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July 25th

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It had been less than 2 days since the seven deadly sins reunited for the first time in 10 years and Elizabeth couldn’t feel happier for them....even if their high energy was sometimes too much for her.  

“I think you guys drank enough; don’t you think?” She said, more to herself, while sweatdropping at the sight of the legendary holy knights drowning in Ale, at least the ones that weren’t passed out on the floor already.  

“You think?” Came Elaine’s half-sarcastic, half-earnest reply as she put all her might in making sure a really wasted Ban didn’t hit the floor as he still insisted in having more “For the Fairy Tree's sake....Ban stop waggling around! Brother, help me-” Her golden eyes settled on King as he snuggled against an equally drunk, shrunken Diane “....Never mind”   

“Don’t worry Elaine, I got him” In an instant, the towering, drunk figure was removed from Elaine’s back as she regained her balance at mid-air, her eyes meeting Meliodas’s as he effortlessly put Ban’s dead weight over him by using his forearm, his free hand holding and almost empty mug “Gowther will take care of getting King and Diane to their rooms, could you help Elizabeth clean the mess a bit? We are a bit short staffed due to everyone....being an idiot”  

“Sure....” Elaine trailed off as Meliodas send her a little grin over his shoulder before dragging Ban’s across the bar and toward the second floor, where their room was. She knew the captain of the sins had super-strength, but it would never be odd to witness how he didn’t even break a sweat while holding onto a man that was almost the double of his size.  

“Well, we better get to work!” Elizabeth’s enthusiastic voice broke through Elaine’s thoughts as she simply nodded and started to collect some of the empty bottles laying around the floor, the corner of her eye watching how Elizabeth swept with a smile on her face, looking way too happy to be doing chores....  

At least, that is how it would look like to someone that couldn’t read hearts.  

“You shouldn’t worry so much about what Diane said Elizabeth, we still don’t know if what she and Brother saw was even real to begin with”  

Elizabeth almost dropped the broom as her whole body stilled, but soon enough she was able to turn around and met Elaine’s eyes with a little smile on her face “I know....and I know I shouldn’t be digging into Meliodas’s business like just that everything is so odd and I am a bit....worried about him” Her hands clutched broom as her bangs covered both of her eyes at this, the smile gone “I wish you could read his hearts so I could know exactly what is burdening him so much....but also...” Her bangs revealed wavering, unmatched eyes as her voice got louder from the whisper it previously was “I feel like I don’t know him at all. I am not talking about where he comes from or what his relationship with the Commandments might be, I trust he is on our side and in case that is a touchy subject I wouldn’t like to open old wounds.... but I mean more normal things, you know? Like what does he likes to do when he is not drinking or saving our country, what are his favorite places to visit and all that....heck, I don’t even know when his birthday is! And that makes me feel very guilty since he got me something very cute for mine”  

Elaine did a double take in the sudden turn the conversation took. At first Elizabeth seemed upset over the thought that her favorite knight might be hiding something important that involved her.... and now she was showing her a little necklace with a pig on it, apparently what Meliodas had given to her on her birthday.  

´I seriously don’t understand humans...´  “So um...would it make you happy if he simply....talked to you more about himself?”  

“I mean if he could just tell me more trivial things like these maybe he would trust me about the things too” Elizabeth said with a finality that surprised even herself, as if saying the thing she didn’t know she need to say aloud for the first time “I just....want to be a part of his life like he is a part of mine. I told him I wanted to speak with him alone tomorrow but...I am a bit worried if I am being honest”  

Elaine gave her a little smile, understanding the issue now “Well....why don’t you start now? With everyone on their rooms, you can talk to him about trivial things- like you said- and so you’ll feel better about the big questions tomorrow. Asking him when his birthday is a good start since he gave you something for yours, so he will only assume you want to repay the favor”  

“And I want to....” Elizabeth mumbled while playing the necklace, but her face was a lot more relaxed that it had been before the conversation, a genuine smile appearing on her face as she turned to face her friend “Thank you Elaine, really. I feel a lot better now -  

“I am back!” Meliodas’s cheerful voice cut the chat immediately as both girls turned toward him, noticing that his black vest was missing and his shirt was torn “Sorry for making you two wait, Ban thought I was Elaine and wouldn’t let go”  

“How did you managed to make him let go?” Elaine asked with a raised brow, to what Meliodas simply answered by cracking his knuckles with a little grin “Oh.....right. Well, I better go before more limps fly around”  

Elaine hovered over both of them while giving Elizabeth a side look, her eyes motioning to Meliodas as he grabbed a drag and started to clean the tables, not even sparing a glance at their direction as Elaine flew to hers and Ban’s room.  

Elizabeth looked around and realized, with a madly beating heart, that the two of them were completely alone now.  

´Come on Elizabeth, put your heart on it!´  

“Um....Meliodas?” She finally said, in a quieter voice that she would have liked to, but it was enough to make him turn around to face her with a raised eyebrow, urging her to continue “H-How....had your day been?”  

She wanted to face-palm at that. Especially when Meliodas blinked at her direction a few times with his head tilted to the side “Well....fine I guess? Not much had changed know, we talked like 5 minutes ago”  

His tone was as light-hearted as always yet it didn’t make Elizabeth’s chest feel any less tight, and Meliodas seemed to realize this “It seems you liked your present”  

“H-huh?” Now it was Elizabeth’s turn to be confused, at least until she saw where his eyes were settled at “O-oh....yes! I loved it” She was about to continue when Elaine’s words coursed through her head: Now was her chance.  

´If I want to ever enter his life, I must start with the little, but important things....´  

“Meliodas...” She started; a bit proud of how her voice didn’t break this time “Can I ask you something?”  

“Sure! What it is?”  His sincere smile and shining eyes were enough of a motivation to make her continue.  

“Um...this might sound a bit out of left field but I was thinking....we had been travelling together for almost a year now...and....I don’t know some things about you...”  

´I don’t know anything about you´  

Meliodas simply continued to stare at her with that unwavering smile of his, as if expecting what she wanted to least to her.  

Because on his pockets, his hands clenched into sightly shaking fists.  

“Yeaaaah?” He started, a familiar teasing tone on his voice and a raised eyebrow “Well, what would like to know about, Elizabeth?”  

“When is your birthday?” Elizabeth said before she could ever think about it, a deep blush covering her face the moment that came out, feeling extremally childish and wanting to run away at that very moment-  

“Oh, so it was just that....” What Elizabeth didn’t expect was for Meliodas to sound so....sober all of the sudden, his usually high-pitched voice lowering to a more natural sounding tone. “Why the sudden interest?...I already told you, you don’t have to repay me for the gift-”  

“No no, is no that, is just that...I would like to know since you know mine and all, is only fair, right?” She hated how much like a child she sounded at the moment...but if he couldn’t even tell her something like this why would he trust her with the more important questions the day after? Or at all, for that matter?   

Her insecurities must had been show at her face as the next thing she knew, Meliodas was gently patting her head. “Now now, of course I know yours, I was your knight back in the day remember?”  

´That doesn’t answer my question....´  

“But you still remenber it even 10 years later and acted on it, I want to do the same for you”  


“Meliodas,  please  

Meliodas’s expression went from compressive to a somehow...sadder one. His eyes looked to the side as his pupils started to waver, watching something that wasn’t there...  

And it wasn’t the first time Elizabeth saw this lonely expression on her face, without her even knowing what the issue was to begin with....or for her to do something to help....   

This was one of the reasons why being kept in the dark about him frustrated her so much.  

“Why had you always cared about that...”  

It was clear she wasn’t mean to hear that whispered comment Meliodas had uttered at the moment, but she did, and it peaked even more her curiosity and need to know more. “Always?...what do you mean?” Not that she was expecting a clear answer to that at this point.  



“My birthday. July 25th”  

Elizabeth made mental calculations and cringed when her memory cruelly reminded her what was the last July 25th like.....   

He was dead.  

And based on the fact he was a demon and she didn’t find his soul on the Necropolis....she was very sure he hasn’t been sleeping peacefully until his eventual resurrection.  

Another thing she didn’t knew had a clue about him.  


“Yes....well, that is why I said it wasn’t important. It already passed so....”  

“But we still can celebrate it next year!”  

A strange glimpse appeared on his eyes at that.  

“....We’ll celebrate it next year, right?”  


“....We’ll be together next year, right?”  

Finally, Meliodas snapped out of it and gave her a little grin, a grin that would have normally put her nerves to rest and make her feel looked even painful “Nobody knows what the future holds”   

“Right.....remember what I asked you earlier? About speaking to you at private about something important?”  


“Better leave it for tomorrow, is too late now and we should head to bed after the work is done” Elizabeth said, resuming her task at sweeping the floor as Meliodas scratched the back of his head and nodded.  

 Neither of them said a word after that.  

Ever after Elizabeth recovered her past lifes’s memories, she couldn’t even sit down enough time to process each one of them in detail...and she doubted that it was even possible for her to do that at the first place, even with all the time she didn’t have....  

But even so, as she sat with the unconscious Meliodas at her lap, one of the many moments they had together  when she was an actual goddess  stung badly....the conversation they had a couple of nights before ringing alongside it.  

“Why had you always cared about that... “  

A sigh escaped her lips as her hands gently stroke Meliodas’s golden locks out of his closed eyelids, watching with a heavy heart how he twitched in pain....ironically enough, the situation they were currently in it mirrored the scene playing at her mind the whole time....that conversation back in Heavens Theatre, after a mission that came out wrong for her beloved....  

“Are you sure I can’t heal you? Even a little bit? They will think it was just your regeneration!”   

“No Eli, your healing magic is absolute, our regeneration is mostly a temporary solution until we can actually rest- ow.....the demon king will suspect something the moment I come back completely healed”  

“....Alright, I understand just...lay down and rest....wait don’t! I am not sure about this, but isn’t it dangerous to sleep while hurt like this?! Don’t close your eyes Mel, you might never wake up!”  

“....How doesn’t a healer know how with wounds?”  

“Because my job is to make sure there is no more wounds, with magic! Now stay awake, I’ll keep you distracted by talking and you have to answer me how was your day?”  

“Someone put a holy sword across my torso. But other than that, really good actually”  

“Don’t mock me Meliodas, I am doing my best to keep the calm here”  

“Right right, sorry are cute even seconds away from a panic attack”  

“I will actually ark you.....but this is good just keep talking...what do demons do when they aren’t fighting?”  

“Eat souls”  

“.....Alright, what do you do when you aren’t fighting?”  

“...Ok I walked into that one. Alright you guys have holydays?” 


“....Do you celebrate your birthdays?”  

“Are we supposed to?”  



“Tell me the date, I will make the last 5 centuries up even if I shall die while trying”  

“Eli, I am the one bleeding out here. I think is obvious which one of us is going first”  

“Tell me the date. Now.”  

“Alright, alright! Gee, I don’t know why do you care so much about it....I was born at the start of the second red moon. No clue what that means on a calendry”  

“So July 25th....”  

“Had I ever told you how aroused your  knowledge  about demons makes me?”  

“You are so lucky you are injured and cute”  

"Why do you even care about that? Is just the date I hatched"

"First, I know how you were born but that is truly terrifying so I choose to ignore it so that disturbs me. Second, is the day your eyes saw the light for the first time!....Figurativaly speaking of course. Is not just an date, is important! It should be celebrated!"

"Sounds more like....a date to mope at when one is on their own"

"Good thing you aren't, and never will be again. I promise"


A shadow of a smile appeared on Elizabeth’s face on the memory, her eyes wavering as she looked down at the unconscious man at her lap before her face turned completely serious.  

“Now I understand why you looked so doubtful about me spending your birthday with you next year....but I won’t let you spend another one on your own, that is a promise”