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Troy has feelings for Anto

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It all started when Grognak had said, they thought Anto had a thing for Troy. Troy had stood there, shocked, but quickly got over it, thinking it could never happen.

As Troy, Grognak and Posy had continued their day, Anto had called Grognak, once again. Troy had no idea what they talked about, he’d been talking with Posy (who had become one of his closest friends), but his interest was peaked when Grognak had shouted out that they were riding ‘Troy’ (the plastic horse), then hung up.

“Well Troy, that was Anto and I think he wants to fuck you.”
“Oh wow!”
“Anto said something at the end that sounded like hmhahm-Fuck Troy, I did a bit of lip reading and, I think, he said ‘I wanna fuck Troy.’”

Troy hummed, thinking of what to say, this was a big shock after all.
“I must have been getting this all backwards then! I thought he wanted to kill me!”
“You might have this the wrong way around, my friend.” Grognak said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder, and giving him a big smile.
Posy gasped, then exclaimed “You have to set up a date!”
“Yeah! Maybe we should set up a date then! That sounds fun!”
“Will I give him your number when I next talk to him?” Grognak asked, excited.
“Yeah! Of course!” Troy couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

They got in the car, just to drive around, until they got the call from The Love Doctor about the helicopter ride. Posy and Grognak talked to each other, leaving Troy with his thoughts.

He didn’t know why he was so happy. Anto had tried to kidnap him (he kidnapped the wrong person, but still). Maybe there was something about Anto that intrigued Troy. Maybe it was his bad boy attitude. The roundness of his bald head, the strong jaw, those blue eyes, dark and mysterious, that light up when they see Grognak.
Troy had to admit, it was pretty cute. Maybe it was just Grognak’s words getting into his brain, but he wanted those eyes to change like that when they looked at him. Even though they’d never properly met, this idea had already run wild. He couldn’t stop thinking about it anymore. About Anto, his face, his eyes, his lips...

Grognak’s phone rang, breaking his thoughts before they could go anywhere else.
“Ooohhh Hello Mr Love Doctor!”
Grog had exclaimed.

Troy zoned out for most of the call, checking twatter, he sent a message to his half brother, just to make sure he was okay. Troy knew he wouldn’t receive a response, he never did, but deep down he did care for his half brother.

“Guyss guess what? We can bring as many people as we want! They have upgraded us from a helicopter to a private jet!!!”
“We must be bringing Steven!” Posy shouted.
“Yes! Let’s go get Steven! He’d love this!” Troy chuckled, then drove them to the pier, which was where Steven spent most of his time.

Steven tried to hide from them, but he was found and dragged to the limo by Posy. Grognak had met an older man, who went by Scott Chegg (or This as Grognak was calling him), and they set off for the airport.

After a lot of bickering, This thinking he had died, and a few wrong turns, they arrived, and were met by two men in animal masks, a guy with long blond hair, and a man with a big top hat.
“You are all here as Mr Grognak’s love interests, right?” A man who had a bear mask and high pitched voice asked.

Steven had turned to throw up, but the others agreed, if they had to pretend to love Grognak for a free private jet trip, then they’d do it. Steven also agreed after he stopped throwing up. It was all about the adventure anyway.

The man with the bear mask and high pitched voice asked “Which one of you is Troy?”
Before Troy could say anything, Grognak had pulled out their toy horse.
“This is Troy! I’ve been riding him all day!” They exclaimed.
There was a brief silence, then they all got onto the jet.

It was a rocky take off, but the view was astonishing. Troy had once again got lost in his own mind, and hadn’t noticed the struggle going on behind him. Then the door opened and Posy was thrown out.

Troy cried out her name, but it was too late, she was gone. He held back the tears and hoped she was okay.
In the time it took him to compose himself, the blond man had grabbed Scott and threw him out the door.

Grognak had called out for Posy and This to get back in the jet, they didn’t understand, perhaps it was the trauma of this event, or perhaps they truly didn’t care about their friends.
“I think it’s finally time to unveil myself!” The man with the bear mask snapped, with the high pitched voice now deeper with an Irish accent, similar to Grognak’s.

“Anto! Thank god you’re here! Someone keeps throwing people out of the jet!”
Troy wondered how Grog could keep so calm and stay joking in a time like this.
“I know there’s someone throwing people out of the jet! It’s me! I did this to show my love for you!”

Troy’s heart sunk, he’d been building his first (well first proper meeting) with Anto up in his head. This was not how he wanted it to go. Anto looked at him, and in a threatening tone snapped.
“Is this the famous Troy!?”

In a panic, Troy got out a fake name. It wasn’t enough though. He felt Anto’s strong hands grip his arms. Grognak and Steven were shouting in the background but it faded to nothing. All Troy could focus on was Anto. His strong hands gripped on his arms, dragging him to the door. Troy noticed that he was taller than Anto, and that he really liked Anto’s accent.

Anto had stopped just before the door, and Troy looked down on Los Santos, it looked beautiful at night, but so far away. He backed up in fear, causing him to bump into Anto. Anto growled, and pushed Troy.

Troy was falling for an eternity. That was all he could process, he was falling and his heart hurt. And screaming. And falling. And pain. And shouting. And falling. Then, the eternity ended and there was a loud crunch. For a brief second pain was all he knew, and blood stained his vision. He heard sirens. Then it all went black.