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You Know Exactly How I Want It

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“I can’t,” Lan Wangji said, gasping as he clenched his thighs together and bit down hard on his lip. His little cock was trapped in between his legs, aching and full enough to burst at any moment. 


“You can. Hold it, Lan Zhan. One more hour,” Wei Wuxian said. 


He wasn’t even looking at him, typing away at his computer while Lan Wangji had his collar on, whining. He had to pee so badly. He couldn’t stop moving his hips, rutting against the mattress as he sobbed at the denial of release, trying his hardest to be good. 


He liked being good. It was familiar, Wei Wuxian rewarded him when he was good. He kissed him sweetly and praised him when he was good, told him that he did well. He wanted it. He wanted to hear him tell him how well he did. 


But he couldn’t hold it anymore. His bladder felt like it was pulsing and the feeling of him holding it felt so similar to an orgasm that it made him jolt, moan as he kept grinding against the mattress. 


“Sit up. Spread your legs,” Wei Wuxian instructed, still typing. 


Gege ,” Lan Wangji begged, biting down on his lip. 


He whimpered as a hot spurt left him and he quickly reached between his legs and cupped himself to stop the stream. 


Wei Wuxian got out of his chair and went over to the bed. He sat down on the edge of it, thigh brushing the edge of the mat Lan Wangji was on. 


“Sit up, baby. And spread your legs. You’ve been so good all day, keep going.” Wei Wuxian stroked his fingers through Lan Wangji’s hair once. 


He was using that tone of voice that made Lan Wangji want nothing but to do what he was asked. He shakily sat up and carefully spread his legs, letting Wei Wuxian see him. 


He looked down regretfully at the wet spot on the mat and then at his cock as if it had betrayed him. He’d always had trouble getting hard and staying hard but orgasming, releasing the intense pressure in his cock, it was never an issue. 


One day, Wei Wuxian was fucking him and he thought he was close, thought he was about to cum but instead, a wave of pressure rolled through him and he started pissing while Wei Wuxian was still fucking him. Wei Wuxian noticed it and didn’t even falter. 


If anything, he actually fucked Lan Wangji a bit harder, not stopping until he’d reached his own orgasm. When he finished, he turned Lan Wangji to face him and noticed the sheer embarrassment on his face, eyes watery. 


Wei Wuxian had comforted him, told him that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that he.. was into it. Lan Wangji was still shy about it and the topic was not brought up again until Lan Wangji was sitting ass naked on Wei Wuxian’s clothed lap and mentioned that he had to go to the bathroom to pee. 


Wei Wuxian was about to let him go before his lips lifted into a smirk and he stroked Lan Wangji’s thigh, humming. “Go ahead then, Lan Zhan. Piss.” 


Lan Wangji wasn’t stupid. He knew what Wei Wuxian was implying but the shameless command made him flush. 


“Wei-gege,” he whispered. 


Wei Wuxian kissed at his ear and stroked his thigh some more. “Go ahead, baby. I want you to piss right here, on my lap. Spread your legs so I can see.” 


Lan Wangji couldn’t deny that it turned him on a little despite how embarrassed he felt. But Wei Wuxian seemed genuinely interested in it, genuinely wanted Lan Wangji to piss on him and it calmed Lan Wangji down a bit. 


So he spread his legs and leaned back against Wei Wuxian’s chest, whimpering softly as he released the pressure that had begun to make his bladder ache. 


Wei Wuxian watched intently as Lan Wangji went, making his entire lap grow wet as he kept pissing. 


“W-Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji gasped, forgetting momentarily that he wasn’t supposed to be calling Wei Wuxian by his name right now. 


He didn’t seem to care though, both of them were watching it drip down Wei Wuxian’s legs. Lan Wangji shifted a little, closing his eyes as the stream dwindled down. 


Only then did he notice how hard Wei Wuxian was under him, his breathing had grown heavier too. 


“Fuck, Lan Zhan,” his words came out as a shudder and Lan Wangji grinded back against Wei Wuxian, moving his hips back and forth in his own mess, giving Wei Wuxian the friction he needed. 


“Control my bladder, Wei-gege. Only let me pee when I have your permission. Wherever you want,” Lan Wangji uttered quietly, grinding back harder. 


Wei Wuxian grabbed his hips and stopped him, breathing shaky. “Yeah. Okay.”




Lan Wangji hadn’t expected it to be this hard to hold it in. Wei Wuxian never made him wait so long but today, no matter how much Lan Wangji asked, Wei Wuxian kept telling him to hold it. 


“Keep them open,” Wei Wuxian said again as Lan Wangji was about to close his legs, finding it harder and harder to keep himself from pissing all over the bed. 


He obediently kept his legs open like Wei Wuxian wanted and breathed shakily, bringing his hands to rest on his inner thighs to keep them open. 


That quickly turned out to be a mistake though because having his hands slide down onto his inner thighs so close to his cock made him bend over and gasp as a rush of something ran through him and a muted hiss filled the room. 


“Ah, f-fuck.” Lan Wangji couldn’t stop once it started, pressing his hands flat on the mattress as he kept going, hot spurts leaving his body and splashing onto the mat. 


He was acutely aware of Wei Wuxian watching him, watching him piss and moan, watching his legs shake as he whimpered and said that it felt good. 


The pleasure he got from finally pissing, the relief he felt and the absolute horniness he felt all went away when he finished and realized what he’d done. 


“Oh- Oh no,” he whispered. 


He had never disobeyed Wei Wuxian before. He always listened. He never failed.. until now. Wei Wuxian was still carefully looking over Lan Wangji and let a finger trail up his body and to his neck. 


He slipped a slender finger under Lan Wangji’s collar and pulled him to sit up. Lan Wangji moved obediently, not looking up from the soaked mat he was sitting on still. 


“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. Didn’t I tell you to hold it?” Wei Wuxian asked, voice low. 


“I was wrong,” Lan Wangji said, feeling disappointed in himself. 


“That’s okay, baby. You didn’t mean to. And you held it for so long, How could I be upset? I’m not mad, never mad at you, love.” Wei Wuxian kissed Lan Wangji’s temple and turned the younger man’s head towards him. 


“Not mad?” Lan Wangji asked, wanting to cry even more. 


Wei Wuxian shook his head and smiled, kissing Lan Wangji’s forehead. “I think you looked very sexy, telling me that it felt good to release,” Wei Wuxian said, smile turning a bit sadistic. “But you did disobey me, didn’t you? I gave you an order and you didn’t listen,” he continued, shaking his head. 


Lan Wangji sat on the bed and looked down at his thighs. 


“Go rinse off. Present yourself when you come back.” 


Lan Wangji moved swiftly to do as asked, taking the mat off the bed before going into the bathroom. He let the shower water pour down on him, already feeling sorry for his ass. 


But something about.. disobeying, about being punished made a spark light inside of him. Under the disappointment was an interesting thrill he’d never felt before. 


Not wanting to take too long, he got out of the shower and dried off briefly before returning to the bed. He got on his knees and forearms, back arched, face pressed down into the mattress, ass up. 


He heard Wei Wuxian’s belt unbuckle and the man got on the bed behind him, trailing one of his hands up the back of Lan Wangji’s thigh and up to one of his round asscheeks. 


“Gege, why are you still dressed?” Lan Wangji asked quietly, feeling Wei Wuxian’s slacks brush up against his skin. 


He didn’t like clothed sex. It wasn’t intimate enough, he wanted to feel Wei Wuxian’s skin against his. 


“Hm? When my A-Zhan can behave, I’ll take off my clothes,” Wei Wuxian replied. 


Lan Wangji stayed quiet, waited for Wei Wuxian’s long and slender fingers to slide inside of him, to stretch him open. When he got it though, it was not the way he expected it. 


He liked gentle sex. It was soothing and he felt close to Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian knew that and because Lan Zhan was always so good for him, he gave it to him all the time. He never went harder than he knew Lan Wangji liked, never went rougher or did anything to minimize the intimacy of their sex. 


So Lan Wangji didn’t understand why Wei Wuxian’s slick fingers were pumping into his hole fast and rough, reckless. He still tried to stay quiet, breathing picking up faster than normal as he was not used to being finger-fucked like this. 


It only got more intense from there. Wei Wuxian had three fingers deep inside of him, ruthlessly pounding them into his slick hole while Lan Wangji moaned into the sheets, hands balled into fists. Hot pleasure and pain rolled through his body, colliding together so well that the feeling was overwhelming. 


Thinking this was already uncharacteristically rough, Lan Wangji thought this would be the extent of it. But Wei Wuxian pulled out his fingers and took himself into his hand. 


When Lan Wangji felt Wei Wuxian’s cock entering his hole, he didn’t have any time to appreciate the veins and ridge on his gege’s dick. The breath was knocked out of him as Wei Wuxian started pounding into him, hips brutally smacking against Lan Wangji’s ass as he fucked him. 


“W-Wei Ying!” Lan Wangji shouted out, surprised and thrumming with pleasure at the same time. 


He could hear the smirk in Wei Wuxian’s voice as he scoffed and moved faster, pushed in even harder while Lan Wangji was left a moaning mess on the mattress, experiencing a new and intense pleasure that he’d never felt before. 


“A-Zhan, when we’re in bed and my cock is inside of you during the middle of our play, what do you call me?” Wei Wuxian asked, smacking one hand down onto Lan Wangji’s asscheek while the other hand was on his hip, gripping it for support. 


Lan Wangji cried out and his ass stung yet his cock twitched at the feeling, more pleasure going straight to it. 


“Wei-gege, Wei-gege,” he chanted in between sobs, the intensity of Wei Wuxian’s thick cock dragging along his walls and sliding right against his prostate over and over while his clothed hips smacked lewdly against his reddening asscheeks was all becoming too much for Lan Wangji to handle. 


“Next time I tell you to hold it, what is my A-Zhan going to do? Words, love, I want to hear your pretty voice,” Wei Wuxian said, hand leaving Lan Wangji’s hip to grab his hair, getting a firm grip on it before yanking it back. 


Lan Wangji’s back arched further and Wei Wuxian was even deeper inside of him, making him feel so full. He moaned and closed his eyes, ears hot with shame as he felt so exposed and open. 


Wei Wuxian never treated him like this before, like he was a slut that needed to be taught who they belonged to. 


Lan Wangji knew who he belonged to. He knew how to be good and he loved the gentle sex he got in return for his good behavior. So he didn’t understand why the fuck he loved this so much more. 


“Answer me, love. Is my cock too good? Should I stop and wait for you to answer my question?” Wei Wuxian asked, threatened, really. 


Lan Wangji immediately let out a noise of protest in between moans, hoarsely shouting out, “No. Do not stop.” 


Wei Wuxian didn’t comply though and his hips went still, pressed against Lan Wangji’s ass. Wei Wuxian gently let go of Lan Wangji’s hair and pressed his head back down onto the bed. 


“Gege,” Lan Wangji sobbed. 


He couldn’t take it, couldn’t take the stillness, not when he was so close to passing out from how good he was being fucked. He needed Wei Wuxian to keep going, how could he stop now? 


“Speak then, baby,” Wei Wuxian bucked his hips once, rough and unexpected and Lan Wangji’s cock dribbled precum onto the sheets while he whimpered. 


“I won’t pee without Wei-gege’s permission. I’ll wait for Wei-gege to give me permission and be good for him,” he said, a breathy moan escaping his red lips when Wei Wuxian bucked his hips again. 


“Good boy,” Wei Wuxian said. 


Lan Wangji wasn’t made to wait any longer. Wei Wuxian put his hands back on Lan Wangji’s hips and started thrusting again. It was barely a minute but Lan Wangji had already missed it so much. 


His eyes rolled back briefly as he took it in, the overwhelming sensations purely from Wei Wuxian’s cock. 


The hard and rough thrusts began picking up the pace and Lan Wangji’s grip tightened on the sheets as he cried out, moaning low and guttural, each sound of pleasure punctuated by Wei Wuxian’s cock. 


Wei Wuxian was going so fast that Lan Wangji could hardly think, could hardly do anything but kneel there and take it, sobbing and moaning while Wei Wuxian moaned himself, cock hitting every pleasurable spot inside of Lan Wangji at once. 


Their sensitivity rose and Lan Wangji knew he was close. He couldn’t warn Wei Wuxian, he couldn’t find the voice nor the time to do so because as soon as he fixed his mouth to say something, his orgasm tore out of him and he was screaming louder than he’d ever had, the feeling so good and overwhelming that Lan Wangji’s world went black, body slumping. 


When he came to, Wei Wuxian was stroking his hair with one hand and jerking his cock off with the other. Lan Wangji immediately closed his eyes and opened his mouth, holding out his tongue. 


Hot splashes of cum hit his face and he relished in each one, gratefully swallowing anything that landed in his mouth. 


When Wei Wuxian finished, he sighed and looked down at Lan Wangji who looked so.. fucked. His eyes were glazed over, limbs limp, gaze hazy. 


“Wei-gege,” he mumbled, blinking. 


“A-Zhan. Come here, love.” Wei Wuxian gathered Lan Wangji into his arms and held him close to his chest while cleaning his face with a wipe, discarding it somewhere Lan Wangji was too blissed out to care about. 


“Are you with me, Lan Zhan? How do you feel?” 


“Floaty,” Lan Wangji said, making Wei Wuxian huff a laugh. 


“You were crying, Lan Zhan. I know we don’t usually do anything rough but you did piss without permission after all. We’ll only do things this way when my A-Zhan is naughty. Other than that, we can keep having soft and gentle sex the way you like it,” Wei Wuxian said, kissing Lan Wangji’s forehead tenderly. 


Despite Wei Wuxian’s well-meaning tone, the words he spoke made Lan Wangji’s floatiness dissipate. Wei Wuxian couldn’t tell how much he liked it? 


“Wei Ying-.” 


“Naughty boys don’t get rewards, Lan Zhan. Come on, let’s go have a bath and then eat dinner. We’re done for today, okay?” Wei Wuxian smiled as he picked Lan Wangji up and carried him to the bathroom. 


For most of the night, Lan Wangji lay awake thinking about how Wei Wuxian said he’d only be fucked so roughly when he disobeyed him. But he had enjoyed being fucked like that. 


He liked it more than how Wei Wuxian usually did it. Liked it more than how he told Wei Wuxian he wanted it. He had just gotten fucked within an inch of his life, how was he supposed to go back to.. soft vanilla sex all the time? 


He couldn’t just tell Wei Wuxian he wanted it rough. He liked the thrill of doing something bad and getting punished for it. It felt like another reward. If Wei Wuxian knew as such then he’d take it away from him when he did something wrong. He needed a way to get what he wanted. It didn’t take him long to figure it out. 



When Lan Wangji woke up, Wei Wuxian was still asleep beside him, tucked against his side. 


“Wei Ying. You have work, love, time to wake up,” Lan Wangji called softly. 


Wei Wuxian groaned and turned onto his stomach, keeping his eyes closed. 


Lan Wangji smiled and turned him back over. “Wei Ying. I will drag you out if you do not get up.” 


Wei Wuxian whined groggily and cracked open one eye, squinting. “Lan Zhan, what a cruel husband you are. Fine, fine, I’m getting up,” he said, though he closed his eyes again. 


Lan Wangji rolled his own eyes and left the bedroom to go make breakfast. If his stamina weren’t as good as it was, he would’ve fallen right back on his ass because fuck he was sore. He knew Wei Wuxian had gone hard on him but he really felt it in a very non-sexy way now. 


Soon, the soreness became dull and faded into the background as he cooked. As he finished up in the kitchen, Wei Wuxian came out of the bedroom with his work clothes on. 


“I’ll get lunch while I’m there so you don’t have to go out. I want you to stay naked today, no touching yourself. And no pissing, Lan Zhan. I want your bladder full for me when I get back,” Wei Wuxian said, hugging Lan Wangji from behind. 




A-Zhan .” 


“Yes, gege,” Lan Wangji replied, turning around in Wei Wuxian’s arms to kiss him. 


“I cooked. Can you stay and eat?” he asked, letting Wei Wuxian steal more and more kisses from him while their smiles grew bigger.


“Yes. I’m always hungry for Lan Zhan’s meals,” Wei Wuxian said with a grin, reluctantly letting him go to help him bring the food to the table. 


Lan Wangji sat down on Wei Wuxian’s lap and fed them both, content to eat in silence. Wei Wuxian held him steady, eating everything Lan Wangji gave him happily. 


After Wei Wuxian had left, Lan Wangji cleaned up and returned to the bedroom as he contemplated how he should set his plan in action. 


It was imperative that Wei Wuxian didn’t know what he was doing. The first thing he did was get naked like Wei Wuxian told him to. Then he drank water. A lot of water. 


Each hour he drank a full glass and bit his lip as he felt the need to release his bladder grow more insistent. He held it in though and waited patiently for Wei Wuxian to come home. 


It was summer and he had no online classes to teach. He’d considered getting a summer job but Wei Wuxian’s income was stable enough that if Lan Wangji wanted to, he could stop working all together. 


But he liked having things to do, liked making money and most importantly, he enjoyed getting to play with children and teach them music. He couldn’t give it up. 


Since he had nothing important to do for the day, he took a long bath and washed his hair, read for a while and did some laundry. 


After all of that, he started dinner a little while before Wei Wuxian would come home, still cooking by the time he did get inside. 


“Lan Zhan! I’m here, baobao, work was annoying as usual,” Wei Wuxian said as he followed the smell of food. 


“Wei Ying. Have you eaten?” Lan Wangji asked, turning his head just in time to catch a kiss from Wei Wuxian, smiling as he hugged his bare waist. 


“Hmm, no. I’m about to though, my beautiful husband is cooking for us,” Wei Wuxian said, pressing his body weight against his husband. 


Lan Wangji hummed and continued cooking with Wei Wuxian attached to him. 


“Were you good today, A-Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked as Lan Wangji was finishing up the Sichuan pork he’d made for Wei Wuxian. His own meal that consisted of a lot less spice was still in the oven. 


“I was, gege. I didn’t touch myself, didn’t go to the bathroom,” Lan Wangji said, body shuddering when one of Wei Wuxian’s hands reached between his legs to cup his dick, holding it. 


“I knew you could do it, you’re always so good for me. I’m so proud of you, sweetheart,” Wei Wuxian mumbled against his skin, kissing his neck all over while a warm feeling of satisfaction filled Lan Wangji’s stomach. 


“Always good for you, gege.” 


“Keep holding it, Lan Zhan will get a very sweet reward if he does,” Wei Wuxian said, squeezing Lan Wangji’s dick. 


It made him whimper and push back against Wei Wuxian, gripping the handle on the oven to hold himself back from pissing in Wei Wuxian’s hand. 


“Okay,” he said, a bit shakily. 


He cleared his throat and relaxed his posture, plating the food while Wei Wuxian idly jerked him off, content on making Lan Wangji squirm. 


They ate their dinner in peaceful silence. Well- Lan Wangji was silent but Wei Wuxian, however, spoke up every few minutes to talk about a random part of his day. 


Lan Wangji nodded along, truly listening and growing more and more amused as Wei Wuxian’s stories became more and more chaotic. 


A while later, the moment after Lan Wangji took his last bite of food, Wei Wuxian turned him around on his lap and fitted their lips together, coaxing Lan Wangji’s mouth open to kiss him deeply. 


“Mm.. Wei Ying, finish eating first,” Lan Wangji said in between kisses, tasting the spice on Wei Wuxian’s tongue with each one. 


“I’d rather fuck you instead,” Wei Wuxian said, hands gripping Lan Wangji’s waist and sliding down to his ass, spreading his cheeks. 


“Meals are important,” Lan Wangji said, voice wavering when Wei Wuxian started making him grind against him through his slacks, the stimulation making his need to release the pressure in his bladder overpower all of his other thoughts and feelings. 


Wei Wuxian’s hands were tightly gripping his asscheeks now, helping Lan Wangji move. He kept going faster and faster, hips moving rapidly as the need to piss grew stronger. He whimpered and closed his eyes only for Wei Wuxian to smack his ass and grab his chin, tilting it up. 


“Open your eyes, don’t look away,” Wei Wuxian said. Lan Wangji complied obediently, arms looping around Wei Wuxian’s neck as he undulated his hips back and forth over Wei Wuxian’s clothed dick. 


He was so hard under him, bulging through the pants and Lan Wangji truly wanted nothing more than to sink onto his cock and be fucked until he couldn’t walk anymore. 


Dinner was forgotten. 


He looked into Wei Wuxian’s eyes, mouth open and spilling moans uncontrollably. He knew Wei Wuxian didn’t like it when he tried to hide his noises, knew Wei Wuxian liked it when he allowed himself to be as loud and unrestrained as he wanted. 


Moving this fast wasn’t good enough anymore. If he truly wanted to, he could slow down and stop himself from letting go but he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to be good. 


He loved being obedient and getting praised but he wanted to feel humiliated. He wanted Wei Wuxian to know he’d disobeyed him and punish him for it. 


He wanted it so bad which is why he continued holding eye contact with Wei Wuxian as his hips stopped abruptly and his mouth opened in a long silent moan as waves of pleasure and pressure rolled through his body, making him release the piss he’d been holding in since this morning. 


He moved his hips with each wave of it, shuddering at the dark look in Wei Wuxian’s eyes as he let go. 


“Slut,” Wei Wuxian muttered, looking so deeply into Lan Wangji’s eyes that the man knew he knew. 


He cried out and orgasmed at the word, at the demeaning tone, at the knowing look in Wei Wuxian’s eyes. When he finished, his head fell against Wei Wuxian’s shoulder and his chest heaved, cock soft and spent. 


“Sit up,” Wei Wuxian instructed, voice low. 


Anticipation and an exciting fear curled in Lan Wangji’s gut as he sat up and looked at Wei Wuxian. He was studying him, studying his expression. He couldn’t even think about lying. 


“A-Zhan.. baobao. You came.. without my permission. More importantly, you pissed on my lap without permission.” Wei Wuxian’s tone was grave and Lan Wangji started to feel like he was in for more than just a rough fuck. 


“But most importantly.. you did it on purpose,” Wei Wuxian said, lips curving. 


Lan Wangji looked away to avoid Wei Wuxian’s gaze but a hand on his jaw quickly turned him back in the right direction. 


“What, A-Zhan? Did you enjoy your punishment yesterday? Did you really enjoy it so much that you thought it was a good idea to disobey me twice?” Wei Wuxian asked. 


Lan Wangji simply swallowed and stayed silent, prompting Wei Wuxian to chuckle. 


“Don’t be shy now, love. You did this, shouldn’t you take responsibility?” Wei Wuxian gestured at his wet lap and Lan Wangji’s dick twitched. 


“Whore,” Wei Wuxian said, almost smirking when Lan Wangji’s eyes fluttered shut, lips parting. 


“You’ll learn to be obedient. Brats get treated like sluts until they learn their place. Bring your ring to me,” Wei Wuxian said. Lan Wangji’s eyes widened minutely at the instruction. 


“Have I captured your attention, baobao? Good. Now go, I won’t ask you again,” Wei Wuxian said, kissing Lan Wangji’s flushed cheek. 


Lan Wangji got up and left the dining room to go get his cock ring. He wasn’t sure if he regretted disobeying Wei Ying or not. He went into their top drawer where they kept their lingerie and their toys. 


He pulled his cock ring out of the corner, looking at it. It was a powdery blue, translucent and simple, nearly unused. Lan Wangji picked it out himself because he told Wei Wuxian he wanted one just in case he was ever bad. 


“Good,” Wei Wuxian said suddenly, making Lan Wangji’s head turn to the door. 


He held out the ring and dutifully walked towards Wei Wuxian, looking down and watching as Wei Wuxian slid the ring down onto his dick until it was at the base. 


“Go sit on the bed with your mat while I shower,” Wei Wuxian said, undressing and throwing his clothes to the floor carelessly before going into their bathroom. 


Lan Wangji put them in the hamper and took the hamper to the washer, reminding himself to scold Wei Wuxian when he himself wasn’t getting punished. 


As he heard the shower turn on, Lan Wangji came back to the bedroom and opened the doors to their closet but realized he didn’t know why he needed his mat, his bladder was empty. 


Was Wei Ying going to give him more water? 


He didn’t disobey though, thinking he’d done enough of that already, and got out his mat, sitting it on the bed and then sitting on it. 


When Wei Wuxian got out of the shower and came back into the bedroom, he was hard and he wasn’t smiling anymore. He grabbed their lube and got behind Lan Wangji, fingering him open slowly, gently. 


Lan Wangji was not used to this but he guessed that if Wei Wuxian was being gentle now… he would be the exact opposite later on. It excited and scared the shit out of him. 


He stayed quiet, allowed Wei Wuxian to move him around easily, push three fingers into him and spread them inside of him, rubbing them against his walls, purposefully avoiding his prostate. 


Lan Wangji’s breathing was growing heavier but he was still quiet only to shout out a surprised moan when Wei Wuxian started shoving his fingers into him, effortlessly finding his prostate and nailing it over and over while Lan Wangji quickly turned into a moaning mess, cocklet growing hard. 


He’d begun to push back onto the fingers ramming into him but was unable to when those same fingers slipped out of his hole, gone. 


“Mn?” he whimpered, daring to look back at Wei Wuxian. 


“Who told you to move? What makes you think you’re allowed, A-Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked, lips curving into a sharp smile. 


Lan Wangji huffed quietly as he put his face down onto the bed only for Wei Wuxian to pull him up by his hair, making him rise to his knees. Pain prickled through Lan Wangji’s scalp, making him whimper quietly. His dick grew harder and heat pooled in his stomach. 


This is exactly what he wanted. 

“Being a brat will get you nothing but ruined, Lan Zhan. You’ve already misbehaved enough, do you want to continue?” Wei Wuxian asked, voice low and patient. 


Lan Wangji whined at the use of his name and shook his head. 


“Words, darling,” Wei Wuxian said. 


Lan Wangji swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. “Will behave for Wei-gege,” he said obediently. 


Wei Wuxian kissed his neck softly before pressing him back down onto the bed. 


Not wasting any more time, Wei Wuxian began slamming his fingers inside of Lan Wangji’s pink and slick hole, now avoiding his prostate purposefully. Lan Wangji once again found himself moving, trying to get Wei Wuxian’s fingers where he needed them most. 


“Moving again, darling? How many times do I have to tell you to stay still? Are you that impatient?” Wei Wuxian smacked his other hand down on Lan Wangji’s ass, a muffled cry leaving his lips. 


Wei Wuxian took out his fingers again and Lan Wangji nearly sobbed at the thought of being lectured again instead of getting fucked but Wei Wuxian only poured more lube onto his hand and stroked himself. 


He gripped his cock tightly, rubbing his thumb over his tip. He wasn’t trying to last long, he had a plan for his A-Zhan and it didn’t only involve fucking him until he passed out. 


After a short while, Wei Wuxian surprised Lan Wangji by pressing his tip against his hole. The relieved whimper that left Lan Wangji’s mouth was so clear that Wei Wuxian was unable to stop himself from smirking. 


“Is this what you wanted, sweetheart?” he purred, not giving Lan Wangji even a moment to decide before he fucked himself into his hole all in one thrust. 


“Fuck,” Lan Wangji hissed, eyes tightly shut. One moan slipped out of his mouth after another in response to Wei Wuxian pounding him like this was his only chance to do so. The hard and fast smack of Wei Wuxian’s hips against Lan Wangji’s ass filled the room along with their heavy moans of pleasure. 


Wei Wuxian’s hands smacked down onto his ass and moved up to grasp his hips, tugging him back as he pushed forward, thrusts meeting halfway. Lan Wangji was helpless to let out loud and lewd groans, his own dick erect yet unable to even drip precum as the cock ring prevented him from orgasming. 


Wei Wuxian’s movements were reckless, uncontrolled and unpredictable. Just when Lan Wangji thought he was used to the incessant slamming of Wei Wuxian’s thick girth inside of him, the angle or speed was changed and Lan Wangji’s pleasure increased even more. 


It was so good that he felt mindless with it, unable to do anything but beg for more while simultaneously thinking it was too much for him to handle. 


Lan Wangji’s hands gripped the sheets tightly, tugging while he sobbed in pleasure, Wei Wuxian’s cock stretching him open and pushing inside effortlessly, deep and hard. 


He tried to press himself into the sheets, tried to stop being so loud but his efforts were for naught as Wei Wuxian grabbed him by his hair again and pulled him up, still fucking him with his other hand resting on his hip. 


“I don’t think so, sweetheart. You’ve been disobedient this whole evening, what makes you think I’ll let you hide your moans. I want to hear you,” Wei Wuxian said, once again changing the angle as he spoke. 


He undulated his hips with his movements and the pressure against Lan Wangji’s prostate was so heavy and stimulating that his moans turned into sobs, eyes filling with tears. 


The pleasure was building and his cock was pulsing with it, feeling so close to the edge but knowing that he’d never reach his climax with his ring on. He wanted to cum so fucking bad.


Wei Wuxian let him go back down but Lan Wangji kept his mouth away from the mattress, letting Wei Wuxian hear just how wrecked he was making him. 


“Was it worth it? Pissing on purpose just so I could fuck you like this? Is it as good as you wanted, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian’s dick was dragging against his walls, pulsing and dripping inside of him. 


Lan Wangji could only nod, shouting a hoarse and honest yes in response. 


“Slut,” Wei Wuxian spat, body smacking against Lan Wangji’s. 


The word, the tone Wei Wuxian said it in, the look on his face as the word came out of his mouth, it would’ve been all Lan Wangji needed to be pushed over the edge. 


“Please, Wei-gege. Please let me cum,” he begged, not giving a fuck if he had been naughty earlier. If Wei Wuxian didn’t give him his orgasm, he’d throw a damn fit. 


“Look at you, all desperate and begging. You want to cum, love?” Wei Wuxian asked, cooing. 


Lan Wangji’s cheeks were wet with tears, lips swollen and red, slick with saliva. “ Please .” 


Wei Wuxian moved closer to him as he kept moving his hips, one hand going down to his cocklet to touch the blue ring at the base of his cock. 


“Who controls your bladder, darling? Who tells you when you get to piss?” Wei Wuxian asked. 


Lan Wangji couldn’t speak fast enough. “Gege. Gege does, not A-Zhan.” 


“Good boy. Who do you belong to, love?” Wei Wuxian purred. Lan Wangji could only sob, voice breaking. 


“I belong to Wei Ying. Wei Ying’s slut. Wei Ying’s whore,” he said, babbling on. 


Wei Wuxian hummed, satisfied, and slipped off Lan Wangji’s cock ring. “Cum, sweetheart.” 


And so he did. 


Lan Wangji felt his orgasm force its way through his body, making his hips buck and then still, eyes rolling back as he came. 


His mouth was hung open, jaw slack, and Wei Wuxian took in his expression greedily, immensely satisfied to have been the one to make Lan Wangji like this. 


He kept slamming into him, dragged on Lan Wangji’s orgasm until he reached his own, steadily filling him with his cum. 


His hands gripped Lan Wangji’s waist tightly, loud unbridled moans falling from his open lips. Lan Wangji whimpered gratefully and began to relax, thinking their session was over but before he could even open his eyes to look at Wei Wuxian, he felt his cock moving inside of him again. 


“Hm?” he questioned, eyes fluttering open. 


“Lately, you’ve been disobeying me, sweetheart. You know your rules yet you keep breaking them,” Wei Wuxian said, movements slow and hard. 


Lan Wangji tucked his lips into his mouth, nervousness and excitement twisting in his stomach. 


“I’ll make this clear to you once more, A-Zhan. I say when you get to piss. Not you, got it?” Wei Wuxian slammed inside once and Lan Wangji’s eyes closed, a sensitive whimper escaping from his throat. 


Wei Wuxian pulled out and put Lan Wangji on his back, legs in the air, and pushed back inside of him. It was so warm where they were connected, Lan Wangji stuffed with Wei Wuxian’s cock and his cum, his own release splattered on his stomach and the sheets. 


Wei Wuxian started fucking him again, building up a fast pace while Lan Wangji struggled to catch up, unable to do anything but lie there and watch Wei Wuxian’s determined expression. 


Unable to do anything but watch Wei Wuxian fuck him until his thrusts became unsteady like he was about to cum again. His movements were still hard and fast though, unwilling to give Lan Wangji a moment of rest. 


“Since you can’t behave, pissing without my permission…” Wei Wuxian muttered, hips smacking against Lan Wangji’s body. 


They were both panting, moaning and Lan Wangji was prepared to feel more of Wei Wuxian’s cum inside of him, filling him up even more but his eyes grew wide as Wei Wuxian slammed his hips once more and stayed there, staring directly into Lan Wangji’s eyes as he started filling him up with something that couldn’t be cum. Because it just kept coming. 


Lan Wangji whimpered at the thought of what it might be and as he saw Wei Wuxian’s lips twitch, his suspicions were confirmed. 


“Wei Ying,” he gasped, biting his lip as Wei Wuxian pissed inside of him, filled him. 


The hot and nearly clear liquid began spilling out onto the mat and Lan Wangji’s hips bucked weakly as he orgasmed again, the knowledge that his husband was pissing inside of him made him somewhat feral, horny and ready for more. 


When Wei Wuxian finished, he started moving his hips again, ruthlessly fucking him and his piss out of Lan Wangji. By the time Wei Wuxian was done with his used hole that was now splattered with piss and cum, Lan Wangji had fallen into his subspace, eyes glazed over, giving soft quiet moans for every thrust inside of him. After Wei Wuxian pulled out, Lan Wangji simply laid there, trusting Wei Wuxian would take care of him. And he did. 



By the time Lan Wangji came back to himself, the bed was clean and so was he. He was being held in Wei Wuxian’s arms as his husband scrolled aimlessly through his Moments on Weibo, waiting for him.


“Wei Ying,” he called softly. 


Wei Wuxian looked at him and put his phone down, smiling somewhat nervously. “Lan Zhan. How do you feel?” he asked. 


Lan Wangji nodded once. “Good. And you?” he returned. 


Wei Wuxian cleared his throat and nodded repeatedly. “I-I’m fine!” he said, though Lan Wangji didn’t believe him. 


“What’s wrong?” he inquired, putting his hand up on Wei Wuxian’s cheek, stroking it. 


Wei Wuxian’s face heated and he mumbled to himself before looking at Lan Wangji almost.. shyly. 


“Lan Zhan, baobao, I’m sorry.. for.. you know.. without consulting you first,” Wei Wuxian said, rubbing the back of his neck. Lan Wangji had to try very hard to keep himself from smirking. 


“Are you apologizing for pissing inside of me?” he asked, watching Wei Wuxian’s hand fly over his eyes, covering them. 


“Lan Zhaaan, how can you just say it?” he asked, definitely shy now. 


Lan Wangji removed his hand from his face and shook his head. “Because I liked it. I enjoyed it very much. Do not apologize,” he said, watching Wei Wuxian open one eye to peek at him. 




“Mn. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it,” he replied. 


At that, Wei Wuxian snorted and opened both eyes. “Well I know you enjoyed being fucked like that or else you wouldn’t have been so naughty.”


Lan Wangji’s ears grew pink and he looked away, only for Wei Wuxian to gently grab his chin and turn him back in his direction. 


“Don’t try to avoid this conversation, Lan Zhan. If you wanted me to be rough like that then all you had to do was ask,” Wei Wuxian said. 


Lan Wangji pouted though and shook his head. “No fun.” 


“Lan Zhan ! So you just enjoy being a rebel, huh? Really, Lan Zhan, do you want to keep being bad? Or are you going to be a good boy again?” Wei Wuxian asked, turning Lan Wangji’s head from side to side, still gripping his chin. 


Lan Wangji simply smiled. “We’ll see.” 


“Aiyoooo, I’ve created a monster,” Wei Wuxian sighed dramatically, cradling Lan Wangji in his arms and swaying from side to side. Lan Wangji kept smiling and allowed himself to be moved around without complaint. 


“What am I going to do with you, huh?” Wei Wuxian pinched Lan Wangji’s cheek and got his hand bitten. 


“Love me. And keep me. Forever,” Lan Wangji answered, kissing Wei Wuxian’s lips soft and gentle. 


Wei Wuxian’s smile was so helplessly fond and he nodded, squeezing Lan Wangji. “Alright, love. Forever.”