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hold your breath

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Ever tried forcing your brain to stop finding something hot? To stop thinking about each drop of sweat that's falling from your best friend's face could be the same kind of sweat that would form from bending you over the nearest bathroom sink, fucking the breath out of you. To stop wondering what it would feel like to have said friend's sweat falling on your back from how hard and fast he's pressing in. If you have, that's one thing you'd have in common with Changbin. A boy that didn't even know how hot the look of sweat could be until he found Minho's chest heaving, face shiny and glistening due to the intense exertion he built after performing one of their most daunting routines they've created so far.  

It's not like Binnie hasn't seen them all like this before, though. The confusion over his attraction that night alone was enough to bring a headache to his forehead, his hands coming up to rub circles on the temples in hopes that it'd help, that it'd distract him from bringing his eyes back to Min and watching each bead drip down. Changbin wonders would it would be like to run his tongue along the side of the other's face, and- fuck, stop. This was becoming ridiculous. 

Little did he know that Minho could tell when he was being stared at. It was like a natural instinct for the older male to notice the metaphoric burning in his skin whenever his mate's eyes looked at him. Nothing about it was easy for Minho to ignore, though. If it was embarrassing for Changbin to form a kink over the sight, it was just as bad for Minho to get turned on at people looking at him. He wasn't as obvious about it as other world class narcissist's, but it gave him enough confidence to overwhelm the blood rushing to his cock. It didn't even matter that it was his friend doing it to him, the only thing to come out of that fact was his confusion as to why Changbin would be staring at him this much when he hadn't before. It's not like either of them ever had an inkling of an attraction like this. Luckily for the both of them, Minho gave into his curiosities. 

In order to not make it obvious that Minho was singling Changbin out in the entire room of performers and management, the idol made quick moves to leave the room as if he needed to get something to drink. Only he had no interest in going anywhere, but to sneak up behind his friend to whisper in his ear. 

"It's true that we're probably the least subtle group of boys in the industry, but I never would have thought I'd catch you like this." The bluntness alone of Minho's words were enough to send a chill down his back strong enough to cool off the both of them. Still, he hoped to play it cool since this was still confusing for him. He was caught for something he was doing that had absolutely zero explanation behind it. 

"Uhm.. Min.. I have no clue what you're talking about." What an idiot. It's a good thing he was in entertainment for music and dance, not for acting. He'd be booted out immediately. 

"Wanna try that again?" A single corner of Minho's lips curled as he teased his friend further, trying his best to get out of him what the other was feeling. "Last time I stared at someone the way you're staring at me, I was at his place later that night." 

Fuck. Min's such an ass. That alone should help Changbin swallow down whatever he was hiding and store it away forever, but it only made his dick twitch in his pants. All he had to do was not look in Minho's direction, and it wouldn't be like this right now. He'd be cooling off, thinking about how well they all just did. How well Minho did, the way he was so articulate with his body over every move it made. The way the idol knew dancing like he was the god of it. Could probably dance his way through sex just as smoothly. What the fuck, Bin. Stop it

"I've been staring at everyone, I'm proud of us." That was better. Just a bit more believable, so he thought. What he couldn't act away was the bulge in his jeans, could only focus all of his energy into making it go away without touching his pants. Couldn't bring any attention to it, not when he knew Minho would call it out to him. That is, if he thought he was even a bit of a lucky person, he wouldn't have gotten busted staring at his friend. Why should he get any luck now over something as obvious as this? He didn't get any luck at all. 

"If that's true, the hard on in your pants definitely could have fooled me." The call out sent a shiver down Changbin's back, his body tensing as he finally tried to make eye contact with Minho. Immediately realizing it was a mistake, he turned his head out of embarrassment before biting down on his lower lip harshly. 

"It's okay, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm just so curious as to why you have one now after all of this time." It was a valid questioning, a predicament for both of them really. Only Changbin was the one turning red because of it and suffering from being nearly feral over something as simple as sweat. 

"I.. I don't have an answer for that," Changbin's arms cross over his chest in order to have something to grab onto, gripping his biceps with all he had in hopes it would keep him grounded. 

"Well, maybe -" The older male briefly scanned the room to see if any eyes or cameras were on them, knowing how dangerous it could become to be this open with his actions, "- we should both try figuring it out." With that, Minho's knee came forward between Changbin's and pressed into him, applying pressure in a spot that rested heavy on his thigh. His own cock felt a surge of blood rushing when hearing Changbin have to bite back and swallow down a moan as if it were his own pride. 

"Min, please.." The betrayal that overwhelmed him when his body jerked against his friend's obscenely thick thighs caused Bin to grow more red than one could think was possible. "We shouldn't be trying anything like this at all." 

"I'm not the one staring at me and getting turned on over it, but I think I deserve to know why you are." Yet again, that fucker's head decided to tilt in a way that made Changbin feel belittled, something he shouldn't enjoy experiencing in that moment. 

Without letting Changbin say another word, Minho pulled his leg away and instead reached for his friend's wrist. Another once over around the room secured Minho the chance to whisk his mate away and to a more private setting, the closest single person bathroom with a lock on the door. 

"No need to be shy now, go on.. tell me.. it'd be the good thing to do. What good boys do," He was doing it on purpose. Finding any little thing to say that would dig further underneath Changbin's skin. 

It was true, though. They were alone now, and the fact that Minho wasn't as sweaty anymore as before made Changbin want to utilize the space and give them both a reason to perspire. 

"I- you- well, you know.. I couldn't help but tell how sweaty this performance made you compared to other times, and how you put everything into it, but that.. uhm, I just couldn't stop, and I thought of other things that could make you sweat like that.. things with me, but I kept trying to stop.. then you had to notice it and come over, make a big ass deal about it.. make it obvious, so.. yeah, fuck you for that." Changbin finished his explanation and immediately felt himself slipping back to the feeling of Minho having power over him and causing the younger to feel even smaller. Especially when Minho was staring at him like he was starved and ready to eat. The silence filling the room was nearly excruciating, especially when the look on Minho's face definitely signaled there was something to be said. 

But nothing was said, not a word. Not even a hum. It would have started to worry Changbin, made him think he fucked up. It'd make him wonder if things were going to be weird between them, or maybe that he shouldn't ever look at Min in any sort of way again. The only reason it didn't cross his mind like that was due to the older male coming forward to press a kiss to Changbin's lips, startling the idol but not enough for him to pull away. There was a comfort to feeling his best friend's lips on his own that soon relaxed every nerve that was on edge in his body. It was euphoric when all worries began to subside and there was nothing else to think about but the lips on his. 

Unfortunately that was nearly quickly taken away from him when Minho pulled away, the furrow in his brows not having even a second to stay before he felt his friend's hands grip harshly on his waist and push him up against the sink. 

"Someone's bound to notice the both of us being gone if we're in here for too long, so if you want to see me sweat again.. we better get started." 

And to think Changbin wasn't one of the lucky kind, his newly formed fantasy being fulfilled quickly diminished any thought of the sort, and he got what he wanted. To be the reason Minho broke a sweat.