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First Impressions

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The smell of sulphur and rotting garbage permeated the air as Alec knocked another arrow, drawing his bow string back he quickly aimed and released, hitting the shax demon stalking Izzy, right between the eyes. Ichor splattered the backs of her legs and feet before the demon disappeared in a shimmer of flaming red, and she let out a squeal. "Do you have any idea how much these shoes cost me Alec!" Given that Izzy was currently striding through at least an inch of the smelly, dark liquid that was leaking from the corner of the dumpster Alec was crouching on, he hoped they hadn't been overly expensive.

"You're welcome sis!" He shouted back as he snatched another arrow from the quiver on his back, taking out a shax demon crawling along the wall towards him. Where the fuck were all these demons coming from? The arrows in his quiver weren't going to last forever and the walls of the alley were practically dripping with ichor, puddles of it forming on the alley floor, but yet they kept coming. From his perch on top of the dumpster he quickly surveyed the scene playing out before him. Izzy was like a whirling dervish with her electrum whip flashing this way and that, severing pincers and legs, cutting demons clean in half, hair fanning out around her as she moved. Jace danced in a circle around her, picking off demons with his seraph blade, darting in close to stab a ravener demon in the face before ducking away to slash at another. Clary slid past him on her knees, impaling what looked like a drevak demon on the end of her blade. At least she'd had the sense to braid her hair and pin it up, at the rate she was going Iz was more than likely to get her hair caught up in the waving pincers or tail of a passing shax demon and he was not volunteering to cut her free this time. He glanced at her again as he loosed another arrow, just in time to see her duck to avoid getting a face full of spikes from a drevak demon, and then she was slipping in a pool of ichor. Luckily Jace was close enough to grab her hand, steadying her as she righted herself on the 4 inch heels she had insisted on wearing on patrol tonight. This was a fucking mess. He still couldn't see where the demons were coming from and if they didn't get reinforcements soon they were going to be overrun.

"Jace! Do we have an ETA on reinforcements from the Institute yet?" Firing arrow after arrow he was only just managing to keep his team from being ambushed from behind, but his quiver was almost empty and Raziel only knew what they would do then. Panic twisted in his gut. "Nothing yet!" Jace sliced through another shax demon then took 2 running steps to plant his foot in the chest of a ravener demon causing it to stagger backwards, straight onto one of Clary's blades, as he twisted in the air landing on the back of another drevak demon, pinning it to the ground with a blade through its head. "Showoff!" muttered Clary as she spun away to engage yet another drevak demon that was trying to sneak up behind her.

This made no fucking sense, there were too many demons in the alley, not just in numbers but too many different species. They didn't normally mix like this, some outside influence had to be at play. Whether it was a Greater Demon trying to cause mischief, a rogue warlock or Valentine and his seemingly endless quest to sow chaos and destruction, was anybody's guess and something they'd need to get to the bottom of at some point. There were more pressing questions right now though, like where were the demons coming from and where the fuck were their reinforcements?

The bright shimmer of a portal appeared on the opposite side of the alley, barely snapping into existence before werewolves began to launch themselves through the opening. They were followed quickly by about a dozen vampires and the alley quickly degenerated into a free for all as the werewolves and vampires threw themselves into battle, teeth and claws tearing into the demons. They weren't the reinforcements Alec had expected but fuck was he glad to see them. The portal on the other side of the alley shimmered out of existence, appearing again a few seconds later, further back into the alley this time. Simon, Raphael and Luke stepped through, followed by 3 warlocks that Alec had never seen before, although Alec recognised the bright blue skin and white hair of the 4th warlock, Catarina Loss. The first of the strange warlocks to step through had glittering purple scales covering one side of his face, his companions looked like twins both sporting bone white horns that curled through their inky black hair. All 3 waded straight into battle, purple, silver and luminous green fireballs flying through the air. Catarina darted straight over to an injured werewolf, dropping to her knees in the filth with a grimace and began healing a gaping wound in its side. "Simon! You got my message!" Clary hollered over her shoulder as she stabbed and slashed at a pair of shax demons. Simon grinned and gave her a thumbs up as he grabbed one of the demons and thrust his fist through its thorax. "Couldn't let you have all this fun on your own could we Fray?" While he'd had his issues with Clary in the past, Alec could quite happily have kissed her right at this moment. In a big brotherly, purely platonic way of course.

Now that there were more fighters on the ground Alec could take a little time to breathe, to really take stock of the situation and try to work out where the demons were actually coming from. A movement at the back of the alley caught his attention, a ripple in the near perfect darkness, and another ravener demon stepped through. A rift in the wall of the alley, partially hidden by a glamour. That's how they were getting through. All they needed to do now was close it and deal with the demons already through, while hiding the whole thing from the mundane that lived in the surrounding buildings. Oh and maybe find the being that was responsible for the whole mess while they were at it. How hard could it be?