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Sweetest Subterfuge

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The sweet scent of violets cut through the stench of bootleg liquor and blood. The blood wasn't hers. It belonged to the mustachioed man swaying in front of her. His eyes were closed, his bare fist still raised.

Fall, you dumb motherfucker, Cora thought, punching him again. The violet was stronger now, close and distracting. The fight was over anyway. She just needed Schmitty to fall down and she could get to that scent. Blood spattered against her fist and Schmitty stumbled back, finally falling.

"Victory to the Alpha Bitch!" The announcer, and proprietor of the underground speakeasy, Camden Lahey, raised her arm, still locked in a fist. "What a blood bath! Take yer winnings at the bar! Alpha Bitch is the winner!"

Cora took half a second to tell him she'd grab her cut of the fight in the morning before hopping the ropes into the crowd to search for violets.

Lydia stood the moment she saw her, smoothing down her navy blue dress. Cora pulled her close, burying her face in long fiery hair. The shouting, the stale stench of booze and vomit, the flickering gas lamps and cheap whores disappeared around them, replaced with violets, red hair and Lydia's voice, rough with desire, whispering her name.

"What are you doing here?" Cora asked. She couldn't resist the urge to scrape her teeth over the ivory skin of her lover's neck.

"I need you," Lydia said, frantically rubbing against her, her hands in Cora's hair. Cora could feel her wet soak through as Lydia humped her trouser leg, if the assault on her nose wasn’t proof enough.

"You came here smelling like that?" Cora growled. "Are you nuts? Do you have any idea-"

"No one noticed," Lydia lied. Enough of the men around her were glancing over their shoulders, frowning, trying to put a face with that intoxicating smell. Cora would kill the first one who tried. "No one cared. They know I'm yours. Please, Cora! I need you," her voice rose into a high whine as she pulled Cora's hand down to press into her skirts.

"Not here," Cora said, giving her a quick bite. She couldn't tell if it was meant as a punishment or something to tide Lydia over. "I've got a room."

"Good," Lydia whined impatiently.

The two women slipped through the crowd. Cora pulled Lydia close to her side. God, how did she even get there like this? The heat radiated off her. The scent of violets covered everything.

They didn't make it halfway up the stairs before Cora had to push her up against  the wall, rubbing as close as she could. "Yes, please. Please, please, please, please," Lydia begged, "Touch me, Cora, touch me!"

"Am touchin' you," Cora said, kissing her hard to shut her up. Lydia welcomed her in, clenching her hair in tiny white fists. Cora knew how she liked it. Lydia wanted to be invaded whenever they kissed, especially when she was in heat. Cora bit her hard, marking violently and immediately soothing the red marks with little flicks of her tongue. Lydia moaned beneath her. She hiked her leg up around Cora's waist. Sweet slick soaked into Cora's trousers, wet and warm. 

"Did you just come from kissing?" Cora's lips brushed against Lydia's as she spoke. The rich girl nodded, her face flushed. Cora kissed her again, gentle this time on her wrecked lips. "Any of your asshole suitors ever make you come like that?"

She shook her head. "Never, they could never," her green eyes were hazy, staring down at Cora like she was some golden idol. "You know they can't. I'm yours."

"You're mine," She agreed, kissing her again.

"Please," Lydia whispered, "Cora, fuck me? I need you to fuck me..."

"C'mon," Cora said, pulling her off the wall, "I want you in my bed,"

Lydia went eagerly enough, though navigating the staircase proved difficult with her nibbling on Cora's ear and pressing her fingers into her crotch. They managed to get inside and lock the door before she completely pulled off her skirt, pushing her fingers into her own soaking cunt.

"None of that," Cora reprimanded, pushing her onto the bed. "That's mine."

"Take it then," Lydia moaned, pushing her fingers roughly inside and fucking herself as hard as she could. "I need you, Cora, and you won't fucking touch me!"

"Christ, you're bossy," Cora said, kneeling in front of her. "You want fingers or tongue?"

"Tongue," Lydia writhed against the mattress scooting towards her. "Tongue, tongue, tongue,"

Just as well. She still had Scmitty's blood on her knuckles. Heat Lydia might want Cora inside her at any cost but Normal Lydia would murder her. 

Besides, oral sex meant she could bury herself in that violet scented cunt. Cora breathed in deep and ran her tongue along the length of Lydia's thigh. Long strands of soft red pubic hair tickled at her nose. She pressed her mouth against the sopping clit, taking it the same way she took Lydia's mouth on the stairs. Thin, muscled legs wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her in tight. Lydia's fingers, still wet with her own slick, pushed her hair from eyes. Her face was flushed, bright red as her, her lips parted to gasp as Cora pushed her tongue into the soft jewel of her clit.

"Cora," she moaned. Her entire body shook as another orgasm passed through her. Cora lapped it up eagerly, the salt and warmth of Lydia's slick filling her the way nothing else could.

"You're so good at this," Lydia muttered, brushing her fingers over Cora's brow, "God, do you know how long I wait for this? You ruined me... You fucking ruined me... God!" She leaned forward, shaking, her arms clenched tight around Cora. 

Cora kissed her softly, gently licking the come out of the dark red crevices of Lydia's womanhood. The rich girl trembled above her, finally relaxing enough to let her slide up onto the bed. 

"You good?" She asked, pressing another kiss into Lydia's neck, "For a little bit?"

Lydia nodded, apparently unable to speak. Cora pushed down her on the bed. She still wore her plain, white blouse, somewhat rumpled from their activities. Cora leaned over her, admiring the tangled mess of her hair and the swell of her bright red lips. Her fingers played idly with the buttons, pushing each on free with tender deference. Lydia wore a pale beige brassiere with floral lace. 

"You're so fucking beautiful," Cora murmured, lowering herself down to press her cheek on the soft curve of Lydia's breast. "So beautiful when you're spread out for me."

"Cora," Lydia said her name like a prayer.

Cora kissed her. "My sweet little omega," she whispered, licking the sweat front Lydia's cheek. "I want to take you in the streets, make you come for hours so everyone can see how fucking beautiful you are like this."

"So they know I'm yours..." Lydia murmured, turning to press against her. Cora nodded, taking the opportunity to undo the clasps on the back of the brassiere. Beautiful as the garment was, it had nothing on Lydia's naked flesh. 

"So they know you're mine," she agreed, tracing the delicate bones of her back, "so they know exactly what they're missing... Your boring little rich boys will die of jealousy."

Serves them right for thinking they had any right to you, she thought bitterly. Lydia nuzzled close into her. 

"I wanna see you," she muttered, glaring at the hem of Cora's shirt like it insulted her entire family. "Why aren't you naked?"

"I had a bossy omega princess to satisfy," Cora said, pulling the shirt over her head and tossing it to the floor. Lydia frowned at the bandage around her breasts, stained with sweat and bit of blood.

"Are you hurt?" She asked, her lips pressing into a pout.

"No way, doll," Cora said, unwinding the cloth. "Just makes the fight easier without anything flapping around."

"I can get you proper undergarments," Lydia said,    "This can't be healthy."

"It’s fine, Lydia. Mine ain’t as nice as yours. They wouldn't look good in lace."

"Shut up, you're perfect," Lydia said, and pressed her lips to the space between Cora's breasts. "I won't allow anyone to insult my mate like that." 

Cora pulled her close, kissing her hair so Lydia wouldn't see her expression. Lydia threw the word around like she didn't know what it meant sometimes. Mates got married and had children. They didn't meet in secret in a dirty speakeasy, to fuck before someone noticed they were gone. Some rich boy would marry Lydia eventually and she'd disappear from Cora's life. She didn't mind it, so long as she didn't think about it. She was a female alpha, a mistake of genetics. Alpha girls didn’t have mates, certainly not Lydia Martin, with half of Beacon Hills as a dowry.  As long as she didn't think of it, she could enjoy what she had, Lydia's sweet scent mixing with hers, that beautiful voice begging for her touch. 

"Cora," Lydia groaned against her, already anxious for another round. 

"Okay," Cora whispered, pulling back. She leaned in lower, pressing a gentle kiss to each of Lydia's breasts. She pinched the warm rose colored nipples between thumb and forefinger. She licked carefully, watching the omega girl’s lashes flutter,  listening to her breath come in short, barely escaping gasps. Her breasts fit perfectly into Cora’s palm, incredibly soft and warm to the touch. The goose bumps were already rising in the cool of the little room. Lydia grunted, guiding Cora's mouth to her nipple, instructing her to suck. Cora obeyed eagerly. Lydia writhed beneath her, whispering praise and stroking Cora's hair. 

"Yes, mark me..." She gasped as the alpha's teeth sunk into her flesh. Cora could mark freely here, leave bruises that wouldn't fade in a few hours. They were for her and Lydia alone. She alternated between each of Lydia's breasts, idly playing with her nipples and enjoying the heat of skin on skin.

"God, Cora!" Lydia cried, biting hard at her neck.  Violet filled the room again. It wasn’t really violet. Cora couldn’t describe the scent of Lydia’s come properly in words. It was sweet but musky, warm and thick in her nostrils. Violet came the closest but no flower could ever compare to that sweet omega slick pouring out of Lydia Martin, mixing with the come spewing out from just touching her nipples.

Cora kissed her cheek. Lydia panted against her. “More,” she whispered, “Please, more,”

“You’re insatiable.”

“Touch me,” Lydia whined. “I want your fingers… I wanna feel your knot,”

Cora snorted. “You get off on that?”

Lydia nodded enthusiastically. “I wanna feel you grab me.”

Her alpha cunt squeezed at the mere thought of it. Like all alphas, Cora’s biology allowed her to prolong the act of mating when sufficiently aroused. Men got their knots, a thick bulge at the end of their cocks that prevented them from pulling out. Women had vaginas that tightened like a vise. A proper knot, a man’s knot, would be a mark of mating and fill his omega with babies to pop free eight months after the wedding. Cora’s knot would just stick her and Lydia together for a couple of hours. It didn’t mean anything, most people didn’t even acknowledge it was there.

The prospect of holding Lydia for hours, her delicate fingers squeezed into Cora’s sex and unable to escape, did have its appeal. Cora’s cunt was already flexing and constricting back in the ring, the moment she caught Lydia’s scent, waiting for something to hold on to. Now that Lydia was fumbling with her belt and zipper, her womanhood practically screamed to be touched.

“Please, Cora…” Lydia whined softly in her ear. “Touch me. Let me touch you.”

“Alright,” Cora whispered back. She wriggled out of her trousers, making sure to wipe her hands as best she could before kicking them to the floor. Lydia dove down, pulling down her underwear. She breathed in deep, like Cora’s pussy was a bouquet of roses.

“Alpha,” she purred, placing a reverent kiss in the black curls of pubic hair. Her tongue flicked out, hesitantly lapping at the very tip of Cora’s clit. Her pussy seized up, a heady reek of pheromones exploding at even the slightest contact. Cora grabbed Lydia by the shoulders, pulling her up to face her.

“None of that,” she warned, the command slipping from her voice without intention. Lydia moaned and tilted her head to offer her long, beautiful neck in apology. Cora couldn’t resist that. She buried her face in the exposed skin, sucking hard until red marks appeared. “None of that,” she whispered, chewing on Lydia’s earlobe. “You’d suffocate down there, you fucking slut,”

“I want to,” Lydia moaned. “I wanna choke on it. I wanna swallow everything and it still won’t be enough. I wanna be with you forever.”

Cora growled, kissing her hard on the lips. She had to stop that obscene trail of lies before it went to her head and she was locking Lydia up here forever, chaining her to the bed and fucking her until neither of them could see or think or move. Her fingers curled around the bright red hairs, spreading out to find that violet clit.

“Cora!” Lydia practically screamed when she found it. She bit down hard on Cora’s lips, trying to muffle it. “Stop distracting me! I wanna feel you, damnit!”

“You really want me to stop?” Cora chuckled as she played in the slick of Lydia’s head.

“No,” she said, pouting again. “but you gotta let me- let me- ah!”

She pushed her fingers inexpertly into Cora’s cunt, feeling around until the wet alpha sex began to constrict around her hand. “You’re so good!” she cried, pushing in closer, “You feel so good, Cora!”

Cora’s pussy squeezed. She could feel the whole of Lydia’s hand inside her, wriggling like it couldn’t get enough. She pushed in deeper, muffling a scream into Lydia’s hair. She came hard, with Lydia moaning her name.

“Fuck,” Cora whispered. She still had her fingers on Lydia’s clit. She ought to be rubbing, helping her omega get off again. It was a duty, a pleasure that most women Alphas didn’t get to fulfill. All she could do was shake though, weak from orgasm and still half drunk on Lydia’s scent.

“My Alpha,” Lydia whispered, stroking Cora’s hair, “My beautiful Alpha.”

“Sorry,” Cora managed after a long while, “Can you get your hand out?”

“I don’t want to,” Lydia said. She kissed Cora’s forehead. “I wanna be stuck to you. I want you in me.”

That wouldn’t help her knot release anytime soon. “Lydia…” Cora wanted to chastise her but it felt so right to be holding her like this. She circled her other arm around the omega’s slim shoulder and pulled her closer, so their foreheads pressed together. She flexed her fingers weakly against Lydia’s sex, gently pushing inside.

“You don’t gotta,” Lydia whispered, kissing her lazily. “I just wanna be in you and you in me… you don’t gotta work.” Somewhat contradictorily she rubbed up on Cora’s fingers but the alpha didn’t call her on it. Cora probably could have fallen asleep like that.

“You staying?” She asked, her eyelids drooping.

“I’ll leave in the morning,” Lydia whispered sadly.  Her heat had lessened through four orgasms, though it was still pushing up to the surface. She seemed more lucid now, fucking herself on Cora’s fingers while they kissed. The gentle rhythm pushed Lydia’s other hand up against Cora’s knot, making it tighten even worse. Lydia came again with a soft whimper and rested quietly against her.

“Early?” Cora asked.

“Father thinks I’m at Allison’s,” Lydia shook her head. “I can probably stay for a while but no later than ten.”

“I’ll walk you,” Cora said, “back to Allison’s.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to,” Cora breathed in deep, the sweet fading scent of violet. “Don’t know when I’m gonna see you again.”

Lydia nuzzled close to her neck, ending with a soft kiss. “Soon,” she promised, “soon.”

They fell asleep.