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It was well known throughout Beacon Hills that Stiles’ coffee shop ‘Inspired By’ was the best, and not just because he liked to experiment with blending the coffee himself but because he always had something nice to say to everyone who entered, even those that he didn't like, yeah Mrs Hodges, I’m looking at you!

He started his morning the same way he did every morning but today wouldn’t be an ordinary day, no sir, today someone new walked in, someone he hadn’t seen before. The tall dark stranger approached the counter and frowned. Stiles wiped his hands on his red half apron and grinned.

“What can I get you?” He asked enthusiastically “You’re my first customer of the day so you have the pick of anything you like” He gestured towards the array of cakes, supplied to him from Erica’s baking business ‘The Blonde Baker’. “I can highly recommend the shortbread, she uses a Scottish recipe and it's,” He did a chef’s kiss in lieu of words. “Or maybe you want to try one of my in-house blends of coffee? I make them all myself” He gestured to the wall behind him where there were coffee’s called ‘Superman’ and “Boyd's Nana” amongst other strange names “Or I cou-”

“Coffee” He was cut off by the man's low voice “Black. Strong”

“As you wish” He grinned “I would recommend ‘Smooth Operator’ then, it’s about the strongest I do, it’s not super strong, but I don’t have much call for, blow your head off kind of strong” He chatted away while making the drink, the guy watching his every move, like he might poison it or something “Are you sure you don't want a cake? The coffee and walnut slice would go really well with this” The man shook his head “Ok, that’s $3.30 then please?” The man simply held out his card and tapped it on the machine at Stiles’ nod “Oh shoot, I need to grab you a lid for that, give me a sec” He shouted running into the back room and grabbing a stack of take-away cup lids. “Sorry about that I- Oh” The man had left, but there was a $5 bill on the counter “Nice” Stiles put it in the tip jar. He always gave Erica a percentage of the tips as her cakes were a big hit with all of his customers.

The following morning, once again, just as Stiles’ had opened, the man from yesterday strode up to the counter.

“Hello” Stiles grinned, noticing that the man was wearing a smart black business suit rather than the jeans and jumper he wore the day before.

“Coffee. Black. Stronger than yesterday”

“Oh” Stiles was a little taken back, “That’s the strongest one I do dude”

“Then double it” He shrugged

“Ok sure” Stiles went about making the ridiculous coffee order “I’m Stiles by the way, and you are?”

“Late” The man said gruffly.

“That’s an unusual name” Stiles giggled at his own joke as he put the coffee down “I hope it’s better than yesterday” The man tapped his card on the machine, slapped another $5 bill on the counter and walked towards the exit, pausing to take a sip at the door.

“Still too weak” He called and walked out.

Stiles narrowed his eyes and put his hands on his hips “Oh challenge accepted dude. Challenge accepted”.

Erica popped by a little later in the day to find a few customers sat at the tables and Stiles busy out the back, muttering to himself. She greeted Isaac with a smile and followed the sound of Stiles’ voice.

“Fucking coffee” He spat, trying to ground some beans in a pestle and mortar, he had lots of different cups scattered over the counters containing various shades of coffee, some emptier than others.

“Ohhhh!” Erica clapped “What’re you creating? Who’s it inspired by?”

“Erica!” He spun round, wild eyed, “Just the person I wanted to ask, can you try cups 5 and 7 and tell me what you think?”

She nodded and took a sip of the lukewarm liquid in number 5, she screwed up her nose and smacked her lips together “Tastes like Smooth Operator” He nodded and gestured for her to try the other one, she rolled her eyes but did as she was asked, she immediately spat it back into the cup “Jesus Christ Stiles” She shuddered and stuck her tongue out “Are you trying to kill me? What the actual fuck is that?”

“My new strong blend. I think. Or it might be cup 16. Yeah, actually try cup 16, it could be that one”

“No way” She hissed “I will die Stiles, that’s too much coffee for anyone to take, why not just give people the beans to chew on directly? It’s like tar” She ran her tongue over her teeth and tried to clean the coffee residue from them.

“Hmm tar? Good name”

“So who’s inspired this monstrosity of a drink?”

“A customer I had yesterday and today said Smooth Operator was too weak so I thought I would whip up a new batch to blow his head off” She smirked and walked forward to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Nice to see you back blending again” She said, not needing to add ‘since the break up’, they both knew what she meant, “That will blow his head off, trust me. Is it ok if I grab a bag of Catwoman on the way out?”

Stiles nodded. Catwoman was the blend he named after Erica, it was the one she liked to bake with. Her coffee and walnut slices were legendary around Beacon Hills, they were like crack for coffee lovers.

Stiles spent the next few hours perfecting his recipe for a coffee that would possibly kill the gorgeous man who seemed to have no taste buds whatsoever. He bagged it up and added the name of it to the coffee board. He always put a little description next to each one so customers knew what they were buying, next to Catwoman he had written ‘spicy blend of coffee with just the right amount of snark’ and next to Boyd's Nana he had ‘Sweet and smooth with just a little kick’.

He could hardly keep still as he waited for his new early morning customer to arrive, he straightened the coffee bags, checked the board for the thousandth time and bounced on the balls of his feet. The bell gave a soft tinkle from above the door and Stiles grinned like a mad man. He was in a suit again today, he looked nice in a suit, Stiles cocked his head to the side in thought as the man approached.

“See anything you like?” Stiles winked, the man’s eyes widened a little as Stiles caught on to what he just said “Oh fuck no!” The man frowned a little “No, no, what I mean, is I meant er, I just meant if, can I, oh my god” Stiles buried his face in his hands not wanting to see the man judge him with his extraordinary eyebrows. Shit, he thought, I should have called it eyebrows.

The man huffed a little and Stiles peaked through his fingers. “Late?” He questioned using an eyebrow.

“Yeah” Stiles removed his hands and shrugged a little “Yeah, I made a new blend, my strongest yet” He pointed to the board where it said ‘Late - Dark and strong, not for the faint hearted’.

“Ok” He simply replied

“Ok?” Stiles looked hopeful “You’ll try it?” The man nodded and Stiles set to work making his order.

“Why’s it called late?”

Stiles felt a dusting of pink sweep across his cheeks “You wouldn't tell me your name”
The man smirked a little “Derek” He replied.

Stiles nodded “Ok Derek, I’ll change it on the board”

“Don't” He shook his head “I like ‘late’, it keeps the anonymity”

He couldn’t argue with that so he just smiled and handed him the card reader. Derek dropped $5 on the counter before picking up his cup. “Dude you don't have to tip me each time, and $5 is way too much” He held the money out for Derek to take. Derek lifted the cup to his face and sniffed the coffee, his eyes fluttering shut as he tasted it and a pleased soft noise escaped his lips. Stiles stared slack-jawed.

“Think of it as payment towards keeping my new favourite coffee blend on the menu” He turned on his heel and walked out. Stiles fist pumped the air and moonwalked back towards the cakes.

Lydia swept through the door not 10 minutes later, she sat on the table nearest the window and waited for Stiles to serve her. He didn't actually do table service but he knew what she wanted so he made a cup of ‘Siren - Prim, proper and always right’ named for her and bought it over.

“I’m telling you Stiles, the new guy at work that took over from Mr Perkins is an absolute dick” He sat on the chair opposite her, watching as she added just the right amount of cream and sugar to her drink, she insisted on doing it herself “I swear he does things just to wind me up and and the bastard doesn’t even talk! He doesn't talk, Stiles!” She gestured wildy making her red hair flap about.

“What a dick” He agreed solemnly

“I mean he’s a brilliant architect that’s for sure but if I get one more email saying I need to cut the budget further or find safer materials I swear to all that is prada that I will slap him in his face. Slap him Stiles” She screeched.

“Want to take a coffee with laxatives back for him?” Stiles leaned in to whisper, making her smile.

“You’re sweet” She tapped his hands “But I can't deal with the mess. Anyway, Erica tells me you're blending again?” She blew on her coffee before taking a sip “What’s brought this on? You haven't blended since-”

“The break up with Ben, yeah I know” He cut her off, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms “Just felt like blending again, it’s time, you know?” Lydia hummed her agreement as she wiped a delicate finger at the side of her mouth. If Stiles was straight he would definitely be into her.

“Don’t play coy Stilinski, who is he?” She folded her hands over her crossed legs and raised her eyebrows expectantly.

“What? Pffft. No” He jiggled his fingers on the table “No-one. He’s not, I mean, I just” He flopped his head and arms forward dramatically “Ugh”

The gentle tinkle of the bell made him sit up fast and return to his station to greet the customer coming into the shop. It was a regular, not one that Stiles liked, unfortunately, he found him creepy, the guy always leered a little making Stiles’ skin crawl.

“The usual?” He smiled even though it didn't reach his eyes.

“How sweet of you to remember” The guy preened and Stiles just about held back a gag.

“It’s my job” He grinned while holding out the card machine. The man tapped his card and went and sat down. “Oh yeah sure” He mumbled under his breath “I’ll just bring it over then shall I?”

Lydia was on a call by the time Stiles had served his creepy customer so he went back behind the counter.

“Stiles, be a sweetheart and bring me some sugar” The guy called with just a hint of perv in his voice. Stiles obediently bought over the sugar and went to drop it on the table but Creepy McCreeperson grabbed his wrist “Such soft hands” He caressed “And long fingers” Stiles snatched his hand away.

“That's all sir?”

The guy tutted, shaking his head “No more of this sir business Stiles, you know my name, it’s Ryan, we’re the same age, calling me sir makes me feel old. Also” He grinned “I like the way you say my name”

“Oh god” Stiles walked away quickly.

And just to make his afternoon fan-fucking-tastic Mrs Hodges came in. She made a song and dance about all the 'ridiculous coffee names' and once again protested about how she is 'supposed to know' what she's ordering. Then, the same as every time she comes in she ordered a Siren coffee and a slice of Erica's apple pie to go. She didn't tip. She never does.

Why do days just go like that sometimes Stiles pondered, wiping the table that Lydia had vacated a few minutes earlier. Sometimes she bought in her laptop and worked from there but she didn't want to make the new boss angry so she enjoyed her coffee, bitched at Stiles and left. Ryan was still hanging around, luckily Isaac would be there soon to relieve Stiles so he could have a break and hide from Ryan.

Isaac was great, Stiles liked him a lot, they worked well together and he was quite intuitive of how Stiles was feeling, which was pretty impressive, given Stiles was hard to read at the best of times, but it was like Isaac had a super power or something. Feelings man? No, not cool enough. Intuitive man? Nope. Emotion man? No, just leave it there. It's not a thing. Move on.


"I'm telling you Stiles he looked at you when he walked past the window. I saw him" Isaac nodded his head enthusiastically "He's definitely noticed you"

"Isaac this isn't high school" he huffed out a laugh while grinding some more beans, Derek had almost gone through the last batch of 'Late'. "He probably looks in every shop window"

"This is different Stiles its-" The door opening cut him off, he rushed out the front to serve the customer and left Stiles to finish his blending. He could hear the low hum of voices, it sounded like more than one customer in the shop. That was unusual, usually it was a steady flow kind of place rather than a manic rush.

Stiles' head shot up when Lydia burst through the doors to the kitchen area.

"That's it! That's it Stiles I have had it up to here" She raised her hand just a over her head "with that man! Ugh!"

"New boss?" Stiles queried while bagging the blended coffee up.

"Yes new boss, for goodness sake Stiles, keep up" She tapped her foot.

"What's he done now?" Stiles moved towards her, enveloping her in a hug.

"You know that architect meeting I talked about with all the big wigs?" Stiles nodded against her shoulder "He bloody told them to come here to deliberate their decision. Here Stiles!" She pulled back from his embrace and looked at him, her green eyes wide with annoyance "This is my haven, my retreat. I don't want them all in here, this is where I come to escape" He smiled a little, it meant a lot knowing Stiles' coffee shop was Lydia's safe place.

"Tell you what" He said, pulling a chair over from the corner and setting it up against one of the counters "Just for today, this is your escape, in here, with me" She went to speak but he raised his hand to stop her "Na ah! Don't argue Lyds, I'll go and make you a drink," He kissed her temple as she sat down, "You're welcome to stay as long as you like"

Isaac was red faced and rushing around like a mad man trying to take the orders and make them up. Stiles quickly made Lydia a cup of Siren and returned to help Isaac out.

"You take the orders Isaac and I'll make them ok?" He nodded furiously and Stiles just smiled.

Derek approached the counter.

"Cup of late, to go" He said gruffly to Isaac, Stiles had already spotted him and made his order, he placed it in front of him before Isaac had even processed the payment.

"Afternoon coffee Derek? Whatever next? I had you down as a morning only kind of person"

Derek slowly raised his gaze to meet Stiles' eyes "Often think about me in the morning Stiles?" He smirked and abruptly left, Stiles spluttered out a few non-coherent words and Isaac threw his head back laughing, the traitor.

The following morning when Derek appeared, Stiles gave him a smile and greeted him cheerfully

"Good morning Derek, what can I get you?" They had been exchanging pleasantries for the past 3 weeks, every morning, Monday to Friday and Derek ordered the same thing.

Derek raised an eyebrow and damn if it wasn't super hot "Cup of late to go" he said, pulling out his wallet.

Stiles rubbed his chin and hummed "Hmm I don't think I sell anything by that name"

Derek pointed at the board, and realised that 'Late' had gone, only to be replaced with 'Smartass - Strong, dark and sassy'. He looked at Stiles and back at the board.

"Fine" he said finally "Cup of smartass to go"

Stiles clapped his hands together and said "Your caffeine wish is my command" and cackled at his own cleverness.

Derek once again left a $5 tip, Stiles once again thanked him but said it wasn't necessary.

The day actually went surprisingly ok, it was a nice flow of people once again and not a stupid rush like the day before. Erica had made some new brownies which were a huge hit and sold out almost instantly.

As Stiles was locking up the shop and preparing to do some grocery shopping he suddenly became aware of a presence behind him, someone was standing close, way too close. He gripped onto his keys thinking they would make a decent weapon and spun round.

"Ryan!" He screeched "Jesus Christ dude, you frightened the shit out of me"

Ryan grinned, shark like and scary "Sorry Stiles" He removed an invisible piece of lint from Stiles' coat "I didn't mean to scare you" They were still standing way too close and he couldn't take a step backwards as the shop door was right there.

"Can you er, can you back up and let me breathe?" Stiles pushed on his chest a little, after some resistance Ryan did back up a few steps, allowing Stiles to breathe.

"Where're you off too? I could keep you company?"

Stiles shook his head "Na, s'ok, just grabbing some groceries, nothing exciting" he let out a small laugh and rubbed the back of his neck "Anyway" he rocked on the balls of his feet "I better be off" he pointed in the direction of where his jeep was parked and went to walk away.

Ryan suddenly crowded Stiles into the shop door, placing his hands either side of his face, flat against the glass and leaned down so their faces were almost touching. Stiles could smell his breath, the faint tang of coffee assaulting his nose.

"You're a tease, you know that?" He hissed "Walking around in those tight little khakis and those red polo shirts that hug your biceps delectably" He rubbed his nose across Stiles' "And that mouth" His voice was pitched low as he pushed Stiles further into the glass door, Stiles could feel what he really hoped was his mobile phone digging into his abdomen and not the dudes dick "The things I could do with that mouth"

"Get off me!" Stiles shouted and attempted to wriggle out from where he was trapped but Ryan shoved one of his big legs in between Stiles'

"Now now sweetheart, you can't tell me you don't want this?" He ran a hand down Stiles' chest and stopped when his fingers reached the waistband of his trousers.

"Ryan!" He shouted, panicking a bit "Stop" He wasn't sure how he was going to get out of this situation, it was almost midnight and the streets were empty, shouting wouldn't do any good and he couldn't reach his phone. He considered playing along until Ryan eased up but the rate he was going he was planning on fucking Stiles against the shop doorway "Dude I don't-" was as far as he got before Ryan suddenly stumbled backwards, freeing Stiles.

"Derek!" He gasped as Derek's fist collided with Ryan's face. Ryan turned to the side, his lip split and spat blood next to Derek's feet, Derek hit him again, this time Stiles heard the crack of his nose and watched as the blood ran down, painting the front of his shirt red.

"He said no!" Derek spat, Ryan pulled his arm back and punched Derek in the eye, his head went back and he stumbled a step or two before righting himself, both men faced each other with their fists up.

"No!" Stiles shouted standing in between them "I'm not a fucking princess, stop fighting, you asses!" Neither man moved for what felt like hours but was probably only seconds "Ryan go home, go" Stiles pointed "Leave. Before I call my Dad, the sheriff" Stiles raised his eyebrows and made a shooing motion with his hands.

Ryan hesitated for a few more seconds, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and pointed at Stiles "This isn't over sweetheart" he spat before turning and stomping off towards the main Street.

"Derek" Stiles put a hand on his arm "You ok? Shit your eye" He screwed up his face and pulled Derek back towards the shop by his sleeve "Come on, I've got an ice pack inside" Derek followed him silently as he led him back through the shop and through a door he unlocked that said 'No Entry'.

The stairs creaked a little as they both climbed them. Stiles unlocked the door at the top and beckoned for Derek to follow him.

"Take a seat dude" Stiles pointed to the couch, Derek obeyed but remained silent. Stiles grabbed an ice pack from his freezer and handed it to Derek who immediately placed it over his eye.

"Thanks" He mumbled

"No! Thank you!" Stiles waved his hands around "If you hadn't shown up I don't know what would have happened"

Derek nodded "An ex?" He quietly queried.

"Derek!" Stiles slumped forward dramatically "Dude give me some credit, you really think he's my type?" He stuck his tongue out in disgust earning him a small huff of laughter from Derek "No the guys just a creep who comes in for coffee and pervs on me. I didn't think he'd ever go that far though. He's never, like he's, well he's smacked my ass before but that's the first time he's tried anything like that. Jesus'' he ran his hand through his hair "That was fucked up"

Derek nodded.

"Want me to look at your eye?" He knelt down in front of Derek and placed his hand over the top of his and pulled it away, taking the ice pack with it. A big red welt had appeared and it had began to swell, Stiles sucked in air through his teeth "That's going to bruise" he gently stroked it, Derek flinched "Shit, sorry man" he apologised standing up suddenly "I'll er, go grab you some aloe cream, it's good for swelling" Stiles walked quickly towards the bathroom, clattering about in his medicine cupboard until he found what he was looking for "Got it" he called coming back out "Derek?" He stopped his his tracks, the man was gone, the front door was wide open.

The following morning when Derek arrived for his morning coffee Stiles expected him to be sporting a black eye and looking extra grumpy, but the black eye wasn't there.

“What can I get for you today?” Stiles narrowed his eyes at him “Are you wearing makeup?” Derek seemed to falter a little, his mouth hung open in surprise “Dude that's genius!” He reached his hand out only for Derek to bat it away “Oh! Yeah! Don't want to smudge it, sorry” He grinned “Whatever you want, on the house”.

“A cream cheese bagel and a cup of smartass” Derek said gruffly, Stiles shook his head and pointed to the menu. Derek’s shoulders sagged a little “Really?” Stiles raised his eyebrows and grinned “Fine” Derek huffed “A cup of hero” Stiles’ smile was beautiful, he really seemed pleased with himself.

The board now read ‘Hero - Strong, bold and fresh from the fight’, which Stiles was quite pleased with.

“Look about yesterday dude” Stiles started as he was preparing the bagel and coffee to go “I didn't get the chance to thank you, what you did for me, it was” He flapped his hands around dramatically “Well you were a hero” He put the cup down on the counter “My hero” He said shyly without looking up. Derek grabbed his order, threw $5 on the counter and left.

Stiles didn't get it, the guy saved him from creepy Ryan and yet he can't seem to be around Stiles for longer than a few minutes. How did he even know Ryan was attacking him in the first place. Stiles’ train of thought was abruptly de-railed as Lydia came flying into the room and slammed her Louis Vuitton bag on the counter.

“Of all the low down, shitty bosses, I get stuck with Mr fucking Hale!” She cursed “I could, I could, ugh” She mimed strangling someone “Stiles” She made grabby hands at him so he went round to the front of the counter and hugged her. He loved hugging Lydia, he knew it was something she didn't give away easily so it felt even more special. He walked her over to her usual table and pulled a seat out for her. She shook her head. “I need a bigger table today” She walked dramatically over to a table near the back of the cafe that seated 6 people, it was the largest table Stiles had put in and if he was honest he only put it in so his friends could gather there. He made her a coffee and bought it over, curious as to why the large table he enquired

“You never sit back here, what’s going on?”

“You don't mind if I use your table for a business meeting do you?” She said, laying her important looking folders onto the table and looking up at him with the most adorable green eyes.

Stiles shrugged “Nah, it’s cool. More customers for me. So,” He sat down opposite her as she continued to get her paperwork in order and fire up her laptop “Er plugs behind you” He waved his pointed finger in the direction of the wall, she made an affirmative noise, so he continued “What’s Mr fucking Hale done this time?”

“He was supposed to meet me at the office last night, I waited until 9.30 and the bastard didn't turn up, then he has the nerve to saunter in this morning and tell me ‘something came up’” She mimicked in an unflattering voice “Honestly Stiles, I’m sick of this guys shit. So i left a message for him to meet me here at 10.30” She looked up at the retro clock on the wall “Which gives me about an hour to get all this straight”

“What a twat” Stiles said supportively “He doesn’t deserve you”

“I know” She smirked “How's things with coffee guy?” Stiles pointed to the board “Oh!” She grinned leaning forward a little “Do share the reason behind the sudden name change” She smiled.

“I had a, well not a real, but a bit of a-”

“Stiles” She rolled her eyes “Get to the point”

“Little run in with Ryan” He rubbed the back of his neck a little and huffed out a laugh “And Derek happened to be passing so he rescued me” He shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Define ‘run in’ and ‘rescue’” She looked him up and down, obviously checking for injuries.

“Lyds, it’s not that bad-”

“Which means it is” She spoke over the top of him.

“Ryan got a bit handsy and Derek sort of punched him. In the face. His actual face” Stiles’ eyes were really wide, like he couldn't believe someone punched someone else to defend his honour.

“He fucking what?” And ohhhh sailor Lydia was his favourite type of Lydia “He fucking touched you? Where? How?” She dug her nails so deep into her palm she almost drew blood. Stiles reached out and put his hands over hers.

“Honestly Lyda, I wasn't hurt. Promise. Derek took a punch to the eye which is almost certainly given him a massive black eye and Ryan had facial injuries too, like a cut lip and shit”

“We need to tell the Sheriff”

“No. Nope. No. No” Stiles shook his head hard enough to make himself dizzy “Derek was there. He made sure I was ok and it just got a little out of hand”

“I don't like this situation Stiles, I do however, like Derek. Any man who defends your honour is a good man in my book. Now shoo, I have important work to do” She made a shooing motion as Stiles stood up and blew her a kiss.

Almost an hour later Derek makes an appearance at the door, Stiles is a little startled to see him but happy he’s back for the second time in one day. He was talking on his phone so Stiles just pointed at the board and smiled. Derek nodded and proceeded to stomp his way through the shop and stop at the table Lydia was occupying, pull out a chair and sit down. Stiles couldn't make the drink fast enough, he was almost happy to sacrifice the flavour in order to get over there quicker. Almost. By the time he got over there with Derek’s drink he had finished on the phone and was in a deep discussion with Lydia. Stiles cleared his throat, standing awkwardly at the end of the table.

“Stiles this is Mr Hale" Lydia gestured “Mr Hale this is Stiles, he owns this fine establishment. You won't find finer coffee anywhere else, he grinds it himself” She boasted

“Stiles” Derek smiled, taking his drink from him and brushing his hand against Stiles’ as he did.

“Derek” Stiles said emphatically, raising his eyebrows.

“Derek?” Lydia hissed “Oh no. No Stiles, Please for the love of Prada tell me this isn't Derek, Derek?”

Both men were staring at each other as Stiles giggled a little and said “I bet I can tell you why your boss stood you up last night Lyds” And did Derek just blush a little? Oh, this was good “He was busy rescuing yours truly from the clutches of evil, like a knight in shining armour he-”

“Yes” Derek interrupted, his voice a little hoarse “I think she gets it”

“You seem to be minus a black eye Mr Hale” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“I’m a quick healer” He growled, and oh my god Stiles is about to pop a boner if he does that again. Holy shit. “Shall we get back to the city hall renovation or would you like to gossip with your friend a little more Ms Martin”

Lydia rolled her eyes and shooed Stiles away once more. He and Isaac, who had come in a little after 12, occasionally bought them more drinks as the meeting went on. He wondered how Derek could be so lovely to him and yet an absolute prick to Lydia. Mind you, she did have a tendency to rub people up the wrong way. Heh, Stiles would like to rub Derek up the-

The coffee shop phone rang, Stiles picked it up on the second ring.

“Inspired by, Stiles speaking” He clutched the phone a little tighter, Isaac noticed and moved close to him. He had known Stiles long enough to recognise his ‘something’s wrong’ face “Ok, ok ok. Where? I’m on my way, I’m on my way” He slammed the phone down and ripped his apron off, thrusting it at Isaac “Erica’s had a seizure” He managed to say as he ran through the shop, almost taking the door off its hinges and sprinting the few blocks to Erica’s bakery.

Pushing through the small crowd that had started gathering. Erica was lying on the floor, unconscious but no longer seizing. He gently stroked her hair back and made sure her airway was clear “Kira, close the shop” He very calmly said, knowing that Erica needed as little stimulation as possible to recover. Kira did as she was asked and moved the shop sign to ‘closed’, she knelt down next to Stiles and looked at him with watery eyes “Hey” He nudged her shoulder “You did good. Ambulance on its way?”

Kira nodded, making a single tear fall “I phoned Boyd, he’s going to meet her at the hospital. I’m sorry I phoned you, I’ve never seen her have a seizure before and it was so quick and she just fell and I-”

“Hey, none of that” Stiles gave a watery smile “It’s ok, I know how scary it was. Ask Erica what happened the first time I saw her seize, I was a mess, I ended up in the hospital with a panic attack and was absolutely no use to her whatsoever, so you’ve trumped me!” She smiled “Go and make sure the EMT’s can get in”

Kira went and stood outside the door, Stiles stroked Erica’s face “Erica?” He said in a soft voice “Ready to wake up? It’s,” He looked at his watch “1.05pm, you’re in the bakery and you’re covered in what I believe to be cake batter” She stirred a little “It’s Tuesday the 10th and we’re waiting for an ambulance” He’s taken up giving Erica this little speech as she's rousing as she often gets confused about where she is, he doesn't know if it’s that that helps or just hearing his voice.

He could hear the paramedics approaching from the door, firing questions at Kira who was just making slightly incoherent noises “She’s 28, had epilepsy since she was 3, she’s on Phenobarbital and her last seizure was 3 weeks ago” The EMT went to speak but Stiles held up his hand “No she’s not pregnant, no she doesn't drink alcohol, no i’m not her boyfriend. I’m Stiles, her next of kin alongside her boyfriend Boyd who is meeting us at the hospital. Yes, I'm coming with you, no that is not up for discussion” The EMT’s looked at each other and decided now was not the time to argue with him.

Stiles was a font of knowledge about Erica, he had seen her have more seizures than even Boyd had seen. They all went to high school together, she was the first person Stiles ever told he was gay and he was the first person she ever let stay with her after a seizure. The worrying thing was that her seizures had been becoming more frequent recently but no-one seemed to know why. He accompanied her to the hospital knowing that she would be mad when she woke up, Erica hated having seizures, she was embarrassed, frustrated and scared. Would this one be the one that killed her? Would she hit her head and die? Would she have a seizure when she was alone? It was all completely unknown and that's what scared her the most.

“Hey sweetie” Stiles said, laying next to Erica on her hospital bed, she looked at him unfocused and winced as she stretched a little, muscles still a little stiff “You seized, at work, you weren't hurt and the bakery is fine, it’s still tuesday and Boyd is on his way” He kissed the top of her head “Oh and good news, you didn't pee yourself this time, so go you!” He grinned, she huffed out a laugh. She wasn't able to speak yet but she snuggled into him a little more “You know, I think I like you best when you’re this quiet” He said, earning him a slightly uncoordinated slap from Erica “Hey!” He squeaked “I left the world's sexiest man in my shop to come and be your hero, so less violence please Ms Reyes!” He shifted down the bed a little more, moving so Erica was laying on him with her head on his chest, he stroked her hair while she waited until she was given control of her body back “Remember I told you about Derek from the coffee shop, who saved me from creepy Ryan the other day? He’s Lydia’s asshole boss!” She squeezed him a little to let him know she was listening “I shit you not! I mean, how can a man that fucking beautiful act like an asshole to Lyds?” He sighed deeply “You know what?” He flailed a little “Ignore that, of course he’s an asshole, he looks like that” Boyd walked through the door and immediately went to Erica’s side.

“Boyd” She croaked, voice still not sounding like her own.

“Shhh baby, I’m here” He leaned in and kissed her gently on the mouth.

Stiles cleared his throat and puckered his lips trying to get a kiss from Boyd, Erica cackled as Boyd raised his eyebrows and pulled away shaking his head “Worth a try though right?” He winked. Removing himself from the bed he shook Boyds hand, who thanked him for stepping in when he couldn't. None of them mentioned the fact that her seizures were becoming more and more frequent.


“Anyone but him”

“Lyds, come on” Stiles flopped down on the sofa next to her.

“No” She pointed one perfectly manicured finger at him. "I will not budge on this, I won't. He’s an asshole and he doesn't deserve you. He growles, Stiles, literally growls”

Stiles laughed to cover up the fact that he found that way hotter than he should. “I know he’s like that to you but he saved me from creepy Ryan, literally saved me. Think of how good the story will be when we tell our grandkids?! He’s perfect”

“No. Enough about that, how's Erica?”

“Honestly, not good” He rubbed his hand over his face, letting out a sharp breath “The frequency is now weeks instead of months which is worrying. She’s having more tests done at the moment, see if anything changed, but to be honest they don't have a clue why they’re getting worse. I just wish I could take it away, you know? Erica doesn't deserve this, she’s hard working and sharp as a tack. I fucking hate it Lyds. Hate it”

Lydia reached over and held his hand “You’re a good friend Stiles, i’m sure both her and Boyd appreciate your support”

Stiles enjoyed his couple of days off, Isaac assured him that he was more than capable of running the coffee shop while Stiles took a rest, but promised to text him anything major. So far he had received texts about Mrs Hodges coming in and complaining about literally everything and cycle girl ordering an ‘on your bike’ coffee and screeching out an ear piercing laugh. He really needed to speak to Isaac about what constitutes major news.

Isaac: Derek just walked in

Stiles: He did? What’s he wearing?
Stiles: Isaac?
Stiles: Don’t just say Derek’s there and then go quiet 🙄

Isaac: Sorry I was making a ‘Hero’ for him. He’s wearing blue jeans and a navy shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looks nice 😊

Stiles: OMG! I love his arms, they’re all sexy and muscular 🥵😍

Isaac: [Image] (image is Derek walking away from the counter)

Stiles: Isaac!!! You can't just take photos of strangers and send them, there’s laws and shit against that, it’s called stalking ffs 🙄.
Stiles: Also, thank you! That ass!! 🍑

Isaac: Relax, he didn't see me, he had his back to me. He asked where you were 😉

Stiles: What did you say?

Isaac: I told him where you were. At Lydia’s 🤷🏻♀️

Shit. Mentioning Lydia probably wasn't the best idea Isaac could have had but it was the truth so Stiles wouldn't hold it against him.

It was Friday morning when Derek walked through the door of ‘Inspired By’ again, dressed in his business suit and looking particularly dashing he sauntered up to the counter.

He looked up at the board and dropped his head forward in what Stiles hoped was fond frustration “Cup of ‘Sorry Derek’ please”
“Coming right up”

“Are you ever going to stick to a name for this particular blend?”

Stiles cocked his head to the side while making the drink and hummed a little “Probably not”

Derek rolled his eyes. Was everything this man did hot? “Why are you sorry?”

Stiles put his cup on the counter and held out the card machine, they didn't even bother to try and look like this didn't happen every day at this point “What?” He looked surprised “Oh, er, you know, because of Lyds and stuff and running out on you the other day” He wiped his hands on his jeans. Derek just stood there for a few seconds.

“I don't accept”


“I don't acc-”

“No, I heard you” He interrupted “Why don't you accept?” crossing his arms over his chest he leaned against the counter

“Number one, don't apologise because Lydia thinks i’m an asshole, I am an asshole, at work at least” He held his hand up to stop Stiles’ interruption “She’s entitled to her own opinion, and number two, you ran out to help your friend, Lydia told me the situation. How is she by the way? Your friend that is, not Lydia, i know how she is as she’s already screamed at me once this morning and it's only 7.30am”

Stiles smiled and rubbed the back of his neck “Erica. She’s. She’s ok, I guess. I mean not ok ok but ok, you know?”

“I really don't” Derek said blowing on his coffee, he pointed to a seat and moved his head gesturing for Stiles to follow. They sat opposite each other by the window. Stiles removed his red apron and put it on the table.

“She’s sick. Epilepsy. She’s had it since she was a child but these last few months she’s been seizing more than ever before. More frequent” Stiles looked down at his hands on his lap “That’s why I ran out, I know her medical history, what drugs she was on and basically everything about her. We made a pact as her boyfriend Boyd works outside of Beacon Hills that I would be her next of kin as I’m closer”

“That’s quite a responsibility”

“She’s my best friend. If i could cure her i would do it in a heartbeat” Derek cocked his head to the side slightly “But I can't” Stiles continued “So I help look after her instead”

“Can nothing be done to help her?”

He shook his head “No, they keep trying but nothing helps”

They sat and discussed Erica for a little while, Derek lending an empathetic ear to Stiles, before eventually he stood and announced that he had to get to work to go over the final project plans with Lydia and didn't fancy facing her wrath for the second time that morning.

“Thanks for listening. I feel bad that I charged you for the coffee now” Stiles stretched then began to put his red apron on. “Derek?” He was about to pull the door open and leave.

“Do you wanna have coffee with me sometime?” Stiles could feel the blood rush to his cheeks as his voice faltered a little. Derek smirked.

“Will you promise to wear the red apron?” Stiles’ eyes went wide and he opened and closed his mouth a few times, doing a great impression of a fish, Derek laughed and Stiles almost swooned “Yes Stiles. I will have coffee with you” And with that he left.

Stiles had a spring in his step for the rest of the day. Well until Lydia texted him later that evening while he was sat in bed thinking inappropriate thoughts about Derek liking his red apron.

Queen Lyds: Stiles! Derek told me you asked him out for coffee. I specifically told you not to date him! 🤬

Stiles: Calm down, it’s probably not even a date, he’s probably straight and this is just a friendly thing 🤷🏻♀️

Queen Lyds: He’s gay Stiles, how can you not see that? That’s besides the point, I forbid you to see him! 😠

Stiles: Because he’s an asshole at work? 🙄 No! You can't forbid me to see people, you’re not my keeper. Don't be a bitch! 😛

Queen Lyds: Stiles I swear to God I will maime you! 🤬

Stiles: I love you too 😘

He turned his phone off and laid down. What if Derek was some sort of asshole and he’s just putting on a front for Stiles? Or what if he’s an asshole at work and not outside of work, like Jekyll and Hyde? Or what if he’s just playing a game with them both to see who will crack first? Or what if…...Stiles’ head continued to helpfully supply many different scenarios, at the point where he was considering if Derek was an alien and had been sent to take over planet Earth he decided that sleep was most definitely in order.


“Yeah ok, thanks for letting me know Boyd, I’m here if you need anything” Stiles ended the call and bent over with his head on the counter. He didn't hear the door open, or the bell tinkle.

“Stiles?” Derek enquired, Stiles shot up so fast he made himself dizzy, groaning he said.

“Bloody hell Derek, you almost gave me a heart attack”

Derek looked at the board and grinned “Cup of ‘how about friday?’ please. And yes. Coffee on friday is fine”

Stiles smiled but Derek noticed it didn't reach his eyes “I thought I could close at 8pm and you could meet me here? If that’s not too lame? I wouldn't want to take you somewhere with inferior coffee”

“Plus you live upstairs” Derek said as Stiles spilt boiling hot water all over himself as he fumbled the mug.

“Shitting Shit” He hissed, abandoning the drink to run his hand under cold water. Derek moved so fast, jumping over the counter and coming to stand behind Stiles, so close he could feel his body heat “Derek” He croaked, coughing to clear his throat “Did you just jump over my counter” Derek stepped back looking embarrassed, he couldn't meet Stiles’ eyes and chose to look at the floor instead.

“I meant so you could get changed out of your uniform. Earlier. When i said you live upstairs. So you could change” Stiles continued to grin “Sorry about the counter” He said backing away, and walking straight into the counter before moving to turn round. Stiles grabbed his bicep with his wet hand, grimacing a little at the pain but relishing the contact with Derek’s arm.

“Hey, it’s ok, you don't have to go” Derek looked down at Stiles’ hand “It’s ok, about the counter thing, and honestly dude, i’m super clumsy and burn myself at least once a month, if not more” He pulled his hand away letting his fingers dance over the swell of Derek’s muscle, he wasn't expecting Derek to take hold of his hand so the gasp that made him sound like a swooning lady was totally acceptable in this situation.

“You’re hurt” Derek said quietly, fingers brushing around the small red mark on Stiles’ hand, he lifted it towards his face, eyes trained on Stiles, just as the soft tinkle of the door filled the air followed by a loud voice

“Hey boss” Really Isaac? You choose right now to be early? Derek dropped his hand and stepped as far back as he could “I came in early, Boyd phoned me, said Erica had another seizure in the night so i thought you might want to visit her, you know she asks for you after seizing” He finally looked up as he approached the counter “Oh hi Derek” He grinned “Everything ok?”

“I was just leaving,” Derek said, walking past Isaac and throwing $5 onto the counter before striding out the door, minus the coffee.

“Isaac” Stiles groaned “I want to both thank you for your kindness and roundhouse kick you in the face for your timing!”

Isaac just pulled a confused face and Stiles shook his head fondly, it wasn't his fault after all. But at least he was about 80% sure Derek was interested, which would make the coffee board more fun now at least. He text Boyd and headed over to see Erica.

For the next few days the coffee changed names on the board from ‘Counter jumper - Bold, strong and will put a spring in your step’ to ‘Blue suits you - Smooth, strong and alluring’ to finally ‘8pm - Attractive and exciting with a little surprise’. Derek smiled and asked for the drinks with a roll of his eyes every day, he enquired about Erica and made sure Stiles’ burn was healing, including gifting him an aloe plant, which he placed on one of the shelves next to the coffee for future burns, it was in a little wolf plant pot.

Stiles was eagerly running around making sure everything was in order for their date, he had something a little special planned and was worried Derek wouldn't enjoy it. He changed out of his uniform into his tightest jeans (thank you Lydia for making him buy them) and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up in preparation. Derek was right on time wearing dark jeans and a green v neck sweatshirt that looked softer than a box full of puppies. Stiles let out a little smirk as he let him in through the front door, locking it again behind him.

"This way Sir" He gestured for Derek to follow him to a table near the back that was laid with a dark blue tablecloth and white China, a slab of chocolate cake was on each plate and a steaming mug of coffee next to them. Stiles had even put a little bunch of flowers on the table between them, he had no idea what they were but he liked the colours, purple and white.

"Stiles, this looks, it looks lovely" Derek smiled as he took a seat in front of the mug with black coffee in it, he didn't even want to know how much cream and sugar Stiles had in his. Derek loved it when Stiles blushed, it made him look adorable.

"Oh" He grinned, waving a hand in front of the table "It's nothing. Well not nothing but, you know, it's just, oh. Thank you" he said finally, taking a seat.

Talking to Derek was easy, he was content to just listen most of the time to Stiles ramblings and funny stories of him and Erica growing up. He could see she meant a lot to Stiles.

"So I'll just take these plates over to the counter and we can move into the kitchen" He winked at Derek and grabbed the plates, moving to the counter "I've got you your own re- oh!" He was cut off as he turned back towards the shop, Derek was in his personal space, so close Stiles could feel his breath ghosting his face "Hi" He smiled.

Derek was looking at him intently, gaze flicking between his eyes and his mouth "The board" was all he said, voice low and intimate. Earlier on in the day Stiles had changed the board to 'Derek - Hot, smooth and guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat'. "You changed it" It was a statement, not a question. Stiles nodded.

"Uh huh. I think. I think I'll keep it this time"

Derek gently cupped a hand on Stiles' cheek, it was slightly calloused against his soft skin, Stiles shivered at the drag of rough against smooth "God Stiles" Derek whispered as his lips brushed against Stiles', just slow pressure of lips on lips as he bought his other hand to rest on Stiles hip. Stiles traced his fingers up Derek's arms until one hand was on a bicep and one was carding through the back of his hair, Derek used his body to pin Stiles against the counter, he tilted his head slightly and used his tongue to-


Both men pulled apart, not expecting anyone else to be there, and huh, Lydia was right, Derek did indeed growl. Nice.

"Ryan, how the fuck did you get in?" Stiles spat angrily.

Ryan held up a set of keys and jingled them from side to side "You really should be careful where you keep your spare keys, anyone can get hold of them"

"Get. Out" Derek growled, low and menacing.

"Now, now, let's not have a repeat of last week"

"Please" Stiles put both of his hands up in a placating manner "Please, just leave. Go home, drop my keys and just go. Derek and I were h-"

"Oh I can see exactly what you and Derek were doing Stiles and that just won't fly with me. You see, you and I" he gestured between himself and Stiles "We're connected" He laced his fingers together as if to prove the point "You're just being obtuse"

"I'm what? No! No way dude, you and I are not connected in any fucking way"

“Stiles!” Ryan snapped, stepping forward as Derek put a hand out in front of Stiles in protection “I’m going to ask you one more time to give me a chance, I know we could be good together, hell, I know you feel it too” Stiles shook his head “Think hard before you make your decision Stiles, the rest of your life depends on it” He tilted his head slightly to the side.

“What are you? The fucking joker? No, Ryan, No. I don't want you, I never have. You creep me out dude” He shrugged “I’m sorry”

Ryan shook his head, “Me too” He reached into the back of his trousers and all Stiles saw was a glint of shiny material before he was pushed back into the counter and Derek was rushing forward. Derek roared and grabbed Ryan by the throat, lifting him then slamming him into the ground, he was looming over him in an instant. Ryan let out a scream as his head cracked against the hard floor, gun flying off to the side as he lost his grip. Stiles kicked the gun further away and stared at the scene in front of him, scrubbing his eyes as he looked again. Derek’s eyes were red, like glowing bright red, his hands had claws which were stabbing slightly into Ryan's neck, and he was definitely more hair. And holy shit, were those fangs?

“Stiles! Help me!” Ryan’s voice was shaking and unrecognisable, Derek held his breath, waiting for Stiles’ response. He moved a little closer, put his hands on his hips and bent forward slightly.

“Hmm. Well” He began, Derek didn't dare take his eyes off Ryan “You see, the thing is Ryan, I’m going to give you one more chance to agree to leave me the fuck alone, or Derek here” He gestured towards him “Is going to rip your throat out”

“With my teeth” Derek slurred around his fangs, dropping his face a little closer

“Oh nice, Der, nice” Stiles patted his shoulder

“Ok, Ok, Jesus, just, just let me go, I’ll leave Stiles alone, I’m sorry” Ryan began to cry, Derek screwed up his nose and looked at Stiles who nodded.

Derek pulled him into a seated position by his shirt and held him a inch from his own face “If you so much as look at Stiles, ever again, I will kill you” He barked.

“Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, fuck, I promise!” Derek dragged Ryan up to stand, he manhandled him out the door, throwing him out and using the keys he snatched out of Ryan’s hand to lock the door. When he turned back to Stiles he looked human again.

“Stiles I-” He looked shyly at him.

“What? You think you’re the first supernatural I’ve ever seen?” He snorted “You’ve met Lydia!” Derek huffed a small laugh “Banshee. Incase you didn't know”

“I know” He smiled, walking toward Stiles a little hesitantly, Stiles grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the counter, handing him a red apron.

“Put this on dude, we have a date to finish”

“Should we er, maybe move the gun first?”

The gun was still sitting on the floor where Stiles had kicked it so he moved it to the coffee shop’s safe and returned to the kitchen where Derek was waiting for him.

“Ohhh, red looks good on you big guy” He nodded towards the red apron Derek now had on “Talking of red, wanna tell me what's going on with the whole red eyes, furry face combo?” He began to place small pots of different beans and other ingredients on the table in front of Derek.

“You said you knew about the supernatural so you tell me?” He smirked and it was fucking sexy, Stiles bit back a moan.

“I don't know about all supernatural creatures dude, I know a Banshee, which is Lyds and a Kanima called Jackson. I have no idea what your furry butt is! Oh! OH!!” He said excitedly “Is that why you and Lydia fight all the time? You’re like her supernatural enemy or something?”

Derek laughed “No. We fight because I’m an asshole at work and she’s a bitch” He shrugged “I don't even know if she knows about me”

Stiles gave him a seriously look “It’s Lydia. Of course she knows”

“Fair point. I’m a werewolf” Stiles dropped the spoon he was holding.

“You’re shitting me?”

“An alpha werewolf actually” Derek explained the meaning behind being an alpha, a little about werewolves, which then lead them on to discussing werewolf senses and Stiles got really really excited at this point as he explained to Derek that they were making a new coffee blend together for the second part of their date and that his special senses would come in handy.

“So I thought we could use Robusta, a strong bean for the base, cos, you know, you love a strong, bitter coffee. Also I don't blend in the traditional way using only beans, it’s what makes my coffee so irresistible” Stiles put some coffee beans in a pestle and mortar and handed it to Derek to grind “sniff some ingredients and let me know your thoughts”

“You smell like coffee” Derek blurted, a little embarrassed by his sudden outburst “And apples” Stiles moved closer to him.


Derek nodded “And grass after it’s rained” Stiles took a step so he was almost in Derek’s personal space.

“Yeah?” He repeated before moving forward to kiss Derek.

“And arousal” Derek said against his lips. Stiles froze, then pulled back sharply and barked out a laugh.

“Dude! What the fuck?” He gently smacked him on the shoulder “You can smell how I feel?”

“It’s how I knew you liked me. I’m not good with social cues, so my sense of smell helps me”

“So you’re saying that whatever I'm feeling is being broadcast to you constantly?”

“Not just you” He shrugged “Everybody”

“Oh my god” Stiles stepped back, flailing “I will never be able to secretly check you out again!” He laughed, taking the pestle and mortar and emptying the ground up coffee beans into a bowl

“Nothing you do is that much of a secret Stiles, you burnt your hand because you mistook the meaning of my words”

“Shut up” He glared at him “So what flavours shall we enhance our coffee with?”

“Apple” Derek said, taking some dried apples and handing them to Stiles to put in the bowl.

“What else?”

“What reminds you of me? I put apples in for you” Derek said shyly “This is our blend right?”

Stiles made a sound between a moan and a laugh “Fuck dude you’re gonna be the death of me! Coffee reminds me of you, hence why I made you a blend the first day I met you. It was actually the first time I’d made a blend since….well since Ben” Derek tilted his head in question as Stiles took the bowl of dried peaches and added a few. “Peaches” He said, like it was obvious “Because you’ve got a nice ass” He winked, Derek leveled him using just his eyebrows, pretty impressive, despite the smirk playing on his lips “Ah, you’re wondering about Ben?” Stiles continued to grind the mixture as he spoke, avoiding Derek’s eyes. “We were together for just over 2 years, met in college, both studied business. Opening ‘Inspired By’ was always my dream. It started when I used to see my Dad go and get coffee for everyone at the station and they always seemed to enjoy it so much that I wondered what it would be like to have a blend made just for them. And so, the idea was born” Derek picked up another pot that held a small amount of Brazilian coffee in it, Stiles smiled, taking it “Good choice, a nice chocolatey bean. So Ben, he decided he wanted to open his own computer business, which I was supportive of, you know?” Derek nodded “So I never complained when he stopped coming over for dinner with me and Dad, or when he began to work overnight. I was happy for him” Stiles cleared his throat “It also meant that I didn't notice right away when he started seeing his partner behind my back” Derek huffed in annoyance “They had been together for about 3 months by the time I put the pieces together, it broke me you know?” He looked up at Derek who gently pulled the bowl from his hands and placed it on the counter. He pulled him into a hug, wrapping his arms so firmly around Stiles it was a wonder he could breathe. They both stood in silence just hugging for a few minutes before Stiles pulled away and gave him a watery smile “Let’s taste it”.

Stiles made the coffee and poured it into two mugs, handing one to Derek, they both sniffed it before taking a small sip. Stiles immediately added cream and two sugars to his, Derek snorted.

He took another big sniff and his eyes fluttered closed “It smells like us” He whispered quietly. Stiles beamed.

“Perfect! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. What shall we call it?” Stiles quickly wrote down what they used so he could recreate it, Derek shrugged as Stiles tapped the pen against his mouth “We could call it ‘Date’? As that’s what this is, or we could go super romantic and call it ‘Beginning’ because, you know, we’re, we’re at the beginning” Stiles hesitated slightly, unsure of if they were on the same page.

“I just wolfed out in front of you, i think it’s safe to say i have feelings for you Stiles”

“That's it!” Stiles crowed “That’s what we should call it. The wolf!” He smiled so wide all his teeth were on display, Derek flashed his eyes, “Holy shit dude” Stiles groaned “That’s so fucking hot” He threw the pad and pen on the counter and grabbed Derek, sliding his hands into the back of his hair and using it to tug him into a kiss, it wasn't slow and gentle like the previous one, it was needy and full of promise, their lips smashed together, tongues exploring. Derek slid his hands down Stiles’ back to his ass and slightly bending his knees he moved further down to Stiles’ thighs and lifted him up. Stiles wrapped his legs round Derek’s waist “Fuck yeah” He whispered, voice husky and quiet.

Derek placed his forehead against Stiles’ “Stiles” He had his eyes closed “Hang on, I need to, to breathe” Both of them panting, Stiles tightened his legs pulling Derek’s groin even closer to his “Stiles” He growled in warning “I’m trying not to wolf out, you're not helping”

“I’m not trying to help” He giggled “I wanna see you wolf out, it’s hot as fuck” Stiles caught Derek's mouth in a kiss just as his phone rang. He reached into his pocket to answer it, seeing Boyd’s name flash up on the screen “Sorry dude” He apologised to Derek, sliding out of his arms “Hey Boyd. Ok, Shit, Ok, I’m on my way. Yeah. Yeah see you soon” Derek was already grabbing his coat and putting it on “It’s Erica she-”

“Seizure, I heard”

Stiles grabbed his keys, taking Derek’s hand and leading him out of the coffee shop and locking up. “My car” Derek said, tugging Stiles towards the parking lot, Stiles didn't argue, he was unnaturally quiet, seizures were bad enough but when Erica got hurt during a seizure it somehow seemed even more scary.

Derek roared into the parking lot of the hospital, Stiles didn't even concentrate enough to appreciate the camaro. He moved on auto pilot, Derek holding his hand in support. Boyd met them at the door to Erica’s room.

“How is she?” Stiles said in greeting, hugging Boyd loosely. Derek just nodded at him.

“She hit her head, she was in the kitchen making dinner and she fell forward hitting her head on the counter as she fell. It was a bad one Stiles. It lasted longer than I’ve ever seen”

“Did she know where she was?”

He shook his head “She didn’t regain consciousness until they took her into the ER. You can go in, just try not to look like you’re about to cry”

Stiles snorted “I know the drill dude”

“I’ll wait out here” Derek said moving towards the waiting room. Stiles didn't argue.

Seeing Erica looking so small and fragile in the hospital bed was hard, it reminded Stiles of his Mom when she passed. He couldn't lose Erica too. He couldn't.

“Hey catwoman” He smiled, climbing into bed with her, she croaked a greeting as he wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair “How’s the head?” He looked at the small gash on her forehead, it had about 3 stitches and a big blue bruise around it “You really need to stop headbutting things, violence really isn't the answer you know?!” She pinched his side making him squirm “I was on a date, about to get a hot piece of businessman. That’s how much I love you, I chose you over sex” She lifted her head to look at him, eyes still a little glassy “Hey, don't give me that look, the dude is hot, like mega hot”

“Photo?” She said, voice gravelly

“No, no photos. He’s actually outside but I figured he probably wouldn't want to come in and see you all skanky, he has standards you know?!”

“Not if he’s” She paused to take a breath “dating you”

“Ohh so you have jokes huh?! I see how it is. Rude!” Stiles narrowed his eyes thinking about Derek and his magic senses. Shit. He probably heard all of that. Whatever. He is hot. Stiles felt no shame in what he said. He’d say it again damn it.
He spent about an hour cuddled up to Erica before Boyd came back in and switched places with him.

“You gotta have another scan” He told her, she nodded, resigned to it.

“I’m scared” She said “They’re getting worse”

“I know baby” He kissed the top of her head. Stiles sniffed and tried not to blink, holding the tears in.

He excused himself and went back to Derek, who was asleep in his chair in the waiting room. Stiles snapped a quick picture before waking him up.

“C’mon big guy, let's go home” Derek held him tight before taking him home, he dropped him off at the door of the coffee shop and gently kissed him goodbye.

Stiles was at work at normal time, despite only having 4 hours sleep, he had already had 3 strong coffee’s before Derek came in for his morning cup.

“Hey you” Stiles yawned, “What d’ya want?”

Derek looked up at the board and said “The wolf please. But first,” He grabbed the front of Stiles’ work polo shirt and pulled him into a kiss, it was soft and chaste, “Hi” He said, letting him go.

“How do you look so good? We’ve had no sleep, and not in the good way either. The sexy way.” Stiles luckily had his back to Derek as he made his drink “Oh my god. Derek, ignore me” He hung his head in embarrassment as Derek huffed a laugh.

“Anyone but him!” Lydia burst through the door “Stiles I told you, anyone but him!”

Stiles almost dropped Derek's drink “Lydia!” He gasped, grabbing his heart dramatically.

“Ms Martin” Derek greeted, folding his arms. Lydia’s heels clacking on the floor as she stomped over to Derek and pointed in his face “You, shut up” She then turned her attention to Stiles, leaning as far over the counter as she could “Anyone. But. Him” She pursed her lips and punctuated each word with a jab to Stiles’ chest.

He rubbed his chest “You wounded me woman!” He passed Derek his coffee with a wink, he took it smiling and inhaled the scent of their joint made coffee “Lyd’s, take a seat. Derek, take a seat” He pointed to a table in the middle of the coffee shop and moved to lock the door and flip the closed sign. He made himself and Lydia their usual drinks while her and Derek sat in silence glaring at each other. It was a glare fest. Stiles found himself narrating the glares in his head, they were equally terrifying, there will never be a winner.
Stiles took a seat at the table and looked pointedly at them “This'' he motioned between them “Isn’t going to work for me” Lydia opened her mouth to speak “No!” He held up a finger towards her to indicate he wanted her to stop speaking “This is my time. I’ve shut my shop for this, so you will both listen. Understood?” They both nodded. He sat back and sipped his coffee, hoping to stay awake “Lyd’s, you are my closest friend and I love you, and Derek, you are hot as fuck and I wanna date the shit out of you” Lydia scoffed and Derek tried his hardest to suppress the grin he could feel rising “So it’s important to me that you guys get on. So what’s the problem?” He looked between them, uncharacteristically, Lydia was quiet. “Really? You’re quiet now!”

“Stiles” She linked her hands together and placed them on them table in front of her “You know I love you and I will protect you whenever I can, I’m putting my job on the line just by being here, I-”

“You’re not” Derek interrupted, leaning back and crossing his arms

She gave him her best ‘you’re wrong’ glare “As I was saying, I will-”

“Lydia” Derek also sat forward, back straight and looking every bit the corporate manager he was, Stiles wanted to lick his face “Whatever you say here Ms Martin has absolutely nothing to do with your performance at work or your job stability. Whatever we may think of each other professionally doesn't matter here, you may speak freely”

She dipped her head slightly in acknowledgement “Well” She began primly “In that case, you may call me Lydia, in this situation”

“Derek” He inclined his head a little too.

She turned her attention back to Stiles who was falling asleep in his chair “Stiles!” She chastised “Wake up, this is serious”

“Nnnngh” He opened his eyes and flopped dramatically on the table “I didn't get any sleep. I’m tired” He whined.

“Ugh, Stiles I don't want to know” She held up her hand and looked like she was going to vomit. Dramatic much.

Stiles narrowed his eyes “As much as I would have liked to get all up on this” He waved his hand in Derek’s direction, who’s eyes went wide before he schooled his features “We spent the night in hospital with Erica”

“Erica?” Lydia frowned “Another seizure?” She shook her head “They’re getting more and more frequent. Is she ok?”

“Yeah” He ran his hand through this hair “Yeah, she’s tired. Tired because of the seizure and tired of having them. But, as much as I want to discuss Erica, that’s not why we’re here” Stiles had noticed that people were wanting to enter the coffee shop and being turned away by the ‘closed’ sign.

“He’s not who you think he is, Stiles. I can see he makes you happy, but please listen to me when I say he’s-”

“A werewolf,” Stiles interrupted, raising an eyebrow. Derek looked between them interestedly. Lydia had a wave of shock pass over her features before pursing her lips once again.

“An alpha” She spat “Not just a werewolf Stiles, an alpha. So you know how dangerous that is?”

“Yeah, yeah” Stiles rolled his eyes, gesturing wildly “Rip my throat out with his teeth kind of scary,” He mocked “But, he’s not a bad guy Lydia”

“Every werewolf we’ve ever met said they were the good guys Stiles, please don't be naive”

“No. You don't be rude” He turned to face Derek, “You’ll have to excuse my friend Derek, she left her manners in her other handbag!”

“If I may?” Derek queried, putting his empty coffee cup on the counter “Lydia, the cut throat Alpha you see at work is not the same Derek out of work. Well it is but,” He grimaced “I’m harsh because I care. I love the project we’re working on, it’s a dream come true for me and when I found out you were part of the team I jumped at the opportunity to work with you. I’m rude,” He shrugged “I’m arrogant and I like my own way. I hate being told I’m wrong and I won't back down, but-”

“You’re really selling yourself here Derek” She snarked

“-It’s not the wolf that makes me like that, it’s me. I’m an asshole” Stiles snorted “It’s also what makes me so successful. And honest. So when I tell you that I want to date your friend, not so I can make more wolves-”

“Shit!” Stiles interrupted, eyes comically wide “We can do that? Make puppies?” He appeared to be both pleased and horrified at the same time.

Derek smirked “Not the time Stiles” Turning back to Lydia he continues “I do have a pack, just not here. They are in new york, my sisters Cora and Laura, so whatever preconceived ideas you have about me, I can assure you, you are wrong”

She stared at him for a long time before tapping her perfectly manicured fingers onto the table “I’ve got my eye on you Derek Hale” She stood up and kissed Stiles on the cheek before making her exit.
“So? Puppies?” Stiles grinned. It took almost 20 minutes for Derek to convince Stiles that he meant making Beta’s and not actually making puppies with him. Derek was late for work, but surprisingly Lydia had covered for him.

Stiles: Wanna come over tonight? 😉

Derek: K

Stiles: I swear to God Derek if you ever ‘single letter’ me again I will march down to your office and streak through the building 🍑. It’s literally my worst thing, after bad grammar and hangnails. *shudders* fucking hangnails.

Derek: What if I want to see you streak? 😉

Stiles: Fuck Derek! 😳 I just spilled coffee EVERYWHERE! Buy me dinner first you perv!

Derek: Fine. Pizza at yours. 9pm. Flavour?

Stiles: It’s pizza Derek, doesn't matter as long as it’s not anchovies, don't even get me fucking started.

Derek: K

Stiles: DEREK!!! 😳

It was approaching 6pm when Stiles received another text from Derek.

Derek: Are you planning on streaking soon because I’m off home in a minute and wouldn't want to miss it………😜

Stiles: Derek Hale I will receive third degree burns if you keep this shit up! ANOTHER coffee spilled! 🙄

Derek: Lol

Stiles: Jerk

Stiles had made sure his apartment looked reasonable, he’d changed his sheets and taken a shower, just in case. He was about to pop some beers in the fridge when his phone rang. It was Boyd. Erica had another seizure. She was at the hospital, currently sedated. Boys sounded wrecked, Stiles didn't even bother to put his shoes on, he was out the door before Boyd had even hung up the phone. He text Derek on the way to the hospital, saying they would have to rearrange their date.

Stiles rushed through the double doors, knowing exactly the part of the hospital Erica would be in, neurology. Boyd was sat in the waiting room with his head in his hands, the setting sun casting strange shadows on his back. The soft glow of amber and orange filling the room. Stiles silently sat down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Boyd just grunted his acknowledgement.

“What happened?” He asked softly, watching as Boyd unfolded and leaned back in his seat taking up all the room, and some of Stiles’ seat too.

“I was cooking dinner, we were laughing and joking about her killing all the house plants that she insists on buying, despite the fact they literally all die. Erica is many things, but she is not green fingered” He smirked a little “The next thing I know, she was on the floor”

“Did she injure herself?”

He shook his head “No. But she was different when she came round this time, that’s why I called the ambulance, it was like she couldn’t come back from it, she was slurring her words and not making much sense. Remember back in high-school when she got really drunk and had that seizure at Jackson’s party? It was like that, like she was drunk”

“What did the doctors say?”

“She’s being kept sedated. They think it might be encephalitis” Stiles could see Boyds eyes sparkle slightly in the fading light “Sorry for calling, I….I just-”

“Hey” Stiles stopped him “We have a pact, we all go through this together, no matter what”

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, until Boyd was allowed in to see her. Stiles continued to text Derek, keeping him updated. Derek expressed his concern for both Erica and Stiles, he reassured him he was fine.

Erica had scans and tests and people coming in and out of her room all night. Stiles thought she looked so small in the bed, sedated and barely moving, like a doll. He missed her potty mouth and sharp wit. Boyd laid in the bed with her, Stiles pulled the chair as close to her bed as he could get it. Him and Boyd were mainly silent, which for Stiles was a clear indicator of something bothering him.

“Hope you weren't busy tonight Stiles” Boyd said sleepily

“No. Well. Not really, I mean, I had a date planned”

“With the architect?”

“Yeah, Derek. I was probably gonna be getting some but Erica cockblocked me” Boyd huffed out a laugh.

“Sorry Stiles” He said quietly “You shouldn't have to deal with all this, it’s not fair, I should have just called you in the morning”

Stiles sat up and scoffed incredulously “You shut your stupid face! If you’d called me in the morning you’d be facing the Stllinski wrath, and after the pool side incident of 2006 I thought you learned your lesson” Boyd nodded faintly “You, Erica and Lydia are family and I would do anything for family. Don't shut me out Boyd, please. Don't shut me out”

“Ok” Was all he said before silence fell over them once again.

They were almost asleep when there was a knock at the door. Boyd mumbled something like “come in” but it was mainly just syllables.

Derek poked his head round the door.

“D’rek” Stiles croaked, which was close enough “C’min”

He opened the door further, in one hand was a pizza box and in the other was a bunch of flowers, pinks, yellows and reds, they looked like fireworks.

“I bought pizza” He said, handing the box to Stiles “For you both to share” He pointedly looked at Stiles again “These are for Erica” He handed the bouquet to Boyd, who thanked him and placed them on the bedside table. “Oh and these” He pulled a bottle of water from each pocket and handed them one each “Are for you guys, I didn't want to insult you by bringing inferior coffee”

“Water, thanks, there I was thinking you were just pleased to see me!” He winked, then laughed at Derek's horrified face, his eyebrows practically hovering above his head they were so high “Relax big guy, Boyd’s used to it and Erica would have been proud of that comment." Boyd shrugged his agreement.

“Anyway. I should, er, should go” He motioned towards the door with his head.

“You can stay” Boyd said, surprising both of them “I don’t mind”

Stiles blew Boyd a kiss and then complained when he didn't pretend to catch it so they had to do the whole thing again with Boyd catching it and putting it in his pocket. Derek briefly wondered what he had let himself in for, but then Stiles smiled at him and he felt a little warmer than before, he soon remembered.

Boyd and Derek got on really well, they both glared at Stiles in the same way, which only spurred him on with his innuendos, more than once he wished Erica was awake for this, she would love it. They told Derek about growing up together, with Lydia too and how they came to learn about the supernatural, which Derek was both concerned about and impressed that a group who were so young at the time managed to deal with Lydia screaming when someone died.

“Yeah it took us ages to realise she was a banshee, I did so much research. We think it’s because her great-great-grandparents are Irish” Stiles took another large bite of pizza, but it didn't stop him from continuing, by this point, Stiles was also in bed with Erica and Boyd, and Derek was in the chair “This dude once said to Lyds, ‘baby I can make you scream’ and we all about pissed ourselves, and she just said ‘Let’s hope so’, slapped him, took a sip of her drink and sauntered off. It was hilarious, the guy was so confused, he was like ‘does she like me or not’. We were like, no dude, no she does not”

Derek was struck by the bond they all shared, it made him long for his sister's, for his pack. Being twins, he and Laura both became Alpha’s when their parents passed away in a tragic house fire, 15 years prior. It was an anomaly no-one could explain, the alpha powers should only be given to one child, but it did explain why they could never tell who the Hale heir really was out of the 2. Their pack is small, mainly family. It’s more Laura’s pack than his now he supposes but it was his choice to move away. He goes home about once a month to visit and strengthen his pack bonds but he’s felt different since coming to Beacon Hills. Like something changed in him but he cant put his finger on it.

Stiles had arranged for Issac to open up the shop for him, explained about Erica and said he would be back later. Derek said he could stay until lunch time but he had some work with Lydia he absolutely had to do today.

They woke Erica up around 10am, Derek and Stiles stood at the back of the room, Boyd stayed close holding her hand. Initially she was groggy and just made a few noises, no real words came out. Boyd stroked her hair and whispered things to her, which out of respect Derek made sure he didn't listen too. Stiles was chewing at his fingers on one hand and tapping out a rhythm on his leg with the other. Derek slid his hand into the one tapping on his leg and squeezed a little. Stiles smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes, he smelt like fear and panic, it was sour and almost over powered Derek.

“Boyd?” She said, her voice thick with sleep, she yawned and stretched a little “Hurts”

“What does baby?” He asked, while the doctor stood close enough to hear Erica too.

“M’head” She whined a little.

The doctor nodded a little and said “Ms Reyes, do you know why you’re here?”

“See’zha” It was close enough. They asked her a few more questions, she was still very confused and clearly in a lot of pain, but better than the day before, it seemed the sedation helped, but they couldn't guarantee she wouldn't seize again. When the healthcare professionals left the room, Derek and Stiles approached the bed. Stiles immediately kissed her cheek and stroked her hair, she leaned into the touch.

“You good?” He asked, she held up one thumb, eyes still closed.

Derek cleared his throat and shuffled from side to side a little “There’s this thing that, that wolves can do, it’s, I mean, I can” He took a deep breath “Erica, may I touch your hand?” He asked. She lifted up her thumb again. Stiles and Boyd watch as Derek closed his hand around Ericas, black tendrils begin to run up his arms, under his skin, he grimaced and Erica let out a long sigh.

“Fuck yeah” She breathed. Stiles and Boyd looked at each other as Derek let go and shook his hand out.

“What did you do?” Boyd asked, looking up at him.

“I took some of her pain. Werewolves can do that”

Stiles lept at Derek, flinging his arms around his neck and burying his face in Derek’s hair “Thank you” He said, Derek nodded and hugged him back. When they both looked at Erica again she was looking back at them with a raised eyebrow. “Erica” Stiles grinned “This is my, oh, my-”

Derek cut him off “Hi, I’m his boyfriend Derek” Stiles grin threatened to break his face. She looked between them and said

“Can I watch?” Once again Derek looked horrified, but Erica and Stiles cackled.

“He’s pretty right?” Stiles said, looking at Derek.

Erica grunted affirmation, her voice still a little horse.

Derek left not long after that and Stiles left only an hour later, after he and Erica had talked about Derek’s butt and his arm muscles and Stiles told her about them blending their coffee ‘the wolf’, he promised to bring her a cup when she was home.

Erica came home 3 days and 2 seizures later. Derek had been there when she sat and cried about how she would do anything to make it all stop. Anything to feel normal. Boyd and Stiles told her how brave and strong she was while Derek drained her pain. All Derek smelt from her was misery, it was thick and overwhelming, like when someone wears too much perfume and it feels like it’s choking you. Stiles kept apologising to Derek but he made it very clear that these people were his family and they come with him, so if Derek couldn't handle that then leave now. He was reassured that Derek could handle it. He would get used to Erica’s leering he was sure.
It was another 4 days after that Stiles got a text from Derek and freaked out.

Derek: We need to talk

Stiles: Omg! Are you breaking up with me?
Stiles: You better not fucking break up with me over text 😳
Stiles: I know we haven’t had sex yet but honestly, I expected better from you
Stiles: You shit 😤

Derek: Stop texting!
Derek: STOP!! 🙄
Derek: I’m not breaking up with you, I’m happy to take it slowly
Derek: Don't call me a shit

Stiles: You can't just say ‘we need to talk’ with no context dude 🤷🏻♂️
Stiles: What do you want to talk about?

Derek: I’m sorry for scaring you. I want to discuss something wolfy with you 🐺

Stiles: Sexy time wolfy? 😜
Stiles: Sorry I called you a shit

Derek: No Stiles. Not that.

Stiles: Come over tonight. I will be blending a new flavour so I’ll be in the shop late. Don’t forget we don’t close till 9pm 😘

Derek: Ok. 9pm it is. Wear the red apron 😉

Stiles: Ohhh yeah, you like the red apron big guy? Shall I wear just the red apron? 😜

Derek: I’m at work Stiles! 😬

Stiles: Even better……😘

Stiles decided that teasing Derek when he was at work was both funny and rewarding, he could imagine him sitting at his desk all red faced and embarrassed. Worth it.

Derek walked in a few minutes before the coffee shop closed, he greeted Isaac and pushed through the double doors into the kitchen where Stiles was smashing coffee beans and mixing in different flavours, trying to find the aroma and taste he was going for. Derek swallowed thickly, he loved watching Stiles’ nimble fingers dance over things.

“Hey Der” Stiles grinned, looking up briefly “Grab a seat” Instead Derek walked around the centre island towards Stiles, he stood behind him as Isaac popped his head through the doors.

“All closed up Stiles, I’m off now, I’ll lock up on my way out”

“Thanks Isaac, you’re a superstar” Isaac giggled and left through the front of the shop.

“We can talk while I blend or we can ta-oh. Or, or yes, you can, keep, doing that, oh” Derek moved up behind Stiles and gently held on to his hips, he dragged his lips around the back of Stiles’ neck, making him shiver “Oh god” Stiles almost dropped the pestle and mortar as Derek licked a stripe up his neck and growled softly. Derek bought Stiles’ hips backwards, pulling him against his crotch, he exhaled heavily into the crook of his neck and breathed in deep, the smell that was purely Stiles “Shit Derek” Derek pushed his hips forward, rubbing himself against Stiles’ ass “Fuck” Stiles put the pestle and mortar down and spun around, finding Derek’s lips immediately. They kissed sloppily and hungrily as Derek lifted Stiles up onto the kitchen island, he used his body to push Stiles backwards.

“Ouch, Shit” Stiles arched his back, quickly clearing all the coffee utensils out of the way so he could lay back, Derek followed him down, bent over him, he pulled Stiles hips against his own again once more and moved his hips in a circular motion.

“Stiles” Derek said, his voice gravelly and low “Fuck” He kissed down Stiles’ neck, the smell of their joint arousal filling the room and making Derek’s wolf yip. He pushed Stiles’ t-shirt up, leaving wet kisses and licks as he trailed down his body, flipping the red apron up. As he got to Stiles' Jeans, Stiles suddenly protested.

“Dude. Dude. The kitchen” He breathed heavily

“You want me to stop?” Derek looked up at him through his lashes.

“Fuck no!” Stiles all but shouted “I’m about to bust out of my jeans dude” Derek continued to open Stiles’ jeans, pulling the zipper down with his teeth and loving the groan it pulled from Stiles “Derek. Derek. Derek” Stiles said shaking his head, “Can we, can we move this upstairs, I cant have sex in m kitchen dude, it’s unhygenic” Derek looked around completely forgetting he was in Stiles’ place of work.

“Ok” He said simply, helping Stiles up from the counter “Upstairs”

Stiles had never been so pleased that he changed his sheets again, Derek absolutely was not ready to see his starwars covers, that was more of a 12th time thing, not a 1st time thing. These sheets were just plain blue.

Derek was gentler than Stiles had imagined he would be, his eyes kept bleeding red but Stiles really loved that. They spent a long time exploring each other's bodies, covering them in kisses and nibbles. Stiles was definitely going to bruise from an overly enthusiastic bite Derek had given him in his hip. Derek spent a long time opening him up before gently pushing in to him, making love, not fucking him. He loved the small gasps of pleasure Stiles made, but what made him cum quicker than a horny teenager was when Stiles began to touch himself in time with Derek’s thrusts, he moaned out his name and Derek came. Just like that. No warning. But Stiles didn't seem to mind, Derek finished him off in his mouth, it was already his second orgasm so he couldn't complain.

They were laying still tangled up with each other, on their sides, Stiles ran his hand through Derek’s hair “What did you want to talk to me about?” Derek leaned forward and kissed him, slow and passionate.

“I want to offer Erica the bite” He said, nuzzling Stiles’ neck.

“What?” Stiles pulled back so he could look at Derek’s face. He looked blissed out and had sex hair, Stiles couldn’t help but smile at him.

“The bite, its where an Alpha can-”

“I know what it is, Derek. And I know what it means. I researched the shit out of werewolves as soon as I found out you were one”

“Ok smartass, explain it to me then” Derek grinned and kissed Stiles’ nose

“You want to turn her into a wolf. To be in your pack”

“Uh huh” Derek was back to nuzzling and kissing Stiles’ neck again.

“You want to take her to New York?” He said quietly

“What?” Derek pulled his head back so Stiles could see the epic eye roll that earned him “No Stiles, she can stay right here. I will be her Alpha, she will be my Beta. My pack. My family” He brushed his nose against Stiles’ giving him an open mouth kiss.

“Why Erica?” He asked.

Derek rested his head against Stiles’ and huffed “I thought you researched the shit out of werewolves?” Stiles scoffed.

“Yeah” He huffed a small laugh “As much as one can given the god damn secrecy of the supernatural. Lydia’s currently got the bestiary so I can't look in that, I had to rely on leads I found from the internet”

Derek rolled on top of him and braced his arms either side of his head “I don't get ill, I heal quickly and very few things can hurt me”

“Show off!” That earned Stiles a very slow and teasing roll of Derek's hips, he moaned softly.

“All wolves can, not just Alpha’s, beta’s, omega’s, born wolves, turned wolves. All. Wolves.”

“Oh my fuck!” Stiles stretched and reared up almost headbutting Derek, he pushed him off of himself and sprang out of bed, Derek grunted and tried to look annoyed, but the scowl was softened by the stupid post-sex grin he had “You can cure her. You can cure Erica! Holy shit dude, this is huge!” Stiles’ began to pace at the end of the bed, Derek put his hands behind his head and watched, interested to see what Stiles would do next, considering he still had a boner, which was currently slapping about every time he took a step “But then you’re like, responsible for her right?”

“Stiles” As turned on as Derek was, he realized he wasn't going to get any more loving until Stiles had all of his questions answered. He patted the bed next to him, and sat up, cross legged.

So that's how they sat, naked, cross legged on Stiles bed on a Wednesday night after having sex twice, so Derek could explain the ins and outs of being a wolf and why he thinks it would suit Erica. He explained that the pack wasn’t just for wolves, it was for everyone, so he and Boyd would be welcome to join too.

“What about Lydia?” Stiles asked shyly.

Derek reached out and ran his hands up and down Stiles’ thighs “I haven’t taken this decision lightly Stiles, I’ve spoken to Laura and Cora about it, I’ve consulted several other Alpha’s about this decision and I want a pack of my own, not a shared pack with Laura. I like you Stiles, I like you a lot, you smell like home” Derek blushed “I don’t know what that means but i know it means something” He shifted his weight around a bit “I love Erica’s tenacity and Boyds loyalty and level headedness, and Lydia’s sharp intellect and protectiveness. So when I say I want a pack, I don’t just want to turn a few people into wolves, I want you guys, exactly as you are. Exactly who you are”

Derek almost didn't catch Stiles when he launched himself at him, he must remember in future to always expect Stiles to be flying towards him, make sure he doesn't drop him.

“God Derek” Stiles moaned “I’ve never wanted someone so much in my fucking life”

They spent most of the night either having sex or discussing wolf etiquette. Stiles learned about ‘mates’ and their role, and how omegas become omegas etc. It was all very informative.

The following evening they were all set to visit Erica and Boyd, they had invited Lydia too. Stiles spent most of the day making a new blend of coffee and by the time the evening rolled round he was exhausted but happy. Derek picked him up dead on 9pm, He had given Isaac the afternoon off as he’d worked so hard recently.

Erica looked a little frail when they saw her, she looked weak and sad. Stiles’ heart hurt as he hugged her.

“Sweetie I made you this” He passed her the little pot of blended coffee and grinned, she turned the label over, ‘The Cure’ was all it read. She put her head down, Stiles grinned at Derek who had a deep frown on his face.

“Of all the cruel things to do Stiles” Erica looked up with tears in her eyes “Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?” She threw the pot across the room, luckily it didn't smash”

Boyd looked confused and Lydia looked indifferent, which was interesting. Stiles panicked “Shit. Holy Shit. No. No, Erica”

“You know how ill I am, you know how much I want to get better and you give me a blend of fucking coffee called ‘the cure’, thats cruel Stiles” Tears were falling down her face, Boyd stood up, face like thunder, Stiles took a step back.

“Shit, no Erica please hear me out, this is not what it looks like, Boyd please” He turned to face Boyd “Please, let us explain. Please”

Once Erica had calmed down a little bit they gave Derek and Stiles the chance to explain. Derek spoke, he knelt down in front of Erica’s chair and looked up at her.

“Erica, I know this hasn’t gone as planned but I have an offer for you. You’re under no pressure to take it now, or ever, if it’s not what you want. You have time. As much time as you need. But Stiles wasn't being cruel, I can cure you….” He went on to explain why and how and what a pack is. He explained that her epilepsy would be cured but she would have to train hard to control her wolf. He went into the positives and the negatives of being a wolf and that the people in the room with them are who he has chosen for his pack if they will have him. He told them how Stiles has already accepted, but has chosen to remain human, the others have the same choice “And with this overwhelming urge to protect you all, Laura said it was probably that i had chosen a natural pack. As i said you don't have to dec-”

“Yes” Derek looked up sharply “Yes Derek. Yes” She looked at Boyd, who nodded. Erica burst into tears and flung herself at Derek. Great, so now Derek had to watch for Erica flying at him too. She held him as tight as she could, he took the opportunity to scent her a little.

And just like that, Derek had his new pack. Boyd and Erica would go on to have the bite on the next full moon and, Stiles insisted that they had a ‘sex-ceremony’ for him to join the pack, Derek declined until he realised Stiles didnt want to have an orgy with his best friends, he was just trying to get laid. Lydia joined the pack a little after them. Her and Derek still snarked at each other at work and argued, but it was filled with mutual respect and understanding. Derek and Stiles couldn’t be happier.