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land ho!

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the sun has been glaring down all morning and the air is hot and humid. 

you wipe the sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand and continue to stare out at the horizon as the splashes of waves rock your raft you are sullenly reminded that they are your only company in the endlessly stretching blue that and the fish with their creepy pitch black pupils.

you glance briefly down at the cold depths and you wonder if you just imagined the feeling of being watched a hot gust of wind carries away those thoughts as quickly as they came and you turn back to your search for anything that isn't fish and the ocean.

a clinking sounds suddenly breaks the quite and you look to see a glass bottle, pushed by the waves, bumping against your raft. you fish it out of the water and find a piece of paper inside after a moment of deliberation you carefully unroll the parchment and it reveals hastily scribbled coordinates. you feel as though your chest is about to burst with the sudden rush of excitement taking in a deep breath you delicately fold the paper back into the bottle and get off the rough wood floor of the raft.

the sun beats upon your back and the wind is still hot and melts your face but there is a hesitantly hopeful feeling bubbling in your chest it is not much at all but its the only thing you have to cling on to now and so despite the anxious thoughts that whisper at the back of your mind you turn the sail and take your makeshift oars with a renewed determination.


the sun sinks farther then your eyes can follow and slowly the breeze starts to feel cooler it is a blessing and a curse as you have only the tattered rags that hag from your shoulders to keep you warm.

the ink ocean that hangs above you is littered with lights and sometimes sometimes it isn't as lonely and you can let your eyes rest and drift with the waves. there is a strange comfort in being watched over by gas giants millions of miles away that shine their light to guide you through the dark waters.


the sun is high and bright and the heat is surprisingly manageable this however doesn't effect the fact that you feel as though whatever sudden spark that drove you to follow the mysterious message is dying out but still you keep going because thinking too hard on it will make the sink hole in your chest grow wider.

from the corner of your eye you spot a blur in the distance upon closer inspection you recognize it as a tiny island, you shoot out of your slouched position and scramble for the oars, a surge of adrenaline pumping through your veins.

you push your little raft with strength you didn't think you had left in you and as you push closer towards the island you can make out the shape of shabby little house and a dazed looking girl stumbling out of it towards the shoreline and you.

you hear her mutter of seeing things and you wonder the same but the euphoria of seeing a leaving breathing person leaves little room for hesitance lest the chance be swept away by the tides.

she stares blankly still in a daze as your raft thuds softly against the sand and you almost fall over getting off. she speaks, her voice slightly raspy from disuse and she asks who you are and then who she is and you try to speak your name but your voice catches in your throat and your stomach sinks.

you do not know. you do not remember. you worry for a horrible second that weighs on your chest and twists something in your heart, that the blue abyss has taken from you this too as it has taken everything else. 

the world stands still for that second and its you and the waves lapping at your feet and sun that beats down on your back and

'my name... my name is busan' she says the haze in her eyes clears a little 'its been a long time since I've seen another person'

you follow her to sit underneath the shade of a tree that grows beside the house.