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lets be honest

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"Sing it to me." Came the soft voice from beneath her, halting her from the lovebites she'd been pressing onto the skin of the lady's throat. 

Bibi slumped forwards, head pressing against a collarbone. "Seriously?" She was vaguely aware of lithe fingers tracing her arms and it warmed her further. 

Eyes lifted to look at her face when she pulled back and a cute pout was plastered there. How presumptuous of her to think that would be enough. 

She was right.

Interally she sighed, then swiftly moved to situate herself above the older female, straddling her. The stillness is unexpected, she practically feels the sharpness of her hipbones when she lies still. She wasn't expecting it to evoke such a reaction. Her surprised glance at their position amused her. Was the little foreplay too much? 

Bibi was clothed but still feeling stuffy, and it only worsened when she realized the lady who was currently under her, entranced and willing, had a thin garment about to fall off her shoulder. God she just wanted to get this over with so she could get back to the great sex they were about to have.

Hands dropped from her forearms, hesitated slightly, then moved to her hips to steady her weight. 

"Mmm.." Bibi gave herself a moment to remember the song, the lyrics, the vibe she'd sung it in before.. Fingers tapped against the jeans at her hips and she closed her eyes. It was safe to say that her focus was halfway gone due to the tension in her- well, you know. 

Opening her eyes again, she looked with intent.

A slow grind, and then before she could think any further, the adlibs were out of her mouth in a whisper. "Let's be honest.. Let's be honest.." Repeated a few times to start off. The room was covered pitch black, but there laid just enough light for them to visibly see each other. It's entertaining to watch the other woman in such a state, frozen and unable to look away, anywhere else. For some strange reason she can hear the music tumbling out of her mouth, floating into the air and coating the room in a strong tension. 

"Shawty shawty girl, let's go with me," she's remembering every detail now, it's coming back to her while she fixes her facial expression to commandeer the room - even if her choice of audience was limited to one lone number. A number with keen striking eyes. The lyrics are subtly explicit, vague but straightforward to a point.. It was perfectly raw. 

"God.." It's all the woman whispers, all she can say in the moment.

"Tell me where you want it, I will take you there." Bibi continues, uninterrupted and steady, eyes roving the creation under her. Then she notices.

Devoured by black eyes. Shes turned on by this performance; gripping her bottom lip between her teeth, and that is when Bibi realizes there is potentially something brewing there, something dangerously slow and worth chasing. Soon enough, she's starting to drape her legs fully over the other woman and grinding in a patient, skilled movement. Heat stings her core.

Tonight she'd been steered by lust, and as of just now, control.

"Baby baby girl let me show you something.." 

This time, abandoning the song for just a minute, her mouth leads forward presumably to take hers, black eyes following her every movement, anticipating, before she stops a mere inch from her mouth. She pulls away slightly, eyes filled with mirth, when she feels her attempt to get a kiss, the thudding of her excited heart loud and clear. Shes conscious of the reaction to her spontaneous moment of lust, paying close attention. It almost turns her heady and faint when the woman quietly whines.

An arm is placed firmly against her chest, caging her lover beneath her, preventing her from any further movement, her eyes widening momentarily, dark curly hair swaying from the action. Bibi's given a look of hazy confusion but ignores it in favour of scanning the slim curves, dark pretty skin of the person she's straddling, unaware of the chill of pleasure running though the older woman's body at her blatant objectification. She begins the slow trail of looking back towards her face, thoughts diverting back towards that same place she was in before, that wanted a raw fuck. The song is reverberating through her head in the background, amongst the sounds of their struggled breathing.

"Don't be rude, babe you dare.." There's a tightness in her voice that she purposefully uses, one that accentuates her words more clearly in her songs. She's witnessed girls undone by the vocal change during shows, watched them grow weak in the knees instantaneously. It does its work. 

"Oh." Lashes flutter shut, self-control slipping, then open again languidly, staring widely at her.

If Bibi were nicer, she would halt her ministrations, seeing the quite obvious internal grapple happening from the stimulation, and help her out, but the desire for chaos was too tempting. Rarely was she ever able to torture the fairer sex in such a way. She imagined. Fist coated in slickness, evidence of foreplay amd thorough pleasure covering her skin, salty and bitter at the touch of her tongue. Patience was a virtue.

Movement from underneath her, hips jutting upwards without warning, caused a brow to lift. Pretty cute how, even after being the originator who prompted this sudden show, she was growing quite agitated already, laying there, powerless and completely at Bibi's mercy. (She knew the feeling.)

"I can't place your value.." Bibi leans back, head cocking to stretch her neck muscles for show, tendons just absolutely mesmerising, and feigning an attempt to rid the stiffness currently surrounding beneath her chin. She was aroused, yes, but she would still give her a show until it was too much, being seduced in such a way and not being able to touch. Only then would she plow her until she was boneless, speechless. Cupping her crotch and pulling away, refusing overstimulation. And maybe its the image of their position right now, blocking the woman with her arms and her head thrown back as she straddles her, that assaults her vision, that brings goosebumps to her skin. The feel of soft fingers lifting from her hips to lock around her neck brings her head forward. They share a lock of eyes, Bibi's brown pupils dilate as she watches the prolonged undoing of her bed companion, bound to hang onto her every word. "Men are considerate of you for your money."

She licks the dryness out of her lips, arms falling from their place against the gorgeous woman's chest, careful enough not to hurt but just enough to graze. "I really don't get it.. She didn't know before.." 

The woman must have have had enough because she wastes no time nearing towards her until they're face to face, chest rising and falling, blinking away the trance she'd been in. For a split second, her unspoken desires hung in the air. It was hard to remember her lyrics with such a beautiful sight distracting the living hell out of her.

"I don't know what you want.. Babe babe." Bibi leans forward with an attractive nose scrunch, and finally, lays a kiss on those soft plump lips. The reciprocation is sweet, hard and demanding. Tongue slips between her mouth and Bibi feels the moan through her teeth. It's fucking sexy. She was already losing the will to continue with her plotting, the distressing fact that they hadn't torn each others clothes off coming into the forefront of her mind. 

Her hands shoved past their bodies to grip the boobs underneath the woman's shirt, taking enjoyment in the sudden, shocked mewl she gets, desperate sounding and supplying her with excitement, invigorating her even further. Roughness was expected from Bibi, but she loosened her grip still, worried she'd irritated the skin there, then paid attention elsewhere, ignoring the whine given to her at the distance. Focused, she watched with fascination at how the bottom part of the lady's mouth was being bit by her teeth, lip tugged and growing a reddish color - pleasure finding itself within the subtle pain. Bibi backed her against the wall whilst manoeuvring around the bed in search for a good position, then pushed her knee past the woman's thighs, ignoring her protest, to connect with her crotch.

"Fuck.." Oh she was ready, then. Her expression was almost pitiful. The need to go inside was strong and Bibi relinquished her knee's hold in order to do so.  

Fingers slipped down a skimpy-sweaty-shucked skirt, already beginning to pull more than a few noises from the darkskinned woman's mouth. She owed her more than a few orgasms and Bibi, ever the lady, always made sure to collect her debts.