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Time Away, Time Together

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Tim was never one to use his vacation time for an extended amount of time. Of course, he took a few days here and there, but never more than three days in a row. He would always look over the schedules for the Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams as he decided which days he wanted to put in vacation for. He had enough time saved up where he could take a few weeks if he wanted. One thing he did over the years to use some of the hours of vacation he had was donating them to other officers, especially if they had just welcomed a child into the world or if they had gotten injured in the line of duty just to give them some more time at home.

Being home, away from the job for too long made Tim anxious. When he was forced to take time off from being shot or stabbed, he hated it. Being stuck at home made him restless. That’s why he always went back to work as soon as possible. He would push through the pain just to be able to have some normalcy back in his life.

When Angela had offered to take him and Lucy on a weeklong trip as a thank you for being her man of honor, Tim was hesitant. For his own honeymoon with Isabel, the newlyweds only took a few days off together. Neither of them could stay away from work too long, maybe that was one of the first signs that their marriage was destined to fail.

Lucy on the other hand was very excited. Before they had even gotten home from the dinner where Angela and Wesley had offered the trip, she was already packing her suitcase. He knew that she was looking up the resort that the couple had booked, idealizing her perfect vacation.  

Grey approved their time off the next day. He was glad that the two were finally taking some time off because they had been putting in a lot of hours lately.

Two and a half weeks later, they were both thankful for the time off. They knew there were only a few days left in their resort getaway and they were going to relish every minute of it. Being able to spend this precious time with Lucy made him appreciative of the offer from Angela and Wesley more than he thought.

It was La Fiera and the disastrous first wedding that finally pushed the two together. They had been dancing around each other since she graduated from the training program. Ever since Lucy’s little fake confession in the shop on her last day as a rookie something shifted between them. Even well before that, things were different between the two. Something had always been different between the two.

The days of their resort getaway were quickly coming to an end. For the most part, the two couples did their own things during the day. While Angela and Wesley were off doing the excursions, Tim and Lucy found themselves mostly down at the beach. There was plenty for them to do by the water. They tried paddle boarding together. Tim was a natural, while Lucy had a harder time honing the craft. It seemed like she spent more time in the water than on the board. Snorkeling had quickly become one of their favorites. Every morning so far, Lucy had forced Tim down to the water to see the different types of sea life, new creatures to see every day.

While Tim did enjoy the days they spent together, he really enjoyed the nights like this one. Nights like this under the stars filled him with unmeasurable happiness. They were in a hammock in the backyard of the island cabana. Lucy’s head was resting on his shoulder, her arm draped over his abdomen. Her brown hair had fallen covering her closed eyes as she slept peacefully curled into him. He knew his back would probably hate him in the morning, but Tim was content to stay in the hammock as long as Lucy was in his arms.

The sound of the waves rolling up the shore was interrupted by the soft sound of the patio door sliding open and closing. He peeked down at Lucy quickly making sure that she was still sleeping peacefully. Thanks to the low light of the tiki torches burning close by, Tim was able to make out Angela’s form over the edge of the hammock as she walked towards them.  

“Are y’all good out here,” she asked in a whisper once she was close enough. Her arms were crossed across her stomach trapping her light jacket to her sides. The island had cooled down since the early afternoon hours and Tim was wishing right about now that they would have brought a blanket to the hammock with them.

“Yeah,” he replied softly, careful to try and not wake up Lucy. “What time is it?”

“Just after ten. We were tired after today, so we cut the night short. Either of you need anything?”

Tim thought about asking for a blanket because it was starting to get a little cooler, but at the same time, he didn’t want to disturb Lucy by covering her up and making her too uncomfortable. So instead, Tim shakes his head no causing Angela to nod. “Okay. Goodnight, Tim.”

“Night, Ang,” he whispers in return as his friend turns back towards the house. He resettles into the hammock, trying to get back to that state of comfort without waking Lucy, but fails when she starts to stir.

“What is it? Where are you going,” she asked in a rush, trying to push herself up with one hand and wipe away sleep with the other.

Tim’s hand ran instinctively down her back to calm her as he settles back into his spot under her. “It’s alright, Luce. “It’s alright, Luce. Angela just wanted to let us know that they’re back. I’m not going anywhere,” he explained softly continuing slowly to rub her back.

“Oh,” she said gently as she took in the information through the haze in her mind. Her ‘okay’ was muffled by his shirt as she laid her head back down on his chest. “What time is it,” she asked unable to stop a yawn from escaping her.

“A little after ten.”

“Shit,” she exclaimed, trying to push herself up again but Tim’s arms wrapped around her holding her down. “Do you want to go inside?”

Truthfully, yes, he did. Tim knew that the mattress in their bedroom would be much more beneficial to his back than this hammock. But was he willing to give up this moment with her? Was he really going make her get up and go inside when she was comfortable curled up against him? No. No, he was not. “No. I’m okay if you are.”

“I’m perfect,” she mumbled against him, and Tim couldn’t stop the smile from crossing his face.

Would he regret it in the morning? It’s possible. His back would no doubt make him pay, but for now, Tim was perfect. The woman of his dreams was in his arms. The ocean rolling against the sand, the star-filled sky above them bright and beautiful. He was right where he was supposed to be. He would worry about the rest later.