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Letty's weight gain

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A large red dragon was sleeping under the night sky near the woods. Its yellow rounded horns were of a humble size, much like his claws. Its tail and wings were rather large, however. Its resting place was rather unusual for a dragon. To be sleeping out here either showcased unparalleled power or carelessness.
Its sleeping visage seemed rather tame and its silent breathing did not scare away any smaller animals which happened to pass it by. It slowly began to move as one of the night bugs happened to land on its nose.
“Hmm? Dearia? Where are you?” he said after looking around. He had been looking for his elf companion, who also happened to be the demon lord, but could not see him anywhere. When they went to sleep he was right beside him.
“Oh no, I’m out here sleeping near the dangerous woods ALL ALONE.” He said with a hint of panic and he covered his face with his small limbs.
Any other dragon would have casually taken flight and looked around in a larger area, but this one was not able to fly, despite his dragon type being able to do so in general. His large wings could have easily carried his large, muscular looking body with his muscular neck and legs. But this red dragon was very low on stats, despite his good breed.
“What am I going to do without Dearia? Oh gosh…” he said again in his panic.
Leaves rustled nearby and a bush moved. The red dragon looked behind him towards the source of the sound:
“Ah, don’t eat me!” he shouted and put his arms up into a guarding stance. His green eyes began to shed a few tears.
A rabbit slowly hopped past him.
“Aaah, that scared me… I thought something scarier will pop up.” He said in relief.
“Like what, little dragon?” said a high pitched, but caring voice.
“Ah, don’t eat me!” he shouted again and did the same movement as before.
“Don’t worry I won’t eat you.” An old woman said and asked: “What’s your name and why are you all alone here?”
“I’m Letty… and my companion just went off somewhere. We were looking for a house I could buy, but I can’t seem to find a good spot.”
“My, that sounds interesting. If you don’t mind, why don’t you come to my house and sleep there until your friend comes back?” suggested the old lady who had a cloak over her head and a rather large nose.
“Are you sure you don’t mind?”
The old woman simply began to walk and turned back as if to signal to the dragon that he should follow her. They had walked for about ten minutes when Letty finally noticed a large house from afar. It was a deep brown and rather cozy looking and a sweet scent filled the area.
Once they entered the house, and he saw everything in light, he noticed that the walls were made out of gingerbread. He thought that this house looked cute and tasty at the same time. He was offered the largest bed and slept well until sunrise. Once the sunlight shone on his scales, he slowly woke up.
Once he sat up in bed, he saw the old lady come in. Her head was no longer covered and her long silvery hair seemed to sparkle in the morning sunlight. She was bringing him a large plateful of breakfast.
“Good morning. Make sure to eat up! There’s plenty more!”
“G’morning, thank you! I was starving!” the dragon said with a smile.
Letty began to eat with his usual appetite, but as he began to stuff himself with the sweet little breads, caramel tasting pies and took a sip of the fruit tea, he noticed that everything was very delicious. Too delicious.
After his last gulp, he asked for seconds. The old lady brought in more food, with strangely colored fruits added this time. A banana was red, while an orange was a deep yellow. As he began to wolf down on all the tasty food again, he barely noticed that his body began to grow fatter right away.
His muscly legs turned chubby and twice their size, mostly covered by soft flabby fat. In the same fashion his arms inflated in a fashion of inflatable armbands.
But his sudden weight gain was most visible around his belly. It began to grow and grow until at least three folds were visible. All made up of fat and hanging down, making his scaly skin droop down. As he went in for another bite, his neck finally showed signs as well. Once he lowered his head, a double chin promptly formed and made his movement stop halfway through, so he had to raise his arm a little more.
He noticed that raising his arm was hard, after all he had just enough ‘STR’ to move his usually lean body, but the added weight was too much for his low status.
“Hm, what’s this? Why is my arm so heavy?” he asked himself and finally looked down as much as his neck allowed him to. He noticed his large belly protrude in front of him. His expression turned to stone and he was in a state of shock.
The next thing he noticed was that the old lady had pushed a button which lowered a large cage around his bed.
“Don’t eat me!” he shouted once more almost like a reflex.
“Silly dragon, I won’t eat you, but get ready to present yourself.
Suddenly, doors which he had not noticed before slammed wide open and various visitors came in with loud steps. He wanted to pull the bedsheets to cover himself and his new appearance, but it vanished into thin air as he was about to touch it.
“Noooo, don’t look.” He shouted.
However, as more and more of the gnomes, elves and humans looked at him, he began to enjoy it after a short time of feeling embarrassment. He began to feel special, even proud of his new features. Slowly, but surely he began to strike more and more bold poses.
At first he only laid his whole body bare by lying down. Then he added a stretch. With the next he moved his legs a little and also lied on his side while waving with one arm slowly. His large fat reserves drooped down and formed accordingly.
A customer finally came closer. The cage seemed to shrink a little as he came closer to it. His face was completely covered by a hood.
“My, my, what do we have here? A fine dragon, this is.”
The old woman nodded in agreement, but as she saw that he was about to reach into the cage to touch the soft flesh of the dragon, she quickly screamed:
“No touching, only looking.”
The stranger turned around and pulled off his hood.
“As cold as always, Elena.” Said an elf with purple tinted hair.
“Dearia?” said Letty.
“O-oh, if it isn’t Dearia…” she began to quickly push out the other customers. “Y-you didn’t mention you’d stop by.”
“Oh, you know, just taking care of some business. I’ll be taking the dragon, if you don’t mind.” Dearia said casually.
“Everything for you.” Said Elena with a large smile, but as Dearia turned around she made a most sour and annoyed expression which seemed unfitting of an old woman.
“Let’s go, Letty.” Said Dearia, but then took another look at his dragon friend. “I believe we will be doing some exercise first.” He added quickly.
The dragon’s smile and enthusiasm caused by his rescuer quickly diminished upon hearing the last words. He began to shed tears again, but also forced a smile and said in a sobbing voice:
“Yes, I understand, Dearia. Let’s do just that.”