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Danganronpa 465 : A 465th killing game!?

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POV :: ???


??? : "hrgh.. my head.. where am I?"
The person sits up, the room was dark, confused on where they were, they try to find a light switch, once failing, they head for the door, opening it to see sixteen others

??? : "..huh..?"

??? : "guess sixteen wasn’t our cutoff point."
One of the people say, a girl with blonde hair looks over at them


Oh, right, I should probably introduce myself huh? My names Luca, I guess you could say I’m a protagonist here, although, I wouldn’t consider myself that, I’m more “neutral”? I don’t know, I’m not too sure on why I’m here, but I’m here now.. let me try to think back to what happened before hand…


"In all honesty Alex, when I sent this letter in, I was half expecting to get laughed at by the whole squad." I tell Alex, looking over at her, she was also holding a paper like mine.
"This- I don’t believe this, we’re going to hopes peak!" Alex says, jumping up and down while hugging me, yep, that’s right, we were going to hopes peak.. "Well, we better get packing ey?" I say, smiling "Yep! Let’s go!" Alex grabs my hand and heads inside. [FLASHBACK END]


Oh, that’s right, I remember now, me and Alex had gotten accepted into hopes peak, my minds a blur after that.


??? : well, I guess we should get on with introductions..?

A female wearing a white and light blue shirt + skirt suggests, we all nod, now, who do I talk to first?

I decided to go up to a kid with poofy dark purple + orange hair
??? : “Oh, hi there, I’m Pump, the ultimate Copycat! Nice to meet you!”

Luca: “Ultimate copycat?”

Pump: “oh! It’s basically an ultimate that copies others ultimates!”

Luca: “that’s.. interesting..?”

Pump: “I guess it is!”

I then leave the child and head over to my next pick.

??? : “hey! The names Alex! The ultimate fashionista! Nice to meet ya!”


Luca: “wait a minute, Alex! You remember me? We arrived here together!”

Alex: “mmm, sorry, nothin rings a bell.”

Luca: ..


I head over to a kid with blonde + dark purple hair

??? : “…my names Skid, ultimate cosplayer, I don’t plan on making any friends here, unless I have to.”

Luca: “you kinda look like that Pump kid from earlier, you two relat-”

Skid: “Pump!? He’s here?! Is he okay?!-”

Luca: “geez calm down- he’s over ther-”

Skid then runs off in the direction Luca was pointing.

Luca: “..not even a thank you?”

I repeated the process over again, introducing myself to many others, like

Parappa, the ultimate rapper. Kirby, the ultimate chef. Meta knight, the ultimate swordsmen. Pikachu, the ultimate electrician. Eevee, the ultimate Animal Caretaker. Tommyinnit, the ultimate Fighter. Dream, the ultimate Hunter. Penny, the ultimate farmer. Red and Pink the ultimate astronauts. Boyfriend, the ultimate Singer. Bunny, the ultimate archer. and Pico, the ultimate Gunner. You may be wondering what my ultimate talent is, well to be honest, I don’t really know myself, I guess I could be the ultimate book worm, or something like that.

POV :: Skid

I stood there hugging my best friend for a while, before hearing a T.V start up, we all look over at the T.V to see a black figure standing there

“A-hem, this is the school announcement, would everyone please report to the gym!” The voice says.

Parappa: “well, I guess we should go!” 
Bunny: “good idea, l - let’s go!”












heyhey- author Kiera here! I’m sorry for not doing art for all the intros, I kinda go lazy with this lmao- but prologues aren’t meant to be long right?- anyways, hope you liked it!