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The Rise of Homo Quirkeas

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Chapter 8

A/N: We’ve seen the comedic side of Evolution over the past few chapters, but that’s not all there is to him. What you need to understand is that Evolution is a true nihilist, the poster child for chaotic evil. Things are going to get fucked up in this chapter.

A/N 2: Looks like I have to split this chapter in two. It was getting too long even for my standards.


The first thing that Yu sees when she bursts out of the headquarters is absolute chaos. Several cars are already on fire, windows have been smashed, looting is rampant, and pillars of smoke are rising across the city. Edgeshot bursts out of the building next, followed by Kamui Woods. “My God… it’s like a warzone out here.” A few thugs wielding baseball bats rush in behind them, but Edgeshot pins them to the wall with a few throwing knives without even looking back at them.

“Whenever there is uncertainty, there will always be those waiting to take advantage of it.” A deep male voice says. Gang Orca walks out of a nearby alleyway with what appears to be a group of young vigilantes alongside his small army of sidekicks. Janus appears in a whiteish blue portal with a grin on his face. “You three are really making waves out there.” He says, confusing the other three. “Yu never closed her stream; her words have gone viral around the world. They’re all waiting on you to take down Drake Witch, so I’m your ride.” He adds. Yu’s eyes widen briefly before she sets that information to the side for later. “We can’t leave the area like this, it’s a mad house.” She says. “Which is why I’m here. I can handle the riot; go show our dear President what a real hero can do.” Gang Orca says. With that, Yu looks back to her teammates. They seem to be just as determined as she is, so she turns to Janus.

“Well then let’s do this!” She says. Janus grins again before opening a portal. “I’m dropping you off at the entrance to the Hero Commission HQ. The media is massed outside waiting for Emica’s response to the accusations and we’re hoping the sight of you three storming the castle might calm the masses a bit.” He says. The three charge through the portal and are briefly stunned by a wave of cheering. They look around and notice a mass of protestors along with the media. “Go Mount Lady!” “Hang the bitch with your branches Kamui!” Are among the tamer things the crowd seems to be cheering.

They shake off the shock and start charging up the steps, only to be stopped by a flash of movement, with Yu barely managing to dodge a slash from a flying sword. She skids to a stop and the three heroes freeze at the sight of Yoroi Musha, who is accompanied by the Sand Hero: Snatch. Kamui doesn’t see either one of them though. His heart wrenches at the sight of his brother in all but blood, Death Arms. Despite everything, the Arbor hero can see the pain and regret in his friend’s eyes. Yoroi steps forward, ignoring the angry shouts of the crowd. “Yu Takeyama, Shinji Nishiya and Shinya Kamihara, the three of you stand accused of dereliction of your duty as heroes, causing civil unrest amongst the populace and vigilantism. Surrender now and you will not be harmed.” He says.

Yu bursts into laughter at this. “Seriously? We should be giving you that line Mr. International Smuggler.” She says. “Those accusations are nothing more than slander. Musha Freight is a perfectly legitimate business. As for your arrest, I am acting on the authority of Prime Minister Atsuko Gushiken herself. She has denounced the Revolution’s accusations as the lies they are.” This causes the Ravagers to pause. “Wait, what?” Yu asks. “You didn’t see the press conference?” Snatch asks.

Izuku and the others have returned to the living room without Tenya, who wanted some time to himself. “Guys, hurry up! The Prime Minister is about to address the scandal.” Itsuka Kendo says. The others gather around along with the few teachers that are with them. “Let’s see how she manages to put this fire out.” Nemuri says.

On the screen, an older woman with black hair tied up in a bun wearing a blue suit appears. The press starts to buzz in anticipation only to quiet down when she raises her hand. “It has come to my attention that this group of vigilantes-“ She says, voicing the last word with disgust. “Well that sounds promising…” Dark Shadow says sarcastically.

“-Has taken it upon itself to destabilize world security. Not only have they illegally invaded another nation, but they have violated hundreds of international secrecy laws in the hopes of undermining the world’s faith in their governments and hero society. I would like to state that the accusations against HPSC President Emica Fukuda, various esteemed members of the hero community and everyone else they have accused are nothing but slander.” She says. The crowd begins to grow angry at that statement, but she silences them with another wave of her hand.

“Furthermore, it appears that the very leader of this organization of terrorists comes from our own home. I am here by issuing a warrant for the arrest of Mitsuki Bakugou-“ “BULL SHIT!!!!!!” Katsuki shouts in rage, leaping to his feet and releasing a few minor explosions from his hands. “-as well as anyone else associated with the Revolution. Furthermore, all of the rogue agents who have abandoned their position as heroes during our time of need are charged with treason and dereliction of dut-“ She starts to say before a bottle thrown from the crowd shatters. The crowd grows enraged to the point where some of the civilians even start charging the stage, only to be stopped by security. A series of explosions near the building can be heard in the distance as violence across the nation escalates further.

Judging by the crowd and the rioters around Japan, no one appears to be buying her explanation. “This press conference is over.” She says finally before fleeing the stage with the help of security. “Ahh gasoline, she tried to use gasoline to put the fire out.” Nemuri quips. Shota turns off the television as the students sit there in a mix of shock, horror and rage. “Holy shit bruh, I thought I was high. She must be on Mount Everest right now if she thought that was the right thing to say.” Michael says. Cementoss rushes into the room with a look of alarm on his face. “Everyone suit up! We’ve got riots all over the city, it’s bad enough that even the students are needed.” He says. This spurs everyone into combat mode as one of the largest crises in world history kicks off.


Izuku and Shoto slide to a stop in the courtyard when they see the former Ingenium, Tensei Iida, sitting in a wheelchair in front of his brother Tenya, who appears to be frozen in shock. Izuku seems to be sporting a cape much like Gran Torino’s and some new gauntlets. Izuku’s eyes narrow on the now disgraced ex-hero. “You! You have a lot of nerve showing up here.” Izuku yells. Izuku’s words seem to shake Tenya out of his stupor and he starts to say, “Tensei, what are y-“ “Tenya, stop. I know I have a lot of questions to answer, but we need to get out of here before Tadashi gets here.” He says frantically, spitting his father’s name out with venom.

“Wha-, but, Tensei? What’s going on?! They’re saying terrible things about you and father on the news. Please, tell me they’re lying.” Tenya says desperately. Tensei looks down with regret and despair in his eyes. “Tenya, I’m sorry, but they’re tru-.” He starts to say before being interrupted. “Tenya do not listen to your brother, his injury must have done some serious brain damage. I assure you the stories on the news are false.” A cold, authoritative voice says in the distance.

A taller, slightly more muscular figure with a rocket on his back and a suit of armor similar in design to Tenya and Tensei’s hero costume walks up to the two brothers as Izuku and Shoto are on guard. He is flanked by three of Team Idaten’s more experienced sidekicks. Each of them would likely be more than able to have their own Hero Agency; Big Shot is even Japan’s number 22, three ranks higher than Tensei’s peak of 25. But Tadashi is good to his men, and the money they were making was much better than what they would make on their own, especially since its tax free. It doesn’t hurt that Tadashi retired at number four, having been number one twice, at five years and two years before All Might’s meteoric rise. And that was back when the number 1 position was much more competitive, with the top four consisting of Ingenium, Yoroi Musha, His Purple Highness and the Shattered Woman aka the late Shinobu Hori constantly shifting places over a ten-year period before the arrival of All Might.

“God damn it, are all Professional Hero fathers assholes?” Shoto asks under his breath. “Shut the hell up Tadashi. You know damn well what we’ve been doing!” Tensei shouts angrily. Tadashi turns a cold glare toward his crippled son. “Nonsense, I have no idea how this ‘Revolution’ came up with this farce, but I assure you they will be dealt with. Now come along Tenya, it’s no longer safe for us in the open; a lot of people are out for our blood right now.” The man says as he marches toward the frozen Tenya. Tensei grins viscously at the man in response. “I’m the one who gave them the evidence, father.” He says, causing the Iida Patriarch to freeze. The calm, cold façade breaks upon hearing this as he begins shaking in rage. “You what?!” Tadashi shouts in anger.

Tensei chuckles at his father’s reaction. “I never wanted to do this, and you know it! The only reason I went along with your scheme was because you threatened mother, and when she died, you said you would groom Tenya to fill my role. I refused to let you drag my brother into your corruption, so I played along while searching for a way to take you down. I ran into Mist during a mission, and we got to talking. I knew the Revolution would be my chance to set things right, so I told her everything.” Tensei says before looking to the ground in shame. “It might not erase the harm that I’ve done, but it can at least stop you…” He says remorsefully.

Tadashi is fuming after he hears the words of his eldest son. “You stupid son of a bitch! You ruined everything! This business venture was making us a fortune! Heroes are losers; even the more successful ones can only make a small pittance compared to those in the business world. I was raking in billions with all my side projects!” He yells angrily. Tensei grins like a predator and glares right at the man. “Thank you for putting the final nail in your own coffin father. You can come out now Ting!” He shouts.

A relatively small woman wearing a Cheongsam with long funnel shaped sleeves a black domino mask and short, curly white hair and a pair of ram’s horns holding a small camera which is currently streaming live. She has a symbol of the Revolution on one of her shoulders. A large black mass with a white mask suddenly appears next to her before turning into a short woman with dark black eyes.

Ting Gao
Codename: Slumber
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 111 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 7th
Age: 36
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Energy Drain
Quirk Description: Ting Gao’s quirk makes her unable to sleep, which is why she always looks so tired. Instead, she drains the energy from anyone she touches with all five fingers, which causes the target to get sleepier the longer she touches them.
Basic Biography: Ting Gao, aka Slumber is one of only a handful of the sidekicks on Team Idaten who wasn’t in on the corruption. When she learned of Team Idaten’s criminal activities, she and her wife known only as Enigma abandoned the professional hero community to join the Revolution.

Name: Unknown, even to herself
Codename: Enigma
Height: 4’11” (Untransformed)
Weight: 91 lbs (Untransformed)
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 3rd
Age: 36
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Black Rubber
Quirk Description: Enigma can increase her mass and size, turning her body into a large black blob. She can also stretch her body and make smaller clones from her giant form which she can control like drones.
Basic Biography: Enigma is an orphan who was abandoned without any explanation, having not even been registered in any way. She was technically given the name Botan Nomura by officials, but she never really identified with it, preferring what would eventually become her hero name, Enigma. Like her wife Ting, she abandoned the hero community to join the Revolution in the aftermath of the recent scandals.

Tadashi pales when he notices the camera before turning to his eldest son with a look of rage on his face. “I’ll kill you!” He shouts before rushing toward Tensei with his quirk. A loud honking sound bursts out and Tadashi is forced to dodge in order to avoid being hit by a massive black 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan which comes blazing out of nowhere. The car slides to a stop before transforming into a heavyset balding elderly black man with six dull chrome upward curving exhaust pipes coming from his back. He is wearing a black leather jacket with the words “Heavy Steel” written on the front in silver that has been modified to open from the back with holes to fit the exhaust pipes, a pair of dark blue pants with six silver bike chains on it, three on each side, and a pair of black combat boots. The left and right shoulder on his jacket bears the symbols of the Revolution as well. He coughs briefly, with black smoke shooting out of his mouth as a result before glaring at the Patriarch of the Iida family. “You’re not laying a finger on the boy Tadashi.” He says angrily in slightly broken Japanese.

Abdul Rudd
Codename: Heavy Steel
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 267 lbs.
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 26th
Age: 89
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: American Classic
Quirk Description: Abdul’s quirk allows him to transform into several types of classic American made cars. These include a black 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan, a baby blue and white 1955 Chevrolet 210, a forest green 1967 Dodge Charger with two black stripes, a dark brown 1954 Ford F-100 and a white 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon with brown wooden trims. These vehicles are much heavier than their usual counterparts, as they appear to be heavily armored. They also have tinted, almost opaque windows. The car’s engine appears to be encased in a protective shell, and only damage to the engine affects Abdul’s health. In his prime, he was able to reach speeds of up to 220 miles per hour, and he could maintain the transformation for up to seven hours a day. His maximum speed now is only 140 miles per hour, and he can only maintain the transformation for three hours a day; likely due to his old age.

Basic Biography: He is one of the founding members of Detroit’s Man Cave. Tenya’s grandfather, Takashi Iida spent over a decade in America as one of the founding members of the group as well. Abdul is the only surviving member of the original Detroit’s Man Cave, with most of the others dying in the line of duty, while Takashi and the leader died of old age, Takashi dying five years ago while the leader passed away three years earlier.

Tadashi blinks briefly before laughing at the man. “Abdul, I can’t believe you’re still alive. Don’t you have a bingo game to get to?” He says derisively. “Heh, so you’re still as disrespectful as ever I see. I came out of retirement and joined the Revolution after being contacted by Mist a couple of weeks ago. I’m just glad your father isn’t alive to see what you’ve become.” Abdul spits out.

Tadashi growls at the mention of his father. “That man was not my father; I didn’t even meet him until I was fourteen years old.” He says angrily. “Shut your mouth brat! You know damn well why that happened. He had to stay away. If he got too close to you and your mother, you would have been in danger of being attacked by Captain Smog. That bastard killed most of our team before me; Takashi and Jackson were able to take him down.” Abdul shouts.

“Whatever, you’re not stopping me from taking my son Abdul. You’re too old and out of shap-“ He starts to say, only to stumble forward after a kick to the back of his head. “What’s that you said about old folks Zygote?” Gran Torino says as he lands next to Heavy Steel. He has a Revolution Patch on his chest, indicating that he was among the heroes to abandon the Pro Hero system. Enigma and Slumber step forward in order to form a defensive line between the two Iida children, Izuku and Shoto. “You kids get Tenya and Tensei out of here. We’ll handle these five.” Gran Torino says.

“But Gr-“ Izuku starts to say before a nearby explosion silences him. “I’m not going anywhere.” Tensei says before rising out of his wheelchair without issue; shocking everyone present except Slumber and Enigma. “I lied about not being able to fix my paralysis.” He says before pressing a button on the wheelchair. The chair transformed around him, settling into his familiar hero costume, only with the Revolution logo across his chest now. “Nora was able to build an artificial L4 vertebra to replace my damaged one. I was lucky that was my injury, as it happens to be the only vertebra controlling the legs that she can replicate right now.” He says before glaring at his father. “This fight has been coming for decades and I’m not letting anyone stop it from happening.” Tensei says with determination. He turns to Tenya and says “Get out of here Tenya, the world needs the only pure Iida left.” He says without turning to his brother. Tenya seems hesitant at first, but he eventually takes off. Tadashi tries to stop him, only to earn a punch to the face from Tensei as Izuku and Shoto take off as well.


Eraserhead arrives in the middle of the city of Musutafu alongside Tsuyu, Tetsutetsu, Kyouka, Itsuka, Denki, Eijirou. Itsuka’s uncle, who had been medically cleared earlier, was convinced to come with them to help by his niece. Fat Gum and Sun Eater are already there with Chizue Tetsutetsu-Kirishima. Shota grimaces as the students stand in shock and horror at the sight in front of them. Pillars of smoke are going up all over the city, broken glass is scattered all over the streets, buildings are being looted, vandalized and burned down, cars have been flipped over and destroyed, thousands of people are attacking everything in sight while civilians struggle to find a safe place to hide. There are injured and even dead people all over the streets, many of whom look as if they had been trampled. Riot police have been fully deployed along with water cannon mounted Riot Control vehicles, but the flames have gotten bad enough that those are preoccupied trying to put out fires as the fire fighters are spread too thin. Even the military seems to be out in full force. But they are all heavily outnumbered by the rioters. Long story short, if you had told them that the world was coming to an end, they would have no problem believing it.

“Snap out of it kids; I know this is rough, but we need to get this under control.” Fat Gum says. “Traitors!” One of the rioters screams before charging Fat Gum with a broken pipe. The attack bounces right off the man, and he punches him with just enough strength to knock him out. Sun Eater moves to pull him toward a nearby triage site using an octopus tentacle. “Be careful, a lot of these people may attack you, heroes aren’t exactly popular at the moment.” He says. Eraserhead tosses Sun Eater and Fat Gum a few patches. “Nezu had an idea, he got a bunch of Revolution Patches from Mitsuki to give the clean heroes we find. They might not attack as much if they think you’re Revolution.” Shota says. Fat Gum grins before slapping the patch onto his uniform. “If it wasn’t for the Emperor’s condemnation of the Prime Minister's actions, I probably would have gone Revolution anyway. We might be able to fix this mess with his influence.” The big man says.

“Split into groups of three and do what you can but stay safe. With things as chaotic as they are right now, there’s no way we can save everyone.” Shota says to the students. With that, the students’ pair up and try to do what they can to stop this madness. Itsuka, Kyouka and Tsuyu end up with Rappa Kendo trying to fight their way through a crowd of rioters to get to a collapsing building, where a young woman shrouded by smoke is screaming for help on the second story of a store. A few of the rioters charge forward, but one of the people slides to a halt when they see the Revolution patch on Itsuka’s Cheongsam. “Guys stop! They’re Revolution!” A woman yells. “Who cares? I just want to fuck shit up!” One of the guys says. Most of them stop, but three of them continue to attack, only to be knocked to the side by and enlarged hand from Itsuka. “Damn crooks.” She says angrily as the rest of the crowd starts to move out of the way.

Tsuyu looks up at the woman in the smoke and grimaces. “Fire, I can’t help up there, the fire will dry me out, ribbit.” Tsuyu says. “I got this-“ Itsuka says before Rappa stops her. “Oh no you don’t. I am not letting you go into a collapsing building; your mother would kill me. I’ll handle this; I can survive if the thing falls.” He says. Itsuka nods before turning to help Tsuyu rescue a couple of civilians trapped in a wrecked city bus.

Rappa leaps into the smoke and grabs the woman before leaping out just as the thing finally collapses. He looks down and grimaces when he sees the state the woman is in. She almost looks as if she was severely burned. If only the poor man knew what was really happening. “My hero!” the female civilian Evolution clone says before kissing him on the cheek. The woman dissolves in his arms and he yells out in pain while clutching his chest, attracting the three girls’ attention. “Uncle Rappa?!” Itsuka shouts before rushing to her uncle’s aid. She slides to a stop in front of him only to be splattered with the man’s blood and guts as the Puppet form of Evolution bursts out of his chest. “Hmm, must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” He says before looking back at the collapsed body of Rappa Kendo. “A really wrong turn.” He says.

Itsuka’s face is contorted in an expression of pure horror as Evolution pulls out a top hat and cane out of who knows where. “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal~” He starts to sing before coughing up severed body parts of a frog like man, including a head wearing the same type of hat he was wearing, which Tsuyu unfortunately catches. “Opps, sorry, had a frog in my throat.” Evolution says before a couple of vacuum bubbles start to hit him. “Oh shit, I’m being pelted by space balls!” He says in alarm.

“UNCLE MICHIGAN?!” Tsuyu screams in horror as she recognizes the severed head. Itsuka seems to be frozen in shock, horror and grief while Tsuyu starts to cry. Kyouka is standing there looking helpless. Evolution groans in irritation at the three girls, drawing their attention as the being tosses his hat and cane. Tsuyu’s eyes widen and she starts doing something that seems to be a mixture of hyperventilating and croaking. She trembles in fear, unable to move as the creature sends her prey instincts into overdrive. She has never been more terrified in her entire life. Even Itsuka and Kyouka seem to be frozen in fear as the creature exudes a malicious energy that triggers the most primal parts of the mind.

“Oh, come on! I went through all the trouble of setting up this elaborate joke and I don’t even get a chuckle?! Do you have any idea how risky that joke was?! Neowolf24 is very protective of the girls!” He shouts.

(Q/N: *Pulls out a Battle Axe with a Hammer on the back* You mess with the Froppy, you get the choppy. *Turns the weapon around* You mess with the Chako, you get the Knocko. *Drops the weapon and pulls out a phone* You mess with Momo; I’m calling the Popo. *Throws the phone and makes choking motion* You mess with Kyouka, I’m gonna choke ya. *Pulls out a helmet pair of bull horns * You mess with Toru, I’m gonna gore you. *Leaves the room briefly before struggling back into the room carrying a torpedo* You mess with Ashido; you get the torpedo. *Tosses the torpedo who knows where, causing a loud explosion as he pulls out a gun* You mess with Hado, you get the Pow Pow. *Tosses the gun and pulls out a sword.* You mess with Mei, your gonna die. *Throws the sword and pulls out a Bazooka. You mess with Itsuka, you get the Bazooka. You mess with Himiko, I’m going to step out of the way, so I don’t get caught in the stabbing frenzy. You mess with Eri D̵̨̥́̈́͑å̸̜̰̑̍̐T̷̗̜̦͗̌Ã̴͚͕̙̒̈̽ͅ ̵̗̗͙͕̎̾̒̿E̵͓̰̍̄̓X̵̹̐̓̉͆P̶̹̯̫͊̄̊u̷͚̣̗̇͑̉͝n̶̠̳͊̂̉̾G̴̨̛̣̼͛͜Ẹ̸̣͚̓͐Ḓ̵͎͊͘͝!̴̳̍̎̾ )

A giant spiked steel fist attached to a stretched-out arm slams into the ground below Evolution, who just barely manages to dodge in time. Fat Gum scoops up Kyouka and Tsuyu without looking at Evolution and flees. Itsuka’s daughter Chizue grabs her mother in another enlarged hand and tosses her toward the group of Eijiro, Tetsutetsu and Setsuna.

Itsuka manages to shake herself out of her stupor and land safely as Steelflex stands protectively in front of the group. “Leave Evolution. You have no reason to be here.” She says firmly. “Duh, of course I don’t have a reason to be here; nobody does! Life is a joke, but not just any kind of joke; no, life is one of those jokes that you laugh at on instinct before realizing just how offensive it was and then you feel bad for lau- WHOA!” He starts to say before being forced to dodge a punch from Chizue’s giant spiked steel fist. “You know that’s not what I meant you lunatic. None of us find your antics amusing. We both know you aren’t going to attack, you’re still in the process of riling up the entire world.” She says.

Evolution cackles madly at this. “Ah, it’s refreshing how well you know me. Yup, I’m done now, buh-bye!” He says before exploding in a violent display of viscera. “H-h-holy shit… wh-what the hell was that thing?!” Eijiro asks in fear as Kyouka and Tetsutetsu struggle to calm Tsuyu and Itsuka. Itsuka is shaking violently as she clings to the steel man and cries. Tsuyu seems almost catatonic at this point. “That was Evolution, the greatest threat to existence itself that ever existed.” Steelflex says ominously. She turns back to the group and grimaces. “Get my mother and Tsu some place safe. They’re in no condition to be out like this right now.” She adds

“N-no! I-I’m fine, I-I can st-“ Itsuka says, struggling to put on the big sister act. “Mom, please; you’re always strong one, the pillar of support. You’re allowed to be weak, there’s nothing wrong with that. Let us deal with this.” She says quietly as a portal opens behind them. Itsuka jumps when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks to see her teacher Vlad King has come through the portal while Shota and Recovery Girl help Tsu. Vlad’s face is fixed in a no-nonsense expression, sending the girl a clear message. This is not optional. Itsuka sighs before relenting. Allowing Recovery Girl to pull her toward the portal; Itsuka quirks an eyebrow when she sees the portal though. Rather than the gaseous white and blue portal, this one is more of a yellowish liquid, kind of like a vertical pond in the air.

Steelflex notices her mother’s confusion. “Portal quirks might be rare, but they’re not unique. You didn’t honestly expect Oboro to transport everyone, did you?” She says. Itsuka nods in understanding before heading back to the school.


Kamui Woods manages to catch a light post with a branch to stop his descent as Death Arms lands opposite of him in a largely vacant lot. Neither man seems to notice the child hiding on a nearby rooftop. The child pulls out his phone and starts to record the fight. “God damn it, Akito! How could you do this! What would Hanako say if she saw what you have become?!” Kamui says. Death Arms bellows in rage at the mention of his late wife before throwing a burnt-out car at Kamui. “Don’t you dare bring her into this Shinji! You have no idea what I’ve been going through!” He roars as Kamui dodges the car.

“Then explain it to me Akito! Why the hell are you killing people for money?! I know you; you’ve never cared for living a life of luxury, hell, you still drive the same truck your dad gave you! The thing’s thirty years old and it’s at nearly 250,000 miles! What’s going on man? Why are you doing this?!” He shouts emotionally. “I don’t have a choice.” Death Arms says darkly. He charges forward and tries to punch Kamui, but the Arbor Hero swerves to the side. He wraps his branches around Death Arms in order to stop him from moving.

“Akito, please, talk to me man! Why are you doing this? Wh-“ He starts to say before Death Arms screams “AKIKO’S GOT IT TOO!!!!!” Kamui Woods freeze at this. He releases his old friend and slowly backs away with his eyes wide in shock. Death Arms falls to his knees and slams his fists into the ground with enough force to shake the area. “What?” Shinji asks weakly. “Parkinson’s… Akiko’s got Parkinson’s… how the hell does a five-year-old get Parkinson’s?” He asks. Kamui looks horrified by this. “It’s not about the money; I usually end up giving most of that to charity anyway. Emica has access to someone with a quirk that reverses neurological deterioration… I did this for her…” He says.

“If you’re referring to Nelugo, he can cause it too.” Another voice from a nearby alley says. A part of a nearby building’s shadow breaks off before stopping in front of him. The shadow starts to take the form of a long-haired woman with a featureless wispy black form and glowing brown eyes. The form solidifies and a woman with black hair in a braided ponytail, dark reddish-brown skin and brown eyes appears. She is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. She has a piercing in her nose studded with what appears to be obsidian. She is wearing black eyeliner and she has a headband with black beads and raven feathers weaved in. She is wearing dark blue, almost black eye shadow and a necklace made of bird bones. Overall, she looks like a Native American themed goth.

Wajonna Black
Codename: Shadow Walker
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 117 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 26th
Age: 19
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Shadow Form
Quirk Description: Wajonna’s quirk allows her to convert her body into shadow. She can move across any surface at incredible speed. She is essentially invincible when she is in shadow form, but she cannot do anything other than move when she is in this form. Her senses remain intact while she is in shadow form, making her one of the Revolution’s top spies.

Basic Biography: Wajonna is a Panican from New Cahokia, Dinemakȟóčhe. She grew up in a middle-class family and lived a stable life until her parents were killed in a villain attack when a trained hero made the mistake of not checking to make sure the villain was incapacitated. It was the driving force behind her decision to become a vigilante.

“Nelugo’s been using his quirk on your daughter to mimic the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. She doesn’t have it and according to the genetic analysis Nora did on her, she never will.” The woman says. Death Arms freezes upon hearing this. He begins to make a few squeaking noises, something that Kamui Woods is aware he only does when his anger has reached critical mass. And honestly? Shinji can’t blame him one bit, in fact, he’s seeing red himself.

“RAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!” Akito bellows like an enraged bull. He starts to repeatedly slam his fist into the ground with enough force to crack the reinforced foundation of a nearby skyscraper, much to Kamui’s alarm. “Akito! Calm down, you’re going to bring the whole block down at this rate!” He says. Akito doesn’t really acknowledge him, but he does stop pounding the ground. “Save that for the President.” He adds viscously. “That’s going to be a problem. Someone else already got her.” Wajonna says darkly.


A few minutes earlier

The embattled 66-year-old HPSC President Emica Fukuda is in her office as a war rages outside. She is about 5’4” tall with grey hair tied into a bun. She is wearing a grey and blue business suit. Knowing that she has been exposed, she decides to don her old Drake Witch Armor in order to defend herself. She walks over to her desk and lifts a nearby stapler, which is apparently attached to the desk by a hidden hinge. She presses a small black button and one of the nearby bookcases splits open to reveal a mechanical exoskeleton with a Chinese dragon style head. The suit is sleek in design and colored purple and black. Before she can reach the armor, a nearby television turns itself on automatically. Dean Nezu appears on screen with an unusually calm expression on his face. On a screen in his office is none other than the General of the Revolution, Contingency. “Hello Emica, decided to show your true colors I see.” He says.

“Gah, of course you have my office bugged. I get the best security money can buy and they’re still no match for you.” She says angrily. Dean Nezu chuckles at this. “Yes, that was a rather fun adventure. Your men did not make it easy for me, but at the end of the day, they’re still only human.” He says. “Can it rat! I don’t have time for your nonsense.” She says before they are interrupted by a blaring alarm. Nezu looks rather puzzled at this. “Hmm, that’s strange. The Ravagers are still engaged with your cronies and all the other heroes are trying to quell the wave of discontent that has consumed our nation. Are any of your people going after her?” He asks Contingency. “We’re stretched to the max all over the world right now Nezu, we decided to let the Ravagers deal with her.” He says.

“Hmm… most strange. If it’s not a hero or a vigilante, maybe it’s someone else.” Dean Nezu says. Emica grows pale at this. “Stain…” She says fearfully. “Oh, you wish I was Chizzy boy!” An irritating voice says. A Muppet version of Evolution jumps out of a nearby vent with a grin on his face. He gasps at the sight of Dean Nezu. “Hi person who may or may not be God!” He shouts, getting an exasperated sigh from the Dean which confuses the other two. “What do you want with Emica, Evolution?” Nezu asks. “Simple, her policies made my life a living hell growing up, so I thought I’d return the favor.” He says before wrapping Emica in a fleshy prison. “Hope you like being turned into a spawning tower!” He shouts before jumping out the window. Nezu and Contingency both flinch when they hear this.

From what they have learned from Reginald, a spawning tower is a twisted amalgamation of flesh which spawns monsters. He doesn’t need to use them, as he can just create creatures from his own body, but the process is immensely painful for whoever is unfortunate enough to be made into one. He uses it to torture people who piss him off.


Back in the school’s medical wing, Recovery Girl walks into Yagi’s room and stops. Her eyebrow starts twitching violently as she notices the moron is nowhere to be found. “God damn it Yagi.” She says before calling the idiot in question. “I AM HERE-!” He starts to say “AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE IN THE GOD DAMNED MORGUE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! NOW GET YOU’RE ASS BACK IN THIS BED OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A FUCKING ANIMAL!” She shouts. Yagi yelps in fear at this. Recovery Girl only swears when she is extremely pissed. He would take a thousand Gran Torinos over a truly angry Recovery Girl. “Gimme the phone Grandpa!” A cheerful feminine voice says. The mystery person grabs the phone from All Might, who is more than happy to get away from the terrifying monster.

“Don’t worry about that Auntie Chiyo! I made sure Grandpa Yagi was in fighting shape! All it took was a few modified strains of Staphylococcus aureus I made to repair the heart and he was right as rain! I’m still working on a way to fix his stomach and lungs though.” Masumi Komori says cheerfully.

Recovery Girl’s eyes widen at this. “You exposed his heart to a Staphylococcus strain!?! After he just had a Cardiac incident?!?” She shouts in alarm. “Relax aunty Chiyo. I reversed the effects! Instead of damaging heart valves, it can strengthen them! It’s fueled by bad cholesterol too so that just makes the heart work even better!” Masumi says before being cut off by an explosion. “Uhh oh, gotta run! See ya later Auntie Chiyo!” She adds before cutting off the call.

Recovery Girl’s eyebrow starts twitching wildly at this. “Strengthen? How could she do that?” Chiyo says in confusion. A chuckle from behind the woman causes her to whirl around with a manic look in her eye. “Looks like you found your Mei.” Higari Maijima says. Recovery Girl groans in frustration before she and Power Loader leave the area. Without Yagi, there’s nothing holding her there, and the hospitals are likely swamped given the chaos. “Why are you still here?” She asks. “Nezu asked me to dig out more space in the bunker. He has a hunch we’re going to need to protect civilians at some point. Just came to get some pain killers, I’m going to have to dig like I’ve never dug before, and I don’t want pain slowing me down.” He says.

“Funny you should mention Aunty Mei, because I’ve got news about her.” Aiko Toga says from behind him, causing the man to jump in fear. He whirls around to see the most violent of the Izukids. “Jesus! Where the hell have you been?” He says. “Setting the stage for another time traveler!” Aiko says before turning on a TV broadcasting the fight between Re-Destro, Evolution and his cult and the Revolution.

The situation looks rather bad for the vigilantes as they are being pushed back. A few dozen heroes have arrived on the scene as well, including Endeavor and Best Jeanist. The area is being flooded with Platypus monsters and cultist when a ball of pink energy suddenly opens on top of a nearby building. A familiar burst of maniacal laughter causes Power Loader to fall to his knees, eyes wide in horror. “Dear god…” He says fearfully as the laughter grows louder. He drops down to his knees and folds his hands. “Kannon, Buddha, God, Allah, Kuan Yin, Vishnu, Obatala, Eleos, Meretseger, Eir and any other God of Mercy I may have forgotten, please don’t do this to me.” He desperately pleas.

The figure starts to become clearer, with the telltale form of his student’s signature goggles being easily noticeable. “Hell, Satan, my soul is yours if you’ll just stop this from happening.” Higari adds. The light finally fades as Higari’s worst nightmare steps through the portal, she looks almost the same, aside from a few streaks of gray in her hair and barely noticeable wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

Recovery Girl chuckles nervously as Power Loader wails in despair. “Maybe she got more responsible with age?” She says weakly. As if rising to her challenge, the older Mei Hatsume pulls a mechanized backpack off her back and presses a button. The device shifts rapidly until it gains the form of what looks like a mini gun crossed with a giant laser. Her mad laughter intensifies as her eyes light up with yellow flames. She unleashes a torrent of rapid red laser bursts on the creatures as her yellow eye lasers deftly maneuver through the crowd of monsters taking out some of the creatures pressuring the vigilantes and heroes. “Oh God, she’s worse.” A pale Recovery Girl says. Higari is on the floor, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head after that insane display.


Earlier at the battle between the Revolution and Evolution’s cult

Shoto, Tenya, Izuku, Mei, Katsuki, Tokoyami, Cementoss, Ochako, Momo, Mirio and Nejire arrive at the scene of the battle between the Revolution and Evolution’s Cult.

Mei seems to have finally developed her own Hero Costume as well. She is wearing a pink and silver dual respirator gas mask which covers her lower face her signature goggles are currently on top of her head, but they appear to be able to lock themselves to the lower part of the mask to form a full gas mask if she needs it. She is wearing a set of pink and silver plate armor covered in a chaotic assortment of support gear. On each shoulder is a retractable canister launcher capable of launching nets and various types of grenades. She is also wearing a pair of full arm gauntlets with built in flamethrowers hooked to the backpack she used at the sports festival. The launchers for her wire arrows are on top of each flamethrower. The backpack appears to have been reinforced to withstand some serious punishment. Her hover boots have been reinforced with armored plating as well. Judging by the way she easily lifts a nearby car out of the way, it appears that the machine has an exoskeleton inside of her armor to enhance her natural strength as well.

Across from them, Dabi appears from a nearby alleyway with a slightly banged up looking Fuyumi in tow. Shoto surges forward on a sheet of ice and attempts to attack Dabi, only for a giant fist made of ice from his sister to block him.


Name: Fuyumi Todoroki
Codename: N/A
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 129 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 6th
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Ice Armor
Quirk Description: Fuyumi Todoroki can encase her body in a thick shell of ice. Her strength and durability increase dramatically when she uses her quirk.
Basic Biography: The older sister of Shoto Todoroki, Fuyumi decided to become a teacher despite having a powerful quirk. This resulted in serious controversy, as many believed she was wasting her abilities. Despite being a civilian, Fuyumi is very skilled with her quirk and has extensive martial arts knowledge. She would likely be a high-ranking hero had she gone that route.

“Shoto stop, it’s Toya; he saved me and my coworkers from an angry mob of parents that was trying to attack me because of Dad.” She says. Shoto stares at his long-lost brother who groans in irritation. “Save the family reunions for later. We got a job to do.” Dabi says.

Without warning, a ball of flames hits the street between them before sliding to a halt. Endeavor rises from the flames, causing Dabi to freeze. He starts to shake and blue flames erupt from Dabi as the man turns to look at him. “Toya, please.” Fuyumi says. Enji’s eyes widen in shock when he realizes Dabi’s identity. Dabi breathes a heavy sigh before the flames die down. “Toy- but h-.” Enji starts to say. “Can it, asshole. We got a fight on our hands, but we will be settling our issues after this.” The black-haired man says. A pink light nearby draws all their attention to it as the next time traveler appears.


Her eyes are glowing yellow as she screams “I’ve finally done it! My second greatest baby! They said it was impossible, but I did it anyway! I invented a TIME MACHINE!!!!” An older version of Mei Hatsume proudly screams. Her daughter Isamu appears behind her with a huge grin on her face and several trucks filled with mechanical parts. “And here comes my all-time greatest baby with my third greatest baby ready to be put together.” She says before dropping the Laser mini gun on a tripod and allowing it to take over firing. She rushes over to her daughter, eyes still shooting laser blasts which easily maneuver around the unflinching girl and pulls her into a hug. “Gah, Mom! Stop, we’re on TV!” Isamu says.

“What’s the third greatest baby?!” Younger Mei says, popping up out of who knows where. You’d think meeting an older doppelganger would throw her off, but this is tame by Mei Hatsume’s standards. Isamu starts to glow and the parts float into place. The younger Mei’s eyes widen in amazement as she sees the machine in question. “Oh… my… God… It’s even more beautiful than I ever imagined when I designed it as a child.” She says as a sixty-foot-tall Mecha Mei takes shape. Ochako and Momo look up in shock and awe as they catch up to the manic pinkette. They had drawn the short straw, which meant they ended up on Mei Hatsume damage control. A swarm of Platypus Evolutions tries to overtake the group, but Mech Mei’s boobs open, revealing the rotary cannons beneath, which proceeded to turn them into goop.

“W-w-why did you put guns there?!?” A beet red Ochako asks. “Silly Chako, Mecha Mei has weapons everywhere.” Mei says before getting uncomfortably close to Ochako’s face. “E-everywhere?” Momo asks. “Everywhere.” Mei repeats slowly and manically.

“Oh boy, the gang’s all here! Now for my special project!” Evolution shouts from everywhere at once. Four blobs of goop fly at the heroes. One of them hits Izuku, accidentally dragging Fumikage along in the process; another one hits Katsuki and the third one ensnares Endeavor and the fourth one snags Best Jeanist. They proceed to carry their victims away from the fight.


Meanwhile as Future Mei appears and the others are carried away, Re-Destro doesn’t appear to be doing as well. He hasn’t taken a lot of physical damage; it’s just that he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A couple of Platypus-Evolutions are reduced to a fine paste by a massive black fist. Standing at nearly 15 feet tall with his entire body as black as obsidian, Rikiya has never used his quirk to this extent. He almost seems feral at this point.

“Calm down Riki, all I did was ask you to tell me the story of how your dad used you as a lawn gnome.” One of the Platypus say. “MY FATHER DID NO SUCH THING GOD DAMNIT!!!” Rikiya bellows. “Why not? You lost a poetry competition to a baking soda volcano.” Another platypus clone says. “I AM NOT DOCTOR DOOFENSHMIRTZ! NOTHING I INVENT EVER ENDS WITH –INATOR, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A LAWN GNOME, I HAVE NEVER SOLD BRAUTWURST, AND I DO NOT HAVE A BROTHER NAMED ROGER! ” He shouts angrily before turning to some unseen entity.


Evolution grins viscously as the man continues to lose his mind. Overhaul approaches the two, having broken off from the fighting. “I HAVE NEVER TAKEN OVER THE WORLD SIMPLY BECAUSE I LOST A TOY TRAIN, I NEVER TRAINED WITH A MAN WHO WANTED TO SET THE SUN ON FIRE, I KNOW VERY WELL NOT TO MAKE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL AND I DO NOT HAVE A ROBOT NAMED NORM! RIGHT NORM?!” He says as a perfect replica of the cartoon robot shows up next to him. “Right boss!” The robot says.

This causes Re-Destro to whirl around and see the robot. His entire face starts to twitch erratically before something within the man finally snaps. He surges forward, tearing the robot to shreds while laughing like a maniac. Evolution takes his Muppet Form and surges forward, his hand glowing green. He places his hand in the center of his spine and his body starts to glow. He freezes and a few seconds later, the same green eyeball that is on Overhaul and Flect Turn appears on Re-Destro. “Of course. It all makes sense now! Oblivion is salvation, life is death, and everything is meaningless!” He says, as if just realizing a new truth. Overhaul walks over to complete the transformation, but before he can, Daisuke lands in front of the man and drives his claws into the man’s skull, killing him instantly. Overhaul’s hand lands on Daisuke, and his body is absorbed into the man’s quirk.

Fortunately, another body forms out of a small pool of blood he left in a nearby building as a safety precaution. Evolution and Overhaul blink in surprise, having not expected that move from the giant amphibian man. “Uhh, master?” Overhaul says. Evolution sighs at this. “Its fine, this attack was supposed to lure out my true targets, Re-Destro was just a minor side objective at best; Muscular kind of makes him redundant.” He says. “Opps!” He adds before clapping his hands over his mouth. “Uhh, spoiler alert.” He says to the readers.


Setsuna Tokage, Neito Monoma, Pony Tsunotori, Mina Ashido, Toru Hagakure, Shinso Hitoshi, and Snipe are rushing through the streets when an oddly familiar old man with shock white hair appears. Much to their shock, it appears to be an older looking version of Neito wearing an ornate military uniform.

“Aha, so he finally appears. Keigo got to meet up with his younger counterpart, so I thought I might as well do the same. I am Chancellor Neito Monoma, second in charge of the Japanese Empire. Charmed.” He says with a bow. The others look from the older Neito to the younger one, who seems to be frozen in shock. “Y-you’re me?” The blonde boy asks. Before anything else can happen, Ox Tsunotori, Ryota Tokage and Hibiki Ashido land between the older man and the group with looks of rage on their faces. “You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here Chancellor.” Hibiki spits angrily.

The Chancellor sighs at this. “Ah damn, I was hoping to have a friendly chat with my younger self before the fight began.” He says. “Ryota? What’s going on?” Setsuna asks. The dinosaur boy flinches at the sound of his mother’s voice. “Damn it, we were hoping to ease Neito into this. The Chancellor here is the right-hand man of the Grand Emperor, the totalitarian regime which took over much of the world in our time.” He says, shocking the others. “Oh, come now you make it sound as if I’m a villain.” He says dismissively. “I’m pretty sure you looked like one to the people of Nanking.” Ox says angrily. The Chancellor scowls at the man.

“Well, if they would have stayed in line rather than revolting, I never would have had to detonate that hydrogen bomb.” He says, horrifying the others. “A hero in our time upholds order, Nanking tried to rebel, and they got what they deserved.” He retorts coldly. “And your own soldiers who were fighting there?” Hibiki asks. “They died in the service of the Empire.” He adds. This is the final straw as Neito falls to his hands and knees before throwing up.

The Chancellor rolls his eyes at this. “Come on boy, show a little fortitude.” He says before Hibiki throws a few kicks at him, launching volleys of energy his way. The older man stretches his arms to grab a nearby flagpole and pulls himself out of the way. This is when he lets his true power show as he tosses his jacket aside and uses Mezo’s Dupli-Arm quirk to grow a dozen arms from his back. Each hand appears to have the same finger pads that Ochako has. The arms stretch out as his hands grow to enormous size.


Neito Monoma
Codename: Chancellor Neito Monoma
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 188 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 13th
Age: 72
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name 1: Copy
Quirk Description: This is Chancellor Neito Monoma’s original quirk. It has been enhanced so that he can permanently copy up to four quirks. Once copied, the quirks become permanent. He can also give his ability to copy quirks to other people.
Quirk Name 2: Rubber Body
Quirk Description: This quirk was obtained from a Danish villain known as Rubber Man. It makes his body rubber, allowing him to stretch his body, rebound off walls, jump higher and reflect projectiles. As part of his strategic combo, it allows him to touch his targets from a long distance.
Quirk Name 3: Dupli-Arms
Quirk Description: This quirk was obtained from Mezo Shoji. It is also the same as always. This allows him to create multiple arms which he can use to touch multiple targets at once.
Quirk Name 4: Zero Gravity
Quirk Description: This is Ochako Uraraka’s quirk. It functions the same way as it always has. This quirk is the bulk of his strategy. He uses Rubber Body and Dupli-Arms to touch things in order to remove their gravity before slamming them into the ground.
Quirk Number 5: Big Fist
Quirk Description: This is Itsuka Kendo’s quirk. He uses it to grow his hands in order to make it easier to overwhelm his foes with a dozen large fists.

Basic Biography: Neito has grown into an ice hearted politician, but he can still fight when he needs to. His quirks come together to support Ochako’s Zero Gravity, allowing him to knock people into orbit with a well-placed slap.

The Chancellor notices Neito’s state and sighs. “So much for having a conversation with myself. I’m afraid I must be going; I have many things to do to set the stage for the Grand Emperor’s triumphant entry.” He says before catching a low flying news helicopter with an outstretched arm and using it to make his escape. Ryota transforms into a Pteranodon and is about to pursue him, only for Ox to stop him. “Ryota, let him go. He may be evil, but he’s technically on our side.” Ox says.

Neito looks over to him in shock. “EXCUSE ME?! H-HOW COULD YOU LET THAT FOUL MAN FIGHT ALONG SIDE US?!” He shouts in rage. Ox sighs at this. “You’re going to have to get used to fighting with villains Neito. Evolution seeks to destroy all of existence, and most villains like existing.” He adds. “Whoa, hold on big guy. What is this Evolution you’re talking about?” Mina asks before the villain of the hour pops up from a sewer and screams “BOO!” Mina leaps back in fear of the demented Muppet creature, and it explodes a second later when Hibiki fires a kinetic blast from his fist.

“Mom, that was Evolution. He is the real enemy we’re facing. Soul Reaver and the Empire are a threat to our freedom, Evolution seeks the complete destruction of everything that is, was and ever will be. He seeks annihilation, and if we aren’t careful, he might be able to do it.” Hibiki says, terrifying the students.

“The stakes are high kids, that just means we have to win.” Snipe adds. A massive explosion rocks them all as a few of the nearby skyscrapers start to collapse. “Alright guys, we got a job to do, let’s go!” Ox shouts as the group takes off running toward the fallen towers.


The blob of flesh carrying Izuku and Fumikage finally lands in a forest clearing at the base of Mount Fuji. “Finally! I thought you’d never get here Izu- Birb Boy?” He says, Fumikage bristles at that name. “I am not a meme.” He says as Izuku stands up. “Ah well, the more the merrier.” He says before staring directly into Izuku’s eyes. The green haired teen freezes in terror at this. When you picture what the eyes of a person without a soul, you imagine you would see nothing.

That was not the case here though. There is plenty of action behind those eyes. Rather than empty voids, those eyes reflected an endless storm of chaos, negativity and suffering. But that wasn’t even what scared him the most. It was the intense familiarity behind those green eyes staring back at him.

He knows them because he sees them every time, he looks in a mirror. An image of himself crying in misery forms in his head; it switches to an image of him screaming in rage followed up immediately by one of him laughing maniacally. An image of Izuku standing on a chair in front of a noose comes next, following an image of him laughing insanely while strangling Katsuki to death with his bare hands. The psychotic laughter continues to echo throughout his mind as he realizes the horrible truth. “I-I-I” Izuku starts to stutter as his eyes widen in horror. “Aww man, don’t tell me I figured it out already. I had a whole dramatic reveal ready! It was going to be amazing too. Damn Neowolf24 and his writer’s block on how to reveal my identity!” Evolution pouts.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dark Shadow asks as Izuku falls to his knees. “Ooh, a second chance!” Evolution says before turning to face Fumikage, who is using his Black Abyss move. Evolution chuckles at the quirk. “Alright, let me break it down for you. You know about his past right? How he was bullied for being quirkless?” He says. Fumikage flinches at this. He’s no stranger to bullying thanks to his own quirk. “Well think about it bird brain, after all the shit he went through, how the hell did can he be such a ball of sunshine?” Fumikage looks confused at this. “And here I thought you were one of the smarter ones. Think you overgrown chicken, think!” He shouts. Fumikage’s eyes widen in shock and horror. “DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! Here’s what you’ve won!” He says before transforming into an older, taller version of Izuku with neck length hair and a medium length beard and mustache combo. “BOO! AHAHAHAHA!” He says before turning to the side. “That’s right ladies and gents; it’s a villain Deku story!” He says to the readers.

“I guess its origin story time! Izuku stayed the positive little ball of sunshine thanks to a little thing called Dissociative Personality Disorder. He took all his negativity and pushed it all into a separate part of his mind. The darkness began to fester to the point where it was capable of independent thought and thus I was born!” Evolution says.


On the outskirts of Musutafu, Yagi Toshinori freezes at the sight of his twisted pupil. Apparently he had chosen to tell the story of his origin to All Might as well. “But you’re probably wondering ‘Well how the hell did he get this quirk?’ Well, it’s all thanks to you Super Dumdum Man! The second wielder of One for All had a biomass absorption quirk!” He shouts. He fires another blob of flesh which encapsulates All Might into a ball, with only his head remaining free. He tries to break free, but he finds his energy draining rapidly. A few seconds later, All Might shrinks back into his smaller form. “Nu-uh-uh! No fighting today, Dumdum, we’re going to the movies!” He shouts before grabbing him and flying off into the distance.


About halfway up the Mount Fuji, Izuku and Fumikage landed on, Katsuki is staring in dumbfounded shock at the warped visage of his childhood friend. “It allowed him to convert matter into controllable biomass, but only to a maximum of ten tons. If he used any more than that, his quirk would damage his soul, eventually leaving him as a vegetable. But I was able to fix that little problem. When Izuku used One for All for the first time at the entrance exam, I was able to isolate myself into some of his blood, leaving my part of his soul behind in the process. Of course, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for you being such an asshole! Thanks, Kacchan! Because of you, I exist to enact my plan of absolute annihilation! You contributed to the end of reality itself! Congratulations!” He adds.

Katsuki is rendered speechless as the full implications of Evolution’s little spiel hit him. He had recently begun to understand just how bad his past actions against Izuku were, but now they seem to be slamming into him with full force. Meanwhile, there’s a whole different war taking place inside of Izuku’s mind.


Izuku’s mindscape

Inside of a dark, destroyed city, Daigoro “Lariat” Banjo and Nana Shimura are engaged in a war of their own against a horde of Evolutions monsters. The other wielders of One for All are also desperately trying to fight their way to the center of the city, where Izuku and his demented doppelganger seem to be.


Izuku appears to be tied to a chair as he is circled by his older self. “Yup, I’m you Izzy boy! Well, sort of; I’m the darker side of you. But you want to know the fun part? While I have taken my own form, that doesn’t mean the darkness inside of you is gone, far from it! In fact, I’d go as far as to say you might even be worse than me. You let that darkness inside of yourself fester while I let it out whenever I please. You can be a nihilistic psychopath bent on total annihilation too, isn’t that neat?!” He says.

Izuku looks at the beast that resembles him in confusion. “W-why? Why are you doing this?!” Izuku asks. “It’s simple really, I want to liberate us all from the tyranny of this cyclical hell we call life.” He says. This only confuses Izuku further, causing his older self to sigh. He conjures a chair made of flesh and places it in front of Izuku before sitting in it backwards and looking Izuku in the eyes.

“Allow me to give you a little lesson on the inner workings of the universe. Some people say that time is a straight line, while others believe it’s a circle. You want to know the truth? They’re both right! That’s how the universe works. One moment there is nothing and then BANG, the universe is born. From there time progresses until something finally destroys the universe. You want to know what happens after that? BANG! The universe is born again! There is no after life, we’re just doomed to live the same shit storm over and over again! God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, they all exist, but they’re stuck in the same endless loop we are!” He says.

“Sure, there can be differences, and people like Regi boy can and do divert the path taken, but at the end of the day, it’s all just the same viscous cycle; the universe is born, your born, you suffer, you die, the universe dies, the universe is born, etc. The suffering never ends no matter how hard you try! I’ve destroyed the universe so many times that I’ve lost count but it just… keeps… coming… back!” He screams.

“I want to destroy it all, so that it never returns! I seek to save us all from the Great Tyranny of reality itself! I SEEK NOTHING!!!” He screams as Izuku stares at the creature with a dumbfounded look on his face. “I will kill you. I will kill everyone out there in the real world.” He says to Izuku before turning to some unseen entity. “And if I can figure out a way to get out of this loser’s imagination, I’ll kill all of you too!” He screams at the people reading this fan fic before bursting into hysterical laughter. “B-but what about all the good times?! Yes there’s suffering in life, but there’s good as well.” Izuku says.

Evolution sighs at this. “Ah yes, the good life. You know, where everything is all-“ He starts to say before leaping out of the chair. When he lands, he is in the form of his five-year-old self in a school uniform with his cuteness overexaggerated. He is skipping through a field of colorful flowers with a rainbow and a smiley faced sun in the background.

“Sunshine, lollypops and Rainbows full of BULLSHIT!” He starts to sing before ripping the rainbow out of the sky and releasing and endless wave of manure as the sun looks on in horror. Izuku looks confused as to how he did this. “Izuku, we’re in your mindscape, the normal rules of reality don’t apply here. You can do whatever you want here if you’re in control, and right now I a-.” He starts to explain, only for a giant anvil to get dropped on his head.

He pushes the anvil to the side and, much to Izuku’s shock, he seems to be flattened like a cartoon character. He reinflates himself by sticking his thumb in his mouth and blowing. He gasps excitedly at this. “Oh my God! It’s my favorite Izukid!” He shouts gleefully.

A few seconds later, a nearby giant, menacing figure enters through the hole. The dust clears, revealing a blank cardboard cutout, much to Izuku’s confusion. A black hole opens in the ceiling and a very short girl jumps out. She tries to hit Evolution-Izuku in the back of the head, only for the monster to pull out a comically large handgun and shoot her. The smaller woman’s face turns black from all the ash, and she coughs out a bit of smoke before falling on her back.

Not even a second later, she pops right back up. This is when Izuku notices her strange appearance. Everything about her, from her body to the clothes she wears is like that of a technicolor cartoon character. She has long, wavy and curly blue hair with green highlights that look like chocolate drizzle on ice cream. She also has a yellow flower in her hair, a pair of black upright dog like ears and a red nose, but other than that, she appears to be human.

She is wearing a green hoodie with an image of a screw and a baseball on the back, a pleated pink knee length shirt and black stockings with red sneakers like her father wears. She looks around before she looks over to the hole in the wall. Her eyes bug out of her skull like a cartoon character and her mouth opens as her exaggerated tongue wiggles as an alarm like sound emerges from her mouth.

A bizarre looking creature that looks like something a five-year-old would draw emerges from the hole. It has the body of a massive, old fashioned steam roller, long stick like arms and angry eyes in the windows. Yume runs as fast as she can, her legs cartoonishly spinning like wheels in the process, to another wall and pulls a giant paint brush out of her pocket. She paints a tunnel leading to a desert like environment with a road on it. The creature charges and the girl run into the painting as if it were an actual tunnel.

The creature follows, but it smacks straight into a wall. Yume sneaks in through a door that appeared at the side of the room dressed as Elmer Fudd holding an old-fashioned hunting rifle. She shushes her father and says, “Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting steam rollers. Heheheheheh.” She says in a surprisingly accurate impression of the cartoon hunter. She sneaks up behind the monster and tries to shoot it in the back, but the creature back hands her in retaliation. She slams into an old-fashioned clock which wasn’t their earlier face first.

She pulls her face off and her mouth has stretched as she appears to have the clock in it. She swallows the clock and glares at the monster angrily. “Alright, that does it! No more Mr. Nice Girl!” She says, (For those of you wondering, she sounds like and is inspired by Dot from the Animaniacs) before pulling a giant pencil out of her hoodie pocket that should never have fit in the first place. When she had changed out of her Elmer Fudd outfit is something that Izuku can’t tell.

She holds it over her head with both arms and charges with a battle cry of “NI HOY MINOY!!!!!” She proceeds to flip the pencil around and uses it to erase an arm that the creature threw toward her to punch the girl. She charges forward as the monster looks confused and a large grey cloud forms to conceal the cartoonish brawl. The cloud vanishes and Yume is the only one remaining. She turns to the crowd, many of which are incredibly confused, and waves. “DADDY!” She screams before lunging toward Izuku. “I’m Yume, your daughter with Saiko!” She adds.

Yume Intelli
Codename: Screwball/Nightmare
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 134 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 13th
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Inverted Dream State
Quirk Description: Yume’s quirk applies dream logic to her body. Because of this, reality works differently within 30 feet of her, taking on a more fluid like quality rather than the more rigid form it normally takes. Due to the nature of her existence in a dream state, she can enter people’s mindscapes as well, where she is considerably more powerful. She has two different forms, Sweet Dreams and Nightmare.

Sweet Dreams: In the form of Sweet Dreams, she is unable to dream lucidly. This results in a wildly inconsistent level of power for her. Her dream world self seems to conform to the idea of cartoon physics. This is her standard form of existence. Sweet Dreams Yume is a goofy sweetheart with snarky quick wit and a mischievous nature.

Nightmare: When there is a sufficiently strong atmosphere of negative emotions, she can turn to Nightmare mode. She cannot turn back to Sweet Dreams unless the negative emotions are overshadowed by positive emotions. Nightmare is intense, terrifying and slightly unhinged. Unlike Sweet Dreams, Nightmare has a limited ability to lucid dream, resulting in a much more consistent power level. Due to Nightmare’s unhinged personality and the difficulty of changing her back, she is considered a weapon of last resort. To date Rika Takeyama and Evolution have been the only ones who could successfully challenge Nightmare. Clashes between Nightmare and Evolution can be devastating to the fabric of the universe, forcing Reginald to use his power to keep reality stable.

Basic Biography: Yume’s existence in an inverted dream state means that her dreams are rather mundane, realistic and boring, a stark contrast to the girl herself. It is generally advised to throw logic out the window when dealing with her.

“Great to see you Yume, some of the commenters on AO3 were wondering when you would show up!” Evolution Izuku says. “Yeah, I had to deal with a bunch of idiot wizards.” She says before turning to an unseen entity. “That part of the story will be told at a later date as an Omake, Neowolf24 felt this chapter was getting a bit too cluttered.” She says to the readers. Meanwhile, back in the real world; four of Japan’s top heroes are being tormented by the same demented entity.

Warning: This part is really, really dark.

Endeavor is in part of Musutafu that has been destroyed as he listens to Evolution. Dead, mangled bodies of men, women, children and even animals litter the burning wreckage of what was once a thriving shopping district. “What’s wrong Enji-boy? Can’t you see we’re the same? You, in your infinite lust for power, sacrificed everything in your life, even your own children to best All Might. We both know that given the opportunity, you would have gladly abandoned your soul for power! Then you’d be the same type of Psychopathic Nihilist that I am!” He says.

“Look around Flame Ass; this is it what you wanted, right? Power, unrestrained?! Well, this is what the road to that looks like; a road full of charred bodies and dead children.” He says before transforming one of his hands into a four-year-old version of Toya Todoroki with the same scarring on his lower face. He shoves the hand/head in Endeavor’s face and cackles madly. “Look Enji, look your barbequed first born in the eyes! This is what you did to your own children! This is what you’ve worked toward your entire life!” He shouts.

“Help me, help me daddy! I’m burning! My flesh is falling from my bones because of the defective quirk you and mommy gave me! You knew it was possible for your children’s quirks to be unsuitable for their bodies because fire and ice don’t mix, but you did it anyway! All because you wanted to live vicariously through us since you knew you could never overcome All Might. You’re the reason I became Crispy Bacon Man! You’re the reason I look like Kentucky Fried Todoroki!” He says in a highly abrasive childlike voice.

While this is happening, the head slowly melts into nothing before being replaced by one that looks like his wife Rei. “You forced me into a loveless marriage and drove me to insanity for your own selfish gain! You’re the reason Shoto looks like a boot leg Prince Zuko! You’re the reason he has no social skills! You’re the reason he’ll die alone because his coldness drives away everyone he meets!” ‘She’ says before swelling up and popping like a balloon, showering him in the blood brain matter of his ‘wife’.

This arm is replaced by a Shoto head. “I should never have been allowed to be a hero dad, I’m too fucked up in the head and it’s all your fault. If it weren’t for the fact that Heroes have less psychological oversight than cops (who can’t do anywhere near as much damage as heroes by the way), I probably would have been locked up in a mental hospital, who knows, I might have even gotten a room next to mom!” He says. Normally, Enji is a highly composed man, but this psychological warfare seems to leave him deeply disturbed. He bellows in rage before firing a powerful stream of flames at his tormentor. The entire area around him shatters like glass and he can finally see what he really did. His eyes widen in horror as Evolution restrains him in a cocoon of biomass. “Well done Sister Shatter! Now go assist your brothers and sisters in fucking the Japan up!” He says to a dark-skinned Indian woman.

Her cheeks are covered with half a dozen green eyes like the tattoo on her forehead and she has a long, black razor whip like tail. Unlike the other upper-level cultists, her eye tattoo has a red pupil where her Bindi mark usually goes. She is wearing a blue and white Choli with a black knee length skirt with green diamonds on the side along with black boots.

Chavvi Tamboli
Codename: Shatter
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 132 lbs.
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 19th
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Mirror Mask
Quirk Description: Chavvi is capable of encasing people’s heads in a mirror like box where she can manipulate what the victim sees.
Basic Biography: Not much is really known about Chavvi’s past other than the fact that she is from the Hindu Republic, the only place on the Indian subcontinent where the caste system has survived. Having grown up in a lower caste family, she grew up to resent the culture she grew up in. She was forced to flee the country when she used her quirk on a prominent politician’s son, who had raped her, to force him into slaughtering everyone in a Hindu Temple. She would become a successful villain on the subcontinent with a reputation for her viciousness, which is what brought her to Evolution’s attention.


The woman leaps away in an incredible display of parkour as Evolution turns to Endeavor. “See Enji? You really do ruin every child you touch! Just look at what you did!” Evolution screams in mock horror as Enji watches an orphanage go up in flames. “The children are burning Enji! The children are being cooked alive!” He shouts to be heard over the pained screams of hundreds of children. He bursts into a fit of psychotic laughter as Enji is forced to watch the orphans burn to death. One of the children, a six-year-old girl that reminds Enji of Fuyumi at that age, rushes out of the building engulfed in flames. She runs toward Endeavor for help, only to fall right in front of him dead.

Evolution grabs the girl’s body and swallows it whole, shocking the man even more. “A little more well done than I usually prefer, but tasty none the less.” He says before cackling maniacally. Enji can only stare at the monster in helpless horror. Meanwhile, Best Jeanist is also struggling elsewhere.


Best Jeanist is thrown roughly into a derelict building by the ball of flesh, but he manages to roll forward in order to bleed off the energy of the impact. He comes to a stop and takes a second to assess the situation. He appears to be in what looks like the ruins of a hospital. It’s clear by the large gash marks all over the walls that a serious battle took place here, but judging by the layers of dust, that likely happened a long time ago. He hears a sadistic giggle that sends a chill up his spine. It’s a giggle he is very familiar with, as it has haunted him for decades now.

A set of blade like black spider legs slam into the ground in front of him as the very embodiment of his failures steps into the light; Moonfish has arrived. He is wearing his usual gimp suit, but he appears to have undergone a rather jarring transformation. Eight black blade like legs emerge from the back of his skull, holding him in the air like a demented spider. His head appears to have overtaken most of his body, turning him into a nine-foot-tall head with a massive mouth containing six rows of razor-sharp blade teeth that grind and gnash against each other as drool drips off them. The teeth have taken over his mouth so much that it looks like it is impossible for him to close it at this point. The rest of his body seems to have shrunken significantly and judging by the way it dangles below his head, the Fiber Hero imagines that it has become largely vestigial. What’s worse is the large green eye tattoo that appears over his mask, confirming his allegiance to Evolution. “Flesh… Sweet, delicious flesh…” Moonfish says with a low-pitched growl that sounds like grinding metal and gurgling.

Insert Bishop Bullwinkle Hell to the Naw Naw meme.

Evolution pops up behind the monster with a massive grin on his sideways mouth. “Hello Tsunagu. Welcome to a very special place. Look around; I want you to tell me where we are.” He continues. Tsunagu’s eyes dart around the room, but they stop at the sight of a ruined wall with a distinct staff painted on it. The staff is bright blue with two black eyed snakes wrapped around each other, holding a large dark blue gemstone orb in their open mouths. He starts to shake as he understands where he is, a place that has invaded his dreams for years now. That is the old symbol of the Yaoyorozu family. It was scrapped years ago due to its association with a tragedy that occurred at this very hospital years earlier. This is where a horrible failure nearly ended Best Jeanist’s career when he was fresh out of UA.

“Yup, you guessed it! We’re at the ruins of the Kobe Adventist Hospital. More specifically the Yaoyorozu Children’s Ward, site of the Moonfish Massacre, also known as your biggest mistake! You underestimated this guy right here and let him escape. He broke into the hospital’s intensive care unit and butchered dozens of children. It would have been the end of you if the Hero Commission didn’t sweep it under the rug since they sent a noob to apprehend one of the most deranged villains in recent history.” He adds.

WARNING! This part is pretty fucked up.

“Speaking of which, I brought a few guests, hope you don’t mind.” Evolution says before pointing over to a dozen small open caskets containing the decaying remains of children. Many of the bodies are in pieces as it was impossible to put them back together for a funeral. “Look at all the dead babies Tsunagu, dead because of you! But don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself.” He says before Moonfish sets himself on the ground. He raises his legs above his body and starts to spin them like a helicopter blade. A net drops down from the ceiling full of screaming children above Moonfish.



Keigo wakes up and finds himself with his wings and limbs restrained by ropes and a quirk nullifying collar around his neck. The last thing he knew, he was trying to rescue a few U.A. second year hero students from an angry mob with Lady Nagant and Mirko when a blob of flesh slammed into him out of nowhere. He blinks as his eyes adjust to the darkness around him. When he can finally see properly, he notices a three-month-old baby in front of him. It also doesn’t appear to be breathing. Evolution rides into view in his Muppet form on a tricycle made of what appears to be human bones.

“Ah good, your finally awake!” He says before hopping off the tricycle. He tosses it into the air, unhinges his jaw and swallows the macabre child’s toy whole. “If my entrance wasn’t enough to clue you in, I would like to play a game!” He says before shining a series of spotlights. One is lighting up the baby and the other is focused on a button enclosed in an electronically locked case. “In front of you, you will see a baby; don’t worry about saving it, it’s already dead.” He says before cackling like a maniac. “Wh-what the hell do you want?” Keigo asks, struggling to keep his cool.


Back in Izuku’s mindscape, things have taken a rather bizarre turn. The green haired boy watches in amazement as his latest daughter fights his older self. It appears that Yume “Screwball” Intelli is throwing everything she has at the older doppelganger to keep him distracted. She pulls an M1A2 Abrams Tank out of her pocket, seemingly distorting the vehicle’s shape without damaging it and disappears. Her face appears on the front of the tank, and she begins firing shells at the creature. Another Yume pops up out of the hatch on top of the tank before throwing a bunch of metallic balls which transform into a bunch of armored vehicles as a horde of monsters approaches.

“CHARGE!!!!” She screams as the world around Izuku erupts into carnage. He feels the ropes begin to loosen around him and looks behind him. Much to his shock, it appears that Nana Shimura has snuck into the room in the chaos. He calms down as he realizes it makes sense that she would be in the mind scape. The rest of the wielders of One for All minus the second one enters the room as well. All Might’s form appears as wispy as the last time he saw it. Yoichi Shigaraki looks mournfully at Evolution Izuku. “Yatsuhashi…” He says sadly.

“Focus Yoichi, we need to help Izuku!” Daigoro says. “W-what’s going on?” Izuku asks. Nana looks toward Izuku with motherly concern in her eyes. “Izuku, I’m sorry, but it looks like we’re going to have to rush things. We wanted to let you get used to your new powers gradually so it wouldn’t hurt you, but we’re going to have to implant our own experience with our quirks into your mind.” She says soothingly. “It will give you complete control over all of the quirks within One for All, as well as the skills to use them effectively; but it will also be immensely painful, and it will likely take years off your life.” Yoichi says.

Izuku looks at the group of former wielders with determination in his eyes. “I don’t care, if it will help me stop this madness then do it.” He says. With that, the former wielders of One for All begin to glow as their energy flows into him. Yume feels the shift and looks over to the group in horror “Aunty Nana! NO! THAT’S WHAT HE WANTS!” She screams. Evolution Izuku appears with a sinister grin on his face as he summons a ball of dark energy from his hands. “Bingo.” He says maliciously before pushing the orb into his younger self.


Back in the real world, Katsuki Bakugou appears to have made his way down the mountain. He sees that Fumikage appears to have been reinforced by Hound Dog, Uwabami, Lady Nagant and Singapore’s Big Red Dot at some point. Despite all of this, they seem to be struggling to hold out. Katsuki rushes toward them, blasting his way through every abomination that gets in his way. “DIE!” He screams, getting Fumikage’s attention. “Katsuki! Over here!” He shouts. Katsuki finally gets to the clearing where the others are fighting only to freeze when he sees the frozen form of Izuku.

A stream of high-pressure water shoots over his head, shaking him out of his funk. “Get your head in the game kid!” Big Red Dot says. Katsuki snaps to attention and closes ranks with the others. A few seconds later, Izuku explodes in a burst of black light. When the light fades, the boy walks out. He seems to be different though, as he has wrapped himself in Blackwhip, giving the normally happy boy a sinister look. His uniform and gauntlets appear to be severely damaged, making it look as if he has claws. (Yes, this is the vigilante form from the Tartarus Escapees Arc.)

Katsuki freezes as he looks into the eyes of his childhood friend. They seem nearly devoid of the light he normally sees in them, although he does have a small spark which suggests he is fighting something within himself. “Welp, my job here is done! Have fun dealing with Izuku in his prime!” Evolution says before allowing all his creations to explode.


In another part of Japan, Evolution is carrying the restrained form of All Might into a theatre full of cosplaying Evolution clones. To make matters worse for the man, he seems to have retained the form of his older pupil Izuku. “Excuse me.” Evolution says as he passes in front of a Freddy Kruger Evolution. “Pardon me.” He says passing in front of a laughing Joker Evolution. “Coming through.” He says while passing in front of a John Wayne Gacy Evolution in full clown regalia. He throws All Might into a chair he specially created for him before sitting down. The screen pops to life, displaying several different feeds from around the world. Yagi pales as he sees the scenes of chaos and destruction in front of him. “As I was saying earlier, we’re going to watch the world burn while you can do nothing about it, isn’t that fun?!” Evolution shouts.

“But wait, there’s more!” A Billy Mays Evolution clone with white powder under his nose says before exploding. “That’s right!” Izuku Evolution says before the screens zoom in on a group of videos. The first is a replay of Endeavor roasting the orphans. The second shows Hawks tied up in a dark room. The third shows Best Jeanist in a ruined hospital. The fourth shows Katsuki Bakugou fighting for his life against his demented childhood friend. The fifth and final one shows the dark, twisted version of Izuku slowly rising to his feet. “By the end of the day, one of these men will go insane and join my cult! But which one?” He says before noticing that Moonfish has just entered the room. “Oh boy, this is going to be great!” Evolution Izuku shouts.

The screen then zooms in on the feed displaying Best Jeanist. All Might’s eyes widen in horror as he sees the situation the man is in.



Best Jeanist stares up in absolute horror as the rope attaching the net to the ceiling breaks, sending the children falling to their death. The hero sends a tidal wave of thread at Moonfish to stop the spinning blades, but much to his horror, the blades cut them like a hot knife through butter. The children hit the spinning blades sending body parts and blood everywhere, even splattering Tsunagu’s face with their blood. “Aww damn, you just can’t seem to stop underestimating my friend here, can you?” He says as Tsunagu freezes in horror. The man has seen a lot over his years as a hero, but this is beyond even the greatest atrocities he has ever witnessed.

“Although to be fair, you haven’t met anyone who could cut through your best attack so easy now, have you?” Evolution adds as the hero falls to his hands and knees and vomits profusely. “You want to know the best part though? I streamed this live! Wave to the cameras Tsunagu!” He says. The man doesn’t even acknowledge him. He is too busy trying to comprehend what just happened. Evolution cackles like a mad man. A mischievous twinkle appears in his eye as he suddenly gets an idea. “And now for the grand finale!” He shouts before pulling a silver bell from who knows where and ringing it. “LUNCH TIME!” He adds.

With that, two of Moonfish’s blade like teeth surge forward, piercing each side of his chest. He pulls the hero up toward, Evolution, who is sitting on top of his head. The creature stares into the hero’s eyes with sadistic glee. “Die, knowing that you have failed completely as a hero.” He says.

With that, Moonfish sends forth a flurry of teeth, ripping the hero to shreds in front of horrified viewers around the world. “Welp, guess he’s not joining the cult. Oh well, that was fun. Come on Moonfish, let’s go join up with Muscular.” Evolution says.


Back at the theatre, All Might recoils at the horrifying sight. The Evolution clones burst into laughter, as if somebody had just told a good joke. “Yeah, that one was rather brief. I just wanted to rile people up with that, and nothing gets people angrier than dead babies.” He comments as All Might stares at the creature. In all his years, he never thought he would meet someone who could scare him more than All for One, but this monster makes him look like a small fry.

He then looks over to the screen with Hawks. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! This is a fun one, it’s inspired by the old Saw movies from the Pre-Quirk Era! Let’s see how Colonel Sanders deals with this situation!” He says gleefully.


“What I want is simple really, I have taken the liberty of hiding the key to the case and a button to release your restraints in front of you inside of the dead baby. Your task is to tear the baby’s chest open with your teeth to retrieve the key.” He says. Keigo recoils in revulsion upon hearing this. “Then you will unlock the case and hit the button to save the day!” Evolution says cheerfully. “Wh-why the hell would I do that?!?!” Keigo asks.

Evolution chuckles sinisterly at the recently turned vigilante. “To stop the sequel of course!” He replies. A pair of screens buzz to life revealing a pair of metal devices sitting in abandoned buildings. One camera is focused on what looks to be a statue of a fat man with a radioactive warning on his belly. The camera feed displays the words ‘Downtown Nagasaki’ on it. The other feed has a statue of a little boy with a radioactive warning on his chest. The camera feed displays the words ‘Downtown Hiroshima’ on it. A timer counting down from ten minutes appears between the two screens.

“On the screen, you will see two 50 megaton hydrogen bombs. If you don’t hit that button before the timer runs out, we’ll get Nagasaki and Hiroshima 2.0! Isn’t that great?!” Keigo stares at the creature with his eyes wide in alarm. A large electronic clock starts to tick down from four minutes. “Tick tock Keigo, tick tock! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”


Back at the theatre, All Might watches in horror as Keigo crawls his way toward the child. The man looks like he’s about to puke, but he steels himself and takes the first bite. All Might recoils as he watches the baby’s flesh rip from its stomach. “OH MY GOD! HE’S EATING A BABY!” The Evolution clone screams. A mouth suddenly opens on his stomach. “So? You eat babies all the time. There were triplets when we got here.” The mouth says. “SHUT UP ME!” The crazed Muppet creature says before punching himself in the stomach.

Another screen pops up showing a previously recorded video. In it, he can see a disturbed, slightly injured Katsuki Bakugou fighting a forty-foot-tall version of Izuku Evolution.


Fifteen minutes before Izuku’s turn

“KACCHAN! KACCHAAA-AAN! COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE KACCHAN!” The giant Izuku says. Katsuki hides behind a tree, but Izuku rips it from its roots and laughs at him. “Sheesh Kacchan, you don’t look to good. You’re looking pretty weak right now. OOOOOH I KNOW! Maybe you should take a swan dive off the school roof and hope for a better quirk in the next life, ehh Kacchan?!” He says, throwing his own words back at him.

“SHUT UP!” He screams before pulling a pin on his gauntlet and unleashing a massive explosion on the giant. The creature explodes, but Katsuki knows that wouldn’t be enough to finish him. Sure enough, a regular sized version of Izuku walks in through the clearing clapping slowly.

“Good job Mr. Splodey pants you took out the bad guy. That’s what being a hero’s all about right? Beating the bad guys? But if that’s true, why the hell were you so obsessed with beating a poor useless Deku?” He says as another Deku enters the clearing. “Of course, it looks like you’re the Deku now, which I guess means I’m Kacchan?” The new Deku says. “Gah, that is annoying. No wonder you hate it when I call you that.” The first Deku says.

“Hey Kacchan? Wanna hear a story? It’s about how I met All Might. He didn’t choose me immediately, in fact he told me I couldn’t be a hero without a quirk. You wanna know where he did it? On the roof of a five-story building, just hours after you told me to jump off the school’s roof.” The second Deku says. Katsuki looks puzzled at this, but he feels a hand on his shoulder, causing him to whirl around. He recoils when he sees the third Deku. This Deku is younger looking, about the same as he was in middle school. The difference was that his neck is bent at a horrible angle, his eyes were milky white like a zombie, and he was covered in blood. He was grinning maniacally at him. “You know, I considered taking your advice. It would have been so easy. My blood would have been on your hands, and then no one would have been there to save you from the slime villain.” The third Deku says.

Then hundreds of broken, mutilated Dekus started entering the clearing like zombies. Katsuki falls backwards with an uncharacteristic look of horror on his face. He backs away from the horde of Zombie Dekus as a twisted version of Inko Midoriya appears. “How would you have dealt with that Kacchan? What if you had survived? Would you have been able to look me in the eye knowing you killed my son?” She says before morphing into a rotting version of Masaru Bakugo, his father.

“How do you think I would have reacted if he had taken the plunge? You would have been doing the world a favor right? The world doesn’t need quirkless people. Do you think I would have been proud of you?” Zombie Masaru asks. For the first time in a long time, Katsuki is experiencing true fear. It wasn’t Evolution that was scaring him though, it was his own actions. He’d never really taken the time to consider the consequences, and how could he? He was always made to feel infallible thanks to his teachers inflating his ego.


Back in the theater, Yagi’s face is contorted in an expression of true horror. Evolution Izuku notices this and bursts into laughter. “Holy shit! You’re just now realizing this? You knew he was told to kill himself by jumping off a roof and you remember where you told him he couldn’t be a hero, but you never connected the dots? What would have happened Dum Dum man? How easy would it have been for him to jump?” He says before morphing into the same mutilated Izuku as the one on the screen. “Would you have heard me hitting the pavement? How would you live with yourself, knowing you sent a child so far over the edge that death was preferrable to living?” He asks. The screen then flips back to Hawks, who appears to have found the button.


Keigo forces the bile in his throat to stay down as he rushes over to the button. He unlocks the case and hits the button, stopping the countdown at 31 seconds. Evolution pouts at this. “What?! Where’s your sense of dramatic flair?! Your supposed to make it a dramatic last second save! You left the clock with more than enough time to spare! Fuck this, you only saved one city, say goodbye to Nagasaki!” He screams before pushing another button, much to Keigo’s horror. His horror turns to confusion as the Fat Man explodes with confetti rather than a nuclear explosion.

Evolution falls on his back and bursts into a fit of laughter at this. “Oh, my God! You should have seen the look on your face.” Evolution says. “Wh-what the-?” Keigo asks as Evolution calms down a bit. “Yup, the bomb’s a fake! You just ate a baby for nothing!” He says.

Keigo’s expression turns to one of horror and disgust. “Why the hell would you do this?!?!” He shouts in distress. “I’m a nihilist Keigo, there is no reason! That’s the point!” He shouts. He turns to the camera streaming this all over the world. “

Keigo’s expression turns to one of righteous fury not noticing the rather obvious trap in front of him. “You son of a bi-“ He starts to say before stepping toward the creature. His foot hits a pressure panel and the next thing he knows, the city of Hiroshima disappears behind a massive mushroom cloud. Keigo looks over to the screen in horror as Evolution looks over with malevolent glee. “Hmm, guess I should have called that bomb Pinocchio, because he was a real boy! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Evolution shouts.


All over the world, people stopped when they heard about what happened. For the first time in almost 200 years, a nuclear weapon has been detonated. Governments that are already on the edge because of the violence caused by Operation Floodgate go in to panic mode. Around the world, people start to lose power as a strange blue light envelops the earth.



Mei Hatsume looks into the sky with her eyes wide in amazement. “It’s real… I can’t believe it’s real…” She says in shock. Ochako punches an Evolution clone which tried to ambush Mei. “Mei, what’s going on?!” The usually jubilant girl asks. “Sol’s Aegis has activated. It was Schmeidemeister’s magnus opus. A device that would prevent any type of nuclear reaction on Earth for 48 hours straight. He built it to prevent a nuclear war. In a nuclear war, the first bomb causes a chain reaction resulting in every country with nuclear weapons launching them in a free for all due to mass hysteria. By making it impossible to detonate any of them for 48 hours, he figured it would force the governments of the world to cool down and think rationally.” She says.

“What?! A Nuclear warhead just went off?!” She screams. The fighting draws to a stop briefly as the combatants look at her in either fear or maniacal glee depending on which side they were on. “Yup, I just tricked Hawks into blowing Hiroshima off the map, again!” An Evolution clone proudly announces. Many of the heroes have looks of shock and horror on their face. “Shit! The fall out might hit us!” Mirio says. “Don’t worry Rika’s got it.” Tenshi says. Ochako looks to the girl in alarm. “Wait, RIKA! Oh god! If this thing prevents nuclear reactions, wouldn’t that put her in danger?” She says in horror. “Pfft, as if I’d let that happen, I designed an implant that would protect her from Sol’s Aegis.” Isamu says before noticing a tv screen where what looks like a meteor flies out of a bluish white portal. Strangely, the meteor seems to be going up rather than down. “See, she’s fine. She’ll take care of the fall out.” Isamu says before frowning. “I’m more worried about Hiroshima. We tried to evacuate as much as we could without Japan’s help since the Prime Minister ignored our warning because she’s a bitch, but it wasn’t enough.” She says solemnly.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In an underground bunker office, an older Mongolian man is sitting at his desk when he receives word of the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima. The man is wearing a black coat that appears to be a hybrid between the traditional Yuan style Lamellar Armor and a more modern military coat decorated with fancy metals, a pair of formal black pants and black combat boots. He is also wearing a steel skullcap with chainmail covering his neck that has an elaborate red horsetail plume coming from a spike on top of it. There are 32 stars red, representing the 32 united Mongolian tribes on it.

Name: Batzorig Ochirbat
Codename: Grand Khan
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 244 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 9th
Age: 64
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: High Winds
Quirk Description: Batzorig can emit powerful bursts of wind from his hands. These bursts can reach speeds of up to 2500 miles per hour and are strong enough to dig through up to twenty feet of solid rock.
Basic Biography: Originally one of the Four Khans, Mongolia’s most elite group of heroes; he would eventually ascend to the rank of Grand Khan, the Supreme Ruler of Mongolia. While he may be harsh toward his enemies and a ruthless dictator, he also has a benevolent side. He has enacted a generous welfare system which includes free healthcare, free power and a plethora of economic programs which has driven the percent of people living below the poverty line in Mongolia down to a mere 3.4%, one of the lowest in the world. As such, Batzorig is largely revered by his people as an incredible leader.

He looks to the screen depicting the chaos Evolution is enacting across Japan. He notices the bluish light surrounding the world and quirks his eyebrow. “So, he really did build it.” He muses to himself. He turns to a set of four tv screens showing him where the Four Khans: codenamed Batu, Chagatai, Hulagu and Kublai. He looks toward one specific hero and connected his personal speaker to Kublai.

Ulan-Ude (Formerly Russia, now Mongolia)

A young Mongolian man with a Centaur like Mutant type quirk is rushing down the streets of a severely battered neighborhood chasing down a local drug cartel owned by a corrupt hero when he receives a message from the Grand Khan.

He is wearing a padded blue silk vest with a thick purple leather chest piece, and he has a chestnut-colored horse body. He has dark black hair and a horseshoe style mustache.

Name: Yul Narangerel
Codename: Kublai
Height: 10’2”
Weight: 1247 lbs.
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 23rd
Age: 25
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Shining Horseman
Quirk Description: Yul’s quirk is two quirks mixed into one. The Mutant side of his quirk gives him the lower body of a horse, much like a Centaur of Greek Mythology. The Emitter side of his quirk allows him to create a bow and arrow out of solar energy, which he absorbs through the fur on his horse body. The arrows move extremely fast and can punch through solid steel with ease.

Basic Biography: Yul was the youngest Khan in history, having attained the rank of Kublai at the age of 19. He is a rather naïve optimist who is beloved as one of Mongolia’s top heroes. He is extremely loyal to Mongolia, especially to the Grand Khan, whom he sees as a father. Unlike most Mongolian heroes, he is popular outside of Mongolia, as such; he often acts as an ambassador for Mongolian Heroes. He is also very polite. He is also a powerful, agile hero with a lot of skill and sharp, analytical senses.

“Yes, Grand Khan? Do you have orders?” He asks calmly. “I trust you have heard about what’s happening in Japan?” Batzorig asks. Yul winces at this. “Yes, I have, from what I have seen, this ‘Evolution’ appears to be incredibly dangerous.” He says. “The way he was able to manhandle All Might of all people is proof of that. I do not like the idea of having such a creature this close to Mongolia. I’ve already contacted the Emperor of Japan and he has given permission for you to enter Japan to help fight this creature. While your there, try to learn as much as you can about him, especially any potential weaknesses. I’ll have my personal chauffer open a portal for you to Musutafu.” Batzorig says.

“What about the Prime Minister? I had the understanding that the Emperor’s role in Japan is largely symbolic.” Yul asks. The Grand Khan scoffs at this. “That woman’s credibility was shot the moment she denied the charges brought by the Revolution on live television. She is a fool, and I do not care for fools.” He says.

Batzorig’s look turns to one of concern briefly before he steels himself. “Be careful Yul, this… creature appears to be extremely unpredictable.” He says an inky black puddle opens in front of Yul. “Of course, sir!” The young hero says before jumping through the puddle.

Batzorig pauses briefly before bringing up footage of the Izukids captured during the fight against the Gaelic Empire as well as Rika’s debut. Reginald Barrister appears behind him, but the man doesn’t react to his presence. “These children you spoke of are truly as powerful Reginald. I only hope they can stop this creature for good. I trusted you when you asked me not to intervene in the Gaelic Empire. Truth be told, my faith in Monarch VI’s competence has been waning for over a decade anyway; he wasn’t even a fraction of the man his father was. He would have been a liability in the war to come.” He says.

“You should probably get your navy ready Grand Khan. Things in the Sea of Japan are getting dicey, and I imagine you would like to ensure things don’t spill over into your land.” Reginald says. Batzorig pulls up a few satellite images of the fighting and, sure enough, they seem to have gotten within a few dozen miles of Mongolian territorial waters. “Hmm, you have a point. I’ll send Hulagu and my best aquatic heroes in with the Fourth Fleet.” Batzorig says.


Far above the ruins of Hiroshima, Rika Takeyama is using the exhaust ports on her body as a rocket to launch her into the highest parts of the earth’s Atmosphere. She grimaces when she sees the size of the cloud, but she has a job to do. She cuts her makeshift rocket off when she reaches the border between the Stratosphere and the Mesosphere, causing her to go into free fall briefly before she engages a jetpack and focuses her energy into the radiation cleansing side of her quirk. She starts to glow green as the radiation is drawn to her like a magnet from the surrounding area. She has a look of concentration as she begins to turn red from the extreme heat caused as a byproduct.

It takes a full five minutes for her to absorb all the radiation from the blast, by which point she almost shines like a second sun but once she is done, she flies up further, briefly leaving the Earth entirely and going into space. She opens her mouth and exhales a stream of flames so large they can be seen from as far away as Australia and Western Europe. It takes about seven seconds for the stream to start to die out and another three seconds for it to stop entirely. She uses the jetpack to reorient herself before using some of the leftover fumes to launch herself back toward the Earth. Three minutes later, she reaches the crater created by the bomb and lands.


The heroes breathe a sigh of relief before the Evolution clones burst into fits of hysterical laughter. “That Rika, such a showoff. Oh well, the damage is done, Hiroshima’s a hole in the ground. Time to show just how much of a monster I really am!” He says. The Platypus monsters start to shift into horrifying mockeries of Earth’s creatures as a massive figure lands in the middle of the warzone. This monster is a 17-foot-tall six-legged Centaur like creature with a vaguely human body on top of a gorilla like creature made up of giant, bulging muscles. It is covered in mouths full of razor-sharp teeth and eyeballs, like many of the cultists, it has the signature green eye marking on its forehead. As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, the creature seems to ooze a steady stream of blood from the mouths.

“Ahh, Muscular; good timing! And Moonfish should be here right about-“ Evolution announces before the spider like abomination lands right next to Muscular. “-Now!” He adds. The heroes are frozen in horror briefly before Evolution screams “Go my monsters! Show Japan that nuclear weapons are the least of their worries!” Evolution screams. With that, the battle begins anew as the cultists, including Muscular and Moonfish, bypass the heroes with sheer numbers before dispersing throughout the city and beyond as Japan becomes Hell on Earth.


Over in America, Star and Stripe and Rodeo are receiving news about the chaos in Japan in Dallas, Texas. “What?! My little Sweet Pea’s right in the middle of that!” Rodeo says as Star and Stripe continues to fight a group of villains intent on taking advantage of the chaos. A bluish white portal opens in front of them and Oboro pokes his head through it. “Need a lift big guy?” He asks. He turns to Cathleen who is fighting a giant made from what looks like crystal. “Go Thomas, I can handle things here! They need all the help they can get in Japan!” She says. With that, Rodeo charges through the portal like a mad bull.


Back with the Ravagers and a thoroughly pissed off Death Arms, they appear to have called a truce with for the moment Yoroi Musha and Snatch as monsters flood into the streets. Most of the civilians seem to have fled to safety, but much to Yu Takeyama’s shock, some of the civilians have stayed to fight along with the police force and the military, who have built a makeshift barricade out of burnt-out cars and debris. “Even civilians have joined the fight… things must be truly desperate.” Edgeshot says solemnly. A flurry of blood and guts in the distance proves that, despite his corruption; Yoroi Musha deserves his recognition as one of the most skilled heroes in history.

Name: Yoroi Musha
Codename: Yoroi Musha
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 237 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 30th
Age: 83
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Spirit Arsenal
Quirk Description: Yoroi is capable of summoning medieval weaponry made of energy from the strength of his willpower. The more disheartened he becomes, the weaker the weapons.
Basic Biography: While he hasn’t held the number 1 position in over 20 years, Yoroi is still a very formidable opponent. He has consistently placed within the Top 10 heroes of Japan for the last 62 years in a row. This is a feat that no other hero has ever even come close to. The fact that he has gotten so old in a profession where many die or retire young is a testimony to his skill as a fighter.

The armored hero is surrounded by dozens of swords and spears whirling around him like a tornado. The weapons tear the monsters to shreds at a breakneck pace, but despite this, they just keep coming. A never-ending horde of abominations that has many believing the Gates of Hell have opened in Japan. He swings a massive Naginata, the only real weapon in his possession, through the approaching beasts as Kamui Woods and Snatch work together to corral the beasts into the whirling blades.

Yu is currently pulling civilians out of wrecked buildings in her giant form with the fire fighters and paramedics as Edgeshot slips through the monsters at high speed, taking down the more dangerous foes before they reach the front lines. She looks up and notices a small child dangling from a window near the top of a skyscraper. Even at 67 feet tall, there is no way she could reach the child in time.

“Damn it! DAMN IT! I can’t reach! How am I going to be a popular hero if I can-“ She starts to think before she stops and her stomach starts to turn. “What the hell Yu? Shit like this is what got Yuuto killed! Forget about popularity, forget about money, just save the kid!” She screams in her head. She feels a strange energy that she’s never felt before as she finally let’s go of her ego. She taps into the energy and, much to her shock, she starts to change size. “I-I can control it?” She says stunned.

Quirk Awakening: By letting go of her ego, Yu Takeyama has unlocked the full potential of her quirk. She now has complete control over how big she can turn. Her maximum size has also increased tenfold, allowing her to reach heights of up to 670 feet.

Yu pushes herself beyond her previous limit just as the kid loses his grip. She reaches her new maximum just in time to catch him. “I gotcha kid.” She says before turning around. She finally realizes just how big she is when she realizes the others look like ants. Her face also turns slightly pink when she sees an imprint of her butt in the skyscraper across the street. She slowly and carefully goes back to normal size in order to avoid hurting the young boy before dropping him off next to an ambulance. The child’s mother rushes out of the crowd to grab him. “My baby!” She shouts before hugging the now crying child.


Back near the ruined Detnerat company, a tidal wave of blood washes through the streets before coalescing into a human like shape as Aiko Toga appears with a manic look on her face. Evolution’s misshapen abominations charge forward, but she creates a wall of blood and bounces off it before creating a pair of seven-foot-long butcher knives out of blood and executing a spinning slash which slices through a dozen the monsters like a hot knife through butter. A thirty-foot-tall blob of flesh, bone and teeth oozing blood charges forward at high speeds, but Aiko launches herself into the air with a stream of blood.

She grins down at the monster viscously. “Time for a trick I copied from Uncle Shoji.” She says as six long, multijointed arms made of blood grow out of her back, each wielding another seven-foot butcher knife. She bounces off a skyscraper and launches herself toward the beast like a razor-sharp tornado, ripping the thing to pieces and splashing blood all over the place. More monsters come from land and air, but Aiko is like a hurricane of gore as she obliterates her foes. Himiko looks on from a distance and grins widely. There’s a tear of joy going down her cheek. “She’s like a bloody angel…” She says proudly.

A massive horde of Cronenbergesque zombies rushes toward her, but before she can respond, Eraserhead and Daisuke land in front of her. Shota seems to be wearing some thick headphones. “Put these on Aunt Himiko.” He says as he tosses a pair of noise cancelling headphones. She quirks her eyebrow but complies anyway. The lower part of his chin bulges out like a balloon as he inhales a lot of air. “RIIIIIBBBBIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!” He croaks. The sound is enough to rattle the very ground beneath them as all the glass within five miles shatters.

The powerful soundwaves turn the zombies into liquid as the road beneath them is splattered with gore. Himiko and Shota’s jaws drop at the devastation he left behind. “Never thought I’d meet someone louder than Hizashi.” He says. “Whoa… why don’t you do that more often?” She asks before taking the headphones off. “It does too much collateral damage to be anything more than a weapon of last resort. And no Shota, Present Mic’s speakers won’t work, they just explode from being overloaded.” He says. Unfortunately, things are starting to get extremely desperate as Evolution overwhelms Japan’s heroes and vigilantes. Things are about to get even stranger though.


Things in the seas next to Japan are just as chaotic as the crew of the Oki Mariner are being assaulted by squid and shark like abominations as they and a plethora of other aquatic heroes and vigilantes fight alongside the American Navy, whose nearby base was being assaulted as well. In a twist of fate, Selkie appears to be fighting in the water when Innsmouth and his siblings appear. “Innsmouth?!” Selkie shouts in shock. As if his escape from jail wasn’t surprising enough, the Villain taking out a creature that was about to hit him really caught him off guard. “Watch your back you fool! And before you ask, the Prime Minister initiated the Villain Guard Protocol.” He says.

Selkie’s eyes widen in horror briefly before he steels himself. The Villain Guard Protocol is an emergency program in which villains are offered reduced sentences or even pardons in exchange for helping defend Japan. If she was using a last resort like that, things must be getting bad. He dashes away and punches a shark like abomination headed right for Innsmouth’s sister as the war continues.

“We need to hold out for just a bit longer! Mongolia and China are sending in their navies and aquatic heroes to reinforce us, Hulagu of the Four Khans is leading the charge.” An American Admiral says over the radio. Selkie winces at this. The fighting must have gotten a bit too close to the mainland if China and Mongolia are reacting.


Back with All Might, the hero watches helplessly as Tokoyami, Bakugo and the other heroes try to hold out against the incredibly powerful Dark Izuku. “Snap out of it my boy.” Yagi says. Evolution turns to All Might with a massive grin on his face. “You know what Yagi? You’ve done enough watching for today. I think it’s time to let you get into the fight! But before I do that.” He says before slapping his hand on the man’s back. Yagi recoils at first as he feels a series of tendrils push into his body, but he grows confused when he feels a surge of power. “There you go! You should be just as strong as you were in your prime, in fact; you might even be a bit stronger! I got rid of your time limit and made it to where only I can kill you too!” He says.

“W-why?” All Might asks. In all his years as a hero, he has rarely encountered a Villain who would boost his enemy willingly. “Don’t you get it dumdum? I don’t want to weaken you or society! The whole point of this attack was to give the world something to rally around after the damage done by Floodgate! I want to crush humanity at its strongest, that way your inevitable failure will be even more devastating!” He shouts before the orb of flesh trapping All Might launches through the roof. “See you later Captain Moron!” He screams.


Back at UA, things are absolute chaos. All the Business class dorms have gone up in smoke and several of the General Study’s dorms are burning as well. Many of the training grounds are overwhelmed by monsters and cultists, with students, teachers, pro heroes, vigilantes and even villains fighting the hordes. The school building itself has seen better days as well. The school is full of massive holes and the northwestern corner of the building has completely collapsed. Nezu doesn’t care about that though, UA gets destroyed by its students and even teachers on a regular basis, that’s why Cementoss is here.

What has his blood boiling is the casualties. Nearly the entire business course is dead, as well as quite a few of the support and general studies students. Even the hero course students have lost some, although the first years seem to be standing strong for the moment.

He turns to Powerloader and Recovery Girl with a look of grim determination. “Chiyo, set up a triage center in Mei’s bunker underneath the school, we have injured students. Take Higari with you, he can continue to dig out some extra space where we can evacuate any civilians from the surrounding area.” He says before a monster lands in front of him. Nezu pulls out a strange gun and fires a microwave beam at the beast, causing it to explode. A few more portals open and reinforcements start to arrive.

Nezu grins at one person though, the one man who might be able to coordinate things better than him. “Go Dean Nezu, I may not know you personally, but I’m sure you’d be better fighting than I would.” Eric “Contingency” Bradshaw says. With that, Nezu disappears into a hole that suddenly opened in front of him. The older man turns to the Egyptian Hero Salaam and says, “Go check the ruins for survivors, your body is perfect for getting into tight spaces.” Contingency says. From there, dozens of pro heroes and vigilantes start to spread out. Contingency steps to the side and pulls out a dagger before raising it into the air beside him. A monster leaps out of the chaos and gets disemboweled by the blade as the fighting continues.


For the students, things are much worse. Rikido Sato punches through a dog like monster when he hears a voice. “Hello Sugar Man, it is I, you’re archnemesis!” A man says. The man steps out and Rikido groans in irritation as a giant Evolution clone of Wilford Brimley appeared. “Diabeetus.” He says. “Oh hah, hah. Do you really think I haven’t heard that one before? I have a quirk adaptation that makes me immune to diabetes you dipshit!” He says before downing a lot of sugar. He roars in rage before charging forward. He tries to grapple the giant, but this proves to be a fatal mistake. The clone quickly overpowers the student with ease and grabs his legs in one hand and his torso in another. “DIABEETUS RIP!” He shouts before tearing the student in half. He throws the two halves in opposite directions, allowing blood and entrails to rain down on the horrified students as the first of the first-year students falls.


Momo and Akira are fighting alongside both fighting alongside, Mei, Isamu, and the older Mei who is piloting Mecha Mei. They appear to be fighting desperately against a horde of elephant sized Eldritch Kangaroos, but they appear to be overwhelming the group quickly. Luckily for them, reinforcements arrive in the form of Garbage and her monster slaying aircraft known as the Valkyrie. The air ship’s cannons and machine guns quickly reduce the beasts to mush all while carefully avoiding friendly forces. In fact, it even appears that the explosions from the artillery are intentionally diverting themselves around anything other than Evolution’s monsters. “Whoa! She built smart shells?! I thought those were purely theoretical!” Mei says excitedly.

The Valkyrie’s hatch opens, and Nora comes barreling toward the ground in her mech suit with her hammer ready. When she hits the ground Mei notices something different about it. “Eat chainsaw bitches!” She screams before a railgun starts launching chainsaws toward the monsters, ripping through them with ease. “YOU HAVE A CHAINSAW CANNON?!” Mei shouts as she shows up next to Nora, who doesn’t even blink at the sudden appearance of the pinkette. Mei pouts at this. “I wanted to build a chainsaw cannon, but stupid Powerloader wouldn’t let me.” She adds. “WHAT?! OWNING A CHAINSAW CANNON IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!” Nora shouts angrily. “THAT’S WHAT I SAID!” Mei screams before firing her eye lasers in Nora’s direction. The lasers effortlessly go around the unphased mech wielder and blasts a monster behind her to pieces.

In different parts of Japan, Ren and Higari both shudder, as if two dangerous beings who should never be allowed within miles of each other suddenly met.


In Musutafu, Mina, Setsuna and Toru are in the thick of a horde of nightmarish creatures fighting for their lives. Mina throws a large glob of acid at what looks like a giant boar covered in black tentacles and dozens of mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. The creatures screams before hitting the ground, but Mina doesn’t even notice this. Her eyes are wide in horror as she watches a monster literally bite Hibiki’s left arm off.


Back at UA, Hanta Sero is desperately trying to use his tape to corral the monsters into the line of fire for some of the ranged powerhouses to pick off. A wall near the first-year dorm collapses and, much to his horror, Hanta sees the exhausted form of Bachiko Uraraka. She is clearly in no shape to fight judging by the way she can barely keep her eyes open. A horned monster is about to blind side her when the young hero student acts on instinct. He pulls himself up through the hole and pushes her out of the way just as Miss Joke bursts into the room.

Unfortunately for Hanta, the bastardized unicorn manages to drive its horn straight through his heart. “Sh-she can’t fight like this, g-get her to safety.” Hanta says with his final breath. Miss Joke grabs the distraught young girl and rushes her down to the bunker where her own daughter and Jin Tokoyami are currently trying to calm the children from a nearby elementary school.


Back with Momo, Yui, Ochako and Akira, a large black portal opens and a woman with black hair, a black biker helmet, a black leather jacket with a grey Kevlar vest underneath and very tight biker pants with black boots bursts through it riding a large black motorcycle. As the woman gets closer, her hair starts to stretch out and attack anything that gets in the way. The helmet gets knocked off and Yui’s normally blank expression vanishes under a layer of pure shock as she recognizes her. “Holy shit, Ibara’s going to lose her mind.” She says as the woman gets closer. “Aunt Momo! CATCH!” She shouts before throwing an ornate book at the Creation Hero.

Object Name: The Guardian
Power Source: Magical Focus
Description: The Guardian is an Ancient Oovarian Spell Book. It allows the user to directly manipulate the energy of Ley Lines. It is filled with powerful spells and bonds with its wielder. If it ever gets more than fifty feet away from its host, it will magically reappear closer to them. It is unreadable to anyone other than it’s chosen host.


She catches it and she suddenly finds herself floating in a black void. Much to her shock, a group of giant red, green and blue energy like jellyfish with rock cores in their heads emerge from the void. “Do not be afraid young one. We are here to help.” One of the creatures says telekinetically with a soothing feminine voice. A particularly large red one reaches out a tentacle and touches it to her forehead. A red light erupts, and Momo feels a vast wealth of magical knowledge flood her mind.

“You have been chosen as the Keeper of the Reliquary. The Guardian holds the Oovarian Scepter, a mystical key which will unlock untold power for you and your people. Repeat after me.” A more masculine voice says.


Back in the real world, Momo’s eyes start to radiate red, green and blue energy. Unbeknownst to her, she begins speaking in a long dead tongue. “Scepter of Oovaria, I call upon thee; rise!” She says, her voice echoing. The strange symbols covering the book glow dark blue, and a large blue scepter appears from thin air. The scepter appears to be around 3’ long, and it is made of ancient, black wood with two silver metallic rods coiled around it like snakes. There is an orb of black lightning floating an inch above the scepter. It starts to fall, but Momo snatches it before it hits the ground with her right hand.

“As keeper of the Reliquary, I command thee, open!” She adds. A pair of massive blue doors covered in strange black rune like symbols appear in midair above the city of Musutafu. They burst open with immense force and hundreds of streaks of light fire off into the distance.


The scene cuts to a battered looking Fumikage Tokoyami. He is desperately attempting to fight an enraged Izuku Midoriya alongside Katsuki and the heroes, but Izuku seems to be overpowering them regardless. “Let those touched by the Ley Lines receive their birth right!” Fumikage looks around in confusion, not knowing where the voice came from. What looks like a shooting star slams into the ground, but despite how much force it hits with; no dust appears to be scattered. Fumikage investigates the crater and sees a bizarre looking silver circlet. It’s not the circlet itself that is so strange; rather the way the gem in the center interacts with light. It seems to be glowing with light while at the same time being the darkest shade of black he has ever seen. The circlet floats up to him and Fumikage grabs it and puts it on.

Object Name: Radiata
Power Source: Magical Focus
Description: Radiata is an ancient artifact of a long-forgotten race of energy beings. Its past is a mystery even to the Oovarians, but it allows the user to wield light magic. Despite the name, it grants the wielder control over both light and darkness. In Fumikage’s hands, it allows him to fire bolts of light energy. It also removes Dark Shadow’s weakness to light while at the same time, allowing him to remain in control.

His left hand begins to glow white while his right hand seems to shroud itself in darkness. Up above him, Dark Shadow is outlined in a bright white glow as streaks of white begin to appear around his yellow eyes. “RRRRAAAAGHH!!!” Dark Shadow roars as he increases in size. “Wait, what?! Fumi! The light doesn’t hurt me anymore! I’m at full strength, but I’m still in control!” He shouts. Meanwhile, Fumikage summons a pair of energy like scimitars, one bright white and the other dark black.

“AHH HELL YEAH! POWER BOOST BABY!!!” Dark Shadow roars as Fumikage and Dark Shadow surge forward. Dark Shadow slams into Izuku, sending the boy flying away. The others turn to look at Dark Shadow in shock. “Opps… Too much power.” Dark Shadow says sheepishly as Fumikage facepalms. “He landed in Musutafu; it sounds like some of the other students have found him.” Uwabami says. Hound Dog quirks an eyebrow at this. He knew that Uwabami’s quirk gave her enhanced senses, but Musutafu is very far away and there’s a lot of chaos in between here and there. “Keep an eye on Uwabami, her senses shouldn’t be that strong.” He says to Lady Nagant and Big Red Dot.


Elsewhere, Kinoko Komori appears to be fighting alongside her daughter, with Present Mic, Kosei Tsuburaba, Vine (Ibara Shiozaki), Ryukyu and Vantablack (Kuroiro Shihai). The vigilantes, Pop☆Step (Kazuho Haneyama), the Crawler (Koichi Haimawari) and Knuckleduster (Iwao Oguro) are fighting alongside them. They appear to be struggling as the hordes of monsters and cultists drive them into the center of a ruined mall. Kinoko Komori jumps back in shock when a strange black and red mushroom appears in front of her. She suddenly feels a strange compulsion to eat the mushroom. She picks it up and pops it into her mouth. Seconds later, she feels a strange energy within her. She grows a horde of hundreds six-foot-tall mushroom like humanoids with four arms armed with swords and bows, shocking the others.

Object: Ta’Ra-Kith Bloom
Power Source: Magical Enhancement
Description: A strange mushroom from the now lifeless fungus dominated world of Ta’Ra-Kith, this mushroom transforms the brain of whoever eats it into a hive mind. It allows them to summon and command Na-Ku’Tay drones, an extinct sapient species once native to the planet.

“Wait, since when could you do that?!” Vantablack shouts as the creatures charge into the fray, turning the battle in favor of the heroes.


“May ancient technology of civilizations long lost find a new purpose.” Momo’s voice says. Tenya Iida and Eijiro Kirishima appear to have been cornered and cut off from the rest of the group when a high-tech European style broadsword covered with strange gears and a glowing blue hilt appears in front Tenya.

Object Name: Issachar
Power Source: Technological
Powers: This sword possesses a powerful energy core which can enhance the strength and durability of its wielder. It can also project waves of energy which can cut through even some of the strongest materials.

Description: Issachar was a weapon built by the Ch’kthrians. It was given to Reginald Barrister as they believed it to be cursed. In the hands of most species, it has no side effect, but for a creature with a Hive Mind mentality, it grants the user independence from the Hive. Individuality was the ultimate sin to the Ch’kthrians. Reginald, in turn gave it to a Phylarian farmer, who would use it to free his people from the tyranny of Queen Raachu, the last Phylarian Queen. It was among the things sent to Earth with Mina. It was then given to the Oovarians, who placed it in the Reliquary.

Tenya grabs the sword on instinct and slashes forward, releasing a massive wave of kinetic energy which slices through the horde of monsters like a hot knife through butter.

Meanwhile, a silver neck brace covered in blue crystal spikes with a red ruby appears around Eijiro’s neck. A group of bat like abominations flies in to attack, but Eijiro’s rocky arms suddenly turn slightly crystalline, and he leaps into the sky like a rocket. He raises his hands toward the beasts and beams of red-light fire from his palms, destroying the creatures in fiery explosions. He lands in front of Tenya and shouts “OH YEAH!!! I AM FEELING SO MANLY RIGHT NOW!!!” With this new advantage, they are able to fight with renewed vigor.

Object Name: The Ruby of Morka
Power Source: Technological
Powers: The Ruby of Morka can transform the wielder’s skin into a type of biological crystal which absorbs energy like a solar panel. It doesn’t work on normal flesh, but Eijiro’s rock like body can utilize it if his quirk is active. The energy can augment his strength and speed as well as firing energy beams.

Description: The Morka were a species of sapient colonial bacteria which constructed massive bodies from stone. Not much is known about them, as their existence even predates Reginald. It is likely the oldest thing in the Reliquary, as the Knatar have dated it to a mere 80 million years after the Universe was created. The Morka are the oldest known sapient species in existence, but all that is known of them comes from this object.


“And let those with primal power inside of them unlock their true potential.” Momo says. Mina starts to scream in rage as a pink light envelops her. A pair of massive 8’7” long moth like wings emerge from her back and a scorpion like tail shoots out of her pants. Her height increases by about a foot and her horns double in size. “Holy shit! Mina’s evolving like a Pokémon!” Toru shouts. The light clears and Mina’s wings come into full view. They seem to have a shape like that of the Luna Moth. They have pink and yellow swirls with intimidating black and red owl-like eyes in the center. Mina flies over to Hibiki with a look of pure rage on her face.

When she lands, Hibiki looks shocked. “Ho-holy shit! Mama’s a queen?! She’s supposed to be a soldier like me.” Hibiki says. She throws a massive blob of acid so strong that it not only dissolves the monsters, but also burns a massive crater 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep into the ground where they once were, all in less than a second. Mina’s new wings are coated and sharpened with acid to turn them into large blades, and she starts tearing through truly massive creatures, cauterizing their wounds in the process, as she flies through the skies dropping acid bombs.

Elsewhere, the parents of the pinkette are watching from a TV in a bunker. They realize the jig is up. Mina’s transformation was caught on live news. While quirks could explain sudden transformations, the sheer scale of the change in power and appearance was likely to cause people to ask questions.

Unfortunately, Mina seems to be causing a lot of collateral damage in her blind rage as large chunks of buildings suddenly evaporate in an instant. Hibiki releases a series of blasts from his legs to clear the enemies away from him before rushing over to his mother to calm her down. “Mama, stop! It’s okay, look; my arm’s already regrowing, see!” He says before shoving a small arm in her face. “Little baby arm! Honk! Honk!” He says before squeezing his mom’s nose with said baby hand.

Luckily it appears that Mina’s outburst has cleared the area of enemies for the moment as the pinkette appears to calm down. She hugs Hibiki desperately and starts to cry. “Oh God! I-I was s-so scared! I-I thought you had been hurt bad!” She says in relief. Toru rushes over, looking excited. “Oh my God! Mina! Your wings are so pretty!!” She says. “My what?” She says before turning to look at her reflection in a nearby window. “Okay, time out; how is Hibiki regrowing his arm? That doesn’t have anything to do with his quirk.” Setsuna says. “That’s actually because of the Phylarian side of my physiology-“ He starts to say before his eyes go wide and he slaps his hand over mouth after realizing his mistake.

“Phylarian?” Toru asks as her daughter Hikari Hagakure shows up behind Hibiki and slaps him up the back of his head. “Way to go dumbass.” She says. “Alright, you two are clearly keeping something from us, so spill!” Setsuna says. Hibiki looks extremely uncomfortable after this. “M-mom, y-you’ll need to talk to grandma and grandpa if you want the specifics, as it’s not my place to tell you everything; but you’re not human. You’re an alien species known as a Phylarian.” He says, leaving the three girls dumbfounded. An explosion rocks the area as Setsuna’s son Ryota lands nearby. “You can work through that later; we got more monsters incoming.” He says.

A horde of monsters rushes forward and Mina grins like a loon. “Alright you Resident Evil rejects, let’s see how you do against the new and improved Alien Queen!” She says before flying forward into the fray.


Manga Fukidashi appears to be at the USJ along with Reiko Yanagi, Juzo Honenuki, Nagamasa Mora, Camie Utsushimi and Inasa Yoarashi and the teachers Midnight and Vlad King. It also seems that Gunhead, Susugu “Wash” Mitarai and Moe “Burnin” Kamiji have joined up with them at some point in the chaos. The reason they are trying to defend the building is because in the bunker below; Oboro and a few dozen support heroes seem to have set up a coordination center. Manga feels a strange new sensation in his body, and he suddenly gets an idea. “Boing!” He says, causing the word to appear in front of him. He bounces off it like a trampoline before landing on the mountain section.

He lets out a whistle followed by a loud boom before tearing off a piece of the bubble on his head and dropping it on the ground. “Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!” He says before ripping another piece of bubble off his head. He continues bouncing around the mountain, placing half a dozen of these installations. Much to everyone’s shock, the bubbles continue to speak on their own, allowing for continuous artillery support.

Quirk Evolution: Manga Fukidashi has unlocked the final form of his quirk. He is now able to rip up to twenty pieces of his speech bubble head off and drop them on the ground. These speech bubbles continue to use whatever sound effect he used before dropping it. They can last up to 10 minutes. The bubbles are fully autonomous.

“Boing!” He says before jumping back to the group. “How did you do that Manga?!” Juzo asks in surprise. “Schwing! Schwing!” He says, summoning a pair of swords. “Don’t know, just had a gut feeling and went with it.” He responds.


Down below, Oboro and nearly a dozen people with similar portal quirks are coordinating reinforcements and redeployments across Japan. Hundreds of heroes, hero students, vigilantes and even villains are dashing between portals, trying desperately to get where they are needed most. Up above, dozens of support heroes are manning various computers to help command the colossal undertaking. Among those heroes is none other than Saiko Intelli.

The bluenette seems to be watching a screen in shock and horror with tears trailing down her eyes. She watches helplessly as Seiai Academy burns. They tried as hard as they could to save it, but Evolution’s hordes were too much. She jumps when the screen suddenly turns off. She looks behind her to see Sir Night Eye showing a look of empathy. “I know things look bad Saiko, but there’s nothing you can do for them now. We need your keen intellect or else they will have lost their lives for nothing. Take a few minutes to calm yourself and get back to it.” He says solemnly.

Saiko steels herself as she realizes what’s at stake. It takes her a minute to get her mind back in the game and she grabs her tea thermos before taking a drink. She turns the computer back on and continues watching the screen, looking for the best places to deploy each international hero as the arrive.


Ochako freezes when she returns to UA via portal to reinforce the students. Things at UA have apparently gone horrifically wrong. Half of the main school appears to have burned to the ground with the rest of the building teetering on the edge. Half of the second-year hero students and almost a dozen of the third-year hero students are lying on the ground dead. Rikido “Sugar Man” Sato, Hanta “Cellophane” Sero and Koji “Anivoice” Koda all appear to have been killed. Yui Kodai gasps in horror as she sees the Class 1-B casualties. Rin “Long Weizi” Hiryu, Sen “Spiral” Kaibara, Awase “Welder” Yosetsu are dead as well.

Ochako notices a monster trying to ambush Mashirao “Tailman” Ojiro and she tries to rush forward to save him, only for her to be knocked to the side by a horse like abomination. She watches helplessly as a large bear like creature hits him with its massive paw, snapping the young hero’s neck and killing him instantly.

“Ochako, look out!” A voice says before shoving her out of the way. Ochako looks behind her and gasps in shock as she sees her idol Thirteen has been run through on a giant spike like tongue emerging from what looks like a demonic eldritch frog. The tongue pulls out, ripping a huge chunk from the hero’s body. Ochako rushes over to her and catches her before she can hit the ground. “Anan!” She says in horror. “I-it’s going to b-be okay Ochako. Y-you were always my favorite student.” She says. “No no no! Sensei, it’s fine, we can just track down Recovery gi-“ She starts to say frantically before Thirteen puts a finger on her lip to silence her. “To tired from all the fighting. I’m sure you will be an excellent rescue hero *cough* someday… Even if I’m not here to see it…” She adds weakly before dying in the arms of the young heroine.

Ochako remains quiet for a few seconds before her horrified expression suddenly shifts as a look of calm serenity betrayed only by the rage in her eyes replaces it. Her face appears somewhat shrouded in shadow, but not as much as usual. There seems to be a cool mist coming from her mouth and nostrils as she surges toward a two-hundred-foot-tall ogre like monster. She opens her mouth, and an icy gale shoots forth, freezing the creature before she punches the creature with enough force to shatter it as well as create a large blast of wind.

Power Name: Wraith
Description: Wraith is the ultimate source of what is known as Scary Momchako. It is not as powerful, but it is a more stable version of her hidden quirk; one which she can control and activate whenever she wants. She gains enhanced speed and durability on par with that of All Might in his prime, but not as much strength. She also gains a frost breathing attack and her main quirk’s weight limit increases dramatically.

“Whoa, since when could Ochako do that?!” Yui Kodai asks with uncharacteristic surprise. Another creature tries to ambush her, but she is pushed out of the way by Mezo Shoji. She turns around and, much to her shock, she notices that the big man appears to have been decapitated. This is when she notices that he appears to have grown a replacement brain. The brain is quickly encased in stretched out arms to protect it. A mouth appears from his left shoulder, and he says “Go! Help the others!” He says. “But-“ She starts to say, but he cuts her off. “Just go, I’m already dead! I just bought myself an hour to keep fighting at best, I can’t regrow my head.” He adds. Yui looks horrified by this recent revelation, but she complies anyway.


A few more portals open and Vlad King, Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight and All Might walk through. Pony Tsunotori, Yuga Aoyama, Shinso Hitoshi and Neito Monoma enter the battlefield as well. All Might stops and his stomach drops at the sight of his dead students. What remains of the school explodes as a smaller, but much more armored version of the zero pointer bursts forth. “Get out of my school!!!” Nezu shouts from the speakers of the machine, revealing his identity as the driver. A series of cannons, missile launchers and chain guns emerge from the machine as Nezu unleashes hell on the invaders. All Might surges toward another giant Ogre, but he is beat to the punch by Ochako. Much to his shock, the girl seems to be moving almost as fast as him. She slams her left hand onto the creature’s body, causing it to lose its gravity in a flash of prismatic light before throwing it out of Earth’s orbit.

“Young Ochako? How?” He asks himself before shaking himself out of his funk and leaping in front of a monster that was attempting to blindside Mirio Togata.

Pony is almost blindsided by a bull like abomination as she flies through the sky on her horns, only for a portal to open. “STAY AWAY FROM MY SWEET PEA!!!!!” A deep masculine voice bellows as a Minotaur like creature slams into the monster. “Daddy?!” Pony says, shocking Tsu and Itsuka as they arrive seconds later. “Rodeo’s your dad?!” Itsuka yells. “Save the introductions for later kids, we got a real fight on our hands. Reinforcements are flooding in from around the world.” Rodeo says.


Denki Kaminari, Mineta Minoru, Kojiro Bondo and Nirengeki Shoda appear to be pinned down in a derelict building when two portals open in front of them. A series of black fireballs shoot out of the portal, causing many of the beasts to rot in front of their eyes. The massive form of Rot Fist steps through the portal. A stretched metallic arm with a massive, spiked fist surges through another portal to punch a shark like elephant monster in the face, crushing its skull. Chizue “Steelflex” steps through another portal and the students rally toward the hero and vigilante.

“Any hurt?” Rot Fist says in broken Japanese. “Catch.” Steelflex says in German. The man catches an earpiece and puts it on. “It’s a universal translator, Nora made it.” She explains. “Good, do you have any injuries?” The man asks in a deep masculine voice. “Jurota’s not doing too well. There’s a second-year student trying to keep him alive.” Nirengeki says, gesturing toward the downed form of Jurota Shishida.

He is being tended to by a pink haired girl named Mawata Futa. She is wearing a purple spandex uniform with an image of the moon on her chest and blue stars scattered throughout surface. She also has a large water tank strapped to her back with hoses that run up her arms and feed into a pair of high-tech water guns. “You big idiot! Why’d you jump in front of me like that?!” She screams at the man as she applies pressure to a wound on his abdomen. “S-sorry babe, I knew I could take it better than you could.” He says weakly. Another portal opens and Recovery Girl rushes through it with a stretcher. “Aldric, help me get him on the stretcher. Mawata, keep using your quirk to suppress the blood loss, he doesn’t have the stamina for me to heal him immediately.” She says. Mawata’s hands start to glow purple, and the blood flow starts to slow down.

Name: Mawata Futa
Codename: Flow
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 117 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 10
Age: 20
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Liquid Manipulation
Quirk Description: Mawata can manipulate the speed and direction of any naturally flowing liquid. She cannot manipulate any liquid that is not moving, hence her support item. The amount of energy she must use to move a liquid depends on how easily the liquid flows.

Basic Biography: Mawata Futa is a second-year student at UA. She is also the childhood sweetheart of Jurota Shishida. Jurota was often bullied for his appearance when he was five, but Mawata ended up defending him and they have been together as friends ever since. They have been dating for the past two years.

Before anything else could be said, a strange black pod crashed through the roof. It popped open and a cloak with strange blue lightning like symbols appears inside of it. For some reason, Denki feels drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He throws his old jacket off and pulls it out. It transforms into a jacket like the one he had in a flash of sparks, and he puts it on. “Oh fuck! So much power!”

Object Name: Thunder Cloak
Power Source: Magical Enchantment
Description: The Thunder Cloak is a mystical energy focus that was most famously used by a Norse man who would become the basis for the God of Thunder, Thor. One of the few Earth based artifacts in the Reliquary, it allows the wearer to control electricity as well as amplifying its strength. The Norseman used his natural body energy to create small bolts of electricity. In Denki Kaminari’s hands, it will become a truly devastating weapon.

Denki raises his hands as a horde of hundreds of monsters and cultists charge the group. Ten bolts of lightning shoot from his fingers and chain between the horde, frying them in a matter of seconds. “Holy shit! This is awesome!” Denki shouts.


Back at UA, Jurota Shishida’s eyes widen in horror as he sees the bodies of Rin, Sen and Awase. If Itsuka was the big sister of Class 1-B, then Jurota would be considered the class dad. Mawata and Recovery Girl are forced to step back as a red light begins emanating from Jurota. The stretcher he was on breaks as his body heals and his size increases rapidly. A pair of ram like horns appear on his head and a pair of long, powerful looking black furry wings shoot out of his back. When his transformation completes, he is standing at roughly seventeen feet in height as a gorilla like knucklewalker, and he has a wingspan of nearly forty-eight feet from wing tip to wing tip. He roars in rage, causing the very ground beneath them to shake.

Quirk Evolution: Jurota Shishida’s quirk has unlocked its final form, Apocalypse. In this form, his strength surpasses even that of Prime All Might, although he’s not quite as fast. Unfortunately, Jurota is feral in this form, making him a liability for his allies unless they can point him in a direction and let him rampage.

Jurota blitzes forward and slams into the horde of monsters. He opens his mouth and fire shoots out of it, incinerating a lot of the smaller minions. His display of power is so great that many of the monsters end up focusing on him, allowing the other students and heroes some time to regroup.


Katsuki hits the dirt hard and slides away from the fight, leaving a large trench behind him. He and Hound Dog had managed to track Izuku down, but they are helpless against the full near might of Dark Izuku. A nearby wall explodes inward as Tenya and Eijiro burst on to the scene.

A few portals open and Tokoyami, Denki, Ochako, Mina and Momo enter the area. “Students, be careful! Something is wrong with Izuku, he’s going on a rampage.” Hound Dog shouts from nearby. They notice that he is looking extremely banged up lying against the wall. A new horde of monsters rush into the fray, making a complicated fight much worse. “Girls, beat some sense into your boyfriend, we’ll handle the monsters.” Kirishima says.

Katsuki gets up and launches himself out of the hole he just dug, but his flight path seems extremely erratic. He almost slams into Eijiro, who side steps just in time to catch him. “Whoa!” He says. He looks at his close friend and notices a dazed look in his eye. “Ah shit, Katsuki’s got a concussion.” He says. “Le’ go a me. Gotta kill dese freaks.” He slurs. “No Katsuki! You’re in no condition to fight!” Tenya says. “I’m fine I c-“ He starts to say before Eijiro chops him in the back of the neck. “We’ll deal with his Ego issues later.” The red haired hero says.

Another portal opens and the Mexican vigilante El Vendaje emerges. He uses his bandages to pull the student toward the portal as the fighting picks up. Unfortunately, it appears Katsuki is still conscious and in a state of hyper awareness as he watches the students surge forward. Tenya slashes his new sword in an arc, sending a wave of energy at the monsters. “Four eyes?” Katsuki thinks to himself. A flash of energy catches his attention as he notices the slightly crystalline Eijiro blasting a few flying monsters out of the sky with energy beams. “Shitty hair?” An explosion of electricity draws his attention next as he notices Denki shooting bolts of lightning from his hands, frying monsters with ease. “Dunce face?” Something inside of Katsuki snaps as he has an epiphany while losing consciousness, his friends have left him in the dust.





In Memoriam: A list of characters lost.

Rappa “The Rapper” Kendo: I never really had any plans for this character, I just needed him to act as the first casualty. His death was meant to be the opening act for the chaos that is Evolution.

Rikiya “Redestro” Yotsubashi: At first I had plans for him, but another character made him redundant. At the end of the day, it came down to him and Muscular; and the latter’s personality made him a much better fit for the Cult.

Tsunagu “Best Jeanist” Hakamada: Killing villains and students is one thing, but killing a top pro hero is something else entirely. I do feel bad about how he went out, but it ultimately did the job of establishing just how dangerous and cruel Evolution is.

Rikido “Sugar Man” Sato: Alright, let’s be honest here, the moment I mentioned that students were going to die, we all knew this was coming. In fact, I’m willing to bet he was one of, if not the first casualty that came to your mind (Unless you had completely forgotten he existed, which is entirely possible.) The Diabeetus bit was literally the only thing I had for him.

Koji “Anivoice” Koda: Okay, I feel bad about this one. Koji is such a pure soul so to have him die like this just seems mean. That said, I really have nothing for him in this story. Don’t worry about his bunny, I intend to give it to Eri.

Ojiro “Tail Man” Mashirao: Another forgettable character; his only real use is as a background relationship with Toru Hagakure. Since Toru is part of the Harem, that made him a bit of a loose end.

Rin “Long Weizi” Hiryu, Sen “Spiral” Kaibara, Awase “Welder” Yosetsu: I feel bad about this, but I really have nothing to say here. We know almost nothing about these three, they were just background filler.

Mezo “Tentacole” Shoji: I’m just going to say this right now, this one really, REALLY hurt me. Out of all the characters I killed this chapter, he was easily my favorite. Mezo is one of the coolest characters in MHA and I seriously hope he gets more of the spotlight in the manga. That said, I had nothing for him. I was left with a choice, let him be wasted in the background or let him have his moment, even if it meant he had to die and he’s too cool of a character to let him be irrelevant. That said, his truly epic ending will come next chapter.

Hanta “Cellophane” Sero: Alright, this is honestly the first student casualty that feels like it has serious weight to it. The fact is that I needed to kill at least one member of the Bakusqaud, and I have plans for Katsuki, Mina, Denki and Eijiro. Plus, he went out trying to protect Bachiko.

Anan “Thirteen” Kurose: I needed something to push Ochako over the edge, and Thirteen dying in her arms was it. I also needed one of the UA staff members to die.

Izuku-Evolution pop’s up with a grin on his face. “Don’t worry, I know the casualties feel a bit underwhelming right now, but more are coming in part 2 of this chapter.” Great…



A/N: Oh boy, things are falling apart now. Looks like Katsuki’s ego took a massive blow today. If things had been going bad before, it’s really going to hell now. We’ve had our first serious casualties as well. I explained the reason for each casualty up above.

Anyway, we started out with the Ravagers this time. They learn that they have unintentionally started a movement when they meet up with Oboro and Gang Orca; the latter of whom appears to have wasted little time embracing his new role as a vigilante trainer. Gang Orca and his crew offer to deal with the riots while the Ravagers take a portal straight to the HPSC headquarters to deal with the villainous president.

They make it to the building only to be stopped by Yoroi Musha, the Sand Hero: Snatch and Death Arms; three heroes who have been implicated as corrupt. They announce their intention to arrest the Ravagers, which is when we learn something rather unfortunate.

You know how (Insert the name of whatever country you live in) is run by idiots? Yeah, that hasn’t changed. The Prime Minister of Japan, Atsuko Gushiken, apparently has no idea how to read a room. By trying to paint the Revolution as bad guys, she has seriously damaged the government’s already broken credibility. Seriously, what the hell was she thinking?

The riots got even worse because of this; bad enough that even the students were called into action. We cut to a rather enlightening reunion of the Iida brothers. Enter Asshole Father number two. (Seriously, Shoto might be on to something.) Tadashi tries to save face, only for Tensei to pull a fast one on the Iida Patriarch. It turns out that Tensei only went along with his father’s schemes to protect his mother and Tenya. He was also the one to spill the beans about their illicit activities to the Revolution.

Obviously Tadashi was furious, but before he could attack, we got a surprise save from an elderly hero. If you were paying attention to Mr. Tornado’s video from the last chapter, you might recognize him. This is Abdul Rudd, the retired American hero turned vigilante named Heavy Steel. He was a member of Detroit’s Man Cave along with Tenya’s grandfather. Tadashi then goes on to try and belittle him for trying to fight as an elderly man… Seriously, he might as well just shout, “Hey Gran Torino! Come put your boot in my face!” And that’s exactly what he got as Gran Torino revealed himself. It appears that he has also ditched the hero system in favor of the Revolution. We also got a few characters from MHA vigilantes as a few of the Team Idaten sidekicks showed up.

Then Tensei pulled another surprise move. Apparently he’s not paralyzed anymore thanks to Nora. He’s also joined up with the Revolution.

Then we move on to the first instance of the students entering the fight. Unfortunately, things go horrifically wrong as a hideous degenerate muppet- “HEY! THAT’S MR. HIDEOUS DEGENERATE MUPPET TO YOU ASSHOLE!” Evolution screams from my computer screen… As I was saying, Evolution decided to catch the heroes off guard. Rappa Kendo dies horribly, and Tsuyu has the misfortune of catching her uncle’s severed head. The two girls are so severely traumatized by the experience that they have to return to the school.

We cut to a rather gut-wrenching scene where Kamui is forced to fight Death Arms. Over the course of the fight, Kamui struggles to understand why his brother in all, but blood has fallen so far. The big man eventually breaks down and reveals the horrible truth. His daughter has Parkinson’s Disease. He doesn’t even keep the money, he just does it so he can get help for his daughter. At least, that’s what he thought. Insert a new vigilante The Shadow Walker: Wajonna Black.

She reveals that the person who was supposedly curing his daughter was also causing the issues in the first place. His daughter doesn’t have Parkinson’s and she never will. Death Arms is understandably pissed off after this revelation. “Don’t worry big guy I got your back!” Evolution says, startling me as his head pokes out of the computer screen. Yeah, it looks like Emica “Drake Witch” Fukuda got what’s coming to her from an unlikely source.

Then we moved on to a bit of comic relief. All Might escapes the hospital and Recovery Girl swears like a sailor, isn’t that fun? Don’t worry though, Masumi Komori to the rescue! The mischievous bacteria manipulator reveals that she used a Staphylococcus strain to repair his heart (F.Y.I. Staphylococcus aurei is commonly known as Strep Throat. It’s usually rather minor but it can kill you if it gets to your heart.) With this, Masumi establishes herself as Recovery Girl’s Mei Hatsume, a fact that Powerloader is quick to point out.

Don’t worry Higari, your life is about to become a whole lot worse. Insert the latest time traveler! Higari is understandably terrified at the appearance of an older version of Mei Hatsume. We also get to see younger Mei’s hero costume. On a more serious note, we got a family reunion as Dabi finally meets up with the rest of his family. Shoto and Enji are shocked by the revelation, but they don’t really have time to dwell on it given the situation they’re in. As a bonus, we finally get to see Fuyumi’s quirk in use and it’s a doozy. Why Endeavor gave up on her is a mystery to me. The reason I gave her a powerful quirk is because the manga mentions that she has the same Ice generating quirk as her mother, who is revealed to have a powerful ice quirk.

We move on to learn more about future Mei. Apparently she managed to invent a time machine. She also has a bit of a fluffy mother-daughter moment with Isamu. Young Mei practically appears out of thin air and appears to be fascinated by her older self. She then reveals her third greatest baby of all time, a sixty-foot-tall Mecha Mei because of course she built something like that, how Horikoshi hasn’t come up with something like that is beyond me. Mecha Mei proceeds to fire a flurry of boob missiles because shame is a foreign concept to the half crazed pinkette.

As soon as future Mei appears though, Evolution makes his move. He captures several heroes and students and sends them away from the fight.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Re-Destro, who is having a very bad day. He doesn’t seem to have taken any physical damage, but his mind seems to be teetering on the edge. Evolution continues to torment the man with memes. Under all this pressure, Re-Destro finally cracks. He goes on a fourth wall breaking tangent, attacking all the people who compare him to Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. The reason I bring this meme into the MHA universe is because it is based on our world in the future. As such, Phineas and Ferb exists as a show here. Thus, the inhabitants of the MHA universe have also noticed how much he looks like the goofy mad scientist. It’s the cameo by the robot Norm which finally breaks him.

Just as it looks like Re-Destro is about to join the cult, Daisuke Asui steps in and kills the man. Evolution then reveals that the attack on Re-Destro was just a ploy to draw the heroes out anyway. He also drops a spoiler like a complete idiot. “Oh yeah, because your just soooo perfect.” Evolution adds sarcastically.

From there we get another time traveler; one connected to the Grand Emperor. Chancellor Neito Monoma, the right-hand man of the Grand Emperor, enters the story. He apparently wanted to meet up with his younger self much like Keigo did earlier. Unfortunately for him, it appears that several of the Izukids intercept him. This is when Neito and the others learn the truth about the Grand Chancellor.

Apparently the man is a war criminal. He detonated a Hydrogen Bomb in Nanking when they rebelled (Because Japan hasn’t caused enough problems in the past for that city.) We also learned the full loadout of the Grand Chancellor’s quirks. He has a body stretching quirk like Mr. Fantastic along with Mezo Shoji’s Dupli-Arms and Itsuka Kendo’s Big Fist. He uses all these quirks to supplement the basis of his combat strategy, Ochako’s Zero Gravity. This gives him the ability to remove gravity from multiple targets from a long distance by creating stretching arms with Ochako’s hands on the end.

We also learn something rather startling for the heroes. Apparently they will have to fight alongside villains given that they don’t want to die anymore than the heroes do. Younger Neito also seems to be undergoing a bit of a crisis after learning his future.

From there we get to one of the beefiest details of this story. The identity of Evolution. “Yup, I’m really a rogue part of Izuku’s personality who highjacked the quirk from the second wielder of One for All, isn’t that neat?” Evolution asks. Yeah, turns out the reason Izuku is such a cinnamon roll is because he unconsciously repressed his negativity to the point where it became a separate personality. When he used One for All for the first time, Evolution took the opportunity to escape.

Izuku is understandably distraught by this revelation, as is Fumikage Tokoyami, who was dragged off by accident. All Might is captured as well, and he appears to be horrified by the identity of Evolution. Unfortunately for the big man, his torment is just beginning.

Then we see Katsuki, who is also getting a crash course on Evolution. From there, we take a trip into Izuku’s mindscape, where the past users of One for All are fighting against a Psychic attack by Evolution. Evolution continues his conversation inside of Izuku’s head, where he reveals that the darkness that spawned him is still inside of Izuku. Then we get to meet the final Izukid; the zany Yume Intelli. This character is heavily inspired by old cartoons. Specifically, she draws a lot of influence from the Looney Tunes. Her design is also inspired by Dot of the Animaniacs.

Her quirk is a bit of a doozy; she exists in an inverted dream state. What this means is that she follows dream logic, where reality is much more fluid than it is in the real world. This mostly takes the form of Cartoon logic, as she is unable to control it through lucid dreaming.

She has a second side to her personality though, Nightmare. Whereas Screwball represents good dreams, Nightmare represents bad dreams. Nightmare is capable of limited lucid dreaming, allowing her limited control over reality itself around her. She is also mentally unstable in this form, and it is hard to get her to change back. Plus, her blatant manipulation of reality wreaks havoc on space and time, which is why Nightmare is considered a last resort. Reginald Barrister must work overtime to keep the universe stable when Nightmare is loose. The

Then things started getting dark. Really, REALLY dark. Evolution started tormenting the top heroes by screwing with Endeavor. He mocked his family situation to the point that the Fire hero lashed out. What he wasn’t aware of was that a cultist with an illusion quirk was nearby. The result? Endeavor ends up roasting a bunch of orphans.

Best Jeanist is forced to relive his greatest failure and I introduce a big old nope in the form of Moonfish. Best Jeanist is horrified to see that Evolution intends to murder a bunch of children.

Then we catch up to Hawks, who appears to have been caught up in a second rate Saw rip o- “EXCUSE ME?!? THAT WAS A MASTERPIECE YOU DOUCHEBAG!” Evolution shouts, startling me as I write.

Anyway, we go back to Izuku’s mindscape where the past wielders of One for All are ready to release him. They reveal that there is a shortcut which would allow Izuku to utilize the full extent of One for All, but it comes with a price. Izuku agrees, but things take a turn for the worst when Evolution screws him up. The result? Deku Black makes his debut and this time, he’s in his prime.

Then we catch up to All Might, who seems to be trapped in a movie theater with Evolution. It is here that we learn something horrifying. Evolution intends to turn one of the heroes into a cult member.

We return to Best Jeanist, who tries desperately to save the children, only to fail as Moonfish tears through his fiber with ease. The result? Tsunagu ends up covered in the blood of children who just got put through a blender. After that, Evolution proves just how cruel and unpredictable he is by letting Moonfish kill him in a rather brutal way.

We cut back to All Might, who reacts to the scene with horror before cutting back to Hawks, where the full extent of the game is learned. Keigo must chew through a dead baby in order to get the key to release him. If he doesn’t? Evolution has a pair of Hydrogen bombs waiting to blow up the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

From there, we see what happened to Katsuki before he joined up with Fumikage. Evolution ended up throwing his past in his face. Katsuki is forced to come to terms with the magnitude of what he did to Izuku. Meanwhile, All Might finally realizes just how bad he screwed up on the roof about a year ago.

We return to Keigo, who has no other choice but to play Evolution’s sick game. Hawks manages to get free and stop the count down earlier than expected, which angers the demented Muppet. He acts as if he’s going to blow up Nagasaki, only for the bird hero to realize the bomb was a fake. Evolution forced him to go through that ordeal for no reason at all. Hawks is understandably angered, so much so that he doesn’t notice the obvious trap in front of him. He steps on a pressure plate and Hiroshima explodes, revealing that only the Nagasaki bomb was fake.

The entire world stands still as the horror of what happened hits everyone. For the first time in centuries, the threat of Nuclear Annihilation faces the world. Fortunately, it appears that Eitri the Schmeidemeister had a plan to stop this. Mei Hatsume explains that the long dead inventor created a device which shrouds the world in a blue glow which apparently renders nuclear reactions impossible, preventing an escalating series of strikes caused by a knee jerk reaction. Luckily it appears Isamu was prepared to protect Rika, allowing the Revolution’s powerhouse to deal with any fallout created by the bomb.

Then we get to see something entirely new, the first major view of Mongolia. We meet Batzorig Ochirbat, the Grand Khan and supreme ruler of Mongolia. We also learn a bit more about hero society in Mongolia, specifically, an elite group of heroes known as the Four Khans. We also get to meet one of the Four Khans, Yul “Kublai” Narangerel. He’s a centaur who can create arrows out of light. The Grand Khan sends Yul to Japan to learn what he can about the monster known as Evolution. We then learn that the Grand Khan apparently already knows about Reginald Barrister and the Izukids.

Then we get the debut of another Nope! Muscular enters, revealing his truly monstrous form and Moonfish joins up with him. Rodeo hears about what’s happening in Japan and he grows worried because his daughter there. Luckily Rodeo gets a ride thanks to Oboro.

We catch up with the Ravagers and their opponents, all of whom appear to have engaged Evolution’s monsters. They seem to have agreed to a truce to deal with the bigger threat. We learn a bit more about Yoroi Musha, who appears to be an impressive hero despite his corruption. Most importantly, we get the first power boost of the chapter as well as some character development. Yu Takeyama slips back into her old way of thinking before feeling ashamed of herself. She finally manages to let go of her Ego, resulting in her unlocking her true power.

We cut to Aiko Toga, who gets her first combat scene in the series. Himiko is so proud of her daughter. We also get to see more out of Daisuke as the big man finally uses his devastating croak. It proves to be an extremely powerful weapon, but also one that causes a lot of collateral damage, hence why he doesn’t use it as often.

Then we catch up to the crew of the Okimariner, where we learn just how desperate things are getting as Selkie is saved by Innsmouth of all people. The government has struck a deal with the villains, offering them reduced sentences and pardons in exchange for helping Japan fight.

From there we get a serious plot twist. Evolution restores All Might to full strength as he reveals the true extent of his plans. He’s using these attacks to unite the world against him. He wants to crush humanity at its best, so their defeat is even more devastating.

We catch up with Nezu at UA, where things have gone horrifically bad. The school is burning, and many students are dead. Nezu gets to enter the fray when Contingency shows up to take over commanding the defenders. The first of the first years also go down as Sugar Man is killed by Evolution.

We catch up with Momo and Akira, who are fighting alongside the Hatsume’s when the worst-case scenario finally happens. Nora and Mei meet. Things start to get worse when Mina sees that Hibiki has lost an arm in the fight. Unfortunately, we also get our first serious casualty. Hanta Sero dies protecting Bachiko, who is too tired from the fight in the Gaelic Empire to defend herself. This leads Momo being the second person to get a power boost.

Hayami Shiozaki appears with the mystic artifact known as the Guardian. She throws the book to Momo, who unlocks its true power. She gets pulled into her mindscape where she meets the mysterious Aliens known as the Oovarians. They tell her how to unlock the Reliquary, allowing more powerups to occur.

We catch up with Fumikage, who gets a mystic artifact known as Radiata. This artifact eliminates Dark Shadow’s weakness to light and allows him to fight at full strength without losing control. Fumikage also gains the ability to fire light projectiles. We also learn that Uwabami may not be what she seems.

From there, we move to Kinoko Komori, who gains the ability to summon an army of mushroom soldiers. Tenya Iida and Eijiro Kirishima both come across ancient alien technology which boosts their power as well. Tenya gets Issachar, a legendary alien sword which enhances his strength and durability as well as being able to fire arcs of energy. Eijiro gets the Ruby of Morka, an ancient artifact from near the beginning of time. It allows him to crystallize his body to generate solar energy, which he can use to augment his physical capabilities or fire energy beams.

Then we get a surprise from Mina. Usually, her species must undergo a metamorphosis which can take weeks to occur, however it appears that she is a Queen Phylarian rather than a soldier. Mina’s now an honest to God Alien Queen. I explained her powers in a previous chapter when I revealed that she was an alien, but I should probably reiterate what they are. Her acid has become far more effective at dissolving matter than any acid should be able to naturally. She is also capable of flight due to her new wings and her ability to use the kinetic energy from moving her body into a means of propulsion. However, the Queen Phylarian also comes with some other abilities that will reveal themselves over time. As a bonus, we get a little silly fluff in the middle of a massive fight.

We catch up with Class 1-B’s Manga Fukidashi, and he apparently undergoes a quirk evolution of his own. He can now leave behind small speech bubbles which will continue using whatever sound effect he used before dropping them.

We get a bit of a look into what’s going on behind the scenes as well. Oboro and a group of portal quirked vigilantes appear to be pulling off a maneuver that allows the Revolution to rapidly withdraw and redeploy heroes at a moments notice. The level of organization this takes is staggering, which is why they have support heroes keeping up with the logistical side. Amongst those support heroes is Saiko Intelli. Sadly, she is forced to watch as her old school is annihilated. She pulls herself out of her shock and horror with the help of Sir Nighteye and returns to work quickly after that.

Things get a lot worse when Ochako returns to UA, as more casualties have occurred amongst the first years. Ochako is so caught up in the horror of the situation that she doesn’t even notice a monster attempting to attack her. Thirteen jumps in to save the girl, but at a high price. Ochako is forced to watch as her personal hero dies in her arms. This moment allows her to unlock her true power, a more controlled version of Scary Momchako called Wraith. With it, her speed is on par with All Might in his prime and her strength is increased to around half of prime All Might’s. She also gains an Ice Breath attack and Zero Gravity’s weight limit increases dramatically.

That’s when we get to see just how much of a badass Mezo Shoji truly is. Apparently having his head blown off isn’t even enough to stop the big man from fighting the good fight as he pulls off a rather gruesome trick. Sadly, it appears that this only bought him a bit more time. More reinforcements arrive at the school, including All Might, who is shocked by Ochako’s power.

The mad Dean of UA also explodes on to the scene controlling a supped-up version of the zero pointer like a boss. Pony also gets a timely save courtesy of her dad Rodeo. Itsuka and Tsuyu, who were forced to fight when the school fell under attack despite their trauma, seem shocked to learn this.

We catch up with Denki, Mineta, Kojiro Bondo and Nirengeki Shoda, who appear to be fighting at one of the training areas. They look as if they are about to be overwhelmed, but then another international hero enters the scene, Germany’s Rot Fist, with Itsuka’s daughter Steelflex backing him up. We also get an appearance from Class 2-A’s Mawata Futa, who is apparently Jurota Shishida’s childhood sweetheart. Jurota doesn’t seem to be doing very well now though, having intercepted an attack against his girlfriend.

After this, it’s Denki’s turn to get a power up in the form of a mystical artifact known as the Thunder Cloak. The object transforms into a jacket like the one he usually wears, and he puts it on. This object can amplify the power of electrical impulses and allow the user to project it from their bodies.

The final power development comes in the form of Jurota Shishida. When the hairy man of 1-B discovers that some of his classmates are dead, it pushes him over the edge, unlocking his final form. His size increases dramatically, and he grows a pair of wings and ram like horns. His strength increases to the point where he is stronger than All Might, he gains a healing factor as well as flight and fire breath. This design is largely inspired by the Chimera. Unfortunately, it also seems to turn him into a feral beast.

The chapter comes to an end as we catch up with Katsuki and Hound Dog, who are getting their butts handed to them by Izuku’s dark form. Tenya, Eijiro, Tokoyami, Denki, Ochako, Mina and Momo all arrive to reinforce them, setting up the fight for the next chapter.

Whew, that was a long one. I broke 30000 characters. I’m just happy to be back in full force now. Just a heads up, is not the end of the casualties, nor is it the end of the power ups. Anyways, thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave a review/advice. Until next time.