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With practice makes- screw that, just wing it!

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Guo Chancheng stumbled out of the elevator in a mix of confusion and idiocy.


It was two in the morning, when he was doing that.


What kind of office has people working at two in the morning? His uncle must have gotten him a very strange job.


He had triple checked the time and address after receiving the notice in the mail, fancy lettering and all, that told him to go to the 15th floor of the large building and knock on the door fourth.

Now, normally, someone who received such a bizarre order would toss the letter in the trash and go on with their lives.


Changcheng wasn’t normal.


How so?


He amazingly accelerated at…


Drumroll please…


being an absolute idiot .


Leaving your heart on your sleeve makes a person like that, one could guess.


So, despite the odd circumstances, he thought of his uncle's goodwill, and woke up at one to get to the office by the time printed on the letter.


Poor, poor Changcheng.


He was obviously pranked (not like it hadn’t happened before).




Awkwardly, he knocked on the door- well, more of a light tap then a knock, since it lacked normal strength, but he heard shuffling inside anyways.


He had never been one to be strong about anything.


He didn’t do well academically, he outright sucked at sports, and had practically no friends in his age group.


As if he could talk to anyone in his age range.


Unless it was for volunteer work, he really couldn’t talk to people, and even then it was more of people talking to him then talking with him.


He would always struggle, and say what he wanted to out of order, or stutter.


God, what a nervous wreck!


“I told you if you want to fin- wait. Who are you?” A slim, angry looking woman cut herself off, looking him up and down with a judgmental gaze.


“U-uh… I’m uhm- I have- I-” He fumbled to pull out the letter, showing it to her as he rambled a mix of I’s, It’s, and uhm’s. 


The woman was perceptive enough to notice he wanted her to see what he was holding, and instead of waiting for him to take it out of the envelope, she took it from him.


Only, she wasn’t perceptive enough, because she then slammed the door.


In his face.


Without reading it.


Or asking what it was.


Not like he could’ve answered, though.


Guo sighed, feeling as if he had let his uncle down.


Even if they contacted him again, what if they only kept him there because of his uncle? 


He wanted to be as helpful as he could, but how helpful could he be if everyone hated him from the start?


Fears were welling up and he decided to wait outside the door- just in case she came back out, and he could try to explain again.


There could always be hope, right?


At 4:35, he still believed he should wait, in case she read the letter.


Even if he was shivering like a madman because (he had learned by people leaving the neighboring office rooms) the heater wouldn’t be repaired until that Monday.


Even if he was wearing short sleeves and pants that barely counted as pants because of how thin they were.


A click, and another two that trickled out from the other rooms went down, signaling everywhere else was probably vacant.


By now, a normal person would’ve gone home.


Hell, a normal person wouldn’t have even been there to begin with, but who knows.


All he knew was that it was getting harder and harder to keep his eyes open, and he really wished he had a blanket to curl up in.


A yawn, a sniffle, and a ding.


The elevator opened again, and three interesting-looking men stepped out.


The first one seemed like the most approachable of them (as if Changcheng would ever approach someone), though his strong and scholarly aura threw him off.


The second one was all but clinging to the first one, seemingly trying to coerce him into something.


Even an idiot like Guo could tell it probably wasn’t something family friendly.


The third one seemed to gravitate a little bit further from them, and he was the one that scared the poor volunteer worker the most.


Yeah, all of them were at a terrifyingly different level than him, but this one just seemed… so much more different.


Subconsciously, Guo tried to hide- as much as one could when they were sitting on the floor next to a door the trio seemed to be coming closer to.


The second man blinked upon noticing him, and asked with an amused expression, “Well, who’s visitor is this?”


Changcheng shivered again.


“I- uhm- I- it’s-“ he mentally cringed at his failure to say anything again, “I’m new- I was uhm… I was told to come here…?” 


The third one glared at him, seemingly displeased.


“Is that a question?” His voice was just as deep as Guo imagined, and it was certainly fitting.


“No…?” At the look he was given, a fear of getting strangled wasn’t actually irrational.


“You look so cold!” The leather-clad man sympathizes before turning behind him, “give him your jacket.”




“Come on, show some compassion!” 


A roll of the eyes.


“I’ll deduct your bonus if you don’t.”


The tall man sighed.


“Do I have a choice?”


The extrovert seemed to think for a moment.


“Hmm…” he smiled, “No.”


A bit of shuffling, and a bewildered Guo was adorned with a jacket that was a lot bigger than him, and was being glared at even harsher.


“So, you’re ‘new’? Are you lost?” The clinger continued, making Changcheng shake his head.


“Are you… Guo Changcheng?” The man getting clung to asked, making him brighten up.


He nodded frantically, “That’s me!”


The man chuckled lightly, “I didn’t know you would come so early in the day.”


He was given confused looks by the two around him.


“I’ll explain when we’re inside.” He responded knowingly, and he and his certified koala walked inside the office, the taller man trailing a little behind.


“…Are you coming or what?” He growled, making Guo shoot up.


“Y-yes!” He exclaimed, following timidly, and not enjoying the attention that came with his entry.


There were four people working at the desks in the office, including the loud lady from before, a guy frantically typing, a woman who had apparently been filing papers, and someone napping on a couch in the corner.


All of them, except the napping one, stared at him in surprise (and possibly intrigue), and it took a moment for him to realize it wasn’t just that he was new, but that he was wearing their co-workers' jacket.


Not exactly what he expected from people working at four in the morning, but he tried to push his worries away.


“Everyone,” the scholarly man spoke up, “allow me to introduce our new colleague.”


He waved in Chancheng’s direction, making him look away nervously, “he’ll be joining us from now on.”


The koala from before clapped lightly, “and why did I not know about this?”


Guo swallowed hard.


Not a good sign, from the looks of it.


The man pushed his glasses up before whispering something he couldn’t hear that made the odd guy look at him.


“Minister Guo’s nephew?” The koala titled his head slightly, whispering just loud enough that he could hear, to which the object of his hanging nodded.


“Welcome to the team!” He grinned, letting go, “I’m Shen-Zhao Yunlan, the boss around here.”






Changcheng’s brain short circuited.


He sucked at talking to people, let alone someone with that kind of authority.


It felt as if all the air left his lungs, and he couldn’t even raise his shaking hand to shake the one in front of him.


After a beat of silence, Yunlan just laughed awkwardly.


“Everyone, introduce yourselves.”


First, the woman from before spoke, “Zhu Hong.”


Then, Lin Jing, Wang Zheng, and Da Qing respectively.


“I’m-” the polite man started, before being interrupted by the boss that used him like a jungle gym, “Shen-Zhao Wei.”


Chancheng paused.




So it was that kind of relationship.


“So, little Guo, do you know what we do?” Yunlan questioned, to which he hesitantly shook his head.


“Coming here and you don’t know anything about us?”

The scary man from the elevator (who was somehow glanced over during the introductions) scoffed.


Changcheng hid further in the borrowed jacket.


Wei cast the man a glance, and he could see him begrudgingly shut his mouth.


“We’re a detective unit.” The oddball boss explains, “a special type of detective unit!”




Had his uncle really found him some place that he could do something special in?


Or would he not be able to do it…?


“We track down and excavate graves before grave robbers can!”