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love, from zhu yilong

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Zhu Yilong looks at Bai Yu like he is his world.

Others tell him he's pretty, handsome, gorgeous, dashing. But have they seen Bai Yu?

In his eyes, Bai Yu is a man that defines the word 'style'. The leather jackets, the skinny jeans, the boots are all part of what makes the man charming. He is every bit dashing.

And off-screen? That man is always very present, without an ounce of pretense from him. Zhu Yilong will admit he had some reservations about Bai Yu at the start. That openly cheery and active approach often feels fake coming from so many others he’s interacted with, but not Bai Yu. The man is as sincere as the sunlight, always bright and unwavering, warm and comforting.

Others may joke about his 'thorny rose', but the man is truly as sweet as a rose. Considerate by nature, Bai Yu always makes sure others around him are never left out. Like Zhu Yilong. This virtue of his is beautiful and worth praising.

And that beard burn? While it takes some getting used to, Zhu Yilong now finds it oddly pleasurable to feel the burn whenever they kissed.

The coarseness of it all reminds him that he's the lucky one that gets to have this handsome man all to himself. The burn makes him feel alive, makes him want to kiss even harder.

He could go on all day about Bai Yu, but there is no need to. For the world will know of Bai Yu's loveliness, professionalism and more when Guardian airs.

And he knows that one day, they will have the chance to stand together again in the same shot, enjoying the thrill of filming with each other again. He smiles at this thought.

"What are you thinking about?" Bai Yu asks softly. He's seated beside Zhu Yilong, drinking his honey tea. The two of them sitting on the bench on the set in Dragon City taking their break. The crew is scattered around getting ready to begin shooting again.

Without hesitation, Zhu Yilong replies with a soft "you", as if he is referring to something precious.

Bai Yu blinks at Zhu Yilong who seems to be unusually forthcoming today. He laughs and places his hand atop Zhu Yilong's and pats it twice, lingering just a little longer.

"Thanks," he replies with an affectionate smile.

Zhu Yilong returns it, knowing that things can only go well for them from there.