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Bedtime Story Of A Great Frienship

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There has once been a great dragon, the greatest one even, they lived n an island in a cave surrounded by their numerous siblings and friends. Living a very happy, if uneventful life.

One day this great greatest dragon decided to go on a great adventure. They took all their shinies, especially that one seashell that hummed with the voice of the sea and took off. Their flight hasn't been all that long when they spotted a island they haven't been on before. Seeing that the opportunity to discover new places while saving their energy they quickly landed and got to looking through every little spot of the island. When their discoveries didn't bring anything but few startled birds, broken tree trunks and their scales sticky with cobwebs they decided to give a shot to a different island.

This repeated itself a few times, repetitive experiences on very diverse islands, nothing that would capture their interest when (while on the 13th one if they paid enough attention to it, not that they did) the sun started to set yet again. They had to find a cave real quick, it can get real cold outside and their scaly butt would surely not like that one bit. Luckily enough there was one, a big cave full of weird sticks, there were even some squiggles on the walls that the dragon decided to fill some of their time with before it got too dark. It appeared like a map of sorts, many islands crossed out, some with animals or those squishy smelly things that some animals decided to feast on, the dragon preferred fish, thank you very much, while other didn't even have a specific shape to them, just a colour blob (if that ain't gender right there).

They spent the night thinking out their pros and cons until very very late morning, when they finally decided to do their best to go along this map and discover those crossed out and weirdly nonspecific ones. With new plan they were ready to go.

The first island was a mistake. A huge one, enormous one. HOW did the whoever was there before did NOT think to mention there was A LONE DRAGON on it? A very angry lone dragon that did not want anyone much less another dragon snooping around their island much less one so great as the greatest dragon like them. Almost didn't make it out with all their scales, but alas this dragon was quick to run and even quicker to find a different place to explore.

Next few were almost as boring as the first ones, snacking on a goat there or sunning on a mountain here helped their mood quite a fair amount.

There were some with more cave squiggles, although way less interesting or helpful as the map-stuff. Some had reaaaally tiny animals on them, there was one that this dragon loved the most, with shiny rocks and a tiny red pool on top, where they spent much of their time before moving. They made sure to fly really high above this one to take in everything around so they could return, maybe even bring a friend here, pretty sure that anyone would love it there, especially the hot tub. Yes, particularly this dragon loves bathing in lava, it's great for their scales and helps every little worry like having not enough space for their shiny rocks just melt away.

It's been a long time, for someone who has never spent more than few hours away from home even longer, before they reached their next destination.

This time it was no island or if so then it was way too big, there was sand everywhere, even if the dragon flew above it very very high they couldn't clearly see the end of it, which made it so so intriguing and explore-worthy. The way-too-big-beach-island turned to be the second best place they've seen so far, there were many animals the the dragon has never seen yet despite them being similar to the cat-dogs or legless dragon hatchlings they've seen before, they behaved weirdly and the dragon saw them only briefly before burrowing into the hot sand to sleep. How weird are these, living in the dark? And the cold, oh the awful no good cold. If they thought that nights were getting too breezy before then now at the not-beach, especially after the amazing delightful heat of the day, they were freezing the minute the sun set.

While travelling the dragon has discovered many things, such as their utter delight of having two eyelids and therefore not being exposed to potential danger in the various sand storms they've encountered, not that any danger has actually presented itself just yet. The next one would be that the sand was actually so deep that it got almost colder than the night time, this one was not very fun to find out, they got sand in their snoot for days, it tickled awfully.

The other day they saw a almost-beach, there was no sea but the small pond was delightful to drink from and nap by for a little while. Soon after that they found another weird thingy, it looked like weird trees, white and way too straight to their liking, all connected by their very boring treetops. They didn't even withstand the weight of merely one dragon, cracking and falling apart as soon as they settled on top of them. The dragon was very happy with their trees at home, which they were beginning to miss just a bit.

This time though, this time they found... someone? With a body of a great cat and face of a monkey laid on a endless not-beach a being, unmoving, maybe even sunbathing. When the dragon slowly came closer, one eye, not so different from theirs opened and the monkey-lips opened only to spew a bunch of words so slurred together that the dragon almost didn't realize what they meant.

"This thing all things devour:
birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
gnaws iron, bites steel;
grinds hard stones to the meal."

There was obviously only one correct answer to that, which is why there was only one word heard. "Dragon."

The sphinx blinked first lazily, then as if offended, which was soon proven by a furious rant (that perfectly rhymed the entire time) about a emptyhead who just had to be the first one to come answer the easiest riddle they could've asked, expecting time to be the answer. And that is how days without end both dragon and sphinx sat next to each other, arguing about riddles. It was surprisingly enjoyable for both of them, even if the word dragon was spoken way too many times.

Finally the day when the dragon's longing for home has became too great to bare, their farewells mere minutes away together with the dragon's promise to fly over the sphinx's home again so they could continue their conversation. Which was when a rather pressing issue presented itself, the dragon was still young, decades and hopefully even centuries from reaching their final majestic size.

You see, dragons don't need names because there's a very clear difference between the greatest dragon, the wealthiest dragon (who everyone decided was a little bit out of it since his riches consisted of monkey like living beings as those who visited them reported) and the mightiest dragon that everyone knows, just like there's no need to name the Giza sphinx differently just because there's a Nyle sphinx.

Finally the sphinx spoke up,

"With friendship as our great source;
you give me name, I give you yours;
and when the time comes, in future near;
my name tells me you're my heart's dear."

It took a little while for both of them to find names for each other that they were content with, especially with how the dragon denied any and all names regarding their appearance, endlessly reminding their friend how their scale colour, size of their talons, length of their snoot and much more could change in any way throughout years and having "Narlia Golden Talon" as a name then would be more than ridiculous, no matter that only their sphinx friend will be using said name. Finally they settled on Siemressu the Clever for the sphinx, who loudly and proudly claimed to know someone of similar name, Siamese or something like that, while the dragon was now to be referred to as Giaenor the Gifted thanks to their many helpful arguments in regards of riddle talk.

It was time to depart. With two four legged creatures this was a task simple enough, the dragon quickly bumping their snoot under the sph- Siamressu's chin as one furry leg came to rest on their scaled shoulder and in a minute or two the dragon was in the air once again, making their way home. They couldn't wait to see their siblings once again, their mother surely awaiting them and their adventures, she will sure be delighted to learn about their new friend. Boredom seemed to be eternity away and shall never come back.