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Stillwater Calms Fires

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The elf known as Kayla and the thief known as Moriah watched as a huge chunk of land ascended high into the sky, in front of them. It was the citadel of the dark sorceress they knew as Synn. Kayla was stricken by the unbelievable sight as Moriah tapped her on the shoulder.

“Let’s use this to enter their castle.” she says as she holds up a blue gem. Kayla took a glance at it.

“It’s the warp crystal from Deimos’s tower. How did you get it?” asked Kayla as she looked at the shining crystal.

“It’s a little something I picked up after you escaped from the Sable Tower.” Moriah replied. She brought up with her hand.

“Huh. Well, you are indeed a great thief. Let’s enter the castle using the crystal’s power.” Kayla replied, watching as the crystal shimmered bright.

With a bright shimmer of blinding light, the two women were teleported right into the Air Castle, the fortress of which the terrifying sorceress known as Synn resided in. She commanded her dark forces from the castle, scattering them across the Broken Lands of Glantri that had previously gotten in their way. The two women made their way through the Air Castle’s foyer- a starkly cold interior made of brick that was decorated with knight statues on pedestals- no doubt trophies of previous fights with those who had come before.

A little fairy they had since known was named Gohina, irritatingly fluttered about, pointing in the direction they needed to go in. “Go!” she cried before fluttering away as they made a move on in the direction the fairy had guided them.

“Come on, let’s get a move on…” Moriah said, pushing a knight with her shoulders, pushing her legs into it as she moved it onto a pressure plate. Kayla, who happened to be standing on a opposing pressure plate, gasped excitedly as the door lifted open. Moriah swung over to the door, carrying her blades with her as her elven companion hurriedly followed inside. “Just as I thought… loot!” Moriah exclaimed, running over to pick up the treasure on the far end of the dimly lit room.

Blue fires burst out of the floor, causing Kayla to shriek as ghouls and skeletons arose from the ground, ready to battle. Kayla quickly swung her sword into the ghoul closest to her, inflicting damage as she made her away quickly around the room, gracefully spinning her blade to protect her traveling partner, who was still recovering loot against the ground.

A skeleton bumped against Moriah’s rear and she suddenly reacted quickly, attacking with a rising sword slash and throwing a fire bomb to explode the body- which was already a corpse, sending bones flying across the dim dungeon. More undead fellows rose from the blue flame, the elf and thief joining together, standing side by side, giving each other a quick nod before proceeding to slay all the undead in the room with their blades.

Moriah would attack one ghoul with a round house kick and then slide kick to a skeleton, sending it in the path of Kayla’s destruction. Kayla would stab the skeleton in the bony brain, huffing as she sent the head rolling across the ground to a ghoul that would trip over it in all the chaos. At this point, these two felt more than unstoppable.

Moriah stashed away the gold and silver she had looted from the room into her sack and finished off the last ghoul in the room with a stab through the head, kicking the body off and watching it fall flat on the ground as it vanished from the world in front of her very eyes.

Kayla moved ot leave the room as soon as possible, not taking the lack of blue fire from the floor as super reassuring. Moriah followed suit- cheekily holding out her loot from the room before looking out to the other rooms. “Well, that worked, we might as well rob the place for what it’s worth…”

“Let’s not get too greedy…” Kayla said before Moriah pushed her out of the way and began moving around more armor stands, moving them towards pressure plates in from of a large wooden door that had three in front of it. She smirked as she pushed it into place and then pushed another one forward, opening a entrance to the next hall.

Kayla followed her in, and immediately they were ambushed by Kobolds and Hellhounds- animal-like beasts that took it a bit further into bestial than animal-like. Hellhounds rose tall with stygian black fur, while Kobolds were lumpy animal sprites that barely were a third of a size of the impressive Hellhounds.

Moriah and Kayla drew their blades and got back to work, stabbing the creatures in places they knew would hurt like hell- the side of the torse, the front of the skull, the tendons of the legs- had this not been in self defense nor the creatures being so terrifying, it would have looked like the bloodiest, most merciless round of murder you’d had ever seen in your life. They casted magic and lit fuses of short bombs- the monsters were quickly disposed of.

Moriah huffed as she flicked away some smoke and looted the corpses of the creatures, grunting as she squatted down onto the floor to gather up some riches and looked over to Kayla with a turn of her shoulder. “Don’t get greedy, I know, but come on, there’s so much here.” she said as she shoved a bunch of valuables into her pockets.

The two women quickly left behind the bodies with riches and blades in hand, moving across the hall to move more knight statues. Coins jingled in the bags around Moriah’s waist, grunting as she moved the knight armor over pressure plates to open a rather tricky door that required four pressure plates to be opened. Kayla stood on one as Moriah set two heavy armor stands in front of the door, watching it swing open as she finally affixed the hollow knights at their new posts.

This new room was deavoid of foes, instead covered in thick steam and running water from multiple entry points in the room. Hot water ran down like waterfalls. In the thickness of the blinding mist, the two women could hardly tell there was someone else here with them, instead taking a moment to breathe in the moist air.

After this point though, their fortunes changed. As Kayla and Moriah took steps into the mist, they discovered a naked woman with blonde hair. She hardly seemed to notice them at first, but as Moriah took more steps to investigate, she could not silently do so with the jingling of her ill-gotten wealth. As she began to realize who this mystery woman was, her eyes widened in horror. It was the very villain they were meant to stop. They had done this out of sequence and they were going to pay the price on this as soon as she noticed.

"That's Synn…" Moriah whispered in a horrifed, hushed tone. Kayla, as quietly as she could, came to her side. 

"Oh no…" gasped Kayla

The woman had turned her attention to the two women not too soon after and rose above the ground, summoning a staff. It was as they feared: the real villain of this entire adventure, Synn.

“Ah, adventurers… I see you have found my private bathing chambers… your lust from treasure, my treasure, must have tempted you here, no?” Synn said, twisting her hand to twirl the staff, where suddenly Kayla and Moriah were stricken with a surge of gravity keeping them to the wet floor. Both of them struggled in their metaphysical bonds, bearing teeth as Synn cackled above. “I’ll have you both imprisoned for this, stripped of everything on your person… mere death would never do.”

“We won’t stay down…” strained Moriah as she attempted to get closer, crawling across the floor, droplets of water flying as she grappled with the ground. Synn merely chuckled at the lowly attempt, swinging her staff to inflict even harder gravity. 

"My guards will take you away soon enough," Synn replied. "Your greed has weighed you down, thief."

Kayla was the next to take a stand, squirming her way against the water, forced to lie down in the lukewarm water against the brick against the intense gravitational push of the spell Synn had cast. She hissed as she used her fingers to ever so slightly leverage her way towards the wicked sorceress. "We've challenged everyone you've put us up against- your dungeons and dragons are no match for us…"

Synn chuckled. "Oh foolish girl…" she chided. "I'll delight in breaking you first…" she said with a devious grin as kobold guards entered the room. She hoisted her staff down, and the force became too much as the brick cracked below, the two women blacking out from the sheer force of the gravity-based attack.