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I've never fallen from quite this high

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By the time Megumi is thirteen, he already knows he’s different. All the boys, who up until recently hated girls and picked on them just for being girls, have started to like them. Fight over who gets to have who. Compare their developing breasts size, stare after them in PE, play spin the bottle in hopes of getting to kiss the prettiest.

But while they look after girls, Megumi looks at those same boys. While they compare chests and asses, Megumi compares muscles and deep voices. While the boys hope to get to kiss a girl, Megumi hopes to get to kiss one of them.

Even at thirteen, Megumi isn’t stupid. He knows he’s different and he knows what it means but refuses to hide himself, meaning from then on, he gets in a whole lot of fights. Which he dominates, naturally. Satoru, his older adoptive brother, is delighted. His adoptive parents a little less so. They tie it all to his missing father and the inherent trauma of it, which is all fine and well with him if it means they cut him some slack.

Megumi has sex for the first time at seventeen and starts to feel like he might be more different than previously assumed. He’s fooled around a few times before, and it was nice. Exciting in a way every novelty is. But something about the physicality of actual sex... Makes his heart beat faster, his nerves light up, his brain turn in a direction he’s never felt before.

Megumi scratches his partner’s back bloody.

The guy pulls back, asks if he’s alright, if he hurt him. Megumi looks at him, confused, and says that no, it’s alright, and in fact, he wants more, harder. And he gets it rougher, and it’s nice, but not... Enough, somehow. He chalks it up to being a first time and forgets about the dissatisfaction shortly.

At nineteen, Megumi has his first real boyfriend. He’s sweet. He wants to take Megumi on nice dates, which Megumi doesn’t mind. He wants to buy him nice gifts, which is alright with him. He wants to worship his body, make love to him, slow and thorough and that’s where the problem begins.

His boyfriend is sweet. Too sweet. Megumi wants it rougher, harder, faster, wants his hair pulled and shoulder bitten and when he tells his boyfriend all that, he looks at him like the boys back in middle school did, like he's a freak. Their relationship is pretty much done after that. No one is allowed to give Megumi that look, and apparently, when you deck your boyfriend, he breaks up with you on the spot.

On Megumi’s 21st birthday, he has another almost but not quite satisfying one night stand. The guy is objectively hot. He’s massive. He isn’t afraid to use his strength to hold Megumi down and breed him right into the mattress while Megumi drools and mewls. Rough is nice, it’s good, but something... Something is missing, still. The feeling that he’s different, beginning at thirteen and growing stronger with every year, every partner, gnaws at him intensely that night.

He gets up from bed, tiptoes to his laptop and moves to the living room to avoid waking the still sleeping mountain of muscle.

Settled on the couch comfortably, his dogs cuddled up to him, Megumi sets off googling.

Biting during sex

Getting off on biting

Liking sex really rough

Getting too into rough sex

Scratching and biting during sex

Wanting someone to mark you during sex

At first he gets a lot of bdsm related results. He’s tried it once, with an experienced dom, and while it was nice to surrender control like that, the setting was too elaborate, too restrained, felt too much like a game, a set of rules to follow.

Megumi always figured that was the extent of bdsm. A game, a scene set up in a controlled environment that’ll follow a script, with minor improvisation of course for the fun and spontaneity of it.

He’s about to give it up and try other keywords when a box catches his eye. Primal play. A term he’s yet to hear, and it piques his curiosity. Funny, how one click of a mouse can change one’s life forever.

He reads the article. Then another, and another, and some reddit stories, and even simply reading about it makes heat pulse between his legs, despite it being barely an hour since he last came. Everything just... Falls into place. He doesn’t think that might be the missing piece, he suddenly knows that this is what he’s after, what he needs, what he’s been looking for.

Now all he needs is a partner.

When Megumi is twenty two, he meets Sukuna.




Sukuna is... More than what Megumi could’ve ever dreamed up in his wildest fantasies. He’s still awed by something like him existing, much less being into Megumi. Well, into playing with him. It’s not like they’re actually dating or anything. It’s way too much to hope that Sukuna will be into him romantically, too, especially when he explicitly stated he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

About a decade older than Megumi, a CEO of his own successful company, rich and powerful. Not powerful only in the societal, conventional way either. No. He exudes natural confidence, the kind only those with true power hold, those who know, deep in their bones, that they will always come out on top. It’s in his posture, eyes, the way he speaks.

It all compelled Megumi from the first moment they met. Sukuna took him to a fancy café in the better part of the city, just to chat, set expectations, limits, and get to know each other a little. They had a session that very weekend, and while Sukuna claimed to have gone easy on him, the marks stayed for over a week. So did the afterglow, the clarity, the focus. It wasn’t just nice, it was fucking incredible.

As the glow faded, his hunger grew. They played around a few more times, but it was still mild. Not physically mild, but emotionally. Not as intense as Megumi expected, as he had hoped.

"I want to try something." Megumi says one day when they’re tangled up in bed, sated after tearing at each other for a good hour and finding release. He’s got a thousand little aches that soothe his soul. Some are deeper than others, blooming dark bruises, some purely superficial, reddened stripes of irritated flesh. It takes a while to come down from it and find his tongue again, but he manages to get the words out.

Sukuna’s fingers, drawing idle shapes on his hip, stop and encouragingly squeeze instead. "What would that be, Bunny?"


"We’ve been doing that every time." Sukuna says, slight confusion in his voice. And they have, chasing around the room, around the apartment, but...

"I don’t mean that." Megumi shakes his head against a firm chest. "Well, sort of, I guess. You mentioned you had a place for it, right?" He tilts his face up, looking at Sukuna. "The first time we met. Something for a more... Extreme experience?"

Sukuna nods slowly. "Private property, lined with fences, woods all around a little cabin. It’s perfect for outdoor... Activities. Or I’ve got the mansion, if you’d rather keep it indoors but still make it a more interesting playground."

"Outdoor sounds better. More fun. More..." Megumi struggles to find the words for a moment before giving up. Not everything has to be put into terms and boxes, least of all when it comes to being a primal. "Just more."

"I had a feeling you’d like that." Sukuna chuckles. "I’m going on a business trip next weekend, and only going to come back the week after. We can schedule it for three weeks from now."

Schedule. Like a business meeting. It spoils Megumi’s mood some, takes away from his sweet haze, but he won’t let Sukuna know. Sukuna’s sharp enough to put two and two together, and if Megumi starts being upset over their business-like relationship, he’ll figure it out and quite likely get himself a new plaything.

Still, three weeks is the longest they’ll go without each other since they first started playing a couple of months ago. Megumi doesn’t like the thought of going so long without Sukuna, but it’s not like he can go on the trip with him. To think that’s even an option would be insane. Sukuna would never. And it’s okay, as long as Megumi has his fill, he’s okay. Really.

"Sure." Megumi casually says, heart already heavy. "That sounds good."





Dress comfortably, and wear running shoes.

Those are the only things Sukuna demanded for their upcoming play, in the form of text. A few days prior, Megumi got the address and a suggestion to get himself acquainted with the area, though it wasn’t strictly necessary. Getting lost and cornered in an unfamiliar space would have its own perks, but could make things more complicated as Sukuna had insisted, during their brief, that the fucking takes place back at the cabin. Something about unsafe, not entirely hygienic environment.

They also agreed on keeping all their other usual boundaries and lack thereof. Kicking and hitting during the takedown only and never the face. Biting, scratching and hair pulling are encouraged. Condoms are unnecessary since they’re both clean, currently exclusive, and like to feel each other raw.

After much, much consideration and a small meltdown in front of the mirror, Megumi decided on wearing loose shorts over his boxers, then a crop top, just because he felt like being a tease.

It pays off when Megumi steps out of his car, parked near the little cabin, and gets to see Sukuna’s eyes widen and look him up and down. Megumi grins, satisfied that he managed to get a reaction out of him, however small.

Sukuna’s in longer, fitted running pants, showing off his powerful thighs and his bulge, too. Even soft, Sukuna’s big. There’s no easy way to hide it even if Sukuna was planning on it, which he likely wasn’t. He’s not wearing a shirt at all, which always has Megumi salivating. Being such a busy man, Megumi has no idea how Sukuna finds the time to work out often enough to maintain all that, but he’s not about to question the gift that is this body.

As usual, they fall into their roles immediately. Not quite foreplay yet, but being primals is an integral part of their relationship, practically based on it, shown in every aspect.

They eye each other, sizing up, estimating. Sukuna stalks toward him, one step, two steps, but even if his gait is predatory, his face holds no danger. Megumi hasn’t seen him in so long, he looks so good, so strong, so devastatingly handsome and confident and happy to see him, too, that Megumi can’t help but quickly close the distance between them, feet bouncing light on the gravel.

He’s defying their usual starting dynamic, but only because he wants to say hello properly. Usually he’d let Sukuna make the first move and approach, but right now, Sukuna’s not exactly a hunter yet. Not the mighty lion, but a nicer, bunny friendly lion instead, and Megumi knows he’s right when Sukuna doesn’t immediately reach to trap him when they meet.

Instead, Megumi skids to a stop right in front of him, hands clasped behind his back, grinning. He leans forward, sniffing at Sukuna’s collarbone, and oh god did he miss him. The smell isn’t as potent as it’ll be later, but Sukuna smells good. Smells like himself, a unique mix that is just Sukuna. Just as he demands Megumi uses a non scented bodywash before their sessions, Sukuna uses one himself.

"Hey there, Bunny." Sukuna’s fingers travel up Megumi’s arm, starting from his palm, up the inner part of his forearm, all the way to the hem of his short sleeve, playing with it.

Megumi answers with nothing but a hum, taking another small step into Sukuna’s space, looking up at him expectantly.

"Gonna use your words, little one?"

Megumi smiles, cheeky, and shakes his head. Meeting only in the context of playing with each other conditioned Megumi into associating Sukuna with it, and it’s far too easy to slip into the mindset in his presence. He’s never been a talkative person, but with Sukuna, like this, he finds that words are not needed at all. Sukuna’s good at reading people; He didn’t build his company from the ground up with zero social skills, after all. But with Megumi, it’s like he can read his mind with just a few small cues, know what thinks and feels and what he needs.

Sukuna chuckles low and rumbly, hand coming up to cup Megumi’s cheek and he nuzzles into it, sighing, turning his head to kiss it. Sukuna rights Megumi’s head with a thumb under his chin and bends down to press their lips together, soft as a cloud and just as dreamy.

People tend to think, if they even are aware of what being a primal is, that it’s all about being rough. Scratching and biting and pulling hair and fucking like animals. And while it’s included, sure, there’s so much more to it. Animals aren’t always aggressive. Aren’t always violent, hunting or being hunted. They’re capable of being sweet, gentle and loving as well.

They kiss like that. Sweet, gentle, and if he didn’t know any better, Megumi would call it loving. Sukuna’s slow and sensual, and his decade and more of experience over Megumi is always apparent when they play. Megumi melts into him, easy as breathing, hands unclasping from behind his back to hold on to Sukuna’s biceps right over the black bands tattooed there.

Sukuna pulls back a few moments later and Megumi whines, chasing his mouth. But Sukuna’s more than a head taller (which means a lot as Megumi’s not exactly short himself) and easily evades. There’s a placating kiss pressed to his temple, then Sukuna’s pushing his hair back and nosing along his hairline, ending up near his ear, which he bites. Not hard, but combined with pulling Megumi’s hair, it’s enough to trigger both of them into action.

Megumi can feel more than he can see Sukuna’s other hand coming up to his back and quickly hops away before he’s caged.

Their grins match, gleeful, toothy, huffy. Sukuna makes a faux move, quickly reaching halfway only to drop his hands to his sides. It’s enough to startle Megumi into bouncing back another two brisk steps. Sukuna smirks, all self satisfied at managing to scare him into action over basically nothing.

Asshole. Megumi glares and Sukuna chuckles. "Don’t be like that, Bunny. I was just joking around. Come on." He offers a hand, stretched between them, seemingly innocent. "Let me say hello more thoroughly." His eyes, posture, and tone may all be perfectly sweet and inviting, but his eyes... They're the eyes of a predator. Calculating, assessing, ready to pounce. It’s a trap, and Megumi’s smarter than that.

He shakes his head slowly, keeping his eyes steady on Sukuna, lest he try and take him down so early. It’s unlikely, but has happened before, when he was eager. And he’s got to be eager now, after three whole weeks apart, right? At least as eager as Megumi himself is. Why otherwise would he be so happy to see him?

Taking a small step back, then another, Megumi watches for Sukuna’s reaction. The latter grins, wolfish, his naturally sharp canines on display. Megumi tasted those with his tongue, had them break skin and draw blood enough times to now shudder at their sight. "Little Bunny," Sukuna sing songs, on the dangerous side of playful. "I won’t hurt you. Well," He takes his chin between his thumb and forefinger, "Not right away."

Megumi shakes his head again, backing away another two steps. Sukuna’s still planted in place, nonthreatening arms at his sides now, but his eyes narrow, his mouth presses to a thin line. Displeased.

Good. Megumi smiles, all innocent charm, sticks his tongue out, turns his back and sprints towards the tree line.

Blood roars in his ears, excitement building deep in his core, but even through the excitement he notices something lacking. Footsteps behind him. There are none.

He reaches the first tree in the small clearing and whips around, looking at Sukuna, who’s still standing by the cabin, on gravel instead of raw earth. Megum whines a keen question at him, not very loud, but it is real quiet out there and his voice carries. Why aren’t you coming?

He gets confirmation of Sukuna hearing him when the reply comes in the form of a roared "Make good use of your headstart, Bunny. I’m not going to be so kind when I find you!"

So he’s toying with Megumi. Letting him get ahead on purpose. Megumi doesn’t like that, doesn’t like the implication of their power gap being so great that he’ll be needing a headstart just to be able to keep up with Sukuna.

But he isn’t about to let an advantage go to waste, either. Oh, no. Sukuna’s underestimating him? Not a problem. He’ll teach him a lesson, keep him humble.

With that resolve in mind, Megumi turns once again and keeps on running, further and further between trees that become more and more crowded, leaving Sukuna behind.

The woods are buzzing with a quiet sort of noise. Birds twittering, leaves rustling in the wind, the occasional very distant sound of a passing car. Megumi is the exception to break through the harmonious whispering of nature, his shoes hitting the ground while he jogs, breaking twigs and making dry leaves crunch.

Two or three minutes after Megumi starts jogging, there’s another voice breaking through the quiet: Sukuna’s booming baritone, announcing he’s coming after him, making his heart skip a beat. After that too, now and then, Sukuna howls a threat, keeping Megumi on his toes and sending a shiver up his spine at the same time.

Megumi’s not particularly silent or careful, but that’s kind of the whole point. Sukuna is meant to find him, even with his few minutes of headstart. His heart beats loudly in his chest, way faster than it should for a relatively slow jog, like now.

He stops when he reaches the stream he found while strolling the area a few days back, makes sure to leave contradicting footprints all around to confuse Sukuna, and waits behind a thick tree.

His breathing is even, near silent when he hears it. Approaching footsteps, getting closer and closer. Quiet, but just loud enough to be heard over the trickling of the water. "Not a very careful Bunny, are you? Your trail is as easy to spot as a baby deer." Comes Sukuna’s voice, too loud. Good. Means he isn’t sure how nearby Megumi actually is.

"Made it almost boring for me." He taunts. "Wasn’t this supposed to be interesting?" He’s obviously goading, wants him to come out. The words still sting a little, making unease churn in Megumi’s stomach. What if he is boring? Will Sukuna throw him away like trash? Find a shiny new toy to play with?

Sukuna’s steps grow near, and Megumi forces the thoughts out of his head. This isn’t the time, he’s got to stay focused, let the game take him away, away, not worry over silly day to day insecurities. He has a plan and he’s going to execute it perfectly.

"Little Bunny," Sukuna sing songs again, dangerously playful, "Come out come out wherever you are~"

The predatory tone alone is enough to make Megumi’s heart lurch, beating louder, so loud he worries Sukuna’s unnaturally sharp ears might actually catch it. And that feeds back into his anticipatory fear, becoming more potent now that he’s about to make his move.

A branch snapping, leaves crunching, shoes padding on the hard ground, closer, closer, can’t be more than a few meters apart now and Megumi has to resist the urge to glance behind the trunk. He has to trust his ears, wait until the footsteps turn away from him, just a few steps, make sure Sukuna’s back is turned...

It takes a nerve wracking minute during which he’s so sure he’ll be found before he can set his plan in motion, but eventually Megumi is certain. Sukuna’s turning away from him, steps getting further away.

Tiptoeing behind the tree, Megumi finds the exact sight he hoped for: Sukuna’s back, just a few meters away, seemingly oblivious to his presence.

Lightning fast, Megumi hops two steps to close the distance, then, just as Sukuna’s head starts to turn, he drops to a low crouch and swipes the back of Sukuna’s shin with his own, quickly rising back up out of muscle memory alone. Occasionally, the years he spent learning martial arts do pay off, as much as he hated them.

Even going down in shock, Sukuna manages to look like he’s still in charge, the handsome bastard. The very fact Megumi notes this is, of course, a mistake in itself. He should’ve turned tail and ran the second he collided, regardless of whether he tripped Sukuna or not.

But Megumi stayed, looking down, just for a second, just to see the fruits of his labor and make sure Sukuna sees him smirking. A second too long, because Sukuna doesn’t need more than that to grab onto his ankle and yank. Megumi goes down spectacularly with a surprised yelp, hitting the ground with a dull thud and a sharp pain in his back, which shouldered most of the impact.

Their eyes meet, green and red, two colors, perfectly opposing, perfectly complimenting.

"Little Bunny," Sukuna starts and Megumi shivers, freezes, eyes wide, like prey that knows it’s been caught. "Full of surprises as ever." Sukuna squeezes his ankle and the spell breaks.

The next few seconds are a frantic blur. Sukuna keeps his hand securely around Megumi’s ankle through his kicking and thrashing. They scramble on the ground, Sukuna to get on top of him, Megumi to get away. It’s a mess of sharp elbows hitting soft flesh, tangled and flailing limbs, grunts and groans. One second Sukuna’s on top, the next Megumi rolls them over, then they’re both on their sides.

In terms of raw power, Sukuna has him way overwhelmed. But Megumi’s smart, and he fights dirty. And by dirty, he means dirty. He’s not pulling any punches, whether it’s literal punches or figurative ones. He bites an arm that tries to pin his shoulder down, pulls at Sukuna’s hair, wherever and whenever he can get to it and lastly, when those don’t do the trick, Megumi stills, panting. He reaches between them, down, down, until he finds Sukuna’s semi hard crotch and squeezes.

The reaction is immediate and extremely satisfying. Hovering above him, Sukuna’s eyes flutter shut and his jaw slackens. Megumi doesn’t hesitate before leaning up to lick at his neck, lapping up a few beads of sweet-salty sweat.

Sukuna’s grip on his wrists loosens, and Megumi uses this split second to gather all his bodyweight and throw Sukuna to the side. It only works halfway, but enough for Megumi to have some wiggle room and quickly scramble away.

He doesn’t make the same mistake twice. The second he’s got ground under his feet, Megumi makes a break for it, sprinting down the stream. He can still feel the ghost of Sukuna over him, pressing him to the ground, stirring something deep in his core. He wants so bad to have it back, but not yet. He’s not done, not spent, not conquered the way he needs to be if he wants that sweet, hazy glow.

Unlike earlier, Sukuna’s not letting him put any distance between them. His feet drum on the ground behind Megumi, gaining on him.

Megumi throws his head back to look every couple of seconds, finding Sukuna’s eyes narrowed, lips parted to reveal sharp teeth in a manic grin, every bit the ferocious hunter Megumi knows him to be.

Heat coils in his belly, deep and tight, anticipation threatening to overflow. The woods aren’t so silent anymore, with the combined roccus of panting and running from both of them. It’s exhilarating - letting go like this, have someone literally chase him full speed. Makes some primal, instinctive part of him roar in fear and delight both.

As all good things do, this too comes to an end. Megumi’s not used to sprinting his fast, and certainly not on uneven ground. Soon, his lungs and thighs start to burn, his feet slow down, and in just a few short seconds Sukuna gets close enough to grab his crop top and yank him back, right into him. Two strong, buff arms wrap around Megumi’s arms and chest, locking him so tight that escaping is not an option. Megumi struggles anyway, going as far as stomping on Sukuna’s foot, hard, but it doesn’t do much besides making Sukuna chuckle low.

One hand travels on his stomach, up, up, under his loose crop top to his chest, finding a nipple and playing with it idly. "Game over, sweet Bunny." Sukuna murmurs behind his ear, hot on Megumi’s neck.

Megumi’s breath catches, but he keeps struggling. He’s not done, still has more fight in him, despite Sukuna’s proclamation.

"We’re going back now. Are you going to behave?"

Go back where? To what? Megumi barely registers words anymore. All that exists is the body pressed to his from behind, hands enveloping him, his own rabbity heart almost bursting from his chest, and the excitement, the thrill in his throat, low in his belly, in his tingling, sensitive skin.

He manages to get a good, well aimed kick to Sukuna’s ankle, and the latter releases him, surprised. Megumi makes another run for it, but doesn’t get more than a few steps ahead before Sukuna tackles him to the ground, punching the air out of him.

Hissed behind him is, "Bad, bad little Bunny."

The words sink in Megumi’s gut, filling him with shame and pride in equal amounts.

Sukuna’s not playing anymore. He has Megumi pinned to the forest floor, face down, sitting on his thighs with his hands pinned over his head tightly. Megumi turns his head so he can look at him and-

Sukuna’s pupils are blown so wide there’s hardly any red left, there’s a smear of dirt high on his cheek, his hair is an absolute mess, smile victorious. He’s in charge, and unbelievably sexy.

Megumi can feel his already achingly hard cock twitching and pushes back into Sukuna, ass against crotch, suddenly filled with the urge to feel him, and oh, does he feel him. Sukuna’s stiff in his pants, and even through layers of fabric it makes Megumi salivate with want.

The hands on his wrists tighten, hard enough to leave bruises. Not that Megumi ever cares; The opposite, he welcomes it.

"We’re going back." Is Sukuna talking to Megumi? Or himself? "You hear me? Back."

Megumi whines, pushing his ass back into him, again and again, angling his hips, wordlessly asking for what he wants: To be filled, claimed, fucked. Why is Sukuna just holding him there? He should be ripping his clothes off. Does he not want him anymore?

Megumi whines again, pained this time, struggling weakly, more of a protest than an attempt to get away. Sukuna releases him, just for a moment, and for the sole purpose of manhandling him to his back.

"Megumi." The use of his name, so rare in Sukuna’s mouth, pulls him out, just a bit, from the trance he got into. "Give me a color."

Speaking is almost beyond him, making his mouth shape in a certain way seem foreign and weird, but Megumi manages even through the haze. "M’good, m’fine." He mumbles. When that doesn’t satisfy Sukuna, he digs around his brain for something that will. "Green." And while he has his tongue, before his inner prey takes over again, Megumi begs, "Here?"

Sukuna hesitates. Megum’s hips buck up. He’s so hard, so empty, so frustrated that tears well in his eyes. "P-please,"

"Did you stretch yourself?"

Megumi nods enthusiastically. Always does, to make things easier, smoother.

Sukuna growls, the deep bass reverberating in Megumi’s chest. His fist hits the ground next to Megumi’s head, and he shuts his eyes, lost in whatever inner struggle he’s going through.

Megumi whines and whimpers, grinding up into Sukuna wildly, chasing every bit of friction he can get while wearing down the other’s doubts, watching them crumble into dust as Sukuna’s hips start meeting his own.

Red eyes snap open and stare into his. Sukuna growls, not quite angry, but definitely aggressive.

Megumi shudders, unable to look away, chest heaving with every breath.

Sukuna lets go of his wrists, and Megumi keeps them where they are, splayed over his head.

Everything slows down when a blunt nail drags down the side of his face, neck, skipping his bunched up crop top to get to his chest, rib cage, belly, happy trail, tension between them building up, stretching, becoming palpable.

It snaps the moment Sukuna gets to the waistband. Megumi’s shorts and boxers are yanked off, Sukuna roughly tugging them down his thighs and shins and discarding them somewhere to their right along with his shoes. The force of it makes Megumi’s body drag on raw earth, abusing the skin of his back. It feels oddly good, right, even through the sting.

Sukuna easily turns him over again, as if he were a puppet and not a grown man. Megumi lands on his stomach and before he can even register what’s happening, Sukuna pulls him back by the hip, and Megumi’s forced to get on his hands and knees, ass up in the air, exposed to the light breeze. But not for long. No time is wasted before there’s a tongue, hot and wet, licking a stripe from his balls to his rim.

Oh god. Megumi’s lips part and he whimpers, unconsciously pushing back. Sukuna’s fingers dig into flesh, holding his ass in place even when his upper body writhes on the ground. As usual, once they get to it, there’s not much playing around. The same tongue pushes past his tight ring of muscle, stretching as far as it’ll go and curling inside him.

Megumi wails.

Merciless, Sukuna licks and sucks and spits and again and again, making the lewdest squelching sounds that go straight to his already leaking cock, twitching and jerking against his thigh.

Sukuna adds a finger and Megumi mewls. Sukuna growls, and Megumi feels the vibrations deep in his core. "Tastes so good, my little Bunny," Sukuna mumbles, and Megumi whites out.

He’s been strung too tight for so long that snapping really shouldn’t be a surprise, yet it catches him off guard. Not only the orgasm itself but the intensity of it, how it leaves him shaking and drooling on the forest floor, how he’d collapse into the ground if Sukuna didn’t quickly wrap an arm around his stomach and chest to keep him upright.

Sukuna’s manhandling him again, turning his mostly limp body until he’s laying on his back, away from his own cum, but Megumi is barely present for any of it. Huffing and panting, he slowly regains a measure of awareness, just in time to catch Sukuna stepping out of his own pants. He’s fully hard, probably achingly so, and Megumi opens his mouth on instinct, tongue pooling out against his chin, inviting.

Sukuna is on him in a second, knees on either side of his neck, a hand in his hair and pulling it back, and finally, there it is. His cockhead smears a bead of precum on Megumi’s tongue, salty and slightly bitter and very Sukuna, then slips inside, dragging on the flat of it first, slipping in and out. But once Megumi closes his lips around the head and sucks...

Sukuna loses it. Megumi can only hang on to his powerful thighs, dig his nails into them hard enough to leave crescent shaped marks later. It’s messy, sloppy, the rhythm way off. There’s a bit of teeth and a lot of spit slipping past his lips to his chin and cheeks, and it’s absolutely perfect. Heat starts building up low in Megumi’s belly, a wave of want, need to get fucked like Sukuna’s fucking his mouth.

Sukuna grunts and growls, wild eyes locked onto Megumi’s. He looks so far from his usual calm, controlled self, that it makes pride bloom in Megumi’s chest. He’s doing that to him. It’s him, no one else, making Sukuna go feral. Megumi whines and moans around his cock, little muffled sounds that only increase the intensity in Sukuna’s eyes.

Just as Megumi’s about to wordlessly slap his thigh and ask for a little breathing room, Sukuna pulls away. In a moment, he’s sitting by his side, swooping Megumi up with an arm behind his back and crashing their lips together.

It’s nothing like their greeting kiss earlier. Sukuna’s tongue forces itself in his mouth, over the back of his teeth, claiming him. Megumi whimpers and inhales through his nose, dizzy, wrapping one arm around Sukuna’s broad shoulder, fingers tangling in short hair and tugging hard.

Sukuna growls into his mouth and Megumi drinks it in, asking for more by biting his tongue. He gets a mean twist of his nipple for that one. Gasping, Megumi squirms, but Sukuna’s not letting him go anywhere. Megumi’s cock, pulsing between his legs, is starting to get hard again. His ass clenches around nothing, aching to be filled.

Megumi whines, blindly reaching for Sukuna’s cock, sliding over thigh muscles that tense under his touch until he finds it, stroking along the length. Sukuna grunts, pulling back, and in a moment Megumi’s being manhandled again like he weighs nothing at all. To Sukuna, that’s probably the case.

He finds himself seated in Sukuna’s lap, legs spread because Sukuna’s too broad to actually wrap legs around his torso, hands braced on strong shoulders right over the black stripes. Megumi lets out an excited hum, grinding into Sukuna’s abs enthusiastically, imagining what that same motion would feel like with-

Before he can even think it up, Sukuna’s sticking two fingers in his mouth, spreading them so Megumi has to open up. They taste like dirt, and something about the connection to nature makes Megumi burn hot.

"Good Bunny." Sukuna praises and Megumi preens, licks over his fingers, coats them in saliva, lets Sukuna gather spit from his tongue and mourns their loss when he pulls them away.

He doesn’t complain when a moment later when those same fingers smear his own spit over his hole, exposed by a hand spreading apart one cheek. Megumi shudders and rolls back into the touch, unable to hold back.

Fingers are replaced by a blunt heat as Sukuna’s cock is aligned and starting to push inside. Megumi’s head falls to Sukuna’s neck with a shuddered sigh, breath hitching when he’s split open on the raw girth of it. It’s so much- always is. Despite having this cock inside him a few times already, Megumi never quite gets used to how big it really is. How it fills him up so good he can’t breathe, can’t think, can only clench around him and revel in the way it makes Sukuna groan.

And then his mind wipes out when Sukuna starts moving, bucking into him. He doesn’t waste time getting Megumi used to it, there’s no need for it when Megumi likes, craves the burn and they both know it. Megumi’s hips instinctively meet Sukuna’s with every thrust, little "ah- ah- ah"s escaping his mouth.

Sukuna guides his hips with one hand, the other coming up to knot itself tightly into his hair and yank it back so his throat is bare, and free for Sukuna to lick a thick stripe up his collarbone, bite and suck the place where shoulder meets neck.

Megumi goes wild. Liquid fire in his veins, so hot, pleasure exploding with every sweet thrust. He latches on whatever he can get to- shoulders, back, forearms, hanging on, digging nails into skin, scratching deep reds into it. His hips jump, stuttering, no rhythm in his frantic, rabbity movement.

The minute Sukuna releases his hair to better control his hips, Megumu surges forward to repay the debt. He licks and sucks up Sukuna’s neck, grazing his teeth, tasting sweat. He bites the same spot Sukuna did, mirroring the mark Megumi will undoubtedly carry for days to come, and… Doesn’t let go. He only bites harder, harder, feeling Sukuna’s cock twitch in him, hearing a warning growl, and a moment later skin breaks and he tastes blood. Satisfied, he licks over the red copper, both to taste and to soothe.

Sukuna then pulls him back by the hair, red eyes catching his own, something indecipherable in their depths. Megumi gets lost in them, trapped, unable to look away. He licks his lips clean of blood, and next thing he knows, Megumi finds himself back on the ground, Sukuna between his legs, cock ramming into him at a brutal pace. The stream of moans and whimpers renews, feeding back into Sukuna’s fervor.

Sukuna thrusts and Megumi angles his hips to fit him better. The air around them is filled with lewd noise, slapping of skin on skin, groans and moans and whimpers and pants. Megumi encourages him with whatever he can get to, squeezing his arms, grabbing onto his tensed thighs, and when he can’t muster the strength anymore, fucked too silly to move, Megumi lets his hands hang over his head, eyes slipping shut, his entire being focused on Sukuna’s touch.

"Feel this?" Sukuna pants and pats his tummy, caressing it. "That’s me-" he groans, "Inside you."

Megumi barely registers the words, but understands their meaning a second later when Sukuna grabs his hand, placing his palm to his own stomach to feel the bulge moving, stretching the taut skin.

He keeps his hand there long after Sukuna removes his own to hold Megumi’s thighs apart, deliriously thinking how good it’d feel with a different sort of bump in there, carrying Sukuna’s baby. "I-in me," Megumi croaks, begging. "Want i-it," He barely recognizes his own voice, so wanton.

Sukuna fucks into him, not careful in his frenzy, clearly chasing his own pleasure, and Megumi feels him both inside and out. It doesn’t go on for long before Sukuna spills inside, pumping him full of hot cum, and some part of Megumi roars in satisfied glee. Sukuna pulls out halfway, touching his fingers to the point where they’re connected before slipping his cock back in him, moving slower.

Megumi doesn’t have to wonder for long what that was all about. Soon, thick, warm fingers wrap around his cock, spreading the cum all over before stroking him up and down, quickly, a little harsh but oh so delicious.

Ass stuffed full and his own cock tugged roughly, Megumi doesn’t last a full minute. It washes over him like a tidal wave, clearing his mind of anything but pure pleasure.

When he comes back to earth an infinity later and opens his eyes, Sukuna’s already slipped out of him. Megumi stares up at the sunlight filtering through leaves, and laughs. It starts as a chuckle, building up to a rolling laughter, becoming so uncontrollable and free that his entire body shakes with it, back arching from the ground, wheezing.

Sukuna, sitting by his side, lays a hand on his bare stomach, staring down at him. "What’s so funny, Bunny?"

That only makes Megumi laugh harder. "Funny... Bunny!" He chokes out, delighted with the childish rhyme. Everything’s just so damn good, so funny, so right. He’s up in the clouds, laying on cotton candy, the breeze caressing his face.

Oh, wait. That’s not a breeze. That’s Sukuna’s hand, knuckles feathering over Megumi’s cheek, his temple, brushing back damp hair. He leans into it, lips stretching in a stupidly wide smile.

"God you’re beautiful." Sukuna mumbles, and something explodes in Megumi’s chest, warming up his insides, shooting fireworks that make his skin tingle and break out in goosebumps.

"Promise?" He hears himself say.

Sukuna nods, then bends down to kiss his forehead, lips soft and cool against his still heated skin. "How're you feeling?"

Megumi hums, stretching. Distantly, he can feel the aches, the burning scratches and blooming bruises and soreness in his muscles, in his lower back. "Amazing." He says instead, and finds it sincere.

"Yes. You are." There's reverence in Sukuna's voice that tugs at Megumi's heart strings, the melody produced delicate and hopeful.

Megumi sneaks his hand under Sukuna's where it’s resting against his stomach, lacing their fingers together, smile lopsided and dopey when Sukuna squeezes it. There's something sticky there that Megumi heavily suspects is cum, but he doesn't find it in him to care. The moment is more than perfect enough as it is.

They stare into each other's eyes for what feels like ages, but it doesn't get weird, or awkward, or boring. It's like they're talking, somehow. Not about anything in particular, nothing concrete or grounded in reality, but there's still an exchange. Of feeling, of sensation, of emotion.

Megumi feels high in the best way there is, spent and sated, floating around in his mind, the string connecting him to reality threatening to snap and leave him to fly away.

But it won’t. Sukuna's thumb steadily brushes over the back of Megumi's hand, keeping him grounded, tethered through this small repetitiveness.

Coming back is gradual. First, Megumi blinks, and suddenly there's trees and skies and not only Sukuna. He looks around, still dazed, and everything is beautiful. Then there's some awareness, at the back of his mind, of his state. Physical first, his body, on the ground, somewhat covered in grime and bodily fluids. Mental, hazy and slow. Emotional, overflowing with happiness and love.

At some point, he finds it odd that neither of them is speaking. Not that the silence was bad, it's just that they usually do talk. "Hi," He starts, a little raspy.

"Hey there, Bunny." Sukuna squeezes his hand. "Are you back with me, now?"

"I think so." Megumi tries to think about it, but thinking is still difficult. "Not too sure."

"You look better. Your eyes got a bit glassy there. Must've felt real good."

Megumi smiles, sheepish, and nods. Still does.

"Want to try sitting?"

Maybe it'll help clear his head a little. Megumi nods again.

Sukuna slips his hand out of Megumi's, and he must've made a face because Sukuna grabs it right back without a word. With Sukuna's arm around his waist for support, Megumi leveraging himself with one shaky arm of his own, he rises to sit on the ground.

It doesn't feel... bad. A little disorienting, but does scatter some more of the thinning cloud in his mind. They go through a similar process with standing, hands still clasped together, but when Megumi tries walking, his knees buckle and he almost falls. Sukuna, of course, is the one to catch him with one arm, so quick Megumi is inclined to think he prepared for the possibility.

"Think you can make it to the stream?" Sukuna asks gently. "We can clean up there, rest a little, then go back to the cabin."

Megumi shakes his head. "Sorry." His legs are jello, unsteady, disconnected from his body in the sense they won't answer his brain's commands.

"No need to apologize, Bunny. I can get you there. But I do need my hand back for that, okay?" Megumi pouts, but lets him go. Sukuna helps him take off his crop top, tossing it aside. Effortlessly, like a hotter, tattooed version of a Disney prince, Sukuna literally sweeps Megumi off his feet, carrying him princess style for the dozen or so steps to the stream’s bank.

The water, flowing slow on a bed of smooth pebbles, is clear and once Megumi is lowered into it, refreshingly cool. Not cold enough to send a shock through his system, thankfully, just on the chilly side. "Feels nice," Megumi hums, dipping a finger into the water and flicking some drops that create miniature ripples in the water. Those disappear quickly enough, washed away.

"Yeah? Good." Sukuna sits down right next to him, thighs pressed together underwater.

The stream isn’t very deep. Sitting, it gets about to Megumi’s chest. Ideal for wading around, which Megumi does, albeit in his own slow motion version. The water makes for a great sensation right now, smooth, soothing, waking him up. "That was..." Megumi starts, but struggles to find his next words, the words to adequately describe what they just went through.

"It was." Sukuna agrees, hand coming to rest on Megumi’s thigh underwater, squeezing lightly. It’s big enough to envelop more than half of it and warm, a pleasant contrast to the cool water.

Megumi looks up at him, a grateful half smile on his lips. Sukuna just seems to instinctively get him, not as if he was a mind reader but like he already knows Megumi intimately despite their relatively short time knowing each other.

Sukuna’s eyes hold so much fondness it makes Megumi’s chest all tight and he has to look away before he gets any funny ideas. They’re always like this, after a scene. All soft and sweet. It’s nothing to read into, nothing to get hopeful over. He’ll enjoy it while it lasts, and that’s it.

Megumi clumsily clambers over a thick thigh, situating himself between Sukuna’s legs and leaning back against his chest. If he’s already enjoying himself, might as well take full advantage of it. Sukuna has no objections. The opposite, he helps Megumi over and back into the water, making sure he doesn’t slip or stumble.

Settled into Sukuna, looking down at his own hands distorted by the water, Megumi mumbles, "I didn’t know... Didn’t think it’d be... This much." His tongue still feels heavy in his mouth, brain foggy enough to prevent more complicated ideas and sentences.

Sukuna doesn’t seem to mind. "Isn’t this what you wanted?"

"It is." Megumi lets his eyes close, head lolling back to Sukuna’s shoulder.

Mindful hands start traveling over his body, and for a moment Megumi thinks Sukuna is making a pass at him before he realizes the truth: Sukuna’s gently rubbing the dirt and grime off his thighs, stomach, arms. Megumi hums, a sound as close to a purr as any human can naturally make.

"Let me know if you’re too sensitive, alright, Bunny?"

"S’fine." Megumi mumbles, but nods anyway, eyes still closed.

Sukuna splashes water on the parts that aren’t submerged, rubbing his shoulders and neck as well.

"Do you want to lean forward for a moment so I can get your back?"

Megumi hums, considering. Somehow, that just doesn’t seem as important as leaning back into Sukuna is. "Not really."

Sukuna huffs a brief laugh. "That’s alright. You don’t have to. Can I clean your ass? Or do you want to do it yourself?"

"You." Megumi asks, just because he’s feeling lazy and likes being spoiled, and well. Sukuna offered.

"Spread your legs for me." It’s a soft command that Megumi obeys on instinct.

A finger probes at his entrance, and Megumi hisses. It’s not so much that it hurts as the sensitivity shocks him. Sukuna stops, so Megumi urges him on with a hand over his wrist, pushing it further between his legs.

"Won’t be long." Sukuna promises against his ear, then pushes inside, moving it around gently and cleaning him as well as he can, considering their limited means. "Pretty sure I got most of it out. There’s a proper shower back at the cabin, too."

"It’s okay, ‘Suki." Megumi reassures. "Feels clean."


Megumi’s eyes snap open, a tiny dose of adrenaline hitting him like a lightning strike. "I, uh, I wasn’t really thinking- Just felt natural and-"

"Hey, hey, hey." Sukuna wraps two arms around his middle, holding him secure, squeezing him carefully. "It’s okay. It’s cute, coming from my little Bunny."

Megumi relaxes. My little Bunny. It’s a little hazy, but Megumi’s fairly sure Sukuna called him that, too, at some point when they were going at it on the forest floor. The added my makes his chest glow warm, then tighten up again because Sukuna doesn’t mean it like that.

"Are you okay?" Sukuna asks a moment later.

"Yeah." Megumi shoots back the tiny lie. "Why?"

"You’re a little tense. We should talk about it."

Megumi panics, sits upright, turns halfway to side-eye Sukuna to gauge his reaction. "There’s nothing to talk about." He says, a little too firm.

"There’s always room to talk about what we just went through, Bunny. No need to get so keyed up about it."

Oh. Oh. So caught up in his own head, Megumi missed the actual meaning Sukuna was going for. Of course, talk about their play.

"Right," He says carefully, settling back into Sukuna’s chest. "What’d you want to talk about?"

"For starters, I almost can’t believe you managed to convince me to fuck in the woods. I told you we’re supposed to go back but you... You were truly in it. It was infectious."

Pride and smugness make their way into his heart, unknotting some of the lingering tension. "It’s not like I tried, really-"

Sukuna snorts a "Humble," and Megumi slaps his arm before he picks up the rest of the sentence. "Just kind of... Came out, when you caught me. Feels a little like a dream now. I do remember it, it’s just... Cloudy."

Megumi feels Sukuna nod against the back of his head. "At one point, You were in so deep I couldn’t be sure if you’d be able to safeword, even through a gesture."

"I know. I was fine, you didn’t have to color test me, but I guess it’s better to be safe."

"If you were fine, what was that about? You sounded so in pain, I thought I was too rough, took it too far. Had to check in."

Megumi feels heat rise to his face. He does remember that moment, clearer than the rest, maybe because it’s tinged with his own insecurities. "I don’t know. Just wanted cock, I think." It’s not a lie per se, just... An omission of some of the truth. He doesn’t like this, doesn't like lying to Sukuna. It feels wrong. But the alternative of telling him he’s caught feelings and wants more, which will undoubtedly lead to him being replaced, is way worse.

Before Sukuna can press on any further, Megumi leans forward, putting distance between them, and asks, "Wash my back now?"

"Of course, Bunny. Whatever you’d like." Sukuna not only splashes water and rubs off dirt, but digs his palms and thumbs into Megumi’s back, massaging it. His hands are huge and always warm, so it feels extra nice on his now chilled skin.

"A little higher up- Yeah, right there." Megumi hums his contentment, moaning quietly when Sukuna hits a particularly good spot.

Sukuna washes his nape thoroughly, then leans in to gently bite and suck it, making Megumi shiver. "Your hair is a mess, too." he mumbles against the skin.

Megumi turns his head to side-eye him. "So's yours."

"Not worse than you. I didn’t lay on the ground for a while, getting fucked."

Well, he's not wrong. "Mmm."

Sukuna sighs, threading fingers into Megumi’s roots. "Lay down. I'll get the worst of it out."

Megumi obeys, floating in the water, anchoring himself with hands on Sukuna's knees. Delicately, much more than Megumi expected, Sukuna first picks out leaves and tiny twigs, then massages his scalp, twists locks between his fingers long after Megumi is sure his hair is as clean as it can get without shampoo.

He keeps his eyes closed for most of it because of course there's a beam of sunlight directed right at him, but whenever he does blink them open, Sukuna's staring at him intensely, intently, and he has to immediately close them again.

"Are you cold, Bunny? We can head back." Sukuna's voice reaches him at some point, muffled by the water his ears are submerged in.

Megumi is cold, but Sukuna is scratching the back of his head and it feels too good to let it stop. "Not really."

"Are you sure? Your nipples are hard and your skin is covered in goosebumps."

Busted, damn. "I don't want to go back yet." He says instead.

"I don't want you to catch a cold because of me."

Megumi would give anything in the world to have this moment last just a little while longer. Potentially catching a cold seems like more than a fair price.

"Warm me up, then." He rises from the water, twisting around easily now that he gained full control over his limbs, and settles back into Sukuna's lap, chest to chest this time.

Sukuna's arms slide to rest around his back, holding him close, thumbs drawing idle circles into his skin. "You're ridiculous." He huffs.

You’re ridiculous.” Megumi blames right back. “Did you even clean this thing?” He thumbs right under Sukuna’s bite on his shoulder, close to his neck.

“You’re more important.” He dismisses. “I can disinfect it later.”

“You realize I’m studying to be a vet, right?” Megumi arches a brow at him. “Wounds need to be cleaned. Bites especially.”

“Mhmm. My hands are very busy, though.”

Megumi rolls his eyes, but splashes water on it, gently washing out what little dirt has gotten into it. Clean, the bite looks alright. Not very deep, the lines a little jagged but shouldn’t leave a scar if cared for properly.

Satisfied for now, Megumi buries his face in the other side of Sukuna’s neck, nuzzling into it. They say nothing for a while, and Megumi loses track of time. It's easy to, wrapped in those strong arms, feeling that steady heart beating right into his own, listening to him breathe. It's like they share the very essence of living: Simply existing, together.




The trek back to the cabin is hazy. Semi-clothed, they walk side by side, fingers intertwined, pointing out nice trees, wild mushrooms and the occasional bird to one another.

It feels surreal to be back in civilization. Well, somewhat. There's chairs and a table and a decent shower, toilet and running water, even a kitchen and a small air conditioning unit. It's not like they've been out there for days, it was merely a few hours, but those few hours were packed enough to feel like way more. Megumi has never felt so close and connected to nature and to himself before and he mourns the fact they have to return to normal.

While Megumi showers properly, Sukuna fixes them a light meal. Just some fish and rice, but it still brings down a heavy blanket of sleepiness onto Megumi.

He doesn't even finish the plate before his head starts drooping, eyelids as heavy as lead.

"Bed's in there," Sukuna points at a door, and Megumi grumbles something that's incoherent even to himself.

"What was that, Bunny?"

"I dunno." Megumi mumbles around a yawn.

"Heavens, are you cute." Sukuna pushes back his chair and stands up, offering his hand to Megumi. "Come on. Let's go to sleep."

"Here?" Megumi asks, dumbly.

"Yes, Bunny. I'm not sending you off anywhere like this."

Megumi takes his hand and is somehow manhandled onto a shoulder, grateful he doesn't have to use his tired legs anymore.

He's laid onto a soft, flowery smelling bed, then whines and reaches out when Sukuna doesn't immediately join him, instead turning away.

Sukuna looks back with a soft smile. "I'm just hopping in the shower. Not going to leave, alright?"

Megumi pouts but nods.

He tries to keep his eyes open, tries so hard to stay awake, wait for Sukuna, but the pitter patter coming from the shower, together with the dim lighting and perfect temperature in the room make it impossible. He's out like a light.




The first thing Megumi notes when he wakes up is how deeply comfortable he is. Then he moves, and- ouch. Every bone, muscle and tendon in his body screams in protest. He tries not to move much after that.

It's night. Late. The strip of skies seen through the curtains is too dark for it to be early morning.

Sukuna's on his stomach, arm thrown over Megumi's middle, a solid, comforting weight.

He didn't leave.

He's still here.

Relief washes over Megumi, so great that he feels tears prickling the corners of his eyes. Which is completely stupid. Sukuna said he'd stay, come to bed with him. It's the last thing Megumi remembers before passing out, after all.

And yet, Megumi tears up. Sukuna’s been treating him so well, even before those three weeks, always so gentle with him after they play, so sweet, so considerate. Calling him nicknames and taking care of him and claiming him as his and now spending the night together and its all just- messing with his stupid head.

The tears keep on coming, and he doesn't even know what they're all about. Relief? Heartbreak? Pure temporary chemical imbalance?

As much as Megumi tries to keep it quiet, he can't help his breath hitching and the tiny sobs. When Sukuna starts to stir, Megumi panics, wiping his face, or more like smearing around the wetness, in an attempt to hide his crying. Infuriatingly, it only seems to feed back to his sobbing and he has to bite his own arm to try and keep silent.

Please go back to sleep, please go back to sleep, please go back to sleep...

Explaining why he's crying would be difficult, and Sukuna, being him, won't let it go until he's sure Megumi's alright. Which is part of the problem in the first place.

His prayers go unanswered.

Sukuna's voice is raspy, sleep rough when he asks, muffled by the pillow, "Bunny? What's going on?"

"N-nothing," Megumi sobs, then half laughs, because he can hear himself being absolutely ridiculous.

Sukuna's sitting in a second, hovering over him. "What's wrong?"

"E-everything's f-fine," Megumi can't stop the flood now that the dam has been broken, tears sliding down his cheekbones into his hair.

"Clearly not." There's no bite to it, but Megumi still recoils like it was a reproach. Sukuna must've noticed because he immediately cups his face and starts reassuring him. "Sorry, I'm sorry, hey. Take it slow. I'm right here with you, nothing bad is happening, or is about to happen. You're okay, my sweet little Bunny."

"D-don't call me th-that," Megumi chokes out. "You don't m-mean it,"

Sukuna freezes above him, unreadable. "Megumi." He says, slow, deep, adding a heaviness to his name. "What're you trying to say? That I don't mean it?"

"Never m-mind, just, f-forget it," Megumi shuts his eyes and tries to throw an arm over his face to hide, but Sukuna won't let him, grabs his wrist gently, too gently, guiding it away.

"Megumi." His name in Sukuna's mouth is like some sort of spell. Megumi finds himself looking at the shadows of Sukuna's face, sobbing still. "Talk to me. Please"

Not a command, but a request, a desperate one. How can he refuse? "You don't m-mean it." Megumi takes a deep breath, his voice steadier with the next words. "'My Bunny'. I'm not yours. You don't mean it. But you say it like you do."

There's just enough light to see Sukuna's brow creasing.

That's it. That's where it ends. Megumi's oddly calm, now that he sort of let the secret out. Sukuna's sharp. He probably gets it by now.

"That's it? That's what was bothering you?"

Megumi nods.

"God, Megumi, I thought you-" Sukuna cuts himself off, sighing. "Just to be clear, precisely why does it bother you?"

"Am I really going to have to spell it out loud?" Megumi grimaces.

"Afraid so."

This time, when Megumi turns his head to the side, shutting his eyes, Sukuna lets him. "It bothers me because... I want you to mean it." He whispers the last part, barely audible.

"Bunny..." Sukuna’s voice is the softest Megumi’s ever heard it. "I'm so sorry. I didn't notice, I had no idea, or I would've-"

Megumi’s eyes snap open and his tone is bitter when he says, "Would've what? Dumped me? Found a new Bunny to play with?"

"Took you out on a proper date." Sukuna says, resolute.

Wait. What? Megumi's heart lurches to his throat. "But you said you weren’t looking for-"

"I know what I said." Sukuna cuts him off. "Am I not allowed to change my mind?"

"What made you change your mind, then?" A hesitant start of a smile tugs at Megumi’s lips.


"What about me?"

"Fishing for compliments, Bunny?" Sukuna huffs, amused.

Megumi squirms. "Maybe."

Sukuna shrugs, leaning back. "You’re interesting. Intelligent, cheeky, cute, ferocious. But there’s something more... Something about you that has me aching to make you mine. I’d like to find out exactly what that is."

"Aching to make me yours, huh?" Megumi likes the sound of that.

Sukuna nods, so serious it’s almost comical.

Megumi snorts, then worries his lip. "You really want to?"

"I’ll say it as many times as is necessary for your pretty little head to rest easy."

But if Sukuna really is into him... "Why didn’t you just ask me out then? If you wanted to?"

It’s Sukuna’s turn to grimace and look away. "Why does anyone not ask out their crush? I thought you wouldn’t want to. You agreed to keep it casual, after all. Said you wanted to explore, experiment, back when we first met. Didn’t want to risk it. Risk what we have."

Huh. Would you look at that. The big bad wolf can be plagued by insecurities and fear of rejection, too. With some effort, Megumi raises his hand to Sukuna’s cheek, caressing it with his thumb. "You’re so goddamn stupid."

Incredulous, Sukuna rumbles, "Excuse me? I’m the stupid one? You gave me a massive scare you went into subdrop despite taking care of you, just because you thought I wouldn’t be into someone as amazing as you. Who’s the stupid one now?"

Megumi hums, making a show out of considering it. "Still you."

Sukuna clicks his tongue. "Look who’s getting all arrogant and cheeky all of a sudden."

"Got a problem with it?" Megumi challenges.

"Not at all, Bunny." Sukuna lays a hand over Megumi’s to keep it on the side of his face. "It’s eons better than seeing you cry."

"Sap." He blames.

Sukuna arches a brow. "Got a problem with it?"

"Not at all, ‘Suki." Megumi grins, and thinks that no, no problem whatsoever, he could really, really get used to this. Although, he thinks... “There is one thing.”

A crease forms between Sukuna’s brows. “And that’ll be?”

“You didn’t actually ask me out.” Megumi pouts, exaggerated on purpose.

“Ah.” Sukuna huffs, expression smoothing. “That can easily be fixed. Will you let me take you out on a real date, my sweet, lovely, precious Bunny?”

“Yes.” Megumi agrees, sheepish, pulling Sukuna to him until their lips are pressed in a soft kiss. Foreheads touching, Megumi mumbles against his lips, “I would love that.”