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Today was the day, the group was going to binge-watch 'Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse' with all of his friends at Lynx's house. He was especially excited because his friend Ceres was going to be there too. Ceres being there wasn't even that special of a thing either- Epsilon was just excited because Ceres meant a lot to him and he liked hanging out with them. The group requested that he brought speakers to Lynx's place so they could all listen to music too- so he had to stop at Walmart first to get some. As he was driving, he heard his phone ring from the pocket of his yellow oversized sweater that Celeste got him for Christmas last year (that he HATED). When he turned on his phone he saw that Vega was the one calling him

"Weird" He thought. "I don't remember giving that ugly ass fuck my phone number."

When he picked up the phone, he could tell by the tone of Vega's voice that he was going to be an annoyance.

"Heeeey Epsilon!! I have a little favor to ask of yooooouu~" He asked whilst wearing this shit-eating grin on his face. Epsilon just wanted to spit on that brat, however, knowing Vega it would probably just bounce off of him and the spit would land right on Epsilon instead.

"What do you want assface. I'm BUSY right now." Epsilon bitched. He just wanted to get this Walmart trip over with and get over to Lynx's house- not whatever the fuck Mr. Shiteye wants.

"You see, I ate all of the chips yesterday, so little Ceres needs to go to Walmar-" Vega was starting to say, but was immediately cut off by Epsilon

"-I CAN TAKE HIM TO WALMART FOR YOU.. Uh, I guess. It's not like it's a big deal or anything" Epsilon awkwardly sputtered out. Where was this coming from? Was he really that excited to see Ceres?

"That's what I was about to ask you to do for me, we both know that we can't trust Ceres to be alone in a store for OBVIOUS reasons" Vega snarked.

All of a sudden, Vega just hung up on him. He was kinda pissed that he didn't get a "thanks" or anything. He didn't really care about the lack of instructions of how to even *get* Ceres to Walmart or anything; He already knew that Vega would do some crazy shit like teleport them in some random spot near him just to fuck with him. Epsilon looked in the mirror of his car into his back seat to see if Ceres was teleported there, but he couldn't see them anywhere. He just assumed that he would see Ceres once he actually arrives at Walmart. He just keeps driving.

Around 10 minutes later, he arrived. He looked around in his car one more time for Ceres, but to no avail. When he was removed the keys to his car, he looked down to his feet and the breaks of the car.. to see Ceres there! Directly under his feet! However, something was VERY wrong. Ceres was.. crying? Epsilon began to panic. Did Vega scare them? Was it because of where they were teleported? Did something bad happen?

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH EPSILON!!" Ceres screamed. Epsilon quickly moved his feet and lifted Ceres out of the car.

"I'm sorry Ceres, did the dorito head pick on you again? I'll beat the shit out of him if-"


"He WHAT. I'll kill that fucker! Don't worry sweet chicken, we'll get your Pixie Cruiser Pink and Purple RC Remote Control Car Toy For Girls back." Epsilon sighed. He was so filled with rage right now. How COULD Vega do this to them!?

When they entered the Walmart, Ceres immediately ran off. Even though Epsilon was supposed to be watching him, they had different goals in mind. He wanted to get his goddamn speakers first. He made his way to the electronics aisle when he heard a bloodcurdling scream come from the bathroom, specifically the men's restroom. He knew the voice didn't belong to Ceres, however, it sounded really familiar. He decided to go into the restroom and check it out for himself. The closer he got to the bathroom, the more horrifying the screams became. When he finally entered the bathroom.. he saw a man vomiting blood in the sink, but it wasn't just any ordinary man
It was... NEIL CICIEREGA..!?