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Love strung

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Izuku’s apartment was silent when he arrived home. His mother had obviously picked up a longer shift at the hospital. Still reeling from his first day at U.A. Izuku made himself a simple dinner before running a quick bath and falling into bed. He hadn’t thought he’d be left so tired after his first day but he couldn’t fight the exhaustion from pulling him under.

He didn’t remember what he dreamed about that night.

Inko had either not returned home the night before or gone straight back to work early as she wasn’t in the apartment when Izuku awoke the next morning. It was getting rarer and rarer to see his mother these days. It was like he was living with a ghost.

It had been this way for a long time. Ever since Izuku had developed his quirk and how it worked his mother became more and more distant. It started with less physical touches, before she would always hug him, give him a kiss, ruffle his hair but now? Now he was lucky to get so much as a handshake from the woman who birthed him.

Making himself a quick breakfast of rolled omlette and greens Izuku contemplated his day. According to the class schedule Mr Aizawa told them to pick up, it would be combat training today with their new costumes. He’d thought rather hard about his costume. While he was reserved in using his quirk and exposing his bare skin Izuku knew that his quirk needed his skin to be exposed to work, therefore he decided on a compromise.

After a quick shower and wash of his dishes Izuku locked up the house and made his way to the train station that would take him to U.A. Arriving at the school he was greeted by Ochako and Iida, who smile brightly at him making the green haired boy flush at the positive attention. He’d gone so long without any form of affection that a simple smile and well meant ‘good morning’ had him all a flutter.

“M-morning, h-how a-are y-y-you b-both?” Ochako launched herself forward and hugged the green haired boy tightly.

“Oh you are just so cute!!” she squealed while Izuku spluttered and turned even redder at the contact while trying to make sure she didn’t touch his skin and that his quirk was locked down really tight. Iida saved the boy, removing the bubbly girl from around his neck and ushering them both into the building.

“It’s combat training today, which means costumes!!! What do you think we’ll be doing?” Ochako gushed, arms wrapped around Izuku left arm and Iida’s right arm.

“Well, this is U.A. and a school as highly credited as this one must use some of the best techniques and teachers to guide their students. There’s a very good chance we might be doing simulated fights, or roleplay battles,” Iida replied, voice strict and enthusiastic.

“I-I just h-hope we d-d-don’t have t-to f-fight each o-o-ther,” Izuku mumbled, Ochako squealed under her breath and only Iida’s tight hold on her stopped the girl from glomping the shy boy again.

“I’m sure the teachers won’t expect us to fight each other too dangerously,”

Of course none of them knew that was exactly what the teachers would have them doing.

Ochako’s POV.

When Ochako really paid attention she noticed that the green haired boy in her class wasn’t just a shy boy. He was petrified.

Something about the way he always made sure his arms were covered, or the way he didn’t make physical contact with other people, and how badly he’d flinched whenever Bakugou would flare his temper tugged at her heartstrings.

He’d immediately pulled his gloves back on after the ball throw and kept his hands tucked into his arms for the remainder of the lesson. She saw what must have been a very lonely childhood for Izuku. From an outsiders perspective someone who could control other people with just a touch would be someone to avoid, so-called ‘Brainwashers’ often were, but seeing how closed off he was strengthened a resolve in her that Ochako couldn’t explain.

Only that she wanted to hold that boy and bring back what she knew, was a bright, happy and wonderful little boy.

Iida’s Pov

Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Ururaka weren’t the type of friends Iida was expecting to make when he entered U.A. With his background and upbringing he thought he’d be more inclined to befriend Yaoyorozu than these two. However, he saw them both at the entrance exam, saw how they helped each other without a single thought to the actual test, and he felt inadequate.

He’d tried to convince himself that in any other situation he’d have done the same thing but would he really? If the essence of being a hero was to put others needs above your own then why didn’t he think of saving them during the exam? Why did he run away and attempt to better his own score and then lament over the issue after the fact?

And again during the quirk tests the pair had pushed themselves to achieve the best, despite their quirks being limited. It only drove home how sheltered Iida was from the world that he never considered that some people had quirks that would cause them to be ostracised. Like a ‘Brainwashing’ quirk.

With that in mind Iida had immediately found Izuku Midoriya with the intent of becoming, if not friends, then at least kind acquaintances. A boy as obviously lonely as Midoriya was needed people around them who would pull them out of their own loneliness. The fact that Ururaka had the same idea as him only cemented the Iida was doing the right thing by the other boy. The gravity girl didn’t seem like someone who wouldn’t give her everything in trying to make friends with someone.

Normal POV.

With those thoughts in mind, Tenya Iida and Ochako Ururaka shared a look. A look that meant they would do everything in their power to help Izuku Midoriya come out of his shell and begin to see his quirk and himself as something special.

Finding out that All Might was one of their teachers caused quite the stir among the students. All of them excited to be taught by someone as heroic and famous as the Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace. Izuku included.

When he was younger, like every other kid in the world, Izuku had idolised All Might. A hero who saved people with a smile on his face and a righteous one-liner on his lips. He made people feel safe and secure in their decisions not to be heroes, or ambitious and determined to become heroes.

Izuku had so badly wanted to be a hero like All Might one day. However, when his quirk came in and Izuku lost everything he threw that dream away.

With a quirk like his, the only way people would see him, was as a villain. People who controlled other peoples actions and minds by making them fall in love with them were villains. Everyone said so.

Still, Izuku couldn’t fully shake the dream of becoming a hero. He searched for heroes with quirks like his and, though he didn’t find many, he did find ones who played on a villains nature one way or another. For example, Miss Joke. She could force others around her to burst into laughter so intense that it dulls their motor skills and cognitive abilities. While it wasn’t mind control, she did take control of another person. And she was celebrated as a hero.

With his determination renewed, Izuku once again began his plans to become a hero.

“Foundational hero studies! For this class, we’ll be building up your hero foundation through various trials!” All Mights voice rang out. He put his hand behind his back and pulled out a large card with the word ‘Battle’ written in big letters on it.

“Combat Training!” Several voices called out, some in excitement, some in trepidation and Izuku was certain he heard bloodlust in Bakugou’s. All Might took out a control and pointed it at the far wall that had lockers with the number 1-20 written on them.

“And to go with your first battle, we’ve prepared the gear we had you send in requests for to match your quirks!” The wall moved out and showed boxes on the shelves. “Get changed and we’ll be ready to go! Everyone gather at Ground Beta! The garb you bring into the battle-field is vitally important, boys and girls!”