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The Rise of Homo Quirkeas

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The Rise of Homo Quirkeas
Chapter 1

Q/N: My Hero Academia and all of its characters are the property of Kōhei Horikoshi and Shueisha Inc. The original characters, however, are mine.

Q/N 2: This fan fiction is a divergent time line which splits off from the story near the end of episode 30 in the anime and chapter 56 in the manga. There will be minor spoilers from the manga, but I mostly follow the anime.

Q/N 3: The characters in this fan fiction have been aged up to 18 years old and U.A. is now a university, rather than a high school. The dorms are also here from the start, and they are split by years and departments, meaning class 1-A and 1-B share a dorm.

Q/N 4: If you guys are reading this on A03, you might notice the formatting is a bit strange. I write my story on Microsoft Word, and A03 doesn’t cooperate with that formatting style. The story is cross posted on, so the formatting is better there.


Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku stares up at Stain as he delivers his speech when the man suddenly freezes. A few seconds pass before Gran Torino is the first one to speak. “Wh-what happened?” He asks. Izuku sees a small trickle of blood emerge from the man’s mouth and his eyes widen in realization. “I-I think he just got hit with his own Quirk! He’s completely frozen, but he’s still standing!” He says, shocking the others.

Endeavor shakes out of his stupor as he realizes this is his chance to capture the villain before he wakes up. He charges toward the man, but stops in his tracks when a burst of green light appears beside the villain. The light clears out and a new figure appears in its place.

The mystery person appears to be a 5’3” tall, moderately heavy elderly man. His pale weathered face sports a warm smile and his dull green eyes radiate with kindness. He is wearing a simple green trench coat and black pants similar to what Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi usually wears along with a pair of green combat boots. He is also wearing a simple black bowler hat. The trench coat has a picture of an hourglass on the left pocket, but other than that, nothing really stands out about the man.

“I’m terribly sorry gentlemen, but I’m afraid I cannot allow you to capture Mr. Akaguro at the moment. If I have any hope of protecting this world from its dreadful fate, he must remain free. Worry not though, help will be coming soon.” He says with a British accent before looking down to Izuku.

“I’m expecting great things from you young man. Do try to take it easy though, you are going to be in for quite the shock soon.” He adds. Izuku knows that he should stop the man from freeing Stain, but something in his gut tells him not to. It’s as if his instincts are telling him that everything will be alright. Just as fast as he appeared, he vanishes in another flash of light. When the light dissipates, both the man and Stain are gone; leaving everyone confused.

Midoriya Izuku’s POV
1 week later

“The morning is here! The morning is here!” Izuku’s All Might alarm clock begins to shout. Izuku slams his fist on the alarm clock before opening his eyes and releasing a tired yawn. He had decided to stay with his mother for the weekend, as he was worried she might be a bit lonely. He gets out of bed, never noticing the same elderly man that rescued stain sitting patiently in his desk chair with a warm smile on his face as he walks toward the bathroom. He grabs a spare towel and a set of clothes before walking into the bathroom to take his shower.

15 minutes later, he gets dressed in his school uniform and opens the bathroom door, where he finally notices the man, who has since laid his hat on the desk, revealing a balding head of whispy gray hair. “You know, you should probably work on your spatial awareness young Midoriya; if I had intended to harm you, you would have been defenseless.” He says calmly.

“AHHH!!!” Izuku screams as the man laughs. “Y-y-you! Wh-what are you doing here?!” Izuku shouts as he gets into a combative stance. The elderly man chuckles again. “Calm yourself young man, if I had wanted you dead, I would have killed you before you woke up. I mean you no harm.” He says.

“What are you talking about? You’re the guy who helped Stain escape. Why would I trust you?” Izuku says. The man sighs at this. “Yes, I am aware of what I did young Midoriya; but I really did not have a choice. Although I strenuously disagree with Mr. Akaguro’s methods; his existence is a necessary evil. Even if his philosophy is a bit misguided, he has a point about one thing; the heroes of today have fallen far from what they once were. If I had not released him, things would have continued to get much worse.” He says.

“Wh-wh-who are you?” Izuku asks tentatively. The old man blinks a couple of times before something dawns upon him. “Oh my, where are my manners! I never even introduced myself to you.” He says before turning to face some unseen entity. “I do believe this is your cue Present Mic.” He adds.

Reginald Barrister
Codename: Father Time
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 237 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 1st
Age: Unknown, even to him
Blood Type: AB
Quirk Name: Sands of Time
Quirk Description: Reginald is capable of travelling through space and time. He is also immune to the effects of aging. He cannot travel to a point before his point of origin (present time). He is capable of bringing living creatures from the future but only if they are seconds from death. Any wounds or other causes of death are erased, but they can never return to their original time. The main downsides to this quirk is that it takes a lot of focus and effort to utilize, and he often has to enter into hibernation for up to a month based upon how major the change is. The list of what he can and cannot do is far too long to speak of.
Basic Biography: An ancient being who has existed since the birth of quirks. He may or may not be a Doctor Who rip off.

Reginald turns an angry glare to the non-existent Present Mic. “I am not a Doctor Who rip off. My powers and accent are merely nods to him as an inspiration. I’ve never set foot in a police box in my entire life!” He says.

Izuku’s eyes widen as he learns of his quirk. “A-a time travel quirk?” He says. “Something like this is completely unprecedented. It’s easily the most powerful quirk I’ve ever heard of. The possibilities of what someone could do with this are endless. A quirk like that would make him a border line god-“ Izuku ‘thinks’. “You know young man, you should probably work on that muttering habit; it wouldn’t be good if you let sensitive information slip by accident. And for the record, I would make a dreadful god.” Reginald says, causing Izuku to freeze.

“B-but why are you here?” He asks. The elderly man chuckles at this before walking toward the door. “Simple, I have a few deliveries to make.” He says before opening it. “Daddy!” a small pink blur screams before tackling Izuku off his feet.

His eyes widen and his cheeks turn dark red when he sees a little girl who looks a lot like his friend? Ochaco Uraraka. “D-D-DADDY?!” Izuku shouts.

Inko Midoriya’s POV

Inko Midoriya was sleeping peacefully when a sudden jolt makes her awaken. She starts to vibrate happily before shooting out of her bed like a rocket as her Grandma Instincts go off.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku stares wide eyed at the girl sitting on his chest. “Ah crap, sh-she’s a bit heavier than she looks.” He says. “Much like your class mate Momo Yaoyorozu, her body; as well as the rest of your children’s bodies are denser than a normal human’s. Specifically, they’re about twice as heavy as they would normally be.” Reginald says. She has a brown shoulder length bob haircut which is slightly fluffy, green eyes, a freckle diamond on her cheek as well as a perpetual blush, and slightly darker pads on her finger tips and in the center of her palms. Her outfit is almost identical to Ochaco’s hero costume as well. The only differences are that it’s nowhere near as tight, it seems to have metallic plates woven into it and she has a skirt that goes down to her knees with shorts underneath rather than the pants Ochaco has and her boots only go half way up her calves rather than all the way up to her knee.

Bachiko Uraraka
Codename: G-Force
Height: 4’4”
Weight: 118 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 28th
Age: 8
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: G-Flux
Quirk Description: Bachiko is able to fire bolts of pink energy from her finger and palm pads. These bolts can either increase or decrease the gravitational pull on any object they hit. They can actually cause negative gravity. Her current range is between -10 times gravity and 50 times gravity, although that is expected to increase as she gets older. The gravity of the affected objects does not have to be uniform. Some parts can be negative while others can be made positive. The results of this can be rather violent as the opposing forces often tear the affected objects apart.

Basic Biography: Despite her young age, Bachiko Uraraka is already well trained in combat, using her quirk and other hero related skills. She is talented enough that she could likely even compete with some of Japan’s top ten heroes. She’s also surprisingly mature for her age, although she does have a mischievous streak.

Before Izuku can respond, a half crazed Inko Midoriya bursts into the room ignoring an older male in the hallway. She squeals happily before rushing the young girl and pulling her into a tight hug. “I’m a grandma!!!!” She screams happily. “Yes, but you completely missed your grandson Miss Midoriya. I know Bachiko is the cute one, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore Takumi.” He says. Both Izuku and Inko turn to the doorway where they see a man with long, dull white dreadlocks, dull white irises and a freckle diamond on his cheeks.

He has four speakers on his body, two smaller ones on the front of his shoulders and two larger ones on his pectorals. Upon closer inspection, it is clear that the speakers are actually a part of his body, indicating that he has a mutant quirk. He also has an extremely pronounced barrel chest, further solidifying that he has a mutant quirk. He has a black chain around his neck, a dark red t-shirt with holes and an open black leather jacket with holes for the speakers and dull white stripes that look like they light up, tattered blue jeans and purple and black sneakers. He seems to be rather muscular as well.
Tatsumi Jiro
Codename: D-Jam
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 494 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 6th
Age: 27
Blood Type: A
Quirk Name: Stereo Vocals
Quirk Description: Tatsumi can create bursts of kinetic energy. Each one of his speakers has a separate mouth, tongue and vocal chords connected to his lungs beneath them. His lungs are nearly 3 times as large as the normal humans, allowing him to utilize his additional mouths. His larger than normal barrel chest is built to accommodate his increased lung size.
Basic Biography: Tatsumi has developed a fighting style which revolves around a capella and beatboxing. He is also a skilled boxer.

Bachiko Uraraka’s POV

Bachiko grins as she watches Inko tackle her grandson. “That’s my half-brother Tatsumi. He doesn’t like to talk much. He can make a lot of funny noises though.” She says. Izuku looks at the girl with a puzzled expression. “Half-brother?” He asks. Bachiko nods at this. “Yeah, we have different moms. My mom is Ochaco Uraraka and his mom is Kyouka Jiro.” She says metaphorically. Izuku’s face turns even brighter red than before as metaphorical steam comes out of his ears. “K-K-Kyouka?!?!?” He screams. Reginald laughs as he prepares to drop the bomb. “Yes Izuku, you have more than one wife in the future.” He says.

Minoru “Grape Juice” Mineta’s POV

This time it’s Minoru who rockets out of bed as his Pervert Senses go haywire. He has no idea why, but he has a sudden impulsive desire to build a shrine to Izuku, whom he suddenly believes may in fact be a divine being.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku is reeling from the recent revelation as his mind is going a thousand miles a second. But then it all comes to a crashing halt as one of the rules of Reginald’s Semblance returns to the fore front of his mind. He may not have known he was a father for long, but that didn’t stop him from clinging to his younger daughter desperately. Aside from Reginald, who winced as he had an idea of what triggered this action, they all look rather concerned.

He turns a wide eyed stare to the now frowning man. “Y-you’re quirk! Y-you said you could only bring somebody back if they were about to die! How could Bachiko die?! She’s so young!” He shouts. Bachiko and Tatsumi both flinch at this while Inko gasps in horror before joining her son in hugging the girl.

Bachiko Urararaka’s POV

“Daddy, our future really isn’t a pleasant one… I was attacked by Nomus.” She says. Izuku and Inko both freeze at this. Reginald sighs. “Like they said, their future wasn’t pleasant; the entire world is under the control of a tyrannical empire.” He says. Arcs of green electricity radiate throughout Izuku’s body as he struggles to control his rage. “That’s not going to happen… I refuse to let the villains win. They won’t hurt my children at all.” He says angrily.

Reginald, Bachiko and Tatsumi pause when they hear this. “They’re not the one’s you should be worrying about, ribbit.” A new voice says as a large man enters from behind Tatsumi.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku freezes when he hears that voice. He doesn’t even need to look to know whose child that must be; his croaking was a dead giveaway. He looks up and, sure enough, he comes face to face with his and Tsuyu Asui’s giant of a son.

He has large muscles and a slight beer belly. He also has a wider mouth and a longer tongue as well as larger than average hands and a pair of large black bull like horns emerging from his temples. He also has a thick, muscular green salamander tail around four feet long and one foot thick at the widest. His hair extremely dark green and pulled back into a wolf tail which reaches down to his mid back while the sides of his head are shaved. Like his sister, he also has the freckle diamond on his face. He is wearing an open dark green studded leather biker jacket with a white t-shirt and a pair of black leather pants as well as rugged leather boots shaped to protect his large webbed frog feet. He also has goggles similar to that of Tsuyu Asui. Like Tsuyu, he has a relatively vacant expression. Another freeze frame occurs and the man’s information appears.

Daisuke Asui
Codename: Bullfrog
Height: 7’3”
Weight: 642 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 16th
Age: 26
Blood Type: B
Quirk Name: Amphibian
Quirk Description: Daisuke’s quirk is slightly different from his mothers in that it is an amalgamation of traits from various species of amphibian, instead of just frogs. Unlike Froppy, he cannot stick to walls, nor can he camouflage. Like a frog, he possesses a large vocal sac below his chin which he can use to deliver devastatingly loud croaks. He also has a rather gruesome ability to pop out a set of two bone claws from between his outer knuckles. (Q/N: This ability is based upon the Hairy Frog of Central Africa, not Marvel’s Wolverine. Although it is also called the Wolverine frog.) He also has a long, powerful tail much like a salamander. He has the most powerful regenerative ability in known history, a trait inherited from the Axotl. As long as a single living cell exists somewhere in the world, he can use it to regrow his entire body in about one minute. He can also detach his tail and limbs at will. Because of his regenerative nature, his nervous system does not register pain as strongly, giving him an incredibly high pain tolerance. He also has limited fire proofing and he can withstand the cold better than his mother thanks to the traits he inherited from the Fire Salamander and the North American Wood Frog respectively. He also has super strength.

“To be fair though, no one would expect the Hero Public Safety Commission and a bunch of corrupt heroes were aiming to rule the world.” He says bluntly. Inko and Izuku’s eyes widen in shock upon hearing this. “Wait, WHAT?!?!” Izuku shouts. “Izuku, you mentioned how I helped Stain escape, right? This is why. When Stain was on the loose, the corrupt heroes were forced to lay low; otherwise they would be targeted by him. By killing corrupt heroes, he was ironically keeping evil at bay.” Reginald says before facing Daisuke. “So I take it your meeting with Akaguro was successful?”

Daisuke nods before pulling up his phone and pulling up a video. “See for yourself.” He says before playing it.


Chizome Akaguro’s POV

Chizome is facing a camera inside of an old, beat up apartment. “Lately you may have been hearing rumors that I am associated with the League of Villains. These rumors are false. Their leader, Tomura Shigaraki, did approach me with the hopes of forming an alliance. I declined his offer though, as I found him to be without conviction. He seeks destruction for destruction’s sake, something I absolutely abhor.” He says.

Hero Public Safety Commission’s POV

The Hero Public Safety Commission is in their meeting room, watching the video as well. There’s a few heroes off to the side of the room, most notably Keigo Takami; A.K.A Hawks. “I, on the other hand, seek to reclaim what it means to be a hero. I have learned some new things recently which I have found greatly… disturbing. It has resulted in a change of methods. Before, I would merely target heroes with limited knowledge of their wrong doings. This will change. While I believe that hero society as a whole is broken, I acknowledge that All-Might is not the only true hero left. From now on, my investigation will be much more thorough.” He continues.


Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu is in the meeting room, along with the rest of UA’s teachers, watching the video as well.

“It has also been brought to my attention that many have been swayed by my words. I do not wish for people to join me in my hunt for corrupt heroes, this is a burden I wish to keep to myself. What I want is for true heroes to return to the forefront. However, I have also come to realize that this system is just as much of a problem as the heroes I hunt. We have a system which enables competition among heroes, a system which encourages our protectors to seek out the spot light in order to boost their ‘rating’. Competition within business leads to thriving economies and higher quality products. Competition in science drives innovation. But competing to save people is insanity.” He adds.

Yu “Mount Lady” Takeyama’s POV

Mount Lady and Kamui Woods are sitting in a bar for heroes in their off time watching the video as well. “A hero’s job is to protect the people to the best of their abilities.” He says before a video of Mount Lady’s debut appears in the corner. “But how does this kind of show boating help? Kamui Woods was about to capture this villain when Mount Lady interfered. Sure, it worked out, but Mount Lady’s size meant that one wrong move would have potentially been disastrous. Kamui Woods was clearly the safer option, as his Quirk is much more precise; but the desire for fame drove Mount Lady to risk the lives and property in order to steal the spot light.” He adds. Mount Lady crushes a can of beer she was holding, enraged by the fact that she was being called out by a villain. Kamui Woods places a hand on her shoulder in a show of support.

Shuichi “Spinner” Iguchi’s POV

Spinner is in a rundown apartment as well watching the video. “I do not wish to encourage you to kill heroes, I will handle that. What we need are heroes outside of this rotten system. We need Vigilantes.”

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko is leaning on a wall in an alley with her phone out as well. “People who will get the job done without a desire for fortune or fame.” Stain continues. A pool of red liquid oozes its way into the alley, unnoticed by the blood thirsty girl watching the video.

Dabi’s POV

Dabi is sitting at a table outside a café with his phone. “People who are dedicated to stomping out evil no matter the cost… Dealing with this broken system is my job. If you wish to help me; then deal with the villains.” He says before the video terminates.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Reginald sighs at this. “An unfortunate, but necessary move. With this, the League of Villains will not be nearly as influential as before, and more vigilantes mean less people under the Hero Public Safety Commission.” He says before turning to Izuku. “Well young man, I do believe it is time for you to go to school.” He adds. Izuku’s spine straightens and he turns beat red at this. How is he supposed to explain having children with three of his class mates? Reginald chuckles lightly at this. “I will do the explaining young Midoriya. We will need to hurry in order to catch your teachers while they are still in a single place.” He says.

A few seconds later, Daisuke receives a phone call. He sees the caller id and rolls his eyes, knowing full well that where this particular sister goes, chaos is sure to follow. He answers the call and a loud chaotic bout of laughter can be heard that sends chills up Izuku’s spine. “Are we ready to go Isamu?” He asks. “Oh yeah, hacking UA’s security and the Hero Public Safety Commission’s bugs is way too easy for me! I’ll see ya in a bit!” A vaguely familiar female voice says before hanging up. The pitch may be a bit lower, but Izuku clearly recognizes it.

“Oh crap… That’s my daughter with Mei Hatsume, isn’t it?” Izuku asks with fear in his heart. Rather than respond, Reginald vanishes briefly before returning with a new comer. As if to confirm his greatest fears, a rather tall girl that’s nearly a spitting image of her mother, aside from the dark green hair she clearly inherited from her father, appears.

Her costume is a chaotic assortment of armor and technology. She is wearing the same head gear as her mother, but she also has a two piece silver chest plate with a glowing white reactor in it similar to the pre-quirk era comic hero Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. The armor, as well as the rest of her body is covered in a bizarre, nonsensical assortment of machine parts which form a suit of armor.

Isamu Hatsume
Codename: Junkyard
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 334 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 12th
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Quirk Name: Mechanical Spirit
Quirk Description: Isamu is capable of merging her consciousness with any mechanical device or computer within fifteen meters. This allows her to control the affected object as if it were part of her body. She can also hack into any computer or network completely undetected. She can also telekinetically move electronic parts around her, allowing the parts on her armor to rapidly become whatever support device she may need at the moment. She is not limited to the machine parts on her armor, as she can cannibalize parts from any machine within her range. Similar to Momo Yaoyoruza, she can only create a machine if she knows how to make it.
Basic Biography: Like her mother, Isamu is a mad inventor whose projects have a habit of exploding, much like her mothers.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Mei had fallen asleep at her personal work bench when she suddenly jolts awake, her Baby Instincts running wild. Little does she know it’s not a mechanical baby she needs to worry about.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku sighs after learning of her quirk. “Yeah, Mei’s definitely going to love you with a quirk like that.” He says. Reginald turns to face Inko, who is now squeezing her latest granddaughter happily. “I’m sorry Mrs. Midoriya, but I’m afraid I’ll need to take Izuku and his children with me to UA now.” He says, drawing a pout from Inko. “You’ll have a chance to get to know them and the rest of your grandchildren soon.” He adds, simultaneously calming Inko and sending Izuku into turmoil.

With that, Reginald places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as the four kids gather around him and place their hands upon him. With a flash of light, they all disappear from his house.

Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa POV

The teachers in the meeting room leap from their chairs and assume combative stances the moment they see the flash of light. When the light clears, they see Izuku standing amongst his four children and the man responsible for Stain’s escape. Shota immediately wraps the elderly man in his capture tape, causing the man to sigh. “W-Wait! Mr. Aizawa, don’t attack him! He’s friendly!” Izuku says, drawing all of the teacher’s attention to him.

“God damn it Problem Child, what have you gotten yourself into now?” Shota thinks as his eyebrow twitches angrily. “Hold on Izuku, there’s someone else that needs to be here for this; otherwise the teachers will never believe us.” Reginald says before vanishing from sight, confusing the teachers. He reappears in another flash of light with a surprised Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi by his side.

“Alright, now that everyone is here, we can begin.” Reginald says.

Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi’s POV

The teachers and the detective are sent reeling by what they just heard. “Son of a bitch, Stain was right?” Shota asks as he falls back into his chair. “While his methods are admittedly less than favorable, his ideals do have merit. It’s the reason I had to ensure Stain wasn’t captured.” Reginald says.

Of all the people present, Detective Tsukauchi seems to be the most disturbed of the group. He has fought to uphold the law for years; and now he learns that the very institution he sought to uphold is the one responsible for plunging the world into tyranny? The Detective’s hands start to bleed as he clenches his fist as hard as he can. He resolves to do whatever he can to prevent this future from happening.

Nemuri “Midnight” Kayama’s POV

Nemuri’s eyes widen in shock as she stares at Izuku. If someone were to tell her that class 1-A’s resident cinnamon roll was going to amass a harem before now, she would have called you insane. She pouts when she notices a few accusatory glares pointed at her. “Seriously?! Look, I’ll admit I’m a flirt, but I would never engage in a relationship with a student! I may not have as many standards as most people, but I do have some!” She yells.

“There’s no need to worry Ms. Kayama. Most of the women Mr. Midoriya ends up with are still students. The only current Pro Hero he ends up with is Mount Lady.” He says. Midnight freezes briefly before a predatory look splits her face. She knows she is going to have a lot of fun teasing the woman about this. “Besides, it’s kind of hard to have children with Izuku when you die a few months from now.” Daisuke says bluntly.

“WHAT?!?!?!?!?” Midnight screams, her eyes wide in fear. Reginald sighs at this. “She died in the previous time line Daisuke. There isn’t going to be a war against Paranormal Liberation Front this time because we’re taking care of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army early.” He says before turning to the terrified teacher. “You’re going to be fine my dear.” He adds. Midnight calms down a little, but she’s clearly still reeling from how close she apparently came to death.

“Well now that that’s done, let’s move on to the fun part. Principal Nezu?” Reginald asks, getting the attention of the mouse-dog-bear. “Can you call a meeting with Class 1-A, 1-B, Mei Hatsume and the Big Three; preferably under the guise of discussing a joint training mission with a few other schools if possible. It’s time the Izukids, as I like to call them, met their mothers. I’ve already taken the liberty of retrieving the pro heroes, a few students and teachers from other schools and some additional VIPs.” He adds. Izuku turns beet red as he realizes just how awkward this is going to be. “Why the Big Three?” Midnight asks.

Reginald chuckles before pulling out a picture. “Well we can’t leave out Izuku’s Senpai waifu, can we?” He says as he shows Izuku the picture, which has Nejire Hado on a swing set in her hero costume with a four year old green haired, green eyed version of herself in her lap. “Mei Hatsume AND Nejire Hado? That kid is going to die before the end of the month.” Higari “Power Loader” Maijima says incredulously.

Sekijiro “Vlad King” Kan’s POV

“Ah, that reminds me. Can you bring Hitoshi Shinso as well? I was hoping to make him the 21st member of Class 1-A, since I have a student in mind for Class 1-B as well.” Reginald says, getting a quirked eyebrow from Sekijiro. “A new-?” He starts to ask before he tosses him a file on Himiko Toga as Principal Nezu starts to make the arrangements from his phone.

He takes a few seconds to look over it. He winces when he sees her past. “Ahh, poor kid had parents who tried to suppress a Vampiric Blood Quirk.” He says sadly, drawing a few flinches from the group. He understands her plight because he has a similar quirk himself. “Chiyo? Can you stock up on human blood and some blood lust suppressants? It seems this girl may be suffering from Quirk Psychosis due to requiring a steady diet of blood in addition to regular food.” He says after turning to Recovery Girl. Izuku and several of the teachers freeze as Chiyo leaves the room. As much as they try not to discriminate based upon quirks, people suffering Quirk related Psychosis can be a bit dangerous.

“Izuku, try to keep an open mind about her okay? She’s a bit much, but she’s one of your future wives.” Reginald says, surprising Izuku.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

“Oh right!” Isamu shouts before sending a list of people to Izuku and the teachers. “Most of the women Izuku ends up with are students at this school. Four of them aren’t though. Yu Takeyama is a pro hero, Intelli Saiko is a student at Seiai Academy, Fuyumi Todoroki is Endeavor’s civilian daughter and we already told you about Himiko Toga. Other than that, Izuku ends up with all the girls in Class 1-A, Setsuna Tokage, Shiozaki Ibara, Pony Tsunotori and Kinoko Komori of Class 1-B, Mei Hatsume of Class 1-H and Nejire Hado of Class 3-A.” She says.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku looks through the list as his face turns even redder. He’s obviously met the girls of his class. He’s had a few interactions with Mei as well, but he doesn’t really know much about Setsuna, Kiniko, Ibara, Pony, Nejire, or Yu aside from the fact that they are pretty. He is also incredibly nervous about Fuyumi. Shoto may not talk about his family much, but Izuku does know that he has an older sister with that name. He has no idea how his friend will take this information. He pauses at the picture of Himiko Toga. Despite how terrifying her expression is, he can’t deny that she’s fairly attractive as well. Intelli Saiko also appears to be rather attractive. “The other thing is that we are going to have to reveal the nature of One For All to them as well.” Reginald adds, causing All Might and Izuku to freeze. “One for-?” Shota starts to ask.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle that part.” He says before pulling out a strange pen like device with a light on top of it. The device flashes white and those who did not know of One for All now do. Shouta turns to scowl at All Might. “That would have been helpful to know in advance Toshinori. I thought that Izuku was breaking his bones because he was too lazy to train his Quirk, not because he just got it.” He says angrily, drawing a nervous chuckle from the emaciated man.

“As I’m sure you are all now aware, this device is capable of implanting memories into the minds of people who see the flash. It’ll be much easier to explain this way than to actually go through the story.” Reginald says. He turns a mischievous grin toward Izuku. “I won’t be telling them about the children though; I want to see their reactions when the girls meet their kids.” He adds, causing Izuku to blush even harder. The older man receives a message on his phone just as Chiyo “Recovery Girl” Shuzenji returns with a bag of blood and the blood lust suppressors Vlad King requested.

“Ahh, it looks like Aiko has just finished retrieving Himiko and the others.” He says. A pool of blood oozes underneath one of the doors and the elderly man pulls out a knife. He throws it at Izuku’s face before anyone can respond, opening a wound on his fore head which covers his face in blood, getting a pained shout from the boy. “Sorry about that Izuku, I just needed to make you more presentable for Miss Toga. She has rather… exotic tastes.” He says as the pool takes the form of two separate women.

Himiko Toga’s POV

“AHH! WHAT JU-“ Himiko starts to shout before a taller blonde haired female with green cat like eyes and fangs turns her head so she is looking straight at Izuku. The girl freezes up as her heart beat accelerates and her cheeks turn pink. She tackles Izuku to the ground and uses her long tongue to lick the blood off his face. She pulls back a few seconds later and sends Izuku a grin which causes him to shiver in both fear and arousal. “Hi there handsome, my names Himiko Toga; what’s your name?” She asks.

Reginald chuckles before adjusting the memory device slightly and flashing the light in her eyes. She is momentarily stunned, giving Chiyo the chance to inject her with the blood lust suppressant before she turns to face her daughter.

Her face is almost the same as her mothers, with it only being slightly rounder like Izuku’s. She also has the freckle diamond Izuku has. Her hairstyle is similar to Himiko Toga’s, with the only difference being that the girl’s hair is a bit fluffier than hers. She has a pair of 5’6” long black bat like wings sprouting from her back and she is wearing a backless black and green dress with frills at the bottom of the skirt which goes down to her knees and armored red combat boots.

Aiko Toga
Codename: Red Tide
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 286 lbs
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 9th
Age: 23
Blood Type: O Negative
Quirk Name: Bloody Sunday
Quirk Description: Aiko is able to control the flow of her own blood. She can solidify it into physical shapes such as knives and spears, control it in a form of hydromancy, and dissolve her body into it. Her body also regenerates blood at a hyper accelerated rate, allowing her to generate hundreds of thousands of gallons of it when she pushes herself to the limit. She can also fly thanks to her wings.

Himiko tackle hugs the girl with a happy squeal of “BEST DAUGHTER EVER!” Aiko hugs her mother just as hard for a few seconds before turning an even more predatory look to the now healed Izuku Midoriya. “Hello Izu-baby.” She says with a slightly obsessive tone that makes Izuku even more scareoused than he was before. She struts over to the boy, making sure to pop her hips seductively before latching onto his right arm.

She leans into his ear and says “I’m more than happy to share by the way, that Ochaco girl’s ass looks delicious, not to mention the cans on Momo; and I really want to see what Tsuyu can do with that tongue.” She says seductively before delivering a quick nibble to his earlobe which causes metaphorical steam to come out of his ears.

Ochaco “Uravity” Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco takes a seat in an auditorium with Momo to her left and Tsuyu to her right. All three girls shudder as they feel a surge of scarerousal go up and down their spines.

Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu chuckles at the amorous display before turning to Reginald. “The students you requested are ready. They are in one of the more isolated auditoriums.” He says. “Well then, I suppose we should get this show on the road. The others I requested will meet us there.” Reginald says as the group prepares to leave for the auditorium.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Most of the students gasp when they see Reginald enter the stage, being fully aware that the man is wanted for aiding in the escape of Stain. The teachers and pro heroes among them put their guard up, but they don’t attack seeing as U.A’s teachers are with him. Ochaco doesn’t even notice him though. She’s too busy glaring angrily at the strange blonde girl draped over Izuku’s arm. She becomes a bit confused when said girl winks seductively at her before pointing to the older man.

Among the students are Intelli Saiko, Nagamasa Mora, Camie Utsushimi and Inasa Yoarashi, the latter of which is glaring at one of the pro heroes in the room. The pro heroes consist of Miss Joke, Mount Lady, Endeavor, Kamui Woods, Best Jeanist, Ryukyu, Crust, Gunhead, Sir Nighteye, Fat Gum, Gang Orca and Gran Torino. The sidekicks Centipeder, Bubble Girl and Burnin’ are also present. For some unknown reason, Endeavor’s daughter Fuyumi is also here, standing next to her father. There’s a bit of tension in the air between the adults due to the additional VIPs. After all, putting pro heroes in the same room as vigilantes is usually a recipe for disaster. Among the vigilantes are the Crawler, Pop☆Step and Knuckle Duster. Luckily it appears that Best Jeanist, Gang Orca and Knuckle Duster have managed to keep everyone level headed. Reginald doesn’t even hesitate to pull out the memory altering device while all eyes are on him. The students are all sent reeling as the truth of Izuku and All Might’s connection is revealed.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? WHY THE HELL WAS DEKU CHOSEN AS ALL MIGHT’S SUCCESSOR?!?!? HE WAS JUST A PATHETIC QUIRKLESS WIMP!!!” Katsuki Bakugou shouts as he leaps out of his chair with a look of pure rage on his face. Endeavor also seems enraged as he glares at the skeletal form of Toshinori. Katsuki turns to shout at the green haired boy, but then he stops when he notices the half crazed glare of Himiko Toga. His instincts are screaming at him to shut up, and he decides to listen for once.

Reginald chuckles at this before deciding to drop another bombshell on everyone, one that not even Izuku is aware of. “Because I carefully guided All for One toward him in order to awaken his hidden Quirk.” Reginald says. “Wha-why-?” Izuku starts to ask before Reginald interrupts him. “To help ensure the birth of the next phase of human evolution. Homo Quirkeas.”

This is enough to make everyone pause. “Sometimes, humans are born with hidden quirks that require specific circumstances to unlock. You are one of those Izuku. Miss Ochaco Uraraka also has one.” Reginald says before shuddering in fear, confusing everyone. “Your hidden quirk in particular is one I called ‘Progress’. It doesn’t affect you as much as it will your future children.” He says before a pool of blood slithers on to the stage. “When Quirks were first discovered, it was believed that those with quirks were a new species, due to the fact that they have only one joint in their pinky toes rather than two. They later discovered that they were not an entirely new species, rather, they were a step towards the next stage of evolution.” Reginald says as Aiko materializes in front of them.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

Ochaco starts to feel uneasy when she sees the new girl. “This is Aiko Toga, the future daughter of Himiko Toga and Izuku Midoriya.” He says, shattering Ochaco’s heart into a million pieces. She starts sobbing lightly when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks to her right and sees a look of empathy on Tsuyu’s face. A hand from behind her prompts her to look back, where she finds Mina Ashido lending her emotional support as well.

“Wait, the future? Wha-“ Miruko starts to ask. “Oh, right.” Reginald states before using the device to explain his quirk. Many of the heroes and students seem rather alarmed to learn of such a powerful ability.

“As I was saying, Aiko Toga is not a Homo Sapien. She is the next stage of evolution, one known as Homo Quirkeas.” Reginald explains before pulling up a hologram depicting a Homo Sapiens and a Homo Quirkeas side by side. “In general, Homo Quirkeas do not have wisdom teeth or an appendix, with one notable exception. Their jaws are also half an inch shorter and they are, on average, five to six inches taller than the average Homo Sapiens. More importantly, their bodies are more effective than the average human. This means that their base line strength, speed and reaction time; among other things, is around three times as strong as the average human. For example, if a Homo Sapiens were capable of lifting 300 lbs, a Homo Quirkeas of the exact same build would be able to lift 900 lbs. They’re bodies are also generally twice as dense and they’re quirks are much stronger than most Homo Sapiens.” He says, shocking the others.

Reginald sends a mischievous look to Izuku, who somehow turns beet red and pale white at the same time, knowing full well what’s about to come. He turns to Itsuka Kendo of Class 1-B. “Miss Kendo?” He asks, getting the girl’s attention. “Could you do me a favor and not chop your class mate Neito Monoma in the back of the neck like you usually do when he goes on a tirade? He needs to learn his lesson.” He adds. Itsuka seems rather confused, but she decides to comply anyway, as Neito’s tirades have been getting on her nerves lately.

Minoru Mineta’s POV

Meanwhile Minoru’s eyes widen in absolute shock as he realizes the implications behind this new information. “If he represents the future of mankind, then it makes sense tha-“ He starts to think before his mind halts. Within his own mind, a bright light shines down upon Izuku from the heavens and a hallelujah chorus starts to play. “The Universal Forces of Perversion have blessed us, the Chosen One has arrived.” He says quietly. Most of the guys seem confused by this statement, but Denki’s eyes widen as he too realizes what this means.

“As such, it is within the best interest of humanity for him to reproduce with multiple women for the sake of spreading his genes as far and wide as possible.” Reginald says. “The Prophecy of the Turtle Hermit has been fulfilled, the Harem King has arrived.” They both say in awe as the others are left in a state of pure shock.

Neito Monoma’s POV

The blonde blowhard of Class 1-B leaps out of his chair with a look of triumph on his face. “HAH! It’s just as I always suspected, Class 1-A is nothing more than a haven for deviants! That fool Izuku Midoriya is clearly a morally repugnant individual if the sole reason for his existence is to spread his see-“ Neito starts to say before a sharp object flies straight through his legs. The object comes just close enough to cut the inseam of his pants without actually harming him. He looks back in shock and sees a rather large knife impaling the seat he was sitting in.

He looks up to the source and his face turns pale when he sees the livid, half-crazed expression on Himiko Toga’s face. “Mr. Monoma, it would be in your best interest to not criticize Mr. Midoriya in front of your future classmate Ms. Himiko Toga. She’s still in the process of recovering from Quirk induced Psychosis caused by her Vampiric Blood Quirk.” Reginald says drawing winces from those who know what that means. Himiko grins maniacally at the blonde. “Next time, I’m aiming higher, so unless you want to be a eunuch, you’ll shut your trap, understand?” She says coldly. The pressure of her killing intent is not nearly as strong as it was before the suppressant was given to her, but it is still strong enough to make Neito pass out with a wet patch on his pants.

Reginald Barrister’s POV

Reginald looks down to Ochaco and smiles warmly when she sees the girl’s confused and emotional state. “Don’t worry Miss Uraraka, Aiko isn’t the only child I brought from the future.” He says soothingly.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

“MOMMY!!!!” A young girl screams before landing in Ochaco’s lap. She looks down and makes eye contact with her eight year old daughter Bachiko. “OH MY GAWWWWD!!! OCHACO! YOUR DAUGHTER’S ADORABLE!!!” Mina squeals from behind her. “There’s also Bachiko “G-Force” Uraraka” Reginald says. Ochaco doesn’t respond as she looks into the little girl’s now watery eyes. She should be turning bright red at the idea of having a child with Izuku, but sheer joy manages to override any embarrassment she may feel.

She responds by pulling the girl into a tight hug as her previous tears of sorrow transform to tears of happiness. “Yeah we’re not done yet.” Reginald says.

Tsuyu “Froppy” Asui’s POV

Tsuyu jumps in slight fear as a large man leaps in front of her and pulls her into a hug. “There’s also Daisuke “Bullfrog” Asui-“ Reginald says. Tsuyu’s face turns bright red and she starts croaking loudly in shock and embarrassment.

Kyouka “Ear Phone Jack” Jiro’s POV

Kyouka feels a hand on her shoulder and looks over to see a silent man standing behind her. Kyouka’s brain freezes as she tries to process what is happening. “Tatsumi “D-Jam” Jiro-“ Kyouka’s face turns bright red as metaphorical steam comes out of her ears while her jacks flail wildly around her.

Mei Hatsume’s POV

Mei is leaning against one of the walls in the back when she is joined by her own daughter, much to the pink haired girl’s surprise. “And Isamu “Junkyard” Hatsume.” Reginald continues. Isamu chuckles as her mother looks at her costume with a look of confusion on her face. Isamu she allows the parts on her costume to fly off her body and rearrange into various support items before returning to their original state.

Mei’s eyes widen in manic glee as Isamu explains her Quirk to her mother. Mei tackle hugs her daughter before turning a predatory look toward Izuku.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

The boy makes eye contact with her and shudders under the weight of the crazed lust in her eyes. It’s almost as bad as Himiko’s was. She looks over to the blonde girl hanging off his arm and the two girls grin wildly. Somehow, Izuku knows the two must be planning something.

Bachiko Uraraka’s POV

Bachiko watches as Mina leans in toward Ochaco with a predatory grin on her face. “So… you and Midori, eh?” She asks cheekily. Ochaco straightens up and her face turns beet red. She knows Mina well enough to know that she is going to milk this for all its worth. What neither girl sees though is the predatory grin on Bachiko’s face. She manages to conceal behind a convincing faux innocent expression. “I can’t wait for the rest of my siblings to show up! Especially Hibiki, he’s the coolest. They’re currently on missions, but they should start coming in the next few days.” She says. This draws Mina into the little girl’s trap like a moth to a flame. “Hibiki? Who’s that?” She asks curiously. Mina starts to grow nervous when she sees the viscous grin on Bachiko’s face. “Hibiki Ashido, he’s your son!” She says.

Mina Ashido’s POV

Mina’s face starts turning purple as she devolves into a sputtering mess. It appears that Ochaco’s daughter knows her weakness. She can dish out the teases with the best of them, but if you turn the tables on her, she crumbles instantly. “Wha- I- Bu- Huh?” She starts to babble. She looks back to Ochaco and pales when she sees the predatory look on both mother and daughter. “Oh, would you look at the time? I forgot about that thing I got to do today, bye!” The pink girl says before making a hasty retreat to hide behind a confused Jurota Shishida.

Sir Nighteye’s POV

Sir Nighteye seems to be rather conflicted at the moment. He firmly believes that the future cannot be changed, but the implications of Reginald’s Quirk completely shatter that idea. “L-look this is all very interesting, but what do any of us have to do with this?” He asks after he manages to recompose himself.

Reginald winces at this before retrieving the device again. “Right, I would like to apologize in advance for this. I’m afraid the future I brought them from is not exactly pleasant.” He says before flashing the device yet again, causing dead silence to fall upon the auditorium.

Rumi “Miruko” Usagiyama’s POV

“H-h-holy shit…” She says quietly as everything she ever knew about hero society was suddenly flipped upside down. The students, vigilantes and pro heroes are reeling by this horrifying future. “We did this?” Best Jeanist asks softly, his eyes wide in shock and horror.

“No, you did not. The people here are among the ones who eventually turned against the government when they realized what was happening. That’s the reason you’re all here. One of my goals is to hit them before they have the chance to solidify their control across the world. That’s part of the reason all of Izuku’s children aren’t here at the moment, they’re working in other countries.” Reginald says.

Knuckle Duster’s POV

He turns to the three vigilantes for a second. “Have any of you heard of the organization known as the Revolution?” He asks. Knuckle Duster quirks an eyebrow at the man. “They’re an international group of vigilantes who have been making waves around the world, but they haven’t moved on Japan yet. I take it you wish to establish a foothold for them here in Japan?” The vigilante asks. “Correct, we can iron out the details later though, I feel it would be best to give you all a chance to work through what you have learned today.” He says before turning to nod at Principal Nezu before disappearing in a flash of light.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

“Oh, right, before you go.” Isamu says before releasing a series of drones. The drones fly over to the audience members and the people on the stage and inject them all with a strange blue serum before they respond. “AHH! What the hell?!” Bakugou shouts before trying to destroy the drone. Luckily, the machine manages to return to Isamu before he can respond. “That was just a batch of physical enhancement drugs developed by my sister, who goes by the codename “Vaccine”. It’ll enhance your body’s elasticity, durability and a few other things that should make you more effective as heroes.” She says.

Principal Nezu’s POV

Principal Nezu sighs at this. “That is all for today. We will contact you all when it is time to proceed. The students from Shiketsu and Seiai have been temporarily transferred to this school under the guise of a work study. They, the new students and Izuku’s children will be staying with the first years for the time being, Miss Hado will be moving in as well as your new Dorm Advisor, and Miss Hatsume will be joining you as well.” He says. After that, the others begin to leave.

Isamu Hatsume’s POV

Ochaco, Mei, Himiko and the rest of the girls from 1-A are hanging out in the common room along with all of Izuku’s children. The girls seem to be interested in getting to know Himiko Toga, but the girl seems to be a bit out of her element. A few seconds later, seven of the guys enter the room. On one side, Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Iida and Izuku Midoriya enter the room. On the other side, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Hanta Sero and Katsuki Bakugou enter. So far, Izuku had managed to avoid his ex-bully; but now that Bakugou finally has him, he surges forward with his explosions before grabbing him by his shirt.

“Oy! What the hell nerd? You think you can avoid me now just because you’re the chosen one? You and I both know you’re not worthy of the power you were given, it should have been m-“ Bakugou starts to scream in his face before he is interrupted by Isamu Hatsume. The woman surged forward in a clear display of the superior attributes of Homo Quirkeas and yanked him off his father before pulling out a syringe and jamming it into his neck.

“AHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!?!” He says as he glares at the enraged woman. To his surprise, the woman has a look of manic glee on her face. “Thank you for volunteering to be my guinea pig Bakugou! That serum is made to grant people a potent, temporary healing factor! Now my mom and my aunties can do whatever they want to you when the truth is revealed.” She says sadistically.

“What the hell are you talking about you crazy b-“ He starts to say before Reginald walks in with Shouta, Nezu, Toshinori and Ryo “Hound Dog” Inui. “Ahh, perfect, just the people I was hoping to see.” Reginald says. “Mr. Barrister?” Izuku asks curiously.

“Hello Mr. Midoriya, I just popped by because there was something that needed to be dealt with in order for you and Mr. Bakugou here to grow.” He says confusing everyone. “Yup, it’s time for Captain Asshole here to get what’s coming to him. Don’t worry about hurting him too much though; he has a fairly powerful regenerative ability for the moment.” Isamu says happily.

Ochaco Uraraka’s POV

“Before we get to that though, Toshi? Can you please secure Ms. Uraraka like I asked you?” Reginald asks. All Might appears behind Ochaco, who yelps as he pulls her up and locks her arms and legs into place. “Wh-wha-?” She starts to ask before Reginald interrupts. “Sorry my dear, but we had to make sure you can’t escape. As fun as it would be to watch you tear Mr. Bakugou limb from limb, I’m afraid even the healing ability he just obtained would not be enough to fix the damage you would inflict on him once you’re hidden Quirk unlocks.” He says. The future children shudder in fear at the mention of that particular ability.

“We also need to make sure that Mr. Midoriya and Mr. Bakugou get the psychological help they both need.” He adds before pulling out the memory device from before. It flashes and everyone is suddenly made aware of Izuku and Katsuki’s shared past.

Izuku Midoriya’s POV

Izuku starts to tremble in fear as he realizes his past has been laid bare in front of everyone. He starts to cry, but All Might rushes over to embrace him before anyone else can notice. “I’m so sorry young Midoriya. I have failed you. I should have known that there was something more than a mere rivalry between you and young Bakugou. It will be okay young man, I am here.” He says. With that, the flood gates open, drawing looks of concern from the others.

Ryo Inui’s POV

It’s clear from the looks on Ryo, Shouta and Nezu’s face that they are kicking themselves over this. They all saw the signs, but they never managed to connect the dots. Ryo in particular seems to be angry. “How the hell did I not see this? I was hired as a lifestyle guidance counselor! Looking after my student’s psychological health is my job!” He thinks. Outside of his mind, he has reverted to his primal growling state as his anger consumes him.

Eijirou Kirishima’s POV

Eijirou, Hanta and Denki are all staring at Bakugou with their eyes wide in shock and horror. “Bro… What the fuck?” Eijirou asks. He knew that the two boys had their issues, but bullying? Suicide baiting? That’s way too much for the man to handle. Bakugou’s face is turning red at having his dirty laundry revealed to the world. He looks as if he’s about to start shouting, but a dramatic temperature drop stops him cold. He feels a wave of terror wash over his soul and, despite his instincts screaming at him not to, he turns toward the source.

Katsuki Bakugou’s POV

Bakugou finds himself staring into the cold, dead eyes of Ochaco Uraraka. A massive pink inferno has enveloped the girl and her hair is floating as if it were weightless. Her face is almost completely obscured by shadows, with only her wide, manic eyes and wider smile visible, making her look like a demon that even Lucifer would fear. “Baaaaaaaaaakuuuuuuuuugooooooouuuuu.” She says with an eerie, echoing voice that freezes his very soul.

She giggles in a way that even terrifies Principal Nezu as she stares at the explosive boy. She tilts her head to the side as her mouth and eyes start to twitch. “So you think you’re powerful, is that it? You think that just because you have a strong quirk, you can do whatever you want?” She asks before giggling more violently than before. “Oh Bakugou, you silly, silly boy. Don’t you know there’s always a bigger monster out there; a monster that would enjoy devouring a cocky little bully like you?” She asks before licking her lips in a way that makes a wet spot form in the boy’s pants.

Then, much to everyone’s shock and horror, Ochaco starts to slowly walk toward the terrified boy. All Might digs his heels into the ground and Aizawa hits her with a full blast of his Erasure quirk, but it still does little to slow her as Bakugou falls on his butt and starts to back away until he hits a wall. Isamu giggles maniacally at this. “Okay, I think Bakugou’s been sufficiently scared now.” She says before pulling out another syringe and plunging it into Ochaco’s neck; causing her to return to normal.

Himiko Toga’s POV

Himiko is staring at Ochaco with wide eyes. Her cheeks are neon red and there’s a bit of drool on her chin. “Holy shit that was hot.” She thinks to herself. The adults wince as they all receive a telepathic message from Isamu asking them to allow the girls to vent their frustrations. They look toward the woman in confusion and notice a strange device on her ear.

“Well, now that that’s over, I suppose it’s time to punish Bakugou. He can heal from most wounds for the next thirty minutes, so have fun with him.” Isamu says as Aizawa and Toshinori release Ochaco. The girl slowly walks toward Bakugou, who has gotten back to his feet. She then punches him in the left side of his face with enough force to knock a few of his teeth out. Surprisingly, he remains conscious after this. He looks like he’s about to make a run for it, but a sudden flash of light from Toru stops him dead in his tracks.

A pair of robotic arms spring up from the ground, trapping the blonde boy in place as Mei Hatsume walks up to him with a massive wrench in hand. She slams it into Bakugou’s left side, breaking a few ribs in the process as a pair of flying knives impales him through the knees.

Mina is next as she walks up to him. She fixes him a glare that could melt things much faster than her quirk ever could. “Bakugou…” She says coldly. “The whole reason I became a hero was to fight bullies, and now I find out I’ve been hanging out with one the whole time?!?!” She screams in rage before bringing her right hand oozing with acid that burns through the floor up to his face. The guys cringe in horror as she grabs Bakugo’s crotch, causing him to scream like a little girl.

Just as it looks as if he’s about to flee again, Jiro’s ear jacks plug into his ears and release a blast of noise that leaves him stunned and temporarily deaf. Momo pulls out a metal baseball bat and slams it into his side with enough force to send him flying toward Tsuyu, who lands a heavy kick to the side of the head. He is sent flying toward the opposite side of the room and slams into a wall head first before landing in an open trash can. The trash can lid seemingly levitates up as Toru slams the lid on it, leaving the former bully exactly where he belongs. Everyone else is simply too stunned to move as the girls start celebrating, never noticing that Mei and Himiko aren’t with them. Those two take advantage of the distraction in order to grab Izuku and Ochaco before making a daring get away.

A/N: Well there you go; the first chapter of my new fan fic is complete.

I decided to switch my “kids from the future” type story from RWBY to My Hero Academia due to my loss of interest in the former anime and a new found respect for the latter one. While this fan fic may have the same general theme as my previous one, I assure you the story will be different. I had previously stated in the end notes for my now cancelled Children, Confessions and Confusion that I wasn’t going to add any more ships, but then I realized that the current lineup would have left Izuku with thirteen women. While I’m not a superstitious person, I don’t exactly like that number, hence the addition of three more women.

This fic started with an immediate diversion from the plot as a mysterious man prevented the capture of Stain. From there, the same man showed up at Izuku’s house while he was visiting his mother. This of course led to the reveal of Reginald Barrister and numerous Izukids, as I have decided to call them.

From there, we learned of another diversion from the story. Stain posted a video denouncing the League of Villains and calling for the rise of Vigilantes rather than villains; this lead to more revelations for the rest of the cast, additional children appearing and a horrifying future being revealed.

The future I have created came from a little plot bunny I had thought of previously. How would Stain react to the popular comic/TV series “The Boys”? What would Stain do if he learned of heroes such as Homelander or Storm Front? The answer is simple; he’d have a field day. It also came from my views of the whole government regulation of super heroes and ranking system. If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, then you’ve seen just how wrong government regulation of Super Heroes can go (See the events of the first Civil War through the Dark Reign/Siege of New Asgard). The idea of competition among super heroes is also something that really bugs me. Can you imagine if rescue organizations such as the Red Cross and FEMA were to compete to save people rather than cooperating? What if the cops were competing to see who could arrest someone first?

We also saw Himiko Toga added to U. A. Now I know what you might be worrying about, and I assure you that while it may be toned down a bit, Himiko Toga’s Yandere personality will remain intact.

There was also an attempt to fix one of my biggest complaints about the anime; the handling of Bakugou’s bullying of Izuku. I was extremely frustrated by the lack of a clear resolution as well as the mental state of the two boys in question. Izuku was isolated and tormented for eleven years at the hands of someone who was once his friend. Despite this, he seems to have very little trauma from this experience. What’s worse is his attachment to Bakugou. Their entire relationship reminds me of an abused spouse’s habit of defending their abusers. I’ve got no problem with Yaoi, it may not be something I enjoy, but that doesn’t mean others can’t. That said, I always feel a little sick to my stomach when I see people shipping Bakugou and Izuku.

This factor, combined with my general hatred for the loud, obnoxious blonde has resulted in him being demoted to the position of hate sink/joke usually reserved by most MHA fan fic writers for Minoru Mineta. He’s not getting expelled, but he may end up wishing he was. This won’t be the last time he gets his ass handed to him.

Also, as was hinted throughout this chapter, this fan fic will include lemons, the first of which will occur next chapter. While I may not let the lemons go as wild as I did in my RWBY fan fic, they won’t be completely vanilla either.

Finally, we have the children introduced here. Bachiko Uraraka is an adorable little girl with a devious streak and a fighter who could challenge many pro heroes. Daisuke Asui may seem like he’s inspired by Wolverine, but those traits are actually inherited from the Horror Frog. Isamu Hatsume is just as crazy as her mother and Aiko Toga is a happy, blood thirsty girl, much like her mother as well. I’m happy with these characters, but Tatsumi Jiro represents an interesting challenge. How the heck am I supposed to write beat boxing? If you guys have any hints on that, please let me know.

Anyway, that’s a wrap this time. This is my first dive into My Hero Academia fan fictions, so any reviews and advice about keeping in character, or other things in general is greatly appreciated; until next time.