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Breath Control

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The transporter room faded into view around her. A technician Chapel couldn’t immediately identify, mainly because of the isolation suit, she hoped, stepped up onto the platform and began scanning the landing party, the original five, and the last to come back from the planet. The technician stepped back then pulled off her hood. “All clear, ma’am. Welcome home.” She looked around, smiling. “All of you.”

The transporter room door slid open to reveal the admiral and first officer, Commander Temple. The admiral’s mouth twitched as they stepped into the room, and, apparently, she decided to allow herself a small smile. “A sentiment I will echo, doctor.” Her eyes swept across each member of the landing party. “And excellent work, as well, all of you. There will be the appropriate notations in your personal files.”

Chapel smiled as she put a hand on Tashar’s wrist to stop the coming objection before it got started. “Thank you, ma’am. While appreciated, it really is just wonderful to be back. As to personnel files, well, let the record show that the colony is in much better shape than when we landed, and, in the long run will probably thrive.” In the short-term, there would be a lot grief counselling needed. A support ship was already on the way. There had been deaths, both before the Yorktown had arrived and after, the people they hadn’t been able to get in time. Thankfully, there were fewer of those than there might have been, but even one was too many for her.

The admiral nodded. “I look forward to reading your final report, Doctor.”

She took one step to the transporter console and opened communications channel from there. “Bridge.”

“Lieutenant Commander O’Malley here, ma’am. Orders?”

“Break orbit and resume our previous course. Warp factor five”

“Warp after five, aye, ma’am.”

Chapel felt the warp drive kicking in, so like the one she’d gotten used to during her years on Enterprise. The Yorktown was a Constitution-class vessel, too. The same, but different, and she still had a lot to explore in her new, almost-familiar home.

If she could ever finish writing reports.