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Rows of Crows that Bestow Blessings and Curses

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His mother and father always looked at the crows with confusion on why they were always hovering near Izuku. From a four-month-old baby cooing at the birds that sat on the flower box pecking at the window to the birds sitting on the tree outside of the apartment with Izuku running around in his All Might onesie, they were watching Izuku all the time. 

Izuku's always heard the whispering of the crows, the murder of birds staring down at him from the telephone wires and chattering. He'd feed them whatever snack he had left after coming home: bread crumbs, sunflower seeds, and if Kacchan didn't feel like taking his lunchbox from him, fruits.

They sometimes gave him little trinkets, dropping the miscellaneous items on the flower box outside of his window. He had a collection of mismatched buttons, various coins, seashells, small crystals, flowers, and an emerald hairpin with pearls in it. 

Strangely, the crows always became loud when they saw his father before he left, the birds fidgeting back and forth, but always cawing. When they didn't see Hisashi Midoriya for a solid year, the birds flew closer and eventually landed on five-year-old Izuku, nestling in his hair or perching on his arms.

With beady eyes constantly peering at the small family whenever they left their home, they were never alone. 

Inko in particular had seen a crow land on Izuku when he was a toddler and taking his first steps outside in the grass, the child curiously petting the bird on his arm, excitedly babbling to his mother that the bird was soft. She saw no harm in the birds being close to Izuku, so she let go of her concerns and superstitions, allowing Izuku to feed them. 

Eventually, she also received little items from the birds, a pitch-black crow tapping loudly on the windows that didn't stop until she accepted the gifts. 

Hisashi Midoriya, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

From the get-go, he disliked the crows for always making a large racket the moment they saw him, several times flying over his head and dropping pungent 'gifts' on his head. His son had protested heavily when his father had suggested driving the crows away, and Inko told him that there wasn't anything wrong with them. 

They both ignored the bird droppings on the man's head, pretending like the mess didn't exist, with Izuku apologizing and telling Hisashi he didn't know why they didn't like him. 

When Hisashi did try to shoo them off, there was always  more  of the cursed bastards on the wires, and he couldn't win the power struggle at all.

It was almost like Hisashi's victims had been reincarnated and unanimously decided to torment him for eternity; since he was alive for almost two centuries, he could no longer recall whose name was written on the obituaries, if they were written at all. 

That could be possible, but it was such an outlandish theory that he rapidly got rid of it. 

Kurogiri's shadow always paled whenever he saw a very irritated All For One enter the bar, making sure to be scarce and taking the young Tomura with him. Hisashi Midoriya always made sure that the mess was off of him, he couldn't have his image as the King of the Underworld get tarnished because of pesky birds that seemed to have a grudge against him. 

And if he ripped the quirks out of a sniveling underling with more viciousness than usual, well that was for the benefit of the good doctor. 

He thought he had gotten away from the infernal creatures until he was fighting with All Might and a huge number of them sat on the telephone wires. 

Hisashi Shigaraki didn't notice them until he looked up, and that momentary distraction is what allowed All Might to maul his face. 

All For One hated the sounds of birds after that, grinding his teeth behind his medical apparatus when the sparrows sang in the mornings. The doctor often scuttled away from him in fear, only coming back in the afternoons. 

But to Izuku, the crows were his only friends that remained a constant in his short life.

The birds made Izuku happier after his appointment with the doctor when nothing could, not Inko's apologies nor Hisashi carefully trying to push Izuku to another career. 

After he was diagnosed quirkless, Kacchan was always so mean to him and using his explosion quirk on him, the teachers laughing in the back of the classroom. He knew that any merchandise he had of All Might would be stolen or destroyed immediately, with Kacchan saying that he didn't deserve any of it, since he was so useless. 

Afterward, he didn't bring anything of value to school, knowing that if he brought any of the crows' gifts, they'd be torn apart and desecrated. 

The gifts were his and his mother's secret. He had wanted to tell Kacchan, but after being bullied by his former friend for a while, he decided against that.

So he stuck to asking his mother to teach him how to sew, wanting to have the buttons on his clothes except for his school uniforms, since they were always torn apart. He sometimes wore the hairpin around, and the crows would land on his head when he was writing in his analysis notebooks. He would never do any of these things at school or in Katsuki's sight

He didn't think that Kacchan was his friend anymore, so the only remaining friends he had were the crows that sat on his arms when he regaled them with his day.

Even if he couldn't understand them, at least they didn't judge him or tell him that he was a worthless Deku. His mother, even if she tried to hide it from him, was always sad and despondent. Izuku could tell that it was because of him being quirkless and always getting hurt because of it, along with his dad leaving because of him. 

The neighbors always talked about how his poor mother had to deal with such a mistake, how Inko should have aborted him when she had the chance or given him to one of the quirkless orphanages. 

But then his mother recollected herself, icily stating that Izuku was her son regardless if he had a quirk or not. She said that in no way was he a mistake, he was a blessing to her. 

Izuku still didn't want to bother her about school; it was something he could deal with himself. 

At the edge of the park, there was a large tree, and underneath it was a small cavity that was enough to hide Izuku from his bullies after school. He sometimes did his homework there, with a crow perched on his shoulder and trying to push his hair behind his ear. 

When Katsuki found his haven in the park, he tried to hit Izuku with his sparking fists, but the crows suddenly grouped in a pitch-black mass of chaos and tried to peck the boy's eyes out, agilely dodging his hands. He left off when they started to dive at his head with their beaks, nipping at his skin and forcing him away from Izuku. 

After that, several crows were always staring at Katsuki, every single time he walked to school they always tried to shit on him, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. Izuku was largely left alone in his elementary to middle school years, with the students staying away from him, whispering that if he walked too close they'll catch Izuku's disease too. 

Izuku didn't complain; after all, the only positive human interaction he had was with his mother and long ago, his father.

However, when he was eight, the entire murder of crows suddenly vanished for an entire two days, with Izuku and Inko having no idea what caused them to leave. 

Izuku was afraid that he had lost his friends, until just as suddenly the crows appeared again, pecking at his window panes and dropping off more gifts. 

Occasionally, he would let a couple of the crows into his room; they had decent behavior and he fed them plenty of food that he had in his room.

In his opinion, he wasn't that lonely when he had plenty of company to keep him out of Bakugou's reach and gave him gifts that he cherished deeply. 

Izuku had felt his heart rate increase when he saw Bakugou kept in the sludge villain's grasp, throwing his backpack at the villain's eyes. 

That day was simultaneously the best and worst day of his life, with being told to take a swan dive off of the rooftop to get a quirk in his next life, told that he could not become a hero, he should be more realistic, to being told that he   can   become a hero. 

He received One for All after ten months of grueling work of moving the trash out of Dagobah beach and the crows fishing out valuable items from the piles of trash that were placed at his feet. 

Izuku had a rather large collection of gifts from the crows; his custom shelf was starting to get a little too packed. He would have to make another one to accommodate the new items. 

All Might had told him that the large number of crows perching on the old cars reminded him of one of his fights with a villain, with at least fifty crows circling in the sky, cawing ominously and waiting for blood to be spilled. 

Privately, Toshinori Yagi had noted that All For One had gotten distracted by the sheer amount of crows that were close to them, his face contorting into even more of a scowl, even more hatred in his crimson eyes than when he looked at All Might. 

The crows had allowed Yagi to smash his nemesis's face in, not before his organs were torn out and having to cling to life with a tiny string.  

He didn't see any of them after that, having chalked it up to coincidence. Izuku said that he's always seen the crows since he was little, giving him gifts after he started to feed them. 

Izuku said that the crows hated his father, having seen them trying to land 'surprise gifts' on his white curls multiple times. Even if the boy tried to scold the birds, they still aimed at his father whenever he went out. 

The crows followed Izuku wherever he went, even after he had become a hero student in one of Japan's top hero schools. One of his new classmates, Koda, always looked terrified whenever the boy saw the classroom's windows be filled with the dark birds hovering closely outside of the glass. 

There were even more of the birds that sat directly in view of the wide windows in the classroom, and Bakugou always turned away from them. He made sure that his eyes weren't visible even though there were at least twenty meters of distance between them along with several inches of bulletproof glass. 

During Aizawa's test, five of the crows sat on the fence and chattered to themselves, hopping closer to Izuku when they could. Izuku liked to think that they were trying to reassure him, cheering him on. 

One of the crows were bold enough to land on Izuku's shoulders, turning its head this way and that much to his classmates' awe. It allowed Ochako to pet it, nipping gently at her hands and crooning at her in its scratchy voice. 

Iida tried to say that pets weren't allowed in UA, but Izuku told him they weren't exactly pets, they were just crows that happened to follow him everywhere since he was small. He didn't exactly own them. 

USJ was a veritable disaster, with Thirteen and hid homeroom teacher getting injured in the villain attack. Even in the chaos, the crows were somehow in the expansive building with Izuku, albeit there were only ten or so of the birds, instead of the usually large number of crows. 

Shigaraki Tomura screamed in absolute rage when the birds yanked at his greasy blue hair, swinging at the crows with his hands positioned to decay them, but they always stayed out of his grasp. They dived at his head with their beaks, every single one hurting his head and worsening his already terrible mood. 

Even the Noumu couldn't get the annoying animals, they were like roaches dodging the fly swatters that came at them with terminal velocity. 

He didn't even know how the crows had gotten in, hadn't cared until they started coming at him in organized ranks. Kurogiri couldn't do anything when the birds were smart and fast enough to stay out of the portals' reach. 

Tomura didn't have time to react before the green-haired hero student had kicked him in the face and punched him in his balls when he was down, and it all went to even further shit when All Might stormed in and curb stomped the Noumu into next Sunday. 

All in all, the attack on USJ was an absolute failure, and Tomura told Sensei exactly that, too tired and irritated to stay polite.

Sensei seemed to emphasize with Tomura when the young man recalled the crows attacking him at USJ. Tomura then remembered seeing an unscarred All For One being warped into the base with bird droppings all over his hair. 

Strangely Sensei seemed to pay vivid attention to Tomura when he mentioned the green haired boy that had attacked him. When asked what the boy's name was, Tomura told Sensei that it was Midoriya Izuku. 

Then Sensei told him that the crows were always close to Izuku, if he was at one place, most of the crows were with him. The scarred man seemed to hesitate for a very brief moment, his infallible demeanor halting for a moment before telling Tomura that the boy was his son. 

Tomura wondered if it was possible to smash his head into the wall because if Izuku was Sensei's son, and therefore Tomura his brother, he would have to deal with   that. 

Several months into Izuku's stay at UA, his classmates were always attacked by villains. The USJ and summer camp incident was the biggest proof of the sheer amount of bad luck they had, with injuries and kidnappings galore. 

However, none of the villains at the summer camp were safe from the crows' mobilized assault; hundreds of birds flying above the burning forest and swarming Muscular with needle-sharp pokes and prods. 

Then the Kamino Ward attack took the cake, with the city being destroyed in the fight between All Might and All For One. And then Izuku got taken from his hiding spot, black liquid spilling out of his mouth and suddenly in a strong embrace. 

All Might stared at the blank slab of concrete where All For One and Izuku stood, not fully comprehending what happened. He was still in his hero form miraculously, having several minutes left to spare before he had to shift in his true form. 

Izuku was squirming in All For One's grasp, trying to get the man to let go of him with no success and ignoring the man's strangely familiar voice telling him to calm down. 

And then his future nemesis told him that he was his father before stopping when he saw a crow hop out of Izuku's slightly shredded jacket.

The man had moved to eviscerate the cause of his misery before Izuku told him in no uncertain terms that if he killed the bird he would never cooperate with him and make his life even more of a living hell than when All Might injured him and when the birds pooped on him when they got the chance. 

Izuku could practically hear the man's teeth grinding when he reluctantly agreed to spare his crow, glaring through his medical equipment at the bird that was held protectively in Izuku's hands. 

The boy was stuck with his supposed father for several months and an annoyingly passive Tomura that hounded Izuku from the moment he woke up each day. Tomura's reaction to Izuku after Kamino Ward was a stark difference from the one at USJ. However, his crow did a good job of fending off both men when Izuku wanted to be alone for a brief moment, his threat working well enough to deter them from killing it. 

Then All For One had his face remade, dropping off the little girl that didn't have her quirk anymore at All Might's door.

Chisaki and his little pawns had tried to stop All For One from taking her, but the plebians didn't even hold a candle to the holders of One For All. The vermin were dealt with swiftly, their blood painting the once pristine walls and several more new quirks in All For One's arsenal. Toshinori Yagi was mightily confused when he opened his door to see a very thin girl with bandages around her arms, until she told him that a man with no face said that he could take her curse away and she agreed.

When he shakily asked her why, she said that her parent always said that she hurt people, erased them from existence. The little girl named Eri looked confused on why Toshinori looked so stricken, telling him that it was okay, she couldn't hurt people anymore.  

Izuku no longer denied his parentage after he saw All For One's newly reformed face, the boy's expression of despair haunting Hisashi Midoriya's mind.

Instead of seeking his father's comfort, he turned to his crow for it instead, paying Hisashi no mind. He talked to it more than he did with Hisashi like the crow was an actual human being. 

Hisashi Shigaraki heard Yoichi's hysterical laughter echoing through his mind, his brother saying how the great All For One was beaten by a crow for the best parent of the year. 

A mindless flying rat had more of Izuku's attention than Hisashi did.