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“You’re quiet today,” Naruto says. “Everything alright?”

Sasuke hesitates before nodding. “Yeah. Just a long day.”

Naruto takes another careful bite of his banana. It’s clear that's not all there is to the matter. Sasuke is quiet on most days, but since he returned from a two-day mission the day before, his behaviour has left Naruto perturbed. He's quieter than normal, distracted in conversations, and - oddly enough - prone to blushing at random moments.

Sasuke has insisted that the mission went absolutely fine, there isn't anything wrong with him, and he's shut down all of Naruto's subsequent attempts to try to figure out what's making him act so odd. There’s definitely something on his mind, but whatever it is, he doesn’t want to talk about it just yet. Naruto knows that Sasuke is so very different from him in that sense, and that the best thing he can give Sasuke is time and space until he feels comfortable enough to do so.

He takes a small bite of his banana, wondering what the problem might be about. Problems at work, perhaps? Or maybe a stomachache from the cookies Naruto made two days ago? He was sure he’d been careful in following the recipe…

Naruto puts the rest of the banana into his mouth and holds it there, licking at the soft fruit languidly as he mulls over the issue. He's so lost in his thoughts he doesn't notice Sasuke suddenly pushing back from the table until the man has already gotten to his feet and walked briskly into the kitchen.

"Oh, done already?" Naruto asks, chewing on the rest of the banana.

Sasuke is by the kitchen sink already, washing his bowl and spoon. There’s a flush on his cheeks as he gives Naruto another curt nod - the kind he only gets when he's embarrassed, or -

Naruto stares at him, feeling equal parts curious and amused by his behaviour before he looks at the empty banana peel in his hands. Oh.

"What's on your mind, Sasuke?" he teases, giving the man a sly grin.

"Shut it," Sasuke mutters, and returns to the task of washing the dishes. Naruto laughs under his breath, wondering what kind of odd thoughts the perverted bastard is thinking of, and when he'll work up the courage to share them with him. He doubts it'll be very long: Uchiha Sasuke is many things, after all, and shy is not one of them.





Sasuke's odd, quiet behaviour continues for the next two days. On the first, they're both very busy with work, so Naruto doesn't see him until night when they share a late dinner. Sasuke almost chokes on his drink when Naruto rambles about what he spent the day teaching his genin students (shuriken-throwing, handling explosive tags, and the continuation of the clone jutsu). But he changes the topic before Naruto can think twice about it, and they fall asleep on the couch, both completely exhausted.

The next evening, he's silent all through dinner. Despite his lack of words, he stares at Naruto so openly for the entire duration of their meal that the blond begins to blush.

"Why are you staring at me like that, you pervert?" he demands. 

Sasuke takes another bite of his food and shrugs calmly, still choosing not to respond.

He's silent while he works on his report at the dinner table, and he doesn't speak as they get dressed and settle down in bed for the night. Sasuke wraps an arm around Naruto's waist and pulls him close until their legs are tangled together. It’s summer, so he’s sleeping shirtless, and Naruto busies himself with doodling an odd pattern against his chest while he waits for sleep to come.

But each time Naruto glances up at Sasuke, he sees the man’s eyebrows are knitted together in a frown. It makes his own curiosity all the more intense, and it prompts him to break the comfortable silence that's settled between them.

“You know you can tell me if something’s bothering you,” he tells him quietly.

“Nothing’s bothering me,” Sasuke says at once. But then he shifts slightly, his grip on Naruto’s waist tightening just a fraction.

Naruto holds his breath and waits. A few long moments pass with neither of them speaking, and the only noise in the room is the soft fluttering of the curtains in the night-time breeze.

“I’ve just been...thinking,” Sasuke says finally.

Naruto pulls back slightly to peer up at him. About damn time. “Thinking about what?”

Sasuke meets his gaze. “My mission from last week.”

Naruto immediately tries to pull away, but Sasuke’s grip on his waist holds him in place. “Did something happen?” he demands. “You said it went fine.”

“It went fine,” Sasuke reassures him quickly. “It’s just — I missed you.”

Naruto relaxes, relieved, before giving him a lopsided smile. He’s about to tell Sasuke that he missed him, too — he always misses Sasuke when he’s away on missions — but the man continues speaking, his voice pitched low this time.

“I missed your body,” he says quietly, and the way he says the words makes Naruto go still. “I missed having you like this with me.”

Slowly, Sasuke reaches down and cups Naruto’s ass with a big hand. Naruto shifts slightly, but doesn’t move Sasuke’s hand away. He clears his throat. “Yeah?” 

Sasuke hums. He leans forward, even closer, until their noses are brushing. Naruto can’t look away from his dark, dark eyes.

“But it was different this time,” Sasuke tells him. “I had something to keep me entertained.”

He gives Naruto's ass a firm squeeze until the blond's flush deepens. Almost instantly, Naruto knows exactly what he’s talking about — the intense memories of that evening are still so fresh in his own mind, even without a Sharingan.

Oh, he thinks.

Sasuke continues speaking once he's realised Naruto has caught on. “I watched it while I was away,” he says. “The sight of you taking the cock of one of my clones. You’re always so beautiful, but you were something else that night.”

Naruto feels his flush deepen. He wants to duck his head out of embarrassment, but he forces himself to meet Sasuke's gaze as the man continues to talk to him.

“And I watched the moment you made that promise to me,” Sasuke tells him, his hand slowly rubbing up and down his ass now. “Again and again. You remember the promise?”

Naruto shivers. It wasn’t a promise, not really — it was more what his desperate, fucked-out brain managed to conjure up just so he could gain Sasuke’s murmured words of approval (and, eventually, his own orgasm).

But he does remember. So he nods.

“What did you say?” Sasuke prompts, his voice gentle. 

Naruto swallows. He looks down at Sasuke's chest, unable to meet his eyes any longer.

“I said I could take it,” he says, and his voice comes out quiet.

He takes a deep breath and, bit by bit, manages to get the rest of the words out. “An entire group of clones. One by one. Having their turns with me.”

Sasuke's hand on his ass goes still. Slowly, Naruto lifts his head to meet the man's gaze. His expression is completely blank, giving absolutely nothing away, and that means he’s done speaking.

It means the ball is in his court now. He's told Naruto what he wants, and it's up to Naruto to choose how to respond.  

Naruto takes a moment to exhale. He knows what he wants. And Sasuke knows he wants it, too. Just saying the words aloud had been enough to make him almost ache for it. 

“You know,” Naruto says slowly, trying to keep his voice casual. “Your birthday’s coming up.”

Sasuke's eyes widen just a fraction, as though he hadn't expected him to say that. But then his lips curl up in a small, small smile, and he leans in to press a kiss against Naruto's nose. 





Two nights later, Naruto finds himself shivering lightly as Sasuke slowly shuts the bedroom door behind him.

He's naked, standing at the foot of their bed. Sasuke is shirtless and still wearing his pants, riding low on his hips. He walks up to Naruto and kisses him, slow and deep, hands settled on the blond's waist comfortingly.

“You know how it goes," Sasuke murmurs against his lips when he pulls away. "If it gets too much for you, or if you want to stop at any moment, just say the word."

He steps away from him then, watching Naruto's face carefully. Naruto gives him a quick nod. "Alright."

A moment later, Sasuke lifts his hands to form the seal. One by one, the clones appear. One by the door, one by the window, one by the wall, one by the door leading into their bathroom, one on the other side of the bed.

Five clones in total.

They'd talked about it beforehand, not long after they'd agreed to the idea. Naruto had suggested the number five, purely because it seemed like a good number - and he had almost taken it back until he'd seen the look on Sasuke's face. 

"Five," the man had repeated in a low voice, holding Naruto close. "You want to take five of them?"

And the way he'd said it, the mixture of surprise and lust and approval in his eyes, had been more than enough for Naruto to agree. 

But now, he's wondering if there's a reason Sasuke calls him an idiot so much after all. Naruto feels absolutely tiny, dwarfed by the five clones of Sasuke and the original man himself all crowded around him - all of them impressively tall and broad-shouldered and powerfully built.

Five, he thinks to himself feeling a little dazed. He is suddenly very glad he doesn't have to show up at the Hokage Tower tomorrow morning.

He's interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of Sasuke's voice.

"Let's get started," he says, his voice curt as he addresses his clones. 

It's an odd way to announce things. The clones are all watching Naruto and Sasuke impassively, without the barest hint of emotion on any of their emotions. But the clones are Sasuke, which means they have his memories — including the memories of what happened last time. They must know exactly why they’ve been summoned and what’s in store.

Sasuke returns his attention to Naruto. He pulls him close and kisses him on the top of his head lovingly. "You're going to make them feel good, aren't you?" he says. 

Naruto sighs, relaxing into the warmth of his touch. "Yes."

Sasuke's lips quirk up in a pleased smile. "I'll go first," he tells Naruto. "And then the others will have their turn."

Naruto shivers at the way he's phrased it -- as though Naruto is little more than an toy for them to play with. He glances towards the clones, who are all watching carefully. They're all Sasuke, so along with the expectations of the night ahead they also know the main rule: that Naruto belongs to Sasuke, first and foremost.

And that means Sasuke will go first. He’ll fuck Naruto in front of them, and then sit back as the others take their turns, one by one.

Sasuke gently pushes Naruto over towards the bed and settles on the chair by the window, hands clasped over his lap. He watches in silence along with the other clones as Naruto steps over to the bed and sits down in the middle of it, knees pulled up to his chest. 

“Go on,” Sasuke says quietly. “Give them a show.”

Naruto feels himself shiver from the low, deep pitch of his voice. He gives Sasuke a nod before reaching for the bottle of lube on the pillow. Once he's coated his fingers in enough of the thick liquid, he slowly rests back against the headboard, lifts his hips and spreads his legs apart. 

And then he reaches down with his hand to brush his index finger against his hole. Naruto shivers as he slides the finger into himself. He pushes it in and out, adjusting to the intrusion and initial stretch quick enough for him to add another finger. He keeps his eyes fixed on Sasuke, who is watching him with his dark eyes.

Within minutes, Naruto has three fingers inside, but it’s not enough. He's so much smaller than Sasuke, and he feels it most in moments like these, when no matter how much he tries to shove three of his own fingers in and out of himself it doesn't feel anywhere near enough. 

The clones are all crowded around the bed, openly staring at the place between his legs. Naruto is too desperate now to feel shame. He sneaks a glance at the real Sasuke, at the hand slowly palming the tent in his pants. Just one of those big, thick fingers would do it for him, he knows.

As if reading his mind, Sasuke shakes his head. "No," he says. "You do this yourself. And make sure you do it properly."

His gaze flickers to the five clones standing, watching and waiting. 

Under the weight of their combined gazes, Naruto feels his entire body flush. He knows Sasuke is reminding him of what is yet to come, and that this is his only chance to prep himself properly before he takes them, one by one.

So Naruto lifts his hips up even further and begins stretching himself open with earnest, fucking himself open on his fingers wildly. It’s a wanton, wild display, and Naruto bites down on a loud, loud whimper as he feels a fingertip finally brush against his prostate.

“Let them hear you,” Sasuke says at once.

Naruto’s flush deepens, but as he continues to stretch himself open he doesn’t hold back the sounds that escape his lips.

“Ah - fuck —" he gasps, desperately trying to hit that spot within himself again. “Sasuke, please.”

Sasuke takes pity on him after that. ”You ready?" he asks, one hand resting on his thigh.

Naruto nods, swallows and nods again. "Yeah," he says shakily. 

Sasuke pats his lap. "Come here," he says, and it takes all of Naruto's willpower not to scramble over to him at once.

By the time his feet are on the floor, Sasuke has unbuttoned his pants and tugged his underwear down just enough to free his cock. Naruto almost moans at the sight of it, long and thick — exactly what his hole is aching for.

Sasuke helps Naruto settle on top of him, lifting him up as though he weighs nothing before he guides Naruto down onto his cock. He stares at the blond's face intently as inch after inch of his length slides inside, a flush of arousal creeping steadily up his own neck.

Despite trying to prep himself thoroughly, Naruto’s mouth drops open at the slight burn that accompanies the sensation of his hole being stretched wide around his length. “Fuck,” he breathes.

He bites down on a wince, but Sasuke notices anyway. He rests a hand on Naruto’s thigh once he’s sheathed all the way inside, squeezing the soft skin there. 

“Okay?” Sasuke asks.

It happens every time Naruto tries to take Sasuke's cock without the man himself fingering him beforehand. Sasuke is big, and even though they've been together for a while now, each time he works the thick length of his cock into Naruto it almost feels like the very first time all over again.

Naruto leans his head against Sasuke’s shoulder, shivering when he feels a big hand rub up and down his back comfortingly. He manages a quick nod. “Just — a bit tight,” he says.

Sasuke continues to rub his back before reaching up to run his fingers through Naruto’s hair. When Naruto shifts back, still trembling at the feeling of the heavy cock resting inside him, Sasuke leans in to press a soft kiss on his mouth.

“They’ll take care of that,” he says against his lips - promises, really - and Naruto feels his flush deepen even though it's true. He's going to take five of them after this. Five cocks, all as long and thick and perfect as Sasuke’s, and all with the same capability of wrecking him.

He won't be able to walk by the time they're all done with him. 

Naruto lets out a sigh when Sasuke places both of his big hands on his waist and slowly lifts him back up. He feels a little light-headed when he feels the slow, hot drag of his cock against his insides before he’s slowly sinking back down onto it. The burn of the initial stretch has faded, and now all he feels is impossibly full.

When he’s seated in Sasuke’s lap again, he feels his cock press up right against his prostate and he lets out a loud moan.

Yes, Sasuke," he breathes. They don’t do it in this position anywhere near enough, and he truly doesn’t know why, not when it feels so good.

Before long, Naruto is bouncing up and down on Sasuke’s cock, letting out breathless little gasps every time he feels him slamming into his prostate and sending a deep, deep wave of pleasure all the way down to his toes.

It doesn’t take him long to reach his orgasm — he’s already so worked up, and the feel of all those eyes on him, watching him take Sasuke’s cock over and over, is enough to leave him reeling.

“Fuck,” Sasuke says as he nears his own peak. His grip on Naruto’s hips becomes bruising, and he slams into Naruto harder and faster, beads of sweat forming at his temple.

Moments later, he works a big hand around Naruto’s cock, and the blond comes with a moan. He throws his head back at the white-hot pleasure that shudders through him. Sasuke holds him in place as he slams into him one last time and comes soon after, his own breaths ragged.

They catch their breath together in the minutes that follow, foreheads pressed together. There's a pleased smile on Sasuke's face, and Naruto preens with the knowledge that he put it there - that he made him feel good.

And then Sasuke kisses him on the cheek. He lifts Naruto up by the waist, pulling his cock out of him slow enough to make the blond groan under his breath, and carries him over to the bed. He places Naruto back in the middle of the bed, where he'd fingered himself beforehand.

Sasuke rests a big hand on the top of Naruto's head before leaning down to murmur in his ear.

“Make them happy,” he says. And then he takes a few step backs and sits back down on the chair again.

Naruto is still breathing heavily, and is a little delirious as he watches the five clones all take a step forward until they’re standing around the bed, gazing at him with their dark eyes. They're all looking between his legs, at the cum slowly trickling out of him. 

Who’s up first, Naruto wants to ask — and the thrill of knowing what’s about to happen (the thrill of being able to ask such a question) makes him begin to harden slightly all over again.

He doesn’t have to ask, however, because the first clone decides to step forward. He’s the one closest to the bathroom door, right in the middle of the group. There’s an obvious tent in his pants now: the result of Naruto and Sasuke’s little show. None of the clones protest his claim to have Naruto first. 

Naruto swallows, feeling himself flush again. He must be redder than a tomato by now, even if Sasuke only voiced what he’s planned to do all along. He wants to make them happy. He wants to make them feel good.

"How do you want me?" he asks, leaning back on his hands a little. 

The clone tilts his head to the side, considering the question for a moment. He reaches forward and places a hand on Naruto's leg, his thick fingers grazing the inside of his thigh gently enough to make him shiver.

"On your hands and knees," he says.

Naruto exhales. The last time they'd done this, the clone had gotten him on his hands and knees and fucked him from behind. Naruto wonders if this clone has enough of those memories to remember just how much he'd liked it. 

He moves onto his hands and knees at one end of the bed, feeling oddly nervous as he waits. But the clone doesn't fuck him right away. Instead, he takes his time to admire the sight of Naruto on all fours. His expression is unreadable as he stares at him, running his eyes along the lines of Naruto's legs, his slender waist, the curve of his ass. There’s an undeniable hunger in his gaze now, and it makes Naruto’s skin prickle.

He's a clone of Sasuke — technically, he is Sasuke - but his energy is so very different, so aloof that Naruto can’t meet his eyes for very long. So he looks towards the real Sasuke instead. The man’s hands are clasped over his chest as he watches the sight, Sharingan swirling slowly as he burns it into his memory.

Naruto ducks his head and exhales shakily when he feels the clone's big, warm hand run along the small of his back before coming to rest against his ass. He fondles Naruto’s ass for a while, digging his fingers into the soft skin, caressing and kneading it carefully.

Naruto sighs at the sensation and arches his back just a little bit more. He remembers the clone from last time taking the time to admire his ass as well, and the quiet way in which he’d told Sasuke, I like this.

Eventually, the clone pulls the cheeks apart to look at Naruto’s puffy hole and at Sasuke’s cum still dripping out of him. Naruto shudders when he feels a thick finger prod at the rim, gathering up some of the cum that’s leaked out before slowly pushing it back inside. 

"How long do you think it’ll take before you can't keep it inside any longer?" the clone asks quietly. "Before it's just pouring out of you?"

Naruto inhales sharply at his words, glancing up at the four other clones waiting. He's only had Sasuke so far, and he already feels so full just from his cum alone. 

But he's beyond feeling shame at this point. He knows what he wants, and he’s wanted it for a while now. So Naruto turns his head to look back at the clone, meeting his gaze openly, and he arches his back even more as if to say, let's find out.

Something flickers in the clone’s dark eyes. A split-second later, the bed is dipping from the clone's weight as he settles behind Naruto on his knees.

Naruto turns back around and ducks his head to stare down at the bed when he feels the clone spread his cheeks apart again. The man’s thick finger slides into him again, all the way this time, and he wriggles it around his insides until Naruto gasps from the sudden sensitivity.

“Nice and tight,” he murmurs in approval as he lines himself up. “I wonder if it’ll feel the same on my cock.”

Naruto groans when he feels the first inch of his cock slide into him. He's still so sensitive from Sasuke, and for a moment he doesn't think he can take it. But the clone continues to slide into him until he's seated fully inside.

He pauses for a moment, letting Naruto adjust to the thick stretch before he slowly pulls out again. Naruto whimpers at the first thrust, and pushes his hips back slightly.

The clone lifts a hand from his waist and places it against his back, keeping him in place as he slowly slides in and out again and again, stretching Naruto wide open. Naruto's mouth drops open from the intense mixture of pleasure and pain, the delightful shiver that goes down his spine each time the clone fucks him relentlessly. He digs his fingers into the bedsheets, letting out breathless little gasps. 

"Feel good?" the clone asks, curling a hand around the nape of his neck, his other hand resting on his hip as he pounds into him.

Naruto swallows on the saliva pooling in his mouth and nods. "Yeah," he says breathlessly.

Without warning, the clone smacks him on the ass hard. Naruto jolts in surprise at the feeling but then he moans, making the clone let out a huff of laughter.

“Good boy,” the clone tells him, and Naruto has to bite his lip to muffle another low moan.

He's so distracted that he hardly notices the second clone approaching him, not until he's just a few inches away from his face. The clone has one hand palming the tent in his pants. 

"Open up," the clone says, and his deep voice sends another shiver down Naruto's spine.

Naruto immediately lets his mouth fall open, allowing the clone to slide his cock right past his lips. The dark-haired man lets out an immediate groan at the feeling of the wet, hot mouth encasing his length.

It's an almost exact recreation of the last time they did this: Naruto, on his hands and knees, with one Sasuke taking him from behind and the other using his mouth. The rush he feels is the same, too; the thrill of being used solely for their pleasure, of drawing out those sounds from their mouths and knowing he did that, that it was him who made them feel good.

Sasuke is still watching, and Naruto wants this to be good for him, too. So he stares directly at him as he works his mouth around the second clone's cock, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard, just the way he knows the real Sasuke likes it.

When he feels a hard thrust from behind, he doesn't hold back his moan. The effect is instant: the clone sighs at the way it feels on his cock, rocking his hips forward until Naruto is nosing at the wiry hairs of his crotch. He watches, breathing heavily, as Naruto pulls back before leaning forward to lick at his heavy balls, savouring the taste of him.

“I won't last long if you keep doing that,” the clone says. “Fuck, you're filthy.”

Naruto looks to the side and sees that all of them, the other clones and the real Sasuke, have their own Sharingans on now. It makes his cock throb, knowing they're all watching him like this, all recording the sight of Naruto getting fucked by an entire group of clones.

“You feel so good on my cock,” the clone fucking his ass says. “So tight and hot. I wonder how you’ll feel by the fourth or the fifth.”

“I want him next,” another clone says, unbuttoning his pants already. “I’m not waiting for him to get loose and sloppy.”

“He won’t,” the first clone says. He leans down and presses a kiss on the nape of Naruto’s neck. “You’ll stay nice and tight for all of us, won’t you?”

Naruto hums in agreement, sucking on the cock in his mouth a little harder. He meets the gaze of the clone in question, watches the man’s lips curl up in an approving smile at his eagerness to please.

Then Naruto feels the clone’s cock graze against his prostate ever so slightly, and he cries around the hot length in his mouth. To settle him, the clone brushes a hand through Naruto's hair, shushing him gently as he feeds him even more of his cock. 

The clone reaches his peak soon after, and comes inside Naruto's mouth with a deep groan, still petting his blond hair as Naruto carefully swallows every last drop of cum. It tastes so good he feels his cock twitch, and when the clone finishes Naruto finds himself wishing there was more of it to swallow.

The man pulls away from his mouth and takes a few shaky steps back, watching in awe as the clone behind continues pounding into Naruto's ass ruthlessly. 

"Think you can make him cum a second time?" Sasuke asks the clone.

It's a clear challenge. Naruto's cock is fully hard now. He's not done for the night, and if the first clone can't draw his second orgasm out of him, another clone will.

The first clone doesn't bother answering.  He digs his fingers into Naruto's side and picks up the pace, the rough slap of his hips obscenely loud in the quiet of the room. He hits his prostate dead on, again and again, until Naruto is left whimpering and his eyes stinging with tears from the agonising pleasure.

The clone reaches down for his chest to play with his nipples, rubbing his calloused fingers across the hardened nubs until Naruto sobs from the overstimulation and bites down on his own wrist, hitting his orgasm with a muffled scream. 

"Good boy," the clone says, and one, two, three final thrusts have his fingers digging into Naruto's hips as he comes inside of him. Naruto trembles at the feeling of the thick, hot cum spilling into him - his second load of the night. 

The clone pulls out and moves off the bed. Before he steps away, however, Naruto feels him reaches down to kiss him on the small of his back before giving him a hard slap on the ass.

“So good,” he says, squeezing the soft flesh, and Naruto doesn't bother hiding his own smile. 

He rolls over onto his back, still breathing heavily from his second orgasm of the evening. He feels sore and shaky, but he’s aware of all of the eyes on him, watching him intently. The two clones who've had his ass and mouth so far are still there, still watching - and Naruto supposes it makes sense.

The show isn't over yet, after all.

He licks at the few drops of cum on the side of his mouth, lazily letting his legs fall open so the others can see the cum slowly leaking out of his hole.

"Who's next," he says, and he hears Sasuke huff a small laugh from where he's sitting.

The clone in the middle of the group approaches — the one who was impatient to have his turn. His dark eyes gleaming hungrily as he scans the length of Naruto’s flushed body. 

Naruto almost rolls over onto his belly again so he can arch his back and offer up his ass for him, but the clone stills him with a hand on his knee as he steps even closer.

"No," the man tells him. "Like this. I want to see your pretty face."

Naruto blushes despite himself. He watches as the clone gets on the bed, kneeling above him. He lets the clone place his hands on his knees and spread his legs apart.

Naruto feels some more cum dribble out of his hole at the shift in movement, and he lets out a low hiss, mentally preparing himself for the feel of another thick cock sliding into him.

But the clone doesn't enter him right away. He stares down at Naruto from above, running his big hands across his slender body: his chest, his nipples, his face. His fingers pause on Naruto’s mouth, running along his bottom lip.

"Beautiful," he says quietly, and he sounds awed. 

He leans down to give Naruto a slow, slow kiss on the lips. Naruto moans into the kiss, instinctively wrapping an arm around the man's neck and pulling him closer.

The clone leans back again. He lifts Naruto's leg up and rests it on his shoulder. And this time, he presses the tip of his cock against Naruto’s hole. It catches on the rim, stretching wide around the fat head, and Naruto whimpers. He needs it inside him already.

”So fucking gorgeous," he says, before he finally slides into Naruto, making them both let out a groan.

He looks over towards Sasuke as he slowly fucks into Naruto. "You're the luckiest man in the Village, you know. How can you ever stay away from such a pretty little thing for long?”

"With great effort," Sasuke responds.

Naruto blushes a deep, deep red at their conversation, of being seen as little more than a pretty little thing -- and how much he likes it.

The clone notices his reaction and runs his fingers against Naruto’s chest, playing with his nipples, rubbing them between his index fingers and thumbs. They’re still so sensitive from earlier that Naruto lets out a gasp and bucks his hips up, making the clone’s smile widen even more.

“You like it when we call you pretty?” the clone asks.

He’s rocking into him so slowly now, and it's driving Naruto crazy. He wants to be fucked hard and fast.

“Yes,” Naruto whispers. “I like it.” And then, because the clone still doesn’t move any faster inside of him, he pushes his hips forward and pleads, “More. Please.”

But the clone ruts into him slowly, taking his time and finding his own pleasure, and reminding Naruto that it isn’t about what he wants at all. He fucks into him shallowly,  rolling hips at a dizzyingly slow pace, one big hand splayed across Naruto’s chest and the other wrapped around the blond’s slender calf as it rests on his shoulder.

Naruto opens his mouth to respond — or to beg him to give him more — when he hears someone groan under their breath.

It’s the fourth clone, standing closest to the bed now, and staring at the sight of the third one’s cock slowly moving in and out Naruto’s hole. He’s tugged his pants down to release his own cock and is jerking himself off slowly, pale cheeks flushed with lust.

“Enjoying the show?” the clone above Naruto asks, rolling his hips into the blond so slow and deep it makes his entire body shudder.

“Yes,” the fourth clone says honestly, and he takes another small step closer to the bed.

He’s impatient, Naruto knows. He wants his turn with Naruto, but the clone inside of him is still taking his time, and the current position doesn’t allow the other clone proper access to Naruto’s mouth. Naruto feels frustrated with himself — he wants to make the clone feel good (make them happy, Sasuke told him, and there is nothing more he wants).

And the sight of the clone’s long, thick cock hanging heavy between his legs makes Naruto’s mouth water.

As if reading his mind, Sasuke leans forward in his chair with a frown. His tone is sharp when he addresses Naruto.

“If you can’t give him your mouth, you might as well put your hand to good use,” he says.

Naruto immediately reaches out for the clone, feeling himself flush in shame and arousal. He promised to make them feel good, but he had to be reminded of how to do that. His shame doesn’t last long, however, because clone steps forward in an instant. Within seconds, Naruto has his fingers wrapped around the hot, thick length of his cock.

Just like Sasuke, he’s massive. Naruto’s small fingers look absolutely tiny compared to the size of it. He jerks the clone off quickly, keeping his grip firm, feeling glad the man had already coated his length with lube beforehand.

It’s this sight that makes the third clone finally begin to fuck Naruto harder.

“You’re so good, letting us all use you like this,” he groans, gripping his calf tight.

Naruto would normally respond to the praise, but he barely even hears what the man says. He’s finally getting fucked just the way he likes it — hard and fast — and the feeling of the thick cock now pounding into him relentlessly is making him see stars.

Yes,” Naruto breathes, grabbing onto the clone’s arm. “Just like that, fuck me like that.”

And the clone does. He grips Naruto's calf tight and slams into him, each harsh thrust making Naruto's eyes water.

“To have him agree to something like this," the clone pants, addressing Sasuke now as he continues to fuck Naruto. “Can’t believe it — he's so perfect - such a perfect cockslut — fuck—“

He comes inside Naruto with a groan, filling him up with his third load of the night. Naruto’s leg drops from the clone's shoulder, his cock twitching and entire body flushing from the feeling of having another load of cum pumped deep into him - and of being called a cockslut.

And not just any cockslut, he thinks to himself hazily. He’s the perfect one, so hot and tight, so eager for whatever they have to give him and however they want to use him.

Naruto wraps a hand around his cock, but is interrupted from being able to begin to work his way up to his own climax by the fourth clone that steps forward.

The man wastes no time in settling down on the bed, his pants already off and cock hanging heavy between his legs. He lifts Naruto up and turns him around onto his stomach as though he weighs nothing. 

"Finally," the clone growls. 

He lifts Naruto’s hips up before giving his ass a hard slap. Naruto lets out a whine and arches his back even more, unsure if he wants the man to smack him again or just fuck him already. 

“Look at you, all fucked out but still so eager to please,” the clone says. He addresses the previous clone next. “What is it you called him?”

“A cockslut,” the clone answers, smiling down at Naruto as he pulls his pants back up. “The perfect little cockslut.”

The clone hums in approval before he spreads Naruto's ass cheeks apart and slides his cock into into him in one smooth thrust. There's so much cum in and outside his hole that there's no resistance at all anymore.

Naruto groans into the sheets, gasping at the feel of another thick cock ramming into him. He can't believe this is happening - he can't believe he's taking it. He reaches down with a shaky hand to grip himself as the clone starts fucking him hard and fast, wasting no time as he seeks his own pleasure.

"You feel so fucking good," the clone says, and he reaches down to fist a hand in Naruto's hair. 

“Hurry up,” the fifth clone mutters under his breath, and he sounds so much like Sasuke it makes Naruto's head spin. “I want to have a go.”

“Use his mouth,” the second clone - the one who's already fucked Naruto's mouth - suggests from the other side of the bed. He’s hard all over again, and is rubbing a hand up and down his cock while he watches the scene unfold. “It’s unbelievable how good it feels.”

The clone fucking him from behind reaches around to shove his fingers in Naruto’s mouth. Naruto sucks on them instinctively, licking at the thick digits with a desperate, wanton moan. My mouth, he thinks in agreement, gazing at the fifth clone’s cock as he tugs his pants down and approaches him.

This clone doesn't wait for Naruto to start sucking him off. He shoves his cock into his mouth hard, hissing under his breath as he holds him in place, lips stretched wide around his length and eyes watering. Naruto lets him keep him there like that, meeting the clone's wondrous gaze. 

"He really doesn't have a gag reflex," the clone says, and with that, he begins to fuck Naruto's throat.

Naruto grunts with each harsh thrust, using all the strength he has left to prop himself up on his hands and take both of them fucking him as best as he can. He can't think beyond the cock in his mouth and the cock in his ass, so different from the scene from earlier - so much harsher and more ruthless, like Naruto is little more than a hole for them both to use. 

"I bet it wasn't very hard to get him to agree to this," he hears the clone say. It takes Naruto a moment to realise he's referring to the previous clone's words. 

Sasuke smiles, stroking himself languidly. "It wasn’t.”

The clone laughs. "Of course not," he says. "He loves this. He can't get enough of it.”

Naruto should feel more annoyed that they’re talking about him as if he isn’t even there, but he doesn’t. It just sends another shiver down his spine.

The clone fucking his face fists a hand in his hair, shoving his cock so deep down Naruto's throat it hurts. "You were made for this, weren't you?" he asks. "Made to take cock.”

Naruto groans around the cock in his mouth, nodding desperately.

"What would you do to him?" Sasuke asks the clone. “If you could have him like this, all the time, like I do."

He's egging the clone on because he knows how much his words affect Naruto, how much Naruto loves hearing Sasuke’s voice and words in these intimate moments.

"I'd bend him over wherever and whenever I want," the clone growls, smacking Naruto’s ass hard before slamming his cock back into him. "Fuck this tight little ass and stuff him full again and again."

The clone in front has both hands gripping Naruto's by the hair, uncaring of the tears streaming down the blond's face as he decides to share his own fantasy.

"I'd keep him on my cock all the time,” he says. He leans down to address Naruto, wiping at his tears with a rough thumb. “You’d like that, wouldn't you? Being my little cocksleeve?"

Naruto groans in agreement, sniffling as he lets the man continue to fuck his throat. He would like all of those suggestions very much indeed.

He feels himself throb at the mental image of being grabbed, having his pants pulled down before he's bent over and a thick, fat cock is worked into his hole. 

He imagines that happening to him again, and again, in a myriad of times and places and positions: on his knees with his lips stretched wide around a thick cock; on his stomach with his ass in the air being offered up nicely; when he’s desperate and aching for it, and when he’s not.

And then he pictures himself being stuffed full and then made to stay like that for hours. Naruto immediately feels himself ache to be used like that — as though his only purpose is to give someone a tight, warm place to keep their cock inside.

Made for it.

The clone yanks Naruto off his cock by his hair. “Let’s hear you say it," he says.

Naruto coughs, his body trembling as he tries to catch his breath and answer him - but it's near impossible with the clone behind still fucking into his ass ruthlessly.

“You can do whatever you want to me,” he manages to gasp. “Use me whenever you want, fuck me and dump your cum inside me—“

“And why’s that?” 

“B-Because I’m a cockslut,” Naruto says shakily. “I’m made for it — I’m made to take cock.”

And with that, Naruto clenches down on the cock inside of him. The clone lets out a groan at the feeling of Naruto’s hole squeezing him even tighter. He fucks him ruthlessly, one hand gripping the nape of his neck as he owns him and forces him to take each vicious thrust. 

He must remember what Sasuke told the clone from the last time: that he likes it rough.

The clone in front slides his cock into Naruto's mouth again, picking up his brutal pace from before as he pounds his throat, and Naruto can’t stop himself from sobbing each time he feels either of them slam into him on both ends. He’s so hard, so close to coming another time - and so is the clone taking him from behind.

He grinds his hips into Naruto so deep the blond lets out a wail, and then he's coming inside of him.

“Take it,” the clone snarls, rolling his hips wildly as he pumps into him. “Fucking take it - filthy little whore -"

Naruto is so full now that as soon as the clone pulls out, he feels his cum slowly drip out of him almost instantly. Naruto doesn't have the time to think about that for too long, because the clone in front pulls Naruto off his cock again.

Without warning, the man comes all over his face, coating the blond's lips and cheeks and nose with thick spurts of hot cum as he lets out a low groan of pleasure, his big hands still fisted in blond hair. 

Naruto waits until the man has let go of him before he falls onto his chest, unable to hold himself up any longer. He grinds his cock against the bedsheets hard until he reaches his own orgasm, jaw dropping open and eyes rolling back from the pleasure that shoots through him as he comes. 

He's so exhausted, so out of it, that he barely even notices the clone that pulls him back by the legs until he's resting on the very edge of the bed. Naruto lifts his head tiredly and looks behind to see the second clone, the one who'd had fucked his mouth first, slowly jerking himself off as he prepares for his turn.

"Want to see how this feels," the clone says, and he lifts Naruto up by the hips until his ass is up in the air.

Naruto turns back around and folds his arms underneath his head, sighing tiredly. He doesn't have it in him to put up much of a show anymore, but he's still more than happy for the clone to use him. 

Within seconds, the clone has lined himself up and is pushing into him slowly. Naruto shudders as he feels his hole stretch wide to accommodate yet another thick cock. It doesn't take the clone long to start up a steady rhythm, as he rolls his hips into Naruto hard and fast, a hand gripping the blond's slim shoulder.

Naruto is drooling onto his arms now, eyes rolling back into his skull as he takes his fifth cock of the night so far. He won't be able to sit after this, let alone walk properly, and it's hard to even think when he knows all of the other clones are watching him get fucked one more time. 

“What was that about him being loose and sloppy?” the clone pants from behind, letting out a wry little laugh as he continues to fuck Naruto. “His hole is still so tight after all these rounds. It’s like he’s sucking me in.”

Naruto moans at the praise, pleased he's still tight enough to make him feel good. But despite his words, as he nears his own orgasm, the clone begins to slow the roll of his hips. Naruto realises quickly that he means to pull out and cum on his back.

“No,” Naruto begs. He reaches around, hand scrabbling for the clone's arm. “Inside.”

He wants it so bad, needs to know what it feels like to have another clone dump another hot load inside of him.

“Are you sure?” the clone says, breathing heavily as his thrusts come to a gradual stop. “You’re so full.”

Naruto moans against his arms. “Please,” he says feverishly. “Please, I can take it.”

The clones let out a breathless laugh. Naruto flushes, but he doesn't have it in him to feel too embarrassed - not when he needs it so badly. 

"He loves my cum," he hears Sasuke murmur by way of explanation. ”He can't get enough of it. Always wants it deep inside.”

The clone inside of him groans, deep and low. “You’re fucking perfect,” he tells Naruto. "I'll give you what you want. I'll fill you up even more."

Naruto nods eagerly, something warm blooming in his chest at the man's promise. And it's just as the other clone said: being a cocksleeve, being seen as nothing more than a warm, wet hole for them to use and fuck and dump their cum into.

The room is utterly silent except for the sound of their low moans when the clone finally comes inside of Naruto.

“Fuck, he feels good,” the clone grunts. “I could come inside him all day.”

He pulls out of Naruto slowly before he moves off the bed and steps away. Naruto can't understand how he can walk normally when Naruto's own legs feel like they're hardly even there.

With all the strength he can muster, Naruto rolls onto his back. There's no ignoring the cum that's dripping right out of him now, the small pool of it that's gathered on the bedsheets between his legs, or the way every pair of eyes is fixated on that very sight.

He feels so tired - too tired to be embarrassed. But the real Sasuke rises from his seat. He's unbuttoned his pants and is gripping himself tight, which is when Naruto realises:

He wants to be the last to have Naruto, too.

Naruto sighs as Sasuke settles on the bed beside him, turning Naruto over onto his side so that they're facing each other.

"Let me make you feel good," he says, and Naruto doesn't know how to tell him he already feels incredible.

Sasuke lifts his leg up and slowly slides his cock into him. Naruto is so wet now that he's inside of him in a heartbeat, buried all the way within him.

He doesn't torture Naruto by drawing it out for too long: he starts rocking into him at a steady pace, his thrusts deep enough to make Naruto whimper each time he feels the man move inside of him.

"They were right," Sasuke breathes heavily. "Still so hot and - fuck."

He dips his head to kiss Naruto on the lips. Naruto can't stop shaking - the exhaustion has settled into his very bones by now - but he lets Sasuke use him as he pleases. 

He's so delirious he doesn't notice the clone from before - the one who'd brutally fucked his throat - having moved away from the rest of the others and settled by the foot of the bed. 

"Sasuke," Naruto murmurs against the man's lips, flushing even though there's no real reason for him to feel embarrassed anymore, not at this point. 

Sasuke stops moving inside of him. He turns his head to look behind and sees the clone, staring at the two of them openly.

But to Naruto's surprise, Sasuke doesn't look surprised at all. He turns back to Naruto and presses a soft kiss against his forehead.

"He wants to have his turn with you," Sasuke murmurs against his skin.

"His turn?" Naruto repeats dumbly - and all he can think about is the fact that Sasuke isn't moving - why isn't he moving -?

Sasuke hums. “He didn’t have his turn. Not with your pretty little hole,” he explains quietly. “It isn’t fair. You made all the other clones feel so good.”

Naruto blinks up at him. This clone had his mouth - but now that Sasuke’s saying it, he knows that’s not enough. Of course it isn’t.

But - Sasuke’s already inside of him.

Naruto shakes his head, wondering if he's truly too fucked-out to be able to keep up with the conversation. “But you’re—“

“You remember the rest of your promise,” Sasuke interrupts quietly, something flickering in his dark eyes. "Don't you?"

Naruto freezes. His heart begins to pound in his chest as he recalls the last bit of their conversation that night, and what he'd agreed to: 

Taking two of them at once.

"Sasuke," he breathes. "I-"

"You're so wet, he'll slide right into you," Sasuke promises, and he's looking at Naruto as though he's the most precious thing in the world. Naruto can't bear to deny him anything, not when he looks at him like that.

"Come on," Sasuke says softly. "Let him have his turn." 

Naruto looks over Sasuke's shoulder towards the clone, who's now working a big hand up and down his cock as he watches them both. It doesn't take long for Naruto to make his mind up. Sasuke is right - he'd promised. And he's always been a man of his word.

"Okay," he says quietly.

Sasuke presses another soft, soft kiss against his forehead. He mutters something to the clone, who walks around the other side of the bed. Moments later Naruto feels the bed dip with the weight of the other man as he settles in behind him, on the other side of Naruto.

With a big hand, the clone lifts Naruto's leg up until it's bent upwards. Naruto shivers, heart racing in anticipation and nervousness and undeniable arousal as he buries his face in the crook of Sasuke's neck.

Naruto shudders and groans when he feels the clone's thick finger press against the rim of his ass, already stretched wide around the length of Sasuke's cock. Naruto can hardly breathe around the fact that it's the seventh time he's being fucked tonight, and that he's about to take one more.

But he wants it.

Slowly, the thick finger dips into of him until it's all the way inside. The sensation makes Naruto inhale sharply - he feels so full from it alone, he can't imagine taking his entire cock. But then the clone starts fucking his finger in and out of Naruto, right alongside Sasuke's cock, just as Sasuke had done to him the last time they did this. The pleasure makes his toes curl, and he grips onto Sasuke's arm for dear life.

Naruto moans when he feels another one of the clone's big fingers slide into him. "Oh, fuck."

He lets Sasuke kiss him on the temple, again and again and again, as the clone begins the process of stretching him up even more. When he feels Naruto relax a little, he scoops up the cum around his hole and uses it to slide another finger into him.

The knowledge that there are now three thick fingers inside of him along with Sasuke's cock makes Naruto pant heavily. He feels so fucking full - and so good - like he's finally made good on his promise from earlier that he's nothing more than a cockslut, wet and hot and ready for it. 

Naruto's mouth drops open in a silent scream when the clone lines up and finally, finally works his cock into him.  And it's just as Sasuke says - there is resistance, but there's just so much cum gathered in and around his hole that it doesn't take long for it to slide right into him. 

Naruto is shaking by the time the clone has bottomed out. He's never felt this way before - the knowledge that there are two cocks inside of him right now has him reeling, as though it isn't quite happening to him at all.

“You’re doing so well,” Sasuke promises. “So good.”

Naruto manages a shaky smile at the praise. Sasuke's Sharingan is fixed between his legs, staring down at the way his rim of his hole has no doubt stretched so wide that the skin is now all smooth, without any wrinkles, utterly obscene.

Naruto groans when he feels them begin to move, slow and deep, fucking into him at the same time. The clone behind him has a bruising grip on his leg, and Naruto must wonder if their cocks feel anywhere near as good as his hole does, stuffed full to the point of near impossibility.

“You’re doing so well,” Sasuke repeats, voice pitched low as they start up a steady pace. "Fuck. You really meant it when you said you'd let us do anything we want to you."

Naruto nods because he did mean it. He meant every word. He'd let them do whatever they wanted with him and to him, even if it meant taking two cocks at the same time, even if meant leaving his hole a gaping, loose, sloppy, fucked-out mess.

"Letting two of us fuck you at once,” Sasuke groans. “Letting us all take you, again and again, pumping you full of so much cum it'll be dripping out of your ass for weeks.”

He reaches down to press a hand against Naruto's lower belly, and the blond moans at the slight discomfort he feels.

"Wish I could plug you up to keep it all inside, keep you like this,” Sasuke says. “All fat and bloated with my cum."

The clone behind seems to like that, and he interrupts the steady rhythm they've begun to set to jerk his hips inside of Naruto hard, making the blond let out a pained sob. "Oh my god, Sasuke, oh my-"

“We should do this again,” Sasuke continues, and his voice is still so quiet. “With even more clones this time. We won’t just stop at five.”

He presses his lips against Naruto's head, rubbing a hand up and down his sides. The movement is so gentle, so different from the words he's speaking, and Naruto thinks he's going to pass out any minute now. "Sasuke-"

“I’ll tie you to the bed and just keep summoning more and more of them so they can take their turns with you,” Sasuke says, and he begins to pick up the pace now.

They're really fucking Naruto now, and Naruto can't even stop the desperate, slutty sounds he's making, or the thick drool that spills out of his parted lips and onto the pillow.

“How much do you think you could take before we wreck you?” he hears the clone from behind ask, finally speaking for the first time since he's started fucking Naruto. His fingers dig into his skin a little harshly. “Before you just can’t take any more?”

Naruto lets out a choked gasp. They're hitting his prostate dead-on, again and again, both of their cocks hitting that spot deep within him ruthlessly, and he's shaking so hard he can't even reach for his own cock, but he's going to come untouched anyway.

"Please," he manages to weep, pressing his forehead against Sasuke's neck, feeling legs kicking wildly from the toe-curling overstimulation. 

It's Sasuke who answers the question in the end. His voice is pitched low when he speaks, as though it’s a promise. “They won’t even let you out of this bed," he tells Naruto, lips pressed against his ear. "People will come looking for you and they’ll find you here, just like this. The future Hokage being used like the perfect little cumdump.”

Naruto jerks his hips forward, rutting wildly against Sasuke's leg, and he comes with a muffled scream. 

He comes so hard he blacks out for what feels like a full minute. By the time he comes to, his hole is empty but it still feels stretched obscenely wide around nothing at all. Thick globs of cum are sliding right out of him now, so unlike the slow, thin trickle from before. Loose and sloppy.

He's still trembling violently, unable to think properly, and it takes him a moment to notice the soft kisses Sasuke places on his still-open, still-drooling mouth.

“You’re perfect,” Sasuke murmurs against his lips. “So fucking perfect.”

The clones all disappear in soft puffs of smoke, one by one, until only Naruto and Sasuke are on the bed. As soon as Naruto feels Sasuke pull out of him, he turns and rolls over onto his belly in the space the final clone had been fucking him from behind.

Naruto groans, loud and heavy into the pillow. He’s shaking all over, and he can hardly feel his legs anymore. His body is still responding to the force of his last orgasm, little bursts of pleasure shooting through his cock and up his belly and down his thighs.

He can barely believe what just happened or the fact that it happened to him. He feels full and heavy, and laying on his front isn’t helping matters at all. Fat and bloated with cum, as Sasuke had said. The memory of his words, low and filthy, makes Naruto’s body flush. He presses his face even deeper into the pillow.

Sasuke rests a hand on the small of his back. “Easy,” he hears the man tell him quietly. “Easy. I’ve got you.”

He lets Sasuke guide him onto his back gently. Naruto is still trembling from the remnants of his orgasm, and is so out of it he hardly notices the feeling of the soft kisses Sasuke presses against his temple, his cheek, and the corner of his lips.

“How do you feel?” Sasuke ask moments later.

Naruto clears his throat. He feels exhausted and sticky and spent. He’s sore and aching all over, and he can’t think about anything but the thick, warm cum dribbling out of his hole and between his legs and thighs; the slight twinge of pain when he tries to shift his legs a little.

“Tired,” Naruto mumbles, letting out a heavy exhale. But he makes sure to offer the man a shaky smile. “In a good way, don’t worry.”

Sasuke gives him a small smile of his own. He rests a hand on Naruto’s knee, his thumb running back and forth along the soft skin gently. “Think you’re up for a bath?”

A bath sounds wonderful, so Naruto nods. Sasuke slips away for a few minutes, and Naruto focuses on catching his breath and trying not to fall asleep from sheer exhaustion while he listens to the sounds of the man moving around in the bathroom, and the tub filling up with water.

Sasuke returns soon enough, and slowly lifts Naruto up with an arm around his waist and the other under his knees, carrying him into the bathroom bridal-style. It’s enough to make Naruto blush all over again, and his embarrassment is made all the more acute when he feels even more cum drip out of him and onto the floor.

Sasuke notices his reaction (of course he does) and huffs under his breath, amused. “That’s what you’re embarrassed about?” he says, amused.

“Shut up,” Naruto mutters as he’s slowly eased into the bathtub. The hot water on his skin makes him all but melt, and it’s almost enough for him to forget about the ache between his legs. He watches Sasuke tug off his own clothes and step into the bathwater. He settles down behind Naruto, letting him rest his back against his broad chest.

He’s about to fall asleep when he remembers what he’d planned to say.

“Oh,” he says with a laugh, reaching behind to tap Sasuke on the arm lightly. “Happy birthday.”

Sasuke is quiet for a moment, but then Naruto feels him press a kiss against the back of his head and murmur something that makes Naruto blush all over again.