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Sunshine On My Shoulders

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‘You don’t have to do that, sweetheart,’ Alex chuckles, watching from beneath the safety of the umbrella as Tom sweeps the pool for bugs and debris. It is blisteringly hot today, Alex usually enjoys the heat, but it’s been in the low 30’s since the early morning, and he’s decided he’s quite ready for it to cool down; just a little. 

Tom grins over at him and shrugs, ‘Someone’s gotta do it.’

Alex raises an eyebrow, and smiles fondly at the lad. His skin is going red in the sun, his hair bleached even paler than usual. He’d smeared Tom in factor 50 before he’d started working, but even that seems to have done little to ward off the burning sunshine. 

‘Then someone can do it later, pet,’ Alex swings his legs off of the deckchair and straightens up with a groan, stretching the ache out of his back, ‘it’s far too hot for you to be working so hard.’

He pads over the blazing hot tiles, wincing a little as the balls of his feet almost sizzle in the heat, and wraps his arms around Tom’s waist, resting his head on the soft, sweaty slope of the lad’s shoulder.

‘Come inside, little one,’ he murmurs, kissing the sweat and suncream off of Tom’s burning skin, ‘it’s too hot out here, hm? Let’s get you cooled off.’

Tom chuckles, cocking his head to one side to give Alex easy access to the softly stubbled line of his chin, ‘And this is just for my benefit, is it? Nothin’ to do with you?’

‘It’s an entirely altruistic gesture, I assure you,’ Alex breathes against Tom’s neck, pressing the hardening line of his cock against the dip of the lad’s lower back, ‘nothing to do with me at all.’

Tom laughs, chucking the big net to one side and twisting in Alex’s arms. His face is pink, shiny with sweat and the residual stickiness of the suncream, and Alex kisses his nose with a chuckle. Tommy is off with Sol, they’ve gone to Oxford for the day - drinking, or fucking, probably both if Alex knows anything about the pair of them; they’ll be five pints deep in the Turf by now  - so he has Tom all to himself. 

‘Come along, little one,’ he murmurs, kissing Tom’s soft, pink lips with a happy sigh, ‘let me look after you, hm?’

Tom shivers, resting his hands on Alex’s bare chest and nuzzling against his mouth. He’s such a darling little thing, so eager to please. 

‘Still not going to tie me up in the basement then?’ Tom grins, kissing along Alex’s jawline and nibbling a little at his earlobe, pressing his tongue against the healed over divot of an ill-advised ear piercing.

Alex grins back at him, ruffling the lad’s hair, ‘I’ll tie you up later, pet, when I’m happy you’ll not melt into a pretty little puddle.’

‘Promise?’ Tom’s eyes are wide, hopeful, curious, and his mouth is curved upwards in a sweet smile.

‘Promise,’ Alex murmurs, running his hands up and down the lad’s back, kneading the softness of his hips, ‘maybe we’ll ask Stephen over, hm? Get him trained up…’

Tom whimpers at that, nodding eagerly against Alex’s chest, and Alex grins. The lad’s quite taken with Stephen, though he wagers he’s still a touch nervous of him too. 

‘You can show him what a sweet little thing you are, eh? All spread out and pretty,’ Alex leans in, whispering against Tom’s ear, and Tom shivers against him despite the burning heat, ‘now let’s get out of the sun, yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ Tom breathes out, eyes already a little glazed over.

Alex grins, taking one of Tom’s sweaty, calloused hands and leading him indoors.


Tom falls onto the bed with a sigh, the pink of his skin contrasting sweetly with the soft, white duvet. Alex stands over him for a moment, admiring the view, and leans over to kiss the swell of his belly, nuzzling against the scant, pale hairs that trail down below his trunks.

‘I’ll go and grab a flannel, see if we can cool you off a bit, hm?’ he murmurs, running his tongue up Tom’s chest until he reaches the quivering column of his throat.

Tom sighs, happily, and nods, whispering ‘ please ’ as Alex pads off to the ensuite and wets a clean flannel in the sink, wringing it out so it won’t drip too much over the sheets. He laughs quietly, when he comes back into the bedroom; Tom has pulled his trunks off, tossed them across the room by the looks of things, and is playing absentmindedly with his sweet, pink prick.

Alex crosses the room quickly, and straddles the lad on his hands and knees, pressing the cool flannel to the centre of his chest and stroking it gently across his sore, pink skin, ‘Pretty as a picture, little one.’

Tom smiles up at him, cheeks squishing up under his eyes, and lets out a soft, airy sigh as Alex strokes the flannel over him again, making sure every inch of his torso - from his soft little tits to the slight roundness of his belly - is cool and damp. ‘That feel nice, pet?’ Alex murmurs, passing the flannel over Tom’s shoulders.

Tom nods, shivering as Alex squeezes his throat just a little, then whimpers softly as Alex leans back on his haunches and rubs the flannel in small, repetitive circles back down his belly, squeezing it gently so a few cool, salt-saturated droplets spill down his sides. 

Tom’s pretty cock is starting to fatten between his legs, precum beading at its little, rose-pink tip, and Alex chuckles softly as he swipes the flannel over the sensitive flesh, squeezing Tom through the damp fabric. 

‘You’re so pretty, little one,’ Alex smiles, palming his own cock through his trunks, ‘such a sweet, pretty little boy.’

Tom whines , rolling his hips, pressing his prick up into Alex’s hand. His face is even more red, now, flushed with sunburn and lust, and Alex gives the small, firm shape of his cock one last squeeze before tossing the flannel onto the carpets and leaning down to capture the lad’s mouth in a soft, teasing kiss. He sucks Tom’s tongue gently into his mouth, laving attention on the warm, slick shape of it, and swallows down every high, breathless whimper the lad gives him. 

‘Easy does it, pet,’ he chuckles, as Tom starts humping softly against his thigh, ‘I said I’d look after you, didn’t I?’

Tom nods, looking sweetly chastened, his eyes wide and blue against the red of his cheeks.

‘Now, you tell me if you’d like this, love, but I would quite like to suck that sweet, pretty little cock of yours ‘til you cry,’ Alex purrs against Tom’s ear, relishing the shudder the lad rewards him with, ‘would you like that, little one?’

Please …’ Tom’s voice is high, choked, sweeter than anything Alex has ever heard.

‘Tell me, pet,’ Alex grins, licking the beads of sweat from behind Tom’s ear, ‘tell me what you want…’

It’s a sweet game, coaxing filth from Tom’s lips, and it’s entirely worth the small, teasing effort to hear the way his lovely voice wraps around the words.

‘Please suck my pretty little cock, daddy - oh please ,’ Tom gasps out as Alex shuffles down the bed, smirking up at him, ‘ fuck - please, please , daddy…’

‘Want to feel you come down my throat, sweet boy,’ Alex murmurs, kissing along the plump, gently muscular shapes of Tom’s thighs, ‘would you like that?’

Fuck - oh fuck ,’ Tom whimpers, his hips shivering in place, trying his best to stay still as Alex noses over the soft, golden-furred weight of his bollocks, ‘please , daddy - wanna come down your throat, wanna be good for you…’

Alex rolls Tom’s bollocks between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing one small, plump shape gently, then the other; massaging his sac and pressing his fingers softly up behind it, fingering the warm, humid firmness of the lad’s perineum.

‘You’re always so good for me, little one, such a sweet, good boy.’

Tom whines softly, grinding his hips gently against Alex’s fingers; he’s so unbelievably lovely, all soft, golden hair and shining pink skin, like some kind of cherub. The lad’s whines get even higher, even sweeter, as Alex swallows his cock down to the hilt. It’s such a small, easy thing to take into his mouth, to cradle on his tongue, and he sucks softly on it as Tom gasps and whimpers above him.

He pulls back, just a little, and fastens his lips around the head of Tom’s sweet little prick, running his tongue over the slit, tasting the faded tang of piss, mixed with sweat and chlorine and sunshine, drinking it down like nectar. Tom shivers, bringing his hands to rest on the back of Alex’s head, massaging his scalp like a kitten with a blanket. 

Alex rolls down his own trunks, taking himself in hand with a long, low sigh, teasing the foreskin down from his crown and running his fingers across his frenulum. He fucks up into his fist, sighing happily around Tom’s firm, fat little cock as he swallows down the slick stream of precum that’s starting to flow from his slit.

‘Getting so wet for me, little one,’ he murmurs, pulling away to nuzzle against the coarse, golden curls at the base of Tom’s prick, ‘such a good boy for your daddy.’

Tom’s breath catches in his throat, so sharply that it sounds like a hiccup, and his fingers tighten a little in Alex’s hair. Alex chuckles against the base of the lad’s cock, and reaches up to press his hands harder against his scalp, ‘You can pull your daddy’s hair, sweetheart, just like Tommy showed you.’

Tom makes a soft, nervous noise in the back of his throat, bucking up gently as Alex rubs a thumb over the sensitive underside of his cockhead, ‘Don’t wanna hurt you daddy.’

‘Oh, sweetheart,’ Alex murmurs fondly, gently, nosing over Tom’s bollocks, ‘you won’t hurt me, you’re such a soft, pretty little thing aren’t you? Such a good boy?’

Tom nods, his fingers clenching and unclenching in Alex’s hair, “m a good boy, daddy.’

‘You are , darling, and you’ll make your daddy so proud if you pull his hair, hm? So proud of his sweet, pretty boy,’ Alex runs his tongue over the seam of Tom’s sac, laving the sweat from the peach-fine hair, ‘c’mon, little one, pull your daddy’s hair.’

Tom whimpers, nodding again, and when Alex looks up there is the most darling look of concentration over his soft, handsome features. Tom’s fingers tighten, inch by clenching inch, in his hair, and Alex makes a soft, encouraging sound in his throat urging the lad on. He’s always liked having his hair pulled, being moved around by it; yanked back and forth as his lover (or lovers) see fit. He doesn’t expect that from Tom, doesn’t want to push a lad who is so beautifully, naturally submissive, but he likes pushing him just a little . Just like this.

‘That’s it, sweet boy, just a little harder,’ Alex murmurs, pressing his tongue against Tom’s frenulum until he is shivering beneath him.

Alex groans , when Tom’s grip tightens just enough, the bright, pleasure-pain of it shooting right to his prick. He swallows the lad’s prick down again, burying his nose in the pale, spun-gold hair at its base and cupping the sweet, leaking tip of it with the back of his tongue. Tom whines so pretty , as Alex sucks him, every high, shuddering noise going straight to Alex’s cock. It doesn’t take long before he can feel Tom’s bollocks tighten up against his chin, the soft fur of them a lovely little treat, and he presses his fingers gently up against the lad’s perineum, massaging the sensitive skin with long, careful movements. 

Tom’s body tenses, his muscles twitching, whimpering, ‘Daddy - ah, fuck - daddy, daddy I’m gonna - fuck, oh fuck - I’m gonna come, daddy, please …’ 

Alex sucks him harder, crooking his fingers just a touch cruelly against the back of the lad’s bollocks, and moans as he feels Tom spill down his throat; whining, whimpering, bucking up against him as his pretty, pink cock twitches against Alex’s tongue. He doesn’t let him go, not quite yet. He’d promised the lad that he’d suck his cock ‘til he cried, and he’s not a man to go back on his promises.

He licks gently at the tip of Tom’s sweet cock, suckling the last of the thick, salty come as it blurts onto his tongue. Tom shivers under him, and Alex grins around his prick, swirling his tongue around the head and savouring the bittersweet taste of jizz, suncream and chlorine. Alex sucks him down again, focussing his attention on the firm, pink heat of the lad’s frenulum until he can hear him sob under his attentions, his sweetly soft belly shivering against his forehead. 

Tom’s cock softens gently in his mouth, and the poor little thing is shivering, shaking like a leaf, when Alex pulls away. He shuffles up the bed, kissing up Tom’s quivering belly and chest, until he can rest his mouth against the lad’s ear and whisper as he strokes himself.

‘Look how pretty you are, little one; such a sweet little cock, all soft for your daddy to play with…’

Tom whimpers, tears trickling down his cheeks as Alex rubs his own prick against Tom’s small, softened one, pressing their tips together, sighing against the lad’s neck.

‘Such a sensitive little prick, darling - ah - so pretty, such a good lad,’ he strokes himself harder, moaning softly as Tom pulls his hair a little more, tugging at it from the roots, and comes over the lad’s belly with a punched out sigh, resting heavily on his free forearm so as not to crush him. 

Tom strokes his hair gently, now, running his fingers through it and kissing across his cheeks, heartbreakingly sweet. Alex gathers himself slowly, nuzzling over Tom’s collarbones until he can find his lips, searching blindly as his vision blurs back into focus. He kisses Tom slowly, lazily, letting their tongues tangle and their lips slip together softly; hazy, decadent. He’ll go and get the fan from the living room soon, set it by the bed so Tom can curl into his chest and sleep, but for now he can lose himself in the softness of the lad’s lips, in the warmth of his breath, savouring the soft, easy intimacy of the day.