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the beating of our hearts is the only sound

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There were a lot of reasons why Chloe loved sneaking around with Beca.


She loved the thrill and the excitement of trying not to get caught.


She loved the small intimate moments they stole when no one was looking, and the lingering looks that only the other knew the intent behind.


And she certainly loved the feeling of Beca’s body writing underneath hers on her bed while she tried so desperately to keep her whimpers and moans soft enough so as to not be heard.


Chloe had her hand up Beca’s shirt and underneath her bra, and was teasing her nipple in between her forefinger and her thumb. Chloe was also keeping her mouth busy on Beca’s neck, being mindful to not make any marks, sucking and kissing just hard enough to be felt. 


Suddenly and without warning, Beca was rolling them over, and when Chloe’s mouth was forced away from Beca’s neck, her lips were immediately captured by Beca’s own, forcing her into a wet and messy kiss that she could just barely keep up with. 


She knew Beca needed more—Chloe could practically feel the waves of arousal coming off of her—but where was the fun in just giving her what she wanted? Chloe much preferred to reduce Beca into a desperate, pleading mess while she begged for relief in the form of Chloe’s fingers, or tongue, or thigh, or—in a recent turn of events—her strap-on.


There was nothing that Chloe loved more than hearing how much Beca needed her, and she knew that Beca was teetering on the precipice, about ready to give in to her desires and surrender herself to Chloe—which in and of itself was the most beautiful sight Chloe had ever seen.


Instead, however, there was a knock on Chloe’s closed bedroom door and a hurried glance at the door proved that the handle started turning. In a moment of panic, Chloe shoved Beca off of her, and subsequently onto the floor.


Jessica walked into the room, her brows furrowing when she saw Chloe lying in her bed and Beca on the floor next to her. “What are you guys doing?”


Chloe tried her best to look completely nonchalant and relaxed. “Oh, just working on the set list and choreography for Semi-Finals. You know, regular co-captain stuff.”


Chloe watched Jessica’s line of sight as it moved over to where Beca was. “And why is Beca on the floor?”


“Reasons,” Beca responded quickly and sharply.


“Right,” Jessica said slowly, still not sounding entirely convinced. “Okay, well, we were gonna order pizza and we wanted to know everyone’s opinion on where to get it from.”


“Ooh, definitely that place with the weird twisty breadsticks,” Beca chimed in from the floor.


“Alright, one vote for twisty breadsticks.” Jessica turned towards Chloe. “Chloe?”


“Make that two votes.”


“Awesome, sounds good.” Jessica gestured towards the bed and Beca who was still on the floor. “I’ll let you two get back to it,” She said, walking out of Chloe’s room and closing the door behind herself.


“God, I love those breadsticks.” Chloe turned on her bed to look down at Beca. “Food tastes so much better when it’s fun to eat.”


“Oh really?” Beca asked, finally climbing up off the floor to find her place next to Chloe again.


“Yep,” Chloe concluded. “It’s one of the reasons why I like you so much.”


Beca hummed, leaning in to bring her lips back to Chloe’s and hopefully pick up where they left off without any further interruption.


Of course, they wouldn’t be so lucky, and the door opened again, and before she could stop herself, Chloe was pushing Beca off the bed yet again.


Jessica stood in the doorway again, “I forgot to ask, what did you guys want to drink?”


“Just what everyone else is having,” Chloe offered, trying to get Jessica to just leave.


Jessica started backing out the door, but poked her head in once again. “Oh, and also—” Chloe looked over and saw Beca rolling her eyes, and she knew exactly how she felt. “—how did you want us to pay? Use the cash bucket or should we—”


“Just use my card.” Beca stood up off the floor and pulled her wallet out of her back pocket to hold it out towards Jessica, but pulled it away at the last second. “Text us when the food is here, we’re kinda busy.”


“Right, co-captain stuff,” Jessica said, grabbing Beca’s wallet and finally closing the door.


Beca turned the lock on the door handle once it was closed, ensuring that they were finally alone—which, in hindsight, they should have done much earlier. 


Beca finally made her way back over to the bed where Chloe was waiting for her. “So, I can forgive you pushing me on the ground the first time—” Chloe’s face twisted apologetically. “—but why did you have to do it twice?”


“I’m so sorry.” Chloe reached for Beca, gently holding both of her hands in her own. “It was just a reflex.”


“Do you have a lot of practice pushing people off your bed so you don’t get caught kissing?” Beca teased.


Chloe took a deep breath and tilted her head to the side, remembering one rather specific time with her high school boyfriend that ended in a similar fashion, instead with her father being the one coming into her room unannounced. “Well…”


“You know what?” Beca cut her off, “I don’t wanna know.”


Chloe scrunched her nose. “That’s probably for the best.”


Beca finally began climbing back into the bed, this time hopefully for good. Chloe had to lie back when Beca continued moving forwards until she had one leg on either side of Chloe’s hips to straddle her. “So…”


Chloe’s hands instinctually moved to hold Beca’s waist. “So?”


Beca flipped her hair to one side in a move that was entirely too exaggerated to be nonchalant, but insanely sexy nonetheless, and began leaning in closer. “Do you wanna go downstairs to wait for dinner?” Chloe felt Beca’s lips begging to brush soft kisses against her neck. “Or…”


“I mean—” Chloe’s breath caught in her throat when she felt Beca’s teeth lightly scrape her pulse point. “—we do have about half an hour before pizza shows up.” She slid her hands underneath Beca’s shirt and kept on moving upwards until she could unhook her bra. “It would be a shame to waste it.”


Beca moved, bringing her lips right above Chloe’s, but stopped before they met. “I was thinking the exact same thing.”



That certainly wasn’t the first time they had almost gotten caught, and Chloe was positive it wouldn’t be the last either. On the bright side, she and Beca seemed to be pretty amazing at the whole sneaking around thing, and all of the Bellas seemed to be none the wiser. 


Beca and Jesse had gotten together after their first ICCA win, but after a couple months of dating, they both mutually agreed that they worked better as friends than anything else. Beca had later admitted to Chloe that one of the main reasons she didn’t feel anything for Jesse was because she was already steadily falling for someone else. Little had Beca known, that someone else was falling for her just the same.


Beca and Chloe had been the first ones to arrive at the Bellas’ house before most of the girls started their Junior year (i.e. Chloe’s third senior year) and somehow Beca had found the confidence to spill her heart out to Chloe and admit her feelings, only to find they were reciprocated.


The transition between friends to dating was relatively seamless, almost as if it was the inevitable destination they would always eventually reach from that very first moment at the activity’s fair.


Chloe had been in love before, but Beca was different. For the first time, she truly felt as if she had a partner, someone who was her equal in all ways. 


The past couple of months together had been amazing, especially because they both agreed to keep their newfound relationship to themselves for a while, giving it the chance to grow naturally and without any unnecessary outside pressure.


And yeah, there were some close calls, but all in all, they seemed to be doing a pretty good job of keeping things on the down-low.



“Where are you off to looking that good?” Stacie asked, watching Chloe come down the stairs after spending what was probably far too long getting ready for the night. “Got a hot date?” 


Chloe smiled to herself. “You could say that.” 


She was just about ready to go visit Beca at the radio station during the last half of her shift, and decided to dress up a little nicer than usual and pick up dinner on the way to make a night of it. 


Chloe was just about ready to walk about the door when she heard Stacie speak again from behind her, “Tell Beca I say hi.”


“Beca?” Chloe turned around, putting all of her energy into keeping calm and not tipping Stacie off. “Why would I—I-I’m not going to see Beca.” Nailed it.


Stacie cocked an eyebrow. “Really?”


Chloe shook her head. “Nope, definitely not going to see Beca.”


“Huh, interesting.” Stacie seemed almost surprised by Chloe’s insistence that she wasn’t on her way to see Beca, which of course, was warranted considering she was lying. “Alright, have fun.”


Chloe finally walked out the front door, not trusting herself to not slip up and accidentally reveal where she was going. It wasn’t a long walk to the radio station, and Chloe made a pit stop at Beca’s favorite sandwich stop to buy food for the two of them before she showed up. 


Chloe stood outside the door to the radio station, the building had closed a couple hours ago, so it was completely empty and locked with Beca being the only person inside. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and called Beca.


“Hey, babe.” Chloe couldn’t keep the smile off her face when she heard Beca’s voice through the phone. 


“Knock knock.”


“Who’s there?” Beca easily replied, and Chloe felt almost giddy that she was playing along.


Chloe bit her lip softly in an attempt to keep her smile from growing so large her cheeks would start to ache. “Me.”


“Me who? Or is it you who? Is this supposed to be some kind of puzzle?” Beca asked, and Chloe could picture the adorably confused face she was probably wearing. “Because you know I’ve never been good at riddles.”


Chloe smiled even wider. “I’m outside, Bec. Open up.”


“Oh shit, really?” Beca’s voice was laced with thinly veiled excitement, and Chloe knew exactly how she felt. “Give me a sec.”


When the door opened and Chloe saw Beca she just barely resisted the urge to close this distance and kiss her, but then decided that none of the Bellas were around and campus was pretty dead this late during the week, so Chloe took the last few steps forwards and caught Beca in a soft, relatively chaste kiss. 


Chloe pulled back just far enough to speak, her lips still brushing against Beca’s. “Hi.”


Chloe felt Beca’s smile as it formed. “Hi.”


After leaving one last kiss on Beca’s lips, Chloe pulled back and lifted up the bag with their sandwiches. “I brought dinner.”


Beca gasped loudly, “You do love me!”


“Of course I do.” Chloe walked into the station when Beca held the door open for her. “I really hope it hasn’t been up for debate this long.”


Beca began leading them deeper inside and back towards the booth. “Well, if it’s any reassurance, you’re definitely in the clear now.”


They ate their dinner inside of the booth, one of many rules Beca seemed perfectly content on breaking (cough, cough, the ‘no sex on the desk’ rule) and Beca even let Chloe queue up a few of her favorite songs to play on the radio. 


After Beca’s shift, they walked back to the Bellas’ house hand-in-hand, but Chloe stopped them about a block away. “We probably shouldn’t walk in at the same time. Stacie caught me on my way out and was acting suspicious.”


“Suspicious?” Beca asked.


Chloe turned to face Beca, not even realizing she had taken both of Beca’s hands in her own until she looked down. “Yeah, when I was about to leave she was all confused when I said I wasn’t going to meet up with you, even after I told her I was kinda going on a date.”


“Or we could just make up a cover story.” Beca started swinging their hands back and forth.“Like we could say that your date was shit so I walked past where you guys were on my way home and me and you came back together.”


Chloe dropped one of Beca’s hands to pinch her cheek. “Who allowed you to be this cute and this smart?”


“Stop that.” Beca swatted her hand away, but Chloe still caught sight of the small smile she was wearing.


They continued on with their walk, dropping each other’s hands when they made it to the house. Chloe began reaching for the front door handle, but a small tug on her wrist stopped her. She turned around and found Beca standing so close that any words she tried to say got caught in her throat. 


Before she knew what was happening, Beca’s hand had come up to her cheek, and she was slowly being pulled into a kiss. 


Chloe allowed herself to get lost in it, not caring at all about where they were or the fact that they could easily get caught. When Beca’s tongue swept across her bottom lip, Chloe simply parted her own, allowing Beca access into her mouth. 


Suddenly, the front door opened and Chloe practically jumped out of Beca’s arms. Amy was standing at the door with her brows furrowed and her hands on her hips. “What are you guys doing out here?”


“Nothing,” Beca and Chloe replied in unison.


They were caught, they were so caught. There was no way Amy wouldn’t be able to figure out what they were just doing. There was no way—


“Checks out.” What? “We’re about to start a movie, wanna come watch?”


Chloe had to shake her head lightly to try and overcome her confusion. “Sure. What movie?”


Beca and Chloe followed Amy into the house while she gave a recap of the strange and bizarre movie she picked out for the night, but no one ever mentioned what Beca and Chloe were doing outside the front door or the fact that they came home together.


Yeah, they were pretty amazing at this whole secretly dating thing.



Chloe knew that they should be out in the living room with the rest of the Bellas celebrating their recent win at Semi-Finals, and thus their advancement to the ICCAs yet again, but she was far too busy lifting her leg over Beca’s shoulder while she was kneeled between her legs with Beca’s tongue moving eagerly over her clit.


Chloe honestly hadn’t planned for this to happen. She had stopped in the bathroom to check on her makeup and was in the middle of reapplying her mascara when Beca walked in. Maybe it was a mistake to leave the door open while she completed her task, but she didn’t expect Beca to come in—with the door still open—and mold her body to her back. And Chloe certainly didn’t expect Beca to move her perfectly styled hair to the side in order to begin softly kissing her neck while her hand lingered a little too high on Chloe’s chest for the fact that anyone could walk by and see them.


However, this was also the fun part. The fact that they could get caught at any moment only seemed to amp up Chloe's arousal, and suddenly she found herself in need of Beca’s touch. 


Chloe had swiftly turned around in Beca’s arms, using one hand to swing the door close with much more force than necessary, and used the other to find the back of Beca’s neck and pull her into a desperate kiss.


Chloe suddenly found herself getting backed up against the bathroom door, and let out a soft whimper when Beca’s lips left hers. She quickly found the intent behind the action though when she watched Beca slowly sink to her knees on the floor in front of her.


Never in her life had Chloe been more grateful that she was wearing a skirt, especially when Beca’s hand slowly began trailing up her thighs, only to find the waistband of her underwear and pull them all of the way down her legs. Chloe stepped out of her underwear and threaded her fingers into Beca’s hair. 


When Chloe looked down she saw Beca already watching her. She allowed herself a moment to indulge, taking in the sight of her beautiful girlfriend on her knees, ready to take Chloe into her mouth and worship her with her tongue until she came. 


With a soft tug on Beca’s hair, as well as a whispered, “Please,” Chloe was able to convey her desperation and Beca began moving forwards, right where Chloe needed her. 


Beca bunched up Chloe's skirt so it was out of the way, mumbling against the skin of Chloe’s thigh while she began leaving kisses up the length of it, “Hold this.” 


Chloe used her left hand to hold her skirt, which also gave her the most wonderful view of what Beca was about to do, and she was able to clearly watch Beca’s tongue as it finally found its home between her legs. All of Chloe’s effort had to go into not making any noise, even though her moan was begging for release at the first touch of Beca’s tongue. Beca didn’t stop there either, her tongue began moving relentlessly against Chloe’s clit, making it harder and harder for her to control herself.


And that was how Chloe found herself slowly lifting her right leg over Beca’s shoulder in an attempt to pull her even closer, even further in. Chloe’s right hand had to abandon its place in Beca’s hair, instead finding a spot on the wall to reside in order to keep her balanced.


Chloe was close, way closer than she should have been for the little amount of time Beca had actually been touching her, but it felt too good—Beca was too good.


Beca’s fingers had found her entrance and Chloe ground her hips downwards in an attempt to take them all of the way inside, but instead Beca continued on teasing her, not letting her get what she wanted, what she needed. 


But alas, they never seemed to have much luck when it came to stealing intimate and personal moments.


Beca pulled back, her tongue abandoning its place on Chloe’s clit, and Chloe had to slap her right hand over her mouth to muffle the pitiful whine she let out at the loss of contact.


Beca sat back on her heels with her brows furrowed, waiting for something that Chloe couldn’t figure out. 


Then she heard it, a soft knock, and then, “Chloe?” It was Cynthia Rose. “Is Beca in there with you?”


Beca licked her lips, and Chloe couldn’t help but notice the way the glistened with her arousal, the arousal that had made its way onto Beca’s chin and cheeks, the arousal that was currently coating the inside of Chloe’s thighs and had been left devastatingly abandoned. 


Beca took a deep breath, “Yeah, we’re in here.”


“Stacie and Amy said you guys need to hurry up and get out because they’re lining up shots.”


“Yeah, okay,” Beca replied, and Chloe honestly felt like she could break down crying right then and there. She was so close, so so close, but she also knew with the interruption they would have had to start practically at the beginning, and they didn’t have time for that now. “We’ll be right out.”


Beca grabbed Chloe’s ruined underwear and helped her put them back on, even though that was the last thing Chloe wanted. Chloe moved her right hand to rest on Beca’s shoulder once both of her feet were on the ground, and let Beca re-dress her. 


Chloe dropped her skirt and Beca slowly moved upwards until she was standing again. “I’m sorry.” Beca gave her a small kiss, and Chloe could taste herself on Beca’s lips, which did nothing to tamp down her own arousal. “I promise I’ll make it up to you later.”


Chloe let out a weak chuckle that did nothing to hide her desperation. “You better.”


After they got cleaned up, which included wiping off Beca’s face as well as the insides of Chloe’s thighs, they finally looked put together enough to leave the bathroom. Chloe left first, trying hard to ignore how wet she still was with every step she took. Beca followed closely behind, but never let them touch, something that Chloe was honestly grateful for considering she wasn’t sure she could control herself in that moment. 


They walked into the kitchen and Chloe had almost forgotten how to act normal, feeling like she had ‘my girlfriend’s head was just between my legs in the bathroom’ plastered across her forehead. However, none of the other Bellas in the kitchen seemed the wiser, and Chloe found herself wishing that Beca had just ignored Cynthia Rose and let her come


Chloe’s mind was still hazy and she could barely focus on anything else happening in the room, but suddenly a full shot glass was being placed in her empty hand and Beca was making some speech about how they were gonna ‘kick the ICCA’s ass for the third year in a row’. Chloe downed the shot in her hand and focused on the slight burn in her throat in order to bring herself back into her own body. 


Chloe turned towards Beca, “I’m gonna get us some drinks. Save me a seat?”


Beca gave her a soft smile, one that was usually reserved for stolen moments behind closed doors. “Always.” Chloe felt the fingers of Beca’s hand brush hers before she watched her walk out into the living room.


Chloe busied herself with their drinks, first taking a moment to drink a cup of cold water to cool herself down, and walked out into the living room to find Beca on the couch talking with some of the other Bellas. 


As soon as Chloe walked into the room, all of the girls seemed to shift in their spots on the couch in order to make room for her next to Beca. They always seemed to do that, almost as if they all instinctively knew that if Beca and Chloe were in a room, they would be together. Chloe never really thought about what that meant, but it still warmed her heart to know that the spot next to Beca was saved solely for her.


Chloe sat next to Beca and had to ignore the way her stomach swooped when her bare leg was pressed against Beca’s, even though she was still wearing her jeans. To be fair, any tiny amount of physical contact she could find was doing so much more than usual. 


To put it simply, Chloe was horny, even more so now that she had relief in her clutches only to have it ripped away. She wasn’t quite sure how long she could last, and was almost positive that Beca noticed the way she kept crossing her legs and periodically squeezing them together to relieve the pressure between them. 


Chloe wasn’t sure how long they had been sitting on the couch, but knew that her cup was empty even though Beca’s seemed to still be half full. She was doing her best to stay engaged in the conversations but it was probably one of the most difficult things she had ever done in her life. 


Eventually Amy walked into the room, Chloe hadn’t even noticed her leave with how distracted she was, and announced—in far too graphic of detail—that she had a man to meet and a need to satisfy. 


Somehow, even with Chloe’s jumbled state of mind, she realized what exactly that meant. Amy would be gone all night. Amy, with whom Beca shared a room. 


The room that was all the way up in the attic, away from every other bedroom. 


The very room that would be empty


All night long.


Suddenly Chloe could think very clearly, with one single goal in mind: she needed to get Beca alone in her bedroom as soon as possible.


Chloe waited a good (painfully long, considering how wet and desperate she still was) five minutes after Amy finally left—you know, to be inconspicuous—before she rested her hand on Beca’s arm right above her elbow. “Hey, Bec?” 


“Yeah, what’s up, b—” Chloe's eyes widened, knowing Beca almost just slipped up and called her ‘babe.’ Recover, recover. Buddy?”


Good enough.


Chloe continued, quickly coming to the decision that the sooner they were alone, the better—for more reasons than one. “Do you think you could help me go look for my keys? I think I left them in your room somewhere.”


Of course, Beca—sweet, adorable, stupid Beca—did not catch on so easily. “Your keys? Why would your keys be in my room?”


Chloe slyly moved the hand resting on Beca’s arm to give her a firm pinch on the soft part behind her elbow.


Ow,” Beca exclaimed, “What was that for?” She whispered sharply and looked at Chloe with her brows furrowed. 


Eventually though, after Chloe gave her a very long, very pointed look, Beca seemed to finally catch on.


“Oh!” Beca eyes widened, then she squinted them conspiratorially. “Your keys.” She nodded her head very slowly. “Right, yeah, yes, I think I saw them in my room. We better go check for them. Just the two of us. In my bedroom. Alone. Looking for your keys.” Smooth, Mitchell. Beca turned back towards the other girls. “This might take a while, you know how messy my room is.” Beca didn’t wait for a response and set down her cup on the table in front of the couch. She took Chloe’s hand to drag her away from the living room, shouting over her shoulder as she went. “Don’t wait up, guys.”


Chloe had to stifle her laugh when they finally reached the stairs, Beca’s oblivious nature and poor diversionary skills being far more funny than usual in her muddled mind.


“I think that went well,” Beca commented, her tone dripping with sarcasm as she started up the stairs.


Chloe smiled, following close behind Beca. “It would’ve gone better if you weren’t so dense.”


Beca turned her head back to look at Chloe momentarily. “How am I supposed to know that ‘looking for your keys’ is code for sex?” 


“Any excuse for us to be in a bedroom alone is always code for sex, Beca.


“Well, I know that now.” Chloe could practically hear the eye roll Beca most likely gave.


“I’d hope so.” Chloe swatted Beca’s ass, which caused her to let out a small yelp. “Now, hurry your cute little butt up. You still have a promise to make good on.”


Beca reached behind her back to try and push Chloe's hand away from her. “Oh my god, stop.” She picked up her pace in an attempt to get away from Chloe, even though they had the same destination, yet Chloe’s hand was able to make contact again. “Jesus. I’m going as fast as I can.”


They eventually found themselves up in Beca’s empty bedroom, both slightly winded from practically running up the stairs. Chloe leaned back against the door once it was closed, making sure to lock the handle so they wouldn’t be interrupted. 


Beca was standing in front of her and Chloe reached out to hook her fingers into Beca’s belt loops and pull their bodies flush with one another. 


Neither one of them had surrendered and been the one to bring their lips together, but they were close enough for Chloe to feel Beca’s heavy breaths against her mouth.


“Beca,” Chloe whispered softly, not even sure if she could be heard. “Kiss me.”


Beca had, evidently, heard her request, and caught Chloe's lips with her own, wasting no more time now that they were alone. It started out soft and slow, but very quickly became heated, especially when Beca began licking into her mouth and stroking with her tongue in a move that made Chloe feel desired in the most sinful of ways.


Chloe was still desperate from their moment in the bathroom earlier, so it was no surprise that she already felt herself going mad, needing Beca’s hands on her body. 


Chloe found the hem of Beca’s shirt and swiftly removed it, easily finding the clasp of her bra to undo it as well, and what seemed like no time at all, Beca was standing half-naked in front of her, while Chloe was still fully clothed and in need of relief. 


Beca, intrinsically in tune to Chloe’s body, knew exactly what she needed, and made work on the buttons on the front of Chloe’s blouse. Beca started at the top of her shirt, near her breasts, and Chloe began working from the bottom up to help speed up the process. Their hands met in the middle, and as soon as her shirt was undone, Chloe ripped it down her arms and dropped it onto the floor. 


Chloe began pushing at the top of her skirt in an attempt to slide it down her body, but it wasn’t moving very far considering she hadn’t unzipped it yet. Then, for the second time that night, Beca sank down onto her knees in front of Chloe, her hands easily finding the zipper of her skirt. 


As soon as the zipper was undone, Chloe's skirt fell way to the floor, and before she could comprehend what was happening, Beca’s hands were moving back up to the waistband of her underwear—and again for the second time that night—slowly dragging them down Chloe's legs, leaving her bare from the waist down.


Chloe had thought the view she had before was great, but this was a thousand times better. Now, she didn’t have to worry about holding her skirt out of the way. Now, there were absolutely no obstructions in the way of her pleasure. 


Beca’s eyes never left Chloe’s, not even as she began moving forwards in order to lick a broad stripe through Chloe’s folds. Chloe’s breath hitched and her hips bucked, the contact and pressure being so direct that it was almost too much to handle. Almost.


Chloe found her right leg being lifted again to rest on Beca’s shoulder, and Chloe slid both of her hands into Beca’s hair for added balance. 


Beca licked through her again, and Chloe allowed herself to moan softly. She could hear music coming from downstairs and hoped that with that and the added distance, she didn’t have to worry as much about being quiet. 


When Beca’s tongue found her clit and began circling it, Chloe had the feeling that she wasn’t going to last long, and when Beca took her clit in between her lips and sucked, Chloe knew she wasn’t going to last long. 


Chloe felt fingers at her entrance once again, but this time when she ground downwards in an attempt to take them inside her, Beca pushed up and into her, burying two of her fingers inside of Chloe as deep as they could go. 


Chloe moaned again, louder this time, but Beca hadn’t done anything to stop her, so she figured it wasn’t too loud.


Beca began pumping her fingers in and out of her while her tongue remained unrelenting against Chloe’s clit. Everything was wonderful and amazing, and Chloe felt so full. Suddenly, she found herself on the precipice yet again, finally having the opportunity to take what she wanted—what she needed.


Chloe knew that her moans were growing in both frequency and volume, but she was unable to do anything about it. 


She momentarily opened her eyes, unsure when they had even closed, and found Beca standing in front of her. Beca’s fingers were still inside of her, but her thumb had taken over the job of her tongue, keeping the same rhythm that had Chloe just seconds away from orgasm.


Beca tried to muffle the sounds of Chloe moaning by kissing her, but it was useless considering she was so far gone that she couldn’t put the energy into kissing back. So instead, Beca lifted her right hand away from Chloe’s hip and placed it right over her mouth. 


Somehow, that was even more erotic than anything else, and was enough to push Chloe right over the edge, into a hard and long awaited orgasm. 


Chloe heard herself moaning into Beca’s hand, and had to breath deeply in through her nose when the need for oxygen became too great. She couldn’t remember the last time she had come this intensely, but the long wait paired with the fact that it was Beca fucking her brought Chloe to heights she didn’t even know existed.


Beca finally removed her hand from her mouth, and Chloe was able to take multiple deep breaths through her mouth. Beca’s fingers were still slowly and steadily pumping into her, but it was with the intent of prolonging her pleasure more than anything. 


Chloe felt cognizant enough to reach her hand around Beca’s neck and pull her into a wet and lazy kiss. Beca’s fingers stopped moving and finally slipped out of her, absentmindedly running through her folds, and Chloe let out a soft sigh against Beca’s mouth.


Beca pulled away from the kiss, and Chloe rested her head on Beca’s shoulder. “So,” Beca spoke, being the one to finally break the silence, “Do you think you found your keys, or do we need to look some more?”


Chloe smiled  to herself and lifted her head, taking a step forwards on shaky legs, forcing Beca to take one backwards. “Oh, we definitely need to look more.” Chloe continued moving until the backs of Beca’s legs hit the edge of her mattress, forcing her to sit down on it. “Maybe even all night.”


Chloe got on the bed, one knee on either side of Beca’s thighs, straddling her waist. Beca’s face twisted into a smirk, one that caused Chloe to clench around nothing. “Why, Chloe Beale, that’s awfully presumptuous of you.”


“So it is.” Chloe leaned forward to kiss Beca, but stopped short to look her in the eyes, cocking on of her eyebrows. “Do you have a problem with that?”


“Oh no, no problems here.” Chloe felt Beca’s hand find it’s spot between her legs to begin teasing her again. “Like at all.”



Beca and Chloe were lying in bed long after the Bellas started to settle down, finally feeling satiated after many hours and many orgasms later. Chloe had been slowly brushing her fingertips along Beca’s bare back while Beca’s head rested on her shoulder. The only indication that Beca hadn’t fallen asleep was the way her thumb was steadily rubbing against Chloe’s hip bone. 


Chloe finally spoke, being the one to break the silence, “What do you think about telling the girls about us soon?”


She felt Beca take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then release it slowly.“As much as I hate the idea of actually doing it—” Beca turned, resting up on her elbow so she could see Chloe's face properly. “—it’s probably a good idea.”


Chloe continued moving her hand up and down Beca’s back. “It’s totally fine if you’re not ready or anything. I don't wanna pressure you at all.”


“And you’re not, don’t worry.” Beca gave her a soft, sincere smile. “But I think you’re right. Yeah, it’s been fun keeping this to ourselves, but I kinda really wanna hold your hand and kiss you whenever I want.”


Chloe smiled softly. “And I want you to be able to do that.”


“I’d also really love it if I didn’t get shoved to the floor every time someone knocked on the door while we’re kissing,” Beca teased.


Sorry,” Chloe whispered guiltily, knowing that Beca wasn’t really mad. “So it’s decided, we’re gonna tell the Bellas that we’re dating.”



“Beca and I—” Chloe took a deep breath and reached for Beca’s hand, their fingers easily slotting together. “We’re together.”


All of the Bellas looked at them for what felt like an eternity, before they slowly turned back and continued the conversations that she and Beca had interrupted when they stood in the front of the living room for an ‘urgent Bellas’ announcement’.


Stacie was the first to speak, not having once looked away from her phone the entire time. “We already know.”


You already know?” Chloe asked. She honestly couldn’t believe her ears. Had they really been that obvious?


Amy didn’t look up from what seemed to be a very intense game of Uno against Lily. “Yeah, we thought maybe you were gonna tell us that you ran away to Vegas and got married, or maybe that you got Beca pregnant—”


“How would that even work?” Beca interrupted.


“—but this is old news.” Amy cursed under her breath when Lily placed a ‘draw four’ card in front of her, and looked up at Beca and Chloe while she drew her cards from the stack in front of her, half of the deck already in her hand. “We’ve known you guys were together since Freshman year.”


Chloe was feeling more and more confused as this conversation continued on. “But we only started dating this year.”


Amy looked up again with a surprised look on her face. “Really? 


“I literally dated Jesse for like six months sophomore year.” Beca seemed to sound just as shocked as Chloe felt, but Chloe still had to fight back a grimace at the mention of Jesse. There was nothing wrong with him, but it was more the principal of hating her current girlfriend’s ex.


“Polyamory is a thing, Beca,” Stacie offered, and Amy pointed to her in agreement.


“No—Well, yes —but that’s not—we weren’t—” Beca sighed and lifted her free hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. “You know what? Whatever.” Beca dropped her hand and it made an audible slapping sound against her thigh. “You guys know and that’s good enough for me, because now I can do this.”


Beca turned and pulled Chloe into a deep and passionate kiss that caught her completely off guard, but found herself melting into it. Beca had her arms wrapped firmly around her waist, and Chloe couldn’t help but lift her own to rest on Beca’s shoulders and pull her even closer. She forgot all about their audience and allowed Beca’s tongue to slip past her lips and tease into her mouth.


She heard someone say something along the lines of, “Ew, Mom and Dad are kissing!” as well as a few whistles and cheers, but Chloe couldn’t be bothered to do anything about them.


Beca pulled back slightly and smiled against Chloe’s lips. “Totally worth it.”