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i saw you in a dream (then it came to an end…i wonder if you'll come visit me again)

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denki was over there in a few minutes, didn’t ask many questions, and went along with it. hanta figured that he was still in shock therefore didn’t have any inquiries buzzing through his brain yet. maybe after this ‘mission’ hanta had given him. 


“dude, it’s fine. you can just explain on the way back.” hanta breathed out a soft sigh and glanced at shouto. explaining wasn’t the issue. hanta was worried about shouto lashing out again. all he did was hiss, but hanta’s gotten to see shouto’s fangs. they could tear flesh easily. hanta knew. 


“hanta?” shouto pouted, and wriggled closer to the ravenette. hanta smiled the slightest bit and tried to reassure the merman. “i’ll be back quick, shouto. i just gotta go grocery shopping for you.” shouto’s eyes glazed as he realized what that meant. “hanta leave?” hanta winced when the merman’s eyes became more and more damp. 


“i’m sorry shouto, i have to. i’ll be back soon, ‘kay?” hanta put a hand on shouto’s slumped shoulder and pursed his lips when shouto’s hand tried chasing him after he pulled away. hanta had a pit in his stomach again and he sighed. he turned to denki and nodded. “be careful, denks. not too close. just keep an eye on him.” the blonde bobbed his head with a small smile. “sure thing, dude.” 


then hanta left.