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my hair - ariana grande


It was a passing comment, laced with unintended honesty and yearning. 

“Seriously, somebody wash my hair for me,” Jimin said. “Someone please.”

Although passing, Jeongguk heard it. He always heard every word, utterance, or sigh that slipped past Jimin’s lips. And of course, this was no exception. 



Returning home after multiple photoshoots, interviews, and whatever else the company plans for them is hard. It leaves Jimin feeling heavy and too exhausted to move. Sometimes he’ll spend an hour contemplating if he should shower at night or in the morning. But morning showers would require him to wake up earlier and Jimin isn’t willing to sacrifice his sleep. 

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says softly. 

Jimin turns around just in time to see Jeongguk approaching him with a tired smile. His eyes rest on Jimin’s; round and they twinkle despite his apparent fatigue. 

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Jeongguk asks. 

Jimin shrugs, “I don’t know. You decide this time, okay?”

“Okay,” Jeongguk leans down to press a kiss to Jimin’s forehead and gently squeezes Jimin’s waist. “You should lie down first.”

“You too,” Jimin whispers, eyes closing the way they always do when Jeongguk leans in close. “You were fast asleep during the ride back.”

“Oh, you noticed?” Jeongguk jokes, mindlessly rubbing Jimin’s sides. Up and down, down and up to soothe himself. 

“I could not, not notice your snoring.”

Jeongguk laughs lowly, the kind that starts as a rumble in his throat before leaving his lips, “Sorry,” he lifts his chin to murmur the word into Jimin’s scalp. He inhales Jimin’s scent, something that comforts him, and says, “Jimin…”


“You should wash your hair.”

Jimin pouts, not at all offended by Jeongguk’s comment. “I know,” he breaks out of Jeongguk’s arms and looks up at him with a frown. “I will. Tonight? Okay?”

“You don’t have to promise me, baby. I just know how you get when you haven’t washed your hair in a while.” Jeongguk’s tired smile shifts to the one that slips out whenever he’s talking about or recalling one of Jimin’s endearing habits. 

“I’ll wash it while you order food,” Jimin promises as he takes one of Jeongguk’s hands and interlaces their fingers. “It won’t take me long.”

“What if…” Jeongguk begins with his eyes on their interlaced fingers. “I wash your hair tonight?” he brings Jimin’s hand to his lips and kisses his pinky. “Hm?”

Jeongguk’s thought about it before. When Jimin used to habitually run his fingers through his hair, Jeongguk yearned to do the same. He’d watch the strands as they fell through Jimin’s fingers; soft and shiny. Now he has a chance to do just that. 

“You’re joking.” Jimin deadpans. 

“I am not,” he kisses Jimin’s other fingers, stopping at his thumb. “You run the water and I’ll be there in a second.”

Jimin knows Jeongguk will do it. He’s always listened to Jimin even when it seemed like he wasn’t. From wanting to take a trip where it would be just them to brushing Jimin’s teeth on some mornings. Jeongguk has always been prepared to do things that make Jimin’s days a little lighter. 



Jeongguk ,” Jimin repeats.

Jeongguk blinks, “Yeah?” he draws out the ‘ah’ with a wide smile. He knows Jimin’s repeating his name in touched disbelief. Something Jimin often does when he doesn’t know how to express his gratitude. “I’m such a great boyfriend.” Jeongguk teases. 

“Yes,” Jimin leans in and kisses the mole beneath Jeongguk’s bottom lip. “You are.”

That makes Jeongguk’s heart swell and he leans in to kiss Jimin on the lips, an action he’s come to cherish even more when they’re alone. Just them in their own space where they can just be. 



Their apartment has a luxurious bathroom; marble countertops, tile flooring, and a bathtub big enough for two to three people. Jimin and Jeongguk have made use of the tub on multiple occasions. However, for tonight, Jimin chooses the shower. It’ll be easier for Jeongguk to wash Jimin’s hair in the shower. Although the thought of sitting between Jeongguk’s legs appeals to Jimin, the shower offers easier access to his scalp. 

He reaches out, watching as the water dances atop the back of his hand. He keeps his hand beneath the spray for a moment to see if the water’s warm enough. Once he’s deemed it the right temperature for Jeongguk and himself, he slips off the towel around his waist and steps inside. 

The warm water on his skin, immediately causes his shoulders to relax and his lips to part with a sigh. One time, he nearly fell asleep while standing underneath the spray. Luckily, Jeongguk joined him in time and gingerly shook him awake. The memory makes Jimin smile. 

Jimin haphazardly raises his arms and turns around until his whole body is drenched. Droplets roll down his bare torso, thighs, and hip before pooling at his feet. It’s then that the glass door slides open to reveal Jeongguk’s naked frame. 

“Enjoying yourself?” Jeongguk questions as he steps in behind Jimin. 

“Now I am,” Jimin hums, turning to face Jeongguk. He doesn’t bother to discreetly check him out. He’s blatantly checked Jeongguk out on camera, on stage, during award shows—so who’s to stop him now? He starts at Jeongguk’s defined chest and then down to his toned stomach and even lower. 


“Yes?” Jimin says slowly with his eyes still on the prize. 

“I need you to turn around,” Jeongguk gently grips Jimin’s shoulders. “Please and thank you.”

Jimin’s eyes snap up and his lips roll down. “Jeongguk,” he groans.

Jeongguk shakes his head, turning Jimin around so Jimin’s back is to him. “Perfect.” He takes the chance to briefly ogle Jimin’s butt and the NEVERMIND tattoo on his ribs. Jeongguk doesn’t fight the urge since it’s just them in this intimate space and he lightly slaps Jimin’s butt. 

Jimin’s only reaction is a slight jolt and roll of his neck. 

After admiring Jimin’s curves for another moment, Jeongguk reaches for Jimin’s hair wash. A peach scented one he started using recently that makes him smell so ripe and sweet. Sometimes Jeongguk wants to eat him; gobble on his cheeks and devour his pretty lips. 

“Close your eyes and tilt your head down,” Jeongguk tenderly directs. 

Jimin does as he’s told, bending his head forward so the water hits the back of his neck and ears. He grimaces a bit, the spray stinging his ears. 

“Okay, you can lift your head,” Jeongguk presses his fingers to Jimin’s nape and slides them up and into his hair. He scratches Jimin’s scalp, watching the way Jimin’s shoulders tense before relaxing. 

“That feels nice…”

“Yeah?” Jeongguk tilts his head to get a better look at Jimin’s face. 

“Yeah,” Jimin’s standing with his eyes closed and a hand on the marble wall. 

Jeongguk’s mesmerized by how Jimin’s lashes flutter and how the water twinkles on each lash. He scratches Jimin’s scalp a bit more, massaging the top with one hand while holding the bottle with the other. He continues this for two more minutes before flipping open the hair wash and squeezing a quarter-sized dollop into his palm. 

“Keep your eyes closed,” his voice has softened even more and it echoes in the shower like morning dew; warm and sweet on Jimin’s cheeks. “Are your eyes closed, hyung? It’ll burn if you open them.”

“They’re closed.”

Jeongguk leans in close, peering at Jimin’s face and humming to himself when he sees that Jimin’s eyes are still closed. He soaps up both of his hands and slowly but carefully runs them through Jimin’s black strands. The air bursts with the scent of sweet peaches as Jeongguk works the wash through Jimin’s hair. Jeongguk’s eyes twinkle as he takes in the foam and his heart flutters. 

Little things like this make him so happy. 

When he first brushed Jimin’s teeth, he fumbled a bit. Jimin couldn’t keep a straight face and Jeongguk brushed too softly because he was afraid he’d brush too hard. It was a comical yet endearing ordeal. Jeongguk remembers how touched Jimin was though—how he couldn't stop thanking Jeongguk. 

“Let it sit for a bit while you shower,” Jeongguk murmurs as he removes his hands from Jimin’s head. 

“Mmkay,” comes Jimin’s drowsy response. 

Showers always make him sleepy; his cheeks get all pink and he suddenly looks five years younger. It makes Jeongguk want to baby him even more. Jeongguk suddenly leans in and kisses Jimin on his left cheek. 

Jimin reacts by lightly hitting Jeongguk on the chest, “No distractions, Jeongguk-ssi.”

As if on reflex, Jeongguk’s hand closes around Jimin’s wrist and he yanks him close so they stand hip to hip. Jimin’s eyes go wide. 

“You know everything about you is cute, right?” Jeongguk blurts. “Cute and pretty and…” he tilts his head to suck on Jimin’s earlobe. “Sexy .”

Jimin shivers, “Stop it,” he grumbles as Jeongguk continues to kiss along his ear. “You’re going to get soap in your mouth.”

“Don’t care,” Jeongguk mutters. 

Later,” Jimin breathes. “We’ll continue later.”

Despite their busy schedule, they’ve always found time to be intimate with each other. Sometimes that means chaste kisses off-camera, on-camera slip-ups, or making love on the couch. Depends. 

They take their time soaping each other up with body wash. Jeongguk often buys the 3-in-1 kind but Jimin’s recently turned him onto this stress-relieving soap that works wonders. It smells like chamomile and vanilla. Jimin uses his soapy palms to soap up Jeongguk’s chest. He covers every inch of his skin with bubbles and foam. His thumb grazes Jeongguk’s nipple before sliding up to cover Jeongguk’s tattoos.

Jimin has kissed those tattoos numerous times and listened as Jeongguk explained the meaning of each one. He remembers Jeongguk’s excitement and the variations of ointment that would line the bathroom counters. Jimin remembers those special moments between them as Jimin rubbed the ointment into Jeongguk’s skin while divulging all of his worries. 

Jeongguk’s hands slide across Jimin’s body, inching past his shoulders to the arch of his back. They inch further down and rest just above his butt before gliding back up to his waist. Jimin’s body is slim but every inch of him is defined muscle from hours of dancing. Each curve and arch is a result of Jimin’s hard work and dedication. Jeongguk admires—loves that about him—his burning passion and love for performing.

He glides his hands across Jimin’s torso, swallowing thickly when his fingers graze Jimin’s collarbones. He kissed those collarbones just the other day as Jimin sat in his lap. Jimin doesn't seem to notice Jeongguk’s predicament or if he does, he doesn't seem bothered by it. Jeongguk clears his throat, shaking away any indecent thoughts, and instead, he focuses on how Jimin relaxes beneath his touch. He melts. Jeongguk’s lips part in awe, captivated by Jimin’s trust in him. 

“Should I rinse out the hair wash now?” Jimin asks. 

“I’ll take care of that. I just need you to turn around for me.”

Jimin follows Jeongguk’s lead, allowing Jeongguk’s hands on his hips to maneuver him around. 

“Head down, eyes closed.” Jeongguk murmurs. 

Jimin’s neck droops and Jeongguk chuckles. 

“Sleepy?” Jeongguk asks.


Jeongguk presses his lips to Jimin’s nape, whispering, “Me too. Just a little longer.”

“Thank you,” Jimin wants to lift his head and look at Jeongguk’s face, but he knows Jeongguk will scold him if he does that.

“What did I tell you?” He’ll click his tongue. “Head down, eyes closed, hyung. Now you have soap in your eyes. I told—does it sting?”

Jimin smiles to himself. 

“You’re welcome, Jimin,” Jeongguk softly replies. 

Rinsing Jimin’s hair is relatively easy, save for the fact that Jeongguk’s worried soap will run into Jimin’s eyes. His eyebrows furrow as he focuses on carefully rinsing the wash out of Jimin’s hair. Watch his eyes, don’t get it in his eyes, Jeongguk chants to himself. 

“I can rinse it,” Jimin offers as he slowly lifts his head. 

“No,” Jeongguk says sternly. “I got it, hyung.”

Jimin laughs. He knows that once Jeongguk starts something he likes, he’ll see it through to the end. “Okay, fine.” he drops his head again and lets Jeongguk rinse out all the hair wash. 

Jeongguk’s fingers feel nice as they rub against his scalp and neck. He could get used to this and in some ways, he’s already gotten used to the care in Jeongguk’s touch. Jeongguk’s always so gentle with him. Even when scolding him, Jeongguk is relatively soft. Jimin couldn’t, not notice the soft spot Jeongguk has for him. Some would call it “boyfriend privileges.”

“I’ll wash your hair next,” Jimin promises. 

“I have a very...long routine,” Jeongguk admits. His routine takes quite a long time despite his shorter hairstyle.

“I know,” There’s a pause in the conversation as Jeongguk picks up on the finality of Jimin’s tone. “I’m washing your hair in the morning.”

And that’s that. Jimin will wash Jeongguk’s hair in the morning. No, if ands or buts. 

Jeongugk continues working the foam out of Jimin’s scalp, satisfied by the sheen of Jimin’s hair. Black looks good on him and is possibly one of Jeongguk’s favorite hair colors on Jimin because it reminds him of pre-debut Jimin. Although every color looks good on Jimin, Jeongguk is weak for this one. 

Baby Jimin is now the Jimin he can hold close like this. 

“Did you order food?” Jimin asks. 

“Yeah, just before I joined you.”

Jimin wipes at his face when the foam begins to drip into his eyes, “What’d you order?”

A knot forms in the middle of Jeongguk’s forehead as he watches Jimin struggle to keep the foam out of his eyes, “Look at me,” he says softly. 

Jimin turns slowly, keeping his eyes squeezed shut. The knot in Jeongguk’s forehead deepens as he gently strokes Jimin’s cheek. He leans in close and blows lightly against Jimin’s eyes. 

“Keep them closed, okay? Don’t open them,” Jeongguk murmurs. “I’ll scold you if you do.”

Jimin snorts but obeys, not moving an inch as Jeongguk’s warm breath fans across his face. Jimin knows Jeongguk spoils him. He knows it and loves it. 

“Thank you, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk’s eyes smile and then his lips quirk up. He knows that this time, Jimin is saying: I love you.

Jeongguk kisses Jimin’s closed lids and carefully turns him back around, “One more rinse off and then you’re done.”

“My scalp feels as good as new,” Jimin exclaims. “I’m not kidding, Jeongguk. Your hands are magical.”

“Yeah?” Jeongguk’s fingers rub gentle circles into Jimin’s scalp. 

“You should start a side hustle.”

That makes Jeongguk laugh loudly, his nose scrunching as he doubles over. 

“I’m not joking, Gguk,” Jimin scolds. “You’d rack in millions because of your skill, face, and hands.”

Millions ?” Jeongguk echoes. 

“Hell yeah. Any less than that, call your lawyer.”

“And…” Jeongguk rests his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, tilting his head to look at Jimin’s face. “Who’s going to be my lawyer?”

“Me of course.”

Jeongguk scrunches his nose, smiling with his teeth as he stares at Jimin’s determined expression, “I’ll only ever do this for you,” Jeongguk promises. “Only you, Jimin.”



They step out of the shower and carefully dry each other off. Jeongguk starts with Jimin’s hair because he doesn’t want him to get sick. He tenderly dries the ends before ruffling Jimin’s hair with the towel. When he yanks the towel away, Jimin’s black hair stands at odd ends atop his head. 

Jeongguk snorts, “You look like Tetsuro.”

“Thank you,” Jimin hums as he turns to look at his reflection. He uses his forearm to wipe away the steam and laughs at himself. 

“Let me get the hair dryer,” Jeongguk touches Jimin’s waist as he brushes past him. 

Jimin watches him go, his skin burning where Jeongguk’s fingers grazed. He leans against the counter, watching as Jeongguk shuffles through the bathroom closet until he yanks out a gray hairdryer. He holds it up like a trophy and Jimin shakes his head with a grin. 

Jeongguk saunters over to him like an oversized, drenched puppy with his long legs and eager eyes. When Jeongguk reaches him, Jimin doesn’t need a command to know what Jeongguk wants him to do. He turns to face the mirror and straightens up. Jeongguk hands him the cord and Jimin quickly plugs in the hairdryer. 

“Let me know if it’s too hot,” Jeongguk says as he turns on the hairdryer, first testing it on himself before turning it towards Jimin. 

“Feels nice,” Jimin hums. 

“Just tell me, okay?”

Jimin nods.

Jeongguk shakes the hairdryer back and forth over Jimin’s hair and uses his fingers to comb through Jimin’s black strands. Jimin’s hair is as soft as ever and the strands feel like feathers from an angel between Jeongguk’s fingers. Perhaps, Jimin is an angel or maybe a fairy? Who fell to earth and chose to become a performer. Jeongguk gently holds a few strands and leans in. He takes a deep breath and his nose is filled with Jimin’s scent. When he exhales, his breath blows against Jimin’s nape, and Jimin shudders. 

Jeongguk notices it with a grin and he intentionally drops his voice when he says,  “Turn around so I can blow the front,” 

When Jimin turns to face him, he shoots Jeongguk a look; a single eyebrow is arched and his lips are pulled tight. 

Jeongguk smirks, “What?”

“Nothing,” Jimin closes his eyes. 

Jeongguk lowers the dial on the hairdryer as he brings it to Jimin’s forehead. Jimin’s hair immediately blows back and Jeongguk chuckles upon seeing Jimin’s exposed forehead. He finds Jimin sexy with his hair pushed back, but right now he looks adorable. 

Tomorrow will be another long day full of interviews, recordings, and other gifts for their fans. It’s been so long since they’ve performed in front of an audience and Jeongguk has often talked with Jimin about his concerns. It’s comforting to know that he’s not going through this alone. There are six people by his side and one in particular that has the ability to know his feelings with a single glance. 

“Good?” Jimin stares up at him. 

Jeongguk switches the hairdryer off, echoing Jimin, “Good.”

They stand in silence, staring into each other’s eyes and taking a moment to simply enjoy one another’s company. Jimin rests a hand on Jeongguk’s cheek and Jeongguk leans into the touch, closing his eyes. 

“We should get ready for bed,” Jimin murmurs. 

Jeongguk’s reply is a mere mumble. 

Jimin’s gaze softens, “Come on,”

Getting ready for bed is an entirely different ordeal. Sometimes they’ll crash without taking off their shoes or other times they won’t make it past the couch. Tonight isn’t so bad since they’re both mellowed out (and slightly turned on) from the shower. 

Jimin holds Jeongguk’s hand as he walks them to their bedroom. Even though the apartment has two bedrooms, they often sleep together. Jeongguk likes the safety and warmth of Jimin’s body. Whereas Jimin likes Jeongguk’s smell and sturdy build. 

They’ll lie in bed talking about tomorrow’s schedule or about nothing at all. They never broach the more serious topics involving their relationship because it feels like bad karma. They’re happy with their current situation and won’t think about what will happen years from now. 

When they reach the bedroom, they stand beside the bed, dressed in white robes and smelling like peaches and chamomile. Jimin smiles up at Jeongguk and Jeongguk falls all over again for his eye-smile. He pinches a few strands of Jimin’s hair, assessing if they’re dry enough. After a moment, he hums his approval and smiles at Jimin. Jimin’s still staring at him with a sleepy gaze and Jeongguk wants to scoop him up and hold him close. 

He slides an arm around Jimin’s waist and pushes their bodies together. Jimin reacts by slinging his arms over Jeongguk’s shoulders. His eyes glimmer daringly and when Jeongguk opens his mouth to say something, Jimin cuts him off with a kiss. He tastes like mint mouthwash and Jeongguk’s eyelids flutter as their tongues graze. Jimin tilts his head, deepening the kiss and burrowing his nails in Jeongguk’s shoulders. 

Kissing Jimin is like being on stage, dosed in bright lights and loud cheers. Jeongguk’s heart races and his skin prickles with sweat, but it’s an addicting rush. He always leaves craving more. 

When they kiss, it’s like a well-rehearsed choreography. Jimin knows what Jeongguk likes and vice versa and they work together, giving each other the best for one another. 

A moment later, they come up for air and Jeongguk has that look in his eyes now. The look that gives Jimin goosebumps all over. His cute lips are red and slick with Jimin’s saliva. 

“Is now later ?” Jeongguk asks as he tackles Jimin to the bed.

They fall onto the mattress with a whomp, Jimin’s robe fanning out around him, revealing his naked figure. Jeongguk stares down at Jimin, his robe drooping at the front, revealing his firm chest. 

Jimin nods, eyes sparkling with anticipation and Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate to make the first move. He dives in, pressing their lips together and stroking Jimin’s thigh. Jeongguk thinks about Jimin’s soft skin and just as soft hair and how he’ll be happy to wash Jimin’s hair again, and again and again. 

When Jeongguk presses his hips to Jimin's, Jimin arches into the touch, his eyes closing as Jeongguk takes him to a place only they know.