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Tadashi walked sedately after Ainosuke, his expression as bland as ever while his master spoke with another representative on the bill that was currently under discussion. His steps were slightly smaller than usual, and he couldn’t focus on what the two men were saying, their voices an undercurrent to the blood pounding in his ears. Eventually, Ainosuke seemed to realize that his secretary was starting to fall behind, and he glanced over his shoulder at the dark-haired man with a slightly cruel twist to his charming smile.

“Do try to keep up, will you?” he asked, a reprimand in his voice, and Tadashi nodded, lengthening his stride while unobtrusively biting his lip to stifle a gasp as something shifted inside him. A faint touch of color brushed his cheeks as he rushed to catch up with the two men until he stood a few paces behind Ainosuke’s shoulder again, and his master nodded with apparent satisfaction before turning back to his companion. But the other man was still looking at Tadashi, and Tadashi forced himself to stare back with the dull green eyes of a dead fish.

“Is something wrong, Shimada-sensei?” Ainosuke asked, his tone entirely innocent, and Shimada turned to look back at his younger counterpart, blinking a little too quickly.

“Oh, nothing at all, Shindo-san. I was only concerned that Kikuchi-kun seems a little unwell. Would it not be better to give him the day off? He seems to be a good worker, so it would be unfortunate if something were to happen to him, right?”

“That’s what he says, Kikuchi-kun. What do you say? Do you need the day off?” Ainosuke called back carelessly, his voice infused with the hint of a challenge--something that only Tadashi could hear--and Tadashi bowed slightly, tensing at the feeling of something biting into his skin.

“Thank you for your concern, Shimada-sensei, but I am well.” Tadashi was glad that his voice remained steady, although Shimada didn’t seem to be entirely convinced. Still, he continued to walk with Ainosuke until they reached the younger man’s office, and Ainosuke paused with one hand on the doorknob, still chatting amiably while his other hand rested in his pocket. And Tadashi tensed again, the papers in his hand trembling slightly as he continued to stand ramrod straight, his eyes glazing over slightly while the conversation flowed around him.

“... look forward to working with you again.”

The two men shook hands, and Tadashi noticed Shimada’s eyes on him again, but then Ainosuke was pushing open his door and walking into the room. So Tadashi just inclined his head slightly in farewell before stiffly following his master inside and closing the door behind him. The light in the room faded as his master drew the curtains, letting only a sliver of the afternoon sun enter the room, and in the instant that the door snicked closed, Ainosuke was on him, whirling around to grab him by the hair and pull his head back, painfully.


Tadashi whimpered slightly as his legs trembled, but he didn’t respond as his master leaned forward, his breath hot against Tadashi’s ear.

“You were leading him on, weren’t you? Did you feel good when he noticed you, when he was oh-so-concerned about your health? You’re just like a bitch in heat: you’ll let anyone bend you over and fuck you if I’m not holding onto your leash, won’t you?”

“No,” Tadashi protested softly, wincing when his master tugged on his hair again. “Please, Master…”

Please, Master,” Ainosuke mocked, shoving his secretary aside. Tadashi stumbled before collapsing onto the carpet, crying out desperately when the vibrator inside him shifted again, pressing up against his prostate while it buzzed and Tadashi flinched on the floor, shuddering and gasping and trying to hold himself back.

“You filthy dog.”

His master crouched over him, reaching out to pull off his tie before slowly unbuttoning Tadashi’s shirt and pulling the collar apart to reveal a leather band that encircled his neck. With agonizing slowness, he slipped each individual button out of its hole, letting the cloth fall open to reveal the thin red ropes that wrapped around Tadashi tightly and left marks where they had rubbed against his pale skin. The cords slipped even lower, under the waistband of his pants, and Ainosuke reached into his own pocket, pulling out a small remote.

"You look like that, and you're arguing with me?" he asked, his voice silky and cruel. "If Shimada-sensei had even touched you, you probably would have come all over yourself, wouldn't you?"

The vibrator suddenly thrummed harder inside Tadashi, who shook his head desperately, staring up at Ainosuke with wide, wet eyes.

"No. No, no, no," he whined. His thighs were twitching, and he tried to curl up around himself, only to be pinned down by his master's hand on his chest. There was nowhere for him to escape from that hungry, hot gaze, but Tadashi still squirmed as his flush spread from his cheeks down his neck and to his heaving chest.

It had been equal parts humiliating and exhilarating, following Ainosuke around all day with his body restrained and a vibrator in his ass. But he’d been able to manage, at least up to the point when his master had first turned it on while debate raged on the floor and he waited patiently outside with the other secretaries. It had started out slowly, a gentle teasing that he could mostly ignore. As much as he wanted to rush to the bathroom, somewhere away from other eyes, he forced himself to stay where he was, making small talk: he knew that his master would be exceedingly disappointed if he escaped--not just from the situation, but also from the range of the remote. And it had been worth it when he watched the representatives file out as they broke for lunch, watching Ainosuke’s eyes look around for him before he smiled in apparent satisfaction when he saw Tadashi right where he’d left him.

Ainosuke had turned it off then, for the walk back to the office and then to the car. And naively, Tadashi had thought that that was the end of it, that his master surely wouldn’t do anything in such an open, public space. But as he was placing his lunch order with the waitress, the toy jumped inside him, too sudden for him to stifle his gasp of surprise. It had startled the woman as well, but before she could ask if he was alright, he explained it away as having knocked his foot against the leg of the table, his cheeks pink with embarrassment while Ainosuke laughed softly and the vibrator fell silent. Tadashi had barely tasted his meal, tense with the expectation that his master would flick it on again. But Ainosuke had been as perverse as always, leaving him unmolested even when he was paying the bill and all the way back to the Diet.

And then Ainosuke had returned to the afternoon deliberations, and for the next few hours, Tadashi was forced to find a seat by the chambers with his folders laid over his lap, flinching slightly each time the toy came to life. There was no predictability to when his master would torment him, how intensely or for how long, and more than once, he’d had to dig his nails into his palms to distract himself from the sensations that rippled through his body. Even so, he waited for his master with a tense anticipation, holding himself up with a fragile veneer of self-control. Until Ainosuke had emerged in lively conversation with Shimada.

“Please,” Tadashi begged, his breath coming in desperate gasps as he writhed under Ainosuke, fighting against the waves of pleasure that sought to drag him under.

“Please what?”

“Come. Let me come,” Tadashi cried out, all traces of the steady, stoic assistant gone. He stood on the very edge of control, feeling the rope that bound him to reality slowly unraveling, thread by thread. But he couldn’t let go, not without his master’s permission, so he clung to it with desperate claws, his fingers biting into his master’s wrist. Through his watery vision, he saw Ainosuke bare his teeth in a slow smile, and then the movement stopped. Tadashi choked on a sob at the sudden feeling of emptiness, his hips thrusting against the air as he tried to not lose the feeling. And Ainosuke’s low chuckle was overlaid with the metallic clinking of a belt buckle.

“You’re so selfish, puppy. Do you really think that you deserve to come, when you haven’t done anything for your master?”

His voice had changed, gaining a more playful lilt beneath its sharp edges, and Tadashi’s harsh gasps were suddenly silenced by Ainosuke’s mouth pressed over his. Tadashi moaned into the kiss, his lips parting to allow his master’s tongue to snake into his mouth, lightly teasing and caressing. His body was still on fire, and he leaned up into his master, panting desperately into his master’s mouth as he kissed him back, wet and sloppy and demanding.

Cool, elegant fingers slipped under the lower edge of his collar, pulling it tighter around his throat and making Tadashi whimper softly as Ainosuke broke the kiss and drew away before tugging him up into a sitting position. His nose was nearly pressed against the fabric drawn tight over his master’s crotch, and his eyes were slightly glazed as he leaned forward, drawing his tongue along the warm metal of the zipper until he caught the end between his teeth before carefully drawing it down. He heard Ainosuke sigh softly as he was released from the confining cloth, and the fingers twisted in his collar let go, winding tightly into his hair instead, tugging and sending shocks down his spine.

The smell of his master’s musk, dark and arousing, encouraged him to press his mouth against the outline in Ainosuke’s underwear, and his master’s grip on his hair tightened while Ainosuke hissed. With deliberate slowness, Tadashi mouthed the thickening erection, nuzzled it with his nose, breathed in the deepening smell... and when he finally couldn’t wait any longer, he carefully sank his teeth into the waistband and began to draw it down, shivering when his master’s hot and heavy cock sprang free and brushed against his cheek.

“Good boy.” The soft praise made him shiver again, and Tadashi wrapped his tongue around the head of Ainosuke’s cock, drawing it into his mouth. His tongue rubbed firmly under the edge of the flared head and swirled around the tip, and then he was reaching up with his hand, encircling his master’s shaft before releasing Ainosuke with a soft, wet pop. His hand slid upward, the thumb gently caressing the sensitive tip while he dragged his tongue lower. After a moment when his head prickled more painfully, the hand in his hair let go, letting him trace the underside of his master’s cock and feel the heat burn his tongue and his lips until he settled at the root. And carefully, he began to lavish his attention on Ainosuke’s smooth, velvety balls.

"Fuck." Above him, Ainosuke swore softly, and Tadashi finally smiled as he continued to lick the heavy sac, his hand stroking his master in a steady rhythm. And then, when he’d covered every inch of it with his tongue and it was slick with his spit, he opened his mouth wide, his tongue reaching out to carefully guide the sensitive organs inside. Ainosuke groaned, low and dirty, making his own painfully hard cock twitch as he sucked on it lightly, running his tongue over the surface and along the slight cleft. He hummed contentedly as he rolled them around his mouth, feeling his master twitch under his hand, Ainosuke's breath finally starting to falter.

Tadashi continued to service his master, his mouth stuffed and his hand flicking up and down Ainosuke's shaft, twisting around under the head and firmly pressing down to his mouth until Ainosuke was making soft, needy sounds, his hips thrusting up into the circle of his fingers. Tadashi opened his mouth wide, letting his master tug himself free before guiding Ainosuke's cock into his mouth. His hand led the way, sliding down the thick length while his mouth trailed slightly behind, slowly swallowing his master and caressing him with his tongue until his nose was pressed against Ainosuke's hip. Just as carefully, he withdrew, enjoying the sounds of his master's pleasure and knowing that he was the one drawing them out. And then he finally began to fuck himself in earnest on his master's cock, bobbing up and down, choking a little each time the tip hit the back of his mouth and letting his throat clench around his master. The more vigorous movement caused the ropes binding him to rub against his skin, making him moan softly while his own hips twitched and drawing a chuckle out of Ainosuke.

"Such a good puppy. So good for me," Ainosuke whispered, and Tadashi moaned more loudly, his master's words echoing in his ears as the cords bit into his body while the wet spot on his underwear continued to grow. He struggled to focus on pleasuring his master as his own feelings threatened to swamp him, and then Ainosuke's hands settled firmly around his head, tangling in his hair and holding on to him while his master took over. The first thrust was rough and hard, driving into his throat and making Tadashi gag, but he relaxed as Ainosuke's hips snapped upward again and he forced Tadashi's head lower, demanding that he accept all of him... and Tadashi did. He kept his lips pressed tightly around his master's cock as his mouth was violated, his drool spilling over Ainosuke's member to ease the friction. Each thrust was wet and sloppy, accompanied by a primal grunt as Ainosuke increased the pace.

Panting and groaning, he shoved Tadashi's head down one last time, holding him against his crotch as his hips rotated, trying to push even deeper before his cock swelled and began to twitch, emptying himself down Tadashi's throat while his assistant struggled to breathe. And then it was over, and Ainosuke was pulling away, collapsing onto his couch and leaving Tadashi gasping, feeling empty. And yet, he was so close to bursting that tears of frustration pricked at his eyes while he crawled towards his master.

"Ainosuke-sama," he begged, his voice hoarse, and Ainosuke looked down at him, crouched at his feet. With deliberate slowness, he tucked himself away while Tadashi stared at him with wet, desperate eyes, his cheeks inflamed as his body shook with the effort of holding himself back, waiting for his master's permission. And when Ainosuke finally spoke again, his voice was steady and measured, but warm with approval. And just that was nearly enough to push him over the edge.

"I did promise, didn't I? This should be enough for you, right?" He raised his foot before pressing it down on the tent in Tadashi's pants. And Tadashi gasped again as sparks of pleasure radiated outward from the pressure. Unable to hold back, he began to hump the sole of his master's shoe, and his eyes widened when the vibrator turned on again, pressing up against his prostate while it stimulated him ruthlessly. His head tilted back, his mouth falling open as he cried out with the force of his release, tears of relief falling from his eyes. And then he collapsed as if he was a puppet whose strings had all been cut. He shuddered and sobbed at his master's feet until Ainosuke finally released him from the torture, the toy falling silent once more.

And then Ainosuke was also kneeling beside him, helping him up to his knees before pulling him into an embrace, rubbing one hand in small circles on his back above the rope while the other rested on the back of his head, pressing his face into his master's shoulder.

"Good boy, Tadashi. You did so good. I'm so proud of you, puppy." He continued to murmur soft reassurances while Tadashi shook in his arms, his breathing harsh and broken. Gradually, the warmth and affection sank into him, slowly bringing him back down as his tremors slowed before stopping, his frantic gulps of air settling into a more steady rhythm. But Ainosuke continued to hold onto him for a few minutes longer before carefully drawing back and tilting Tadashi's head up so that they could look at each other.

"Good?" Ainosuke asked, and Tadashi nodded, his cheeks still flushed but his eyes clear again. And his master leaned over to press a soft kiss against his lips before getting to his feet and helping Tadashi up. Carefully, Tadashi began to button his shirt up, shifting uncomfortably at the feeling of the mess in his pants. He felt his master's eyes on him as he walked over to their bags, pulling out a fresh pair of underwear and pants. When he stripped, more of the thin, scarlet cords were revealed, trailing over his hips and around his cock before riding up the cleft of his ass and disappearing under the edge of his shirt. But he quickly re-dressed himself before putting away the soiled garments and picking up the bag, taking a deep breath before he turned to face his master.

"Are you ready to go home?" he asked, once again the perfect, composed secretary.