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Bad Habits

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In a dark room where you can’t see clearly, the blinding lights of neon colors trick the eyes into seeing something pleasant. Each corner is clouded by smoke from cigarettes while bodies collide at the center of the room— unbothered by the lack of personal space and unfamiliarity of the people around. Confidence is then fueled by alcohol. Unseen restraints are freed and emotions run high— leaving everyone a slave to the intoxication. 


But Mew’s judgment was never tainted. Not even once. Some faces were a blur which was caused by his astigmatism and not by the bottle of beer he barely sipped because of its bitterness. He knew exactly what he was looking at. Every detail of that exquisite beauty was soaked in his memory. After all, it’s impossible to forget a rare, delicate, and enticing flower when you see one. 


The lead singer of an unknown band screamed at the top of his lungs for the finale of their song. Guitar strings were repeatedly strummed and the drummer mercilessly slammed the sticks on the percussion. Rock music was definitely not Mew’s preferred genre. In fact, it was too chaotic and loud for his light and refined taste. But then, he still found himself at a bar famous for showcasing live bands.


As he was observing, he couldn’t help but wonder. Why would such a fragile beautiful flower listen to noisy sounds? Why is the flower stained by tattoos and is pierced on different parts of his face? Why is the flower filling his lungs with smoke and losing himself in alcohol? Why is the flower so sad and hurt?  


He thought if he was the one taking care of the flower, he would treat it with the utmost care and give it all the attention it needs. He would make sure it will grow and blossom to its pinnacle. He will never break the flower. He will love it even when the thorns bury on his skin.


Mew took his eyes off of him for a while to silence the alarm of his phone. The time is 23:59. He should be home, ready to sleep. He was a very studious man. He liked plans and schedules, it’s the only way he could function right. He hates it when something unexpected happens because everything would be disrupted. It’s important to him that he could anticipate. However, there was no way he could’ve seen him coming. It felt like he was hit by a bus he willing threw himself onto. It was love at first sight— the most unreliable way of falling in love. But it happened anyway and he’s starting to see the disruption it’s beginning to cause.


He slid his phone back into his pocket and looked at him again, but, he was gone. He fixed his specs and stretched his neck in hopes to have a better view but the flower has disappeared. 


“Looking for me?” His head turns immediately to the voice calling his attention. 


“You’ve been eye fucking me from across the room since you came in. Are you planning to stalk me?” His eyes dilate as his hands began to sweat from embarrassment. Gulf was staring him down. He felt small and awkward from his strong presence. He made him feel like he was a pervert being confronted.


Yes, he knew his name. But not because he stalked him. It was his job. He was a physician assistant and Gulf visited their clinic for a check-up. He never intended to have personal feelings for any patient but when he saw him with a bruised lip and a swollen eye, he was boggled and had an undeniable urge to protect him. Who would hurt such a pretty flower?


Gulf asked for pain killers and ointments to heal his injuries fast. And when asked where he sustained it, he simply said. “I fell from the stairs and hit the concrete post.” 


It was easily seen as a lie but he backed it up with a story that he told comfortably. He even laughed while recounting it. A fake laugh. Probably. 


“No. I— I wasn’t—“ he couldn’t finish his sentence. Not when Gulf was already accusing him of bad things.


“You think I couldn’t see you? You were gawking.”


“I’m sorry!” Mew stood from his seat and was prepared to leave the sidebar. He already expected that it would be a disaster to follow Gulf to the bar. But when he randomly saw him crossing the pedestrian near the convenience store he usually goes to, he figured it must have been fate. And Mew wanted to see it through just in case the chance doesn’t come by again.


“Hey! Chill out!” He hears his sweet laughter and lets Gulf pull him back to the chair.


“I didn’t say I hate it.” Mew gulps hard. Gulf placed his hand on his knees and gave it a light squeeze. He was flirting with him. 


“I umm… I actually just wanted to give this back to you.” Mew handed over a black tumbler with a panda-shaped bottle cap. Gulf leaned back with a puzzled expression. 


“Your name is Gulf. You came in the clinic two days ago for a check-up, right?” 


“Ah. That’s why you look familiar.”


“The tumbler looks cute. I thought you’d be disappointed if you lost it forever.” 


“You troubled yourself because you thought I’d be sad if I lost this cute tumbler?” 


Mew nods furiously without making eye contact. He wanted him to believe him so bad because it was the truth. Partially.


It felt like the room burst in bright colors when Gulf laughed. It wasn’t the flirtatious laugh he heard awhile back, rather it was a laugh that reassured him. Perhaps, Gulf really found him funny. 


“You’re very interesting. Come, dance with me.” Mew wasn’t given a chance to react when he was pulled towards the sea of people who were too occupied with their own business— drunk and oblivious. So, he lets himself be taken away.


Gulf flashed his perfect smile. The side of his lips slightly curling like a feline and his deep dimples were creasing on his cheeks. He was right all along Gulf was indeed a breathtaking flower. 


Mew felt the blood rush up his cheeks when Gulf started swaying his hips to the guitar riff. His moves were feminine and very sexy— easily seducing Mew’s unguarded heart. 


He stood still, unsure how to move his body to a blues influenced-southern rock music. He never knew people would be dancing to rock like it was house music played by a DJ.  


Mew tried to do a side step just to get his body moving. He was stiff as a rock and naturally awkward— as if wearing an ugly sweater to a nightclub wasn’t bad enough. 


“Why are you moving like that?”


“Well, this isn’t exactly the kind of music people dance to.”


“Then, let me teach you.” Gulf chuckles and closes their distance. He takes Mew’s hand and guides it to his perfectly curved waist, then, he snakes his arms around his neck so they connect. 


This heightened Mew’s senses. The hair all over his body raises from the physical contact. His eyes were starting to get overwhelmed at how much he was seeing. And he was hearing every word of the song that was being performed on stage. The suggestive and sensual song. 


I don't know who you think you are

But before the night is through

I wanna do bad things with you 


There were no words. They just communicated through their gaze. And while Mew couldn’t usually hold a stare for more than 3 seconds, he suddenly got lost in Gulf’s eyes. 


“You’re so weird.” Mew looks away. Feeling a little hurt by Gulf’s choice of words. 


“And I like that.” 


Mew’s heart exploded like fireworks from the unexpected kiss. No one has kissed him spontaneously before so he pulled away to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating.


Gulf looked at him with questioning eyes. It was like he was asking if he hated the kiss.


I hate damn surprises. Mew thought. Everything that was happening wasn’t what he expected. But he has to jump on the opportunity before it closes.


Gulf didn’t say anything but his pink, m-shaped lips were parted— waiting to be met. 


Mew cups Gulf’s cheeks and kissed him eagerly. His lips were soft and glossed. They tasted like cherry chapsticks but he could also taste the alcohol and nicotine when Gulf inserted his tongue in his mouth. 


Their bodies rubbed like it wasn’t anyone’s business but it was the friction in their pants that had them going crazy. Tension was quickly built and if it’s not taken care of, all hell will break loose. 


I don't know what you've done to me

But I know this much is true

I wanna do real bad things with you





They found themselves feasting on each other in a small cubicle at a public restroom. It was empty at the moment, but not for long. 


Mew was pushed on the wall. He wasn’t able to take over because Gulf seemed to like being the dominant character. So instead he slid his hands on the latter’s loose black clothes and rubbed his back. Gulf was very slender. He has noticed this before. His wrist was too small, his thighs were thin, and now, he’s feeling the shape of his spine with his fingertips. Mew supposed that if he was the one taking care of this flower, he would feed him until he’s so healthy and cuddly. 


“Ngh!” Mew grunted when Gulf kneaded his knees on his growing bulge. He might not directly feel his tight leather pants through his worn-out jeans, but still, it was enough to cause a painful erection. 


Gulf drags his pulp lips on his neck. He kisses, but he mostly sucks his skin. He feels a little sting from the intensity of his actions but it felt good.


“You like that?” Mew crooks his head to the side when Gulf licked him from his neck up to his ear. He was very ticklish but he didn’t mind if Gulf did it again. His hot breath was fueling his fantasies. Fantasies he desperately wanted to do but pledged not to. Not yet. 


“Gulf wait!” Mew’s eyes flew open when he heard his belt being unbuckled. He shouldn’t have let Gulf have it his way because he was going too fast and was already kneeling in front of him.


“What? Did you expect that we’ll just make out the whole night?” 


 Yes. Mew wanted to say but Gulf sounded irritated. 


He wanted him so much. Very much. But he didn’t want this to be his first memory of them spending time together.


Mew’s heart pounded when Gulf didn’t understand the situation. He was too focused on taking off his pants and giving him a mind-blowing service.


“Gulf stop!” Mew grabs his shoulders and restricted his movements. Gulf’s jaw dropped and looked at him in disbelief. He has done it. He made him angry and insulted. 


“If you don’t want me then you should’ve said so.” Gulf stood up and swung the cubicle door open. 


Shit! He buttoned his pants fast but struggled to put his belt back on. If he disappeared now, he will lose him forever.


“Mew!” He shouts just before Gulf could leave the comfort room.




“M-my name. It’s Mew. Mew Suppasit.” 


There was silence but Gulf has let go of the door handle and gave him a chance to explain.


“I want you even if I barely know you. I’ve never met someone that I wanted so quickly and it makes me crazy. But you don’t even know my name and I don’t want you to think that I only want your body. Because you have an irresistible body and a perfectly sculpted face—“


Gulf tries not to smile but his flattered heart betrayed him.


“And I just wanted to take it slow and make our time special. Don’t you think you deserve that?” Mew is a quiet person. Reserved. He wouldn’t dare to say his thoughts out loud but tonight, he toughened up.


“Fine.” Gulf composed himself and quickly wiped the smile off his face. He then pulled Mew’s wrist and took his pen out to scribble a string of numbers across his arm.


“Take me on a date. But you’re paying for everything.” 





They went on three straight dates since their first meeting at the bar. 


In reality, Gulf’s personality was a spectrum of colors. Contrary to his everyday all black outfit and unapproachable aura at first glance, he was actually very talkative and a lot of fun to be with. He asked so many questions about Mew. How? What? Why? He wanted every detail.  


Mew has always described himself as a boring person. Nothing extraordinary has happened to him his whole life. No stories to tell his grandkids. It was like he’s just in a calm stagnant water. There were a handful of interesting patients he has met but they’re all just borderline exciting. But somehow, Gulf has managed to make him the compelling main protagonist of the story. 


Every question only came one way. Mew thought he was just imagining it but he was wrong. Gulf has never given him a chance to get to know him. He wanted to ask too. Where he came from. What was on his mind? Why he was hurt?


“I didn’t follow you all the way to a bar just to be a narcissistic jerk and talk about myself. I want to know you.” Mew spoke up as their third date was coming to an end. They sat on the swings at an empty children’s park. 


“So you were following me! I knew it! Stalker!” Gulf laughs but Mew knew it was only a tactic he does to dodge a conversation. So he stayed silent and kept his eyes on him. 


Gulf sighs. 


“I’m just a sad case.” He saw him still being reluctant while he kept circling the tip of his shoes on the sand. 


“Don’t worry, I won’t run away.” He wanted Gulf to trust him and he wanted him to know that he would walk with him through the harshest storm if only he’d let him. 


“As soon as I finished high school, I ran away from home. My mom and her interchangeable boyfriends were going to be the death of me. They were drunk all the time and sometimes high on drugs. And so, if you’re going to ask where I got my bad habits. You know who to blame.” He laughs morbidly. 


“Besides, they can’t afford to put me in college anyway. I mean, they could barely put food on the table. What do you expect?


I worked shit jobs. Okay jobs. No job. I even started considering being a sugar baby. Do you know how much they make?! Haha. But sex with an old man? Gross.


So yeah, I get by with what I can.” It was hard not to pity his situation. He couldn’t choose the family he was born to. It wasn’t his fault. 


“And I know you’re dying to ask why I visited the clinic. Well, sorry to break it to you. I really did fall. A fucking painful fall.” It wasn’t everything but it was a start. Mew held back from asking more. 


“Now tell me about that time when the waiter chased and called you out in public because you forgot to pay your bill!” Gulf’s laugh was one of the prettiest sounds he has ever heard. But he hoped it to be more genuine next time.





It was flu season. Which means people come in and out of their clinic more frequently. Mew couldn’t catch a break. He couldn’t even get a proper lunch due to many visits. 


The last time he talked to Gulf was on the weekend. Normally, they would send each other short continuous messages and he would look forward to what stickers Gulf would bombard him with. Then they would have a short phone call, just letting each other know how the day went. But since the flu outbreak happened, he couldn’t even reply to a single line without letting Gulf wait for hours. Calls weren’t made too because once his body touches his bed, he would wake up the next day with the same clothes he wore yesterday. 


“Gosh. Finally, we’re done! Why don’t just people get flu vaccines in the first place?! And why do they keep ignoring the doctor’s orders?!” The physician he’s been assisting was a woman in her 60’s. She gets plenty of mood swings but she was still strong and dedicated to her work. 


“Go home son and spend time with your lover. We all deserve a goddamn rest!”

Mew didn’t need to be told twice. It’s all he could think about for the past few days. 





Mew arrived at the same bar he found Gulf. They’ve been coming back there since they met because Gulf said it was his favorite place. 


The vicinity was crowded as usual and Mew knows exactly where to stay to avoid people. 


“Hey, you’re here?” Tong widens his eyes when he saw him. 


“Why do you look surprised?” Mew chuckles. He’s been around the bar a lot that he’s made friends with the bartenders. 


“Here, your usual soda.” Tong places a can of carbonated beverage in front of him and continues with his work. 


“Where’s Gulf?” 


“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.”


“Really? I thought he’d be here right now.” He scanned the room carefully for any signs of Gulf. 


“Ugh. Gulf is back with his ass face boyfriend again! I mean what does he see in that guy. Asides from being hot and playing the guitar really well, ass face doesn’t have anything else to offer. He is toxic! And Gulf just seems to take it!” Krist didn’t even breathe when he broke the news to Tong. It’s hard to get a word in when he starts speaking. 


“Krist!” Tong hissed at him and cocked his head towards Mew. 


“Oh shit. Mew, you’re here.” Krist nervously laughed when he saw Mew unable to look away from him. 


“Well, I wouldn’t exactly say they’re boyfriends? Like I said he’s an ass face. If Gulf is still hang up on him, it’s only probably because of his body and—“


“Krist! Shut the fuck up!” Tong scolds him one last time. Krist slaps his lips repeatedly for not helping with the situation. He immediately followed Tong’s orders and went to the back storage, to prevent causing any more damage. 


Tong takes a deep breath and approached a very disheartened Mew. 


“Boyfriend?” Mew repeated. 


“Look, it wasn’t my place to tell you about Gulf’s personal life so I didn’t dare to.” 


Apparently, Gulf’s alleged boyfriend is a talented lead guitarist of a band that’s just starting to make a name for themselves. They met at this bar and have been going on and off for more than a year. 


Today, the band came back to perform after a local tour has been concluded. 


You were waiting for him. Your favorite place.


“He is different when he's with you. Happy and relaxed. Everybody could see that. But right now I want to be honest with you. He might go back to him. I’ve seen it happened a couple of times before.”


Mew was in disbelief. Gulf never mentioned another man so he never asked. He came onto him with the intention of being intimate. So, he just assumed that he was single. 


“You’re a good man Mew. And for people like Gulf, sometimes there just no saving them.”


“What do you mean people like him.” Mew asks sternly. 


“People who invested in someone so much that they couldn’t bring themselves to break free. They’re hopeless Mew. He won’t try even if he’s constantly being hurt.” 


Mew slams his hand on the counter— feeling upset at the way he was blindsided but mostly because of the prejudiced judgment.


“Don’t say that he is hopeless because he’s not! He’s worth every effort and he will change.” Mew storms out and walked to the exit. 


Gulf doesn’t share his personal problems, how much more, ask for help? 


If it were like before, Mew would’ve completely understood where Tong is coming from. Besides, who wants to help someone who didn’t want any. But after he met Gulf, he realized that sometimes, you just need to be heard to be given the chance and the effort. 


“Well fuck you! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Mew chose to retract his steps when he heard a couple arguing. 


“How dare you?!” The sound of a heavy impact slap made his skin crawl. Those were heavy hands. 


He warily took a peek at what was happening and immediately, his heart dropped when he saw Gulf on the ground holding his cheeks and crying. 


“You! It was you!” Mew comes out and pointed his finger at the man who hurt his flower. 


“You fucking asshole!” He attempts to bolt at him but Gulf got back on his knees just in time to stop him. 


The man laughs scornfully at Mew’s displeased actions. 


“So this fucking nerd is the guy you’ve been fucking while I wasn’t around. Gulf, baby your taste has lowered.” Mew looked anything but cool. His hair was down, his round glasses were too thick and again, he was wearing an oversized ugly sweater. 


“Bright stop it! Don’t drag him into this!” Gulf shouts while still facing Mew. 


“And please, go. This is none of your business.” He was terrified. His hands were trembling and his eyes were getting red from the tears. Gulf was silently screaming— save me.


“You’re asking me to leave you with him? I won’t!” 


“Ah. Enough sweet talk come here!” Bright grew impatient and grabbed a handful of Gulf’s hair as leverage to pull him back to him. 


“You useless prick!” Mew attacks Bright with no hesitation by punching his face. 


Gulf was immediately released from the assault but he couldn’t do anything as chaos unfolds right in front of him. 


Bright fights back by grabbing Mew’s sweater to immobilize him then eventually hit his face. But Mew had impeccable reflexes. Despite his quiet personality and unimpressive looks, he has a 2nd-degree black belt in jiu jitsu


He hooked his arm around his biceps and punched his face again with his free hand. Bright grunts in discomfort from the blood trickling down his nose. Mew then kicks his legs, causing him to fall backward while his arm is still up in the air due to Mew’s tight grip. 


“Fucking hell! Let me go!” He heard his pleas but he wasn’t finished. He partially twisted his arms— giving him just enough pain to withdraw. 


“If you ever touch Gulf again, I will break your arm and your filthy fingers and make sure you never touch a fucking guitar again. Got it?” There was no response. Just muffled cries. 


“Do you understand?!” Mew shouts and finally he heard a scared yes. 


Bright runs back into the bar without looking back as soon as he was let go. Mew was satisfied and relieved that he was able to protect Gulf for the first time. 


“Gulf, are you alright?” He walks toward Gulf to check up on him but the latter was in shock. 


“Let me take you home then.” Mew lifted him off the ground with one arm under his knees and the other supporting his back. 


Instinctively, Gulf wrapped his hands around him and laid his head on the crook of his neck. 





Mew brought Gulf to his place. It made him nervous having the latter over for the first time but Gulf still hasn’t said a single word since. 


Cold water was splashed to his face to give him some clarity. He wanted to ask so many questions that he deserved some answers to, but, he figured it can wait. 


He ran his fingers through his wet hair and pushed his bangs away from his face— composing himself so he could comfort him.  


Mew goes back to Gulf with a bowl of water and a towel. He left him sitting at his own bed because he didn’t have a couch. His studio apartment wasn’t meant to have guess over. 


“Does it still hurt?” He patted his face with the damp cloth. 


“Luckily, you didn’t bleed.” Mew was trying to have small talk But the unresponsiveness only caused him to worry more.


“Gulf, you’re safe now. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” It was the only comfort he could give after everything he’s been through. 


“I won’t pretend that I understand what you’re feeling but I love you and—“ Water spilled on his feet as he suddenly froze after hearing himself utter a confession at an inappropriate moment. 


But perhaps it worked because Gulf finally looked at him with the same amount of shock in his eyes. 


Mew struggled to explain his sudden outburst of words. However, he kept stuttering and rethinking his excuse. Insecurities flood him and he wished he just kept his mouth shut. 


Unexpectedly, the agitation faded almost instantly when Gulf kissed him. 


Gulf pulled back momentarily to look at his reaction before pressing his lips on him again— harder. 


Mew’s lips slowly parted, letting his mouth be explored with Gulf’s impatient tongue. It was like their first kiss— he was under his control again. 


His head touched the pillows and he comfortably laid on his back as Gulf hovered him— making him lose control bit by bit. If the night didn’t turn out as screwed up as it was, he would’ve flipped the switch and have Gulf submitting to his power. But this night was sensitive. He imagined how embarrassed Gulf must have felt being seen mistreated and battered. Somehow, it seemed that Gulf’s actions were more fueled by denial than want. 


“Gulf, I don’t think we should do this.” Mew says while his lips were continuously being sucked and his words, ignored. 


Gulf unzips his jeans and cupped his groin— massaging it with just the right amount of pressure to get him hard and wanting. 


“There.” Gulf mutters with a smirk. He was getting what he wants. 


Mew knew how easily Gulf could turn him on. Especially when he’s holding back and waiting for the right time. But he also knew if he let Gulf have it his way, this night wouldn’t be about love and romance. It would just simply be comfort and pleasure. It wouldn’t last long. 


“Gulf!” Mew grabs Gulf’s shoulders and pushed him forcefully to the bed. They’ve exchanged positions. 


“You just got off from a messy situation. This is not what you want!” 


“What the hell do you know about what I want and don’t want?!” Gulf furiously looks at him while both his arms were pinned down. 


“You just said you love me and the first time we met you said you want me. But in reality, you don’t! You just pity me don’t you?” 


“I never said that! What I mean is this isn’t the right moment.” Mew’s grip loosens, giving Gulf a chance to sit up and push him away. 


“No! Stop that! You keep treating me like a fragile flower who would be entirely crushed and die when stepped on! I can handle my own feelings, Mew! I am stronger than you think!” Mew was lost for words. The only thing that was on his mind was to protect him and make him happy. Was he unconsciously insulting him instead?


“You’re just like Bright. You’re just like the rest of them. You don’t love me. You just want me to be this weak little thing so you can look strong and mighty!” This brings heat straight to Mew’s head. He stood up and grabbed his own hair. He never felt so angry in his life. 


“Don’t ever compare me to that scum bag! Because I am not him! And this is not what it’s about! I don’t want to hurt you! I don’t want to use you! I just want to protect and respect you like you should be! Stop misunderstanding what I’m trying to do!”


“But I want you! I want you to hurt me! I want you to use me! I want every little pain that comes with being with you because I love you! And you love me too.” Mew’s world shifts yet again. He loves him. That changes everything. 


“I’m sorry I never told you about Bright. I went back to that bar everyday because I was waiting for him. I wanted to end things with him since that day we went to the park. I didn’t care if I took a few more punches because I was finally gonna be free. I was going to start a new life with you. I never thought I would be able to let him go but you… you showed me that I deserved so much better.” Tears started falling from Gulf’s eyes— uncontrollable emotions kept spilling out. 


“So please, want me back. Because I don’t know what I’ll do if you don’t.” 


Mew collects him in his arms and hushed his anxious heart. This was the moment he’s been waiting for. For Gulf to open up and let himself be seen. 


“I will always want you. Nothing will change that.” Mew grabs his face and wiped his tears with his thumb. Gulf’s eyes might be puffy and red but he still looked so beautiful, nonetheless. 


Mew moves his hand to the curve of Gulf’s waist. Rubbing him up and down slowly— suggestively— to calm his nerves. 


Gulf took notice of his body language. Mew rested his forehead on him while his nose repeatedly grazed his face. He breathes in and out heavily on him— closing his eyes as if he was preparing for something big. And it was, he was subtly telling Gulf that they should continue where they left off. 


“Do you want me to show you how much I want you?” Gulf tittered at his rhetorical question.  


“Don’t ask. Just do.” Mew hummed and took this as a signal to push him on the bed and hungrily kiss him. This time, he was making the effort to be aggressive. He makes sure that both Gulf’s lips becomes swollen but he also wants Gulf’s tongue to stay still and be sucked by him. Contrary to their past make out sessions where Gulf does all the work, he wants to make him drool and out of breath. And so far, he is doing just that. 


Gulf has the same cherry chapstick glossing his lips. But Mew believes that his sweet taste was his natural flavor. He believes that as he travels his mouth all over his delicate tanned body, he will savor the same sweetness. 


Mew begins to leave marks on his neck. Gulf was wearing this thin laced choker which made him look sexy. Chokers like that was made to seduce and now it makes Mew grow a little crazy because he was starting to have kinks of replacing it with his hands. 


He pulls Gulf’s oversized shirt to the side— exposing his collarbone for him to devour in. He slips inside his shirt and roamed his hand all over his skin. When he heard Gulf moan for the first time after his finger tips grazed his nipples, he paused and decided to take his and Gulf’s shirt off. 


“Wow. You’ve been hiding that under your ugly sweater?” Gulf couldn’t take in how hot Mew was— towering over him with his glasses on, slicked back hair, and very very toned muscular body.  


“It’s only for your eyes and no one else.” Gulf bites his lips after hearing his privilege. No one gets to see and touch Mew’s godly body except for him. Truly a privilege. 


Mew bends down and traced his fingers at the small tattoos on Gulf’s torso. He memorizes it one by one but his favorite was the line art sunflower tattoo on his right chest. He gave it a kiss and then he tended to Gulf’s hard perked nipples. He takes one in his mouth while his fingers pinched the other. Gulf whimpers out of sensitivity. He couldn’t help arching his back from the overstimulation of Mew touching his chest while simultaneously pressing his leg on his growing erection.


Fuck. Gulf felt his precum leak. It doesn’t usually happen that fast but he figures that this was the difference between plain sex and making love. 


“You’re the first man I’ve ever been with.” Mew confesses but this doesn’t bother Gulf. Instead, he was happy to show him the way.  


“Then I’ll show you what you’ve been missing,” Gulf smirks and slowly pushed Mew off him so he could stand up and take off his clothes. 


Mew sits and rests his back on the headboard while he watched Gulf do a mini striptease. He only had his pants left to remove but he slides it down his body erotically that Mew’s bulge was ready to explode. 


The only thing Gulf was wearing now is his choker and confidence. He wasn’t shy at all showing off his inked, slender body and Mew thought he was perfect. 


Gulf gets on the bed and crawls towards Mew. Mew pushed his back harder on the headboard because his heart was beating too fast and he was afraid he’d pass out or  do something more embarrassing. 


Gulf gets straight to the point and easily pulls Mew’s pants off, leaving him with only his briefs and a big erection. He then started kissing his pale thighs until he reached his clothed cock that is begging to be touched. 


He squeezed it, rubbed it, and licked it. This was how he teased Mew who was trying so hard to not let his moans escape. After seeing the visible precum stain on his dark underwear, Gulf finally gets him completely naked. 


Mew was big. No, he was enormous. And Gulf licked his lips a couple of times just imagining how he would wreck him and give him the best orgasm of his life. 


“What?” Mew felt a little insecure when Gulf stared. 


“Nothing, you just keep surprising me.” 


“Fuck!” Mew groans when Gulf wrapped his fingers around his length and cupped the tip with his mouth. He couldn’t even fathom the wonders Gulf was doing with his hot cavern. When he hallows his cheeks or makes him hit the back of his throat, Mew loses all his senses. It feels like his brain was nothing but mush. He holds on to the bedsheet tightly so he wouldn’t grab Gulf’s head and bob it himself. But Gulf kept provoking him especially when he licks his throbbing veins. 


Gulf lets his member go and proceeds to straddle him. He takes Mew’s hand and puts two of his fingers in his mouth. Gulf sucked them like he did with his cock, only this time his face was so much closer to Mew and he could look him directly in the eyes while doing obscene acts. 


When he has coated his long slender fingers, he guides it in his entrance and just lets it get sucked in. Mew was cautious at first. He hasn’t done it like this before. Gulf was so tight and he was worried that he’d hurt him.


“Deeper.” But when Mew heard him beg to be fucked with his fingers he did as he was told. He inserted it knuckle deep— curling his fingers to add to the pleasure.


“Fuck! Right there!” Mew found his spot. He then kissed him from the waist all the way to the hip while giving his ass cheeks a quick slap. 


Gulf revels as he held onto the headboard— screaming Mew’s name for the neighbors to hear and asking him not to stop like it was a race. He was already laying on cloud nine but they were still just at the foreplay.


“I— I want you.” Gulf stuttered. He never stutters. 


“Where do you want me?” Mew removes his fingers and left butterfly kisses on Gulf’s hip bone and navel. 


“In— inside me.” He was breaking his words again.


“As you wish.”


Gulf doesn’t take his hooded eyes away from Mew. He wanted him to see how he looks at the very moment his cock penetrates his twitching hole. He grabbed him with one hand and he positioned himself— rubbing the tip between his ass and into his hole. 


“Ah!” Gulf cried. His legs trembled as he fitted Mew’s thick length inside him. His walls stretched so wide like he was about to break in two. He rested his palms in Mew’s well-formed abs while he cautiously buries him deep. At one point Gulf thought he wouldn’t fit the whole thing in. It might have been a mistake to take him in raw. The whole experience gave a new meaning to pleasurable pain. 


Mew saw him struggle and tear up. Unfortunately for Gulf, this only aroused Mew and made him grow bigger. After all, he was on top of him— naked, insatiable, and tightly clenching around his cock. At best, Mew could only help Gulf by grabbing his hips and pushing him down until all of his shaft has disappeared. 


Gulf gasped when it was all in. He didn’t waste any time and started bouncing on Mew. He’s been abstaining from him for a long time. No one would blame him if gets greedy and unreserved for his astonishingly hot body. 


Mew sat up properly and grabbed the dick that kept hitting his stomach. He stroked it with his large hands making Gulf pull him closer and melt on the body heat that radiates around them. 


“Shit, Gulf you feel so good.” Gulf rolled his hips vigorously at Mew’s compliment. They were equally rapacious— wanting to reach euphoria as soon as possible but also hoping it won’t end right away. 


Mew bit his shoulder mercilessly— leaving small patches of blood to form around the mark he made. He moves to his lips and abused it next. No matter how he thinks of it, he would never get enough of his pulp chestnut lips. 


“I’m near! Please… please Mew.” Gulf was so messed up. He himself didn’t know if he was begging Mew to fuck him faster to oblivion or slow down his pace because he never wanted the night to end. 


However, Mew chose to take care of Gulf’s shameless desires roughly. He lifts him up and slams him on the bed. Mew was back on top, taking control. He rammed his hole fervently— refusing to let Gulf think of something else other than his name. 


“Fuck! I can’t—“


“I’m at my limit too.” Mew gives it his all so they could both reach ecstasy together. 


Nails dig deep on flesh. Unrestrained mewls and moans bounce off the walls. And the tight grip on each other’s body and soul was eliciting such a powerful surge of gratification neither of them has experienced from other people before. 


They moan more while they pumped themselves dry. Cum dribbles on Gulf’s stomach. Both his and Mew’s. 


“That was amazing.”


“I know.” It took all their energy but it was the best night of their lives. 


Mew brushed Gulf’s soft brown hair away from his face before he laid beside him. 


Silence filled the room and they were lulled with just the sole sound of their hearts playing on the same beat. 


They need not say what emotions they were both drowning at the moment. 


They just know they felt the same thing— sheer joy and contentment.