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Night sky

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It's dark. The darkness of the night has taken over the Balkans and Mac is trying to focus on Jack while they search for Kovac. Mac is slowly walking behind Jack who is searching the place they are in room by room with a gun firmly held in his hands. 

"We are all clear.", the voice fills both of their ears as Anya clears her part of the building. They have just one room left to check and if they don't find Kovac now, they never will.

"Stay here, Mac. You don't have a weapon and I don't think you can make something out of dust. ", Jack gives him a look that screams "please" and Mac listens. Jack would rather die than lose more of his buddies.

Minutes start to feel like hours as Jack approaches the last room there is. All of a sudden, there is a loud bang and Mac is pushed into the wall behind him.  He feels pain all over his hands, legs and back.

"Jack.", it sounds like a whisper but he can't get his voice to come out louder.  He can barely breathe due to the dust and being winded when he hit the wall.

He stands up from the floor and goes to the room Jack had entered just minutes ago. Everything is off.  There is no fire, his pain is suddenly nonexistent and he can just see Jack's lifeless body and his wide-open eyes staring at him.

"Jack!", he yells as he moves closer to the body and he tries so hard to shake Jack enough to wake him up. It is so obvious he isn't going to.

All of the sudden, his family surrounds him. They are all pointing fingers at him and screaming "it is your fault". He tries to run away but Jack's mouth starts moving and he is asking if Mac is even sorry for his death.

"You should have come with me", these words are being screamed in Jack's voice and Mac's eyes open. He tries to breathe but his breathing is heavy and he pushes himself up into a sitting position.

His throat hurts and he realizes he must have screamed while he was sleeping. The knocking on his bedroom door makes him flinch a bit but he hears Riley asking if everything is fine. He collects himself as Riley comes into the room.

"Hey, babe. Everything is fine. I promise.", she comes closer to him and gets into the bed. She offers him the warmth and comfort of a hug and he accepts it.

"You don't have to hide it from me, Mac. I won't judge you. I heard you screaming in your sleep.  I know you aren't okay.", he stays in her hug for a little while and then he lowers his head on her legs.  She starts playing with his hair because she knows how much safer he feels when she does it.

"I should have gone with him.", it sounds almost like a whisper.  Mac lets the tears slowly fall down on Riley's thighs.

"Mac, if you went with him, Anya and her lunatic crew would have killed you too. I would have lost both of you. He knew the risk and he just wanted to make the world safer.", they let each other be vulnerable with one another. That domestic feeling used to be a strange one to the both of them but they feel like they've been made for one another.

"I just can't stop blaming myself. And I know you blame yourself too. He was like a father to you, he was my best friend and I miss his annoying ass so much.", they both laugh at Mac's last words. Riley goes on to ask Mac some questions.

"Have you seen a therapist for this? I mean, one that works for our organization? She has helped me a lot. I will always be there for you, Mac. Always."


"I've been thinking about going to her office but I don't even know what to say.", he stops for a second, pushing himself into a sitting position, "Can you go outside with me? The night shy is beautiful and, I know it may sound stupid, but I feel like he is there with us whenever I look up at night."

"It isn't stupid, Mac. I feel the same.", they go out, hand in hand. Jack's presence is so vivid that they can hear his laugh as they share the stories about a man who was everything good put in one person.