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Stress Relief

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Everyone needs a little stress relief in their life. When you live on a ship with a skeleton, a cyborg, a reindeer and Luffy stress relief is needed a lot more than for the average person. Along with everyone else on the ship that makes her life a nightmare sometimes Nami thinks she only ever has one sane crew mate. (Spoilers it's not one with a penis!)

Flopping face down onto her desk with a groan Nami resigns herself to the fact that this is just her fate: plotting courses and working out finances for a group largely comprised of complete idiots. She's exhausted, frustrated and she needs to do something to let out some of her pent up emotions but she can't put her finger on what. Having tried the usual – Sanji's cooking, taking a bath, beating up Luffy – she's at a loss of what to do. There's a tension sitting heavy on her shoulders and she knows that she's going to have to at least attempt at taking a break soon or she'll go crazy.

Warm hands find her shoulders, her neck, and begin to slowly rub the tension out. Unable to stop herself, Nami lets out a soft groan as those wonderfully familiar hands work out some of the knots she's carrying. Lifting her head slightly Nami suddenly feels hot breath ghosting passed the shell of her ear.

“Everything alright?” Robin's silky voice says in her ear.

Nami hums contentedly, allowing Robin's fingers to work into her neck and shoulder. “I am now.”

“You look like you could use a break,” Robin tells her.

“Probably,” Nami agrees, ending with a soft groan as Robin kneads at a particularly tough spot.

“Would you like some help with that Miss Navigator?” Robin asks and a shiver runs down Nami's spine.

She knows that tone. That tone makes her turn to jelly, utterly at Robin's mercy and just begging to be fucked. A stress relief that she's discovered she so desperately needs and that Robin is only too happy to indulge her in. Wanting to say yes but finding her throat too dry to talk she turns her head and finds Robin's lips. They brush together, the faintest imitation of a kiss that makes Nami's nerves catch fire, and she can't help the soft groan that sounds in the back of her throat. Eyes fluttering open as Robin pulls back Nami feels her breath catch in her throat and a heat spread through her entire body.

“I'm sorry,” Robin practically purrs, smirking down at Nami, “can you repeat that, I didn't quite catch it.”

“Please,” Nami gasps. “I need it...”

Robin chuckles. “I have plans for you tonight,” she says, that alone is enough to make Nami quiver. “Plans that will end with you begging me to let you come.”

“P... please...” Nami whimpers.

Leaning down Robin presses another barely there kiss to Nami's lips. “Then leave the numbers for tonight darling and come to bed with me.”

Well... how could she possibly say no?


Nami barely remembers how she came to be practically melting under Robin's scrutiny but here she is. She's bound, hands behind her back, the rope keeping her torso suspended off the bed. Knees held wide apart with a spreader bar keeping them open makes her feel on display and so incredibly vulnerable. Robin is in control and Nami is a complete slave to her – she fucking loves it. A light sheen of sweat clings to her skin, making her feel hot, feverish and desperate as she looks up at Robin.

Sitting opposite her, cool as anything, and regarding her with an ice cold detachment Robin is simply admiring the picture in front of her. It's not the first time Robin has just watched her while taking her apart piece by piece and it certainly won't be the last. The smirk on her lips makes Nami's spine melt and she knows that it won't take long before she's begging to be fucked.

“You make quite the picture Miss Navigator,” Robin says, her voice dipping.

A shiver runs down the length of Nami's spine, making every nerve catch fire. “Th... thank you.”

“Thank you what?” Robin asks, voice suddenly dangerous, just another way to make Nami's gut tighten.

“Thank you Captain,” she corrects herself, using the title she and Robin previously agreed upon. Sometimes she is a defiant little brat, desperate for Robin to break her, others she will obediently follow every order given because it will get her fucked that much faster.

“Good girl,” Robin says. “I was beginning to wonder if you needed reminding of who is in charge.”

“You,” Nami says without thinking.

The corners of Robin's lips quirk up. “Good girl, and who do you belong to?”

“You, Captain.”

“I'm glad you're learning,” Robin says. “I was wondering if I would have to fill all your holes and leave you until you had learnt your lesson.”

A guttural moan rips from the back of Nami's throat, surprising even her. Clearly that is something she wants – the idea of Robin gagging her and filling both her cunt and ass at the same time then just leaving her there to suffer makes heat pool between her legs. A plea for more is on the tip of her tongue but it's cut off by another gasp, her eyes snapping up to look at Robin. She hasn't moved, barely even done anything other than quirk an eyebrow but Nami knows that she can feel Robin's fingers against her clit.

“Problem?” Robin asks.

“N... no Captain,” Nami replies, her voice coming out as more breath than word.

“You seem to like that idea,” Robin observes. “You're already incredibly wet.”

Nami whimpers as Robin's fingers begin to slowly slide up and down her cunt. It's nowhere near enough to get her off but it's perfect to rile her up and make her squirm. Breath coming out in pants she can feel her legs trembling as those wonderful fingers go back to teasing her clit. She wants more. She so desperately wants more but she can't seem to get her brain to form the words to beg for it.

Before she can even think it's not just the finger circling her clit that's the problem. More fingers start teasing both her nipples and her asshole while slipping passed her plush lips. Nami moans around Robin's fingers as they stroke over her tongue, exploring the inside of her mouth. She feels so used and it's fucking phenomenal, making her forget all about everything that's going on in her life, leaving only Robin consuming all her thoughts and body.

“Look at you,” Robin says finally getting to her feet, “you look absolutely wrecked.”

Nami is well aware of how wrecked she looks. Her face is on fire so she must be blushing all the way to the roots of her hair, spreading down her chest, she's drooling around Robin's fingers and her pupils are blown wide. The only way this would be worse is if Robin were to hold up a mirror and force her to look at herself. Fuck... that's a nice thought though.

With a sway of her hips Robin saunters over to her. Reaching over she gently brushes a loose lock of Nami's hair behind her ear. The smile on her face does nothing to sooth the burning ache of arousal coursing through Nami's veins and it's only made worse when the fingers tangle in her hair. Within seconds the hand is harsh and unforgiving, pulling Nami's head back as the fingers disappear from her mouth.

“Let's put that mouth to better use shall we?” Robin says reaching over to run her thumb over Nami's bottom lip.

“Yes Captain,” Nami begs, voice hoarse.

“That's what I like to hear.”

Bracing a foot on the bed Robin hitches up the bottom of her dress revealing the lack of underwear underneath. Nami just about has enough time to take a breath before her face is pressed into Robin's cunt. Like one in the desert starved of water finally finding an oasis Nami lets instinct take over and her tongue begins working Robin's clit as fast as she can. Moans and whimpers sound in the back of her throat as she cranes her neck to get at what she desires most. It's almost painful but it feels so good, feeling the heat of Robin's thigh against her ear and the dull ache in the back of her scalp where Robin's fingers tighten.

“Fuck!” Robin gasps as Nami's tongue begins to speed up. “You know if you make me come I might think about doing the same to you.”

If that wasn't enough to spur Nami on the fingers slipping into her cunt are. She's so wet they slide in easily, causing Nami to moan again. Her eyes flick up to Robin's face to see her smirking down at her – she has Nami completely at her mercy and she knows it. It only gets worse as a slick finger slides inside her ass. Her head is spinning, Robin finger fucking both her holes at once while teasing her nipples and the taste of her on her tongue has her so fucking close. It's all too much and Nami feels herself falling deeper and deeper under Robin's spell.

“I can feel you clenching around my fingers,” Robin says, “it feels like you're going to come.”

Nami's head is yanked back, leaving her gasping for breath. “Yes Captain.”

“Do you think you deserve to?”

“Please,” Nami begs, the thought of her orgasm being snatched away at the last second is too much for her to bear. “Please let me come.”

“When I tell you,” Robin says and shoves Nami's head forward again.

Instantly Nami goes back to eating Robin out. She can feel her orgasm building, it's so close but she has to make Robin come first. The fingers in her hair tighten and the moans fall freely from Robin's lips. It doesn't take much more for Nami to realise that she can't hold out much long. Thankfully Robin is feeling generous tonight.

“Come for me,” she groans out her command as she reaches her orgasm on Nami's tongue.

Within seconds Nami falls over the edge of bliss and comes, hard, around Robin's fingers. It crashes over her, making her moan and writhe, loving the feeling of Robin trembling above her. She just about manages to keep up the pace of her tongue as Robin keeps up hers, prolonging the pleasure. Her entire body shaking from the overstimulation Nami finally falls to the mattress as soon as Robin lets go of her. Light-headed and boneless she barely registers Robin undoing the ropes that bind her, gentle hands stroking over her feverish skin.

“Come back to me sweetheart,” Robin whispers before kissing her cheek.

It takes a while but finally Nami feels her world coming back to her. She's lying on Robin's chest, her fingers leisurely stroking her hair. She smiles up at her, Robin answering with her own fond smile.

“Welcome back,” she says, kissing Nami's cheek again. “How are you feeling?”

“Mmm amazing,” Nami replies.

“Less stressed?”


“Good,” Robin leans down and presses a long, tongue heavy kiss to her lips. “Now how about I run a bath for the both of us and we can relax some more?”

“That sounds perfect.”