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Fragments of an old fanfic, "Eva Brothers from Cybertron"

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Fragment one is where Asuka and 02 Evangelion make love for the first time [gentle but NSFW]. The 02 Evangelion in this fragment is NOT Asuka's Eva in the series, but a 15 year old male cyborg from Cybertron who looks exactly like her Eva, despite being human sized, and who arrived to Earth from an alternate reality. Also, since this takes place in a post-Third Impact setting where, a few years later, people are rebuilding their world, Asuka in this is almost 17. This fragment takes place after 02 and Asuka have been dating for a month, and they felt ready to share the bed. The scene takes a lot from Asuka's possessiveness of her Eva in the NGE series, translating it into a romantic relationship with her Eva's "double" from Cybertron.

* * *


02 Evangelion rolled on his side and got on top of her, supporting himself on his arms so to keep several centimeters between their faces. That way he could look at her beautiful features, drink in the warmth she emanated.

"Asuka... I really want to be one with you. Physically as well as in the soul."

Asuka blushed and breathed heavily for the emotion, but she didn't move one centimeter. Now 02 dominated over her, but she didn't feel threatened, just the contrary. She perceived warmth and sexual tension, as well as an irresistible attraction to those four green optics. She lifted a hand and caressed his cheek tenderly.

"And I thought piloting Unit 02 was the peak of physical union between a human being and an alien machine," she laughed. "No. Now there's another 02, a 02 I desire more than I have ever desired my Eva, and in a different way at that. Isn't it fun?"

02 breathed heavily. He leaned forward, his face moving closer to Asuka's. "And would you allow this 02 to get inside you and become one with you?" He said this almost under his breath, while sexual tension built up in his body as well as Asuka's.

Asuka stuck her tongue out and licked his lips like a dog licks its owner's face. She smiled when she saw that he reacted with a smirk, and licked his own lips. Asuka found that response exciting. She then unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra, exposing her breasts.

"I'm wondering what you're still waiting for, stupid," she said in an amused but expectation-filled tone.

02 kissed her chest where she had uncovered it, then he caressed her body over and under her clothes, down to her legs, until he reached her intimacy under her panties. Asuka gasped when he touched her clitoris.

"You're wet. Is this normal?" he asked.

"Absolutely normal," she said, moaning under his touch.

"I've never made love with a human," he said apologetically. "Well, actually, I've never made love before. It's my first time."

"Well, I've never made love with a cyborg," she chuckled, "and it's my first time, too. Now, don't you dare stopping."

02 didn't need her to tell him that. He felt his heart beating fast in his chest as he touched her, and his penis becoming hard under his armor, but before he penetrated her, he wanted to give her pleasure. He massaged her intimacy for long minutes, until she came and began to moan and writhe in pleasure under his body, something that increased his own pleasure, too. On the other hand, Asuka was completely lost in her own sensations, and she gripped 02's arms like she wanted to crush them.

"Get inside, 02," she moaned at the end of her climax, panting and covered in sweat. He then kissed her again, while he got rid of her panties and the lower components of his armor opened with a 'clack' to free his genitals. When he thrust into her, Asuka felt her hymen breaking and flinched in pain, but then she pushed the thought away and allowed herself to get lost in the ecstasy and the happiness she felt from perceiving her own body joined with that of the cyborg she loved so much. Even 02 was completely lost in the moment, and continued to kiss her lips, her face and breasts, until his own ecstasy engulfed him.

* * *

(Artwork by me)

Thanks for reading!