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Red Hot and Milked

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"Hold still!" Ray barked loudly at his brother. Dave found it an impossible task, and, writhing against the carpet, began getting friction burns. Ray reached, and grabbed a hank of his brother's light chestnut hair, and pulled hard as if in doing so it would get Dave to halt, like a horse with it's rein's being pulled.

Reaching up, Dave shrieked as he grabbed his brother's wrists to try to make him let go, but when he did so, his brother stopped thrusting, and the room went silent. "Ray, no! Ray please don't stop! Pull my hair, fucking spank me with your hairbrush, but don't stop fucking me!" Dave begged. He was already on his knees, Ray behind him, giving it to him as deep as he could give. Or was.

Ray yanked one more time, and ran is fingers through Dave's tangles, before letting go. Dave rested his forehead on the carpet, as his neck ached. His brother pulled out, and went to the bathroom, Dave wailing, "No!" again. Ray came back with his hair brush, a new glimmer in his eyes.

"You mentioned my hairbrush, and why else would you do that unless, you wanted it?" He held it between his hands as if it were a prize, devious smile upon his lips. Ray then walked over and sat on the edge of their bed and gestured to Dave. Getting up, Dave saw his knees and elbows were raw and even bleeding in a few places. He walked over to his brother and Ray jerked him by the arm, forcing him to lay downward across his lap, arse in the air, and hard cock pressed against his brother's thigh. Ray's hard cock, slick with lube, jabbed his brother's side.

"Raaay..." Dave whined. He had been so close to bliss. Now, he was receiving punishment.

Without any warning, Ray brought the wooden boar bristle brush down on Dave's arse cheek on the smooth side, and he let out a yell. Ray just smiled and continued to spank his brother leaving angry red marks on his backside. He found it really got him going, so he gripped his cock and began pumping the shaft with his free hand.

When Ray finally felt he could not hold back, he shivered and came all over Dave's back, as he sobbed into the quilt on their bed. Ray rubbed his come on Dave's backside, and then licked his hand clean. Dave tilted his head and cried out. "You've gotten all the pleasure and I, all the pain."

"If it's pleasure you want, I can give it to you, easy." Ray replied, of course. Dave had wanted to be fucked, but was curious about what Ray had in store.

"Hand me the lube, Dave, and I will show you." Ray promised. Dave did so, and handed it to his brother. Ray made sure that Dave was good and lubed, before slipping two fingers inside his brother a few knuckles deep, until he found his prostate.

"Oh!" Dave cried, as Ray began to massage it with his fingertips. Dave began to squirm all over again, needing friction against his cock. He found it on his brother's thigh, unable to make a sound, only breathe heavily. What seemed like an eternity, was actually only about 10 seconds. Dave shot his come forcefully onto their bed, his hips bucking despite the pain from being beaten.

Ray had learned to do this to himself when they were on tour, and Dave was out doing god knows what. It worked like a charm, and even better, it worked quickly. Now he thought he'd show Dave his trick.

"God, Ray, that was almost as good as being fucked, quick, too." Dave remarked. He slid onto the bed on his stomach, not even caring that he now had his own come on his body. Now that the bliss from his orgasm had worn off, he was back to being in pain.

"Just a trick I figured out." Ray was very casual about the whole thing when speaking to Dave, but it really was enjoyable.

"Some fucking trick! I want to do it again soon, but ahh my arse. Did ya have to beat me so hard?" Dave moaned.

"I've beat you worse out of anger, but because we were fucking it's more painful?" Ray asked.

"Fuck you, I'm going to take a cold shower!" Dave inched himself off the bed, his brother not even helping and eventually did have a nice cold shower, the water feeling especially good on his arse cheeks, elbows, and knees.

Ray got up, and without dressing, went to the kitchen to have a beer. He was leaning on the counter when Dave walked in naked as well. "Can't dry my arse, elbows and knees off, they are too sore." Dave complained. He grabbed his brother's beer and took a long drink before Ray grabbed it back, Dave unintentionally spitting some out. Both brothers were on edge, Dave in pain.

"Well, could you at least grab me a beer, for fucks sake?" Dave asked. Ray, opened the fridge and took one out and handed it to his brother. Dave snatched it, and bent over the kitchen sink. He put the ice cold beer back and forth on his arse, letting out a sigh of relief.

Ray let out a laugh, and Dave just rolled his eyes. "Imagine if you could drink beer that way?" Ray stated.

"That would be the last way I would want to drink a beer, Ray. Sometimes I think you just ain't right and it is why you say things like that." Dave sighed, as the beer began to get warm.

Ray's laughter quickly turned to anger. He knew he was different, he did not need people pointing that out. Holding his brother down, Dave dropped his beer and it shattered. Ray took no notice and he drank is last sip of beer. Forcing his brother to spread his legs with his knee, Ray slid the bottle neck up inside his brother, as far as it would go. Dave jerked, and shouted, "Oh hell no!" before breaking free.

"Well it's fits, at least!" Ray laughed, wickedly. Dave left the room, minding the broken beer bottle, and making his way to the bed. Ray cleaned up the broken bottle of beer, and put his empty that he had forces up inside his brother in the trash.

Slowly walking to the bedroom, he realized things had not gone the way he had planned. More and more he believed they never would.