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first kiss

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"Cut! That's good! It's a wrap!" shouts the director. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief that they can wrap up as planned, thanking one another for the good work today. Sounds of the crew’s chatters and clings and clangs of equipment being shuffled around fill the set.

They had just finished shooting the blind arc where Shen Wei successfully returns Zhao Yunlan's sight.

Zhu Yilong shifts toward the prop box and, instead of releasing the prop, tightens his grip on the Sundial to the point that his fingertips turn white. He frowns, feeling his chest lurch and finding it hard to breathe. His heart aches, all of this coming from Shen Wei’s worry and unrest. The powerful Shen Wei who fears nothing but the untoward that could happen to Zhao Yunlan. It would break him.

Zhu Yilong knows that he has to leave his character behind, but he can’t help but let his thoughts trail, that if anything untoward were to happen to Bai Yu…

Then he feels a hand on his shoulder, startling him out of his thoughts.

"Dinner?" Bai Yu says with a smile, eyes quickly darting to the prop still in Zhu Yilong’s hand.

Zhu Yilong blinks, returning to himself. Bai Yu must have noticed that.

He nods with a strained smile, trying to push those worries away. He puts the prop back into the box. “Sure. Let’s go.”

After a quick wardrobe change back into their personal clothing, they bid their goodbyes to the team to head off to buy some food. They'd promised to have noodle night and a couple of rounds of games.

They manage to get their food, with Zhu Yilong offering to carry the food on the way back. They make it back to Bai Yu’s hotel room in no more than fifteen minutes, engaging in their usual chatter along the way. Zhu Yilong sets their zhajiangmian [1] and other side dishes down on the coffee table by the small couch.

As Bai Yu is about to sit down, Zhu Yilong unconsciously reaches out to support his arm and back so that he can sit properly. Bai Yu pauses mid-squat at this and looks at Zhu Yilong, who retracts his hand immediately.

“Sorry, I…” Zhu Yilong doesn’t know what else to say, scratching his head as he sits down.

Bai Yu chuckles amusedly as he lowers himself down on the couch. Then, he shifts and leans just a little closer to Zhu Yilong.

"Looks like you're really concerned for me, Your Honor."

Zhu Yilong blinks, unable to react in time as Bai Yu continues in an all-too-familiar voice, "That's very kind of you, but don't you think there's another way to show that you care?"

Although, this tone... He has read the novel too many times to know what sort of tone Bai Yu is using now.

Zhu Yilong stares resolutely at the food before him instead. A part of him that relates to Shen Wei is screaming at him to do it, but to also control himself. He gives a reply that is all too ‘Shen Wei’.

“We should eat before the food gets cold.”

A pair of hands reaches out to cup his cheeks to turn his head to the side. Then, he feels a pair of soft lips on his. It ends as sudden as it starts as Bai Yu pulls back, looking rather pleased with himself.

“Now, we eat.”

Bai Yu turns to his food, but before he can pick up his chopsticks, Zhu Yilong grabs his hand and turns him around and this time, it’s his turn to initiate a kiss. He lays claim on those plump lips, sucking and biting on the bottom lip. Angling his head, he bullies his way into Bai Yu’s mouth with his tongue, tasting hints of that cherry flavored lollipop Bai Yu had been sucking on earlier. He keeps at this for a little while, not wanting to stop any time soon. The beard burns aren’t really much of a worry to him. If anything, they oddly excite him more.

Unfortunately, good things always come to an end. Finally feeling breathless, he breaks the kiss, licking his lips.

“Now that I’ve returned it, we can eat,” says Zhu Yilong as he turns away quickly to start on his noodles. He licks his lips again, not at the appetizing noodles before him, but in an attempt to taste Bai Yu on his lips again before he covers it completely with his dinner.

He knows his face is burning all the way to his ears.

He casts a sidelong glance at Bai Yu, who says nothing else and is digging in to his noodles as well.

Bai Yu’s face and ears are just as red.

By this time, their noodles are unfortunately a little soggy. But for once, Zhu Yilong is glad for his earlier blunder that they got to share their first kiss today.