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i saw you in a dream (then it came to an end…i wonder if you'll come visit me again)

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hanta woke up when his phone sang. he groaned and blinked his sleepy eyes and blindly felt around his bed for the annoying device that tugged him from his slumber. 


he smiled softly as he read through the text that eijirou sent him, reminding him to be ready for the day ahead. hanta remembered the day that the redhead had planned. 


eijirou always wanted to try new things and wanted to make his friends happy and relaxed, and thus a day off became a trip to the city’s aquarium. hanta hadn’t been to the aquarium in years, hadn’t since he was at least maybe twelve. he was twenty two now, and owned half of a tattoo/piercing parlor. katsuki, one of eijirou’s boyfriends, owned the other half since he was best at tattoos. hanta stuck with piercing, but would occasionally help katsuki with a tattoo if he got the chance. 


they've owned the parlor for more than two years now, and already it’s a success. 


hanta tugged on a plain black hoodie of his head and sat up, wriggling out of his basketball shorts. he decided that he wouldn’t need to take a shower today, since he took one yesterday. plus, this was his day off. no sweaty parlor chair with barely any air conditioning. just relaxing and having fun with his friends. 


hanta had trouble with that—relaxing and allowing himself to enjoy things. if he wasn’t working or doing something that required at least the smallest amount of productivity, he felt lazy and like he wasn’t really amounting to anything. if he felt that way, he was right back to where he started—average. hanta had been seen as average for almost all his life. he was a middle child, so naturally he was neglected and ignored, but it continued into school. he never excelled greatly at anything, just did enough to pass. he’s never won any awards—unless he counted the numerous participation awards he’d been “gifted” over the years—and simply floated through life in the middle of everything. 


that was until he met katsuki and the rest of the crew. with katsuki came eijirou, and with eijirou came denki and mina, which came kyouka and hitoshi. with them, hanta felt more than average. there was never a dull moment or a time that hanta thought he was average or boring. with them, he felt significant. 


he was in the middle of brushing his teeth when his phone vibrated in his pocket again. he fished it out of his pocket and answered the facetime call from denki with a sudsy grin. 


when the call finally connected, denki was seen with katsuki and eijirou. “sup dude! ya ready yet?” hanta spat out the toothpaste and wipes his mouth clean and nodded. “just about, denks.” denki cheered and hanta heard a muffled voice, before having the screen cut to eijirou. denki’s heard whining since his phone was stolen, but eijirou flashed him his toothy smile and the blonde calmed down. “hey, man! are you excited to see some fish?” 


hanta nodded and checked out his teeth in the mirror. he frowned a bit when he remembered what a girl he used to be friends with said about them. hanta creased his eyebrows as he inspected them more. she had said that they were big and made his smile look weird. it sounded insignificant, but when one of his largest insecurities was pointed out, he couldn’t help but feel worse about himself. he sighed. 


“hey, dude.” eijirou called, but hanta was too busy examining his mouth. “hanta?” 


that seemed to snap the ravenette out of his trance, and he looked back to his phone. eijirou, denki, and even katsuki were now in view. “dude, are you looking at your teeth again?” denki asked, even though he knew the answer. hanta pursed his lips and exited his bathroom. “your smile is fine, man. so are your teeth.” hanta sighed again but nodded. “i know. i’m sorry guys.” 


“don’t fuckin’ apologize. if you’re insecure about something, you’re insecure. no big deal. but don’t apologize for it. it’s not something you can control.” katsuki cussed, but hanta felt better. he took a few deep breaths and nodded again. 


this was his day off. day offs meant no sweaty parlor chairs, no piercings, no worrying, no insecurities. 


“gimme a smile, bro,” denki retrieved his phone from eijirou and ushered a smile out of his best friend. hanta raised a brow at him and slipped a beanie over his mullet and exhaled a final time as he came closer to his apartment door. “come on, hantaaaa” 


“lemme see those teefers!” hanta laughed aloud at that, and felt better already. denki cheered victoriously at his expression. “alright, denks. do you think i can just meet you guys there? i wanna grab an iced coffee on the way there.” after eijirou said yes, hanta bid his goodbyes. “i’ll see you three in ten-fifteen minutes. bye guys.” 


“bye-bye, dude! love ya!” eijirou called as two blondes waved. hanta hung up and put his phone in his pocket. 


when he got out from the complex, he was hit with the smell of cherry blossoms and various foods from the food stations scattered around the streets. he shoved his hands into his faded onyx skinny jeans’ pockets, he yawned as he weaves through the crowds of people, looking forward to coffee. 


hanta nearly hummed as he imagined the flavor of iced coffee on his tongue. it always seemed to make him feel better. he thought of it as a comfort beverage.