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Shining Stars

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Karen's always had her own definition of being a star.
Stars were bright shining people who Karen could see without even knowing. She knew that stars were all different, but they all were all brilliant to her.
All of her classmates are stars.

Mahiru is the kind of star who shines brightly, but sometimes hides, like in a solar eclipse. But when Mahiru put her all into things, it was radiant. Her smile showed warmth. She was one of the most shining stars Karen had seen.

Hikari was the same to Karen in some ways. She has the same brightness, but could sometimes be seen as harsher light. While Mahiru was softer, Hikari's light is a bit hotter. But there was something about Hikari that Karen just couldn't put into words. Hikari was just as stunning as Mahiru.

Claudine's shine was more precise and direct, like sunlight through clouds shining on one specific spot, or a spotlight shining center stage. But Claudine sparked with a confident light too, one who always knew what to do.

Maya is like a guiding star. Far away, but always there. Her presence is dazzling, but always seems out of reach to Karen. Even if she can never quite grasp it, it still amazes her how bright and beautiful Maya could be.

Nana is a light that Karen sees as nurturing. Nana was one to shine when helping others shine as well. A light that helped and drew others together. Warm and soft, but one that could be harsh if in the right conditions.

Junna is a light that sometimes went out of view, but you always knew she was there. She was still a light that stunned you when she truly shone. Junna was a light that Karen didn't know how to describe exactly, because Junna was complex to describe. But she was still a light that Karen loved to see.

Futaba is a strong and steady light. One that you could always look to to see, and it'd be there for you. Futaba was one of the most dependable people Karen knew, and that reflected in the warmth of Futaba's light.

Kaoruko is flashy and bright. She loves to be bold. So her shine is always trying to gather attention from others. But Karen knew that her shine always shone brighter when she was genuinely happy in her environment.

And Karen adored every one of those stars. She felt lucky to have them in her life, because she felt warm and happy to be around so many dazzling people.