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It is a cooling autumn night, unable to sleep you toss and turn in your futon. For days now, you have been troubled by dreams of your touken danshis being badly injured while going on sorties.



The retrograde armies had not been hesitant in attacking the various eras, causing the time government to send out multiple orders to multiple citadels. Your citadel is no exception, having received frequent dispatch notices and the need to dispatch most of your touken danshis out.



But tonight, is a rare night when you didn’t have to sleep in your office, keeping watch over the monitor. All your touken danshis are back at the citadel, safe and healed up.



Yet, your mind is still troubled, a remaining effect of those sleepless nights. Giving up on trying to fall back asleep, you rise from your futon. Putting on a warm kimono and hastily tying the sash, you decide to take a stroll around the citadel.





All is quiet, except for the soft chirping of the crickets in the fields. The crescent moon casts a long shadow against the walls as you pad silently along the threshold.



The citadel at night is a vast difference as compared to daytime, where your sword warriors could be seen or heard chatting, laughing or sparring against one another in the dojo.



But at night, the silence is nearly deafening…



Distracted by your thoughts, you allow yourself to wander around until you realize that you had come to the area which overlooks a koi pond, with the 1000-year-old cherry blossom tree at a distance. Under the moonlight, the tree looks almost imposing, with its branches swaying slightly in the gentle autumn wind.



Sighing, you sit down on the engawa. You are so lost in thought that you fail to notice someone slowly approaching until you feel his shadow falling upon you.



Engawa: outer corridor -- area between the shoji (sliding panel) and outer storm shutters 



Glancing up in surprise, you find yourself staring up into the golden eyes of your touken danshi.



“Are you alright, Aruji-sama?” said Tonbokiri, a look of concern clearly written on his face.



“Yes..I mean….I don’t know…” you admit. The touken danshi shifts on his feet awkwardly, unsure whether to sit down next to his Aruji. Thankfully you notice and gesture for him to take a seat.



“If it helps, I won’t mind providing a listening ear for you,” replied the touken danshi, as he moves to sit down and smooths out his black yukata.



Casting your glance once more towards the distant cherry blossom, you return your gaze back to the touken danshi. “I’m just troubled by the recent activities of the historical revisionists. With the amount of attacks in history that we are encountering, more members of our citadel are returning with various injuries and I fear…..” your voice trails off into a whisper.



Tonbokiri, who has been observing you all the while, couldn’t help but notice a single tear roll down your cheek. Reaching out, he tenderly strokes your cheek, wiping away your tear.



In a state of confusion and stress, you are caught completely off-guard. Mildly flinching at the touch, you turn to look at your touken danshi who regards you as if trying to read your mind. You did not dislike that random gesture of affection of your touken danshi. In fact, it felt different…a weird sense of emotion.



Misreading your action of flinching at him touching your cheek, Tonbokiri turns away awkwardly while muttering “I apologise for my bold gesture, Aruji-sama.”



“Don’t apologise, you did nothing wrong,” you say gently. “I appreciate the fact that you are so kind as to put up with my silly complaints, I should be the one thanking you.” Putting a hand on his broad shoulders, you give him a warm smile.



Turning back, the touken danshi is at a loss for words. “I…it’s nothing. Being able to relieve Aruji-sama of your stress is my honour.” Under the moonlight, Tonbokiri caught the sparkling hazel eyes of the saniwa. Maybe it is because every time he encounters his master, it is always for some sort of duties or orders. Or maybe he has been so blind to the fact that you are so beautiful. In his eyes, his Aruji is none other than perfection. He would never have traded you for any other masters in the world.



Noticing that Tonbokiri is staring at you, you blush and look away. “I should probably get back to bed soon, there might be more orders to dispatch tomorrow,” you hastily said as you made to rise up from the engawa.



“Wait, at least let me give you this.”


Without warning, the touken danshi lands a quick kiss on your cheek. Feeling a rush of blood onto your cheeks, you clap one hand to your cheek as you look at Tonbokiri in shock.



Both individuals, at that moment felt a mutual relationship between them. No longer are they masters and followers, but of something closer.



You did not get up from the engawa as you had said you would, but lean closer to Tonbokiri. The touken danshi, in return reaches out and slightly strokes your face, running his hands along your cheek and admiring your features. “Why had I not noticed that Aruji-sama has such beautiful eyes before?” he muses.



Not wanting for this moment to end, Tonbokiri slowly brought his lips down onto the yours. Both of you share a deep heated kiss which evolves into a dance between your tongues. “I never knew that Aruji-sama was such a good kisser,” teases Tonbokiri. “Likewise,” you reply shyly.



The kiss continues for some time and feeling your touken danshi’s hand starting to roam to other places, you froze. Sensing your hesitance, Tonbokiri paused saying “we can stop if Aruji-sama doesn’t want to continue.” You look up to Tonbokiri’s eyes, which are filled with desire and shakes your head.



“I want for this to continue,” you said slowly to which Tonbokiri chuckles gently at your lack for better words. Both of you had never done this before and it is the human body instinct that drives you.



Tonbokiri proceeds to deepens the kiss, his tongue swirling around your mouth while you feel your breath still, taking in this new experience. His roaming hands found their way down to the your breasts and at his touch, elicited a mewl from you. Encouraged by this, he works those hands of his in trying to get the best reaction out of his master. How ironic, when these hands were made to kill in the day but could be used in such a way during the night.



You are lost in your feelings, your troubled thoughts long abandoned. At your touken danshi’s touches, you felt weak and powerless. You return these touches by tangling your fingers in his maroon hair. At this moment, you felt your sash coming undone which you remember that you had only done up hastily earlier. “Wai…wait Tonbokiri,” as you pull away from him, “what if someone happens to walk by and see us?”



Sweeping you up with ease into his arms, Tonbokiri proceeds to carry you towards his room. “Well, let’s find some privacy then, shouldn’t we?” he replies with a twinkle of his eye.





Once in his living quarters, Tonbokiri places the saniwa down gently on the futon and shuts the shoji quietly. With the byobu blocking off the sleeping area from the shoji and the dead silence of the night, there is complete privacy from the rest of the citadel.



byobu: partitions/ folding screens


Crawling on top of you, he gently undid your sash. Pausing as if asking for permission to remove your kimono, which was granted with a nod, Tonbokiri proceeds to help you out of your kimono. For a second, Tonbokiri sits and gazes upon you, having not seen such an exquisite figure. Not wanting to spoil the moment, he starts to plant kisses down your collarbone.



His fingers start to feel around your body as he works his way down your neck and gently nibbling your earlobe. Tonbokiri himself has no experience whatsoever in pleasuring a woman but his masculine instinct that instilled in him when he manifested as a human seems to awaken.



You give out soft moans of pleasure when your eyes suddenly widen as you felt Tonbokiri’s fingers brush past your most sensitive area. Even with your undergarments on, you feel really sensitive, having not done this sort of thing before. As a saniwa, your duties have always been confined and rigid, that means you would not be able to enjoy the normal sex life as a normal human would.



Meanwhile, the touken danshi have managed to undo your bra (with some difficulty) and continues his onslaughter at your breast. Taking each of your breast in his mouth, he sucks on them for a while before letting go with a pop. Pleased by your reaction, he went on to run kisses down your stomach, stopping just before the secret area.



By now, you are really aroused. A heat pooling in your core and your sense of wanting for something to be inside you was building. And you are not the only one that notice this.



Hooking one finger to your undergarments, Tonbokiri gently pulls them off and casts them aside. You became aware of the situation that you are in and involuntarily tries to squirm away, your face growing red.



Settling between your legs, the touken danshi hovers over his master, cupping your face in his hands and gazing deep into your eyes. “Aruji-sama, if you would allow me, I will provide you with the pleasure that you deserve,” he said with such passion in his voice.



In response, you reach up and kiss your touken danshi on the lips. “Is this enough for a response?”



“If this is an order from Aruji-sama, I will carry out my duty loyally.”



The saniwa smiles timidly.



Even in bed, the Touken Danshi doesn’t forgets his loyalty to his Aruji and his gentleness to ensure that you aren’t uncomfortable. That…. is the personality of Tonbokiri



Tonbokiri spreads your legs and began kissing your thighs, slowly making his way down.



There was a brief pause, and you confused by what is happening, gazes down to find the touken danshi looking right at the most secret part of your body. “I had been to many sorties, some more dangerous than others. But no missions are half as exciting as this one,” he says passionately before plunging his tongue inside of you.



This triggers a sense of reaction in you that you never felt before as you let out a soft gasp. Letting your eyes roll back, you can do nothing but surrender to the sensation.



Tongue swirling, this continued for a while as you grip onto the deep maroon hair of the toudan, too caught up by the waves of pleasure that you are feeling.



Just when you thought this sensation would stop, you felt something foreign enter you.



With a squeak, you half-sat up to find Tonbokiri’s hand between your legs.



To ease your panic, the touken danshi quickly met your lips with a kiss. Slowly relaxing, he started to pump his finger inside you.



“Ton-Tonbokiri,” you whisper in an uncomfortable tone.



“Shh…relax,” as the touken danshi continues to discover how best to please his master.



To think that I would not be easily defeated in how ever difficult sorties that the time government sends my way, but I now, I am surrendering at the mercy of my own Touken Danshi, you thought.



Focusing on the pleasure, the uneasy foreign feeling slowly subdues and you eventually start to crave for more. You need not voice this though, as your body states this otherwise, judging from how wet you have become.



Involuntarily grinding your hip in motion with the toudan’s hands, you whimper in pleasure as his hands hit your sensitive spot.



It isn’t long before Tonbokiri added another finger, further stimulating your pussy.



Meanwhile, you have never felt so wet in your life and could only squirm helplessly to the assault that your toudan is launching at your body.


Just then, the touken danshi removes his hand from inside of you. Moaning in protest from the empty feeling, you grip his yukata tightly.



“It’s unfair that I’m the only one naked.”


With a smirk, Tonbokiri licks his fingers clean before covering your mouth with a kiss.



“Who knows that Aruji-sama could taste so good? If only I had known this earlier…” the toudan murmured in between kisses. 



Breaking away from the kiss, he stands up and removes his yukata, letting it fall on top of the clothing pile.



From your point of view, the sword warrior looms intimidatingly over you. His arousal was obvious through his boxers.


In your mind, you are getting worried. Would something that big ever going to fit in you? However, you did not have a chance to voice your worries.



Pinning you down once more against the futon, both of them share a heated kiss, hands seeking out each other’s bodies. Your eyes widening as you feel Tonbokiri’s cock brushing against your thighs.



It wasn’t long before the saniwa thirsts for more, the sensation of his cock nearly driving you mad. Involuntarily bucking your hips, you whimper frustratedly, “I want you.”



To which Tonbokiri replies teasingly, “What are Aruji’s wishes?”



“ know, that…” you stutter awkwardly, unsure of how to put your desire in better words.



“Since this is a directive from Aruji-sama, I must follow it,” and at this, the touken danshi removes the last article of his clothing.



Even in the dim room, lighted only by the moonlight, the saniwa can see just how big and hardened the touken danshi’s cock is. Getting really nervous by how thick it is, you look away, avoiding Tonbokiri’s eyes as if to avoid the truth.



Gathering you in his arms and starring straight into your eyes, Tonbokiri gently whispers, “I will go slow, I promise.”



You hold his gaze for a while before hesitantly reaching down to stroke his cock, earning a low growl from the touken danshi. You grin triumphantly, knowing that you had found out how to pleasure him and repeated the action a few more times.



Just when you are letting your guard down, Tonbokiri suddenly pushes you back until you are lying on the futon and he is directly on top of you. Spreading your legs wide, he positions himself between you.


Bending down to kiss you, lightly biting down on your bottom lip, he positions his member between your entrance. “Are you ready?” he says as he presses his erection against your pussy to clarify his intent.



Slightly biting on your lip, you gave a small nod. Holding your gaze with his golden eyes, he begins to tease you slowly. Rubbing around your sensitive area in a slow, torturous way, you getting more aroused as every second passes. Hands caressing his side-burns and thrusting your hips upwards as if to catch more of him inside you, your moans are like music to his ears.



Just as you ache for release, you feel Tonbokiri slowly – ever so slowly – begin to slip inside. The sensation is that of being torn apart as the toudan fills you completely with his hardness.



The feeling is novel and uncomfortable at first, you never feel such a balance of pain and pleasure in your life.



“You’re too big,” you whimper, wincing slightly as your hands reach up to grip the toudan’s muscular shoulders.



He stills as you adjust to his huge size.



Stealing another kiss, he says seductively, “Focus on the pleasure, I won’t move until you are ready.”



Soon enough, your hunger returns and you squeeze his shoulders and wraps your legs around his waist. The pleading look that you give is the only answer that he needs.



Slowly, Tonbokiri starts to pull out and back in. The waves of discomfort give way to pleasure. He thrusts deep into you as you voice your pleasure with moaning sighs.



The thrusts became quicker, causing his erect rod to slam deep into your womanhood. This was followed by a series of small, fast pumps with the toudan never breaking eye contact with his saniwa.



Realising that he was making the process slowly, just so you can enjoy this new experience, you couldn’t help but smile appreciatively at Tonbokiri’s thoughtfulness.



The process brought about a climax in the saniwa so intense that you never knew existed. Looking down, you could not help but gaze at the lovemaking between you with your own eyes.



Almost too soon, you reach your first release, the orgasm hitting you so hard that it nearly made you cry out. The toudan follows suit, releasing hot liquid deep within you, your womanhood convulsing around his member. 



Both of them laid there, unmoving for some time and breathing hard. The touken danshi still inside you, despite after his release, his member is still hard and erected.



When Tonbokiri finally removes himself from you, not without you protesting at the sudden emptiness inside of you, he regarded your protests with a gentle smile.



Gently turning you to the side, the toudan moves to lay behind his saniwa. Passionately kissing you on the left cheek before moving on to planting kisses on your neck. Even the mere lovebites that the toudan is giving your nearly sent you into yet another orgasm.



‘These will definitely leave a mark tomorrow morning,’ you thought.



Grabbing your thigh roughly, Tonbokiri pushes his member once more into you, both of you moaning in unison.



Thrusting slightly faster this time, you could not hold back your cries any longer.



“Voice out your pleasure if you need to, Aruji-sama,” said the toudan, “my room is slightly isolated from the rest, so no one will hear us.”



 Your cries of ecstasy ring out into the dead of night, as you practically lose yourself in the pleasure of your love-making. 



Nibbling on your earlobe and panting slightly, the toudan whispers into your ear, “Aruji-sama, I love you.”



Pumping into your faster than ever, this position fills up your womanhood more and stimulates you with startling force. Tonbokiri holds you tight as you feel his release getting nearer and nearer, his cock twitching deep within you.



Reaching behind to grope his hair and pulling him in for a heated kiss, you rock your body back and forth to match his speed.



“Aruji-sama, I can’t hold back …I’m going to cum.”



Tonbokiri groans as he releases his hot fluids into you. Your eyes grew wide as you feel his warm cum filling you up as your own release got the better of you.



Trembling from the experience, you lay panting with sweat beading on your forehead.



The touken danshi, now softened, pulls himself out of your tenderly.



Remaining silent for some time, you turn over to face your touken danshi, blushing slightly both from the novelty of the experience and from their love-making.



Reaching out and caressing the tattoo on his chest, you hesitantly say, “Stay with me for the rest of the night?”



Taking your hand, Tonbokiri kisses your palm and holds you close, as he says:



“I will stay by your side for as long as my life allows.”



Reaching out to pull the thick covers over both of them, the touken danshi ensures that you are warm and snug before settling in himself.



Staring at you with an adoring expression, he caresses your face with his hands as you gaze up to him with what could only be defined as love in your eyes.



“I love you, Aruji-sama….”



Sighing contentedly, Tonbokiri met your lips with his own, both feeling the vibration of their hearts against each other.



Under the watchful eyes of your toudan, you breathe a peaceful sigh and fall asleep against his chest, with one of his arms draped around you protectively, all your worrying thoughts completely vanished.