as he adjusted to the stretch.

Pulling off his nipple Lucifer straightened back up, holding Langa by the waist and letting the boy's shaking body press along his as Adam continued to press inside. This close Langa could feel the heat of his skin even through the leather suit, his cock hard where it strained against the fabric, Langa's own dick sliding against it. Drops of precum made the movements easier as Langa's cries of pleasure were swallowed by Lucifer’s lips as Adam bottomed out, his groans of pleasure filling the clearing.

"Ah!-Adam!" Langa's voice was shaky and breathless as the kiss broke, lips feeling kissed raw and eyes losing focus as his body shook with sparks of pleasure. "Adam- Lucifer- please, you too. I want you too- both of you." Sliding his arms around Lucifer's shoulders Langa pressed his weight onto the stoic man, lifting a leg to wrap around his hips to give the other man access to his body. To the place Adam was already pressed inside him, every movement sending sparks of pleasure through both of them, the changing angle having Adam’s cock rubbing along Langa's inner walls.

"Ah! Breathtaking, will you ever cease to amaze, my love?" Adam lilted in his ear, rolling his hips, grinding himself against Langa's body before one of his hands released Langa’s hip, digging into a pocket to pull out a small switchblade. Letting the silver of the blade catch moonlight as he brought it up for Langa to see. "Well, Luci dear, you know I hate to ruin a good costume but~," The blade dropped back out of sight, the cool metal of the blade slid along the skin of Langa's thigh as Adam moved it between his spread legs. "We can't keep Langa-kun waiting, now can we?"

Lucifer remained silent as Adam sliced the front of his suit open. The leather made strained ripping noises as it was torn apart, stopping only when Lucifer's hard cock was free to the night air. Hard and dripping with the same upward curve Adam had.

Langa whimpered as the two of them squeezed him tighter between them, lifting him until both his legs were lifted off the ground, left to wrap around Lucifer's waist. Completely dependent on the twin Adams.

"I'll love you," Lucifer said huskily, positioning himself against Langa's already filled entrance. "I'll love you- the way you deserve." There was nothing to cover Langa's moans as Lucifer pressed inside, his cock rubbing against it's twin as Langa was stretched wider than ever before. His cock dripping and twitching between their bellies, threatening to cum untouched.

"Adam- Lucifer! Ah! Fuck, so full," Vaguely Langa was aware of Adam's teeth biting into his neck again, sucking dark bruises for all to see, but all he could focus on was every inch of Lucifer filling him. Rearranging his insides as both cocks struggled to fit. After failing to make a dent in the leather Langa's nails eventually found purchase on the bare skin of Lucifer’s back- left exposed by the heart shaped cut out. Leaving his own mark as the man bottomed out, until both cocks were as deep inside of Langa as they could go, splitting him in half on their combined girth.

After a few still moments Langa's breathing returned to normal, some of the light headedness subsiding as his lungs filled with air. His cock still twitching against soft leather over hard abs, but no longer teetering on the edge of orgasm.

Then Adam began to trust.

Pulling out almost entirely and then fucking back in to the root with a single thrust- as if he was the only one with the honor of being inside of Langa. As if Langa wasn't holding on by a thread. Langa screamed both their names as he came, legs squeezing around Lucifer as tight as he could, the leather suit becoming slick with cum like Langa's fingers became slick with blood as he broke skin.

Adam made no effort to stop, continuing to fuck Langa, every thrust accompanied by loud squelching and happy moans of 'lovely, lovely, lovely'. Lucifer just cupped his face, holding him gently and taking in every detail. "Do you understand now, Langa-kun? The depth of my love for you?" He sounded so raw, as if he was afraid of the answer.

"Y-yes," Langa shuttered as Adam somehow held his hips even tighter, grinding against bone as he pressed inside one last time. Shaking and moaning as he came, coating Langa's insides and Lucifer's cock.

"Good, I'm so happy, Langa-kun." Lucifer said gently, pulling Langa in for a soft kiss.

Langa woke up to his body sticky with sweat and cum, stuck between blissed out and uncomfortable. Reaching over he grabbed his phone, a single message waiting for him.

Reki 🛹
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