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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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Since Tony picked Morgan's name Pepper was in charge of picking her middle name. Pepper watched as life came back to Tony while holding his little girl for the first time. However, she could still see his agony over losing Peter. Tony is smiling while he's crying, he looks so conflicted. "I figured out her middle name." "Really? Lay it on me. What is Little Miss full name?" Tony teases looking at Pepper with mirth in his eyes. Pepper gives him a little smile, she's missed that look in his eyes. She hasn't seen it in so long. Softly Pepper says "Morgan Petra Stark". Tony freezes mid sway and looks at Pepper wide eyed. "What did you say" he chokes out. "Petra in honor of Peter. I know you planned to bury those memories but, he deserves to be remembered. Morgan should know her big brother. His memory is going to live through us. We are his family and we always will be". Tony leaned over and kissed Pepper's forehead while crying silently. "I love you so much. It's perfect and you're right." "I'm always right Tony now give me my baby"