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Stay With Me

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Lena feels something tickling in the back of her mind, like she’s forgetting something, but she promptly forgets it when their kiss turns heated again, she throws her head back, hands fisting into Kara’s t-shirt with a moan, as warm lips leave wet sucking kisses along her throat.

Lena drags Kara’s face back up to hers when she can’t take anymore.

There’s a knock at the door.

They both jerk away from each other sharply with matching wide eyes, and it hits Lena what she was forgetting.  

“Oh my god, it’s Sam and Ruby,” Lena hisses, her heart racing.

Kara hisses back her own incredulous, “What?” peering at the door with her x-ray vision Lena assumes, and watches her blanch a little.

“They’re in town for a couple days and I told them to come over, I didn’t know all this was going to happen!” Lena whisper shouts, gesturing between them, and starts to try and fix her mussed hair and straighten her clothes.

Kara grits her teeth and looks away a bit angrily, “Can we just have like twenty minutes without someone interrupting us? I’m really starting to take this personally!”

“I’m sorry!” Lena says emphatically, and Kara rushes to reassure her, both of them still speaking in a hushed tone.

“No! It’s not your fault, sorry, I just-,” and jolts when there’s another knock at the door, they look at each, and frantically try to compose themselves, Kara super speeding to get make up wipes when Lena points between their faces where her lip stick has transferred to Kara’s mouth and knows her own is probably wrecked, snagging her glasses at the last second too.

Lena screws what feels like a too bright smile on her face as Kara opens the door to the curious eyes of Sam and Ruby.

“Hey guys!” Kara practically shouts sounding exactly like she’s been caught red-handed doing something she wasn’t supposed to, and Lena tries not to cringe.

This was going to be a long evening…



Kara’s senses are super keyed up right now, no pun intended, or maybe yes pun intended…the rush of emotions from reading Lena’s journal of requited love to hearing Lena confirm her heartfelt words with no hesitation then to- Rao, kissing Lena…like a lot…and Lena really being into it if the little noises in the back of her throat and wandering hands were any indication, she shivers at just the memory of it, and it has Kara’s heart racing, a flush rushing up her neck.

Then to finding out that Sam and Ruby were here on an impromptu visit just when things were getting…intense, and having to shift gears, trying to pretend that she had not spent the last several minutes before Sam and Ruby’s arrival with her tongue in Lena’s mouth in a very compromising position not even a foot from the front door, was difficult to say the least.

Her ears are burning and her nervous energy at being found out by her friends grows to alarming heights when she sees Sam’s quick, and you miss it scrutiny of Kara and Lena.

But Kara has super senses, and she sees almost in slow motion how Sam’s eyes flick between them twice, glancing down at their clothes, then look at their faces again, and the smile on her face quirks up to one side a little more but is quickly suppressed.

A spike of apprehension that they’ve already been caught shoots through her chest but then again, she doesn’t mind that Sam suspects something going on between them, only the mortification of having been caught in the middle of it is her true source of discomfort.

Ruby launches herself at Lena as soon as the door opens and that leaves Sam reaching toward Kara for a hug which she gives happily, despite her frustration at being interrupted and slight worry that Sam has figured them out, Kara is really very happy to see them. She squeezes Sam warmly with accompanying hellos and then they switch, and Kara has her arms full of Ruby.

“I don’t care if I sound cliché, but Ruby you’ve grown up so much!” she crows as Ruby barrels into her arms for tight hug, and she feels her laugh and nod.

Ruby has gotten so tall!

Seeming to have inherited her mother’s height she stands at eye level with Kara, though she’s still a little bit lanky in the way teenagers usually are but no less adorable than she was when Kara last saw her.

Sam laughs, “I tell her the same thing every week,” with an affectionate smile at her daughter.

Ruby rolls her eyes with mock annoyance, “Yeah, and then she bursts into tears and wails about how I’m abandoning her to go to school on the other side of the country, even though I haven’t decided if I’m going to NCU or MU,” she says the last bit with teasing seriousness directed toward her mother.

“I dunno,” Sam says shaking her head in skepticism, “You seemed to really like what you saw today when we toured the school,” with a knowing look thrown toward Ruby.

Kara perks up when she hears that, “You might be going to NCU?!” Ruby nods and explains her scholarship opportunity, and Kara says with pride, “NCU is a way better school, I don’t care what my cousin says about Metropolis U,” with a grim finality, “They suck.”

Everyone laughs at Kara’s grumbling and then Lena and Sam join in plugging their own alma maters that quickly devolves into a short shouting match that Ruby breaks up.

“Ok, enough!” she shouts a little, stepping between Sam and Lena as they glare at each other after her mother made a mildly rude comment about MIT that has Lena’s back straightening. “I’m a growing teenager and Lena promised me food, so can we please focus on that!” shaking her head and walking toward to the living room muttering under breath about how ‘annoying’ adults were and throwing herself into a chair.

“I think she’s getting hangry,” Sam says quietly to Kara and Lena.

“I heard that!” Ruby shouts back, with a frown. Sam gives them a playful wide eyed taken aback look, and goes to sit down as well, apparently unaffected by Ruby’s mood.

“I hope you guys don’t mind take out, we just got back from A-,” she trips over the word a little, Lena eyes her at that but doesn’t think she draws anymore attention to her slip, “a trip and haven’t had time to go grocery shopping.”

Sam and Ruby happily agree, Lena offers them drinks while Kara orders, then she flops down on the couch next to Lena and realizes a second too late that she probably shouldn’t be sitting so close to her ‘best friend’, but she can’t move unless she wants to draw attention to it.

Sam looks across the room at Lena’s luggage, and says, “We stopped by your penthouse this morning to try and surprise you, but the doorman told us you moved out, where are you living now?” she directs to Lena with innocent curiosity.

Lena sounds calm and relaxed, “I’m sort of in between places right now, Kara’s been kind enough to let me stay here with her,” and offers up nothing else, but Kara can see the rigidity in her back.

Sam’s expression is a bit calculating but she looks at Kara with a smile.

“You just got back from a trip?” Sam asks, and then her shrewd eyes move to Lena, “Together?”

“Yep!” Kara says a touch strangled, and glances at Lena who looks still looks completely composed, except that she’s running her thumb rather quickly over her bracelet, “Lena came home with me to…visit my mother,” she finishes a bit haltingly, it’s pretty much the truth so she doesn’t feel the need to cringe at a lie.

She’s proud she learned that from Lena when they went to visit Thara, stay as close to the truth as possible, and then suddenly recalls Lena’s words about how she fell in love with Kara and is distracted by wondering how much of her words were true, that she’s distracted when Ruby asks Lena where she got her bracelet.

“Kara gave it to me this morning,” Lena says automatically, then promptly stiffens, she can hear Lena’s heart tick up in speed, perhaps she’s not as composed and collected as she assumed, and Kara rushes to reply.

The words tumble out of her mouth, “It’s a family…heirloom,” she settles on and then promptly wishes she could take back the word because the implications of that are not platonic in the least.

Mother and daughter exchange quick glances, and Sam asks Kara, with considering attention, “You went away on a trip, together, to visit your mother?” and then her eyes shift to Lena again, her mouth pursing with amused interest, “and gave Lena a ‘family heirloom’?” the question comes out slow like she’s waiting for one of them to contradict her.

Kara swallows hard, not sure how they should be playing this, chances a glance at Lena whose heart is still beating quickly, and sees her neck is flushed red even if her face is perfectly unperturbed by Sam’s suspicious look and question.

She feels a nervous laugh bubbling up in her chest and tries valiantly to tamp it down, clearing her throat, “Yup,” but it still comes out in a slight sheepish squeak.

Ruby smiles wide and happy, growing excited, “That’s nice! How long have you two been dating?”

Kara feels her stomach swoop and hears Lena’s sharp inhale.

“Ruby!” Sam looks over at her daughter with a scolding look and tone.

“What?” completely innocent and glares a little at her mother for her admonishment, “It’s obvious! I mean it took way too long for them to answer the door and when they did, they were all weird about it, now this?” gesturing toward Lena’s hand, “No way they’re not dating,” she says with the confidence of a self-assured teenager.

Kara feels her face grow hot and then looks over at Lena who turns at the same time, they lock stricken eyes for a moment and then look away.

“Yes, I know, but there’s such a thing as boundaries, Ruby, and I was hoping they would want to tell us first,” Sam says sternly, and with that confirmation that Sam knew too, Lena presses a hand to her face and then huffs out a laugh, shaking her head down at her lap, a slightly rueful smile on her lips that turns into a genuine amusement.

“It’s fine, Sam,” she interjects, both Arias women turn their attention to Lena. Kara feels Lena’s hand slide over hers to lace their fingers together, giving Kara a resigned but loving smile, she smiles back encouragingly, squeezing the hand in hers, “It’s a rather recent development.”

Kara feels the knot of nervous energy in her chest release, she’s glad that Lena decided to acknowledge their relationship to Sam and Ruby, Kara can see she and Lena are on the same page even if they haven’t had a chance to talk and label this, and it’s a relief to not have to think about how to interact or speak with Lena so that it doesn’t betray her feelings.

She laughs a little still looking at Lena, feeling her own smile grow a little wry in amusement, “Yeah, very recent,” her voice drops a little when she thinks about what just transpired between them and she can practically see the moment Lena does too.

Kara watches the pink in Lena’s cheeks darken, hears the quick tempo of her heartbeat, and preens a little to know that she had elicited that reaction from Lena.

Ruby exclaims in happiness at their confirmation and Kara is surprised when all of a sudden, she and Lena have their laps full of teenager and are pulled around the neck into a group hug, and Ruby informs them that she always thought they would be cute together, even way back when they first met.

Kara and Lena share surprised looks at that comment as Ruby pulls away to settle herself back in her seat, Sam offers her own sincere well wishes for their relationship and gives Lena a stern look, “You and I need to have a very long conversation, young lady, it seems you’ve been keeping stuff from me,” and despite her playful tone, Kara feels a lance of guilt. Sam doesn’t know about her secret and Kara knows Lena would never betray it even to Sam, so she’ll be unable to share any of the huge things that have happened recently or even adequately explain this past year to her friend.

An unsettling knot forms in her gut at the thought.

“Speaking of,” Sam continues, unaware of Kara’s inner turmoil, “what was going on this morning with that press conference?”

That disturbs Kara from her musings, she wants to know too though, and turns to patiently await Lena’s response.

Lena runs her fingers through her loose hair looking away a little, almost a bit shy and bashful, and Kara’s distracted instantly by how attractive Lena looks when she does that, “I, umm,” she pauses in seeming recollection when she looks at Sam, “oh, I left Luthor Corp...”

Sam gives her a slightly disapproving maternal look, “I know, and I had to read about it in an article, one of many things I plan on chewing your ear off about when you and I have that little chat,” but there’s a small smile on her lips that takes the sting out of her words.

“I’m sorry,” Lena says with true remorse, Sam nods her acceptance easily and Lena continues, looking at a distant spot somewhere between Sam and Ruby across from them, Lena explains some things Kara already knows, that she feels freer now that she no longer has to worry about the company’s image, or Lex’s constant mind games, and the whole weight that has lifted from her mind and her heart.

“I had a thought a little while back of starting my own tech company,” she says a bit timidly, like it’s a secret she was reluctant to share, Kara hadn’t known that, but she finds that the idea certainly fits Lena, “I can work on all the projects that I haven’t had the time to work on and spend more time in the lab instead of in meetings. I have so many ideas on how to help people and I feel really guilty that I don’t spend nearly as much time as I could seeing those projects through.”

Kara gets a bit misty eyed listening to her talk with such compassion, and she’s so proud that she even knows Lena, and humbled that this kind and smart woman wants to spend even a moment of her precious time with her.

“I’ve been on the fence about following through, and not to mention the last several weeks have been really hectic for me,” she shares a quick knowing look with Kara but doesn’t elaborate, and Sam doesn’t ask, “My mother was being melodramatic because I haven’t been keeping in touch and she thought to flush me out with a press conference, but I took it as an opportunity to announce my new company.”

Kara looks at Lena with surprise and pride, “Lena that amazing!” Sam and Ruby offer their excited congratulations as well, and she smiles giving her thanks.

Ruby asks, “What’s the name?”

“El Technological Industries, or El Tech,” and Kara feels that is an excellent name, thinking it reminiscent of all the good she did back in another universe when Lena rebranded Luthor Corp to L Corp, kind of a nice homage to the company she turned around almost singled handedly…

But Lena looks pointedly at her wanting her to understand something, smiling secretly, eyes flicking down to their clasped hands, Kara looks down and sees Lena’s free hand tap subtly at the clasp of her bracelet where the almost invisible etching of the house of El crest is engraved, and her breath catches.

She looks into bright green eyes in question and Lena’s small nod of confirmation, saying low in a tone only Kara could hear, the letters ‘E-L’, and it makes Kara’s chest swell with unbridled joy, feeling a grin spread across her face and affection for Lena filling her with warmth. It was clever, brilliant in the fact, that anyone who heard the name and then saw it spelled would assume it was Lena playing off the phonetic spelling of the letter ‘L’ from her initials but really Lena had named it for her new family, because Lena was an El now and forever, even if they hadn’t quite completed the formal bonding ceremony.

Rao, she really wants to kiss Lena right now.

Kara almost does but Sam speaks and startles her before she can unconsciously press toward Lena, “Wait, you made a public announcement for a company that doesn’t exist?”

Lena smiles a bit sheepish and nods, apparently oblivious that she had very narrowly escaped being ravished a second time that night, “Well, it exists now. I spent the afternoon with my lawyer and financial manager getting everything filed, the El Tech main office will be located in an old medical lab I purchased this afternoon, near where J’onn works,” Lena directs that to Kara with a smile, “and now I just have to wait until the state and federal government finish registering my paperwork and I will be all set.”

Kara is suitably impressed, but not surprised by Lena’s accomplishments in the course of one afternoon, this was the same woman who had helped save the world and Kara several times over with her brilliance.

“Once I grow it large enough, I’m hoping I can steal you away from Wayne Tech to help me with the business side of it so I can keep tinkering in my lab,” Lena jokes half seriously, Kara frowns at that, and realizes that in this timeline without Lena as the head of the company, Lex probably wouldn’t have hired Sam to be the CEO at the Metropolis branch of Luthor Corp, she recalls dimly from research for an old article that Wayne Tech is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises and their headquarters is in Metropolis.

Sam grins but then her face turns introspective, looking at the floor and then up at Ruby, “Well, why don’t I just join you now?”

Lena’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise and she tilts her head, “What?”

“I’ll leave Wayne Tech and move out here, Ruby is starting college this fall and if I’m not mistaken she’ll be coming here to NCU, then you and I can work together, and I’ll be able to visit her whenever I want,” Ruby grumbles a little at this, muttering something about how she doesn’t need her mother checking up on her, but Sam ignores her, “and we would be closer to you and the rest of our friends here.”

Kara is just as speechless as Lena seems to be, but she recovers, “I couldn’t ask you to do that, Sam,” looking at her friend in disbelief, “I don’t think I would even be able to pay you a salary for at least a year or two.”

Sam waves her off, “Please, you and I both know I could not draw a salary for twenty years and still be ok,” she pauses to look doubtfully at Lena, “unless you were just joking, I don’t want to impose.”

“No! I would absolutely love if we could work together, but I wouldn’t want you to uproot your whole life just for me,” Lena says so considerate but reluctant.

Sam is about to reply but Ruby cuts in, “Oh, come on, Aunt Lena, even if I go to MU she should still come here, all she does back home is overwork herself and come to my soccer games, she needs this, I’ve been telling her to get a life for ages, at least she’ll have friends here,” and throws her mother a pointed look.

“Hey!” Sam scoffs indignantly, “I have a life…and…friends,” Ruby raises an elegant eyebrow, she must have learned it from Lena because Kara almost snorts from how familiar a look it is, “I…I went to that thing for the soccer parents!” she says triumphantly when she thinks of something.

Ruby rolls her eyes, “That was one time and you showed up for the last twenty minutes and more than half of everyone was gone by then,” she retorts with the air of someone distinctly unimpressed.

Sam scrunches her face resentfully at her daughter, sputtering denials.

Kara feels Lena shift a little next to her, and then her head comes to rest comfortably against Kara’s shoulder, she feels a little flutter of warmth in her chest at the action, and tightens her fingers around Lena’s affectionately, feeling her answering squeeze.

Lena sighs a little with amusement at her friend and she seems happy to watch Sam and Ruby bicker between themselves for a few minutes.


There’s a knock at the door with their food, and Kara is loath to get up and move as Lena’s pillow, but Lena straightens so she’s forced to go regardless, and she tries to ignore the pang of regret in her chest.

Sam and Ruby stop their squabbling when the food arrives, the teenager practically glues herself to Kara’s side while she unpacks the bags lamenting her hunger pains, and Kara has to laugh because it’s the same type of stuff she normally tells Alex whenever she’s hungry.

Kara hears her phone ring, speak of the devil, and goes to her room to take the call.

“Hey, Alex!” she says, and frowns when she hears some scuffling in the background.

“Kara!” her sister sounds a little out of breath, Kara feels a growing sense of alarm, “Everything and everyone is fine!” she says quickly.

“Alex, what’s going on, do you need help?” Kara glances up at the others sitting at her dining room table and frowns a little in concern when she sees Lena yawn, it has been a long day for her especially with everything she had to do.

She focuses back on her sister who explains that a large group of refugee aliens had arrived on Earth recently and discovered the alien bar. They had all taken a liking to a particular alcohol they were unfamiliar with and seemed to make them particularly loopy. They weren’t purposefully destructive, but they were a fair bit stronger than humans with particularly tough skin so things like tasers weren’t effective. The NCPD was having a hard time wrangling them and they had been running around the city causing traffic jams and just being a general nuisance.

“Kelly is at the Tower coordinating and keeping an eye on a few we managed to catch and put them in the holding cells so they can sleep it off, but Nia and I can only travel by foot, Brainy and M’gann are doing their best to catch them or herd them to us but it’s slow going, I didn’t want to call at first cuz I figured you wanted some time with Lena but we could really use some help otherwise we might be here all night and they might cause some major accidents if they keep running crazy around town,” Alex sounds a bit tired and Kara tells her she’ll be right there, they say their goodbyes and hang up.

“Hey Lena, can I talk you for a sec?” she calls, Lena makes her way over, with a cute worried look on her face that Kara kind of adores.

She explains her phone call with Alex and Lena frowns, “I can head to the Tower to help Kelly,” she offers right away, but Kara catches her hand before she can go, and smiles affectionately at her, pulling her close, and reaches out to brush loose dark hair behind one ear.

“No, it’s ok we have it covered, you should stay and finish your visit with Sam and Ruby,” Lena starts to protest but Kara is firm, “You’re exhausted, technically recovering from a grievous injury, and don’t think I haven’t seen you yawning,” Lena presses her lips together a little noncommittally, and it makes Kara smile at her stubbornness, “Please? For me?” she asks sweetly, throwing in a pout for good measure.

That makes Lena frown a little grumpily, and she huffs looking away, “Fine,” grudgingly, and Kara beams at her.

“Also, I think we should tell Sam and Ruby about me,” Kara says seriously, squeezing Lena’s hand a little.

Lena’s mouth falls open in clear astonishment, “Wh-what?”

Kara sighs deeply, and feels her brow pinch, “I know that my secret was the crux of a lot of turmoil that led to a huge blow up between us, and I understand this isn’t exactly the same scenario, but I know what it’s like to keep my secret from my best friend, it was hell having to lie to you like that all the time, though it was a situation of my own doing,” she sighs lightly, feeling her chest constrict at the a memory, tracing Lena’s features with her eyes as she recalls the pure anguish on her lovely face when Lena confronted her at the Fortress.

“I don’t want you to have to do that with Sam, you should have your own friends too, Lena, you should have someone else you can confide in that isn’t just me, though of course you always can,” she says solemnly, “but that will be difficult if they don’t know my secret,” Lena stares at her still speechless it seems, so Kara continues, “I trust Sam and Ruby, and I’ve said in the past that knowing my secret is dangerous but I think this is important for you, and if you feel you don’t want to take that risk with them, then I understand, but I think it will be especially crucial if Sam does come here to work with you, that she knows,” Kara pauses looking into concerned green eyes, “otherwise she might start to wonder why you’re stepping out on me with Supergirl,” she jokes lightly at the end, with a smirk.

That finally makes Lena smile, relieving the tension, and she laughs lightly with a shake of her head, “You’re such a goof sometimes,” she says fondly.

“Yeah,” Kara agrees amiably shrugging a little, “but you love me anyway,” with smug confidence, that has Lena rolling her eyes but she’s very obviously trying to keep from grinning, “I have it on good authority, in fact.”

Lena raises a playful eyebrow, and that combined with her pursed amused lips, has Kara’s grin growing too wide for her face, her heart skipping a little when Lena reaches forward to wrap her arms around her waist, pulling Kara close, chin tilted up a little to look at her, “Do you now?” low and sultry that it knocks the wind from her chest and all her smugness vanishes.

A distant laugh from Ruby knocks them out of the moment.

They’re in a corner of her bedroom so the Arias women can’t see them, but it reminds Kara she shouldn’t be here flirting with Lena when she needs to go help her friends.

Lena seems to have the same thought and she grows serious again searching Kara’s face for a long moment, “Are you sure? About telling them?”

Kara breathes in deeply and nods seriously.

Lena looks at her again and some of the pull between them returns, she tilts forward a little, green eyes hooded as they flit down to Kara’s lips, she dips her head to meet Lena’s in a sweet heartfelt kiss, it’s just as wonderful as every other kiss she’s shared with Lena, if perhaps a bit more subdued.

Kara is certainly looking forward to learning every one of Lena’s kisses and meticulously cataloguing each of them.  

Lena pulls back and whispers, serious and earnest, “Thank you.”


Sam and Ruby turn to them as they approach, “Hey, so I’ve got to head out to help my sister with something, but you guys are more than welcome to stay as long as you want, or until Lena kicks you out,” Kara quips but also offering her apologies. They stand from their places at the table with sad and disappointed words and looks, but take turns hugging her goodbye.

Kara shoots Lena a smirk and loves the teasing eyebrow the other woman raises at her.

She pulls out her ponytail, shaking her hair out, and whips her glasses off, watching as Sam and Ruby’s faces turn to slack jawed amazement as her suit materializes, and when it’s done she turns to Lena pressing a quick firm kiss goodbye to her smiling lips, and feels a thrill of happiness in her chest from the knowledge that she can just do that now, whispering her farewell, Lena’s hand trailing warmly down her chest as she steps away, and is out the double doored window in a burst of air.

“Supergirl’s your girlfriend!?” Ruby cries, as if she’s angry at Lena for keeping such crucial information from her for so long, Kara lets out a loud laugh, and then puts on a burst of speed toward where her friends need help.


Lena cringes sheepishly at Ruby’s shout and turns to the two surprised faces Kara has left behind for her to deal with, she shrugs and nods like it is no big deal, and sees Sam’s empty glass, “More wine, Sam?” she asks nonchalantly and tries to rectify that, but Ruby is having none of it.

“This whole time she was Supergirl?!” Ruby demands.

Lena smiles pleasantly at Ruby, but she feels some trepidation when she looks at Sam.

Her friend is looking at the spot Kara vacated with a frown and look of deep concentration and she finally looks up to Lena.

“That actually makes a lot of sense,” but she frowns, “but when did you find out?”

Lena looks down for a moment feeling her good humor dissipate, “Last year,” she says at last.

She must see something in Lena’s expression, and there’s a dawning look of understanding from Lena’s words, because her face turns soft and sympathetic.


Lena spends the next hour telling them a simple clean version of her relationship with Kara and Supergirl and mentions nothing of the last few months, and only tells Ruby that she reacted badly to Kara’s secret at first, but they had since made up, obviously. Sam alternates between giving her knowing and skeptical looks during several parts of her story but allows her to continue without interruption for Ruby’s sake.

Sam spots her yawning several times while answering Ruby’s questions and convinces her daughter that they should leave so Lena can go to bed. They make plans to meet up the next day while Ruby is hanging out with Alex, to Lena’s surprise, but learns the teenager contacted her earlier in the afternoon to plan a little get together. Sam laments that Ruby doesn’t want to hang out with her mother while visiting with her ‘cool aunt’, but it frees up time for her and Lena to have a private conversation where Lena knows she’ll be spilling her guts.

Lena scrubs her face after they leave and breathes out an exhausted sigh of relief, and gets ready for bed after tidying up, reflecting on the day and can hardly believe everything that had transpired.

There’s just so much, but the most important being that Kara returned her feelings! Not just a general attraction or potentially newfound interest in maybe seeing where things went with Lena now that they were bound, but she had said explicitly that she was in love with Lena.

She hadn’t been able to really appreciate that before and right now standing alone in Kara’s apartment waiting for her to come home Lena laughs giddily, biting her lip and flushing a little when she thinks back on their admittedly downright hot, make out session against the wall. Then her chest fills with warmth when she thinks of how nice it was to not have to hold back or fabricate a reason to hold Kara’s hand, or lean against her, or kiss her, it makes her eyes burn with unshed tears with how lucky she feels.

She didn’t think this was actually possible.

But it was.

Lena takes a steadying breath and then grabs her sketch pad from her luggage, curling up on the couch, intent on waiting for Kara to return so maybe they can talk, and also making a mental list of all the topics she wants to touch on.


Kara hugs her mother goodbye after being reassured she would be alright staying at the Tower, not wanting to leave her husband’s side just yet.

They had finished gathering up the drunken aliens not too long ago, and she had stayed behind for a little bit to check on her parents and Mxy.

She had found him having an apparently serious conversation with Kelly which he had promptly stopped as soon as he noticed her, and while she was curious as to what they were speaking about she didn’t want to pry. He and Brainy had to halt their progress on the scanner while the Coluan went to help the others with the round up and Mxy had stayed behind.

Apparently, at some point he also found J’onn’s little entertainment room which had a television and billiards table along with a dart board and decided that was where he wanted to stay the night, and Kara could only shrug her agreement.

She gave her sister and Kelly goodbye hugs and received many thanks for her help that evening and Kara had gone up to see her parents.

Alura and Zor-El were almost exactly as she left them, but someone had taken the trouble to bring a comfortable chair for her mother to sit in, probably Kelly, the considerate sweetheart that she was.

Her father slept and she spent some quiet moments with her mother and then forced to recount some of her evening with a blush when Alura commented that she looked ‘very happy’.

Alura laughed with delight and gave her a tight hug when she told her that Lena returned her affections, and her mother’s smug ‘I know’ only irked her for a moment, too content with how things had turned out to be upset for long at her mother’s self-satisfied demeanor and was amazed to learn that Alura had known from the first day they arrived in Argo how Lena felt.

When she squawked indignantly asking why she hadn’t told Kara, her mother asked seriously, “Would you have believed me?” giving Kara pause, then feeling a little admonished when she realized that no, she probably would have denied or refused to accept that her mother who only knew Lena a little at the time, and for such a short while, knowing none of the context of their relationship, could see that so quickly.

Kara checks the time on her way home and sees it’s fairly late, when she arrives it’s dark except for some lights near the couch, her chest expands at the sight of Lena curled up on the couch under a blanket with a sketch book about to fall out of her hands, fast asleep.

She walks quietly closer, her smile growing at how adorable Lena looks, she bites her lip a little and snaps a quick picture, then reaches out for the precariously balanced book, her eyes widening at the detailed sketch of what looks like new suit pieces for Kara, annotations and formulas scribbled neatly on the edges of the page.

Kara closes the book and sets it on the coffee table and decides to get ready for bed before moving her, she super speeds her way through her evening routine taking care not to wake Lena, and in no time at all she’s back.

After turning off all the lights she leans down to scoop Lena into her arms and feels warmth spread in her chest when Lena curls into her with a content sigh, one hand hooking lightly around Kara’s neck. Was it possible to float away with just the feeling of love and affection she held for this cute, amazing woman in her arms? Kara thought so, she felt like she hardly needed the yellow sun for her powers of flight with the knowledge that Lena was in love with her too.

She sets Lena down on the bed and remembers doing this a few times over the last week and thinks that she could definitely get used to doing this all the time.

Kara slides in close next to Lena and watches her turn to face her, curling into the pillow in a way that is becoming familiar to Kara, she snakes a hand over her waist taking in her sleep softened features, one green eye opens slowly, half lidded like she’s struggling to open it that much, and her sleepy smile makes the grin on Kara’s face grow wider.

“Hi,” she whispers, Lena’s eye droops closed again as she hums back a sleepy response, Kara chuckles lightly, and whispers a ‘goodnight’ shifting a tiny bit closer, her heart skipping a little when she feels Lena’s hand slide up the arm around her waist to grip lightly at Kara’s bicep.

“No,” Lena mumbles, with a slight furrow of her brow, Kara is all surprise, and is just about to ask why not, when Lena mumbles, “not without my goodnight kiss.”

That makes Kara’s eyebrows shoot up but who is she to deny Lena, especially when she’s this soft and too adorable for words.

Kara leans forward to press a sweet chaste kiss against Lena’s warm lips that she smiles into when she feels Lena’s arm hook around her neck so when Kara leans back, she takes the sleepy koala that Lena’s become with her. Kara goes with it and settles onto her back with Lena practically lying fully on top of her, looping her arms around her back as Lena gets comfy.

Kara lets out a content sigh and thanks Rao for today but most especially for Lena, tilts her nose down to bury it in the crown of Lena’s hair, and drifts off into peaceful slumber with a gentle smile on her face.