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I'm Just Curious

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Ben’s parents are out of town for the weekend, and he invites his best friend Rey over to watch a movie. They settle on the couch with two beers they snuck out of the fridge, watching Sixteen Candles. After the ending scene where the main character and her love interest share a kiss, Rey turns to Ben and asks, “Have you ever kissed anybody before?”


Ben nods. “Yeah.”


“Hmmm,” Rey ponders. “What does it feel like? I’m curious.”


“Umm. I dunno. It’s hard to explain.”


“Hmmmmm. Maybe—“ she moves over a little closer to him, nervously biting on her lower lip, “—maybe it might be easier if you showed me.” She nervously plays with the ends of her hair. “You know. Just as a friend. So I could know what it feels like. And know how to do it the right way.”


Ben swallows thickly. “You want—you want me to kiss you, Rey?”


She nods bashfully. “Is that—is that weird? For two friends to kiss?”


“I—er—I guess not. It doesn’t have to be.”


Rey smiles. “Good.” And then she closes her eyes and puckers up her lips.


Ben chuckles. “You’re adorable,” he says softly. “Have I ever told you that before?”


Rey’s cheeks flush pink. “N-no. You haven’t.”


A smile pulls at his lips. “Well, you are.” He gingerly reaches forward and brushes her hair behind her ear before gently stroking her cheek. And then he takes a deep, shaky breath and presses his lips to hers.


He pulls back slowly, eyes flitting up to meet Rey’s. Her blush has deepened.


“Wow,” she says softly.


“Yeah,” he murmurs.


“But what if — what if I wanted to kiss someone more deeply than that? What would I do then, Ben?”


“Mmm. Well,” he starts, “it would start off the same way — you’d press your lips to their lips like this —“ he kissed her gently again. “And then,” he murmurs against her lips, “you might try something like this—“ He gently licks along her lower lip, and Rey makes a surprised sort of sound before parting her lips instinctively. His tongue slides between her parted lips, and she pushes hers against his. He takes her face in his hands and deepens the kiss even more, and it quickly turns into something hungrier and needier as he drinks her in — like maybe this means more to him than just helping her “practice” as a friend.


She pulls away from the kiss. Their lips are swollen as they gasp for air. 


“Sorry,” Ben mutters, shifting away from her as he avoids her eyes. “Got, um—got a bit carried away there.”


She takes his hand and tugs him back to her as a smile spreads across her lips. “Do it again,” she whispers. 


He grabs her face and kisses her again, even harder this time, like he’s been longing for this, needing it, needing her . She moans into the kiss, tangling her hands in his hair. 


“Rey,” he murmurs against her lips before licking into her mouth, making her moan again. 


Without warning, she breaks the kiss, swinging her leg over his lap so she’s straddling him. His eyes widen and a smile pulls at her lips. “Hi,” she murmurs.


“Hi,” he echoes softly, resting his forehead against hers as he gingerly runs his hands up and down along the sides of her torso. 


“So, I was thinking...”


“Mm? What’s that?”


She worries her lower lip between her teeth. “There are other things I’m curious about...”


He raises his eyebrows. “Oh? Like what?”


“What if — ” she takes a deep breath. “What if I wanted to suck someone’s dick? How would I do that, Ben?”


He nearly chokes on his own saliva. “W-what?”


Rey looks embarrassed. “Sorry, did I make things weird?”


He shakes his head. “No, you didn’t. It’s okay. Uh—  so you want me to, want me to show you how to do... that , too?”


She nods shyly. “You want it too, right? I can feel you, Ben,” she whispers.


His hand is trembling as he reaches up to take her face in his hand. “Rey...” he says hoarsely. 


“I don’t know about any of this stuff, but I’ve always been curious. And I mean...we’re friends, right? Friends help each other out, right? It doesn’t have to be weird.”


“Right. Of course not.”


Rey smiles. “So you’ll help me?”


“Yeah. I’ll help you, Rey,” he says softly. 


“Brilliant. Now, what should I do first? Get on my knees, right?”


His eyes widen, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly. “Y-yeah.” 


She smirks, running her hands down across his chest and his abdomen and his thighs as she sinks off the couch and onto her knees. She can see Ben is breathing heavily, shoulders rising and falling with the effort of his labored breaths. He looks down at her with an awe-struck expression on his face, like he can’t believe this is really happening.


“Should, I, um —  should I unbutton your jeans, then?”


“I, um, er—  yeah. Go ahead.”


She holds his gaze as she gingerly reaches forward and unfastens the button before tugging down the zipper. Ben draws in a shaky breath.


“Can I —  can I take it out of your boxers?”

He nods. “Please,” he breathes out.


Rey delicately reaches into his underwear, grasping his thick shaft and pulling it out. Ben groans deeply. Her eyes widen. “Oh my God, you’re so big, Ben. Fuck.” She bites down on her lower lip again. “Will you —  will you tell me what to do with it? How to make you feel good?”


“Can you stroke it a little for me?”


She nods and obediently follows his instruction. He lolls his head back a little bit, swearing under his breath.


“Like that, Ben?” she asks, looking up at him with wide eyes, eager to please. 


“Yes,” he says breathlessly. “Just like that, Rey.”


“Now what should I do?” she asks as she continues to stroke him.


He draws in another shaky breath. “Kiss the head for me.”


She does as she’s told, sweetly pressing a gentle kiss to his cockhead.


“Holy shit,” he mutters as his head lolls back again.


“Now what, Ben?”


“Can you —  can you lick up along the length of it for me, Rey?”


She nods, sticking her tongue out and licking a hot stripe up his shaft while holding his gaze. 


“So good,” he croaks out.




He nods.


“Now what should I do, Ben?”


“Can you —  will you —  will you put it in your mouth, Rey? You don’t have to take it all at once. Just a little bit for me.”


She takes a deep breath and guides his cock towards her mouth, opening wide and slowly closing her lips around the head of his cock, making him moan deeply. 


“God, yes, Rey. Just like that. Can you try sucking on it a little bit for me?”


Rey moans softly as she sucks at him. It feels strange having a cock in her mouth, but not unpleasant. She’s scared about trying to take more of him, but she’s determined to learn how to do this, and how to do it well. And though Ben is only her best friend, and he’s just helping her out and teaching her these things, there’s a part of her that desperately wants his approval, all too eager to please him. She finds she likes it when he praises her, likes knowing that she’s doing a good job, that she’s making him feel good. 


Fuck ,” Ben whimpers. “Can you try to take a little more of me, Rey? Not too much at once. Just ease it into your mouth. Try hollowing out your cheeks.” 


She does as she’s told, taking a few more inches into her mouth, when he suddenly hisses in pain. She immediately pulls his cock out of her mouth.


“Fuck, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”


“Just be careful with your teeth, Rey. Try to cover them with your lips if you can.”


“Oh, right. Of course. I’m sorry, Ben.”


“It’s okay. You’re doing so well. Do you want to try again?”


Something about his praise makes her cunt throb, and she can feel how wet she’s getting. 


She makes sure to cover her teeth this time as she slowly eases him into her mouth again, little by little, holding his gaze.


“That’s perfect, Rey,” he praises her. “Can you take a little more for me? I know it’s hard because I’m so big and your mouth is so little, but I think you can do it.”


Determined to please him, she pushes the rest of his cock into her mouth —  and it immediately hits the back of her esophagus, making her gag as her eyes water.


“Fuck, are you okay, Rey?”

She pulls him out of her mouth. “Yeah, I’m alright. I’m gonna try again.”


“Just go slow, okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”


She nods, and then slides him back into her mouth. She does as she’s told, easing him into her mouth slowly.


“That’s right, sweetheart, just like that. Can you start sucking on it for me?”


“Mm-hmm,” she says around his cock, and then she does what he asked. She starts to suck


“Holy shit,” he says under his breath. She can see him gripping the couch cushions so hard his knuckles are turning white.


She hums contentedly around his cock, building a rhythm as she sucks at him fervently. She feels him start to rock his hips, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, and she gags a little again.


“Fuck, sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Are you okay, Rey?”


She pulls his cock out of her mouth. “You can fuck my face if you need to, Ben. I can take it. Really.”


“Are you sure?”


She nods. And then she opens her mouth as wide as it will go, as if to prove her assuredness, before taking him into her mouth again. He rocks his hips again and she moans as he pushes deep inside her mouth. She tries to relax her throat muscles, tries to open her mouth as much as she can, until her jaw starts to ache. 


He’s as gentle as he can be as he pushes into her mouth, but she can tell he’s trying to hold himself back. She feels drool start to creep out of the corners of her mouth, and she moans, sucking as hard as she can. Ben, meanwhile, has come completely undone above her, a babbling, moaning, swearing mess.


“Yes, yes, baby, so good, fuck , you’re doing so good, taking me so well in that pretty little mouth of yours.”


It hits her how strange this is, to have her best friend’s cock in her mouth. There’s something that feels wrong about it, like they shouldn’t be doing this. But maybe that’s what turns her on so much about it.


“Rey, I’m gonna —  fuck —  I’m gonna come, are you ready?”


“Mhmm,” she garbles around his cock.


He thrusts into her more erratically and she gags a little, and then all at once his hot cum is pouring down her throat. 


“Rey, Rey, Rey,” he groans. “Holy fucking shit.”


She obediently swallows down every last drop of his cum, slowly pulling him out of her mouth and licking her lips once he’s finished spilling into her. 


“Was that good, Ben?” she asks earnestly.


He huffs out a chuckle. “You were such a good girl, sweetheart, sucking my cock so sweetly, taking it all in that little mouth of yours, letting me fuck your face.”


She smiles. “Thank you for teaching me that. You’re a really good friend.”


“I —  right. Because I was just showing you how to do that. Because you were curious about it.” Does she imagine a hint of sadness in his voice?


She sits up and straddles his lap again, taking his face in her hands and kissing him tenderly.


“Ben,” she murmurs after a moment. “There’s something else I’m curious about.”


“Oh?” he asks, gently stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. “What’s that?”


“I, um... I always wondered how it would feel to have a cock inside of me,” she whispers.


Ben looks like he’s about to pass out. “I —  are you saying you want to have sex with me, Rey?”

“Is that —  fuck, I’m sorry —  I know sucking your dick was one thing but is that —  is that taking this too far? I just — ” she sighs, looking down at her hands, and her voice is quieter when she speaks again. “I’ve just always wondered how it would feel to have someone inside of me. And I want —  I want my first time to be with someone I feel safe with. Someone I trust. And I can’t think of anyone I feel safer with or trust more than you, Ben.”

He cups her chin, tilting it upwards and pulling her in for a kiss. “Okay,” he murmurs. “Let’s go up to my room though, yeah? I want you to be comfortable. And I have condoms up there.”


She nods and then gets up off of his lap. He hoists up his boxers and pants, quickly zipping up and buttoning his jeans, and then he reaches out and takes Rey’s hand, leading her upstairs to his bedroom.


She sits down on the edge of his bed, nervously fidgeting with her hands as he fishes a condom out of his underwear drawer and sets it on his nightstand. 


He gingerly sits down next to her and pulls her in for a gentle, tender kiss, letting their tongues languidly push together.


He pulls away and softly strokes her cheek. “Are you, um —  are you wet, Rey?” he murmurs. 


She nods. “I got really wet from sucking your cock.”


“Fuck,” he mutters under his breath. “Can I — ” he draws in a shaky breath. “Can I feel, Rey?”


She nods, laying back onto the pillows as she tugs her jeans and panties down.


He just stares at her for a moment, utterly amazed, lips parted slightly. He’s breathing heavily as he crawls up the bed until he’s kissing her lips, his trembling hand slowly gliding down across her chest and the plane of her stomach until he reaches her sex. He lets his fingertip brush through her dripping wet folds and Rey gasps. It’s like nothing she’s ever felt, being touched by Ben. Sure, she’s touched herself plenty of times, but it’s never felt like this, like some sort of divine revelation. And the air seems charged somehow, like maybe this means something, like maybe this is more than just a couple of friends fooling around for the hell of it. 


Ben ,” she whimpers.


“I can’t believe how wet you are for me, Rey,” he says disbelievingly, gazing at her intensely. He runs his finger back and forth between her folds, and she’s so wet that it makes an obscene sound. She moans and writhes beneath him.


“Ben —  fuck —  I need —  inside —  please —  ”

“You want me to put my finger in you, Rey?”


She nods furiously. “Please, Ben.”


She’s so wet that he’s able to slide his finger in with no resistance, and she cries out. 


“Does that feel good, sweetheart?”

She whimpers as she nods.


He smiles at her. “Good. I want to make you feel good, Rey.”


She starts rocking her hips because she needs more.


“Want me to go faster, baby?” he says softly. 


She nods.


“Mmmm.” He starts starts fucking her with his finger in earnest then, and she lets out a loud moan. “God, Rey you’re so — ”


“So what?”

“So fucking tight,” he mutters. “You sure you’re gonna be able to take all of me in this tight little pussy of yours?”


“Yes, Ben, I promise, I’ll be so good for you.”


He leans down and kisses her lips. “I know you will.” And then he slides another finger inside of her, making her cry out. “Wanna get you ready for my cock, sweetheart.”


“Ben —  I’m —  I’m so close — ”


She feels him swirl his thumb around her clit. The pleasure is absolutely blinding and before she knows it she’s coming hard, her pussy clenching around his fingers.


He takes his free hand and strokes her cheek with the back of it. “You’re so pretty when you come, Rey,” he murmurs.


And when he says things like that to her, looking at her like she’s his whole world, his fingers still buried deep inside of’s impossible for her to deny the truth that she’s always known but has been too scared to admit: She’s hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with her best friend. This night was never about “practice” or mere curiosity. She wants him. Has wanted him. 


He slowly pulls his fingers out of her. He hesitates for a moment, looking down at his soaked fingers, like he’s contemplating something. And then he takes them into his mouth and sucks, groaning as his eyes roll back into his head. “Fuck, Rey, you taste so good.”


“Ben,” she whimpers.


“Yes, baby?”

“Need you inside. Please.”

He leans down and kisses her lips gently before pulling back and sitting on his haunches so he can pull his black t-shirt over his head. The sight of his bare chest takes her breath away. It’s not like she hasn’t seen him shirtless before; they’ve gone swimming together. And she’s always been attracted to his sculpted physique, even if she refused to admit it even to herself. But something about seeing him shirtless in bed with her after he fucked her with his fingers, looking at her with dark, hungry, yet adoring’s everything. He pulls off his boxers and jeans and then leans forward to kiss her again. She can feel how hard he is against her belly. He tugs at the hem of her t-shirt.

“Can you take this off for me, sweetheart?” he murmurs. 


She nods, crossing her arms and quickly pulling her shirt over her head, leaving her in just a baby blue bralette.


Ben runs his fingertips along the straps. “This is so pretty,” he tells her before reaching around and unhooking it. Rey shrugs it off, letting it fall to the floor.


“Rey...” he says softly, “have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”


She blushes and shakes her head.


“Well, you are. So beautiful,” he breathes out, capturing her lips in another kiss. He trails his lips down her neck and stops at her chest. “Mmm. You have freckles here too,” he murmurs, tracing the constellations on her chest and her tits, making her shiver. “I always wondered.”

Always wondered? Is it possible he feels the same way about her as she feels about him?


“Can I —  can I touch you here, Rey?” he murmurs, hand hovering just over her breast. She nods, moaning when he starts to gently knead it in his warm, large hand. “I want —  fuck —  can I suck on them too, baby?”


She nods, and then he leans down, captures her pebbled nipple between his lips and sucks at it as fervently as she had sucked his cock, swirling his tongue around the firm peak. He performs the same ministration on her other breast, and she whimpers and moans, feeling herself getting even wetter, making a mess of his bedsheets.


He pulls his mouth off her tit and sits up, holding her gaze for a long moment. “Are you sure you want to do this, Rey?”


“Yes, I want this. I want... you .”


He takes her face in his hands and kisses her fiercely at that. She knots her hands in his hair, kissing him back just as fervently, until they’re both left gasping for air.


Ben slowly reaches over and takes the condom off his nightstand, ripping it open and setting the wrapper back down. She watches with wide eyes as he rolls it onto his cock.


“Are you ready, sweetheart?”


She nods. “Need you inside me, Ben.”


A smile tugs at his lips. And then he takes his cock in his hand, leaning down to line it up at her entrance. He gently presses it inside of her, and they both gasp.


“Ben,” Rey breathes out.


He gently kisses her lips. “I’m going to go in really slowly, okay? And if it hurts, I want you to tell me so I can stop.”


She nods. And then he slowly pushes deeper inside of her. It feels strange at first, like pressure, fullness. He eases into her, letting her stretch out around his cock to start to accommodate him. But once he’s nearly sheathed all the way inside, she draws in a sharp breath and winces. Ben freezes.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, did I hurt you? Are you okay?”


She nods. “It just —  stings a little. It’s okay though. I don’t want you to stop.”


He nods despite the concern flickering in his amber eyes. He keeps pressing into her, holding her gaze as her breath comes in hitched whimpers and little sighs while he stretches her out. He kisses her forehead, her temples, both her cheeks, the tip of her nose, her lips.


“You’re taking me so well, sweetheart. You’re amazing.”


It still burns a little, but the pain is starting to ebb away in favor of a more pleasurable sensation. He’s pressed all the way inside of her now. 


They lay like that for a long moment, when Ben asks, “Can I —  can I move now?”


Rey nods, and he hesitantly pulls back and then presses into her again. She lets out a soft moan.


“Mmm, does that feel good, sweetheart?”


“Yeah,” she whimpers.


“You like having my cock in you?”

She nods. “It’s better than anything I ever imagined.”


He smiles softly, looking at her with adoring eyes. “Good,” he murmurs, before kissing her lips. He starts to press into her a little faster and she moans deeply.


He fucks her slowly, tenderly, capturing her lips in languid kisses and whispering things into her skin about how beautiful she is, about how well she takes him.


It’s everything —  but she needs more.


“Ben,” she whimpers, rocking her hips desperately. “I need — ”


“What do you need, sweetheart?”


“Need you to fuck me harder, darling, please. I can take it.”


“God, you’re a fucking dream, Rey, you know that?” he tells her, and then he’s thrusting into her harder, making the bed squeak and shake.


“Yes, yes, fuck Ben, just like that.”


He smirks. “You like it a little rough don’t you, sweetheart?”


She nods. “Yes,” she whines, “harder. Please.”


“Mmm. My dirty girl likes to get fucked hard and fast, lets me fuck her mouth and pussy as hard as I need to.”


“Just wanna be good for you.”


His expression softens. “And you are so good, baby. My good sweet girl who takes me so perfectly in her mouth and her pussy, like she was made for me.”


“Ben,” she whimpers, “Ben, darling, feels so good when you fuck me like this, I’m so close — ”


She feels him start to swirl his thumb on her clit and she sobs. 


“Then be a good girl and come on my cock, sweetheart. And look at me when you come.”


“Ben, Ben, Ben, oh fuck — ” And then she’s coming even harder than she thought it was possible for her to come, clenching around his cock as she moans and whimpers and sobs, crying out his name again and again as her nails rake down his back.


“Rey,” he chokes out moments later, dark eyes wide and vulnerable, “Rey, sweetheart, I’m coming, I’m coming, fuck — ”


He collapses on top of her as they both gasp for air.


“Fuck,” Rey breathes out.


“I know,” Ben murmurs. He sits up and presses a kiss to her temple. “I’ll be right back.” He disappears down the hall for a moment, presumably to go to the bathroom to take care of the condom. He’s back moments later, crawling into the bed and pulling her into his arms. 


She absentmindedly traces patterns on his chest with her fingertips.


“Rey,” Ben says quietly. “What does —  what does this mean? I know you said you were just curious, that you just wanted someone to show you how to do these things, just wanted to practice, to know what they felt like. But, Rey I can’t —  I can’t pretend that didn’t mean something more to me, because it did.”


She sits up and rests her forehead against his, gingerly stroking his cheek. “Of course it meant something more to me, darling,” she whispers. “I think —  I think I was just scared to admit how badly I wanted you —  how badly I have wanted you —  so it was easier to pretend this was just a couple of friends fooling around for practice or whatever. But it wasn’t just that, Ben. It was so much more.”


A smile flickers on his lips, and it almost looks like tears are glistening in his eyes. “Really?”


She nods. “Of course.” She kisses him, long and slow and deep. And when they come up for air, she whispers, “I love you, Ben. I think I’ve loved you ever since we were paired together for that English project sophomore year. I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you.”


He blinks and the tears fall out of his eyes. “You —  you love me, Rey?”


“More than anything.”

He kisses her fervently, taking her face in his hands. “I love you, too. So much. I never —  God, I never in a million years thought I would get to be with you the way I’ve always wanted you. That I’d get to kiss you, touch you, be inside of you, make you come. Tonight was a dream . And I hope —  I hope it was a good first time for you.”


“It was perfect,” she assures him. “I can’t imagine sharing that with anyone else but you, Ben.”


“I love you,” he says softly.


“I love you too, darling.”


She kisses him again and then settles her head against his chest, sighing contentedly. He kisses the top of her head, runs his hand through her hair and holds her close. 


Rey’s never been more grateful she let her curiosity get the best of her.