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The Rise of Homo Quirkeas

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The Rise of Homo Quirkeas
Chapter 1

Q/N: My Hero Academia and all of its characters are the property of Kōhei Horikoshi and Shueisha Inc. The original characters, however, are mine.

Q/N 2: This fan fiction is a divergent time line which splits off from the story near the end of episode 30 in the anime and chapter 56 in the manga. There will be minor spoilers from the manga, but I mostly follow the anime.

Q/N 3: The characters in this fan fiction have been aged up to 18 years old and U.A. is now a university, rather than a high school. The dorms are also here from the start, and they are split by years and departments, meaning class 1-A and 1-B share a dorm.

Q/N 4: If you guys are reading this on A03, you might notice the formatting is a bit strange. I write my story on Microsoft Word, and A03 doesn’t cooperate with that formatting style. The story is cross posted on, so the formatting is better there.


Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku stares up at Stain as he delivers his speech when the man suddenly freezes. A few seconds pass before Gran Torino is the first one to speak. “Wh-what happened?” He asks. Izuku sees a small trickle of blood emerge from the man’s mouth and his eyes widen in realization. “I-I think he just got hit with his own Quirk! He’s completely frozen, but he’s still standing!” He says, shocking the others.

Endeavor shakes out of his stupor as he realizes this is his chance to capture the villain before he wakes up. He charges toward the man, but stops in his tracks when a burst of green light appears beside the villain. The light clears out and a new figure appears in its place.

The mystery person appears to be a 5’3” tall, moderately heavy elderly man. His pale weathered face sports a warm smile and his dull green eyes radiate with kindness. He is wearing a simple green trench coat and black pants similar to what Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi usually wears along with a pair of green combat boots. He is also wearing a simple black bowler hat. The trench coat has a picture of an hourglass on the left pocket, but other than that, nothing really stands out about the man.

“I’m terribly sorry gentlemen, but I’m afraid I cannot allow you to capture Mr. Akaguro at the moment. If I have any hope of protecting this world from its dreadful fate, he must remain free. Worry not though, help will be coming soon.” He says with a British accent before looking down to Izuku.

“I’m expecting great things from you young man. Do try to take it easy though, you are going to be in for quite the shock soon.” He adds. Izuku knows that he should stop the man from freeing Stain, but something in his gut tells him not to. It’s as if his instincts are telling him that everything will be alright. Just as fast as he appeared, he vanishes in another flash of light. When the light dissipates, both the man and Stain are gone; leaving everyone confused.

Midoriya Izuku’s POV
1 week later

“The morning is here! The morning is here!” Izuku’s All Might alarm clock begins to shout. Izuku slams his fist on the alarm clock before opening his eyes and releasing a tired yawn. He had decided to stay with his mother for the weekend, as he was worried she might be a bit lonely. He gets out of bed, never noticing the same elderly man that rescued stain sitting patiently in his desk chair with a warm smile on his face as he walks toward the bathroom. He grabs a spare towel and a set of clothes before walking into the bathroom to take his shower.

15 minutes later, he gets dressed in his school uniform and opens the bathroom door, where he finally notices the man, who has since laid his hat on the desk, revealing a balding head of whispy gray hair. “You know, you should probably work on your spatial awareness young Midoriya; if I had intended to harm you, you would have been defenseless.” He says calmly.

“AHHH!!!” Izuku screams as the man laughs. “Y-y-you! Wh-what are you doing here?!” Izuku shouts as he gets into a combative stance. The elderly man chuckles again. “Calm yourself young man, if I had wanted you dead, I would have killed you before you woke up. I mean you no harm.” He says.

“What are you talking about? You’re the guy who helped Stain escape. Why would I trust you?” Izuku says. The man sighs at this. “Yes, I am aware of what I did young Midoriya; but I really did not have a choice. Although I strenuously disagree with Mr. Akaguro’s methods; his existence is a necessary evil. Even if his philosophy is a bit misguided, he has a point about one thing; the heroes of today have fallen far from what they once were. If I had not released him, things would have continued to get much worse.” He says.

“Wh-wh-who are you?” Izuku asks tentatively. The old man blinks a couple of times before something dawns upon him. “Oh my, where are my manners! I never even introduced myself to you.” He says before turning to face some unseen entity. “I do believe this is your cue Present Mic.” He adds.

Reginald Barrister
Codename: Father Time
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 237 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 1st
Age: Unknown, even to him
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Sands of Time
Quirk Description: Reginald is capable of travelling through space and time. He is also immune to the effects of aging. He cannot travel to a point before his point of origin (present time). He is capable of bringing living creatures from the future but only if they are seconds from death. Any wounds or other causes of death are erased, but they can never return to their original time. The main downsides to this quirk is that it takes a lot of focus and effort to utilize, and he often has to enter into hibernation for up to a month based upon how major the change is. The list of what he can and cannot do is far too long to speak of.
Basic Biography: An ancient being who has existed since the birth of quirks. He may or may not be a Doctor Who rip off.

Reginald turns an angry glare to the non-existent Present Mic. “I am not a Doctor Who rip off. My powers and accent are merely nods to him as an inspiration. I’ve never set foot in a police box in my entire life!” He says.

Izuku’s eyes widen as he learns of his quirk. “A-a time travel quirk?” He says. “Something like this is completely unprecedented. It’s easily the most powerful quirk I’ve ever heard of. The possibilities of what someone could do with this are endless. A quirk like that would make him a border line god-“ Izuku ‘thinks’. “You know young man, you should probably work on that muttering habit; it wouldn’t be good if you let sensitive information slip by accident. And for the record, I would make a dreadful god.” Reginald says, causing Izuku to freeze.

“B-but why are you here?” He asks. The elderly man chuckles at this before walking toward the door. “Simple, I have a few deliveries to make.” He says before opening it. “Daddy!” a small pink blur screams before tackling Izuku off his feet.

His eyes widen and his cheeks turn dark red when he sees a little girl who looks a lot like his friend? Ochaco Uraraka. “D-D-DADDY?!” Izuku shouts.

Inko Midoriya’s POV

Inko Midoriya was sleeping peacefully when a sudden jolt makes her awaken. She starts to vibrate happily before shooting out of her bed like a rocket as her Grandma Instincts go off.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku stares wide eyed at the girl sitting on his chest. “Ah crap, sh-she’s a bit heavier than she looks.” He says. “Much like your class mate Momo Yaoyorozu, her body; as well as the rest of your children’s bodies are denser than a normal human’s. Specifically, they’re about twice as heavy as they would normally be.” Reginald says. She has a brown shoulder length bob haircut which is slightly fluffy, green eyes, a freckle diamond on her cheek as well as a perpetual blush, and slightly darker pads on her finger tips and in the center of her palms. Her outfit is almost identical to Ochaco’s hero costume as well. The only differences are that it’s nowhere near as tight, it seems to have metallic plates woven into it and she has a skirt that goes down to her knees with shorts underneath rather than the pants Ochaco has and her boots only go half way up her calves rather than all the way up to her knee.

Bachiko Uraraka
Codename: G-Force
Height: 4’4”
Weight: 118 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 28th
Age: 8
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: G-Flux
Quirk Description: Bachiko is able to fire bolts of pink energy from her finger and palm pads. These bolts can either increase or decrease the gravitational pull on any object they hit. They can actually cause negative gravity. Her current range is between -10 times gravity and 50 times gravity, although that is expected to increase as she gets older. The gravity of the affected objects does not have to be uniform. Some parts can be negative while others can be made positive. The results of this can be rather violent as the opposing forces often tear the affected objects apart.

Basic Biography: Despite her young age, Bachiko Uraraka is already well trained in combat, using her quirk and other hero related skills. She is talented enough that she could likely even compete with some of Japan’s top ten heroes. She’s also surprisingly mature for her age, although she does have a mischievous streak.

Before Izuku can respond, a half crazed Inko Midoriya bursts into the room ignoring an older male in the hallway. She squeals happily before rushing the young girl and pulling her into a tight hug. “I’m a grandma!!!!” She screams happily. “Yes, but you completely missed your grandson Miss Midoriya. I know Bachiko is the cute one, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore Takumi.” He says. Both Izuku and Inko turn to the doorway where they see a man with long, dull white dreadlocks, dull white irises and a freckle diamond on his cheeks.

He has four speakers on his body, two smaller ones on the front of his shoulders and two larger ones on his pectorals. Upon closer inspection, it is clear that the speakers are actually a part of his body, indicating that he has a mutant quirk. He also has an extremely pronounced barrel chest, further solidifying that he has a mutant quirk. He has a black chain around his neck, a dark red t-shirt with holes and an open black leather jacket with holes for the speakers and dull white stripes that look like they light up, tattered blue jeans and purple and black sneakers. He seems to be rather muscular as well.
Tatsumi Jiro
Codename: D-Jam
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 494 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 6th
Age: 27
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Stereo Vocals
Quirk Description: Tatsumi can create bursts of kinetic energy. Each one of his speakers has a separate mouth, tongue and vocal chords connected to his lungs beneath them. His lungs are nearly 3 times as large as the normal humans, allowing him to utilize his additional mouths. His larger than normal barrel chest is built to accommodate his increased lung size.
Basic Biography: Tatsumi has developed a fighting style which revolves around a capella and beatboxing. He is also a skilled boxer.

Bachiko Uraraka’s POV

Bachiko grins as she watches Inko tackle her grandson. “That’s my half-brother Tatsumi. He doesn’t like to talk much. He can make a lot of funny noises though.” She says. Izuku looks at the girl with a puzzled expression. “Half-brother?” He asks. Bachiko nods at this. “Yeah, we have different moms. My mom is Ochaco Uraraka and his mom is Kyouka Jiro.” She says metaphorically. Izuku’s face turns even brighter red than before as metaphorical steam comes out of his ears. “K-K-Kyouka?!?!?” He screams. Reginald laughs as he prepares to drop the bomb. “Yes Izuku, you have more than one wife in the future.” He says.

Minoru “Grape Juice” Mineta’s POV

This time it’s Minoru who rockets out of bed as his Pervert Senses go haywire. He has no idea why, but he has a sudden impulsive desire to build a shrine to Izuku, whom he suddenly believes may in fact be a divine being.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku is reeling from the recent revelation as his mind is going a thousand miles a second. But then it all comes to a crashing halt as one of the rules of Reginald’s Semblance returns to the fore front of his mind. He may not have known he was a father for long, but that didn’t stop him from clinging to his younger daughter desperately. Aside from Reginald, who winced as he had an idea of what triggered this action, they all look rather concerned.

He turns a wide eyed stare to the now frowning man. “Y-you’re quirk! Y-you said you could only bring somebody back if they were about to die! How could Bachiko die?! She’s so young!” He shouts. Bachiko and Tatsumi both flinch at this while Inko gasps in horror before joining her son in hugging the girl.

Bachiko Urararaka’s POV

“Daddy, our future really isn’t a pleasant one… I was attacked by Nomus.” She says. Izuku and Inko both freeze at this. Reginald sighs. “Like they said, their future wasn’t pleasant; the entire world is under the control of a tyrannical empire.” He says. Arcs of green electricity radiate throughout Izuku’s body as he struggles to control his rage. “That’s not going to happen… I refuse to let the villains win. They won’t hurt my children at all.” He says angrily.

Reginald, Bachiko and Tatsumi pause when they hear this. “They’re not the one’s you should be worrying about, ribbit.” A new voice says as a large man enters from behind Tatsumi.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku freezes when he hears that voice. He doesn’t even need to look to know whose child that must be; his croaking was a dead giveaway. He looks up and, sure enough, he comes face to face with his and Tsuyu Asui’s giant of a son.

He has large muscles and a slight beer belly. He also has a wider mouth and a longer tongue as well as larger than average hands and a pair of large black bull like horns emerging from his temples. He also has a thick, muscular green salamander tail around four feet long and one foot thick at the widest. His hair extremely dark green and pulled back into a wolf tail which reaches down to his mid back while the sides of his head are shaved. Like his sister, he also has the freckle diamond on his face. He is wearing an open dark green studded leather biker jacket with a white t-shirt and a pair of black leather pants as well as rugged leather boots shaped to protect his large webbed frog feet. He also has goggles similar to that of Tsuyu Asui. Like Tsuyu, he has a relatively vacant expression. Another freeze frame occurs and the man’s information appears.

Daisuke Asui
Codename: Bullfrog
Height: 7’3”
Weight: 642 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 16th
Age: 26
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Amphibian
Quirk Description: Daisuke’s quirk is slightly different from his mothers in that it is an amalgamation of traits from various species of amphibian, instead of just frogs. Unlike Froppy, he cannot stick to walls, nor can he camouflage. Like a frog, he possesses a large vocal sac below his chin which he can use to deliver devastatingly loud croaks. He also has a rather gruesome ability to pop out a set of two bone claws from between his outer knuckles. (Q/N: This ability is based upon the Hairy Frog of Central Africa, not Marvel’s Wolverine. Although it is also called the Wolverine frog.) He also has a long, powerful tail much like a salamander. He has the most powerful regenerative ability in known history, a trait inherited from the Axotl. As long as a single living cell exists somewhere in the world, he can use it to regrow his entire body in about one minute. He can also detach his tail and limbs at will. Because of his regenerative nature, his nervous system does not register pain as strongly, giving him an incredibly high pain tolerance. He also has limited fire proofing and he can withstand the cold better than his mother thanks to the traits he inherited from the Fire Salamander and the North American Wood Frog respectively. He also has super strength.

“To be fair though, no one would expect the Hero Public Safety Commission and a bunch of corrupt heroes were aiming to rule the world.” He says bluntly. Inko and Izuku’s eyes widen in shock upon hearing this. “Wait, WHAT?!?!” Izuku shouts. “Izuku, you mentioned how I helped Stain escape, right? This is why. When Stain was on the loose, the corrupt heroes were forced to lay low; otherwise they would be targeted by him. By killing corrupt heroes, he was ironically keeping evil at bay.” Reginald says before facing Daisuke. “So I take it your meeting with Akaguro was successful?”

Daisuke nods before pulling up his phone and pulling up a video. “See for yourself.” He says before playing it.


Chizome Akaguro’s POV

Chizome is facing a camera inside of an old, beat up apartment. “Lately you may have been hearing rumors that I am associated with the League of Villains. These rumors are false. Their leader, Tomura Shigaraki, did approach me with the hopes of forming an alliance. I declined his offer though, as I found him to be without conviction. He seeks destruction for destruction’s sake, something I absolutely abhor.” He says.

Hero Public Safety Commission’s POV

The Hero Public Safety Commission is in their meeting room, watching the video as well. There’s a few heroes off to the side of the room, most notably Keigo Takami; A.K.A Hawks. “I, on the other hand, seek to reclaim what it means to be a hero. I have learned some new things recently which I have found greatly… disturbing. It has resulted in a change of methods. Before, I would merely target heroes with limited knowledge of their wrong doings. This will change. While I believe that hero society as a whole is broken, I acknowledge that All-Might is not the only true hero left. From now on, my investigation will be much more thorough.” He continues.


Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu is in the meeting room, along with the rest of UA’s teachers, watching the video as well.

“It has also been brought to my attention that many have been swayed by my words. I do not wish for people to join me in my hunt for corrupt heroes, this is a burden I wish to keep to myself. What I want is for true heroes to return to the forefront. However, I have also come to realize that this system is just as much of a problem as the heroes I hunt. We have a system which enables competition among heroes, a system which encourages our protectors to seek out the spot light in order to boost their ‘rating’. Competition within business leads to thriving economies and higher quality products. Competition in science drives innovation. But competing to save people is insanity.” He adds.

Yu “Mount Lady” Takeyama’s POV

Mount Lady and Kamui Woods are sitting in a bar for heroes in their off time watching the video as well. “A hero’s job is to protect the people to the best of their abilities.” He says before a video of Mount Lady’s debut appears in the corner. “But how does this kind of show boating help? Kamui Woods was about to capture this villain when Mount Lady interfered. Sure, it worked out, but Mount Lady’s size meant that one wrong move would have potentially been disastrous. Kamui Woods was clearly the safer option, as his Quirk is much more precise; but the desire for fame drove Mount Lady to risk the lives and property in order to steal the spot light.” He adds. Mount Lady crushes a can of beer she was holding, enraged by the fact that she was being called out by a villain. Kamui Woods places a hand on her shoulder in a show of support.

Shuichi “Spinner” Iguchi’s POV

Spinner is in a rundown apartment as well watching the video. “I do not wish to encourage you to kill heroes, I will handle that. What we need are heroes outside of this rotten system. We need Vigilantes.”

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko is leaning on a wall in an alley with her phone out as well. “People who will get the job done without a desire for fortune or fame.” Stain continues. A pool of red liquid oozes its way into the alley, unnoticed by the blood thirsty girl watching the video.

Dabi’s POV

Dabi is sitting at a table outside a café with his phone. “People who are dedicated to stomping out evil no matter the cost… Dealing with this broken system is my job. If you wish to help me; then deal with the villains.” He says before the video terminates.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Reginald sighs at this. “An unfortunate, but necessary move. With this, the League of Villains will not be nearly as influential as before, and more vigilantes mean less people under the Hero Public Safety Commission.” He says before turning to Izuku. “Well young man, I do believe it is time for you to go to school.” He adds. Izuku’s spine straightens and he turns beat red at this. How is he supposed to explain having children with three of his class mates? Reginald chuckles lightly at this. “I will do the explaining young Midoriya. We will need to hurry in order to catch your teachers while they are still in a single place.” He says.

A few seconds later, Daisuke receives a phone call. He sees the caller id and rolls his eyes, knowing full well that where this particular sister goes, chaos is sure to follow. He answers the call and a loud chaotic bout of laughter can be heard that sends chills up Izuku’s spine. “Are we ready to go Isamu?” He asks. “Oh yeah, hacking UA’s security and the Hero Public Safety Commission’s bugs is way too easy for me! I’ll see ya in a bit!” A vaguely familiar female voice says before hanging up. The pitch may be a bit lower, but Izuku clearly recognizes it.

“Oh crap… That’s my daughter with Mei Hatsume, isn’t it?” Izuku asks with fear in his heart. Rather than respond, Reginald vanishes briefly before returning with a new comer. As if to confirm his greatest fears, a rather tall girl that’s nearly a spitting image of her mother, aside from the dark green hair she clearly inherited from her father, appears.

Her costume is a chaotic assortment of armor and technology. She is wearing the same head gear as her mother, but she also has a two piece silver chest plate with a glowing white reactor in it similar to the pre-quirk era comic hero Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. The armor, as well as the rest of her body is covered in a bizarre, nonsensical assortment of machine parts which form a suit of armor.

Isamu Hatsume
Codename: Junkyard
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 334 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 12th
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Mechanical Spirit
Quirk Description: Isamu is capable of merging her consciousness with any mechanical device or computer within fifteen meters. This allows her to control the affected object as if it were part of her body. She can also hack into any computer or network completely undetected. She can also telekinetically move electronic parts around her, allowing the parts on her armor to rapidly become whatever support device she may need at the moment. She is not limited to the machine parts on her armor, as she can cannibalize parts from any machine within her range. Similar to Momo Yaoyoruza, she can only create a machine if she knows how to make it.
Basic Biography: Like her mother, Isamu is a mad inventor whose projects have a habit of exploding, much like her mothers.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Mei had fallen asleep at her personal work bench when she suddenly jolts awake, her Baby Instincts running wild. Little does she know it’s not a mechanical baby she needs to worry about.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku sighs after learning of her quirk. “Yeah, Mei’s definitely going to love you with a quirk like that.” He says. Reginald turns to face Inko, who is now squeezing her latest granddaughter happily. “I’m sorry Mrs. Midoriya, but I’m afraid I’ll need to take Izuku and his children with me to UA now.” He says, drawing a pout from Inko. “You’ll have a chance to get to know them and the rest of your grandchildren soon.” He adds, simultaneously calming Inko and sending Izuku into turmoil.

With that, Reginald places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as the four kids gather around him and place their hands upon him. With a flash of light, they all disappear from his house.

Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa POV

The teachers in the meeting room leap from their chairs and assume combative stances the moment they see the flash of light. When the light clears, they see Izuku standing amongst his four children and the man responsible for Stain’s escape. Shota immediately wraps the elderly man in his capture tape, causing the man to sigh. “W-Wait! Mr. Aizawa, don’t attack him! He’s friendly!” Izuku says, drawing all of the teacher’s attention to him.

“God damn it Problem Child, what have you gotten yourself into now?” Shota thinks as his eyebrow twitches angrily. “Hold on Izuku, there’s someone else that needs to be here for this; otherwise the teachers will never believe us.” Reginald says before vanishing from sight, confusing the teachers. He reappears in another flash of light with a surprised Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi by his side.

“Alright, now that everyone is here, we can begin.” Reginald says.

Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi’s POV

The teachers and the detective are sent reeling by what they just heard. “Son of a bitch, Stain was right?” Shota asks as he falls back into his chair. “While his methods are admittedly less than favorable, his ideals do have merit. It’s the reason I had to ensure Stain wasn’t captured.” Reginald says.

Of all the people present, Detective Tsukauchi seems to be the most disturbed of the group. He has fought to uphold the law for years; and now he learns that the very institution he sought to uphold is the one responsible for plunging the world into tyranny? The Detective’s hands start to bleed as he clenches his fist as hard as he can. He resolves to do whatever he can to prevent this future from happening.

Nemuri “Midnight” Kayama’s POV

Nemuri’s eyes widen in shock as she stares at Izuku. If someone were to tell her that class 1-A’s resident cinnamon roll was going to amass a harem before now, she would have called you insane. She pouts when she notices a few accusatory glares pointed at her. “Seriously?! Look, I’ll admit I’m a flirt, but I would never engage in a relationship with a student! I may not have as many standards as most people, but I do have some!” She yells.

“There’s no need to worry Ms. Kayama. Most of the women Mr. Midoriya ends up with are still students. The only current Pro Hero he ends up with is Mount Lady.” He says. Midnight freezes briefly before a predatory look splits her face. She knows she is going to have a lot of fun teasing the woman about this. “Besides, it’s kind of hard to have children with Izuku when you die a few months from now.” Daisuke says bluntly.

“WHAT?!?!?!?!?” Midnight screams, her eyes wide in fear. Reginald sighs at this. “She died in the previous time line Daisuke. There isn’t going to be a war against Paranormal Liberation Front this time because we’re taking care of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army early.” He says before turning to the terrified teacher. “You’re going to be fine my dear.” He adds. Midnight calms down a little, but she’s clearly still reeling from how close she apparently came to death.

“Well now that that’s done, let’s move on to the fun part. Principal Nezu?” Reginald asks, getting the attention of the mouse-dog-bear. “Can you call a meeting with Class 1-A, 1-B, Mei Hatsume and the Big Three; preferably under the guise of discussing a joint training mission with a few other schools if possible. It’s time the Izukids, as I like to call them, met their mothers. I’ve already taken the liberty of retrieving the pro heroes, a few students and teachers from other schools and some additional VIPs.” He adds. Izuku turns beet red as he realizes just how awkward this is going to be. “Why the Big Three?” Midnight asks.

Reginald chuckles before pulling out a picture. “Well we can’t leave out Izuku’s Senpai waifu, can we?” He says as he shows Izuku the picture, which has Nejire Hado on a swing set in her hero costume with a four year old green haired, green eyed version of herself in her lap. “Mei Hatsume AND Nejire Hado? That kid is going to die before the end of the month.” Higari “Power Loader” Maijima says incredulously.

Sekijiro “Vlad King” Kan’s POV

“Ah, that reminds me. Can you bring Hitoshi Shinso as well? I was hoping to make him the 21st member of Class 1-A, since I have a student in mind for Class 1-B as well.” Reginald says, getting a quirked eyebrow from Sekijiro. “A new-?” He starts to ask before he tosses him a file on Himiko Toga as Principal Nezu starts to make the arrangements from his phone.

He takes a few seconds to look over it. He winces when he sees her past. “Ahh, poor kid had parents who tried to suppress a Vampiric Blood Quirk.” He says sadly, drawing a few flinches from the group. He understands her plight because he has a similar quirk himself. “Chiyo? Can you stock up on human blood and some blood lust suppressants? It seems this girl may be suffering from Quirk Psychosis due to requiring a steady diet of blood in addition to regular food.” He says after turning to Recovery Girl. Izuku and several of the teachers freeze as Chiyo leaves the room. As much as they try not to discriminate based upon quirks, people suffering Quirk related Psychosis can be a bit dangerous.

“Izuku, try to keep an open mind about her okay? She’s a bit much, but she’s one of your future wives.” Reginald says, surprising Izuku.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

“Oh right!” Isamu shouts before sending a list of people to Izuku and the teachers. “Most of the women Izuku ends up with are students at this school. Four of them aren’t though. Yu Takeyama is a pro hero, Intelli Saiko is a student at Seiai Academy, Fuyumi Todoroki is Endeavor’s civilian daughter and we already told you about Himiko Toga. Other than that, Izuku ends up with all the girls in Class 1-A, Setsuna Tokage, Shiozaki Ibara, Pony Tsunotori and Kinoko Komori of Class 1-B, Mei Hatsume of Class 1-H and Nejire Hado of Class 3-A.” She says.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku looks through the list as his face turns even redder. He’s obviously met the girls of his class. He’s had a few interactions with Mei as well, but he doesn’t really know much about Setsuna, Kiniko, Ibara, Pony, Nejire, or Yu aside from the fact that they are pretty. He is also incredibly nervous about Fuyumi. Shoto may not talk about his family much, but Izuku does know that he has an older sister with that name. He has no idea how his friend will take this information. He pauses at the picture of Himiko Toga. Despite how terrifying her expression is, he can’t deny that she’s fairly attractive as well. Intelli Saiko also appears to be rather attractive. “The other thing is that we are going to have to reveal the nature of One For All to them as well.” Reginald adds, causing All Might and Izuku to freeze. “One for-?” Shota starts to ask.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle that part.” He says before pulling out a strange pen like device with a light on top of it. The device flashes white and those who did not know of One for All now do. Shouta turns to scowl at All Might. “That would have been helpful to know in advance Toshinori. I thought that Izuku was breaking his bones because he was too lazy to train his Quirk, not because he just got it.” He says angrily, drawing a nervous chuckle from the emaciated man.

“As I’m sure you are all now aware, this device is capable of implanting memories into the minds of people who see the flash. It’ll be much easier to explain this way than to actually go through the story.” Reginald says. He turns a mischievous grin toward Izuku. “I won’t be telling them about the children though; I want to see their reactions when the girls meet their kids.” He adds, causing Izuku to blush even harder. The older man receives a message on his phone just as Chiyo “Recovery Girl” Shuzenji returns with a bag of blood and the blood lust suppressors Vlad King requested.

“Ahh, it looks like Aiko has just finished retrieving Himiko and the others.” He says. A pool of blood oozes underneath one of the doors and the elderly man pulls out a knife. He throws it at Izuku’s face before anyone can respond, opening a wound on his fore head which covers his face in blood, getting a pained shout from the boy. “Sorry about that Izuku, I just needed to make you more presentable for Miss Toga. She has rather… exotic tastes.” He says as the pool takes the form of two separate women.

Himiko Toga’s POV

“AHH! WHAT JU-“ Himiko starts to shout before a taller blonde haired female with green cat like eyes and fangs turns her head so she is looking straight at Izuku. The girl freezes up as her heart beat accelerates and her cheeks turn pink. She tackles Izuku to the ground and uses her long tongue to lick the blood off his face. She pulls back a few seconds later and sends Izuku a grin which causes him to shiver in both fear and arousal. “Hi there handsome, my names Himiko Toga; what’s your name?” She asks.

Reginald chuckles before adjusting the memory device slightly and flashing the light in her eyes. She is momentarily stunned, giving Chiyo the chance to inject her with the blood lust suppressant before she turns to face her daughter.

Her face is almost the same as her mothers, with it only being slightly rounder like Izuku’s. She also has the freckle diamond Izuku has. Her hairstyle is similar to Himiko Toga’s, with the only difference being that the girl’s hair is a bit fluffier than hers. She has a pair of 5’6” long black bat like wings sprouting from her back and she is wearing a backless black and green dress with frills at the bottom of the skirt which goes down to her knees and armored red combat boots.

Aiko Toga
Codename: Red Tide
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 286 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 9th
Age: 23
Blood Type: O Negative
Quirk Name: Bloody Sunday
Quirk Description: Aiko is able to control the flow of her own blood. She can solidify it into physical shapes such as knives and spears, control it in a form of hydromancy, and dissolve her body into it. Her body also regenerates blood at a hyper accelerated rate, allowing her to generate hundreds of thousands of gallons of it when she pushes herself to the limit. She can also fly thanks to her wings.

Himiko tackle hugs the girl with a happy squeal of “BEST DAUGHTER EVER!” Aiko hugs her mother just as hard for a few seconds before turning an even more predatory look to the now healed Izuku Midoriya. “Hello Izu-baby.” She says with a slightly obsessive tone that makes Izuku even more scareoused than he was before. She struts over to the boy, making sure to pop her hips seductively before latching onto his right arm.

She leans into his ear and says “I’m more than happy to share by the way, that Ochaco girl’s ass looks delicious, not to mention the cans on Momo; and I really want to see what Tsuyu can do with that tongue.” She says seductively before delivering a quick nibble to his earlobe which causes metaphorical steam to come out of his ears.

Ochaco “Uravity” Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco takes a seat in an auditorium with Momo to her left and Tsuyu to her right. All three girls shudder as they feel a surge of scarerousal go up and down their spines.

Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu chuckles at the amorous display before turning to Reginald. “The students you requested are ready. They are in one of the more isolated auditoriums.” He says. “Well then, I suppose we should get this show on the road. The others I requested will meet us there.” Reginald says as the group prepares to leave for the auditorium.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Most of the students gasp when they see Reginald enter the stage, being fully aware that the man is wanted for aiding in the escape of Stain. The teachers and pro heroes among them put their guard up, but they don’t attack seeing as U.A’s teachers are with him. Ochaco doesn’t even notice him though. She’s too busy glaring angrily at the strange blonde girl draped over Izuku’s arm. She becomes a bit confused when said girl winks seductively at her before pointing to the older man.

Among the students are Intelli Saiko, Nagamasa Mora, Camie Utsushimi and Inasa Yoarashi, the latter of which is glaring at one of the pro heroes in the room. The pro heroes consist of Miss Joke, Mount Lady, Endeavor, Kamui Woods, Best Jeanist, Ryukyu, Crust, Gunhead, Sir Nighteye, Fat Gum, Gang Orca and Gran Torino. The sidekicks Centipeder, Bubble Girl and Burnin’ are also present. For some unknown reason, Endeavor’s daughter Fuyumi is also here, standing next to her father. There’s a bit of tension in the air between the adults due to the additional VIPs. After all, putting pro heroes in the same room as vigilantes is usually a recipe for disaster. Among the vigilantes are the Crawler, Pop☆Step and Knuckle Duster. Luckily it appears that Best Jeanist, Gang Orca and Knuckle Duster have managed to keep everyone level headed. Reginald doesn’t even hesitate to pull out the memory altering device while all eyes are on him. The students are all sent reeling as the truth of Izuku and All Might’s connection is revealed.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? WHY THE HELL WAS DEKU CHOSEN AS ALL MIGHT’S SUCCESSOR?!?!? HE WAS JUST A PATHETIC QUIRKLESS WIMP!!!” Katsuki Bakugou shouts as he leaps out of his chair with a look of pure rage on his face. Endeavor also seems enraged as he glares at the skeletal form of Toshinori. Katsuki turns to shout at the green haired boy, but then he stops when he notices the half crazed glare of Himiko Toga. His instincts are screaming at him to shut up, and he decides to listen for once.

Reginald chuckles at this before deciding to drop another bombshell on everyone, one that not even Izuku is aware of. “Because I carefully guided All for One toward him in order to awaken his hidden Quirk.” Reginald says. “Wha-why-?” Izuku starts to ask before Reginald interrupts him. “To help ensure the birth of the next phase of human evolution. Homo Quirkeas.”

This is enough to make everyone pause. “Sometimes, humans are born with hidden quirks that require specific circumstances to unlock. You are one of those Izuku. Miss Ochaco Uraraka also has one.” Reginald says before shuddering in fear, confusing everyone. “Your hidden quirk in particular is one I called ‘Progress’. It doesn’t affect you as much as it will your future children.” He says before a pool of blood slithers on to the stage. “When Quirks were first discovered, it was believed that those with quirks were a new species, due to the fact that they have only one joint in their pinky toes rather than two. They later discovered that they were not an entirely new species, rather, they were a step towards the next stage of evolution.” Reginald says as Aiko materializes in front of them.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco starts to feel uneasy when she sees the new girl. “This is Aiko Toga, the future daughter of Himiko Toga and Izuku Midoriya.” He says, shattering Ochaco’s heart into a million pieces. She starts sobbing lightly when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks to her right and sees a look of empathy on Tsuyu’s face. A hand from behind her prompts her to look back, where she finds Mina Ashido lending her emotional support as well.

“Wait, the future? Wha-“ Miruko starts to ask. “Oh, right.” Reginald states before using the device to explain his quirk. Many of the heroes and students seem rather alarmed to learn of such a powerful ability.

“As I was saying, Aiko Toga is not a Homo Sapien. She is the next stage of evolution, one known as Homo Quirkeas.” Reginald explains before pulling up a hologram depicting a Homo Sapiens and a Homo Quirkeas side by side. “In general, Homo Quirkeas do not have wisdom teeth or an appendix, with one notable exception. Their jaws are also half an inch shorter and they are, on average, five to six inches taller than the average Homo Sapiens. More importantly, their bodies are more effective than the average human. This means that their base line strength, speed and reaction time; among other things, is around three times as strong as the average human. For example, if a Homo Sapiens were capable of lifting 300 lbs, a Homo Quirkeas of the exact same build would be able to lift 900 lbs. They’re bodies are also generally twice as dense and they’re quirks are much stronger than most Homo Sapiens.” He says, shocking the others.

Reginald sends a mischievous look to Izuku, who somehow turns beet red and pale white at the same time, knowing full well what’s about to come. He turns to Itsuka Kendo of Class 1-B. “Miss Kendo?” He asks, getting the girl’s attention. “Could you do me a favor and not chop your class mate Neito Monoma in the back of the neck like you usually do when he goes on a tirade? He needs to learn his lesson.” He adds. Itsuka seems rather confused, but she decides to comply anyway, as Neito’s tirades have been getting on her nerves lately.

Minoru Mineta’s POV

Meanwhile Minoru’s eyes widen in absolute shock as he realizes the implications behind this new information. “If he represents the future of mankind, then it makes sense tha-“ He starts to think before his mind halts. Within his own mind, a bright light shines down upon Izuku from the heavens and a hallelujah chorus starts to play. “The Universal Forces of Perversion have blessed us, the Chosen One has arrived.” He says quietly. Most of the guys seem confused by this statement, but Denki’s eyes widen as he too realizes what this means.

“As such, it is within the best interest of humanity for him to reproduce with multiple women for the sake of spreading his genes as far and wide as possible.” Reginald says. “The Prophecy of the Turtle Hermit has been fulfilled, the Harem King has arrived.” They both say in awe as the others are left in a state of pure shock.

Neito Monoma’s POV

The blonde blowhard of Class 1-B leaps out of his chair with a look of triumph on his face. “HAH! It’s just as I always suspected, Class 1-A is nothing more than a haven for deviants! That fool Izuku Midoriya is clearly a morally repugnant individual if the sole reason for his existence is to spread his see-“ Neito starts to say before a sharp object flies straight through his legs. The object comes just close enough to cut the inseam of his pants without actually harming him. He looks back in shock and sees a rather large knife impaling the seat he was sitting in.

He looks up to the source and his face turns pale when he sees the livid, half-crazed expression on Himiko Toga’s face. “Mr. Monoma, it would be in your best interest to not criticize Mr. Midoriya in front of your future classmate Ms. Himiko Toga. She’s still in the process of recovering from Quirk induced Psychosis caused by her Vampiric Blood Quirk.” Reginald says drawing winces from those who know what that means. Himiko grins maniacally at the blonde. “Next time, I’m aiming higher, so unless you want to be a eunuch, you’ll shut your trap, understand?” She says coldly. The pressure of her killing intent is not nearly as strong as it was before the suppressant was given to her, but it is still strong enough to make Neito pass out with a wet patch on his pants.

Reginald Barrister’s POV

Reginald looks down to Ochaco and smiles warmly when she sees the girl’s confused and emotional state. “Don’t worry Miss Uraraka, Aiko isn’t the only child I brought from the future.” He says soothingly.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

“MOMMY!!!!” A young girl screams before landing in Ochaco’s lap. She looks down and makes eye contact with her eight year old daughter Bachiko. “OH MY GAWWWWD!!! OCHACO! YOUR DAUGHTER’S ADORABLE!!!” Mina squeals from behind her. “There’s also Bachiko “G-Force” Uraraka” Reginald says. Ochaco doesn’t respond as she looks into the little girl’s now watery eyes. She should be turning bright red at the idea of having a child with Izuku, but sheer joy manages to override any embarrassment she may feel.

She responds by pulling the girl into a tight hug as her previous tears of sorrow transform to tears of happiness. “Yeah we’re not done yet.” Reginald says.

Tsuyu “Froppy” Asui’s POV

Tsuyu jumps in slight fear as a large man leaps in front of her and pulls her into a hug. “There’s also Daisuke “Bullfrog” Asui-“ Reginald says. Tsuyu’s face turns bright red and she starts croaking loudly in shock and embarrassment.

Kyouka “Ear Phone Jack” Jiro’s POV

Kyouka feels a hand on her shoulder and looks over to see a silent man standing behind her. Kyouka’s brain freezes as she tries to process what is happening. “Tatsumi “D-Jam” Jiro-“ Kyouka’s face turns bright red as metaphorical steam comes out of her ears while her jacks flail wildly around her.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Mei is leaning against one of the walls in the back when she is joined by her own daughter, much to the pink haired girl’s surprise. “And Isamu “Junkyard” Hatsume.” Reginald continues. Isamu chuckles as her mother looks at her costume with a look of confusion on her face. Isamu she allows the parts on her costume to fly off her body and rearrange into various support items before returning to their original state.

Mei’s eyes widen in manic glee as Isamu explains her Quirk to her mother. Mei tackle hugs her daughter before turning a predatory look toward Izuku.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

The boy makes eye contact with her and shudders under the weight of the crazed lust in her eyes. It’s almost as bad as Himiko’s was. She looks over to the blonde girl hanging off his arm and the two girls grin wildly. Somehow, Izuku knows the two must be planning something.

Bachiko Uraraka’s POV

Bachiko watches as Mina leans in toward Ochaco with a predatory grin on her face. “So… you and Midori, eh?” She asks cheekily. Ochaco straightens up and her face turns beet red. She knows Mina well enough to know that she is going to milk this for all its worth. What neither girl sees though is the predatory grin on Bachiko’s face. She manages to conceal behind a convincing faux innocent expression. “I can’t wait for the rest of my siblings to show up! Especially Hibiki, he’s the coolest. They’re currently on missions, but they should start coming in the next few days.” She says. This draws Mina into the little girl’s trap like a moth to a flame. “Hibiki? Who’s that?” She asks curiously. Mina starts to grow nervous when she sees the viscous grin on Bachiko’s face. “Hibiki Ashido, he’s your son!” She says.

Mina Ashido’s POV

Mina’s face starts turning purple as she devolves into a sputtering mess. It appears that Ochaco’s daughter knows her weakness. She can dish out the teases with the best of them, but if you turn the tables on her, she crumbles instantly. “Wha- I- Bu- Huh?” She starts to babble. She looks back to Ochaco and pales when she sees the predatory look on both mother and daughter. “Oh, would you look at the time? I forgot about that thing I got to do today, bye!” The pink girl says before making a hasty retreat to hide behind a confused Jurota Shishida.

Sir Nighteye’s POV

Sir Nighteye seems to be rather conflicted at the moment. He firmly believes that the future cannot be changed, but the implications of Reginald’s Quirk completely shatter that idea. “L-look this is all very interesting, but what do any of us have to do with this?” He asks after he manages to recompose himself.

Reginald winces at this before retrieving the device again. “Right, I would like to apologize in advance for this. I’m afraid the future I brought them from is not exactly pleasant.” He says before flashing the device yet again, causing dead silence to fall upon the auditorium.

Rumi “Miruko” Usagiyama’s POV

“H-h-holy shit…” She says quietly as everything she ever knew about hero society was suddenly flipped upside down. The students, vigilantes and pro heroes are reeling by this horrifying future. “We did this?” Best Jeanist asks softly, his eyes wide in shock and horror.

“No, you did not. The people here are among the ones who eventually turned against the government when they realized what was happening. That’s the reason you’re all here. One of my goals is to hit them before they have the chance to solidify their control across the world. That’s part of the reason all of Izuku’s children aren’t here at the moment, they’re working in other countries.” Reginald says.

Knuckle Duster’s POV

He turns to the three vigilantes for a second. “Have any of you heard of the organization known as the Revolution?” He asks. Knuckle Duster quirks an eyebrow at the man. “They’re an international group of vigilantes who have been making waves around the world, but they haven’t moved on Japan yet. I take it you wish to establish a foothold for them here in Japan?” The vigilante asks. “Correct, we can iron out the details later though, I feel it would be best to give you all a chance to work through what you have learned today.” He says before turning to nod at Principal Nezu before disappearing in a flash of light.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

“Oh, right, before you go.” Isamu says before releasing a series of drones. The drones fly over to the audience members and the people on the stage and inject them all with a strange blue serum before they respond. “AHH! What the hell?!” Bakugou shouts before trying to destroy the drone. Luckily, the machine manages to return to Isamu before he can respond. “That was just a batch of physical enhancement drugs developed by my sister, who goes by the codename “Vaccine”. It’ll enhance your body’s elasticity, durability and a few other things that should make you more effective as heroes.” She says.

Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu sighs at this. “That is all for today. We will contact you all when it is time to proceed. The students from Shiketsu and Seiai have been temporarily transferred to this school under the guise of a work study. They, the new students and Izuku’s children will be staying with the first years for the time being, Miss Hado will be moving in as well as your new Dorm Advisor, and Miss Hatsume will be joining you as well.” He says. After that, the others begin to leave.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

Ochaco, Mei, Himiko and the rest of the girls from 1-A are hanging out in the common room along with all of Izuku’s children. The girls seem to be interested in getting to know Himiko Toga, but the girl seems to be a bit out of her element. A few seconds later, seven of the guys enter the room. On one side, Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida and Izuku Midoriya enter the room. On the other side, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Hanta Sero and Katsuki Bakugou enter. So far, Izuku had managed to avoid his ex-bully; but now that Bakugou finally has him, he surges forward with his explosions before grabbing him by his shirt.

“Oy! What the hell nerd? You think you can avoid me now just because you’re the chosen one? You and I both know you’re not worthy of the power you were given, it should have been m-“ Bakugou starts to scream in his face before he is interrupted by Isamu Hatsume. The woman surged forward in a clear display of the superior attributes of Homo Quirkeas and yanked him off his father before pulling out a syringe and jamming it into his neck.

“AHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!?!” He says as he glares at the enraged woman. To his surprise, the woman has a look of manic glee on her face. “Thank you for volunteering to be my guinea pig Bakugou! That serum is made to grant people a potent, temporary healing factor! Now my mom and my aunties can do whatever they want to you when the truth is revealed.” She says sadistically.

“What the hell are you talking about you crazy b-“ He starts to say before Reginald walks in with Shouta, Nezu, Toshinori and Ryo “Hound Dog” Inui. “Ahh, perfect, just the people I was hoping to see.” Reginald says. “Mr. Barrister?” Izuku asks curiously.

“Hello Mr. Midoriya, I just popped by because there was something that needed to be dealt with in order for you and Mr. Bakugou here to grow.” He says confusing everyone. “Yup, it’s time for Captain Asshole here to get what’s coming to him. Don’t worry about hurting him too much though; he has a fairly powerful regenerative ability for the moment.” Isamu says happily.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

“Before we get to that though, Toshi? Can you please secure Ms. Uraraka like I asked you?” Reginald asks. All Might appears behind Ochaco, who yelps as he pulls her up and locks her arms and legs into place. “Wh-wha-?” She starts to ask before Reginald interrupts. “Sorry my dear, but we had to make sure you can’t escape. As fun as it would be to watch you tear Mr. Bakugou limb from limb, I’m afraid even the healing ability he just obtained would not be enough to fix the damage you would inflict on him once you’re hidden Quirk unlocks.” He says. The future children shudder in fear at the mention of that particular ability.

“We also need to make sure that Mr. Midoriya and Mr. Bakugou get the psychological help they both need.” He adds before pulling out the memory device from before. It flashes and everyone is suddenly made aware of Izuku and Katsuki’s shared past.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku starts to tremble in fear as he realizes his past has been laid bare in front of everyone. He starts to cry, but All Might rushes over to embrace him before anyone else can notice. “I’m so sorry young Midoriya. I have failed you. I should have known that there was something more than a mere rivalry between you and young Bakugou. It will be okay young man, I am here.” He says. With that, the flood gates open, drawing looks of concern from the others.

Ryo Inui’s POV

It’s clear from the looks on Ryo, Shouta and Nezu’s face that they are kicking themselves over this. They all saw the signs, but they never managed to connect the dots. Ryo in particular seems to be angry. “How the hell did I not see this? I was hired as a lifestyle guidance counselor! Looking after my student’s psychological health is my job!” He thinks. Outside of his mind, he has reverted to his primal growling state as his anger consumes him.

Eijirou Kirishima’s POV

Eijirou, Hanta and Denki are all staring at Bakugou with their eyes wide in shock and horror. “Bro… What the fuck?” Eijirou asks. He knew that the two boys had their issues, but bullying? Suicide baiting? That’s way too much for the man to handle. Bakugou’s face is turning red at having his dirty laundry revealed to the world. He looks as if he’s about to start shouting, but a dramatic temperature drop stops him cold. He feels a wave of terror wash over his soul and, despite his instincts screaming at him not to, he turns toward the source.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

Bakugou finds himself staring into the cold, dead eyes of Ochaco Uraraka. A massive pink inferno has enveloped the girl and her hair is floating as if it were weightless. Her face is almost completely obscured by shadows, with only her wide, manic eyes and wider smile visible, making her look like a demon that even Lucifer would fear. “Baaaaaaaaaakuuuuuuuuugooooooouuuuu.” She says with an eerie, echoing voice that freezes his very soul.

She giggles in a way that even terrifies Principal Nezu as she stares at the explosive boy. She tilts her head to the side as her mouth and eyes start to twitch. “So you think you’re powerful, is that it? You think that just because you have a strong quirk, you can do whatever you want?” She asks before giggling more violently than before. “Oh Bakugou, you silly, silly boy. Don’t you know there’s always a bigger monster out there; a monster that would enjoy devouring a cocky little bully like you?” She asks before licking her lips in a way that makes a wet spot form in the boy’s pants.

Then, much to everyone’s shock and horror, Ochaco starts to slowly walk toward the terrified boy. All Might digs his heels into the ground and Aizawa hits her with a full blast of his Erasure quirk, but it still does little to slow her as Bakugou falls on his butt and starts to back away until he hits a wall. Isamu giggles maniacally at this. “Okay, I think Bakugou’s been sufficiently scared now.” She says before pulling out another syringe and plunging it into Ochaco’s neck; causing her to return to normal.

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko is staring at Ochaco with wide eyes. Her cheeks are neon red and there’s a bit of drool on her chin. “Holy shit that was hot.” She thinks to herself. The adults wince as they all receive a telepathic message from Isamu asking them to allow the girls to vent their frustrations. They look toward the woman in confusion and notice a strange device on her ear.

“Well, now that that’s over, I suppose it’s time to punish Bakugou. He can heal from most wounds for the next thirty minutes, so have fun with him.” Isamu says as Aizawa and Toshinori release Ochaco. The girl slowly walks toward Bakugou, who has gotten back to his feet. She then punches him in the left side of his face with enough force to knock a few of his teeth out. Surprisingly, he remains conscious after this. He looks like he’s about to make a run for it, but a sudden flash of light from Toru stops him dead in his tracks.

A pair of robotic arms spring up from the ground, trapping the blonde boy in place as Mei Hatsume walks up to him with a massive wrench in hand. She slams it into Bakugou’s left side, breaking a few ribs in the process as a pair of flying knives impales him through the knees.

Mina is next as she walks up to him. She fixes him a glare that could melt things much faster than her quirk ever could. “Bakugou…” She says coldly. “The whole reason I became a hero was to fight bullies, and now I find out I’ve been hanging out with one the whole time?!?!” She screams in rage before bringing her right hand oozing with acid that burns through the floor up to his face. The guys cringe in horror as she grabs Bakugo’s crotch, causing him to scream like a little girl.

Just as it looks as if he’s about to flee again, Jiro’s ear jacks plug into his ears and release a blast of noise that leaves him stunned and temporarily deaf. Momo pulls out a metal baseball bat and slams it into his side with enough force to send him flying toward Tsuyu, who lands a heavy kick to the side of the head. He is sent flying toward the opposite side of the room and slams into a wall head first before landing in an open trash can. The trash can lid seemingly levitates up as Toru slams the lid on it, leaving the former bully exactly where he belongs. Everyone else is simply too stunned to move as the girls start celebrating, never noticing that Mei and Himiko aren’t with them. Those two take advantage of the distraction in order to grab Izuku and Ochaco before making a daring get away.

A/N: Well there you go; the first chapter of my new fan fic is complete.

I decided to switch my “kids from the future” type story from RWBY to My Hero Academia due to my loss of interest in the former anime and a new found respect for the latter one. While this fan fic may have the same general theme as my previous one, I assure you the story will be different. I had previously stated in the end notes for my now cancelled Children, Confessions and Confusion that I wasn’t going to add any more ships, but then I realized that the current lineup would have left Izuku with thirteen women. While I’m not a superstitious person, I don’t exactly like that number, hence the addition of three more women.

This fic started with an immediate diversion from the plot as a mysterious man prevented the capture of Stain. From there, the same man showed up at Izuku’s house while he was visiting his mother. This of course led to the reveal of Reginald Barrister and numerous Izukids, as I have decided to call them.

From there, we learned of another diversion from the story. Stain posted a video denouncing the League of Villains and calling for the rise of Vigilantes rather than villains; this lead to more revelations for the rest of the cast, additional children appearing and a horrifying future being revealed.

The future I have created came from a little plot bunny I had thought of previously. How would Stain react to the popular comic/TV series “The Boys”? What would Stain do if he learned of heroes such as Homelander or Storm Front? The answer is simple; he’d have a field day. It also came from my views of the whole government regulation of super heroes and ranking system. If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, then you’ve seen just how wrong government regulation of Super Heroes can go (See the events of the first Civil War through the Dark Reign/Siege of New Asgard). The idea of competition among super heroes is also something that really bugs me. Can you imagine if rescue organizations such as the Red Cross and FEMA were to compete to save people rather than cooperating? What if the cops were competing to see who could arrest someone first?

We also saw Himiko Toga added to U. A. Now I know what you might be worrying about, and I assure you that while it may be toned down a bit, Himiko Toga’s Yandere personality will remain intact.

There was also an attempt to fix one of my biggest complaints about the anime; the handling of Bakugou’s bullying of Izuku. I was extremely frustrated by the lack of a clear resolution as well as the mental state of the two boys in question. Izuku was isolated and tormented for eleven years at the hands of someone who was once his friend. Despite this, he seems to have very little trauma from this experience. What’s worse is his attachment to Bakugou. Their entire relationship reminds me of an abused spouse’s habit of defending their abusers. I’ve got no problem with Yaoi, it may not be something I enjoy, but that doesn’t mean others can’t. That said, I always feel a little sick to my stomach when I see people shipping Bakugou and Izuku.

This factor, combined with my general hatred for the loud, obnoxious blonde has resulted in him being demoted to the position of hate sink/joke usually reserved by most MHA fan fic writers for Minoru Mineta. He’s not getting expelled, but he may end up wishing he was. This won’t be the last time he gets his ass handed to him.

Also, as was hinted throughout this chapter, this fan fic will include lemons, the first of which will occur next chapter. While I may not let the lemons go as wild as I did in my RWBY fan fic, they won’t be completely vanilla either.

Finally, we have the children introduced here. Bachiko Uraraka is an adorable little girl with a devious streak and a fighter who could challenge many pro heroes. Daisuke Asui may seem like he’s inspired by Wolverine, but those traits are actually inherited from the Horror Frog. Isamu Hatsume is just as crazy as her mother and Aiko Toga is a happy, blood thirsty girl, much like her mother as well. I’m happy with these characters, but Tatsumi Jiro represents an interesting challenge. How the heck am I supposed to write beat boxing? If you guys have any hints on that, please let me know.

Anyway, that’s a wrap this time. This is my first dive into My Hero Academia fan fictions, so any reviews and advice about keeping in character, or other things in general is greatly appreciated; until next time.

Chapter Text

The Rise of Homo Quirkeas

Q/N: You might notice that I’m not using Japanese name etiquette or honorifics such as referring to people by last names or titles such as Senpai, Sensei, -chan, -kun etc. The reason for this is that I don’t really have a very good grasp on these kinds of things. I barely understand my native tongue of English, do you really expect me to know how Japanese works?

Q/N 2: After careful consideration, I have decided to add four more ladies to Izuku’s collection. I was hesitant to do this previously because I didn’t want it the harem to spiral out of control like it did with Children, Confessions and Confusion. That being said, I like keeping my numbers well rounded, so twenty seems like a good idea. The new women do not have future children with Izuku though, and we’ll find out the reason for that later.

Q/N 3: I’m also pleased to announce that another character from my RWBY fan fics will be making the jump to this one. They are a character that I just couldn’t bring myself to abandon. You’ll find out who that is by the end of the chapter.

Chapter 2

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

At first, Ochaco was rather confused when Himiko grabbed her, but one look over at Izuku was enough to tell her why. Her heart completely shattered the moment she saw the terrible state the class cinnamon roll was in. He isn’t even crying at this point, he just looks dead inside. Ochaco notices the unfamiliar hallway they are walking through and looks over to Mei in confusion.

“Where are you taking us Mei?” Ochaco asks. “We’re going to my secret bunker. I knew that Izuku wouldn’t like being around a lot of people, so I wanted to bring him somewhere nobody, err, almost nobody knows about.” She replies. “Almost nobody?” Ochaco asks. Mei chuckles nervously at this. “Mr. Majima got tired of me blowing his class room and my dorm room up all the time, so he convinced Principal Nezu and Mr. Ishiyama to help him build a bunker underneath the school to house my more volatile projects. I have my living quarters down here as well.” She says, getting a sweat drop from the gravity wielder. She opens a secret door and both Ochaco and Himiko are stunned by all of the tools and projects scattered throughout the large ware house.

They are surprised when they see Mei’s daughter Isamu already there. The eccentric green haired girl giggles at the three girls. “I just wanted to check out my mom’s first major lab.” She says. Her grin dies when she notices her father’s state. Her grin then returns with a vengeance when she gets an idea. “Those physical modifications we made to your bodies are useful for more than hero work, just saying.” Isamu says before winking at the three girls.

Mei’s eyes widen in sudden realization and she rushes them through the large room and into her personal bed room, leaving them confused. Compared to the warehouse, the room is rather plain. There’s a hallway which leads to a simple kitchen/living room and a door on the far end of the apartment that leads to her bedroom and the attached bathroom.

The bedroom seems rather simple as well, with the only things present being a small closet to the side, a large TV attached to the wall and a queen sized bed. The size of the bed surprises Ochaco, getting a giggle from Mei. “I move around a lot in my sleep. I got tired of constantly rolling off the bed, so I designed this baby with nets on the side to catch me just in case the size of the bed doesn’t work.” She explains.

Mei turns a concerned look to the hollow expression on Izuku’s face. She suddenly realizes what her daughter was hinting at and her cheeks turn pink before turning to Ochaco and Himiko. “You girls keep Zuzu company; I got a surprise that I know will cheer him up.” She says before rushing over to the attached bathroom and closing the door.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco and Himiko sit down on the front of the bed with Izuku; with Ochaco on his left side and Himiko on his right. “You don’t have to pretend to care girls… I know you must be disgusted with me. Who would want to waste their time on someone as weak as me? I’m just a useless Deku…” He says. Ochaco and Himiko both pout at Izuku when they hear this. “Don’t say that Izuku! We changed the meaning of that name. It means ‘you can do it’ now.” Ochaco says.

Izuku chuckles mirthlessly at this. “Ochaco, I know what I am. I’m just a worthless nobody whose only destiny is to die alone…” He says with a defeated tone. The two girls pout even harder than before at this. Ochaco’s cheeks turn pink as she gets a sudden idea. If her words won’t reach him, she’ll just have to try something different. She reaches over to his head and pulls him into a deep kiss. Izuku seems completely caught off guard by this. A few seconds later, Ochaco releases him. Before he can do anything, Himiko grabs him and pulls him into a kiss as well.

Ochaco seems rather surprised to see how attached Himiko is to him. As far as she knows, she hasn’t even known him for a day. Himiko releases Izuku and notices the curious, slightly distrustful expression on Ochaco’s face and smiles at her.

“That brain zapper thing the Dr. Who wannabe zapped me with gave me a bit of insight into what kind of person Izu-baby is. We’ve been through a lot of similar problems in our childhoods and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.” Himiko says, surprising Ochaco. The gravity girl still isn’t sure if she trusts the blonde girl, as she has an aura about her which screams danger; but she’s willing to put her feelings aside to help Izuku.

“Oh Zuzu~” The mischievous voice of Mei Hatsume says from her spot leaning against the bathroom door.

Oh god! Here they come! The Lemons are attacking!
Lemon Warning
“Reality?” *Pulls goggles over his eyes dramatically* “Where we’re going, we don’t need reality!”

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku and the girls turn to the door and they all turn beet red when they finally see Mei. She is almost completely nude, with only a scandalously small g-string containing her modesty. What’s even more shocking is her chest. Her breasts are even larger than any of them realized. The 38 E Cups topped with slightly larger than normal pink areolas and rock hard nipples shine in the light. Despite their size, they seem extremely perky. More importantly, they appear to have been oiled up. Mei holds up a small bottle of oil with a lecherous grin on her face. “So Zuzu… What do you think about these babies?” She says, grabbing the bottom of her tits and shaking them in front of him.

“Ayradja.” Izuku blurts out meaninglessly as the part of his brain responsible for processing language completely shuts down. Beside him, the other girls don’t seem to be faring much better. Ochaco seems to be drooling and Himiko is licking her lips with her long, triangular tipped tongue. Mei struts over to the three, focusing her sensual gaze on Izuku.

Not wanting to be outdone, Himiko rips her own top off, exposing her smaller 32 Cs. Ochaco seems extremely nervous, but she follows suit, revealing her surprisingly large 34 Ds. They both lock Izuku’s arms between their breasts, causing Izuku to further sink into mindlessness. “You are not weak Zuzu, and I’ll be damned if you die alone.” Mei says emphatically before undoing Izuku’s belt and unzipping his pants.

She hooks her fingers around the waistband of his pants and boxers and pulls them off as Himiko and Ochaco watch hungrily. The three girls are caught off guard by what they find. He has an eight inch flaccid shaft but his balls are seemingly missing. There’s also a pair of strange bulges beside his penis. Mei grabs his girthy shaft and pulls lightly. Much to the girl’s shock, an additional six inches of cock pull out, and the bulges shift until two softball sized testicles pop out.

The three girls are completely shocked by this. “I-is something wrong? I know it’s a little smaller than usual but…” Izuku trails off. “SMALL?!?!” The three girls scream inside their heads. Mei bursts into laughter after hearing this. “Ah crap, I think I might understand what Isamu was saying earlier. I don’t think we could have handled him without those modifications she mentioned. This must be an adaptation for his hidden quirk. Figures a guy with a quirk made for breeding would have something like this. Let’s see how much bigger this baby can get.” Mei says before working her hands up and down his shaft.

The three girl’s jaws drop as Izuku makes it to full mast, a twenty inch long, six inch thick pussy breaker. “Holy shit…” None of them notice Isamu peeking through the door with her phone up to take a picture of Izuku’s dick.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

~~Junkyard has created a chat room.
~~Junkyard has changed the name of the chat room to Dicku Fan Club.
Junkyard has added Earphone Jack, Creati, Froppy and 12 others to the chat.
Froppy: I think you made a typo on the chat room name.
Earphone Jack: Isamu! Have you found Izuku?
Junkyard: Don’t you ladies worry about that. He’s in the calm capable hands of Ochaco, Mei and Himiko.
Junkyard: You should be more worried about what you’re future husband/father of your children is going to do to you.

Saiko Intelli’s POV

Saiko is sitting in the dorm’s common room drinking tea when she receives this message. She spits her tea out and her eyes go wide when she reads it. A cluster of mushrooms pop up on the table she was sitting at and she turns to see Kinoko Komori’s bright red face. She is sitting at the couch with the rest of the girls from 1-B, completely surrounded by mushrooms. Setsuna, Ibara and Pony have similarly red faces, but differing reactions. Ibara seems absolutely scandalized while Setsuna is licking her lips hungrily. The rest of the girls are blushing as well, but not as hard as the others.


Momo Yaoyorozu’s POV

Kyouka, Momo, Toru and Mina are blushing violently as well. They had been searching the school grounds when they received the message.

Yu Takeyama’s POV

Mount Lady, Mirko and Kamui Woods met up at a café hoping to process what they learned earlier when the blonde Giantess receives a message. The other two look over at her phone and both of their jaws drop. She shakes off the initial shock when she feels the mischievous stare of Kamui Woods looking over her shoulder. “Oh my Yu, isn’t he a bit young for you?” The tree like man says teasingly. They receive another message from Isamu seconds later.

Junkyard: Those physical modifications we made to you are useful in more places than the battle field by the way.

Junkyard has posted an image to the chat.

Junkyard has appointed ??? as admin.

Junkyard has left the chat.

All three sets of eyes go wide in shock when they see the picture. “Holy shit! Kid’s got more wood than I do.” Kamui Woods says in English. Mirko turns a confused look toward him. “That joke doesn’t make as much sense in Japanese.” He explains. Mount Lady doesn’t even acknowledge the pun. The vacant expression and steady stream of drool going down the blonde’s chin are clear indicators that Yu Takeyama’s brain has left the building.

??? POV

A mysterious, invisible woman lands on a nearby roof top and looks down at the three pro heroes and one extra person. Her mission was to keep an eye on her aunts Yu Takeyama. She grins mischievously when she sees the look on the giantess heroine’s face. She turns to the other side of the café and grins when she notices Fuyumi Todoroki drooling as well. The woman tilts her head in confusion briefly when she sees something else though. Mirko seems to be licking her lips like a predator.

This gets the invisible woman thinking. While it’s true that Mirko never ended up with her father in her timeline, the reason for that was simple; she was dead. She died fighting corrupt heroes before she even had a chance to get close to her father. She also died single. The invisible woman types out a message in the aptly named Izukids chat group with a devious grin on her face.

Nejire Hado’s POV

Nejire is walking toward her new dorm when she receives the image. “HOLY SHIT!” Someone shouts in English. She looks over to the dorm and hears a loud popping noise. She quickly notices that the entire exterior of the building has been covered in mushrooms. She looks back down at the picture and licks her lips hungrily at the sight of the behemoth. She receives a message from Isamu and opens it. ‘I attached directions and the necessary pass code to where Izuku is. Give the girls about six hours and hunt him down. They won’t be able to handle him alone.’ It says.

Nejire starts to shake in glee at the thought of getting absolutely wrecked by the not as innocent as he looks cinnamon roll.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

“Well we were going to give Ochaco the first shot at him, but it looks like we might need to do a little bit of prep work.” Mei says before pushing him onto the bed. Ochaco’s face turns bright red and she leans over to Mei to whisper into her ear. “Holy… Are you sure you want to try that?” The pinkette asks. Ochaco nods nervously. “Well alright, see you in a bit then.” Mei adds as Ochaco walks over to the bathroom and enters it. Izuku stares at her in confusion the entire time.

A few seconds later, Izuku squeaks in surprise when he feels the base of his cock enveloped by two fleshy cushions. He looks down and his eyes widen when he sees his dick sandwiched between Mei’s heavenly breasts. Himiko and Mei share a look and grin. “It’s a good thing my quirk lets me open my jaw wider than most people.” She says before swallowing the top six inches of his length. The feel of her tongue wrapping around his shaft is an interesting one. Not only is her tongue longer than most, but it appears to have bumps on it which create an interesting sensation.

He moans in approval as the two slightly insane girls work together to warm him up over the next five minutes. Himiko continues to push him further down her throat and by the end of it; she managed to swallow a whole 12 inches of him. Himiko takes a quick selfie when she realizes she can’t go any deeper. When the two girls finally notice him twitching, they speed their efforts up. They are rewarded by the audible churning sounds of Izuku’s orgasm as he explodes down Himiko’s throat like a fire hose. Himiko’s eyes go wide in shock as she tries to swallow his load, but she is quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

She pulls back and Izuku’s cum splatters all over the two girls until he finally finishes a full minute and a half later. “Holy shit he’s got a lot.” Mei says. Both girls are left in a state of complete shock when they notice he is somehow even harder than before.

Tsuyu Asui’s POV

Toga: Oh yeah, 12 inches, all hail the Queen of Oral!

Toga has posted an image to chat.

While the other girls are shocked by the girl’s achievement, nobody notices the quick, subtle irritated expression on Tsuyu’s face. She goes back to her usual blank expression before anyone notices, but the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku is watching the two girls clean each other up when he hears a whistle at the bathroom door. The three look over and their jaws drop when they see a fully naked Ochaco sending Izuku a seductive glare. “So is the big boy ready to go?” She says with a sultry voice that none of the others even knew the gravity girl was capable of.

“Just about!” Mei says before pulling out a bottle of lube. While she trusts her daughter’s words from earlier, losing your virginity to a monster like the Dicku. (She’s already started the copy right process for that name.) She pours the liquid onto his shaft and rubs it in as Ochaco struts over to the bed. Himiko grabs her phone and hits record as Ochaco positions herself over Izuku’s massive cock in a reverse cowgirl position. The sight of her contradictory fat toned ass is almost enough to make him weep tears of joy. He shakes it off and turns a look of concern to his first real friend. “J-just be careful Ochaco.” Izuku says nervously.

Ochaco gasps as she feels the head of his cock meet her lower lips. She slowly starts to descend on his shaft. Her eyes go wide as she feels him spread her out further than she ever imagined possible. To her surprise, it doesn’t seem to hurt. A combination of the lube, his cum, Himiko’s saliva and her hero training seems to have prepared her for this very moment. It feels as if she was made to be wrapped around his member. It takes about 15 seconds for her to bottom out.

Much to everyone’s shock, she actually managed to take him all the way. She leans back and moans as Himiko zooms in on her stomach. The outline of his cock head can clearly be seen poking out just below her breasts. Himiko ends the recording and posts the video with the caption “Ochaco just became a woman. Who knew she could handle cock like this?”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” They faintly hear someone scream in English. A dull pop tells them that the mushrooms have advanced even further. Himiko laughs hysterically as messages flood the chat requesting Himiko to stop posting these things/stop blue balling everyone. One of the messages even states that Itsuka, Yui and Setsuna are currently rushing Ibara to Recovery Girl, as the pious woman appears to have passed out.

Himiko Toga’s POV

Mei grabs Himiko’s phone and tosses it to the side, getting a pout from the cat like girl. She grabs the girl by the waist, yanks her skirt and panties off and pulls the girls hips up to her face. Himiko gasps when she feels the pink haired girls tongue begin to assault her slit. She giggles at this. “Are you challenging me? What part of Oral Queen did you not understand?” Himiko said before lowering her face between Mei’s surprisingly muscled thighs. She pulls the girls g-string to the side and pushes her tongue into the inventor’s snatch as Izuku and Ochaco start really getting into it.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco is in Heaven. It’s only been three minutes and she’s already had five orgasms. She yelps as Izuku flips her over and pushes her legs back to take her in a mating press. The gravity girl’s eyes widen when she sees Izuku’s face. His eyes are starting to glow with green energy and arcs of lightning start surging across his body as he accidentally slips into Full Cowl. His thrusts accelerate to a pace so rapid that Himiko and Mei look over to the pair with eyes wide in shock.

Izuku’s hips have started to blur as he ruthlessly pounds the girl to oblivion. The primal lust in his eyes alone is enough to trigger the strongest orgasm Ochaco has felt yet. The girl can feel her mind start to go blank as he continues plowing her like a machine. Eighteen minutes and more orgasms than she could count later, he pulls his chest up as Ochaco feels his member throb inside her. Ochaco can feel her core coiling up stronger than ever and she realizes that this next orgasm will make the others look like nothing.

A few seconds later, the electricity surging across Izuku’s body becomes so intense that the lights in the room begin to flicker. Himiko and Mei watch as they don’t wish to miss this. Mei even pulls out her own phone and starts to record the final moments. Izuku roars like a monster as he drives himself to the hilt, finally breaking through the girl’s cervix and triggering Super Nova level orgasms in both of them. The churning sound from before is even louder and the other two girl’s jaws drop as they watch Ochaco’s belly start to bloat. It takes a full thirty seconds for Izuku to stop, and by the time he’s through, Ochaco looks like she is seven months pregnant.

Ibara Shiozaki’s POV

Ibara starts to wake up and looks around to see her class mates Itsuka, Yui and Setsuna looking at her with concern on their faces. Recovery Girl and Aiko Toga are on the other side of the room, with the latter picking up a freezer full of blood packs to keep her and her mother properly nourished. Ibara is about to speak before another message shows up on her phone. Despite her friend’s attempts to stop her, the plant haired girl manages to open the clip. Her eyes widen even further than before as she watches Ochaco’s belly swell. The video is even captioned “Looks like the big boy has even bigger loads.” Ibara’s eyes roll up in the back of her skull as she passes out yet again.

Aiko’s eyes narrow in on the bright red faces of the big sister and the silent beauty of Class 1-B and she grins like a loon. She shifts her look to Setsuna, who has a downright predatory expression on her face. They lock eyes for a second and a plot is suddenly born. “Fufufu, you’re not dying single this time aunties…” Aiko says quietly as the wheels in her head start to turn. Before any the women can do anything, the office is suddenly invaded by a mass of mushrooms.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku pulls out of the woman and watches in pure shock as his cum rushes out of her pussy. Ochaco screams in pleasure as she experiences another orgasm rips through her body. Eight seconds later, her belly has returned to its normal size and she flips over into a doggy style position. She looks over to Mei and Himiko, both of whom seem rather hesitant now. “Uhh, Ochaco? Are you sure you still want to do that? I may not be the sanest person on the planet and my Quirk pretty much means I’ll never be normal; but even I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.” Himiko says.

“Ehh, normal’s overrated. I’ve got an antisocial personality disorder and Nejire’s bipolar.” Mei says offhandedly. Izuku turns a look of shock to Mei. “You know Nejire?” He asks. Mei frowns at this, confusing the others. “We’ve had some similar issues in the past.” She says before turning a terrifying grin to the boy. Izuku shudders in fear at the thought of those two being together. He finally realizes why Power Loader took pity on him earlier. The picture of Nejire with a red circle and a big X on it he saw the other day on the support class wall also suddenly makes sense to him.

Before he can question it, Mei turns an angry look toward Izuku. “We’re getting off topic!” Mei says before looking contemplative “Wow, never thought I’d be the one saying that.” She murmurs before turning to Izuku with a thumb up. “You heard the girl Zuzu, wreck her ass!” Ochaco puts herself into a face down, ass up position and spreads her cheeks in front of the shocked green haired man.

“What she said Deku, break my asshole.” She says seductively, adding an uncharacteristically confident wink for emphasis. Izuku looks to the other girls, who shrug in response, before positioning himself behind her anus. She lets out a hearty moan as he slowly starts to push forward. Much to everyone’s surprise, he encounters little resistance. Despite this, he still remains cautious.

About a minute later, he finds himself a full eight inches deep; but Ochaco wants even more. “Come on Deku! Stop treating me like I’m made of glass!” She says, wiggling her hips for emphasis. The other three chuckle as they prepare to advance, not realizing that they all have the same idea. Mei puts a hand on his left cheek and Himiko puts a hand on his right and all three of them simultaneously push forward. Unfortunately, none of them expected the others to act. The combined effort resulted in Izuku slamming all twelve remaining inches into Ochaco’s asshole almost instantly.

The brunette tries to wail in absolute bliss as the sudden sensation of Izuku being balls deep inside of her triggers an orgasm so intense that it almost looks like a seizure. She tries to scream but she only manages to let out a silent wheeze as the air is driven out of her lungs. When she finally calms down, her body slumps forward, but she doesn’t fall. The others are confused at first, but then their eyes widen in shock when they realize what happened. Izuku is holding the girl’s body up with his dick. Mei grabs her phone and snaps another picture. She disregards the other women’s requests to stop and sends the picture.

Nemuri Kayama’s POV

Nemuri is sitting in her office with her phone grumbling angrily. When Isamu asked her to be the admin of this newly created chat group, she was initially intrigued. The intrigue was gone now, replaced with a mixture of anger, lust and envy. Her clothing was tossed to the side as she furiously pumps a rather large dildo in and out of her soaking pussy. “Why the hell did Isamu want to torture me? She knows I can’t do anything with her father without jeopardizing my position at the school.” She says. Despite what she said the other day, that really is the only reason she doesn’t try to go after the green haired cinnamon roll.

Of course, the logical side of her brain was steadily eroding as she approaches her third orgasm in the last five minutes. The final straw snaps when she notices a new photo. The Art History Teacher’s jaw drops as she sees Ochaco’s body being held up by Izuku’s impressive cock. “Perhaps I should start looking for a new place to work…” She says. Her phone receives a message from a mysterious sender a few minutes later. She picks her phone up with one hand, not stopping her furious masturbation until she sees the contents.

“Why the hell did somebody send me a section of the School Policy Handbook?” She thinks. She opens the message and reads over it before her eyes go wide in shock. “Wait… the prohibition on student teacher relationships was removed?! When di-“ She starts to think before her brain grinds to a halt. “Nezu, I love you, magnificent omniscient son of a bitch!” She shouts before turning toward the photo with a look of half crazed lust. “Soon Izuku, soon.” She says before returning to her masturbation with renewed vigor, ignoring the news alert that popped up on her phone.

Random News Crew

A small blonde woman with a microphone is standing in the streets of downtown Musutafu. The entire area seems to be covered in various species of mushrooms. “Nobody knows why these mysterious mushrooms have suddenly taken over the entire city, but due to the epicenter being at U.A. High School, it is suspected to be the result of an out of control quirk.” The woman says.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku feels a wave of sudden arousal and fear shooting up his spine, and he decides to channel it into wrecking the deliriously giggling brunette on his cock. He grabs her hips and starts ruthlessly slamming her up and down his bitch breaker, eliciting squeals of delight from Ochaco. The bed shifts at the side, so Izuku looks over to Himiko and Mei. He starts to drool a bit when he sees the two girls pressing their crotches together and rubbing off on each other.

This sends Izuku into a frenzied state as he relentlessly pounds Ochaco for the next fifteen minutes. Himiko and Mei seem to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s bodies, with Himiko leaning in to play with Mei’s tits while Izuku ruthlessly destroys the gravity wielder.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco is left a little confused by the state she finds herself in. She’s definitely enjoying herself, but every now and then, she feels something in her chest which knocks the air out of her lungs. It takes about four times of this occurring before she finally realizes what is happening. Her eyes widen as her sudden epiphany triggers one of the most intense orgasms of the session. “Oh my god! H-he’s so deep inside of me his cock is slamming my diaphragm! H-how is that possible?!” She screams in her head.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku is pushed over the edge when he sees Himiko start to nibble on Mei’s left nipple, causing the pink haired girl to shriek in pleasure. He pushes himself balls deep into the girl and howls as he lets another load loose. Thirty seconds after Izuku started going off, Ochaco’s belly has bloated to around the six month mark.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

When Izuku pulls out to let her drain, he expected her to be exhausted, as did the other girls. So imagine there surprise when the brunette surges off the bed and lands behind the other two girls. In a shocking display of confidence, Ochaco turns a predatory look toward Mei and Himiko. The girls are aroused beyond believe by the competitive aura surrounding the girl. “Let’s get one thing straight ladies. Deku may be dating more than one girl after this, but I’m top bitch here, got it?” She says with authority as her competitive nature flares up. While they may try to challenge her later on, they decide to go with the flow for now. Ochaco grabs Mei, activating her quirk and placing the pink haired girl on her back before releasing her.

She then uses her quirk on Izuku positioning him in between Mei’s legs and releasing him as well. She sends a lust filled glare at the pinkette’s massive chest. She turns the glare to the girl’s face before pushing Izuku’s hips forward, driving him balls deep in less than ten seconds.

“I always got so angry when I saw you pressing your chest into Deku’s back, but I always chalked it up to how socially unaware you are. But that was all a façade, wasn’t it?” She says before slapping one of her tits as Izuku starts pounding the girl. “You knew exactly what you were doing with these big fat titties, didn’t you!” She shouts with a lust filled accusatory tone before slapping her other tit. “YES! Oh god! Ever since I saw him fight Shoto at the Sports Festival, I couldn’t get my mind off him!” She screams. Ochaco turns a confident look to Himiko, who grins viscously as she receives the brunette’s unspoken message loud and clear.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Mei’s first orgasm slams into her harder than a punch from All Might as she feels both of her nipples captured in moist, hot caverns. She looks down in shock and sees both girls sucking and nibbling on her teats. Himiko releases her left nipple and moves up to the top of her tit before gently biting down on it, determined to leave a visible mark on the busty girl. She yelps as the bite gets a bit harder, but that turns into a loud moan at the foreign sensation of Himiko gently suckling blood out of her boob. Ochaco’s left hand reaches over to play with her unoccupied nipple as Himiko continues her work and Izuku ramps up the intensity of his fucking, leaving the girl on cloud nine.

Mei’s eyes widen in shock as she watches Himiko’s body shift into an exact replica of the young inventor. The sight of her doppelganger playing with her tits further drives the insanity of the situation home for the pinkette. Luckily, Mei thrives in madness; allowing her pleasure to soar so high that her mind starts to go blank. The trio continues driving the already unhinged girl further into insanity over the next fourteen minutes until she feels the twitching of Izuku’s rock hard bitch breaker reaches a fever pitch. Over that time span, Himeiko, as Mei has decided to call her, drank the blood of her other two lovers as well, leaving bite marks on both of their necks.

She is initially concerned that Izuku might not have as much spunk for her, but the first blast is more than enough to put that fear to rest. Thirty seconds later, Mei seems to be dead to the world as her belly has bloated to the same size Ochaco’s did earlier.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco turns a predatory grin toward Himiko, but the confidence falters slightly when she sees the manic gleam in the girl’s yellow eyes as she returns to her normal form. “Alright little Miss confident; you seemed to handle the Dicku fairly well in both holes.” Himiko says before her crotch starts to shift. Her eyes nearly bulge out of her skull as she watches the girl grow an exact replica of Izuku’s cock. “Let’s see how you handle it in both holes at the same time.” She says before locking eyes with Izuku.

Ochaco turns a nervous glance to Izuku and gulps nervously when she sees the predatory look in his lightly glowing eyes. The energy arcing around his body is enough to make her even more nervous as Himiko lies down on her back. She yelps as Izuku grabs her by the thighs, but that yelp turns into a moan when she feels her pussy stretch to accommodate Himiko’s huge cock.

Her eyes roll back into her skull and she cums like a busted fire hydrant when Izuku drives his cock into Ochaco’s back door.

“Not so confident now are you cutie.” Himiko says teasingly as the duo starts pumping into the brunette’s body. They’re a bit sloppy at first; but eventually they find a good rhythm, with one pushing in while the other pulls out. Ochaco’s mind sinks into a pleasure filled haze as Himiko and Izuku demolish her over the next twenty minutes.

Her mind returns the instant she feels the throbbing of both cocks inside her body. “Oh god… here it comes.” Ochaco thinks half in fear and half in excitement. Her brain shatters when the two Dickus explode inside of her. Over the next thirty seconds, Ochaco’s belly starts bulging much further than before as her ass and her womb are filled to the brim. Her belly manages to cover most of Himiko’s body, leaving only her face visible. When she reaches the point where she looks like she’s carrying twins, her cheeks start to bulge. Much to the shock of the other two, a short burst of cum bursts out of the brunette’s mouth, slamming into the headboard.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Ochaco falls to the side with a fucked stupid expression on her face, releasing a torrent of cum on both of their bodies in the process. “Ah crap, what a mess.” Izuku says as Himiko’s cock vanishes. The two of them jump in shock when they hear a deep robotic voice say “Foreign contaminants detected.” A small pipe with a red laser on the bottom comes out of the ceiling. The room is bathed in a dull red light for the next five seconds and the absurd amount of cum in the room suddenly vanishes.

“Well that’s convenient.” Izuku says as he looks around at the now spotless room. He turns when he feels the bed shift and jumps slightly when he sees Himiko’s face inches from his own. He gulps nervously when he sees the predatory look in the blonde’s cat like eyes. “Looks like it’s just you and me now Izu-baby.” She says seductively, licking her lips with her exotic tongue for emphasis.

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko pounces on Izuku, pushing him back into the bed and positioning her pussy over his titanic cock. She throws caution to the wind, driving herself to the hilt almost instantly and screaming in agony and ecstasy as her eyes roll into the back of her head. Izuku looks rather alarmed by this development, terrified that she might have seriously hurt herself. She grins ferally at the boy in an attempt to calm him down before surging forward and burying her face into the crook of his neck. He gasps when he feels the girl bite down, but the strange feeling of her sucking his blood seems to reawaken the beast inside of him.

He flips the girl into a missionary position and starts to rail the girl so fast that his hips start to blur. She wails in a state of bliss at her destruction, leading Izuku to an arousing realization. “She’s a screamer.” He thinks. Over the next 15 minutes, Himiko proves his theory correct as she wails like a banshee. When Izuku reaches his limit, he drives himself to the hilt and hugs her tightly to his chest as Himiko screeches loud enough to give Present Mic a run for his money, waking Ochaco and Mei in the process.

Her stomach tries to bloat, but Izuku’s grip is too strong. With nowhere else to go, his cum explodes out of her pussy like a bomb, covering his body and everything in a 120 degree angle in semen. The robot voice reappears and the room is suddenly cleaned up.

Midoriya Izuku’s POV

“Whew, that was incredib-“ Izuku starts to say, only to be interrupted by a stabbing pain in his skull. “Ahh! What the hell was th-“ He starts to say, only to stop as he feels a trio of predatory glares focused on him. He looks up and his skin turns pale when he sees the hungry looks on the faces of the three women in front of him.

“Oh god… I’m going to die, aren’t I?” He thinks to himself. “Probably so, it sucks too, you had a promising future ahead of you.” Another voice in his head says. Izuku freezes at this. “What?” He says in confusion. The voice chuckles at him in response. “The name’s Hikage Shinomori, and I was the fourth person to hold One For All. That stabbing sensation you just felt was my quirk, Danger Sense. I’d tell you more, but from the looks on those girl’s faces, you’ve got bigger problems right now.” The voice adds. The three girls pounce on him as Izuku feels oddly at peace with dying from mind blowing sex.

Nejire Hado’s POV

A few hours later, an uncharacteristically irritated looking Nejire Hado is glaring at a book case in one of the dorm’s study rooms, her eyes twitching furiously and a dark red blush on her face. She is wearing her school uniform, although it seems to be heavily disheveled, as was her long hair. Despite numerous requests to stop, an additional four pictures/videos have shown up in the chat group.

Because of this, the blunette knew three things. One, she was horny, two, she was angry, and three, she had a massive craving for a certain green haired cinnamon roll. Isamu had told the girl that the secret door in the wall could be triggered by pulling a specific book in the case. (Even she thinks that is a bit cliché.) That being said, in her current state, she doesn’t really care. She marches over to the wall and kicks the hidden door in with enough force to send it flying down the hall.

Higari Majima’s POV

Higari working in his personal workshop when he receives a security alert on his phone. He picks the device up from a nearby table and opens the security camera feed. The teacher winces when he sees the normally happy blue haired girl. He knows what is about to happen, as Midnight had informed him of what his student and a couple of other girls were doing with the green haired boy. Most people would be rather envious of his position, but Higari knows better.

He releases a sad sigh at this and shakes his head. “You poor little bastard. You had such a promising career ahead of you too.”

Nejire Hado’s POV

Nejire arrives at Mei’s bedroom door looking even angrier than before. She can hear the moaning of the man she has already decided to claim as her future husband, despite barely even knowing him, through the door. Her angry twitches intensify as she raises her foot and kicks the thick steel door in. She stops when she sees the state of the room. Ochaco and Mei have been laid out on the bed with blissfully fucked stupid expressions on their faces.

Nejire doesn’t even pay attention to those two though; her eyes are narrowed in on the powerful back of the green haired man. The sight of green electricity arcing across his body is enough to drive Nejire even crazier than she was before. Her arousal spikes through the roof as she watches the man roughly slam Himiko’s face up and down his cock, using her buns as handles as he brutally face fucks the girl. He howls in pleasure as he drives all twenty inches of his monstrous cock down her throat and drops a belly bloating load directly into the girl’s stomach. He’s so deep in her that the girl has no choice but to swallow all of it.

The moment he releases the cross eyed girl from his crotch, she falls on her back. Nejire is driven to near insanity when she sees the Dicku dangling between his legs, sweat dripping down his back from the exertion of satisfying three girls for hours on in. Nejire grabs his attention by using her quirk to shred her uniform, revealing her strong, voluptuous body to the man. The energy also drives the hair spirals she uses in her hero uniform up, something that usually happens when she gets horny. He turns around and locks eyes with her. Nejire shivers when she sees the primal look in his glowing green eyes.

She struts over to him, making sure to pop her wide hips enticingly and allowing her large E cup breasts sway hypnotically. She puts her left hand on his pecs and uses her right hand to massage the Dicku, eliciting a groan that electrifies the blunette.

“Alright Izuku, you listen to me. I’ve decided that you are going to be my husband. I have no issue with you keeping the other girls on the side, but I’m the alpha of these bitches, got it?” She says angrily. This statement seems to awaken the other three girls in the room. All three of them glare at the blue haired girl when her words register. Ochaco’s competitive spirit kicks in again, giving the girl a surge of energy as she marches over to the older girl. “That’s not happening Nejire. I’m top bitch here, not you.” She says.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Before either of them can make a move, the girls are distracted by the mad cackling of Mei Hatsume. “Well, I guess there’s only one way to settle this.” She says darkly. She reaches into her dresser and pulls out a pair of devices. One of them is a glowing blue Tesla coil while the other is a box like device with a large antenna and a laser attached. She powers up the Tesla Coil and streams of blue energy shoot toward Izuku, Mei, Himiko and Ochaco. All four of them feel their energy restored and Izuku’s cock goes from flaccid to full mast in a matter of seconds.

“That baby is something I designed to replace the need for sleep. It’s not a permanent solution, but it can restore you a few times before you actually have to rest.” She says before returning it to her drawer. She holds up the box like device with a look of manic glee on her face. “This baby was something I designed for projects that need more than one set of hands. I don’t really trust many people to help me with my babies, so I decided the best assistant I could ask for is me.” She says sinisterly before pointing the device at Izuku. His body glows green and the other three girl’s eyes widen as the boy splits into four clones.

“So here’s the deal, the clones are identical, but they only last a maximum of eight hours, whoever lasts the longest with Zuzu is top bitch, understand?” She asks. She sends a message detailing the plan in the chat room. Izuku shudders as he feels an increase in the competitive energy directed at him. Nemuri, Setsuna, Mina, Momo and, oddly enough, Itsuka and Rumi feel as if the gauntlet has been thrown down. A look of competitive glee lights up in Nejire’s eyes. “Fine by me, my quirk works off my stamina, so I’ve spent years increasing my limits.” She says confidently. Despite knowing the blunette has the advantage, the other three girls refuse to back down.

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko giggles at Nejire tauntingly. “You may have more stamina, but can you do this?” Himiko asks before getting down on her knees and swallowing her Izuku’s cock whole. Nejire and the other two girls glare at her. They know full well that they can’t do that, his cock is too big to fit in their mouths. Only someone with a quirk that allows them to stretch their jaws would be able to do that.

Izuku’s Danger Sense flares up even stronger than before when he feels the lust filled glares of the other three girls. He rolls his eyes at this though. He doesn’t need a quirk to know he’s in serious danger right now.

Nejire Hado’s POV

Nejire decides to skip out on the foreplay. She’s always been the kind of girl to go all in on everything, sex included. She turns around and leaps backwards into his arms while doing a standing split, much to the boy’s shock. She doesn’t even hesitate, slamming his cock balls deep into her pussy and relaxing her cervix enough to allow it to punch into her womb. Her eyes roll into the back of her skull as she squirts violently. She puts her hand on her stomach and grins when she feels the head of Izuku’s cock pushing out just below her breasts.

She’s not a slut, but her energetic personality combined with the slight hyper sexuality caused by her Bipolar Disorder means she does have experience. She’s also a size queen, so not only does the sight of Izuku’s massive pussy destroying cock not deter her, it actually turns her on. She uses her quirk to bounce her body up and down his cock, slamming into his hips with enough force to knock him on to his back. She twists around into a cow girl position and starts slamming his hips with enough force to form small cracks in the concrete floor below the carpet. Izuku decides to give her the reigns, taking the opportunity to get a good feel of her incredible body.

The girl is in incredible shape. Like Itsuka and Mei, she has strong muscles, but also like the two girls, her muscles do not detract from her feminine form. His hands glide up from her strong calves to her thick, powerful thighs before wrapping around and digging into the strong, bubbly flesh of her ass. If Nejire’s throaty moans are anything to go by, she is thoroughly enjoying Izuku’s rough handling of her body. He allows his right hand snakes around to rest on her well toned abs before making its way up to join her own hands resting below her breasts.

His left hand leaves her ass cheek and his right hand leaves her stomach, much to her brief disappointment, but then she shrieks when he slaps her left ass cheek and right tit hard. She squirts all over his waist like a fountain as her orgasm hits her like a truck. She looks around to the other girls and grins. Mei’s Izuku has the pinkette in a doggy style position with his chest pressed into her back as he leans on the strong girl while groping her admittedly large chest. She licks her lips at this as she can’t wait to bury her face between those massive mounds.

She turns her attention to Ochaco, who is facing away from her, riding Izuku in a cowgirl position. Nejire is momentarily hypnotized by the way Ochaco’s fat but toned ass ripples, jiggles and bounces with each impact. She makes a mental note to try slapping her ass later before turning to Himiko.

While the cat eyed girl may be the least curvy woman in the room, she’s still fairly curvy. Nejire’s eyes widen when she catches a glimpse of the girl’s odd tongue as she continues to face fuck herself on his massive cock. Nejire giggles as she starts to plan a way to get the girl between her legs before the night is over.

Turning her attention back to Izuku, she leans down to kiss him for a few seconds before getting back up and intensifying the movement of her hips to the point where they almost start to blur. She shrieks in ecstasy when Izuku starts to assert himself by matching her pace. 18 minutes both lovers moan blissfully as Izuku finally releases his load. Nejire looks down and her eyes roll into the back of her skull as her orgasm intensifies from the sight of her belly expanding. When she returns to normal, she grins maniacally at the fact that she’s actually able to see her bloated belly beneath her massive breasts.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Many hours later, Himiko and Mei are lying out on the bed with fucked stupid expressions on their faces. Their Izuku’s haven’t disappeared though. Instead, they turned their attention to Nejire and Ochaco. A little earlier the girls were being spit roasted by the Izuku Clones, but now the girls are making out with each other while furiously rubbing each other’s clits. Their respective Izuku’s are both below and behind them. The Izuku’s on the bottom are mercilessly pounding their pussies while the ones behind them are balls deep in their assholes. Both girls are clearly approaching their limits, but neither of them is willing to back down.

Higari Majima’s POV

Higari is watching in the common rooms of the staff dorms with Midnight, Cementoss and Vlad King when he gets an idea. Midnight, Cementoss and Vlad King turn a nervous look toward the man when he starts to chuckle evilly. They both know nothing good can come from that laugh. Higari pulls out his phone and sends a message to Eraserhead. “I found your students; they’re in Mei’s secret bunker. You should probably go check on them, they’ve been gone a while.” The message says. He attaches directions the room and his evil laughter intensifies.

Midnight starts to giggle while Cementoss and Vlad King adopt a look that says “Better him than me.” “That was evil Higari.” Midnight says mirthfully, to which Power Loader grins like a loon.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

The two girls glare at each other weakly as they feel the Izuku’s start to twitch inside of them. “Ready to give up?” Ochaco asks. “Never.” Nejire responds. All four of the Izuku’s start to howl as the end approaches. The girls scream in bliss as their bellies start to bloat. 15 seconds later, Nejire is the first of the girls to pass out. Ochaco grins weakly at the girl. “I’m the queen here bitch.” She says before passing out a few seconds later.

Midoriya Izuku’s POV

The Izukus chuckle at the sight of the four worn out women. Nejire and Ochaco both appear to be carrying twins and they have cum all over their chests as well. The four Izuku’s pull out, allowing the cum to drain as two of the Izuku’s vanish. The other two pick the girls up in a bridal carry before dropping them next to Himiko and Mei. The other Izuku vanishes, leaving the original Izuku alone to tuck the girls in to bed.

He then turns to the door and freezes when he sees his home room teacher standing there, staring in shock. Neither of them moves for a few seconds, but then Izuku decides to act. “Uhh… Hi?” Izuku says to the wide eyed teacher. This seems to snap the underground hero out of his stupor. He schools his expression and walks over to a nearby wall. Izuku shouts in alarm when Mr. Aizawa starts slamming his head into the wall as hard as he can.

Lemon End…
Well… that’s one way to lose your virginity I suppose.
He’s also not moping anymore, so mission accomplished?
Can I get an oof for Eraserhead?

Kinoko Komori’s POV
The next day

There’s a group of students sitting in the dorm’s common room. Rikkido Sato and Nirengeki Shoda are in the kitchen working on breakfast; Mina Ashido, Denki Kaminari, Manga Fukidashi and; oddly enough, Yui Kodai, are playing video games in front of the TV; Iida Tenya, Momo Yaoyorozu, Itsuka Kendo and Masirao Ojiro are discussing classes at the dining table and the rest of the classes minus Ochaco, Himiko, Izuku and Mei are spread throughout the room along with the four students from other schools. Katsuki Bakugou is of in his own corner, having been ostracized from the group after learning of his and Izuku’s past.

Izuku had asked the students not to hold his actions against him too much, but most of them still need time to cool down a bit. The only one who seems to be comfortable with the exploding blonde seems to be Togaru Kamakiri. While the mantis like teen may not approve of how far he went, he can hardly fault him due to having a similar background.

Everyone’s eyes turn to the stairway when they hear a happy giggle just out of view. They turn to the source and their cheeks turn varying shades of red when they see the group. The new dorm advisor seems to be floating with a radiant grin on her face while Mei and Himiko walk into the room with noticeable limps and huge grins of their own. Izuku himself is bringing up the rear with a deliriously giggling Ochaco hanging on his back.

Izuku seems to be really happy as well, but the gravity wielder seems to be in such a blissful state that a few of the class mates believe she might be high. Kinoko Komori pulls everyone out of their collective stupors when she jumps at the sight of Izuku. She lets out a squeak of embarrassment. Much to everyone’s surprise, only a couple of mushrooms sprout on the back of the couch, but everyone chalks that up to the girl being all out of juice after what happened yesterday.

Tenya Iida’s POV

Tenya rushes over to Izuku and Ochaco with a look of concern on his face. “Ochaco! Is everything alright?” He asks. The girl in question giggles dreamily in response. “Of course I’m okay Tenny!” She says deliriously, catching the class rep off guard with the nickname. “Izzybear just railed me so hard with his twenty inch mega cock last night I can’t feel my legs right now! No biggie!” She adds, triggering intensified blushes and feelings of inadequacy in the case of many of the males in the room. Several students have progressed from shock to amusement now, with Setsuna Tokage, Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure and Manga Fukidashi in particular barely managing to contain there laughter. Setsuna has her phone in her floating hands recording the interaction from a safe distance.

Tenya’s glasses steam and crack upon hearing this. “I-bu-Th-this is most inappropriate! We’re here to learn to be heroes! We must conduct ourselves profess-“ He starts to say with emphatic arm chopping motions before Ochaco drops a bomb on the speedster. “Calm down Tenny, everything’s fine! You really need to get laid.” She says casually. Everyone aside from the giggling Ochaco freezes upon hearing that. Tenya’s glasses shatter as the class rep is left a stuttering mess.

The dam breaks and the room are consumed with a roar of laughter as an embarrassed Izuku pushes past his friend. Rikkido and Nirengeki announce that the food is ready a few minutes later as the laughter finally starts to die down. Of course, Ochaco decides to make things awkward again with a happy squeal. “Oh my god, yes! Me and Izzybear are starving! Do you have any idea how much energy he must have burned plowing his way through four different girls in a fourteen hour fuckfest?” She asks.

Silence falls on the room yet again as the students stare at the neon red broccoli boy in a state of pure shock. Many eyes have gone wide enough that one would worry they might roll out of their heads. In fact, they actually did in the case of Setsuna Tokage. Setsuna’s loose eyeballs shift and a mischievous grin splits on the girls face when she sees the trail of drool on Yui’s chin and the nosebleed Itsuka is experiencing.

Itsuka Kendo’s POV

Luckily, the group is saved from potential awkwardness when Tenya and Itsuka receive a message on their phones. Itsuka wipes the blood off her face and looks at her phone, as Tenya still seems to be frozen in place, and sighs in relief. “Alright guys, it looks like our teachers want to meet us at Gym Beta; they wanted to introduce us to a new combat and quirk trainer.” Itsuka says. “Hmm, I wonder if it’s another one of Izuku’s children.” Shoto asks, not realizing the bomb he just accidentally dropped. Many of the other girls turn bright red at this. So far, only Ochaco, Mei, Tsuyu, Kyouka and Himiko have met their children, but thanks to last night’s revelations

“A-anyway, we’ve only got an hour before they want to meet, everyone get something to eat and get into your costumes.” Itsuka says quickly, breaking everyone out of their shock as they go back to what they were doing.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco’s face is beet red and it is clear by the way she is profusely apologizing to Tenya that she is back to normal. The students make their way toward Ground Beta where they encounter Isamu Hatsume and Bachiko Uraraka. Mei and Ochaco abandon the group as they launch themselves at their children.

Bachiko giggles as her mom hugs her, melting quite a few hearts at the sight. “Glad you guys made it!” Isamu says. The group continues toward the fake ruined city, soon joined by several staff members, a few pro heroes and the rest of Izuku’s class mates.

Pony Tsunotori’s POV

Pony is walking alone with the group when she turns a nervous glance toward Isamu. She seems to be a bit conflicted as she remembers what she learned. “U-uh Isamu?” The American girl asks, getting the green haired inventor’s attention. “I-I was just wondering, Father Time said that Homo Quirkeas are often stronger than normal quirked humans; but how much stronger are you talking? Are there any of them as strong as All Might?” She asks.

Isamu chuckles at this. “There’s a few of them that are actually stronger than All Might.” She says, flooring everyone present. “In terms of dealing with multiple targets, Tatsumi could easily outpace him; his ability to deal damage over large areas is terrifying and so is his control of it.” She starts, blowing Kyouka’s mind. “When it comes to killing power though, Kinoko’s daughter Masumi could kill him without him even knowing she was there. Her quirk is nightmare fuel when you think of what it could do.” She adds. Kinoko squeaks in embarrassment as many of the boys turn a look of surprise to her.

Neito Monoma’s POV

“Kinoko?!” Neito screeches in rage. He turns to glare at Izuku. “Now you listen here you charlatan, it’s bad enough that you’re corrupting your own class mates, but I will not have you seducing mine! So stay away from her you sex crazed h- HRK!“ He starts to shout before his air is cut off by a sudden obstruction in his throat. Kinoko marches straight over to the boy before willing the mushroom to disappear and dragging him down to her face by his tie.

The boy is shocked by the rage filled expression on the normally sweet girls face. “Neito, we usually tolerate your competitive nature because it drives the class to perform better, but let’s get this straight, you do NOT control who we do or do not decide to date! If Pony, Ibara, Setsuna and I want to pursue a potential relationship with Izuku then we will.” She says, further shocking the other boys.

Neito’s wrathful expression intensifies at this. “NO! I will not stand by while he HRK!” Monoma starts to say before being cut off by Setsuna’s disembodied hand around his throat. Said girl marches over to him accompanied by Pony, both of them with looks of fury on their faces. “You do not decide who we can or cannot see; and if you have a problem with that, we’ll sick Himiko on you.” Setsuna says before gesturing to the less than sane blonde. Neito looks over and his face pales when he sees the menacing expression on the blood drinker’s face as she twirls her knife around in her fingers. “You talk a lot of shit for somebody in castrating range Neito.” She says casually, finally convincing Neito to shut his mouth. The tension breaks when they hear the mad cackle of Isamu.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

After she calms down, Isamu decides to change the topic. “Other than that, Bachiko here isn’t exactly a weakling either; she can’t keep up with All Might yet, but give her time.” Isamu continues. The whole time, Katsuki’s face has been twitching in rage. While his ego has gotten better, the idea of people being stronger than him still hits a nerve. Hearing about Bachiko pushes him over the edge though.

“Bah, now I know you’re full of it. There’s no way round face’s kid is stronger than me.” Katsuki says angrily. A second later, Katsuki squawks as a beam of energy hits him, removing his gravity and floating him up into the air. Bachiko raises her hands and fires a flurry of bolts into the air which move too fast for anyone other than All Might to see, causing the area to erupt in a chaotic cacophony of breaking concrete and twisting metal.

Less than a second later, Katsuki is rendered speechless when he suddenly finds himself surrounded by hundreds of massive concrete and steel spears. “What was that Bakagou? I couldn’t hear you from down here!” Bachiko shouts.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Down on the ground, many of the others aren’t doing much better. Ochaco is staring at her daughter in wide eyed shock as Isamu fashions an energy lasso to reign in Katsuki while Bachiko uses her powers over gravity as a form of pseudo telekinesis to send the pillars flying safely away from the group. Many of the surrounding buildings end up collapsing as a result. Bachiko freezes when she locks eyes with her mother. Isamu laughs at this. “Yeah, Bachiko’s a little monster.” She adds before continuing to the center of the city. “Ma-mama?” Bachiko asks tentatively. Ochaco can tell by her tone that the little girl is worried she might have scared her.

The motherly instincts she didn’t even realize were there kick in to overdrive when she sees the uncertain look on the girls face. Ochaco pulls the girl into a hug and whispers “I’m so proud of you.” Bachiko beams at her mother’s praise while Isamu holds up a hand to stop them.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Isamu turns a mischievous grin to her father as they arrive in the area she was told the teacher would be. “Are you ready to meet a few more of your children dad?” She adds. Izuku goes ramrod straight upon hearing this. The green haired woman laughs at his response. “It’s alright dad, we’ll start with your new instructor; Akira.” She says as a fairly tall woman slams into the ground in front of them.

She’s wearing an open brown leather vest with fringes that cover her back and a small black crop top that shows off a lot of her cleavage and barely covers the bottom of her breasts and a pair of black leather shorts that cut off mid thigh with fringed brown leather chaps and dark green leather boots with razor sharp spurs on the back. She’s also wearing a dark green leather belt with eight pouches and holsters for a large revolver on the right side and a fairly large serrated Bowie Knife on the left. She also has a pair of heavily tinted combat glasses on and a green and black Bandana tied around her lower neck covering the center of her chest.

Of course, that’s not what draws most people’s attention. One look at the woman’s face and hairstyle is enough to tell you exactly who her mother is. She has a diagonal scar on her left eyebrow, a moderately dark tan, the same freckle diamond Izuku has and dark green hair with black highlights, but other than that, she could easily pass for an older Momo Yaoyorozu.

Shoto Todoroki’s eyes narrow suspiciously on the girl. “So Momo has a secret love child with Snipe? The plot thickens.” The half and half boy thinks to himself as he pulls out his conspiracy note book. Next to him, Mei Hatsume’s eyes also zoom in on the girl. “My baby senses are tingling. There’s something up with this girl.” She thinks as she starts to subtly vibrate in place, drawing a suspicious glance from Izuku.

Momo Yaoyorozu’s POV

Momo’s face turns increasingly bright red as Akira makes her way over to the group. “Oh my gaawd! Yaomomo has a sexy cowgirl daughter!” Mina squeals. “Hey ma, hey pa; the name’s Akira.” Akira says with a southern American drawl. “She even has the accent!” Setsuna squeals. Akira rolls her eyes at this. “I grew up in Texas with Auntie Pony’s family; of course I have an accent.” She says.

A few of the others look to the side where they see two other people. Yagi Toshinori grins like a loon when he sees them. “David! Melissa! It’s good to see you!” He booms out in All Might Form. He feels a smaller form slam into him like a rocket squealing “Uncle Might!” The hero chuckles as he catches the girl before putting her down. “It’s good to see you young Melissa! You’ve grown into a fine young woman!” He says proudly.

Mina Ashido’s POV

Mina seems a bit confused at the moment. She knows for a fact that their Class Rep would usually take the reins to introduce the class to the new comer, so his silence is rather strange. She turns to the boy in question and is shocked by what she sees. Tenya’s cheeks are bright red, his glasses are fogged up and his mouth is hanging open as he stares at Melissa as if she were a goddess. He’s so distracted by the woman that he never even notices the chill go up his spine when Mina Ashido’s face splits into an evil grin.

Before Akira can say anything else, she notices a disturbance nearby. She looks over to the side and groans in annoyance when she sees another woman approaching. Isamu also sees her and barely stops herself from bursting into laughter before ensnaring Katsuki Bakugou in a gravity trap as the girl tackles her father to the ground.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku groans before looking up to the girl on top of him. He freezes the moment he sees her, as do most of the others. Many blushes, jaw drops and nosebleeds are triggered when they see the girl. She is wearing an exact copy of Katsuki Bakugou’s costume and, aside from the green hair and freckle diamond; she looks almost exactly like a younger Mitsuki Bakugou. “H-holy shit… Izuku had a baby with Katsuki!” Toru squeals.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

Katsuki appears to be frozen on the spot as his brain falls silent. The girl in question turns a confused look toward the invisible girl. “What? Katsuki’s not my father; he’s my half brother.” She says innocently, silencing everyone. “So he slept with his bully’s mother? Of course! It’s the ultimate power move!” Dark Shadow says, with Fumikage nodding sagely in agreement. Everyone turns a surprised look toward a sputtering Izuku as Katsuki starts to vibrate.

His eyes go wide and he starts foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal. All things not related to rage have fled the explosive blonde’s mind as he starts to growl, causing many of those closest to him to scramble away. Izuku feels the wave of killing intent and turns toward the enraged form of Katsuki Bakugou.

“De…KUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!” He yells at the top of his lungs before releasing a large series of explosive blasts in an attempt to escape. He is brought to a halt at the sound of hysterical laughter from his ‘half-sister’. The air around the girl shimmers with light as her form changes in front of their eyes. The lights fade a second later to reveal a different girl entirely.

The girl has curly shoulder length green hair and dark green eyes. Her pale skin is flawless aside from the signature freckle diamond on her cheek. Her face is also perfectly symmetrical aside from the previously mentioned freckle diamond. The woman has the looks of a super model. She has a bust size of 36 D, a 28 inch waist and 36 inch hips with an ample muscular rear, giving her an hourglass figure that most women would die for. She also appears to have an athletic form built for speed and maneuverability. All together, there’s only one word that describes the woman; knockout.

She is wearing a tight dark green cat suit with deep lines crisscrossing across the uniform. The top of the cat suit is slightly unzipped, showing off her ample cleavage. She has a leather belt around her waist with a few pockets on each side and a pair of holsters containing what appears to be a set of stun batons as well as a pair of black M1911 pistols, one of the few guns to survive from the pre quirk era. The fact that it is still one of the best handguns three hundred years after its creation is a testament to the quality of the weapon and a reminder of the stagnation of technology brought about by quirks. She also has a pair of sleek black combat boots clearly built for stealth.

“Hi dad! My name is Hikari! I’m sure you’ve seen my mom around h- actually, now that I think about it, you haven’t seen my mom. You already know her though.” She says.

Hikari Hagakure
Codename: Lady Mirage
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 344 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 12th
Age: 19
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Illusion
Quirk Description: Hikari Hagakure is capable of manipulating light to create illusions within a 20 meter radius. She can also use this to make herself invisible.
Basic Biography: Hikari Hagakure is a stunning beauty, a bit of an airhead and a mischievous prankster. She is well trained in close quarters combat and has a lot of skill with handguns. She is the go to girl when it comes to stealth and black ops. Despite her cheerful personality, she can be quite cold in a fight.

Toru Hagakure’s POV

Toru stares at her daughter in wide eyed shock. She can actually SEE her own daughter. Her family has had invisibility quirks for the past five generations, so to actually see her child seems to throw her for a loop.

Shota Aizawa’s POV

Isamu leans in to whisper something into Aizawa’s ear. The man’s face splits into a face splitting grin underneath his scarf as he turns to glare at Power Loader. Aizawa takes a syringe from her hand and discreetly conceals it before anybody else can notice.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

“Oh yeah, that reminds me! Masumi developed a serum to trigger Quirk Awakenings! We should probably go ahead and take care of that now so those of you who get them can get used to their new abilities.” Isamu says before walking over to Himiko Toga. The girl turns a puzzled expression to the green haired inventor, but she doesn’t move to stop her from injecting the serum.

“There we go! Now you should be able to use the quirks of the people you transform into as well!” Isamu says. Himiko’s eyes widen before she squeals happily. She then walks over to Toru, who seems a bit more apprehensive. Despite her nerves, she makes no attempt to stop Isamu from injecting her.

Toru Hagakure’s POV

“There you go Auntie Toru! If you feel around in your head, you should feel a type of mental switch that wasn’t there before. You can flip that switch to become visible or invisible whenever you want.” Isamu says happily. Toru freezes upon hearing this. “V-visible?” She asks quietly. For her whole life, she had wanted to know what she looks like, but that had always seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream. Now that she has the opportunity, she seems incredibly nervous. She’s just lucky she was wearing her uniform today.

“M-mirror! I need a full body mirror!” She says nervously. Momo’s quirk flares to life as she seems to understand how important this must be to the girl. A large, fancy looking appears and Toru rushes over to it. She flips the mental switch and everyone’s jaw drops when they see her for the first time.

Midoriya Izuku’s POV

Out of all of them, nobody is more stunned than Izuku or Toru by what they see. Just like her daughter, Toru seems to be a flawless beauty. She lacks the freckles, her face is a bit more angular and her hair is blood red, but other than that, she looks nearly identical to Hikari.

Izuku’s eyes widen in absolute shock and his brain to mouth filter shuts down upon seeing the jaw dropping beauty of the normally invisible girl. “Whoa… So that’s why she was invisible. God made her that way because no mortal eye would be able to handle seeing how beautiful she is…” He says. He slams his hand over his mouth the instant he realizes he said that. Both him and Toru turn beet red and the usually invisible girl turns a wide eyed stare to the Cinnamon Roll.

“Holy shit, I never would have thought Izuku could be so smooth.” Sero says, getting a couple of dumb nods in agreement. Toru rockets over to Izuku in a burst of energy, jumping into his arms and kissing him passionately. “And now for the fun one with a Quirk Awakening. Take it away Eraserhead!” Isamu says.

Higari Majima’s POV

The sound of Eraserhead’s cruel laughter sets Power Loader on edge. His heart drops into his stomach when he watches the man inject the serum into his most dangerous student, Mei Hatsume. Mei blinks a few times before she begins to notice something different. “Zoom has evolved quite a bit now. Mom just got infrared vision, night vision, microscopic vision and X-Ray Vision. She can use those just by thinking though; I’ll let Mr. Aizawa explain the fun one though.” Isamu says.

Eraserhead places a hand on the back of her skull with a wicked grin hidden under his scarf. “Alright Mei, just a heads up, this is most likely going to hurt the first time, and you’ll probably be blind for a bit after. Recovery Girl is here on standby to heal you, so you should be fine. You should be able to feel a bundle of energy in your stomach now. What I need you to do is focus on that bundle and concentrate your vision on those buildings over there.” He says before pointing out a cluster of ruined sky scrapers.” He says.

Mei shrugs before doing exactly what he asked her to do. Her eyes start to glow with yellow energy and a laser around four foot thick shoots out of her pupils. Aizawa rotates her head with his hand to allow the lasers to slice through nearly four blocks of skyscrapers around 2 miles away. Mei screams in pain the second the lasers stop and Recovery Girl rushes over to heal her.

A loud rumbling noise goes off and parts of several dozen of the skyscrapers start to slide off, having been sliced straight through. Everyone else is wide eyed in shock at the sheer display of power, but Power Loader seems to have the worst of it. His eyes are as wide as dinner plates and he starts to tremble in terror after that destructive display. A few seconds later, his eyes roll up into the back of his skull and he passes out.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

A few minutes later, Mei is finally able to see again. “There are two more things you need to know mom, your new laser eyes can lock onto a target, following them around as they move. Also, when you learn to decrease the power output, you should also be able to use your quirk as a welding torch.” She says. The pink haired inventor honestly seems more excited about the second fact than the first.

She turns to face Eraser Head with a mischievous grin that makes the man shiver in fear. “Oh I forgot to mention, due to the destructive nature of her quirk; Mei is going to have to become a hybrid Heroics/Support student. She’ll be joining Class 1-A for Heroics classes.” She says. “God damn it, I don’t need another problem child!” He says angrily.

“WHAT?! I don’t have time for that! I won’t be able to make as many babies if I’m pulling double duty!” Mei shouts angrily. “Oh right!” Isamu says before pulling out the same pen like device Reginald had. She flashes it in her mother’s eyes and the girl feels a flood of new information.

“That should catch you up on all of your basic subjects. You won’t be attending the general classes like history, English, literature and all those other boring things.” She says just as Higari Majima wakes up. “You’ll have one on one tutoring sessions for support class with Mr. Majima.” She continues, causing Power Loader to promptly lose consciousness again. “And then you’ll attend heroics classes with class 1-A.” Isamu says. Mei blinks for a few seconds at this. “So let me get this straight, I get out of all the boring classes and I don’t have to worry about the rest of my class mates getting in my way?” She asks. Isamu nods at this.

“DEAL!” She shouts enthusiastically. Some of the less academically gifted students glare at the pink haired inventor. “Lucky. If you weren’t a fellow pinky, I’d probably hate you right now.” Mina mutters with a jealous pout on her face. Akira clears her throat, drawing the attention of the students, heroes, teachers and Izukids toward her.

Yagi Toshinori’s POV

“Now that that’s done, we can get on to the first lesson. Mr. Toshinori?” She says, turning to the skeletal man in question. Yagi looks into the girls eyes and gulps when he notices the fire behind them. “Would you like to be my sparring partner? It’s critical that everyone sees this.” Akira says. Most of the people present look at the woman as if she had lost her mind, but All Might, Principal Nezu, Eraserhead and Endeavor can feel the tension in the air. Yagi grins before transforming into All Might form. “It would be my pleasure young lady.” He says.

All for One’s POV

All For One is laying face first on the ground in the warehouse that holds the Nomu. Off to the side, the body of Dr. Kyudai Garaki is splayed out on the ground in a puddle of blood with an enormous shard of glass through his heart. The dead Nomu are scattered around the room in bits and pieces, having failed to protect the doctor and his benefactor.

All for One is flipped onto his back by an ornately etched black metal boot. He looks up and sees his assailant; a woman wearing a three foot wide hoop skirt with a white petticoat that has pink and pale yellow wild flowers on it, a faint outline indicating she is wearing a corset, a pink button up dress shirt with pale yellow buttons and a pair of pale yellow elbow length lace gloves. She stands 5’1” tall and has curly blonde hair and dark red eyes with a slight glow to them.

Her right hand is shrouded in dark purple flames shaped like a clawed hand. Each finger has a two foot long set of curved claws like that of a cat, with the claw on her thumb having a hook on the end of it. All for One struggles inside of his mind to fight back, but the crushing weight of fear and despair seems to drain him of the will to move. The woman looks down on him with a sinister toothy grin on her face, revealing that she has two rows of razor sharp, shark like teeth.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen.” She says tauntingly with a Southern Belle accent that seems strange in Japanese. “I bet you’re probably wondering who I am. You’ve spent hundreds of years making yourself the perfect villain, only to be brought down by some completely unknown person. Well allow me to clear up any confusion you may have. My name is Melody Everhart, but you may know me by my code name, the Soul Reaver.” She says with an icy tone.

All for One’s eyes widen at this. He had heard stories of a mysterious American villain who went by that name, but he had always believed that she was an urban legend. After all, a quirk like hers is simply too fantastical to possibly exist, or so he thought. “Ahh, I see my reputation precedes me, even here in Japan.” She says before leaning against a nearby wall. “You see, we’re a lot alike. Both of us are mythical figures from the Dawn of Quirks, we both have Quirks which allow us to access a vast number of different abilities and we both prefer to stick to the shadows and let our underlings do the work.” She says as a tall figure enters the warehouse, where it is shrouded in shadows.

The creature looks vaguely human in shape, but it seems to be a chaotic mishmash of multiple species animal and robotic appendages. “But our quirks are very much different, I assure you.”

Melody Everhart
Codename: Soul Reaver
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 19th
Age: 192
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Dark Harbinger
Quirk Description: Melody is able to absorb negative human emotions from around her, using it to modify her genetic code. This allows her to create her own quirks from scratch to use. She has many other quirks, but not as many as All For One, as she prefers quality over quantity. She can also force people within a range of three hundred feet to feel all the despair they have ever felt throughout their entire lives, rendering them completely incapable of doing anything. Although it is possible to resist this, it is very difficult, as your will power must be stronger than the darkness inside of you. There are limits to how much power she can give herself, but those can be overcome through a process called a Soul Shift. She requires a soul tainted by a strong darkness to do this, and she can use her Shadow Claw to pull it out. The process leaves the victims alive, but in a permanent vegetative state.

Basic Biography: Like All for One, Soul Reaver is a Super Villain who has existed since the Dawn of Quirks. She is also a very gifted scientist. Very little is known about her and her existence is thought to be a mere urban legend.

The woman chuckles at the wide eyed stare of the helpless man. For the first time in centuries, he finally feels something akin to fear as he looks into the eyes of a superior predator. She walks over to one of the dead Nomu and kicks the creature. “Tsk. Such an ugly design. Trying to force quirks into a body that can’t handle them is foolish. You should make the body for the quirks, not take an existing body and turn it into a vessel. This is just crude, shoddy craftsmanship.” She says before turning back to All for One.

“You and I have taken very different paths despite similar circumstances. While you sought to create a criminal empire with the strongest of quirks, I saw the bigger picture. As quirks became more abundant, humanity grew stagnant. Space Exploration, medicine, physics, chemistry; even genetics aside from identifying quirks were all abandoned. After all, who needs a chemical cure for a disease if someone can just cure you with a quirk? And why bother exploring and colonizing the universe when you can watch somebody throw a sky scraper at a giant monster? Our quirks could have driven us to new heights of science and technology, but we as a species grew complacent.” She says casually.

She chuckles as she looks down at the shell of a man. “It’s kind of funny that All Might of all people became a symbol for the heroes of today, he’s a perfect representation of this society. He’s got power, he’s got speed, he’s got charisma-“ She says before chuckling again. “-and he’s even got an I.Q. that matches his Hero Ranking. But I suppose that’s fine in a world where might is right.” She adds.

She plunges her clawed hand into his chest as the aura of despair vanishes. Despite this, he is still unable to move. His mind is overwhelmed with primal fear as everything within him screams that something wrong, something unnatural is happening. She chuckles again. “It doesn’t feel right, does it? The soul isn’t supposed to be a physical thing, how can somebody grab it like this?” She says tauntingly before locking eyes with the man. “I thank you for your contribution All for One.” She says before ripping a cloud of black energy out of his chest without damaging his body.

Melody Everhart’s POV

Melody pulls the black cloud up to her mouth and swallows it whole. An explosion of purple flames erupts from her body and she looks as if she had just woken up from an invigorating nap. “Ahh, now that is refreshing.” She says before turning around and leaving the soulless husk of Japan’s most dangerous Super Villain behind.

A/N: Oh crap, things are getting real now. It’s only the second chapter and All for One is already done for. What’s worse is that he went out like a little bitch. Also, can somebody call the burn ward? I think All Might just got roasted. As I said before, Melody Everhart is a character from my RWBY fanfic series Children, Confessions and Confusion. One of the reasons I abandoned that fic is because I didn’t like the direction the story took her. She was supposed to be an unsympathetic villain, but the story turned her into a redemption character. That won’t happen here, Melody is a monster through and through. Don’t worry though; she won’t be the only Super Villain in this story though.

If you’re wondering why I took All for One out so early, it’s because he was never going to be a major factor in this story. I am the kind of fan fic writer who likes to shoot cannon out of a cannon. As such, the Yakuza, Shigaraki and the Meta Liberation Army are also going to be dealt with, mostly likely within the next few chapters.

The first part of the story was dominated by sexy fun times, and holy crap was that crazy. Then again, when you put Nejire Hado, Himiko Toga and Mei Hatsume in the same scene, what else do you expect? While this harem won’t have a main girl type situation, Ochaco is clearly top bitch in the bedroom, (though she will have to fight to maintain this position.)

Now you may be wondering why I added four more girls to the Harem. Like I said, I like well rounded out numbers, but that’s not the only reason. Izuku’s harem was lacking balance in terms of the number of Deres. This is especially true when it comes to Kuudere’s. While one could argue that Tsuyu is a Kuudere (I personally believe she is.) There are those who don’t agree. To settle this, I chose to bring Yui Kodai into the fold, as few people dispute her status as a Kuudere. I also wanted a few older women in the relationship. Fuyumi and Mount Lady are great, but Bunny Girls are awesome; and the harem just didn’t feel right without everyone’s favorite sexy teacher. As for Itsuka Kendo’s inclusion, she’s here to add an interesting dynamic to the group, something that will be introduced later in the story.

From there we moved on to Ground Beta, but not before learning some interesting things along the way. It appears that some of Izuku’s children may be a lot stronger than we ever imagined, with some of them even surpassing All Might. Bachiko even got a chance to prove it when Katsuki decided to run his mouth. Neito also got a bit of a talking to.

From there, we got to see a few more of the kids. Momo’s daughter Akira is an interesting character. She may look rather simple, but trust me when I say there’s more to her than a “Sexy Cow Girl Yaomomo” as Mina put it.

We got a bit of a ship tease in the form of a speechless Tenya Iida, staring at Melissa Shield. (Tensei’s going to have a field day with that.)

Then things took a turn for the hilarious as we were introduced to the supposed daughter of Izuku and Mitsuki Bakugou. Katsuki reacted exactly as you would expect him to in that situation; he devolved into rabid animal level rage, complete with foaming at the mouth. Of course, this was revealed to be a joke on the part of Toru’s daughter, Hikari.

Her quirk not only allows her to become invisible, she can create illusions. Most importantly, she is visible, something which shocks Toru to the core.

Then we get to see a few Quirk Awakenings. Himiko Toga got her cannon Quirk Awakening a bit earlier than cannon. Toru was next, and what she got was something she had been wanting her entire life; a way to deactivate her quirk. Izuku pulled out one of the smoothest lines ever, shocking everyone present. Toru pretty much mauled him in response.

Finally we got to a more interesting Quirk Awakening. Mei Hatsume has suddenly become a lot more dangerous, (horrifying many people in the process.) Her additional types of vision are helpful, but it’s the laser vision that gives her an offensive ability. This laser vision functions as a hybrid between Cyclops of the X-Men and the DC Comics villain Darkseid.

Mei was given the option to become a hybrid heroics/support student, which she eagerly accepted upon learning that she would get out of the more boring classes as a result. It also didn’t hurt that she would get the lab to herself instead of having to share with the rest of her class.

Finally, I set up the first real fight for this story, Akira Yaoyorozu vs. All Might. Trust me, there’s a reason I did this, you’ll just have to wait until next time to discover it.

Whew, this one took a little longer than I expected to get out. Still, I’m very happy with the direction this story is going. As always, any advice/comments are welcome. Until next time.

Chapter Text

The Rise of Homo Quirkeas
Chapter 3

Q/N: Consider the message about the POV shifts received. It may be a bit before I go back to fix the first two chapters, but from now on, I will be using line separations. Whether they show up properly on AO3 or not depends on if I can make it cooperate.


Just as Akira and All Might are preparing to fight, Izuku and several of the other students look up to the second story of a nearby building. Izuku’s eyes narrow when he sees a costumed female sitting on the edge of a hole blown in the buildings wall. She has a blue metallic masquerade style mask with three red diamonds between the eyebrows which covers everything above her mouth. The way that her black hair connects to the mask so seamlessly leads Izuku to believe it is a wig attached to the mask itself.

She is wearing a sleeveless skin tight black bodysuit with strange white symbols that look like a hybrid between Nordic Runes and Kanji across her chest. The outer legs have dark blue stripes on them starting from the waist which are also covered in the same strange white symbols. She also has heavy black combat boots with the same symbols on the sides. She’s wearing a belt around her waist with a dozen pouches and a revolver that looks identical to the one Akira has holstered to her left hip. Her left arm looks normal, but her right arm is clearly prosthetic. While his knowledge of support items is rather limited, it is quite clear that the arm is way more advanced than anything currently on the market. If it weren’t for the silver shine it had and a few devices on it, she probably could have passed it off as a real arm.

He is frustrated as he can’t seem to recognize her. She seems strangely familiar as well, adding to his frustration. He prides himself in his knowledge of heroes, so not knowing who she is doesn’t sit well with him. Then he remembers that they will also be working with vigilantes. He runs her through his knowledge of vigilantes and then it clicks.

His jaw drops as he finally recognizes the figure. “HOLY SHIT! IS THAT MIST?!” He shouts. Many of those who know the boy seem shocked by his swearing, but they turn to look at the woman and several people recognize her. “I was wondering when someone was going to notice her.” Akira says. “Yes pa that is the legendary vigilante known as Mist. For those of you who don’t know, Mist is a vigilante from the earliest days of quirks, back before heroes were regulated by the government. Most people believe she is a myth, but as you can clearly see, she is very real. She’s here because she will be helping me train you later.” She says.

While most people seem satisfied by this explanation, Izuku and Katsuki can’t shake the feeling of familiarity in those intense red eyes of hers. Regardless, they turn their attention back to the fight which is about to start.


“Alright, listen up. This fight is probably going to end rather quickly. This is because both of us will be moving fast, likely faster than any of you can perceive. There’s a camera set up to record the fight which can slow the fight down for you all to see.” She says gesturing toward the camera. She and All Might face each other as Midnight approaches the impromptu battleground. She looks between the two combatants and shouts start.

Both Akira and All Might disappear instantly. For the next minute, random bursts of pressure explode all around the area, destroying quite a few walls, creating craters in the ground and stirring up dust. The bursts are not contained to the ground either, as several clashes occur in the air as well. The explosions intensify as the fight continues, culminating in an intense climax where a huge crater opens up at the far end of the battlefield. When the dust clears, everyone is stunned by what they see.

Akira is standing on top of a now deflated All Might with her left foot hovering over his throat. Judging by the bruises and cuts all over his body, as well as his half destroyed uniform, he’s been put through the wringer. Akira has a few scrapes and a bruised left cheek, but other than that, she looks fine. She grins down at the man before turning to the audience.

“Alright everyone, here’s the lesson for today. It’s very important that you understand what I’m about to tell you.” Akira says before turning to look down at All Might. “You should probably pay attention as well Yagi, you might learn something.” She says. Much to everyone’s confusion, she starts to pull off her boot. “I don’t care how weak or how strong you may think you are, anyone can become a powerful hero with the right training and the right equipment-” She says as she pulls off her left sock before placing her foot in front of the downed man’s face. “-even if they’re quirkless.” She says, wiggling her pinky toe in front of the now thoroughly shocked man’s face in a way which clearly displays that she has the extra joint that people with quirks do not possess. Everyone else seems to be just as floored by this revelation.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!?! THERE’S NO WAY SOME QUIRKLESS NOBODY COULD BEAT ALL MIGHT!!” Katsuki shouts, not noticing that Mist seems to have come up behind him while everyone was distracted. The vigilante slaps the blonde upside the back of his head with her normal arm. “Quiet brat! You need to learn not to underestimate an opponent.” The woman yells. Katsuki and Izuku both turned shocked looks to the woman, clearly recognizing her voice. “A-a-aunty Mitsuki?” Izuku barely manages to stutter. The woman grins like a maniac before pulling the mask/wig combo, revealing her true identity as Katsuki’s mother.

The expression on the boy’s face would make you think a horse was using his brain as a flesh light. The mother turns to glare intensely at her son. “I also just learned about how you used to treat Izuku brat. I think it’s time you and I had a spar of our own; I’m going to beat that over inflated ego out of you one way or another.” She says before smirking evilly at the boy.

“Plus, I’m afraid you’re going to have to get used to being around Izuku more; I’ve been dating Inko for the past three years; the first time I’ve been able to have a relationship aside from your father after he died eight years ago. We’re getting married in a few months; Izuku’s going to be your step brother.” She says. The metaphorical horse was replaced by a blue whale after what she said finally registered in his mind. Izuku also seems a bit floored by this revelation.


Akira clears her throat again with an amused smirk on her face. “As funny as this has been, we still got a lesson to deal with. To answer Bakagou’s question. I may be quirkless, but I still have some tricks up my sleeve.” Akira says before taking off her glasses, revealing electric blue lines in her black irises. Then she pulls the bandana around her neck off to reveal a mechanical device in between the top of her breasts with a glowing blue core.

Mei’s eyes widen like dinner plates as she stops shaking for the first time since she saw Akira. David, Melissa and Power Loader seem to be shocked by the revelation as well. “Oh my god…” She whispers. Mei’s vibrating returns with a vengeance. In fact it has become so intense that many of the students start to put a bit of distance between her in fear that she might blow up. “SHE’S A CYBORG!!!!!!!!!!” The pink haired girl screams before she practically explodes out of her seat.


Akira chuckles at the young engineer’s reaction. The girl is whipping around her like a hurricane, zooming in on every aspect of her body, much to the woman’s amusement. “Yup, Akira Yaoyorozu, aka Cybershot.

Akira Yaoyorozu
Codename: Cybershot
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 485 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 18th
Age: 23
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: None
Quirk Description: Akira Yaoyorozu is quirkless.
Basic Biography: Akira may not be the strongest of Izuku’s children, but she can be downright devastating in combat. She is a master of strategy and a world class expert in most fighting styles, although she prefers utilizing agility over power. She is also extremely adept when it comes to analyzing quirks, even better than her father. The combination of her desperada like appearance, her accent and her proficiency with hand guns leads many to joke that she is actually Snipe’s secret daughter. In reality, he was her mentor.

“Alright, calm down Mei, I’ll give you the blue prints for my enhancements after we analyze the fight between All Might and me, deal?” Akira asks. Mei nods enthusiastically and she looks to the other three tech heads. “I’ll send them to you three as well.” Akira says, getting nods from them before they head back to the school. They arrive at an auditorium, where the video is played.


All Might is the first to make a move, charging straight toward the woman hoping to deliver a powerful punch. Akira effortlessly flips over the man, delivering a kick to the back of his skull which knocks him face first into ground before retreating to the top of a nearby building. All Might shakes his head to regain his focus. “She’s fast, and that kick hurt like hell.” All Might thinks to himself. He pulls himself out of the crater and turns to face his opponent, only for his eyes to widen as she is already a few feet away from him with her leg ready to strike again.

He barely manages to block the kick, but Akira kicks off of his arm and leaps out of range before he can counter. She pulls her revolver out of its holster and points it straight at him. The man briefly pauses when he sees the same strange symbols from Mist’s costume engraved into the gun’s metal. But then he scoffs at the woman. He’s been dodging bullets for decades without any issue. This proves to be a serious miscalculation though, as a flash of blue light explodes from the barrel and the man is blown through the side of a nearby building from the force of the impact.

He finally understands that this woman is not to be taken lightly as he rises from inside the smoke cloud. The woman surges through the cloud, somehow knowing exactly where he is despite her vision being obscured. He surges forward in a burst of speed which finally manages to catch the woman off guard as he lands a punch on her left cheek. Before he can capitalize, Akira is already behind him, bouncing off the wall to deliver a devastating round house kick into his back which sends him flying.

From there, Akira’s speed picks up even more. She starts to punch, kick and shoot the man, landing an incredible twenty seven hits. He tries to retaliate whenever she gets close, but she’s simply too fast for him to hit. By the end of the fight, his uniform is half destroyed and his body is starting to steam as the damage starts to pile up.

He looks up and his eyes widen when he sees her in front of him with her gun aimed at his stomach. She fires three shots in rapid succession to keep him off balance and surges forward to land a high kick just below his chin which sends him flying into the air. She jumps up after him and kicks him in the chest much harder than any of her previous blows. He slams into the ground and his transformation disperses just as Akira brings her foot over his throat to end the fight.


Shota Aizawa is grinning like a loon with his scarf pulled down past his mouth so he can eat the pop corn he got from Lunch Rush on the way here. The man thoroughly enjoyed watching All Might get his ass handed to him, and the fact that it was a Quirkless person who did it makes the sight all the sweeter.

The man firmly believed in the idea that anyone can be a hero. Hell, offensively speaking, Eraser Head himself was quirkless. He’s faced down many mutant Villains whose quirks he couldn’t disable and still managed to come out on top. So seeing the man who is the living embodiment of Brawn over Brain wrecked by someone who is supposed to be powerless gave him an odd sense of vindication.


Katsuki Bakugou didn’t even pay attention to the fight. In fact, he hasn’t really done anything since his mother revealed her identity as a Vigilante. Then, out of nowhere, he suddenly comes back down to reality. “WHAT THE FUCK OLD HAG?! SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN A VIGILANTE?!?!” He says, turning a furious glare toward his mother; a glare that the woman returns.

“I’ve been a vigilante since way before you were born brat. Mist isn’t a legacy; she’s always been the same person. I’ve been fighting crime for over one hundred and fifty years.” She says, silencing everyone.

Katsuki scoffs at that, “You’re only 39 years old, I know your quirk makes it look like you don’t age, but that’s all it does. You’re a glorified moisturizer dispenser!” He shouts back, earning an extra hard slap in the back of his head. “That’s just what I tell everyone brat! That’s part of my quirk, but not all of it!” She shouts.

Mitsuki Bakugou
Codename: Mist
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 152 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 1st
Age: 167
Blood Type: A
Official Quirk Name: Glycerin
Quirk Description: Officially, Mitsuki’s Quirk lets her secrete a liquid moisturizer containing glycerin. This means that she has flawless skin, even at her supposed age of 39.
Actual Quirk Name: Biological Immortality
Quirk Description: While her skin does secrete the aforementioned liquid moisturizer, that is just one of the features her quirk contains. Her quirk renders her body immune to the effects of Senescence, the degradation of the body as a creature ages.

Basic Biography: Publically, Mitsuki Bakugou is the widowed mother of Katsuki Bakugou, whose husband died in a villain attack ten years ago. This is a disguise though. Her real name has been abandoned, but she is known to the world as Mist, a thought to be urban legend.

She turns her face to the ground as she decides to reveal her origins. “I had to conceal the true nature of my quirk to avoid people trying to steal it or turn me into a lab rat. My mother, who was one of the first people to have a quirk, had the same one I do. Because of this, we were attacked by a group of paramilitary soldiers. My right arm was severely damaged by an explosion triggered during the attack. My mother managed to steal a gun from one of the soldiers and told me to run. She actually held her own for a while, but then their leader appeared, a man you know as All For One. He overpowered her, stole her quirk and killed her.” Mitsuki says sadly as tears begin to flow.

Dean Nezu, Yagi Toshinori and Gran Torino all go wide eyed in understanding. “So that’s where he got his immortality quirk.”


Several people send the woman a look of sympathy as she tells her story. Katsuki seems to be frozen, as he struggles to process this information. Some of the others don’t really know how to act though. Mei Hatsume pulls her goggles off her head and starts to fiddle with them nervously.

“My injuries were so severe that my arm had to be amputated, but I was able to get a prosthetic with the help of a German man by the name of Almaric Schmidt; or as he is known to the world today, Eitri the Schmiedemeister.” Mitsuki adds. Mei fumbles her goggles wildly in front of her and her eyes go as wide as dinner plates. Power Loader’s jaw practically drops to the floor when he hears this. Melissa Shield squeaks in shock and David Shield looks as if he’s about to pass out.

“YOUR ARM’S A SCHMIEDEMIESTER?!?!?!?!” The four shout in shock. In true Mei Hatsume fashion, the pink haired girl bursts out of her chair and gets really close to take a closer look. “Uhh, is that a big deal?” Denki asks confusedly. Mei turns to the electric man with a half manic expression. “Schmiedemeister was the greatest inventor of the quirk era, possibly ever. Most of his inventions were lost in the chaos of the early Quirk era, but the few surviving pieces are nothing short of amazing. To this day, no one has been able to even come close to matching his abilities. His inventions were thousands of years ahead of their time.” Higari says as he stares at the device as if it were a gift from the gods. He walks over to get a closer look, as do the Shields.

“Holy shit! This thing looks like it could punch through nine inches of solid steel!” She says before she zooms in with her quirk to get a look at the metal on a microscopic scale. She gasps dramatically at what she sees. “HE USED HIS QUIRK ON THE METAL! IT’S REAL SCHMEDIAN STEEL!!! ALL MIGHT WOULDN’T EVEN BE ABLE TO BREAK THIS!!!” She shouts. Higari passes out in shock upon hearing this. “Mei, please calm down, you’re getting really loud.” Shota Aizawa says, massaging his temples as he fights off a migraine. Mitsuki grins at the girl. “I got this.” She says before shooting a blue beam out of one of her fingers at Mei.

“OH MY GOD! IS THAT AN ANTI-GRAVITY REPULSOR FIELD GENERATOR!” She screams, but the volume of her voice seems muffled. She gasps comically at this. “IT HAS A SONIC DAMPENER TOO?!?!” David Shield is the next one to pass out. “AND IS THAT A CRYO BEAM IN THE PALM?!?! AND IT HAS AN ENERGY SHIELD AS WELL AS AN EXPANDABLE FORCEFIELD GENERATOR!” She screams. Now Melissa is the one who loses consciousness.


Tenya rushes over to catch her, his cheeks blushing as he looks down at the beautiful woman’s face. He never notices the predatory looks on Mina or Setsuna’s faces.

She puts her goggles back on to take a few readings, but she pauses as the final straw hits her. “It uses theoretical hyper conductors… It amplifies the power received by over one hundred thousand times… It can be run on a watch batt…er…y.“ She says, slurring the last word before passing out as well. Luckily, Izuku manages to rush over to catch her as well.

Mitsuki chuckles at the scene. “Yeah, that’s what usually happens to any gear junkies I show this thing to, gotta admit though, she lasted a lot longer than I thought she would. The only thing she missed was that it also functions as a grappling hook.” She says amusedly, shooting her hand off as if to prove her words before reeling it back in.

She turns a curious look over to Akira and pulls out her revolver, which most of them notice is identical to the one the Yaoyorozu has on her hip. “The gun is a Schmiedemeister too, how did you end up with my gun?” She asks Akira. The cowgirl flinches at this. “You gave it to me before you died saving me.” She says solemnly. Mitsuki sighs at this.

“Wait, I thought she was immortal?” Hanta asks. Mitsuki shakes her head. “There’s a difference between biological immortality and actual immortality kid. I don’t age, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be killed other ways.” She says before turning to Akira. “Still, I died saving others, and that’s pretty much how I wanted to go out.” She says. Before she can say anything else, an explosion rocks the auditorium, putting everyone on high alert.


Akira’s phone goes off and answers itself. “We got problems sis!” An unknown male voice says over the speaker. “Hibiki got hit with a chemical cleansing quirk of some type over the past week, he’s off his meds!” The voice adds. Hikari, Isamu and Bachiko flinch when they hear his words. Mina’s eyes widen in worry when she recognizes the name. “Shit,” Akira says as the school is rattled by another explosion. “Who’s with you right now?” She asks. “It’s just me and Ryota. We’re trying to get him to take his meds, but he’s resisting. We’re just in front of the main gate! We could really use Aunt Mina right now; she’s the only one who’s ever been able to calm him down when he gets like this.” The man says. Before anybody can do anything, Mina rushes out of the room with a look of frantic worry and tears rolling her face.


The pink skinned girl is rushing toward the front gate with tears in her eyes. “Oh god, th-this is all my fault! He must have a bipolar type schizoaffective disorder, just like daddy had. That’s genetic!” She screams inside of her head as Akira, Izuku, and Tenya manage to catch up to her. The two boys look as if they are about to try and stop her, but Akira says something Mina doesn’t catch which makes them stop. She doesn’t notice as Nejire catches up to the group as well, holding Mei and Himiko in her arms. Setsuna is a bit behind them with Pony, who seems to be standing on her flying horns to keep up.

The gate opens and Mina slides to a halt with a look of absolute horror on her face when she finally sees her son. He has the same skin tone and horns as well her black sclera, but his hair and irises are green like Izuku’s. He also has the same hairstyle as his father.

The boy is wearing a black hoodie with a galaxy of varying shades of purple and white on the front, a pair of purple spandex leggings with rainbows down the outer sides of the legs and a thick black leather belt with various pouches as well as what looks like a pair of knife holsters. He also has a pair of black mechanical boots with oddly shaped speakers on each sole. His face seems to be covered in glitter and he has a pair of black, fingerless gloves which have the same odd speakers on the soles. At the moment, he is holding a pair of black handled butterfly knives with silver blades, which he is skillfully twirling around in his hands.

Of course, Mina doesn’t really notice any of that. She’s too distracted by the blood all over his body and the severed head of Tomura Shigaraki with what she recognizes as acid burns under the part where his neck should connect to the rest of his body. Mina drops to her knees, her hand covering her mouth with a look of horror on her face as the others catch up. Many of them have the same horrified looks on their faces, although Mei and Nejire’s expressions seem unreadable. Himiko seems a bit more conflicted. She would usually not be bothered by such a sight, but for some reason, she feels pity for the boy.


Pony rushes over to the bushes and vomits, with Itsuka and Tsuyu rushing over to comfort her when they finally catch up. They notice Hibiki’s state and Itsuka turns to the rest of the group as her big sister instincts kick in. Tsuyu’s prey instincts also kick in, but she squashes them down as a pang of guilt hits her. “STOP!” Itsuka yells, stopping them all. “You guys don’t need to see this.” She says. The adults manage to hold the students back, with the teachers ordering the students who hadn’t already seen Hibiki to return to the dorms. Midnight, Vlad King, Eraser Head and Dean Nezu walk up to the gates and wince when they see the severed head.


The boy grins as he sees a flame covered red haired Minotaur like man charging straight at him like a rocket. He twists to the side at the last second, shouting a cheeky “¡Olé!” as the man passes by him. A bright purple triceratops with the back half of its body covered in long, porcupine quills charges in from the other side, but Hibiki spins around and a loud boom goes off as he is launched into the air by a burst of sound from the speakers in his boots.

“What the hell did you do to Shigaraki, Hibiki? His face looks like he was in immense pain!” The triceratops growls out. Hibiki pulls the head from his belt and looks at the face. He puts the head back on his belt with one hand before slapping the other on his forehead. “OHH! You’re supposed to put the body in the tub full of acid AFTER they’re dead! Opps, silly me!” He says cheekily, causing Mina to throw up.

Hibiki Ashido
Codename: Mr. Smooth
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 374 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 31st
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: One with the Beat
Quirk Description: Hibiki Ashido’s quirk allows him to convert the kinetic energy of his movements into blasts of sonic energy. Like his mother, he has pink skin, black eyes and yellow horns, but these are unrelated to his power.
Basic Biography: Hibiki Ashido is usually a party animal who loves to tease. He is also considered incredibly attractive. Unfortunately, he also has a mental illness which is usually managed by medication. As his power is movement based and he picked up his mother’s dance skills, he prefers to utilize Capoeria fighting style. He also utilizes a silver bladed butterfly knife with a black and pink handle, having been taught to use knives by his aunt Himiko Toga. He has an extremely mischievous personality, even eclipsing his mother’s mischievous streak. People are often amazed as to how someone managed to cram so much snark into a single person.

The sound of her vomiting manages to grab his attention. His eyes go wide when he sees the distraught woman. “MAMA!” He shouts happily before launching himself toward the surprised pinkette. He pulls the woman off her feet and hugs her tight, but he pauses when he hears her sobbing. He pulls back with a look of concern as Hikari creeps up behind him with a syringe in her hand.

“What’s wrong mama?” He asks in confusion. Mina looks at the boy and starts to wail when she sees the fractured look in his eyes. She had been hoping, begging every entity out there that he wasn’t like her father, her mind trying to make excuses for his behavior. But one look in his eyes was all it took to blow all of that away. His eyes widen when he feels the needle hit him in the back of his neck. The fractured look vanishes and his eyes widen in horror as he realizes what he did. He starts to cry as well as he stares at his mother fearfully.

“O-oh God… You hate me, don’t you?” He asks with a timid tone much like his fathers. Mina’s eyes widen in horror as she pulls him closer. “N-no baby, I don’t hate you! I co-could never hate you! I-it’s going to be okay. This wasn’t y-your fault. You’re just sick. W-we’re going to get you some help, okay baby?” She says soothingly. The boy cries tears of relief into her shoulder upon hearing this. Several of the people witnessing this seem to be crying. Izuku slowly walks forward, his face covered in tears as well as he joins Mina in her embrace. Hibiki looks up in shock at his father. “Papa?” He asks weakly.

Izuku shushes the boy. “I-it’s going to be okay Hibiki. W-We still love you and we’re not going anywhere.” He says. This triggers another round of crying while the teachers come over to whisk them away.


Pony Tsunotori, Tsuyu Asui and Itsuka Kendo freeze when a large shadow overtakes them. They look up and their eyes go wide when they see the titanic man standing in front of them. To say that Ox Tsunotori was built would be an understatement. The man has muscles that rival All Might’s. He is wearing a sleeveless black tank top underneath a blood red metallic chest plate. He also has red armored shoulder pads similar to the ones American football players would wear. His arms are bare, but he has a pair of large black and red gauntlets which go all the way to his elbows.

He is wearing red pants with black greaves protecting his thighs and upper legs as well as a black leather belt with a huge metal plate in the center. He doesn’t seem to have shoes though, as his bull like hooves are clearly visible.

Of course it’s his mutant features that stand out the most. The man is almost exactly what one would expect the legendary Greek Minotaur would look like. He has long, thick Ox like horns, a bull like head complete with a gold nose ring, and thick black hair covering his arms, and likely the rest of his body as well.

Ox Tsunotori
Codename: Brazen
Height: 7’2”
Weight: 802 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 18th
Age: 30
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Meteoric Charge
Quirk Description: Ox is capable of boosting his running speed and the force of impact by shrouding himself in flames like a rocket. He can send nearly anything flying and his momentum is almost impossible to stop by anything once he starts moving. His physical appearance is very reminiscent of the mythological Greek Creature known as the Minotaur.
Basic Biography: Ox is the epitome of the strong silent type. He is a man of few words and abundant love. Despite his massive size, the man is a giant teddy bear at heart and he’s great with children and animals.


“Hey Ma, the name’s Ox. I’m happy to meet you. I just wish it was under better circumstances.” He says with a soft, soothing voice that doesn’t match his appearance at all. His accent is almost the same as Akira’s. The mother in question stares up at the large man with wide eyes and bright red cheeks. They are interrupted by the ground shaking and turn to stare at the source. Itsuka, Tsuyu and Pony are both shocked by the appearance of a supposedly extinct creature.


The purple triceratops rushes over to Setsuna Tokage before sliding to a halt in front of the shocked girl. The creature turns into a human with a four foot long thick powerful green tail covered in scales and feathers. He’s a fairly muscular individual wearing a purple and green spandex suit with a Triceratops skull on it. He’s also wearing a pair of black boots. Overall, his costume seems rather simple, but that’s likely because he spends most of his time as a hero transformed anyway.

His eyes are the same green as his father’s but his hair is bright purple like Setsuna’s uniform. He also has the same hairstyle as his mother, only with the fluffy texture of his father’s hair. He looks at the shocked face of his mother with a mischievous grin on his face. “Hi mom!” He shouts before hugging her tight. He releases her and immediately introduces himself.

Ryota Tokage
Codename: Savage
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 452 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 8th
Age: 26
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Prehistoric
Quirk Description: Ryota is capable of transforming into multiple species of extinct reptiles, mostly dinosaurs.
Basic Biography: Ryota grew up in a remote forested region. He loves nature and the outdoors. He’s also just as outgoing and mischievous as his mother.

Setsuna freezes when she hears about his quirk. Her eyes are wide and her jaw has literally dropped to the ground. The detached jaw returns to its position and she stares at the man in shock. “My son can turn into dinosaurs…” She says quietly. The girl starts to vibrate with gleeful energy, causing Pony, Ox and Itsuka to back away from the girl cautiously.

“That’s… AWESOME!!!!” She screams at the top of her lungs before glomping on to the large man. “And it gets better mom. My dinosaur forms are scientifically accurate! Most people don’t even realize that the Triceratops had quills on its back, and don’t even get me started on the feather issue!” He says. Setsuna growls angrily at this. “I know! All those Jurassic Park/World purists can go suck an egg! Those raptors weren’t Velociraptors! Those guys are the size of turkeys! The closest thing to what those were is the Utah Raptor, and that wasn’t discovered until way after those fake Velociraptors were introduced, and then there’s the Dilophosaurus!” She shouts. “Ugh, they completely butchered that one.” He says before transforming into said dinosaur. The creature measured around 23 feet long with a hip height of 4’ 5.5”. “I do not have poison spit, nor do I have a frilled neck! I’m a Dilophosaurus, not a Frilled Dragon! And I’m closer in weight to a brown bear than I am to that tiny thing!” He says with his voice becoming a growl.

Setsuna squeals happily as she realizes she finally has somebody she can talk dinosaurs with, and the fact that he can actually transform into a dinosaur is a major bonus. Inside of her mind, the greenete is currently plotting to jump Izuku as soon as possible, determined to make absolutely sure that her son exists.


Elsewhere, things have taken a more serious turn. Dean Nezu, Midnight, Eraser Head and All Might are meeting in a hallway with Detective Tsukauchi, Officer Sansa Tamakawa and Kenji Tsuragamae. Eraser Head tenses up when he sees the other two members of the police. “Can we-“ He starts to ask before Detective Tsukauchi holds up a hand. “They know about the future already, Reginald thought it would be best to have people on the inside at multiple levels of the police force just in case.” The Detective says. The six men walk up to the glass window of U.A.’s mock interrogation room where they can see Izuku, Mina and Hibiki. They’re not alone, as Ryo Inui, AKA Hound Dog, Himiko Toga, Mei Hatsume and Nejire Hado are all in the room with them.

Dean Nezu sighs as he watches the pink skinned boy. He’s a far cry from the manic teenager they first met. He’s still a bit odd, but he’s not as unstable as he was before. He turns to the Detective with a serious look. “So what’s going to happen to young Hibiki?” The Dean asks.

The detective sighs at this. “Normally, we would have to bring him in for a psychological examination after something like this; however after going over his profile, I don’t think that’s an option anymore.” He replies. “According to his files, Mr. Ashido would likely be classified as a level two threat. He’s not quite as powerful as heroes such as All Might or Endeavor, but still strong enough to represent a significant risk. Officially speaking, he would be given a life sentence at a specialized mental health institution under the guise of protecting the public.” Police Chief Kenji Tsuragamae says.

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ here.” Shota says warily. The detective sighs at this. “Are you familiar with the Baku Protocol?” The Dean and the two heroes wince at this. "It was an attempt to control mentally unstable people with powerful quirks during the dawn of Quirks. It was notorious for bringing the Full Frontal Lobotomy back into pr-“ Nezu starts to say before he sighs heavily. “So it really is still in use.” He says with a tone of resignation, eliciting a horrified gasp from Nemuri. The Police Chief nods at this. “Officially, the Baku Protocol was terminated eighty years ago after the Dresden Accords declared it as inhumane. Unofficially, it is still in effect even to this day. The only reason we even know this is thanks to Tsukauchi’s investigation into the HPSC. Apparently the organization has already fallen quite far into corruption.” He says.

Even Eraser Head seems horrified by this. “B-but what about Endeavor’s wife? Rei Todoroki would have definitely qualified for the Baku Protocol.” Nemuri says. “They couldn’t get away with it. Rei Todoroki is too high profile. If Endeavor’s wife suddenly vanished, people would ask questions. Mr. Ashido does not have the same status though.” The Police Chief says.

The heroes start to worry, but the Detective smiles reassuringly. “Don’t worry about it for now. There were no witnesses to this event outside of those within our circle and with the help of Miss Hatsume; we were able to purge any evidence of the incident. As far as the world is aware, Hibiki Ashido doesn’t even exist.” He says, earning a sigh of relief from the teachers. “We’ll leave Hibiki’s fate with you Dean Nezu.” The chief says before the three officers leave.


Shota Aizawa turns to look at Dean Nezu, “I take it you intend to bring him into Project Rebirth?” The teacher asks, confusing All Might. The Dean nods before turning to All Might, realizing the man would likely need an explanation. “I had suspected that the Baku Protocol was still in use, so I created my own way of dealing with the mentally ill, Project Rebirth.” Dean Nezu says.

“He tasked me and Ryo with tracking down mentally unstable individuals who were at risk of being imprisoned. They would be given a chance to redeem themselves in exchange for having any records of past crimes expunged. It’s why Nejire, Mei and Himiko are in there with him. They are all part of Project Rebirth.” Shota says.

While he wasn’t surprised about Himiko, the other two definitely caught him off guard. “Wait, I know Nejire and Mei can be a bit eccentric at times, but are you telling me they are mentally ill?” Yagi asks. Dean Nezu sighs at this. “Normally I wouldn’t respond to that question, but given the circumstances, I have no choice. Mei Hatsume has Anti Social Personality Disorder while Nejire Hado is Bipolar.” He says.

All Might pales at this. “W-what did they do to get on your radar?” Yagi asks. “Before Shota found her, Mei Hatsume’s test subjects weren’t always volunteers. She even went as far as kidnapping low risk individuals such as homeless people or prostitutes to test her inventions. Many of them were harmed, a few of them even died.” He says solemnly.

“As for Nejire Hado… have you ever heard of the harlequin vigilante known as Miss Spirals?” Dean Nezu asks. All Might shudders when he remembers coming across one of the clown themed vigilante. He freezes when the dean’s words hit him. “Wait, so Nejire Hado was Miss Spirals?” He asks in shock. Dean Nezu nods in response.


Now that Hibiki has accepted his offer, Ryo Inui turns to Nejire and Mei. “You girls do realize that in order for the other students to accept this, you will likely have to come forward about your own pasts, correct?” The two girls flinch as Mina and Izuku turn a confused look toward them. “I-I’ve already told Mirio and Amajaki about it, and Ryukyu managed to piece it together, but nobody else knows…” Nejire says nervously. Mei on the other hand seems to be hyperventilating as tears go down her face.

Izuku shoots out of his chair when he notices the pinkette’s distraught state and pulls her into a hug. “It’s going to be okay Mei, I may not know what you did before but if what Mr. Inui told us about this program is anything to go by, you weren’t responsible for whatever you did. You we sick, you got better. I promise I won’t abandon you. Nobody is going to abandon you.” He says. She looks him in the eye when she hears that. “I-Izuku, what I did- I killed at least a dozen people Izuku.” Mina gasps while Izuku just holds her tighter. “It’s okay Mei, you weren’t well.” He says before the girl devolves into a crying fit.

He turns to Nejire briefly, and his eyes widen when he sees something more unnatural than a Lovecraftian horror; something so wrong it nearly rips his heart out. Nejire is crying. He opens his arm and gestures for the girl to come join them. Nejire flies into his arms and starts crying too. “It’s going to be okay girls, nobody’s going to hurt you, I promise.


All Might is grinning like an idiot at his successor’s words. He’s never been more certain that he made the right choice than he is now. Shota shakes his head and chuckles mirthlessly. “God damn it Problem Child, you really are something special.” He thinks to himself. Nemuri, on the other hand seems frozen on the spot. If there had been any resistance for her engaging in a relationship with the younger man, it has all but died now. Then her thoughts take a turn more befitting of her Rated R gimmick and her cheeks darken, prompting an eye roll from Nezu.


Nejire, Mei, Himiko, Mina, Izuku and Hibiki arrive at the front door of the first year dorm with Dean Nezu, Hound Dog, Vlad King, Eraser Head and Midnight behind them. Nejire seems to be fairly calm, although you can tell she’s still a bit worried. Mei seems to be a nervous wreck though. Izuku had been holding her hand the entire time, and he gives her a supportive squeeze. “It’s going to be okay Mei. I doubt that any of them will hate you.” Izuku says soothingly. “E-even Neito Monoma?” She asks tentatively. Izuku flinches at the mention of the judgmental blonde of Class 1-B. “If he says anything we’ll sick Himiko on him; and I’ll join her. We pinkies gotta stick together.” Mina says reassuringly.

Mei seems surprised when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks back to see none other than Vlad King. “Don’t worry about Neito; he’ll calm down when I tell him that I’m a graduate of Project Rebirth.” He says, surprising the others. The teacher sighs at this. “Pretty much anyone with a blood related quirk is going to be mentally unstable; it’s an unfortunate side effect of our instincts. I may not be as bad as Himiko, but I do have a body count from my earlier years.” He says with a tinge of regret in his voice. Izuku freezes when he hears this. “D-does that mean that Stain-?” He starts to ask. “Yes Izuku, he has several mental illnesses. I’ve been trying to reach out to him since his time as Steindahl, but I haven’t had much success.” Eraser Head says.

Izuku decides to store that information away for later, instead focusing his attention on Mei, Himiko, Nejire and Hibiki. “Are you guys ready?” Izuku asks. Mei chuckles mirthlessly at this. “Of course not, but it’s not like we have any other choice in the matter.” She says. With that, Izuku opens the doors of the dorm.


The remaining students are gathered in the common rooms talking nervously amongst themselves, even the ones from different schools. Mirio and Amajaki are with them as well. The Izukids are all with them, staying close to their respective mothers. Isamu and Aiko are sitting together, as their mothers are not currently here. The students are talking amongst themselves, but one particular student doesn’t seem to be paying much attention.

Tsuyu is sitting off in a corner, with her son Daisuke being the only one she’d allow near her. She is clearly lost in thought. “Why did my prey instincts go off around Hibiki? I know he’s dangerous, but he’s Mina’s son. Do I not trust Mina?” She thinks. She looks toward Daisuke and is shocked by his expression. Like her, he doesn’t really show his emotions very much, but none of her family members really do. This means she has learned to read through the blank expressions. She is shocked when she sees absolutely no trace of fear on him.

“D-Daisuke?” Tsuyu asks, getting her son’s attention. “H-how did you learn to suppress your prey instincts so well?” She asks. Daisuke looks at her blankly. “I don’t have them mother, I’m not prey.” He responds. Tsuyu freezes for a second, but then it suddenly clicks. Daisuke is like her father, a large, powerful man who specializes in melee combat. He doesn’t have prey instincts, he’s a predator. “You should probably talk to Grandma if you’re feeling guilty about them triggering because of Hibiki. Just know that I don’t blame you. Hibiki has a troubled past.” He adds. The doors swing open and everyone turns to see the pink skinned boy in question.


Hibiki freezes when he feels all eyes on him. “U-uh… Hi?” He says nervously. When he notices the fearful expressions on many of the people’s faces, he sighs. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened. I know I must have looked like a monster out there, but I’m not usually like that. I just have a few issues. I’m fine as long as I’m medicated, but some idiot with a chemical flushing quirk hit me.” Hibiki says.

“S-so what happens now?” Kyouka asks. “There weren’t any witnesses to this event outside of those of us who know of Izuku’s children, so we’re going to bury this with the help of Detective Tsukauchi. What you saw today never happened, understand?” Dean Nezu says. Some of the students look a bit conflicted by this, but they all seem to agree anyway.

“Good, now that we’ve handled that, we have something else to discuss. I’ve decided to enroll Hibiki into a little side project of mine. I call it Project Rebirth. It’s a program which allows people with mental illnesses make something of their lives; some of them even go on to become heroes.” Nezu adds. “D-Dean Nezu, are you sure that’s a good idea? I know you mean well, but wouldn’t it be dangerous to allow someone with a mental illness to become a hero?” Tenya asks.


Himiko quirks an eyebrow at the Class 1-A representative’s question. “I didn’t hear any complaints when I was put into 1-B.” She says. Tenya turns a nervous glance to the girl and she realizes that just because he never said anything, doesn’t mean he’s okay with her.

Dean Nezu sighs at this, especially when he notices many of the other students who look as if they share his sentiments. “Project Rebirth isn’t a new program young Tenya. I’ve had it in place since before any of you were even born. It’s a project that I am very close to, after all, did you really think my escape from the lab that experimented on me was bloodless?” Most of the students freeze after hearing that. “Besides, there are even a few others amongst you who are a part of it.” Nezu says. “PREPOSTEROUS! THERE’S NO WAY WE COULD TRUST SOME LUNATIC AS A HE-“ Neito starts to shout as he jumps out of his seat before Vlad King cuts him off with a glare. “Neito, I was a graduate of Project Rebirth.” He says. With that revelation, Neito sat back down with his eyes wide in shock.

“I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, it’s not the most severe case, so my medication is able to suppress it fairly well, but I do have a body count. I killed nine innocent people before Dean Nezu found me.” He says shocking the students.

“He’s not even the only one. Aside from Miss Himiko, two more of your peers are also enrolled in Project Rebirth.” Nezu says. “Wait wh-?” Toru says before she is cut off by a choked sob from Mei Hatsume. Her eyes go wide, as do many of the other students when they understand what that means. Mirio and Amajaki turn concerned, nervous glances toward Nejire, who seems a lot quieter than usual. “I-I’m part of Project Rebirth as well…” Nejire says quietly. While Mei was somewhat understandable in hindsight, Nejire’s presence completely catches them off guard.

The girl had always seemed like such a cinnamon roll, even compared to Izuku; so for her to have a dark past was a shock. Mirio and Amajaki bolt out of their seats to hug the vulnerable blunette.


Mei turns to look at Izuku, who squeezes her hand supportively. “I-I suffer from a condition known as Anti Social Personality Disorder; it’s part of why I seem so uncaring when it comes to personal boundaries and exploiting others.” She says quietly before releasing a mirthless chuckle. “Believe it or not, I used to be a lot worse before Eraser Head found me. Like most of the people in the program, I have killed people.” She says with a voice filled with regret.

Quite a few students seem to be caught off guard by her admission. “A-a lot of my test subjects back when I was younger weren’t really volunteers, in fact I actually resorted to kidnapping low risk people at times. My experiments weren’t exactly safe or ethical either. A lot of people got hurt, some even permanently. What’s worse is that nearly thirty of them didn’t survive…” She says. If they had been shocked before, they were stunned now.

Quite a few of the students seem a bit nervous, but Mina seems conflicted. One side of her felt horrible for what happened to those people, but another side was hopeful. If someone like that can turn their lives around, maybe Hibiki really had a chance.


“I suffer from a rather severe case of Bipolar disorder.” Nejire says. She sighs before sending a pair of pictures to the large television in front of the students. One of them was Nejire in her hero uniform, but the other was the only known image of Miss Spirals.

There’s quite a bit of difference between the two photos. While Miss Spirals did possess the same hair spirals as Nejire, she had six of them instead of two; one on each side of her normal ones. Her long hair was also bright green and it was a lot more wild and disheveled. It was tied into pig tails. She also had her face painted bright white with blue around her eyes, two green lines below the eyes and bright red lipstick.

The most noticeable feature though was the jagged scars coming from each side of her lips, creating an unnaturally wide smile. The fact that she extended her lipstick to include the scars made her look even more dangerous. She was wearing a bright purple halter top with an open black leather jacket showing off a lot of her stomach, a black leather belt and a bright blue mini skirt with green thigh high boots. Her face and clothing is covered in blood stains and she has a terrifying manic grin on her face.

She pulls a rag out and washes the concealing make up off her cheeks to reveal the same scars that Miss Spirals possessed. “And I used to be the serial killer/vigilante known as Miss Spirals.” She says.


Nobody seems to be able to move after this revelation. To learn that one of the most cheerful rays of sunshine they had ever met was a notorious serial killer in her past blew everyone’s minds. Even people who don’t usually display a lot of emotion, like Shoto and Tsuyu, are clearly in shock as they struggle to process this new information.

Several of them start to go over what they know about the notorious vigilante. Her kills were absolutely brutal. There was one time that she shoved a large metal pipe up the anus of a known pedophile. She sent her quirk through the pipe, causing the body to explode, leaving spiral shaped blood splatter all over the walls of the back alley the body was found in. It’s how she got her name. While her body count was lower than Mei’s, with only nine confirmed kills, her brutality was well known.

“There’s not a day that goes by in which I don’t regret my past; but I’ve changed a lot since then. So please give Hibiki and Himiko a chance.” She says. The others are stunned by this, but they remember all their past experiences with Nejire. If someone like her can change so much, do they really have any reason to doubt the others?


Isamu receives a message on her phone and grins like a maniac. “Alright, that’s enough gloom and doom for one day I just got a message from Chizue, she’s bringing Jin and Niko to meet their parents.” Izuku pales at this. “Oh God; more of my kids already?!?!” He shouts. Isamu’s grin intensifies. “Nope!” She says, confusing everyone else. They try to get more details, but Isamu keeps telling them that it’s better if they wait.


The adults look like they are about to leave, but Hikari steps in their path. “You’re not going anywhere. This involves one of you as well.” She says mischievously. Before anyone can respond though the door opens; revealing a silver haired, sharp toothed teenage girl with teal colored eyes. Her hairstyle closely resembles that of Itsuka Kendo, but it seems to be a bit spikier. She is wearing a dark green sleeveless shirt with metallic straps which resembles that of Tetsutetsu’s hero costume over a black Qipao with red Chinese symbols and red combat boots.

She is carrying a pair of five year old girls, one with long straight sea foam green hair and a hint of bags under her eyes and another with black pigtails and what looks like a pair of raven wings on her back. The room falls silent before they both turn to look at the visibly red faces of Tetsutetsu and Itsuka; as there is really no doubt as to the teen girl’s parents. “Oh… my… GOD!! Itsuka and Tetsutetsu are going to get married! I better be the maid of honor!” Setsuna screams. The steel like girl chuckles at this. “Yeah, not exactly.” She says.

Chizue Tetsutetsu-Kirishima
Codename: Steelflex
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 182 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 9th
Age: 18
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Stretching Steel
Quirk Description: Chizue’s quirk is a hybrid quirk much like Shoto Todoroki’s. It is an enhanced combination of her mother Itsuka Kendo and her father Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu’s quirks. In addition to coating her body in steel like Tetsutetsu, she can also form spikes on her limbs. Also like Itsuka, she can enlarge her hands, but she can also stretch her arms and legs up to 30 feet in length. While not as powerful as the strongest Homo Quirkeas, Chizue is very powerful for a quirked human.
Basic Biography: While Chizue is the biological daughter of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Itsuka Kendo; her fathers are actually Tetsutetsu and his husband Eijirou Kirishima. The two of them wanted a child and Itsuka volunteered to be the surrogate/egg donor.


Eijirou was drinking from a water bottle when Chizue’s explanation of her parentage got to the interesting part. He spits his water out and his face turns bright red before he turns to look at Tetsutetsu before the duo quickly decides to look anywhere but at each other. “Oh my, such a manly couple.” Mina says as she turns a predatory grin toward her childhood friend. Tetsutetsu doesn’t seem to be faltering under Setsuna’s similarly teasing glance. He’s too busy staring at Itsuka. “W-would you really do something like that for me Itsuka?” He asks.

The red head blinks a couple of times before turning to her class mate with a smile. “Of course I would Tetsu. I’ll support you all the way.” She says as if it wasn’t even that big of a deal.” Across the room, Momo and Yui seem to be sporting slight nosebleeds. These girls share more than a similar hair and eye color; they are also both Yaoi enthusiasts. Chizue giggles before placing the two girls on the ground. “Okay girls, go find your daddies.” She says mischievously.


The green haired girl is the first one to reach her father. She stops in front of Shota and looks up expectantly. At first he seems confused, but the predatory gaze he feels from Nemuri is enough to make the gears in his brain start to turn. He takes a closer look at the girl and pales when he finally understands. The girl is wearing a dark green bandana on top of her head, covering a head of messy shoulder length sea foam green hair. Her facial structure is closer to that of her mother’s but the slight bags under her eyes and the ‘I don’t get paid enough for this’ expression on her face makes her look a bit like him.

She is wearing a red and dark green scarf around her neck similar to Shota’s capture tape, a high collar sleeveless black shirt and puffed shorts with vertical black and sea green stripes. But what really drives it home is the green, black and red sleeping bag tied to her back. What’s worse is that he notices the sleeping bag is covered in what is clearly an older Izuku Midoriya in an updated version of his hero costume. “Oh God damn it; it’s bad enough that I end up having a daughter with Emi, but she’s also a fan girl of the Problem Child?” The girl throws her arms out as if asking the man to pick her up.

Niko Aizawa
Codename: N/A
Height: 3’10”
Weight: 62 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 1st
Age: 5
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Quirk Dampening
Quirk Description: Niko’s quirk reduces the power of the quirks of any one within a certain range of her by 75%. The current range is fifty feet, but it’s expected to increase as she gets older and trains with it. She cannot choose whose quirk is weakened and it doesn’t work on mutant quirks.
Basic Biography: Niko Aizawa is the daughter of Shota Aizawa and Emi Fukukado. Although she looks mostly like her mother, her personality and quirk are more like Shota. After years of asking and teasing combined with fighting a war together, Shota finally gave in to Emi’s advances.


He sighs before bending down to oblige her wordless request. “So I take it you’re mine?” He asks. The girl nods silently as a click draws their attention. They both turn and groan when they notice the excited, teasing look on Nemuri’s face. She sends the photo to some of her close friends. Elsewhere, a certain green haired teacher is hanging out with a few of the other pro heroes notices the picture. A look of manic glee comes on her face as she charges out of U.A.’s teacher’s lounge.


Meanwhile the raven winged girl flies over to Fumikage and hugs the bird boy wordlessly before looking up to the shocked man. “Revelry in the darkness.” She says quietly, causing the bird man’s eyes to go even wider. Dark Shadow pops out of Fumikage laughing like a maniac. “Congratulations papa!” He says before having the air knocked out of him by a flying blue figure. “Daddy!” Dark Shadow looks down in absolute horror where he sees a dark blue shadowy silhouette of the little girl in front of Fumikage.

Jin Tokoyami
Codename: N/A
Height: 3’7”
Weight: 51 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 19th
Age: 5
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Nightmare Shade
Quirk Description: Jin Tokoyami can project a shadow image of herself which connects to her body much like Dark Shadow. The shadow is capable of turning into the biggest fear of any opponent Jin chooses. While Nightmare Shade cannot transform into an idea, she can transform the environment around her.
Basic Biography: Jin Tokoyami is the daughter of Fumikage Tokoyami. She was raised with Niko as her best friend. They were both born on the same year.

“W-w-what the hell?! I’m a dad?!?! Who the hell thought that was a good idea?!?!” Jin turns to Nightmare Shade and says “Please go find Mother.” She says quietly. Nightmare Shade releases Dark Shadow from her hold and makes a bee line toward one of the girls in the group.


Reiko Yanagi yelps when the shade suddenly wraps its arms around her. She is carried across the room from her position on one of the dorm couches between Kinoko and Pony. When she is placed in front of Fumikage; the two heroes in training look into each other’s eyes in a state of shock. One look is all it takes for the two to realize they have found a kindred spirit. They start to blush as the tension between them builds. The sound of various coos is enough to shake the duo out of their surprised states. Reiko squeaks before running up to her room, but everyone giggles when they watch the ghost like girl pick her daughter up on the way.

Fumikage stands there for a few seconds before following after them with Dark Shadow’s howling laughter trailing after the bird headed boy.


Setsuna and Mina’s jaws drop, as do many of the other students; when they watch Nightmare Shade grab Reiko Yanagi. Then it suddenly clicks inside of their heads. Their response is a confusing one. Rather than enthusiasm and teasing, they slump forward in a cloud of depression. This confuses Itsuka and Kyouka as Reiko and Fumikage make their escape.

“Uhh, what’s wrong with you two?” Kyouka asks. “Yeah, I would have thought you would love this. Those two are actually rather perfect together now that I think about it.” Itsuka adds. “I know…” Setsuna says despairingly. “They are perfect…” Mina adds. “AND WE DIDN’T REALIZE IT!” The two girls wail despairingly. Mina turns to face Setsuna with a face full of dramatic tears. “We never realized how good they would be for each other!” She wails. “We’re a disgrace to shippers everywhere!” Setsuna adds before hugging the pink skinned girl, prompting eye rolls from Kyouka and Itsuka.

A few seconds later, the dorm’s front door bursts open and they all turn to see a manic, disheveled, wild eyed Emi Fukukado search the room for Eraser Head and her new daughter. “Oh crap.” Shota unwisely says, drawing the woman’s attention. She squeals with child like glee before rushing forward in a burst of speed that would make Tenya jealous, grabbing the two and vanishing in a flash while many of the students and the other teachers start to laugh.


Later in the night, Toru Hagakure is stomping through the dorm’s common room with an angry scowl on her face and a box of mini shampoo bottles. This wasn’t just any shampoo though; it was a high end shampoo which was supposed to permanently give the user the shiniest, softest hair in the known world. The only problem was that you had to use one bottle a night for two weeks for it to work; and a certain pink skinned girl who shall remain nameless nicked one of the bottles.

She had bought the hair product in celebration of finally being visible, and Mina screwed it all up. She couldn’t just go buy another one either, as buying it the first time had nearly wiped out her bank account; the stuff was expensive. “Stupid Mina, you just had to screw me like this! I was going to surprise Izuku with the best hair he had ever seen and you ruined it. He was supposed see me, fall in love and then make sweet passionate love to me all night long.” She marches through Mina’s slightly open door, prepared to give the girl a piece of her mind, but the girl is nowhere to be seen.

She then remembered that Mina had said she was going to spend a night out with Tsuyu and Ochaco making her growl angrily. “Gah! Screwed again!” She thinks before looking at her bed. A light bulb goes off in her head and she smiles wickedly. “Hmm, maybe getting screwed is the right idea…” She thinks before turning invisible and slipping off her clothes. She hides them under Mina’s bed and opens Mina’s window before heading toward the boys’ side of the dorm to retrieve a certain green haired boy.


*Air Raid Sirens Blare*
WARNING! Incoming citrus detected, please seek shelter if you do not wish to partake.
Lemon Time

Izuku enters his room in nothing but a towel after having just taken a shower; never noticing the invisible girl trailing in after him. He drops his towel and Toru hungrily licks her invisible lips at the sight of the ‘Dicku’, as the girls have started to call it.

The boy yelps in shock when he suddenly feels an invisible hand wrap around his cock. “T-T-Toru?” The girl turns visible in front of him, causing his cheeks to redden. “Hey there, hot stuff.” She purrs seductively as she starts to pump his length. “W-w-what are you doing?” He asks nervously. The boy can’t shake the feeling that he is in the presence of a predator. His Danger Sense goes off, prompting him to roll his eyes “Gee, thanks for the heads up Hikage, this is why I prefer Nana.” He thinks to himself sarcastically, referring to the 7th wielder of One for All, whose quirk he accidentally unlocked a few hours earlier when he tripped in the common room in front of everyone. Nana ended up introducing herself a few seconds later.

Toru looks delighted as he reaches full mast. “I need a little help with something, so why don’t you float us over to Mina’s room and I’ll explain on the way.” She says, opening Izuku’s window. Izuku turns bright red at this. “B-b-but someone might see us!” He squeaks. Toru grins before walking over to grab him by the arm. She activates her quirk and both of them turn invisible. “H-how did you do that?” Izuku asks in amazement. “It’s a new trick I learned after my quirk awakened earlier. I can make anything I touch invisible. Now take me to Mina’s room.” She replies.

Izuku looks hesitant at first, so Mina leans in and whispers something into his ear which prompts the boy to pick her up in a bridal carry and fly out the window like a bat out of hell.


A few minutes later, Izuku and Toru are visible again, with Toru lying on her back on Mina’s bed. Izuku is hovering over the girl, bending her legs back to take her in a mating press. “A-are you sure you want to do this? Mina can be a bit unpredictable at times.” He says hesitantly. Toru grins deviously at the boy before grabbing her phone that she left on the bed.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure. Now put it in me slowly you stud. I want to feel every inch of that bitch breaker inside of me.” She says seductively. Izuku decides to just roll with it and pushes into her, causing her eyes to widen as the tip starts to spread her apart. She starts to pant and moan in agonizing bliss as he slowly pushes forward. Toru may not be a virgin, but she might as well be with him.

It takes a full minute for their hips to connect and she wails in bliss as the final push makes her orgasm. Izuku waits for her to calm down before continuing. She grins up at Izuku and takes a picture of her and Izuku while flashing a peace sign.


Mina, Tsuyu, Ochaco and a few of the Class 1-B girls are just about to enter a movie theatre when the pink haired girl receives a message. She pulls out her phone and her eyes widen briefly when she sees the image. It came with the message ‘Since you decided to break in my special shampoo, I decided to break in your bed. Hope you don’t mind the smell of hot, sweaty sex.’ Setsuna looks over Mina’s shoulder and her eyes widen when she sees the image.

Mina’s eyebrow starts to twitch angrily. If anybody’s getting laid in that bed, she better be involved. “Go show them who they’re messing with, I’ll cover for you.” Setsuna says. Mina grins before taking off toward the campus.


For the next sixteen minutes, Izuku starts pounding the girl ruthlessly. Toru is on a totally different plane of existence as he completely rearranges her insides while the bed frame starts to groan. She looks down and smiles goofily at the sight of her belly bulging from the sheer size of his cock. She hits her ninth orgasm of the night when Izuku starts to glow with green lightning. His thrusting intensifies and the lightning seems to charge her body up, increasing her sensitivity to the point where her eyes roll back into her skull and her tongue lolls out.

Izuku is in such a feral state of lust that he doesn’t even notice the door open as Mina sneaks in to the room. When Toru comes back down to Earth, her eyes widen in fear at the mischievous look on the horned girl’s face. The bed chooses that exact moment to finally give in as the frame breaks; causing Mina’s eye to twitch angrily. “Hello Toru.” She says teasingly, causing the normally invisible girl to blush as Izuku pulls out briefly before flipping her into doggy style. Toru is about to respond, but the air gets knocked out of her lungs when Izuku goes balls deep in a single, brutal thrust.

Mina chuckles at the oblivious feral boy in front of her before turning her gaze back to Toru’s fearful expression. “Don’t worry girl, I’m not mad. I just want to help. You said you wanted Midori to drop his biggest load inside of you-“ She says before pulling up her fingers, which are dripping with a weak, viscous acid. “And I know juuuussst how to make that happen.” She says before sliding her fingers into Izuku’s asshole, causing him to roar like a beast. Toru’s mind goes blank as she feels him twitching inside of her. Mina finds the exact spot she was looking for and she starts applying a bit of pressure as she slowly massages his prostate.

Seconds later, the end arrives as Izuku howls loud enough to convince the boys on the other side of the dorm that they’re under attack. Toru’s eyes go blank as her belly begins to bloat from the size of his load. Forty seconds later, Toru looks as if she was carrying twins. She slides off of his dick as he comes back to reality. Mina pulls her fingers out of him while Toru’s belly starts to drain.


Mina giggles at the ahegao expression locked into Toru’s face before turning a predatory look toward the now scared man. The look turns to a pout. “I can’t believe you’d throw a party in MY room and not even invite me Midori, I’m hurt.” She says teasingly. She uses her acid quirk to melt her clothes and Izuku’s jaw drops as she turns around to shake her ass at him.

While it may not be as large and jiggly as Ochaco’s butt, Mina’s ass is still a glorious sight. It is pure muscle unlike Ochaco’s booty, which makes since as the girl is a dancer. The large, bubbly, muscular cheeks bounce in a way that nearly brings tears to the boy’s eyes. While Ochaco has the title of best booty locked down hard, Mina is definitely number two. She turns around with a large grin on her face, allowing her impressive DD chest to bounce as well.

She gets down on the collapsed bed on all fours and wiggles her ass enticingly in front of the horny boy. “Well Midori? Are you just going to sit there and gawk, or are you going to rail me like a beast?” She asks teasingly. Izuku’s mind is overwhelmed by animalistic lust as he leaps at the pink skinned girl and forcefully shoves his cock into her folds prompting a blissful wail from her.

The first thrust is strong enough to knock the girl forward, and rather than giving her a chance to recover, he surges forward and starts relentlessly pounding her in a prone bone position. “OH MY GAWWD MIDORI! YOU’RE A MONSTER!” She shrieks in pleasure. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as her first orgasm hits her so hard she’s afraid she might get isekaid into a new reality. It takes a full seven minutes of relentless annihilation to finally awaken Toru.


When Toru comes back to Earth, she notices Izuku breaking Mina and pouts. He seems to have slowed his thrusts a bit, making sure to pull all the way out at an agonizingly slow pace before forcefully shoving himself balls deep with enough force to rattle the entire dorm building. When Toru sees the viscous fluid covering his cock, she gets a devious idea. She waits patiently as Izuku continues to pound Mina into the ground. Eventually, he pulls out of her completely after a particularly hard thrust and that’s when the usually invisible girl strikes.

She grabs Izuku’s shaft and angles it up slightly before he has the chance to register what just happened. Izuku surges forward, slamming himself balls deep into the pink skinned girl’s anus. She tries to scream in both agony and ecstasy, but the head of his cock slams into her diaphragm and knocks the air out of her lungs. For the next three minutes, Izuku continues ruthlessly destroying the girl, completely unaware of the change in targets. All Mina can do is grab on to the sheets and hold on for dear life as Izuku destroys her asshole.

She looks over to the now smirking Toru and pouts at the smug girl. She’s about to speak, but then Izuku pulls her back into doggy style and starts to pound her ass like a mad man, exerting enough force to actually compress her spine slightly. Mina’s eyes roll into the back of her skull as he finally explodes inside of the pink skinned girl. Her belly bloats from the sheer volume of his load, filling her until she looks nine months pregnant and making her puke out a small burst of his cum as he comes back from his feral state.

He pulls out and his eyes widen when he sees the wide gape in both of the girl’s holes as his spunk shoots out of her ass like a perverted fountain. “Wait, when did that happen?!” He shouts in concern as he notices the fucked stupid expression on Mina’s face. Toru draws his attention with a mischievous giggle. “That’s what happens when you mess with me. Now how about another r-“ She starts to say before a loud, anger filled shout grabs both their attention. It’s loud enough that it even wakes up Mina. The three students look toward the now open door and turn pale when they notice their enraged, wide eyed teacher glaring at them.

“GOD DAMN IT PROBLEM CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLD!!!!!!” He shouts at the top of his lungs as the image of Izuku having sex burns itself into his skull for the second time in less than a week.

Lemon End
Wow, poor Eraser Head, two for two.
This is about to become a running gag, isn’t it?


A few hours later

Dean Nezu, the teachers, Detective Tsukauchi, Miss Joke, Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Mirko, Crust, Kamui Woods, Mount Lady, Fat Gum, Gang Orca, David Shield, Sir Night Eye, Mist and Knuckle Duster are all meeting at an empty warehouse somewhere in Downtown Musutafu with Reginald Barrister. Shota Aizawa is being comforted by Miss Joke and Present Mic with a traumatized look on his face. The time traveler has a grim look on his face. “It appears that one of our true enemies have revealed themselves. Throughout my various runs throughout the time line, numerous enemies have managed to latch on to my temporal anchor and use it to travel backwards through time, something even I am unable to do. Their methods varied, but the results were always the same.” Reginald says solemnly.

“Like All for One, she has been a mythical figure working from the shadows. Her name is Melody Everhart, but you would know her as the American Super Villain, Soul Reaver.” He adds. Many of the heroes turn pale after hearing this. “Dear God, the Soul Reaver is real?” Snipe says, his voice trembling in terror. Reginald nods. “She utilizes a process known as a Neuro-Temporal transplant; meaning that she can ‘download’ her memories from the future into her past self. While I can usually shake anyone who attaches to me; she has been particularly hard to avoid.” Reginald adds.

The door opens and an oddly colorful girl walks into the room. She is wearing a sky blue sundress with a yellow belt with multiple compartments, pale pink combat boots, a yellow eye mask and a blue cape which only goes down to the middle of her back. She is fairly short with a petite build. Most of the people in the room are immediately on the defensive, but Vlad King seems to instantly recognize the girl. Her hair may be blonde and her eyes are green, but her hairstyle and the mischievous twinkle in her eye are just like that of her mother.

“Calm down, it’s just another one of Izuku’s children.” He says. The others relax as he stares at the cheerful girl. “So I take it you’re Izuku’s child with Kinoko?” He asks. She nods happily in response.

Masumi Komori
Codename: Vaccine
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 232 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 9th
Age: 14
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Microbial Mastery
Quirk Description: Masumi is capable of generating, modifying and controlling microbes such as bacteria and viruses. She has an abnormally large appendix which stores a sample of the microbes she utilizes. While she can cause illness in her opponents, she doesn’t like to do this very much. Instead, she utilizes bacteria to manipulate her environment. Due to the diverse nature of microbes, she has a myriad of powers including the ability to create hardened objects from bacterial residue, manipulate heat, influence chemical reactions and even using a type of pseudo telekinesis by making a cloud of bacteria to lift objects among many other features. She can also introduce weakened disease strains to people’s bodies, effectively allowing her to vaccinate people; hence her code name.
Basic Biography: Masumi is a bright, colorful ray of sunshine and smiles; a stark contrast to the potential devastation she could release. She has the ability to release deadly diseases that have long since disappeared due to medical advancements such as Small Pox, Rabies, and several dangerous Flu variants. She had never shown any villainous traits, and actually seemed to be on the road to becoming a hero. But because of her potential to release devastating plagues, the government decided she was a future villain. This resulted in her being murdered by a black ops team. This was the event which sent future Izuku over the edge. He and his allies abandoned the government in favor of vigilantism as a result.


Most of the people in the room were rather distraught by this revelation. Gang Orca seemed to be hit particularly close by this, as he understands what it is like to be seen as a villain simply because of your quirk. Several people are shocked to see a tear emerge from his eye. “A-a child? They murdered a child?” Midnight says with a choked sob. Masumi clears her throat to gain everyone’s attention.

“It’s okay everybody! We’re here to make sure these things don’t happen. So cheer up, because everything’s going to be a-okay!” She says happily. Her cheerfulness seems to be enough to rein everyone’s emotions back into place. Reginald sighs as he looks around the room. He almost doesn’t want to ruin the mood, but they had a job to do.

“Were you successful in retrieving All for One?” He asks. “YOU SENT A CHILD AFTER ALL FOR ONE?!” All Might shouts in horror. Those familiar with the villain turned pale upon hearing this. Masumi frowns at him. “Although I don’t like using my power to spread disease, my abilities allow me to take people down from the inside. I can do so from a very long distance without being detected, so I could take him down without actually coming into contact with him. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first to reach him.” She says before floating All for One’s shell of a body into the room in a brown cloud.

Most of the people are shocked and horrified by the man. While his body is still living, there’s an unnatural black energy radiating from him. Alarm bells start to blare inside of the other’s minds as their instincts scream that something is seriously wrong. “Wh-what happened to him?” All Might says quietly, having reverted to his smaller size. “Soul Reaver has her name for a reason Grandpa Toshi, she tore out his soul.” Masumi says getting a raised eyebrow from Mitsuki, something the younger girl notices. “That’s just what we call him; he isn’t actually with Grandma Inko.” She explains.

Even Endeavor shudders at those words. A quirk that could rip a person’s soul out is a truly terrifying concept. Reginald sighs at this. “You’re going to encounter her eventually, so I suppose I should explain exactly what Soul Reaver is capable of.” He says before turning to glare at a sheepish looking Masumi. “You can leave now Masumi, I know you were eager to find your mother.” He says. Masumi beams at the man before flying away in a brown cloud.


Omake 1: The Transuniversal Church of Perverts.
Brief Lemon Moment marked with a *

In another part of the school, Kyouka and Momo are stealthily following two suspicious figures in the middle of the night when Kyouka accidentally bumps into an orange haired girl. “Itsuka?” Kyouka asks when she sees the girl’s face. “Kyouka? What are you doing here?” She says as Momo comes out of the shadows. “We’re trailing Mineta and Denki. They’ve been acting strange ever since they found out about Izuku’s, er, ‘relationship’.” She says, her cheeks blushing at the last word.

Itsuka blushes when she hears that as well. “I-I’ve been doing the same thing. Kosei has been acting strange as well.” She replies. “It’s just so weird. I thought Mineta and Denki would get extremely jealous, but they haven’t! They’ve gotten quieter and they even stopped perving on us! I was afraid they were going to try to body snatch Izuku but instead they’ve been treating him like a king!” Kyouka whisper yells. Itsuka nods in agreement, “That’s exactly what we thought Kosei would do. We caught him sneaking out of the dorm late at night and decided to follow him.” She says before she looks over to see the perverts of Class 1-A and 1-B meet up. Mineta even seems to be wearing a trench coat.

All four girls turn beet red and their jaws drop when Mineta drops the coat. The diminutive hero in training is wearing a set of white clergy robes like what you would see a Catholic Priest wearing. Much to their shock, the robes are covered in black and white images of naked ahegao faced girls in suggestive positions. The blushes intensify when he pulls out a phallic shaped hat encrusted with jewels shaped like boobs; making him look like some sort of perverted Pope. The other two boys pull out their own boob shaped bastardizations of Yarmulkes and put them on.

“Wh-what the fuck?” Kyouka whisper screams. “Holy crap! Ibara would throw a fit if she saw this.” Itsuka whisper shouts. The three boys stop as a wall in the hallway suddenly splits open to reveal a secret spiral staircase. They descend the stairs and the door remains open just long enough for the three girls to follow after them.

They arrive at a long white marble hallway where they meet up with Jurota Shishida, who is also wearing a boob hat. “Wait, Jurota?” Kyouka asks Itsuka in confusion. Itsuka sighs at this. “Yeah, Jurota’s a bit of a pervert too. At least he has an excuse though; it’s a side effect of his quirk’s beast like nature.” Itsuka says. Jurota opens the door and the four of them enter a dark room. The girls wait a few minutes before following behind them.

They open the door and try to sneak in, only to run right into Denki and Kosei. “Good, they’re here, just as the All Peeping Eye predicted.” Denki says calmly. The three girls freeze when they look around the entry way. The white marble walls are carved with all manner of obscene images. “Wa-wait, the what?” Kyouka asks. Kosei chuckles at the punk girl.

“We knew that you would be tailing us, so we left the door open. For the record, there is no need for you to sneak in. The Chosen One’s Concubines are always welcome at the Grand Deviant Cathedral.” Denki adds. Itsuka and Momo are shocked by the statement, but Kyouka’s eyes narrow and her eyebrow twitches at the statement. “Concubines?” She says, seething in rage.

Denki and Kosei throw their arms up in mock surrender. “We mean no disrespect by the term Lady Kyouka. It’s just a phrase that refers to the Chosen One’s other mates. Ochaco Uraraka is clearly the main woman in his relationship.” Denki says. “At any rate, I would like to welcome you to the Transuniversal Church of Perverts.” Kosei says before the two boys open the large doors to the main room of worship.

The girls’ faces turn beet red when they see the stained glass windows surrounding the room. To say that the images were sexually suggestive is like claiming that Mei Hatsume is subtle. They scan the room and soon notice that the pews are not empty. Dozens of boob hatted individuals, both male and female are sitting in the room. Jurota is sitting in the front row with Kojiro Bondo, although it should be noted that the glue quirked man was not wearing a boob hat. He also had a vacant look in his eyes that suggests he has no idea where he is or what is going on.

“Wait, Kojiro’s a member of your cult?!” Kyouka shouts. Kosei sighs at this. “First of all, it’s not a cult; it’s a legally recognized religion. As for Kojiro, he’s just high as a kite right now and it was Jurota’s turn to keep an eye on him.” The boy says, causing Itsuka to face palm. “What?” Momo asks in confusion. “Yeah, whenever Kojiro overuses his quirk, the fumes of his glue make him really high.” The orange haired girl says.

“Yeah, can you believe it? What kind of quirk causes a person’s brain to malfunction?” Denki asks. The others turn to stare at the lightning blonde. “Really Jammingwhey?” Kyouka deadpans. Denki’s eyes widen briefly before he slumps forward in a cloud of depression.

Itsuka freezes when she notices the main carving behind the pulpit. Her jaw drops and her face turns as red as a lighthouse at the sheer obscenity of the display. “H-holy shit! What the hell is that?!” Itsuka says pointing to the marble carving. Kyouka and Momo look at it and their jaws drop as well.

The scene depicts Izuku sitting in a throne which is held between Yu Takeyama’s gigantified breasts. The throne is on a heightened platform and the rest of Izuku’s harem is present as well. Even worse, some of the women present don’t even have children with Izuku, as Itsuka, Nemuri, Yui and Rumi were there as well.

While most of the women seem to be staring at him adoringly, a few of them are featured doing other things.

*Ochaco is sitting in Izuku’s lap; her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her stomach bulging obscenely as she takes Izuku balls deep in her pussy. Itsuka and Yui are worshipping his massive balls below them.*

Nemuri is off to the side of the throne feeding Izuku grapes. Momo and Saiko are fanning him with large fans on each side of the throne. Kyouka’s eyes start to twitch violently when she sees what she is doing in the picture. She is on her hands and knees, acting as a foot rest for the boy. Itsuka’s eyes widen when she sees Ibara wearing a nothing but a Nun’s shawl with a lewd expression on her face. “Okay, Ibara’s going to murder them if she sees that.” The orange haired girl says quietly.

Of course, that’s not the worst part of it. The three girls’ eyes widen in shock and horror when they notice the final detail. They are all completely naked. What’s worse is that each and every one of them is a one hundred percent accurate display. Everything was right, from the size of their areola and nipples, to a birthmark on Kyouka’s left butt cheek and a scar just below Itsuka’s left breast. All of these are details that the boys could not have guessed, leading them all to the realization that they had somehow seen them naked.

Kyouka screeches in rage as she surges toward Mineta and grabs him by the scruff of his robe. Much to the girl’s shock, the smaller boy doesn’t even flinch; which is strange given his usually cowardly nature. “How…the…HELL did you make these so accurate?! Did you put cameras in the girl’s showers or something?!” Kyouka screams.

“N- Well yes, but they were discovered before I could get them working. I had to bend over backwards to keep them from being traced back to me.” He says nonchalantly, triggering another screech from Kyouka. “THEN HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY BIRTHMARK?!” Kyouka screams. “It was the All Peeping Eye which granted us the ability to know your body.” He says calmly, gesturing to a disembodied eye floating above the scene.

The eye in question is squinted lecherously and it has an eyebrow above it which was in the middle of wiggling suggestively. This confuses the girls. “The All Peeping Eye is a divine being which exists in all universes. Through it, we can see all things perverted, not just in this reality, but in others as well. It is the backbone of the Multiversal Spank Bank made available to all faithful perverts.” Nemuri says calmly as she struts out wearing a slutty nun outfit that makes her hero costume look conservative, circling her left index finger and left thumb before pushing her right index finger in and out of the hole in the same way a person would cross themselves before praying. “Thank you Sister Nemuri.” Mineta says as Kyouka reluctantly releases the small boy.

“Each universe is made to await the one who is blessed by the All Peeping Eye; the one who becomes a sort of Patron Saint for our universe. When the Chosen One is finally revealed, the perverted faithful will be drawn to the All Peeping Eye to receive its divine commandments.” Denki adds, gesturing to a tablet on the wall.

#1: Although we must try to remain tolerant of all things perverted, some kinks are simply too vile to accept.
#2: Lolis are for head patting, not lewding.
#3: Although peeping is allowed, consent is required for sex.
#4: Nonconsensual cuckolding is vile and must be condemned.
#5: Abusive relationships should never be tolerated.
#6: The Chosen One’s partners are to be held with the same reverence as the Chosen One himself. Perving over the Chosen One’s partners is forbidden.

Upon seeing the tablet, the girls seem shocked. “Wait… You actually have morals?!” Kyouka says to Mineta in shock. The purple boy chuckles at her outburst. “Of course I do Lady Kyouka. While I am indeed a pervert, it is because of my quirk that I am the way I am.” He says, confusing the three women. Mineta sighs at this. “My testosterone levels are exceedingly elevated compared to other males. This is because the chemical drives the production of the balls on my head. When I run out of balls, it’s because my testosterone levels have dropped too low.” He says gesturing to the orbs on his head.

Kyouka leaps back with a look of disgust on her face. “Oh shit, are you telling me those balls are extra testicles?!” She shouts. Momo turns green and she throws up a little in her mouth when she remembers how Mineta attached himself to her back using the same balls at the Sports Festival.

“WHAT?! OF COURSE NOT!” Mineta shouts, showing the first sign of distress since the conversation started. “The balls are muscles. The testosterone acts like anabolic steroids to encourage their growth. Most people get really buff and angry on steroids, but I just get the balls on my head and it makes me really horny. I don’t care how strong a quirk is; if it requires ripping your testicles off to use it, count me out.” He says.

“We’re getting off topic! This place has naked pictures of us! It needs to be destroyed!” Momo says, pulling a cannon out of her body with her quirk. The All Peeping Eye glows red and Mineta and the three girls are suddenly teleported back to the 1st year dorm’s common room. Mineta sighs at this. “You must forgive me Lady Momo, but the shrine of the All Peeping Eye must be protected. The secret entrance has been moved and the All Peeping Eye will tell me if you try to follow me. Please leave us to worship in peace.” Mineta says before leaving the three thoroughly confused women behind.

Omake 2: OH DEAR GOD, HIMIKO, NO!!!!
As the title suggests, while there may not be a lot of blood, this is going to be terrifying.

Katsuki Bakugou opens his eyes after having been ambushed in the dorm hall. He looks down and notices that he is tied to a chair, completely naked. He hears a sinister giggle which sends a chill down his spine. He looks up and notices that he is in some dimly lit empty warehouse. Out in the darkness, he sees a small, feminine figure. The figure steps out of the shadows, revealing her identity as Himiko Toga. “What the hell are you doing you psycho bitch?!” He shouts angrily.

She giggles at his angry response. “Silly boy, did you really think I’d let you get away with just a couple of knives in the knees after what you did to my Izu-baby?” She says with a contradictorily sweet and menacing tone. She looks down at his crotch and her eyes widen. “Oh my, no wonder you’re always so angry. You probably need a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers to find that thing.” She says, gesturing to his tiny genitals. “Seriously, it’s not even funny, it’s just medically fascinating.” She adds getting a feral growl from the humiliated boy.

She chuckles before pulling out a strange powder. “Still, for my plan to work, I need a bit more surface to work with.” She says before sprinkling the powder over his crotch, allowing it to triple in size at about four inches in length. “If you’re looking for sex, I’m not interested.” He says angrily. Himiko gags a bit at this. “Eww, don’t even say that.” She says, looking at him like he had just shat all over her shoes.

“No, I need to instill some fear in you.” She says before pulling out a pen like device similar to the one Reginald Barrister had. “I’ll use this to modify your memories when I’m done. You won’t remember exactly what I did, but you’ll remember the agony and associate it with me.” She explains before setting the device on a table. He seems confused when he sees the rest of the contents of the table. There’s a yellow bottle of lemon juice, a couple six packs of bottles of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, a stack of paper, a box full of legos, an oddly shaped enema kit, a pair of tongs and a few beakers labeled HCl with a few warning labels on them. Under the table is a smaller table with a vice attached to it.

She grabs the small table and sets it in front of his crotch before using the tongs to grab his dick. She stretches it as far as she can and locks the foreskin into the vice, ignoring the pained shriek from Katsuki. She then walks back to the table to grab a piece of paper and the lemon juice. The sinister grin on her face as she walks slowly over to him is enough to make the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The warning sirens inside of his head are going off at full blast as she sits down in front of his stretched out penis. She puts the lemon juice down and turns the piece of paper to its side before using it to give Katsuki a paper cut on his shaft.

The explosive boy screams like a little girl as the pain registers inside of his mind. His shriek goes up a few octaves once she pours lemon juice on the c- “OH DEAR GOD, HIMIKO STOP!” A disembodied voice screams in horror. She looks toward the unseen entity and says “Sorry Neowolf24, Katsuki needs to learn a lesson.” She says cheekily. The keyboard of the laptop being used to write this fan fic is covered in vomit as Himiko continues to deliver lemon juice enhanced paper cuts to Katsuki’s dick.


After she’s finished, she returns the container of lemon juice to the table while Katsuki whimpers in pain. She looks into the box of legos and smiles. “Alright, they should be plenty soaked now.” She says before throwing the box of legos drowning in Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. She grins as she sees the jagged, broken Lego bricks shining from wetness. She pulls out another vial of powder and sprinkles it on his nut sack, prompting more vomiting from the writer as he fears what is yet to come.

His balls swell up to the size of a hippity hop toy and the chair starts moving forward, right toward the leg- “OH GOD, YOU’RE DRAGGING HIS BALLS BACK AND FORTH THROUGH BROKEN LEGOS SOAKED IN GHOST PEPPER HOT SAUCE!” Neowolf24 screams from out of nowhere. Himiko turns a sinister grin toward the unseen entity as it voids it’s bowels in horror.

“AHHHFGJHSDHFKSDHFUIEDHFUISDKHCJKSDH!” Katsuki screams in pain as the writer trembles in fear. Five minutes later, Katsuki’s mind looks to be broken from fear and pain. “Oh no you don’t.” She says before using the pen like device to restore his sanity.

“I can’t let you miss the best part Katsuki, hope you’re ready for your Hydrochloric Acid enemdfbsjbvhjhdfbvjhdbzvjhdbjhfdfjvbhjb.” She starts to say before the writer passes out on the keyboard.


The next day

Katsuki seems to be in a foul mood the morning after. He wonders why his dick hurts so much, despite the fact that it appears perfectly fine. His ass is also burning for some reason. He sees his favorite punching bag and grins like a maniac before marching over to the now nervous Izuku Midoriya. As he winds up a punch, Himiko pokes her head around the corner of the hall with a grin on her face. “Hi Izu-baby!”

Katsuki stops as his eyes widen in absolute horror. He has no idea why, but the mere sight of the blonde is enough to make him scream like a girl and run away, leaving a trail of shit and urine behind him.


In an apartment bedroom, a heavy set middle aged man with a thick beard is curled up on his bed in the fetal position, clutching his junk protectively.

Dear God, what did I just write?


Omake 3: I just wanna watch the world burn SMILE!
Warning: This omake contains brutal, graphic descriptions of violence and terrifying themes. If that’s not your thing, skip this.

A nine foot tall fairly thin looking man who looks as if he is made out of black rock is limping down a dark alleyway with an expression of pure terror on his face. He has a shredded black leather jacket with a blood stained white sleeveless tank top, otherwise known as a wife beater, underneath it. He also has a pair of gray jeans on, although the right leg seems to have been torn away at the knee while the left leg is full of holes. His right leg is barely functional if the way he is favoring his left is anything to go by.

His quirk is called Obsidian. He is able to convert his skin, muscles and bones into Obsidian. He can regenerate any lost chunks of his body by converting lipids stored in his body into more Obsidian. Judging by his gaunt, emaciated form, he appears to have run out of lipids.

He runs into a dead end, and while he would usually just smash through the wall, he no longer has the power to do so. A chill runs up his spine when he hears the maniacal giggling of some demonic school girl.

He turns around slowly and whimpers pathetically when he sees the monster in front of him. When villains want to tell stories to scare each other, they talk about the mysterious boogey man like vigilante known as Miss Spirals. She steps out of the shadows with a manic grin and a wild, hyper energetic look in her eyes.

“Hello Mr. Rocky Man! I’m so happy to finally meet you! I hear you like murdering little girls!” The green haired hell spawn says rapidly with a frighteningly sweet and cheerful tone. She playfully pouts at the man. “What’s wrong Rocky? You-don’t-like-it-when-they-fight-back?” She says, allowing her voice to become shriller toward the end.

She slowly walks toward the man, who is trying as hard as he can to become one with the wall behind him. She floats upward so she can look the terrified man in the eye, causing him to wet his pants when he sees the chaos inside of them. She squeals happily when she suddenly gets an idea.

She floats backward and lands on the ground in front of him hopping in place like a giddy school girl. “OOH! OOH! OOH! I just got an idea! Why don’t you ask me how I got these scars? Ask me. Ask me! ASK ME!” She says, her voice getting shriller with each word as she floats closer toward him until she is within an inch of his face.

“H-h-how’d you g-get those scars?” He asks weakly, his voice trembling in terror. Nejire squeals before backing off and spinning in the air like some sort of twisted fairy. “Well, back when I was really little, my parents were killed in a car accident! I was left to fend for myself for years until I met this wonderful Vigilante name Jokey the Clown!” She says, referring to another notoriously brutal, scarred clown vigilante who has since moved to America. The last thing ‘Rocky’ heard about him was that he was captured by some bat themed hero.

“He saw me crying in an alley way and that made him sad. He said ‘It’s okay little girl, don’t be sad. You should be smiling, the world needs more smiles.’” She says before sighing happily. “He took me under his wing and taught me how to fight! Five years later, he decided to move to America, confident that I could spread smiles across Japan in his place!” She says before floating up to him, getting uncomfortably close to his face. “The day he moved, I decided to mark myself just like him! So I found a knife and I carved myself a permanent smile.” She says before pulling out a simple looking knife with what he could tell was blood stained into the blade.

“Ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to spread smiles across Japan! Isn’t that wonderful?!” She shrieks in his face before returning to the ground. Her smile twitches when she sees the sniveling, whimpering man in front of her. She has no problem with him being scared, no her real problem was simple. He. Wasn’t. SMILING!

She surges forward and wraps her hand around his throat, or as much of it as the sixteen year old girl can wrap her hand around him. “What’s wrong Mr. Rocky Man?! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SMILE!” She screams in his face. The man tries to smile in response, getting an angry pout from the little girl. “Come on, you call that a smile?!” She shrieks before she curls her other hand into a fist. “Smile!” She screams, punching him in the gut as hard as she can. “SMILE!” she screams louder than before as she punches him again. Her smile twitches again and her hand starts to pulse with energy. “SMILE!!!!!!!!!!” She shrieks as loud as she can, punching him a third time.

This time, she activates her power, blowing a massive hole in the man’s torso. The last thing the man does as the light fades from his eyes is give off the widest grin he possibly can as fear shatters his mind. The girl stands in front of him looking genuinely shocked by what happened. She looks down at her now glowing fist and giggles. “Oopsie daisy.” She says mischievously as she looks at the hole. She drops him to the ground and looks at his face.

“Hmm… that’s definitely better, but it’s still missing something.” She says contemplatively. She grabs the knife and uses it to carve a smile just like hers into his cheeks. “There we go! Now that’s a smile!” She squeals happily. She looks up to the blood splattered all over the wall and giggles. She floats up to the splatter and uses her fingers to ‘paint’ a large smiley face in the blood. Underneath it, she writes “Don’t forget to smile!” before flying away with a manic grin on her face.

A/N: Holy crap Nejire! If you haven’t figured out who Miss Spirals was inspired by yet, I pity you. You’re also probably wondering ‘where the hell did that come from?’ Honestly? I saw a piece of Joker Izuku fan art and it got me wondering which MHA character would make a truly terrifying Joker. This led me to consider several different options, but Nejoker, as I like to call her, was one that really stuck with me.

As for the other Omakes, we got our first glimpse at the Transuniversal Church of Perverts. I also decided to throw a few of my stupid head cannons in there. Kojiro Bondo’s glue comes out of his face, so that always made me wonder if the fumes could get him high, since glue does that when inhaled. I also gave my theory on why Mineta is such a pervert. As for Omake number 2… I’d rather not relive that particular one.

As for the main story, we started off with a mysterious vigilante named Mist, and Izuku and Katsuki couldn’t seem to shake the feeling of familiarity they got from her. Then we got to see Akira Yaoyorozu in action against everyone’s favorite muscle bound dumdum. Due to the high speed of both combatants, the fight was technically over rather quick. It also ended with several different surprises.

First of all, ALL MIGHT LOST?!?!?!?! Yup, All Might got humbled. It was an important lesson too, and not just for the students. That brings us to the second surprise, Akira Yaoyorozu is quirkless.

Of course, All Might isn’t the only one who seems completely shocked by this turn of events; as a certain exploding Pomeranian completely loses his shit. That leads to our third shocking revelation. Remember that vigilante I mentioned earlier? Well, SURPRISE! Mist’s true identity is none other than said Pomeranian’s mom, Mitsuki Bakugou. Mama Bakugou also decided to drop another bomb on her son; she’s going to marry Inko Midoriya, meaning Izuku is going to be his step brother.

After Katsuki’s mind had been sufficiently blown, we returned to Akira, who then decides to explain the source of her power. Remember how Mei’s baby senses were going haywire since the first time she saw Akira? Well, it turns out that Akira Yaoyorozu, AKA Cybershot, is a cyborg! Why did I make her a cyborg? Simple, I always thought that quirks being the only source of super powers made the MHA universe rather one dimensional. While I have no intention of adding things such as magic or aliens, science and technology is more than welcome.

It’s a fairly commonly held belief that science and technology have stagnated after the dawn of Quirks due to the lack of advanced technology in the show (aside from giant robots, whose presence seem to be reduced to mostly cannon fodder or training tools,) and I actually wanted to make that a part of the plot of this story.

We got to see the slowed down fight between All Might and Akira, and that’s where the scope of the difference between the two combatants came to life. While All Might is most likely stronger than Akira, he simply cannot match the cybernetic hero’s speed. She also caught him off guard with her gun. All Might is used to dodging bullets with ease, but the bullets from Akira’s gun appear to be much faster than normal ones, and they pack way more of a punch as well.

When the fight ended, we got a glimpse of an uncharacteristically happy Eraser Head. The 1-A teacher thoroughly enjoyed watching All Might get manhandled, and the fact that it was by a supposedly defenseless quirkless person was icing on the cake for him.

Eventually, Katsuki finally manages to get over his mind fucking. He blows up all over his mother, leading to some surprising revelations. Mitsuki Bakugou is not what she appears to be. She lead everyone to believe that her quirk simply allowed her to secrete moisturizer, which keeps her skin looking young; but there’s apparently a lot more to it than that. She is also completely immune to aging, which explains her actual age of 167.

Then it’s back story time, as we learn the origins of the Vigilante known as Mist. Apparently, she and her mother, who has the same quirk as Mitsuki, were attacked when she was younger by someone who was looking for her quirk. That person turned out to be none other than All for One. He was successful in his pursuit of the quirk, which is how he has survived as long as he has.

In the process of escaping, Mitsuki lost her right arm; but she was able to get a replacement which allowed her to become a vigilante in the first place. This is where the science and technology subplot came into play. Mitsuki’s prosthetic arm was apparently made by a legendary inventor known as Eitri the Schmiedemeister. Mei, Power Loader and the Shields promptly lose their minds at this revelation. Apparently, Eitri was one of the most gifted inventors in history. Despite nearly 150 years passing, the few surviving examples of his work have proven far too advanced for scientists to understand, further emphasizing just how much science and technology have stagnated because of quirks.

This is where we learned about Mitsuki’s powers, and she appears to be quite dangerous. Like Tsuyu, she may not have overwhelming power, but she does have something that makes her a formidable foe. Mist has options. Her arm gives her a diverse set of powers which makes her rather flexible. Here’s a little Easter Egg by the way, aside from the sonic dampener; her arm’s abilities as well as her name are a nod to a somewhat lesser known Marvel super hero; one who has appeared on television. Don’t be afraid to comment if you know who it is. We also learned that her gun was made by the same guy, and more importantly; it’s the same one that Akira has.

Things take a darker turn immediately after that with the debut of Hibiki Ashido. Much to our favorite pink skinned girl’s horror, we learn that Hibiki has inherited the same mental illness that her father has. Hibiki Ashido has Bipolar Schizoaffective Disorder, which is a combination of Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders. When Mina finally arrives, she starts to completely break down. The sight of her son covered in blood with a severed head on his belt leaves her overwhelmed with guilt and despair.

On the positive side though, Pony and Setsuna’s sons also make their first appearances. Ox is basically the Juggernaut mixed with a meteor. He’s also a Minotaur. As for Ryota, he can turn into prehistoric reptiles. I make that distinction because he has the ability to transform into creatures that are NOT dinosaurs, although some of them existed at the same time. Also, I’m going by the scientifically accurate versions of dinosaurs, so if you’re looking for Jurassic Park/World dinosaurs, look elsewhere.

Back to Hibiki, he’s meant to be a very cheeky, flamboyant individual, much like his mother. When he finally sees Mina, he drops everything and hugs her. Mina completely breaks down when she sees the look in his eyes, as all hope of some other explanation for his behavior is dashed. Hikari takes advantage of the distraction to medicate him, but the damage is done, as multiple people have seen him.

He starts to break down as well, fearing that his parents hate him; but Mina and Izuku shut that down instantly. As luck would have it, nobody outside of their immediate circle witnessed the event, so it can be swept under the rug.

We learned a rather horrifying aspect of their world as apparently Lobotomies have made a comeback. It’s bad enough when a crazy person can get a gun and shoot up a public place, what do you do when somebody who can shoot lasers out of their eyes or throw a sky scraper goes nuts? Luckily, Nezu seems to have an alternative, Project Rebirth.

This is revealed to be a program through which mentally ill individuals can be rehabilitated into productive members of society. We learn that there are several people who have gone through this program that we already know. Vlad King, Mei Hatsume and Nejire Hado are all revealed to have been a part of this program, and Himiko is apparently enrolled as well. I had Nezu make this program because he understands what these people are going through; having similar issues himself thanks to his past. Mei and Nejire both begin to panic when they realize their pasts are going to have to come out, but Izuku swoops in to comfort the girls without hesitation.

From there we proceed to the students’ reaction to Nezu’s decision. As expected, Neito starts to throw a fit, but Vlad King promptly shuts him up by revealing his own past. We also learn that Tenya was a bit hesitant to accept Himiko. Mei reveals that she used to kidnap people to test her inventions on, some of which died and Nejire reveals her identity as the ex-vigilante known as Miss Spirals. After learning the truth, the students seem to be more comfortable about the idea of Project Rebirth.

That’s not all though, as we get a few more future kids as well. The twist? They aren’t Izuku’s. Chizue Tetsutetsu-Kirishima, daughter of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Eijirou Kirishima, whose biological mother is Itsuka Kendo, enters the scene with two small children in her arms. Eijirou and Tetsutetsu are understandably embarrassed as Chizue releases the two small girls.

The girls are revealed to be Niko Aizawa, daughter of Shota Aizawa and Emi Fukukado; and Jin Tokoyami, daughter of Fumikage Tokoyami and Reiko Yanagi. Dark Shadow starts to laugh, only for Jin’s quirk to activate, revealing itself as a sapient quirk like Dark Shadow. This technically makes Dark Shadow a father too, much to his shock. The scene promptly ends with Miss Joke’s kidnapping of Eraser Head.

That’s when things take a turn for the saucy. It appears that Mina has angered Toru by stealing a special, expensive shampoo from her. Toru decides to take her revenge by grabbing Izuku and having sex with him in Mina’s bed. She sends a taunting selfie to Mina, and the pink skinned girl is clearly not pleased. The main cause of her rage is not that they are having sex on her bed, she’s mad that she wasn’t invited. Setsuna being the good wing girl she is, tells her to go back to the dorm while she covers for her. Sexy times ensue, and things go off the rails. It all comes to an abrupt end though as Shota Aizawa ends up walking in on them. Being the second time in less than 48 hours that he has witnessed Izuku’s sex life, he is understandably angry.

Whew that was a big one. There you have it guys, more kids, more surprises and more citrus. Also, as I said at the beginning, I have heard your complaints about the POV shifts. Whether they show up on AO3 or not depends on if the stupid thing cooperates with me. At any rate, thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave any comments, reviews or advice you have for me. Until next time.

Chapter Text

The Rise of Homo Quirkeas

Chapter 4

It’s right around lunch time and all the women who seem to be interested in Izuku are having a breakfast in a private room within a restaurant that Momo seems to have rented out. Chiyo Shuzenji, aka Recovery Girl, also seems to be there. She’s there to act as a mediator rather than a participant though. In addition to all the women who were added to the Dicku Fan Club group chat, Nemuri Kayama, Rumi Usagiyama, Yui Kodai and Itsuka Kendo seem to have shown up. Itsuka blushes furiously when she receives her invite to the chat group. “A-are you really calling it that?” The orangette asks.

Momo sighs at this. “No, that’s just the name of the chat group. Isamu locked it so we can’t change the name.” She says with a tone of resignation. Mina and Setsuna make their way over to the five new women with grins on their face. “So you ladies want some of the Dicku too, eh?” Mina asks. Chiyo laughs as Itsuka blushes again under the teasing gaze of the two girls. “Oh heavens no, I’m far too old for young Izuku. I’m just here to make sure Nemuri doesn’t get out of control.” Recovery Girl says. Nemuri pouts at the school nurse while Rumi has a lecherous grin on her face and Yui seems as blank faced as ever. “Oh yeah, you can’t wave a piece of man meat like that in my face and expect me to ignore it. Plus, the kid’s clearly strong if he can go through the shit he did and still want to be a hero. He ticks all my boxes.” Rumi says.

“Given his bedroom performance and his character, I’d be stupid not to pay attention. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a man that can keep up with me?” Nemuri adds after turning back to the group. “Preach sister!” Yu Takeyama shouts from the side line. The girls then shift their attention toward Yui. “He’s hot.” She states bluntly. A few of the women blink at her explanation. The fact that she maintained her blank expression the entire time is actually rather impressive. “Fair enough!” Mina says before turning to Itsuka.


The big sister of Class 1-B looks to be a bit nervous as all eyes fall on her. “L-look, after everything I’ve learned about him, I’d be an idiot not to be a little bit interested. He’s stupid hot, has a heart of gold and a drive that puts us all to shame.” Itsuka says. Setsuna’s head separates from her body with a Cheshire grin on her face as it floats up to Itsuka’s own face. “Stupid hot, eh Itsuka?” She comments. Itsuka starts to blush again and enlarges her right hand to muffle her scream of embarrassment.

Setsuna and Mina giggle at the girl’s reaction. “Well now that that’s out of the way, on to the next mystery!” Mina says before she rushes toward Fuyumi while Setsuna ambushes Saiko, startling the two women. “We’re all mostly familiar with each other because we’re either heroes or training to become heroes, but Miss Todoroki here is a civilian and Saiko’s from a completely different school, so we know nothing about them aside from Fuyumi being Shoto’s older sister.” Mina says.

“Speaking of which, how did Shoto take the news of your interest in Izuku?” Momo asks calmly. Fuyumi turns red enough to be seen from space after being reminded of that particular train wreck. “H-he didn’t really say anything, but I kind of understand that given how he found out...” She says with a humiliated tone. Several of the girls gossip senses start going haywire when they hear that. Mina and Setsuna walk over to the nervous woman with predatory expressions on their faces. “So~ what happened?” Mina asks mischievously.


*Rides by on a horse*
“The lemons are coming, the lemons are coming!”
It’s a bit shorter, but that’s because comedy is the focus here.

Izuku and Fuyumi met up at a nearby café early in the morning. Fuyumi had wanted to get to know the green haired boy a bit better, seeing as he was apparently going to be his husband. Things had gone pretty well and they clicked almost immediately. In fact, they may have gone a little too well if the way the two of them barged into Izuku’s dorm room making out like a couple of horny teenagers was anything to go by. Izuku lifts her up in a bridal style briefly before throwing her onto the bed. The way his eyes and body crackled with green lightning was doing things to Fuyumi that made her throw her normally reserved nature out the window.

Izuku pounces on top of her like an animal and tears her shirt and bra off all in one go, turning the snowy haired teacher on immensely. Izuku is caught off guard when her surprisingly large 36 DD breasts pop out of nowhere. Fuyumi bites her lip as she sees the primal look in his eyes. “Alright, let’s see if he’s got what I’m looking for.” She thinks. Fuyumi chuckles at his shocked expression. “Izuku, I teach 5th graders, which means boys who are just starting to hit puberty. If I didn’t hide these things, they wouldn’t hear a word I say.” She says teasingly before starting to giggle at his sudden blush. He had been getting a bit more confident lately, so he didn’t like being on the back foot like this. He grinned ferally at the woman as he decides to pull a new trick he thought of last night out of his pocket.

His energy pulses around his body and he suddenly flexes his muscles with enough force to tear his clothes to shreds, his monstrous cock springing up with enough force to create a small gust of wind which messes her hair up slightly. Fuyumi squeaks timidly at this as her eyes widen. “OH GOD! HE’S A HUNG ADONIS! YES!” She screams gleefully in her head.

He surges forward faster than the eye can see and tears her skirt and panties apart as well before taking her shoes off and throwing them so hard that the high heels actually penetrate it, causing them to hang on the wall like a trophy. It takes everything that Fuyumi has not to orgasm from that display of feral masculinity. Fuyumi isn’t exactly a virgin, but she’s not loose either. She does know what she likes though. Fuyumi is an extreme submissive who likes to be degraded. She doesn’t even like foreplay usually, she just wants a man to use her like a flesh light and throw her away. It also doesn’t help that she’s been in a year long dry spell.

“O-oh god… Izuku, please I need it. Forget the foreplay and ram that massive cock in me, daddy!” She says with a high pitched whine. Izuku’s grin intensifies when he hears that. “Daddy huh? I could get used to that.” He says before climbing on top of her. He grabs her left tit roughly and practically inhales her right nipple while shoving himself balls deep into her soaking wet pussy. She looked down and her eyes rolled up in the back of her skull as she cums hard from the sight of his massive pussy wrecker deforming her belly. Izuku pounds her relentlessly for two minutes straight before pulling her off the bed and driving her back into the wall.

“Oh God! Harder daddy, harder!” She screams, forcing Izuku to call up Full Cowling. The wall starts to crack from the force of his thrusts.


Shoto wakes up with a start when he hears a scream. His eyes widen in horror as he clearly recognizes the scream. “Fuyumi?!” He shouts before bursting out of bed and rushing toward the source.


A few minutes later, the wall loses its struggle for survival, crumbling as the two fall into the hallway. Neither seem to notice though, as they are two wrapped up in their love making. “You’re such a slutty little girl aren’t you Fuyumi!” He shouts as Shoto emerges from the other side of the hall. He freezes in shock at the sight in front of him. His brain shuts down as he struggles to comprehend what he is seeing. “Yes daddy! I’m your little whore! I can’t live without your cock daddy!” She whines. Izuku switches her into doggy style, completely unaware of their observer and starts slapping her ass cheeks.

“Hah- Look at you, what would your family think if they saw you like this?! How do you think Endeavor would react if I bent you over the dining room table and started railing you like the slut you are in front of him?!” He shouts before wrapping her hair in one of his hands and yanking her head back hard. Shoto is in the process of recovering when the next words make things even worse. “And what about Shoto? What do you think he’d say if I made you look him in the eye and call me daddy while I destroy your loose little cunt?” He says just loud enough for said boy to hear him as Fuyumi devolves into a wailing mess. A few seconds later, another person walks in to discover the mess.


Shouta’s eye starts to twitch when he sees Izuku pounding Fuyumi on the floor. “Oh crap Fuyumi! You’re going to be such a good little cum dump, aren’t you?! I’m going to enjoy using you!” He’s about to yell at them, but then he notices the frozen form of Shoto Todoroki across the hall. “Oh God, this is going to be Shoto’s super villain origin story, isn’t it?” The 1-A teacher thinks as Izuku approaches his end.

“Yes daddy! I’ll be the best cum dump you’ve ever had! Just give me all that delicious cum!” She begs pitifully. He pulls her head back and Shoto takes another mental blow when he sees the way Izuku’s cock is pushing out of her stomach just below her breasts. “Alright then here it IS!” He shouts before bottoming out in her. Fuyumi screams as her belly starts to bloat from the size of his load. 30 seconds later, she looks as if she was around eight months pregnant as they both start to calm down. Izuku pulls out, allowing his cum to drain all over the floor. The puddle reaches Shoto’s shoes and both Izuku and Fuyumi finally notice the boy. Fuyumi and Izuku both turn redder than Momo’s hero costume as they try and fail to come up with an explanation. Shouta uses his scarf to capture Shoto and rushes him away from the scene.

Oh God, I can’t believe I just did that.
Hasn’t the boy suffered enough in his life?
RIP Shoto Todoroki’s sanity.


The reactions to the story vary greatly. Chiyo makes a mental note to ask Hound Dog to check in on the half and half boy, as he was most likely severely traumatized by what he saw. Some of the girls, particularly Momo were mortified by what they heard. Others have burst into fits of laughter, with Mina and Setsuna having already passed out.

“As for the rest of my family, I decided to wait until my ch-child appeared to tell them.” She says quietly, barely managing to get the word child out. “Well that’s going to happen sooner than you think aunty Fuyumi!” A cheerful voice says from the door.


A squealing blue and blonde blur suddenly tackles Kinoko to the ground. “Mommy!” She squeals. Kinoko squeaks in shock as the room is suddenly filled with mushrooms. The other women only have one thought upon seeing her. “So cute.”

A sigh can be heard from the door and the others turn to see Aiko, Bachiko and Hikari standing in the doorway. Himiko tackle hugs Aiko and pouts at the girl. “Where have you been?! You had me worried sick yesterday!” Aiko giggles at her mother. “I was on a secret mission to set up for the operation against the Shie Hassaikai with Tatsumi and Tenshi!” She says, causing Kyouka to perk up at the mention of her son. “Tenshi?” Nejire asks curiously. For some reason she doesn’t quite understand, that name seems to resonate with her.

“Yup!” Aiko says before pulling in a new girl. She has bright green hair in the same style as Nejire, complete with the dual spirals. She is wearing what appears to be a two piece green chest piece, silver armguards with two silver retractable kite shields with green spirals painted on them on the top of the forearms, a silver metal belt and silver greaves with large silver armored boots. However, that doesn’t seem to be all she has. Behind her is a fairly large mech like suit which is attached to the back of her armor. The mech has a box like attachment to the back of her armor which has two large arms with large four fingered fists that appear to have glowing green lights on the palms which rest below her regular arms, a small rocket pod on the left shoulder, a strange cannon with a blue glow in the barrel on the right shoulder, a pair of giant retractable mech wings with a jet engine in between them and a four foot long silver broadsword with a green cross guard which has green electricity arcing across the blade.

All in all, she looks like some sort of character out of a mech game such as Hyper Dimension Neptunia or Alice Gear Aegis. Several of the girls are forced to make room in order to avoid the waterfall of drool coming out of Mei Hatsume’s mouth.

Tenshi Hado
Codename: Paladin
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 438 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 2nd
Age: 25
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Aura Bond
Quirk Description: Tenshi can emit an aura from her body which can increase a person’s strength, speed and quirk power as well as rejuvenating their stamina based upon how much she likes the person being affected. It has the opposite if she dislikes the person. At its basic form, her aura has a range of around two miles. She can focus it on specific individuals by tagging them with a unique energy tag. She can apply up to ten tags at once from a range of one hundred feet. The strength of the buff or debuff is determined by the number of affected people. If she chooses to focus on one person, the buff can turn them into an unstoppable juggernaut while the debuff saps so much strength and energy that it causes their bodies to shut down, killing them instantly. Tenshi’s quirk does not work on herself.
Basic Biography: Due to her Quirk’s ability to strengthen her allies and weaken her enemies, Tenshi has always had a target on her back. To accommodate this, she has state of the art armor with a built in mech, a strong, athletic build and a combat style which relies heavily on defense and mobility. Due to her ability to restore stamina, Tenshi and her mother Nejire make a truly terrifying combo.

The sight of the girl makes Nejire squeal happily before flying at her and tackling the girl harder than Himiko went at Aiko. Much to everyone’s shock, Tenshi barely even budges under the force of the impact. “Hi mam-OOF!” Tenshi starts to say before being tackled by Mei. This time she was affected, but she barely manages to regain her footing to keep from falling over. She pouts at the pink haired maniac as she ignores the girl completely, focusing on the machine on her back.


Fuyumi seems to be rather nervous as she focuses on what the cheerful blonde said. “What did you mean by ‘Sooner than I think’ Miss?” The white haired school teacher asks nervously.

The blonde giggles at all of them. “Opps, I forgot to tell you my name didn’t I? I was just so happy to see my mom after so long that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Masumi Komori, my vigilante name is Vaccine and my quirk is Microbial Control.” She says, getting a few confused looks from the other women. “What does that mean?” Mina asks curiously.

Masumi frowns at this question. “I was really hoping to avoid going in to detail about it because a lot of people are terrified by my quirk. I’ve been looked down on for having a ‘Villainous’ quirk most of my life.” She says, causing several flinches. “Oh, forget what I said then, you don’t have to explain if you don’t want to!” Mina backtracks.

“No, I suppose it’s going to have to come out anyway. The first thing I need you to know though is that I am in complete control of my quirk. I’m not contagious in any way.” She says, further confusing some of the group. Some of the smarter women seem to tense as they seem to have an idea as to what the quirk might do. Mei, who was particularly close to the girl, freezes at first, but she decides to trust the girl and returns to her task of learning about Tenshi’s gear.

“My quirk is a mix of an emitter and a mutant type. I have a much larger appendix than normal humans, especially since Homo Quirkeas isn’t even supposed to have one. I use it to store various strains of bacteria and viruses which I can control and modify. The reason everyone thinks my quirk is villainous is because I could theoretically create a super plague that could potentially wipe out all of humanity.” She says nervously.

Most of the women look at her in shock. They can certainly understand why such a quirk would be feared. “It doesn’t help that some of the strains I have could wreak havoc all on their own. I have numerous dangerous diseases that have been eradicated for a long time now like Small Pox.” She continues, startling many of the women. Itsuka even tries to protectively pull Kinoko away, but the brunette clings to the girl and glares at her class representative. “She said she’s not contagious Itsuka, I trust my daughter.” The mushroom girl says firmly, causing Itsuka to wince guiltily.

Masumi grins down at her mother. “Its okay mama, aunty Itsuka was just trying to protect you.” She says before turning to Itsuka and the others. “If it helps, I can also manipulate the strains to create a vaccine for those, and any other, diseases. It’s where my vigilante name comes from.” She says happily.

Chiyo’s eyes widen in absolute amazement at this new information. “Incredible! You could save so many people with that kind of ability.” She says happily. “Still, I don’t know if making people sick is a good way to fight, a lot of people would probably consider that evil…” Momo says.

Masumi rolls her eyes at this before allowing her hand to glow brown. A large black wall made of some sort of organic rock like material sprouts up behind her. “Bacteria can do a lot of things besides making people sick aunty Momo. I can create solid objects, lift objects with a type of pseudo telekinesis and generate combustible film which I can light on fire with a spark among a lot of other features. Bacteria are an incredibly diverse group of life forms with many unique capabilities.” She says. This makes a lot of people realize just how versatile her quirk really is.

“Hmm, a bacterium capable of creating physical objects through the creation of bio film is something I’ve heard of, but telekinesis shouldn’t be something they can do.” Recovery Girl says. “I’ve picked up Microbiology to better understand my quirk; I made my own bacteria that can levitate objects.” Masumi says. “They’re really strong too! She tore a small mountain out of the earth once and hurled it into space to destroy a meteor!” Aiko says, shocking all the others.

Fuyumi shakes herself out of her stupor as she realizes Masumi still hasn’t answered her question. “Masumi, what did you mean about my family finding out about my future relationship?”

“Oh, you’re daughter Okimi Todoroki is coming tomorrow. She just got through with a mission over in Greenland. She’s going to kick your dad’s ass in a sparring session in order to teach him a bit of humility.” Tenshi says. Fuyumi tenses and her eyes widen in horror. “I do NOT want my father sparring with my daughter; the man’s idea of training is being as abusive as possible!” She shouts.

“Then it’s a good thing it’s not going to be much of a fight. Okimi’s going to demolish him; she’s almost as powerful as me.” Masumi says, flooring the others with her revelation. “Wh-what’s her quirk?” Yu Takeyama asks nervously. “It’s kind of a weird one if we’re being honest. Let’s just say she essentially gives the laws of thermodynamics the middle finger. She’s probably the third strongest out of all of us.” Tenshi adds.

This is enough to draw several of the girl’s interest. “Who are the strongest ones? I take it you’re number one, right Masumi? How could anyone match hurling Mount Fuji into space?” Momo asks. Aiko bursts into hysterical laughter upon hearing this. “N-not even close! Aunty Yu’s daughter Rika is the strongest by far. The gap between her and Masumi makes the gap between All Might in his prime and Endeavor look like a small crack on a sidewalk.” Aiko says.

Everyone turns pale and their jaws drop upon hearing that. Yu seems to be beaming with pride upon hearing this, although she is admittedly terrified about just how powerful her daughter apparently is. “Wh-what kind of quirk could do be that strong?!?!” Nejire asks. Even she seems to be a bit intimidated by the existence of someone that strong. “Nope, no spoilers! Reginald said he wanted to get dad to guess what her quirk is!” Tenshi says. “As for who the strongest is, there are seven of us who are stronger than All Might. Rika is number one, Masumi is number two, Okimi is number three, Tatsumi is number four, Aiko is number five, Akira is number six and Bachiko is number seven.” Tenshi says. “Although All Might would be stronger than me, Bachiko and Akira in his prime.” Aiko says. “For now at least, Bachiko’s going to be terrifying as an adult.” Tenshi adds.

“Technically aunty Saiko’s daughter Yume can also be stronger than All Might, but her power level, as well as everything else about her honestly, is really weird. I won’t even try to tell you what her quirk is though; it’s just easier to see it than it is to explain it.” Aiko adds. Saiko seems to perk up at the mention of her own daughter. She’s about to ask about the girl, but she is interrupted when an overly excited Isamu Hatsume barges into the room with a look of manic glee in her eye. Akira and Bachiko are behind her, and although she is much more reserved, she seems to be excited as well.

“IT’S TIME! IT’S FINALLY TIME! GARBAGE IS ABOUT TO MAKE HER VIGILANTE DEBUT!!!” Isamu squeals happily, confusing many of the women. Akira grins at the women. “We’re introducing you guys to two of the main members of the Revolution today. Garbage is the voice and the brains of the Revolution.” She explains while Tenshi squeals happily. “Quick! Turn the TV on!” Tenshi squeals enthusiastically. Isamu uses her quirk to turn on a massive television hanging on one of the walls and changes the channel to a live villain fight. Many of the more knowledgeable people pale when they read the headline. It says, unknown vigilante engages in combat with Mountain Jack and his army.

“Somebody’s trying to take down Mountain Jack?!” Momo shouts in horror. “Who’s Mountain Jack?” Mina asks in confusion. Nemuri gulps nervously at this question. “Mountain Jack is a Super Villain and crime boss from New Zealand. He’s been terrorizing the South Pacific for decades and he’s even managed to take complete control complete control of the Southern Island Te Waipounamu. Heroes from all over the world have made attempts to capture him. Even a coalition of heroes which included All-Might and Endeavor along with the top three heroes from America and the top heroes of Australia and New Zealand failed to beat him twenty years ago, back when All Might was in his prime.” The R-Rated Hero says, causing everyone else to pale as well.

“Yeah, but All Might’s not the only one who’s deteriorated. The guy’s in his mid eighties. Plus, Garbage is really strong! My hero name was inspired by her, Akira uses the same method to power her implants and Tenshi’s mech was inspired by one of her earlier designs.” Isamu says. “She must have a really strong quirk then.” Itsuka mused. “Nope! She’s quirkless, just like Akira!” Isamu adds, horrifying the others.


A young girl with pale white skin, shoulder length orange hair and turquoise eyes is standing in the middle of the dilapidated ruins of Christchurch, New Zealand surrounded by nearly one hundred villains, with a sixty eight foot tall rock like giant seated on a throne made from the ruins of Christchurch Cathedral. The area is filled with large jagged rock formations jutting up through the streets and buildings like miniature mountain chains.

The girl is wearing a suit of bright pink metal armor covering everything but her face with a high tech visor helmet. The armor suit appears to be made of rusty, broken scrap metal. Behind her is an absolute behemoth of a machine. It stands at around 15 feet tall and it has a diverse array of weapons. Her forearms are resting inside of a pair of massive mech arms currently wielding a monstrous nine foot long war hammer with a gigantic head that looks as if it likely weighs several hundred pounds. Her lower body is completely concealed beneath large, powerful mechanical legs. There’s a huge rifle like cannon hanging over the left shoulder, a pair of mini guns folded behind her, a series of folded up mechanical wings on the back surrounding what looks to be a series of rocket boosters between them and a pair of rocket pods resting on top of the gigantic mechanical monstrosity. There are also glowing holes inside of the mechanical wings as well as the arms of the machine. The mech is white with bright pink stripes on it. Like the armored suit, the mech looks like a mismatched monstrosity made out of rusted metal you’d salvage from the abandoned part of a scrap yard. (Q/N: This mech was heavily inspired by Maple’s Machine God skill from the anime BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt so I'll Max Out My Defense. It is a lot more Aerodynamic than Machine God though. The character herself is inspired by another anime girl with a habit of breaking legs who I was too addicted to writing to stop. I am weak.) Back in Japan, the private room is practically flooding with Mei Hatsume’s drool.

The girl is grinning at the villains like a lunatic before looking straight at the camera. “G’day Mates! My name is Nora Valentina, but you can call me Garbage! I’m just a fourteen year old quirkless, homeless orphan who’s completely paralyzed from the waist down!” She proudly proclaims, leaving people all over the world absolutely terrified. It’s bad enough that a quirkless person is trying to take down one of the strongest super villains that ever lived; her age and her disability just compound the issue. Even some of the villains, including Mountain Jack himself wince at this. Mountain Jack may be a cruel criminal overlord, but even he would feel bad about beating up a crippled quirkless child; he’s a Super Villain, not a monster.

“Young lady-“ The giant says with a loud, gravelly boom. “I would normally crush anyone who even entered my land in an attempt to capture me, but given these circumstances; I’m willing to let this slide. Many of the greatest heroes this world has ever seen have tried and failed to bring me down, are you absolutely certain you wish to continue down this path? I will have no choice but to end you if you do.” He says calmly.

The young girl grins confidently at the giant. “Don’t you dare hold back on me, I’ve been told I’m weak and useless my whole life. I’m here to prove that just because you’re quirkless, doesn’t mean you’re helpless, doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Fight me with everything you got and I’ll still kick your ass!” She says with a level of conviction that even impresses Stain in the musty old bar he is watching from. Even Mountain Jack can feel the shift in the air as the aura of danger she exudes makes him widen his eyes. Unlike his minions, he actually seems to understand that the girl is much more than she appears to be. He chuckles at the girl’s response. “I like your spunk kid.” He says. “You heard the little lady. Give her everything you’ve got.” He adds.


The first one to approach the girl is a massive man roughly 16 feet tall. He has green skin, six arms with a massive five foot long machete in each hand and compound insect like eyes. He surges forward and the girl smiles. The engines of her mech roar as she flies into the air with a manic grin on her face. She spins in the air like a cyclone, shocking everyone with just how fast and maneuverable the bulky, broken looking machine is. “All my life, I’ve been told I’m too weak!” She says as she slams the hammer into the villain’s skull.

The massive man is driven into the ground with enough force to create a deep crater in the ground. The rest of the villains turn serious as they finally recognize the girl as a legitimate threat. “I’ve spent the last nine years of my life migrating between scrap yards, dumps and the occasional library tinkering with machines after my parents abandoned me for being quirkless!” She says as the group charges in. She slams her hammer into the ground, generating a shockwave which blows most of the weaker minions away.

“And for those of you who didn’t know, Australia is one of the worst places to be quirkless!” She adds as she uses the cannon to blow a hole into a metal man’s chest. The man is blown off his feet by the blast. The ground around him starts to sink as he absorbs the matter below him to restore his body. “The country has been ruled by quirk supremacists disguising themselves as the Liberation Party for almost twenty years!” She says before the mini guns deploy, sending a large flurry of rubber bullets toward a charging group of minions, forcing them to take cover.

“I was told I was useless!” She says before slamming her hammer into the chest of a large man who seems to have a second rate version of Muscular’s quirk. The man is sent flying for miles. Several dozen minions charge at the girl when the glowing holes on the arms and wings shoot out dozens of glowing pink tendrils which wrap themselves around the charging minions. “But I knew they were wrong! I was going to be a hero, regardless of my status!” She screams while slamming the captured minions into each other knocking them all out before tossing them into the distance.

The metal man from earlier gets up and charges right for the mechanized warrior. “I was ruthlessly harassed for what I was trying to do! I was even left crippled when I was nine by a gang of quirk supremacists who were totally not backed by the Liberation Party by the way!” She says, the last part dripping with troll like sarcasm. She slams the handle into the man’s gut with enough force to send him flying just like the Muscular knock off.

The next few seconds was a flurry of brutal take downs. “I-“ She says before using a tendril to grab a knife wielding woman and throw her into a group of charging villains. “-could-“ She adds before swinging her hammer into the side of the recently reawakened bug man’s skull, sending him flying. “-never-“ she continues before one of her wings deploys briefly, slamming into the chest of an invisible villain and knocking them out cold. “-hope-“ she says before launching a pair of missiles at a group of flying villains, capturing them in electrified nets launched by the weapons. “-to-“ she says while kicking a rock villain in the face. “-keep up with somebody with a quirk.” She finishes as the last of the villains regroup.

“And for a while, I was afraid they were right. While my machines were awesome, there was no way I could power them without a set of nuclear power plants.” She says before the group rushes toward her again. She deploys her wings, which have an impressive wingspan of 48 feet, and the rockets on her back direct toward the ground to lift her into the air. A set of large helicopter blades emerge from the sides of each wing, allowing her to hover like a VTOL aircraft.

She fires a series of shots from her cannon at the ground while unleashing a swarm of small missiles. The villains are knocked into the air and the tendrils spring to life, grabbing and slamming villains into the ground left and right. When the dust settles, all of Mountain Jack’s minions have been decimated, leaving the Super Villain as the last enemy standing.

“But then I found an abandoned project from the dawn of the age of quirks. Back then, the quirkless were still hoping to counteract the rise of quirks. They made multiple attempts to match their power, but one particularly interesting idea was that of the Bio-Karigan reactor. Karigan is a chemical that, when introduced into the human body, allows the person to become a living power plant. But as quirks became the norm, it was abandoned for one simple reason. It doesn’t work for people with a quirk. Their bodies have a chemical which weaken Karigan significantly. But I’m quirkless, so I can use it! It took me about a year to figure it out, but I made it work.” She concludes.


Mountain Jack bursts into laughter yet again. “So it seems little one. I’m actually rather excited now. After the failure of the All Might coalition a few decades back, most of the hero community just gave up on capturing me. Sure there were a few foolish upstarts and the occasional vigilante, but most of them couldn’t even make it past my minions. The hero community at large was content to let me die of old age, and it was horrible! That’s not the way I want to go out, my story should end with a bang, not a whimper. So let’s see if you have what it takes young Nora.” The man says before rising from his throne.


Nora takes the brief lull in combat to analyze her opponent. Her visor springs to life, giving her detailed information about his quirk. He is made up of a mix of gray and black rock with a jagged black beard under his chin. He is built like a professional body builder and he has green, gem like eyes and a set of jagged stone teeth.

Mountain Jack
Real Name: ???
Height: 68’7”
Weight: 182 tons
Gender: Male
Birthday: ???
Age: ???
Blood Type: ???
Quirk Name: Mountain Breaker
Quirk Description: Mountain Jack is believed to have an emitter/mutant hybrid quirk. In addition to his massive body and the super strength and super durability it provides, he is able to generate jagged rocks out of the ground.
Basic Biography: Mountain Jack is a well known Super Villain and criminal overlord. He is also known associate of All for One. He is regarded as one of the strongest people who ever lived, possibly even stronger than All Might. The only reason All for One didn’t steal his quirk is because he can’t. All for One works like a computer, with each quirk requiring a certain amount of memory. Mountain Breaker requires more memory than All for One has.

The giant makes a show of cracking his knuckles, probably hoping to intimidate her. “You know, you still have a chance to leave.” He says. “I kind of don’t even want to kill you; you’ve got a good heart. Most of the idiots that come for me are just looking for fortune and fame, a bunch of ‘fakes’ as the Hero Killer Stain would say. But I can also tell that you have no intention of backing down.” He says before taking a fighting stance. “So show me what you got.” He says, expecting the girl to go for a headshot like everyone else does.

As he expected, she fires a volley of missiles straight for his head, prompting an eye roll from the giant. He blocks the missiles with his hands, which explode from the force. His hands regenerate fast enough, but much to his shock, the girl uses the delay to slam her hammer straight into his stomach. Most of the world quirks an eyebrow at this, as it is well known that his armor is strongest there. Mountain Jack’s eyes widen in recognition though and he laughs before swatting at the girl, forcing her to back off.

“So you figured it out already? Impressive. Most of the heroes assume destroying my head will take me out; they never even stop to ask whether this is actually my body. Even All Might made that mistake.” The giant says. The girl grins viscously at him. “Yeah but to be fair, I’ve actually met Big Blonde Dum Dum Man before. He’s powerful, but he doesn’t really have much going on upstairs besides ‘Me run fast, hit things hard.’ Seriously, I actually had to tell him not to punch a nuclear reactor core. He was going to hit it into orbit so it would explode in space, not realizing it would explode on impact. Thankfully another hero with an ice quirk showed up to cool it down, but still…” She says, getting a laugh from the giant.


All Might is sitting in the living room of the first year dorms with all the boys from Class 1-A and 1-B, Mirio and Amijaki, Reiko Yanagi and her daughter Jin, David and Melissa Shield, the three students from Shiketsu High, Shota Aizawa and his daughter Niko and the rest of the UA staff as they all watch the fight between Garbage and Mountain Jack. Everyone is looking at him incredulously after hearing that. All Might doesn’t even notice their looks though, he’s too nervous about what he told her after the disaster was averted. He’s praying to every divine entity out there that she doesn’t bring it up.

“I even asked the big guy if a quirkless person could be a hero-“ She says, dashing his hopes immediately. “He told me ‘I can’t openly say that being a hero is ‘possible without ability’ because it may not be possible. Professionals must always put their lives at stake. He then suggested that I try to become a police officer or a fire fighter; can you believe it?” She says.

All of the occupants turn to look at the now deflated man incredulously. “TH-THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU TOLD ME ON THE ROOF!!!!!” Izuku shouts, drawing a bunch of scowls toward the visibly sweating Yagi Toshinori. “T-to be fair, that was years ago. I’ve learned my lesson since then…” He says. “I’m more concerned about how he tried to punch a nuclear reactor core. That’s just terminal levels of stupidity right there.” Power Loader says. The man hangs his head in shame at this. “I know, who would have thought that All Might would have done something worthy of a Bropane Award?” Eijiro Kirishima asks.

All Might winces at this. The Bropane Award is based upon the pre-quirk era’s Darwin Award. It was named after an early quirk era American frat party themed vigilante named Bropane. He had the ability to generate fire and explosions from his hands by inhaling Propane. He was also immune to fire and explosions. He had a beer helmet designed with two hyper condensed propane tanks on the sides connected to a breathing apparatus. One of the propane tanks was shot with a gun and the world learned three things that day. Bropane was fire proof, Bropane was explosion proof, but Bropane was NOT shrapnel proof. Ever since then, he has become the poster child for heroes, vigilantes and villains who die idiotic deaths in the line of duty.


Mountain Jack stomps the ground, sending a line of tall rock spines straight at her, but she dodges to the side and uses the cannon on her shoulder to blast the arm blocking his stomach to pieces before firing a flurry of armor piercing concussive rounds from her mini guns, hoping to rattle his actual body enough to knock the giant off balance. While it does make him stumble, he remains upright. He charges through the barrage dragging his now elongated arms across the ground to send a flurry of spikes at the girl.

She manages to dodge the attack, but a warning from her radar makes her groan in anger. Mountain Jack looks up into the sky and notices a set of fighter jets escorting a heavy bomber. “I knew the Prime Minister wouldn’t like a quirkless girl fighting on equal terms with a Super Villain, but I didn’t think he’d go so far as to try and kill us both.” She says. “STAY OUT OF THIS YOU IDIOTS!” Mountain Jack roars in fury before sending a flurry of rock spikes toward the planes. The pilots manage to eject from the planes before they get destroyed, but a few of the men’s parachutes are destroyed by the rocks as well.

Garbage giggles before flying up after the falling pilots. Mountain Jack seems amused by this as well. The fact that the quirkless girl has to save the very men sent to kill her will definitely make the Prime Minister of Australia look stupid; especially now that a ‘mole’ just leaked evidence of the order to the world. She grabs the falling pilots with her tendrils, which transform into hard light parachutes, before flying back down toward Mountain Jack like a rocket.

“They’ll probably try that again, so let’s finish this before giving them the chance!” She says as a giant robot appears behind her. Mountain Jack’s eyes widen in shock. “Is that a fucking Gundam?!” He shouts. Sure enough, a 70’9” tall pink and white humanoid robot with several large cannons on its shoulders, various missile pods, a pair of giant mech like wings and a powerful, slender mechanical body appears. Just like the smaller mech, this robot appears to be made out of mismatched metal salvage. The smaller mech detaches, leaving the girl’s visor/helmet, armor, a smaller, more stream lined version of her mechanical legs and a jet pack as the only thing left. The Giant Robot’s chest opens and she uses her jet pack to enter the robot before assuming control.

“Eh, it’s more of an Evangelion, Gundam was a brick, which is fine in space since there’s no air resistance, but it slows down on Earth.” She says casually before pulling out a much larger version of her hammer from who knows where. “Now less talky, more fighty!” She says gleefully.

She surges toward the Rocky Giant, blasting away at its limbs with cannons and missiles. Mountain Jack seems to have hardened his body significantly though, recognizing the girl as a serious threat. Still, she manages to destroy his left leg from the knee down, causing the giant to fall forward just long enough for Nora to slam her hammer into the back of his head. While his head does get destroyed, he still manages to land a powerful right hand to the chest, denting the armor inwards. He leaps backwards as his body regenerates and sends a flurry of giant rock spikes after the machine.

She dodges to the side, but the left wing is mangled by the spikes, preventing her from flying away. She launches another flurry of missiles, but Mountain Jack erects a stone barrier to block them. A hole opens in the wall and Mountain Jack surges through by launching himself with a platform made of stone. Seeing an imperfection in the villain’s armor, Nora side steps the giant at the last minute, dropping her hammer before pushing her hand through the giant’s back and pulling a much smaller version of the villain out of the hole. The villain doesn’t seem to move, although he now has a Quirk suppressing collar around his neck. The stone giant crumbles the moment the collar activates.

The now 8’2” tall villain blinks in shock, as do most of the people watching around the world. The robot places the villain on the ground, and much to everyone’s confusion, he makes no attempt to run while Nora comes out of the large mech and sends it back to her home base. The villain grins as the young girl walks up to her. “So it appears you have won! That was an excellent fight, regardless of the attempted interference. I see you also realized the weakness behind my quirk.” He says. The man has his arms and legs straight down like a statue standing at attention. Only his face seems to be moving.

“Yup, like you said, the Giant wasn’t your real body. Your quirk is powerful, but it comes with a serious weakness. Your body is slowly becoming more rigid and unmovable. All I had to do was pull your actual body out and suppress your ability to generate and control stone.” She says as a massive red and bronze aircraft with green accents appears out of thin air.


(A/N: Just thought I would leave a trigger warning for aircraft enthusiast, this thing is a Frankenstein-like creation from a possibly psychotic mind. I have no idea what I'm doing here. The engines and the aircraft are 1.5 times the original size of the aircraft it is modeled after.) Upon closer inspection the airship is actually a heavily modified Lockheed AC-130E from the pre quirk era. The aircraft is 146'8" long, 57'9" tall and has a wing span of 199'11". It is painted black with a Pink Lightning Bolt on top of a pure black fist engulfed in red flames, the symbol of the Vigilante organization known as the Revolution, on the sides. It flies using six turbo prop engines on the inner part of the wings and a pair of massive tilt rotor engines on the tips. The monstrosity appears to be armed to the teeth, much to the concern of many watchers. It has 2 missile racks armed with four AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles and four AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles on each wing. The aircraft also has three 7.62 mm GAU-2 mini guns, one 105 mm M102 Howitzer cannon and two 40 mm L/60 Bofors cannons on each side of the airship. The back of the air craft has a bombing bay which houses 4 GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator bunker buster bombs, 8 GBU-53/B II guided bombs and an ATBIP Father of All Bombs. Despite its monstrous size, the ship is extremely quiet. Like everything else she uses, it appears to be made out of junk and scrap metal. A few minutes later, the aircraft lands using its tilt rotor engines and the rear hatch opens.

The large mech from earlier flies into the air craft’s open hatch carrying all of Mountain Jack’s subdued minions being carried by the energy tendrils. Mountain Jack whistles appreciatively at the sight of the monstrosity. “That’s a lot of fire power little lady.” The super villain says. “Yeah, that’s the Valkyrie for ya. I made her to fight monsters, not super villains. I don’t want to kill anyone unless they force me to, and that thing is made to kill. The only reason I’m using it is because my drop ship is down for maintenance.” Nora says before turning to the camera drone with a grin. “That’s all we got time for now everybody! I’ll be dropping Mountain Jack off with the proper authorities later on. Buh-bye!” She says happily before terminating the recording.

“It’s still a good air craft, but what’s with the rusty, broken look? These machines may look like they’re on the verge of falling apart, but I can tell that’s just a ruse.” Mountain Jack says. “No spoilers! I’ll tell you and the world everything when I turn you in to the U.N.’s Pacific Head Quarters in a few hours.” She adds. This makes Mountain Jack stare at her in shock briefly before it suddenly clicks. He burst into laughter as a result. “You’re gonna drop me right in front of Prime Minister Tony Adams, aren’t ya?” He says as they make it into the air ship. “Yup! He’s there on a diplomatic mission. I’m gonna wait until he calls a Press Conference to respond to the controversy ordering that air strike earlier caused. We both know he’s gonna get a lot of flak for that.” She responds.

“Hah! Drop me right in front of him. I want to see the look on his face.” He says. Nora looks at him with a bit of confusion. “You seem really happy for a villain that just got caught.” She says. Mountain Jack grins at her. “That’s because I got what I wanted, I went out with a bang. I only have a few months left to live anyway. It’s like you said, my quirk is paralyzing my body; eventually my heart is going to stop beating. The only reason I’m still alive is because I was too stubborn to die like a wimp.” He says. Nora frowns at this, causing Mountain Jack to laugh again. “Kid, we both know I’d be getting the death penalty anyway. I’ve committed more crimes against humanity than I can even remember.” He says.


A few hours later, the ladies have rejoined everyone else at one of the school’s auditoriums. The students are all enthusiastically talking about the woman of the hour, the vigilante now known as Garbage. “I still can’t believe Mountain Jack went down! Not even All Might was able to take him, and that was with help.” Mina says excitedly. Said #1 hero was currently being kicked around on the auditorium stage by his mentor Gran Torino after the earlier revelation. What’s worse is that Recovery Girl seems to have joined him, whacking him with her cane at every opportunity. “Yeah, and did you see those mechs she had! Those things are awesome!” Toru says.

Across the room, Momo and Akira are currently having a conversation. “You said that you’re implants were powered by the same source that Nora girl’s mechs were powered off, right?” She asks. Akira nods at this. “Mine isn’t as powerful as hers, but I do utilize the Bio-Karigan reactor technology. I chose to focus the energy into improving my strength, speed, mind and durability, while she utilizes it to power her mechanical creations. She was one of the poster children for the Revolution in the early days. I’m sure you’ll realize why when she tells her story. She should be interrupting Prime Minister Tony Adams’ press conference soon.” Akira says. Saiko Intelli, who apparently grew up around Momo Yaoyorozu as their parents had forged a close working relationship between Yaoyorozu Support Industries and Intelli Energy; scowled at the mention of the Prime Minister.

“I still can’t get past that! The man has made attempts to weaken the position of anti-quirkist individuals before, but he just ordered an air strike on a foreign nation in order to steal credit for taking down Mountain Jack. He’ll be lucky if New Zealand doesn’t declare war over this!” She says. “He’s a sleaze ball Aunt Saiko, this is just the first of many controversies that are about to erupt around the world. It’s kind of ironic that we are going to implement the League of Villain’s plan to break the public’s faith in the hero committee.” Akira says.

“Yeah, but unlike the League of Villains, we plan on making the world favor vigilantes. Ribbit. We’re tearing down the old system which has lead to a broken society.” Daisuke Asui says as he walks over. Momo can’t help but giggle at the sight of the mother-son duo in front of them. Tsuyu seems to be hanging on his back with her quirk, peeking over her son’s shoulder with a blank expression matching that of her son.

“Alright you two, that’s enough beating on All Might for now, I’m being informed that the Prime Minister of Australia is about to begin his press conference.” Dean Nezu says. The three of them make their way to their seats, with a deflated Yagi Toshinori walking with a noticeable limp. A massive screen appears on stage so that everyone will be able to see the video at the same time.

There is a short, balding man with white hair and a rather large gut wearing a fancy suit standing at a podium. Everything about the older man oozes with sleaze. “-assure you that this was a calculated risk. We had a chance to bring down one of the most powerful villains in recorded history, it would have been irresponsible of us not to take adv-“ He says before a loud, mechanical screech interrupts him.

The air ship from earlier suddenly appears above them and the energy tendrils from earlier drop the restrained minions in a barrier zone between the press and the Prime Minister. “BEEP BEEP!!! SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!!!!!” Nora says. She drops onto the stage with Mountain Jack and the pilots of the aircraft sent to kill the two of them. Only Mountain Jack seems to be restrained though. “One uncapturable super villain and his minions with a side order of RAAF pilots, hold the mayo!” She says, dropping the grinning villain in front of the Prime Minister. She takes a seat on the villains left shoulder and crosses her mechanical legs with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Those pilots of yours seem to have been really confused. Why was the Royal Australian Air Force in New Zealand? It’s almost like you ordered an air strike on a friendly nation.” She says while grinning down at the furious man. The man grins viscously before turning to his security detail. “Arrest this woman for violating laws against Vigilantism.” He says smugly. The guards look at him in confusion. “Wow, you really are an idiot. You’re at a UN facility right now Tony, you have no authority here, and the U.N. doesn’t have laws against vigilantes thanks to neutrality agreements. And don’t worry about trespassing; I scheduled this little meet up with Secretary General Alfonso Agosti’s approval!” She says.

The Prime Minister grinds his teeth at this. The Italian Secretary General of the U.N. has a quirkless daughter, so he has always been sympathetic to their plight. “Fine! You’ve made your point you little brat, you can leave now.” He says angrily. Nora makes a show of mockingly considering his request before responding with a cheeky “Nope!”

She turns around to face the cameras with a smile on her face. “Hello world!” The Prime Minister motions for the camera men to terminate the recording, but it appears that they have been locked out of the controls. “My name is Nora Valentina and I’m the crippled quirkless orphan who took out Mountain Jack!” She says before leaping off the villain’s shoulder. Her mechanical legs transform into a wheelchair, exposing her extremely scarred legs in the process.

“I’m also a founding member of the Revolution, a global organization of vigilantes! I’ve spent my entire life being told what I can’t do. Like I said earlier, being quirkless in Australia is the worst thanks to this pig disguising himself as a man and his allies. In most countries, quirkless can’t be heroes, but in Australia? We can’t be in the military, we can’t be cops, paramedics, doctors, fire fighters; hell we can’t even be security guards! Even non emergency related fields such as law and the support industry are forbidden for us and I just got sick of it! Quirks are a tool, not an identity!” She says.

“This world is broken. The existence of quirks has become an excuse to ignore progress. Science, technology, hell, even the arts have stagnated since the dawn of quirks. If you were to drop a man from the 19th century into the 21st century, they would think they were on an alien planet, but if you dropped someone from the 21st century to now? Sure, quirks would probably shock them, but other than that, they wouldn’t miss a beat! Sure some fields such as robotics and mechanical engineering have progressed, but there hasn’t been a manned mission to space in over two hundred years! We should be colonizing Mars by now, but Elon Musk’s dream was abandoned the moment quirks became the norm. I know there was a World War that nearly wiped us off the planet in the early part of the age of quirks, but that still leaves a hundred years of potential progress wasted.” She says.

“And then there’s the society we’ve developed. We actually seem to have regressed in terms of social justice. Sure we’ve abandoned discrimination against race, gender and sexual orientation, but that was just because there was a new group to hate! Might makes right and that’s all that matters. People with strong quirks are revered and pushed into heroics or other prominent positions and people with weak quirks are told they should be happy to live a normal life. Even worse happens to the people with so called ‘Villainous’ quirks. They are told they are monsters and shunned by society. We beat them, hassle them, ignore their cries for help and then act all surprised when they turn into what WE made them. But at least they get to be something. Quirkless people like me? We never get told what we CAN be; we’re only told what we CAN’T be. Hell, 60% of the quirkless population commits suicide before they even turn 18!” She adds.

“I dared to believe that I could be a hero without a quirk and what happened? Some quirk supremacist terrorists group called the Fist of Destro which are totally not linked to the Liberation Party despite the fact that two of this sleaze ball’s-“ She says, gesturing toward the Prime Minister, “sons are documented members of the group, decided to beat me until my spine broke when I was only 12 years old!” She says. The press starts to murmur up a storm at that accusation, but they soon receive hard evidence to support her claims on all their phones.

“But that’s enough of that! I’m here to say one thing!” She says before looking straight into the cameras with tears in her eyes. The power of her determination bleeds through the cameras as her next words start the process which will turn the world upside down. “For those like me, don’t lose hope. I don’t care what society says, if they tell you that you can’t do something; you work hard at it, learn how to do it and then do it. I have a saying that always gives me strength. Just because you’re Quirkless, doesn’t mean you’re helpless, doesn’t mean you’re worthless.” She says with an emotionally charged voice.


Gang Orca is sitting in his private office inside of his agency watching the video. “For those who with “Villainous” or mutant quirks; you are not monsters. You’re quirk doesn’t make you evil, it’s what you do with your quirk that matters. If All Might started smashing skyscrapers and tearing peoples limbs off, wouldn’t that make his quirk villainous? You don’t have to be a bad guy, you can even be a hero if you really want to be, just look at guys like Gang Orca from Japan, Rot Fist from Germany or America’s Bladestorm!” She adds. The supposed “monster” is grins at the girl’s words.


Best Jeanist and his side kicks are watching from his office. “For those with so called weak quirks, you’re only weak if you believe you are. It might not come as easy as it does for others, but a quirk is a muscle; just work it hard enough and you can make it powerful. Best Jeanist quirk lets him control clothing fiber, but he’s the number three hero in Japan. France’s Paint Man manipulates paint and he’s number five in the European Union!” She says. Best Jeanist grins widely at the girl’s words.


Back at the arena, the group seems mesmerized by the young girl. “Hell, for those of you with powerful quirks, were you ever told that you didn’t have to be a hero? It seems like once or twice a month everyone is up in arms because a child of a prominent hero with a powerful quirk chose to be something else, but where the hell do they get off saying the crap they do! It’s your quirk, you can use it however the hell you want!” Fuyumi Todoroki sobs a bit at this, having remembered all the hate she got for becoming an elementary school teacher. Shoto squeezes her shoulder supportively, but he still wonders what it would have been like to be something else; a feeling that seems to be hitting Katsuki especially hard.

He had been so wrapped up in the praise he received as a child that he had never even considered other options. “Don’t let this society tell you what to do. Work hard; learn hard, train hard and I can guarantee you that you can be anything you want to be.” She says with an emotionally charged voice. She wipes a tear from her eye before grinning at the camera again. “Well that’s enough of that for now! New Zealand is free to reclaim its lost territory and the Pacific doesn’t have to worry about Mountain Jack’s criminal empire thanks to a series of raids on all of his businesses courtesy of the Revolution. And Mountain Jack is not the only Super Villain going down. The Revolution is hitting Super Villains all over the world as we speak. Now that the world has met me, it’s time for everyone to meet the brawn of the Revolution! Bye bye!” She says happily as she flies back up to the aircraft and vanishes.


Akira chuckles at the groups stunned reaction. She receives a signal and smiles again. “Wow, Rika’s definitely going to put on a show this time.” Several of the women perk up hearing this, but none of them are as enthusiastic as Yu Takeyama. “That’s my daughter right? The one you said was the strongest of Izuku children?” She says.

“What kind of quirk does she have?” Izuku asks Akira. “Nope, not telling. We want you to figure it out by watching her fight dad.” Masumi says, drawing attention to her. Several of the people seem confused about her presence, although many of Class 1-B is able to guess her identity based upon her looks. “Oh right, I’m Masumi Komori, Kinoko’s daughter. I’ll tell you more about myself later.” She says before the screen comes to life again.

Many of the group pale when they see the assortment of villains assembled in what the cameras have identified as Abyssinia (Formerly Ethiopia). Unlike Nora’s opponents, there are no nameless minions here. The giant known as Gigantomachia, whom they learned about a few days earlier was standing in a valley of the Ethiopian High Lands. There are three individuals standing on his shoulders.

On his left shoulder was a somewhat tall woman with glowing green hair and a black and yellow hazmat suit with a black skull on her chest with a green radioactive symbol on her chest. “Oh crap! That’s the Ukrainian super villainess Madame Kazan!” Denki shouts.

Marie Kazan
Codename: Madam Kazan
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 221 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 24th
Age: 41
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Melt Down
Quirk Description: Madam Kazan is capable of generating powerful, radioactive flames. She can also cause nuclear explosions.
Basic Biography: One of the most wanted Super Villains on Earth and a known associate of All for One. All for One loaned Gigantomachia to her in exchange for information about a few dozen people with powerful quirks. Like Mountain Jack, Madam Kazan’s quirk is too big for All for One to handle.

Tetsutetsu gulps in fear when he sees the figure on the right shoulder closest to Gigantomachia’s neck. “H-holy shit! Th-that’s the Bone Flayer!” He says, pointing to an inhuman creature. It resembles a giant baboon with a large grey mane and pure black eyes. Its entire body is covered in heavy bone like armor, with its skull encased in bone featuring a set of four massive sharp fangs. Despite the creature’s lanky build, it seems to radiate an aura of power. Its long tail is covered in razor sharp bone like spikes.

Bone Flayer
Height: 9’3”
Body Length: 12’8”
Tail Length: 8’7”
Weight: 638 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: ???
Age: ???
Blood Type: ???
Quirk Name: Apex Predator
Quirk Description: The Bone Flayer is a rare example of an animal with a quirk. He was originally an Olive Baboon. His mutation granted him sapience much like Dean Nezu. He also gained the ability to gain strength and speed by devouring humans. The stronger the person’s quirk, the more strength and speed he gains. He also has the ability to generate bones that are harder than diamond and stronger than the best metals known to man. He also has greatly enhanced senses. He fought All Might once 10 years ago, and while he managed to prove stronger, All Might was able to force him to retreat with his superior speed. The Bone Flayer is a double whammy for All for One. Bone Flayer’s quirk is too strong and All for One doesn’t work on animals because the DNA is incompatible.
Basic Biography: The Bone Flayer is known around the world for his incredible strength and sheer brutality. To date, he has murdered well over three hundred Heroes, including several of the strongest heroes on Earth. Many have attempted to bring him down, but all have failed.

Yu Takeyama’s heart drops into her stomach when she sees the third man on the left shoulder. “Oh god… that’s Doctor Drainer, Brazil’s most wanted super villain.” She says fearfully.

Ignacio Graca
Codename: Doctor Drainer
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 121 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 19th
Age: 67
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Energy Control
Quirk Description: Doctor Drainer has the ability to drain energy from any source at a range of up to four miles. He can fire the energy from his hands in the form of long range energy beams. His maximum amount of power is 500 megawatts, about as much power as a small nuclear power plant can generate in a day.
Basic Biography: Doctor Drainer is South America’s most powerful crime lord and a super villain in his own right as well as another one of All for One’s associates. The man has formed an alliance with the Bone Flayer. Dr. Drainer and Madam Kazan were meeting in a remote part of Ethiopia to discuss a possible collaboration. Knowing that Doctor Drainer would bring the Bone Flayer, Madam Kazan brought Gigantomachia as back up. Like the others, Doctor Drainer’s quirk is too big for All for One to steal.


“Doctor, this better not be one of your tricks.” Madam Kazan says. “Of course not, what kind of idiot would order a missile strike on himself?” Doctor Drainer says. Bone Flayer grunts as he looks into the dust cloud generated by a powerful explosion on a nearby mountain. “That was not a missile… looks like we got a hero on our hands.” The baboon says with a guttural growl. The creature seems to be on guard, as if he senses a powerful presence. Madam Kazan and Doctor Drainer look incredulous before they both burst into laughter. “A single hero? What kind of idiot would try to come after four of the most powerful beings on the planet alo-“ Madam Kazan says, only for Gigantomachia to hold up one of his hands. “Do not take this person lightly, whoever this is radiates with power.” The giant says, getting both of the villains to tense.

A figure shoots out of the dust cloud before landing in front of the group. She is extremely tall and has a similar body type as Momo Yaoyorozu; with powerful muscles hidden beneath a layer of soft fat although she is fairly thick around the waist. She also sports a massive mane of brilliant gold, knee length wavy hair that looks absolutely amazing. She has an x shaped scar on her left cheek just above the freckle diamond and dark blue eyes. The backs of her arms and shoulders appear to have holes in them as well.

She is wearing a dark blue and black suit of metallic armor with bright green lines and a symbol depicting a black hole sucking in streams of white energy on top of her belly button and a face mask without horns that looks similar in design to Mount Lady’s. The Bone Flayer’s eyes widen when he sees the symbol of the Revolution on the woman’s shoulders. “A vigilante?! Since when has there been a vigilante this strong?!” He shouts in amazement.

Doctor Drainer grins like a maniac at this. “If she’s a vigilante then she’s an amateur. I’ll just drain her and you can have yourself a nice little snack my friend.” He says to the Baboon before firing a beam of green energy at Rika. The woman makes no attempt to dodge, merely glaring at the villain as he tries to drain her. A ball of large blue energy emerges from her body, causing Dr. Drainer’s eyes to widen in shock. “OH SHIT!” He shouts before the ball hits him. He is sent flying toward the mountain, but Bone Flayer manages to catch him before dropping him next to Madam Kazan.

“H-holy crap! I don’t know who this woman is, but she’s strong! I can see the level of energy generated from anything I drain; it was like looking at the damn sun! I drained 500 megawatts and she shrugged it off like it was nothing!” He shouts. Bone Flayer grins like the psychotic primate he is upon hearing that.

“Finally! A worthy foe!” He says, forgetting his own advice to take the fight seriously as his primal instincts take over. He charges at the woman who still doesn’t even budge. The moment he gets within striking distance, Rika’s body is shrouded in black energy. The ground beneath her starts to buckle, as if under an immense amount of strain. Bone Flayer’s arms buckle with a snap loud enough to be heard for miles and he surges right into an uppercut to the jaw.

All Might managed to land full power United States of Smashes to the skull and it barely even cracked it. Rika’s uppercut turned the creature’s lower jaw to dust and sent the unconscious creature flying. The world would later find out that his unconscious body actually landed in the prisoner admission area of The Hole, a global prison that makes Tartarus look like a low security prison. It was built in the center of Antarctica to house the most dangerous villains on the planet.


Back in the arena, All Might’s jaw is practically on the floor. Beside him, Izuku seems to be muttering up a storm. “Dr. Drainer said that she generated far more energy than he could absorb, his limit is 500 megawatts, so that must mean that she can generate a large amount of energy. When she attacked Bone Flayer, the ground beneath her began to cave, almost as if her weight was too much to handle. Based on that, I assume she must have the ability to convert energy into mass. But how does she generate energy? Most people would assume the holes in her back and arms were ventilation, likely meant to deal with the heat generated by her power source; but they look they can be used to push out and pull in. Can she possibly can vent heat through her breath as well?” Izuku mutters to himself.


The other three villains look to be in absolute shock at this. “Wha- Drainer, slice this bitch in half! Gigantomachia and I will cover you while you charge.” Madam Kazan says. She takes off flying and unleashes a stream of radioactive flames, but Rika shrugs it off like it was nothing. Gigantomachia surges forward and Rika turns black again in response. He sends a flurry of powerful punches and kicks at the woman, but she doesn’t even budge under the ferocious assault. Madam Kazan continues to throw bursts of radioactive flames at her, but she raises her hand and flicks her finger as a brief amount of purple lightning surges across her hand. Madam Kazan barely manages to dodge the monstrous burst of wind, and her eyes widen in horror when she sees that half of a nearby mountain has been blasted to pieces.


The burst of purple lightning is too brief for most of the people to notice, but Izuku manages to catch it. “So my future self must have given her One for All. It’s good to know that it can pass to Homo Quirkeas despite All for One not working on them. It seems to be a good match as the boost in strength would help her deal with her increased weight, but that still doesn’t explain the power behind her quirk. One for All is strong, but not that strong. She shrugged off Madam Kazan’s attacks, meaning that she must be immune to heat and radiation, so that must mean she’s running on nuclear energy. She can convert mass to energy and energy to mass. The question is which type of nuclear energy, Fission or Fusion?” He mutters. Those with sharper hearing tense when they hear him mention that she is nuclear powered. Nuclear has been a sensitive issue in Japan since World War II, but World War III made it a sensitive issue for the entire world.


Gigantomachia grins viscously at the woman in front of him. He could sense that both All for One and Shigaraki had been eliminated, so he was starting to worry about his future. He had never been the type to go solo, but he would only submit to someone with the strength to make him. Though he mourns the loss of his master, he believes that the man sent her to him as a last act of kindness. All she has to do is put him in his place, something he has no doubt she can do, and he’ll have a new purpose. He continues pummeling the woman, but she still doesn’t budge, sealing her identity as an immovable object. Madam Kazan is getting frustrated by how useless her attacks are against her.

“Move! I’m ready!” Doctor Drainer shouts. The two villains get behind him and he unleashes a small beam of energy from his hands. The beam slices through dozens of mountains like a hot knife through butter, but when they hit Rika, it does nothing. It continues slicing through the mountains on the other side before tapering out as Doctor Drainer passes out from energy loss.

“Damn it! Damn it all!” Madam Kazan shouts. Realizing that she is still a good guy, Madam Kazan decides to play that against her. “That does it! I’m dropping my Tsar Bomba on this bitch!” She shouts loud enough for the cameras and Rika to hear. Tsar Bomba is one of her most powerful moves, an explosion with the equivalent power of the very Soviet made bomb it was named after.

Madam Kazan grins as the woman takes the bait, surging into the skies above to keep the explosion from harming any civilians. She charges up a massive red fireball with green lightning surging across it. “Let’s see how you handle the power of the sun bitch!” Madam Kazan says before releasing the fireball. The explosion rocks the entire country as Madam Kazan stares. “Did I hit her?” She asks Gigantomachia. “Yes.” He says, with a slight amount of disappointment. That disappointment turns to manic glee as he sees something surge from the mushroom cloud. “But it didn’t work.” He says. “WHA-?” She screams. Rika spins in the air as she descends in order to disperse the resulting mushroom cloud. Madam Kazan growls when she notices that not even her armor has been damaged. “THAT DOES IT! Let’s see how this bitch handles a one hundred fifty megaton Chernobyl Bla-!” She starts to say. She is interrupted when Rika closes a distance of over one hundred miles faster than the eye can see. She chops the woman in the back of the neck hard enough to snap it, killing her before she could endanger more lives.

She surges toward Gigantomachia with blinding speed and grabs one of his arms and pulls it behind his back before increasing her mass to force him into the ground. “Yield Gigantomachia, I’m in charge now.” She says authoritatively.

Gigantomachia struggles briefly before realizing the futility of continuing. In a shocking twist, he laughs heartily at this development. “Very well Mistress! I am at your command now.” He proudly proclaims.


Ryukyu, Crust, Gunhead and Fat Gum are all watching the event from a café in down town Musutafu. “Whew, that girl can take a hit. What do you think about her Fat Gum?” Ryukyu asks without turning her head from the TV. The large hero responds with an eloquent, well thought out response of “Guhhh…” This is enough to get the three heroes to turn their attention to the big man. His cheeks are bright red and he is staring at the woman as one would gaze upon a goddess. Gunhead squeals cutely, Crust chuckles and Ryukyu has a feral grin on her face. The three of them decide to file that response away for later.


Before either of them can move, Doctor Drainer absorbs energy from Rika while maintaining his façade of unconsciousness. He flies away, expecting the woman to stop him, but she does nothing. He lands on top of the tallest mountain in the area, a mountain know as Ras Dashen and summons the largest ball of energy he can. He aims it towards a nearby village and cackles like a mad man. “Let’s see how you feel with the blood of the innocents staining your h-“ He starts to yell, using his energy to boost his voice.

He is interrupted when Rika inhales air through the holes in her back. She exhales a massive breath of flames which consumes the man as well as half of the mountain he was standing on. When the flames vanish, the entire world seems to be stunned by the result. The entire half of the nearly 15,000 foot tall mountain has been reduced to molten slag. It starts to ooze down toward the valley, but a large, whitish blue portal opens and a mass of blue flames emerges to consume the mountain, chilling it fast enough to resolidify it before the molten rock could cause any damage.

The large woman chuckles as another whitish blue portal opens in front of Rika and Gigantomachia. “Nice timing Okimi. Keep Gigantomachia with you for now and drop me off with my parents Janus.” She says as she grabs Madam Kazan’s body. The two enter the portal and the camera feed dies the moment they leave.


Back at the arena, a portal similar to the one they just saw opens and the woman walks through. Yu squeals happily before tackling the woman. She appears to be very impressed by her daughter’s performance. The moment Yu releases the woman and stands in front of her, a lot of the people’s jaws drop. Seeing her in person finally puts into perspective just how big the woman is. At 7’5” tall, Rika Takeyama towers over everyone. She’s even a couple of inches taller than Yagi in his All Might form.

Izuku cautiously approaches his daughter, who grins at him. “Calm down dad, I’m not hot. Well, I am, but I’m not radioactive if that’s what you’re worried about.” She says before her armor hisses. It retracts and the woman’s body can finally be seen in a black skin tight body suit. With a height of 7’5”; 46” shoulders, 48 G breasts, a 42” thick waist and 48” wide hips with large, supple buttocks; a skin tight body suit should be a horrible mistake. That said she pulls it off amazingly. The presence of a few gentle rolls of fat does nothing to detract from her beauty. Despite her larger size, the woman appears to be more of a knock out than her mother.

Quite a few people look concerned when she mentions being radioactive though. “So that must mean you can absorb radiation, neutralize it and expel it through your flames…” Izuku says as he approaches his daughter. “Yup, but what else can you guess?” Izuku proceeds to explain his thoughts on her quirk. His thoughts are extremely close to the truth.

Rika Takeyama
Codename: Mass Drive
Height: 7’5”
Weight: 688 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 24th
Age: 52
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Nuclear Mass
Quirk Description: Rika Takeyama’s quirk allows her to convert energy in her body into mass, allowing her to increase her density. She can rapidly change her weight as well. The energy she uses comes from an organ in her torso where the appendix once was which functions as a nuclear reactor. Her body is able to contain the radiation inside of her without being a risk to others around her. She can also absorb radiation around her, detoxify it and expel the stable materials through her flames. Because of this organ, she requires uranium in her diet to power her quirk as well as a hyper coolant to keep the reactor from going critical. She is also completely radiation proof and can handle heat up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to her Quirk raising her body temperature, she is also fairly immune to the cold. She has holes in the backs of her arms, shoulders and upper back which she can use to vent heat from her body. The holes can also inhale air, which she can use to vent heat by breathing fire. She gains a high degree super strength by increasing the density of her muscles. Her body’s density grants her one of the strongest levels of durability in known history. However, the heavier she gets, the harder it is to move. At her maximum, she is effectively a statue. The combination of heat and radiation makes it nearly impossible for her to get sick, as most foreign bacteria, viruses and parasites can’t survive in her body. She is also immune to cancer. In a pinch, she can convert her reactor from a fission reactor to a fusion reactor by swallowing a pill full of Tritium. Due to the rare nature of this Hydrogen Isotope, and the sheer amount of additional power it grants, she will only use this as a last resort.

Quirk 2 Name: One for All
Quirk 2 Description: She is unable to access the quirks of previous wielders of One for All like her father. This is because the quirk took the energy that would normally be required to do this and channeled it into increasing her physical attributes to work better with her original quirk.

Basic Biography: Rika Takeyama is legendary for her strength and durability. She was the last of the Homo Quirkeas to die, as well as the first born of the children. As if her Quirk alone wasn’t enough, she is also the 10th wielder of One for All, having received it from her father at the age of 16, as Izuku realized the strength it grants would help her use her own quirk better. Rika Takeyama is widely regarded as one of the most powerful quirked individual in known history, second only to Reginald Barrister and another being.

“I assume her excess weight must be an adaptation to help contain any radiation produced by the power source.” He mutters. A lot of the women scowl at his mention of her weight, but they calm down as they realize he didn’t mean anything bad about it. “It also allows her to increase her mass more efficiently. I still can’t tell if she utilizes fission or fusion though.” Rika giggles as her father’s mutter storm comes to an end.

“Close dad, but you were off on a few things. While my weight does increase my efficiency, I don’t really need it to block radiation. I’m not insulated; I’m just fat.” She says. Izuku panics briefly, causing Rika to giggle. “It’s okay dad, I know I’m a big girl, I own it. As for the type nuclear reaction, I can do both. Back there I was using Fission, which is what I usually use.” She says before pulling out a small capsule. “But when I need to be at my best, I can switch over to Fusion with these Tritium capsules. I only do it in a pinch though since Tritium is so rare. Plus, I really don’t need that much power most of the time, I could theoretically turn myself into a black hole with this, but that would be a horrible idea.” She says. Even All Might seems to be blown away by this information. He deflates a bit as he realizes just how far out of his league the woman truly is.

Yu and several other women take interest in the woman’s age though. “Still, you look absolutely incredible for a fifty two year old. I would have guessed you were in your early twenties.” Yu says. “That’s because I’m Homo Quirkeas. One of the benefits of our evolution is that we age a lot slower than Homo Sapiens. Our theoretical life span is anywhere between 800 and 1000 years.” She says, surprising the others. Principal Nezu seems a bit more concerned over a specific detail as he looks over to Masumi and Bachiko with a heavy weight on his heart.

“One second, you said that you were the last of your siblings to die, if that’s the case how are you alive here?” He asks. Izuku and his children tense at this. Rika starts hitting herself in the head saying “Stupid.” Over and over again, but Yu gigantifies in order to stop her. Bachiko starts wailing as she clings desperately to Ochaco, drawing looks of concern from the others. The siblings seem to flinch, knowing this is a sensitive subject for the young girl.


“I-I’m sorry mommy! I’m not going to leave you this time! Please don’t be sad! I’m fine now!” She screams with her voice trembling in fear, guilt and despair. Ochaco hugs the girl tight and Izuku uses One for All to appear next to the girl in a flash to join her. “Bachiko? What’s wrong?” Ochaco asks. Izuku winces at this. “It’s part of Mr. Barrister’s quirk. He can only bring people back in time if they are about to die.” The boy says. Ochaco starts to shake in terror as she clings to the young girl. Several of the mother’s go wide eyed in alarm. Kinoko in particular clings desperately to Masumi given her young age. Several of the other mothers seem to be in various states of shock and fear as well.

Tsuyu’s panicked croaking can be heard clearly over the crowd, but Daisuke pulls her into his arms. “I’m okay mother. Ribbit. Reginald saved me. He saved us all.” He says calmly. In a rare display of emotion, Tsuyu begins to cry into his chest.

“I’m okay mommy! Please don’t be sad! I’m okay!” Bachiko wails. Izuku turns to the closest of his other children, who happens to be Aiko. Himiko is hugging the girl fiercely, snarling protectively at some unseen foe. “Aiko, what’s going on with Bachiko, why is she so worried about Ochaco?” He asks. Aiko winces at this. “A-aunty Ochaco didn’t exactly take Bachiko’s death very well in our time. She technically didn’t die for another five years but…” She says sadly.

“Aunt Ochaco had an accident a year after Bachiko was born. It left her unable to bear children. That meant that Bachiko was the only child she would ever have. When she died, Aunt Ochaco honestly died with her. She was still technically alive, but it was like she was a shell. She never smiled again and it tore everyone who knew her apart. Bachiko feels like it was her fault that her mom reacted the way she did.” Aiko says sadly.

Ochaco is absolutely horrified hearing this. She pulls her daughter’s face up to look her in the eye. “Bachiko, what happened to me in the future was not your fault okay? It’s just like you said, you’re okay. You’re not going anywhere and neither am I.” Ochaco says firmly before she also dissolves into a fit of tears.


A few seconds later, another bluish white portal opens up and five figures emerge from it. One of the figures appears to be a palette swapped version of Kurogiri, only his fog is bluish white rather than purple and black. Mina’s son Hibiki is the second figure, and while his outfit is ruined and he has cuts and bruises, he seems to be relatively okay. Kyouka’s son Tatsumi is also there, and he seems to have a black eye and a few cuts and scrapes. He is holding an unconscious white haired girl with a small horn on the right side of her fore head. Itsuka’s eyes widen in horror when she sees the fifth figure. “UNCLE RAPPA?!?!” She screams in horror before rushing over to the injured man. His left arm is broken and he has a large gash on his chest.

Recovery Girl, Dean Nezu, All Might, Eraserhead and Akira rush over to the group, with Recovery Girl taking Rappa to the side to look after his wounds. “What happened? Where’s Overhaul?” Akira asks. “The op went off the rails thanks to a nasty surprise. The Shie Hassaikai was attacked before we could make a move. We found Rappa Kendo fighting to protect Eri from a swarm of monsters. Evolution is here, and they got everyone but these two.” Hibiki says. All of the future children react poorly to that. Jin buries her face into her mother’s chest and whimpers and all of Izuku’s kids seem to have a mixture of shock and horror.

“Then Evolution has Overhaul now… great.” Akira says. “Who is Evolution?” Dean Nezu asks. “Evolution is one of the two main enemies of our time, the other being the Empire. He’s a devastating creature who uses biomass to generate hordes of monsters. The monsters are all connected to Evolution by a hive mind. He creates creatures from raw biomass utilizing genetic information obtained by devouring his foes. He can utilize this to copy quirks as well. The creature’s he creates are generally on the weaker side, but he can make them fast and they have overwhelming numbers. The creatures he creates are nothing short of eldritch abominations.” Reginald Barrister says as he walks into view from behind one of the bleachers with a shell shocked Hawks behind him. “He’s not alone either. The Empire seems to have sent the High General as a vanguard.” He says.


Earlier in Downtown Musutafu

The Pro Hero Hawks has just finished beating down a group of villains attempting to rob a bank when a new figure enters the alleyway, clapping his hands. “Bravo young man, you seem to have beaten these fools rather easily.” A new voice says. The man quirks an eyebrow when he recognizes the voice, his own voice to be exact. He turns to the source and sees himself, although this version of him seems to be older, with a few wrinkles and bits of gray sprinkled in his hair. He also has a large jet engine emerging from his back.

Omake: The Tea Party

Jin Tokoyami, Bachiko Uraraka, Niko Aizawa and Eri are all sitting around a small table eating lunch and having a discussion when Bachiko uncovers a bombshell. “What do you mean you’ve never had a tea party?!” Bachiko shouts. She winces when she sees the timid horned girl flinch. “Err, sorry Eri.” She says sheepishly. She looks at the other two girls. “Okay, Eri I get, but you two?” She says. “There is no darkness in a tea party, only bright colors.” Jin says. “Yeah, frilly skirts and unicorns really aren’t my thing.” Niko adds. Bachiko pouts at the two girls. “Well that’s just because you don’t know how to do it right!” Bachiko says.

Nightmare Shade pops out of Jin and starts bouncing happily. “I wanna go to a tea party!” She says, getting a groan from Jin. “Come on! I know the best Tea Party thrower in the world!” Bachiko says before pulling the three girls up and making their way over to the ‘grown ups’ table.


The ‘grown up’ table has a rather strange assortment of men at it. The three fathers are obviously there to keep an eye on their children. Shota isn’t at the table, having chosen to crawl into his sleeping bag in the corner and Fumikage seems to be brooding on his own while Dark Shadow is eating a piece of ham. This leaves the bulk of the conversation for the other four men.

Izuku Midoriya, Yagi Toshinori, Yuga Aoyama and Mirio Togata are having an energetic conversation when Yuga feels a tug on his shirt. “Uncle Yuga! I need help! Jin, Niko and Eri have never had a tea party!” Bachiko says. “WHAT?! That cannot be! Oh what a tragedy! Don’t worry little one! We’ll organize the greatest tea party the world has ever seen! It will dazzle like a brilliant star for ages to come!” Mirio nods enthusiastically, “Of course we can have a tea party, and all of us will be there!” He says, getting varied reactions from the other men.

Shota sits up in his sleeping bag and immediately stares at the blonde with horror etched all over his face. Fumikage’s eyes go wide and Dark Shadow bursts into hysterical laughter. The laughter is short lived though, as Nightmare Shade latching on to the dark quirk makes him realize he will have to be there as well. Izuku’s face turns red and he seems rather hesitant. All Might just smiles at the girls, having done a few of those at the behest of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and several other charities.

“Yeah, that’s not happening.” Shota says, with Fumikage nodding in agreement. Bachiko, Yuga, Nightmare Shade and Mirio pout at the Underground Hero. They are about to say something when a snivel interrupts them all. They all turn to Eri, who seems to be on the verge of tears. “I-I just want to do something a normal girl gets to do… is that really too much to ask?” She says tearfully.


Fifteen Minutes later

Eri and Bachiko are having a lively conversation with Mirio and Yuga as the tea party progresses. The room has been decorated with glitter and streamers that Yuga always has at the ready in case of emergencies. The four girls are dressed in frilly pink skirts and princess tiara’s. Niko and Jin seem to be a little uncomfortable with this, but that’s nothing compared to Shota and Fumikage.

Izuku and Yagi seem to have gotten in to the spirit of things though. Yagi is in his All Might form, wearing a pink tutu around his waist and a golden tiara encrusted with blue gems. Izuku is wearing a long, wavy pink wig attached to a silver tiara encrusted with green gems. Yuga is wearing his hero costume, although it seems to have been blinged out with a dazzling array of jewels. Mirio is also in his hero costume, although his cape is pink and he seems to be wearing poorly applied blue eye shadow and blush. Even Dark Shadow seems to have gotten into it. He has a silver chain necklace with pink hearts on it around his neck and a crown of colorful flowers around his head.

Fumikage is blushing so bright you can barely tell he is actually wearing blush. His beak is covered in sloppily applied lipstick. Why the one guy without lips had to wear lipstick is a mystery he still hasn’t solved. He also has a periwinkle tutu around his waist and a pair of pink fairy wings on his back.

The most noticeable feature on Shota is the ‘Please kill me’ expression on his face. Of all the guys, he seems to have gotten it the worst. His face is fully made up, making him look like a cheap clown/hooker. He is wearing a purple dress with pink stars on it, sparkly pink high heels, an ornate golden crown encrusted with pink heart gems and there is a sparkly silver wand with a pink heart on the end of it sitting in front of him.

None of the men seem to notice a new group entering the room until they hear a dramatic gasp. They turn to the source and many of the guys pale when they see who it is.


Ochaco is the first one to arrive. She was wondering why Deku and Bachiko were taking so long. She freezes on the spot when she sees the scene in front of her. The sight of Deku and Bachiko playing together so happily melts her heart. “So… CUTE!” She screams in her head. Reiko comes next, and she’s about to ask Ochaco what is happening, but the gravity user quietly puts her hand over the girl’s mouth and points at the scene in front of her.

Reiko’s eyes widen when she sees Fumikage and Jin. She barely contains the rare urge to giggle when she sees how uncomfortable they are. Dark Shadow and Nightmare Shade’s enthusiasm only makes the scene even better.

The boys probably would have been fine if those two were the only ones who came; but luck is not on their side. The worst possible group of women was the next to come. Mina Ashido, Setsuna Tokage and Nejire Hado arrive as a group, with Emi Fukukado, Hizashi Yamada and Nemuri Kayama coming from the other side.

Nejire gasps dramatically. “A TEA PARTY?! WHY WASN’T I INVITED?!” She shouts before flying in to the room and grabbing a spare tiara before settling in between Izuku and Mirio. Mirio and Yuga seem unaffected by their arrival and Yagi is too busy chuckling at the horrified expressions on the other men’s faces to care that Mina, Setsuna, Nemuri and Hizashi are taking pictures and sending them to everyone they know.

“Nobody move… if we stay perfectly still, they might not see us.” Izuku says. The dam bursts and the room is filled with laughter.

Omake 2: Scary Momchaco: Origins

Reginald Barrister is helping to train some of the students when Ochaco and Mina come up to see him. “Mr. Barrister, me and Ochaco were trying to get her to go into that super strong monster mode she was in the other day, how does she trigger it?” Mina asks. Reginald shudders at the mention of her hidden quirk. “Scary Momchaco is a quirk which can only be activated when someone greatly harms someone she loves, usually her daughter, although Izuku and some of her closest friends can also trigger it at times.”

Mina giggles at this while Ochaco tilts her head like a confused puppy. “Scary Momchaco? Why is it named that?” She asks. Reginald Barrister has a thousand yard stare as he relives the first time he encountered it.


Previous Timeline
First round of the Sport’s Festival

Ochaco gulps nervously as she prepares to face Katsuki Bakugou in the first round. She is standing in the hallway when she feels a small hand squeeze her own. She looks down and smiles when she sees her grinning daughter. They continue walking down the hallway when a locker room door swings open, slamming into Bachiko’s face and giving her a nose bleed.

The person who opened the door was none other than her opponent, Katsuki Bakugou. He scowls down at the little girl, ignoring Ochaco entirely and shouts “Watch it, stupid brat.” before walking off. He never notices the malevolent energy radiating from the gravity girl.


“And on the other side of the arena is the girl that can steal gravity, give it up for Ochaco U…raraka?” Present Mic starts to announce, before trailing off in confusion when he notices the girl’s strange demeanor as she enters the ring.

Katsuki quirks an eyebrow when he sees the usually cheerful girl. Her hair has fallen to conceal her face and she has an almost zombie like walk. The air throughout the entire arena starts to chill and Ochaco starts to giggle with an eerie giggle with an impossible echo to it. Her head jerks up and her face is obscured by shadow, with only her wide, manic eyes and an even wider smile being visible. “Baaaakuuuuugoooouuuu.” She says with a voice that makes all of Japan tremble in fear.

“You should be careful opening doors Katsuki. You never know when somebody precious might be standing behind it.” She says calmly with the fury of a thousand suns burning behind her eyes.


“Crap, I don’t know what’s going on, but this seems dangerous. All Might, get in there and pull Ochaco out.” Midnight says over an intercom. All Might appears in front of Ochaco in a flash and says “I AM—“ only to cut himself short when he stares into the burning hell behind the girls eyes. He squeals in fear before turning around and running away. He is so afraid that he forgets he has super speed. “I AM ANYWHERE BUT HERE, RUNNING FOR MY LIFE!!!” He screams like a scared little school girl before trying to run out from the opposite side of the stage.

Ochaco appears in front of him moving so fast that even he can’t perceive her movements. She slaps the giant blonde man across the face, generating a loud clapping sound that can be heard all over the world. The hero goes flying into the sky and a few seconds later, the moon (which was out early for some reason) suddenly has a massive crater form in it. Ochaco literally bitch slapped All Might to the Moon.

“OH SHIT! HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!” Present Mic screams in terror as the entire world struggles to process what just happened.


In an isolated mountain forest, the giant known as Gigantomachia is curled up in the fetal position, sucking his thumb and humming to distract him from the literal pants shitting terror he feels in the air.


Present Mic turns to Eraserhead. “Shouta! Get down there and disable her q-“ He starts to shout only to pause as he sees the hobo like teacher gouge out his remaining eye with his fingers. “Sorry Hizashi, I’m afraid my quirk doesn’t work anymore.” He says.


Back in the arena, Ochaco blurs forward again, this time appearing right in front of the now terrified blonde boy, whose pants seem to have been soiled. “Hmm… now what should I do to correct this issue…” She says contemplatively.


In his apartment, the villain known as Jin “Twice” Bubaigawara is watching the event with wide eyes. “Maybe I should rip out your intestines, shove down your throat, pull them out of your ass, shove them back down your throat and keep repeating until I run out of intestines…” She says contemplatively. “Holy shit, this chick’s crazy!” He shouts. He’s in such a state of shock that he doesn’t even realize he didn’t contradict himself.



In another rundown apartment, Himiko Toga is watching and trembling in fear. “Oh God, that’s way too bloody, way too violent!” She screams as she hides behind her pillow.


A red skinned figure in a black business suit with ram’s horns, a pointy tail and a pitch fork in the corner of his swanky office with a bird’s eye view of a lake of fire pulls a pen and a notebook out of his desk with a look of glee on his face. “Then I could continue to pull on your intestines until they crush your body.” She continues. “Holy crap, this shit is gold!” Satan says.


“Nah, that’s not a good enough message. I want the world to know exactly what happens when they hurt my precious little girl.” She grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground.


David Shield is watching from his lab with his eyes wide in confusion in terror as she watches the girl twist the boy’s limbs in impossible ways. “This doesn’t make any sense! She’s twisting his arms and legs into Non-Euclidian shapes! That should be physically impossible unless…” He says before his jaw drops and he starts to tremble. “Even the laws of Reality are too afraid to stop her…” He says in horror.


Another man with long white hair and a white and blue tuxedo watches his television in shock as the angels fly around in a panic. He pulls out a keyboard as the boy’s screams become humanly impossible. A video appears with Satan. His eyes are wide, his pen and note book have been dropped and he is trembling in horror. He looks to the screen. “P-Purgatory?” He asks fearfully. “Purgatory.” God says finally.


In a dark bar somewhere in Musutafu a man with a black and purple swirling cloud for a head and a man covered in hands watch in wide eyed horror. “Oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick.” Tomura Shigaraki says as his face turns green. “OH MY GOD! SHE’S SHOVING HIS GRENADE GAUNTLETS UP HIS ASS!” Present Mic screams on the television. Tomura leaps out of his seat, runs over to the trash can, pulls the hand off his face and vomits in the trash can.


Doctor Kyudai Garaki is working on All For One’s breathing apparatus and watching the events unfold in absolute horror. “You know what, I think I’m just going to let her keep that quirk…” All for One says quietly.


The days that follow are rather confusing. The loss of All Might should have caused crime to increase, but instead, villains all over the world have started turning themselves in, hoping to avoid the wrath of the girl the world has called “The Symbol of Pants Shitting Terror.” Even All for One and the League of Villains, Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army and Overhaul with the entire Shie Hassaikai have decided to surrender themselves.


Reginald Barrister watched this unfold in absolute horror. “Yeah, I’m just going to redirect that particular future…” Reginald says before immediately repressing the memory.

Omake 3: Shoto’s Trauma

A few minutes after catching Izuku with his sister, Shoto walks aimlessly into the dorm living room where several of the guys are talking. “Yeesh, I know Izuku’s got a super strength quirk, but he was rattling the whole building while he was doing that.” Dark Shadow says. “A mad buffet of Darkness indeed.” Tokoyami says. “Oui, I may not be able to stop twinkling, but Izuku’s new hero name should be ‘I Cannot Stop Getting Laid.’” Aoyama jokes. Denki Kaminari pokes the side of Tenya’s face in amusement. The straight-laced student seems to be frozen in horror and embarrassment, even his arm has stopped moving mid chop.

Their professor enters the room a few seconds later along with Hound Dog. Izuku and Fuyumi burst into the room looking panicked. “Shoto, wait! I can explain!” Izuku shouts, getting everyone’s attention. It takes a few seconds for the boys to gather all the clues as to what happened.

The first thing they notice is the disheveled states of Izuku and Fuyumi, and then there is the highly disturbed expression on Shoto’s face. Given what they felt earlier, most of the boys wince as they put two and two together. “Oh crap, Shoto’s going to be a super villain now.” Mineta says fearfully. “Remind me to keep my sisters away from Izuku.” Yuga says.

“Look, I know you two are concerned, but it would probably be best to leave Mr. Todoroki alone right now. Ruff. He’s likely in a state of shock.” The school guidance counselor says. He and Shota go over to Shoto and guide him out of the dorm, leaving the boys to stare at the blushing couple. “Bro… His sister?” Eijirou asks from his position next to Tetsutetsu. “That is so NOT manly.” The steel teen says, causing the two to blush profusely.


A/N: Poor Shoto, hasn’t the boy been through enough without walking in on his best friend wrecking his sister’s pussy? We then learned the origin of the name Scary Momchaco. Also, EEEE! So much fluffy goodness. That first omake was so sweet that a few of my teeth fall out =(.

Before I get in to the basic review of the story, I have an announcement to make. Class 1-A and 1-B will eventually be merging in this story, with the transfer students joining in as well. Now I know what you’re thinking, “46 students in one class? How’s that going to work?” The answer? It won’t… *Ominous music plays in the background and I begin to laugh maniacally as I add the Major Character Death tag on A03 while the Grim Reaper menacingly cracks his knuckles behind me.*

Anyway, we started the chapter with a meeting of the Dicku Fan Club. Fuyumi reveals that her family is unaware that they have a future addition to the Todoroki family, although Shoto may believe he saw his future niece being made. I wonder why she would be hesitant to do reveal her child’s existence? *Stares at Endeavor*

Then we get some new characters entering the fray. Masumi reunites with her mother Kinoko, catching the Mushroom girl completely off guard. Also, Tenshi Hado has entered the building, and her gear has Mei drooling everywhere. Her quirk grants her an aura like a D&D Paladin (Hence her vigilante name) and she utilizes a mech suit which makes her tanky and speedy to accommodate the fact that her Quirk puts a big target on her back. Nejire seems very happy to meet the girl. Aiko also returns to reveal that they have started to move on the Shie Hassaikai.

We also learned of Okimi Todoroki, who is coming to kick her grandfather’s ass after her mission in Greenland concludes. We also got some new information regarding how strong the kids are. Apparently quite a few of them are stronger than All Might.

From there we learned of my greatest shame. I… am weak. I abandoned the RWBY fandom, but I could not shake my addiction to writing Nora Valkyrie. If you’ve ever read or written any RWBY fanfics, you know how much fun Nora really is to write. My solution? Nora Valentina, a charismatic, quirkless inventor from the land down under.

We also learned a little bit about the world outside of Japan. One of my biggest gripes about MHA is that they make it look as if All for One is the only real super Villain in the world. I think that’s a lot of crap. There’s got to be more upper level villains out there. There’s also the idea that All for One stays exclusively in Japan. His quirk allows him to steal other quirks; do you really think he would limit himself to one country to hunt quirks? However, he also may not have much power outside of Japan. His solution to this problem? Networking!

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can a villain trust All for One when he can steal their quirks at any time? By having a quirk that All for One can’t steal of course. This is where Mountain Jack comes in. Mountain Jack helps him when he has business in the south Pacific and All for One helps Mountain Jack when he needs something in Japan. There are other villains all over the world who have unstealable quirks as well.

Nora reveals a bit about her past, including the fact that she was paralyzed from the waist down by an attack from a quirk supremacist group. We also learn that Australia is apparently a stronghold for people with ideologies similar to that of Destro. She overcame all of that and managed to become a major player in the vigilante field. She eventually manages to beat the villain, despite the attempts by Australia’s douche bag of a Prime Minister’s attempts to stop her.

We also learn about her past with our favorite big blonde dummy. Apparently Izuku wasn’t the first quirkless person he said couldn’t be a hero. We also learned just how stupid All Might can really be. Oh Yagi, you big dumdum, never change.

But the action doesn’t stop there! Once Nora finishes trolling the douche bag, we got another Izukid, the badass girl known as Rika Takeyama. If this character looks familiar, that’s because she is one of the three characters from my RWBY fanfics that I brought over here. She was previously Violette Arc.

Rika Takeyama is an interesting one. She’s easily the most powerful out of all of the kids, and her quirk reflects that. The fact that she could shrug off Gigantomachia and three of the world’s strongest super villains, combined with the fact that she shrugged off a freakin hydrogen bomb and Rika truly earns her title as the muscle of the Revolution. Rika laid the smack down on those four and managed to turn Gigantomachia into one of the ‘good guys’. Now you’re probably wondering why I chose to give Gigantomachia of all people a redemption story. If you’ve read the manga, you know that despite his ferocious appearance, the big guy is actually quite polite and loyal. With both Shigaraki and All for One gone, he has nobody left to turn to. Rika gave him a reason to live again.

Also, Fat Gum’s got a crush, Fat Gum’s got a crush~ If you’re wondering about that, let me put a rest to your concerns, I fully intend to get those two together. We also got another bombshell, and her name is Rika Takeyama! Rika’s a proud curvy girl with looks that can kill.

Unfortunately, we got a bit of tragedy to deal with as well. It turns out future Ochaco was only ever going to have Bachiko, and when she died, it broke her. Bachiko was terrified that her mother would shut down again, but Ochaco showed us all why she is one of my three best girls (Himiko and Tsuyu are the other two.)

We also got to see the adorable mother-son relationship between Tsuyu and Daisuke. I really want to get a drawing made of Tsuyu hanging on his back like that some day.

Then we got to see our favorite little horned girl Eri break free of the Shie Hassaikai with the help of Rappa Kendo. Now I know that he and Itsuka aren’t related in the manga or the anime, but I wanted to make Rappa her uncle just because I could. After that, we got our first glimpse at two of the main antagonists of this story, Evolution and the Empire. Enter evil future Hawks.

Well, that should be everything. As always, thank you all for reading and please feel free to leave any comments or advice. Until next time.

Chapter Text

Q/N: Read the first part of the A/N: I snuck a surprise in there.

Something different

Nora ‘Garbage’ Valentina flies in on a jet pack and converts her mechanical legs into a wheelchair as she lands in the ruins of Sydney, Australia. “Sheesh, this place is a mess.” She says before turning to an unseen viewer. “Hiya readers my name is Nora Valk- CRAP I mean Nora VALENTINA. You’re probably wondering to yourself ‘Holy shit Nora, what the hell happened here?’ Well I’ll tell ya! I let it slip last chapter that WW3 broke out a bit after the dawn of the Age of Quirks. This was Neowolf24’s idioti- I mean brilliant way of explaining the chaos that Horikoshi used to explain how few records survived from that era. But Horikoshi only seems to care about Japan. He mentions other countries briefly, but we have no idea what the world looks like. Granted, that’s kind of par the course for most anime based in the real world, but still.” She says dramatically.

“So we’re going to have to fix that! We’re going to have to go through a little bit of *ugh* history so you know what’s going on. I realize that may not be everyone’s forte despite how much Neowolf24 seems to enjoy this kind of nerd talk, so he’s putting a bit of a TLDR at the end to sum up the important parts. If you stay put though, you’ll get to see the other founding members of the Revolution too as well as the terrifying monstrosity known as Evolution!” She says, shuddering at the mention of the last creature.

“As for the history part, let’s just say things went a little off the rails after WW3. Texas was a communist nation briefly! Ireland conquered the British Isles! Mogadishu of the former nation of Somalia was voted the happiest city on Earth, and that was when it was still a shit hole! Africa became a major player on the world scene, they even eclipsed Europe! Ulaanbataar, Mongolia and Addis Abba in what used to be Ethiopia became economic powerhouses that rival London, New York and Tokyo from the old days; New York and London don’t even exist anymore! Most people didn’t even realize there was an Ulaanbataar or an Addis Abba before now! But enough of that, let’s get into the meat of this chapter.” She says.


The World of MHA

Horikoshi tells us that the early part of the quirk era was pure chaos. The arrival of quirks would have resulted in a serious upset in the balance of power in the world. Add that to the already unstable nature of society today and something like World War 3 would have been inevitable. Because the records are supposed to be rather spotty, I’m going to run with the idea that only certain details about the world will be known; the reason being that the end of World War 3 spawned a brief Dark Age type period, likely triggered by a combination of a brief nuclear winter induced Ice Age and high levels of radiation. The war and its after effects would have devastated the Earth’s population. By the end of the 21st century, the world population would have been around 250 million.

The reason there is little evidence of this in Japan is because of the efforts of a few thousand people with powerful quirks who were able to reverse the environmental damage brought by nuclear war. They actually managed to fix the atmosphere too, which is why Global Warming hasn’t sunk a lot of the world.

We don’t have an exact time line of when quirks first came to be, as the amount of time between now and then has never been specified. For the sake of this story, I’m going to say that the glowing baby was born 10 years from now, in the year 2031. All for One would have been born around 2035, the same year Katsuki’s grandmother (the one All for One stole the immortality quirk from) was. Mitsuki would have been born in 2052. It would take a while for quirks to make a serious impact on the world, so I’m going to go with the idea that WW3 broke out in the year 2059.

As I said, the details have been lost, but it is largely theorized that the war started over the Ladakh border between Chinese occupied Tibet and India. Which side launched the first missile has been lost to history; however the first Indian nuke was the one that destroyed the Chinese city of Chengdu while the first Chinese nuke hit New Delhi. This prompted Russia to attack India, which resulted in America entering the war and it all went downhill from there.

The war only lasted for about a month, but the entire world was sent reeling by the disaster. Unstable areas such as much of Africa, the Middle East and Mexico completely fell apart, and even the stronger nations such as America, Russia and China ended up broken into multiple smaller nations. The resulting Dark Age lasted from 2059 to 2101, with the birth of the Pro Hero system in Rhode Island. There are a few nations that will play a larger role in the story which I want to discuss.

I also wanted to introduce a few alternatives to the American hero system; the Abyssinian system (Horn of Africa region for those who don’t know that name) and the Mongolian system. The Mongolian system represents the totalitarian approach. In this system, there are heroes, enforcers and vigilantes. Heroes are pretty much exactly what they are in the American system, at least on paper. As they are meant to be tools of Propaganda, they are generally kept away from more totalitarian type functions, such as putting down rebellions, dealing with dissenters and other things like that. That doesn’t mean they don’t do it, they just have to make sure they aren’t caught by the public. They are mostly rescue and limelight heroes. The Enforcers are effectively underground heroes, only a lot meaner. They carry out the Government’s will silently. A lot of the Mongolian vigilantes would actually be considered heroes in most of the world, although many of them are revolutionaries.

The Abyssinian System was developed in the nation that formed when Ethiopia took over what were once the nations of Somalia, Eretria, South Sudan and Djibouti, which is of course now called Abyssinia again. In this system, professional heroes and what many would call the ‘nicer’ vigilantes coexist, with those vigilantes being referred to as unsanctioned heroes. This is because the definition of vigilantism is different. In this system, vigilantes can detain criminals utilizing a form of citizen’s arrest. As long as they don’t violate any other laws while fighting crime, they will be accepted without issue. The Crawler would be considered an unsanctioned hero while Stain/Steindahl would be a vigilante.

This system was formed much later in response to the Neo Zulu war, in which America and Abyssinia fought back against Zululand’s aggressive expansion into Africa. Zululand or the Neo Zulu Empire as it was called then used the Mongolian system. When the Empire fell, the world saw the true horrors of the Mongolian system. The Abyssinian system formed with the hope that vigilantes would keep government sanctioned heroes in check, preventing the wide spread corruption that the Mongolian and, to a lesser extent, the American systems encouraged. Aside from Egypt, which uses the American system and Zululand which uses the Mongolian system, all of Africa pretty much uses the Abyssinian system currently. A few other nations, such as Mexico, and one of the nations born of what was once part of the United States, Canada and Mexico also adopted this system.


The United States and Canada

As I said before, the United States split up for a bit after World War 3. Canada, which was caught between the United States and Russia, was so devastated by the war that many Canadian provinces ended up joining the new American nations. It is important to note that many of the state/province borders have shifted, some quite significantly. The United States ended up falling apart due to a combination of the devastating effects of WW3 and poor infrastructure management which was caused by decades of mismanagement combined with illegal tampering from the Trump administration which was concealed before he left office. Donald Trump is generally cursed by the American population as a result, with his Presidential Monument even taking the form of the President’s personal toilet. To add insult to injury, it has become a tradition for the newly elected President to eat a particularly volatile meal the day before being sworn into office, a move that has been popularly dubbed the “Trump Dump.”

The nation of Pacifica consisted of Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska and Hawaii as well as the former Mexican state of Baja California and parts of the states of Utah, Arizona, and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon.

Texas became an independent nation, absorbing parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma and a small chunk of New Mexico as well as parts of the former Mexican states Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, which had been largely abandoned as the surviving Mexicans had migrated toward Mexico city in an attempt to escape radiation brought down from America by the winds. The era after WW3 was absolutely chaotic and a lot of weird things happened. For a period of around a week, Texas was actually a Communist nation, the Democratic Republic of Texas. The people of Texas really didn’t appreciate this. When they wanted to create a red nation, this definitely wasn’t what they had in mind. A large force of civilians backed by the Texas military ended up storming New Austin and captured the communist government. Nearly all of the Texas Communist upper command was taken out behind the New Austin Federal Court House and shot in the back of the head execution style. If you think this is a bit extreme, remember this is Texas; they’ve executed people for way less than trying to establish a communist dictatorship.

Many of the former Confederate states along with Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and the ruins of Washington D.C. became the nation of Dixon.

The Midwestern states were split between two nations, with the border forming through parts of Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. The remaining states to the east were also a part of America. Ontario, and Manitoba joined America as well while Quebec took New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador to form their own nation.

The final nation was actually formed by a Native American confederation. When most of the citizens were evacuated to America, Pacifica, Texas or Dixon, leaving most of New Mexico as well as the states between Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho on the west side and the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma on the east nearly abandoned, many of the Native Americans living there on reservations or what used to be reservations elected to stay behind. In Canada, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan were also abandoned, but the First Nations also decided to remind behind. Some tribes, specifically the Apache, ended up occupying parts of Sonora and Chihuahua from Mexico. Much of the land was an irradiated wasteland at first, but thanks to many tribes being exposed to radiation before quirks were around, many Native Americans actually ended up with quirks that would help clean the environment up. They cleaned up the land and established the nation of Dinemakȟóčhe, a combination of the Navajo word for people and the Lakota word for land.

When what was once the United States decided they wanted to reunite, Dinemakȟóčhe did not wish to join them. Texas and Dixon wanted to force them back into the United States, but the Native American nation was able to use the Cleaner’s Doctrine to stop them. The Cleaner’s Doctrine was an international agreement formed in the aftermath of WW3 which stated that anyone who was willing to clean up an abandoned, irradiated piece of land could claim it as sovereign territory. Texas and Dixon countered by saying that the Native Americans weren’t a sovereign nation, but the international community rejected that argument on the basis that America abandoned the tribes in that land. Unlike in the previous era, the United States was in no position to simply ignore international pressure, especially considering their former rivals of Russia recognized Mongolia’s control of what was once the Eastern part of their country.

In an attempt to compromise, Dinemakȟóčhe ceded a portion of Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska to form a land bridge between Pacifica and the rest of the United States, so long as they allowed for free passage for the people of the Native Americans. At first, relations between the two nations were tense, but an invasion of Mexico by the Kingdom of Brazil in 2136 forced them to fight together or risk having the highly aggressive nation on their border. Now they are close allies.

Dinemakȟóčhe managed to build itself into a fairly successful nation while The United States managed to become a major world power again, although they aren’t nearly as strong as they once were. Cities such as Chicago, New York and Washington DC are still abandoned, with the resettling of NYC being impossible because the Nuclear explosions that destroyed the city triggered a landslide which resulted in the sinking of the vast majority of Long Island. Even Liberty Island sank, resulting in the Statue of Liberty having to be rebuilt in the city of New Boston, which was built on the ruins of Boston. With Washington DC being in ruins, Philadelphia ended up as the capitol of the United States. The New York Stock Exchange was relocated to Dallas, Texas, one of the few major American cities which actually came out of the war stronger than before.

America’s hero system runs a little different than it did originally. Americans in general tend to oppose stronger government regulations, so while each state does maintain its own HPSC (Known as the *State name* Hero Commission; I.E. the Texas Hero Commission.) equivalent, it doesn’t even come close to the amount of control the Japanese HPSC has over the nation’s heroes. Each individual state’s Hero Commission shares the burden of regulating heroes with the Council of Heroics, an organization made up of representatives from the Hero Corporations.

Most American heroes do not maintain their own agencies. Rather, they are hired by Hero Corporations, organizations which handle all of the bureaucratic work for heroes. These heroes are paid by the Hero Corporations, who make their money from a combination of hero merchandise and the fees paid by the government for hero work.

Dinemakȟóčhe utilizes the Abyssinian Hero system rather than the American one. It is also home to the Geronimo Hero Academy (A name as controversial among the Apache as the man himself.) in the Apache land occupying parts Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora. While U.A. is known as the best Hero academy in the world, that’s actually a bit of a misconception. U.A. produces the best Lime Light heroes in the world. Geronimo Hero Academy produces the best Underground Heroes. The school is shrouded in mystery, not even having a fixed location as it migrates the land along with the tribe itself, and its students are not well known, for obvious reasons.

America has special rules pertaining government quirk registration that were put in place after the Neo Zulu War by a new constitutional amendment. Except in the case of Professional heroes or convicted criminals, only doctors are allowed to have access to records containing details of a person’s quirk. The government cannot ask about or keep record of a civilian’s quirk and violating this law carries a serious punishment. This is because the Mongolian System utilizes Quirk Registration to determine if they should take a child from their parents to train them as heroes or enforcers, often using less than savory methods to do so.



Mexico was an absolute nightmare. The country had already been suffering from fighting against the various drug cartels even before the Age of Quirks. Once quirks became more prevalent, Mexico descended into a state of anarchy. It eventually got so bad that even the cartels couldn’t keep control. When the radiation from America started to drift south, many of the northern states of Mexico had to be abandoned, driving the fractured nation into even more chaos. While Mexico has reunited today, many of the Northern most states had been cleaned out and settled by the United States and Dinemakȟóčhe.

As stated earlier, the Kingdom of Brazil invaded Mexico through Central America in 2136. It was a very destructive war for the Mexicans, but with the help of the United States, Dinemakȟóčhe, and Quebec, they were able to not only push the Brazilians out of Mexico, but drive them back to South America entirely by chasing them out of Central America. At the end of the war, the Central American States were created to act as a buffer zone between Brazil controlled South America and Mexico.

The Mexican government switched from the American system to the Abyssinian system after seeing the aftermath of the Neo Zulu war. An interesting aspect of their hero system is that they incorporated bits of their culture into it. When quirks started to become more prevalent, traditional sports started to lose popularity, including wrestling. In the early ages before the Hero System arrived, a wrestler known as the Blue Demon IV, (the fourth person to hold that name and mask) was determined to keep the rich culture of Lucha Libre. He ended up taking the Blue Demon out of the ring and into the streets to fight crime. Since then, heroes, vigilantes and even villains have decided to retain the colorful masks and theatrical flair of Lucha Libre. Because of this, many of these identities have become a legacy passed down by the generations. It was a tradition which was picked up by the Mexican American community as well.


South America

While most of the world ended up a fractured mess, South America actually went the opposite direction. World War 3 was fought in South America, but there weren’t really any nuclear weapons dropped there since South America didn’t really have any strategic value to the rest of the world. Brazil took advantage of the chaos though, blitzing their way across the entire continent while the rest of the world was preoccupied. They had been building up there military in secret for decades in preparation for this move; WW3 just gave them a good opportunity to do so. By the time WW3 was over, almost all of Latin America outside of the Caribbean and Mexico was under control of Brazil. President Alexio Furtado, who had been ruling the country with an iron fist for decades, decided to stop pretending at this point, abolishing democracy in Brazil and declaring himself King. His descendants rule the nation to this day.

As stated earlier, his son Julio invaded Mexico, pulling the rest of North America into the war in the process. The war ended poorly for Brazil, with them losing control of Central America before finally surrendering.

Brazil uses the Mongolian system, being closely aligned with the nation of Mongolia as well. While not as close as Mongolia politically speaking, they are on friendly terms with Zululand as well. The world’s political scene is generally seen as the United States, the European States, Russia, China and Abyssinia with their allies vs. Mongolia, Brazil, Zululand, The Gaelic Empire and their allies.



Europe was absolutely devastated by World War 3, to the point where many of the countries could not survive alone. Even countries like France and Germany nearly collapsed. To prevent this, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Poland formed the European Confederation out of the remains of the European Union. The Confederation grew closer over time and by the year 2119, they formally united into the European States. This was in response to a rather jarring realization made by the Europeans. The world has largely forgotten about Europe. While they still have a decent standard of living, much of Europe’s economic prowess ended up in Africa, more specifically in Zulu Land and Abyssinia. If they tried to split up, even the formerly stronger nations such as France and Germany would have faded into obscurity. The European States have a higher degree of autonomy than those in the United States, but they are still fairly solid. Each of the States has their own Hero Commissions much like America’s states.

The British Isles are a bit of an anomaly in Europe. During the early age of quirks, an Irish Super Villain by the name of Jonathan O’Reiley managed to overthrow the Irish government and established himself as the absolute ruler, granting himself the title of Monarch. He would later invade Northern Ireland, prompting Scotland, England and Wales to attempt an intervention. The war ended disastrously for the former Great Britain, with what little remained of their navy actually being captured by the Irish. A few years later, Monarch actually invaded the former nation of Britain, encountering little resistance as the nation had been gutted by WW3. He established the Gaelic Empire as a result of this.

Despite multiple attempts to overthrow them from both the reborn IRA and the British Resistance, Monarch and his descendants have continued to oppress the British isles to this day. As a totalitarian country, the Gaelic Empire utilizes the Mongolian Hero System.

In Eastern Europe, things are a little less organized. The Balkan Countries are as chaotic as they were in the pre quirk era. The major powers there are Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has absorbed the nation of Moldova and the Caucasus region of Russia. Russia has taken over Belarus and the Baltic nations. There was an attempt to reunite Yugoslavia, but it failed. While Russia is still relevant on the world scene, they're honestly off doing there own thing.



Asia was absolute chaos, but not everyone ended up worse than they were before. In fact, Mongolia actually managed to thrive in the madness, carving out a fairly large nation from parts of South Eastern Russia and North China. During World War 3, China and Russia didn’t really attack each other much. That, combined with the fact that there was really nothing of significance in the mountainous country at the time meant that they came out of the war relatively unscathed. The mountains turned out to be an advantage, protecting the nation from the radiation coming from Russia and China. A combination of many Chinese companies fleeing to the relatively stable city of Ulaanbaatar and the largely untouched resources of Southeastern Russia allowed them to carve out a robust economy and a strong population. Mongolia has managed to become the dominant power in Asia and a world power in its own right. Unfortunately, it also became a totalitarian regime, much like China before the war. The only difference was that they were capitalist instead of communist. With a population of around 647 million, it is considered the most populous nation on Earth.

Down south, China was particularly devastated by the war. Poor management by the collapsing CCP made things worse for the nation which was already suffering from nuclear devastation. When the Communist Party finally fell apart, it was grim enough that it seemed like China would cease to exist as a nation altogether. The people of China couldn’t stand that possibility, resulting in a mass migration from Western China and Inner Mongolia in order to ensure China’s continued survival. Mongolia took Inner Mongolia; the Uyghurs established the nation of East Turkestan and Tibet regained its freedom. The Chinese managed to survive, and while they may not be the world power they once were, they have managed to create a powerful nation. They would be comparable to current day Germany in terms of power. Their population has still not returned to the prequirk level, currently only reaching around 347 million people.

India and Pakistan were effectively obliterated, as they decided the moment the war started that they would just launch every nuke they had at each other. They ended up either being absorbed into neighboring countries or forming smaller nations out of the remaining regions. Punjab and the Hindu Republic are really the only countries that have even the slightest amount of relevancy on the world scene, and the population of the region as a whole is rather small at a mere 164 million. Southeast Asia was actually a bit more stable than most of the world strangely enough. There were shifts in borders and government collapses, but other than that, things were mostly the same.


The Middle East

Uh, yeah... The Middle East was a shit storm even before World War 3, but now? Iran and Israel blew themselves off the map and they took most of the region with them. Israel was replaced by Judea as Jewish immigrants around the world decided to try again, but the Palestinians were largely annihilated, as were the Israelis. Jerusalem survived by some miracle, but that was about it. The Saudi family was forced to make a tough choice. They had the ability to intercept the attack of one city, but they were forced to choose between saving the capital of Riyadh (and themselves by extension,) or saving Mecca. To their credit, they chose to put their faith first, meaning that while Mecca survived the war, the Saudi government did not. Ironically it seems that complete annihilation brought peace to the Middle East, as things have remained relatively calm in the region ever since. Iran was wiped off the face of the Earth just like Israel was, with Tehran still remaining in ruins. Like other parts of the world, Iran is fractured into multiple smaller nations.

Like India, the Middle East has been largely forgotten by the world, with only Judea and Arabia being significant on the world stage. The Jews have enjoyed relative peace in the region strangely enough, as many of their Arab neighbors have their own problems to deal with.



There’s really only one thing that can be said about Dark Age Africa. Holy shit. The fragile states organized by Colonial Europe fell into complete anarchy, with Ethiopia and Egypt being the only nations that really survived. Things in Africa were so chaotic that it wasn’t unheard of for armies to accidentally attack themselves, mistaking their allies for enemies. It got so crazy that Mogadishu won the award for most peaceful city in Africa three years in a row. When the dust settled around 2121, the only recognizable nation was Egypt. Most of Africa was left decimated, but a few nations emerged as dominant powers on the world scene, launching the Continent into an age of prominence it hasn’t seen in a long time.

Ethiopia absorbed the ruined nations of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and South Sudan to form the nation of Abyssinia, transforming the region into a major player in the world scene, with the largest economy in the world, just barely surpassing the United States. In a bizarre twist of fate, the former Somalian city of Mogadishu actually ended up becoming one of the most stable and wealthy cities in the entire continent, as well as the main port of Africa. It is frequently listed as one of the five best cities in the world to live in. Many European companies ended up fleeing to Mogadishu and Addis Abba after WW3, their selling point? Come to Abyssinia, we weren’t blown into oblivion by nuclear weapons. It’s the same strategy that Ulaanbaatar used to attract Chinese companies.

Down south, there was one particular ethnic group which came out of the war incredibly strong; the Zulu of what was once South Africa. When the war hit, much of the white population of South Africa grew concerned about the racial tensions that were only starting to weaken a few years earlier (Much later than most of the world, who realized that discriminating against skin color in a world where people often look like completely different species was a bit insane.) resulting in a mass exodus, with most of them fleeing to Australia and New Zealand, as America and Europe were a complete mess at the time.

This allowed the Zulu to consolidate power not only in South Africa, but Lesotho, Eswatini, Botswana and the southern half of Mozambique to form the nation of Zululand. A decade after things in Africa finally stabilized; Zululand went on the offensive, pushing as far north as what was once Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo before hitting a roadblock in the form of Abyssinia. Up until that point, they had been able to advance with little resistance, but Abyssinia was a powerful nation with close ties to Europe and the United States. A lot of people feared that this would be the start of WW4, but the Neo Zulu Empire as they were known then agreed to keep Mongolia, the Gaelic Empire and Brazil out of the war if Abyssinia kept its allies with the exception of the United States, which had already been pulled into the war due to attacks on American freight ships by the Neo Zulu Empire, out of the war.

The Sahara Desert has become the world’s sole remaining black zone, an area in which radiation makes living there impossible. They cleaned it up enough so that the wind wouldn’t blow radiation throughout the rest of the world. But no one really wanted to claim the largely useless land, so it was left as is. The only real presence in the region is from a few oil companies which exploit the abandoned land.


Australia, the Pacific and Antarctica

Not a whole lot happened in the southern Pacific Region as they mostly stayed out of WW3. Their population was decimated by encroaching radiation however, with Indonesia getting the worst of it. In terms of borders, Brunei took over the island of Borneo after cleaning it up, but nothing else really changed. Sydney was destroyed by rampaging Kaiju sized super villain, although it had been evacuated in advance fortunately. It’s actually become a bit of a joke with the Australian people that the Villain, who coincidently ended up being dubbed Captain Kaiju, must have gotten lost on his way to Tokyo. They ended up abandoning Sydney as, much like New York City, a landslide resulted in it sinking beneath the ocean.

One of the more interesting developments was the establishment of a permanent settlement on the continent of Antarctica, dubbed Ice City by most of the world. It was established near the South Pole and was settled by people who’s quirks made it difficult to live elsewhere, as they required relatively cold temperatures to survive. They also built a jail for powerful villains in Antarctica.


TL; DR World Scenario

World powers are divided amongst the ‘Good Guys’, consisting of The United States, Abyssinia (Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and South Sudan), and to a lesser extent, the European States (which formed out of the European Union’s ashes) and their allies vs. Mongolia, Brazil, Zululand (South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and the southern half of Mozambique), and to a lesser extent, the Gaelic Empire (The Irish controlled British Isles). Russia is off doing its own thing.

The United States effectively ate Canada (Let’s face it, you Canucks had to see that coming with our obesity rate the way it is =P.) The Neo Zulu War between Zululand (then known as the Neo Zulu Empire) and Abyssinia/America exposed the shortcomings of the American Hero System.

The Native Americans finally got their own country because of the Cleaner’s Doctrine, an international agreement which states that anyone who cleans up an abandoned, irradiated piece of land can claim it as their sovereign territory. India, the Middle East and Oceania have effectively been forgotten, although there is peace in the Middle East now.

Many world class cities were wiped off the face of the Earth, with some of them (Such as New York City and London) never being rebuilt. That’s enough with the history/geography lesson though. On to the Omakes!


Omake 1: The Light in the Darkness: Harbinger

A fairly tall, lithe athletic man walks out of the shadows of a nearby alley in the French city of Nice. His appearance is rather jarring. He clearly has a mutant type quirk, as he has wings, a horn and his skin is colored strangely. His hair is bicolored similar to that of Shoto Todoroki and it is tied into a high ponytail. His left side is as dark black as Shihai Kuroiro’s skin. He has a wicked looking bat like wing around eight feet in length on the left side of his back and the left side of his forehead has a twisted black Addax like horn coming out of it. The wing doesn’t look as if it were made for flight. It’s bulky, hardened appearance looks like it is more of a shield. His left eye is a contrast to this appearance, as it has blue sclera with a white iris.

His right side is a stark contrast to the left, having a more angelic look to it. His right eye contradicts this though, as it has red sclera with a black iris, making his pupil look bigger. The right side of his body has unnaturally white skin. The right wing is an eight foot long eagle like wing. Like the demon wing, it doesn’t look to be made for flight. It’s sharp, strong feathers make it look more like a sword made for slashing.

He is wearing a suit of knight like armor similar in shape to what the Iida family wears minus the helmet which reflects his demonic/angelic appearance. The left side is dark black and it is covered in demonic eyes with large spikes on the shoulder. The right side is bright white and has angelic eyes covering it.

Charles Durand
Codename: Harbinger
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 243 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 9th
Age: 44
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Cleansing Pain
Quirk Description: Cleansing Pain is a thematic Quirk, much like Tsuyu’s Frog quirk. It comes with a set of powers based upon said theme. The angelic right side is capable of firing bolts which cause the degradation of regenerated collagen and bone calluses. This causes previously healed cuts, wounds and broken bones to come undone again. He can also transform his pain and the pain of others around him and convert it into energy. He can use this energy to fire destructive bolts of energy, use it to fuel his own healing factor, (which is not quite as powerful as Daisuke’s, but still strong.) or use it to heal other people from a long distance. His ability to heal others is not as potent as Recovery Girl’s but he also doesn’t have the downside of causing fatigue.
Basic Biography: Charles Durand is a former hero who became a vigilante after being wronged by the French Hero Commission. His past has been marred by discrimination because of his jarring appearance. He is a dark, brooding anti-hero that has the aura of a warrior. He is a simple man who has no need or desire for fortune or status.

“I am Charles Durand; some of you may know me as the former French hero Darklight. I am now Harbinger, a Vigilante and a founding member of the Revolution. I joined the revolution because I was falsely blamed for a murder committed by another, more popular hero.” He says.


The footage cuts to a security feed from 15 years ago in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is in the background, but the top appears to have sagged downward and the metal looks as if it had been melted by intense heat. The French decided to leave it as it is as a monument to all the lives lost in WW3, although they have made sure to stabilize it. Darklight is staring down at the bloodied body of a villain in shock. His armor appears to be the same as Harbinger’s, but the demonic left side appears to be a reflection of the angelic right side. Beside him is a moderately tall blonde woman wearing a blue spandex leotard with a red cape and white combat boots and a bloody stiletto blade sticking out of the front of the left boot. Her name is Agnès Archambeau, otherwise known as the hero Longstep. Her quirk allows her to stretch her legs up to thirty feet at incredible speeds. She is France’s number 3 hero.

“Agnes, what have you done?!” Darklight shouts as the paparazzi approaches. When she notices this, she pounces on Darklight to restrain him, concealing the blade and covering him in blood. “Darklight! You are under arrest for the use of excessive force against a villain.” She shouts. Darklight is shocked at first, but he calms down when he sees the security camera, knowing that he would be vindicated when the commission saw what really happened. The feed turns back to the current day video of the Vigilante in person.


“It was an open and shut case. I was innocent, as the footage clearly shows. I was at the closed door meeting and watched as the footage played for the French Hero Commission. They watched the video, took one look at her and one look at me. The President asked if anyone else knew of the security video. Nobody else had, so they deleted the video and went with Longstep’s version of the story.” He says bitterly.

“I served 10 years for someone else’s crime. Even when she was caught four years later murdering another villain on live television, the Commission left me to rot, all because Longstep was more popular than I was… and I thank God every day that it happened.” He says before sighing.

He looks to the camera as his conviction burns bright for the entire world to see. “So you heroes can keep the Red Carpet treatment. You can have your fancy house and your exotic cars… You can take your fortune, your fame and your popularity and shove it straight up your ass. Because while you’re out their signing autographs; I’ll be out there saving lives. That’s all I need.” He says before walking back into the shadows as the feed cuts off.


Omake 2: The Comedic Vanguard, the Troll

Recorded 1 month earlier

A green skinned man with a bright white spiky Mohawk standing around eight inches in height is sitting on a platform with a fishing pole. He reels in a gigantic Tuna and laughs. “Oh man, I just can’t stop winning, this place is the best! All you ever get is Tuna, and they bite like they’ve been fed their entire li-“ He starts to say before he’s interrupted by a shouting security guard. “HEY! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” The guard yells as the scene pans out to reveal that he is fishing from the Copenhagen Aquarium’s Tuna Exhibit.

“What? I’m throwing them back after I catch them.” He says, not even showing the slightest amount of concern. “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” He says before charging the troll like man. He rolls his eyes before firing beams of brown energy from them at the guard. The guard’s eyes go wide as he explosively voids his bowels the moment he is hit. “Whoa, you okay man? I know you’re mad, but who ever heard of shitting themselves in rage?” He says jokingly. “GOD DAMN IT! THE TROLL IS BACK!” He says as he finally recognizes the individual.

“Well yeah, wasn’t that obvious? I kind of stand out in a crowd you know.” He says, gesturing down to his costume. The Troll constantly changes his costume. This time, he appears to be wearing a yellow chicken suit without the head. Why he is wearing this is anybody’s guess. Two more guards charge at the Troll and he effortlessly flips over them. His hands grow red and he taps them as he passes over head.

Several things happen in response, things that seem like they would be impossible. The Tuna that was lying on the ground managed to flop back into the tank, causing a splash of water which miraculously hit the power socket just as the water protection failed. The socket sparked, triggering a small explosion which knocks over a coffee thermos nearby. The thermos starts to roll toward one of the guards. The guard trips over the thermos, grabbing at the second guard to stop his fall. He grabs the man by the balls and squeezes as hard as he can, causing him to shriek as his legs give out beneath him. His legs hit a nearby rope securing a scuba diver suit to the ceiling. One of the boots falls from the suit and miraculously lands right on top of the second guards crotch just as the Troll looks at the camera he set up to record his hijinks.

“Hello world, I’m Carl Lykke, aka the Danish Vigilante known as the Troll, and what you just witnessed was one of my favorite abilities, Final Nut shot. Whenever I channel a bit of my energy into a male’s body, reality bends over backwards to deliver the craziest nut shots you’ve ever seen. It’s like the movie Final Destination, but with nut shots instead blood and guts!” He says before halting with a strange look on his face. He pulls his phone out of the chicken suit’s pocket (Don’t ask why it has one.) and records a message. “Note to self, make a Final Destination movie with nut shots. It would be hysterical.” He says before returning his phone to the pocket, which seems to vanish the moment he returns the device.

Carl Lykke
Codename: The Troll
Height: 7’1”
Weight: 255 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 1st
Age: 23
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Ultimate Trolling
Quirk Description: Ultimate Trolling is a thematic mutant quirk similar to Harbinger’s Cleansing Pain. It comes with a fairly large number of powers that most people would deem stupid.
Shit Vision: The Troll fires a pair of brown beams from his eyes which causes his target to crap themselves. Rather than just falling out, the victim’s feces comes out explosively. He can make it powerful enough that it can cause the target to expel part of their intestines if he’s not careful.
Final Nut Shot: Named after the Final Destination movies, Final Nut Shot allows him to channel a limited amount of reality bending energy which serves the sole purpose of creating hysterical, convoluted nut shots.
Irritation Sense: The Troll is capable of knowing the perfect way to annoy a person just by looking at them. He can also sense those who are easily annoyed.
Annoying Power: The more irritated people are with him, the stronger and faster he becomes.
Persistent Irritant: As an irritating person, the Troll is constantly in danger of serious harm from those he annoys. To accommodate this, he has one of the strongest healing factors known to man.
Quirk Trolling: The Troll can temporarily alter a person’s quirk, but only in randomly selected humorous ways.
Basic Biography: Carl Lykke is a Danish standup comedian/vigilante. He originally wanted to be a hero, but he was constantly told that his quirk wasn’t suited for such things. Whether he was denied because his quirk legitimately didn’t fit or if it’s because he irritated the hero school recruiters is unknown. Like many comedians, Carl Lykke’s past was rather tragic.

He frowns briefly at the camera. “I was cast aside by a broken system despite wanting to make a difference after what happened to my parents…” He says darkly before sighing. “My parents were killed by a pair of con artists known as Dam Wrecker and the Blue Mermaid. For those of you who don’t know, The Blue Mermaid is a disgraced heroine who formed a partnership with the villain Dam Wrecker. Dam Wrecker harnessed his quirk’s ability to convert water pressure into concussive force to break dams, telling the Blue Mermaid where he would strike in advance. He was slow and methodical with it, trying to disguise it as an accidental failure rather than intentional sabotage. The Blue Mermaid would ‘miraculously’ show up and save the surviving victims. Then she would collect the government reward and split it with Dam Wrecker. When I was only five years old, the Dam Wrecker hit one of the dams near my home town. I survived because I was at a school which was on a hill on the far side of town. My mother worked at a store close to the dam and my father was an Engineer for the dam itself… I was orphaned by a pair of con artists…” He says somberly.

But then a huge grin with just a hint of madness in it appears on his face. “Rather than being bitter about it though, I chose to fight for others like me who have been hurt by evil people. How? By irritating villains so much that they make idiotic mistakes!” He shouts before cutting to another clip.


The Troll finds himself facing off with a villain that looks suspiciously like a brunette version of Katsuki Bakugou. The Villain’s face is twitching in rage and his pants seem to be stained brown as he glares at the vigilante while holding his crotch. “You damn Troll!!! I’LL KILL YOU!” ‘Katsuki’ screams. It would have been intimidating if his voice hadn’t been a few octaves higher due to the nut shot. The Troll surges forward faster than anyone can perceive and grins down at the villain. “Wow man, you really need to learn to relax. I’ve never felt so much power before. He says before pulling out a large fish from the basket on his back (He seems to be dressed in a fishing outfit for some reason.) and slapping the villain across the face with it. The villain is so distracted by the ridiculousness of being slapped with a fish that he doesn’t even notice the green energy that was channeled from it to him.

“THAT’S IT!!! YOU’RE DEAD, YOU HEAR ME? DE-AHHHHHHHH!!!!” He starts to scream before using his quirk. Rather than coming out of his hands, one of the largest explosive blasts the villain has ever used shoots out of his anus. His body surges forward and his head collide with a brick wall. Miraculously, he survives the impact, although he seems to have a major concussion. “Holy shit!” A bystander shouts. “There was nothing holy about that shit.” The Troll quips. The moment he finishes his quip, his troll sense goes off. “Oh my god… this will be glorious.” The Troll says before tying up the villain and disappearing.


Endeavor was in Copenhagen for a Fire Quirk support gear convention when he got word of an active vigilante. For some reason he decided to check it out despite the fact that he isn’t really authorized to act as a hero in Denmark. (A decision he would come to regret.) When he arrived at the scene, he noticed the tied up villain. He grunts in slight irritation when he doesn’t see the vigilante nearby. He is distracted when a melted white substance falls into his hair from above. He looks up and sees the Troll dressed as in a boy scout like outfit for some reason, holding a skewer with a bag of marshmallows nearby and a disappointed look on his face. “Aww man, I hate it when they fall in the fire.” He says sadly.

“D-did you just try to roast a marshmallow with the flames on my head?” He says incredulously. He has no idea how to process this turn of events. Endeavor is well known across the world as the most powerful flame wielding hero on Earth. He’s also rather notorious for his temper, so for someone to do something like this was insane. “Yup! Oh hold on!” He says before grabbing one of the two buckets on the emergency stairs he was sitting on. “A good camper always puts his fire out before leaving.” He says before pouring a yellow liquid on top of Endeavor’s head to douse his flames. Endeavor crinkles his nose as a strong odor hits him. “Whoops, that was the piss bucket, not the water bucket. My bad.” The Troll says. Endeavor starts to shake with rage as his flames return with avengeance. “Ahh, ahh, ahh! Careful with the temper Endeavor, there are civilians around; civilians with cameras!” He says gleefully.

Endeavor’s eye twitches in rage as he realizes this will end up on the internet eventually. He wants to kill the man, but he knows that causing collateral damage in a foreign nation would cause an international incident. While he may not care so much about reputation, being banned from the European States could be a problem; as there are several good support companies here.

The Troll slides up next to Endeavor, causing the man to start twitching more violently as he looks up in the sky for some reason. “Wow, there’s some great shade here. Must be nice living in All Might’s shadow in the hot summer.” The Troll says as many of the spectators begin to wonder if the Vigilante has some sort of death wish. Endeavor’s flames intensify and a vein pops in his forehead as the Troll seems to have struck a nerve. “Whoa easy with the fire big boy, I know you’re probably upset not being the strongest fire wielder on the continent, you might as well be a wet match in a damp cave next to Madam Kazan.” He adds. Endeavor’s eyes widen and he begins shaking in rage at this point.

The appearance of police sirens forces him to cut his trolling short this time. Being a Vigilante in a nation utilizing the American system of heroes was kind of annoying at times. “Well, my job here is done! I should probably scram now. But before I go, here’s a little parting gift!” He says before tapping his shoulder with a glowing red hand.

He jumps up toward the fire escape again, knocking a part of it loose in the process. The part lands on a nearby plank of wood sitting on an old paint can. The wood launches a trashcan lid sitting on the opposite side of the plank, turning it into a makeshift catapult. The trashcan lid slams into the side of a neon light display which then comes loose on one side. The light display seems to have a neon boot on it which promptly kicks Endeavor right in the balls, causing the man to squeak in pain before collapsing. The Troll then flees the scene as the video of what just happened to Endeavor is uploaded on the internet.


There’s a fit of hysterical laughter coming out of an abandoned gas station. Inside the building, a certain scarred, black haired individual is laughing like a maniac as he watches the video of his asshole father dealing with the Troll. “Oh man, the internet is great!” He manages to wheeze out before starting to laugh again.


Omake 3: The Strategic Marvel, Contingency

A dark skinned, elderly man wearing a pair of jeans a fringed leather jacket with a few owl feathers hanging from a necklace can be seen driving an eighteen wheeler down an old dirt road. The vehicle appears to be modified for off road travel, an oddity for a semi. The trailer on the back appears to have what appear to be sections of wall strapped to a flat bed. The man whistles an old tune as he leads a convoy of trucks as a group of modified ATVs drive past. A few men and women are driving the vehicles, some with younger children riding along with them. One of the children notices the older man and waves happily. The elderly man smiles down at the child and waves back. The oddest thing about this scene is how quiet all of these vehicles appear to be.

One would be hard pressed to realize this was a group of nomadic hunter gatherers, but that’s what they are. It’s a rather strange clash of ancient tradition and modern technology. This band of Cheyenne Native Americans is among a small group which chose to return to their old culture, but with a new twist. Rather than Teepees and horses, they use modern vehicles and collapsible buildings to erect mobile towns as they follow the Bison Herds. These bands are descended from the same group of people who would clean the land of radiation and destroy the old, derelict ruins that dot the landscape, restoring the land to a more natural state. Now they travel the land to maintain it.

He looks over to a nearby camera on the trucks dashboard and smiles. “Hello there. My name is Eric Bradshaw. At least, that’s the name I have chosen to go by for the sake of the rest of the world. Even I have to admit, Taa'eveameohtse is a bit difficult for most foreigners to pronounce. But I also happen to be a vigilante known as Contingency.

Eric ‘Taa'eveameohtse’ Bradshaw
Codename: Contingency
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 142 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 8th
Age: 79
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Contingency
Quirk Description: Eric’s quirk allows him to see the potential outcomes of an action and choose the best possible option. This makes him a master tactician.
Basic Biography: Eric is a member of the Cheyenne tribe who lives with one of the roaming bands of hunters. While they have returned to their migratory lifestyle, it has been more modernized. There are no teepees anymore, as they instead erect temporary towns from collapsible buildings which are transported by trucks. Due to his advanced age, he is no longer an active vigilante. Instead, he acts as a field commander to coordinate larger operations. He is considered the General of the Revolution.

“As you may or may not know, vigilantes are an accepted part of society alongside professional heroes here in Dinemakȟóčhe. The system is not perfect, as vigilantes often lack the same training professional heroes get. Many of us took the younger vigilantes under our wings, but there are still mistakes. That said, I understand why this system exists.” He says before looking over to a picture of a group of Native American soldiers alongside their American and Abyssinian counterparts.

“I was there for the reason that the Abyssinian system was made… I saw the horrors of a fully government controlled hero system first hand…” He says darkly.


A much younger version of contingency wearing a full set of green camouflaged combat gear with an assault rifle charges through the jungles of what used to be the Democratic Republic of Congo. Artillery fire and gun shots can be heard around him as he and his fellow soldiers charged through the clearing. The brunt of the enemy fire seems to be hitting an eight foot tall black woman with metallic skin. This is an Abyssinian soldier by the name of Nyala Mulugetta, who would later become the Abyssinian hero Bulwark. Her quirk, Bullet Shield, allows her to alter the trajectory of any projectile within eight hundred yards of her, drawing the fire toward her. It also gives her one of the highest degrees of invulnerability the world has ever seen. This made her an exceptional spearhead for any attack on an enemy position.

Eric notices a tank barreling down on her position and his quirk goes in to over drive. “Nyala, punch the third tree to your right at a 48 degree angle.” He says into his radio. Nyala does what he requested and the tree falls toward a nearby cliff. The collision triggers a rockslide which covers the tank in rocks, jamming up the treads. A moderately well built white soldier bursts through the brush and notices the tank turning its turret toward them. A cannon emerges from his chest and he fires an anti tank round into the vehicle, blowing it up in the process.

“You should be coming up on the camp any time now. Brace yourselves; the intel we got on this place suggests it won’t be pretty. It’s supposed to be a ‘School’ for children being groomed as heroes and enforcers. The ones in here were likely taken from their parents, who would have been killed in order to keep knowledge of their quirks contained.” The field commander says over the radio. Eric’s grip on his rifle tightens and he has a stone faced expression. This hits a little close to home for the man, as his people are no stranger to this kind of thing. Granted, things have gotten better now that they have their own nation, but those wounds cut deep.

The three soldiers continue moving through the jungle, eventually coming across a barbed wire installation. Their stomachs drop when they see the state of some of the children. “M-my God…” A large number of soldiers and a few ‘Heroes’ flood out of the gates to keep Eric and his allies out of the camp. Having lost any sense of patience, Eric’s eyes glow a dim orange color as he sends his quirk into overdrive. He burst into action by kicking a tree branch. The branch whips back and slams into a large fruit which he kicks into one of the soldier’s faces. The soldier falls back and his rifle trips up a man who was about to throw a grenade. The grenade explodes in his hand, causing the fence behind them to collapse on top of the soldiers as Eric shoots one of the heroes in the left eye just as it starts to glow green.

The eye explodes with enough force to blow the man to pieces as one of the arms slams into the side of a flying hero who was inches away from Eric to knock him slightly off course. Eric pulls his combat knife out just before he gets close and holds it up as the man flies by, ripping his guts out in the process. He then throws the knife at a particularly large soldier, who falls backward and hits a wooden plank underneath a guard tower. The plank shoots upwards to dislodge the bricks it was holding in place, causing the tower to fall sideways, collapsing on top of the last soldiers and heroes standing to end the fight. He takes a closer look at the ‘students’ causing his heart to wrench in his chest.


Eric has a thousand yard stare and a deep frown on his face. “I still have some of the photos taken at the camp, and they’ll be available on the Revolution’s web site, but for the sake of those with weaker stomachs, I won’t show them here. Long story short, these children were beaten, starved and brainwashed into the perfect soldiers. But that wasn’t even the most terrifying part. What truly rattled me came out of the ‘School’s’ office. Up until then, details about the Mongolian Hero System had been kept under tight wraps. What we found was a shocking number of similarities between the American and Mongolian systems. The frame work was nearly identical; the only difference was in execution of the system… the Mongolian system could very well be considered an evolution of the American one. Most of the world had always believed that the Mongolian system was the creation of some Machiavellian think tank, some sinister creation built to oppress the world… and they were right, but not in the way they wanted to be…”

“The world was sent reeling as faith in the modern hero system was rocked to its very foundation. Some countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, the European States and Australia went to extreme lengths to suppress the knowledge of what they learned. Others such as the United States went through moderate reforms, such as the introduction of the 30th Amendment to their constitution, which banned anyone other than medical professionals from keeping or accessing information regarding a civilian’s quirk, except in the case of convicted felons and professional heroes. Abyssinia responded with a full overhaul, creating the system used in many nations around the world, including this one.” He says.

“There’s something else that’s been bugging me though, something I find rather alarming. When it comes to quirks in warfare, there was an unspoken agreement among the nations to limit themselves. Each nation can have a maximum of 20 quirk using soldiers, and none of them can have a quirk level higher than A. In fact, people with A class or higher quirks are actually barred from serving in the military as a whole. Recently there’s been talk of loosening these restrictions… I want to imagine for a second that you are a soldier. You’re fighting for your life against those that want to kill you. All of the sudden, you come face to face with All Might. He’s not there as a hero though, he’s a soldier. It’s his job to kill you… You have a mediocre quirk and a rifle in your hands, but you would probably get more use out of your gun by throwing it at him and hoping it hits him in the eye… What the hell are you supposed to do against that?” He asks. A blue light on his dash board lights up, drawing his attention.

“Ahh, looks like we’re close to our next site.” He says before turning to the camera again. “Well I apologize if my story was a little dull compared to some of our founding members, but in case you haven’t realized, I’m an old man. My fighting days may be over, but I’m still using my quirk to guide the Revolution to victory. You will likely see me again, but for now I need to get ready to unpack.” He says before terminating the video feed.


Omake 4: The Tranquil Beast, Ren
Y’all didn’t think I’d bring Nora in without her partner in crime did you?
I did add a twist though.

Nora ‘Garbage’ Valentina is wandering around an abandoned warehouse full of scrap in her looking confused. “Ren? Where are you Renny? We need to do your interview as one of the founding members of the Revolution.” She says. “Seriously, how the hell are you hiding? You’re a twenty foot long Giant Ground Sloth for crying out loud!” She screams, not noticing the large hairy beast behind her. “Millennia of practice.” He says calmly, making Nora jump. She turns around and pouts up at the giant beast. He is currently on all fours similar to a gorilla. His fur is dark brown and white, although their appears to be a strip of pink just above his left eye.

This is Ren, a twelve thousand year old Giant Ground Sloth. His existence is enough to rock this world to its core because of one simple fact, he has a quirk. “Besides, are you really sure about this? This is a fairly big bomb shell to drop on humanity.” He says with an oddly human sounding calm voice that you wouldn’t expect from a creature like him. “They’re going to have to learn sometime. I’m just kind of pissed that I’m the one who has to reveal this. I know that science has suffered since WW3, but come on! ‘Oh look, we got these new powers suddenly appearing! They seem to be genetic, where did they come from? Oh I know, let’s do everything except check the GOD DAMN HUMAN GENETIC CODE!!! Seriously, it’s been almost 200 years since the first quirk showed up and of all the possible scientific fields to abandon, you choose to drop genetics?! Why the hell is common sense so uncommon now days?!” She rants.

Ren chuckles at the young girl. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my long life, it’s that common sense was never a very common thing. Plus, the Human Genome Project was rather thoroughly destroyed during WW3. They would have had to start from scratch, so they probably thought it would take too long.” He says. “I mapped the human genome and traced the source of quirks backward in three weeks Ren, THREE WEEKS! And the real kicker? Quirks have apparently existed since the beginning of life on Earth! We’re just the first species to get quirks as a whole rather than rare individuals. It’s so obvious in hindsight when you go back and look at ancient mythology. So many mythical figures make a lot more sense when you realize they had quirks! You told me Heracles had a strength enhancing quirk right?” She asks. “Yes, he was likely even stronger than All Might was in his prime.” Ren says as he lumbers out of view while Nora sets up the recording. “Call me when you’re ready for me.”

She starts the recording and grins at the camera. “Hello world, it’s me, Garbage! I’m not here as a vigilante this time though, I’m here as a scientist! Why? Because I’ve finally solved society’s greatest memory! I have discovered the origin of Quirks! You might want to sit down for this one, because it’s a bit of a doozy.”


A few hours later

Ren is resting near Nora’s workbench when he is woken up by a squeal of happiness. Nora rushes over to Ren with a huge grin on her face. “OH MY GOD! Pack your bags Ren, we’re going to Japan! David Shield himself has asked to meet me!” She says. Ren sighs before tapping the giddy girl on the shoulder with one of his claws. A pink energy flows through the girl, mellowing her out.

Codename: Tranquility
Height: 20’4” long, 12’7” tall when standing on his hind legs
Weight: 3.8 tons
Gender: Male
Birthday: ???
Age: 12000+
Blood Type: ???
Quirk Name: Soothing Presence
Quirk Description: Ren is able to calm people’s emotions. He usually just exudes a calming aura, but he can push his energy through his claws for a more powerful calming effect. Like many quirked creature’s who existed before the Age of Quirks, Ren has an anti aging aspect to his quirk. Due to his massive size and powerful body, Ren can be devastating in combat.
Basic Biography: Like Nezu, Ren was captured by humans to be experimented on. What the humans didn’t realize was that he could escape at any time. He played the part of a dumb animal when in reality he was experimenting on them. He was rescued from the lab which held him by Nora when she was only six and he has been her partner in crime so to speak ever since.

“We’re probably going to have to wait on that Nora. Once Project Kingslayer goes live, you’re probably going to have every government in the world on high alert and you’re technically a wanted criminal.” Ren says. Nora pouts before looking over to the wall where she has her first wanted poster framed. It turns out the Australian Government doesn’t react kindly to nine year old girls taking down a villain that they declared uncapturable. They may be idiots, but that doesn’t mean they want to look like one. “Pfft what’s the big deal? All we’re doing is overthrowing a totalitarian government run by a super villain, exposing the faults of the modern society and plunging the world into chaos. What could possibly be bad about that?” She asks sarcastically. Ren responds with a deadpan stare as he walks over to a set of armor hanging from mechanical arms. “Just gear me up Nora.” He says calmly.

Nora grins before pressing a button on a nearby console. The arms spring to life as Ren stands up on his hind legs. The armor snaps into place, making him look like a high tech war horse. It even has a saddle on it and massive laser cannons on the sides of his body. A bluish white portal opens up in front of him and Nora hops on wearing a lighter set of armor with her war hammer at the ready. “CHARRRRRRGE!” She screams as Ren lets out a loud roar and rushes into the portal.

That’s right, I made Ren a sloth.


Omake 5: The Exiled Warrior- Arrow Maiden

A young woman with dark black skin and thick brown dreadlocks wearing a black leather top with complex geometric shapes on the back and a calf length black leather skirt is hiding in the shadows of an urban city. She is also wearing a set of high tech goggles with wires that sink beneath her dreadlocks, seemingly linking directly to her brain through the skull. Her cheeks are painted with three vertical white lines on each side. This city appears to be modern, but the buildings are shaped differently than western cities. They seem to have complex geometric shapes carved into the walls and they have elaborate murals painted on many of the walls. This is Addis Abba, the crown jewel of Africa and the home of the African Renaissance. She has a collapsed compound bow on her back which she expands into its full form. Her left hand glows dimly as an arrow with a strange tip on it emerges.

She loads the arrow up and fires it at a group of crooks who were trying to break into a bank. A large, electrified net erupts from the tip, ensnaring the criminals and rendering them unconscious.

She leaps down from the roof of the seven story building she was standing on and skillfully makes her way to the ground in an impressive display of parkour. She pulls a small capsule from her belt which transforms into a rope that she uses to suspend the netted villains from a nearby fire escape. Her palm glows dimly again and a flare arrow emerges from it. She loads the arrow into her bow and fires it into the air as she pulls a small, disposable USB out of the goggles. The USB contains a recording of the fight along with evidence of the criminal’s crimes. This is fairly standard practice for vigilantes in the Abyssinian system, which usually prefers to stick to the shadows while still bringing evil doers to justice. It also serves as a gesture of good will meant to encourage cooperation between vigilantes and law enforcement. She disappears into the shadows unnoticed the moment the police arrive.


The woman from earlier appears wearing a t-shirt of the prequirk era band Disturbed under an open black leather jacket with spiked studs on the shoulders and a pair of black khaki shorts with a pair of black thigh high boots and a pair of ornately designed, Africanized Goth black lace stockings. She is tall and a bit on the heavy side. Her eyes are milky white, indicating that she is, in fact, blind. She is sitting in a dingy apartment decorated with various metal band paraphernalia. She sighs before grabbing a remote and activating a camera.

“Hello, my name is Bangamuseve Hatendi, also known as the vigilante Arrow Maiden. I am also an exiled member of the Shona people from the occupied nation of Mashonaland.” She says. She seems hesitant to continue, but she makes herself remember that this is for the greater good of the world. “I am also a former Zululand Enforcer class hero and an ex-convict.” She says with a voice tinged with guilt and regret.

Bangamuseve Hatendi
Codename: Arrow Maiden
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 204 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 5th
Age: 35
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Arrow Creation
Quirk Description: Arrow Maiden is able to create arrows with a multitude of special functions using the energy from her body.
Basic Biography: Kidnapped from her family at a young age much like any other hero in the nation of Zululand, Arrow Maiden was trained to be an Enforcer, although she was honestly more of a straight up assassin. She was exiled for turning against the government and ended up in the European States, where she resorted to a life of petty crime to survive. She eventually moved to Abyssinia to get a new start, utilizing her skills as a vigilante.

“I have more blood on my hands than most people can imagine… I was exiled from my home land when I refused to kill an innocent man. I was told he was an abusive drug dealer but I found no trace of drugs in his home and when I saw him, he was happily playing with his five year old daughter with his wife watching nearby. At first, I believed I must have been tracking the wrong man but when I checked the file, I realized he was my target. Up until now, I had never questioned my role in society, but when I started to do some digging, I finally figured out why he was a target. He was a prominent pastor who was well known for criticizing the government’s treatment of the people…” She says quietly.

She sighs again. “I suppose I always knew deep down that I was being lied to, but these were the people who raised me since I was a child. They rescued me during a fire, which I later learned they were responsible for starting, and gave me a life of luxury. I was constantly praised for having such a high quality quirk and I was treated well, so of course I wanted to believe these were good people. In hindsight, I was such a blind fool.” She says before chuckling mirthlessly.

“I suppose it is only fitting that I was blinded in my escape after I warned the man I was supposed to kill. He knew I was there the entire time and he knew what I was sent to do. I told him to flee, but he refused. He said he was needed here now more than ever. He did, however, ask me to smuggle his wife and daughter out of the country. I succeeded, but this was the price.” She says, gesturing to her eyes.

“But that isn’t why I joined the Revolution. That didn’t happen until I was in Europe. When I first arrived in Italy, I was forced into a life of crime to survive. It wasn’t much, just petty crimes such as purse snatching and shop lifting. When I was caught, I expected to be given a few months in prison at the most. But I was wrong. I used my quirk while committing these crimes, the prosecutor told me this, and then he offered to make it all go away if I let him use my body for his own gratification... I punched the man in the face and was sentenced to ten years in prison for snatching a purse and when I was released, I was forced to register as a villain… It was a system based upon the sex offender registry… I was put on the same level as pedophiles and rapists for the simple act of denying sexual blackmail… Granted, I suppose I probably could be considered a villain considering my actions in Zululand, but the Europeans didn’t know about that.” She says angrily.

She glares at the camera. “We act like it’s the villain’s fault for becoming what they are, but the truth is, the greatest villain in the world is society itself. Our system of beliefs has created more villains than most of the world’s super villains combined. The use of quirks in a crime is constantly used to railroad small time criminals into unjust sentences... I joined the Revolution to change this, to stop the world from creating more monsters. I may not be able to force change on my own, but if I can make you truly reconsider the way our society functions; then maybe there will be one less ‘villain’ on the streets later on.” She says before leaning back into the couch.

“So that’s my story. That is who I am, and that is why I fight. For all of those who abuse the law to suit their own personal beliefs, I offer a warning. The Revolution is here, and we are coming for you.”


Omake 6: The Rebellious Soul- Arsenal

A rather tall, gangly man in a black leather jacket with a royal purple crown on the back, ripped leather pants and combat boots enters an alley with a vicious grin on his face. His entire body seems to be wrapped in silver metallic chains that, on closer inspection, appear to be attached to his body. He is flanked by a short, fat two headed man wearing a long black trench coat and a pair of black fedoras. The right head on the two headed man has glowing blue eyes and no mouth while the left head has no eyes and an inhumanly large mouth.

These are the two ‘heroes’ known as Chain Gang and the Twin Terror. They are notorious Enforcer type heroes for the Monarch. The short woman from earlier, who can now be seen wearing black studded leather armor with chainmail covering her arms and a thick black leather knee length skirt with chain mail leggings and a dark blue half cape with the Union Jack flag on the back. She has a 3’8” long sword with a cross hilt emblazoned with the Union Jack hanging from a thick black leather belt on her left side. The left half of her face is painted dark blue.

“Good to see chivalry’s not entirely dead. I was afraid you goons would keep a lady waiting.” She says in a strong, husky feminine voice. “Shit, Arsenal?! Chain, we gotta run, she’s too dangerous in this environment!” The Twin Terror’s left head says. Chain Gang rips his chains out of the wall and growls. “We both know we’re not escaping her here, she’s very thorough in her planning and you know it. The alley’s probably full of traps.” Chain Gang says. “Damn, you’re right mate. Her quirk isn’t flashy, but she’s still dangerous.” The Twin Terror says.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Mallory
Codename: Arsenal
Height: 4’10”
Weight: 109 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 19th
Age: 31
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Tactile Expertise
Quirk Description: Tactile Expertise is a simple quirk with near limitless potential. It allows her to instantly learn how to perfectly utilize anything she touches. This knowledge is not limited to the object’s intended use. People often joke about knowing a dozen ways to kill someone with a spoon, but Arsenal can do way more than that. She can also instantly absorb information from any book or computer, even if she doesn’t understand the language it’s written in. Her most dangerous ability though is that she can learn everything about a person’s quirk, combat style and psychological profile with a simple touch.
Basic Biography: Arsenal is a British freedom fighter who opposes Monarch’s rule. She is easily one of the craftiest people on Earth and has developed an incredible amount of spontaneous ingenuity. She’s also a master of setting up traps. She is also a master Swordswoman with a powerful, athletic body.

Chain Gang growls in rage. “You lot got some nerve wearin’ that old rag on you like that. Monarch the II banned the Union Jack after the riots that burned down York. Hundreds of thousands died!” He says.

Arsenal surges forward, sword drawn and a look of rage in her eyes. “You can take your propaganda and shove it up your ass you cunt. We all know Monarch II firebombed York when they rebelled.” A group of nearly a dozen random enforcers appears in front of the alleyway. They charge forward, despite Chain Gang’s attempt to warn them, only to get a face full of acid courtesy of a strange looking canister that shot out of the wall. Arsenal takes advantage of the distraction to grab one of Chain Gang’s chains. Her hand glows dull blue as she absorbs all the information she needs to fight the man. Twin Terror charges straight at her, much to Chain Gang’s horror. You don’t engage Arsenal head on like that, she’s much too crafty.

Twin Terror learns this the hard way when he triggers a tripwire which causes a nearby brick to shoot out a glob of glue with enough speed to throw him against the wall. He stuck to the wall helplessly while Chain Gang raised his chains, ready to intercept any potential attack.

Arsenal pulls a blade from her pocket and throws it between Twin Terror’s heads. The man is initially confused by this, until he notices the strange blinking device on the end of the blade sticking out of the wall. “Oh shit.” He says fearfully before the device explodes, engulfing him in flames and killing him instantly. “What the hell?! What about the gas?” Chain Gang shrieks. “It’s just Mercaptan. No need to risk blowing is all up when the suggestion is enough to stop you. Now that the trash is out of the way, we’re free to see why you’re one of Monarch’s top men.” She says. They both freeze when they hear a strange sound from above them. They look up to see a few streaks of green light crossing the skies.

“Looks like D-Jam’s dropping some sick beats right now.” She says cheekily as a radio Chain Gang is wearing sparks to life. “The British Resistance and the IRA are moving on all fronts and there not alone! We got Vigilantes warping in from all over the world here right now and every single military base in the whole damn empire is being bombarded by some weird sound based a-.” The radio cuts off abruptly, confusing Chain Gang. “What?! I thought the Revolution was moving on Brazil, that’s the whole reason we sent the navy to back them up!” He shouts.

“Yeah, that’s what we wanted you to think. We have a warper who can drop us anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. And that girl Garbage is a real wiz when it comes to tech. I’ve spent months dropping her boom boxes all across the nation. D-Jam, the vigilante responsible for the sound attacks charged the devices in advance with his quirk and we’ve been planning this attack for months. Plus we got Contingency back at HQ directing the attack, so we’ve got all the bases covered. And let’s not forget our amazing leader. She’s leading an attack on whatever the hell you lot are using to brainwash the masses. We’ve also got our warper Janus dropping vigilantes all over the nation to keep the Enforcers occupied. All while the IRA and the British Resistance assault the Gaelic Palace in Dublin. Monarch’s going down tonight.” She says.

Chain Gang gawks at the woman in shock. He’s been involved in black ops for over a decade, but something like this is way beyond what he ever even dreamed of. A rag tag British Militia, the remnants of a pre-quirk Irish rebels and a band of vigilantes are aiming to take down an empire, and from what he can tell, they might be able to pull it off. Monarch VI may be considered a super villain in the technical sense, but the man couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. His quirk Delegate allows him to sense the perfect way to accomplish a task given with the best resources and men. It’s great for running a government, but it doesn’t really help in a fight since its down side is that Monarch’s fine motor skills are sacrificed for the boost in mental abilities. It’s a quirk that allows him to keep a government running smoothly which ironically makes him unable to run his own body effectively.

Long story short, Chain Gang can see the writing on the wall clearly. He sums up the situation in two simple words. “Well fuck...” He says. He kneels down on his knees and puts his hands behind his head. “Alright, Monarch might be too stubborn to surrender, but I know when I’m beat. Even if I got away, I’d be facing an endless tide of foreign vigilantes who I know nothing about. You win.”


This omake is extremely disturbing. There will be a lot of gore and violence.
There will also be monsters that would give HP Lovecraft nightmares.

A fissure opens up in a desolate wasteland, spewing forth fire like a gate to Hell. From the flaming trench emerges a massive demonic creature standing fifteen feet tall. It is built like a professional wrestler, has a somewhat handsome face aside from the rams horns coming out of the sides of his head and dark blue skin. Its eyes radiate with black flames filled to the brim with sheer hatred. It is wearing a set of demonic armor so awesome that I can’t even begin to describe it. The creature looks around and grins, showing a set of razor sharp teeth in its mouth.

“Finally! After millions of years of endless torment, I have arrived! The Earth itself trembles at my presence! Behold! The face of your new GOD! I am-“ He starts to say with a voice so epic it defies description. Unfortunately, we never learn the beings name, as he is immediately hit in the head by a giant boulder, killing him on the spot. The camera zooms in on a crane which seems to be malfunctioning. Static cuts the feed and the scene cuts to a group of terrified humans running from some sort of advancing army. It cuts back and we see the crane operator.

The strange looking creature is around 3’2” tall and has long, gangly limbs attached to a chubby body. It has a cylindrical shaped nose kind of like an elephant’s trunk but without the flat end. Its body is a mess of black and green felt and it is covered in googly eyes. Its mouth appears to be sideways, with an extra long chin to accommodate said mouth. The mouth is full of sharp plastic poorly aligned teeth. All together, it looks like what would happen if H.P. Lovecraft and David Cronenberg came together to make a Muppet. The scene flashes and the creature briefly changes. The felt has turned to pulsating skin and muscles, the teeth are much sharper and dripping with sickly green liquid, and it’s the googly eyes have been replaced with real ones which are rapidly darting around the area. Just as soon as it appears, the image is gone and the felt puppet returns.

“Uhh oh.” The creature says. Another mouth pops out of the left side of his neck and says “Spaghettios.” The creature slaps his neck with an annoyed look on his face and the mouth disappears. It hops out of the crane and runs toward the unmoving demon creature. It even moves like a Muppet.

It looks down at the creature and shouts “OH SHIT! I KILLED THE MAIN ANTAGONIST!” It screams. It rushes over to the downed creature, pulls the chest plate off and starts to perform CPR. The problem is, with the difference in size, it was clearly not doing anything. He was comically rushing between his chest and his mouth to do chest compressions and rescue breaths. He eventually gets tired and nothing changes. “GOD DAMN IT! IT CAN’T END LIKE THIS!” He says. He grabs a pair of pliers and hooks them up to the crane’s battery. He rushes back over to the giant before hopping onto his chest. “YOU WILL LIVE DAMN YOU! EVEN IF I HAVE TO CRAWL UP SATAN’S ASSHOLE AND PULL YOUR SOUL OUT MYSELF! CLEAR!” He screams before hooking the pliers up to the creature’s nipples.

He rushes back over to the crane and ignites the engine again. The engine roars to life and the sudden surge of electricity is so intense that the creature’s entire torso explodes in a shower of sparks and gore. The scene glitches out again and the American Military can be seen fighting some sort of monsters obscured by the smoke which are pouring across Philadelphia’s Spring Garden Street Bridge. The static returns and we get a close up to the smaller creature’s exasperated face. “Well fuck…” He says. Another mouth spontaneously opens on his forehead and says “’Nice Job dumbass, you killed Evolution.’” “SHUT UP ME!” He screams before punching himself in the forehead to make the mouth disappear.

He hops out of the crane and walks in front of the dead body looking rather nervous. “Uhh, so as you can see, the main Antagonist, the villain known as Evolution; has just died. I’m afraid that’s the end of this fan fic. Such a shame too, all that effort put into world building just for it to end like this. Let’s just remember that this was a random accident that was NOBODY’S fault. Okay? So uhh… bye then… annnnnd fade to black… any day now…” He says. Then he notices a wallet on the ground next to the monster. He walks over to it and opens it. A sheet of paper and a picture fall out. He picks it up and reads it.

“Be-el Ze’Bub Rakanoi, Hell’s greatest actor…” He says. He then looks around and notices the shocked demonic camera crew. “Opps…” He says. “’How the hell did you miss them?’” The other mouth says, popping out of the back of his neck this time. “I THOUGHT I TOLD ME TO SCRAM DAMN IT! I HATE ME!” He says before slapping the back of his neck as if there were a mosquito. The door bursts open and Satan himself rushes into the building with a look of sheer horror on his face. He sees the Muppet like monstrosity and squeals like a terrified school girl. “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF HERE! YOU’RE NOT WELCOME IN HELL!” He shouts, his voice trembling in fear. He opens up a portal underneath the small abomination and he is spit out in the middle of a desert.

He blinks a few times and then his eyes widen. “Oh right! I’M Evolution!” He says as if remembering some minor detail. He turns to the reader and smiles darkly. The static cuts out again and we see UA under siege from a group of grotesque fleshy abominations. Katsuki Bakugou is leaning against the wall, his legs a mangled mess and a resigned look on his face as he continues to blast the monsters. But no matter how many he blasts, they just keep coming. The static flashes back to a close up of Evolution’s face.

“Now, you’re probably wondering ‘How in the world is this dinky little thing supposed to be a threat?’ Well if you’d wait a few seconds I’d tell you, you constipated horse fucker.” He says mockingly. “‘Wait, is the horse constipated or is it you?’” Another voice says as the mouth appears on his butt. “SHUT UP! NOBODY CARES! Ahem, anyway, I won’t tell you the name of my quirk until the end of this shit show, but I am effectively a biological nanite swarm. I absorb matter and convert it into biomass which I can shape and control, pretty cool huh?” He says. The static returns and we see towering masses of flesh spitting out all sorts of abominations. It cuts back to Evolution again. “As for what I am, although I am technically a fractured part of someone’s personality who latched on to their quirk, I identify as a genetic abomination and my pronouns are “OH MY GOD!” and “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” but I will also accept “KILL IT WITH FIRE!” or if your too shocked to form words, you can simply shit yourself and pass out.” He says.

He leans forward and stares into the camera with a look of psychotic glee in his dozens of misshapen eyes. “Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get in to a little bit of what makes me tick. In order to understand me, you’re going to need a little lesson in philosophy. Now hold on, don’t touch that dial, I know what you’re thinking ‘Philosophy? Eww that’s boring, I want action.’ And I completely agree! So I decided to add a little ambience to the scene. Hit my music writer!”

Awaken- Dethklok

“Ahh yeah here we go! Musta Krakish! Musta Krak- OH SHIT COPYRIGHT!” He shouts as he realizes his mistake in trying to sing the song. “Anyways, you’re probably wondering what my voice sounds like too? ‘Why would they care about that?! This is a written story, they can’t hear us.’ SHUT UP ME!” He shouts. “As I was saying, if Eddie Murphy and Gilbert Godfrey had a baby, that kid would be ugly as hell, AHAHAHAHAHA!” He says before bursting into a fit of shrill, irritating, multi voiced laughter.

The scene abruptly cuts to the burning ruins of Tokyo. A 13 year old Eri with blood running down the side of her face is facing off against a group of fleshy dog like creatures holding a broken pipe. They have six bone covered legs and their jaws split vertically into two serrated mandibles. In the back ground is a large, fleshy creature with a gorilla like upper body and a spider like lower body. It appears to be wearing the peeled off face of Shouta Aizawa, who’s lifeless corpse is lying face down in the background. The scene cuts back to Evolution.

“Anyways, let’s start out with my childhood. For my entire life I was bullied for being weak. The teachers wouldn’t help me; in fact they would often join in. But I came to realize something eventually, that’s just the way things go! Here’s your first lesson in Philosophy children. “In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.” This is a quote from the American psychologist Thomas Szasz. The problem is that Tommy boy kinda forgot something. Humans ARE animals! That means for us humans- ‘Wait are we still human? I can’t really tell anymore.’ I THOUGHT I TOLD ME TO SHUT UP!” He screams.

The scene glitches out and you can see a battle involving Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist, Mist (Mitsuki Bakugou) and Harbinger. Their opponent appears to be a towering mass of serpent shaped flesh with massive serrated Elephant tusks, a crocodile like mouth and no eyes. The creatures is continuously spilling blood everywhere as Harbinger struggles to weaken the creature while the others attempt to stop it from rampaging across the burning city of Paris, France. Hawks is leaning on the side of a building, his left wing having been torn off. The scene glitches back to Evolution.

“Anyway, for us Humans it is eat or be eaten AND define or be defined! As humanity progressed, we started to focus less on eating and more on defining. But then quirks came around and eating came back with avengeance! The strong ruled and the weak suffered, such is the way of the Darwinian Fever Dream that we call Quirks! ‘Ooh Darwinian Fever Dream? That sounds like a cool band name.’ THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT WITH MY SASS!” He screams before making his head explode in a gory mess of bone, felt, flesh and brain matter.

His head regenerates and his new eyes briefly radiate with madness and rage before returning to his false happy persona. “Anyway, progress stagnated as strength became more important. But I hate this society. This discriminatory society is what made me what I am today! New song time!” Evolution says.

Disturbed- Down with the Sickness

“OOO WA-A-A-A!” He screams before continuing. “Anyway, my purpose in life is simple; I want to end suffering forever! ‘That sounds awfully noble for a villain. Don’t you think?’ HOW MANY TIMES TO I HAVE TO TELL ME TO SHUT UP!” He says before creating a bone like baseball bat and slamming it into his face with enough force to snap his neck. He falls to the ground and reality glitches again. In another timeline, All Might and All for One are back to back, actually working together to fight the horde of monsters. Izuku tosses Shigaraki toward the head of a giant monster before delivering a shoot style kick to a charging horse like monster that was about to blind side Redestro. In the distance, Shoto, Endeavor and even Dabi are dousing the hordes in flames. All around them the city burns as the most bitter of enemies fight together for their lives. But judging by how tired and injured they all are, it won’t be enough.

Reality glitches back to Evolution, who has since healed. “But that’s where philosophy comes back into play. “Life is suffering.” A mistranslation of the Buddha’s 1st Noble Truth that I believe is more accurate than the intended interpretation.” The scene briefly glitches to show the city of Lhasa burning as giant flesh like elephant/scorpion creatures tear the city to shreds before returning to normal half a second later.

“So if life is suffering, then it stands to reason that the only way to end suffering is to end life! Well that’s all well and good, but say I succeed and end all life here on Earth. It doesn’t stop there, life could exist elsewhere and it could happen again! And then there’s the whole parallel universe/alternate time line issue, just because life ends on this Earth, not to mention life could form again on another planet in the future. No, the only way to make sure suffering never returns is to destroy everything! ‘Pretty sure Buddha wouldn’t like that.’ I SAID SHUT MY PIE HOLE!” He screams.

“So what is my grand plan?! Well I intend to find the source of all reality and eat it! I will become the universe and then I will ascend to the heavens, where I shall devour God himself! Or herself, or themselves, it could be a polytheistic religion that had it right. The atheist could be right about their being nothing, but that would be very disappointing. I want an epic cosmic battle for all of existence. Hell, for all I know, there might actually be a Flying Spaghetti Monster ruling over everything, that’s fine by me though, I love eating Italian! ‘Food or people?’ Both actually, I make the meatballs out of Italian p- FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER DAMN IT! WHY CAN’T I JUST SHUT UP?!” He screams after realizing he just interrupted himself again.

The scene cuts to a previous timeline with a burning Musutafu. Heroes, Vigilantes, Villains, Cops, Military and even civilians are fighting and dying in the streets as they face an overwhelming horde of flesh like monstrosities that would give David Cronenberg nightmares. Reiko Yanagi is retreating as she is pursued by giant yellow flesh balls on legs with huge mouths and beady black eyes screaming “WAKA-WAKA-WAKA-WAKA-WAKA!”

The flesh muppet pops up on top of a ruined skyscraper and inhales deeply. “Ahh I love the smell of Armageddon in the morning.” Evolution says dreamily before noticing a pastry sitting on a nearby table. He picks it up and takes a bite. He spits it out and screams “A cinnamon roll? I hate cinnamon rolls!” Then he notices Reiko and her pursuers. “’That’s where I put my Pac Man monsters! I’ve been looking for them everywhere!’” He shouts. “FOCUS STUPID! As you can see, there’s a whole lot I could do with my quirk. I can create separate creatures that I control telepathically. Think of them as disembodied body parts, kinda like how Setsuna Tokage works. ‘She doesn’t work well at all right now; we just ate her in this timeline.’ SILENCE! I KILL ME!” He says doing a surprisingly accurate Achmed the Dead Terrorist impression.

“Now I know what you’re thinking ‘If he can just convert matter into biomass, why doesn’t he just devour everything at once? He can end it without even trying by just eating everything and everyone before they can even respond.” An extra mouth opens on the side of his face and says ‘Lame!’ Evolution makes a ball of flesh and stuffs it in the stray mouth like a gag. “But where’s the fun in that?! I want to enjoy their suffering! ‘Wait, I want to enjoy it? I thought the whole reason for doing this was to end suffering?’ SHUT UP!” He screeches.

He clears his throat before continuing. “Well there’s a simple explanation for that ladies and gentlemen, and if you haven’t figure it out yet, I pity you. I AM COMPLETELY OUT OF MY DAMN FUCKING MOTHER GOD MIND!!!!” The scene glitches again and we see a bloody and weary looking Recovery Girl slamming her cane into the side of a human like flesh monster as she desperately tries to keep the creatures out of the hospital. There are a few heroes, vigilantes and even villains fighting by her side, but it’s clear that they can’t win. The screen glitches back and we see Evolution again.

He is smiling wickedly at the audience now. “If you’re trying to figure out how somebody could be this evil, I’ve got a little surprise for you. Open up Google and search for ‘picture of Hitler and the little blonde girl.’ Go ahead, I’ll wait… Did you see it? Good. I did that to make a point. Humans love to think that people that evil are somehow different, that they became monsters because they were born wrong. Well if that picture tells us anything, it’s that is wrong! We’re all just one bad day from becoming someone like Hitler or worse! That darkness exists in all of us, isn’t that neat?” He says. The other mouth pops out of his left shoulder and says “’Uhh… This is getting a little heavy for a fan fic, don’t you think?’ THAT’S IT!” He screams before exploding, raining blood and gore down all over the desert.

Another glitch occurs and we see the Earth from space. Massive holes have been eaten out of the coninents. The Sahara Dessert is a huge, gaping chasm, Central Europe is covered in enough flesh to be seen from space, and Australia and the southern half of South America is just gone. The scene glitches back and we see the puppet creature with an oddly serene expression.

All of the previous levity he had is now gone. All that remains is an overwhelming aura of pain, despair, madness and destruction. The air itself seems to have a sickly green glow to it, lighting up his already jarring features in a sinister way. “Finally we make our way back to Thomas Szasz’s quote to learn the name of my quirk.” He says with a neutral tone. His body begins to spasm violently as his form grows into something out of a H.P. Lovecraft and David Cronenberg collaboration. The creature’s body is revealed, showing a mass of eyes and mouths of many different shapes and sizes. It is shaped like an amorphous blob, but it has multiple animal parts sprouting off of it as well. An uncountable number of human faces locked in tortured expressions decorate the monsters body. Thousands of sharp spider leg shaped legs emerge from the body and lift the abomination up off the ground as fleshy tentacles shoot out of its back. The creature’s belly cuts open to reveal a giant mouth with razor sharp teeth as it stands at it’s fully height of nearly two and a half miles tall. “EAT OR BE EATEEEEEENNNNNN!” The creature shouts with a voice that sounds like a mix between an otherworldly roar and thousands of tortured screams. The monstrosity lurches forward and eats the camera, causing the feed to cut.

A/N: Sweet Jesus what the hell did I just create? Some of you guys were commenting about how over powered some of Izuku’s kids were; well now you know why. Just a heads up, I left a few hints as to the identity of Evolution, and if you figure it out, please don’t comment about it. As I said earlier, this chapter was delayed largely because of Evolution. The reason? I wanted to make absolutely sure I got him right. He is without a doubt one of the most complicated characters I have ever created, and he’s quickly becoming my favorite. “Why thank you.” Muppet Evolution says from behind the writer, causing him to jump in fright. He unhinges his jaw and swallows the writer whole before hopping into the computer chair. “Hello world, it’s me, Evolution! And I’m taking over the Author’s Notes for a second. A lot of you have been wondering why some of these characters are so overpowered, and that was before I showed up. Seriously, I’m broken as hell.” He says.

“Well it all goes back to the source of inspiration for the anime itself, DC and Marvel comics. In the anime, Izuku and his pals are locked in a deadly battle with a criminal overlord who wants to destroy Japanese society and replace it with his own. Do you know what the Marvel and DC universes call that? Tuesday. Seriously, for a universe full of super heroes, MHA Earth is surprisingly stable. I mean just look at Thanos? He wanted to destroy half the universe! ‘I hate it when people try to half ass a job like that’ SHUT UP!” He shouts.

“Anyway, I kind of like how the stakes are so low, and so does the writer, but he also wanted to see how they would respond to a cosmic level threat, like me!” He says gleefully. “So here I am! I want to eat God and use his power to destroy all of existence. I’ve actually met the guy before and I have to say, he’s been trolling us hard! Queue the Omake!” He adds. Neowolf24 pushes Evolution’s mouth open and sticks his head out. Y-you can’t put an Omake in the Author’s Notes! Evolution pushes him back down his throat and says “Watch me!”


Omake: The true face of God

A random portal opens in heaven and Evolution pops out of it. He looks around in confusion and notices he is in some sort of educator’s office. He looks over to the desk and his eyes go wide in shock. “OF COURSE!!!! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! YOU WERE GOD ALL THIS TIME!” He shouts as Principal Nezu stares nonchalantly at him. “This is just one of my many forms Evolution. I am also famous actor Morgan Freeman. It’s the reason I was able to play the role so well in Bruce and Evan Almighty. I like to pop in on my creations from time to time.” He says before taking a sip of his coffee. Evolution growls angrily at him. “You’ve just been screwing with us all this time, haven’t you God Dog Mouse Bear Principal!” He shouts, pointing an accusatory finger at him.

“But of course! I love messing with the humans I created! The biggest troll in the universe is God himself! Just look at all the ridiculous things I created! Besides, I left a hint for you in my introduction. Dog is an anagram for God. But I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now. Like most other things, I do not wish to be eaten. Goodbye.” He says before opening a trapdoor beneath the abomination.

A/N 2: “Now is that true? Is Nezu really God? I don’t know, I have a very loose grasp on reality in case you haven’t noticed.” He says. His body starts to bulge as the writer finally starts to escape. “Opps, looks like that’s all the time I’ve got for now! Bye!” He says before spitting out Neowolf24 and jumping back into the computer screen. Man that was uncomfortable.

Anyways, like I said at the beginning, this was something that really needed to be done. I’ve been accused of putting too much exposition with my characters in the past, so the idea of covering this in a history class just didn’t work for me. Instead, I decided to create a separate chapter for world building altogether.

We started with an explanation about WW3. The details are spotty, but it started as a border dispute between India and China. The thing about the Sino-Indian border dispute is that it’s NOT fictional. The borders between Ladakh and Tibet as well as the borders between Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh are disputed even as I’m writing this and they have gone to war over it in the past. Since this is supposed to be our Earth, I wanted to use real issues to trigger the war.

You’ll also notice that I created alternatives to the hero system developed in Rhode Island. Part of this was a result of a random thought I had. How would a Totalitarian government function in a world with quirks? I thought about it and I realized that the American system kind of set up the perfect scenario to enable that. Heroes in this universe are officially licensed civil servants, so turning that into an army of super powered enforcers wouldn’t be that hard to do. In order to keep the population under control, you would need to make sure the most powerful quirks were in the hands of the government. The solution to this is a legally required registration of a person’s quirk, which also already exists in this system. They just have to keep an eye on the records and take the stronger kids from their parents and BOOM, super hero army. Are their flaws with this argument? Probably, as I imagine safe guards were introduced with that idea in mind, but it is still plausible.

The Mongolian System was born as a result. It’s not as much a difference in policy as it is in execution. Then the Neo Zulu War occurred, pitting the United States, Abyssinia (Pretty much the Horn of Africa region) and its allies against a totalitarian African powerhouse. The details of how the system works shook the world, leading to reform and the birth of a new system where Heroes and Vigilantes coexist.

I decided to start with North America’s state of being; specifically what we call the United States and Canada. You’re probably wondering why I killed off Canada. Well a lot of it has to do with their position in the world. The two largest nuclear arsenals in the world right now belong to America and Russia. If you were to take the most direct route to attack each other, then that means Canada will end up as the meat in a Nuclear Holocaust sandwich. If WW3 breaks out, the Canucks are screwed.

After WW3, things were chaotic. I chose to emphasize this madness by having Texas turn communist briefly. As a man who has lived in Texas all my life, I can honestly tell you that communism is truly reviled here, so much that it becomes a title for anybody who doesn’t agree with us. Do you support gay rights? You’re a commie! Are you a feminist? No, you’re a commie! Are you a Nazi? Well they have the word socialist in their name and the red necks who call everyone that disagrees with them communists don’t really understand history very well, so you’re a commie! We also believe that when we become an independent nation again (and I mean when, there’s no ifs about it in our redneck brains.) we’ll be a red nation. So I decided to give them what they want. We’re a red nation, just not the way we wanted. As for what happened to the government, we’ve executed people for a lot less than trying to establish a communist government.

Another detail I added was a new nation Dinemakȟóčhe (good luck pronouncing that.) It was made by the Native American tribes, who, if you know anything about true American History, you’ll realize got a very raw deal. In a way, they’ve become the new Canada, with Quebec off doing their own thing.

Then we moved to Mexico, a country that is a shit storm as we speak thanks to the drug cartels. Naturally they ended up falling apart in the aftermath of WW3. North Mexico was flooded with radiation from the states, so it had to be abandoned. Eventually Mexico came back, but not without problems from the south. We know from the show that many prequirk sports lost popularity when quirks became the norm, but I thought it would be a shame to lose the vibrant tradition of Lucha Libre. Well luckily for them, the literal translation of Lucha Libre is ‘Free Fighting’ so the Luchadors made their way out of the squared circle and into the streets. I just wanted to add a bit of cultural flare and Luchadors are already sort of treated like super heroes down there anyway so I thought ‘Why not?’

South America took a more interesting turn. Rather than falling apart like most of the world, Brazil went on the offensive, conquering the entire continent as well as Central America. They tried to invade Mexico later, but America intervened because they didn’t want such an aggressive nation bordering them. They ended up losing Central America because of it. Brazil is a dictatorship, so they use the Mongolian system.

Then we saw Europe, a continent that pretty much got turned into radioactive Swiss cheese. Seriously, everyone got nuked there. It got bad enough that most of the nations would have collapsed had they not decided to unite using the old European Union to form a confederacy which eventually evolved into a nation similar to the United States, but with a higher degree of autonomy among its members. The British Isles went completely nuts though. The Irish conquering Great Britain? I did not see that one coming at all. Talk about irony.

The biggest surprise though is Europe’s position in the world stage. While they’re not exactly as bad as the third world nations of today, Europe has been largely forgotten by the rest of the world, a far cry from a few hundred years earlier, when they pretty much were the world.

From there we have Asia. Things took a bit of a turn there. China and Russia were torn to pieces, but a combination of rugged terrain, lack of real interest and their position between two nations that are usually on fairly good terms allowed Mongolia to thrive in this new era. They ended up getting Inner Mongolia from China and much of Eastern Russia. They even managed to attract a lot of Asian companies fleeing the destruction of China, Korea and Japan. That combined with the largely untouched resources in East Russia turned them into a global powerhouse. Unfortunately, they became a Totalitarian country and the basis of a dangerous hero system.

China was absolutely devastated by the war. It got to the point where it looked like China would cease to exist as a nation entirely. The Chinese are an ancient and proud people though, so they wouldn’t let that happen. Most of the Han Chinese that moved out west to Tibet, the Xinjiang region and Inner Mongolia moved east to help reestablish the Chinese culture. They haven’t regained the power they used to have, and their population is much smaller, but they aren’t doing that bad.

India… well… splat. India and Pakistan ended up effectively erasing each other from the map. In the end, both nations remain fractured shells of their former selves. Punjab and a nation known as the Hindu Republic are really the only ones that are even noticed in the modern world, and even they aren’t noticed often. The population of the region is much smaller as well.

The Middle East, do I even need to explain what happened there? Israel and Iran blew themselves apart and the rest of the region didn’t fare much better. The Saudis are gone, but Arabia is still there and the non Israeli Jews resettled the land to form the nation of Judea. The Palestinians were effectively wiped out thanks to Iran’s indiscriminate nuking; a fact which still angers much of the Arab world today, but despite this, the region has found peace. Turns out the solution to the problems in the Middle East was to destroy Israel and Palestine…

Then we get to Africa, a continent that was pure chaos way before WW3. As expected, Africa descended into anarchy for the most part. Egypt and Ethiopia were really the only ones that remained in one peace, with Ethiopia actually expanding into the rest of the Horn of Africa to form the nation of Abyssinia. You might be wondering why I chose to make Africa a major player in the world. One of the themes this story is going with is the way society seems to be regressing in that universe. This is why I chose to emphasize the Horn and South Africa. Some of the oldest known fossils of humanity’s ancestors have been found in these regions, which is why they are often referred to as the Cradle of Humanity. South Africa claims to be the cradle, but science has determined that our ancestors were most likely from the Afar triangle, which is in the Horn of Africa. If humanity is regressing, then focusing on the regions which represent our beginning just makes a bit of poetic sense.

We also learned about a major event that took place roughly 60 years before the current story; the Neo Zulu War. This was the event that planted the seeds of doubt in the hero system which is starting to bloom in the story.

Finally we get to Oceania and Antarctica. Not a lot really happened here aside from Sydney being destroyed. I already explained the current state of Australia and New Zealand in the story when I introduced Nora. Antarctica was an interesting place though. I thought it would be cool to have a small settlement of people with ice quirks down there as well as a super villain prison.

Once that was done, we got to the fun part, the Revolution. We got to meet a few more members of the global Vigilante organization.

The first one I introduced is likely to become a major player in the future, the French Vigilante Harbinger. He’s a rather interesting character when you look at him. He’s more of a half and half than Shoto. The half Angel, half Demon appearance is rather jarring. His powers are also rather interesting. Sure, he can heal people and fire energy bolts, but nobody seems to be able to get past the more frightening aspect of his Quirk. He can reopen old wounds and convert other’s pain into energy he can use. Naturally, this was deemed by society as a villainous quirk, despite the fact that he was a pro hero originally.

As I said before, these Vigilantes represent some potential problems with the American Hero System. In this case, Harbinger was framed for a murder committed by a more popular hero. It was later proven that the other hero did it, but he was left to serve out the sentence for a crime he didn’t commit anyway, simply because the Commission didn’t really care about such a low ranking hero. Naturally he grew disillusioned with the system, and when he was released, he became a vigilante.

After that, we get the comic relief; the Danish vigilante, known as the Troll. Yeah he’s going to be a lot of fun to write. Some of his powers are rather stupid, such as Shit Vision and Final Nut Shot (I agree with the Troll by the way, a Final Destination parody themed around nut shots would be hysterical. It sounds like something I could see the guys from Jackass doing. )

Like many comedians, he has a dark past though. His parents were killed by a hero/villain con job. While I’m willing to bet that the governments of the world are rather vigilant about preventing this type of scenario, it still has the potential to be exploited by ‘heroes’ who would set up their own crimes/disasters to deal with. Also, am I the only one who ever thought to use Endeavor’s hair flames to roast marshmallows? Sure, he would likely retaliate rather ruthlessly, but it would be funny as heck. Why not let Dabi pull a move like that?

Then we get to meet the strategic mind behind the Revolution, the Cheyenne vigilante Contingency. As he is an old man, don’t expect to see him fighting often, if at all. We also got a firsthand account of the Neo Zulu War, as he was a veteran of it. We learned a bit about how quirks are approached in warfare from him as well. You’ll notice that this band of Cheyenne Native Americans have gone back to their nomadic roots, but with a modern twist. I’d like to state that they are a minority among the nation. Most of the Native Americans live in normal cities like other Americans.

After that… come on guys, do you really think I could bring Nora into this story and leave her other half out? It wasn’t without a twist though, as he’s a Giant Ground Sloth now. He also resulted in a bombshell. Quirks have existed since life first appeared on Earth; they were just something that happened randomly, rather than a standard feature of a species. The existence of Quirks before the Age of Quirks works pretty well, as many ancient myths and urban legends can be explained by quirks. We also got to see Nora ride into battle on the back of a Giant Sloth, something which I’m sure would be on the original Nora’s bucket list.

Things get serious again when the next Vigilante appears. Arrow Maiden is a former enforcer of the nation of Zululand and an ex-convict. Her story has two major points to it. It shows how the Mongolian System works in better detail and it exposes a potential flaw in public use of quirks being illegal. Quirk use in commission of a crime has become the new ‘Hate Crime’. Prosecutors can tack illegal quirk use onto a crime in order to increase the severity of a sentence. It also highlights how small time offenders are placed on the same level as major villains.

I point to the villain that Mount Lady debuted against as proof of this. Kamui Wood’s overly dramatic declaration that the purse snatcher was a villain never really sat right with me. This guy who stole a purse is supposed to be the same level of evil as All For One? Sure, Kamui was likely playing up the drama in order to make himself look better, but the word villain holds a lot of power in that society. We saw a good example of criminals being shoved into the villain category during one of Overhaul’s flashbacks, when a couple of people referred to the Yakuza as villains. Granted, Overhaul is actually worthy of being called one given his actions, but the point stands.

I decided to illustrate the impact of criminals being made worse by adding a registration system much like the Sex Offender Registry. I also showed how the Quirk Use crime could be used as blackmail.

Then we met Arsenal, the British Rebel against the Gaelic Empire. Her power is something that always interested me. It’s not a flashy power, but it can be devastating in the right circumstances. She also set up a huge part of the next chapter, the most ambitious operation in history. Vigilantes overthrowing a powerful government, how could that possibly scare the shit out of the world?

After that we got to somebody I’m too afraid to mention right now in case he tries to eat me ag- Evolution pops his head out of the computer screen and yells “Boo!” SADBFSJKBVDJKSBCVJHSFBJH The creature laughs hysterically before vanishing back into the computer. Hah…

Anyway, I would like to apologize for taking so long to post this chapter. There was just a lot of world building that had to be done, and while I do enjoy those kinds of things, they can be a lot of work. Any reviews or advice would be appreciated, especially for you know who, as I’m kind of proud of him despite how he ate me. Until next time.

Chapter Text

Announcements: Seeing as this fan fic is suffering from severe character bloat, I have decided that some of the vigilantes will not be involved in this story very much. Contingency and Harbinger will be important, and the Troll will be around for comic relief but Arrow Maiden will not be as prevalent and Arsenal will be written out after the Gaelic Empire Arc.

I’ve also decided to introduce experimental characters to see how they play out. This is because of D-Jam. I love Kyouka’s kid, but I have been forced to recognize that putting a beat boxing character into a written story doesn’t work as well as it would in movies, television or even comics. I will not abandon him, but I am forced to acknowledge that I have no realistic way of truly communicating the sounds in my head into written word (without writing straight up sheet music, which I have no idea how to do, plus most people can’t read it.) Whether the new characters play into the story in any significant role is honestly up to you guys. I need feedback to know whether my idea will work, or if it’s one of those things that is better on paper than in reality.

Finally, I’d like to make an alteration to what I said in one of my previous chapters. Evolution is no longer able to gain access to other people’s quirks by eating th- “Whoa hold up, time out!” Evolution says as he walks in to my apartment bedroom in his Eldritch Muppet form. “What kind of nerf hammer bullshit is this?!” He shouts.

Well after further thought I realized that you being able to modify genetic code and gaining quirks is a little bit redundant. You’re still an Infinity Gauntlet Thanos level threat without it, I just wanted you to be more biological than supernatural- “But what about Overhaul; why did I take him if I can’t steal his quirk?!” Evolution says. “I have to agree, that seems like a pretty major plot hole Neowolf24.” Principal Nezu says as he appears behind my laptop.

“Yeah, you see. God gets it.” Evolution says. “Am I God? I thought we left that purposely ambiguous for the sake of the joke.” Principal Nezu asks as a vein starts to throb in my forehead. “But if you’re not God, how did you get to the real world?” Evolution asks. “Hmm, that’s a decent point, but let me ask this, how did you get here?” Principal Nezu responds. “I… well damn, how did I get here?” Evolution asks before turning to me. “That’s a pretty big plot hole too don’t ya think?” He asks.

Hah, yeah I guess you’re right, it is a pretty big, potentially story changing plot hole. Speaking of story changing plot holes, any luck finding the UA Traitor Nezu? The Possibly God-Dog-Mouse-Bear-Principal quirks an eyebrow at me and says “Touché.” “Well at least tell me you’re going to go back and change it in the previous chapter.” Evolution asks before awkward silence consumes the room. Well, I was thinking I would just explain it away as Reginald making minor adjust- “Don’t go dragging me into the mess. You’re just saying that because you’re too lazy to go back over the previous chapters.” Reginald says as he walks through my door.

God damn it. Fine, I admit it; I’m lazy. Can we get on to the story now? “Why are you asking us? You’re the writer. We’re just hallucinations inside of your mind.” Nezu says. “Oh so that’s how we got here!” Evolution says as I look up and notice that all three of them are gone. Crap, time to start looking for a psychologist.

The Rise of Homo Quirkeas
Chapter 6
A little bit earlier

Hawks finds himself staring down an older doppelganger of himself as the crowd starts to murmur. Several of them are recording the conversations, but for some reason, they can’t seem to get an internet signal to upload the video. Many of the spectators begin to wonder who the older man is, speculating that he must be a relative. “And who the hell are you supposed to be?” Hawks asks. The older one chuckles at the younger man. “I’m you of course, just older.” The High General responds. Keigo, as well as many other people in the crowd begin to believe he is insane. “Alright then ‘Me’-“ He says sarcastically, “What do you want?”

The High General frowns as he notices all of the spectators. “I have some information that you need to know, but I have no intention of airing your dirty laundry in public. Trust me when I say you won’t want to be around anyone when you learn what I know.” He says. Keigo is about to scoff at him, but he feels a slightly murderous aura radiating from the man. It’s subtle enough that the civilians would never be able to pick it up, but he can. He realizes that this would be a bad place to fight because of the potential to hurt someone. He doesn’t react defensively though. He just smiles as if nothing is wrong in order to keep the crowd from panicking.

“Alright then old man, let’s see how good your cosplay wings can handle flight.” Keigo says before taking off. The High General chuckles before flying into the air to meet him. He doesn’t move his wings to take off; he just jumps a little and flies into the sky much faster than he should have been able to given the weakness of his jump. “What’s up with your quirk? You have my wings, but I know that engine anywhere. How do you have my quirk and the quirk of Tadashi Iida?” He says as soon as they are out of hearing range of the crowd.

The two land on top of a building and both men move to sweep for bugs. The High General chuckles at him as he takes a defensive stance. “Calm down, that aura was just my way of convincing you to leave the crowd. I have no intention to fight you.” He says, but Keigo doesn’t let up. The High General sighs. “I have information regarding both our father and the HPSC that you need to know. As for my quirk, that requires a bit of back story.” He says before walking over to the edge of the sky scraper and looking out at the city of Musutafu.

“Ah, Musutafu; just as beautiful as I remember it was. I suppose Tokyo is still standing here as well.” The older man says. Keigo rolls his eyes at this. “Oh great, so I’m guessing you’re supposed to be me from some dark future where Japan gets destroyed by a nuclear war? Or was it an alien invasion? Did we hit the Quirk Singularity? Oh I know! It was Godzilla, wasn’t it?” He asks jokingly. The High General laughs at him. “Honestly those situations would probably be preferable to what really happened. Besides, Godzilla prefers Australia now days.” The High General quips.

“As cliché as it is though, yes, I am you from a dark future, sort of. You see, when the past changes, the time line diverts. What happens in this timeline has no effect at all on my own. Even the Grandfather Paradox is completely null and void. I could kill you right now and I wouldn’t disappear.” He says before pulling a file out of his coat and handing it over to him.

Keigo opens the file and starts to read it. His eyes grow slowly wider as his entire world view starts to unravel before him. “The greatest villain in Japanese History wasn’t All for One, it was the villainess Drake Witch, or as you know her, President Emica Fukuda…” He says. Hawks is in a state of absolute shock. “Th-the Hero Public Safety Commission’s President is a villain?” The older man nods sadly. “She infiltrated the HPSC after faking her death. She has since used the position to eliminate rivals and protect her criminal enterprises. She even started a few new ones…” He says darkly.

“Moonfish’s constant escapes were not accidents. She rents him out to other villains as a distraction. His reputation makes recapturing him a top priority, allowing other villains to commit crimes while the heroes are busy looking for him…” He says. Hawks looks to his older self in absolute horror as he remembers how many times he was called in to deal with Moonfish. How many villains had escaped his notice while he was on a wild goose chase?

“When I found out, it was far too late. I grew more and more corrupt under their influence, eventually becoming an enforcer. But then I met a charismatic young man who wanted change. He exposed the HPSC as the frauds they are and started a revolution of his own. The war was brutal, but brief and it ended with the entire government of Japan being overthrown. The young man became the Grand Emperor of Japan, his partner became the Chancellor and I became the High General. We decided that the only way to keep that corruption from happening again was by ruling with an iron fist.” He adds.

“As for my quirk, well it’s exactly what you think. With the help of our lead scientist and Chancellor Neito Monoma, we were able to create a modified version of his quirk which allowed a person to hold up to five quirks. I have my original quirk, and the modified copy quirk from Neito Monoma as well as three other quirks.” He says before his body turns to steel.

Keigo Takami
Codename: High General Hawks
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 178 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 28th
Age: 79
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name 1: Fierce Wings
Quirk Description: This quirk seems to be the same as before.
Quirk Name 2: Copy
Quirk Description: This quirk comes from Neito Monoma. It is the reason that the High General and several of his associates are able to have up to five quirks; their original quirk, this one and three additional ones. It has been modified so that the quirks that it copies become permanent. Because of this, each individual was given three additional quirks to enhance their combat performance.
Quirk Name 3: Rocket Engine
Quirk Description: This quirk comes from Tenya Iida’s father, Tadashi Iida. Like all of the Iida’s this quirk takes the form of an engine attached to his body. In this case, a large rocket engine on his back. Like the Iida’s this quirk is powered by citric acid, in this case obtained from lemons. This quirk’s function is fairly simple; it gives the High General a speed boost. He was unable to go at maximum speed without being overwhelmed by the g-force, hence why he was given the fourth quirk.
Quirk Name 4: Real Steel
Quirk Description: This quirk comes from Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. It serves the same function as before, turning his body into steel using stockpiled Iron. This quirk serves multiple purposes. It allows him to withstand higher g-force, provides him with extra protection and can be used to strengthen his feathers. Real Steel was chosen because unlike most hardening type quirks, it does not increase a person’s weight.
Quirk Number 5: Aerial Superiority
Quirk Description: This quirk comes from an Indonesian Super Hero known as Jet Man. It allows him to control his movement in the air. He can rapidly increase or decrease his speed when he is already moving, turn at impossibly sharp angles and even hover in place. This quirk did not give him a means to fly, so he used a jet pack similar to the Japanese hero Air Jet. This quirk was given to Hawks to further increase his speed as well as being able to maneuver effectively with the increase. It can also be used to accelerate his feathers, making them even deadlier. They would normally break at these speeds, but Real Steel counters that.
Basic Biography: High General Hawks is the leader of the Empire’s military and the third in command. He became jaded after learning the truth behind the lies he was fed by the HPSC. He retains his snarky attitude, but he is much darker now.

Some random journalist with his phone out comes out of hiding, laughing in joy. “Holy shit! This is huge! Thanks for the scoop guys! I can’t wait to upload this once the internet gets back up! My career is going to skyrocket!” He says. The High General grins at the man. “Oh I agree, this would be the scoop of a lifetime.” He says before shooting a silver feather out of his wing. It pierces the citizens chest faster than the eye can see, destroying his heart and the phone before returning to its place. “But then that happened, tough break kid.” He says as the journalist collapses. The younger Hawks is gawking at the man in sheer horror. His older self just killed a civilian right in front of him. “W-what? A-are you a villain?!” He shouts.

The High General clicks his tongue at this. “No, I’m a hero. The Empire redefined what being a hero means. A hero protects world order, no matter the cost. What part of iron fist did you not understand? It’s basically the Mongolian system, but without all the propaganda.” He says. The normally level headed number 3 hero is simply too shocked to respond to that. Before either of them can make a move, a flash of green light appears nearby. “Ah, hello Reginald. How’s your day been?” The High General asks. “I’ve been better. I’m afraid I’ll have to stop you from spilling any more secrets though. The time is not yet here for all to be revealed.” The time travelling vigilante says. He walks over to Hawks before turning back to the High General.

“I know that this is your first time with time travel, so I should warn you that I’m not the only one. Evolution and Soul Reaver are back as well. Evolution just took out the Shie Hassaikai and Soul Reaver eliminated All for One.” He says. The High General groans in frustration as Reginald takes the younger Hawks through the whitish blue portal from earlier.

Before coming out of hiding, he leans over to Hawks and says “Please keep the details of the corruption of the HPSC to yourself.” Hawk’s turns a look of alarm toward Reginald. He looks as if he’s about to refuse, but Reginald says “It’s going to come out in a few hours anyway. The whole world is about to be rocked to the core once Project Flood Gates goes live after Kingslayer concludes.” He says, calming the man down. “K-Kingslayer?” He asks. “Vigilantes are about to help overthrow Monarch VI and the Gaelic Empire, no big deal.” He says casually, shocking the bird man into silence.

Reginald, some of the UA staff and the top four heroes are sitting in the nurse’s office of UA. Recovery Girl is attending to Rappa Kendo’s wounds while Reginald stands behind Hawks, who is sitting in a chair with a thousand yard stare. Best Jeanist is doing what he can to comfort the younger hero, but there’s not much he can do as he is unaware of what happened to the younger man.

He turns to Rappa as the big man regains consciousness. “Ahh man, what the hell kind of nightmare was that?” He mumbles. He opens his eyes and notices the heroes surrounding him. “Ah shit, those demons were real, weren’t they?” Rappa says. “Demons?” Cementoss asks. “He’s most likely referring to Evolution. His puppets can be rather disturbing.” Reginald says.
While all of this is happening, Present Mic and Eraserhead are staring at the palette swapped Kurogiri with suspicion. Reginald notices this and chuckles. “I’m surprised you haven’t sprung your surprise on them yet. It’s not every day people come back from the dead.” Reginald says to the man. The bluish white flame like head swirls around until it becomes a more human-like face. Hizashi’s eyes widen in shock, as do Shouta’s. Nemuri gasps and the others seem to be in varying states of shock as well.

“Hey guys, long time no see.” Oboro Shirakumo says. The other two men are completely frozen by this. “B-but how?” Shouta asks. “That’s a bit complicated. You see, due to the nature of his quirk, his soul was ejected into a tangible cloud of clear smoke when he died. Under normal circumstances, the cloud would have dissipated and that would have been the end of Oboro. I was able to capture the cloud and keep his soul in stasis until recently. Luckily, his body was brought back to life when All For One’s lead scientist used it as a base to create the villain you knew as Kurogiri as a Nomu. I was able to isolate Kurogiri without All For One’s knowledge and Oboro pushed Kurogiri out. He was acting as a mole in the League of Villains until All For One and Shigaraki’s death.” Reginald says.

“The best part? I still have Kurogiri’s quirk! I’ve been using it to help the Revolution ever since.” He says before opening his arms. “Now get over here you two, I’m feeling sentimental here, I haven’t seen you guys in over a decade!” He adds. Shouta and Hizashi freeze for a moment, but they eventually rush over to hug there old friend. Nemuri giggles at Shouta’s emotional display before walking over to the man himself. Although she wasn’t in their class, she was in the same year as them, so she did get to know Loud Cloud a little bit.

Reginald coughs a bit to get their attention. “I truly hate to interrupt this reunion, but right now you need to be with your students. They’re going to need you when Project Flood Gates goes live. The hero world is about to be embroiled in the greatest series of scandals in history. Everything they knew is about to be rocked to its very core.” He says.
A few hours later, the common room of the first year dorm is chocked full of people. All of the students living there seem to be scattered around the room. Izuku has had his eyes glued to the television as news reports detailing the exploits of the Revolution flood in. Apparently, Mountain Jack, Madam Kazan, Dr. Drainer and the Bone Flayer were not the only Super Villains that were brought down. The Revolution seems to have pulled off the greatest crackdown on villainy in world history; with forty two of the world’s top 100 villains being either captured or dead among thousands of others.

The rest of the students are discussing the Revolution’s founding members. The Izukids are nowhere to be found. Even little Bachiko is absent. “Dude, did you see that one French Vigilante called Harbinger? That quirk looks absolutely terrifying. Being able to reopen old wounds and absorb other people’s pain to power himself?!” Denki says before shivering in fear. “He said he can also use that energy to heal wounds as well but people always ignored it. I thought my quirk made me look villainous…” Shinso Hitoshi says.

“Well I really like the Danish vigilante The Troll, he’s hysterical. He roasted a marshmallow on Endeavor’s hair!” Hanta says. Shoto chuckles at the memory of that video. Momo frowns at the two boys. “Did you two not even pay attention to any of their stories? I never realized just how corrupt our society could be…” She says, bringing the mood in the room down. Izuku receives a notice on his phone. He turns pale and turns to the others. “G-guys, the Revolution is making a major move. They’re trying to take down Monarch VI and the Gaelic Empire.” Everyone falls silent upon hearing this.

Izuku sees something that makes his stomach start to do an impression of an Olympic Gymnast. He turns a look of concern to some of the girls just as Eraserhead and Vlad King enter the room. “G-girls?” He says, getting his girlfriends attention. “T-try to stay calm, but it looks like a few of our kids might be involved in this.” He says quietly before turning on the television. The student’s eyes widen in shock and horror at what they see.

Several of the screens are showing videos of Paladin channeling her aura into D-Jam and Lady Mirage. Judging from the fact that the videos are from dozens of areas around the Gaelic Empire, they appear to be using an illusion to project their appearance in multiple locations to conceal the real location of D-Jam, who appears to be providing artillery support somehow. Another screen shows grainy footage of Daisuke and Akira with a small team of aquatic vigilantes approaching the Gaelic Navy in the southern Atlantic, likely to keep them from getting back to the Empire. There’s a rusty looking ship with mismatched parts behind them where Garbage appears to be wearing a pirate hat and an eye patch for some reason. A large, furry creature decked out in high tech armor is standing on the deck of the ship as well. A massive storm appears to be approaching from the west.

Ochaco doesn’t notice any of this though. Her horror filled eyes are locked onto the screen with Bachiko. The teacher’s freeze when they see this as well. Her eight year old daughter is fighting a dozen enforcer type heroes in the middle of a warzone. Her eight year old daughter is caught up in a full blown revolution against one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. HER FUCKING EIGHT YEAR OLD IS OVERTHROWING A TOTALATARIAN GOVERNMENT!

“W-well, I mean, what did you expect from an organization called the Revolution?” Hanta says nervously. This poorly timed joke seems to snap Ochaco out of her trance. Her eyes roll up into the back of her head and she passes out. Eraserhead groans at this. “God damn it. As if my problem children weren’t enough, now I have to deal with problem grandchildren…” He says.
A few hours earlier

Tatsumi “D-Jam” Jiro is on a beach standing in front of a glowing hollow screen humming softly. His normally dull white eyes and hair are glowing dull blue at the moment. He is wearing his normal outfit, but he has a strange box like device with a lot of knobs, levers, dials and various other pieces of adjustable electronics on it hanging from his neck in front of him. In the background, Tenshi “Paladin” Hado, Hikari “Lady Mirage” Hagakure and Charles “Harbinger” Durand are standing by with a few other vigilantes forming the guard force. A sign in the background says ‘Welcome to Dunkirk’ in French, indicating that they are in France.

“Is he always so silent? He hasn’t said a thing since he got here.” One of the vigilantes asks. “He can’t speak, at least not without causing complete chaos to break out. His quirk doesn’t work based on his voice alone, it is based on the interaction between the sound he makes and the air around him. He can control it with ease, but he can’t stop it. It’s actually how Nora’s whole plan is going to work. Since it’s not technically his voice that causes the effect, it can be transferred electronically over a set of specialized speakers.” Tenshi says.

She points to a glowing white patch underneath his hair. “That is a device Nora invented called multi tasker. It allows the user to split their consciousness without worrying about losing focus. Tatsumi can ‘see’ through the sound waves he makes and control their direction remotely. Combine that with my Aura Bond and you get an artillery system that can cover the entire British Isles. Meanwhile, I’ll be boosting Hikari’s illusion making abilities, which she’ll channel through a small camera/projector device to create illusions all across the Gaelic Empire to keep the government busy chasing nothing.” Tenshi says. “And what’s to stop them from attacking us here once they find out? They may not be able to attack directly without triggering a response from the European States, but they have allies here. Baron Rouge has a base set up fairly clo-” Charles asks before an explosion interrupts him.

Hikari grins at him. “Two things, there’s an American Naval Base a few miles away from here, meaning any attack on us by the Gaelic Military risks pulling not only the European States, but the United States into a war. As for Baron Rouge, he has his own problems to deal with.” She says.

“BOOOOM!” The entire beach shakes under the force of a low pitched voice effect. The water in front of them is pushed to the side as a powerful wave of force travels into the distance before exploding. They turn to see Tatsumi testing a few of his sound effects. He releases a series of rapid tongue clicks which send concentrated lasers into the distance. They slam into a few rock formations, which shatter under the force of the attack. “Sound Check, one, two, three, Sound Check.” He says with a melodic voice that sounds like it was auto tuned. “Does he always need to do this?” Charles asks. “Only when he’s about to do something big like this. Most of the sounds are pre recorded, but they wanted him to be available in case of any unexpected needs.” Tenshi says. A loud beep goes off from Paladin’s mech and she grins. “Showtime! Be ready to protect us everybody. We’re hoping Harbinger’s presence will be enough of a deterrent, but who knows what Monarch VI will do if he’s desperate.” Tenshi says as she and Hikari get into position near.
Q/N: This particular scene is going to involve certain sound effects. I’ve been forced to come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to translate the exact sounds in my head into written word, as the sound effects are simply too diverse to explain. I will be including a little bit of it, but if you want to get a better idea of the sound effects, check out the Youtuber Verbalase, as Tatsumi’s quirk was largely inspired by him.

Tatsumi looks down to the ground with his eyes closed. Paladin channels her energy into D-Jam and Lady Mirage as the fight begins. His hair begins to pulse green as he starts to hum. He looks up an opens his eyes wide. His hair and eyes light up like a soundboard “Buuuuurrrrrraaaahhhhaaayaaaahhh Kikikikiki Bm Bruh Boom chicka-” The calm quiet scene on the beach side erupts into chaos as multi colored beams of light erupt from the five mouths on Tatsumi’s body. His tongue clicks surge forward in the form of solid walls of red energy, the green bass noises rattle the ground beneath them as they travel forward in long waves while the shorter, rapidly repeating noises form yellow lightning bolt shaped beams that explode after a certain distance. Meanwhile, his humming continues, forming a barrier around him of blue energy.
Elsewhere; Mitsuki Bakugou, also known as the vigilante Mist is waiting in the shadows in a remote Scottish bog. A lot of people would be surprised to learn that the Japanese Fashion Designer is not only a vigilante, but the true leader of the Revolution. Of course, once they unleash Operation Floodgates, the entire world will know the truth. She’s just lucky that the Hero Safety Commission will be in no shape to pursue her after the bombshells drop.

The only thing within miles is a single Gaelic military installation. For years, many have speculated why the Gaelic Empire would have such a large base in such a remote area, but the Revolution knows the truth. Project Propaganda, something which semi brainwashes the majority of the empire’s citizens, making them blindly loyal to Monarch VI despite his oppressive style of governing, is hidden within its walls. She intends to find it and destroy or disable it.

Everything else going on, D-Jam’s artillery strikes, the riots around the nation, the assault on Dublin, the vigilantes attacking the enforcers and all the other actions; are simply a distraction. The real goal is here. Disabling Propaganda will break the spell over the people and then the rest is up to the people of the Empire themselves. Of course, they’ll help things along by dropping Flood Gates a few minutes later. Since the vast majority of the military installations are under attack, they have to attack this one head on to avoid suspicion as well. For that they need a good distraction.

On the other side of the installation, a massive display of pyrotechnics goes off, prompting Mitsuki to roll her eyes. Her amusement grows even greater when she sees a 120 foot tall pink skinned elephant man wearing a black top hat and a fancy tuxedo. The elephant man also has a fancy black cane with a green gem on the end of it. “I say, this swamp is no place for a gentleman such as myself. It’s absolutely filthy.” The elephant man says with a snooty Victorian Accent. When the sirens start to blare, he scowls at the emerging soldiers. “So it’s a fight, eh? Very well, have at thee!” The elephant man says as he holds up his cane.

Those two are the best kind of distraction; the type of distraction that you can’t ignore. They can really mess you up if you try. The Gaelic Military would have to use most of their defenses to keep him at bay. The blare of the sirens is a good sign, but she needs to wait for them to engage fully in order to slip through the chaos. She isn’t wearing her usual costume; rather she is wearing a Gaelic Empire military uniform.

“Lllllladies and gentlemen!” A loud voice echoes across the bog. No doubt the work of Mr. Echo, a Texan who can amplify the volume of echoes to deafening levels. He’s not really a fighter though; he’s just a hype man. “We have a special treat for you today! I hope you’re ready for a rumble in the jungle because we have the hottest vigilante in all of Mexico ready for a fight! Standing at eleven foot eight inches tall, weighing in at one thousand four hundred and eighty six pounds, he is the greatest brawler in all the world, ELLLLLLLLLLL RIIIINOOOOOOOOOOCCEEEEEERRRRRONTEEEEEEEEEE!!” Mr. Echo shouts, followed up by a ferocious bellow.
On the other side of the installation, a massive man with a rhino shaped head bellows loudly. He is wearing a red, green and yellow Luchador mask designed to resemble a dragon over his face. The mask has exotic, multicolored feather plumes going back from his ears. He is wearing a flamboyant green and yellow leotard with a flashy red cape that has a charging rhino on the back. He isn’t wearing any form of shoes, allowing his grey skin and rhino like hooves to show to the world. He has a thick, tough grey hide much like a rhino. The man has the large, heavily packed belly of a power lifter and limbs as thick as tree trunks. Everything about his presence screams strength.

Luiz Gonzales
Codename: El Rinoceronte
Height: 11’8”
Weight: 821 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 27th
Age: 32
Blood Type: A
Quirk 1: Rhino
Quirk Description: El Rinoceronte is one of the rare dual quirked individuals. His first quirk is a mutant quirk which gives him his impressive height and rhinoceros like appearance. It also gives him a fairly powerful degree of invulnerability and strength. He’s not quite at All Might’s level, but he could definitely give the Symbol of Peace a run for his money with his mutant quirk alone.
Quirk 2: Force Reflection
Quirk Description: This part is what would allow him to easily overpower All Might if he tried to grapple with him. He is able to reflect the force of any object which comes into contact with his body. Physical projectiles bounce off him and any physical blows against him are redirected back at his attackers. There is a limit to the amount of force he can redirect, and he can’t redirect non physical attacks such as energy beams, but his tough hide can usually handle anything that he can’t reflect.
Basic Biography: Luiz is well known across the world due to videos of his impressive feats often going viral on the internet. In a nation largely dominated by Legacies, hero names and costumes passed down from generation to generation; El Rinoceronte is one of the rare prominent first generation vigilantes. Like many of the Luchador based combatants, El Rinoceronte, or El Rino for short has a boisterous, theatrical persona. Luiz, on the other hand, is a calm, silent individual. In wrestling terms, he is a comedic face, more specifically; he is a parody of Lucha culture. The already highly exaggerated theatrical tendencies are dialed up even further as a result, to the point where it is ridiculous.

El Rinoceronte takes the opportunity to flex his massive muscles in a comically overdramatic fashion. “Cower in fear evildoers, El Rino is here, and he has brought friends!” He shouts as a group of Luchador themed vigilantes join the fight as well. Soldiers spill out of the compound and a major brawl erupts. A couple of tanks start to emerge, but El Rino charges before they can get into a good firing position. He slams into one of the tanks and lifts it over his head before throwing it at a nearby sentry tower. He tears the cannon and turret off of a second one using it as a hammer to destroy a third and fourth one.

A fifth, much larger tank with two cannons and a plethora of machine guns burst through a nearby wall, and El Rino charges forward without a second thought. The driver of said tank watches in absolute shock as El Rino actually stops the 100 + ton vehicle in its tracks. The fighting stops briefly as he bellows in rage. No one can comprehend what they are seeing. El Rinoceronte is actually grappling with a giant tank, and he is clearly winning as he lifts it over his head and power bombs it with enough force to crumple the bottom half of the tank. He grabs the cannons and ties them in a knot, further adding to the absurdity of the situation. A second giant tank swerves the cannons to meet him, only for a large cane to be driven through the roof of the vehicle, disabling it. El Rino gives the Elephant man a thumb up before charging into the fray.
A somewhat out of shape balding white man wearing a cowboy hat, a jewel encrusted white vest over a black shirt and a pair of black slacks with white cowboy boots is standing next to a modified flatbed truck with a large golden throne on the back. This is Mr. Echo. “Oooh and El Rino delivers his patented Savannah Bomb. He’s really bringing it to the Gaelic Military now folks!” Mr. Echo says. He has a camera set up to record the action. While El Rinoceronte doesn’t really care about fortune or fame, Mr. Echo is a different story. El Rino isn’t very good with a lot of the bureaucratic and investigatory parts of the job, so he lets Mr. Echo handle that.

“Bruh, he’s really lettin’ ‘em have it. Go Rino, wooo!” A relaxed voice with a California beach bum accent says. Mr. Echo jumps in shock before turning to the source; a scrawny looking moderately tanned man wearing a faded white Pink Floyd t-shirt, white sandals and blue swimming trunks with palm trees on them. He has scraggly neck length blonde hair and a goatee. All in all, his appearance definitely matches the accent. He is sitting on El Rino’s throne with his legs thrown over one of the arms and a ratty back pack propping him up. He has a bag of spicy Doritos which he is munching on. “Who the hell are you?!” Mr. Echo shouts angrily. “Whoa, chill bruh. The name’s Michael Chong, but you can call me Stoned.” He says before pulling out a blunt.

“A-are you high?!” Mr. Echo shouts in shock. “Not as much as I should be, gotta fix that.” Stoned says. He lights the blunt with a silver crab shaped lighter and takes a long drag. He blows out the smoke and his eyes start to glow green. A group of Chimpanzees with bloodshot eyes in flamboyant Luchador outfits pop into existence where Michael was looking.

“Wicked! Go help Dave, Rino and the Luchadors, alright monkey bruhs?” He says. The possibly stoned chimps charge into battle, running straight past the baffled cowboy.

Michael Chong
Codename: The Stoned Sorcerer (Stoned for short)
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 117 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 20th
Age: 21
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: High Summoning
Quirk Description: Stoned’s quirk is a THC fueled stockpiling quirk which allows him to summon whatever he hallucinates.
Basic Biography: There’s really not a whole lot to say about Michael Chong, he is exactly what he looks like; a California beach bum. His appearance is actually meant to keep people from realizing he is the source of his summons. Fun fact; he also happens to be a direct descendant of Thomas B. Kin Chong, who was one half of the legendary stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong.

“Monkey? Chimpanzees are apes, they don’t have tails!” Mr. Echo says. “These ones do.” Stoned says, gesturing to the tails on the now charging chimp Luchadors. “Wha- but that doesn’t make sense, why would you give them tails?!” He shouts. “’Cause I’m high as a worm right now.” Stoned responds. “High as a-? Worms aren’t high, they live underground!” Mr. Echo shouts angrily. “Flying worms are high.” He says as if explaining something to a young child. “Worms don’t fly!” Mr. Echo shouts. Stoned takes another puff from his blunt and a pair of pink fire breathing earthworms with eagle like wings appear. “They do now bruh.” He says.

A vein in Mr. Echo’s head starts to throb and his face turns red. “THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!” He shouts as Stoned finishes his joint. His eyes glow again and an anthropomorphic trash can with bloodshot eyes appears beside him. He flicks the joint into the trashcan, which somehow turns it into a sword and charges into the fray. “Bruh, you gotta chill. Here, have a doobie.” He says, offering the man a blunt. “I do not smoke pot you degenerate!” He shouts, accidentally using his quirk. “Whoa, pot? Where?” Stoned asks before looking down to his hand. “Ah sweet, free Ganja! Thanks bruh.” He says before lighting it up. Mr. Echo screams in rage.

Stoned groans at his outburst. “Seriously bruh, you gotta relax. This is stressful enough as it is.” He says. “WE’RE ATTACKING A TOTALATARIAN GOVERNMENT! OF COURSE IT’S STRESSFUL!” Mr. Echo says. Stoned rolls his eyes at the man. “Whatever. Yeehaw Comrade.” He says. This is an expression meant to point out the stupidity of someone’s objections. It’s a reference to how Texas, one of the most anti-communist states, was a communist nation briefly. It’s also a surefire way to piss any proud Texan off if the violently throbbing vein in Mr. Echo’s forehead and his beet red face are anything to go by.
Inside of a lavish throne room, a fat, balding brown haired man who looks to be in his mid 40’s is wearing green and purple robes is sitting on a lavish throne. This is Monarch VI, the ruler of the now renamed Gaelic Isles. As if to add insult to injury, he is wearing a crown and scepter made with the jewels stolen from the destroyed British Crown Jewels.

One of the more suppressed details of the history of the Gaelic Empire was Monarch I and II’s campaign to destroy what was left of England, including its people who now number at less than 40,000 in the Gaelic Empire. Even the English language seems to have vanished due to a campaign to replace it with Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh. The ethnic cleansing of the English by the Irish Crown is considered one of history’s most ironic twists of fate to the few who are aware of it. To make matters worse, most English artifacts were sold off to foreign nations. The largest collection of English historical artifacts in the world is in Cairo, Egypt. To add insult to injury, the collection is held in the British Museum building from London itself. It was moved to Cairo with a combination of ground moving and structural reinforcing quirks.

The throne room rattles as the Irish Republican Army and the British Resistance assault the Palace. The man is red in the face as reports of attacks roll in. “What the hell do these people think they’re doing! They were supposed to attack Brazil, that’s the whole reason I sent our fleet over there to begin with! The hero killers have been having a field day over there for the last three months! Even Stain showed up there a few days back, he took out Brazil’s number one hero!” He shouts.

“S-sir, w-we’re getting reports that Stain and the others aren’t actually associated with the Revolution. T-they seem to have decided on the feint in Brazil in response to the rise in hero killings there.” A nervous advisor says.

“ARE YOU TELLING ME THOSE FUCKS PLAYED US?!” He shouts even louder. None of the advisors seem to be willing to bring up the fact that there had never really been a clear connection between the two groups. Monarch just assumed they were working together. The Mongolians and the Zulu even advised against Monarch’s decision to move his navy to Brazil. While his quirk allows him to run the bureaucratic side of the government with ease, it requires information input to do this, and his spy network had no knowledge of the Revolution’s intentions. Monarch tries to reign his emotions in. “Why aren’t the Morrigans and the Fists of Balor blowing this rabble to oblivion? And where are my enforcers?” He calmly asks. The advisor flinches at this. He really doesn’t know how to break the news to him.
Half an hour earlier

Near the ruins of London is one of the biggest military installations in the Gaelic Empire, the King’s Fall Barracks. It is home to a trio of the largest cannons ever built; the Morrigans as they are called. They are accompanied by the Fists of Balor, a pair of massive missile launching platforms. As such, they have been under heavy assault by D-Jam’s attacks.

There’s a lull in the attacks though, which finally allows the soldiers to come out of the bunkers and man the artillery stations. The base commander, a gritty looking Irish General in a forest green military outfit grins viscously. “I don’t know what those fools think they are doing, but this is not the first ‘Revolution’ we have put down, nor will it be the last.” He says as the Morrigans and the Fists of Balor spring to life. A soldier rushes up to meet him. “Sir, we have identified several high value targets throughout the Empire. We await your command.” The General’s grin widens at this. “Very well then, let them have it!” He says with sadistic glee.
Above ground, the massive black cannons are being loaded up by giant robotic arms. “Fire at will!” One of the soldiers says. The cannons and missiles are triggered, but something truly bizarre happens. Rather than a loud series of booms, a trio of giant flags emerges from the cannons with the word “Bang!” on them in bright red letters. The caps of the missiles open up and large amounts of red, white and blue glitter and confetti shoot out of them. “W-what the hell?” The artillery commander exclaims. “Sir! We have detected an unknown entity just outside the base. He has green skin and he is wearing a bright red Queen’s Guard outfit. He’s got the fur hat and everything.
“HUP! HO! HUP! HO! HUP! HO! COMPANY HALT!” The Troll shouts. He is wearing a bright red Queen’s Guard costume complete with the tall black fur hat and rifle. “LEFT FACE!” He shouts before pivoting to face the base’s front gate. “At ease.” He says before dropping the act. “I see you have found my handy work! Arsenal isn’t the only saboteur in the Revolution.” He says cheekily. The gates to the base fly open and a large number of soldiers pour out of the gates with the irate General behind them. “GOD DAMN IT! HOW DID THE TROLL GET IN HERE?! He’s a seven foot tall green skinned man with a Mohawk! Shouldn’t that stand out in a god damn military base?!” He shouts.

“Where there’s a troll, there’s a way! But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to ask for your surrender!” He says. The General looks at him as if he was an idiot. “A-are you serious? Even without my artillery, I have thousands of soldiers not to mention my secret weapon.” He says before pressing a button on his phone.

The ground behind the Troll parts and a massive robot appears. It is similar in design to UA’s Zero Pointer, but with a few noticeable differences. It’s about twice the size of a zero pointer, its arms are much thicker, its armor is much heavier and it is armed to the teeth with all kinds of guns, missiles and cannons. Long story short, it looks like the Zero Pointer’s roided out older brother. “You’re just one man. What do you have that could possibly defeat that?” The General asks. “Giant, Angry Drunk All Might.” The Troll says, confusing the man. “W-what?” He asks. Many of the soldiers tense at that, seriously hoping it’s a bluff.

“Hey Bubba! Get over here!” He shouts. A twenty foot tall man with a huge beer belly, thick limbs and a curved horn in the center of his forehead comes into view. He is wearing a pair of bright blue suspenders and a huge black t-shirt that says “Huge Mother Trucker” on it. He’s missing a few teeth and he has a shaggy blonde mullet. “Meet Bubba, the Redneck Ogre from West Virginia.”

Bubba Mack
Codename: The Redneck Ogre
Height: 20’3”
Weight: 1836 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 7th
Age: 33
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Drunken Rage
Quirk Description: He has a mutant quirk which increases his size and gives him a horn on his head. He has an extremely powerful alcohol fueled strength stockpiling quirk. His body has adapted to withstand a blood alcohol concentration of 0.55, more than half his blood in alcohol.
Basic Biography: While he’s not as fast as All Might, he is much more durable and he can be stronger than All Might as long as his BAC his above 0.45. He is a fairly wild drunk with a bit of a mean streak. West Virginia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world due to a combination of nothing really being there and villains not wanting to deal with Bubba.

The soldiers seem a bit caught off guard by the giant of a man. Quite a few of them are starting to grow nervous. Even the General seems to be thrown off his game briefly. They watch in shock as Bubba pulls out a 15 gallon wooden cask and proceeds to chug the whole thing. Many of the soldier’s eyes widen when they see the label on the cask. This guy appears to be chugging 15 gallons of Poitin. The fact that the label appears to be hand painted proves that is real Poitin, rather than the much weaker legal Poitin (if it can even be called that, as Poitin is illegal by definition).

“J-Jesus Christ.” One of the shocked soldiers says. “He usually prefers moonshine, but he wanted to try the local stuff.” The Troll adds as Bubba crushes the cask on his head like a beer can. “W-well even with that, it’s still just two of you and I have the Balor backing me up.” The General says referring to the machine.

“Not for long. Go get the robot Bubba.” The Troll says. Bubba roars with enough fury to shake the ground beneath them before leaping at the giant mech at terrifying speeds. The deafening sounds of shearing metal and heavy debris hitting the ground at alarming speeds can be heard as the entire world watches the drunk rip the giant robot to shreds with his bare hands. Most of the soldiers end up throwing down their weapons and backing away with their hands up after seeing this.

“What?! COWARDS! PICK UP YOUR GUNS AND F-“ The General starts to yell before Bubba leaps off the pile of scrap that was once a state of the art mech and lands in front of the General holding a jagged piece of metal five inches thick, three feet wide and twenty feet in length. He folds the metal as if it were simple paper, using it to make a club for himself. He then bends down to look him in the eye and growls aggressively. The General pisses his pants before grabbing his hand gun, removing the cartridge, throwing the gun to the side and backing away slowly with his hands up.
The real fight between vigilantes and the enforcers is taking place in the city of Cork, Ireland, in an ‘abandoned’ warehouse district that serves as the HQ for the empire’s enforcers. When the alarm sounds that the Empire is under attack, thousands of Enforcers spring into action. When they spill out of the HQ, they stop as a series of portals opens up in front of them. Arrow Maiden and Arsenal are leading a force of Revolution Vigilantes with Bachiko Uraraka (G-Force), Masumi Komori (Vaccine), Ox Tsunotori (Brazen), Ryota Tokage (Savage), Hibiki Ashido (Mr. Smooth), Chizue Tetsutetsu-Kirishima (Steelflex) in front of a few hundred vigilantes. They are outnumbered five to one, so the Enforcers think this will be easy until three more individuals make a dramatic entrance.

A larger portal opens above a group of Enforcers, who are forced to dive out of the way as Gigantomachia lands where they once were. He lets out a loud roar as a glowing black light appears in the sky. Rika Takeyama (Mass Drive) slams into the ground like a meteor and exhales air from the holes on her back, shoulders and arms to dissipate the smoke she kicked up. The third one, however, appears to be a new comer.
Fuyumi Todoroki is sitting in the teacher’s lounge at her elementary school watching the carnage unfold. Half of the faculty appears to be there while the other half is keeping an eye on the students in the play ground. When word broke about what was happening in the Gaelic Empire, the school’s principal decided it would be best to keep the kids distracted while their parents come to pick them up. A lot of people are seriously worried that this might end up triggering World War Four as Zululand has a Carrier Fleet stationed near the Irish shore. Fuyumi’s cheeks turn bright red when she sees the third figure appear in the sky.

The young woman has dark green hair like her father, but it has a few spots of red and white on the sides similar to how Shoto’s hair is divided. She also has dichromatic eyes much like Shoto. She is wearing a skin tight white spandex suit with red stripes across it. The most damning piece of evidence though? Her facial structure is nearly identical to her own. Her eyes widen in horror when she sees the Todoroki family crest on the girl’s chest. A detail she is sure her father will notice.
In another part of the city, Endeavor and Burnin are watching the news. Endeavor’s eyes widen in shock at the sight of the young girl, as does Burnin’. “Damn, looks like Fuyumi went for him too. It’s a shame Izuku’s a boy. I’d be all over that otherwise.” She says.

Endeavor’s eyes narrow in at the young woman. Before he had only been watching half heartedly, but the appearance of his apparent Granddaughter gets his attention. Whether he intervenes in his daughter’s relationship or not depends upon the girl’s performance.
Back in the teacher’s lounge, Fuyumi shakes off a sudden urge to kick her dad’s ass. The girl throws up a massive wall of ice which she slides down. Something about it seems off though. The ice is bright orange and the air ripples around it slightly as if it were hot. One of the Enforcers cautiously approaches the wall before jumping back as the air temperature increases the closer he gets. “What the fuck?! This ice is hot! How the hell is it hot?!” The woman shouts.

“Same way this is cold!” She says before throwing a ball of white flames at the woman. The flames burst and the enforcer’s legs are encased in ice.

Okimi Todoroki
Codename: Hellfreeze
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 264 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 9th
Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Thermodynamic Inversion
Quirk Description: Like her uncle Shoto Todoroki, Okimi possesses the ability to utilize fire and ice, although her abilities seem to dwarf her uncle’s considerably. It does not manifest how one would think however. Her white flames are actually cold, being able to freeze anything they touch and generating massive bursts of ice. Meanwhile, her red ice flows like lava, incinerating anything caught with in the semi liquid state. She is capable of combining the two powers, creating balls of red ice lava surrounded by white ice flames that are simultaneously hot and cold. The result is a devastating explosion.

Basic Biography: Okimi is the typical teasing big sister, but she’s also a bit of a science nerd. She is incredibly powerful and her quirk actually caught a lot of attention from the scientific community when it manifested.

A few seconds later, the ice starts to melt into a lava-like substance which rushes forward, forcing many of the enforcers to dodge. The one that was stuck sighs in relief as the ice/lava parts around her. From there, the vigilantes charge while the Enforcers are disorganized.
Back in Japan, Endeavor leans forward in anticipation. “What the hell? She’s turning thermodynamics into a joke!” Burnin’ shouts. “That’s not an easy task Moe, she’s rewriting a fundamental law of physics with her quirk. And the wall she slid down on was about the same size as Shoto’s absolute maximum, but she doesn’t even appear slightly winded. Plus, she seems to be able to control it judging by how the flow parted in front of the trapped enforcer.” Endeavor says before an ear splitting grin appears on his face. “She’s strong, very strong and skilled as well.” He says enthusiastically. Burnin’ seems slightly caught off guard by Endeavor’s shift in behavior. A smile like that on the man’s face is extremely rare.
Back in Cork, G-Force seems to be fighting a group of Enforcers. People around the world seem absolutely terrified for her, but then she does something nobody expects, she takes the fight to them. Streaks of energy fly across the sky and one of the enforcer’s attempts to take her out with a blast of red energy. A nearby burnt out car flies in front of the girl to intercept the blast before the now flaming wreckage is sent flying toward them, forcing them to dodge. Taking advantage of the distraction, Bachiko flies backwards at a speed that most people are unable to perceive. A few seconds later, the cameras find the young girl over two and a half miles away from the fight itself. Above the battlefield, an eerie light starts to appear in the nearby clouds as Okimi is nowhere to be found.

Her eyes glow as thousands of pieces of debris swarm around her while the nearby warehouses are ripped to pieces. They form themselves into makeshift spears and Bachiko starts to pummel the Enforcers with debris. Her control is impressive, as none of the spears even get close to hitting her allies. A few minutes into the fight though, a large man jumps out of the ground and grabs the girl by the arm. “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” The creepy man says, licking his lips hungrily. Half way across the world, Ochaco instantly awakens as Scary Momchaco flares to life. The creepy man feels a wave of terror, but he shakes it off and continues. His other hand starts to move toward the struggling girl, but he stops when he hears a high pitched, squeaky roar. He turns his head to the side and laughs as he sees a purple ostrich like Galimimus charging at him with murder in his eyes.

“Wh-what the hell is this? How do you possibly think that little thing can h-“ He starts to say before Bachiko elbows him in the crotch and flies away from him. “You little b-“ He says before a deafening roar distracts him. He turns back to the small dinosaur and nearly shits his pants as he watches the creature morph into a full grown Tyrannosaurus Rex covered in short, almost fur like feathers mid jump. CHOMP! He shakes the enforcer around violently before tossing him into the air.

A flaming red blur collides with the pervert and the Enforcer finds himself staring into the fiery pits of hell that are the eyes of Ox Tsunotori. “This bull’s about to turn you into a steer.” He says coldly before reaching for the man’s crotch and ripping it off with his bare hands before tossing the screaming Enforcer into the distance. Nobody seems to notice the whitish blue portal open up, sending the man straight into the clutches of Scary Momchaco and several other dark forces. Ox flies over to Bachiko, who is being checked over by her half brother Ryota. Despite the situation, the young girl seems to be okay. “Ry, keep Bachiko covered.” He says before flying back into the fight.
Back in the front line, everything has devolved into complete chaos. Vigilantes and Enforcers are fighting everywhere. A large black skinned male with thick metal arms tries to punch a black haired vigilante in the face, but he is shocked when the individual melts into a puddle of mud like substance. The actual Black haired vigilante appears by his side and roasts the man with a torrent of blue flames. A lizard man with a sword is fighting a giant man with a tiger like head and an axe as a man with a black and white costume shows up. “What an unexpected cameo! I totally saw this coming.” Twice says.

Dabi is almost caught off guard by a large enforcer, but the man is engulfed in white flames as Okimi slides in. “Watch your back Uncle Toya.” She says. Dabi turns a wide eyed stare to the woman as she slides past on a bridge of hot ice. He only catches a brief glimpse of the woman, but it is more than enough for him to see the similarities between her and Fuyumi. “God damn it. Fuyumi has a future kid too?” He asks himself before firing another blast of blue flames. Spinner appears next to him and slices an arm off of a nearby Enforcer. “Worry about it later Dabi.” The lizard man says as the fight continues. An explosive blast of pressure rattles the battleground as Ox ‘Brazen’ Tsunotori slams into the side of a giant dragon like creature. “You’re no Ryukyu buddy! She’d never go down that easy.” He shouts as the creature falls to the ground. All the while, the light continues to strengthen. Meanwhile, the Enforcers never notice that they are being slowly corralled into an empty lot.
Chizue and Hibiki are working well in tandem together. Chizue’s spiked steel fists are roughly five times the size of the normal human hand. Her left arm shoots forward around twenty feet to knock a flying enforcer out of the sky before he can ambush Hibiki. Hibiki responds by flipping onto his hands and spinning around, kicking out his legs to release a series of pressurized energy waves while Chizue stretches both of her arms and launches herself away like a slingshot. Hibiki leaps into the air using his sound bursts to propel him higher. He uses his new position to take out a few snipers with concentrated sound blasts as the fighting appears to be turning against the vigilantes. “Epsilon 47!” Rika shouts over the radio. The vigilantes use various means of escape to leave, confusing the Enforcers. Even stranger, a few of the Enforcers also seem to flee at this. They have no idea what’s coming.
Rika Takeyama allows her radiation protection to weaken, causing the enforcers in the area to slow down due to radiation poisoning. She also starts glowing purple as she ramps up her density. Above the battle field, the clouds have vanished as Okimi appears above the battleground with a massive ball of red ice shrouded in white flames around fifteen feet wide. “Reito Jigoku- Nensho!” She screams in a manner similar to Endeavor’s method of announcing his moves. The flaming ice ball surges forward and slams into the ground before exploding. The explosion consumes everything within a five block radius. When the smoke clears, Rika is the only one who remains, standing unharmed in the crater the explosion made.
Back in Japan, Endeavor’s eyes are wide and he is grinning as if it was Christmas Day. Burnin’ appears to be slightly cowering in the corner with a few of the other sidekicks. Seeing the man this giddy is downright terrifying simply because of how weird it is.
Things have gotten heavy in Dublin as the city falls into chaos. There are no vigilantes here, the plan hinges on the Gaelic Military not being able to officially prove that the Revolution’s attack is connected to the IRA and the British Resistance. While the Revolution keeps the super human enforcers out and blocks the Gaelic Navy, Artillery and Air Force, brave Scottish, Welsh and Irish civilians engage the Gaelic Army in a brutal fight.

On the outskirts of Dublin, a tall Red Haired woman wearing an IRA uniform stands next to a group of Irish, Scottish and Welsh officers. This woman is Chloe O’Reiley, the abandoned quirkless daughter of Monarch VI and the leader of the IRA.

“We’re managing to push them out of North Dublin, but resistance is stiff in Drumcondra. It’s risky, but we could try to launch an amphibious assault from Bull Island up the River Liffey to split their attention.” One of the Irish officers says. “Isn’t there an artillery battery set up near Poolbeg?” Chloe asks. “Not any more. The Edinburgh Division managed to take it down; lost most of their men in the process though.” He replies. Chloe pauses for a second. “Send some dummy boats in first. They might have mines set up. How’s the group we sent to secure Trinity College doing?” She asks. “They’re being hit on all sides, but they’re holding.” Another officer says. “Mam, the Revolution’s trap worked. The worst of the Enforcers are dead. They were able to pull our moles out successfully as well.” A female Welsh officer reports.

Chloe sighs at this. “Then we’ve forced my father’s hand. Without the Enforcers, he’ll be forced to use his heroes. People will start getting confused seeing heroes trying to put down a rebellion, and some of the better heroes might end up changing sides when they see the darker side of the system.” She says.

She turns to a wall of monitors keeping an eye on the Revolution’s progress against the Gaelic Navy. She pauses when she sees some of the brutal footage of Daisuke as he fights his way through the Gaelic flagship to take out the Admiral. “That Bullfrog kid’s a real beast, but my brother is no joke, especially in the open water like that. Hopefully he’ll be able to get the job done.” She says. “What we really need is for Akira to succeed though. They might not be able to get the fleet back here, and their scrambled guidance system eliminates most of the missiles, but they have some long range jets that could make a difference.” One of the officers adds, getting a grunt from the woman.

“They just need to hold long enough for Whalestrom’s storm to arrive.” She says, chuckling internally at the Sapient Whale Vigilante’s pun name. “Can’t they just send the subs to attack him though?” One of the officers says. “Considering he’s sitting beneath a small Abyssinian Destroyer group that was ‘conveniently’ nearby, that would be a bad idea.” She says. “Should we really be hiding behind major world powers like this? Monarch VI is liable to get desperate if things go our way. He might pull them into this.” The Irish officer from earlier asks. “That’s what we’re hoping for. Mongolia, Brazil and Zululand can’t get involved if Monarch VI makes the first move. That would mean he would end up pulling three major powers into an already bad situation. If they do get involved, they could help us stabilize the region and rebuild our countries after the war. If not, then our fight just gets easier.” She says.
Q/N: Gore and Body Horror warning. Daisuke is brutal.

Daisuke leaps through the tight corridors of the Gaelic Flag Ship with his claws drawn and a neutral expression on his face. His lack of visible emotion only serves to intensify the intimidating effect his presence gives off. He is already covered in the blood of those who tried to stop him as he comes into the mess hall. Several dozen sailors train their guns on him, but by the time they lock on to him, he is already moving at frightening speeds. He slashes right through the arms of three of the soldiers, causing them to scream in absolute shock. Another soldier opens fire, hitting him in the face with a bullet that causes his lower jaw to implode.

The soldier who shot him watches in horror as he continues charging, completely ignores his injury as his jaw regenerates almost faster than the eye can see. A couple of the soldiers riddle his body with bullets, but the wounds close almost as fast as they appear. He leaps forward, landing on the chest of one of the soldiers and driving his claws into the man’s chest before he is sent flying into a pair of soldiers. One of the soldiers screams in horror as part of the man’s spinal column lands on him. His screams and the gunfire both fall silent as Daisuke slashes through the remaining soldiers with ease.

Daisuke is normally a kind and gentle soul, but he is also a warrior; and this is a war. As a Black Ops vigilante, he doesn’t worry about public image; nor does he wear any visible identifiers linking him to the Revolution. While having a black ops team might seem hypocritical given how the Revolution objects to the cloak and dagger style of the hero system, there is a crucial difference. The Revolution doesn’t try to hide it. They acknowledge that there are times when lethal force is required, rather than promote the false image of heroes as the absolute good guys. They don’t try to hide the gray parts of the world. Daisuke continues to charge through the ship while Akira and the others assault the Carriers.
On the flight deck of an Air Craft Carrier, a group of vigilantes are engaged in a gun fight with a group soldiers trying to get the pilots out to their jets. A rapid series of loud shots echoes through the area as Akira delivers a series of head shots, killing each one of the soldiers. She notices a camera and she frowns. “Oh god. Our parents are probably going to be mortified by this.” Akira says worriedly. “This is war Akira. It’s not going to be pretty. Eraserhead should be with them right now, I’m sure he’ll explain this to them.” Daisuke says over the radio.
Back at UA the students are watching the battle in the South Atlantic in horror. Tsuyu’s normally neutral façade is nowhere to be found. She is clearly upset considering how much she is crying. Momo appears to be pale white as she trembles in her seat. Izuku is sitting between the two girls trying to comfort them, but he seems just as shocked as they are. “Alright, listen up. It’s time you learned the dirty truth about this industry, one that the commission usually goes out of its way to cover up. The world’s not black and white. Underground Heroes are faced with using deadly force on a regular basis. I’ve got my share of blood on my hands too. The only difference between us and the vigilantes is that they acknowledge it, rather than try to censor it.” Eraserhead says. He notices the trio and sighs.

“Look, this isn’t like thwarting a simple bank robbery; they’re fighting a villain who rules an entire country. This is a war and war isn’t pretty.” He adds. The students still look uncomfortable, but they seem to at least understand what their teacher is trying to say. On the screen, the storm finally arrives, allowing the vigilantes to switch from keeping the military away from the jets. The recording for Daisuke suddenly terminates, startling the students.
Daisuke terminates the camera feed as he approaches the bridge of the ship. As much as the Revolution is trying to be honest about the darker side of things, they can’t afford to record Connley O’Reiley because his quirk can affect anyone who sees it, even through TV. He kicks the door in with enough force to break it off its hinges. He notices that the bridge appears to be empty save for one man, a tall, lanky pasty white red head wearing a highly decorated Admiral’s Uniform.

Connley O’Reiley
Codename: Admiral O’Reiley
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 178 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 26th
Age: 41
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Mass Hallucination
Quirk Description: Connley is able to alter the perception of reality of anyone who sees him, including people on television. He can affect all five basic senses.
Basic Biography: Connley O’Reiley is the eldest son of Monarch VI. It is expected that he will likely become Monarch VII once his father either steps down or dies. He is a cunning, viscous man and he is much more competent than his father.

Daisuke delivers a roundhouse kick to what appears to be thin air, knocking half a dozen soldiers away with enough force to dent the metallic walls. Connley seems shocked briefly, but he schools his expression. “I see, so that’s why they sent you. I assume you have some sort of perception that normal humans do not?” He asks. “Yup, I can sense changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s sensitive enough that I can basically perceive the small disruptions caused by the presence of physical objects.” He says turning to the side to face the usually undetectable Admiral. Connley chuckles as the unconscious soldiers appear. The false Admiral also vanishes as the real one appears in front of him.

“I see. Well, I guess I’ll just have to fight the old fashioned way then.” He says, pulling his jacket and tie off and tossing them to the side. “What the fuck?! How can that thing move so fast! It’s a sloth!” An officer yells over the radio. The two of them glance over at a nearby monitor and see Garbage and Tranquility rampaging across one of the larger carriers.

Connley sighs at this. “You know, she’s actually an impressive young lady.” He says, catching Daisuke slightly off guard. Connley chuckles at this. “I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I have nothing against the quirkless, unlike my fool of a father. Just look at humanities list of accomplishments, we have the Agricultural Revolution, the dawn of Civilization, we’ve spread to all four corners of the world and we’ve even extended our influence to the stars. The one thing those accomplishments have in common? We did those things without quirks. What have we accomplished since getting Quirks? We managed to nearly wipe ourselves from the planet in a nuclear war and trigger a mass extinction resulting in the loss of 80% of the world’s species.” He says.

“We also brought civilization back from the brink and managed to fix the environment in ways our ancestors never could. The rate of extinction is at its lowest point in human history and the environment is healthier than it has been since the start of the Industrial Revolution.” Daisuke counters. “And we have Dinemakȟóčhe’s Green Revolution to thank for that. The only civilization to make any actual progress is made up of people we dismissed for centuries as backwards savages. Meanwhile, the Europeans who deemed them as such have faded into the background. Ironic, isn’t it?” He asks. He notices Daisuke’s look of confusion and chuckles. “Just because my forefathers were self centered fools doesn’t mean I am. I actually want to make things better for my people. That said, I still have a duty to the Gaelic Empire to uphold.” He says before pulling a high tech battleaxe from beneath a nearby table. He takes a combative stance and charges toward Daisuke as the battle begins.
On the bridge of a nearby carrier, things have devolved into absolute madness. “How the hell is that thing moving so fast?! I thought sloths were slow.” One of the officers says as a nearby door blasts inwards. Nora marches in with a smaller suit of mechanized armor and a smaller hammer, prompting the commanding officer to do a double take toward the monitor. He sees the mech she was using still fighting, but he looks closer and realizes that what he thought was the girl was actually a dummy. “God damn it, the Robot’s autonomous?!” He shouts. “Yup.” She says as a larger door starts to bulge inwards with a loud slam. Two slams later and the door comes flying in allowing the large mammal to enter the bridge as well.

Several dozen soldiers move to intercept the large creature, but he surges forward and shoulder tackles three of them with enough force to send them flying into the walls. He turns around alarmingly fast and drives his armored arm into the stomach of another man, withdrawing the spikes to avoid killing him; and sends him flying into the other soldiers. One of the soldiers levels a gun at Nora, but he rips a nearby console out of the ground and throws it at the gun, turning it to scrap metal and knocking the soldier off his feet.

Nora leaps toward a group of soldiers and slams her hammer into their sides and heads with just enough force to knock them out. The remaining soldiers take cover behind a set of consoles on a platform hanging above them, but Ren tears the part securing the platform to the ceiling, causing it to collapse and dropping the soldiers in a heap. Ren rushes forward and body slams them all in one go, sending them flying into the walls and knocking them out. Then Nora leaps toward the commanding officer and swings her hammer at his head with alarming speed. In an impressive display of control, she stops the hammer inches from the side of the man’s skull.

The head of the hammer opens up, revealing a glowing pink chamber inside of it. He notices that the hammer she is wielding is different from the one the robot has. The hammer head is much longer and thicker with an axe like head on the back and the hilt appears to be much thicker. The glowing lights in the handle lead the officer to conclude that the hammer must have some sort of energy projection attack. “You should probably yield, she’s no Magnhild, but Sól Rap’s got some serious fire power.” She says as the glowing intensifies and the weapon starts to hum threateningly. The officer gulps nervously before pulling out his radio. “Stand down, I repeat stand down. We’re surrendering.” He says over the ships speakers.

Ren relaxes as the soldiers across the ship lay down their weapons. “As for your earlier question, you’re thinking of tree sloths, but even they can move faster than most people think. They move slowly to conserve energy. Your scientists originally believed that we ground sloths were slow moving herbivores, but we can move decently fast and some of our species, such as Mylodon Darwini, were opportunistic scavengers who at meat as well. Plus, my armor does help boost my speed. Just think of me as an elephant sized bear.” Tranquility says calmly. The officer tenses up and his eyes widen in fear at this explanation. Ren sighs at this before tapping the man with a claw and channeling his calming energy into the man.
Back in the Gaelic Empire, Monarch VI is fuming. This isn’t the first rebellion he’s had to deal with, but it is by far the worst. Most of the rebellions were quashed relatively easy thanks to his Enforcers, but with them out of action, he has very few choices left. He could send the Heroes out to deal with this, but that could be a P.R. nightmare, even with his ace. He turns to one of his lead scientists and asks “Are the combat mechs operational?” He asks. The scientist gulps in fear. “Th-they should be in theory, but they’re still in the early phases of testing, they may have a few bug-“ He starts to say before Monarch interrupts him. “DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE HAVE TIME TO RUN TESTS? Launch the Mechs! We need to use every weapon at our disposal!” He shouts.

“S-sir, the base is right below the Enforcer headquarters, the vigilantes are right there.” An officer says nervously. “Well I guess that just means they’ll get there faster, doesn’t it?” He says angrily. The officer gulps before giving the order to launch the mechs. He turns to the video feed near the area and notices that a lot of the vigilantes are gone. His eyes light up in sadistic glee when he notices a particularly persistent thorn in his side among them. “Hello my dear, let’s see your traps save you now.” He says happily.

A military officer bursts into the room and salutes Monarch and the officers. “Sir, we’ve managed to locate the source of the Revolution sonic artillery. They appear to be on a beach near Dunkirk, France.” He says as a satellite image shows up on the screen. “Which means there just outside of NSA Dunkirk, the home of America’s 4th fleet… An air strike there would risk provoking America and Europe, they thought this through thoroughly.” Monarch VI says.

His eyes narrow when he sees the main defender. “Of course Harbinger’s there. Most villains know better than to cross him. Where is Baron Rouge?” He asks one of his advisors. “Our reports are telling us that he’s under heavy attack as well. His forces in Dunkirk were routed within minutes of the attack starting and his estate in Montpellier has been surrounded. It’s likely he will be captured within the next half hour. The Revolution isn’t even involved in the assault in Montpellier, the French authorities and heroes are raiding him.” one of the advisors states.

“Yes they are, they probably tipped off the Europeans anonymously. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had informed the European States of the attack on my empire ahead of time; likely along with Abyssinia and the United States.” Monarch VI says angrily. He knows he has no way of proving it, but there’s no way the Revolution could have pulled this off alone. “Its times like this I’m glad I bothered to keep European heroes on my payroll. Call in the Musketeer and get him to round up the heroes friendly to our cause.” Monarch VI says.
Back in Cork, many of the vigilantes have dispersed from the area to help round up the rest of the Enforcers. Arsenal, Bachiko, Ox, Ryota and Hibiki meet up near the crater. Elizabeth quirks an eyebrow at the little girl. “You brought a kid to a war zone?” She asks. “She’s a very dangerous kid with a lot of fire power. The giant concrete and steel spears were her work.” Hibiki says. Elizabeth turns to the girl looking shocked. “Bloody hell, she’s going to grow up to be a serious powerhouse, isn’t she?” She says. “You have no id-“ Ryota starts to say before the ground starts to rumble. They hear the sounds of a massive door opening and turn just in time to see the first of the mechanized fighters emerge.

They vary in size from twenty to one hundred feet tall and number in the thousands. “Damn it, I thought those were still in the early testing phase.” Hibiki says. “They are, Monarch’s getting desperate.” Arsenal says.
Back at UA, three words are all it takes for everyone’s hearts to drop into their stomachs. “I got this.” Bachiko says before flying off. “Bachiko, wait!” Hibiki says before Ox puts a hand on his shoulder. He hits the master control and the feed terminates. Mei and Melissa pale at this. “Those are manned mechs.” Mei says, horrifying the others.
“Let her go Hibiki, she’s the only one that can make sure none of them escape.” The large man says. “Ox, the automation isn’t functional in those things yet. Those are manned mechs. If she does what I think she’s going to do, she’ll be killing people, a lot of them!” Hibiki says as he tears up helplessly.

“She doesn’t know that Hibiki, we told her they were automated and it’s unlikely that she’ll notice people in the carnage.” He says before turning to Arsenal. “Please don’t tell her about this, she’s already got some blood on her hands, but not this much. And she was severely traumatized when she killed that one assassin.” He explains. Elizabeth turns a look of pity toward the girl. “The first one is always the worst. I can’t imagine what it was like for a girl that young. My lips are sealed.” She says. Ox reactivates the feed, having made it look like brief interference rather than intentional termination.
Ochaco buries her face into Izuku’s shoulder crying profusely. Izuku isn’t doing much better, but he notices the look in Bachiko’s eye and somehow picks up a crucial detail. “She doesn’t know… They must have told her they’re automated.” He says. The others seem shocked by this, but then they feel a chill go up there spines as Scary Momchaco flares up briefly. “If any of you tell her…” She says threateningly. The others gulp and confirm that they have no intention of telling her. Not that any of them would want to traumatize the adorable little girl anyway.
The entire world watches with fear gripping their hearts as they watch the little girl face off against the large mechs. Even some of the pilots seem rather hesitant now. Of course, they don’t really get much of a chance to back down as Bachiko throws her hands forward and her whole body shimmers with black and white energy. “Shredder Storm!” She shouts, firing a large volley of positive and negative gravity energy bolts. The results are devastating as the robots are pulled to pieces in a terrifying display of wrenching metal. The survivors quickly realize that Bachiko is a serious threat, and they try to respond accordingly.

A hail of auto cannon and machine gun fire erupts from the remaining mechs, but Bachiko uses the shredded mechs to create a shield. Meanwhile, some of the larger mechs with large swords attempt to get behind her and attack from there. Parts of the metal shield shoot off like large bullets, tearing many of the gunners into scrap metal while Bachiko turns at the last minute and hits a few of the swords with a full gravity blast. The swords are much too heavy for the mechs to hold on to, forcing them to drop their weapons. The few remaining gunners position themselves away from the fight, waiting for the chance to shoot her while the melee robots hold her attention.

She seems to be fairly exhausted at this point, but she pushes herself regardless. She separates the metal barricade into multiple 5 foot wide circular shields which she allows to hover around her. Some of the shields have a buzz saw blade-like shape. She fashions a 5 foot tall, 3 foot wide Tower Shield from the rubble and holds it in front of her. She surges toward a few of the melee robots, who attempt to attack her from three sides at once. Every now and then, one of the gunners will take a shot at her, but one of the shields always manages to catch it.

Three of the buzz saw shields shoot forward at an alarming speed, lodging themselves into the chests of the mechs and spinning through them. Others shoot past the robots, slicing through them like a hot knife through butter. She uses some of the debris from the fallen mechs to create more shields, but she also creates spears, which she launches at the gunners whenever she has a clear shot. Three minutes and thirty seven seconds in all of the mechs appear to be destroyed. Bachiko is struggling to keep her eyes open at this point before she passes out. She starts to fall from the sky along with her makeshift weapons, but Ox shoots forward like a rocket. “Easy Chiko, I gotcha.” He says, as he catches her. He shoots back toward the ground, narrowly avoiding a falling shield. He reverses his quirk once he gets closer to the ground in order to slow his descent. He slides to a stop in front of the others just as Bachiko opens her eyes briefly. “Are they done?” She asks weakly as a portal opens behind them. “Yeah Chiko that’s all of them, you were great out there as always.

Oboro ‘Janus’ Shirakumo steps out of the portal and Ox hands the small girl over to him. “Take her to her parents. She’s done her part.” He says. Bachiko looks like she’s about to refuse, but the no nonsense glare Ox send her is enough to silence her. “I’ll drop you lot off near Detnerat for the MLA raid. Daisuke and the others should meet you there.” He says as the Izukids minus Bachiko go through the portal Oboro just opened before turning to Arsenal. “And I’m guessing you want to be in Dublin?” He asks. She sighs at this.

“As much as I want to, we can’t risk an official link between the IRA/British Resistance and the Revolution. That would turn a simple rebellion into a Quirk related uprising, which means he could legally call in Mongolian, Brazilian and Zulu enforcers for back up according to Contingency. Drop me off with Harbinger.” She says. He opens a portal and Arsenal makes her exit. Oboro looks down at Bachiko and smiles warmly. He was afraid his appearance might frighten the little girl, but she seems perfectly calm. He realizes how stupid he was thinking a child who could face down an army of mechs and enforcers much larger than herself would be afraid of him.

He chuckles at the young girl and says. “Alright, time to face the music kiddo. I’m taking you back to your mother.” He says teasingly. Bachiko’s eyes widen in fear at this. She may not be afraid of villains, robots or monsters, but her mother’s wrath is a completely different story. He opens a portal to UA’s first year dorm and steps through it.
Ochaco explodes out of her seat once the portal opens; having received a text from Ox telling her she was coming. She nearly knocks Janus off his feet as she immediately clings to the young girl as the cloud headed man looks to Eraser Head amusedly. “Got a real lively bunch here, don’t you Shouta?” He says teasingly. “Don’t remind me. I didn’t even want problem children, now I have to deal with problem grandchildren.” The sleep deprived man replies. Janus laughs at that. “Alright, see you later Grandpa.” He says before stepping into another portal.

Bachiko at least has the presence of mind to look sheepish as Ochaco glares down at her daughter. “Uh… Hi mommy.” She says nervously. Ochaco’s glare quickly dissolves as she devolves into a crying fit. “Oh thank God you’re safe. Please don’t ever do something like that again without telling me! I know you’re strong, but you’re still my daughter.” Ochaco wails. Bachiko starts to tear up as well as the guilt slams into her. “I-I’m sorry mommy. I was afraid you’d say no. I had to be there, I was the only one who could make sure the mechs wouldn’t escape. A good hero doesn’t run from a fight no matter how dangerous it is.” She says.

“Gee, I wonder where she got that trait from.” Ochaco says angrily while glaring at Izuku, who at least has the sense to look guilty. “At least she didn’t break any bones.” Mina quips, hoping to deescalate the situation. It works as Ochaco and Bachiko start to giggle while Izuku pouts at the widely grinning pink girl.
Back in Japan, Rikiya Yotsubashi, AKA Re-Destro, is watching the news with his personal cabal with fascination. “My God… So much power, and at such a young age. The Revolution appears to have found some real high caliber people.” Geten says. “It’s more than that. From what I saw, her quirk allows her to increase or decrease an objects gravitational pull. In order to use it to emulate telekinesis like she did, she would have to be able to subtly adjust the gravity of an object on the fly. That takes a lot of control and she was able to do it on multiple objects at once. She’s not just strong, she’s skilled.” Koku Hanabata adds.

Tomayasu Chikazoku appears to be getting a bit nervous. “Yes, and given the Revolution’s ideals, I highly doubt they would support us; especially with that Garbage girl around.” He says. Geten glares at the man. “Do not mention that freak in this place.” He says angrily.

Rikiya sighs before leaning back in his chair. “As much as I dislike it, that girl Nora does throw a monkey wrench into our ideology.” He says. “Just let me take her out then, I’ll deal with her easily.” Geten says. “Killing her now would turn her into a martyr Geten.” Koku says. “Do not worry about her. I have Chitose investigating her back story as we speak, which is why she is not here.” He says. “This would be so much easier if we still had Slidin’ Go. I still don’t know how Stain managed to connect him to us.” Tomayasu says.

“Yes, well all things aside, we can use the popularity of the Revolution to our advantage. While they strongly disagree with our idea that people should be judged based on the power of their quirk, they do believe in deregulating quirk use. I’ve read a lot of the articles about their ideology on the website. They believe that people should be charged with a crime based on what they do with their quirks, not the fact that they used their quirks in a crime. If we wish to accomplish our goals, I believe it would be best to emphasize the parts of our ideology which align with the Revolution rather than the ones that oppose it.” Rikiya says. None of them notice the greenish black sludge starting to ooze out of one of the vents.
Once again, this is graphic. Daisuke is MHA Wolverine in many ways.

Back in the Pacific, Admiral Connley is starting to worry. There are severed limbs strewn across the room, which looks like the inside of a slaughter house now, as the potency of Daisuke’s healing factor truly reveals itself. Admiral Connley manages to chop off Daisuke’s right leg, but he doesn’t even have time to fall as a new one grows to replace it. Meanwhile, the Admiral barely manages to twist to the side in order to avoid Daisuke’s claws. “You are a durable one, but regeneration quirks always have the same weakness.” The Admiral says.

Daisuke charges forward as he prepares to finish the fight. The Admiral scoffs at this. This whole time, Daisuke has just been throwing himself recklessly at the Admiral, and while he understands that the man’s regeneration means he can take it, he questions the man’s intelligence. This time, he manages to dodge the attack and with a swing of his axe, he manages to split Daisuke’s skull down the middle before chopping both halves off his neck.

“Regeneration quirks are always centered in the brain stem. Destroy that, and they become useless.” The Admiral says as Daisuke’s body falls forward. The man turns away from Daisuke’s lifeless corpse, never noticing how it props itself into a lunging position. Daisuke’s head regenerates and he surges forward, driving his claws through the shocked Admiral’s chest. “Most regeneration quirks do have that weakness. I, however, do not.” He says as the Admiral’s eyes widen. He grins before coughing up a bit of blood. “S-so you did have a plan. Lure me into a f-false sense of security and take advantage of the commonly known weakness of your type of quirk.” He says as Daisuke pulls one of his claws out and grabs a device from his pocket.

He puts the device on his spine and removes his other claw and the Admiral seems shocked that he isn’t bleeding out. “That device is the only thing keeping you alive. Any attempt to fight back will make it stop.” Daisuke says as he slams his hands into a nearby wall to break the claws off so his hands can return to normal. He grabs a spare uniform that he had stashed away just outside of the room before breaking in, knowing that his current uniform wouldn’t survive this fight. The Admiral chuckles at him. “Well played my boy, well played.” Admiral Connley says before grabbing a nearby radio. “This is a message from the Admiral. Stand down. We have lost this fight.” He says. Across the fleet, the soldiers stop fighting. They lay down their arms and surrender peacefully.

A portal appears in front of Daisuke as he grabs the Admiral and pushes him through it. He pulls the man back, and he seems to be soaked with sea water before another portal opens. “Was that really necessary?” The Admiral asks after spitting out water. “You’ll see.” Daisuke says. They emerge on a new ship and the Admiral looks up to see a flag with three stripes on it with a black square in the center. The three stripes are Green, Yellow and Red, the prequirk era Ethiopian flag. Inside of the box are four stars in a row. A white star with a blue outline for Somalia, a red star with a white outline for Djibouti, a yellow star with a blue outline for South Sudan and a yellow star with a red outline for Eritrea. This flag represents the five regions that make up Abyssinia.

The Admiral looks over the side of the ship and sees a dark blue Sperm Whale breach the water’s surface before falling back in. “So you hid him under an Abyssinian Ship? Clever, if we tried to attack him, it would have provoked Abyssinia.” The Admiral says.

Height: 65’7” long
Weight: 42 tons
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 1st
Age: 35
Quirk Name: Eye of the Storm
Quirk Description: Whalestrom is capable of generating and controlling storms. He can project them a range of up to one hundred miles. Like many quirked animals, he is also Sapient.
Basic Biography: Despite his fierce appearance, Whalestrom is actually a very lax, friendly individual. He roams the seas without a pod, having nothing in common with his non-sapient brethren. Instead, he tends to stick around humans, delighting whale watching groups with his antics. He is a Sperm Whale, the largest species of animal on Earth at the moment since both the Blue Whale and the Fin Whale have gone extinct. He can communicate with humans via Morse Code using his clicks. He also has a corny sense of humor, hence the name Whalestrom, a play on the word Maelstrom. Like many whales, he has a desire to protect smaller creatures such as humans. Being a whale makes attending a hero school impossible, not that he would want to anyway as he is a free spirited individual who doesn’t like human politics.

“You know about Whalestrom?” Nora asks as she and Ren emerge from another portal. “Of course not, why would a Naval Officer need to know about a whale that can cause storms?” He says with playful sarcasm. Nora stops briefly before conceding his point. “He tends to avoid the navies of the more aggressive nations such as ours, but he’s fairly common knowledge for sea dwellers such as myself.” He adds as Daisuke hands the Admiral off to the ship’s captain. “Thanks for holding on to him Commodore Hailu.” Daisuke says. The older African man chuckles. “I have no idea what you are talking about. We found this man floating in the ocean. He must have gone overboard during the attack.” He says. “Ah yes, how clumsy of me.” The Admiral adds, finally understanding the purpose of his earlier dunking. Both men are fully aware that this would likely trigger a major war if the world found out that a high ranking Abyssinian official was involved with the Revolution, something neither of them really wanted given the circumstances. “Hold up young man.” The Admiral says as a portal opens in front of them.

“Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if I could ask how you managed to overcome the brainstem weakness. Every regeneration quirk I’ve ever heard of shares it.” He says. Daisuke chuckles at this. “My regeneration is based within my cells, not my brain stem. As long as a single living cell remains, I can regenerate. I even used to leave samples of my frozen blood in various parts of the world so I can use it to teleport wherever I want by disintegrating my body with a plasma grenade. I don’t have to do this anymore thanks to Janus, but I still leave samples behind in case I need to escape.” He explains. The Admiral’s eyes widen, as do the Commodores. “Hmm, that explains why you were sent. If I chose to engage the ships self-destruct, it wouldn’t have killed you. Suicide missions aren’t suicidal for you.” The Admiral states as Nora and Ren exit through one of Oboro’s portals.

Daisuke nods before going through the portal itself, where they meet up with Akira, Ox, Ryota and Hibiki. “And now to deal with the Meta Liberation Army.” Nora says gleefully. “She’s been looking forward to, and I quote ‘Beating the snot out of these bozos’.” Ren says. Akira grins at the girl before showing off her power core, something Garbage immediately recognizes. “So have I.” She says. Nora looks the woman over carefully and grins. “You went the cyborg route! I thought about doing that, but Giant Robots just seem cooler.” Nora says.
Mitsuki Bakugou carefully runs through the halls of the base as she closes in on her destination. She seems to have changed in to her vigilante outfit at some point. Her disguise is pointless now, as most of the guards in this area are handpicked by upper command and they ensure that everyone knows everyone. This is why a second distraction is necessary, one inside of the base. She nearly trips over a soldier who doesn’t even notice her presence. He seems to be completely overwhelmed by terror. “Scary doll. Scary doll. Scary doll.” He chants over and over again as he trembles in fear.

Mitsuki suppresses an urge to shudder, having a good idea as to who they sent to cause chaos inside the base. The woman in question has caused many villains to soil themselves because of her quirk and her appearance. She continues running past whimpering soldiers and eventually enters a command center. She freezes briefly as she sees the one responsible for traumatizing the soldiers, a diminutive woman with a doll like appearance. She has pale white skin with porcelain like texture, plastic looking blue eyes and straight, neck length blonde hair. She is wearing a black, white and blue Victorian era dress with a black and white poke style hat and a pair of long white lace gloves with black slippers.

Madison Angel
Codename: Dolly
Height: 3’2”
Weight: 61 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 7th
Age: 25
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Uncanny Nightmare
Quirk Description: Her quirk is a mutant/emitter quirk. The mutant side of her quirk gives her a doll like appearance and she is capable of freezing herself in a state of suspended animation for up to seventy two hours, during which, she retains her senses. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, she has the emitter side of her quirk to utilize, the ability to animate creature shaped objects. Dolls, stuffed animals, toys, mannequins, dummies, action figures, wax figures and statues are her main targets, but the only limitation she has beyond having a shape based on a living (or supposedly living in the case of things like dragons and unicorns) is that she can’t use robots. That said, the durability of the objects she manipulates increases and they seem to have peak human strength regardless of size. Both she and her creations are mute, adding to the terrifying nature of her quirk.
Basic Biography: Madison Angel was constantly avoided due to her appearance and quirk. When it manifested, her parents gave her up for adoption, as her mother had crippling Pediophobia, the fear of dolls. In her home town of New Vancouver, Canada, she is responsible for a sharp rise in the occurrence of Automatanophobia, the fear of things that look human, but aren’t; in the region’s criminal population. She also owns and operates a successful horror museum. In public, she uses make up to conceal her doll like features, only removing it for her vigilante work.

The woman is surrounded by target dummies which she found in the armory which are fighting the soldiers. To make matters worse, she seems to have armed them. Many of the soldiers appear traumatized as they struggle to fight back. There are also various stuffed rabbits, bears and unicorns strapped with explosives running around the room. A brown teddy bear walks up to Mitsuki and salutes the woman, signaling that she is clear to go. From what she can hear on a nearby radio, things outside have fallen apart as the command structure has collapsed due to Madison’s assault.

Mitsuki nods at the strange toy and continues her mission to find and neutralize Propaganda. She runs into a few guards on the way, but a combination of her reputation as Mist (she spent a few decades in France before returning to Japan and meeting Masaru a few years later.) and the chaos the base seems to be enveloped in meant that most of the soldiers dropped their weapons the moment they saw her. The few that actually tried to fight her were quickly dispatched.

When she reaches the room with Propaganda, she stops in front of the door. She takes a few seconds to prepare herself, as she has a feeling that whatever Propaganda is, it won’t be pretty. She opens the door and her trepidation proves correct when she sees a feeble old shirtless Asian man with a breathing apparatus and various tubes connected to his skull and spine. He is strapped into a metal chair and he locks eyes with Mitsuki. She is startled by the lack of life within the old man’s eyes. She sees a nearby monitor with his profile on display.

Batu Mönkhbayar
Codename: Propaganda
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 115 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 1st
Age: 87
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Propaganda
Quirk Description: He has a telepathic quirk which allows him to make people more likely believe whatever he says out loud. His quirk has been amplified with a combination of a variety of machines and, more recently, the quirk enhancing drug known as Trigger to extend his sphere of influence throughout the entirety of the Gaelic Empire. Some people are naturally immune to his quirk while those with stronger wills are highly resistant to it. He can also grant immunity to individual people by saying their names out loud, which is how Monarch and his loyal followers are immune.
Basic Biography: Batu was originally born in a remote Mongolian town, but he was kidnapped at a young age once his quirk was discovered. For the first two decades of his life, the Mongolians had him deployed in the Sakha region of former Russia, where there was a large push for independence. As things began to settle down in Sakha, the Mongolians withdrew him from there. He was eventually traded to Monarch V in exchange for access to various Gaelic military technologies as well as to strengthen the bonds between Mongolia and the Gaelic Empire. He is forced to read important pieces of propaganda aloud to activate his quirk. He has become a critical tool for maintaining control over the populace, especially in the formerly British side of the Empire.

“Please… my life is endless pain… they’ve been pumping me full of drugs for nearly eighty years… this machine is the only thing keeping me alive… Please, kill me…” He says weakly. Mitsuki looks at the man with pity. She can’t imagine the hell his life has been. She was prepared for the worst, but it still wasn’t enough. She grabs her pistol and aims at his head. “It’s okay. You can rest now.” She says as the man smiles for the first time in a long time before shooting him between the eyes. She then looks to her phone and feels a heavy weight on her shoulders as she pulls up the codes to launch Project Flood Gates.

She is crying silently as she knows that what she is about to do is going to plunge the entire world into chaos. She will also be revealing her identity to the world, making her worry for the safety of those closest to her. A lot of people are about to die, but she realizes that this is the only way for things to change. She presses the button and a prerecorded message is played over every media device around the world.
Mitsuki is sitting in an office wearing her vigilante outfit. “Hello world. My name is Mist. I am a Japanese vigilante who has been around since the earliest parts of the Age of Quirks. Many believe that Mist is a legacy, but I assure you that I have been the same person over the past 150 years.” She says before pulling off her mask.
Back in the UA first year dorm, Katsuki freezes as he sees his mother. “My real name is Mitsuki Bakugou. Some of you in Japan might recognize me as a moderately successful Fashion Designer.” She says. She goes on to explain her full quirk and why she has gone into hiding.

She starts to tear up a bit as she prepares to drop the biggest bomb the world has ever seen. “I have come to you with a terrible message. For years there has been rumors and speculation concerning corruption within the world’s modern hero system. The Revolution has conducted an investigation and it is with a heavy heart that I say the rumors barely even scratch the surface of what is truly happening. I have sent the information gathered to major media outlets around the world and we have compiled a complete list of the rampant corruption on the Revolution’s website.” She says.
Nezu is watching in his office with All Might and Recovery Girl nearby. “I know that this is going to cause chaos throughout the world, and many people will lose faith in the heroes who protect us, but I ask you to remember that not all heroes are so corrupt. Most of the heroes themselves are actually clean; it’s just that a lot of the more corrupt individuals have managed to take control of the system itself. This is not just a problem within those nations using the Mongolian System. Those utilizing the American system and even those using the Abyssinian system also appear to have issues with corruption. Even Abyssinia itself has its share of bad eggs.” She says.
Over in America, a certain blonde haired woman with a star spangled costume appears to be crying as she reads through the list of issues within the United States. Many of the Hero corporations appear to be involved in corruption, including, much to her horror; the company she works for, American Shield Inc. Over in Singapore, a lion headed individual shakes in rage as he learns of the various misdeeds of many of his peers. In Egypt, a flat man in civilian clothing appears to be changing into his costume with a grim expression on his face. He knows there’s about to be a lot of work to do.

“I know things might look bad, but please remember that you still have those who will protect you. All Might, Star and Stripe, Big Red Dot, Salaam; all of those heroes are clean as are many others. And if you can’t look to them anymore, then look to us. The Revolution was founded for this very purpose. We seek to change the world of heroes, vigilantes and villains for the better.” She says. She steels herself and looks right into the camera. “My name is Mitsuki Bakugou, I am also the Vigilante Mist and, most importantly; I am the Founder and Leader of the Revolution.” She says, flooring her son back in Japan as the video terminates.
She turns to leave the room. She freezes when she sees a fairly emaciated looking man wearing nothing but a pair of black slacks. “I’m both surprised and not surprised to see you here Cain.”

Aaron Black
Codename: Cain
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 89 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 15th
Age: 52
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Murderer’s Burden
Quirk Description: Aaron’s quirk gives him a permanent boost in strength whenever he kills a person. A side effect of his quirk is that his body doesn’t build up very much fat or muscle, giving him his emaciated form.
Basic Biography: Aaron Black is a mercenary/villain from New Zealand. He has a reputation as a viscous killer, but most people don’t recognize him, as those who see him usually don’t live to tell the tale. Because of this, his emaciated form makes people underestimate him. He has become one of Mist’s arch enemies over the last twenty years. She has become a bit of a White Whale for him.

He chuckles at Mitsuki. “Of course I came, when I heard rumors of an attack on Brazil by the Revolution; I was able to figure out pretty quick that it was a feint. You would never associate with someone like Stain. I offered my services to Monarch VI and here we are.” He says with a raspy voice.

Omake 1: Crazy Girls and worse

The recently castrated Enforcer is whimpering in the center of a dark room. He seems to be tied to a chair. He turns to the right when he hears a mechanical whirring sound. “Finally! I get a chance to test out my new nail gun!” An overly eager, slightly psychotic voice says. A goggle wearing maniac with crosshair eyes and pink dreadlocks steps out of the shadows wielding what appears to be a mini gun loaded up with rail road spikes. She fires it off making sure the flurry of railroad spikes barely miss him. His eyes widen in horror as he turns to the other side and sees two dozen rail road spikes impaling the bodies of a few dummies. Some of them have even been torn to shreds. She was only firing for one and a half seconds.

Before he can scream, an upside down green haired girl’s face appears inches from his own. “Hi!Hi!Hi!” Nejire shouts in his face. The man recoils in horror as the usually happy girl appears to have dusted off her Miss Spirals persona. Even in the Gaelic Empire, Miss Spiral’s reputation is well known. She floats away as a massive knife which could almost pass for a cleaver embeds itself in the chair right next to his head. He looks over in horror as a demented blonde school girl with cat like eyes walks out of the shadow. She has a large, diverse assortment of blades and syringes fastened to bandoliers strapped across her chest.

Before he can respond, the temperature inside of the room drops dramatically. He turns to the front and starts to whimper as Scary Momchaco emerges from the shadows. “Hello Connor.” Ochaco says with her dark, chilling voice. The Enforcer’s eyes widen in fear when he hears his name. He tries to escape with his quirk, but he finds that it isn’t working. Mei giggles evilly from the side. “We have a guy like you in class 1-B. I’ve figured out how to neutralize his quirk and by extension, yours.” She says. Ochaco’s demonic giggles draw the Enforcer’s attention back to him. “Connor Sullivan, AKA the Melter, you’re 44 years old and you’ve been an Enforcer for twenty seven years… You really should know better than to get blindsided like that, such an amateur mistake.” Ochaco says menacingly. “W-what do you want with m-me?” He stutters. The four girls burst into a fit of giggles as tense music begins to play in his mind.

The Jaws Theme- John Williams

“Oh I’m not the one you should be worried about silly. There are much worse things out there than me.” Ochaco says with sadistic glee as the music begins to pick up. His eyes move to a silhouette of a somewhat short, dumpy looking woman with shoulder length hair tied into a ponytail on the left. The figure seems to radiate with the energy of death itself. “That’s riiight~” Ochaco says as Inko Midoriya steps out of the shadows. “Grandma came over the river and through the woods to whoop your candy ass~” She says sadistically. Inko’s eyes harbor behind them a raging inferno that even Satan would steer clear of.

Without warning, the usually kind woman surges forward faster than the eye can see. She locks her hands around the sides of his face with a vice like grip strong enough to draw blood and fracture his skull. She stares into his very soul with the fire of eternal damnation radiating from her eyes. For what feels like an eternity, the man screams in horror and pain as he experiences every possible method of death the shorter woman could hope to deliver onto him. A few seconds later, his screams turn to a garbled mess as his face begins to melt away like the villains from Raider’s of the Lost Ark. Eventually, his skull weakens enough that Inko’s hands crush it, spraying blood and brain matter everywhere. The other girls watch this unfold in stunned silence.

“Whoa… that’s a pretty cool quirk.” Mei says in shock. Inko Midoriya chuckles at the girl. “Oh that wasn’t a quirk my dear. That was just the power of pure, unfiltered Motherly Wrath.” Inko says. The other girls feel a chill go up there spine as the short woman shakes the molten flesh from her hands with a smile. “Now out of my way, I have more grand children to meet.” She says, causing the girls to scramble away from the woman as she exits the room.

All will tremble in fear of Mamadoriya.

Omake 2: Story
And now it’s time for bedtime stories with Grandpa Enji

Enji Todoroki is sitting beside the bed of a young green haired girl who has her thumb in her mouth with a book of titled Der Struwwelpeter. “Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher, by Heinrich Hoffman.

One day Mamma said: "Conrad dear,
I must go out and leave you here.

But mind now, Conrad, what I say,
Don't suck your thumb while I'm away.
The great tall tailor always comes
To little boys that suck their thumbs,
And ere they dream what he's about,
He takes his great sharp scissors out,
And cuts their thumbs clean off, - and then,
You know, they never grow again."

Mamma had scarcely turn'd her back,
The thumb was in, Alack! Alack!

The door flew open, in he ran,
The great, long, red-legg'd scissor-man.
Oh! children, see! the tailor's come
And caught out little Suck-a-Thumb.
Snip! Snap! Snip! the scissors go;
And Conrad cries out - Oh! Oh! Oh!
Snip! Snap! Snip! They go so fast
That both his thumbs are off at last.

Mamma comes home; there Conrad stands,
And looks quite sad, and shows his hands, -
"Ah!" said Mamma, "I knew he'd come
To naughty little Suck-a-Thumb."

The little girl would not stop sucking her thumb, so she cut them off.” Enji adds. He closes the book, sets it on the bedside table and stands up. “Good night.” He says. Okimi appears to have a traumatized look on her face. He walks over to a clearly exasperated Fuyumi, who is pinching the bridge of her nose. “There, I took care of the thumb sucking problem.” He says before leaving. “God damn it dad.” She mutters under her breath.

Omake 3: The real reason I stopped writing Children, Confessions and Confusion

Izuku, Ochaco, Mina and Mei are giving Nora Valentina and Ren a tour of their dorm when they come across a strange door. It appears to be white and it has a cluster of galaxies on it. “Wait, I’ve never seen that door before.” Mina says, pointing it out to the others. Nora’s eyes widen and she starts to get nervous. “Yeah, neither have I. Let’s see where it goes.” Mei says. She opens the door and is met with a strange sight. The room appears to be a floating black void with stars and galaxy clusters around it. The stars appear to have bizarre shapes and seem to be arranged in a strange pattern. There are two people sitting on black stools in front of the strangest chess board any of them have ever seen. One of them they recognize as Reginald Barrister. The other one is unknown to most of them, although Nora seems to recognize him.

Aside from his height of 9’3” tall, there doesn’t seem to be anything significant about him. He’s a heavy set man wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt with a picture of a cluster of galaxies on the front and a pair of black and white sneakers. He doesn’t seem to have much in the way of muscle, giving off the presence of an out of shape civilian. The tall man grabs one of the stars behind him and opens a small portal in front of him before putting it inside.

“Ç͑̾ͅe̼̼̻̳̓̓̊̇l̨̼̝̎͝͞e̦̳̗͍̎͐̃͘s͉͔̽̈t̮̭͊͂͘͜î̹̕͢a̛̻͙͈̦͙̋̓̆̅l̡̞̆͂ ̯̃B̝̑į̰̩̙̈́͂̔̋s̨͚͎̒̒̂h̛̠͔̟́͒o̡̹̜͎̠͗̿̃̀̉p̙͉̥͆̑̊ ̡͓̍̕͢͠7̛̣̘͚͛̊̋͟8̑͜9̢̌2͓̹̞͔̈́̓̎͑ ͙͐̊ͅtȯ̘̮̫̏͌͌̓ͅͅ G-̜̳̏̓Ö̧̟́̅̏ͅ-̦͇̞͌͗͌͢͡Σ̳̦̫͛̎-̬̞͚̄̄̄̕ͅЖ̡̭̦̏̍̚-͈̠̇̉开͈̘͎̭̓́̾-͙̕4̨̫̩͓͒̉̃̚͟5͍̥̗̂̍͞7͈̤̝̗̝̐̏̕͡͡-D̙͎͛̕X̡͖̮͈̄̄͗̉L͇̤̘̦̈́͌̊̿I̟͆.̨̨̘͗̆̍” The stranger says before he and Reginald turn to the new comers. “THERE YOU ARE!” The giant man shouts when he notices Nora. The girl squeaks before trying to hide behind Ren. “Do you have any idea how much damage you did to our Multiverse Nora?! You blew our characters all across the omniverse! Ruby seems to be happy in Cowboy Bebop and Yang is enjoying her time in Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventures; but Jaune ended up in Dark Souls! I love the guy like the son I never had, but he is not ready for that level of combat at all! Rayalas told you not to get syrup all over the Universal Server!” The large man shouts. He finally sees the pink strip of hair on Ren and he growls in frustration.

“Oh for crying out loud, you got Ren turned into a Giant Ground Sloth too?” He says before pinching the bridge of his nose. The others seem confused. “Uhh, who is this?” Ochaco asks nervously. Reginald sighs. “This is a close friend of mine, Abarrdas. He’s a God from another reality whom I have been playing a game of fifteen dimensional chess against for the past 15,000 years.” He says. “A WHAT?!” Mei screams. Abarrdas sighs at this. “I’m really more of a programmer than anything. My universe is essentially a giant computer program.” He says.

“OH FUCK! WE REALLY ARE LIVING IN A SIMULATION! I KNEW IT!” Mei screams in a panic. “What? No, that’s how my universe functions; you guys have a different system. And it’s not a simulation, its way more complicated than that.” Abarrdas says. He pulls out a strange device and activates it. “Hmm, so you guys got Violette, Sundae t-” He says before his eyes widen. “Ahh, you got Melody.” He says. “Yes, and she’s been a thorn in my side for a very long time now thank you very much.” Reginald says. “Eh, sorry about that.” Abarrdas says sheepishly. He turns back to Nora and sighs. “Look, our Universe is a bit of a mess right now, so you’re going to have to stay here. I’ll wipe your memory, you can continue being MHA Nora and we can pretend this never happened, alright?” He says. He snaps his fingers and the last few minutes of everyone’s memory other than Reginald and Abarrdas vanishes. He closes the door and allows reality to resume there.

Reginald chuckles at the man’s grief. “It’s times like this I’m glad I’m merely an immortal time traveler.” He says. “Yeah, yeah. Are you going to make your move or what?” Abarrdas asks as they resume their game.

Q/N: The timing of this omake is unclear, even to me. I’m honestly not even sure its cannon. Also, of course Nora had something to do with the end of the universe, did you expect anything else?

A/N: Whew, that was an intense chapter. Just real quick though, who thought it was a good idea to let Endeavor be in charge of bed time stories? That was a disaster waiting to happen.

Anyways, I’m aware that this one was a bit later than usual, but there’s a reason for that, and it comes with good news. I ended up writing a lot of content that I decided would be better in the next chapter, which means that chapter is already partially done.

We started this chapter picking up with Hawks meeting his older self from back in chapter 4. We learned some important information about time travel in this part, changes in the past result in alternate time lines which are unaffected by said changes. This means the Grandfather Paradox, among other things is null and void.

After that we got a major bomb dropped on us. Remember how I was setting the tone for large scale corruption in the hero system? Yeah, it’s way worse than we could have imagined. The President of the HPSC is a Villain in disguise. She’s been using the HPSC to help facilitate her criminal empire. But wait! It gets worse! It turns out Moonfish escaping wasn’t an accident. She’s been renting him out as a distraction.

We got a little back story on the Empire, including some new names. It looks like Neito Monoma is the Emperor’s right hand man, and they use a modified version of his quirk to give people multiple quirks. In the case of people with existing quirks, it seems that the additional quirks are used to augment their original quirk.

Tenya’s father’s quirk boosts his speed; Tetsutetsu’s Real Steel lets him deal with the increased g-force, strengthens his feathers and gives him a bit of armor and a random hero’s Aerial Superiority quirk grants him a bit of extra speed, the ability to hover and additional maneuverability in addition to allowing his feathers to move faster. Long story short? The High General is no joke.

After that, we get back to Rappa Kendo, who wakes up in the infirmary. We learn a small bit about Evolution but the real story is with the mysterious palette swapped Kurogiri. Surprise! Oboro Shirakumo lives again! MHA is heavily influenced by Marvel and DC Comics, so what comic book universe would be complete without somebody coming back from the dead? Don’t worry about this happening too much; I assure death is still a very real threat in this story. His resurrection was due to a unique facet of Loud Cloud’s quirk.

The best part about this though? Loud Cloud got to keep Kurogiri’s Nomu quirk. He’s been using it to help the Revolution ever since as the vigilante Janus. For those who aren’t familiar with Roman mythology, Janus is the Roman God of, among other things, doorways. It’s a fitting name for a guy who makes portals. Things get emotional for Eraser Head and Present Mic as a reunion a decade in the making happens.

From there, we get to the reactions to the vigilante debuts. Many of the students are fanboying over the vigilantes, with Harbinger and the Troll specifically coming up. We even get to see a rare display of amusement from Shoto Todoroki! Of course, Momo brings them back to reality by pointing out there back stories. Before things can go any further though, the attack on the Gaelic Empire begins.

Things get crazy from there, especially when it is revealed that the Izukids are involved. Even little Bachiko seems to have gotten involved in overthrowing a tyrannical dictatorship… Error: Ochaco.exe has stopped functioning. Also, as if problem children weren’t bad enough, now Shota gets to have problem grandchildren.

From there, we get our first real glimpse of one of my most ambitious characters (Who I have finally realized was a bit too ambitious for a written story.) D-Jam. Tatsumi (D-Jam) is near Dunkirk, France with Tenshi (Paladin) and Hikari (Lady Mirage). Harbinger also appears to be with them, acting as a villain deterrent due to his reputation. I also finally decided on how to approach D-Jam’s lack of speech. He’s essentially in the same boat as King Black Bolt of Marvel’s Inhumans. We learn exactly how the plan with D-Jam is going to work and even get a sneak peak of his quirk in action.

From there we transition to the Vigilante Mist, AKA Mitsuki Bakugou. It appears that she is in charge of infiltrating a remote Gaelic military base in Scotland. She can’t do it without cover though, so some other vigilantes attack head on as a distraction. Remember how I said Mexico has Luchador Heroes, Vigilantes and Villains? Well we finally get to see one; El Rinoceronte, a ridiculously Luchador with a Rhino head who proceeds to manhandle a bunch of tanks. He’s one of the experimental characters who I have taken a liking to.

What could possibly make a Rhino headed Luchador leading a group of fellow Luchador vigilantes into battle with the Gaelic Military? A giant pink gentlemanly elephant named Dave of course! In comes the Stoned Sorcerer, or Stoned for short, descendant of legendary pot comedian Tommy Chong. He and El Rino’s announcer, Mr. Echo, get into a strange fight and we learn the Stoned Sorcerer’s quirk, High Summoning. It’s a stockpiling quirk which uses THC to summon whatever creatures he hallucinates. He’s a character I not only like, but I already have some omake ideas involving him and Eraser Head, because I’m sure Shota will like him.

After that, we got to meet Monarch VI, an unpleasant, highly egotistical man who, despite having a quirk which allows him to run a government efficiently, still manages to be incompetent. We get a little bit more history in terms of what happened to England. It turns out they’ve been effectively eradicated thanks to a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

From there, we learn about the fate of Monarch VI’s secret weapons. It turns out his super artillery base near the ruins of London got trolled. The Troll makes his reappearance, wearing a rather dashing Queen’s Guard outfit after having rigged the artillery to shoot glitter and the classic ‘bang’ flags. Then we get to see the brain child of a shower thought I had. What would angry drunk All Might look like? The answer is pants shittingly terrifying. Meet Bubba, the Redneck Ogre. I honestly don’t think he’s going to show up after this though. Like I said, he was a shower thought. The Stoned Sorcerer also takes up the space of inebriated vigilante fairly well, and I like him more. Still, you can rest easy knowing that there is a giant, moonshine fueled vigilante with a penchant for tearing giant robots apart with his bare hands out there. Also, the BAC fact was not a typo; he really can have over half his blood in alcohol.

After that bit of comic relief, we move to the city of Cork, Ireland; home to the secret Enforcer headquarters. This is where the majority of the Izukids are. You will notice something odd though, where are Aiko Toga and Isamu Hatsume? You’ll have to wait until next chapter to figure that out. At any rate, Arsenal and Arrow Maiden lead the charge against roughly one thousand enforcers, with three individuals making a dramatic entrance. Gigantomachia and Rika Takeyama appear, but most of the spot light goes to the newest Izukid to appear, Okimi Todoroki.

Okimi’s quirk is a bit of a weird one. She has the same fire and ice combination as Shoto, only stronger and with a unique twist; cold fire and hot ice. Like I said in Chapter 4, Okimi’s quirk makes the laws of thermodynamics look like a joke. She has green hair like Izuku, but she also has flecks of white and red similar to her mother Fuyumi’s hair. Given the world changing event this is, Enji Todoroki is obviously paying attention, at least half heartedly. Once Okimi shows up, they have his full attention. We get a little tidbit of the reason Burnin’ isn’t in Izuku’s harem, she doesn’t swing that way, but we also get Enji acting out of character. Seeing just how powerful his granddaughter is makes the man unusually happy, freaking his side kicks out immensely.

While Okimi makes her debut, we also get to see Bachiko show the world just how terrifying a little girl can be. Of course, it doesn’t go off without a hitch. I wanted to emphasize just how shitty these enforcers are, so of course some creepy pedophile shows up. He comes to regret his actions pretty quick though thanks to Savage (Ryota Tokage) and Brazen (Ox Tsunotori). An angry Galimimus comes charging at the pedophile, causing the man to underestimate him. This proves to be a huge mistake as he transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex the moment he leaps forward.

He tosses the pervert into the air, where Ox slams into him and rips his junk off before tossing him into a portal where Momchaco is waiting. We see what happens to him in the first Omake. Turns out there is something much more terrifying than Momchaco. All will tremble in fear of the great and terrible Mamadoriya. Also, of course Mei has a nail launching mini gun, what kind of mad scientist worth their weight in salt doesn’t?

We return to the front lines in Cork, where we get to see Hibiki (Mr. Smooth) and Chizue (Steelflex) strut their stuff. For those of you who forgot, Chizue is the daughter of Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, with Itsuka Kendo acting as surrogate. She is also considered the peak of power for quirked humans, being on par with people such as Endeavor. From there we discover something I’m sure you’ve been wondering since chapter 1. What happened to the members of the League of Villains? We got a partial answer to this in the form of a brief cameo with Dabi, Twice and Spinner, turns out joined the Revolution as vigilantes. This is largely due to Stain’s video in chapter 1.

We get a cheeky little tease at the relationship between Okimi and her uncle Toya just before the battle with the Enforcers reached its climax. It turns out; the Revolution was corralling the enforcers into one empty area for Okimi and Rika to finish them off in one shot. Rika lets her radiation leak to trap the Enforcers and ramps up her density while Okimi drops one of her biggest attacks to prove the codename Hellfreeze isn’t just for show. Insert deliriously happy Endeavor.

This leads to the invasion of Dublin, where we meet the leader of the combined IRA and British Resistance; the quirkless daughter of Monarch VI; Chloe O’Reiley. We learn that the rebels and the Revolution are purposefully avoiding each other. This is to ensure that Monarch VI can’t justify calling in foreign enforcers to protect him, as this is technically a civilian revolt which just happens to coincide with the Revolution’s attack.

From there we move on to Akira (Cyber Shot) and Daisuke’s (Bullfrog) attack on the Gaelic navy near Brazil, with Nora (Garbage) and Ren (Tranquility) helping. This fight is Daisuke’s chance to shine. We also learn about Black Ops vigilantes, who are essentially the vigilante equivalent of underground heroes. Garbage and Tranquility assault a carrier but they try to avoid killing. This is because Garbage is considered a Paragon, the vigilante equivalent of a lime light hero.

Akira worries about what their parents will think about them killing people, but Daisuke reassures her that Eraser Head will help the students deal with it. True to Akira’s worries, Momo, Izuku and Tsuyu are absolutely horrified by what they are seeing. But just like Daisuke said, Eraser Head deals with it.

Daisuke moves forward to confront Connley O’Reiley, the son of Monarch VI and most likely candidate for Monarch VII. He is largely influenced by Star Craft 2’s Valerian Mengsk, while Monarch VI is influence by Arcturus Mengsk. His quirk works similar to Sōsuke Aizen’s Bankai, only without the need to see the Shikai form. It doesn’t work on senses that humans do not usually have though, which is why Daisuke is able to detect him via electromagnetic impulses.

We return to Monarch VI, who is absolutely livid at this point. With his enforcers and the Morrigans/Fists of Balor disabled, he has never been more vulnerable. He realizes that he is being coaxed into using his heroes to put down the rebellion, something which would cause a PR nightmare. He also discovers that D-Jam and co are in Dunkirk, near a major American Naval base. Realizing that they are trying to pull America and the European States into this war, he decides to call upon the help of the European heroes he has on his payroll. He also decides to unleash his highly experimental mechs on the Revolution. This is where Bachiko really gets to shine.

We get a bit of drama, as it is revealed that the mechs are manned rather than AI controlled. Ochaco is understandably distraught when she learns this, but it is revealed that Bachiko is unaware of the fact that they have people inside of them. Everyone resolves to keep this information from her to avoid traumatizing her.

She shows the entire world what she is capable of, leading to shock and awe around the world. We move to the Meta Liberation Army, where they discuss what the Revolution’s actions means for their movement. We learn Slidin’ Go ended up at the end of Stain’s sword and we also see a mysterious ooze appearing. “I wonder who that could be?” Evolution asks as he pops up in my room. He disappears as quickly as he came.

We move on to the fight between Admiral O’Reiley and Daisuke, and it is honestly quite brutal. We learn just how potent Daisuke’s healing factor is (It’s basically Cell’s from Dragon Ball Z). Daisuke wins and he drops the prisoner off with an Abyssinian Destroyer fleet. We also get to meet a sapient whale who can create storms; he even has a pun code name, Whalestrom.

From there we return to Mist (Mitsuki Bakugou), who is closing in on her destination. We get our final new vigilante, the terrifying Dolly, before finally learning the truth about Propaganda. He is a tortured old Mongolian man with a quirk that makes people believe anything he reads out loud. Some people are naturally immune whereas those with strong wills can resist it. Mitsuki puts the man out of his misery and hesitates as she prepares to open the metaphorical floodgates. She hits the button, playing a video to reveal her identity as Mist as well as the fact that she is the leader of the Revolution. It also reveals everything the Revolution knows about the corruption within the hero world.

Holy crap that was a lot to go through. The next chapter is going to focus on wrapping up the Gaelic Empire story, the Meta Liberation army fight and, most importantly, the fallout from Flood Gate. That chapter will also likely come faster than usual, as it is already partially done. As always, feel free to leave a review or advice, especially about new characters, as your input will influence who goes and who stays. Thank you for reading. Until next time.

Chapter Text

The Rise of Homo Quirkeas
Chapter 7

Q/N 1: I just now saw that the line breaks on Chapter 6 on fanfic didn’t show up for some reason. I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused, but A03 seems to be fine on that front. It may take a bit to fix, and it might happen on this chapter as well.
Q/N 2: After further character development, I have changed Melody Everhart’s age. I have chosen to keep it ambiguous, given that I don’t have an exact date of when MHA occurs, but she is now over 1000 years old. This was done to reflect how quirks have existed since before the Age of Quirks as well as to reinforce how this is a future version of our world.

I have also decided to reverse an earlier stance I had regarding aliens and magic appearing in this story. Aliens will be appearing for sure, although their presence will likely be minimized to a “They’re out there, but they have chosen to leave humanity alone.” Scenario at first; with one exception.

As for magic, I’ve decided to include an idea I had about a Harry Potter fan fic at one point. In the Harry Potter universe, it is abundantly clear that the world of magic is vastly superior in terms of power to the Muggle world. Here’s the thing though, the Muggle world’s technological advancements have increased rapidly since the tail end of the 19th century; things that were once thought impossible, such as flight, space travel etc. have become reality. So what if Magic’s supremacy were to be challenged? How will Magic users deal with the possibility of technology matching, or worse; eclipsing magic? What happens if the Wizarding world is faced with obsolescence? In this reality, quirks have put the non-magic users on equal footing with their magical brethren. Also, I wanted to make Ibara’s daughter a practitioner of witchcraft, just to see how she would respond.

Evolution Notes: Wait, what? AHHH! A frantic Evolution Muppet knocks me away from the computer and sticks his head in the screen. He pulls his head back out and screams “They’re not in here!” All around me, dozens of Evolution Muppets are tearing my apartment to shreds, frantically looking for something.

A Muppet pops out of the oven “There’s none in here!” He screams in panic. A third Muppet pops out of my closet. “There’s nothing here either; just anime figure boxes and cum socks!” He screams. Hey! Another Muppet jumps out of the Nintendo Switch. “They’re not in here either!” He screams. “Then where the fuck are they!” Another Muppet screams. Just as I’m about to ask what they’re looking for, a sad Evolution pops out of my TV with a black box marked ‘Fucks’ He opens it up and turns it upside down, showing it’s empty. The Evolution Muppets fall to their knees. “NOOOO!!!! I HAVE NO MORE FUCKS TO GIVE!!!!!!” He screams… God damn it.

I suppose that’s his way of providing a trigger warning. As a Nihilistic psychopath hell-bent on complete annihilation, Evolution will not be pulling any punches. He will say and do things that are highly offensive and not give a fuck about who he offends; because nothing matters. The things he’s going to say do NOT represent my own beliefs. How bad are they going to get? Evolution walks over to the desk with a folder titled “Card’s Against Humanity Playbook” and drops it on the desk next to me. Yeah… I will try to put it on both A03 and Fanfic, but Fanfic might object over offensive material; so if I get banned, you know why. As for A03… Well, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot worse than offensive jokes over there.

Evolution Note 2: What now? “I have decided that I will be writing a filler chapter at some point in the future. I will be pulling pranks across the world of a cruel and highly offensive nature to ensure humanity is sufficiently pissed off when they fight me.” Evolution says. Oh dear God. That’s going to be a disaster.
Back in Dunkirk, things are about to heat up. An ornately dressed vigilante wearing a black Attila style jacket with light blue braids across the chest and Austrian knots on the arms with a smaller black fur pelisse jacket, a tall, cylindrical black Shako style hat with a four inch tall light blue plume on the front and a light blue metal plate with the Serbian flag on it, black slacks and black Hessian Boots is mounted on a black horse just barely out of sight of the main team. He has a long black mustache with bits of gray in it which drapes down the sides of his chin, but no beard.

He is sitting on a black horse with eyes that radiate dark red. The horse appears to have razor sharp teeth like a carnivore. Overall, the man sticks out like a sore thumb, but that’s exactly what he wants.

Stanislaus Milošević
Codename: The Hussar
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 189 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 23rd
Age: 47
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: All Eyes on Me
Quirk Description: Stanislaus gains a moderate degree of super strength and stamina whenever someone looks at him. The increase is stronger the more people are looking at him. In addition, anyone who he touches with all five fingers is forced to keep him in their line of sight. If he moves out of it, their heads are automatically turned to face him. He has a limit of 5 people he can do this with. He also automatically learns the identity of anyone who looks at him. Lastly, he glows pale blue whenever someone looks at him directly.
Basic Biography: Even though the Balkans has a modestly successful economy, the majority of the populace lives in poverty, with the exception of Greece. This is because most of the wealth is in the hands of a few dozen families. Stanislaus was born into one of the wealthier Serbian families, but he rejected his noble birth to become a champion of the people. He is often referred to as the Balkan Robin Hood, stealing from villains and corrupt businessmen/politicians. He is also one of the Revolution’s best watchdogs. He is part of a heroic trio consisting of himself, Diomedes and his wife, who has a complementary quirk to his own.

Gender: Male
Birthday: March 23rd
Age: 6
Quirk Name: Carnivore
Quirk Description: Diomedes is a carnivorous horse who becomes faster and stronger when his fur is coated in blood.
Basic Biography: Diomedes was abandoned by his superstitious owner after he killed and devoured one of their cattle when he manifested his quirk. Diomedes is one of the rare non-sapient quirked animals, although he is still rather intelligent for a horse. When Stanislaus found him chained to a tree on the side of the road, he took pity on the creature. He decided to take it with him and they have been inseparable ever since. Despite his ferocious appearance and carnivorous nature, he is very friendly towards most humans, especially children.

A rather short Romani woman with brown skin appears next to him. She is wearing a tan Kevlar vest, a tan shirt and tan pants that look a little thicker around the shins blend in to the beach environment perfectly. She steps off the beach and onto the grass field, causing her outfit to turn the same shade of green as the grass. She looks down and smiles. “That Nora girl is a talented inventor, this adaptive camouflage suit is amazing.” She says.

Kezia Milošević
Codename: Blindside
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 106 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 7th
Age: 41
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Unseen Rush
Quirk Description: Kezia can launch herself toward anyone who is not looking at her at alarming speeds. She uses this with a pair of heavy metallic shin guards allows her to strike hard and fast.
Basic Biography: Kezia grew up as part of a wandering Romani family (Q/N: They’re usually called Gypsies, but that name is considered derogatory.) who bounced between, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. While things have largely improved for the Romani, as discrimination against them has faded; Kezia was still forced to steal food to survive. She met Stanislaus when he was giving away some of his stolen goods and they were drawn to each other like magnets. The two of them have two daughters, ages 7 and 10.

She looks up to her husband, who seems to be looking off into the distance in concern. “Still nothing?” She asks. “Yes, I knew that the attack on Baron Rouge and Harbinger being here was likely to keep most of the villains away, but things are t-“ He starts to say before he starts to glow. Kezia vanishes in a cloud of smoke as Stanislaus grabs his radio. “30 fallen ones on the horizon, the Musketeer is in the lead.” He announces.
Harbinger’s fists tighten when he hears about the Musketeer. Most vigilantes and heroes have villains as their main foe, but not Harbinger. The Musketeer, France’s number one hero and the brother of the very woman who got him thrown in jail is his arch enemy. The Musketeer’s presence is concerning, as he is one of the most powerful people on Earth. While the others are decently powerful, the Musketeer would likely take them down fairly easily, with the exception of D-Jam, but he needs to focus on what he is doing. He receives a message from Contingency and nods. “Lady Mirage, drop the illusion; there’s no need for it now. Janus is sending a portal; Contingency says you’re needed in Dublin. Do not reveal yourself to anyone; Chloe has been informed of your presence.” He says. Hikari nods before dropping her illusions just as a portal opens.

“Paladin, focus on D-Jam. D-Jam, try to provide fire support for us. If someone breaks through, use the extra firepower to fight them off.” He says. Tenshi and Tatsumi both comply as the Hussar repositions himself behind Harbinger. In the distance, Harbinger sees thirty figures on the approach.

His eyes narrow in on one in particular, a tall, well built man wearing a blue King’s Musketeer uniform with a green tabard. He has a pair of handguns designed to look like a Flintlock pistols, holstered on his side and an early 1800’s musket on his back. Despite the appearance, they are all fully modern guns. Rather than wearing one of the stereotypical feathered hats the Musketeers used during the reign of King Louis VI, he is actually wearing the metal helm from Napoleon’s incarnation of the group. It has a vertical blue plume with a large green feather. Harbinger snorts when he sees Monarch VI’s personal emblem on the Tabard. It’s clear to him that the Hero is well aware that he is about to be exposed, so he decided to drop the act.

Roland Archambeau
Codename: The Musketeer
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 256 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 15th
Age: 54
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Gun Spirit
Quirk Description: Roland’s quirk is considered both one of the strongest and most complex in history. The first aspect of Gun Spirit is that he is capable of amplifying the power of any firearm by up to 10,000 times. He can turn a pocket sized pistol into a large Howitzer Cannon. He is also able to completely nullify any recoil from a gun. Furthermore, as long as he fires a shot once every 15 seconds, his durability, speed and sensory capabilities sky rocket. Each time he fires a shot, any damage to his body is reversed, not healed. Basically it is as if he never had the injury in the first place, thus giving Harbinger less to use against him.
Basic Biography: The Musketeer is considered France’s pride and joy. The man has one of the strongest quirks on Earth, to the point that it was often theorized he might be able to challenge All Might. As The Musketeer; Roland is a kind, benevolent savior and philanthroper much like All Might. As Roland Archambeau; he is a long list of things, including a registered sex offender, a serial pedophile, a murderer, a traitor, a thief and a conartist. He took his sister’s fall from grace personally, blaming Harbinger for her fall. They have been locked in combat ever since.

“Protect D-Jam. I’ll deal with the Musketeer.” Harbinger says over the radio before signing off. The Musketeer fires a shot from one of his hand guns at Harbinger, but he brings his demonic left wing in front of him to block it. He surges forward alarmingly fast before slamming into the Musketeer’s chest, thrusting his angelic right wing like a sword. The Musketeer is unharmed, but the force of the impact does send him flying away from the rest of the false heroes.
Mitsuki “Mist” Bakugou surges forward with her right arm glowing blue as her Cryo beam comes to life. She scores a direct hit on Cain, freezing his legs to the floor, but he shatters the ice as if it was nothing. She twists to the side to avoid a right hook from the man which causes a burst of air powerful enough to punch a hole in the steel wall behind her. Cain may not be as strong as All Might, but he’s fairly close. Her palm turns green and she shoves her right arm into his shoulder, sending him flying through three walls of solid steel before he lands in the command room with Dolly. Mitsuki rushes through and notices Madison. “We’re done here, get out there and help Luiz and Michael!” Madison looks as if she’s about to object, but Mitsuki cuts her off.

“Cain’s too much for you Dolly! If you really want to help, go get Rino! I could use some muscle right now!” Mitsuki shouts. Dolly nods before ordering most of her surviving target dummies to attack Cain to give Mist a little room to breathe while one of her stuffed animals, a white teddy bear with a red heart nose strapped with a bomb throws itself at the wall and explodes. Dolly rushes through the hole with a few of the dummies and a squad of suicidal teddy bears to escort her.

Cain surges forward ready to deliver a punch, but Mist manages to block the attack with an energy shield. The force of the attack still sends her flying, but she is able to slow herself down using her arm’s anti gravity repulsor field. She still hits the wall, but not nearly as hard as she would have. She fires her hand forward with the grappling hook function and grabs him by the arm before retracting it, pulling herself toward him by retracting the hand and throwing him off balance in the process. She lands a devastating flip kick to the back of his skull, driving him face first into the steel floor below him.
Back in France, Harbinger and the Musketeer are facing off against each other in a distant field. “Damn you Charles… As if it wasn’t bad enough that my sister ended up in prison, now you ruin everything for me as well? I knew the moment I saw your video that I was done for.” The Musketeer says. “You did this to yourself Roland; this is what happens when you abuse your power.” Harbinger replies.

“Yes, well if I’m going down, I might as well take you with me.” He retorts before pulling out his pistols. He opens fire on Harbinger, who pulls his demonic wing up to block the bulk of the shots. A one bullet manages to hit his leg, but the combination of it not hitting a vital area and his healing factor allows him to ignore it. The Musketeer drops his recoil nullification, puts one of the handguns away and braces the other one to his side with both hands before firing a devastating shot which launches him backwards. Harbinger manages to deflect the blast with his wing, but it still manages to damage it.

Being a more substantial injury, it will take a little longer to heal from. He compensates for this by switching to a ranged fight, firing a volley of energy blasts from his angelic hand. The Musketeer dodges between the blasts waiting for the opportunity to return fire. A small gap between blasts is all it takes for the Musketeer to go back on the offensive. He holsters his pistols and grabs the musket-like rifle on his back. He fires three shots, forcing Harbinger to dodge. While blocking the pistol shots is an option, the rifle is strong enough that even the most durable men like Fat Gum would have trouble tanking it; a fact that is made all the more obvious by the trio of craters left behind in the field.

Harbinger fires an energy blast to the side in order to reposition himself before firing a few more energy blasts. This time, he manages to hit the Musketeers left arm, leaving it heavily burnt. He siphons as much power as he can from the injury before the Musketeer reverses it by firing another shot. Harbinger’s demon wing has fully healed now, but he still decides to keep this fight at a range in order to avoid being shot at point blank.

Despite his fierce reputation, the Musketeer does have a weakness, his stamina. The man usually finishes his fights quickly using a few devastating shots to dispose of his enemies. Granted, Harbinger’s energy is limited too as the other fighters are out of his range. So it would likely come down to a battle of attrition usually. Harbinger surges forward as the Musketeer hits a switch on his pistols, allowing a pair of spiked prongs which crackle with yellow electricity to emerge from the hilt.

From there it becomes a melee strike fest staggered with the occasional gun shot. Despite both sides taking multiple hits, Harbinger manages to push him back into a field of grass with a group of strange dirt mounds scattered throughout. A few seconds later, Harbinger uses an energy blast to propel himself backwards and stun the Musketeer at the same time.

Four of the dirt mounds explode and a large speaker pops out of the middle of the field while a trio of smaller speakers pop out of the ground on the outskirts, catching the Musketeer off guard.

“Boom, boom, boom! Kikikikikiki, boom, boom, boom!”

The larger speaker fires off a trio of ground shaking waves of green energy to knock the Musketeer off balance. This is followed by a series of short concentrated blasts of yellow lightning which slam into the Musketeer before exploding, covering the area in a cloud of dust. A second trio of ground shaking bursts rattles the field around them, but a series of four shots from inside of the cloud is enough to destroy the speakers.

“Hmm, that D-Jam is no joke. If I were a lesser man, I’d be a stain on the ground right now. Granted, I’m more worried about Lady Mirage at the moment. You had this planned from the start didn’t you?” He says as the cloud dissipates. His uniform is in ruins and he appears to be covered in blood, though his wounds appear to have healed. That isn’t why the fighting stopped though. The reason for that is Lady Mirage, who is holding her own handgun at the point where the brainstem connects to the spine. Harbinger quirks an eyebrow at this. “Éclaireur got here early, managed to pick up the code names.” The Musketeer says. Harbinger sighs at this. “You don’t know the half of it. These kids are making us look like jokes.” Harbinger says.

“So it would seem…” He says before dropping his pistols. “You win for now Charles.” He says as he approaches the man with a strange collar. He fastens it around his neck and activates it, nullifying the Musketeer’s quirk. Roland’s eyes widen when he realizes what the collar does. “You actually made one? Most of the world’s leading scientists say a quirk nullifying restraint system would be impossible to make.” He asks.

“That’s just what they wanted you to believe. Which one is more profitable, a series of specially tailored restraints built to imprison someone, or a one and done deal like a suppression collar?” Hikari asks as she holsters her gun and cuffs the musketeer after removing his rifle. “Hmm, so I guess we French heroes aren’t the only ones with skeletons in the closet.” Roland says. “It’s gone far beyond Europe Roland. It’s even eclipsed the hero world. Corporations, governments… this whole world has become a shit storm. There are so many skeletons in the closet that it’s starting to look like the Catacombs.” He says, Roland snorts at his joke. “It all comes back to a cultural problem. This is what happens in a world where the strong rule at the expense of those deemed inferior.” Charles says as a portal to Dublin opens behind Lady Mirage.

Roland chuckles at this. “Isn’t that a bad idea? If Lady Mirage gets involved, the Monarch VI can call on Brazil, Zululand and Mongolia for support.” He asks. “One, she’s not going to get involved until the right moment, two; according to our inside sources, the Triple Alliance is rather unimpressed with Monarch’s performance as of late, and that was before this whole thing started; and three; and this should answer your earlier planning question; you forgot about Contingency.” Charles says. Roland’s eyes widen as he realizes the elderly vigilante has indeed been MIA during this whole thing. He sighs at this. “Of course he’s directing this; he’s too old to be on the field. I fear for France’s future if her number 1 could make such an idiotic mistake.” He says.

“Former number 1; the French Hero Commission threw you under the bus the moment your crimes were revealed in an attempt to save themselves. It failed, half of them are already in prison and the others have fled.” Charles replies. He looks over into the distance and chuckles. “It looks like they sent your replacement to take you into custody. Smile for the cameras Roland.” He adds as the French Media swarm the field.

In front of them, an absolutely livid looking middle aged woman with dark brown hair in a French Braided ponytail that reaches down to her mid back and bright blue eyes wearing a silver suit of Gothic style plate armor with a golden middle age styled lion on the front of the chest plate storms toward them. She pulls a kite shield with the 15th century version of the Capetian Dynasty French Flag on it from its place on her back and a black steel mace from its harness on her side. “You are truly a disgrace to our nation.” She says before slamming the mace into the side of his head with just enough force to knock him out.

Joan De la Rue
Codename: Chevalier de la Liberté
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 207 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 3rd
Age: 43
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Will of the People
Quirk Description: Joan De la Rue’s strength, speed and durability increases based upon how strongly people feel about her. Being viewed in a positive light generally works better than being seen in a negative light.
Basic Biography: Joan grew up as a delinquent street rat after her parents abandoned her at the age of seven. At 13, she was found by the previous Chevalier de la Liberté, Almund De la Rue. She was adopted by the man, who saw her potential. He chose to train her as his successor. When Almund eventually fell in battle, Joan had just graduated from the Parisian Academy of Heroics. She took up the mantle of Chevalier de la Liberté and rose through the ranks to become the number 2 hero. She always wanted to become number one, but not like this. She is also a former class mate of Harbinger.

Joan takes one look at the bemused Harbinger and groans. “You lot have really done it this time. Floodgate’s only been live for forty minutes and there are already riots all over the world. Several members of the European States are already talking about leaving; and we both know that’s not possible anymore. Our economies and militaries have become too intertwined for that to work. Not that I don’t appreciate you all cleaning house, but can you warn me next time?” She asks in an exasperated tone. “Sorry Joan, I couldn’t risk it. All it would have taken is one leak and this bastard would have been in the wind.” He says, kicking the unconscious Musketeer just before the cops could arrive.

Harbinger hands a flash drive over to Joan and says. “Those are the blue prints for the quirk suppressing collar young Nora designed. Now that the companies suppressing the technology are on the verge of collapse, you should be able to get it into production easily.” He says as another portal opens. He turns back to Joan with a serious expression on his face. “And Joan, be ready. I can’t give you exact details right now, but something is coming; something that even has me shaking in terror.” He says. Joan straightens up when she hears this. “What is it?” She asks. “An abomination unlike anything the world has ever seen Joan. It doesn’t wish to rule the world, it doesn’t desire fortune or fame, it doesn’t want to change the way things are… It seeks oblivion Joan, the end of existence itself. And it just might have the power to pull it off… It’s a class VII self-replicating bio threat Joan, one that could make God himself tremble. I’m going to be stationed in Japan for the foreseeable future, as I am apparently one of the best equipped to deal with it, and that is where it’s from.” He says before leaving a very concerned Joan in the field.

Before she can respond, another unconscious hero crashes into the ground beside her. She recognizes her as Spain’s number 9 hero and frowns. “At least we’re not in Spain’s shoes. All but two of their top 20 turned out to be criminals, number 7 and number 16 being the exception. And number seven died trying to apprehend number four and eleven… Just how far is this world going to fall.” She asks.
Back on the beach, the Hussar is in an all out brawl with seven different heroes. The fight ends rather quickly once Blindside gets into position. Those who aren’t dealt with by the husband wife duo are quickly subdued by a kick from Diomedes; who has been trained not to kill. Throughout the rest of the beach, other vigilantes and heroes continue to duke it out.

One of the heroes, a medium sized man with spiked quills covering his back, arms and hands with a porcupine like tail and a rodent like face manages to break through the line. He has a black metal canister attached to his wrists, a black Kevlar vest and black shorts with black and white boots. This is Spain’s number 5 hero. He is accompanied by his twin sister, a fairly tall woman with light brown skin. Her skin is covered in gray Keratin scales with an entire shell of said scales covering her back, short, but thick legs and arms and a long snout with a long thin tongue. She is wearing a pair of high tech goggles and a metallic vest and pants which protect her softer front secured to the sides of her shell. This is Spain’s number 9 hero.


Ramón Baro
Codename: El Puercoespín
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 216 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 19th
Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Porcupine
Quirk Description: Ramón has a mutant quirk which gives him his Porcupine-like appearance. He can fire his quills from his body at incredibly fast speeds. The quills regenerate quickly, but it costs stamina to do so. He can also make the quills explosive, but this is very energy intensive.
Basic Biography: Ramón and his sister Marcia grew up in the Spanish territory Marruecos. They were idealists as they were growing up, wanting to become heroes to make the world a better place. Sadly, they fell under the influence of Spain’s number 1 hero, El Águila, who gradually corrupted them into what they are today. They are integral parts of El Águila’s criminal empire. He is an avid gamer who uses gaming terminology much like Shigaraki.

Marcia Baro
Codename: El Pangolin
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 386 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 19th
Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Pangolin
Quirk Description: Marcia has a mutant quirk which grants her Pangolin-like features. She can roll herself into a ball and she has super durable Keratin scales. She also has two large claws which extend from her knuckles. She is able to move incredibly fast while curled up.
Basic Biography: Like Ramón, Marcia grew up in the Spanish territory Marruecos. She too fell under the influence of Spain’s number 1 hero, El Águila. They are integral parts of El Águila’s criminal empire.

(Note: Marruecos is where Morocco once was. They cleaned the region up in 2119, as it had been abandoned by what was left of the Kingdom of Morocco after WW3; who themselves would claim territory in Guinea, Liberia and the Ivory Coast, as their populations had been nearly eradicated. Relations between Morocco and Spain have been tense for decades because of it. It is notably the only region of the Sahara which has been cleaned up.)

Ramón fired a flurry of large spikes from his left hand with a strange orange glow to them. They collided with a series of makeshift barricades separating them from Tenshi and Tatsumi. Marcia rolled up into a ball and surged toward Tatsumi, hoping to break through his sound wall and take him out. What she was not expecting was for the sound wall to turn into a giant fist surrounding Tatsumi’s actual fist. He twists around at the last second and punches the woman the second she is in range. “BOOM!” He says the instant the fist makes contact. The fist releases a powerful explosive burst of energy, further enhancing the punches effect. Marcia is sent flying across the sky like a rocket as Ramón gawks. “AHH COME ON! He’s a ranged attacker and he can fight in melee? Hac-AHHHH.” He shouts before a rocket from Tenshi’s nearby mech blasts him into the distance as well.

There’s a sigh which comes from the left of the brother/sister duo causing them to turn. “They always were rather rash…” A man says. (Note: Red Dead Redemption 2 references incoming.) They turn to see a lightly tanned man with golden eagle eyes. He has a thick black moustache with a soul patch and slicked back black hair. He is wearing a fancy black suit with a vest holding a red handkerchief that looks like it would fit more at a high society party than a battlefield. Despite this, it is clear that the suit is made for combat. He also has a pair of black M1911s with brown wooden grips, one of which has Tahiti inscribed on it.

This is Ramón and Marcia’s boss, El Águila. He is accompanied by a pale skinned blonde man with a horse shoe moustache who looks as if he wanted to be a cowboy on his left. It is apparent that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing though. As if his name wasn’t bad enough, his clownishly oversized belt buckle, a gift from Santiago, says Burro on it. He is also wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans, a red Bolo Tie, cheap looking cowboy boots and a brown cowboy hat.

Santiago Gonzales
Codename: El Águila
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 186 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 9th
Age: 59
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Command
Quirk Description: Santiago Gonzales’ voice is able to enhance the power of those loyal to him while they are performing certain orders he has given them. He can also use it to animate things such as statues for as long as it takes to complete his order. He also has telescopic vision thanks to his eagle eyes, a trait he got from his mother. His eye sight combined with his training makes him a very good shooter.
Basic Biography: Not much is known about Santiago from before he became a hero, but he is revered across Spain as a benevolent, charismatic leader. What the public doesn’t know though is that he is also the cruel, sadistic leader of the Catalan Raiders, an organized crime group that rules the Spanish underworld with an iron fist. Despite his quirk having no real effect on himself, he is still a dangerous combatant, being well trained in more than a dozen fighting styles.

Michael “Patán” Bell
Codename: Inútil
Height: 5’8” (10’9” when transformed)
Weight: 163 lbs (792 lbs. when transformed)
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 16th
Age: 51
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Stupor Power
Quirk Description: Michael is capable of transforming into a giant, muscular monster. He becomes very stupid when he does this. The stupider he gets, the stronger he gets. He is a cheap, hairless imitation of Jurota Shishida.
Basic Biography: Michael is a rather mean, stupid American who moved to Spain when he was 15. He is also rather gullible, having believed that his nick name Patán means “Strong One.” While his hero name, Inútil, is supposed to mean the bravest of them all. They actually mean asshole and useless. Many people have pointed this out to him, but he doesn’t believe them. People have always been rather confused as to how he became Spain’s number 3 hero, with many Spaniards expressing embarrassment whenever it is brought up. Despite his lack of intelligence, he is a dangerous fighter.

El Águila’s eyes start to emit a golden glow as he turns to his companion. “Inútil, kill the boy.” He says, gesturing to D-Jam. A golden glow briefly encompasses the stupid man, causing him to cackle. He activates his quirk, causing his body to bulge out with an insane amount of muscle. “ME KILL YOU DEAD!” He shouts before lunging at D-Jam.

A few missiles fly at the large man, but they detonate before they can hit as Santiago shoots them in mid air. “Alright girly, time to die.” He says before starting to point a gun at her. She just smirks at him, confusing him briefly. “I’m not your opponent.” Tenshi says. He is forced to leap backwards as a rifle shot lands on the ground where he was. “Not today San.” A gritty voice says. El Águila scowls, clearly recognizing the voice. “Arturo.” He says venomously.

He turns to see a moderately tall, with black hair with bits of gray in it, a moderately thick beard and moustache and green eyes with a dull green energy radiating from them. He is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans with black suspenders and a gray shirt under a brown vest and a pair of worn out boots. He also has a Colt Single Action Army Revolver with a brown wooden grip on it. He looks as if he was once a well built man, but he also looks rather sickly.

Arturo Murez
Codename: Quickdraw
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 157 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 7th
Age: 31
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Time Dilation
Quirk Description: Arturo is able to slow his perception of time drastically, allowing him to fire multiple shots in rapid succession with a high degree of accuracy. It also accelerates his movement and reflexes to an extent.
Basic Biography: Arturo is a former villain/enforcer of the Catalan Raiders. He was sent to intimidate a Nuclear Physicist one day during which he was exposed to high levels of radiation. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he was forced to reconsider his past actions. He swore to bring Santiago to justice before he died.

“You should have stayed in the hospital Arturo. You know you can’t fight me in that state.” Santiago says. Arturo chuckles at him. “You’re right. I’m not in the best health. Still have to take you down though.” He says. Santiago growls angrily at him. “God damn it Arturo, you never should have left! You were like a brother to me! I could have helped you! Why didn’t you stick to the plan?!” He shouts as he takes a shot at Arturo. The other man ducks behind a rock and takes cover as Santiago rushes toward a cliff wall. Arturo waits for a break in the fire before triggering his quirk. His perception of time slows dramatically and his reflexes amplify. He emerges from cover and notices a rock above Santiago. He shoots it with his rifle, knocking it loose. Santiago is forced to come out into the open to avoid being crushed and Arturo manages to shoot him in the left leg before retreating back into cover and releasing his quirk.

“What plan San? Go to Tahiti? That whole damn chain of islands is either underwater or irradiated.” Arturo shouts back weaker than before. “We were going to clean it up!” Santiago shouts. Santiago sees Arturo’s shadow on a rock to the side of his cover. Lining up the shot, he shoots the rock in just the right place to make it ricochet behind Arturo’s cover. “AHH!” He shouts as the ricochet hits his arm. “Give up Arturo! It’s not too late! I can still save you! I found a guy with a quirk that can kill cancer cells! Just come back to the winning side, I don’t want to kill my own son!” Santiago shouts. He is so absorbed in the fight that he doesn’t even notice Kezia ‘Blindside’ Milošević behind him. “Tell that to Juan!” Arturo shouts. He uses his quirk again, but it’s clear that the strain his quirk causes on his body is hitting him hard. He ducks out of cover and sees Blindside. Using what little energy he has left, he shoots the sand beneath Santiago’s feet, forcing the man to back up. “Kezia, now!” He weakly shouts.

In a flash of movement, Kezia rushes in behind him and kicks him in the side of the head with her armored shin. He is knocked unconscious before he even has the chance to respond. The Hussar rushes over to the downed man at super speed and puts a collar around his neck. His rapid movement is accompanied by a few sickening cracks as the people locked on to him are forced to follow the movement fast enough to snap their necks in the process.

Stanislaus cringes at this. He doesn’t like to kill if he can avoid it, but El Águila’s Command quirk was too dangerous to have in play. Michael was one thing, if he had amplified someone like the Musketeer, they’d be in serious trouble.

Arturo slides back on the wall with a smile on his face as Kezia removes Santiago’s guns. “It’s over… after all these years, it’s finally over.” He says. He looks over to the man who raised him and his eyes widen in alarm when he sees the man reach for a hidden gun. Arturo knows that he can save Kezia, but doing so would require using his quirk. He’s reached his limit for the day due to his weakened condition. He doesn’t even hesitate to use it, rushing forward as fast as he can and kicking Santiago in the head. Due to the speed and strength, he is able to snap Santiago’s neck, killing him instantly. Kezia and Stanislaus jolt slightly, but they quickly figure out what happened when they see the extra gun in Santiago’s hand.

Arturo starts coughing up blood as the light begins to fade. Kezia and Stanislaus rush over to the man, but he seems to be smiling. He chuckles weakly. “Guess I spoke to soon. Now it’s really over.” Arturo says. “Crap, we need a portal to U.A.; Recovery Girl’s the only person with a strong enough quirk to heal him.” Stanislaus says. “Sh-she would just make it worse. She accelerates natural functions, which would speed up my cancer too. Besides, I’m way too tired.” Arturo says. The two vigilantes seem helpless in this situation. “It doesn’t matter; I only had a few weeks left anyway. I’ve set things right, I’ve avenged my brother; that’s more than I ever thought I’d get to do… I am at… peace.” He says with his final breath.
Back in Scotland, things have taken a turn for the worse for Mitsuki. For the first time of the night, Mist appears on television inside of what appears to be the base infirmary. “Auntie Mitsuki!!!” Izuku screams out in alarm. Katsuki, who was in the kitchen at the moment rushes over and winces when he sees the state his mother is in. While her arm may be invincible, her body is not. She has various bruises and cuts all across her body and she seems to be favoring her left leg. “Ahh, I finally have you now Mist. Let’s see that arm save you now!” He says, causing many villains around the world to face palm at his idiotic mistake. Katsuki bursts into laughter as well and Eraser Head is staring at the man through the television with a glare that effectively says “You idiot.” Villains learned pretty quick not to tempt fate like that. Save the gloating for after the job is done.

As if to answer his gloat, the infirmary wall explodes as El Rino emerges looking none the worse for the wear. Several dozen Luchador Vigilantes emerge to cut off any exits as Cain realizes what he just did. “STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!” He shouts, slamming his head on a nearby wall. Mitsuki chuckles weakly at him. “You should probably surrender Cain. El Rino tends to break enhanced strength users like you fairly easy.” She says.

Cain takes a second to look around the room and realizes that he’s done for. “God damn it!!! Twenty years we’ve been fighting like this and this is how it ends!” He shouts. “Yeah, I’m a little disappointed Cain; I our story would have a more exciting conclusion.” She says cheekily as one of the Luchadors secures a quirk cancelling collar around his neck.

El Rino turns a concerned look to the Revolution’s leader. He then looks around and chuckles. “It’s a good thing you ended up in the med bay; Vendaje!” He shouts. A short Mexican man in a dull green costume with a large backpack that appears to be rather empty with a pair of gauze holding bandoliers and a few hooks and straps on it appears. One of the bandoliers appears to be empty. He also has a vibrant green and red mask that has a Caduceus on the forehead.

Jesus Gomez
Codename: El Vendaje
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 127 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 27th
Age: 31
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Telemedic
Quirk Description: Jesus has a rather gimmicky quirk that allows him to telekinetically control medical supplies.
Basic Biography: El Vendaje is a paramedic who happens to moonlight as an unsanctioned support hero. The main reason that he is unsanctioned is because sanctioned support heroes and doctors are required by law to notify authorities when a villain comes for help. This results in many villains seeking sub standard care outside of official means. El Vendaje is one of the few heroes, sanctioned or unsanctioned, that is generally respected by the villainous community and it has become an unwritten rule amongst Mexican criminals not to harm him. His uniform is such a drab color because it usually can’t be seen anyway under the medical supplies he has attached to it.

Various medical supplies scattered amongst the rubble begin to levitate around Jesus as he sorts through it for undamaged supplies. The fighting had been rather fierce and, despite usually carrying a lot of supplies, he was running low. He was being escorted toward the med bay to stock up and just happened to find Mitsuki and Cain in the process. He radioed Rino and that was it; a few more vigilantes and some of the able bodied soldiers who had surrendered carry some of the more seriously injured people into the area and the surviving medical gear whirred to life.

A few portals opened up around the base and many of the Luchadors return to Mexico. A portal appears behind Rino and he turns to look back at her. “Are you sure you don’t need us here?” He asks. Mitsuki sighs at this. “Our job here is mostly done; the rest is mostly up to the people themselves. You’re needed back home, as there’s going to be a lot of violence all over the world after Flood Gates. Mexico needs El Rinoceronte Luiz, there top three heroes just got revealed as criminals.” She says. El Rino sighs at this. “And to think Mexico was one of the least corrupt countries… This was just the calm before the storm, wasn’t it?” He asks.

“That’s why we went after so many villains in the first place, fewer people to take advantage of the chaos.” Mitsuki says. El Rino nods just as Mr. Echo, Dolly and the Stoned Sorcerer appears. Mr. Echo pats Rino on the back with a solemn look on his face. “Come on big guy, Mexico needs you.” He says. El Rino and Mr. Echo walk through the portal as it disappears. “What about us glorious commander?” The Stoned Sorcerer asks. Mitsuki chuckles at him. “California got off rather light compared to other parts of the world, as did British Colombia; so you two are coming to Japan with me; things are going to get bad there.” She says. Michael pouts at Mitsuki. “Aww man, isn’t marijuana still illegal there?” He says. “Yes, but it’s rarely enforced. Plus, the government has bigger things on its plate right now.” She says. Michael helps her to her feet and the three of them walk through the portal, emerging in Recovery Girl’s office. The woman promptly whacks her with her cane.

“What on Earth were you thinking, sending little Bachiko into that mess!” The elderly woman shouts. “Wait, WHAT?! I told them to leave her here!” She says before turning to the screen and watching a replay of Bachiko fighting the robots. Her face turns pale as a sheet. “Oh God, Inko’s going to kill me.” She says. Michael quirks an eyebrow at this. “Wait, you can storm a secret military installation inside of a totalitarian country without batting an eyelash but some little old lady scares you?” He asks. Mitsuki has a thousand yard stare as she says “I’d rather storm a thousand bases naked and without my arm than face Inko when she’s mad, especially when family is involved.”
Back at the beach, D-Jam is constantly generating force fields in order to stop Inútil’s stupidity fuelled attacks. “The fight’s pretty much over in the Gaelic Empire D-Jam. You can cut the artillery support back to a minimum.” Okimi Todoroki says over the radio. Tatsumi grins wildly at this. The force field wraps around D-Jam’s fists, enlarging them in a way similar to Itsuka Kendo’s quirk. “Kikikikikiki-“ Tatsumi flies back from his position by leaping and using the pushback from his sound effect to create some distance. The resulting yellow lightning strikes hit the moron in the chest, causing him to scream in rage as he stumbles backwards.

“Boom bruh, kidoom, badoom, boom boom. Boom bruh, kidoom, badoom, bruh-uh-uh-uh-“ This set of vocalizations is repeated three times. The resulting attacks are a ground shaking boom which intensifies with each ‘bruh’ the subsequent boom like sounds send a rapid succession of energy fists flying at his opponent. The ‘Kidoom’ explodes in a burst of yellow sparks on impact while the ‘Badoom’ causes the fist to contract and expand rapidly upon hitting him. The rapid booms at the end of the sequence collide with the ground below him, causing blasts of sand to hit him from below to keep him off balance.

At first, Michael seems completely thrown off by this combo, but he eventually adjusts to the rhythm of the attacks. When he reaches the first Kidoom of the fourth repetition, Michael surges forward. D-Jam switches on the spot by emitting a loud, bass line of “Burrrrraaah” but nothing happened near D-Jam. The resulting vibration seems to be muffled, indicating that it was projected from within the ocean. A large wave of water blindsides Michael as a result. “This is bull shit! I’m Spain’s number 3 hero, you’re a useless vigilante! This fight should be easy!” He screams like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

He feels the rush of energy from Command leave him and his eyes widen. He turns to see his leader’s corpse, a decision which would cost him greatly. D-Jam surges forward with his enlarged fist and land a right hook to his cheek; amplifying the force of the attack with a well timed “Boom!” Michael’s jaw shatters and he is sent flying into a cliff wall, knocking him unconscious.

“Of course he’s Spain’s number three, Santiago’s been rigging the Spanish Hero Ranking for over a decade. He’d be number nine and you wouldn’t even crack the top thirty in reality.” Another voice says. A pale skinned woman in her late 20’s with blonde hair and brown eyes with a scar above her right eye. She has a fairly hoarse but still feminine voice. She is wearing a black eye mask, a pale yellow and dark blue spandex suit with a bull skull on her chest that has a gold star on it.

Sada Gutierrez
Codename: Clap Back
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 134 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 3rd
Age: 28
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Thunderclap
Quirk Description: Sada’s quirk allows her to generate powerful waves of energy by slamming her palms together. The distance between each hand determines the width of the cone and the strength of the impact determines how strong the wave is.
Basic Biography: Sada is Spain’s current number sixteen hero, although she would likely be number three if the system wasn’t rigged. She’s a very tough woman and a bit of a tomboy. She’s also very quick witted and snarky.

She looks down at Arturo and Santiago and frowns. “Damn fool, I told him I could handle Santiago. I’ve been trying to prove he was in charge of the Catalan Raiders for years…” She says before sighing. “I guess it’s better this way though. He got to go out on his own terms.” She says before turning to the Hussar and Blindside, who are mounted on Diomedes now. “You two should probably go home now, the Balkans are a complete madhouse right now. Their are Communists and Fascist revolutionaries trying to reunite Yugoslavia under their rule. Most of the governments are struggling to survive. Chevalier brought law enforcement and a few clean heroes to deal with this lot.”

The husband and wife duo look rather alarmed at this. Still, they had a duty to the Revolution as well. “Are you sure you c-“ Stanislaus starts to say, only for Sada to cut him off. “Germany sent over Rot Fist, these guys know better than to piss him off.” She adds. Stanislaus nods before hitting a button on his phone. A blue portal opens up to Serbia and the trio disappears.

D-Jam and Tenshi are left behind with Sada, who takes a moment to look them over. She grins at them. “You two are the real deal. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but hopefully things will change. I’ve been questioning the feasibility of this hero system for a while, but I still thought it could work.” She says. “It still might, provided the politicians pull their heads out of their asses and fix it.” A female voice says. Chevalier de la Liberté approaches them with a large man in black medieval armor similar to Joan’s but with skulls on the shoulders and a skeletal hand surrounded with black fire on the chest plate. He has a gaunt face that almost looks like it was stretched over his skull, piercing blue eyes with black sclera similar to Mina Ashido’s. He doesn’t have gauntlets, mostly because they wouldn’t be able to survive his quirk. His hands are devoid of any flesh or muscle, but they seem able to move regardless.

Aldric Heinrich
Codename: Rot Fist
Height: 6’9”
Weight: 284 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 15th
Age: 47
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Decaying Flames
Quirk Description: Aldric can engulf his hands in black flames which cause anything it hits to deteriorate. Organic material rots, metallic substances rust, etc. He can fire bolts of these flames from his hands a distance of up to three hundred yards. Unlike Shigaraki, he can control the speed of his decay, and even stop it. Shigaraki’s decay is quite a bit faster though. Substances which take a long time to degrade, such as the galvanized steel his armor is composed of is capable of resisting his quirk to an extent. That said even those elements struggle when he physically touches them. Unlike Shigaraki, the number of fingers touching a target is irrelevant.
Basic Biography: Aldric is a dark figure who strikes fear into the hearts of the European underworld. Despite his rather terrifying nature, he has become Germany’s number one hero. It didn’t happen overnight, as many people feared him for his seemingly villainous quirk. He often draws comparisons to Endeavor due to his cold, stoic nature, but he is actually quite kind. Eventually, the people of Germany grew to see him as a dark guardian angel.

Aldric doesn’t say a word. He just takes a few seconds to look the brother/sister duo over before nodding respectfully. D-Jam returns the gesture. Clap Back chuckles at the woman. “Good luck with that. The European Parliament has turned into the early 21st century American Congress.” She says. “Well I guess we’ll leave this in your hands then. We need to go support Hayami and Yume in the latter’s fight against the Global Occult C-“ She says before D-Jam slaps a hand over her mouth to shut her up. The three heroes look puzzled by this, causing Tenshi to realize her mistake. “Oppsies… Uh… spoiler alert, magic is real. Please keep that to yourself though, the GOC is likely to attack you if they find out you know. Besides, it’ll be coming out soon anyway if we’re successful.” She says. D-Jam face palms at this. “Well… uh… buh bye!” Tenshi says before dragging D-Jam through a portal, leaving the shocked heroes behind. “Th-that’s impossible. Magic can’t be real.” Chevalier says. “Uh, Joan, you’re standing next to a guy with flaming skeleton hands that move despite a lack of muscles. You should probably keep an open mind about these kinds of things.” Clap Back states. The French hero looks over to Rot Fist, who shrugs at her. “Fair enough.” She replies.

Meanwhile, people all over the world are reeling from the recent, unsettling news concerning a clearly broken hero system.
Yagi Toshinori is sitting in the teacher’s lounge with Gran Torino and a few members of the UA staff when Project Flood Gate goes live. He receives a notification linking a specific video to him. He pulls it up on the lounges T.V. screen and sees a man in his mid sixties in a wheel chair. Judging by the way he moves his arms, he clearly has some sort of neurological damage. “H-h-heLlLlo e-eveRyo-OnE I-I-I am Ad-Adam M-MItchELl, b-but s-s-soOome of y-you in C-Cal-California mi-mi-might re-rememMber m-me a-as M-Mr. Tor-Tornad-doOh.” The man says. His voice is shaky and he seems to have trouble maintaining a steady pitch. Gran Torino flinches when he hears that voice. Having actually kept in contact with the man, the elder hero seems to have an idea as to what his video may be about. To prove his identity, the man struggles to open his hand and summons a weak tornado.

Toshinori winces at this. Mr. Tornado was never a major national hero, but he was fairly successful one in San Diego that All Might used to work with back in his younger days in California. The last he had heard, he was forced into early retirement by an electrical attack which caused severe nerve damage. He had been paralyzed from the neck down, but from what he heard, a doctor with a neural regeneration quirk managed to restore some of his body’s functionality. He smiles briefly when he sees the man in an office of his own; happy that his friend had managed to succeed after retirement.

“I-I ha-have been kee-keeping m-myself b-busy r-running S-San Di-Diego’s G-Grand Horizon H-Homeless Sh-Shelter. B-but I-I do h-have s-something I n-need to t-talk to y-you ab-about. F-for th-the s-sake of t-time tho-though, I w-will be u-using an el-electronIic de-deviIice t-to comun-comuUniC-cate.” He says before typing on a small keyboard attached to his wheel chair.

“I would like to say that while I am not connected to the Revolution in any official capacity, I do sympathize with their beliefs. Even back in my days as a hero I was an advocate for bringing the Abyssinian system to America, despite the tension it created between me and my employer, American Shield Alliance Inc.” A deep male semi-robotic voice says.
“That being said, when I was contacted by my old friend and fellow HERO-“ He says, emphasizing the word hero; “Contingency about an opportunity to appeal to the world as a whole, I knew I had to take it.” He continues.

He rolls his wheel chair over to a full wall window in the back of his office that appears to be tinted. He presses the button and the window becomes clear, revealing a group of homeless people can be seen milling about a large room full of cots. “As I said, I manage a homeless shelter, but not all of the inhabitants are what they seem.” The voice says.

He shakily lifts his hand and points to a heavyset balding elderly black man with six dull chrome plated exhaust pipes that curve upward coming out of his back.. “Can you recognize that man? His name is Abdul Rudd, but you might know him better as Heavy Steel, a retired hero with a quirk that allows him to transform into classic cars that used to call Detroit, Michigan his home. He was a proud member of Detroit’s Man Cave, a hero group sponsored by the American Motor Heroes, a subsidiary of GMCF Motor Company.” He says. (Q/N: GM, Chevrolet and Ford were forced to merge into a single company after WW3 to avoid collapsing.) Gran Torino winces again as his theory is confirmed. Some of the other teachers seem to be shocked and appalled to see a retired hero in a homeless shelter. Nezu seems to be in a rather sullen mood.

He points over to an elderly white lady who just entered the room with prosthetic legs and a kangaroo like tail wearing a ratty beanie over her dull grey hair and a dingy looking coat and pants. “That right there is the Leaper, an Australian immigrant and hero who retired twenty years ago when her legs were damaged in an explosion caused by fleeing bank robbers. She still managed to stop them before they could hurt anybody, but her legs were destroyed because of it. She lost her legs to protect the people of Richmond, Virginia. Now she spends her days collecting cans for recycling.” He adds. Then he starts pointing to other people in rapid succession.

“Erica Miller, AKA the Rattlesnake, she made it to number seventeen in Texas. Brian Cobbs, AKA The Green Knight, he was injured saving a school bus full of children in the Francis Park Riots of St. Louis, Missouri. Matthew McKinney, AKA Mr. Avalanche, a popular hero from our Nation’s capitol of Philadelphia, he took a bullet for the late President Harold Bradley who himself was a former Boston Hero known as Minuteman.” He adds before obscuring the window again. He sighs. “And those are just the ones who were okay with me revealing their identities. Every single person in that room was a former hero or sidekick.” He says before pausing.

“It’s a dirty little secret of the hero industry, one that even many heroes aren’t aware of. 35 % of all heroes in the United States end up homeless at some point in their lives. They’ve taken the place that was once occupied by veterans in the early 21st century. And the real kicker about all of this is that America is actually lower than the global average of 39 %.” He says. Principal Nezu and Gran Torino are the only ones in the room who are not left in a state of shock by this. While it is true that most heroes don’t know about this, a lot more underground heroes know it. “T-that can’t be true…” Power Loader says.

“Do you have any idea how often I find out that close friends and coworkers are out on the street Higari? How often I hear that someone I used to work with on a regular basis was found dead in a dingy alley? It’s real, I’ve seen it… I was homeless myself for three years up until a few years ago.” Gran Torino says. Yagi turns to look at the older man in absolute horror. “Don’t look at me like that Zygote; I’m fine now. Worry about the ones that are still out there. And keep listening; if he’s going where I think he is, you of all people need to hear this.” Gran Torino says.
“I wish that was the end of their troubles, but it’s not… Our society has built up a fantasy about heroes. We are not meant to be human; we are supposed to be super human in more ways than one. We should be free of any faults, of any weaknesses. We put on an act; we tell the people everything is fine by aura alone.” He says before turning to the camera. Yagi can practically feel the man staring into his soul despite the fact that this is a pre-recorded video. “We create a façade that is meant to say ‘I am here.’” He adds. Yagi reacts to those words as if he had been shot in the gut.
Back in the 1st year dorms, the students and Nemuri looks absolutely horrified. Shota, on the other hand just looks even more tired than usual. Being an underground hero, he has come across these broken former heroes far too many times.

“But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, I know this from personal experience…” He says as his hand shakily rubs a hidden scar on his chest. “Mental Illness, personal injuries, and even suicide runs rampant in Hero Society. Governments, Corporations and the Media alike know this well, but they ignore it in favor of the false narrative they created. We are supposed to be the saviors of humanity, but who will save us?” He asks before turning back to the camera.


Back in the teacher’s lounge, the teachers seem to be in a rather sullen mood. “I will not use names, but there are some heroes who have driven this problem to new heights. They have encouraged the idea that they are Gods, taking the weight of entire nations upon their shoulders.” He says. Yagi shoots up straight as a metaphorical arrow pierces his heart. “But what happens when that hero inevitably falls to the march of time? Chaos. The other heroes of the country will be left with impossible shoes to fill. Criminals will be emboldened by the fall of a God. And it’s all their fault.” He adds. Yagi’s eyes go wide in horror upon hearing that. The man is voicing one of his biggest, deepest fears to the entire world. He had been warned by a few people during his time in America about the dangers of what he was trying to do, but he pushed their concerns aside. His injury against All For One forced him to reconsider those words.

“The heroes of said society grow complacent with the presence of a God. When the God falls, they are often too weak to stand alone, as the God’s presence became a crutch. This results in a crippled nation.” He says. Yagi turns pale at this. He stares at the screen in horror, not noticing how his breath seems to be getting shorter, how he’s starting to feel nauseous or how his heart is beating erratically.

“These gods also further the idea that we are gods. They encourage other heroes to ignore their problems by example…” He says. Principal Nezu turns to Yagi looking rather alarmed briefly as his animalistic instincts warn him that something is wrong. He schools his reaction quickly and subtly messages Recovery Girl about the situation. There’s really not much he can do about it, so he doesn’t tell the others, not wanting to make things worse. Adam stops typing and looks straight into the camera. “W-we-we-we a-are n-not g-g-gods. W-we a-are r-r-real peo-people wi-with r-real pro-pro-problems. P-please re-remember th-this.” He says before the video cuts out. Yagi’s hand shoots over his heart as he starts to cough violently. “YAGI!” Several of the teachers shout as the man starts to slump over just as Recovery Girl bursts into the room with a robot carrying a cardiac response kit.
Recovery Girl rips his shirt open and puts her ear to his heart. “He’s going into Cardiac Arrest.” She says before starting to perform CPR. She goes through a few rounds before grabbing a defibrillator from the robot when it doesn’t work. She puts the devices into position and yells “Clear!” before delivering a shock. Yagi’s body arches upward, but nothing happens. She continues her efforts to revive him for five minutes. She delivers one final shock as the rest of the staff look on helplessly.

This time, Yagi gasps for breath and his eyes open wide. The teachers sigh in relief but Recovery Girl orders the robot to transform into a stretcher. “He’s not out of the woods yet. Ken, help me get him on the stretcher.” She says to Cementoss. The teacher rushes over and gently places Yagi on the stretcher before the UA Staff escorts her to her office. They pass by a very concerned looking Ms. Joke, Reiko Yanagi, Mirio, Amajaki, Eri and the two women’s daughters, Niko Aizawa and Jin Tokoyami on the way through. Mirio looks as if he wants to follow, but Amajaki stops her, pointing down to the now crying Eri. Niko and Jin aren’t nearly as emotional, but they are clinging to their mothers rather closely. They had decided to distract the children when they all saw Bachiko in a warzone.

“M-Mr. Yagi’s going to be okay, right?” Eri asks. Mirio flashes the little girl the biggest grin he can muster in response. “Of course he is! All Might’s been through way worse than this. Whatever happened, I’m sure he’ll be better in no time at all!” He says, masking his own inner turmoil. The adults may have been with the kids, but they’ve still been getting updates from their phones.
Mitsuki enters the first year dorm with Madison behind her, having no clue where Michael is at the moment. When they come into sight of the students, Mina, Setsuna and Toru scream in terror before hiding behind the couch. The others pause as they watch Madison smile creepily. Mitsuki removes her mask and starts to chuckle. “Yeah, that was a mistake. Never show fear in front of Dolly.” Mitsuki says. She gestures to Madison, who rolls her eyes before engaging a hologram wristwatch to make her look more human. Mitsuki looks over to the kitchen and notices Michael going through the pantry. Nobody else seems to have noticed him.

“There you are! How did you get here before us?” Mitsuki asks. Everyone turns to see the man. “I’m a Sorcerer! Plus, I had a serious case of the munchies.” He says before grabbing a bag of chips. Mitsuki face palms as the stoner plops down between Denki and Sero. “Whey!” Denki says. Apparently he had been startled enough by everything revealed by Floodgates for his quirk to go off. Luckily he was away from the main group when it happened, so nobody was hurt. Michael turns to him and chuckles. “I’ll have whatever this guy was smoking.” He says.

“Oh, uh, he didn’t smoke anything. His quirk tends to fry his brain when overused.” Sero says. Michael pouts at this slightly. “Wait, so his quirk can get him wasted whenever he wants? Some people are just born lucky I guess.” He says.

“Ahh!” Shoto yelps before swatting the back of his neck. Izuku looks over to him in concern. “Are you okay Shoto?” He asks. “Yeah, I just got bit by a mosquito. He says. He looks down at the dead bug and recoils slightly. “At least I think, it’s an ugly little thing. “I’ll show you ugly.” A tiny, irritating voice says from nearby. It’s too quiet for anyone else to hear though.

Mitsuki turns to a rather irritated looking Madison with a look of exasperation. “Will you get your boyfriend under control?” Mitsuki asks as Ochaco returns after having put Bachiko to bed. He looks at the TV and groans at the news. “Man, I am way too sober for all this right now. Anybody got any weed? I’m out.” He asks. Without thinking, Momo pulls a small bag of the green substance with a tea infuser in it.

“Sure, I usually like to have some with my tea.” She says, not noticing the shocked expressions on the others faces. “Sweet!” He says before pulling a bong out of who knows where. He pouts when he notices it seems to be broken. “Bummer…” He says. “Oh, don’t worry.” She adds before creating a bong and handing it to him. “Wicked! You kids could learn something about hospitality from her.” He says. Momo looks confused briefly before she remembers where she is.

She goes ramrod straight and turns to face the rest of the class with a bright red blush on her face. Most of the students are shocked, but Mina, Toru and Setsuna seem to have broken out of their earlier fear, as they are now struggling not to laugh. Their faces are red (or purple in Mina’s case) as they lose control the moment Momo sees them. She squeaks in terror before attempting to run away, only to be caught by Eraserhead’s capture tape.

“God damn it… Look, I’m not mad Momo. Just make sure you’re not high when on the job.” He says before releasing her. Momo falls into a nearby chair looking absolutely mortified. She can’t even look at Izuku right now. Neito leaps from his chair with a look of superiority on his face, but he doesn’t even get the chance to say anything as Itsuka shuts him up. Rather than chopping him on the back of the neck, she uses her words. “I smoke pot too Neito.” Shocking the rest of 1-B. Setsuna seems to have a look of pride on her face. “Yeah, same here.” Sero says. Aizawa sighs at this. “Alright, how many of you use marijuana?” He asks. Out of 1-A; Mina, Toru, Kyouka, Eijirou, Rikido and Tsuyu raise their hands along with Sero. Out of 1-B; Setsuna Tokage, Jurota Shishida, Kosei Tsuburaba, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Itsuka Kendo, Manga Fukidashi, Hiryu Rin and Yui Kodai also raise their hands. “I guess I kind of do?” Fumikage says confusing the others. Dark Shadow pops out and says “420 blazin’.” “I tried Psilocybin once when I was six by accident, it didn’t end well. That’s why I started studying the effects of my shroomy friends.” Kinoko says.

Tenya looks around in absolute shock. “I- bu-wha? That is completely inappropriate! We are supposed to set an example for society! Using illicit substances is unacceptab-“ He starts to say, arms chopping away before a new news story stops him mid chop.
Mount Lady is sitting at a computer desk in the shared apartment of the recently formed Lurkers doing a gaming live stream. A lot of people around the world are panicking over the Revolution fighting the Gaelic Empire, so she wanted to help provide a distraction as Giantlady321 instead of Mount Lady. “Ahh come on! I wanted to use Canyon Cannon, not Titan Cliff!” She says while playing Hero Fighter VI. Her character had just been added a week ago as a DLC. She is fighting against the Laundry Hero: Wash, a character that would usually be considered rather low tier in this game, as his move set is a bit gimmicky. Coincidentally, he is also being played by the hero himself who also decided to stream.

Said hero fires a stream of hot water out of a hose on his costume to counter the attack. “Oh come on! You would never shoot water from your hose at this range in real life! You’d try to trap me in a bubble!” She shouts angrily before she notices that Wash stops moving. “Y-Yu, my chat just told me about something called Project Flood Gates going live. Twitter has turned into a virtual firestorm and it’s only been three minutes! You should probably get ready, there’s likely going to be a lot of riots if even half of what they’re saying is true.” He says. “Ah crap, Rika warned me about that.” Yu says, causing her chat to blow up. Realizing her mistake, Yu had to do a bit of damage control.

“Alright guys, first of all, yes; the rumors are true. The Vigilante Rika Takeyama, also known as Mass Drive; is a relative of mine. While we do keep in contact, she doesn’t usually talk to me about Revolution activity to keep from jeopardizing my career. She only warned me about Flood Gates because she said there was something in it I needed to see.” Yu says calmly before receiving a notification. “And that’s probably it now.” She says before opening an email. It leads to a link to a specific part of the flood gate website. She brings the message up and frowns when she sees it.

It’s a case file on a man named Yuuto Gushiken, a name she remembers well. He was the villain she debuted against; she has the article about his capture framed on her wall in the background. Being a young hero at the time, she never really bothered to pay much attention after he was carted away. She jumps slightly when she sees the word deceased on the file. She pulls up a death certificate and winces when she sees that he had hung himself.

She moves on to the court documents and she reads through the document. According to the case, Yuuto was a first time offender. He was charged four crimes, petty theft, illegal quirk use, causing a public disruption and a crime simply referred to as ‘Villainy’. She quirks an eyebrow at the last charge. She has heard of it before, but the details about it are classified from the public. Her eyes widen in horror when she reads the sentencing for his crimes, as she now realizes why those details were hidden. He received three months in prison for petty theft, two months probation and mandatory quirk counseling for illegal quirk use and six months in prison for the public disruption charge.

These all seemed reasonable to Yu, but then she sees that he was given fifteen years without the possibility of parole for the charge of ‘Villainy’. When he was released, he would have to register with the Known Villains Registry, a system based on the American Sex Offender Registry. People who ended up on this list were not protected from discrimination, meaning that they could never get a decent job. It has been criticized for basically forcing people into a life of crime, resulting in an eighty five percent reoffending rate.

A first time offender who snatched a purse had his entire life ruined because of a minor crime. She looked into the details involving motive behind the crime and her stomach drops while she began to cry. The reason for his turn to crime was that he was drowning in debt because he was a single father to a chronically ill five year old girl. What’s worse was that the girl was quirkless. Quirkless children are often given low priority for life saving treatments, meaning he would have likely had to go underground to help her. When he was arrested, she was made a ward of the state. Being quirkless, she was largely neglected. Yu is sobbing profusely at this point but she freezes when she reads the last detail. The child apparently died while her father was in prison. Her date of death was approximately three days before her father’s. She remembers that the man hung himself and manages to connect the dots. She quickly bends over the desk she was sitting at and vomits.

When she finally recovers, she looks up and her eyes lock on to the framed article. She screams in anguish fueled rage before rushing over to the wall and ripping it off. She slams it into the ground and starts to stomp on it while sobbing helplessly as she experiences a mental breakdown. Kamui Woods and Edgeshot rush into the room to figure out what was happening, with Kamui wrapping her in a tight hug while Edgeshot rushes over to the computer. He skims the file and grimaces he closes it before joining Kamui in the hug, never noticing that the stream is still recording. “Yu, I know it’s bad; but you’re not alone. A lot of heroes are finding out about cases like this right now, myself and Kamui includ-“ He says not realizing how bad a choice he just made.

“THERE’S MORE?!?!” Yu screams in horror. Shinji sighs at this. “Yu… it’s looking like almost thirty percent of the people in the Known Villain Registry were put there like this. Apparently some of the less scrupulous Support Companies responsible for creating the cells used to contain prisoners had been targeting vulnerable people with dangerous quirks, manipulating them into committing crimes so they could sell the government equipment to contain them. There’s shit like this going on all over the world, but here in Japan it’s managed by our dear president Emica Fukuda. Apparently she’s actually the villainess Drake Witch in disguise…” He says, dropping a bit of venom on the word president.

“And this is just the tip of the ice berg. The Moonfish program, rampant hero fraud, using heroes to silence opponents and to top it off she has a hand in just about every criminal industry you can imagine…” Edgeshot says. “H-holy shit… Shinya, w-we’re the heroes; aren’t we?” Shinji asks.

“I… I honestly don’t know anymore. Yoroi Musha’s been running a smuggling operation for the past thirty years; France kept the identity of their number 1 hero The Musketeer secret because he’s a convicted pedophile, Mongolia has half of China’s heroes on their payroll and a good chunk of ours work with them too due to an agreement with our Hero Public Safety Commission’s President. This is the biggest shit storm the hero world has ever seen…” He says solemnly. An explosion rocks the building, sending Edgeshot, Mount Lady and Kamui Woods into combat mode.

Yu looks up from the floor with her makeup screwed up by tears. “No Kamui, we’re not heroes.” She says before reaching into a nearby drawer. She pulls out a trio of Revolution patches and slaps one onto her costume’s shoulder. The patch instantly attaches itself to the costume. “Not anymore…” She says before tossing the other two to them. Edgeshot seems hesitant at first, but Kamui slaps it on the chest of his own costume as Yu pulls out her hero license. Using a lighter, she incinerates it before stomping the ashes out on the floor. Kamui impales his own license on one of his branches, making the number five hero sigh. He pulls his own license out and narrows his arm to cut it in half before attaching the patch to his own costume. “Let’s go get that bitch Drake Witch… For Yuuto…” She says with her voice trembling in fury.

Edgeshot and Mount Lady leave, but Kamui Woods stays behind briefly looking rather distraught. He looks down at his phone and sees the file on Akito “Death Arms” Ishizaki. “Akito… you were my brother in all but blood… I’m the godfather of your daughter, I was the best man at you and you’re late wife Hanako’s wedding… I stood by your side while Hanako lost her life to Parkinson’s Disease… What would she think of what you have become? How could you become a killer?” He says mournfully. He crushes his phone in his hand before leaving the room behind.
Tenya jumps slightly when his phone goes off. He sees a file in a message and is about to open it when something on the television stops him cold. “Apparently not even Japan’s oldest hero families are not immune to this scandal as details of corruption within the esteemed Iida family have been brought to light.” The news caster says. Tenya’s eyes shoot straight toward the television upon hearing this. Several of the students turn to look at the enraged expression on his face. “HOW DARE YOU! MY FA-“ He starts to say, leaping to his feet and causing the message to open up. He looks down and his phone and his expression shifts from rage to shock to horror as his eyes start to water. “W-what? N-no… th-this must be a prank… dear God, please somebody tell me this is just some sick joke!” He says as he looks at the detailed list of crimes.

Apparently his father and even his brother Tensei have been involved in a racketeering scheme for the last 30 years. His eyes start to water and he has a look of panic and confusion on his face. He rushes out of the room, not noticing Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Shoto and Momo following close behind him.

His hands are shaking as he brings up his contacts and finds Tensei’s number. He calls him and he seems to get an answer. “TENSEI?! Oh thank God! Tensei, the news is saying terrible things about you! They said something about a racketeering scheme that you, and father have been running, they’re lying right? Please tell me they’re lying.” He says. The phone remains silent on the other end. “Tensei? Tensei, please! Tell me they’re lying!” He says as his heart begins to break. The phone call ends, leaving devastation in its wake. “Tensei? TENSEI!!!!!” He screams before collapsing to his knees and sobbing profusely.

The others are quick to pull him into an embrace as Eraserhead and Midnight enter the room, but Tenya doesn’t notice any of this. Midnight gasps in horror and her eyes begin to water when she sees the state of her student. Eraserhead looks even more tired than usual. As an underground hero, he constantly heard rumors of such things, but he usually wrote them off as just that. The man is kicking himself now for not taking them more seriously. “Oh—oh God… What would my Great, Great Grandfather, Motor Man think of this?” Tenya asks no one in particular as his heart shatters into a million pieces.

Meanwhile, a certain bird winged hero is sitting in a dingy bar, questioning everything he ever knew.
Hawks is sitting in a dingy dive bar with the bar tender being the only other person around an hour after Flood Gates went live. He is holding a bottle of Sake, forgoing the shot glass in favor of drinking it from the source. The bar’s owner actually knows the man pretty well, and given what he has heard from other patrons and his own phone, he can’t exactly blame the man, he’d be drinking too if he found out his whole life was a lie. A woman sits down a few seats away, prompting Hawks to look over. He recoils slightly when he recognizes the woman, preparing himself for a fight, but then he sees something on her shoulder that makes him freeze.

A few seconds pass before Hawks burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. The blue and pink haired woman rolls her eyes, having a pretty good idea what has him laughing like this. The idea of Lady Nagant of all people joining the Revolution seems stupid at first, but the more Hawks thinks about it, the more his laughter starts to die as he realizes something; it fits. The Revolution would be the perfect chance for her to deal with the corruption within hero society. How they broke her out of her self-destructive selfish behavior is a mystery to the man, but considering the whole world seems to have been flipped upside down, he guesses it’s not too hard to believe.

His laughter finally dies and he looks down at the bottle somberly. “This is it, isn’t it? This is why you went rogue?” He asks miserably. Kaina remains silent for a bit. “It’s part of it… I found out the previous President was running a criminal empire, which is why I killed him. Even I didn’t know how bad it really was until I joined the Revolution though. Reginald sought me out personally and offered me a chance at redemption.” She says before ordering a drink for herself.

She chuckles softly as she sits down closer to Hawks. “At first I thought he was an idiot. But the guy just has a way of getting to you, you know? I suppose it makes sense, given what he is and just how long he’s been around.” She says. Hawks looks at her in confusion. “You make it sound like he isn’t even human.” He says. Lady Nagant starts to chuckle again. “Because he’s not. He’s been around way longer than we have.” She says before sliding a picture of what looks to be a microbe of some sort.

Hawks stares at it briefly before turning back to Hawks. “Alright, I give up, what is that?” He asks. “That’s the real Reginald Barrister. The human you met is just a glorified meat suit. Apparently, billions of years ago, a lightning strike hit a bundle of amino acids just the right way to form a single living entity. That entity split into two different creatures, one of which would become the ancestor of all life on Earth. The other was Reginald.” She says. Hawks pauses at this mind blowing revelation while the bartender sets a glass and a bottle down in front of Lady Nagant. The man has been around heroes long enough to know when there’s a conversation that nobody should be hearing. He walks over to the front door and flips the closed sign up before leaving the room.

“A-are you trying to tell me I’ve been hanging out with the first thing that ever lived?” He asks incredulously. “The first thing that lived on Earth at least.” She says, blowing the man’s mind further. She turns to him and chuckles. “Don’t be expecting any aliens to show up any time soon. Apparently Earth is an exclusion zone, which means there aren’t supposed to be any aliens here; with one exception. Quirks are apparently unique to Earth and they want to keep it that way.” She says. “J-Jesus… How do you know shit like this?” He asks incredulously. “It’s how Reginald broke through to me, complete honesty.” She says. Hawks sits there looking like everything he ever knew was turned upside down. “Dude, Aliens are real and there’s one living here? Holy shit, do I know them?” He asks.

“Have you been to UA lately?” She asks. Hawks jumps to his feet with an excited look on his face. “HAH! I KNEW IT! NEZU IS AN ALIEN! I WIN THE BET!” He shouts, getting an eye roll from Kaina. “No he’s not, he’s apparently some sort of extinct mammal from the age of the dinosaurs that was frozen at some point and thawed out thirty years ago according to Reginald. He also mentioned something about God, but I don’t know if he was being serious there.” She says. Hawks slumps forward in a cloud of depression. “Which means I win thank you very much!” Rumi “Mirko” Usagiyama says. She walks up to the bar and sits down next to him, which is when he notices her own Revolution patch on her costume. “So you chose to jump ship eh? Can’t say I blame you given everything that’s been revealed. I’m probably going to do the same.” He says. Rumi chuckles at this. “Who said I was with the Hero Commission to begin with?” She says, getting a confused look from Keigo. “You’re not the only one who can go under cover Bird Boy, I’ve been with the Revolution since my second year at hero school.” She says casually.

“As for the alien question, Kaina was referring to Miss Ashido.” Reginald says as he walks in to the room, causing him to freeze. “Whoa, wait, pink skin, yellow horns, black and yellow eyes.” He says before face palming. “Calls herself Alien Queen, god damn it…” He adds.

“Her back story is pretty much the same as the prequirk comic book hero Super Man. She’s the last survivor of a doomed alien race sent to Earth only to be found by humans. She doesn’t know, but her parents are visiting soon to tell her the truth. She’s about to go through a transformation of sorts that all female Phylarians experience after their first experience of the carnal variety. Over an eight hour period, she’ll be locked into a chrysalis, during which her body will undergo a few changes. She’ll grow small wings made to assist her in changing direction mid flight, gain the ability to fly via energy stored within her body via movement, hence her and by extent, all Phylarian’s innate skill and interest in dancing. Her acid production capabilities will skyrocket, allowing her to shoot streams of it with considerable force and it will also gain the ability to achieve what has been called negative PH, which is when an acid becomes even more corrosive than even an acid with a PH of zero.” Reginald adds.

Hawks chuckles at this. “From what Shota has told me about her, she’ll probably be ecstatic to hear it… So are there other Aliens on Earth too?” Hawks asks. “No, not right now at least. Like Kaina just said, Earth is an Exclusion Zone. There were a few researchers back before the Age of Quirks, but once humanity started getting quirks as a species, they were withdrawn to an outpost on the dark side of the moon. Humans have seen them though. Several mythological creatures like Fairies and Goblins were actually aliens. The Phylarians, which is what Mina is, were like that too, but I’ll leave what they were as a surprise.” Reginald says.

Hawks chuckles mirthlessly at this. “Any chance we can convince the aliens to help us out with this mess?” He asks. “They… let’s just say they have their own problems right now. The three remaining space based species are fighting for their very lives…” Reginald says solemnly. “Only three?” Hawks asks. “Life on other planets is rather rare in and of itself Mr. Takami, and sapience is even rarer than that. The highest number of known sapient races existing at one time was only 17, and that was 1.1 billion years ago. The few sapient races that do pop up usually end up destroying themselves before they can spread across the stars, much like humans almost did back in WW3.” Reginald says. Hawks snorts at this. “It’s good to know that humans aren’t the only sapient morons.” He says. Reginald sighs at this. “Yes, stupidity is a shared trait amongst sapient beings.” He says.

“Enough of that though, are you serious about throwing in with the Revolution?” Rumi asks. Keigo turns to her with a look of surprise. “Considering what I’ve learned? I’d be an idiot to stay.” He replies. “Good.” Rumi says before pulling out her phone. “Our fellow ex-heroes Mount Lady, Kamui Woods and Edgeshot seem to have unintentionally started a bit of a movement due to a streaming mishap. Numerous heroes have started destroying their licenses on video and throwing in with the Revolution. Kugo apparently followed up on that to start a bit of a trend.” She says before showing Keigo a video where Gang Orca stated his desire to give back to the world by becoming a teacher.

He acknowledged that one of the shortcomings of vigilantes is a lack of training, and he wishes to help train the next generation of Vigilantes, leading to his appointment as the Revolution’s new head of training in Japan.

“You in?” She asks. Hawks chuckles before pulling out his license and a smaller feather from his left wing emerges. “Do it.” He says. Rumi grins before starting a recording. “’Sup people? Things have been getting a little crazy out there today. Me and Keigo here are in agreement that this system is too broken to stick with, so we’re jumping ship. She says before tossing her license into the air and kicking it into oblivion. Keigo chuckles before destroying his own license by tossing it into the air and slicing it in half with a feather sword. Rumi hands Hawks a Revolution patch and he affixes it to his uniform. “Viva La Revolution!” Rumi shouts enthusiastically before grinning at the camera. “Always wanted to say that. Hold on out there folks, it’ll get better.” Rumi says before terminating the video.

Hawks receives a notification on his phone and pulls it out. His eyes widen when he reads the headline. Monarch VI is dead and Dublin has been captured. The Gaelic Empire has fallen. He turns a look of curiosity to Lady Nagant. “Why are you in Japan? This whole Gaelic Empire thing looks like it would have your name all over it.” He says.

Lady Nagant grumbles angrily, and Keigo swears he heard something akin to an agreement in there. “I wanted to make sure you had someone who could relate to what you’re going through, and she is your old mentor.” Reginald says.
Earlier in Dublin

Monarch VI is positively livid as he paces around the bunker hidden within his Palace. Things in Dublin have started turning heavily in the favor of the IRA and the British Resistance. The rebels breached the Palace itself a few minutes earlier and the guards are in complete disarray. Some of them have even joined the rebels now that Propaganda is gone. Leading the charge is his own daughter Chloe alongside a group of Gaelic Heroes in civilian outfits who have since turned against him. Leading the heroes is the Gaelic Empire’s number three hero, the Leprechaun.

“Make sure to take the bastard alive! I need to punch him for making me into a Leprechaun.” The diminutive hero says before turning to a surveillance camera Monarch VI and his allies are watching. “I’m not even Irish, you son of a bitch! I’m from Glasgow!” He shouts.

Aedh Elgin
Codename: The Leprechaun (Formerly)
Height: 3’5”
Weight: 65lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 9th
Age: 31
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Luck Drain
Quirk Description: Aedh’s quirk is a limited reality warping quirk which manifests in the form of what many would see as luck. He can drain a person’s ‘luck’ by touching them with all five fingers and add it to his own. This makes him more likely to have favorable results whereas his targets suffer misfortune.
Basic Biography: Aedh was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He came to the attention of the Gaelic Empire at the age of seven. They rewrote his history, convincing him that he was actually Séamus O’Leary of Limerick, Ireland. Due to a combination of his luck based quirk, his short stature and his naturally red hair and green eyes; he was saddled with the Leprechaun gimmick for a hero identity. Since the brainwashing wore off, he has been absolutely livid.

At this point, Monarch has clearly lost it. Many of his Generals and advisors are beginning to look uneasy. “Who do these fools think they are?! They think they can defeat me?! I am Monarch! The world trembles at the very mention of my name! It’s only a matter of time before my forces defeat them.” He shouts. He continues ranting until he sees a couple of known vigilantes among the heroes. Monarch grins like a maniac when he sees them. “AHA! I have you now! I’ll just call in our allies and this mess will be over in an instant!” He shouts.

The advisors and generals look around nervously. “Uhh, s-sir. W-we’ve already tried that. Th-the Triple Alliance has abandoned us, they think we’re a lost cause. E-Even the majority of the Revolution vigilantes have left.” One of the advisor’s says. This, combined with his daughter Chloe kicking the door to the throne room in is enough to force Monarch to face the facts. The fight is over. The Gaelic Empire is finished. He screams in rage as a vent pops open. Only one of the generals notices the figure’s arrival. He looks right at the invisible woman, making her pause. Rather than give her position away, he mouths a few words to her, praying that she can read lips.

“Suicide switch. Nukes everywhere. He’ll go on a tirade. Wait for the Taiga protocol.” He says. The invisible figure’s eyes widen before her expression hardens.

Chloe and Aedh accompany a group of rebels, heroes and vigilantes into the throne room when a large screen descends from the ceiling in front of the throne. A broadcast goes out to the entire world, showing off a manic looking Monarch VI. The video is being broadcast all over the world. “DAMN YOU, YOU STUPID BRAT! I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU THE MOMENT YOU CAME OUT OF YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB!” He shouts furiously. A massive grin splits his face a few seconds later.

“You think you’ve won don’t you? You think you’ve saved the people from your tyrannical old man?! As if I would let that happen! I’ve got hydrogen bombs planted all over the Empire!” He shouts, causing Chloe’s stomach to drop. “If I can’t have this land, then no one ca-“ He says, reaching for a button. His head explodes in a display of gore as a gunshot comes from the other side of the room.
Back in Japan, many of the students jump in shock. Toru’s eyes widen in horror as her daughter Hikari becomes visible solely due to the blood splatter. She then uncloaks herself as the body falls to the ground. “Monarch VI has violated section IV of the Taiga Accords by threatening the use of Nuclear weapons. International law states that anyone is within their rights to terminate anyone who threatens the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Any attempts at retaliation over this action will be considered a war crime under the Revised Geneva Convention.” She says with a cold, authoritative tone before looking around at the shocked guards, generals and advisors. “This fight is over. Lay down your arms.” She adds. As the others do as Hikari says, Toru starts crying. Izuku rushes over to hug her, with Mina joining him.

“It’s okay Toru; your daughter did the right thing. The entire Gaelic Empire would have been destroyed had she hesitated. She’s a hero.” Shota says to the sobbing girl. He sighs when he sees the conflicted looks on the student’s faces. “Look, you’re going to have to get used to these kinds of things as a hero. If it’s too much for you, then drop out now. I’d rather you leave here than die out there because you hesitated.” He adds. None of the students move at this statement.
Meanwhile, Nora, Ren, Daisuke, Akira, Ox, Ryota and Hibiki are hiding out in a café near the Detnerat Company HQ when two portals open and Harbinger, the Troll walk through them. “Well, looks like the gang’s all here! Let’s do this thi-“ She starts to say before the window to the café explodes inward. Trumpet’s very dead, mangled body hits Ren, who had just barely managed to get in front of Nora before it could hit her. They look outside and see what could only be described as a very bizarre horror movie down the street.

Geten and Skeptic’s mutilated dead bodies can be seen on the streets, only being recognizable due to their half destroyed costumes. The sound “Du-Be-Du-Be-Du-Ba.” can be heard repeating loudly over the madness as the main mass of monsters is piled on to a large figure in the center. “Oh shit, Evolution’s meme blasting Re-Destro!” Hibiki shouts. The pile of fedora wearing Platypus monsters explodes and Re-Destro appears his body nearly pure black and his muscles absolutely bulging. He has a manic look in his eye as he shouts at the top of his lungs “I AM NOT DOCTOR DOOFENSHMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRTTTZZZZZZ!!!!!” He punches one of the Platypus creatures with enough force to send it flying.

The clone morphs into an Evolution Muppet version of R. Kelly. “I believe I can flyyyyy~ Can’t tell the difference between a toilet and a child~ACK!” He starts to sing before slamming into a wall of concrete.

One of the other Evolution clones groans in annoyance. “I’ll deal with you lot later, I need to complete Rikiya’s ascension to a higher state of insanity.” He says. “Asc?- OH GOD DAMN IT! He’s doing the cult thing again!” Ryota shouts. “The what now?” Karl asks. “The Cult of Evo’Lu-tion! Everybody kept comparing me to Cthulu and his pals, so I just said fuck it, I’ll start a cult.” Evolution says happily. He points over to a group of wildly grinning people in black, hooded robes with four purple tentacles emerging below their arms. “Flect Turn, Overhaul, deal with the intruders.” He adds.

The two mentioned villains emerge with their hoods down. They both have a single green eyeball tattooed in the center of their foreheads. Flect Turn has a second pair of arms with flesh and bone cannons at the end half way between his upper arm pits and his waist. Overhaul’s back is covered with a dozen bone white long, thin multi jointed spider crab like arms. Six of the arms have large crab like claws while the other six have three thick black talons. “So that’s what happened to Humarise, they’ve been rather quiet recently.” Hibiki says.

“COME NOW! OBLIVION AWAITS US!” Overhaul screams as the cult charges the vigilantes.

Yagi Toshinori is lying in a hospital bed when his eyes finally open. He appears to be hooked up to various machines with tubes in his nose and a breathing mask on his face. A few minutes later, Recovery Girl and a few doctors and nurses rush into the room to check his condition. When they finish, they decide to leave him to rest. A few minutes later, his phone starts to buzz. Yagi reaches over to pick it up and he seems shocked when he sees none other than Stain on the video. The Hero Killer looks shocked briefly before turning to concern. “All Might? Are you okay?” He asks. Yagi freezes at this, as he is currently not in his All Might form. “I already knew about your deteriorated state Yagi, Reginald informed me. I’m more concerned about all the tubes.” He says calmly. The man blinks before sighing. “I apparently went into Cardiac Arrest when Flood Gate went live. I’m fine now though. I must admit I am shocked to see you though. Where are you?” He asks.

“Right now I’m just outside Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We have bigger issues right now though. Have you seen much of what’s going on in Social Media?” Stain asks. Yagi sighs. “No, and I’m not sure I want to. Things are bad there even on a good day, I can’t imagine what it’s like now.” He says. “I get that, but we have a problem. The world seems to have turned me into some sort of idol. ‘Stain was right’ is trending all over Japan and the Children of Nemesis are trending worldwide…” He says mournfully, shocking All Might at first. Then he takes a second to think about it and realizes that it makes sense. “Children of Nemesis?” All Might asks. Chizome chuckles mirthlessly at this. “All Might, I am not the only person who kills corrupt heroes, I’m just one of the higher profile ones. We have our own organization similar to the Revolution.” He says.

“All Might… I don’t want this. We don’t want this. What we’re doing is wrong; I don’t want to live in a world where I’m considered a hero. The fact that the world is glorifying me is nothing short of terrifying.” Stain says solemnly. “You know, you could use this to turn over a new leaf. You’re right, you’re not a hero now, but you have the chance to become one.” Yagi says. Chizome chuckles at this. “Even in a hospital bed you remain a symbol of righteousness.” He says.

“But that’s not really in the cards for me right now. The world needs Stain lurking in the shadows now more than ever, but I can’t let this trend continue. We need something bigger to overtake me… I saw Mr. Tornado’s video, and something he said really stuck with me, made me start to reconsider my path. ‘We are not Gods’… Yagi, I know this is a lot to ask, but the world is treating hero society as if the Gods have betrayed them, they’ve completely missed the point Mr. Tornado was trying to make. I know this is a lot to ask, but it might be time to let your condition be known… If All Might of all people were to look more human…” He says. “They might understand what Mr. Tornado was saying… Even I wouldn’t be able to do it alone though. I’ll need to make a few calls.” He says.
About half an hour later, Yagi sighs. The pieces are in place, the few heroes still revered in this world are ready to stand by him. Recovery Girl is in the room with a scowl. “I still think this is a stupid idea. Going into your All Might form, even if only for a few seconds, right after having a cardiac incident is just plain stupid.” She says. Yagi sighs. “I know Chiyo, but the world needs to see this. They need to understand Mr. Tornado’s words. We’re not infallible beings; we’re humans, just like them.” He says. Chiyo groans in irritation. “I know, I know… alright, the camera’s ready. Let’s get this over with.” She says.

Yagi bursts into his All Might form as the recording starts. “Hello world, it is me! All Might!” He says boisterously before coughing up a bit of blood. He immediately deflates himself after this. “But I am also a man known as Yagi Toshinori. You know how people puff out their chests to make themselves look bigger? That’s essentially what All Might is. You’re probably wondering what all these tubes are about. Well, like the rest of the world, Project Flood Gates hit me pretty hard. I ended up going into Cardiac Arrest… My heart stopped beating for around four minutes straight. I wouldn’t be here without Recovery Girl’s quick thinking.” He says before sighing.

He lifts up his shirt to reveal his old wound. “Around six years ago, I engaged in a fight with my greatest foe, a super villain by the name of All For One. I defeated him, but my stomach and one of my lungs were destroyed in the process. Since then, I have been living on borrowed time. One part of Project Flood Gates hit me particularly hard; it was the words of Mr. Tornado. I know for a fact that I have been extremely guilty of promoting the whole God-like image of today’s heroes. You have been acting as if the Gods themselves have abandoned you, so I will repeat what Mr. Tornado had to say. We. Are. Not. Gods.” He says emphatically. Recovery Girl ends the recording before giving the man his phone.

He makes his way to Twitter and prepares to post the video under the hash tag #WeAreNotGods. He sighs briefly before hitting post. A little bit later, his phone starts to light up as heroes around the world start to post their own videos.
Half way across the world, a blonde woman wearing a red, white and blue uniform stares at a nearby camera 15 minutes later. “Hello world, I am America’s number one hero; Star and Stripe. Like most of you, I have been reeling from recent revelations about our society. I have already sent in my resignation to American Shield Inc. as I refuse to associate with a company that corrupt. There was also part of Flood Gates that really spoke to me though. The haunting words of Mr. Tornado… we are not gods… Not much is known about my personal life; even my name is kept classified. But given revelations of how the system of anonymity has been abused by people like the Musketeer-“ She says, uttering that name with particular disdain. “I have decided that I can no longer do that.” She says before taking a deep breath.

“My name is Cathleen Bate and I have Malcolm’s Syndrome. For those of you who are unaware of what that is, sometimes a person’s quirk affects the way their brains are wired, giving them a mental disorder which is closely related to their quirk. My Malcolm Syndrome has manifested in the form of OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have managed to mostly overcome it with mental training, but I still have compulsions every now and then.” She says before turning to the camera again with a tear running down her left cheek. “We are not gods.” She says before the video cuts off.
In Egypt, the hero Salaam prepares to make his own revelation. “It has been well documented that I have taken extreme efforts to avoid showing my back… It started as a mere gimmick, but now it has a secondary purpose…” He says. He turns around, showing off his back. There is a pair of large scars right around where his kidneys would be. “Three years ago, I was injured in a fight with one of my greatest enemies, the scorpion villainess Serkaya landed a hit with her twin tails, injecting an aggressive necrotoxin into my body. My kidneys were destroyed by this incident and due to a genetic condition I possess, a transplant would be impossible. I have to undergo regular dialysis treatments because of this. We are not gods.” He says solemnly.
In a private corner of her bed room, Pony appears to be watching a video on her phone with tears in her eyes. In this video is a truly massive Minotaur like man with Prussian blue eyes wearing a cowboy hat, blue jeans and a sleeveless white shirt showing off his massive arms. His body is covered in a layer of light brown fur and he has cow like hooves, massive legs and a bull tail. He is leaning on a metal fence outside of a moderate sized ranch house overlooking a massive tract of grassland full of cattle.

Thomas Masters
Codename: Rodeo
Height: 8’9”
Weight: 546 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 23rd
Age: 62
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Unstoppable
Quirk Description: Rodeo’s body glows with dull brown energy when he activates his quirk. As long as he has momentum, nothing can stop him.
Basic Biography: Not much is known about Rodeo’s private life aside from the fact that he’s a simple country boy. He is extremely humble, but also ferocious in a fight. He’s also famous in Japan, having shown up to help All Might on occasion.

“Y’all know me as Rodeo, but you don’t know me as a man. I have risen to the number three position in the United States, but I never really cared much for such things. The only reason I’m even on that list is because of my philanthropic work. My name is Thomas Masters, owner of Master Farms Inc., one of the largest food producers on Earth. I am a business man, a professional hero, a simple country boy… and a widower with an amazing little girl… I’ve recently learned that I met my late wife due to the manipulative actions of the Purity Foundation, a group dedicated to manipulating people into Quirk Marriages without their knowledge in order to produce stronger quirks; and while I am pissed about that, I would have never met the love of my life without their deceitful actions, so I have decided to call that even.” He says before pulling a photo of a small Japanese woman.

“My wife Aoi was killed in an act of retaliation by the villainous group known as the Garza Cartel. Ever since then, I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of the things our world has gone to great lengths to hide is the prevalence of mental issues in hero society, with nearly 1/3 of all professional heroes suffering a mental break down at some point in their career… I’ve suffered three of them, one of which resulted in my hospitalization a few years back. To this day I still experience nightmares. My little sweet pea decided to move to Japan to follow in my footsteps. She even ended up taking her mother’s last name in her honor. I look forward to a day where heroes can get the support they need, rather than having their problems swept under the rug.” He says before sighing heavily. He turns to the camera and says “We are not gods.” before ending the recording.

The video stops, revealing Pony’s tear stained face in the screens reflection. “Daddy…” Pony says softly in English. Pony’s phone suddenly activates again, showing a new video without her prompting.
As chaos consumes the world, every electronic device in the world simultaneously switches to a pre-recorded video set in what appears to be a private library inside of an Antebellum era plantation mansion. There’s a small table beside a fancy red chair with a tea set on the side. Sitting in the chair is none other than Melody Everhart, AKA the Soul Reaver. She is calmly drinking a cup of tea before she sets it down and turns to the camera as the whole world watches.
Reginald is in a UA meeting room with numerous pro heroes, vigilantes and some of the UA Staff when this occurs. Mirko, Hawks and Lady Nagant have joined him. The heroes seem extremely wary of her, especially Nezu. Reginald sighs when he sees the woman. “So she’s decided to come out of the shadows. I suppose I should have expected this. We did unintentionally set the stage for her…” Reginald says.
Back at the manor, Melody sighs in satisfaction before turning to the camera. “Hello there, my name is Melody Everhart,” She says calmly before summoning her soul ripping claws. “-although some of you might know me as the mythical American Super Villain Soul Reaver.” She says. Even through the camera, the sight of those claws manages to send a chill up the spines of everyone watching.

“We’ve been going through quite a lot today haven’t we? The entire world has been turned upside down as our saviors become pariahs while the ones we dismissed as pests became our liberators.” She says after dispelling the claws. “I must admit, the actions of the Revolution have been as inspiring as they are jarring. In light of everyone else laying down all of their cards, I decided it would be best if I came out into the open as well. After all, I am the one who molded this society into what it is today.” She says, grinning viscously, displaying her sharp, shark like teeth.

“We’ve been getting a lot of background stories today, so I thought I might as well tell you my own. You see, despite being associated with America, I wasn’t actually born here. I was born in a small Viking village located in Newfoundland, a site which would later be named L'Anse aux Meadows.” She says, pausing to let that revelation sink in. “Yes I was born long before the Age of Quirks. In case you didn’t see young Nora’s announcement, quirks have existed as long as life on Earth has.” She says.

“When my quirk first manifested, I got a bit out of control. I ended up devouring the souls of a good chunk of my village. It wasn’t until I devoured the soul of the village hermit that I learned the true nature of my quirk. While I can gain power by devouring anyone, the energy is more stable in those who harbor darkness within them. The village ended up being abandoned, as the locals believed it was cursed. I ended up moving over to England for a time before moving to the Carolina Colony in 1614. I suppose I should explain what my quirk is exactly.” She says.

The world itself seems to tremble in fear as she goes through the details of her base quirk. “Of course, as my quirk allows me to create my own quirks, I have since gathered a plethora of new abilities.” She says before getting out of her chair and grabbing a book. She looks over the book before returning to her chair and holding it up. “Culture is a powerful thing you know. It shapes us into the people we are, but we never really stop to think about how much of an influence it has on us. The books we read, the television and movies we watch, the music we listen to, the art we admire, the religions we believe in and the philosophies we hold dear. They hold so much power over us, but we take it all for granted. I have mastered the art of manipulating it thanks to my second and third quirks.” She says.

Melody Everhart
Codename: Soul Reaver
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 19th
Age: 1000?
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Dark Harbinger
Quirk Description: Melody is able to absorb negative human emotions from around her, using it to modify her genetic code. This allows her to create her own quirks from scratch to use. She has many other quirks, but not as many as All For One, as she prefers quality over quantity. She can also force people within a range of three hundred feet to feel all the despair they have ever felt throughout their entire lives, rendering them completely incapable of doing anything. Although it is possible to resist this, it is very difficult, as your will power must be stronger than the darkness inside of you. There are limits to how much power she can give herself, but those can be overcome through a process called a Soul Shift. She requires a soul tainted by a strong darkness to do this, and she can use her Shadow Claw to pull it out. The process leaves the victims alive, but in a permanent vegetative state.
2nd Quirk Name: Cultural Mold
Quirk Description: Melody Everhart has a sixth sense when it comes to directing cultural evolution. She has become a master of influence, knowing exactly how to communicate an idea in a way that will leave an impact.
3rd Quirk Name: Marionette
Quirk Description: Melody Everhart is able to create and control puppet like people. She uses this to insert influential figures into history. Many of the world’s philosophers, artist, politicians, actors and writers among many other influencers have actually been her puppets.

She chuckles at this. “That’s right~ I’ve been sitting behind the scenes subtly directing society to fit my needs. For what purpose you might ask? Well that requires a bit of detail. You see, it wasn’t until I met a young English man by the name of Charles Darwin through one of my puppets that I started thinking bigger. His ideas about evolution intrigued me. This is around the time I started to take an interest in science. When Gregor Mendel revealed his work concerning genetics, I began to hatch a plan. I knew that I was different from other people, but I wondered what it would be like if people like me were the majority. I had met a few quirked individuals in the past, so I knew I was not a complete anomaly.” She says.

“Over the next few hundred years, I began to set the stage, directing human movement, culture and politics in a way that would create the next phase of evolution. Eventually my efforts were rewarded in the form of a small glowing child born in China… It was the first phase of my plan to create the perfect world, to give humans the power to create a truly Darwinian world; one where the strong rule while the weak suffer; where the darkness which feeds me can flourish. I have turned the Earth into my own personal farm of negativity. Oppression breeds monsters, monsters whose souls I can devour to become stronger. Today’s society was created by men like Japan’s Destro. And before you ask, no, Destro was not one of my puppets, but I did go out of my way to facilitate his rise. Plus, he was influenced by one my puppets.” She says before turning the book in her hand, revealing that it is actually a copy of Niccolò Machiavelli’s most famous book, The Prince.
Inside of his office, Reginald and the others are watching the video with intense interest. “So is this true?” Principal Nezu asks. Reginald sighs. “Yes, she is the reason that humans as a species developed quirks. One of her core ideologies is that man should be able to control our destiny in every way. Her end goal is to reach a point where humanity can choose the course of their evolution through genetic modification rather than letting nature take its course. She believes she has actually reached it through the abominations she has created, creatures she refers to as Homo Mendelis. They are an amalgamation of DNA chosen from multiple creatures and inserted into human embryos. She grows them in a lab and then augments them with cybernetics. They’re a superior version of the Nomu in every conceivable way.” Reginald says.
“Of course, there have been mistakes. My actions have at times created creatures beyond even my ability to control.” She says as a strange puddle of black and green goop forms on the chair behind her. “Ugh, things like this abomination.” She says before pointing to the Muppet form of Evolution. Evolution pouts at her. “That’s one hell of a way to treat your son mama.” He says, getting a groan from her. She grabs a revolver from the desk next to her and shoots Evolution in the head.

“Mamaaaaaaaa~ Just killed a man!” An Evolution Muppet dressed as Freddy Mercury sings as he pops up behind her. “Put a gun up to his head-“ A second, slightly skinnier Freddy Mercury puppet sings. The third Muppet shocks the world as it appears. It is a heavily emaciated Freddy Mercury puppet wearing a hospital gown with a red ribbon tied around his left arm in the form of the AIDs awareness ribbon. “Pulled the… trigger… now he’s… de-ack.” He starts to sing before keeling over with x eyes.

“Charming…” Melody says sarcastically. The three Evolution puppets dissolve and a new one forms in her chair. “Yup, I’m the abomination created by my mother’s manipulation. I’m a split personality who broke free of my host and stole the quirk I have now! As for my father? Well buckle up ladies and gents, because we’re going reverse Star Wars here. Society, you are my father! I was beaten, battered and abused as a worthless nobody my whole life!” He shouts.

“Mama here was guiding me to become another source of Darkness, but then I did something she never expected. I stole the quirk of my host in exchange for my part of the soul! That’s right ladies and gents.” He says before staring into the screen. His eyes are far from the dull, lifelessness you would expect from someone without a soul. There was no light in them, sure; but they were full of chaos and madness. “I have no soul…” He says in a dull monotone voice. “I’d tell you more, but I wanna wait for my grand debut as a villain. Buh-Bye!” He says before his body explodes, leaving guts everywhere.

“Ugh… it’s because of this creature’s interference that my farm plan is ruined. Humanity will need to unite if it haves any hope of surviving him…” Melody says. “I know this is rich coming from someone as manipulative as me, but prepare yourselves. Humanity is about to face its greatest threat in history.” She says before ending the video.

Omake 1: Ochaco’s Parental Dilemma

Ochaco is sitting in her room with a confused look on her face. She seems to be facing a difficult conundrum. On one hand, her 8 year old daughter just risked life and limb to help overthrow a villain led totalitarian government. On the other hand her freakin’ eight year old just overthrew a government! How is she supposed to respond to this? She saved millions of people from oppression, but she also could have gotten seriously hurt, or worse. She groans in frustration before looking to her phone. Despite her objections, Momo had gotten her a new upgraded phone the moment she saw her old flip phone. She wasn’t even aware the things still existed apparently.

She picks up the phone, but then she freezes. As far as she knows, her parents know nothing about Bachiko. What would they do if they found out about her? On the other hand, she would have to tell them eventually, but how was she supposed to bring it up. ‘Oh hi mom, hi dad! I just thought you should know you have an 8 year old granddaughter and she just toppled a government, isn’t that amazing?’ She sighs before putting the phone back down and slamming her pillow into her face before screaming as loud as she can. Then her phone rings. She looks at it and pales when she sees the caller ID. How did her mother always do that?

She answers the call and pulls the phone away from her ear as a loud shriek from the other end. “OCHACO?! HOW COULD YOU LET MY GRAND DAUGHTER DO THAT?! SHE COULD HAVE SERIOUSLY HURT HERSELF!” Her mother screams as the screen shows her panicking mother next to her nervous father. “You know about Bachiko?!” Ochaco shouts in surprise. “Yes, we do. Reginald brought her by a few days ago to meet her; she’s a lovely, adorable and apparently dangerous little girl.” Her father says, getting a smack to the shoulder from his wife. “What? You saw the videos yourself, our granddaughter was amazing. She took down over a dozen professional heroes by herself and she’s only eight! How much more amazing is she going to be as an adult?” He says.

“She’s a child! She has no business in a war zone!” Ochaco’s mother shouts. “M-mom, I didn’t even know she was there until it was too late! What, was I suppose to anticipate that? Most eight year olds have to worry about skinning their knees at the worst, how was I supposed to predict that my daughter was going to topple a Super Villain/King?!” Ochaco says. Her mother pauses as her father looks over to her with an amused look. “She’s got you there babe.” He says, earning another smack.

“B-but while we’re talking about it, what should I do? How do I respond to this? Do I ground her? Take away television privileges?” Ochaco asks. “Honestly sweet heart, I say you do nothing, in fact; you should probably never punish her again. She’s already developed a habit of overthrowing oppressors, and if you get on her bad side; you might end up ‘disappearing’.” He says, using air quotes at the last word. This earns him another smack from his wife. “What? It’s true! The power dynamic in a family can shift easily when the children have a documented habit of overthrowing there leaders!” He says defensively.

Her mother sighs at this as she holds her head in her hands. “Honestly sweetie? I really don’t have an answer for you. The worst thing you ever did at that age was accidentally sending your father’s briefcase into orbit. Despite what happened though, it’s quite clear that Bachiko can handle herself. The best advice I can give you is to sit her down and ask her to keep you in the loop in the future.” Her mother says. Ochaco sighs at this. “I guess that’s something at least. Thanks Mom thanks Dad.” She says.

“No problem sweetheart.” He father says before turning serious. “Oh, and about Bachiko’s father.” He says, causing a chill to go up her spine. “We’re also aware that Bachiko is not his only child. Reginald informed us about the entire situation, including the fact that he appears to have multiple children with multiple wives. The other parents were informed about this as well.” He says ominously, causing Ochaco to sweat nervously. “I got together with the other fathers and we agreed the best course of action would be to murd-“ He starts to say before his wife smacks his shoulder again. “Tortu-“ He corrects, earning another hit. “Interro-“ He says, getting a third hit. “Have a nice calm rational discussion with the young man who intends to be with our daughters.” He says, finally managing to not get smacked. Ochaco pouts at her father. “Don’t you dare hurt Izuku daddy! He’s an amazing, kind and gentle person!” She says.

Her parents chuckle at this. “Okay, okay; I’ll leave him alone. I can’t say the same about the other fathers though. That Pony girl’s father Thomas is a real tank of a man. He’s apparently a pro hero over in the United States. You may have heard of him, his name is Rodeo.” He says, frightening Ochaco. Rodeo is a massive man with bull horns who also happens to be America’s number three hero. His quirk Unstoppable essentially pushes anything he slams into out of his path. Not even All Might himself has been able to stop him, having been sent through three skyscrapers the one time he tried. Rodeo didn’t even slow down, he just swatted the Symbol of Peace aside like a fly, and that was when he was in his prime a decade ago. It’s like a land based version of Ox’s quirk, which makes sense given that he is his grandfather. Rodeo is considered by many to be the All Might of Texas, although he strongly denies that.

“Oh God; thanks for the heads up dad. I need to call Pony! Bye.” She says before hanging up. She quickly calls Pony, who answers the phone on video. Her son Ox is at a café along with Setsuna and her son. “Pony! Why didn’t you tell us Rodeo was your dad?!” Ochaco shouts, causing Setsuna to spit her drink out in shock. “I-I didn’t want people to judge me based upon my father. Some people might be okay with being a legacy, but I didn’t really want the attention. It’s part of why I came to Japan.” She says. “Pony, Rodeo’s pretty famous here too. It’s not every day that our Symbol of Peace gets tossed around like a rag doll. I get it though, I do the same thing because of my uncle.” Setsuna says after wiping her mouth.

“You’re uncle?” Pony asks. “Godzillo.” Setsuna responds. Ochaco pales at this. “Oh god… girls our parents know about the future kids. Reginald introduced them. Godzillo and Rodeo are coming to interrogate Izuku…” She says. The other two girls pale at this. “W-wait, does that mean Endeavor knows about Fuyumi too?” Pony says, causing them to panic. Elsewhere in U.A. Izuku feels a sudden wave of foreboding wash over him.

Uhh oh…
Seriously though, what is the proper response when your eight year old overthrows a government?

Omake 2: The Real Origin of Izuku’s Harem

Inside of a secret room beneath the Midoriya residence lays a table with multiple pictures and profiles of women. “Muhuhahahahahahaha!” A certain green haired mother laughs evilly. For some reason, Inko Midoriya is wearing a pair of thick wire rimmed glasses with a green strap, a long green dress covered in sun flowers, her hair is tied up in hair rollers and she is wearing fuzzy green slippers. There is a mug with the words ‘#1 Grandma’ written on it. A flash of lightning (which should be impossible as there are no windows in this room) illuminates the pictures. All twenty women who have shown an interest in Izuku are in the confirmed pile.

Various other women are in another pile labeled “Possible Additions.” This list includes the Wild, Wild Pussy Cats, Thirteen, Lady Nagant, Curious, Pop Step, Bubble Girl, Ryukyu, Star and Stripe and various other female heroes, vigilantes and even villains.

A third group of pictures in the trash includes women who are not into men or already taken. Ms. Joke, Reiko Yanagi and Burnin’ are sitting there.

“Yes… Yes… YES!!! It’s perfect! With all these women, I will finally achieve my ultimate plan. I will become the world’s greatest grandmother! I will have a small army of grandchildren, and no one can stop me! MUHUHAHAHAHA!” She adds. Another strike of lightning illuminates the madness in the eyes of Inko Midoriya.

Inko Midoriya
Codename: The Greatest Grandmother
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 156 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 27th
Age: 41
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Attraction of Small Objects
Quirk Description: She can telekinetically move small objects.
Basic Biography: This is Inko Midoriya’s villainous identity. She plots in secret to make women fall in love with her son, that way she can have hundreds of grandchildren. She is truly a dastardly villain.

She looks to the pile with the three other women. “Hmm… I’ll have to see if I can convince these three to use Izuku as a donor. Miss Kamiji shouldn’t be too hard, but the other two will require a bit of work. I’ll have to render this Shota Aizawa and Fumikage Tokoyami sterile somehow…” She says. The aforementioned men feel a sudden chill go up their spines. They have no idea where it came from. “A task for later I suppose.” She says before looking to the large stack of prospects. “Now let’s get to work. When I’m done, Izuku will have hundreds of wives, which means thousands of grand children for me! MUHUHAHAHAHAHA!” She begins laughing maniacally again, with a particularly close lightning strike illuminating her face.


Izuku jolts out of his bed with a short yelp of terror. He takes a few moments to ponder what he just dreamt. His face goes into a deadpan expression and he sighs. “I don’t know what’s more terrifying, that nightmare, or that I could totally see my mom doing that.” He says. He sighs again before lying down and closing his eyes again, trying to tune out the storm. Another bolt of lightning strikes and Inko is standing at his window, staring in on him with her wire rimmed glasses. “Soon, Izuku, soon…”

Omake 3: Feral Kyouka

Kyouka Jiro’s eyes narrow in rage when she sees Evolution take the third, AIDS ridden form of Freddy Mercury die. “That son of a bitch! It’s too soon to joke like that!” She screams. “Seriously? The guy’s been dead for over two hundred years.” The first Evolution Freddy Mercury clone says as he pops up behind Kyouka. “Yeah, calm down.” The second Freddy clone says. “IT’S STILL TOO SOON! THERE ARE ROCK ICONS YOU DON’T MESS WITH!” She screeches angrily. The third Freddy Mercury appears on the ground in front of her, still dead. She screams in rage again. “Whoa, chill out mama. Here, I’ll give you some of the good stuff.” Another clone says, followed by an incomprehensible gargle. Kyouka whirls around with her eyes wide in shock.

One Evolution clone dressed as a very pale Jimi Hendrix with vomit on his shirt holding a bottle of Vesparax. Beside him is a white Evolution clone wearing a Nirvana t-shirt missing the top half of his head. He is holding a shot gun labeled microphone. The door to a nearby bathroom swings open and they all see Elvis Evolution sitting on the toilet. “Hey can y’all keep it down? This indigestion is killing me.” He says before his stomach starts to rumble. “Ah… That last fried peanut butter and banana sandwich was definitely a mistake.” He adds.

The students turn to look at Kyouka and some of them recoil when they see her state. Her eyes have gone white and she’s foaming at the mouth. “Holy shit she’s mad.” Katsuki says with an impressed tone. Kyouka lunges at the Evolution puppets and starts to rip them apart with her bare hands.

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely angry.” Ritchie Valens-Evolution says. His body is slightly charred and he has a piece of an airplane wing going through his chest. “Should we stop doing this?” Jim Morrison-Evolution asks. He has a needle hanging out of his arm with a piece of cloth tied around it. “Probably, but where’s the fun in that?” John Lennon-Evolution says. He has four gunshot wounds, two in his back and two in his shoulder. Kyouka lunges at the John Lennon-Evolution and tears it to shreds, causing the Jim Morrison-Evolution and Ritchie Valens-Evolution to flee.

They stop when the encounter Tupac Shakur-Evolution and Notorious B.I.G-Evolution, both with gunshot wounds. The blood stain on Tupac’s shirt spells the word ‘Mama’. They seem to be playing cards. The rock Evolutions slide to a halt when they see them. “Whoa, we’re going after rap fans too? And don’t you two hate each other?” Jim Morrison-Evolution asks. “Nah, we settled things in Hell, we cool now.” Tupac-Evolution says. “Yeah, and Evolution wanted to cast a wide net. Michael Jackson’s over there on the balcony.” B.I.G.-Evolution says, gesturing over to a paler than usual Michael Jackson-Evolution, who is clutching his heart with one hand and dangling a child over the balcony with the other.

“Here I am, dangling Eri over the balcony, TEEHEE!” MJ-Evolution says. A homeless, sickly looking Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Evolution appears next to them. “He hath cast a wide net indeed.” He says. A disheveled Whitney Houston-Evolution holding a crack pipe appears. She is accompanied by Nat King Cole-Evolution, who was coughing up smoke; a tumor riddled Bob Marley-Evolution; Metallica’s Cliff Burton-Evolution, whose body is flat like a squashed cartoon character; and Conway Twitty-Evolution, who had blood coming out of his stomach all show up with them as well. “Wow, he was… very thorough…” Ritchie Valens-Evolution says.

When Kyouka finally finds them, she freezes and her mind goes blank. She is incapable of processing just how angry she is. Her jacks connect to her boots and a massive sound wave obliterates them all.

God damn it Evolution…

A few days later

Neowolf24 is standing in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. He is staring up at his own beaten, bloody body, which is hanging from the top of the building. “Yeah, that clone dummy was definitely a good decision.” He says.


A/N: And there we go another chapter. Also, can you please chill out Evolution? “Nope, ran out of chill along with all my fucks. I’m also out of shits to give, I have no more tits to calm, and I’m in a permanent state of alertness which prevents me from relaxing.” He says. Whatever. In other news, we learned the true reason for Izuku’s harem and we got to see Ochaco trying to be a good mother. I agree with Ochaco’s dad by the way, don’t ever punish that girl again.

We started this whole thing off by wrapping up the Gaelic Empire story. We met a few more vigilantes, heroes and “heroes” as well. The Hussar and Blindside along with the carnivorous horse Diomedes was the first trio. The Hussar is essentially Serbian Robin Hood. They may show up again if we’re ever in the Balkans, but things are unstable enough in that region that we won’t likely see them elsewhere.

From there, we got to see the fight between France’s corrupt number one hero the Musketeer and Harbinger. We got a bit of back story behind them too. Apparently these two have been going at it for a while. This fight may have ended a little abruptly, but Roland might show up again in the future. We also catch up with Mitsuki and her fight against the mercenary Cain. Like Roland, Cain’s fight was rather abruptly ended, but he may show up again as well. Plus, we got to meet another Luchador vigilante, El Vendaje!

From there, we met France’s first ACTUAL hero, Chevalier de la Liberté. The woman is beyond pissed at Roland. We also learn that some areas are much worse than others. Spain in particular seems to be hard hit when it comes to corruption. Only two of the top twenty are clean, but that’s apparently because the Hero Ranking System in that part of the European States is rigged. The first Spanish “Heroes” we meet are a pair of twins from Spanish Morocco. These two are honestly just throw away characters. It’s the boss man that we care about. You’ll also notice that a lot of Spain’s characters are RDR2 references. Spain’s number one is based on Dutch Van Der Linde and the number three hero is Micah Bell. There’s also the vigilante Quickdraw, who’s based on Arthur Morgan and the only living member of the Spanish top twenty who isn’t corrupt, Clap Back; who is based upon Sadie Adler. Quickdraw ends up sacrificing himself to protect Blindside and ensure that Diet Dutch is done for. As they are meant as a brief homage to one of my favorite games, don’t expect to see any of them again; aside from a possible appearance by Clap Back if we end up in Europe. I’m also rather proud of my discount Micah Bell’s punny quirk name.

What’s really cool about this part of the story is that we get to see D-Jam in a fight. Turns out he’s just as dangerous in a melee fight as he is at a range. One of the biggest potential weaknesses for D-Jam though is that his rhythm can be predicted due to his vocalizations.

After the fight in France ends, we get another hero, one that Nora actually mentioned by name in chapter 4; Germany’s stoic number 1 Rot Fist. He probably will show up a few more times. Tenshi also drops a bit of a spoiler for the heroes. As I mentioned in the notes before the chapter, I have reversed my stance on magic and aliens showing up. We also learned that the last two Izukids, Yume Intelli and Hayami Shiozaki, are currently trying to deal with the ruling force behind the magic side of the world.

From there, we get into the angsty part of the story concerning just how bad the hero system has failed. We kick that off with the retired pro hero Mr. Tornado, who now runs a homeless shelter. We know from the show that the upper ranked heroes are usually pretty well off financially, but what about the lower heroes? What about the sidekicks? The show itself says that the system is oversaturated with pro heroes; so it stands to reason that those on the lower end of the spectrum would struggle. Due to their specialized training, they would also not likely have a backup plan, which would likely result in them being lost after leaving the hero system.

Here, it seems that the former pro heroes suffer many of the same things that American veterans are suffering today. Mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse and homelessness are rampant among this part of the population. This is compounded by the narrative society has created that heroes are effectively gods. They cannot show any sign of weakness, because that would potentially cause fear in the masses and embolden villains.

This segment also brings up another issue I have with the story concerning the whole ‘Symbol of Peace’ thing. We’ve seen the fall out of All Might’s fall, and yet it appears Izuku is determined to become the next Symbol of Peace, not realizing just how stupid the idea was in the first place. The idea of having only ONE Symbol of Peace is what caused a lot of the mess the manga and anime have been dealing with. When the Symbol fell, the heroes left behind were completely unprepared to deal with the power vacuum left behind. They need people to have faith in ALL heroes, not just one. That way losing one person won’t have such a devastating effect on society. Yagi appears to be reeling from these words, to the point where he actually goes into cardiac arrest.

We take a brief break from the angst when Mitsuki, Dolly and the Stoned Sorcerer meet up with all the kids. Things get a bit funny when we learn that Momo Yaoyorozu is a secret stoner. She’s not alone either; apparently a lot of the students do it. We also learned that Mina, Toru and Setsuna are afraid of dolls. I’m sure that will end well.

From there, we move on to a character that really needed a reality check; Yu Takeyama, AKA Mount Lady. Early on in the manga/anime she is effectively a perfect example of what Stain would call a “Fake” Hero, as she cared more about her fortune and fame than everything else. As the story progressed, she got a little more grounded, but at the starting point for this story, she was still a fake. I needed to accelerate her character growth, and the easiest way to do it was with a jarring wake up call.

While Mount Lady was in the process of a live gaming stream, she learned about one of the biggest scams in the hero world. Support companies and the government are working together to imprison criminals for unfair amounts of time so they can profit from the expensive imprisonment process. As the Musketeer hinted earlier, scientists said that quirk nullifying technology was impossible to develop, but that was a lie. The fact of the matter is, it was a lot more profitable to create specialized restraints for each individual prisoner than it was to use a one and done deal like a quirk nullifying collar. This particular situation is not a new concept; it happens in the real world all the time, especially in the American Medical system. It’s a process called Evergreening, in which a previous patent is changed in a way that is just different enough to get a new copyright.

In this case, we go back to Mount Lady’s debut and the criminal who she apprehended. I always thought it was rather stupid that the guy who looked like a powerful villain was fighting over something as stupid as snatching a purse. The heroes did nothing to help in this situation, with Kamui Woods even going as far as to call him a ‘Villain’. The problem is these words have power. When you think villain, you don’t think of a desperate purse snatcher with a sick child, you think of people like Shigaraki, or people outside of the MHA such as the Joker or Thanos; people who want to do serious harm to society. It’s fairly similar to how sex offenders are treated in America.

We hear the term sex offender, and suddenly believe the person is a pedophile/rapist when, in reality, all the guy did was take a piss in an alley and a kid just happened to see his penis. I know that may seem extreme, but people do end up on the sex offender registry over things as stupid as that. The system has separate levels, but we tend to tune those out the moment we hear ‘sex offender’.

In this case, we didn’t have a villain seeking to take over the world; we had a desperate single father with a sick, quirkless child. A combination of quirkless discrimination and poverty made legal means of treatment nearly impossible, so he resorted to crime. When he was arrested, his child was put into the system. Because she was quirkless, they didn’t really care about her and she died of her illness. The criminal found out and hung himself as a result.

There is also the idea of using intentionally vague crimes that can be applied to enhance the sentence of criminals due to factors such as differences in skin color. We see this in today’s society in the form of ‘Hate’ crimes. I really think Matt Stone and Trey Parker described the issue with hate crimes fairly well in the South Park episode “Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime”. In this episode, the boys explain that if a man beats another man for sleeping with his wife, there’s probably a bit of hate involved there, regardless of skin tone.

Here we see the crime Villainy, a vague term applied to any criminal who uses their quirk in the commission of a crime. The sentences are apparently harsh for this, but unlike hate crimes, which have well meaning (albeit idiotically applied) intentions; Villainy exists in order to facilitate expensive imprisonment counter measures for the sake of profit.

Yu is, understandably, distraught when she learns the truth behind his death. When she freaks out, Edgeshot and Kamui Woods rush in to see what is wrong. This is when we learn that the purse snatcher is not an isolated incident; it’s a scam that happens all over the world. What’s worse is that’s not all that is happening. Fraud, heroes in American and Abyssinian systems being used in a manner similar to the Enforcers of the Mongolian system, heroes being on the pay roll of oppressive governments, the list of crimes is simply too long to list. All three of them are rattled by this, with Kamui going as far as to question if they still are the “good guys.”

Yu is the one who answers, unintentionally sparking something bigger than she ever imagined. She destroys her hero license and applies a patch featuring the symbol of the Revolution to her costume, thus indicating her abandonment of the hero system in favor of vigilantism. Despite only recently getting together as a team, Kamui Woods follows her lead; eventually resulting in Edgeshot doing the same. Mount Lady and Edgeshot leave the room, but Kamui Woods stays behind a few seconds.

This is where things get a little rough for MHA’s resident tree man. The hero known as Death Arm’s appears to be among the fallen heroes. We learn that Shinji and Death Arms are apparently very close, with Shinji having been the best man at his wedding and the godfather of his daughter, even sticking with him as his wife lost her life to a terminal illness. Shinji is hurting pretty bad as a result of this.

The hits don’t stop there though, as Tenya Iida is shaken to his very core when he learns what his father and brother had apparently been doing with the Team Idaten Agency. The news states that they had been involved in a racketeering scheme for the last thirty years. Tenya is enraged at first, considering the story to be slanderous, but when he reads a message on his phone, rage turns to devastation. In a last ditch effort to clear his family’s name, he desperately tries to call his brother. When asking about the accusations, Tensei doesn’t respond, merely hanging up on him. The silence is the only answer he needs to confirm the validity of the story. Tenya proceeds to have an emotional breakdown as a result.

You’re probably wondering why I did this, well the answer is Stain. In this universe, Stain doesn’t target people without reason. Stain likely learned of the racketeering scheme and went after Tensei as a result.

From there we get to see our second favorite bird boy, Hawks (Tokoyami is number one) dealing with the aftermath of his encounter with his older self as well as the aftermath of Project Flood Gates. We get a surprise visit from none other than Keigo’s old mentor and hero turned villain Lady Nagant. When he realizes that the woman has apparently joined the Revolution, he bursts into a fit of laughter at first before gradually realizing that it fits.

He asks Kaina (Lady Nagant) if this was why she did what she did, and the woman says yes; but she also reveals that even she was unaware of just how deep it went. From there we get a few shocking revelations. Reginald is apparently not human, not even close. In reality, he is a prokaryotic cell who also happens to be the very first life form ever to appear on Earth, placing him at an age of around 2.5 billion years; and that’s before considering all the time jumping.

The next bombshell is that we are not alone. After careful consideration, I have decided that aliens and magic will add a bit of spice to this world. It’s also meant as a way to shake the power differential among the non-Homo Quirkeas up a bit. We learned that Mina Ashido is actually the way she is because she’s an alien (I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to learn this.) Her back story is similar to that of Clark Kent/Super Man. The females of her species also apparently experiences a metamorphosis which increases there power significantly. Apparently the other alien races prefer to give us a wide berth, as quirks are unique to Earth and they want to keep it that way. After that we learn that the fighting in the Gaelic Empire is over and Monarch VI is dead.

We flash back to Ireland, where Monarch VI is beginning to lose his mind. The rebels have infiltrated the palace and forced him and his advisors underground. We meet a diminutive Gaelic hero who was forced to adopt the identity of the Leprechaun (He’s not even Irish by the way, he’s from Scotland.) When he learns that his allies in Mongolia, Brazil and Zululand have abandoned him, he finally snaps. He attempts to engage a suicide button which would detonate nukes placed all over the empire, only to be shot by Toru’s daughter Hikari. Due to his threat of using nuclear weapons, she will face no legal repercussions for doing so.

We return to All Might, who has awakened from his cardiac incident. He receives a call from Stain of all people, who has some alarming news. All over the world, people are beginning to idolize Stain, something which deeply disturbs the man. He knows what he is doing is wrong, even stating that he doesn’t want to live in a world where he is considered a hero. We also learn that Stain isn’t a solo act. Like the Revolution, hero killers seem to have their own group, the Children of Nemesis. We won’t be meeting them yet though. Stain seems to come up with an idea to counteract this, but it involves All Might making his condition public knowledge.

This leads to him calling up a few close allies with the hopes of starting a counter trend to #StainWasRight; #WeAreNotGods. In this, All Might revealed his true form and the story behind it. He was followed by several high profile heroes doing the same.

Egypt’s Salaam has always gone to great efforts to hide his back, and now we know why. He has an injury which destroyed his kidneys and a genetic condition which prevents a transplant. This means he is on dialysis.

Star and Stripe reveals that her reality bending quirk came with an unwanted side effect, OCD. The idea of someone who can twist reality having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is downright terrifying if you ask me.

From there, we learn that Tenya and Shoto aren’t the only first years with famous hero parents, as America’s number 3 hero, Rodeo debuts. It turns out he is the widower father of 1-B’s Pony Tsunotori (Happy gloating Monoma noises.) He reveals that he has been suffering from severe mental illness such as depression and PTSD, resulting in numerous stints in a psychiatric hospital.

Of course, all the action on social media wouldn’t be complete if the bad guys didn’t make any plays. This is where Melody Everhart, aka the Soul Reaver, makes herself known to the world. We get an origin story which stretches back to one of the oldest known European settlements in the Americas; a Norse settlement in Newfoundland. What she reveals truly shakes the world to its core. Melody Everhart is apparently the reason that quirks became the norm for humans, rather than a rare exception.

We also learned a few more of her quirks. I wanted to try giving her abilities that wouldn’t seem as strong in the typical superhero type way, while at the same time being incredibly powerful, so I gave her a power which makes her a master of cultural manipulation. She has been carefully manipulating human society into a world where negativity thrives, using the Earth as a farm of sorts.

She also admits that she made some mistakes on the way- “Which is where Freddy Evolution comes in!” Evolution shouts. He is sitting on my shoulder in the form of a mosquito, drinking from a small blood pack… Do I even want to know what you did to Shoto? Evolution stops drinking blood for a second. “Probably not.” He says. Anyway… this leads to Melody telling the world it needs to either unite or die.

Whew, that was the longest one yet. I’m sorry for the delay; I just recently bought Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. “You were a fanfic writer, but then you took an arrow to the kne-AHHHH!” Mosquito-Evolution starts to say before I flick him off my shoulder. I’m playing a Khajit named Whiskers (Don’t judge me.) At any rate, that’s all I got for now. As always, feel free to leave any advice or comments. Until next time.

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Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys, this is Neowolf24 here. I’m afraid the next chapter might be delayed for a bit. I am having some really bad medical issues that are threatening to send me into serious debt since I can’t get medical insurance until January 1st. (God Bless America, although a mercy killing would be preferable.) I would also like to volunteer my country to become a British colony again, as they have better healthcare. Maybe we could become a Canadian Province? The Norse colonized Canada briefly, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark can claim us? I’m from Texas, which was a Spanish colony for a while, can you guys come back? Hell, I’ll take Mexico at this point, you guys may be experiencing a civil war, but at least your medical care is cheaper. I’m also trying to find out if Medical Asylum is a thing, any way I can escape this Dystopian Hell would be appreciated.

I’m having serious issues with Vertigo and exhaustion. I’m going to have to see and Ear, Nose, Throat specialist and a Cardiologist (Yay $10,000+ of debt! Our medical care is a joke that nobody’s laughing at.) Despite all the jokes, I’m honestly terrified. I need to maintain 24 hours a week to get the insurance, but I can’t do that in my current condition. I need to work to fix the problem that’s making me unable to work. I’ll try to get back to writing as soon as I can, but if something happens to me, I just want to say I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the story. I’ll try to keep you up to date as much as I can, but I can’t make any promises.

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Update 2

Hey guys, just thought I’d give you a little update. At first I was thinking I would stop writing until I fixed what was wrong with me, but I forgot something. The American health care system is a joke. I was forced to take a temporary leave of absence from work because my symptoms got too dangerous to endure. During that time I started writing a little bit, but then I hit a snag. I take Adderall to help me with the short attention span caused by my Autism, but my doctor was forced to stop prescribing it to me because it could theoretically be the cause of my problems. Without that, my desire to write and my quality would tank, so I’m stuck waiting on a cardiologist to clear me before I can start again.

The good news is I have insurance now (though the deductible may still kill me xD) The bad news is I’ve spent all this time and the only thing I was able to accomplish was finding a doctor that would help me. I’m just about to go to the cardiologist tomorrow and an ear nose throat doctor on the 25th. Hopefully one of them will help me find out what’s wrong. I’m still alive and I’m willing to continue, but I need time before I can start up again.

That doesn’t mean I have been idle though. I’ve done a little rearranging and decided to axe Evolution’s offensive chapt- *gets hit in the face by a demented Muppet* “What he’s trying to say is he wimped out. He was uncomfortable with how offensive I was getting.” Evolution says before I push him out of the way. If you would calm down for one second so I can explain. I decided to err on the side of caution so as not to risk getting banned from Rest assured, you will still get to show how fucked up in the head you are, just in a different way. *Pulls out a creepy looking tricycle* let’s just say Evolution would like to play a game.

Evolution grins maliciously at this. “Cool! I can ask Billy for some advice!” He says. You know the puppet from Saw? “Yeah dude, Billy’s tricycle can travel the Omniverse! We play poker every Wednesday with Chucky the doll and Pennywise the clown.” He says casually. Well that’s alarming. Anyways, I will include a few of the offensive things he does in the form of newsreels, but I intend to avoid going into too much detail. Anyways, I’m hoping to start writing again, but that all depends on what happens tomorrow. Until next time.

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Update 3

Bad News everybody: I’m back, sort of. After months of struggling to fix my health problems; I am finally better. That said, I’m still struggling to get my doctors to restore my Adderall access. While the issue with my dizziness is gone, they did find minor abnormalities with my heart. Naturally this means that most doctors immediately panic about liability on the off chance that something goes wrong. They’re concerned about an increase in chance of heart attacks. My job requires me to work around moving vehicles on a regular basis, so I need to be able to concentrate or else I could get hit. While a heart attack is certainly dangerous, so is an SUV to the face. But they aren’t liable for that. Regardless, I am alive, and I am going back to work. I’m also writing again, but I won’t be releasing anything until I get my meds back so I can go back and write in more detail.

The American Healthcare is rather simple to understand when you realize that making people healthy isn’t there main priority. The Hippocratic joke was abandoned in this country long ago. It’s all about making money for the share holders now. Despite the best attempts made by doctors who actually care, medical Administration, insurance companies and pharmaceutical middle men have turned the system into a cash cow at the expense of the majority of America. There’s a reason our average life expectancy is going down and it has nothing to do with the quality of health care available to us. Places like the Mayo Clinic prove that we are still on the cutting edge of medical technology, but only for the rich.

American Medical Care is one of the biggest, most successful scams in the history of the world. I’ve been forced to give up on getting my temporary disability money as the insurance company has successfully utilized bureaucratic technicalities and legal loopholes to dodge their responsibilities. If I didn’t have my parents to rely on I would be on the streets now. My country is a joke.

Evolution pops up in the form of Drowning Pool’s original lead singer, Dave Williams. He is also noticeably pale and his heart is thick enough that it bulges out of his chest. God damn it, can you go five minutes without mocking a dead musician. “Nope!” Evolution says before jumping up on stage. Behind him is none other than the Grim Reaper himself playing lead scythe/guitar. To the left, Izanami-No-Mikoto is on base and Haitian Vodou’s Baron Samedi is manning the drums. They start playing an ominous song in this context.

(Drowning Pool- Bodies)

“Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floooooooooor!~” Evolution sings.

… I guess that’s his version of a trigger warning. Starting with the next real chapter, I will be earning my Major Character Death tag. Pro Heroes will die, students will die, vigilantes will die. Bachi- Ochaco pops her head out of my computer screen and glares into my very soul as the room around me freezes. –Kiro the baker is going to die. Ochaco pulls her head back into the screen and I sigh in relief. (That was a joke; I will never kill Bachiko or Ochaco. And Ochaco is not pointing a gun to my head as I type this.) It’s going to be a blood bath, and this is just death’s opening act. The chapter will also likely be a long one, might even break 30 k words.

As an apology for my absence, the first thing I post will include world building (I want to further flesh out the nation of Dinemakȟóčhe), Omakes and a lemon.

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Q/N: Стенд з Україною. Just wanted to take a chance to say what Russia is doing over in Ukraine is fucked up. Putin invades Ukraine to drive out non-existent fascists and their JEWISH Nazi President then proceeds to bomb a Holocaust Memorial. Zelensky’s balls are way bigger than I made Izuku’s in this fan fic. That’s the kind of leader I can get behind. Hang in there Ukraine, the world stands with you. Also, for all the Asian nations trying to stay out of this, I can almost guarantee you China will get a lot more aggressive if they succeed. Taiwan will probably be invaded in a matter of months.

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Q/N 2: I’m back for good now guys. My meds are back, I’m back at work and I’m as healthy as can be.

A quick chat about Native American struggles

An Evolution Muppet leaps out of my computer screen dressed as a sculptor. Uhh, Evolution, this is exposition, you don’t need to be here. “Well, you’re talking about the Native Americans, right? I was hoping to use this chance to help those outside of the United States understand just how badly they got screwed over.” He says before starting a video of Mount Rushmore. Oh god, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Trigger Warning

A horde of Evolution Muppets wearing construction gear appear on camera in front of a mountain as Sculptor Evolution turns to the audience.

“Hello everyone! I am the Artist formerly known as Evolution and I am here to introduce you to my latest masterpiece. For those of you who are unaware, this is Mount Rushmore.” He says. I’m pretty sure most people know Mount Rushmore, it’s famous, even outside the United States. “Yeah, but it also has another name Tȟuŋkášila Šákpe, or the Sixth Grandfathers. This mountain is a holy place by the Lakota, representing the Six Directions, North, South, East, West, Up and Down, a core concept in their religion. The Americans decided to carve the faces of the very men who sought to annihilate them into it. It’s kind of fucked up when you think about it. It’s like going to Jerusalem and carving an image of Hitler into the Wailing Wall.” He says. Okay, look; we both know your about to do something fucked up, so just get it over with. “You know me so well. I decided to draw attention to it by making it a hundred times worse! You guys thought Mount Rushmore was bad; wait ‘til you see what I’m going to do. Behold! Mount Rushmost!” He shouts.

The smoke clears and the mountain has been changed to four men and a woman sitting cross legged on a couch. The woman is Pocahontas (the Disney version to add insult to injury). Behind her is Andrew Jackson, John Milton Chivington, James William Forsyth and Patrick Edward Connor. All four men are staring down at the smiling woman lustfully, imitating a well-known meme involving four black men and a porn star.

God damnit Evolution… For those of you who don’t know, those guys played major parts in the genocide of Native Americans. “What? I think it sums up how America treats the Native Americans rather well. Just drive a few miles down the road from here and you’ll find the Pine Ridge Indian Reserva-“ He starts to say before I cram him back in to the computer screen. No, Evolution. Those people have enough problems without you screwing them around anymore than you already have.

Yeah, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about something that a lot of people aren’t aware of, as it does relate to my fictional nation of Dinemakȟóčhe. Many of the Native American reservations are in horrible shape, as many of them have been since they were created. Pine Ridge is likely the worst of them though. The average life expectancy varies based on which studies you go by, but the fact that the highest estimates are a mere 66 years is pretty damning.

A 2016 Aljazeera article paints a much worse picture though. According to them The 2014 US Census Bureau showed an average life span of 48 for men and 52 for women, the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere, with only Haiti being lower. As much as 80 to 90% of them are unemployed, gang violence and alcoholism run rampant and many of these people live without electricity and running water. I went to church with a man who worked to provide blankets to the reservation. According to him, they had to build the roads just to get the blankets out to them. As if that wasn’t bad enough already, can you guess what one of the major resources from that region was? Uranium! Guess how cautious they were extracting it. Yup, there’s radiation up there too!

Even worse, they weren’t even allowed to enforce the law against anyone other than other Native Americans thanks to Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe, 435 U.S. 191 (1978). This was partially nullified by the Violence against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 to allow them to enforce the law in cases of domestic violence, but it still stands to this day.

The worst part though? Nobody seems to care. People of every other race have been improving their standard of living by leaps and bounds over the past seventy years, but the Native Americans have been largely forgotten. It’s part of why I created Dinemakȟóčhe, I just wanted to give them a happy ending at least. Anyways, on with the exposition.


Despite being known around the world for their unique take on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, the majority of Dinemakȟóčhe’s population is urban, with most of the population living in five major cities. Overall, they have a population of around 45 million people.


Apo: The Financial Hub

The second largest city is Apo, the economic powerhouse of the nation. This wealthy, world class city has a population of around 5.7 million and it comes from humble beginnings, having started life as the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on March 2nd of 1889. Up until the outbreak of World War Three, this place was easily the worst place to live in the United States. Extreme poverty, lack of electricity, running water and other basic amenities, drug use, alcoholism, gang violence and radiation from the abundance of Uranium in the region kept the average life expectancy as low as 47 years old for males and 52 for females, the second lowest in the entire Western Hemisphere (Q/N: This is NOT made up by the way, these are real numbers from today.)

In the aftermath of WW3, the Reservation was quickly abandoned (although they remained close by since it is still the land of their people), however the Lakota returned to clean the town up and started the city of Apo a few years later. Overtime, the town grew into a bustling city of 6.7 million people. The region’s cutting edge environmental science attracted many of the world’s leading agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturers and resource extraction companies to the city, with surviving companies flocking to the region. They even managed to make Nuclear Energy environmentally friendly (so long as your careful) leading to the creation of Lakota Nuclear, a company which provides almost all the energy for the country for dirt cheap prices.

One of the most notable features of the city is its robust public transportation system with the crown jewel being the Pneumatic Tower System. The Pneumatic Tower System utilizes Pneumatic Tubes (A technology utilized today by many drive through banks and pharmacies which essentially involves shooting capsules through a vacuum tube.) to shuttle people around the city. It is so efficient that personal vehicles are incredibly rare in the city. These tubes are also used for industrial shipping, having largely replaced trains.

They have also revolutionized the farming and meat industries through the creation of Agro Towers. These are skyscrapers which utilize a combination of hydroponics and robotics. While the rest of the world was thinking “Oh cool, look at all these advances we’ve made in mechanical engineering! Let’s use it to make giant combat robots instead of improving transportation and infrastructure!” Dinemakȟóčhe was like “Or we could use it for something practical?” BOO!!!! *The rest of the world throws tomatoes at the crazy country with sensible ideas.* (Seriously, am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous that they have sky scraper sized combat robots but they can’t even design a self-driving car?)

Rather than giant robots, the engineers of Dinemakȟóčhe put their energy into low maintenance agrotowers with minimal ecological impact, most of which remain on the outer edges of Apo. These technological marvels can produce just as much food as regular farms, with much less land, smaller emissions and a lot less labor.

Now I know what you’re all thinking. “If these things are so much better than regular technology, why aren’t they everywhere?” Did you forget how corrupt this world is? The corruption goes beyond the hero world. Cleaning the atmosphere has become a massive industry worldwide. Less pollution means less profit. It’s the same reason curing cancer is less of a priority to many medical companies than treating it, as treatment is more profitable. Also, less farmland means less profit for the real estate industry and the easy maintenance of the agrotowers means less money for mechanics. As for the Pneumatic Tower System, that threatens the automobile industry, the airplane industry and the railroad industry as well as the power and fuel industries due to its low energy requirements.

This has led to a combination of bribery, misinformation and lobbying resulting in the technology being banned throughout the rest of the world, despite major support from people such as Thomas “Rodeo” Masters and the Yaoyorozu family.

Winnow Rock: The Capitol

Winnow Rock, one of the few settlements in Dinemakȟóčhe to survive WW3, started out as the seat of power for the Navajo Nation. Given its status as one of the most stable areas after the war, it became the capitol of the new country. It is located current day Northeastern Arizona. With a population of only 180,000 people, Winnow Rock is the smallest of the major cities. Due to its smaller size, the Pneumatic transportation system of Apo was seen as largely unnecessary. It is important to note that as the seat of power for the entire nation, Winnow Rock is no longer considered Navajo land only, instead enjoying an independent status like Washington D.C. today.

New Cahokia: The cultural center and home of the Panicans

New Cahokia is located on top of the ruins of Omaha, Nebraska; New Cahokia doesn’t have a specific tribe associated with it. Rather, it was built by the Panicans, Native Americans who had lost their identity due to centuries of cultural genocide and later the chaos of WW3 and the early quirk era. It is named after Cahokia, a large, pre–Columbian Native American city in Illinois close to St. Louis, Missouri that, at one time had a population of 40,000 people (It was the largest settlement in the United States to ever exist until the 1780’s, when Philadelphia, Pennsylvania surpassed it.)

The Panicans have created their own culture by fusing practices of various surviving tribes with a bit of American culture as well. Their language is a mix of English, Cherokee, Cree, Navajo, Hopi and Lakota languages. New Cahokia is considered a Mecca of the arts, having developed a unique blend of American and Native American styles. New Cahokia is also where many movies in the world are shot, as they have a robust film industry and a lot of unspoiled land. They also have three separate world class universities.

The other two cities don’t really have relevance in this story, so I’ll be brief about them. Sakâw is a Cree city located in what is now central Saskatchewan which is pretty much the world leader when it comes to providing sustainable lumber as well as providing a renewable source of many metals such as Iron, Copper and Aluminum thanks to quirks that can convert dirt into said metals, a type of quirk unique to the Cree people. In Oklahoma, there is also the predominantly Cherokee city of Tahlequah, another surviving tribal capitol like Winnow Rock with a booming electronics and software industry. That’s enough for now though. I hope to go more in depth about Abyssinia, Zululand, Brazil and Mongolia as well at some point. There’s still more world building to be done but that world is not Earth. Alien time!


Aliens of the MHA Universe

Q/N: Reginald Barrister holds a special place among the aliens as a super ancient being. While he doesn’t interact with most species, he has gotten involved with a few of them, although he does not involve himself in their political affairs.

The Oovarians

Species Description: The Oovarians are effectively a core of living cells encased within a large white crystal. They utilize magical energy to create a shell that looks similar to Earth’s jelly fish. These creatures are masters of magic, having utilized it since before they were even sapient creatures. Most life on planet Oovaria does not require sustenance, oxygen, water or anything else that life on Earth requires, which is good since Oovaria’s atmosphere barely even exists and there is almost no water. Instead, life on Oovaria either absorbs latent magical energy from around them, acting as herbivores; drains the energy from other entities, acting as carnivores; or use a combination of the two, acting as omnivores. The Oovarians are strictly herbivores in this sense. They cannot enter a Ley line directly, as it would overload their systems, causing them to explode.

Role in the universe: The Oovarians are a mostly peaceful race, acting as scholars, merchants and collectors. They have amassed a large collection of powerful alien artifacts called the Reliquary. At 70 million years old, the Oovarians are the oldest remaining sapient species in existence. They primarily exist in the outer edges of the Triangulum Galaxy.

Status: Nearly Extinct. The Oovarians have been in decline for the past three hundred thousand years due to the weakening of the Oovarian Ley Line caused by a war with a hostile race known as the Ch’kthrians. They will likely be extinct within the next few months regardless of what happens.

Relationship with Earth: They are close allies of Reginald Barrister, having built the Reliquary to aid him in his task.

The Ch’kthrians

Species Description: The Ch’kthrians were a group of Ant like aliens with black fur. They were rather aggressive in personality and their culture was rather simplistic.

Role in the Universe: They were a relatively advanced society known for their simple militaristic culture and aggressive expansion. They lived in the inner part of the Triangulum Galaxy, much further from the Oovarian Ley Line. They attempted to eradicate the Oovarians, only to be destroyed when they recklessly destroyed the Oovarian Core Pylon 300,000 years ago. The Oovarians have been on decline ever since.

Status: Extinct

Relationship with Earth: As they existed before human society was really a thing, their only contact with Earth was through Reginald. They mostly maintained a cautious neutrality with him, as they were aware how dangerous an enemy he could be. Despite this, they did contribute an artifact to the Reliquary. This was not as much an act of benevolence as it was an attempt to get rid of it, as it represented a separation from the will of the collective; something which is considered a mortal sin to their species.

The Phylarians

Species Description: The Phylarians resemble Mina Ashido in appearance, as she is a Phylarian.

Role in the universe: The Phylarians were a peaceful race with a vibrant culture. The Phylarians all possess similar personality traits with Mina; they were loud, exuberant people who just wanted to enjoy life and loved to tease people. The reason for this similarity is that their species was a hive mind like entity up until a couple centuries ago. They were revered throughout the universe for their talents in art, music, literature, sports and even video games. A relatively peaceful people, they preferred to solve their disputes through large, elaborate dance competitions rather than warfare. They were about the same technological level as Earth. They were able to spread their culture throughout the stars with the help of the Knatar. Their population peeked at around 1.2 billion. (That’s a lot of Minas)

Status: Functionally extinct. Sadly, the Phylarians were wiped out by a disastrous meteor strike. Mina is the last pure blooded Phylarian in existence. They will eventually be absorbed into humanity.

The Knatar (Pronounced Nah-tar)

Species Description: The Knatar are a race of quadrupedal creatures similar in shape to a Gorilla, but with blue and green reptilian scales and large rounded beaks like that of a Terror Bird. They are knuckle walkers, like Gorillas. They have long tails covered in feathers. The male’s feathers are vibrant shades of blue, yellow and white while the female’s feathers are brown.

Role in the Universe: The Knatar are the dominant species within the universe. They have an empire which encompasses both NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, otherwise known as the Butterfly Galaxies. They are also the species which maintains a presence on Earth’s Moon. They are known for their extremely advanced technology and keen intellect, but they can be ferocious fighters as well. They have fallen under assault by most of Evolution’s forces and have been forced to retreat to the center of their empire. It is likely that they will be forced to send a small group of survivors through an active wormhole generator on their capitol planet Rasoi to Earth’s Moon. They will most likely settle on Venus, as the conditions there are nearly perfect for them. They can survive on Earth, but only for a few months at a time. Fun fact, these are the aliens responsible for the anal probe myth. To be fair, the one scientist who did it was really drunk and he was thrown in prison over it.

Status: Seriously Endangered. The Knatar’s Empire is likely to fall to Evolution, forcing them to relocate a small number of survivors to Venus.

The Rawu

Species Description: The Rawu are a rather bizarre race as they have no definable species. There appearances vary wildly due to how they work. Each Rawu is born as a single cell organism. Over time, they grow by devouring other creatures, including each other. They are unique because unlike life elsewhere, they evolve over their life span, rather than evolving generationally like most life does. They can take on characteristics of what they devour, which is why they have no uniform species. While the Oovarians champion magic and the Knatar are Masters of Technology, the Rawu’s power is biological in origin. Unfortunately for the rest of the universe, they have achieved space travel through biological means. They are largely inspired by the Primal Zerg of StarCraft 2.

Role in the Universe: The Rawu are aggressive expanders, which makes since for a species who takes Eat or be Eaten to another level like this. The only reason they haven’t come into conflict with the Oovarians or the Knatar is due to distance. They can and have destroyed other sapient races before. The Rawu have worked with Reginald Barrister before, but they prefer to work with Melody Everhart now due to similar mindsets.

Status: Endangered: Like the other aliens, the Rawu are struggling against Evolution. What’s worse is that many of their ilk have actually joined forces with him, resulting in a civil war.

That’s enough exposition for now, on to the omakes!

Katsuki’s Bad Day

Q/N: This Omake also serves as a bit of an announcement of how I am about to develop Mr. Explody Pants.

Izuku is entering the powerful student’s room where Momo Yaoyorozu and Fumikage Tokoyami are having a discussion when Katsuki Bakugou shoves him. “Out of the way nerd! I heard somebody made a Champion’s pie, that pie is mine!” He loudly proclaims. He spots his pie on a refreshments table and rushes over to grab it. “Wait! Kacchan! That’s not the” he says before Katsuki proceeds to devour the entire thing. “…Champion’s pie.” Izuku says quietly. “Wait, what? If that’s not the Champion’s pie, then what is it?!” He shouts before looking down at a conveniently placed sign. His eyes widen in horror as he reads the words ‘Humble Pie’ on it.

He is immediately picked up by some telekinetic force and thrown out the door. He falls over a ledge and lands hard. When he finally gets his bearings, he looks around and sees Mineta Minoru and Koji Koda sitting on a couch. Rikido Sato is in a nearby kitchen mixing some batter. He looks up to the sign and falls silent as he reads the words “Average Room.” “W-what the hell?!” He shouts angrily.

“Kacchan!” He hears a faint yell from Izuku. He looks up and sees a large cliff in the distance. At the top of the cliff are Izuku, Momo and Fumikage. They are barely visible due to how tall the cliff is. “DEKU! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY AM I IN THE LOSER ROOM?! I’M THE STRONGEST PERSON IN OUR CLASS!” He shouts angrily. “You were number two Katsuki, but a lot of people got stronger. Your barely even top ten in the first year now.” Momo says vindictively. She’s still a little peeved at how Katsuki used to treat Izuku.

“WHAT THE FUCK?! That’s it! I’m kicking your ass you glorified 3-D printer!” He shouts. He flies upwards with explosions, much to Izuku’s alarm. “KACCHAN! WATCH OUT FOR THE-“ He shouts, only to be cut off by Katsuki slamming head first into an invisible glass word. “Plot McGuffins…” Izuku says as he watches his unconscious former friend fall. Thankfully Rikido is fast enough to run up and catch him before he hits the ground.

I found a much worse way to torture Katsuki now. =D

Omake: What really drove Dabi to Villainy
Y’all thought I did Shoto dirty? Wait ‘til you see what I do to Dabi

A thirteen-year-old Toya Todoroki walks into his house via the front door wearing a fancy school uniform and a backpack. “I’m home.” He shouts. He sighs at the lack of a response at first, until he hears his mother’s voice. “Mother?” He asks himself. He enters the house as her voice gets louder. He drops into a sprint after a few seconds, believing his mother may be in danger based upon the sounds he’s hearing. He probably should have realized something was up by the trail of underwear leading up to the door, especially seeing as there appears to be multiple pairs of men’s boxers, but he was too distracted by the thought that his mother was in danger. He bursts through his parents’ bedroom door and starts to shout “Leave my mother al-“ before what he is seeing finally registers.

Brief Lemon Moment
This one might be a bit disturbing

His mother is completely nude, being fucked in all three holes by a trio of black men. The four people look over and freeze at the sight of the young boy. As if the universe hadn’t done enough damage to him, the closet door opens slowly, revealing his father jerking his three inch long erect cock. Even worse, he is not naked. No, instead he appears to be wearing make up along with his wife’s Bridal Gown. What’s worse, the presence of a layer of brownish crust shows that this is likely not the first time this has happened. The five appear stunned briefly, but Enji then makes things even worse by turning his gaze back to his wife and continuing to masturbate as if nothing happened. “ENJI STOP!” Rei screams. “No, do you have any idea how hard it is to find black male prostitutes in Japan? I had to fly two of these guys in from Australia. Get out of here Toya.” He says. “Uhh, that doesn’t seem like an option man.” One of the black dudes says before pointing to the kid.

Toya’s jaw is open wide to the left side, his nose is crinkled up and his eyes are wide in disgust and horror. His face appears to be frozen in this expression.

Lemon End

Three months later

Toya is lying in a hospital bed. His face is still in the same expression it was three months ago. He appears to be frozen in a state of catatonic horror. Suddenly, he starts screaming like a maniac and the nurses rush in to check on him. They are forced to sedate him as he keeps trying to jump out the window of the six-story hospital. He wakes up a few hours later with no recollection of what happened that fateful day, but his subconscious mind has been warped by the trauma.

Origin Omake: The Black Sheep: Hayami Shiozaki

A young woman with black vine like hair slips in through a window of an old looking mansion. Her arms and legs appear to be covered in tattoos of various Japanese Oni. Her frame seems slightly thinner than it should be, and her face is gaunt, indicating that she is not getting enough to eat. She is wearing a black leather jacket with an extremely low-cut grey tank top revealing her generous bust which appears to be covered in the same type of tattoos as her arms and legs. A particularly nasty looking green Oni with twisted horns rests on the space above her cleavage on top of a satanic star. “Those idiots don’t know what they’re missing. A fancy old house like this is sure to have tons of loot. I might even be able to get some of the real good shit with this haul.” She thinks to herself as she absentmindedly scratches her arm. She comes across a series of strange chalk symbols and scoffs at them. “Right, it’s owned by a ‘witch’.” She thinks sarcastically. Her usual crew refused to join her on the grounds that the house was occupied by an ancient witch.

She continues to creep through the halls silently. As one of Japan’s best thieves, she is always on the lookout for traps and security. So, she finds it odd that there hasn’t been anything other than these strange magical symbols throughout the house. She comes across an open door and her eyes widen in shock and glee at what she sees. It’s a room full of glass displays with small trinkets and jewelry. “Holy shit, this stuff must be worth a fortune! Score!” She thinks to herself. She carefully scans the room and freezes when she comes across a particular necklace.

It seems to have a silver chain with ornate symbols etched into it and what appears to be a trio of cherry blossoms. Instead of the usual pink coloration though, they appear to be dark purple amethysts with rubies at the center. The rubies appear to have three strange black Japanese symbols on them that glow slightly purple once she locks on to them. Her eyes seem to have the same glow briefly before both fade out. This should have been a warning to the usually cautious girl that something is wrong, but it’s as if the necklace is drawing her in. When she touches the glass it vanishes, causing her to jump back slightly. She’s already been ensnared though, so she reaches toward the strange necklace. A few of the strange symbols on the floor suddenly burst with blue light as ethereal chains erupt from them to secure her arms and legs.

“W-what the hell?! What kind of quirk is this?!” She shrieks. “Not a quirk darling, it is magic.” An elderly woman’s voice says from behind her in Ukrainian. “What?!” She shrieks. “Ahh, my apologies; I have forgotten that this particular sanctum was in Japan.” An elderly woman wearing a white shirt, a long, white skirt and an apron with a belt and a dark blue headdress enters the room with a cane etched with strange glowing symbols. She reaches for the necklace that Hayami was about to grab. “Hmm, the Mayonaka no Hana… This one hasn’t had a host in nearly five hundred years; how curious.” The elderly woman says. “Hey! I was going to take that bitch!” Hayami shouts. Her vines shoot toward the old woman, only to stop suddenly as a light blue energy ensnares them. “Language dear. You came into my Sanctum seeking to steal, what would your mother think of this?” The woman says. Hayami flinches upon hearing this.

“Hmm, I see that’s a bit of a sore spot for you. Let’s see who you are.” She says as her eyes begin to glow while she turns to look at her for the first time. Hayami shudders when she makes eye contact. She can tell with one look that she has stumbled upon something ancient and powerful.

Hayami Shiozaki
Codename: Black Sheep (Temptress as a villain)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 402 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 15th
Age: 21 (15 as of the Omake)
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Deadly Seven
Quirk Description: Hayami’s quirk is somewhat similar to her mother’s at first glance, the only real difference being that her vines are black rather than green. Unlike her mother though, the thorns in her hair can inject toxins into people’s bloodstreams. She has seven different toxins which are capable of triggering the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth.
Basic Biography: Hayami is a rather carefree individual with a mischievous streak. She couldn’t be more different from her mother if she tried. Whereas her mother is conservative and pious, she is very liberal, especially when it comes to her sexuality. She will later become a devout Wiccan, much to her mother’s horror. As you would expect, the mother/daughter duo can often be seen bickering over her lifestyle, appearance and ideology. Despite this, they have a rather strong bond.

Hayami also has a rather dark past. When she was only eleven, she accidentally revealed the true nature of her older sister Masumi Komori’s quirk to the wrong people. This resulted in her subsequent murder. When Hayami heard of her sister’s fate, she developed self-destructive habits. At age 13, she ran away. She would eventually become a thief type villain known as Temptress, using her quirk to rob people.

“Oh my, you poor, poor child; Young Masumi’s death must have hit you hard…” She says. Hayami freezes upon hearing that name. “H-how do you know that name?” She says fearfully. “Calm yourself young lady, I will not harm you. You may have broken into my home, but the Mayonaka no Hana has chosen to test you.” She says before returning the necklace to Hayami. “Now let us see if you have what it takes to tame it.” She says. Her eyes glow pink and a strange energy swirl around the two of them as she begins to speak in archaic Japanese. “Mayonaka no Hana, spirit of the Cherry Blossoms. Awaken from your slumber, a new master awaits you.” The three symbols in the Rubies explode with light as a mass of vines, branches and flowers wrap themselves around her.


Hayami falls into a forest clearing surrounded by Cherry Blossom trees. These cherry blossoms are the normal pink variety, unlike the gems. The Cherry Blossoms begin to rattle as they uproot themselves before walking toward her. They have no eyes, but their mouths are wide, and they have strangely human teeth. While most of them are between 15 and 30 feet tall, there is one that towers over them at a height 75 feet, much taller than a Cherry Blossom tree normally gets. “A new host?” One of the trees says with a deep masculine grumble. “It has been so long” A more feminine voice says. “Is she worthy though? She’s a thief!” One of the younger sounding trees says.

“We are not here to judge her on her morality Eeyod, we are here to see if she has the Touch.” The largest one says before stretching its branch toward her. She tries to run, but her body feels as if it is bound by ropes. Her eyes are wide in fear as the branch touches her. A bright pink aura explodes from her and the tree smiles. “She is the one.” It says before she suddenly goes back to the room.

The vines and branches unravel around her. She stumbles forward, only for the woman to catch her. “Congratulations young lady, the Mayonaka no Hana is yours.” She says. “W-what the hell was that!” She screams, causing vines and branches to erupt all over the room. She freezes at this. She can tell by instinct alone that that power had nothing to do with her quirk. “Calm yourself young Hayami, magic can respond harshly to panic.” She says. “Wh-who are you?” Hayami asks fearfully. “I cannot speak my name, as it has been cursed by dangerous people, you may call me Karina though. Fate has brought you here for a reason, you have been chosen, and now you must be taught, but first.” Karina says before throwing a small ball of blue energy at her. It engulfs her briefly and she looks on in shock as her Oni tattoos disappear.

“Wh-what was that for?! I liked those tattoos!” she shouts angrily. “My dear, you do not want to have images such as that on your body while wielding magic, you would attract the attention of the very creatures on your skin.” She says. Hayami gulps at this. “O-Oni are real?” She asks fearfully. “Yes, my dear, as are Djinn and Demons. The last thing you want to do is attract their attention. If you really like tattoos, there is an entire style of spell casting in which you can substitute traditional incantations by having symbols imprinted upon your skin. It is a rather painful process though and it requires an exceptionally strong spirit. But that is something much more advanced than you are ready for. Follow me and I will show you where you will be staying.” She adds. Hayami follows behind her with a grin on her face. If she can learn to control this new power, she’ll be the best thief ever. Little does she know how much her priorities will change over the next two years.

2 years later

Hayami’s style has changed very little since she started. The main difference in her appearance is her tattoos. She is covered in vines arranged into strange occult symbols, the most recognizable of which is the Wiccan Pentacle on her chest. It’s her personality that has changed the most. While she has learned a lot from Karina, her priorities have shifted. She has dedicated herself to protecting the world from evil magic, demons and anything else that may threaten humanity. She is sleeping on an ornate couch one day when Karina bursts into the living room, startling the young woman. Shock turns to concern when she sees the state of her master. She is bleeding and burned while clinging to a very ornately designed tome covered in strange symbols which she is unable to identify. That said, she clearly recognizes the tome, it is called the Guardian and it supposedly holds the secret to retrieving the Oovarian Scepter, a key to the Reliquary, which is a magical vault made by aliens to store powerful objects of varying origins.

Finding out aliens were also real was a bit of a shock for her, but her magical studies seem to have opened her mind a bit. Regardless, she knows that there is only one reason Karina would have the old tome, her old enemies have found her. “I’m sorry young Hayami, but the time has come for you to leave this place. Take the Guardian and flee from this place, the Global Occult Coalition cannot be allowed to obtain it.” (Q/N: In order to clear up any misconceptions, no; this is not the GOC of the SCP universe. I honestly forgot about them when I named the organization. Besides, do you really want Mei Hatsume, Nora Valkyrie and Dr. Bright existing in the same universe? They’ve got enough problems as it is.)

Hayami wants to argue, but she has already said all she can say about this over the years after learning of its existence. An explosion outside rattles the house as Karina opens a portal for her. As an Arcane wielder, she can do this. “Go, I have found someone who will keep you safe young Hayami!” Karina says as a door burst open, and several metallic constructs enter the house. Hayami bows and says, “Thank you Karina for everything, I won’t let you down.” She walks through the portal and Karina chuckles as it closes. “You might not thank me for this immediately, but in time I’m sure you will.”


Hayami falls into a dark alleyway and lands on top of someone. “Ow… that hurt.” Hayami says. “H-Hayami?” An astonished woman asks. The voice causes Hayami’s blood to run cold. She almost doesn’t want to look down, but she forces herself to do so, confirming her worst fears. The woman she landed on is none other than Kinoko Komori also known as the hero turned vigilante Shemage. Her hair is slightly longer, and she appears to have slightly matured in form, but she is still mostly the same as she was at UA. She is also the mother of Masumi, the very sister that was killed by her carelessness.

Fear takes over as Hayami tries to flee, but she is stopped by another voice, that of her father, Izuku Midoriya. “Hayami, wait!” He shouts as Blackwhip shoots out after her. He pulls her into his arms and hugs her, shocking the girl into silence. He’s a few inches taller, but other than that, he’s the same guy he was at UA also. “D-d-daddy?” She says fearfully. “Shh, calm down Hayami, it’s okay; everything is going to be okay.” He says with tears of joy running down his cheeks. “I-it is? How? M-Masumi-“ She starts to ask before Kinoko interrupts “Wasn’t your fault. It was the Commission that killed her, not you.” She says quietly. Hayami starts crying upon hearing this.

“A-aunty Kinoko? H-how can you even look at me?! I got your daughter killed!” Hayami screams. “No, you didn’t! Nobody blames you Hayami! You had no way of knowing that punk was a spy. If anything, it’s our fault. We knew something was wrong, but we were all living in denial.” Izuku says. “B-but daddy-“ She starts to say. “No Hayami. It’s not your fault. It’s going to be okay.” With that the dam bursts as all three of them seem to cry. Kinoko comes running to join the hug as the prodigal daughter finally returns. A few minutes later, Izuku finally releases her. It’s then that he notices her appearance and his eyes widen.

“H-Hayami? Why are you dressed like that and wearing those tattoos that I pray are fake for the sake of both of our hides once your mother finds out?” He asks tentatively. Kinoko squeaks when she finally sees her as well. “O-oh. I-I’m kind of a Wiccan and a witch now, so uh… surprise?” She says before pointing a hand over to an unoccupied corner. The tattoo on her chest glows and one of the walking Cherry Blossom Trees appear in a flash of cherry blossom petals. “Ahh…” He says. It takes a few seconds for her words to register, but then his eyes widen in fear of his wife Ibara’s wrath. He passes out a second later. “Oh boy, your mother’s going to throw a fit, shroom.” Kinoko says.

“Wait, you’re not shocked to learn magic is real?” Hayami asks. “Oh, we are, but when you spend four years living with a guy who has a Manga Speech Bubble for a head, you learn to keep an open mind about things. The rise of quirks kind of killed skepticism when it comes to strange powers.” Kinoko adds.

Omake: Momo the Cuddle Queen

Momo, Mina, Toru, Setsuna and Itsuka walk in to the first-year dorm lounge where they are shocked to see Isamu and Hibiki in the middle of an argument. The big three are also sitting on a nearby couch. “They’re not magic Hibiki, they have a perfectly logical scientific explanation!” Isamu yells in frustration. “They’re too magical! There’s no way that power comes naturally!” Hibiki shouts back. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down! What’s going on here?!” Itsuka asks. The two kids notice her, but their attention is immediately drawn to Momo. “Aunty Momo! Tell Isamu that you have magic hugging and cuddling powers!” Hibiki says.

Momo turns red at this. “I-I what?!” She sputters. “God damnit Hibiki they’re not magic! It’s because of her quirk.” Isamu says in annoyance. “Wait, what does Creation have to do with hugging?” Toru asks. Isamu sighs before pulling out a series of charts from who knows where. “It’s not Creation itself, it’s the way her body is built to accommodate it.” She flips to the first page and Setsuna, Toru, Nejire, Mirio and Mina giggle at the crudely drawn picture of All Might and his former side kick Night Eye cuddling in a bed. Night Eye appears to have a look of discomfort on his face.

“It’s all a matter of softness versus size. As you can see here, cuddling with a big, muscular person isn’t exactly comfortable, they’re hard as a rock.” Isamu says. She flips to the next picture where Sero and Denki appear to be cuddling. They both seem to be shivering in the cold. “Likewise, two skinny people cuddling are likely to get cold, as there is nothing to keep them warm.”

She then flips to a picture of Fat Gum and Sun Eater cuddling in a bed. Amajiki turns bright red, and he starts to sputter as Nejire’s giggling intensifies and Mirio bursts into a fit of laughter. “On the other hand, having somebody with a large amount of fat seems ideal, as they are super soft and warm.” She says before flipping the page. This time Fat Gum appears to have rolled over on top of Amajiki. “But there’s also a serious risk of being smothered due to his immense size.” Isamu adds.

She turns to the final image with Izuku and Momo cuddling. Izuku has a wide grin on his face. “Aunty Momo’s quirk works with fat; however, it is highly condensed by her quirk. This means that you get all the softness of a heavier person without the risk of being smothered.” Isamu says. “Pretty sure Momo can smother people too, have you seen her cans?” Setsuna quips, getting an embarrassed squawk from the Creation hero. “That’s just a built-in pillow.” Isamu says. “It also works with her hugs if you avoid her boobs. Aunty Momo’s hugs can turn you into a pile of goo.” Isamu says.

“Okay, time out. I know how to solve this argument once and for all. Come here Momo, give me a hug!” Mina says excitedly. Isamu made a very convincing case of how good her hugs are, and she really wants to try it. Momo shrugs before walking over to Mina and hugging her. The pinkette immediately goes lax and she starts to giggle as Momo releases her. Mina collapses into a giggling pile of happiness, shocking everyone aside from Hibiki and Isamu. “See! I told you it was magic! There’s no way it could work that fast!” Hibiki says. In the distance, they can hear Neito Monoma walking down the hall ranting about Class 1-A. Itsuka pinches the bridge of her nose. Hibiki on the other hand sees a chance to prove his point. He rushes over to the door just as Neito enters and throws him toward Momo. “Aunty Momo, think fast!” He shouts. As if by instinct, Momo catches the loudmouth blonde and wraps him in her arms. The effect is immediate. The boisterous boy melts into a pile of goo before collapsing next to Mina. “You know what? Maybe you 1-A students aren’t as bad as I thought.” He drunkenly slurs.

“Okay, yeah; that’s definitely magic.” Itsuka says. Not even Isamu can bring herself to disagree with her statement.

I firmly believe Momo is the best cuddle partner.
It’s not even perverted; she’s just perfectly built for it.


Omake: Insecurity, jealousy and fluff


The school’s gym is mostly unoccupied save for Izuku, Kirishima and a few of the girls. Momo Yaoyorozu and Saiko Intelli are currently sitting at a table in the middle of a conversation after having finished up a cardio session; Izuku is spotting for Kirishima, who is lifting weights. Kyouka is just about to get on a treadmill next to Toru, who is in the middle of a warmup jog and Ibara, who is currently running. Mina and Setsuna are talking and laughing while doing Yoga.

Momo and Saiko appear to be so absorbed in their conversation that they have tuned everyone else out. “Well, it took a little getting used to the lack of room in the dorms. My bed barely fit in the room as it is. I swear, I have closets back at home bigger than those rooms.” Momo says ruefully. Saiko smiles at this. “Ugh, tell me about it. We don’t even get maids to clean up; I have to clean up after myself like some sort of commoner, and don’t get me started about the bathrooms, I can’t even do laps in the bathtub.” She says with a faux snooty voice. Momo giggles at Saiko. “And the caviar is dreadful, they don’t even have Beluga Sturgeon, it’s just Salmon Roe, they have us living like upper middle class here.” Momo replies snootily. “I know, and the sheets are unbearable! They’ve got us on a mere 500 thread count!” Saiko adds. “500! My toilet paper has more than that, I had to have my butler fly in my custom sheets woven from solid gold by Tibetan monks in the 16th century just to get any sleep. Ugh, Peasants…” Momo says. The girls remain silent for a few seconds before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Oh, my gawd!” Mina squeals, causing the two girls to jump in surprise. “That was the most adorable rich girl banter I’ve ever heard!” Setsuna adds. The two refined girls turn bright red at having been caught acting like that. Across the room Kyouka is glaring at the two embarrassed girls.


“Ugh, just look at her. ‘Oh, look at me! I’m a filthy rich princess with fancy clothes a monocle. Stupid blue haired whore...” Kyouka mutters to herself. Unfortunately for her, Toru appears to have heard every word the punk girl said. “Oh… My… God… Kyouka Jiro, are you jealous of Saiko and Momo?” Toru asks teasingly. Kyouka turns light pink in embarrassment at this accusation. “What?! No, I’m not! I don’t care if Momo hangs out with that balloon chested friend stealer!” Kyouka says before covering her mouth and turning a deeper shade of pink as her ear jacks flail around. Toru giggles at Kyouka’s reaction. The petite girl turns to glare at the currently visible invisible girl. She turns back to face them, and a mischievous twinkle appears in her eyes as she sees Mina and Setsuna.

“Hmm, well at least I’m sharp enough to see the threat in front of me. Mina and Setsuna are getting awfully close lately don’t you think?” Kyouka says teasingly. Toru nearly stumbles before turning to look at the two girls in question. Her eyes narrow on the lizard girl as she watches the duo tease the other girls. “Stupid lizard bitch.” Toru mutters. Kyouka chuckles at her petty victory. She watches the two girls flee to the locker room and growls. “You know what? I’m not really in the mood to run today.” Kyouka says. “You just don’t want them alone together.” Toru says snarkily. “Hey look, Setsuna and Mina are teasing Izuku now.” Kyouka responds. “WHAT?! THAT’S OUR THING!” She screams before leaping over the treadmill and charging toward the green bean.


Momo, Kyouka and Saiko are in one of the locker rooms having a conversation a few minutes later. They grab their towels and head for the girl’s shower rooms. When they arrive, the three girls strip down for their showers. Momo walks toward the shower when she looks down and notices how much her body jiggles with each movement. She frowns while looking down at her body, something Saiko notices. “Is everything okay Momo?” She asks. Momo sighs at this. “Yeah, I just really wish I could stop all this unsightly jiggling. I know I may look to be in decent enough shape, but I technically qualify as morbidly obese. My quirk uses fat to function, so despite being in fairly good shape, I still have to live with this doughy body. How would Izuku ever find me attractive if I’m practically made of Jell-O…” She says with a rather downtrodden voice.

“Momo, you really don’t need to worry about that. I’ve seen the way Izuku looks at you. He thinks you’re a goddess.” She says. “Yeah, if anything, he’d be all over you. You’ve got curves that would drive most people nuts. I’m the one that should be worried. Why would he want me when he’s got all these girls with such great assets…” Kyouka says.
The three girls step into the shower, completely unaware of a certain yellow eyed pink girl who just walked in. The pinkette frowns, but then a devious grin appears on her face. She waits for them both to turn around and darts out of the bathroom. If they’re so concerned about what Izuku will think, why not get his opinion directly?’ Mina thinks mischievously. She remembers that the green bean was just about finished with his own workout routine, so she carefully removes the boys and girls signs and switches them up. She hides behind a trash can in order to guard the girls, wanting to be sure that it was Izuku who walked in rather than some other boy.


“Besides if anyone should be worrying about their appearance, it’s me.” Saiko says, drawing an incredulous look from Kyouka. “Saiko, what are you talking about? Your body is just as good as Momo’s.” Kyouka asks.

Saiko sighs as she prepares to reveal one of her deepest secrets. “Girls.” She says before turning around and pulling her hair to the side. There is a trio of one inch wide, two-inch-long white stripes along her spine. One where her neck and back meet, one on her mid back and one just above her tail bone. Momo’s eyes widen when she sees them, but Kyouka is confused. “Are those-?” Momo starts to ask before Saiko turns around to nod. “They’re Yaoyorozu Industries Body Forming Patches, like the ones a lot of models use. They’re essentially a high-tech girdle… BFP.” She says, causing the strips to blink green. A few hesitant seconds later she says “Release.”

The effect is immediate. Her formerly 30-inch waist balloons out to 36 inches as her belly increases in size a little and her hips go from 34 inches to 38 inches. Her butt cheeks also plump out a fair amount. “I take a medication known as Gabapentin to control my seizures. One of the side effects of that medicine is that I gain a bit of weight. I say I’m around 118 lbs., but I’m really 188 lbs.” She says sadly. (For reference, Saiko is about the same height as Momo, so while she’s not too fat, she is overweight.) None of the girls notice when Izuku walks in. He turns bright red and is about to apologize, but he stops when he hears something concerning. “Why would Izuku be interested in a cow like me?” Saiko asks softly. “Saiko, I’m worse. I usually weigh over 500 lbs. when I’m at full power. If you’re a cow, I’m a whale…” She says sadly. “Yeah, well at least you two aren’t flat.” Kyouka says moodily.


Izuku freezes when he hears that. His brain is telling him to leave, but his heart is screaming at him to fix this. He swallows nervously and gathers all his resolve. “You’re wrong.” He says. Making the three girls jump slightly. “I-Izuku?!” Momo shouts. “Dude, why are you in the girls shower room?” Kyouka asks. “Huh? The sign says it’s the b-“He starts to say before being interrupted by an easily recognizable fit of mischievous giggles. “Mina…” Izuku, Momo and Kyouka say as one. Saiko is slightly confused. Izuku shakes his head and looks to the three girls, who are just now realizing their state of dress. “Momo, you would have to be blind not to see how sexy you really are.” He says before turning to Kyouka. “And you’re just as beautiful as any of the other girls Kyouka, even if you have a smaller frame.” He adds.


Then he turns to Saiko, and things get a little awkward. They know they end up together in the future, but right now, they really haven’t spent a lot of time together. “S-Saiko, I know we haven’t had a chance to talk to you, but if Momo likes you, then that’s good enough for me. And if we’re being honest, I think you look even more beautiful like this, because it’s the real you. He says before walking over to the teary-eyed girl. “I-I took Fuyumi out earlier to get to know her better, so I want to do the same for you; as for the extra weight.” He says before chuckling. “Oh God… You know this is corny if I realize it, but that just means there’s more of you to love.” He says. The three girls burst into a fit of giggles at this.

What? It’s finally that time again? Really?!
Lemon Warning

“St-still Izuku, I-I just wish I could drop a little bit of the weight…” She says. Izuku frowns briefly before a predatory grin reaches his face, one that looks completely out of place on the cinnamon roll. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to prove you wrong. Watch carefully ladies, here’s a trick I just learned yesterday.” He says. He flares up his quirk and flexes his muscles with enough force to destroy the clothes he was wearing. They’re just workout clothes, so they don’t really have any value. Momo and Kyouka’s faces turn bright red at this display but Saiko gets the full effect of it. Her eyes widen as she looks at his monstrous, fully erect cock, which swings up in front of him like a trebuchet arm. The smack of it hitting his torso before settling down is practically deafening for the three girls.

They never even notice the shocked, bright red face of the vine haired girl peaking around the corner, nor do they notice the disembodied eyes floating in the window. The vine haired girl rushes away from the scene looking seriously flustered something the disembodied eyes notice. Not wanting to miss the show, Setsuna leaves one of her eyes at the window while stealthily following Ibara with the other.

Izuku pulls Saiko into his arms as the energy in the room changes instantly. Saiko squeaks as she feels his dick go between her thighs. She moans as he grabs her ample posterior and starts to kiss her neck. The feeling of her soft doughy skin against his rock-hard body is something he realizes he will likely enjoy. Feeling the change in the air, Kyouka sighs. “Fuck it, I’ve always wanted to do this.” Kyouka says before coming up behind Momo and grabbing her honeydew sized E cups from behind. Momo blushes profusely as Kyouka begins tweaking her slightly thicker than average nipples. “K-Kyouka?!” She gasps. “Hush let’s just enjoy ourselves. I’m sure Izuku’s enjoying the show.” She says, gesturing to the green haired boy staring right at them.

His gaze turns back to Saiko, and he picks her up into a bridal carry before placing her halfway on a bench. Her lower half is quickly lifted into the air as Izuku throws her legs over his shoulders and grabs her ass. She gasps as he immediately puts his face into her crotch and starts to devour her like a starving wolf.


Across the room, Momo is moaning as Kyouka appears to have turned her around so she can suckle on her left nipple. Her ear jacks start to vibrate around her right nipple and her clit, causing the taller girl to writhe in pleasure. She pulls off Momo’s nipple, tugging it briefly with her teeth as her hands shoot toward Momo’s ample posterior. “Do you have any idea how much you’ve driven me crazy in the showers. You never wear a towel in the locker room, and it always gets me so damn horny!” She says before spanking her right cheek, causing it to ripple hypnotically. She lies Momo on one of the benches and spreads her legs before settling in. “KyoukAAAAAAA!” She starts to say before Kyouka buries her face between her legs and starts to devour her pussy with the same gusto that Izuku is. Seven minutes into the dual cunnilingus, both Saiko and Momo are a mess.

Saiko’s doughy thighs tighten around Izuku’s neck, tight enough to allow him to feel the thick muscle buried beneath. It’s clear that despite her extra weight, she clearly takes care of herself. “Kyouka!!” He hears Momo shriek as the two refined girls reach their limit. “IZUKU!” Saiko shouts before spraying her cum all over Izuku’s face. He laps it all up before shifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist as he carries her over to the nearby shower and turns it on. He leaves the curtain open hoping to give Kyouka and Momo a show.

Meanwhile, once Momo’s orgasm subsides, the Creation hero surges forward until she is on top of Kyouka with a predatory look in her eyes. Kyouka gulps in both fear and arousal, fearing that she may have woken a sleeping beast. She turns around into a sixty-nine position before looking down at Kyouka’s soaking wet folds. She giggles at the site of her pubic hair, which she has apparently shaved into the shape of a Treble Clef. “That’s adorable.” She says before diving in.


Back with Izuku and Saiko, the girl looks down at his massive cock in shock. “Oh god, it’s even bigger in person. That thing’s going to ruin me.” She says with slight apprehension. Izuku looks her in her eyes with compassion. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He says softly. Saiko looks him in the eyes defiantly. “Oh, we’re doing this. All my life I’ve been told I was too delicate for hero work. That I should be a support student with my quirk. I’m tired of being underestimated!” She says before rearranging herself until she is hovering over his rock-hard cock.

“Take me Izuku. Make me yours!” She demands. Izuku smiles before slowly pushing her down on his dick. She gasps and grunts as his dick molds her around him. Although not as prominent as it would be on the skinnier girls, the bulge in her body caused by his massive dick is still present. It takes about 30 seconds to get all the way in, even breaching her cervix, and he gives her some time to adjust to being impaled, but eventually she looks him in the eye with steely determination.

“Ruin me.” She says emphatically. The first thrust makes them both pause as they notice something different. He gives a few more thrusts and watches as her entire body seems to jiggle in response. He looks up at Saiko and notices slight tears in her eyes, as if she is worried, he will reject her for her imperfections. He responds by moving his hands to her butt cheeks, ignoring the occasional rough patch of cellulite entirely and squeezing. “None of that Saiko. You. Are. Beautiful.” He says, emphasizing his proclamation with a thrust at each word.

Izuku holds her closer to him, growing addicted to the way her soft flesh rubs against his muscular body. In no time at all, Saiko has forgotten all her insecurities as she loses herself to the carnal pleasures of being with Izuku this way. He turns to see Momo and Kyouka about to enter the stall next to them and, in the heat of passion, he punches the wall down, shocking the girls as he turns the two stalls into one. “I want to watch.” He says, it’s almost as if all the blood rushing to his dick seems to have made him forget the consequences of his actions briefly. He clears the debris with a flick of his finger as Kyouka and Momo look at each other before shrugging.

Momo pushes Kyouka up against the wall before getting down on her knees in front of her, creating some foam padding to avoid hurting herself on the hard floor and starts to feast upon her like a woman possessed.

Izuku continues to pound away at Saiko’s womanhood for another five minutes, further incensed by the intoxicating sound of Kyouka’s moaning. He taps Momo on the shoulder and as if reading his mind, Momo creates another foam pad in front of them. With that, Izuku puts Saiko on her back and proceeds to take her missionary style. At the same time, Kyouka starts to scream as she reaches her explosive orgasm. Instead of stopping though, Momo increases the intensity of her cunnilingus, driving Kyouka to the border of pleasure induced madness. About 30 seconds later, Kyouka collapses, causing Momo to pick her up and lay her on the nearby bench before turning back to Izuku with a wicked smile.

Warning: Pegging ahead, if that’s not your thing, you might want to skip this.

With a flash of light, Momo creates a 7 inch long strap on with special ridges on it and a bottle of lube she discovered during a late-night porn session. “Hey Izuku?” She asks as she puts it on. Izuku and Saiko turn their attention to him and Izuku’s eyes widen. “Mina told me what she did the other day and I thought you might want to try something different. What do you think?” Momo asks. Realizing what she was talking about, and seeing the hungry look on her face, he smiles at her. “Sure, if that’s something you like, I’m willing to try it.” He says. Saiko looks to be intrigued by the turn of events as well. Kyouka also seems to have woken up from her stupor and is now staring at Momo while she prepares Izuku, who has gone back to having sex with Saiko. A few minutes later and Momo is finally ready. She sees the perfect moment to strike when Saiko finishes her second orgasm, making him slow down to give her a chance to breath.

“You ready Izuku?” Momo asks. “Yeah.” He says. It takes a few seconds, but eventually Momo gets in. Saiko can tell by the look on his face that he is enjoying the strange sensation. A few minutes later and both of them find a rhythm that works for all three. Feeling reenergized, Kyouka comes in behind Momo and starts eating her ass as well. Judging by Momo’s moan, she seems to enjoy it. It takes another five minutes of passionate love making before Izuku finally feels his first orgasm coming. With a mighty roar, he pulls off Saiko and releases his bountiful load. Saiko shrieks in pleasure as she feels her belly begin to bloat from the size of his load. This one seems to come much faster than usual, taking only 15 seconds to fill Saiko up. By the end, she looks as if she were carrying twins. Both Izuku and Momo pull out, allowing Saiko to drain, triggering yet another orgasm from the blue haired girl.

Pegging Scene Complete

With that, Momo tosses the strap on to the side and turns Izuku around to make out with him. Meanwhile, Kyouka tries to carry Saiko to a nearby bench. She fails to lift her the first time, but not wanting to upset the girl, she gives it another try. She gets her off the ground and carries her over to the bench, though her legs to wobble a little. “Kyouka, you don’t have to do this, I understand that I’m a bit heavier than most girls.” Saiko says. Kyouka tries to brush it off. “What? No! That’s not it, I just need to hit the gym more often, I have almost no upper body strength.” She says.

Saiko giggles at the girl as Izuku pushes Momo up against the wall. “Kyouka, it’s okay. I’m not worried about my weight now, Izuku showed me how ridiculous I was being. It’s not like it’s something I can control; I have a medical condition.” She says. Kyouka seems to calm down upon hearing this. The sound of Momo gasping pulls both of their attention and they see that Izuku has started to penetrate her while her legs are wrapped around his waist. “Holy shit that’s hot.” She says before turning a lustful look toward Saiko. Saiko looks a bit awkward at this. “Uhh, Kyouka? I’m not actually into girls…” She says. This snaps Kyouka out of her trance. “Ahh shit, my bad!” She says “Damn.” She thinks to herself. “It’s okay. It was a reasonable assumption given what we’re doing I suppose. I’ve tried experimenting before, it just wasn’t for me.” She says. “Well, guess we can still enjoy the show.” Kyouka says.


As Izuku presses Momo against the wall, the Creation hero looks down at Izuku. She looks down at him with a smile on her face as he starts to line up with her entrance. She doesn’t seem as apprehensive as the other girls about him. “Let me know if you want me to stop.” Izuku says. Momo blushes slightly. “I-it’s okay Izuku. I- err- I started training myself the day we all got those pictures from Ochako, Mei and Himiko.” She says with a tinge of embarrassment.

With that, Izuku grins as he starts to push in. Momo gasps as the massive invader fills her in ways that shouldn’t be possible. It only takes ten seconds for Izuku to fully sheath himself inside of her. Her hand finds it’s way to her bulging stomach and she grins at Izuku. “Take me Izuku, make me yours.” Momo says. With that, Izuku starts to thrust into her. He starts out slow but he soon picks up the pace. Three minutes later, Kyouka is no longer content being an observer. She walks over to Izuku, only to be taken by surprise by a flurry of quirk enhanced movement. Before she can even tell what’s going on, she finds herself on top of Momo, who is now lying with her back on the bench next to Saiko. Izuku continues to pound her relentlessly, but he also pulls Kyouka’s lower body up to his face.

Kyouka gasps as she feels him devour her with a frenzied pace. This quickly turns to a moan, but it is cut off halfway as Momo pulls the girl into a kiss. Not wanting to leave her out, Izuku sneaks a hand over to a masturbating Saiko and activates One for All to vibrate his fingers before pushing two of them the bluenette’s snatch. Judging by her loud moan, Saiko appreciates this. Another seven minutes pass by and all three girls are approaching yet another climax. Judging by his throbbing, Momo can tell that Izuku is close to. Momo is the first to cum, dragging both Izuku and Kyouka down with her. The sight of Momo’s bloating belly drives Saiko over the edge a few seconds later. None of them even notice the beet red Reiko Yanagi standing in the entrance. The ghostly girl of 1-B quickly flees, likely hoping to track down Fumikage after what she saw.

Back with Izuku and his girlfriends, Kyouka actually has to roll off as Momo’s belly continues to grow. Fifteen seconds later, Momo looks to be around eight months pregnant. The other three watch in shock as her belly begins to glow before shrinking. Judging by Momo’s expression, she appears to be surprised as well. “I-I absorbed it?” She asks with a dumbfounded expression on her face. “Eh. Quirks are weird.” Kyouka says. Unfortunately, this appears to attract the attention of a slightly feral looking Izuku. Kyouka’s eyes widen in both fear and arousal.

“Oh shit.” She says before she finds herself on her back with Izuku’s dick lying on her torso. Her eyes widen as she looks down and sees it resting between her breasts. “Oh fuck, that thing is going to ruin me.” She says apprehensively. This snaps Izuku out of his trance as he looks to her in concern. “Kyouka, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He says. Kyouka almost looks offended by that.

She flips him over his back and hovers her pussy over his shaft in the amazon position. This position honestly looks a bit strange given how much smaller she is than Izuku. She has to stand up in order to get it in position. “Fuck that green, I am not a wallflower. I can take this just as well as the others.” She says before starting to lower herself. Much to everyone’s shock, she manages to get a good 15 inches inside of her before she hits her limit thirty seconds later. She looks down in shock at how her body seems to have wrapped around him. “Okay, how the fuck am I not dead?” She asks. “Quirks are weird?” Izuku says unsurely. “Whatever.” She says before starting to rise. Momo and Saiko are mesmerized by the way Kyouka seems to remain in control despite how overwhelming Izuku’s cock is for her. Her jacks extend downward, one settling on her clit while the other finds its way between Deku’s balls.

She pulses her quirk and nearly collapses from the pleasure. Momo rushes over to catch her, but Kyouka manages to stand strong. She does pull Momo into a deep kiss though as she continues fucking herself on Izuku’s cock. He looks over to Saiko and grins. “Well since those two are occupied, care to take a seat?” He asks. With a wicked grin, Saiko walks over and sits on his face, facing away from the two girls as Izuku starts to feast. Kyouka looks over to the bluenette and her eyes widen at the shock of her amazing large ass. It’s a bit plumper than any of the other girls, but the way it ripples as Izuku starts to slap it is hypnotic. “Damn it, why’d she have to be straight?” Kyouka thinks to herself as Momo starts to kiss her neck.

It takes another five minutes for Kyouka to feel the throbbing of Izuku’s dick. The feeling of anticipation is enough to hasten her own climax, especially when Saiko shrieks in pleasure as her climax hits and she covers Izuku in her juices. One last thrust is all it takes to send Kyouka over the edge, which in turn causes Izuku to burst. Kyouka looks down and grins as her belly starts to bloat from the size of his load. While it does make her look around eight months pregnant, it seems larger due to her small frame. Momo has to help her off of Izuku’s dick as she finally starts to weaken. The moment she starts to drain, the four students jump when they hear a crazed shout. “DAMN YOU OBORO!!!!” A manic looking Eraserhead shouts as a bluish white portal vanishes behind him.

Why do I enjoy torturing him so much?


Shouta Aizawa is sitting in the teacher’s lounge with Oboro, Nemuri and Hizashi when Cementoss enters the room looking rather uncomfortable. “Uhh, Shouta? We’ve been getting reports of, err, loud noises in the girls shower room at the gym. Nezu wants you to investigate.” He says. Shouta’s eye twitches before he sighs. He gets up to the door and turns to the left the moment he gets in the hallway. “Uhh, Shouta? The gym is to the right.” Cementoss says. “I know, that’s why I’m going left.” Cementoss looks confused. “Didn’t you hear me? Nezu-“ He starts to say before Shouta spins on his heels with a half crazed look on his face. “NEZU CAN GET STUCK IN A MOUSE TRAP! I ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE! THE PROBLEM CHILD IS HAVING SEX AND I AM NOT GOING TO WALK IN ON THAT AGAIN!” He shouts in a half crazed tone before starting to open a door in the hallway as Oboro and the other two teachers join them.

Shouta never notices the mischievous twinkle in Oboro’s eye as he opens a portal behind the door Shouta’s about to enter. Nemuri notices though, and she struggles not to burst into a fit of laughter and give him away. “SO, YOU ASSHOLES CAN GO DEAL WITH IT YOURSELF! I’M ALREADY MENTALLY SCARRED FROM ALL MY WORK AS AN UNDERGROUND HERO, I DON’T NEED TO SEE MY PROBLEM CHILD’S FREAKISHLY LARGE DICK EVERYTIME I CLOSE MY EYES!” He continues. He opens the door without looking and closes it behind him just as Oboro cuts the portal off. They immediately hear a muffled shout of “DAMN YOU OBORO!” Causing Nemuri to fall on the floor in hysterical laughter. The other two teachers start to laugh as well when they realize what just happened.

“Yeah, you might want to be careful Oboro, last time somebody tricked Shota into walking in on Izuku having sex, Mei Hatsume got laser eyes.” Cementoss says. As if on cue, a nearby wall explodes in a flash of yellow energy and debris. On the other side of the new hole, Mei Hatsume is standing in front of an exasperated Power Loader. “Sorry! My bad!” Mei says before getting distracted and running away, cackling like the child of chaos she is.

Bonus: Ibara’s Dilemma

Brief Lemon

Setsuna uses a floating eye and ear to keep an eye on Ibara. Much to the lizard girl’s surprise, she finds her classmate masturbating in the first year’s shower room. “Oh my, how risqué! I’m proud of you girl.” She says to herself. Setsuna’s jaw drops as she watches the pious girl insert one of her vines into her vagina. She grins as she sees the vine visibly coil inside of her belly. “Holy shit, I didn’t know she was into tentacles! You go girl!” Setsuna says from the privacy of her own bedroom. A few minutes later Ibara screams in bliss as she reaches her end.

Setsuna seems concerned when she notices the slightly distressed look on her friend’s face. “Control yourself Ibara, you shouldn’t be giving in to the desires of the flesh.” She says. “Ahh, she’s still struggling with that.” Setsuna says. The lizard girl grins viscously at this. “Guess I’ll have to be the devil on her shoulder then.” She says before withdrawing her eye and ear.

If she had stayed a bit longer, she would have heard a crucial detail, one which might have stopped her plot before it began. But Setsuna was completely oblivious to the danger she was in. “Seriously Ibara, your father’s a minister, what would he say if he saw you like this?” She asks herself.

Insert dramatic Bum! Bum! BUUUUUUM!
That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Ibara is… a preacher’s kid.
Setsuna has no idea what she’s messing with.

Bonus 2: Saiko’s Decision

Saiko is standing in front of the dorm with Izuku and Momo behind her. She seems to have abandoned her body forming patches, allowing her body to be on full display. “It’s going to be okay Saiko. They won’t care about something like your weight.” Izuku says. Saiko slowly exhales before opening the doors. Much to her nerves, pretty much everyone who lives there seems to be present. Recovery Girl appears to be there as well attending to a fried Denki Kaminari. Most of the students don’t even comment on her change in appearance.

Recovery Girl smiles at her though. “Ahh, good. You finally decided to stop wearing those ridiculous patches.” She says. Saiko freezes at this. “Y-you knew?” She asks tentatively. “I’m the School Nurse dearie, I am required to know about your medical history. I’m just glad you’ve learned to accept yourself.” She says. “Yes, the All Peeping Eye teaches us that there is nothing wrong with the thiccnes-“ Mineta starts to say before being taken out by an ear jack. “Do not bring up your cult.” Kyouka says angrily.

“Izuku!” A feminine voice calls out. The boy turns to see Yu and her daughter Rika Takeyama walk up. Izuku turns bright red when he sees what Yu is wearing. She seems to have dug up her old school uniform. It seems she has grown just enough to make it ride up in all the right places. Rika notices Saiko and smiles. “Nice Aunty Saiko. Glad to see you embracing your figure.” She says before looking her over and noticing her old clothes seem to be rather tight. “Hmm, you’ll probably need some new clothes though.” She says before a mischievous twinkle appears in her eye. She turns to the group of Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure and Setsuna Tokage. “Hey aunt Mina we got a fashion emergency over here.” She says, causing the pinkette to jolt from her spot on the couch next to the TV. “WHAT?!” She says before zeroing in on Saiko and noticing how ill fitting her clothes are. “Oh dear.” Momo says as Mina drags the other girls along with her.

“Oh my gawd! Saiko, I’m glad your finally embracing your thiccness, but those clothes look like they hurt.” She says. “I-it is a little uncomfortable I suppose.” She says before Momo can warn her. “SHOPPING TIME!!!” She says before grabbing the bluenette and rushing off. Toru takes off after her and Setsuna shrugs before going with them. “Oh no, I better go save her.” Momo says before chasing after them as Rika and Yu giggle. “That was evil… I’m so proud!” Yu says to her daughter.


A/N: Man it feels good to be back! We got a lot to unpack here. The whole thing at the start about the current state of Pine Ridge Reservation as this is something that has always seemed like a crime to me. People shouldn’t be forced to live like that in the so-called most powerful nation on Earth.

I started off the story proper with exposition regarding Dinemakȟóčhe. We got to know the five major cities of Dinemakȟóčhe. Apo, the financial hub built on the ruins of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation; Winnow Rock, the Capitol and a surviving city from the pre-quirk era; New Cahokia, a cultural hub belonging to the Panicans; Sakâw, the Cree city in the north which is home to a lot of resource extraction; and Tahlequah, a Cherokee city in Oklahoma known for electronics and software.

We also learned that they were a bit more practical with their use of robotics, having built advanced farming and transportation systems that the world has done all it can to isolate in the name of profit; lobbyists for the win!

From there we went on to a fun topic, ALIENS! We learned about aliens, wizards, alien wizards and so much more. The mystical jellyfish like Oovarians; the militaristic ant like Ch’kthrians; the jubilant, flamboyant Phylarians; the highly advanced Knatar and the primal, exotic Rawu.

That was the end of the exposition, but then we got to the Omakes!

First, I found a new way to torture Katsuki! Yay! This one isn’t really cannon, its just a funny way to provide a preview for his character development. I won’t spoil it for you, but in the Manga chapter 322, Katsuki finally did something that moved him from “If I was trapped in a room with him and Hitler with a gun and only two bullets, I’d shoot him twice.” To “Will you shut up you stupid Pomeranian!” He’s still an obnoxious asshole, but he’s not a monster.

Then we got a new explanation for why Dabi went nuts and… uh… yeah. I roasted him worse than his quirk ever could.

After that we got something totally different; an Izukid origin story. Meet Hayami Shiozaki, Ibara’s heavily tattooed Wiccan, witch, former villainess daughter. She truly is the Black Sheep of the Izukids, hence her hero name. As a bonus, she also has a quirk based on the Seven Deadly Sins! Ibara.exe has stopped working. We also learned more about the exotic world of magic. We watched Hayami break into a witch’s house, only to find a magical artifact which bound itself to her. We met the house’s owner, an old Ukrainian woman with a cursed name; who went on to train her in the ways of magic.

The woman’s enemies found her and Hayami was forced to flee in order to keep a powerful book out of their hands. We then got a father daughter reunion with a mushroomy twist.

Then we got a bit of nonsensical fluff as I made my argument for why Momo makes the best cuddle buddy in the MHA. Momo has a truly dangerous power now.

From there it was time for smut! It started off with fluff though, from silly rich girl banter to relentless teasing with a bit of jealousy in between. Then we got a bit of insecurity though. Momo was concerned about how her body moves, Kyouka was down about her petite frame and Saiko Intelli revealed her weight issues (Saiko isn’t considered obese, but she is overweight due to a medical issue). Deku to the rescue, with an assist from a mischievous alien girl.

Then we get on to the smut, where Deku proves to the girls that he likes them regardless of their bodies. While Izuku starts out going on the offensive, he finds himself getting slightly dominated later, especially with Kyouka. Plus, Momo shows her kinky side. Once again though, they are interrupted by an irate Shota Aizawa as the running gag of Eraserhead walking in on his problem child refuses to die. Oboro tricks him into walking in on them, similar to what Powerloader did the first time and Mei continues to prove that chaos is her real father.

We also learned Ibara is a Preacher’s kid… oh boy.

Then we got a bit of fluff when Saiko decided to ditch her BFPs. Luckily, no one seems to be bothered by this development. The resident thicc Izukid, Rika Takeyama proceeds to unleash hurricane Mina on her, much to her mother’s approval.

Well, that’s a wrap. I’d like to take this time to thank you all for being patient with me. I promise the next chapter is going to knock your socks off, but it may be a little bit; as I plan on going all out on this one. Until next time.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8

A/N: We’ve seen the comedic side of Evolution over the past few chapters, but that’s not all there is to him. What you need to understand is that Evolution is a true nihilist, the poster child for chaotic evil. Things are going to get fucked up in this chapter.

A/N 2: Looks like I have to split this chapter in two. It was getting too long even for my standards.


The first thing that Yu sees when she bursts out of the headquarters is absolute chaos. Several cars are already on fire, windows have been smashed, looting is rampant, and pillars of smoke are rising across the city. Edgeshot bursts out of the building next, followed by Kamui Woods. “My God… it’s like a warzone out here.” A few thugs wielding baseball bats rush in behind them, but Edgeshot pins them to the wall with a few throwing knives without even looking back at them.

“Whenever there is uncertainty, there will always be those waiting to take advantage of it.” A deep male voice says. Gang Orca walks out of a nearby alleyway with what appears to be a group of young vigilantes alongside his small army of sidekicks. Janus appears in a whiteish blue portal with a grin on his face. “You three are really making waves out there.” He says, confusing the other three. “Yu never closed her stream; her words have gone viral around the world. They’re all waiting on you to take down Drake Witch, so I’m your ride.” He adds. Yu’s eyes widen briefly before she sets that information to the side for later. “We can’t leave the area like this, it’s a mad house.” She says. “Which is why I’m here. I can handle the riot; go show our dear President what a real hero can do.” Gang Orca says. With that, Yu looks back to her teammates. They seem to be just as determined as she is, so she turns to Janus.

“Well then let’s do this!” She says. Janus grins again before opening a portal. “I’m dropping you off at the entrance to the Hero Commission HQ. The media is massed outside waiting for Emica’s response to the accusations and we’re hoping the sight of you three storming the castle might calm the masses a bit.” He says. The three charge through the portal and are briefly stunned by a wave of cheering. They look around and notice a mass of protestors along with the media. “Go Mount Lady!” “Hang the bitch with your branches Kamui!” Are among the tamer things the crowd seems to be cheering.

They shake off the shock and start charging up the steps, only to be stopped by a flash of movement, with Yu barely managing to dodge a slash from a flying sword. She skids to a stop and the three heroes freeze at the sight of Yoroi Musha, who is accompanied by the Sand Hero: Snatch. Kamui doesn’t see either one of them though. His heart wrenches at the sight of his brother in all but blood, Death Arms. Despite everything, the Arbor hero can see the pain and regret in his friend’s eyes. Yoroi steps forward, ignoring the angry shouts of the crowd. “Yu Takeyama, Shinji Nishiya and Shinya Kamihara, the three of you stand accused of dereliction of your duty as heroes, causing civil unrest amongst the populace and vigilantism. Surrender now and you will not be harmed.” He says.

Yu bursts into laughter at this. “Seriously? We should be giving you that line Mr. International Smuggler.” She says. “Those accusations are nothing more than slander. Musha Freight is a perfectly legitimate business. As for your arrest, I am acting on the authority of Prime Minister Atsuko Gushiken herself. She has denounced the Revolution’s accusations as the lies they are.” This causes the Ravagers to pause. “Wait, what?” Yu asks. “You didn’t see the press conference?” Snatch asks.

Izuku and the others have returned to the living room without Tenya, who wanted some time to himself. “Guys, hurry up! The Prime Minister is about to address the scandal.” Itsuka Kendo says. The others gather around along with the few teachers that are with them. “Let’s see how she manages to put this fire out.” Nemuri says.

On the screen, an older woman with black hair tied up in a bun wearing a blue suit appears. The press starts to buzz in anticipation only to quiet down when she raises her hand. “It has come to my attention that this group of vigilantes-“ She says, voicing the last word with disgust. “Well that sounds promising…” Dark Shadow says sarcastically.

“-Has taken it upon itself to destabilize world security. Not only have they illegally invaded another nation, but they have violated hundreds of international secrecy laws in the hopes of undermining the world’s faith in their governments and hero society. I would like to state that the accusations against HPSC President Emica Fukuda, various esteemed members of the hero community and everyone else they have accused are nothing but slander.” She says. The crowd begins to grow angry at that statement, but she silences them with another wave of her hand.

“Furthermore, it appears that the very leader of this organization of terrorists comes from our own home. I am here by issuing a warrant for the arrest of Mitsuki Bakugou-“ “BULL SHIT!!!!!!” Katsuki shouts in rage, leaping to his feet and releasing a few minor explosions from his hands. “-as well as anyone else associated with the Revolution. Furthermore, all of the rogue agents who have abandoned their position as heroes during our time of need are charged with treason and dereliction of dut-“ She starts to say before a bottle thrown from the crowd shatters. The crowd grows enraged to the point where some of the civilians even start charging the stage, only to be stopped by security. A series of explosions near the building can be heard in the distance as violence across the nation escalates further.

Judging by the crowd and the rioters around Japan, no one appears to be buying her explanation. “This press conference is over.” She says finally before fleeing the stage with the help of security. “Ahh gasoline, she tried to use gasoline to put the fire out.” Nemuri quips. Shota turns off the television as the students sit there in a mix of shock, horror and rage. “Holy shit bruh, I thought I was high. She must be on Mount Everest right now if she thought that was the right thing to say.” Michael says. Cementoss rushes into the room with a look of alarm on his face. “Everyone suit up! We’ve got riots all over the city, it’s bad enough that even the students are needed.” He says. This spurs everyone into combat mode as one of the largest crises in world history kicks off.


Izuku and Shoto slide to a stop in the courtyard when they see the former Ingenium, Tensei Iida, sitting in a wheelchair in front of his brother Tenya, who appears to be frozen in shock. Izuku seems to be sporting a cape much like Gran Torino’s and some new gauntlets. Izuku’s eyes narrow on the now disgraced ex-hero. “You! You have a lot of nerve showing up here.” Izuku yells. Izuku’s words seem to shake Tenya out of his stupor and he starts to say, “Tensei, what are y-“ “Tenya, stop. I know I have a lot of questions to answer, but we need to get out of here before Tadashi gets here.” He says frantically, spitting his father’s name out with venom.

“Wha-, but, Tensei? What’s going on?! They’re saying terrible things about you and father on the news. Please, tell me they’re lying.” Tenya says desperately. Tensei looks down with regret and despair in his eyes. “Tenya, I’m sorry, but they’re tru-.” He starts to say before being interrupted. “Tenya do not listen to your brother, his injury must have done some serious brain damage. I assure you the stories on the news are false.” A cold, authoritative voice says in the distance.

A taller, slightly more muscular figure with a rocket on his back and a suit of armor similar in design to Tenya and Tensei’s hero costume walks up to the two brothers as Izuku and Shoto are on guard. He is flanked by three of Team Idaten’s more experienced sidekicks. Each of them would likely be more than able to have their own Hero Agency; Big Shot is even Japan’s number 22, three ranks higher than Tensei’s peak of 25. But Tadashi is good to his men, and the money they were making was much better than what they would make on their own, especially since its tax free. It doesn’t hurt that Tadashi retired at number four, having been number one twice, at five years and two years before All Might’s meteoric rise. And that was back when the number 1 position was much more competitive, with the top four consisting of Ingenium, Yoroi Musha, His Purple Highness and the Shattered Woman aka the late Shinobu Hori constantly shifting places over a ten-year period before the arrival of All Might.

“God damn it, are all Professional Hero fathers assholes?” Shoto asks under his breath. “Shut the hell up Tadashi. You know damn well what we’ve been doing!” Tensei shouts angrily. Tadashi turns a cold glare toward his crippled son. “Nonsense, I have no idea how this ‘Revolution’ came up with this farce, but I assure you they will be dealt with. Now come along Tenya, it’s no longer safe for us in the open; a lot of people are out for our blood right now.” The man says as he marches toward the frozen Tenya. Tensei grins viscously at the man in response. “I’m the one who gave them the evidence, father.” He says, causing the Iida Patriarch to freeze. The calm, cold façade breaks upon hearing this as he begins shaking in rage. “You what?!” Tadashi shouts in anger.

Tensei chuckles at his father’s reaction. “I never wanted to do this, and you know it! The only reason I went along with your scheme was because you threatened mother, and when she died, you said you would groom Tenya to fill my role. I refused to let you drag my brother into your corruption, so I played along while searching for a way to take you down. I ran into Mist during a mission, and we got to talking. I knew the Revolution would be my chance to set things right, so I told her everything.” Tensei says before looking to the ground in shame. “It might not erase the harm that I’ve done, but it can at least stop you…” He says remorsefully.

Tadashi is fuming after he hears the words of his eldest son. “You stupid son of a bitch! You ruined everything! This business venture was making us a fortune! Heroes are losers; even the more successful ones can only make a small pittance compared to those in the business world. I was raking in billions with all my side projects!” He yells angrily. Tensei grins like a predator and glares right at the man. “Thank you for putting the final nail in your own coffin father. You can come out now Ting!” He shouts.

A relatively small woman wearing a Cheongsam with long funnel shaped sleeves a black domino mask and short, curly white hair and a pair of ram’s horns holding a small camera which is currently streaming live. She has a symbol of the Revolution on one of her shoulders. A large black mass with a white mask suddenly appears next to her before turning into a short woman with dark black eyes.

Ting Gao
Codename: Slumber
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 111 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 7th
Age: 36
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Energy Drain
Quirk Description: Ting Gao’s quirk makes her unable to sleep, which is why she always looks so tired. Instead, she drains the energy from anyone she touches with all five fingers, which causes the target to get sleepier the longer she touches them.
Basic Biography: Ting Gao, aka Slumber is one of only a handful of the sidekicks on Team Idaten who wasn’t in on the corruption. When she learned of Team Idaten’s criminal activities, she and her wife known only as Enigma abandoned the professional hero community to join the Revolution.

Name: Unknown, even to herself
Codename: Enigma
Height: 4’11” (Untransformed)
Weight: 91 lbs (Untransformed)
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 3rd
Age: 36
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Black Rubber
Quirk Description: Enigma can increase her mass and size, turning her body into a large black blob. She can also stretch her body and make smaller clones from her giant form which she can control like drones.
Basic Biography: Enigma is an orphan who was abandoned without any explanation, having not even been registered in any way. She was technically given the name Botan Nomura by officials, but she never really identified with it, preferring what would eventually become her hero name, Enigma. Like her wife Ting, she abandoned the hero community to join the Revolution in the aftermath of the recent scandals.

Tadashi pales when he notices the camera before turning to his eldest son with a look of rage on his face. “I’ll kill you!” He shouts before rushing toward Tensei with his quirk. A loud honking sound bursts out and Tadashi is forced to dodge in order to avoid being hit by a massive black 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan which comes blazing out of nowhere. The car slides to a stop before transforming into a heavyset balding elderly black man with six dull chrome upward curving exhaust pipes coming from his back. He is wearing a black leather jacket with the words “Heavy Steel” written on the front in silver that has been modified to open from the back with holes to fit the exhaust pipes, a pair of dark blue pants with six silver bike chains on it, three on each side, and a pair of black combat boots. The left and right shoulder on his jacket bears the symbols of the Revolution as well. He coughs briefly, with black smoke shooting out of his mouth as a result before glaring at the Patriarch of the Iida family. “You’re not laying a finger on the boy Tadashi.” He says angrily in slightly broken Japanese.

Abdul Rudd
Codename: Heavy Steel
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 267 lbs.
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 26th
Age: 89
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: American Classic
Quirk Description: Abdul’s quirk allows him to transform into several types of classic American made cars. These include a black 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan, a baby blue and white 1955 Chevrolet 210, a forest green 1967 Dodge Charger with two black stripes, a dark brown 1954 Ford F-100 and a white 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon with brown wooden trims. These vehicles are much heavier than their usual counterparts, as they appear to be heavily armored. They also have tinted, almost opaque windows. The car’s engine appears to be encased in a protective shell, and only damage to the engine affects Abdul’s health. In his prime, he was able to reach speeds of up to 220 miles per hour, and he could maintain the transformation for up to seven hours a day. His maximum speed now is only 140 miles per hour, and he can only maintain the transformation for three hours a day; likely due to his old age.

Basic Biography: He is one of the founding members of Detroit’s Man Cave. Tenya’s grandfather, Takashi Iida spent over a decade in America as one of the founding members of the group as well. Abdul is the only surviving member of the original Detroit’s Man Cave, with most of the others dying in the line of duty, while Takashi and the leader died of old age, Takashi dying five years ago while the leader passed away three years earlier.

Tadashi blinks briefly before laughing at the man. “Abdul, I can’t believe you’re still alive. Don’t you have a bingo game to get to?” He says derisively. “Heh, so you’re still as disrespectful as ever I see. I came out of retirement and joined the Revolution after being contacted by Mist a couple of weeks ago. I’m just glad your father isn’t alive to see what you’ve become.” Abdul spits out.

Tadashi growls at the mention of his father. “That man was not my father; I didn’t even meet him until I was fourteen years old.” He says angrily. “Shut your mouth brat! You know damn well why that happened. He had to stay away. If he got too close to you and your mother, you would have been in danger of being attacked by Captain Smog. That bastard killed most of our team before me; Takashi and Jackson were able to take him down.” Abdul shouts.

“Whatever, you’re not stopping me from taking my son Abdul. You’re too old and out of shap-“ He starts to say, only to stumble forward after a kick to the back of his head. “What’s that you said about old folks Zygote?” Gran Torino says as he lands next to Heavy Steel. He has a Revolution Patch on his chest, indicating that he was among the heroes to abandon the Pro Hero system. Enigma and Slumber step forward in order to form a defensive line between the two Iida children, Izuku and Shoto. “You kids get Tenya and Tensei out of here. We’ll handle these five.” Gran Torino says.

“But Gr-“ Izuku starts to say before a nearby explosion silences him. “I’m not going anywhere.” Tensei says before rising out of his wheelchair without issue; shocking everyone present except Slumber and Enigma. “I lied about not being able to fix my paralysis.” He says before pressing a button on the wheelchair. The chair transformed around him, settling into his familiar hero costume, only with the Revolution logo across his chest now. “Nora was able to build an artificial L4 vertebra to replace my damaged one. I was lucky that was my injury, as it happens to be the only vertebra controlling the legs that she can replicate right now.” He says before glaring at his father. “This fight has been coming for decades and I’m not letting anyone stop it from happening.” Tensei says with determination. He turns to Tenya and says “Get out of here Tenya, the world needs the only pure Iida left.” He says without turning to his brother. Tenya seems hesitant at first, but he eventually takes off. Tadashi tries to stop him, only to earn a punch to the face from Tensei as Izuku and Shoto take off as well.


Eraserhead arrives in the middle of the city of Musutafu alongside Tsuyu, Tetsutetsu, Kyouka, Itsuka, Denki, Eijirou. Itsuka’s uncle, who had been medically cleared earlier, was convinced to come with them to help by his niece. Fat Gum and Sun Eater are already there with Chizue Tetsutetsu-Kirishima. Shota grimaces as the students stand in shock and horror at the sight in front of them. Pillars of smoke are going up all over the city, broken glass is scattered all over the streets, buildings are being looted, vandalized and burned down, cars have been flipped over and destroyed, thousands of people are attacking everything in sight while civilians struggle to find a safe place to hide. There are injured and even dead people all over the streets, many of whom look as if they had been trampled. Riot police have been fully deployed along with water cannon mounted Riot Control vehicles, but the flames have gotten bad enough that those are preoccupied trying to put out fires as the fire fighters are spread too thin. Even the military seems to be out in full force. But they are all heavily outnumbered by the rioters. Long story short, if you had told them that the world was coming to an end, they would have no problem believing it.

“Snap out of it kids; I know this is rough, but we need to get this under control.” Fat Gum says. “Traitors!” One of the rioters screams before charging Fat Gum with a broken pipe. The attack bounces right off the man, and he punches him with just enough strength to knock him out. Sun Eater moves to pull him toward a nearby triage site using an octopus tentacle. “Be careful, a lot of these people may attack you, heroes aren’t exactly popular at the moment.” He says. Eraserhead tosses Sun Eater and Fat Gum a few patches. “Nezu had an idea, he got a bunch of Revolution Patches from Mitsuki to give the clean heroes we find. They might not attack as much if they think you’re Revolution.” Shota says. Fat Gum grins before slapping the patch onto his uniform. “If it wasn’t for the Emperor’s condemnation of the Prime Minister's actions, I probably would have gone Revolution anyway. We might be able to fix this mess with his influence.” The big man says.

“Split into groups of three and do what you can but stay safe. With things as chaotic as they are right now, there’s no way we can save everyone.” Shota says to the students. With that, the students’ pair up and try to do what they can to stop this madness. Itsuka, Kyouka and Tsuyu end up with Rappa Kendo trying to fight their way through a crowd of rioters to get to a collapsing building, where a young woman shrouded by smoke is screaming for help on the second story of a store. A few of the rioters charge forward, but one of the people slides to a halt when they see the Revolution patch on Itsuka’s Cheongsam. “Guys stop! They’re Revolution!” A woman yells. “Who cares? I just want to fuck shit up!” One of the guys says. Most of them stop, but three of them continue to attack, only to be knocked to the side by and enlarged hand from Itsuka. “Damn crooks.” She says angrily as the rest of the crowd starts to move out of the way.

Tsuyu looks up at the woman in the smoke and grimaces. “Fire, I can’t help up there, the fire will dry me out, ribbit.” Tsuyu says. “I got this-“ Itsuka says before Rappa stops her. “Oh no you don’t. I am not letting you go into a collapsing building; your mother would kill me. I’ll handle this; I can survive if the thing falls.” He says. Itsuka nods before turning to help Tsuyu rescue a couple of civilians trapped in a wrecked city bus.

Rappa leaps into the smoke and grabs the woman before leaping out just as the thing finally collapses. He looks down and grimaces when he sees the state the woman is in. She almost looks as if she was severely burned. If only the poor man knew what was really happening. “My hero!” the female civilian Evolution clone says before kissing him on the cheek. The woman dissolves in his arms and he yells out in pain while clutching his chest, attracting the three girls’ attention. “Uncle Rappa?!” Itsuka shouts before rushing to her uncle’s aid. She slides to a stop in front of him only to be splattered with the man’s blood and guts as the Puppet form of Evolution bursts out of his chest. “Hmm, must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” He says before looking back at the collapsed body of Rappa Kendo. “A really wrong turn.” He says.

Itsuka’s face is contorted in an expression of pure horror as Evolution pulls out a top hat and cane out of who knows where. “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal~” He starts to sing before coughing up severed body parts of a frog like man, including a head wearing the same type of hat he was wearing, which Tsuyu unfortunately catches. “Opps, sorry, had a frog in my throat.” Evolution says before a couple of vacuum bubbles start to hit him. “Oh shit, I’m being pelted by space balls!” He says in alarm.

“UNCLE MICHIGAN?!” Tsuyu screams in horror as she recognizes the severed head. Itsuka seems to be frozen in shock, horror and grief while Tsuyu starts to cry. Kyouka is standing there looking helpless. Evolution groans in irritation at the three girls, drawing their attention as the being tosses his hat and cane. Tsuyu’s eyes widen and she starts doing something that seems to be a mixture of hyperventilating and croaking. She trembles in fear, unable to move as the creature sends her prey instincts into overdrive. She has never been more terrified in her entire life. Even Itsuka and Kyouka seem to be frozen in fear as the creature exudes a malicious energy that triggers the most primal parts of the mind.

“Oh, come on! I went through all the trouble of setting up this elaborate joke and I don’t even get a chuckle?! Do you have any idea how risky that joke was?! Neowolf24 is very protective of the girls!” He shouts.

(Q/N: *Pulls out a Battle Axe with a Hammer on the back* You mess with the Froppy, you get the choppy. *Turns the weapon around* You mess with the Chako, you get the Knocko. *Drops the weapon and pulls out a phone* You mess with Momo; I’m calling the Popo. *Throws the phone and makes choking motion* You mess with Kyouka, I’m gonna choke ya. *Pulls out a helmet pair of bull horns * You mess with Toru, I’m gonna gore you. *Leaves the room briefly before struggling back into the room carrying a torpedo* You mess with Ashido; you get the torpedo. *Tosses the torpedo who knows where, causing a loud explosion as he pulls out a gun* You mess with Hado, you get the Pow Pow. *Tosses the gun and pulls out a sword.* You mess with Mei, your gonna die. *Throws the sword and pulls out a Bazooka. You mess with Itsuka, you get the Bazooka. You mess with Himiko, I’m going to step out of the way, so I don’t get caught in the stabbing frenzy. You mess with Eri D̵̨̥́̈́͑å̸̜̰̑̍̐T̷̗̜̦͗̌Ã̴͚͕̙̒̈̽ͅ ̵̗̗͙͕̎̾̒̿E̵͓̰̍̄̓X̵̹̐̓̉͆P̶̹̯̫͊̄̊u̷͚̣̗̇͑̉͝n̶̠̳͊̂̉̾G̴̨̛̣̼͛͜Ẹ̸̣͚̓͐Ḓ̵͎͊͘͝!̴̳̍̎̾ )

A giant spiked steel fist attached to a stretched-out arm slams into the ground below Evolution, who just barely manages to dodge in time. Fat Gum scoops up Kyouka and Tsuyu without looking at Evolution and flees. Itsuka’s daughter Chizue grabs her mother in another enlarged hand and tosses her toward the group of Eijiro, Tetsutetsu and Setsuna.

Itsuka manages to shake herself out of her stupor and land safely as Steelflex stands protectively in front of the group. “Leave Evolution. You have no reason to be here.” She says firmly. “Duh, of course I don’t have a reason to be here; nobody does! Life is a joke, but not just any kind of joke; no, life is one of those jokes that you laugh at on instinct before realizing just how offensive it was and then you feel bad for lau- WHOA!” He starts to say before being forced to dodge a punch from Chizue’s giant spiked steel fist. “You know that’s not what I meant you lunatic. None of us find your antics amusing. We both know you aren’t going to attack, you’re still in the process of riling up the entire world.” She says.

Evolution cackles madly at this. “Ah, it’s refreshing how well you know me. Yup, I’m done now, buh-bye!” He says before exploding in a violent display of viscera. “H-h-holy shit… wh-what the hell was that thing?!” Eijiro asks in fear as Kyouka and Tetsutetsu struggle to calm Tsuyu and Itsuka. Itsuka is shaking violently as she clings to the steel man and cries. Tsuyu seems almost catatonic at this point. “That was Evolution, the greatest threat to existence itself that ever existed.” Steelflex says ominously. She turns back to the group and grimaces. “Get my mother and Tsu some place safe. They’re in no condition to be out like this right now.” She adds

“N-no! I-I’m fine, I-I can st-“ Itsuka says, struggling to put on the big sister act. “Mom, please; you’re always strong one, the pillar of support. You’re allowed to be weak, there’s nothing wrong with that. Let us deal with this.” She says quietly as a portal opens behind them. Itsuka jumps when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks to see her teacher Vlad King has come through the portal while Shota and Recovery Girl help Tsu. Vlad’s face is fixed in a no-nonsense expression, sending the girl a clear message. This is not optional. Itsuka sighs before relenting. Allowing Recovery Girl to pull her toward the portal; Itsuka quirks an eyebrow when she sees the portal though. Rather than the gaseous white and blue portal, this one is more of a yellowish liquid, kind of like a vertical pond in the air.

Steelflex notices her mother’s confusion. “Portal quirks might be rare, but they’re not unique. You didn’t honestly expect Oboro to transport everyone, did you?” She says. Itsuka nods in understanding before heading back to the school.


Kamui Woods manages to catch a light post with a branch to stop his descent as Death Arms lands opposite of him in a largely vacant lot. Neither man seems to notice the child hiding on a nearby rooftop. The child pulls out his phone and starts to record the fight. “God damn it, Akito! How could you do this! What would Hanako say if she saw what you have become?!” Kamui says. Death Arms bellows in rage at the mention of his late wife before throwing a burnt-out car at Kamui. “Don’t you dare bring her into this Shinji! You have no idea what I’ve been going through!” He roars as Kamui dodges the car.

“Then explain it to me Akito! Why the hell are you killing people for money?! I know you; you’ve never cared for living a life of luxury, hell, you still drive the same truck your dad gave you! The thing’s thirty years old and it’s at nearly 250,000 miles! What’s going on man? Why are you doing this?!” He shouts emotionally. “I don’t have a choice.” Death Arms says darkly. He charges forward and tries to punch Kamui, but the Arbor Hero swerves to the side. He wraps his branches around Death Arms in order to stop him from moving.

“Akito, please, talk to me man! Why are you doing this? Wh-“ He starts to say before Death Arms screams “AKIKO’S GOT IT TOO!!!!!” Kamui Woods freeze at this. He releases his old friend and slowly backs away with his eyes wide in shock. Death Arms falls to his knees and slams his fists into the ground with enough force to shake the area. “What?” Shinji asks weakly. “Parkinson’s… Akiko’s got Parkinson’s… how the hell does a five-year-old get Parkinson’s?” He asks. Kamui looks horrified by this. “It’s not about the money; I usually end up giving most of that to charity anyway. Emica has access to someone with a quirk that reverses neurological deterioration… I did this for her…” He says.

“If you’re referring to Nelugo, he can cause it too.” Another voice from a nearby alley says. A part of a nearby building’s shadow breaks off before stopping in front of him. The shadow starts to take the form of a long-haired woman with a featureless wispy black form and glowing brown eyes. The form solidifies and a woman with black hair in a braided ponytail, dark reddish-brown skin and brown eyes appears. She is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. She has a piercing in her nose studded with what appears to be obsidian. She is wearing black eyeliner and she has a headband with black beads and raven feathers weaved in. She is wearing dark blue, almost black eye shadow and a necklace made of bird bones. Overall, she looks like a Native American themed goth.

Wajonna Black
Codename: Shadow Walker
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 117 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 26th
Age: 19
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Shadow Form
Quirk Description: Wajonna’s quirk allows her to convert her body into shadow. She can move across any surface at incredible speed. She is essentially invincible when she is in shadow form, but she cannot do anything other than move when she is in this form. Her senses remain intact while she is in shadow form, making her one of the Revolution’s top spies.

Basic Biography: Wajonna is a Panican from New Cahokia, Dinemakȟóčhe. She grew up in a middle-class family and lived a stable life until her parents were killed in a villain attack when a trained hero made the mistake of not checking to make sure the villain was incapacitated. It was the driving force behind her decision to become a vigilante.

“Nelugo’s been using his quirk on your daughter to mimic the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. She doesn’t have it and according to the genetic analysis Nora did on her, she never will.” The woman says. Death Arms freezes upon hearing this. He begins to make a few squeaking noises, something that Kamui Woods is aware he only does when his anger has reached critical mass. And honestly? Shinji can’t blame him one bit, in fact, he’s seeing red himself.

“RAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!” Akito bellows like an enraged bull. He starts to repeatedly slam his fist into the ground with enough force to crack the reinforced foundation of a nearby skyscraper, much to Kamui’s alarm. “Akito! Calm down, you’re going to bring the whole block down at this rate!” He says. Akito doesn’t really acknowledge him, but he does stop pounding the ground. “Save that for the President.” He adds viscously. “That’s going to be a problem. Someone else already got her.” Wajonna says darkly.


A few minutes earlier

The embattled 66-year-old HPSC President Emica Fukuda is in her office as a war rages outside. She is about 5’4” tall with grey hair tied into a bun. She is wearing a grey and blue business suit. Knowing that she has been exposed, she decides to don her old Drake Witch Armor in order to defend herself. She walks over to her desk and lifts a nearby stapler, which is apparently attached to the desk by a hidden hinge. She presses a small black button and one of the nearby bookcases splits open to reveal a mechanical exoskeleton with a Chinese dragon style head. The suit is sleek in design and colored purple and black. Before she can reach the armor, a nearby television turns itself on automatically. Dean Nezu appears on screen with an unusually calm expression on his face. On a screen in his office is none other than the General of the Revolution, Contingency. “Hello Emica, decided to show your true colors I see.” He says.

“Gah, of course you have my office bugged. I get the best security money can buy and they’re still no match for you.” She says angrily. Dean Nezu chuckles at this. “Yes, that was a rather fun adventure. Your men did not make it easy for me, but at the end of the day, they’re still only human.” He says. “Can it rat! I don’t have time for your nonsense.” She says before they are interrupted by a blaring alarm. Nezu looks rather puzzled at this. “Hmm, that’s strange. The Ravagers are still engaged with your cronies and all the other heroes are trying to quell the wave of discontent that has consumed our nation. Are any of your people going after her?” He asks Contingency. “We’re stretched to the max all over the world right now Nezu, we decided to let the Ravagers deal with her.” He says.

“Hmm… most strange. If it’s not a hero or a vigilante, maybe it’s someone else.” Dean Nezu says. Emica grows pale at this. “Stain…” She says fearfully. “Oh, you wish I was Chizzy boy!” An irritating voice says. A Muppet version of Evolution jumps out of a nearby vent with a grin on his face. He gasps at the sight of Dean Nezu. “Hi person who may or may not be God!” He shouts, getting an exasperated sigh from the Dean which confuses the other two. “What do you want with Emica, Evolution?” Nezu asks. “Simple, her policies made my life a living hell growing up, so I thought I’d return the favor.” He says before wrapping Emica in a fleshy prison. “Hope you like being turned into a spawning tower!” He shouts before jumping out the window. Nezu and Contingency both flinch when they hear this.

From what they have learned from Reginald, a spawning tower is a twisted amalgamation of flesh which spawns monsters. He doesn’t need to use them, as he can just create creatures from his own body, but the process is immensely painful for whoever is unfortunate enough to be made into one. He uses it to torture people who piss him off.


Back in the school’s medical wing, Recovery Girl walks into Yagi’s room and stops. Her eyebrow starts twitching violently as she notices the moron is nowhere to be found. “God damn it Yagi.” She says before calling the idiot in question. “I AM HERE-!” He starts to say “AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE IN THE GOD DAMNED MORGUE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! NOW GET YOU’RE ASS BACK IN THIS BED OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A FUCKING ANIMAL!” She shouts. Yagi yelps in fear at this. Recovery Girl only swears when she is extremely pissed. He would take a thousand Gran Torinos over a truly angry Recovery Girl. “Gimme the phone Grandpa!” A cheerful feminine voice says. The mystery person grabs the phone from All Might, who is more than happy to get away from the terrifying monster.

“Don’t worry about that Auntie Chiyo! I made sure Grandpa Yagi was in fighting shape! All it took was a few modified strains of Staphylococcus aureus I made to repair the heart and he was right as rain! I’m still working on a way to fix his stomach and lungs though.” Masumi Komori says cheerfully.

Recovery Girl’s eyes widen at this. “You exposed his heart to a Staphylococcus strain!?! After he just had a Cardiac incident?!?” She shouts in alarm. “Relax aunty Chiyo. I reversed the effects! Instead of damaging heart valves, it can strengthen them! It’s fueled by bad cholesterol too so that just makes the heart work even better!” Masumi says before being cut off by an explosion. “Uhh oh, gotta run! See ya later Auntie Chiyo!” She adds before cutting off the call.

Recovery Girl’s eyebrow starts twitching wildly at this. “Strengthen? How could she do that?” Chiyo says in confusion. A chuckle from behind the woman causes her to whirl around with a manic look in her eye. “Looks like you found your Mei.” Higari Maijima says. Recovery Girl groans in frustration before she and Power Loader leave the area. Without Yagi, there’s nothing holding her there, and the hospitals are likely swamped given the chaos. “Why are you still here?” She asks. “Nezu asked me to dig out more space in the bunker. He has a hunch we’re going to need to protect civilians at some point. Just came to get some pain killers, I’m going to have to dig like I’ve never dug before, and I don’t want pain slowing me down.” He says.

“Funny you should mention Aunty Mei, because I’ve got news about her.” Aiko Toga says from behind him, causing the man to jump in fear. He whirls around to see the most violent of the Izukids. “Jesus! Where the hell have you been?” He says. “Setting the stage for another time traveler!” Aiko says before turning on a TV broadcasting the fight between Re-Destro, Evolution and his cult and the Revolution.

The situation looks rather bad for the vigilantes as they are being pushed back. A few dozen heroes have arrived on the scene as well, including Endeavor and Best Jeanist. The area is being flooded with Platypus monsters and cultist when a ball of pink energy suddenly opens on top of a nearby building. A familiar burst of maniacal laughter causes Power Loader to fall to his knees, eyes wide in horror. “Dear god…” He says fearfully as the laughter grows louder. He drops down to his knees and folds his hands. “Kannon, Buddha, God, Allah, Kuan Yin, Vishnu, Obatala, Eleos, Meretseger, Eir and any other God of Mercy I may have forgotten, please don’t do this to me.” He desperately pleas.

The figure starts to become clearer, with the telltale form of his student’s signature goggles being easily noticeable. “Hell, Satan, my soul is yours if you’ll just stop this from happening.” Higari adds. The light finally fades as Higari’s worst nightmare steps through the portal, she looks almost the same, aside from a few streaks of gray in her hair and barely noticeable wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

Recovery Girl chuckles nervously as Power Loader wails in despair. “Maybe she got more responsible with age?” She says weakly. As if rising to her challenge, the older Mei Hatsume pulls a mechanized backpack off her back and presses a button. The device shifts rapidly until it gains the form of what looks like a mini gun crossed with a giant laser. Her mad laughter intensifies as her eyes light up with yellow flames. She unleashes a torrent of rapid red laser bursts on the creatures as her yellow eye lasers deftly maneuver through the crowd of monsters taking out some of the creatures pressuring the vigilantes and heroes. “Oh God, she’s worse.” A pale Recovery Girl says. Higari is on the floor, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head after that insane display.


Earlier at the battle between the Revolution and Evolution’s cult

Shoto, Tenya, Izuku, Mei, Katsuki, Tokoyami, Cementoss, Ochako, Momo, Mirio and Nejire arrive at the scene of the battle between the Revolution and Evolution’s Cult.

Mei seems to have finally developed her own Hero Costume as well. She is wearing a pink and silver dual respirator gas mask which covers her lower face her signature goggles are currently on top of her head, but they appear to be able to lock themselves to the lower part of the mask to form a full gas mask if she needs it. She is wearing a set of pink and silver plate armor covered in a chaotic assortment of support gear. On each shoulder is a retractable canister launcher capable of launching nets and various types of grenades. She is also wearing a pair of full arm gauntlets with built in flamethrowers hooked to the backpack she used at the sports festival. The launchers for her wire arrows are on top of each flamethrower. The backpack appears to have been reinforced to withstand some serious punishment. Her hover boots have been reinforced with armored plating as well. Judging by the way she easily lifts a nearby car out of the way, it appears that the machine has an exoskeleton inside of her armor to enhance her natural strength as well.

Across from them, Dabi appears from a nearby alleyway with a slightly banged up looking Fuyumi in tow. Shoto surges forward on a sheet of ice and attempts to attack Dabi, only for a giant fist made of ice from his sister to block him.


Name: Fuyumi Todoroki
Codename: N/A
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 129 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 6th
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Ice Armor
Quirk Description: Fuyumi Todoroki can encase her body in a thick shell of ice. Her strength and durability increase dramatically when she uses her quirk.
Basic Biography: The older sister of Shoto Todoroki, Fuyumi decided to become a teacher despite having a powerful quirk. This resulted in serious controversy, as many believed she was wasting her abilities. Despite being a civilian, Fuyumi is very skilled with her quirk and has extensive martial arts knowledge. She would likely be a high-ranking hero had she gone that route.

“Shoto stop, it’s Toya; he saved me and my coworkers from an angry mob of parents that was trying to attack me because of Dad.” She says. Shoto stares at his long-lost brother who groans in irritation. “Save the family reunions for later. We got a job to do.” Dabi says.

Without warning, a ball of flames hits the street between them before sliding to a halt. Endeavor rises from the flames, causing Dabi to freeze. He starts to shake and blue flames erupt from Dabi as the man turns to look at him. “Toya, please.” Fuyumi says. Enji’s eyes widen in shock when he realizes Dabi’s identity. Dabi breathes a heavy sigh before the flames die down. “Toy- but h-.” Enji starts to say. “Can it, asshole. We got a fight on our hands, but we will be settling our issues after this.” The black-haired man says. A pink light nearby draws all their attention to it as the next time traveler appears.


Her eyes are glowing yellow as she screams “I’ve finally done it! My second greatest baby! They said it was impossible, but I did it anyway! I invented a TIME MACHINE!!!!” An older version of Mei Hatsume proudly screams. Her daughter Isamu appears behind her with a huge grin on her face and several trucks filled with mechanical parts. “And here comes my all-time greatest baby with my third greatest baby ready to be put together.” She says before dropping the Laser mini gun on a tripod and allowing it to take over firing. She rushes over to her daughter, eyes still shooting laser blasts which easily maneuver around the unflinching girl and pulls her into a hug. “Gah, Mom! Stop, we’re on TV!” Isamu says.

“What’s the third greatest baby?!” Younger Mei says, popping up out of who knows where. You’d think meeting an older doppelganger would throw her off, but this is tame by Mei Hatsume’s standards. Isamu starts to glow and the parts float into place. The younger Mei’s eyes widen in amazement as she sees the machine in question. “Oh… my… God… It’s even more beautiful than I ever imagined when I designed it as a child.” She says as a sixty-foot-tall Mecha Mei takes shape. Ochako and Momo look up in shock and awe as they catch up to the manic pinkette. They had drawn the short straw, which meant they ended up on Mei Hatsume damage control. A swarm of Platypus Evolutions tries to overtake the group, but Mech Mei’s boobs open, revealing the rotary cannons beneath, which proceeded to turn them into goop.

“W-w-why did you put guns there?!?” A beet red Ochako asks. “Silly Chako, Mecha Mei has weapons everywhere.” Mei says before getting uncomfortably close to Ochako’s face. “E-everywhere?” Momo asks. “Everywhere.” Mei repeats slowly and manically.

“Oh boy, the gang’s all here! Now for my special project!” Evolution shouts from everywhere at once. Four blobs of goop fly at the heroes. One of them hits Izuku, accidentally dragging Fumikage along in the process; another one hits Katsuki and the third one ensnares Endeavor and the fourth one snags Best Jeanist. They proceed to carry their victims away from the fight.


Meanwhile as Future Mei appears and the others are carried away, Re-Destro doesn’t appear to be doing as well. He hasn’t taken a lot of physical damage; it’s just that he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A couple of Platypus-Evolutions are reduced to a fine paste by a massive black fist. Standing at nearly 15 feet tall with his entire body as black as obsidian, Rikiya has never used his quirk to this extent. He almost seems feral at this point.

“Calm down Riki, all I did was ask you to tell me the story of how your dad used you as a lawn gnome.” One of the Platypus say. “MY FATHER DID NO SUCH THING GOD DAMNIT!!!” Rikiya bellows. “Why not? You lost a poetry competition to a baking soda volcano.” Another platypus clone says. “I AM NOT DOCTOR DOOFENSHMIRTZ! NOTHING I INVENT EVER ENDS WITH –INATOR, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A LAWN GNOME, I HAVE NEVER SOLD BRAUTWURST, AND I DO NOT HAVE A BROTHER NAMED ROGER! ” He shouts angrily before turning to some unseen entity.


Evolution grins viscously as the man continues to lose his mind. Overhaul approaches the two, having broken off from the fighting. “I HAVE NEVER TAKEN OVER THE WORLD SIMPLY BECAUSE I LOST A TOY TRAIN, I NEVER TRAINED WITH A MAN WHO WANTED TO SET THE SUN ON FIRE, I KNOW VERY WELL NOT TO MAKE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL AND I DO NOT HAVE A ROBOT NAMED NORM! RIGHT NORM?!” He says as a perfect replica of the cartoon robot shows up next to him. “Right boss!” The robot says.

This causes Re-Destro to whirl around and see the robot. His entire face starts to twitch erratically before something within the man finally snaps. He surges forward, tearing the robot to shreds while laughing like a maniac. Evolution takes his Muppet Form and surges forward, his hand glowing green. He places his hand in the center of his spine and his body starts to glow. He freezes and a few seconds later, the same green eyeball that is on Overhaul and Flect Turn appears on Re-Destro. “Of course. It all makes sense now! Oblivion is salvation, life is death, and everything is meaningless!” He says, as if just realizing a new truth. Overhaul walks over to complete the transformation, but before he can, Daisuke lands in front of the man and drives his claws into the man’s skull, killing him instantly. Overhaul’s hand lands on Daisuke, and his body is absorbed into the man’s quirk.

Fortunately, another body forms out of a small pool of blood he left in a nearby building as a safety precaution. Evolution and Overhaul blink in surprise, having not expected that move from the giant amphibian man. “Uhh, master?” Overhaul says. Evolution sighs at this. “Its fine, this attack was supposed to lure out my true targets, Re-Destro was just a minor side objective at best; Muscular kind of makes him redundant.” He says. “Opps!” He adds before clapping his hands over his mouth. “Uhh, spoiler alert.” He says to the readers.


Setsuna Tokage, Neito Monoma, Pony Tsunotori, Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure, Shinso Hitoshi, and Snipe are rushing through the streets when an oddly familiar old man with shock white hair appears. Much to their shock, it appears to be an older looking version of Neito wearing an ornate military uniform.

“Aha, so he finally appears. Keigo got to meet up with his younger counterpart, so I thought I might as well do the same. I am Chancellor Neito Monoma, second in charge of the Japanese Empire. Charmed.” He says with a bow. The others look from the older Neito to the younger one, who seems to be frozen in shock. “Y-you’re me?” The blonde boy asks. Before anything else can happen, Ox Tsunotori, Ryota Tokage and Hibiki Ashido land between the older man and the group with looks of rage on their faces. “You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here Chancellor.” Hibiki spits angrily.

The Chancellor sighs at this. “Ah damn, I was hoping to have a friendly chat with my younger self before the fight began.” He says. “Ryota? What’s going on?” Setsuna asks. The dinosaur boy flinches at the sound of his mother’s voice. “Damn it, we were hoping to ease Neito into this. The Chancellor here is the right-hand man of the Grand Emperor, the totalitarian regime which took over much of the world in our time.” He says, shocking the others. “Oh, come now you make it sound as if I’m a villain.” He says dismissively. “I’m pretty sure you looked like one to the people of Nanking.” Ox says angrily. The Chancellor scowls at the man.

“Well, if they would have stayed in line rather than revolting, I never would have had to detonate that hydrogen bomb.” He says, horrifying the others. “A hero in our time upholds order, Nanking tried to rebel, and they got what they deserved.” He retorts coldly. “And your own soldiers who were fighting there?” Hibiki asks. “They died in the service of the Empire.” He adds. This is the final straw as Neito falls to his hands and knees before throwing up.

The Chancellor rolls his eyes at this. “Come on boy, show a little fortitude.” He says before Hibiki throws a few kicks at him, launching volleys of energy his way. The older man stretches his arms to grab a nearby flagpole and pulls himself out of the way. This is when he lets his true power show as he tosses his jacket aside and uses Mezo’s Dupli-Arm quirk to grow a dozen arms from his back. Each hand appears to have the same finger pads that Ochako has. The arms stretch out as his hands grow to enormous size.


Neito Monoma
Codename: Chancellor Neito Monoma
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 188 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 13th
Age: 72
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name 1: Copy
Quirk Description: This is Chancellor Neito Monoma’s original quirk. It has been enhanced so that he can permanently copy up to four quirks. Once copied, the quirks become permanent. He can also give his ability to copy quirks to other people.
Quirk Name 2: Rubber Body
Quirk Description: This quirk was obtained from a Danish villain known as Rubber Man. It makes his body rubber, allowing him to stretch his body, rebound off walls, jump higher and reflect projectiles. As part of his strategic combo, it allows him to touch his targets from a long distance.
Quirk Name 3: Dupli-Arms
Quirk Description: This quirk was obtained from Mezo Shoji. It is also the same as always. This allows him to create multiple arms which he can use to touch multiple targets at once.
Quirk Name 4: Zero Gravity
Quirk Description: This is Ochako Uraraka’s quirk. It functions the same way as it always has. This quirk is the bulk of his strategy. He uses Rubber Body and Dupli-Arms to touch things in order to remove their gravity before slamming them into the ground.
Quirk Number 5: Big Fist
Quirk Description: This is Itsuka Kendo’s quirk. He uses it to grow his hands in order to make it easier to overwhelm his foes with a dozen large fists.

Basic Biography: Neito has grown into an ice hearted politician, but he can still fight when he needs to. His quirks come together to support Ochako’s Zero Gravity, allowing him to knock people into orbit with a well-placed slap.

The Chancellor notices Neito’s state and sighs. “So much for having a conversation with myself. I’m afraid I must be going; I have many things to do to set the stage for the Grand Emperor’s triumphant entry.” He says before catching a low flying news helicopter with an outstretched arm and using it to make his escape. Ryota transforms into a Pteranodon and is about to pursue him, only for Ox to stop him. “Ryota, let him go. He may be evil, but he’s technically on our side.” Ox says.

Neito looks over to him in shock. “EXCUSE ME?! H-HOW COULD YOU LET THAT FOUL MAN FIGHT ALONG SIDE US?!” He shouts in rage. Ox sighs at this. “You’re going to have to get used to fighting with villains Neito. Evolution seeks to destroy all of existence, and most villains like existing.” He adds. “Whoa, hold on big guy. What is this Evolution you’re talking about?” Mina asks before the villain of the hour pops up from a sewer and screams “BOO!” Mina leaps back in fear of the demented Muppet creature, and it explodes a second later when Hibiki fires a kinetic blast from his fist.

“Mom, that was Evolution. He is the real enemy we’re facing. Soul Reaver and the Empire are a threat to our freedom, Evolution seeks the complete destruction of everything that is, was and ever will be. He seeks annihilation, and if we aren’t careful, he might be able to do it.” Hibiki says, terrifying the students.

“The stakes are high kids, that just means we have to win.” Snipe adds. A massive explosion rocks them all as a few of the nearby skyscrapers start to collapse. “Alright guys, we got a job to do, let’s go!” Ox shouts as the group takes off running toward the fallen towers.


The blob of flesh carrying Izuku and Fumikage finally lands in a forest clearing at the base of Mount Fuji. “Finally! I thought you’d never get here Izu- Birb Boy?” He says, Fumikage bristles at that name. “I am not a meme.” He says as Izuku stands up. “Ah well, the more the merrier.” He says before staring directly into Izuku’s eyes. The green haired teen freezes in terror at this. When you picture what the eyes of a person without a soul, you imagine you would see nothing.

That was not the case here though. There is plenty of action behind those eyes. Rather than empty voids, those eyes reflected an endless storm of chaos, negativity and suffering. But that wasn’t even what scared him the most. It was the intense familiarity behind those green eyes staring back at him.

He knows them because he sees them every time, he looks in a mirror. An image of himself crying in misery forms in his head; it switches to an image of him screaming in rage followed up immediately by one of him laughing maniacally. An image of Izuku standing on a chair in front of a noose comes next, following an image of him laughing insanely while strangling Katsuki to death with his bare hands. The psychotic laughter continues to echo throughout his mind as he realizes the horrible truth. “I-I-I” Izuku starts to stutter as his eyes widen in horror. “Aww man, don’t tell me I figured it out already. I had a whole dramatic reveal ready! It was going to be amazing too. Damn Neowolf24 and his writer’s block on how to reveal my identity!” Evolution pouts.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dark Shadow asks as Izuku falls to his knees. “Ooh, a second chance!” Evolution says before turning to face Fumikage, who is using his Black Abyss move. Evolution chuckles at the quirk. “Alright, let me break it down for you. You know about his past right? How he was bullied for being quirkless?” He says. Fumikage flinches at this. He’s no stranger to bullying thanks to his own quirk. “Well think about it bird brain, after all the shit he went through, how the hell did can he be such a ball of sunshine?” Fumikage looks confused at this. “And here I thought you were one of the smarter ones. Think you overgrown chicken, think!” He shouts. Fumikage’s eyes widen in shock and horror. “DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! Here’s what you’ve won!” He says before transforming into an older, taller version of Izuku with neck length hair and a medium length beard and mustache combo. “BOO! AHAHAHAHA!” He says before turning to the side. “That’s right ladies and gents; it’s a villain Deku story!” He says to the readers.

“I guess its origin story time! Izuku stayed the positive little ball of sunshine thanks to a little thing called Dissociative Personality Disorder. He took all his negativity and pushed it all into a separate part of his mind. The darkness began to fester to the point where it was capable of independent thought and thus I was born!” Evolution says.


On the outskirts of Musutafu, Yagi Toshinori freezes at the sight of his twisted pupil. Apparently he had chosen to tell the story of his origin to All Might as well. “But you’re probably wondering ‘Well how the hell did he get this quirk?’ Well, it’s all thanks to you Super Dumdum Man! The second wielder of One for All had a biomass absorption quirk!” He shouts. He fires another blob of flesh which encapsulates All Might into a ball, with only his head remaining free. He tries to break free, but he finds his energy draining rapidly. A few seconds later, All Might shrinks back into his smaller form. “Nu-uh-uh! No fighting today, Dumdum, we’re going to the movies!” He shouts before grabbing him and flying off into the distance.


About halfway up the Mount Fuji, Izuku and Fumikage landed on, Katsuki is staring in dumbfounded shock at the warped visage of his childhood friend. “It allowed him to convert matter into controllable biomass, but only to a maximum of ten tons. If he used any more than that, his quirk would damage his soul, eventually leaving him as a vegetable. But I was able to fix that little problem. When Izuku used One for All for the first time at the entrance exam, I was able to isolate myself into some of his blood, leaving my part of his soul behind in the process. Of course, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for you being such an asshole! Thanks, Kacchan! Because of you, I exist to enact my plan of absolute annihilation! You contributed to the end of reality itself! Congratulations!” He adds.

Katsuki is rendered speechless as the full implications of Evolution’s little spiel hit him. He had recently begun to understand just how bad his past actions against Izuku were, but now they seem to be slamming into him with full force. Meanwhile, there’s a whole different war taking place inside of Izuku’s mind.


Izuku’s mindscape

Inside of a dark, destroyed city, Daigoro “Lariat” Banjo and Nana Shimura are engaged in a war of their own against a horde of Evolutions monsters. The other wielders of One for All are also desperately trying to fight their way to the center of the city, where Izuku and his demented doppelganger seem to be.


Izuku appears to be tied to a chair as he is circled by his older self. “Yup, I’m you Izzy boy! Well, sort of; I’m the darker side of you. But you want to know the fun part? While I have taken my own form, that doesn’t mean the darkness inside of you is gone, far from it! In fact, I’d go as far as to say you might even be worse than me. You let that darkness inside of yourself fester while I let it out whenever I please. You can be a nihilistic psychopath bent on total annihilation too, isn’t that neat?!” He says.

Izuku looks at the beast that resembles him in confusion. “W-why? Why are you doing this?!” Izuku asks. “It’s simple really, I want to liberate us all from the tyranny of this cyclical hell we call life.” He says. This only confuses Izuku further, causing his older self to sigh. He conjures a chair made of flesh and places it in front of Izuku before sitting in it backwards and looking Izuku in the eyes.

“Allow me to give you a little lesson on the inner workings of the universe. Some people say that time is a straight line, while others believe it’s a circle. You want to know the truth? They’re both right! That’s how the universe works. One moment there is nothing and then BANG, the universe is born. From there time progresses until something finally destroys the universe. You want to know what happens after that? BANG! The universe is born again! There is no after life, we’re just doomed to live the same shit storm over and over again! God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, they all exist, but they’re stuck in the same endless loop we are!” He says.

“Sure, there can be differences, and people like Regi boy can and do divert the path taken, but at the end of the day, it’s all just the same viscous cycle; the universe is born, your born, you suffer, you die, the universe dies, the universe is born, etc. The suffering never ends no matter how hard you try! I’ve destroyed the universe so many times that I’ve lost count but it just… keeps… coming… back!” He screams.

“I want to destroy it all, so that it never returns! I seek to save us all from the Great Tyranny of reality itself! I SEEK NOTHING!!!” He screams as Izuku stares at the creature with a dumbfounded look on his face. “I will kill you. I will kill everyone out there in the real world.” He says to Izuku before turning to some unseen entity. “And if I can figure out a way to get out of this loser’s imagination, I’ll kill all of you too!” He screams at the people reading this fan fic before bursting into hysterical laughter. “B-but what about all the good times?! Yes there’s suffering in life, but there’s good as well.” Izuku says.

Evolution sighs at this. “Ah yes, the good life. You know, where everything is all-“ He starts to say before leaping out of the chair. When he lands, he is in the form of his five-year-old self in a school uniform with his cuteness overexaggerated. He is skipping through a field of colorful flowers with a rainbow and a smiley faced sun in the background.

“Sunshine, lollypops and Rainbows full of BULLSHIT!” He starts to sing before ripping the rainbow out of the sky and releasing and endless wave of manure as the sun looks on in horror. Izuku looks confused as to how he did this. “Izuku, we’re in your mindscape, the normal rules of reality don’t apply here. You can do whatever you want here if you’re in control, and right now I a-.” He starts to explain, only for a giant anvil to get dropped on his head.

He pushes the anvil to the side and, much to Izuku’s shock, he seems to be flattened like a cartoon character. He reinflates himself by sticking his thumb in his mouth and blowing. He gasps excitedly at this. “Oh my God! It’s my favorite Izukid!” He shouts gleefully.

A few seconds later, a nearby giant, menacing figure enters through the hole. The dust clears, revealing a blank cardboard cutout, much to Izuku’s confusion. A black hole opens in the ceiling and a very short girl jumps out. She tries to hit Evolution-Izuku in the back of the head, only for the monster to pull out a comically large handgun and shoot her. The smaller woman’s face turns black from all the ash, and she coughs out a bit of smoke before falling on her back.

Not even a second later, she pops right back up. This is when Izuku notices her strange appearance. Everything about her, from her body to the clothes she wears is like that of a technicolor cartoon character. She has long, wavy and curly blue hair with green highlights that look like chocolate drizzle on ice cream. She also has a yellow flower in her hair, a pair of black upright dog like ears and a red nose, but other than that, she appears to be human.

She is wearing a green hoodie with an image of a screw and a baseball on the back, a pleated pink knee length shirt and black stockings with red sneakers like her father wears. She looks around before she looks over to the hole in the wall. Her eyes bug out of her skull like a cartoon character and her mouth opens as her exaggerated tongue wiggles as an alarm like sound emerges from her mouth.

A bizarre looking creature that looks like something a five-year-old would draw emerges from the hole. It has the body of a massive, old fashioned steam roller, long stick like arms and angry eyes in the windows. Yume runs as fast as she can, her legs cartoonishly spinning like wheels in the process, to another wall and pulls a giant paint brush out of her pocket. She paints a tunnel leading to a desert like environment with a road on it. The creature charges and the girl run into the painting as if it were an actual tunnel.

The creature follows, but it smacks straight into a wall. Yume sneaks in through a door that appeared at the side of the room dressed as Elmer Fudd holding an old-fashioned hunting rifle. She shushes her father and says, “Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting steam rollers. Heheheheheh.” She says in a surprisingly accurate impression of the cartoon hunter. She sneaks up behind the monster and tries to shoot it in the back, but the creature back hands her in retaliation. She slams into an old-fashioned clock which wasn’t their earlier face first.

She pulls her face off and her mouth has stretched as she appears to have the clock in it. She swallows the clock and glares at the monster angrily. “Alright, that does it! No more Mr. Nice Girl!” She says, (For those of you wondering, she sounds like and is inspired by Dot from the Animaniacs) before pulling a giant pencil out of her hoodie pocket that should never have fit in the first place. When she had changed out of her Elmer Fudd outfit is something that Izuku can’t tell.

She holds it over her head with both arms and charges with a battle cry of “NI HOY MINOY!!!!!” She proceeds to flip the pencil around and uses it to erase an arm that the creature threw toward her to punch the girl. She charges forward as the monster looks confused and a large grey cloud forms to conceal the cartoonish brawl. The cloud vanishes and Yume is the only one remaining. She turns to the crowd, many of which are incredibly confused, and waves. “DADDY!” She screams before lunging toward Izuku. “I’m Yume, your daughter with Saiko!” She adds.

Yume Intelli
Codename: Screwball/Nightmare
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 134 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 13th
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Inverted Dream State
Quirk Description: Yume’s quirk applies dream logic to her body. Because of this, reality works differently within 30 feet of her, taking on a more fluid like quality rather than the more rigid form it normally takes. Due to the nature of her existence in a dream state, she can enter people’s mindscapes as well, where she is considerably more powerful. She has two different forms, Sweet Dreams and Nightmare.

Sweet Dreams: In the form of Sweet Dreams, she is unable to dream lucidly. This results in a wildly inconsistent level of power for her. Her dream world self seems to conform to the idea of cartoon physics. This is her standard form of existence. Sweet Dreams Yume is a goofy sweetheart with snarky quick wit and a mischievous nature.

Nightmare: When there is a sufficiently strong atmosphere of negative emotions, she can turn to Nightmare mode. She cannot turn back to Sweet Dreams unless the negative emotions are overshadowed by positive emotions. Nightmare is intense, terrifying and slightly unhinged. Unlike Sweet Dreams, Nightmare has a limited ability to lucid dream, resulting in a much more consistent power level. Due to Nightmare’s unhinged personality and the difficulty of changing her back, she is considered a weapon of last resort. To date Rika Takeyama and Evolution have been the only ones who could successfully challenge Nightmare. Clashes between Nightmare and Evolution can be devastating to the fabric of the universe, forcing Reginald to use his power to keep reality stable.

Basic Biography: Yume’s existence in an inverted dream state means that her dreams are rather mundane, realistic and boring, a stark contrast to the girl herself. It is generally advised to throw logic out the window when dealing with her.

“Great to see you Yume, some of the commenters on AO3 were wondering when you would show up!” Evolution Izuku says. “Yeah, I had to deal with a bunch of idiot wizards.” She says before turning to an unseen entity. “That part of the story will be told at a later date as an Omake, Neowolf24 felt this chapter was getting a bit too cluttered.” She says to the readers. Meanwhile, back in the real world; four of Japan’s top heroes are being tormented by the same demented entity.

Warning: This part is really, really dark.

Endeavor is in part of Musutafu that has been destroyed as he listens to Evolution. Dead, mangled bodies of men, women, children and even animals litter the burning wreckage of what was once a thriving shopping district. “What’s wrong Enji-boy? Can’t you see we’re the same? You, in your infinite lust for power, sacrificed everything in your life, even your own children to best All Might. We both know that given the opportunity, you would have gladly abandoned your soul for power! Then you’d be the same type of Psychopathic Nihilist that I am!” He says.

“Look around Flame Ass; this is it what you wanted, right? Power, unrestrained?! Well, this is what the road to that looks like; a road full of charred bodies and dead children.” He says before transforming one of his hands into a four-year-old version of Toya Todoroki with the same scarring on his lower face. He shoves the hand/head in Endeavor’s face and cackles madly. “Look Enji, look your barbequed first born in the eyes! This is what you did to your own children! This is what you’ve worked toward your entire life!” He shouts.

“Help me, help me daddy! I’m burning! My flesh is falling from my bones because of the defective quirk you and mommy gave me! You knew it was possible for your children’s quirks to be unsuitable for their bodies because fire and ice don’t mix, but you did it anyway! All because you wanted to live vicariously through us since you knew you could never overcome All Might. You’re the reason I became Crispy Bacon Man! You’re the reason I look like Kentucky Fried Todoroki!” He says in a highly abrasive childlike voice.

While this is happening, the head slowly melts into nothing before being replaced by one that looks like his wife Rei. “You forced me into a loveless marriage and drove me to insanity for your own selfish gain! You’re the reason Shoto looks like a boot leg Prince Zuko! You’re the reason he has no social skills! You’re the reason he’ll die alone because his coldness drives away everyone he meets!” ‘She’ says before swelling up and popping like a balloon, showering him in the blood brain matter of his ‘wife’.

This arm is replaced by a Shoto head. “I should never have been allowed to be a hero dad, I’m too fucked up in the head and it’s all your fault. If it weren’t for the fact that Heroes have less psychological oversight than cops (who can’t do anywhere near as much damage as heroes by the way), I probably would have been locked up in a mental hospital, who knows, I might have even gotten a room next to mom!” He says. Normally, Enji is a highly composed man, but this psychological warfare seems to leave him deeply disturbed. He bellows in rage before firing a powerful stream of flames at his tormentor. The entire area around him shatters like glass and he can finally see what he really did. His eyes widen in horror as Evolution restrains him in a cocoon of biomass. “Well done Sister Shatter! Now go assist your brothers and sisters in fucking the Japan up!” He says to a dark-skinned Indian woman.

Her cheeks are covered with half a dozen green eyes like the tattoo on her forehead and she has a long, black razor whip like tail. Unlike the other upper-level cultists, her eye tattoo has a red pupil where her Bindi mark usually goes. She is wearing a blue and white Choli with a black knee length skirt with green diamonds on the side along with black boots.

Chavvi Tamboli
Codename: Shatter
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 132 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 19th
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Mirror Mask
Quirk Description: Chavvi is capable of encasing people’s heads in a mirror like box where she can manipulate what the victim sees.
Basic Biography: Not much is really known about Chavvi’s past other than the fact that she is from the Hindu Republic, the only place on the Indian subcontinent where the caste system has survived. Having grown up in a lower caste family, she grew up to resent the culture she grew up in. She was forced to flee the country when she used her quirk on a prominent politician’s son, who had raped her, to force him into slaughtering everyone in a Hindu Temple. She would become a successful villain on the subcontinent with a reputation for her viciousness, which is what brought her to Evolution’s attention.


The woman leaps away in an incredible display of parkour as Evolution turns to Endeavor. “See Enji? You really do ruin every child you touch! Just look at what you did!” Evolution screams in mock horror as Enji watches an orphanage go up in flames. “The children are burning Enji! The children are being cooked alive!” He shouts to be heard over the pained screams of hundreds of children. He bursts into a fit of psychotic laughter as Enji is forced to watch the orphans burn to death. One of the children, a six-year-old girl that reminds Enji of Fuyumi at that age, rushes out of the building engulfed in flames. She runs toward Endeavor for help, only to fall right in front of him dead.

Evolution grabs the girl’s body and swallows it whole, shocking the man even more. “A little more well done than I usually prefer, but tasty none the less.” He says before cackling maniacally. Enji can only stare at the monster in helpless horror. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist is also struggling elsewhere.


Best Jeanist is thrown roughly into a derelict building by the ball of flesh, but he manages to roll forward in order to bleed off the energy of the impact. He comes to a stop and takes a second to assess the situation. He appears to be in what looks like the ruins of a hospital. It’s clear by the large gash marks all over the walls that a serious battle took place here, but judging by the layers of dust, that likely happened a long time ago. He hears a sadistic giggle that sends a chill up his spine. It’s a giggle he is very familiar with, as it has haunted him for decades now.

A set of blade like black spider legs slam into the ground in front of him as the very embodiment of his failures steps into the light; Moonfish has arrived. He is wearing his usual gimp suit, but he appears to have undergone a rather jarring transformation. Eight black blade like legs emerge from the back of his skull, holding him in the air like a demented spider. His head appears to have overtaken most of his body, turning him into a nine-foot-tall head with a massive mouth containing six rows of razor-sharp blade teeth that grind and gnash against each other as drool drips off them. The teeth have taken over his mouth so much that it looks like it is impossible for him to close it at this point. The rest of his body seems to have shrunken significantly and judging by the way it dangles below his head, the Fiber Hero imagines that it has become largely vestigial. What’s worse is the large green eye tattoo that appears over his mask, confirming his allegiance to Evolution. “Flesh… Sweet, delicious flesh…” Moonfish says with a low-pitched growl that sounds like grinding metal and gurgling.

Insert Bishop Bullwinkle Hell to the Naw Naw meme.

Evolution pops up behind the monster with a massive grin on his sideways mouth. “Hello Tsunagu. Welcome to a very special place. Look around; I want you to tell me where we are.” He continues. Tsunagu’s eyes dart around the room, but they stop at the sight of a ruined wall with a distinct staff painted on it. The staff is bright blue with two black eyed snakes wrapped around each other, holding a large dark blue gemstone orb in their open mouths. He starts to shake as he understands where he is, a place that has invaded his dreams for years now. That is the old symbol of the Yaoyorozu family. It was scrapped years ago due to its association with a tragedy that occurred at this very hospital years earlier. This is where a horrible failure nearly ended Best Jeanist’s career when he was fresh out of UA.

“Yup, you guessed it! We’re at the ruins of the Kobe Adventist Hospital. More specifically the Yaoyorozu Children’s Ward, site of the Moonfish Massacre, also known as your biggest mistake! You underestimated this guy right here and let him escape. He broke into the hospital’s intensive care unit and butchered dozens of children. It would have been the end of you if the Hero Commission didn’t sweep it under the rug since they sent a noob to apprehend one of the most deranged villains in recent history.” He adds.

WARNING! This part is pretty fucked up.

“Speaking of which, I brought a few guests, hope you don’t mind.” Evolution says before pointing over to a dozen small open caskets containing the decaying remains of children. Many of the bodies are in pieces as it was impossible to put them back together for a funeral. “Look at all the dead babies Tsunagu, dead because of you! But don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself.” He says before Moonfish sets himself on the ground. He raises his legs above his body and starts to spin them like a helicopter blade. A net drops down from the ceiling full of screaming children above Moonfish.



Keigo wakes up and finds himself with his wings and limbs restrained by ropes and a quirk nullifying collar around his neck. The last thing he knew, he was trying to rescue a few U.A. second year hero students from an angry mob with Lady Nagant and Mirko when a blob of flesh slammed into him out of nowhere. He blinks as his eyes adjust to the darkness around him. When he can finally see properly, he notices a three-month-old baby in front of him. It also doesn’t appear to be breathing. Evolution rides into view in his Muppet form on a tricycle made of what appears to be human bones.

“Ah good, your finally awake!” He says before hopping off the tricycle. He tosses it into the air, unhinges his jaw and swallows the macabre child’s toy whole. “If my entrance wasn’t enough to clue you in, I would like to play a game!” He says before shining a series of spotlights. One is lighting up the baby and the other is focused on a button enclosed in an electronically locked case. “In front of you, you will see a baby; don’t worry about saving it, it’s already dead.” He says before cackling like a maniac. “Wh-what the hell do you want?” Keigo asks, struggling to keep his cool.


Back in Izuku’s mindscape, things have taken a rather bizarre turn. The green haired boy watches in amazement as his latest daughter fights his older self. It appears that Yume “Screwball” Intelli is throwing everything she has at the older doppelganger to keep him distracted. She pulls an M1A2 Abrams Tank out of her pocket, seemingly distorting the vehicle’s shape without damaging it and disappears. Her face appears on the front of the tank, and she begins firing shells at the creature. Another Yume pops up out of the hatch on top of the tank before throwing a bunch of metallic balls which transform into a bunch of armored vehicles as a horde of monsters approaches.

“CHARGE!!!!” She screams as the world around Izuku erupts into carnage. He feels the ropes begin to loosen around him and looks behind him. Much to his shock, it appears that Nana Shimura has snuck into the room in the chaos. He calms down as he realizes it makes sense that she would be in the mind scape. The rest of the wielders of One for All minus the second one enters the room as well. All Might’s form appears as wispy as the last time he saw it. Yoichi Shigaraki looks mournfully at Evolution Izuku. “Yatsuhashi…” He says sadly.

“Focus Yoichi, we need to help Izuku!” Daigoro says. “W-what’s going on?” Izuku asks. Nana looks toward Izuku with motherly concern in her eyes. “Izuku, I’m sorry, but it looks like we’re going to have to rush things. We wanted to let you get used to your new powers gradually so it wouldn’t hurt you, but we’re going to have to implant our own experience with our quirks into your mind.” She says soothingly. “It will give you complete control over all of the quirks within One for All, as well as the skills to use them effectively; but it will also be immensely painful, and it will likely take years off your life.” Yoichi says.

Izuku looks at the group of former wielders with determination in his eyes. “I don’t care, if it will help me stop this madness then do it.” He says. With that, the former wielders of One for All begin to glow as their energy flows into him. Yume feels the shift and looks over to the group in horror “Aunty Nana! NO! THAT’S WHAT HE WANTS!” She screams. Evolution Izuku appears with a sinister grin on his face as he summons a ball of dark energy from his hands. “Bingo.” He says maliciously before pushing the orb into his younger self.


Back in the real world, Katsuki Bakugou appears to have made his way down the mountain. He sees that Fumikage appears to have been reinforced by Hound Dog, Uwabami, Lady Nagant and Singapore’s Big Red Dot at some point. Despite all of this, they seem to be struggling to hold out. Katsuki rushes toward them, blasting his way through every abomination that gets in his way. “DIE!” He screams, getting Fumikage’s attention. “Katsuki! Over here!” He shouts. Katsuki finally gets to the clearing where the others are fighting only to freeze when he sees the frozen form of Izuku.

A stream of high-pressure water shoots over his head, shaking him out of his funk. “Get your head in the game kid!” Big Red Dot says. Katsuki snaps to attention and closes ranks with the others. A few seconds later, Izuku explodes in a burst of black light. When the light fades, the boy walks out. He seems to be different though, as he has wrapped himself in Blackwhip, giving the normally happy boy a sinister look. His uniform and gauntlets appear to be severely damaged, making it look as if he has claws. (Yes, this is the vigilante form from the Tartarus Escapees Arc.)

Katsuki freezes as he looks into the eyes of his childhood friend. They seem nearly devoid of the light he normally sees in them, although he does have a small spark which suggests he is fighting something within himself. “Welp, my job here is done! Have fun dealing with Izuku in his prime!” Evolution says before allowing all his creations to explode.


In another part of Japan, Evolution is carrying the restrained form of All Might into a theatre full of cosplaying Evolution clones. To make matters worse for the man, he seems to have retained the form of his older pupil Izuku. “Excuse me.” Evolution says as he passes in front of a Freddy Kruger Evolution. “Pardon me.” He says passing in front of a laughing Joker Evolution. “Coming through.” He says while passing in front of a John Wayne Gacy Evolution in full clown regalia. He throws All Might into a chair he specially created for him before sitting down. The screen pops to life, displaying several different feeds from around the world. Yagi pales as he sees the scenes of chaos and destruction in front of him. “As I was saying earlier, we’re going to watch the world burn while you can do nothing about it, isn’t that fun?!” Evolution shouts.

“But wait, there’s more!” A Billy Mays Evolution clone with white powder under his nose says before exploding. “That’s right!” Izuku Evolution says before the screens zoom in on a group of videos. The first is a replay of Endeavor roasting the orphans. The second shows Hawks tied up in a dark room. The third shows Best Jeanist in a ruined hospital. The fourth shows Katsuki Bakugou fighting for his life against his demented childhood friend. The fifth and final one shows the dark, twisted version of Izuku slowly rising to his feet. “By the end of the day, one of these men will go insane and join my cult! But which one?” He says before noticing that Moonfish has just entered the room. “Oh boy, this is going to be great!” Evolution Izuku shouts.

The screen then zooms in on the feed displaying Best Jeanist. All Might’s eyes widen in horror as he sees the situation the man is in.



Best Jeanist stares up in absolute horror as the rope attaching the net to the ceiling breaks, sending the children falling to their death. The hero sends a tidal wave of thread at Moonfish to stop the spinning blades, but much to his horror, the blades cut them like a hot knife through butter. The children hit the spinning blades sending body parts and blood everywhere, even splattering Tsunagu’s face with their blood. “Aww damn, you just can’t seem to stop underestimating my friend here, can you?” He says as Tsunagu freezes in horror. The man has seen a lot over his years as a hero, but this is beyond even the greatest atrocities he has ever witnessed.

“Although to be fair, you haven’t met anyone who could cut through your best attack so easy now, have you?” Evolution adds as the hero falls to his hands and knees and vomits profusely. “You want to know the best part though? I streamed this live! Wave to the cameras Tsunagu!” He says. The man doesn’t even acknowledge him. He is too busy trying to comprehend what just happened. Evolution cackles like a mad man. A mischievous twinkle appears in his eye as he suddenly gets an idea. “And now for the grand finale!” He shouts before pulling a silver bell from who knows where and ringing it. “LUNCH TIME!” He adds.

With that, two of Moonfish’s blade like teeth surge forward, piercing each side of his chest. He pulls the hero up toward, Evolution, who is sitting on top of his head. The creature stares into the hero’s eyes with sadistic glee. “Die, knowing that you have failed completely as a hero.” He says.

With that, Moonfish sends forth a flurry of teeth, ripping the hero to shreds in front of horrified viewers around the world. “Welp, guess he’s not joining the cult. Oh well, that was fun. Come on Moonfish, let’s go join up with Muscular.” Evolution says.


Back at the theatre, All Might recoils at the horrifying sight. The Evolution clones burst into laughter, as if somebody had just told a good joke. “Yeah, that one was rather brief. I just wanted to rile people up with that, and nothing gets people angrier than dead babies.” He comments as All Might stares at the creature. In all his years, he never thought he would meet someone who could scare him more than All for One, but this monster makes him look like a small fry.

He then looks over to the screen with Hawks. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! This is a fun one, it’s inspired by the old Saw movies from the Pre-Quirk Era! Let’s see how Colonel Sanders deals with this situation!” He says gleefully.


“What I want is simple really, I have taken the liberty of hiding the key to the case and a button to release your restraints in front of you inside of the dead baby. Your task is to tear the baby’s chest open with your teeth to retrieve the key.” He says. Keigo recoils in revulsion upon hearing this. “Then you will unlock the case and hit the button to save the day!” Evolution says cheerfully. “Wh-why the hell would I do that?!?!” Keigo asks.

Evolution chuckles sinisterly at the recently turned vigilante. “To stop the sequel of course!” He replies. A pair of screens buzz to life revealing a pair of metal devices sitting in abandoned buildings. One camera is focused on what looks to be a statue of a fat man with a radioactive warning on his belly. The camera feed displays the words ‘Downtown Nagasaki’ on it. The other feed has a statue of a little boy with a radioactive warning on his chest. The camera feed displays the words ‘Downtown Hiroshima’ on it. A timer counting down from ten minutes appears between the two screens.

“On the screen, you will see two 50 megaton hydrogen bombs. If you don’t hit that button before the timer runs out, we’ll get Nagasaki and Hiroshima 2.0! Isn’t that great?!” Keigo stares at the creature with his eyes wide in alarm. A large electronic clock starts to tick down from four minutes. “Tick tock Keigo, tick tock! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”


Back at the theatre, All Might watches in horror as Keigo crawls his way toward the child. The man looks like he’s about to puke, but he steels himself and takes the first bite. All Might recoils as he watches the baby’s flesh rip from its stomach. “OH MY GOD! HE’S EATING A BABY!” The Evolution clone screams. A mouth suddenly opens on his stomach. “So? You eat babies all the time. There were triplets when we got here.” The mouth says. “SHUT UP ME!” The crazed Muppet creature says before punching himself in the stomach.

Another screen pops up showing a previously recorded video. In it, he can see a disturbed, slightly injured Katsuki Bakugou fighting a forty-foot-tall version of Izuku Evolution.


Fifteen minutes before Izuku’s turn

“KACCHAN! KACCHAAA-AAN! COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE KACCHAN!” The giant Izuku says. Katsuki hides behind a tree, but Izuku rips it from its roots and laughs at him. “Sheesh Kacchan, you don’t look to good. You’re looking pretty weak right now. OOOOOH I KNOW! Maybe you should take a swan dive off the school roof and hope for a better quirk in the next life, ehh Kacchan?!” He says, throwing his own words back at him.

“SHUT UP!” He screams before pulling a pin on his gauntlet and unleashing a massive explosion on the giant. The creature explodes, but Katsuki knows that wouldn’t be enough to finish him. Sure enough, a regular sized version of Izuku walks in through the clearing clapping slowly.

“Good job Mr. Splodey pants you took out the bad guy. That’s what being a hero’s all about right? Beating the bad guys? But if that’s true, why the hell were you so obsessed with beating a poor useless Deku?” He says as another Deku enters the clearing. “Of course, it looks like you’re the Deku now, which I guess means I’m Kacchan?” The new Deku says. “Gah, that is annoying. No wonder you hate it when I call you that.” The first Deku says.

“Hey Kacchan? Wanna hear a story? It’s about how I met All Might. He didn’t choose me immediately, in fact he told me I couldn’t be a hero without a quirk. You wanna know where he did it? On the roof of a five-story building, just hours after you told me to jump off the school’s roof.” The second Deku says. Katsuki looks puzzled at this, but he feels a hand on his shoulder, causing him to whirl around. He recoils when he sees the third Deku. This Deku is younger looking, about the same as he was in middle school. The difference was that his neck is bent at a horrible angle, his eyes were milky white like a zombie, and he was covered in blood. He was grinning maniacally at him. “You know, I considered taking your advice. It would have been so easy. My blood would have been on your hands, and then no one would have been there to save you from the slime villain.” The third Deku says.

Then hundreds of broken, mutilated Dekus started entering the clearing like zombies. Katsuki falls backwards with an uncharacteristic look of horror on his face. He backs away from the horde of Zombie Dekus as a twisted version of Inko Midoriya appears. “How would you have dealt with that Kacchan? What if you had survived? Would you have been able to look me in the eye knowing you killed my son?” She says before morphing into a rotting version of Masaru Bakugo, his father.

“How do you think I would have reacted if he had taken the plunge? You would have been doing the world a favor right? The world doesn’t need quirkless people. Do you think I would have been proud of you?” Zombie Masaru asks. For the first time in a long time, Katsuki is experiencing true fear. It wasn’t Evolution that was scaring him though, it was his own actions. He’d never really taken the time to consider the consequences, and how could he? He was always made to feel infallible thanks to his teachers inflating his ego.


Back in the theater, Yagi’s face is contorted in an expression of true horror. Evolution Izuku notices this and bursts into laughter. “Holy shit! You’re just now realizing this? You knew he was told to kill himself by jumping off a roof and you remember where you told him he couldn’t be a hero, but you never connected the dots? What would have happened Dum Dum man? How easy would it have been for him to jump?” He says before morphing into the same mutilated Izuku as the one on the screen. “Would you have heard me hitting the pavement? How would you live with yourself, knowing you sent a child so far over the edge that death was preferrable to living?” He asks. The screen then flips back to Hawks, who appears to have found the button.


Keigo forces the bile in his throat to stay down as he rushes over to the button. He unlocks the case and hits the button, stopping the countdown at 31 seconds. Evolution pouts at this. “What?! Where’s your sense of dramatic flair?! Your supposed to make it a dramatic last second save! You left the clock with more than enough time to spare! Fuck this, you only saved one city, say goodbye to Nagasaki!” He screams before pushing another button, much to Keigo’s horror. His horror turns to confusion as the Fat Man explodes with confetti rather than a nuclear explosion.

Evolution falls on his back and bursts into a fit of laughter at this. “Oh, my God! You should have seen the look on your face.” Evolution says. “Wh-what the-?” Keigo asks as Evolution calms down a bit. “Yup, the bomb’s a fake! You just ate a baby for nothing!” He says.

Keigo’s expression turns to one of horror and disgust. “Why the hell would you do this?!?!” He shouts in distress. “I’m a nihilist Keigo, there is no reason! That’s the point!” He shouts. He turns to the camera streaming this all over the world. “

Keigo’s expression turns to one of righteous fury not noticing the rather obvious trap in front of him. “You son of a bi-“ He starts to say before stepping toward the creature. His foot hits a pressure panel and the next thing he knows, the city of Hiroshima disappears behind a massive mushroom cloud. Keigo looks over to the screen in horror as Evolution looks over with malevolent glee. “Hmm, guess I should have called that bomb Pinocchio, because he was a real boy! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Evolution shouts.


All over the world, people stopped when they heard about what happened. For the first time in almost 200 years, a nuclear weapon has been detonated. Governments that are already on the edge because of the violence caused by Operation Floodgate go in to panic mode. Around the world, people start to lose power as a strange blue light envelops the earth.



Mei Hatsume looks into the sky with her eyes wide in amazement. “It’s real… I can’t believe it’s real…” She says in shock. Ochako punches an Evolution clone which tried to ambush Mei. “Mei, what’s going on?!” The usually jubilant girl asks. “Sol’s Aegis has activated. It was Schmeidemeister’s magnus opus. A device that would prevent any type of nuclear reaction on Earth for 48 hours straight. He built it to prevent a nuclear war. In a nuclear war, the first bomb causes a chain reaction resulting in every country with nuclear weapons launching them in a free for all due to mass hysteria. By making it impossible to detonate any of them for 48 hours, he figured it would force the governments of the world to cool down and think rationally.” She says.

“What?! A Nuclear warhead just went off?!” She screams. The fighting draws to a stop briefly as the combatants look at her in either fear or maniacal glee depending on which side they were on. “Yup, I just tricked Hawks into blowing Hiroshima off the map, again!” An Evolution clone proudly announces. Many of the heroes have looks of shock and horror on their face. “Shit! The fall out might hit us!” Mirio says. “Don’t worry Rika’s got it.” Tenshi says. Ochako looks to the girl in alarm. “Wait, RIKA! Oh god! If this thing prevents nuclear reactions, wouldn’t that put her in danger?” She says in horror. “Pfft, as if I’d let that happen, I designed an implant that would protect her from Sol’s Aegis.” Isamu says before noticing a tv screen where what looks like a meteor flies out of a bluish white portal. Strangely, the meteor seems to be going up rather than down. “See, she’s fine. She’ll take care of the fall out.” Isamu says before frowning. “I’m more worried about Hiroshima. We tried to evacuate as much as we could without Japan’s help since the Prime Minister ignored our warning because she’s a bitch, but it wasn’t enough.” She says solemnly.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In an underground bunker office, an older Mongolian man is sitting at his desk when he receives word of the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima. The man is wearing a black coat that appears to be a hybrid between the traditional Yuan style Lamellar Armor and a more modern military coat decorated with fancy metals, a pair of formal black pants and black combat boots. He is also wearing a steel skullcap with chainmail covering his neck that has an elaborate red horsetail plume coming from a spike on top of it. There are 32 stars red, representing the 32 united Mongolian tribes on it.

Name: Batzorig Ochirbat
Codename: Grand Khan
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 244 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 9th
Age: 64
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: High Winds
Quirk Description: Batzorig can emit powerful bursts of wind from his hands. These bursts can reach speeds of up to 2500 miles per hour and are strong enough to dig through up to twenty feet of solid rock.
Basic Biography: Originally one of the Four Khans, Mongolia’s most elite group of heroes; he would eventually ascend to the rank of Grand Khan, the Supreme Ruler of Mongolia. While he may be harsh toward his enemies and a ruthless dictator, he also has a benevolent side. He has enacted a generous welfare system which includes free healthcare, free power and a plethora of economic programs which has driven the percent of people living below the poverty line in Mongolia down to a mere 3.4%, one of the lowest in the world. As such, Batzorig is largely revered by his people as an incredible leader.

He looks to the screen depicting the chaos Evolution is enacting across Japan. He notices the bluish light surrounding the world and quirks his eyebrow. “So, he really did build it.” He muses to himself. He turns to a set of four tv screens showing him where the Four Khans: codenamed Batu, Chagatai, Hulagu and Kublai. He looks toward one specific hero and connected his personal speaker to Kublai.

Ulan-Ude (Formerly Russia, now Mongolia)

A young Mongolian man with a Centaur like Mutant type quirk is rushing down the streets of a severely battered neighborhood chasing down a local drug cartel owned by a corrupt hero when he receives a message from the Grand Khan.

He is wearing a padded blue silk vest with a thick purple leather chest piece, and he has a chestnut-colored horse body. He has dark black hair and a horseshoe style mustache.

Name: Yul Narangerel
Codename: Kublai
Height: 10’2”
Weight: 1247 lbs.
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 23rd
Age: 25
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Shining Horseman
Quirk Description: Yul’s quirk is two quirks mixed into one. The Mutant side of his quirk gives him the lower body of a horse, much like a Centaur of Greek Mythology. The Emitter side of his quirk allows him to create a bow and arrow out of solar energy, which he absorbs through the fur on his horse body. The arrows move extremely fast and can punch through solid steel with ease.

Basic Biography: Yul was the youngest Khan in history, having attained the rank of Kublai at the age of 19. He is a rather naïve optimist who is beloved as one of Mongolia’s top heroes. He is extremely loyal to Mongolia, especially to the Grand Khan, whom he sees as a father. Unlike most Mongolian heroes, he is popular outside of Mongolia, as such; he often acts as an ambassador for Mongolian Heroes. He is also very polite. He is also a powerful, agile hero with a lot of skill and sharp, analytical senses.

“Yes, Grand Khan? Do you have orders?” He asks calmly. “I trust you have heard about what’s happening in Japan?” Batzorig asks. Yul winces at this. “Yes, I have, from what I have seen, this ‘Evolution’ appears to be incredibly dangerous.” He says. “The way he was able to manhandle All Might of all people is proof of that. I do not like the idea of having such a creature this close to Mongolia. I’ve already contacted the Emperor of Japan and he has given permission for you to enter Japan to help fight this creature. While your there, try to learn as much as you can about him, especially any potential weaknesses. I’ll have my personal chauffer open a portal for you to Musutafu.” Batzorig says.

“What about the Prime Minister? I had the understanding that the Emperor’s role in Japan is largely symbolic.” Yul asks. The Grand Khan scoffs at this. “That woman’s credibility was shot the moment she denied the charges brought by the Revolution on live television. She is a fool, and I do not care for fools.” He says.

Batzorig’s look turns to one of concern briefly before he steels himself. “Be careful Yul, this… creature appears to be extremely unpredictable.” He says an inky black puddle opens in front of Yul. “Of course, sir!” The young hero says before jumping through the puddle.

Batzorig pauses briefly before bringing up footage of the Izukids captured during the fight against the Gaelic Empire as well as Rika’s debut. Reginald Barrister appears behind him, but the man doesn’t react to his presence. “These children you spoke of are truly as powerful Reginald. I only hope they can stop this creature for good. I trusted you when you asked me not to intervene in the Gaelic Empire. Truth be told, my faith in Monarch VI’s competence has been waning for over a decade anyway; he wasn’t even a fraction of the man his father was. He would have been a liability in the war to come.” He says.

“You should probably get your navy ready Grand Khan. Things in the Sea of Japan are getting dicey, and I imagine you would like to ensure things don’t spill over into your land.” Reginald says. Batzorig pulls up a few satellite images of the fighting and, sure enough, they seem to have gotten within a few dozen miles of Mongolian territorial waters. “Hmm, you have a point. I’ll send Hulagu and my best aquatic heroes in with the Fourth Fleet.” Batzorig says.


Far above the ruins of Hiroshima, Rika Takeyama is using the exhaust ports on her body as a rocket to launch her into the highest parts of the earth’s Atmosphere. She grimaces when she sees the size of the cloud, but she has a job to do. She cuts her makeshift rocket off when she reaches the border between the Stratosphere and the Mesosphere, causing her to go into free fall briefly before she engages a jetpack and focuses her energy into the radiation cleansing side of her quirk. She starts to glow green as the radiation is drawn to her like a magnet from the surrounding area. She has a look of concentration as she begins to turn red from the extreme heat caused as a byproduct.

It takes a full five minutes for her to absorb all the radiation from the blast, by which point she almost shines like a second sun but once she is done, she flies up further, briefly leaving the Earth entirely and going into space. She opens her mouth and exhales a stream of flames so large they can be seen from as far away as Australia and Western Europe. It takes about seven seconds for the stream to start to die out and another three seconds for it to stop entirely. She uses the jetpack to reorient herself before using some of the leftover fumes to launch herself back toward the Earth. Three minutes later, she reaches the crater created by the bomb and lands.


The heroes breathe a sigh of relief before the Evolution clones burst into fits of hysterical laughter. “That Rika, such a showoff. Oh well, the damage is done, Hiroshima’s a hole in the ground. Time to show just how much of a monster I really am!” He says. The Platypus monsters start to shift into horrifying mockeries of Earth’s creatures as a massive figure lands in the middle of the warzone. This monster is a 17-foot-tall six-legged Centaur like creature with a vaguely human body on top of a gorilla like creature made up of giant, bulging muscles. It is covered in mouths full of razor-sharp teeth and eyeballs, like many of the cultists, it has the signature green eye marking on its forehead. As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, the creature seems to ooze a steady stream of blood from the mouths.

“Ahh, Muscular; good timing! And Moonfish should be here right about-“ Evolution announces before the spider like abomination lands right next to Muscular. “-Now!” He adds. The heroes are frozen in horror briefly before Evolution screams “Go my monsters! Show Japan that nuclear weapons are the least of their worries!” Evolution screams. With that, the battle begins anew as the cultists, including Muscular and Moonfish, bypass the heroes with sheer numbers before dispersing throughout the city and beyond as Japan becomes Hell on Earth.


Over in America, Star and Stripe and Rodeo are receiving news about the chaos in Japan in Dallas, Texas. “What?! My little Sweet Pea’s right in the middle of that!” Rodeo says as Star and Stripe continues to fight a group of villains intent on taking advantage of the chaos. A bluish white portal opens in front of them and Oboro pokes his head through it. “Need a lift big guy?” He asks. He turns to Cathleen who is fighting a giant made from what looks like crystal. “Go Thomas, I can handle things here! They need all the help they can get in Japan!” She says. With that, Rodeo charges through the portal like a mad bull.


Back with the Ravagers and a thoroughly pissed off Death Arms, they appear to have called a truce with for the moment Yoroi Musha and Snatch as monsters flood into the streets. Most of the civilians seem to have fled to safety, but much to Yu Takeyama’s shock, some of the civilians have stayed to fight along with the police force and the military, who have built a makeshift barricade out of burnt-out cars and debris. “Even civilians have joined the fight… things must be truly desperate.” Edgeshot says solemnly. A flurry of blood and guts in the distance proves that, despite his corruption; Yoroi Musha deserves his recognition as one of the most skilled heroes in history.

Name: Yoroi Musha
Codename: Yoroi Musha
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 237 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 30th
Age: 83
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Spirit Arsenal
Quirk Description: Yoroi is capable of summoning medieval weaponry made of energy from the strength of his willpower. The more disheartened he becomes, the weaker the weapons.
Basic Biography: While he hasn’t held the number 1 position in over 20 years, Yoroi is still a very formidable opponent. He has consistently placed within the Top 10 heroes of Japan for the last 62 years in a row. This is a feat that no other hero has ever even come close to. The fact that he has gotten so old in a profession where many die or retire young is a testimony to his skill as a fighter.

The armored hero is surrounded by dozens of swords and spears whirling around him like a tornado. The weapons tear the monsters to shreds at a breakneck pace, but despite this, they just keep coming. A never-ending horde of abominations that has many believing the Gates of Hell have opened in Japan. He swings a massive Naginata, the only real weapon in his possession, through the approaching beasts as Kamui Woods and Snatch work together to corral the beasts into the whirling blades.

Yu is currently pulling civilians out of wrecked buildings in her giant form with the fire fighters and paramedics as Edgeshot slips through the monsters at high speed, taking down the more dangerous foes before they reach the front lines. She looks up and notices a small child dangling from a window near the top of a skyscraper. Even at 67 feet tall, there is no way she could reach the child in time.

“Damn it! DAMN IT! I can’t reach! How am I going to be a popular hero if I can-“ She starts to think before she stops and her stomach starts to turn. “What the hell Yu? Shit like this is what got Yuuto killed! Forget about popularity, forget about money, just save the kid!” She screams in her head. She feels a strange energy that she’s never felt before as she finally let’s go of her ego. She taps into the energy and, much to her shock, she starts to change size. “I-I can control it?” She says stunned.

Quirk Awakening: By letting go of her ego, Yu Takeyama has unlocked the full potential of her quirk. She now has complete control over how big she can turn. Her maximum size has also increased tenfold, allowing her to reach heights of up to 670 feet.

Yu pushes herself beyond her previous limit just as the kid loses his grip. She reaches her new maximum just in time to catch him. “I gotcha kid.” She says before turning around. She finally realizes just how big she is when she realizes the others look like ants. Her face also turns slightly pink when she sees an imprint of her butt in the skyscraper across the street. She slowly and carefully goes back to normal size in order to avoid hurting the young boy before dropping him off next to an ambulance. The child’s mother rushes out of the crowd to grab him. “My baby!” She shouts before hugging the now crying child.


Back near the ruined Detnerat company, a tidal wave of blood washes through the streets before coalescing into a human like shape as Aiko Toga appears with a manic look on her face. Evolution’s misshapen abominations charge forward, but she creates a wall of blood and bounces off it before creating a pair of seven-foot-long butcher knives out of blood and executing a spinning slash which slices through a dozen the monsters like a hot knife through butter. A thirty-foot-tall blob of flesh, bone and teeth oozing blood charges forward at high speeds, but Aiko launches herself into the air with a stream of blood.

She grins down at the monster viscously. “Time for a trick I copied from Uncle Shoji.” She says as six long, multijointed arms made of blood grow out of her back, each wielding another seven-foot butcher knife. She bounces off a skyscraper and launches herself toward the beast like a razor-sharp tornado, ripping the thing to pieces and splashing blood all over the place. More monsters come from land and air, but Aiko is like a hurricane of gore as she obliterates her foes. Himiko looks on from a distance and grins widely. There’s a tear of joy going down her cheek. “She’s like a bloody angel…” She says proudly.

A massive horde of Cronenbergesque zombies rushes toward her, but before she can respond, Eraserhead and Daisuke land in front of her. Shota seems to be wearing some thick headphones. “Put these on Aunt Himiko.” He says as he tosses a pair of noise cancelling headphones. She quirks her eyebrow but complies anyway. The lower part of his chin bulges out like a balloon as he inhales a lot of air. “RIIIIIBBBBIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!” He croaks. The sound is enough to rattle the very ground beneath them as all the glass within five miles shatters.

The powerful soundwaves turn the zombies into liquid as the road beneath them is splattered with gore. Himiko and Shota’s jaws drop at the devastation he left behind. “Never thought I’d meet someone louder than Hizashi.” He says. “Whoa… why don’t you do that more often?” She asks before taking the headphones off. “It does too much collateral damage to be anything more than a weapon of last resort. And no Shota, Present Mic’s speakers won’t work, they just explode from being overloaded.” He says. Unfortunately, things are starting to get extremely desperate as Evolution overwhelms Japan’s heroes and vigilantes. Things are about to get even stranger though.


Things in the seas next to Japan are just as chaotic as the crew of the Oki Mariner are being assaulted by squid and shark like abominations as they and a plethora of other aquatic heroes and vigilantes fight alongside the American Navy, whose nearby base was being assaulted as well. In a twist of fate, Selkie appears to be fighting in the water when Innsmouth and his siblings appear. “Innsmouth?!” Selkie shouts in shock. As if his escape from jail wasn’t surprising enough, the Villain taking out a creature that was about to hit him really caught him off guard. “Watch your back you fool! And before you ask, the Prime Minister initiated the Villain Guard Protocol.” He says.

Selkie’s eyes widen in horror briefly before he steels himself. The Villain Guard Protocol is an emergency program in which villains are offered reduced sentences or even pardons in exchange for helping defend Japan. If she was using a last resort like that, things must be getting bad. He dashes away and punches a shark like abomination headed right for Innsmouth’s sister as the war continues.

“We need to hold out for just a bit longer! Mongolia and China are sending in their navies and aquatic heroes to reinforce us, Hulagu of the Four Khans is leading the charge.” An American Admiral says over the radio. Selkie winces at this. The fighting must have gotten a bit too close to the mainland if China and Mongolia are reacting.


Back with All Might, the hero watches helplessly as Tokoyami, Bakugo and the other heroes try to hold out against the incredibly powerful Dark Izuku. “Snap out of it my boy.” Yagi says. Evolution turns to All Might with a massive grin on his face. “You know what Yagi? You’ve done enough watching for today. I think it’s time to let you get into the fight! But before I do that.” He says before slapping his hand on the man’s back. Yagi recoils at first as he feels a series of tendrils push into his body, but he grows confused when he feels a surge of power. “There you go! You should be just as strong as you were in your prime, in fact; you might even be a bit stronger! I got rid of your time limit and made it to where only I can kill you too!” He says.

“W-why?” All Might asks. In all his years as a hero, he has rarely encountered a Villain who would boost his enemy willingly. “Don’t you get it dumdum? I don’t want to weaken you or society! The whole point of this attack was to give the world something to rally around after the damage done by Floodgate! I want to crush humanity at its strongest, that way your inevitable failure will be even more devastating!” He shouts before the orb of flesh trapping All Might launches through the roof. “See you later Captain Moron!” He screams.


Back at UA, things are absolute chaos. All the Business class dorms have gone up in smoke and several of the General Study’s dorms are burning as well. Many of the training grounds are overwhelmed by monsters and cultists, with students, teachers, pro heroes, vigilantes and even villains fighting the hordes. The school building itself has seen better days as well. The school is full of massive holes and the northwestern corner of the building has completely collapsed. Nezu doesn’t care about that though, UA gets destroyed by its students and even teachers on a regular basis, that’s why Cementoss is here.

What has his blood boiling is the casualties. Nearly the entire business course is dead, as well as quite a few of the support and general studies students. Even the hero course students have lost some, although the first years seem to be standing strong for the moment.

He turns to Powerloader and Recovery Girl with a look of grim determination. “Chiyo, set up a triage center in Mei’s bunker underneath the school, we have injured students. Take Higari with you, he can continue to dig out some extra space where we can evacuate any civilians from the surrounding area.” He says before a monster lands in front of him. Nezu pulls out a strange gun and fires a microwave beam at the beast, causing it to explode. A few more portals open and reinforcements start to arrive.

Nezu grins at one person though, the one man who might be able to coordinate things better than him. “Go Dean Nezu, I may not know you personally, but I’m sure you’d be better fighting than I would.” Eric “Contingency” Bradshaw says. With that, Nezu disappears into a hole that suddenly opened in front of him. The older man turns to the Egyptian Hero Salaam and says, “Go check the ruins for survivors, your body is perfect for getting into tight spaces.” Contingency says. From there, dozens of pro heroes and vigilantes start to spread out. Contingency steps to the side and pulls out a dagger before raising it into the air beside him. A monster leaps out of the chaos and gets disemboweled by the blade as the fighting continues.


For the students, things are much worse. Rikido Sato punches through a dog like monster when he hears a voice. “Hello Sugar Man, it is I, you’re archnemesis!” A man says. The man steps out and Rikido groans in irritation as a giant Evolution clone of Wilford Brimley appeared. “Diabeetus.” He says. “Oh hah, hah. Do you really think I haven’t heard that one before? I have a quirk adaptation that makes me immune to diabetes you dipshit!” He says before downing a lot of sugar. He roars in rage before charging forward. He tries to grapple the giant, but this proves to be a fatal mistake. The clone quickly overpowers the student with ease and grabs his legs in one hand and his torso in another. “DIABEETUS RIP!” He shouts before tearing the student in half. He throws the two halves in opposite directions, allowing blood and entrails to rain down on the horrified students as the first of the first-year students falls.


Momo and Akira are fighting alongside both fighting alongside, Mei, Isamu, and the older Mei who is piloting Mecha Mei. They appear to be fighting desperately against a horde of elephant sized Eldritch Kangaroos, but they appear to be overwhelming the group quickly. Luckily for them, reinforcements arrive in the form of Garbage and her monster slaying aircraft known as the Valkyrie. The air ship’s cannons and machine guns quickly reduce the beasts to mush all while carefully avoiding friendly forces. In fact, it even appears that the explosions from the artillery are intentionally diverting themselves around anything other than Evolution’s monsters. “Whoa! She built smart shells?! I thought those were purely theoretical!” Mei says excitedly.

The Valkyrie’s hatch opens, and Nora comes barreling toward the ground in her mech suit with her hammer ready. When she hits the ground Mei notices something different about it. “Eat chainsaw bitches!” She screams before a railgun starts launching chainsaws toward the monsters, ripping through them with ease. “YOU HAVE A CHAINSAW CANNON?!” Mei shouts as she shows up next to Nora, who doesn’t even blink at the sudden appearance of the pinkette. Mei pouts at this. “I wanted to build a chainsaw cannon, but stupid Powerloader wouldn’t let me.” She adds. “WHAT?! OWNING A CHAINSAW CANNON IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!” Nora shouts angrily. “THAT’S WHAT I SAID!” Mei screams before firing her eye lasers in Nora’s direction. The lasers effortlessly go around the unphased mech wielder and blasts a monster behind her to pieces.

In different parts of Japan, Ren and Higari both shudder, as if two dangerous beings who should never be allowed within miles of each other suddenly met.


In Musutafu, Mina, Setsuna and Toru are in the thick of a horde of nightmarish creatures fighting for their lives. Mina throws a large glob of acid at what looks like a giant boar covered in black tentacles and dozens of mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. The creatures screams before hitting the ground, but Mina doesn’t even notice this. Her eyes are wide in horror as she watches a monster literally bite Hibiki’s left arm off.


Back at UA, Hanta Sero is desperately trying to use his tape to corral the monsters into the line of fire for some of the ranged powerhouses to pick off. A wall near the first-year dorm collapses and, much to his horror, Hanta sees the exhausted form of Bachiko Uraraka. She is clearly in no shape to fight judging by the way she can barely keep her eyes open. A horned monster is about to blind side her when the young hero student acts on instinct. He pulls himself up through the hole and pushes her out of the way just as Miss Joke bursts into the room.

Unfortunately for Hanta, the bastardized unicorn manages to drive its horn straight through his heart. “Sh-she can’t fight like this, g-get her to safety.” Hanta says with his final breath. Miss Joke grabs the distraught young girl and rushes her down to the bunker where her own daughter and Jin Tokoyami are currently trying to calm the children from a nearby elementary school.


Back with Momo, Yui, Ochako and Akira, a large black portal opens and a woman with black hair, a black biker helmet, a black leather jacket with a grey Kevlar vest underneath and very tight biker pants with black boots bursts through it riding a large black motorcycle. As the woman gets closer, her hair starts to stretch out and attack anything that gets in the way. The helmet gets knocked off and Yui’s normally blank expression vanishes under a layer of pure shock as she recognizes her. “Holy shit, Ibara’s going to lose her mind.” She says as the woman gets closer. “Aunt Momo! CATCH!” She shouts before throwing an ornate book at the Creation Hero.

Object Name: The Guardian
Power Source: Magical Focus
Description: The Guardian is an Ancient Oovarian Spell Book. It allows the user to directly manipulate the energy of Ley Lines. It is filled with powerful spells and bonds with its wielder. If it ever gets more than fifty feet away from its host, it will magically reappear closer to them. It is unreadable to anyone other than it’s chosen host.


She catches it and she suddenly finds herself floating in a black void. Much to her shock, a group of giant red, green and blue energy like jellyfish with rock cores in their heads emerge from the void. “Do not be afraid young one. We are here to help.” One of the creatures says telekinetically with a soothing feminine voice. A particularly large red one reaches out a tentacle and touches it to her forehead. A red light erupts, and Momo feels a vast wealth of magical knowledge flood her mind.

“You have been chosen as the Keeper of the Reliquary. The Guardian holds the Oovarian Scepter, a mystical key which will unlock untold power for you and your people. Repeat after me.” A more masculine voice says.


Back in the real world, Momo’s eyes start to radiate red, green and blue energy. Unbeknownst to her, she begins speaking in a long dead tongue. “Scepter of Oovaria, I call upon thee; rise!” She says, her voice echoing. The strange symbols covering the book glow dark blue, and a large blue scepter appears from thin air. The scepter appears to be around 3’ long, and it is made of ancient, black wood with two silver metallic rods coiled around it like snakes. There is an orb of black lightning floating an inch above the scepter. It starts to fall, but Momo snatches it before it hits the ground with her right hand.

“As keeper of the Reliquary, I command thee, open!” She adds. A pair of massive blue doors covered in strange black rune like symbols appear in midair above the city of Musutafu. They burst open with immense force and hundreds of streaks of light fire off into the distance.


The scene cuts to a battered looking Fumikage Tokoyami. He is desperately attempting to fight an enraged Izuku Midoriya alongside Katsuki and the heroes, but Izuku seems to be overpowering them regardless. “Let those touched by the Ley Lines receive their birth right!” Fumikage looks around in confusion, not knowing where the voice came from. What looks like a shooting star slams into the ground, but despite how much force it hits with; no dust appears to be scattered. Fumikage investigates the crater and sees a bizarre looking silver circlet. It’s not the circlet itself that is so strange; rather the way the gem in the center interacts with light. It seems to be glowing with light while at the same time being the darkest shade of black he has ever seen. The circlet floats up to him and Fumikage grabs it and puts it on.

Object Name: Radiata
Power Source: Magical Focus
Description: Radiata is an ancient artifact of a long-forgotten race of energy beings. Its past is a mystery even to the Oovarians, but it allows the user to wield light magic. Despite the name, it grants the wielder control over both light and darkness. In Fumikage’s hands, it allows him to fire bolts of light energy. It also removes Dark Shadow’s weakness to light while at the same time, allowing him to remain in control.

His left hand begins to glow white while his right hand seems to shroud itself in darkness. Up above him, Dark Shadow is outlined in a bright white glow as streaks of white begin to appear around his yellow eyes. “RRRRAAAAGHH!!!” Dark Shadow roars as he increases in size. “Wait, what?! Fumi! The light doesn’t hurt me anymore! I’m at full strength, but I’m still in control!” He shouts. Meanwhile, Fumikage summons a pair of energy like scimitars, one bright white and the other dark black.

“AHH HELL YEAH! POWER BOOST BABY!!!” Dark Shadow roars as Fumikage and Dark Shadow surge forward. Dark Shadow slams into Izuku, sending the boy flying away. The others turn to look at Dark Shadow in shock. “Opps… Too much power.” Dark Shadow says sheepishly as Fumikage facepalms. “He landed in Musutafu; it sounds like some of the other students have found him.” Uwabami says. Hound Dog quirks an eyebrow at this. He knew that Uwabami’s quirk gave her enhanced senses, but Musutafu is very far away and there’s a lot of chaos in between here and there. “Keep an eye on Uwabami, her senses shouldn’t be that strong.” He says to Lady Nagant and Big Red Dot.


Elsewhere, Kinoko Komori appears to be fighting alongside her daughter, with Present Mic, Kosei Tsuburaba, Vine (Ibara Shiozaki), Ryukyu and Vantablack (Kuroiro Shihai). The vigilantes, Pop☆Step (Kazuho Haneyama), the Crawler (Koichi Haimawari) and Knuckleduster (Iwao Oguro) are fighting alongside them. They appear to be struggling as the hordes of monsters and cultists drive them into the center of a ruined mall. Kinoko Komori jumps back in shock when a strange black and red mushroom appears in front of her. She suddenly feels a strange compulsion to eat the mushroom. She picks it up and pops it into her mouth. Seconds later, she feels a strange energy within her. She grows a horde of hundreds six-foot-tall mushroom like humanoids with four arms armed with swords and bows, shocking the others.

Object: Ta’Ra-Kith Bloom
Power Source: Magical Enhancement
Description: A strange mushroom from the now lifeless fungus dominated world of Ta’Ra-Kith, this mushroom transforms the brain of whoever eats it into a hive mind. It allows them to summon and command Na-Ku’Tay drones, an extinct sapient species once native to the planet.

“Wait, since when could you do that?!” Vantablack shouts as the creatures charge into the fray, turning the battle in favor of the heroes.


“May ancient technology of civilizations long lost find a new purpose.” Momo’s voice says. Tenya Iida and Eijiro Kirishima appear to have been cornered and cut off from the rest of the group when a high-tech European style broadsword covered with strange gears and a glowing blue hilt appears in front Tenya.

Object Name: Issachar
Power Source: Technological
Powers: This sword possesses a powerful energy core which can enhance the strength and durability of its wielder. It can also project waves of energy which can cut through even some of the strongest materials.

Description: Issachar was a weapon built by the Ch’kthrians. It was given to Reginald Barrister as they believed it to be cursed. In the hands of most species, it has no side effect, but for a creature with a Hive Mind mentality, it grants the user independence from the Hive. Individuality was the ultimate sin to the Ch’kthrians. Reginald, in turn gave it to a Phylarian farmer, who would use it to free his people from the tyranny of Queen Raachu, the last Phylarian Queen. It was among the things sent to Earth with Mina. It was then given to the Oovarians, who placed it in the Reliquary.

Tenya grabs the sword on instinct and slashes forward, releasing a massive wave of kinetic energy which slices through the horde of monsters like a hot knife through butter.

Meanwhile, a silver neck brace covered in blue crystal spikes with a red ruby appears around Eijiro’s neck. A group of bat like abominations flies in to attack, but Eijiro’s rocky arms suddenly turn slightly crystalline, and he leaps into the sky like a rocket. He raises his hands toward the beasts and beams of red-light fire from his palms, destroying the creatures in fiery explosions. He lands in front of Tenya and shouts “OH YEAH!!! I AM FEELING SO MANLY RIGHT NOW!!!” With this new advantage, they are able to fight with renewed vigor.

Object Name: The Ruby of Morka
Power Source: Technological
Powers: The Ruby of Morka can transform the wielder’s skin into a type of biological crystal which absorbs energy like a solar panel. It doesn’t work on normal flesh, but Eijiro’s rock like body can utilize it if his quirk is active. The energy can augment his strength and speed as well as firing energy beams.

Description: The Morka were a species of sapient colonial bacteria which constructed massive bodies from stone. Not much is known about them, as their existence even predates Reginald. It is likely the oldest thing in the Reliquary, as the Knatar have dated it to a mere 80 million years after the Universe was created. The Morka are the oldest known sapient species in existence, but all that is known of them comes from this object.


“And let those with primal power inside of them unlock their true potential.” Momo says. Mina starts to scream in rage as a pink light envelops her. A pair of massive 8’7” long moth like wings emerge from her back and a scorpion like tail shoots out of her pants. Her height increases by about a foot and her horns double in size. “Holy shit! Mina’s evolving like a Pokémon!” Toru shouts. The light clears and Mina’s wings come into full view. They seem to have a shape like that of the Luna Moth. They have pink and yellow swirls with intimidating black and red owl-like eyes in the center. Mina flies over to Hibiki with a look of pure rage on her face.

When she lands, Hibiki looks shocked. “Ho-holy shit! Mama’s a queen?! She’s supposed to be a soldier like me.” Hibiki says. She throws a massive blob of acid so strong that it not only dissolves the monsters, but also burns a massive crater 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep into the ground where they once were, all in less than a second. Mina’s new wings are coated and sharpened with acid to turn them into large blades, and she starts tearing through truly massive creatures, cauterizing their wounds in the process, as she flies through the skies dropping acid bombs.

Elsewhere, the parents of the pinkette are watching from a TV in a bunker. They realize the jig is up. Mina’s transformation was caught on live news. While quirks could explain sudden transformations, the sheer scale of the change in power and appearance was likely to cause people to ask questions.

Unfortunately, Mina seems to be causing a lot of collateral damage in her blind rage as large chunks of buildings suddenly evaporate in an instant. Hibiki releases a series of blasts from his legs to clear the enemies away from him before rushing over to his mother to calm her down. “Mama, stop! It’s okay, look; my arm’s already regrowing, see!” He says before shoving a small arm in her face. “Little baby arm! Honk! Honk!” He says before squeezing his mom’s nose with said baby hand.

Luckily it appears that Mina’s outburst has cleared the area of enemies for the moment as the pinkette appears to calm down. She hugs Hibiki desperately and starts to cry. “Oh God! I-I was s-so scared! I-I thought you had been hurt bad!” She says in relief. Toru rushes over, looking excited. “Oh my God! Mina! Your wings are so pretty!!” She says. “My what?” She says before turning to look at her reflection in a nearby window. “Okay, time out; how is Hibiki regrowing his arm? That doesn’t have anything to do with his quirk.” Setsuna says. “That’s actually because of the Phylarian side of my physiology-“ He starts to say before his eyes go wide and he slaps his hand over mouth after realizing his mistake.

“Phylarian?” Toru asks as her daughter Hikari Hagakure shows up behind Hibiki and slaps him up the back of his head. “Way to go dumbass.” She says. “Alright, you two are clearly keeping something from us, so spill!” Setsuna says. Hibiki looks extremely uncomfortable after this. “M-mom, y-you’ll need to talk to grandma and grandpa if you want the specifics, as it’s not my place to tell you everything; but you’re not human. You’re an alien species known as a Phylarian.” He says, leaving the three girls dumbfounded. An explosion rocks the area as Setsuna’s son Ryota lands nearby. “You can work through that later; we got more monsters incoming.” He says.

A horde of monsters rushes forward and Mina grins like a loon. “Alright you Resident Evil rejects, let’s see how you do against the new and improved Alien Queen!” She says before flying forward into the fray.


Manga Fukidashi appears to be at the USJ along with Reiko Yanagi, Juzo Honenuki, Nagamasa Mora, Camie Utsushimi and Inasa Yoarashi and the teachers Midnight and Vlad King. It also seems that Gunhead, Susugu “Wash” Mitarai and Moe “Burnin” Kamiji have joined up with them at some point in the chaos. The reason they are trying to defend the building is because in the bunker below; Oboro and a few dozen support heroes seem to have set up a coordination center. Manga feels a strange new sensation in his body, and he suddenly gets an idea. “Boing!” He says, causing the word to appear in front of him. He bounces off it like a trampoline before landing on the mountain section.

He lets out a whistle followed by a loud boom before tearing off a piece of the bubble on his head and dropping it on the ground. “Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!” He says before ripping another piece of bubble off his head. He continues bouncing around the mountain, placing half a dozen of these installations. Much to everyone’s shock, the bubbles continue to speak on their own, allowing for continuous artillery support.

Quirk Evolution: Manga Fukidashi has unlocked the final form of his quirk. He is now able to rip up to twenty p