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Number Neighbors

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Dinner was dreadful like most nights. Cold, silent, especially when the one parent that made dinner bearable was out busy working. But, it became miserable when one twin joked about a shared adventure that resulted in a missed class, right in front of his perfectionist mother. To say she fumed would be an understatement, she ordered the twins to go to their rooms. Of course, the twins rolled their eyes as they excused themselves. 
Edric made another scene as he rubbed the top of ‘ Mittens’ head, almost getting hit in the head with a spoon Mittens was holding. Her face was red, as she was left to finish dinner alone with her mother. 

“God, when did you become so anal.”
Edric bit at his sister's silent treatment before he sprawled out on his sister's bed. That said sister sat on the other end of the bed, her mood souring as her brother continued to nag her.

"When did you become such a hob knocker-" 

"Ow, that's mwean" Edrick cut off with a mocked comment as he placed his hand on his heart. Emira huffed. 

"You know what's mwean'? You're total lack of dignity when it comes to our twin code." She bit back. She looked away from her twin and licked her bottom lip before she sighed. "It's our twin policy not to snitch. And that's what you did." She mumbled a bit at the end, her arms crossed as her shoulders slumped. Edrick’s playful nature flattered as he quickly sat up. He let a frown decorate his face before speaking up. 

"Hey," his tone softened, "I also snitched on myself, don't forget that." He paused for a second, placing his hand on his sister's shoulder, she turned her head to her twin. " but you... you're right. I really shouldn't have said anything." His guilt-ridden subconscious surfaced for a second, his voice becoming a bit numb. " You know my blabbermouth can't hide anything."

Emira's eyebrows curved in concern, ready to discourage that thought. But before she could comment, Edric continued, " which is why" his playful tone resurfaced as a small smirk grew on his face, taking his hand away from his sister and pulled out his phone. "We should totally text up strangers and blab to them about our problems!" He slightly shook his phone, as his eyebrows moved up and down.

Emira rolled her eyes, as she caught his contagious smile, playfully pushing her brother causing him to fall back into his original sprawled-out position. “Pff. Ok well maybe, but won’t you feel bad for their text message rates? Us Blights are going to eat that up.” She snickered as her twin gasped. 

“How’d you know I was starving for interactions?” Edric joked as Emira put her index fingers to each side of her forehead 

“Twin telepathy. Plus-“ Emira raised her eyebrows. “Simple minds think simple things” 

Edric laughed a bit as he sat up, “yeah yeah. You’re stuck with this simp. Whether you like it or not.” He mused. 

Edric then turned to his phone, unlocking it. He started looking at his contacts, which was pretty sad to see. Family names and several family ‘friends’ were the only ones there. He couldn’t help but grimace. He looked up to his twin, who was mirroring his exact face. His features softened a bit, laughing to himself at how his sister was in his same shoes, “So” Emira broke Edric out of his thoughts. Their amber eyes locked. “What number you feeling?” She smiled at him as she lowered her phone a tad.

He returned her smile, “Why not our phone number buddies?”

“Ew I’m probably gonna get an old hairy ogre”

“I think that would be a perfect buddy for you” 

“Ha ha ha.” Emira let out sarcastically and was clearly annoyed. “They’ll probably be a better comedian than you.” She jabbed.

Edric clicked his tongue and sighed. “What do you think we should text them?” the number was pulled up all that was needed was a message. 

Emira shrugged, her eyes glued back to her phone trying to think of something.

Before they could figure out what to send, Emira’s door opened a crack. Both Enira and Edric went pale, expecting to see their goblin of a mother. They let out a relieved breath as a soft voice whispered,

“Dinners over, you should go to your room before mom sees.” Footsteps quickly followed after, and from behind the door, the person walked away.

“Thanks, Amity,” Emira called softly as Edric got off of her bed. 

Edric quickly left Emira’s room, lightly closing her door before strolling into his matching own. Once he closed the wooden door, his eyes glued back onto his phone.


I think theres something wrong
with my phone. Could I try calling
 you to see if it works? Please x  

sent 7:15 pm




Hey please tell me you’re 
not like 50.Or a hairy ogre...

Sent 7:18

 if you are, no offense. Just promise
 me you're funnier than my brother.

sent 7:20 pm